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Fillings for baked potatoes without eggs or fish.

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motherinferior Wed 27-Feb-13 20:25:21

Pesto and Parmesan.

cairnterrier Wed 27-Feb-13 20:19:43

Thanks everyone. Yep, tuna and mayo are a big no-no. Will give cottage cheese a try though.

ClutchMyPearls Wed 27-Feb-13 08:52:11

Tuna is fish.
As far as we know.

sashh Wed 27-Feb-13 05:10:23

baked beans
cottage cheese

You can get egg free mayo here, no idea if it is edible.

CarlingBlackMabel Tue 26-Feb-13 23:13:55

Why are people suggesting coleslaw? Coleslaw has mayo in it. Mayo is mostly eggs...

Sauteed mushrooms
Chicken in sauce
Grated cheese and sweetcon
Soured cream and chives

BikeRunSki Tue 26-Feb-13 23:11:57


BikeRunSki Tue 26-Feb-13 23:10:52

Carolra - i'm doing SW and always have beans with my jacket and cottage cheese. They are free and makes vita more normal, filling meal.

LineRunner Tue 26-Feb-13 23:07:50

Oh yes, any sort of cottage cheese is great.

Is there a non egg version of mayo? Coronation chicken is lovely.

Rufus43 Tue 26-Feb-13 23:03:39

cook the potato and scoop out the insides. Fry a little chopped onion in butter and mash with the insides, a bit of philly cheese and some wilted spinach. You could leave the onion out

overthebliddyhill Tue 26-Feb-13 22:21:49

Mushy peas and bacon

Carolra Tue 26-Feb-13 22:12:28

Mushrooms and cheese, sweetcorn and baked beans (ok, a little odd, but my dd's favourite!), bacon and cheese, I eat mine with salad and cottage cheese, but that's slimming world for you!!

gemma4d Tue 26-Feb-13 22:10:24

mushrooms (and bacon, optional) in a cheese or white sauce. They do it at my local soft play! Nicer than it sounds.

Bearandcub Tue 26-Feb-13 22:07:34

Cheese and coleslaw
Cheese and beans
Chilli con carne

Argh, ignore the tuna one!

Scoop out the middle. Mash the potato with grated cheese, ham and spring onion, stuff back in and back in the oven for 5 mains or so.

Or cheese / beans / coleslaw / tuna / any combo of these

cairnterrier Tue 26-Feb-13 22:03:29

Title says it all really. Ds1 (aged 3) is allergic to fish and eggs but was wondering about giving baked potatoes for tea as a change.


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