Is powder colouring any good for baking/cakes?

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Sorry, only just came back to this! If you mix the powder with vodka it makes a liquid which might distribute better through the mixture. I use it for painting onto fondant but never tried it to colour the mixture.
Have you made the cake? How did it turn out?

mirai Wed 13-Feb-13 23:06:39

Vodka, mmm red vodka!! Haha, why would/could that work?!

Unlikely, although I've never tried it. You could try making it into a liquid using vodka (no, really grin ) and using that, but I'm not sure the colour would be strong enough.

mirai Wed 13-Feb-13 22:49:58

Thought I might give a red velvet cake a whirl but I only have red powder colouring, and I can't get to the shops for any colouring gels or liquids.

So I was wondering if anyone knows if it might work?

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