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Toffee pear crumble!

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StickEmUp Tue 08-Jan-13 21:44:36

I just made this, i made it up. I didnt use exact measurements.
Thought id share as it was lovely.

I bought some smartprice pears and they arent edible i dont think raw.
Very hard.
I bolied them to soften but added brown sugar and golden syrup instead of whei normally add sugar to the raw fruit before baking.

Anyway it made it into a toffee like crumble, and tastes lovely!

Give it a go!

Unless its a well documented recipe lol or even if it is and youve not come across it.

Of course sorry, after the pears softened and the sugar biled down i put thw crumble topping on and baked in oven for half hour

Mmmmmm toffee pear crumble. Mmmmm

Sounds good to me

<<adds pears to shopping list >>

TheArmadillo Tue 08-Jan-13 21:58:22

sounds good - might try that on Sunday smile

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