What is the correct order to layer lasagne in?

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Please don't tell me there isn't a correct way - I need a definitive answer. I do meat, pasta, white sauce x 3 plus some cheese on the top. But I find putting the meat sauce onto the white sauce strangely disturbing (as it is lumpy so doesn't pour on).

ShineYourButtonsWithBrasso Sat 04-Feb-12 22:51:40

Meat, lasagne sheets, mince, lasagne sheets, white sauce, grated cheese and bung in the oven.

ILoveOnionRings Sat 04-Feb-12 22:52:31

I do it the same as breatheslowly

thrifty Sat 04-Feb-12 22:52:44

Meat pasta sauce pasta meat pasta sauce cheese

MinnieBar Sat 04-Feb-12 22:54:16

Yep - mince, lasagne, repeat for as long as you have enough mince and room, cheese sauce and then finally Parmesan on top.

In theory - meat, white sauce, pasta, same again twice, white sauce and a little parmesan.

In practice - meat, pasta, meat, white sauce, pasta, same again, white sauce and parmesan (because I never do quite enough white sauce and only realise when I start layering).

Definitive answer? Can't imagine there is such a thing. This is Italian (ish) food we're talking about, wars have been fought over less.

(at least I now know one dinner I'm cooking this week, mm, lasagne, yum)

ILoveOnionRings Sat 04-Feb-12 22:56:08

Oh maybe that is why mine is sometimes sloppy confused

ohbugrit Sat 04-Feb-12 22:56:23

You're doing it right breathe, but I feel your pain with the meat onto sauce dilemma, it's just not right somehow. Any time I've tried adding pasta to separate the sauce and meat it ends up yuck.

<twitch >

ShineYourButtonsWithBrasso Sat 04-Feb-12 22:57:07

I meant meat, lasagne sheets and then meat not plain mince.

I need more than one layer of meat and lasagne sheet but agree that sauce and meat shouldn't mix.

How long do you cook yours in the oven for thrifty?

Grumpla Sat 04-Feb-12 22:57:43

Pasta, meat, small dollop sauce, pasta, meat, pasta, rest of sauce, grated cheese.

Hassled Sat 04-Feb-12 22:57:46

sauce at the bottom so nothing sticks to the dish. But only a smear.

So 2 x meat, 3 x pasta, 3 x sauce.

rubyrubyruby Sat 04-Feb-12 22:58:18

Pasta, meat, pasta, meat, pasta, creme fraiche, grated cheese combo of cheddar and Parmesan.

sausagerolemodel Sat 04-Feb-12 22:59:37

brain explodes

startail Sat 04-Feb-12 23:00:56

Life is to short to make lasagne. Spag bol is much easier!

D0oinMeCleanin Sat 04-Feb-12 23:03:19

Mince, pasta, bechemal, mince, pasta, bechemal, mince, pasta, bechemal, parmesan cheese.

Cover with tin foil for the first 2/3rds of cooking time, remove tinfoil to brown cheese.


justonemorethread Sat 04-Feb-12 23:04:31

Good job you came along ruby! I thought I was the only one to start with pasta.

Meat cooked in tomato sauce
drizzle of white sauce
Meat in tomato sauce
white sauce
meat and sauce
white sauce

putting the meat first and then pouring white sauce on it is the key, I think!
(not very good cook but people like my lasagne)

Eve Sat 04-Feb-12 23:04:41

Southern Italians put in a layer of sliced boiled egg.

rubyrubyruby Sat 04-Feb-12 23:08:22

Am I the only one who doesn't use béchamel sauce?

fluffylegs Sat 04-Feb-12 23:09:54

I never have enough white sauce.

With 500 g mince I reckon you need a pint and a half of sauce but I always make about a pint. I usually forget how much flour to use for the white sauce / bechamel too - I interchange between flour and corn flour.

I always forget what order it should be done ( even if I'm reading the packet)

I usually forget the basil too.

IMO Italian lasagne stands up on its own and the bechamel is much thicker. Uk lasagne is sloppier.

justonemorethread Sat 04-Feb-12 23:11:11

Yes you are a social pariah now ruby

BTW I looked up a few Italian lasagne demos they all put a bit of sauce at the bottom of pan (but just a bit, as hassled said) first.

How can you eat lasagne without bechamel??? That's the best bit!

Sliced boiled egg? That's just wrong. I'm not sure I want to tell the Italians that though.

SleepyFergus Sat 04-Feb-12 23:14:00

I do
meat, pasta, white sauce, cheese,
meat, pasta, white sauce, cheese

And so on til I run out of meat. Always finish with cheese. That's how my mum does it and I just copied her!

Oh and I add nutmeg to my white sauce - yum!

bananarama05 Sat 04-Feb-12 23:17:39

I use cottage cheese mixed with an egg instead of bechamel.

As does my mum, who was instructed to do so by "a real Italian lady she worked with" when learning to cook....allegedly anyway, but then it was the 70's so who knows!

<returns to lurking before being asked to leave!>

justonemorethread Sat 04-Feb-12 23:18:01

I think I'm going to have strange lasagne/bechamel/snow dreams tonight.


It's already forming a nightmarish drumming rhythm in my head...

Dab of tomato/mince to prevent pasta sticking (bit like Hassled --and proper Italians--), then pasta, mince, pasta, mince, pasta, bechamel sauce, cheese.

justonemorethread Sat 04-Feb-12 23:20:42

You've got to mix your white sauce and meat sauce, ladies - It's worth it!

rubyrubyruby Sat 04-Feb-12 23:20:49

Ooooooo - someone else who doesn't layer with bechemal.

Maryz Sat 04-Feb-12 23:21:16

I cheat now.

I don't bother fecking around with lasagna.

I cook the meat sauce, cook pasta (fusilli or penne or somesuch) separately while sauce bubbles for a bit, mix the two together in a big dish and top with white sauce and grated cheese.

Much easier.

justonemorethread Sat 04-Feb-12 23:21:39

This is worryingly compelling

rubyrubyruby Sat 04-Feb-12 23:22:15

That Maryz - is a pasta bake. <tsk>

justonemorethread Sat 04-Feb-12 23:23:46

You beat me to it Ruby
However, may I say, add a bit of mozzarella to your pasta bake - in between, not on top.
You won't regret it!

I can vouch for the boiled egg. I was a nanny for Italians and the geandm

Oh ffs...

grandmother made a mean lasagne, with boiled egg. Bit she chopped the lasagne sheets up and mixed it all together. <mind boggles>

Am intrigued by maryz's version now.

I add cheese to the white sauce. Is that correct or should it be plain? Can you really just sprinkle it on between layers?

justonemorethread Sat 04-Feb-12 23:28:21
Rikalaily Sat 04-Feb-12 23:31:03

I like a firm lasagne so always do at least 4 layers of pasta, I start with a thin layer of the meat sauce, pasta, meat sauce, a thin layer of white sauce, pasta, meat sauce, thin layer of white sauce and so on, the last layers are pasta with a thick layer of white sauce and topped with cheese.

JollySergeantJackrum Sat 04-Feb-12 23:31:11

Argh. I must never show DH this thread. We have been arguing about this for more than 4years and you are (mostly) agreeing with him!

That would never serve 8 people it would only serve me with a big fork

rubyrubyruby Sat 04-Feb-12 23:34:51

When I last 'popped over to Rome for lunch' <<tosses hair>> wink there were many, many layers and the pasta was very thin.

MosEisley Sat 04-Feb-12 23:37:28

Clicked to learn how to make lasagne properly. Now I am so confused I don't think I'll bother!

justonemorethread Sat 04-Feb-12 23:42:20

<throws a lasagna sheet at ruby>

So do we pre-soak and soften our lasagne sheets or just stick them in from the packet?

I stick them straight in, but make the tomato/meat sauce watery so they can absorb that moisture.

<been stuck at home with sick child all day, pls forgive me>

I am actually going to bed now.

MosEisley just click on the link above!
Or just make a pasta bake.

Maryz Sat 04-Feb-12 23:42:49

Pasta bake/lasagna.

Tom-ah-toe, tom-ay-toe, who gives a fuck grin.

I never have enough white sauce to put loads between layers. And I get worried about cheese quantities if I put cheese in the sauce, as all mine like a good thick layer of almost-burnt-and-very-crispy-cheese on the top.

Maryz Sat 04-Feb-12 23:43:25

Jees, if you are pre-soaking as well it makes it very complicated hmm.

thenightsky Sat 04-Feb-12 23:46:14

dribble of juice from mince/saucey stuff

layer of pasta

layer of mince

layer of pasta

layer of cheese sauce

layer of pasta

Layer of mince stuff

layer of pasta

Layer of cheese stuff with grated cheese on.. and so to oven

The woman in the link may be Italian, but that last layer looks a lot like sick.

aristocat Sat 04-Feb-12 23:52:19

Ruby i dont use white sauce either grin

justonemorethread Sun 05-Feb-12 00:06:39

Also the white sauce is whiter than white, and so thick!

The mince saucey thing is called ragu
I've said my peace.

Valpollicella Sun 05-Feb-12 00:11:11

Layer of sause ont the bottom


Lasgane sheet
White sauce

Repeat until full dish!

Staverton Sun 05-Feb-12 01:19:35

Bit of olive oil on bottom of dish

Pasta sheets
Cheese sauce
Cheese sauce

'tis what it says on sainsburys organic lasagne sheets packet and is yummy!

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 01:38:45

smear béchamel on the bottom of the dish then lasagne sheets, ragu, béchamel, lasagne sheets, ragu, final béchamel then top that with cubes of butter, grated Parmesan and black pepper

haven't made lasagne for ages and ages, no proper oven, just a stupid halogen thing

thank you for letting me mentally make some

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 01:41:02

I make a particularly good ragu often though, with beef and pork and lamb. Yum. It is a miracle we are not fat?

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 01:47:19

scared that there might be some ready made ragu on this thread with weird shit in confused

bananarama05 Sun 05-Feb-12 06:38:33

I put shredded roast pork in my bolognaise recently and it was lovely, no idea if it was particularly authentic or not but lovely all the same!

debka Sun 05-Feb-12 06:48:51

I love the way this tread started with people saying 'mince', 'sauce' etc.

Now it's all 'ragu' and 'bechamel' with proper accents an all.


FWIW my aunt makes the worst lasagne ever. She does (as far as I can tell) 2 layers of lasagne on the very bottom of the dish, meat sauce (from a jar with 'weird shit' in, mitchie, 2 more layers of lasagne, white sauce (also from a jar), cheese. The pasta never quite cooks. Grim grim grim.

(1) Go to Waitrose
(2) Buy lasagne
(3) Put in oven


MrsWembley Sun 05-Feb-12 07:03:57

I will now and forever more dab a bit of sauce on the bottom to stop it from sticking!

I want/used to do;
Cheese sauce
Cheese sauce
Sprinkle of cheese on top

DP says that's too much pasta.sad

So now I do;
Cheese sauce
Cheese sauce
Cheese sauce
Sprinkle of cheese on top

<wanders off muttering 'too much pasta indeed'>

MrsWembley Sun 05-Feb-12 07:05:53

And DP, people used to talk about how lovely my lasagne was! They used to ask for seconds!!!


InTheZenGarden Sun 05-Feb-12 07:27:20

Only on mumsnet could you have 57 posts on How to Layer Lasagne. wink grin

Love it

And how deep are your lasagne dishes to get that many layers? I can only usually get 2 layers before I get to the top hmm

AmberLeaf Sun 05-Feb-12 07:28:46

50/50 Mix of beef and pork mince for the 'ragu' and I use passata 'cos I have one tomato hater! plus its just better IMO.

white sauce
white sauce
white sauce

You lot making it with no white sauce are just wrong
and those that 'run out' make sure you dont make more!

Really fancy Lasagne now.

EssentialFattyAcid Sun 05-Feb-12 07:51:33

Ragu/ pasta / ragu / pasta / white sauce and cheese

I use Far fewer layers than the rest of yees. I find extra layers of pasta and sauce a bit ick

Grated parmesan

PinkyCheesy Sun 05-Feb-12 08:29:31

My DSs think my lasagne is nicer than Waitrose's...
RAGU (minced beef, homemade veg sauce, tinned tomato)
PASTA (Tesco egg lasagne sheets, not pre-soaked)
WHITE SAUCE (made with olive oil, flour and milk and nutmeg)

My ragu layers are both not very deep but cover completely and go right to the edge of the dish. I make a vat of white sauce to ensure there's enough (any leftover gets frozen for when I do fish pies), and it's very thick. I also usually cook the lasagne the day before I want to eat it, let it cool in fridge then reheat and crisp up the cheese for 20 mins before serving. That way, it firms up overnight and is really easy to cut and serve. I often freeze it in 2-portion Tupperware for the kids to microwave for their tea.

rubyrubyruby Sun 05-Feb-12 09:38:08

<<ducks to avoid decapitation from lasagne sheet>>

I assume you all make your own pasta?


Maryz Sun 05-Feb-12 09:59:21

Of course ruby shock in my dreams

Guess what we are having for dinner?

Himalaya Sun 05-Feb-12 10:17:56

Mmmmmm.... Definately making lasagne this week.

So it seems there are 3 basic variations:

1)Repeat 3 [Meat, pasta, sauce] Cheese
2)Repeat 3 [Meat, pasta] sauce, cheese
3)Repeat 2 [Meat,pasta, sauce, pasta] sauce, cheese

I think 1 is most orthodox and to my taste the best balance, but I guess it depends on which components you want more of.

The only rules seem to be don't put pasta on the bottom and finish up with sauce and cheese.

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 10:23:29

I would make my own pasta more often, I can (well anyone can, it's easy) but there is hardly ever enough clean bits of kitchen to do it in. Or eggs these days. Oh and in my defence when I type béchamel iPad puts the accent in to make me look even more like a freak.

My layers are not deep, it's like spreading a spoonful of something on toast, just enough to cover the sheet, otherwise it's all collapsey.

Does nobody else kick off with béchamel? I put about a third on the bottom, a third on the top and spread the rest thinly in between.

MinnieBar Sun 05-Feb-12 10:37:38

I used to alternate cheese sauce between the layers, but then I'd never have enough left to cover the top entirely plus it's quicker just to shove it all on top.

Occasionally I make the mushroom-and-pesto one (recipe from here). Tis v good.

Staverton Sun 05-Feb-12 10:50:04

Disagree. Always pasta on the bottom after smearing a bit of olive oil on bottom..,

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 10:58:55

I don't want to go through the trauma of putting béchamel in first alone sad life is cruel

tabulahrasa Sun 05-Feb-12 11:08:15

Meat, pasta, cheese sauce, pasta, meat, pasta, cheese sauce, grated cheese - I prefer cheese sauce over white, I put pasta inbetween the meat and the sauce as otherwise they mix together and don't stay in layers and I only do that many because that's all my lasagna tin will hold.

AmberLeaf Sun 05-Feb-12 11:10:54

I used to make it with cheese sauce not bechemel.

That way was actually nicer, think il try that next time.

ChippingInLovesEasterEggs Sun 05-Feb-12 11:13:15

I only make vegetarian lasagne - it varies everytime!!

Last week:

Brocolli (blanched to reduce volume)
White sauce (sautee onions & garlic, double cream - warmed through)
Pasta (not pre-soaked)

Mushrooms (quickly pan fried to reduce volume)
Tomato sauce (punnet of cherry tomatoes chopped up, marjoram, oregano & black pepper)
White sauce

Tomato sauce
Little bit of white sauce

Grated cheese & mushrooms

It was very rich & very yummy!!

This afternoon (if I get off of my chuff) I plan on making one:

Tomato sauce (as above)
Butternut squash (pre roasted)
White cream sauce with a touch of nutmeg (only a very very slight touch though)

Tomato sauce
Courgette (quickly pan fried to reduce volume)
White sauce
Grated cheese

Tomato sauce
Mushrooms (quickly pan fried to reduce volume)

Tomato sauce
Any left over butternut squash/courgette/mushroom
White sauce

Grated cheese

I wouldn't pan fry/roast any of it if I had a much deeper lasagne dish - I keep looking but can't find one I like.

Pasta on the bottom is wrong. And those of you who only put the bechamel on the top have missed the point of lasagne. It's all about the layers, people!

Problem is, I am a bit of a lasagne snob - fresh pasta, nutmeg and bay leaves in the bechamel, etc. Yet my mother does some weird method involving value dried pasta sheets, soggy spinach, and tinned tomatoes added as a separate layer to the ragu... basically it makes my head spin.

But <whispers> hers is the yummiest lasagne ever.confused There is no earthly explanation for this. One of the highlights of each of my pregnancies was having the excuse to ask Mum to make enormous freezer batches of lasagne to secretly indulge in (without telling her it is better than mine blush).

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 11:24:08

I am excessively fond of pasta and I do secretly prefer fresh but I have to say, well I don't have to but want to, I have never ever found a difference between dry pastas whether value basic 3p for 5kg range or something ridiculously expensive. I think if you cook it properly it is all the same. I don't just mean lasagne.

The only difference is the shapes it comes in, that's the only I can justify buying more £££y pasta is by wanting a particular shape for whatever sauce.

God this is like reading a knitting pattern. With square brackets and everything.

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 11:35:28

PLEASE can at least ONE PERSON say they put béchamel in first. Please.

I didn't invent it, must come from somewhere?

Oblomov Sun 05-Feb-12 11:40:28

I made one yesterday for ds1's 8th party, that all our family came to. They said it was delicious. But i am with ChippingIn here, what sort of flippin dishes do you all have that you can get all these layers in? Drives me nuts. Unlike Wembly's dh who says hers has too much pasta, I always feel that I could do with a deeper pan, to get a few more layers, specificaly a few more layers of pasta in, to mine.
God, who knew that flippin lasagne, was so complicated !!

zengarden / chippingin - I don't think a really deep dish is needed. This one from John Lewis is quite nice, even though only 6cm deep.

I think the key is lasagne is best with lots of thin layers. Tasty but compact, and it avoids the wet sloppiness which is a bad thing. One should be able to cut a square of lasagne and have it remain intact when transferred to the plate!

mitchy Are you feeling properly ostracised yet? Bechamel in first? <snort>wink

Chipping's lasagne sounds lovely. Just need to convince DH to eat more veg. I make lasagne in a very deep roasting tin so I can get all of the layers in and make lots for the freezer. DH likes it with chorizo added to the ragu, which makes me cringe slightly for not being Italian.

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 11:56:14

There must be a reason! Is it a retro thing? Is it my mental disorder?

It's probably from a very early recipe or maybe family tradition. I thought everyone did it. I knew I was a freak but had no idea it was to quite this extent!

Mitchie - doesn't it just weld the pasta to the dish?

Maryz Sun 05-Feb-12 12:02:37

I would have thought that white sauce first would go hard and sticky at the bottom. Unless you put the meat sauce on next (to liquid it a bit) and then the lasagna?

I am reluctant to make too much white sauce as it definitely ups the calorie count (butter, flour, milk, cheese). My meat sauce is mostly veg - mince with carrots, peppers, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes - so my spag bog is healthy, making it into lasagna must double the calories.

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 12:07:23

no it makes it all lift out smoothly and nicely

I will have to phone my mum or something to find out where this comes from. Or has anyone got any recipe books that have lasagne in, do they say what order to do it in?

ilovebabytv Sun 05-Feb-12 12:07:33

meat pasta sauce x3 with cheese on top here. Does everyone make it with white sauce, i always make cheese sauce for extra tastiness. Also what do other mner's prefer, when you can cut it into slices or when its a sloppy mess, mines is always the latter not through choice but it is always tasty nonetheless grin

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 12:09:01

it's probably the long lost authentic approach, kept alive in my squalid kitchen

ChippingInLovesEasterEggs Sun 05-Feb-12 12:24:28

Fanny it might not matter if you make meat lasagne, it certainly matters when you make vegetarian lasagne if you don't want to have to precook the vegetables first!!

Breatheslowly - just make it, don't tell him what's in it - I'm sure he'll love it and if not, more for you grin

We have cheese sauce and I like it to cut into slices, so don't make the sauces ver liquid.

CalamityKate Sun 05-Feb-12 12:28:54

God I loathe sloppy Lasagne [vomit]

I do:

Sauce (cheesy)
Thick layer grated cheese.

When it comes out of the oven, let it sit for 10 minutes or so to firm up, that way you can slice it into neat squares, and clearly see all the layers. Lovely.

Sloppy Lasagne - yuk.

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 12:29:11


normal people on the Jamie Oliver forum or one normal person anyway

GeorgeEliot Sun 05-Feb-12 12:34:15

Lasagne is the only thing dh can cook. He uses sliced mozzarella instead of the béchamel sauce. Always comes out fine.

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 12:36:11

I have used layers of sliced mozzarella in addition to the sauce. I think I have a disorder of excessive enthusiasm for this sort of food.

AmberLeaf Sun 05-Feb-12 12:51:33

I quite lke making it sloppy earlier in the day, but then reheating/serving later, by then its sort of sucked up the slop but is the best texture/wetness ratio.

So hungry for lasagne now.

LOL at this thread!

I do ragu, lasagna sheets, béchamel, grated cheese, and repeat.

Dad does lasagna sheets on bottom for some reason.

My dad once really messed his up - it was very sloppy. dS loved it. Still talks about it and now requests 'Grandad's sloppy lasagna.'. Grandad not happy to have to keep making it like that!

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 14:28:56

ok have found one actual friend who puts béchamel in first (except she uses cheese sauce but you know)

otherwise seems a bit of a niche practice

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 14:42:54

I feel slightly obsessed and a bit mental to keep asking everyone in my life blush but do you ever feel like you can't drop a topic?

Oblomov Sun 05-Feb-12 14:44:24

Mitchie, I put white sauce in first. I thought that was the norm. who are these nutters that put something else in first? wink. yeah right, put a sheet of pasta in first, to make sure it gets welded to the bottom, so you can't dish it out. yeah, like thats's sensible!! When I say white, I do a cheese sauce, usng red leicester, normally. so actually its kind of orange. always have done. adds more taste.

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 14:48:43

YESSS! I just punched the air!

I love you!

<trails sycophantically behind oblomov for rest of natural life>

thrifty Sun 05-Feb-12 17:10:57

Til the cheese goes brown, buttons. Just realised you asked me a question on the first page.

redglow Sun 05-Feb-12 17:54:08

I put pasta down on the bottom

BellaVita Sun 05-Feb-12 18:03:39

See, my grandma was italian and her lasagnes contained hardly any meat.

When I make bolognaise, I take a portion out for the freezer and this will be used for a lasagne the following week.

I do...

Smear of bechemel on the bottom then


I carry on till I have about 4 layers, top off with the remaining bechemel, Mozzarella and Parmesan.

Mutt Sun 05-Feb-12 18:05:46



Neenook Sun 05-Feb-12 18:06:00

Mitchie and Oblomov white sauce on the bottom here too! MIL's recipe... (and she did Home Ec. at Cheltenham Ladies College so it can't be that wrong) wink

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 18:12:36

oh thank goodness, we are growing in number

hadn't thought about whether it came from school, it was domestic science in my day grin, but don't remember making anything nice. Cold soup and horrible French things and scones.

Meat, white sauce, pasta, meat, white sauce, pasta, meat, white sauce, pasta, white sauce and cheese.

Mutt Sun 05-Feb-12 19:20:52

<High fives ObOb>


OnlyANinja Sun 05-Feb-12 19:37:15

repeat as many times as you like
cheesey sauce on the top

No white sauce in the middle, and definitely no white sauce that doesn't have cheese in it.

choux Sun 05-Feb-12 19:40:12

The worst lasagne I've ever eaten was made of only 5 ingredients - mince, jar of pasta sauce, pasta, low fat ricotta, grated cheese. I don't remember the order of layers but the final bit was pasta then grated cheese. There wasn't enough moisture so some of the pasta was hard and crunchy - not nice.

I was starving as had just had a long haul flight but it was very unappetising!

GetOrfMoiiLand Sun 05-Feb-12 19:41:51

I drizzle a hefty bit of olive oil on the bottom of the dish and then start with a layer of lasagne.

Then meat sauce.
Bechamel & parmesan

Mine ends up quite stiff - I don't like sloppy lasagne.

I haven't made it for ages, will have to do so soon (is one of my family favourites, but it is a bit of a bore to make to be honest)

i mix my mince and tomato mix and white sauce together then layer it without arsing about putting a white layer because its all going to get mixed up anyway, i then finish with white only layer which i have saved in my jar grin, lash on some cheese , cover with foil and whack in the oven taaar daaaaaaaa - i remove foil 10 mins b4 end .

RCOR Sun 05-Feb-12 19:49:31

I always sandwich my cheese sauce between sheets of pasta, so:-

White sauce
White sauce sandwiched again if I've made enuf

think I must have seen Deliah do this.

cyb Sun 05-Feb-12 19:49:57

From the bottom up

Meat sauce

pasta sheet

Jamie's easy lasagne white sauce

pasta sheet

Meat sauce

pasta sheet

Jamies easy lasagne whiet sauce

meat sauce

Oh hang on, my dish isn;t that deep

Finish anyhoo with white sauce on top covered with cheese/fresh Basil and parmesan

Bake coeverd in foil

MitchieInge Sun 05-Feb-12 19:53:32

Delia does put the ragu in first. She is also the first to admit that she is a journalist, not a cook.

OnlyANinja Sun 05-Feb-12 20:10:16

I am going ot make lasagne when my friends come round on Thursday now. You have made it so that I have to do it.

justonemorethread Sun 05-Feb-12 20:46:54

Delia makes risotto in the oven. 'Nuff said.
She should really stick to British recipes (which are great)

StrandedBear Sun 05-Feb-12 20:59:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pepperoni? Doesn't it come out quite spicy and salty? Actually that sounds like a better idea than DH's addition of chorizo.

Lareine Sun 05-Feb-12 21:21:24

once its cooked (whatever order you layer in) turn oven off and leave it for 15 mins

Voila, non sloppy lasagne

Also, if you put oil on the meat instead of the pan, it breaks up without bashing crap out of.

MrsWembley Sun 05-Feb-12 22:52:23

Oh dear god, where did all this nonsense come from about pasta welding itself to the bottom of the dish!hmm

In all the years I have been making lasagne, this has never happened to me. Surely if you start with meat or (confused) sauce then you will lose a certain amount of this on dishing up? It would be like one of those god-awful pretend pies that only have pastry on top! I like the idea of a dab if something on the bottom of the dish to keep it loose but really, it has never been a problem for me.

As some have already been discussing, it should be served in neat slices not sloppy messes.

The end.

MrsWembley Sun 05-Feb-12 22:53:40

a dab of something


The end, part two...

Fresh from the kitchen (we've eaten early as we're going out):

meat (mince, onion, garlic, pancetta, creamed tomatoes, oregano)
meat again
dribble of white sauce with nutmeg
pasta again
meat again
dribble of white sauce again
pasta again
comprehensive coating of white sauce
scattering of parmesan

Just the right balance between sloppy mess and stodgy dry thing. Very nice it was too (pasta was a leetle bit undercooked tbh).


tb Mon 06-Feb-12 18:35:30

From the bottom

Meat sauce
Meat sauce
Meat sauce

Otherwise, if you don't have a bit of white/bechamel sauce at the bottom, not sure if the pasta would soften properly.

MrsWembley Tue 14-Feb-12 22:53:49

I had lasagne take-away from our local restaurant tonight. We have take-away from there lots coz it's lovely, there's not many Italians do take-away, and we're frightened that without local support it'll close!!

I noticed (without taking it apart in front of DP) that the meat, etc. layers were very thin and there was lots of pasta.

The meat sauce, btw, is the best I've had, bar mine, of course.grin

electricslide Sat 18-Feb-12 14:18:20

So who snaps the corners off the lasagne sheets to make them fit the rounded corners of the dish?<wishes for lasagne dish with perfect square corners> or is that just me?

HuevosRancheros Sat 18-Feb-12 14:19:54

But it never snaps "properly" does it? So I end up with weird little triangles sad

Never actually noticed it when eating though smile

cleanandclothed Sat 18-Feb-12 15:56:56

Meat White sauce pasta repeat twice, then meat White sauce cheese. But you lot have convinced me to try the smear of White sauce and then pasta first next time, but then I shall continue to layer meat White. Sauce pasta after that!

timetomoveon Sat 18-Feb-12 16:20:06

I do pasta on the bottom cos then it's easier to get it out of the dish. Then meat, sauce, pasta, meat, sauce, pasta, meat, sauce, pasta and finish with cheese sauce with extra cheese on top.

MrsWembley Sat 18-Feb-12 18:58:04

I snap!

FredFredGeorge Sat 18-Feb-12 20:59:49

Cottage Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Cheese (mozarella and cheddar mix)

so don't bother with making a white sauce, too much hassle and it doesn't need that much liquid in it with the sauce and spinach.

jojane Mon 20-Feb-12 20:26:07

I spoon off some of the sauce from the meat and smear over the pan, then a layer of pasta, then some meat, then some more pasta, then a load of cheese sauce, then a layer of pasta, then more meat, then layer of pata then top with defrosted spinach cubes and the rest of the sauce then grated cheese.

Metid Fri 15-Jun-12 14:43:44

My way, as taught by a Sicilian when younger...

Boiled egg slices

My girlfriend's lasagna, who is from Torino, is minus the egg and puts meat as well as sauce and cheese on top. Either way its always good!! grin

Metid Fri 15-Jun-12 14:46:20

Forgot to say!!.. Definitely has to be able to stand on its own! smile

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