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anyabanya Tue 15-Jun-10 10:02:06

Hi Vegan and vegan-friendly MNetters!

Just wanted to know if anyone was out there and wanted to form a support thread- to talk about food/ veganism, 'stuff' in general.

I am late 30s, have been an on and off vegan for about 6 years, and after a hiatus of about 9 months or so am back 'on'. I adore cooking with a passion, and love reading food blogs and vegan food blogs.

I would very much like to exchange thoughts/tips/frustrations with anyone else out there!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 15-Jun-10 10:07:22

I was vegan until I got pregnant - am now just plain old veggie (and eating fish blush ). Would love to go back to being vegan - I never ate so well, or felt so good - unfortunately just not practical at the the moment. Am also not convinced of the wisdom of making DD vegan so will be a while until I can go back to it

anyabanya Tue 15-Jun-10 10:17:33

Yes, I was vegan until pg too..... I had plans for a vegan pregnancy, but craved cheese and ham so dreadfully badly that i just ended up eating it.... going back now. (I am 37 weeks).

I have no objections to vegan-friendly - vegan curious joining in! (That describes me, really!).

I love(d) being vegan. I also never ate so well, and we had a brilliant Ethiopian restaurant near where we used to live that had just glorious food.

fascicle Tue 15-Jun-10 11:24:36

I have been vegan for over 20 years. My partner and children are vegan too.

racingheart Tue 15-Jun-10 11:26:24

I have a vegan friend who I'd love to invite to dinner but am not sure what to cook that isn't too lentil hotchpotchy. She's Indian and a brilliant cook so not sure I'm confident enough to make a curry. She loves baked things but I've baked for her in the past then realised there were eggs or milk in the recipe so she probably didn't even eat them. Duh. Any suggestions?

anyabanya Tue 15-Jun-10 12:01:50

You could cook her an Italian feast?

spiral pasta with cherry tomatoes, garlic and walnut halves

spagetti with garlic, olive oil and chilli flakes (a favourite of mine)

home made polenta with spicy tomato sauce

peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables

mushroom risotto made with vegetable stock and white wine

Or quite alot of Thai and Chinese dishes can be easily veganised if you do not use the fish sauces

Or Mexican? Vegetable fajitas?

anyabanya Tue 15-Jun-10 12:02:29

Forgot to add- she would probably be delighted with anything you made, as so many people just dismiss it as 'too hard'.

AbFabT Tue 15-Jun-10 14:14:12

I'm vegan, 36, been vegan for over ten years, DH is vegan too, we met on a vegan mountain-biking weekend. We are expecting our first baby in October (I am 24+1) and I haven't been tempted to fall off the vegan wagon. The thought of flesh or animal products utterly repulses me, will never go back. Am also convinced about the health aspects - have never felt better, and I've done a lot of research to support this. We'll be raising this child, and any others we would be blessed enough to have, vegan.

I've got a little website I've been putting together, mainly for ourselves, our families/friends and our own reference, but it might be useful for others too! (it's currently being moved from so if the former link isn't working, it can still be accessed on the latter.)

Lovely to meet you all, and thanks for starting a thread!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 15-Jun-10 16:43:17

That.s a great site abfab. I'd really like to go back to being vegan, but I'm really worried about not feeding DD properly when she weans. When I was vegan (for all of a few months) I took multivitamins just in case, and also figure that as an adult I have more leeway about not feeding myself properly.

AbFabT Tue 15-Jun-10 17:18:06

Thanks, ItsAllGoingToBeFine. It's still a work in progress, and I have got some great ideas for weaning meals to add. In the meantime, are you aware of this book: HERE - it just says 'organic' in the title which is stupidly misleading as it's actually ALL vegan. I do believe we can get all of our nutrients from plant-based sources (see my section on nutrients), so as long as your LO is getting a good variety, they should thrive.

I didn't take a multivitamin or supplement during my first ten years of being vegan - I only started taking the pre-natal folic acid multivitamin one a few months before we were TTC, and I've always had perfect health, not had a cold/sniffle/sore throat in all my time vegan, and my well-woman check-ups were always good. (Obviously, my one-woman sample/anecdotal evidence is not the be-all and end-all, but I'd read and read and read, and remain truly convinced it's the healthiest diet (done properly).

Imo, all meat/dairy is is second-hand nutrients plus bad fats/gristle/sinew - the animals have taken what they need first, and you are just eating a sub-standard version of what they have eaten. Better to get the nutrients directly from the plant-based sources ourselves, I think!

I've got a few friends with vegan children, and they are all thriving. I also know two adults who were raised vegan from birth, and they are glowing examples of good health.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 15-Jun-10 17:57:56

Thanks for the book suggestion - I have added it to my list (DD is only 7 weeks at the mo).

What do you do about your kids when they are eating outside the home e.g. birthday parties, nursery etc?

How do you feel about imposing your views on your child? My current view is that when DD gets to an age to make her own decisions then if she wants a Macdonalds with her mates that is fine.

anyabanya Tue 15-Jun-10 18:14:46

Great website AbFab. Love the idea of lots of recipes contained within. Sometimes I lose inspiration and resort to good old butter bean burgers.

I am 'looking forward' (sarcasm alert) to getting it in the neck from people when I am breastfeeding (if I can bf I mean). I tend not to talk at all about veganism with other people, and alot of our friends would not ever have even known. But my mother has already started with the pressure, and I told her that if she was prepared to comment then she had better be prepared to do her research and then get back to me to discuss it, but so far she has not.

AbFabT Tue 15-Jun-10 18:42:51

IAGTBF, no worries! I've already ordered (and received!) the book, and I haven't even given birth yet!

As such, can't really answer your questions yet about what we do re parties, though my thoughts are that we will advise all party hosts of our children's dietary requirements, and provide food ourselves as necessary.
I don't suppose any of you are local to me (SW London!) - we could have vegan parties for our children together so they don't feel so unusual.
There is also vegan summer camp which sounds like a nice idea ( - haven't been yet, but saving it as an idea for future reference.
We also have quite a few vegan friends already, one of whom is nearby and just had their second baby, so I am hoping our children will not feel like the odd ones out very much (not that there is anything wrong with being different!).

We aren't planning on sending our children to nursery, so not concerned about that. I guess you send them with a packed lunch?

Re imposition of views. Well, I see our views (and impositions thereof) as no different to omnivores imposing their views/diets on to their children. We will raise our children to understand health and nutrition, and to understand animal welfare/cruelty and where meat/dairy comes from. When they are old enough to choose for themselves, then so be it. But we will have no meat or dairy in the house - "whilst under our roof", as my mother applied rules to us, so be it for our children! To me, it's no different to telling our children they can't smoke cigarettes in our home - but if they choose to do so when out, there's not a great deal we can do about it.

We intend to lead by example rather than make a real issue of things. And to be quite involved with vegan groups so our children feel they aren't the only ones in the world living like this.

anya, thanks re kind website comments! I am constantly adding new recipes, so do keep checking back! And please feel free to send me any recipes too!

Why would you get it in the neck for breastfeeding? As long as you are eating well, your baby will be too. Luckily, both my mother and MIL are fully supportive of our lifestyles (my mum was even vegan when I lived at home with her for a while when my brothers moved out, though since I've left, she eats mainstream - but she isn't opposed to veganism - she knows I've done my research and I am an educated, careful person, who would never jeopardise my child's health). Send your mum to my website, or copy and paste any relevant info re the nutrition you are getting, and the negative aspects of meat/dairy-eating.

Afaiaa, there isn't a vegan formula here in the UK, so I am hoping I can BF. Am very determined on that point. Hey, are you aware of these: Silveretter Nipple Shields - if you get cracked nipples, all the cream I've seen to combat cracked or sore nipples contains sheep grease (aka lanolin - therefore not vegan), so these silver nipple things are great for us as they do the job (and are a one-off payment, as opposed to having to replenish stocks of Lansinoh). I've already got mine.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 15-Jun-10 19:02:09

re breastfeeding - everyone at work used to mock me saying how on earth could a vegan baby breastfeed grin

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 15-Jun-10 19:06:58

Sorry- you've suddenly got me all enthused about veganism again, hence all the posts.

A couple of questions: am totally skint, isn't veganism more expensive than cheap supermarket food?

Where do you get your more esoteric vegan ingredients e.g. nutritional yeast?

AbFabT Tue 15-Jun-10 19:41:28

I had one friend ask tongue-in-cheek 'Do vegans breastfeed?' - but no one ever seriously! Or maybe I just don't take them seriously!

It's cool! The more vegans, the better!

We don't find veganism more expensive, no. It's inexpensive - UNLESS you buy all those special chocolate/marshmallow/etc stuff. (Which we do occasionally indulge in! ) I make a lot of stuff myself though - if we fancy cake, I make it. (I made our wedding cake too!) This works out very economically. We do occasionally buy the mock-meat stuff, but I think they equate to an average meat purchase (it's been so long, tbf, I am not up-to-date on meat prices). But in general, I would say our food bill is relatively low. How much is milk these days? I have no clue, maybe soya milk is slightly pricier. Though to us, what price health! We'd sacrifice in other areas if need be.
Eating out, usually we eat at veg*n restaurants, but if we aren't, then usually the veg*n options are cheaper than the meat dishes. I think I've saved a fortune over the years!

I don't buy nutritional yeast, but I guess most health-food stockists would supply it. Do you have a GNC/Holland and Barrett/Independent Health Food Store near you? Or you can probably buy it online via one of the online vegan stores.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 15-Jun-10 19:54:08

Holland & Barrett don't do it - and they looked at me like I had 2 heads when I asked - its not the same as brewer's yeast is it? Guess I'll have to Google and buy online

AbFabT Tue 15-Jun-10 20:01:26

I've not used it in all my years of being vegan. Might try it!

Cabanon Tue 15-Jun-10 23:04:51

Another vegan signing in. I am the healthiest I have ever been and eat such a variety of foods compared to before I went vegan.
Why shouldn't vegans breastfeed? Cow's milk is for baby cows and human milk is for human babies. Some people are so ignorant.

notanidea Tue 15-Jun-10 23:16:49

I am a vegan and I am signing up too.I hav e had two children and breastfed them both.

racingheart Wed 16-Jun-10 00:04:54

Backtracking a bit to say thank you Anya some great recipes there. I bet she'd love Italian food.

aactionmum Wed 16-Jun-10 00:22:19

I'm vegetarian and can live without diary for ages. I've been a veggie for 5 years. I have an 11 month old baby who is also veggie. I didn't eat or wanted to eat any meat/fish during my pregnancy either. My DH and I have decided to raise our baby as a veggie, but give him meat/fish if he wants to try when he is older - his life, his choices.

Thanks for starting this thread. I'll be around

anyabanya Wed 16-Jun-10 08:32:42

Good morning! I am so excited to see so many vegans and vegan friendlies signing in! I also am really enthused too.

Racing heart, glad you liked my recipes. there are also some great recipes to be found on the web, and alot of regular vegetarian dishes can be tweaked as well. I have found that alot of 'ethnic' dishes are so easily veganised if they are not vegan already as alot of cultures only had meat for special occasions. Also, this sounds a little odd, but I am a big fan of vegan pizza.... loaded with lots and lots of chargrilled vegetables and with a spicy tomato sauce, you really do not need cheese. So you could buy a pizza base and go from there.

Thanks AbFab for the Organic Baby and Toddler book as well, I am also going to check that out.

Re breastfeeding and my mother… well, she views veganism as fringe, loopy and tantamount to child abuse really. Among other things she still holds onto the old 'complete protein' myths that were so popular in the 70s. She used to work in the health field but not as a nutritionist, but she thinks she knows. I find it a little ironic, as she has major food and food-related health issues herself, and I was brought up on processed foods, yet if I scoffed meat pies and chips all day she would not blink, she is somehow unsettled by a diet based around vegetables/fruits/nuts/grains, and conscious eating. I have tried to direct her to various books I have and also the website of the Physicians Committee for responsible Medicine

which has a lot of fantastic research AND recipes/ menu plans for pregnant and lactating women but it is like she sticks her fingers in her ears. [shrug]. Sometimes I think that her own food issues (serious obesity) means that she does not really want to know about alternatives, if you see what I mean? I am not explaining well, but I do try and understand where her extreme hostility comes from.

Okay, this post is getting too long so I will stop for now.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 16-Jun-10 10:05:20

re Recipes I found the Veganomicon (sp?) really good - only issue american so imperial measurements and some ingredients I could never find

fascicle Wed 16-Jun-10 10:07:24

Does anybody else have the Plant Based Nutrition and Health book? s=books&qid=1276675637&sr=8-1

It's very thorough and reviews lots of relevant research relating to the vegan diet. The stuff on calcium and bonehealth is very useful - people often ask how vegans manage without dairy for calcium intake, without having a clue that there is a number of alternative sources and that many other factors affect calcium status (including a negative impact from too much animal protein).

I think it can be hard when you are bringing up a vegan baby and others are paranoid on your behalf. When people realise that you have done your research and your children are growing and developing like any other children, the questioning gets less intense!

With regards to vegan recipes - we have found very few things that can't be adapted to create a vegan version (that doesn't stand out as a vegan version and gets the seal of approval from non vegans!).

racingheart - do you need any pudding ideas for entertaining your vegan friend?

CakeandRoses Wed 16-Jun-10 10:30:41

Great thread - thank you for starting it smile

I'm 38, a vegan of 13 years and a life-long veggie before that. My DH isn't veg*n but eats primarily veg*n at home (as I do nearly all the cooking and have never cooked meat!). We've got a toddler DS who we're raising as a vegan and I'm heavily pregnant with DC2.

I breast-fed DS1 until 14 months when I stopped because my nipples were on fire I was feeling a bit sensitive as I was pg with DC2!

I've always looked and felt very healthy and haven't had much criticism about being vegan - these days I mostly get admiration, it's amazing how the perception of veganism has changed in the past decade.

I was expecting some negativity about raising DS as vegan, especially from the medical profession, health visitors etc however I've generally had support and good advice. He's developing very well, has hit all milestones so far early/on time, is full of energy and looks the picture of health.

My only concern has always been that he's on the small side however he's actually stayed on the same centile since birth (which is what the medics say is important) and my DH and I were both v small as children (not now though, weirdly!) so as he's showing every other indicator of health, I try not to obsess over it too much. I also know it's common for vegan children to start out smaller than average but then catch up from 2 onwards - which its starting to look like DS is going to do.

I know a fair bit about nutrition anyway but I'm super-cautious with DS's diet and health. I give him (bio-care) vitamin powder to be on the safe-side although its probably unnecessary.

We did baby-led weaning with DS and its worked out great. He nows eats very well and has a far more sophisticated palate than DH! Current faves are Pizza Express's garlic dough balls and pizza; Mild veggie curries at our local Indian restaurant, oh and black olives!

Re: nutritional yeast, I use it a fair amount, great in macaroni 'cheese'. I get it from my local independent health food shop. If you have one near you they should be able to order it in as it's a well known make (Marigold) that also make a widely available bouillon.

Looking forward to sharing tips, recipes etc.

CakeandRoses Wed 16-Jun-10 10:43:40

Oh and re nursery: DS1 attends a local nursery for 2 days a week and they've been super at catering for him.

They buy in soya milk, spread and yoghurts as well as vegan pies, mince, sausages etc. His current key worker has been really enthusiastic about shopping for him and has been going out on missions to find new treats for him (he's being far more spoilt there than he is at home!) They try to cook similar meals for him as they do for the other children, e.g. he'll have lentil bolognese when they have a meat one.

We've only had one mishap: they once gave him Quorn mince not realising it contains egg, although I wasn't happy and said so, I secretly thought that perhaps it's best that it happened as they'll tighten up their processes which will hopefully prevent the same thing happening with something worse e.g. meat.

AbFabT Wed 16-Jun-10 22:47:38

Ooh, lots of vegans - brilliant! Hello!

Agree, C&R - I get really positive comments about veganism too, and I do think things are getting better and better with regards to general understanding, and availability of decent options when eating out/shopping. And of course, our numbers are increasing, and will continue to do so.

Darn that Quorn - why they don't make it vegan, I don't know (not that it sounds that appealing, mind!).

topsi Thu 17-Jun-10 07:56:43

After starting to read 'The China Project', I have tried to cut down on my animal based food. I would like to go vegan but think that to do a realy good job of it may be difficult. Have switched to soya products but have a toddler who only picks at his food and a meat eating DH. Would love any book reccomendations to help me on my way.

anyabanya Thu 17-Jun-10 08:57:09

Hi again, welcome Topsi! The China Study is one of the classics indeed.
For books that I have found really helpful, one is ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living’.

It provides a really food overview and covers things like calcium, vitamin Bs, feeding vegan children, raw foodism etc. One of the author’s is a nutritionist. I am trying to think of others, but that for me was the best.

Also, the Physician’s Committee for Responible Medicine that I mentioned in an earlier post has on their website menu plans for various stages of life that are designed to ensure that you get a well rounded balanced diet, and includes diet plans for specific dietary issues – people with diabetes for example, as they are very big on using diet to control some chronic diseases. We have moved house fairly recently and a lot of my books are in storage still so I am having a mental blank for some of the books that have really helped me.

AbFab- I love the idea of the vegan summer camp that you put details up for. Might think of that for next year.

CakeandRoses, I was also expecting a lot of negativity about veganism from the medical profession when I first became pregnant, and spent quite a lot of time planning what I would tell them/what I would say about my diet etc. But, throughout my entire pregnancy, I have not been asked even once about my diet, or weighed, or anything. Okay, I fell off the vegan wagon in a big way so it would have been largely irrelevant, but I was never asked at all, which really surprised me. (I mean, I was not even officially advised to avoid the usual things, including alcohol).

Also, I am also sad that quorn has egg in it, because that would be fantastic. Thanks also for the tip on Marigold nutritional yeast… I miss macaroni cheese madly, so will hunt some out.

Quick question,

Does anyone have fave vegan blogs? I follow a couple (plus AbFab’s now!) but like

but if there are any other UK-based blogs that people love I would love to have their details.

cakeforbrains Thu 17-Jun-10 09:09:36

Hi, I'd like to join you. I'm almost vegan - I've been a veggie for 15yrs and since January I've cut all dairy from my diet because I'm breastfeeding DS2 who is cows milk protein intolerant. I thought I'd really miss cheese, but actually its been fine. I'm still eating eggs occassionally, but I'm starting to wonder if I could go fully vegan. I'd love to pick up some recipes - a lot of the time I find myself making dairy-free versions of the food I used to eat, rather than learning new recipes!

CakeandRoses Thu 17-Jun-10 11:18:44

Hi cakeforbrains - nice to see another cake fan ;-)

Have you tried Redwoods Cheating Cheeses? The melting version in particular is the best cheese replacement I've found, DS loves it too.

Re recipes - here's my fave site: The sticky toffee pud from here is gorgeous.

Also, if you do really like cakes then Vegan cupcakes take over the world is brilliant!

Re eggs, not much you can do to replace fried and boiled eggs but tofu makes a mean omelette and scrambled eggs!

CakeandRoses Thu 17-Jun-10 11:23:34

What do you guys do about omega 3? This is what I do but I'm always looking for new ideas:

I take a vegan flax seed oil capsule from Sainsburys. I have tried ground flax seeds but they really upset my digestion which is odd because I don't usually suffer that way at all. I've also tried just taking a tsp of flax seed oil but just found it a bit of a faff to do it.

DS has omega 3s in his supplemented soya milk, yoghurt etc and I also add a glug of rape seed oil into his yoghurt or cereal (for extra calories/fat too). I did try flax seed oil but it gave him terrible wind, I'm planning to try it again now he's older as it would be better quality than the rape seed oil.

topsi Thu 17-Jun-10 11:42:46

Cakeandroses how do those oils taste?

QueenOfFlamingEverything Thu 17-Jun-10 12:05:07

I'm vegetarian rather than vegan, but live in a vegetarian/vegan community with a shared kitchen and shared vegan meals a few times a week.

The vegan cookbooks I use the most are Anothe Dinner Is Possible and Vegan With A Vengeance.

Engevita yeast flakes and mustard make a pretty good cheesy-tasting sauce for macaroni, with super melting Cheezly on top. Mmmmmm.

CakeandRoses Thu 17-Jun-10 12:09:13

Rapeseed oil is very bland, fine for cooking (although think that would 'kill' the omega 3) or adding to yoghurt for DCs! Most of the vegetable oil you see in shops is actually rapeseed oil if you look at the small print. Sunflower oil is best avoided as it's high in omega 6 (which veg*ns especially already have too much of) which upsets the 3/6 balance further. I think you need about 2 tbs of rapeseed oil for correct omega 3 levels.

Flaxseed varies - can be slightly nutty but ok but sometimes can be a little bitter. Needs to be kept in dark glass bottle in fridge. I just used to gulp down a tsp but you could just add it to cold/warm food (you shouldn't cook with it). I think the amount for DCs over 1yo is 1/2 tsp.

This leaflet has some good info:

The book Plant-based nutrition is the best nutrition one I've seen and is produced by the vegan soc:

CakeandRoses Sat 19-Jun-10 11:55:25

oh and vegan or non-leather shoes...

I really struggled to find any for DS when he got to walking stage. I eventually found out that Start-rite do a gorgeous range of non-leather shoes (decided I'd have to accept the possibility of non-vegan glue). DS's shoes have been admired by so many parents of Clarks-wearing DCs that I think my recommendations must be single-handledly responsible for increasing Start-rite's sales!

Or local supplier is actually an independent shoe-shop which sells Start-rite and other labels, not sure if Start-rite have their own shops at all. Ours carried a smallish range but said they'd happily order in any if i let them know in advance.

Keen to hear of any makes of vegan children's shoes you've come across...

frakkit Sat 19-Jun-10 12:31:44

<edges in>

I'm not vegan but I don't eat meat (do eat fish blush and don't do dairy or egg either. I've often thought about becoming fully vegan but the main thing I want to know is: is it really difficult going out/to dinner with other people? I'm fine cooking at home as I mainly cook vegan anyway (with meat on the side for DH who is a dedicated carnivore!) and have found vegan substitutes for most things but I'm really worried about eating out? Are any of you vegan at home but more relaxed out and about?

Also I'm allergic to nightshades (potatoes, peppers and aubergines) which seem to be vegan staples Do you think it's doable?

DonaldWatson Sat 19-Jun-10 13:01:54

Hello! Also signing in.

(Have name changed as my vegan details might give me away IRL!)

I have been a vegan for 12 years, Veggie for 6 before that. I have a vegan DH and vegan DD of 20 months (though she strayed yesterday - she spotted a milk choc digestive carelessly dropped by the builder and had a bite before we could pounce blush or maybe biscuit.)

Re omega 3 - I am keen on the DHA supplements from v pure (google it) they often have offers on - but DHA is higher chain than whats in rapeseed or flaxseed.

Still bf-ing DD so not yet too worried about what she eats.

Eating out in non veg*n places is a PITA - but you soon learn where you can go and what you can have - so where I live we have

a veggie restaurant
Pizza Express (Pizza without cheese)
Ditto Zizzis & ASK
Wagamama (very vegan friendly)
Boots do a couple of vegan sandwiches (brand name Fresh?)
Boston Tea party do some vegan sandwiches

I caved re DDs shoes after searching for a long time for vegans shoes. I figure we do so much vegan stuff and we had leather shoes when we were little so I would just ignore my principles and get leather ones for DD.

After spending years thinking all vegan cheese was rubbish I have recently re-discovered Redwoods suuper melting cheese. It's fab! DD is not convinced though......

AbFabT Sat 19-Jun-10 19:35:03

frakkit, I have only had a couple of problems eating out with non-vegans, and they have been with people who I have found to be generally selfish and narrow-minded - all of my friends are very wonderful and accommodating, and in the main, it's not a problem. As DW has gone on to say, there are loads of mainstream restaurants serving vegan food, and I would say it's getting easier and easier.

I don't see what benefit fish gives you that you can't get from plant-based sources, even with your restrictions. Give it a go! Check my site for the nutrients section to get it clear what your nutrient sources are - there are more than one for everything, so missing potatoes, aubergine etc shouldn't cause problems. Disclaimer though: I am not a nutritionist.

DW, last time I checked, Zizzi put egg in their pizza bases. I checked last summer, so if they have changed it now, great!

Am interested to hear about the shoes for children - not that we'll have to cross that bridge for a while, but good to know.

Hi people. Am not vegan, but DS (2) is dairy and soya allergic, and he is starting to reject meat. I tend to do vegan recipes for him, and add dairy for DD (3).

There is a really great book called Animal Free Shopper.

We were at the vegan festival last week, and found Kara, a dairy free milk replacement based on coconut milk, but not as thick. Great for cooking.

Oh, and of course people know about Booja Booja chocolate ice cream? dairy and soya free. And Montezuma blue chocolate.

DonaldWatson Sat 19-Jun-10 21:56:36

Ok -scrub Zizzis - I think I checked longer ago than you!

ilovemydog.... the Bristol Vegan Fayre? We were there on the Sunday!

They have Kara in Tesco.

Montezuma - yum - you can get it in Waitrose.

And Booja Booja - WOW (both taste and price.....)

CakeandRoses Sun 20-Jun-10 00:15:11

Best chocolates EVER, vegan or otherwise (and believe me I've tried them all)? Troody Skrumptious hand-made chocolates.

They are v expensive but so worth it. DH buys them for me for Easter, birthdays and Christmas - it's that or divorce wink

<thinks perhaps giving birth should join that list...?>

Fontella Sun 20-Jun-10 01:15:39

I'm a lifelong veggie (stopped eating meat when I was a toddler because I absolutely hated the texture of it in my mouth) and don't eat fish or eggs and have no desire to. Just looking at an egg makes me want to puke. I think I was born a veggie rather than choosing to become one if that makes any sense. I do however eat dairy - milk and cheese especially which is my main source of protein.

I've thought often about going the whole hog and become vegan but i just can't imagine life without cheese.

I'm happy drinking soya milk but have yet to find some really good non dairy cheeses. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

CakeandRoses Sun 20-Jun-10 22:58:15

Fontella - a couple of votes on here for Redwoods Melting Cheese.

Tofutti cream cheeses are great too - we get the plain one, chopped olive and the Garlic and herb

AbFabT Mon 21-Jun-10 00:12:23

Fontella, I gave up dairy after several years as a vegetarian and within a couple of weeks, I honestly just didn't miss it. This was in the days before vegan cheese was readily available, and I just did without. Felt marvellous. Was a few years before I discovered/they brought out vegan cheese, but you may well find that you don't miss dairy like you think you might.

I like Cheezly, but only really use it on pizzas. The Tofutti cream cheeses are lovely, the garlic and herb one with toasted pitta bread, and I make a great cheesecake with the plain one.

And about the protein thing - there is protein in every plant cell - it's unlikely you'll suffer a protein deficiency being vegan.

Chocolate: my favourite right now can be found in Sainsbury's - Celtic Caramel Choices - yummmmmmm.

CakeandRoses Mon 21-Jun-10 07:59:26

Ooooo yes, re the caramel choices! I'm managing to justify snaffling a few boxes of those at the mo due to eating for eight two

DonaldWatson Mon 21-Jun-10 13:43:42

<abandons desk and sprints to Sainsbos>

CakeandRoses Mon 21-Jun-10 14:23:19

ilovemydog - the soya allergy does make it a bit trickier for you/your DS.

Here's some of the non-soya things I give DS for fat and/or protein which you might not have tried:

Quinoa/quinoa flakes - I often chuck some of the flakes into pasta dishes etc as they cook in minutes and don't really have a flavour

Lentils - DS loves them in a 'bolognese' or soup. I usually use the canned green/brown ones.

Humous - One of DS's all times faves, he'll literally eat it by the handful if I let him!

Broadbeans - DS stuffs these down like raisins! I usualy cook them in a noodle soup.

Peas - good for protein (which lots of people don't realise), unfortunately they're one of the few veggies that DS won't eat.

Rice pud made with rice milk and/or coconut milk - yum!

Avocado - DS isn't that keen on it but will eat it disguised with humous, e.g. today he had some in a wrap with humous, cucumber, raw mushroom and olives.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 21-Jun-10 15:11:40

re omega 3, apparently hemp oil is meant to be v good for that.

Bit of a random question: if you cut all of this stuff out of your diet do you use the ability to process it? I'm thinking about bringing up dd (currently 7 weeks!) vegan, but don't want to force it on her, ie can she later choose to eat meat etc or will it make her ill.

Doodlez Mon 21-Jun-10 15:14:47

Meat eater here (Dad was a butcher!) BUT, one of my favourite friends is Vegan and I've used this website to order her hampers and stuff before now.

It's called Withy Kitchen and I can highly recommend.

Doodlez Mon 21-Jun-10 20:21:13

I see I've killed this thread stone dead. Slaughtered it, so to speak.

Did you see what I just did there? grin

CakeandRoses Mon 21-Jun-10 22:39:42

Doodlez - a friend of another vegan is a friend to me - and if you're buying hampers and stuff then you definitely are a friend smile

Interesting site, thank you, I've never come across it before.

fascicle Tue 22-Jun-10 10:29:02

The food on the website looks lovely, Doodlez. Have you sampled anything from your friend's hampers, and if so what did you think?

Re cheese, we use Cheezly cheddar style (not the super melting one). I think it's great in cheese sauces, lasagnes, frittatas etc. I don't think you can tell it's not dairy in cooked stuff, especially when you add seasonings to it. I also use it on pizzas, adding a few drops of olive oil on top to help it 'melt'. The super melting Cheezly seems a bit over oily and flaccid, so don't tend to buy it.

Chocolate - the kids had some of those caramel choices for Easter and loved them. They reminded me of Rolos, but with a more liquidy centre. For a chocolatey fix I sometimes make a refrigerator cake using hob nob type biscuits. Very rich and sickly! Or truffles, using crushed ginger biscuits and (sometimes) whisky or rum.

Shoes - pre-school I bought canvas shoes for the children. Since then I've bought non leather shoes from shoe or department shops. A couple of times I used companies which tailor-made vegan shoes (although the companies weren't exclusively vegan). The shoes were lovely but not cheap, and quickly outgrown.

Kids' parties - I always offer to provide food for my kids (one of whom also has a nut allergy). It just seems easier, as well as less for the host to worry about, and I know that they won't go without cakes etc!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 22-Jun-10 17:17:54

fasicle those truffles sound nice Do you have a recipe?

Doodlez Tue 22-Jun-10 22:00:25

No, I haven't sampled anything but my friend loved everything I chose and so did her children (she has 4).

Apparently, I ordered a jambalaya in one package I had delivered to her and she said it was her favourite so far.

Doodlez Tue 22-Jun-10 22:02:26

I think I'll just add - my friend's partner died last year and I just knew she had stopped eating (was a total shock).

I explained to the people at Withy Kitchen and they bent over backwards to get my order to her FAST and really made extra special efforts for her because of what had happened.

Really, I was extremely impressed.

Morko Tue 22-Jun-10 22:23:26

Message withdrawn

CakeandRoses Wed 23-Jun-10 00:07:59

Hi Morko - Great news that you've seen a reduction in pain!

My sister's DP isn't veggie and they tend to cook v similar meals but a vegan and a meat version, e.g:

- Spag bol/chilli - I think they do the sauce and split it up to add the appropriate 'meat' to their portions

- Pie n mash - he'll have a meat pie and she'll have a Linda Mc one or make one. I think the mash would be made with vegan spread for both of them

- Roast - everything will be cooked in a vegan-friendly manner then he'll have meat with his and she'll have a Redwoods cheatin roast or nutroast or something

There are a few veggie dishes/vegan alternatives he will eat so sometimes they do eat the same, maybe your DH and DCs could eat the same meal as you at times?

I'm lucky in that whilst DH isn't veggie he's happy to eat mostly veg*n at home (he just has milk and cheese) especially as i do most of the cooking wink

Good luck!

fascicle Wed 23-Jun-10 17:27:13

ItsAllGoingToBeFine the recipe for truffles (adapted from a Sainsbury's magazine recipe years ago)is as follows, and makes around 24 truffles:

9oz/250g plain chocolate
3.5 oz/95g marge
3.5 oz/95g gingernut biscuits
1 tablespoon malt whisky or rum (amount can be doubled if desired, or substituted with a teaspoon of vanilla essence)
cocoa powder, icing sugar or desiccated coconut for dusting

Bash ginger biscuits into crumbs with rolling pin (or use a food processor).

Place broken up chocolate and marge in a pan over lowest heat possible and stir until melted. Stir in alcohol/vanilla essence. Combine with biscuit crumbs and place in fridge to cool and set for one to two hours.

The mixture becomes fairly hard but softens on contact, so I use a spoon to scoop up small amounts, and then shape into a ball using a hand covered in a food bag, before rolling in cocoa powder, icing sugar or desiccated coconut.

I have experimented with adding ingredients to the chocolate mix - crystallised ginger works well and is not too overpowering as the biscuits are quite subtle. I keep meaning to try making the truffles with a toffee centre, but haven't got round to that experiment yet!

fascicle Wed 23-Jun-10 17:34:13

Doodlez - sorry to hear about your friend's husband. What a lovely thing you did for her. It sounds like the food was very much appreciated and enjoyed.

bunique Sun 27-Jun-10 14:53:10

AbFabT "Afaiaa, there isn't a vegan formula here in the UK, so I am hoping I can BF. Am very determined on that point. Hey, are you aware of these: Silveretter Nipple Shields - if you get cracked nipples, all the cream I've seen to combat cracked or sore nipples contains sheep grease (aka lanolin - therefore not vegan), so these silver nipple things are great for us as they do the job (and are a one-off payment, as opposed to having to replenish stocks of Lansinoh). I've already got mine. "

There were two infant soy-milks in Tesco today, suitable from birth - one was SMA and can't remember what the other was. In the same aisle as all the other baby milks Having said that, there is a lot of conflicting reports out there about the effect of soya on male fertility so it might be worth doing some research. I think as our baby gets older we might switch to oat/rice/coconut milk to avoid overloading them with soya.

As for lanolin-free nipple cream, have a look online for Earth Mama Angel Baby products - they have a nipple balm that is totally vegan and lanolin free and by all accounts lasts a million years. They also do vegan baby bum cream too amongst other things.

My OH is vegan and I am veggie, since about 18 months ago. I was just vegan initially but cheese got me in the end. As for our bubs due in December, they will eat what we eat at home once they're weaning (we are vegan at home - I eat veggie when away from home) and if they get older and make the choice to try meat then that is entirely up to them, although my OH will take it upon himself to make sure they know where it comes from!

For those who mentioned eating out - in our experience, just ringing ahead makes the world of difference. Our wedding will be completely vegan (bar milk for tea/coffee at the end as some people just cannot cope without it it seems!) and we ate at the venue recently. I phoned to book us in just a few hours beforehand and when we got there they had prepared a menu just for OH with TWO vegan options for starter and for main, and then they made up a dessert for him (melon, other fruits and sorbets) within minutes of asking. Similarly at another local restaurant we phoned ahead and the chef put together a totally unique menu for us both while the rest of the family ate from the normal menu. They even told us which breads were vegan-friendly in the bread basket! Most chefs worth their salt will relish the challenge of preparing something a bit different to the meat and two veg. It is worth just double checking that the person taking the booking understand it's no meat, dairy, eggs or honey, etc as sometimes they can be a bit unsure. Also, if you're somewhere that looks like it might be particularly difficult, it's worth just saying "I'm allergic" as they panic at the thought of killing you with cross-contamination ;)

AbFabT Sun 27-Jun-10 22:19:27

Thanks, bunique. I am aware there are soya formulas, but my understanding was that they still weren't vegan. I haven't checked recently though, so maybe that's changed!

I've also done a fair bit of research into this soya/male fertility thing, and am not worried at all. I've also got a vegan biologist friend (male) who has done lots of research, and he reassured me too. DH is vegan and got me pregnant on our first go! But am all ears if they have sufficient evidence to say it's not safe after all! Agree anyway about not over-doing the soya, and we do occasionally use Oatly or Rice Dream.

Bought my silver nipple shields, so hoping I don't need those creams, but thanks for the info.
Went to the Baby Expo in Brighton today and managed to find two baby bottom balms that don't contain lanolin or beeswax (or SLS and all that nonsense!), so very happy about that!
Also tried VBites (Heather Mills's place), which was pretty nice! Had serious thoughts about moving to Brighton - seems like it would be so easy for vegan children to have places like this to go to.

We had a fully vegan wedding last May! Right down to the soya milk for the teas and coffees, and because we'd hired out the bar, we insisted on only vegan alcohol too.
Enjoy planning yours! When's the big day?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 28-Jun-10 18:39:51

fasicle thank you for the recipe - I am salivating just thinking about making it

bunique Mon 28-Jun-10 20:43:41

Not until July next year AbFabT - long way to go and very little interest in planning at the moment - we found out I was pregnant less than 5 weeks after getting engaged! So that's kind of taken over. We both have a number of somewhat awkward relatives who I would want to brain on the day if they whine about food so we are making some compromises in the hope it'll shut them up!

Re: the soya/fertility thing, I've read that there's little evidence of an issue too, but be prepared for an unsympathetic GP/HV to badger you about it - have seen tales people being given a hard time elsewhere when their newborns are reacting badly to regular milks! I checked the back of the tins but not in masses of detail so can't say for definite they were vegan although nothing jumped out at me - my OH is much better at reading labels than me! I'll see what else I can find out about them

Is that Baby Expo a once a year thing? I really need to get on top of baby purchases and start budgeting! I'm treating a non-vegan friend to a box of Earth Mama stuff in the hope she'll tell me if it's any good and I can then treat myself ;)

bunique Mon 28-Jun-10 21:00:54

Looks like the only one that is currently vegan is being discontinued. Hmph!!

AbFabT Mon 28-Jun-10 21:40:00

Planning a wedding is lovely! Planning for baby more so though!

I went to the GP before we were trying just to check I had had any necessary injections etc, and I mentioned my diet, and she said briliant, that's great: she's vegetarian herself and believes it's the best diet out there. Hurrah! Think she's retired though now, as I haven't seen her since! Anyway. And the m/w when doing my booking in appointment didn't bat an eyelid when she noted my diet on my notes. My bloods all come back great, iron levels great, no worries!
But yes, people do seem to like to throw in the soya/fertility thing when talking about dairy alternatives - I think they just like to belittle soya.

I'm not planning on Formula Feeding anyway, so should be ok.

I think the Baby Expo in Brighton is an annual thing, but they have Baby Shows a few times throughout the year - Baby Show - next one is October in London, we'll have just had our baby, and I am very keen to get to it. Bargains galore! Good timing for you for your December baby!

bunique Tue 29-Jun-10 19:50:27

My GP was very positive as well and booking in midwife didn't say a word - GP was especially pleased as it meant I automatically avoided any of the foods we're not meant to eat!

Thanks for info on the baby show - my best friend is due in October and lives in London so could be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and see the new bubba. Flying to New York the week before that so should hopefully be recovered in time!

AbFabT Thu 01-Jul-10 21:13:35

Article about the anti-soya brigade: Here

CakeandRoses Mon 09-Aug-10 12:01:32

Just wanted to reassure the women expecting their first (vegan) babies about breast feeding.

Having successfully bf DS til 14months with no nipple pain or issues, I'm now on week 2 of breast feeding my newborn DD, again no issues.

I'm convinced that feeling like there was no real alternative to bf made it far easier as I was determined it would work out.

Really hope you find it goes as smoothly for you.

AbFabT Mon 09-Aug-10 20:53:51

Thanks, CakesandRoses! And congratulations on your new arrival! Eight weeks til my due date!

CakeandRoses Tue 10-Aug-10 09:54:57

Thank you AbFab smile

Hope the rest of your pregnancy and birth go nice and smoothly.

AbFabT Wed 11-Aug-10 00:02:52

Thank YOU, C&R!

Mumi Wed 11-Aug-10 00:21:24

Kinda bookmarking this thread as I'm more vegan friendly than vegan.
I'm a vegetarian single mum, do eat as vegan as I can and would love to be fully vegan but am worried about how to do this practically while letting currently omnivore DS make his own decision. The links look great, I will check them out

CakeandRoses Wed 11-Aug-10 14:48:29

Oh and saw your discussion about soya formula and soya milk above, thought you'd be interested to know my experiences on this.

When I was weaning DS there was still a vegan formula available (Heinz) which I'd intended to give him from 14 months until 2yo - he hated it!

He was a mare to wean off the breast full-stop and in desperation we tried all sorts of combinations - eventually hitting on a half and half mix of vanilla soya milk and unsweetened soya milk. He now drinks sweetened soya milk and loves it. He'd probably be happy with it diluted with some unsweetened but I prefer him to get the extra calories (an important thing to focus on for vegan children) from the sweetened version and we're just super-careful about making sure he always brushes his teeth afterwards.

We try to reduce our dependence on soya for protein by giving him lots of lentils, peas, beans, quinoa etc but he does also eat soya 'cheese' and yoghurts.

CakeandRoses Wed 11-Aug-10 14:58:04

Hi Mumi!

We have a 'mixed' household here too - DC and I are are vegan and DH is omni.

I do most of the cooking, DH is very happy to eat vegan or at least veggie in the house and he just eats meat when we eat out. He likes the stuff I cook and is pleased that it benefits his health. He buys milk and cheese for himself and the odd dairy chocolate bar/ice cream etc so he doesn't feel forced into a diet which isn't his choice.

Would something like that work for you and DS?

BornToFolk Wed 11-Aug-10 15:20:46

I'm a veggie (as are DS and DP), not a vegan but wanted to ask something on a thread that wouldn't get taken over by "just give him meat!" comments.

DS is 2.10 and I've started thinking about how best to explain to him that we are vegetarian. He goes to nursery 3 days a week and must be aware that he eats differently to other children but I'm also concerned that it may confuse him as they do give him Quorn things (which he loves!)

We were watching some cooking thing on Cbeebies and the kids were cutting up ham and DS asked what it was. I just said it was ham and that we didn't eat it as it was made of pigs and we don't eat animals.

It's not really an issue now I suppose. I was just wondering how other veggie/vegans had dealt with it. And how do you explain your choices for being veggie/vegan without putting meateaters down? I don't want DS to think the rest of his family is being "bad" for eating meat!

Mumi Wed 11-Aug-10 17:13:35

Hi C&R I already cook vegetarian for myself and DC which he accepts so maybe I should try cooking vegan to eat with him and letting him sort himself out with non-vegan food which I don't have to "participate" in, IYSWIM - he can do his own cereal milk and the kinds of things he likes as snacks are cheeses, salami etc.

CakeandRoses Wed 11-Aug-10 19:55:52

Mumi - That sounds like a sensible plan. Once you've had a bit of time to experiment with vegan cooking, I'm sure you'll find lots of dishes that can be similar to the veggie stuff you cook now (unless you exist on cheese flans and omelettes of course!) and DS will be just as happy with.

When I think back to my pre-vegan days, there's hardly anything I can think of that i used to have then that I don't cook a version of now, in fact I think I eat more variety now and actually prefer some of the alternatives to the 'real' version - e.g. I adore vegan macaroni cheese whereas I wasn't too fussed about the dairy version.

And of course, vegan cakes make anyone smile smile

CakeandRoses Wed 11-Aug-10 20:05:27

Hi Borntofolk - my DCs aren't yet old enough for us to have crossed that bridge yet but I do have veggie friends with older children who have found this 'issue' surprisingly easy to deal with. e.g. My cousin and her DCs are veggie whereas her DH is omni - the children seem to understand where meat comes from but accept that eating it is a choice that some people make.

In fact, thinking about it, I was brought up as a veggie from birth (both of my parents were veggie, now vegan). I never remember thinking that omnivores were bad people, I think I felt a bit sorry for them for wanting to eat animals actually! My sister ate meat for a year or two when she was about 7 and I even accepted that but just thought she was a bit odd for wanting to!

BornToFolk Thu 12-Aug-10 09:18:50

Thanks Cakeandroses! It's always interesting to hear from people who were raised veggie as both DP and I stopped eating meat in our teens.

CakeandRoses Fri 13-Aug-10 12:01:06

Has anyone with toddler or older DCs got any favourite vegan recipes you can share with me please?

At the moment, DS eats earlier than us so I cook him a separate meal. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas for him - particularly quick ones (but still healthy) as I don't often have very long to make it.

He loves rice, curry, pasta, pizza, noodles, olives, pies, garlic and beans (of all types).

CakeandRoses Mon 23-Aug-10 12:49:26

Anya - just wanted to know if you're ok? Read a post of yours on another thread re bf this week. Didn't want to 'out' you on there iyswim!

sprogger Mon 23-Aug-10 16:54:41

Hi all - I'm an omni living the Omnivore's Dilemma creed:

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants."

...which in my book means that we eat vegan & vegetarian for much of the week. This is proving handy, as my 4-year-old DS realised where meat comes from a few months ago and hasn't wanted it since.

I will most likely lurk in deference to the proper vegans, but I will be very interested in what you're cooking!

sprogger Thu 26-Aug-10 08:35:29

Oh hurrah, I've killed the thread. In an attempt to restart it, do any of you use this site for recipes?

It's a vegetarian wholefoods blog run out of San Francisco with quite a few good vegan/veganisable recipes on it. (Just click the Vegan tag on the left margin to see them.)

I've been making the Lemony Chickpea Stirfry quite a bit recently.

CakeandRoses Thu 26-Aug-10 08:44:08

That's the problem with omnivores, sprogger - they kill things wink (joke!)

I haven't seen that site before so will have a look, thanks.

My fave recipe site is

Had the sticky toffee pud recipe twice in a week (I made it then mother made it smile) but we usually have it as a date cake without the sauce - really moist and yummy.

bunique Fri 03-Sep-10 21:57:58

Ooo I know the girl who runs parsleysoup!

Have you seen Vegan Lunchbox C&R? It's got great lunch and other ideas for kids, especially once they start school.

pinkfruity Wed 22-Sep-10 19:58:48

Hi I'm new here . Am thinking of becoming vegan for a number of reasons. Firstly, health - I know a few people not much older than me (33) who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and know diet can contribute. Secondly, we can't afford to buy free range meat, eggs etc and hate seeing animals suffering in small spaces just to feed us. I'm not sure if its better to take the plunge and change overnight or if I should do it a step at a time. I bought soya milk today as a first step. Also, theres no way OH will even be vegetarian and have 2 children (6 and 4) who I want to make their own choice. Is it going to be hard to eat differently to the rest of the family?? Am gonna hit the library tomorrow for books/recipes etc. Any advice much appreciated. confused

Leveller1 Thu 23-Sep-10 12:32:59

I recently became vegan (was a veggie anyway) I found that giving up the cheese was my real struggle, but just learning to live without it.

I found there were a lot of things I didn't know about the animal by-products in many foods and as it turned out I wasn't being quite the best at Vegetarianism.

One great resource I did find though was a Vegan starter kit, provided by Peta the Vegan charity, they have stuff online with all sorts of recipes, mostly cheap ingredients too.

My next agenda was to check out their animal welfare learning materials, although I don't approve of imposing a vegetarian or vegan diet on my little one, I do think giving them the chance to see the facts and choose for themselves is fair.

The materials had dvds and leaflets on vegan and animal stuff, little one was so upset once she'd seen how mean people were to animals, she jumped at the chance to be vegetarian (not happy about vegan diet for her yet) like daddy.

mrspear Thu 23-Sep-10 12:46:35

hi a nosy meat eater having a read! One question why do you use soya flour? what is wrong with normal flour?

Leveller1 Thu 23-Sep-10 12:52:56

White flour may be a nutritional loser, but it is not an animal product.

White sugar is a close call. It is normally considered vegan, but actually it is often whitened in a process that uses animal bones.

I think Mrspear you might be confused on that between sugar and flour.

Leveller1 Thu 23-Sep-10 12:54:48

On the previous topic the websit has all sorts of useful vegan hints and tips, also you can get resources posted to you from Peta themselves.

ppeatfruit Thu 23-Sep-10 13:14:44

Can I join please? i follow my blood type so i eat very little organic poultry. IMO you have to be careful with even vegan org. marg and cheeses they tend to have palm oil and or hydrogenated fats in them.

ppeatfruit Thu 23-Sep-10 13:21:59

I use olive oil on ryvitas and toast etc. and rice bran oil in my baking. BTW I've seen lovely pure (non lanolin) creams in H.F. shops Also a question, why don't vegans eat free range org. eggs?

Leveller1 Thu 23-Sep-10 13:48:31

Being Vegan is to boycott all animal products, like the meat and the fur/leather and any associated by-products, like eggs and animal milk.

Even free range or organic is still a by-product of the animals.

Leveller1 Thu 23-Sep-10 13:51:48

The point you make on Palm Oil is valid, the Orangutans suffer massive loss of habitat, across Indonesia (Borneo), due to the ever increasing number of trees chopped down to make way for Oil Palm plantations, for mostly cosmetic and food products to be made out of the Palm Oil

I personally also boycott Palm Oil and Coconut oil for the same reasons.

ppeatfruit Thu 23-Sep-10 15:55:28

Thank you leveller the environmental reasons alone are enough to boycott them they are also not particularly good for health IMO. There are so many products containing them!

AbFabT Sat 25-Sep-10 23:04:28

Welcome, pinkfruity. I totally agree with you re the breast cancer - it's in my family, and when I knew my chances were increased to get it, I started researching, and so much pointed to meat and dairy being bad. The China Study is a good book for raising awareness of the negative impact of meat and dairy in our diets - well worth a read, imo.

There are LOADS of recipe books out there, I wouldn't just want to recommend one! And lots of websites too - I don't think you'll struggle to find recipe ideas. I do have my own website, of course, which I mentioned in my first post, and I am building up vegan recipes there!

I went from vegetarian (five+ years) to vegan, having not even heard of veganism back then, but I think if I'd have been presented with the facts, I could have done it overnight no problem.

DH went vegan from omni overnight, and found it very easy. Neither of us have ever looked back.

I don't know how people manage in relationships when you have different diets to cater for, as I don't have to face that - I think some veg*ns are prepared to cook meat/dairy for their families, others won't, so their OH's do their own cooking if they want to eat meat, or the OH's/children eat veg*n in the home, and eat meat/dairy when out. I think you have to find your own way, and see what works for you. Best of luck. It's getting easier and easier, far more awareness these days, far more products on shelves, far better labelling, many more fellow vegans (I know loads!). Go for it!

AbFabT Sat 25-Sep-10 23:32:29

P.S. Did you all know the CoOp now sell vegan doughnuts?! They are amaaaaazing! Available in custard or jam! Wow! Yum!

CakeandRoses Wed 06-Oct-10 13:28:24

bunique really? tell her thanks from me smile

abfab cor, thanks for telling us

<searches for nearest co-op>

Spanglemum Wed 06-Oct-10 18:09:42

Can I join this thread? my DH has been vegan for over 20 years and me and the children are veggie. My little girl (4) has always been a good eater but my son (nearly 3) is so fussy. He does like dahl and rice though but then DH and DD complain we have it all the time.

AbFabT Wed 06-Oct-10 23:46:05

C&R, it's dangerous - they are SOOOO delicious, I could eat bag after bag! Enjoy! And they sell out fast - been a few times early-ish in the day, and there're none left.

Welcome, Spanglemum.

Question for the vegans:
Vitamin K: I am due any day now (actually, I am now overdue*!!! ) and I've found out the Vit K for newborns injection or oral liquid is not vegan. What did you all do? DH and I are torn, but our beliefs are that we do whatever we can, but not at jeopardy to our child. But I am still about the prospect. Is there an alternative I don't know about yet? I doubt Vit K deficiency is likely, but we're not prepared to risk it.

*And not planning on being induced unless absolutely necessary - I am feeling grand, but did you know, the inducement they give you is based on pig semen??? Gross!

CakeandRoses Thu 07-Oct-10 12:43:06

AbFab - last i read i thought the injection was ok and it was just the oral one that wasn't? On that basis we opted for the jab with DD recently.

Both of my dc fell into higher risk categories (both were c-sec, forceps AND bruised!) so I don't think I'd have taken the risk not to give it.

Normally, it's a small risk re the vit K but can have v bad consequences so I'm really not sure what I'd do in your place. The risk is also higher for bf babies which as a vegan I'm assuming you're more likely to do.

This link is pretty balanced info:

And good luck! grin

Hello spangle! Could you ease ds gently into other dishes by keeping things a bit similar? e.g. rice but with stroganoff or chili/bolognese (with pasta for others perhaps), and veggie stew and dumplings with lots of lentils in it or lentil based shepherds pie?

At least lentils and rice are v healthy - could be much worse!

AbFabT Thu 07-Oct-10 22:41:10

Thanks, C&R. Yes, I do believe it USED to be vegan, but as per many things, they muck it up and now it isn't! Grrr!
It's not worth the risk to us, to not have it, I was just hoping there was a suitable alternative.

ClimberChick Sun 10-Oct-10 18:39:50

Hi all,

Just signing in (having been directed here, thanks smile).

I've been vegan for 9 years now (including through my pregnancy). Though I always feel like I'm not a proper vegan, paranoid that there's stuff I don't know about. I guess that's the price of not knowing any others.

We're planning to raise DD as mostly vegan, introduce her things, so that when she goes to party's we won't be telling her what she can and can't have. DH isn't vegan, but kinda is by default of me doing the cooking. Though there is a lot he doesn't eat due to welfare.

AbFabT Mon 11-Oct-10 00:47:07

Hey, ClimberChick.
Welcome to the thread!

Glad you have found us! Hope you can fill any gaps you need to here, and broaden your vegan circle. Whereabouts are you?

How old is your DD?

ClimberChick Mon 11-Oct-10 04:19:07

I haven't read all the back thread yet blush, but will get there when I'm procrastinating at work I'm sure grin.

I'm in the US for what should be a two year job. Been here nearly 4 months now. DD is 7 months.

I've never thought about vit K. tbh the drug issue is one I've quite tackled. I don't take the pill anymore, but I've been on mefenamic acid for years (well not the last year) which I know has stuff in. Tried switching the non-capsule form, but that still had milk? derivatives in.

It's the non food stuff I've struggled with. Where I have found alternatives we've made sure to have vegan cosmetics (100% here) toiletries (only thing I'm not sure about is the alcoholic toners and cleansers) and household cleaning products (if there's an Ecover product for something we have one or equivalent).

Shoes I have made sure that I don't have leather, but can't realistically afford the 100% vegan ones. I'd assumed that shoes can have animal glues in etc. So these kind of products and plastics etc are things I have no clue about.

OK didn't start writing this post meaning to go into all that blush

RoxieP Thu 21-Oct-10 12:06:13

I used to be vegan for a while and never felt better, but am now back to being lacto-ovo veg. Sad thing is is it was probably because after moving from London to Manchester then to Devon I found it increasingly difficult to eat out/shop and I was also feeling increasingly guilty about the panic and "trouble" I caused when I was a dinner guest! Though actually I personally think it's incredibly easy and cheap to cater for a vegan!

If only the rest of the world were a bit more clued up - I have had a few raised eyebrows since being pregnant even for being veggie - but ironically most vegans/veggies I know are extremely knowledgable about how to keep their diet balanced and are probably more likely to get everything they need.

My DP is a carnivore and he eats meat at home but if I'm cooking I will cook veggie and he doesn't mind. His folks are Buddhists anyway so he grew up not eating a lot of meat. I think I will bring up my DD eating what I eat but if my DP/other people want to feed them meat then that's fine as long as they want to eat it and their diet is balanced. I was not raised veggie by my parents, but everyone I know who was rebelled against it and were scoffing KFC as soon as their parents back were turned! I think vegetarianism/veganism has to be a personal choice and a decision made by yourself - all we can do is encourage our children to eat as healthy and balanced a diet as possible and steer them in the right direction! I agree though that healthwise, a well-planned, mindful vegan diet has everything an adult/child/pregnant/breastfeeding mother needs.

AbFabT Thu 21-Oct-10 20:34:29

Hey, ClimberChick. Ooh, I love the US - whereabouts are you, if you don't mind saying? I found New York amazing for vegans, and San Fran was awesome, Oregon was ace too. Great make up options as well! I don't use toner or anything, so I don't know about that!

Go into anything you like - the more chat the better!

Hi, RoxieP! Same - I use that expression when I explain my conversion to veganism -never felt better! I am lucky to live in London, with great access to veganised products such as vegan cheese, ice cream, sweets, meat substitutes etc, though I did do without for the first few years when these things either didn't exist, or I hadn't found them. I cook a lot without any of that stuff, but it's nice for a treat. And I am a decent baker, so we cover cakes/flapjacks etc fine too! Eating out is also easy, though my favourite restaurant is actually just our local curry house, which is mainstream omni, but does great veg*n options.

It's much easier for me with a vegan DH. We are totally agreed on raising our child(ren) vegan, but of course, you can only teach them so much, and hope they take it on board. I know two ladies who were raised vegan from birth, and neither rebelled! So there is hope!

RoxieP Fri 22-Oct-10 13:48:44

Yeah I always found curry to be an easy choice as they don't really use eggs and little dairy so as long as ghee isn't used all the veg curries are vegan. Lots of lovely dahl and chick peas too - yum! Thing is I have developed a taste for paneer cheese since going back to the dark side so I would miss that now if I went back to veganism!

I used to love going to Japanese restos too. As long as they haven't used fish stock in the sushi rice then the veggie sushi rolls are vegan apart from the omeletty ones! And miso soup. And vegetable tempura - mmmmmm!!!

Quite often used to ask for a cheeseless pizza at Italians too - just lots of lovely veg like roasted aubergines and olives with lashings of olive oil... I defy anyone who says veganism will make you thin and underfed!

CakeandRoses Wed 27-Oct-10 00:13:54

roxie I was raised as a veggie from birth, have never eaten meat and then went vegan about 13 years ago - so it doesn't always follow that all children rebel against a veggie upbringing. smile

Personally I'm so pleased that my parents raised me as a vegetarian. That's actually more of a choice than giving me meat before I was even aware of where it came from iyswim.

all who has tried the new soy-free cheezley? I love it and prefer to give it to ds so he's not eating too much soya. He's also become a fan of nutritional yeast 'cheese' sauces on macaroni or brocolli/cauli lately - yum!

CakeandRoses Tue 02-Nov-10 08:33:10

Hey all,

The pizza express 'create your pizza" competition has short-listed a vegan entry and it's currently been voted to 2nd place!

It looks like a yummy lebanese number.

Vote here:

ClimberChick Mon 08-Nov-10 04:46:37

I forgot to add this to my watching list, so thought I'd remark it at the same time.

AbFabT Thu 11-Nov-10 23:55:21

Cakes, I've tried the soy-free cheese - had it on pizza, couldn't tell the difference. It's all good.

What do you all do about pain-relief for your children? Not that DS has anything to complain about yet, but I'd like to be prepared - Calpol seems to be the answer for everyone else but I read the ingredients and it doesn't sound nice. Any vegan solutions?
Did your children all have the eight-week jabs? I expect they are not vegan, but we are planning on having them, unless I hear enough against them.

Oh, and in case you hadn't heard of this book, some vegan friends sent us this as a gift for DS - That's Why We Don't Eat Animals - brilliant idea.

CakeCuresAll Fri 12-Nov-10 15:12:21

HI everyone

I've been veggie for years and recently went dairy free. We eat mainly vegan now - just ditching the eggs. Last out will be the honey I think.

Did you find it hard to tell family members?

They struggle with the veggie bit tbh and I'm worried they'll have me committed!

Ds is 18 months and has been reacting to dairy which has given me a kick to make us fully dairy free. We've not had cows milk, spread, yoghurt's or cheese for a few months anyway but weren't being too strict when in other peoples houses.

Anyway - I am now excitedly menu planning and surfing for information - can anyone point me to good sites to check out?

CakeCuresAll Fri 12-Nov-10 15:17:43

C&R I voted for that pizza too!

I like the look of the book AbfabT !

Do you all use much soya in your diets?

I read that there were links to male infertility to boys given high soya diets growing up so now I'm too scared to include it too much as I want to be a granny one day (many many years from now)

CakeCuresAll Fri 12-Nov-10 15:38:31

Ok - last post from me (for now)

I found a few links on previous pages thanks!

And vegan donuts.....I was in co-op yesterday!

AbFabT Fri 12-Nov-10 23:59:58

Hello, CakeCuresAll, and welcome.

Honey = bee puke! Does that help?!

Our families are all fine with our choices - they can see we are sensible and know what we are doing.

Re the soya, in case you missed the link upthread: Article about the anti-soya brigade: Here.

ClimberChick Tue 16-Nov-10 05:17:10

I tend not to eat soya products. When I do (because I'm lazy) I always feel bloated and horrible (and generally dirty if that makes sense). Though I am partial to choc milk, which is odd as soya milk normally makes me feel as ill as regular milk.

I'm happy for DD to have the odd bit of meat and eggs, but not dairy.

I'm in California AbFabT, which I thought would be really easy, but am in a rel small city (San Fran this is not). There are a few veggie/vegan resturants but I've been suprised by how much normal places don't like to modify their meals i.e. they won't do it without cheese.

Vegan donuts, trust them to come up with them after I leave the country.

Saturday pizzas were a favourite of mine. Used to have bases in the freezer then go the deli and pick loads of treats to put on them. (Also did half of it as garlic bread)

DD loves daal as well spangle

As for drugs, as mentioned earlier this is where I have made no real effort. Each year I try to change one non-diet thing.

ClimberChick Tue 16-Nov-10 05:18:31

sorry it's processed soya I tend to avoid.

ClimberChick Tue 16-Nov-10 05:23:12

but that's because I tend to avoid processed goods in general. I don't like jarred sauces etc, not even tinned tomotoes (I find they tend to dilute flavours I'm trying to add)

I'll stop rambling now

ppeatfruit Wed 17-Nov-10 16:19:31

IMO and experience if you look at herbs like camomile, they are ideal for DCs; good for sleeping and teething and elder is brill for colds and sore throats.

ClimberChick Sat 04-Dec-10 04:13:11

I'm starting to feel like I'm stuck for dinner ideas and alternating between lentil dishes and bean dishes. Maybe we could say what we've had for dinner today to help inspire me us.

Me: red lentils (while kinda solid) with toms and other veg seasoned with ginger, coriander, cumin, parsley with boiled potatoes

ppeatfruit Tue 07-Dec-10 07:39:42

I had a vegan shepherd's pie; filling of chopped pumpkin, carrot, onion, garlic and leek gently curried. Topping of mashed parsnips.

CrimboCakeandRoses Tue 07-Dec-10 12:50:34

we had vegetable stroganoff with brown rice - yum!

CrimboCakeandRoses Tue 07-Dec-10 12:56:55

and for tonight i'm dithering between:

old-skool stew and dumplings (probably with a can of beans or lentils chucked in)

Fast food dinner of Fry's hot dogs and potato wedges

oh and shepherds pie now that ppeat's made me fancy that too!

there is a soy free cheese? <hopeful>

There is a brilliant range of soya/dairy free yoghurts in the USA called 'So Delicious' but not available here sad

AbFabT Wed 08-Dec-10 01:55:28

America is soooo good for vegan options, though the last time I tried their cheese, ours was far better.

We had pizza for supper tonight.
Quite fancy the sound of stew with dumplings! Mmm!

CrimboCakeandRoses Wed 08-Dec-10 11:16:50

dh chose shepherds pie from the options i gave him. so it was a vegemince shepherds pie (usually use lentils but had run out) with roast carrots and parsnips and red wine gravy. Enough left for lunch for ds and i today smile

My stew with dumplings is the best tho, i have to say!

CrimboCakeandRoses Wed 08-Dec-10 11:18:15

abfab what base do you use/make and do you bother with 'cheese' for pizza?

ppeatfruit Wed 08-Dec-10 12:24:39

Crimbo do you put the dumplings in at the end of cooking? (I love the idea of them but don't seem to get round to making them) IYSWIM This is deff. dumpling weather !!

brillopads Wed 08-Dec-10 16:30:11

Hello all

DH is Vegan, I'm not, but it makes a lot more sense to make things that are Vegan which I can then add bits & Bobs to smile

Last night we excitingly spotted the big pots of Alpro soya yoghurt- vanilla variety in our local Tesco's... I did a buy one-get-two-free on Muller Corner 6 packs blush

ClimberChick Wed 08-Dec-10 22:08:42

I never bother with cheese on pizza, just load it up with other goodies

AbFabT Thu 09-Dec-10 00:18:02

Cakes, have to admit I don't usually make my own bases - have done, but Morrisons do these great bases that already have garlic 'butter' on them, and they are utterly delicious! Might start making my own though, as I've seen some gorgeous heart-shaped pizza trays, so would need to shape my own dough to fit!

I do now use cheese, but for about five years from when I was first vegan until I discovered vegan cheese, I did without, and still enjoyed my pizzas thoroughly.

What's your dumpling and stew recipe please?

We had macaroni mince tonight - Realeat mince, with macaroni, fresh spinach, tomatoes, peppers and red onion, with various herbs and spices. DH loves this meal, was a family favourite when he was growing up, so we just veganised it.

Anyone watching Come Dine With Me this week - they have a vegan on! She's in the lead so far.

Hello, brillopads!

ClimberChick Thu 09-Dec-10 00:32:31

Ready made bases to chuck in your freezer

think we'll have penne pasta, pine nuts and spinach. Maybe some oven roasted toms

CrimboCakeandRoses Thu 09-Dec-10 09:33:25

hello brillo

abfab Grrrr! re come dine with me. We lost our BT vision setting when something played up a week or two ago and so it wasn't recording when I thought it was. Doubly annoying this week as there's a vegan AND a mumsnetter this week!

Hoping there'll be a few episodes recorded so i can catch the last few meals.

My stew recipe is very much an invention and varies so quite hard to write the recipe but it's basically:

Saute veggies such as potato, swede, parsnips and carrots in some oil

Chuck in some veggie stock (i use marigold vegan boillon) then add the following to taste: marmite and vecon

Add some beans or lentils.

About 20 mins before the end of cooking I throw in fragile/green veg such as green beans or cauli

Add some cornflour (mixed with water) to thicken to desired consistency (I like mine on the runnyish side)

Taste "sauce", add salt and pepper plus more marmite etc if needed

(note ppeat!) Chuck in the dumplings (made to v easy but reliable recipe on suet box plus fresh herbs sometimes) - I usually make them earlier and keep in fridge).

Put lid on.

20 mins later - yum diddly!

Oh and last night's dinner was the hotdogs, fried onions and potato wedges as I needed some quick blotting paper before i went out for drinks. Tis also DH's second fave dinner hmm after roast)

brillopads Thu 09-Dec-10 09:41:45

Ah, a Vegan on "Come Dine with me" sounds good. We normally watch these in the evenings on Virgin Catch up TV, if it seems a decent week. Or I do them all in a row at the weekend when I'm ironing grin Whereabouts in the country are they?

I'm going to make the effort to go to '8th day' (veggie/ vegan foodshop) this eve to get some hotdogs from there, been wanting some ever since we got some yummy caramelised red onion chutney. Also a friend was recommending the mince pies from there. Why oh why do almost all supermarkets feel the need to make their mince pies 'luxury' by having butter in them?

CrimboCakeandRoses Thu 09-Dec-10 09:50:45

i can't remember - somewhere up north i think - see tail end of this thread (there's 2 mumsnetter going on it - thebrownstuff's is on in march and whatever is on this week)

ppeatfruit Thu 09-Dec-10 10:30:00

I spose i'm lucky 'cos DH who is a definite carnivore cooks his own meat, he won't eat the 'pretend meat'. He often just gives me a plate of the veg.

CrimboCakeandRoses Thu 09-Dec-10 10:49:58

why lucky, ppeat? (not being sarky, just didn't understand)

My DH is an omni but eats almost entirely vegan/veggie at home as I never cook meat for him (and I do 99% of the cooking). He won't eat most fake meats but weirdly, he prefers the fast food type ones like hotdogs, sausages and mince to the flesh version.

brillopads Thu 09-Dec-10 11:16:53

somewhere up north i think LOL
*waves from Manchester

OMG Soy hotdogs are so much better than -shudder- meat ones. We watched a show on
'Awful foods' and I think the phrase was "mechanically recovered meat" <boak>

ppeatfruit Thu 09-Dec-10 11:21:29

'cos we live in france a lot and the chickens etc. come with heads, legs on shock. IMO The fake sausages etc. are a bit too high in salt and sugars for DH.

ppeatfruit Thu 09-Dec-10 11:26:19

yes brillo cheap real sausages are totally disgusting and you know what goes into MRM ? SXXT People give them to their DC's !!!

brillopads Thu 09-Dec-10 12:00:50

Mm, Linda Mccartney's soy-sages just taste of salt IMO. We only bother getting them if they're on an offer in the supermarket. Redwood VegiDeli ones are alright.

CrimboCakeandRoses Thu 09-Dec-10 12:08:45

I'm not keen on Linda mc stuff either (sadly as its so much easier to find). I love lots of redwood stuff (weirdly now in competition with linda as run by heather!) but for sausages and hotdogs I'm a Frys girl.

Overall, we don't each much other fake stuff (sometimes a redwood cheatin roast on a sunday) but it's good to keep dh onside with his fastfood fix occassionally!

ppeatfruit Thu 09-Dec-10 13:03:00

I remember Linda Mc stuff when it came on the market, was called healthy and was full of hydrogenated fat (plugs up the arteries) is it still?

AbFabT Thu 09-Dec-10 21:06:04

Thanks for the recipe, C&R. Will try it one day!

CDWM is in Sheffield this week.

CrimboCakeandRoses Fri 10-Dec-10 08:26:38

Dinner last night was a take-away: beancurd and brocolli with cashews in yellow bean sauce, rice and veg spring rolls

ppeat nope, no hydronated fat now

abfab ah I should have remembered that as dh is from yorks!

Managed to record and then watched the vegan's meal last night - I thought it looked great. Nice to see she was in the lead!

brillopads Fri 10-Dec-10 11:34:14

Last night we had Taifun hot dogs followed by mince pies. The hot dogs are a bit of a 'treat' as they're kindof expensive, and so were the mince pies - DH had the nerve to ask if I'd also got some creme for the mince pies !

CrimboCakeandRoses we were gazing at the ready meals in M&S the other night, endless chicken in whatever sauce, and wondering why-oh-why can't they stick tofu in some instead ?

CrimboCakeandRoses Fri 10-Dec-10 11:49:40

ooh i love those taifun ones. it's good cos i can use up the unused ones in pasta or on pizza.

did you make or buy the MP? i've found some in sainsbo freefrom and the small waitrose ones so far.

ready meals never taste great any way tho and are far too small for me <greedy>! For speedy meals i'd always rather do some noodles, veg and miso.

ClimberChick Sat 11-Dec-10 01:30:15

anyone have ideas on weaning babies?

I would like DD to have more calories in the day so I can phase out expressing at work. Normally people say load them with yogurts or cheese. I'm going to go over to the allergy board as well.

ppeatfruit Sat 11-Dec-10 09:16:04

Carrots, parsnips, rice flour for bulk and with rice milk for pudding. Think about fruit purees as well I think you can get org. baby jars with pure veg and fruit.

ppeatfruit Sat 11-Dec-10 09:19:24

Also remember gorillas who are stronger than humans and are not only vegan they are fruitarian with a few insects. We don't need cheese and yoghurts despite the advertisers!

veggiemama Sat 11-Dec-10 09:36:03

Am so happy to find this thread as I am currently starting to wean my vegan baby. I have been vegetarian my whole life and was also vegan as a baby.

When I tell people I don't want my baby drinking cows milk they look at me like I am mad, so will be reading your views and hope to pick up some good weaning ideas....

ppeatfruit Sat 11-Dec-10 10:14:18

Yes vegggiemama I'm always amazed that the brainwashing by the dairy industry is so complete. As soon as I took my DCs off dairy all the runny noses, ear aches, asthma etc disappeared!

ClimberChick Sat 11-Dec-10 17:40:35

You see I know dairy needs are a must, but think I feel guilty about not feeding her myself in the day. Though I will carry on in the night for as long as she wants. Also she is what you might call a 'high-needs' baby and DH is convinced if she had more milk in the day she's be better. She currently is limited 3oz at lunchtime. I have enough frozen milk to get her through to one year with a lunchtime feed if I stop expressing after xmas and hopefully by then she be eating more solids. We don't do purees.

Anyway I think she's doing fine but her weigh in yesterday scared me a little (like it always does) but think I'm over it again now and this is what prompted the question.
She only put on 14oz from months 6-9 but she's BF, always been a slow gainer and has been walking for a few weeks.

I'm going to brave up at some point as well and try her on peanut butter

ClimberChick Sat 11-Dec-10 18:05:42

that first sentence was supposed to be 'I know dairy needs are a myth' don't where must came from blush

ppeatfruit Sun 12-Dec-10 08:25:24

The weigh ins are also unnec. IMO and E you know yr own DC better than anyone. Is it not poss for her to feed herself purees? why no purees? Adults eat them don't they?

ppeatfruit Sun 12-Dec-10 09:05:13

How old is she? what about almond butter on ryvitas you can make carrot spread and tahini which is full of calcium. HTH. smile

Try Kara which is a coconut based milk. DS is dairy allergic and his dietician at Children's Hospital said to steer clear of the rice milks as they had a high arsenic content? Apparently there is a permissible amount per parts per billion or something, and probably fine in small quantities, but maybe not as a milk replacement for a child.

Good weaning foods: toast, tahini, chips, and a favorite at our house: lentil and broccoli pizza!

CrimboCakeandRoses Sun 12-Dec-10 11:16:39

i've got a vegan toddler ds and a bf 4.5 month old dd so i'm very happy to swap ideas.

yy re ricemilk and arsenic.

we use soya milk and oat milk altho ds has just had some v loose nappies since we upped the oat milk which might be that change or just a virus. Have gone back to the soya milk for now but will try to increase the oat milk more gradually again.

we did baby led weaning with ds (so finger food not purees) presumably that what climber is doing too.

ds ate his own body weight in humous and breadsticks over the first year after weaning! he's gone off it a bit at the mo tho.

other things we found useful (either high calories, fat or protein): olives (not too many tho due to the salt), bananas, almond butter then peanut butter, dried fruit esp dates and raisins, the humble baked bean, home-cooked cake, coconut milk/creamed coconut, quinoa and lentils. Avocados would be great but he doesn't much like them!

He loves things like pasta, pizza, rice and potatoes for carbs/calories.

Nutritional yeast is brill for making 'cheese' sauces - he loves this on cauli or macaroni.

He also adores provamel soya desserts and yoghurts which are a great quick pud. I try to reduce his soya intake elsewhere (eg soya-free margerine, using oat milk for cooking, soya-free 'cheese') so he can have these without too much soya overload. When he was younger he had the soya 'natural' yoghurt with mashed banana.

he also has 1/2 tsp of flax seed oil a day plus vitamin powder (probably doesn't need it but i'm a worrier!)

ClimberChick Sun 12-Dec-10 17:47:58

Some ideas to go on, so thanks . I shall have a ponder. Alas over here, if DD see's the doctor they get weighed. As Crimbo says we're doing BLW and to be honest I don't really eat purees, even yogurts. Liquid foods, don't agree with me, even the sight of soup turns my stomach (not that I'm weird of anything).

NoHunIntended Mon 13-Dec-10 13:18:17

This is/was AbFab - I decided I fancied a namechange!

Climber, I am not at the weaning stage yet (DS is two months old) but am wondering what your reasons are for not doing purée for your child?

Can't remember who on here has entirely vegan households, can anyone empathise: we are strict vegans, and I don't cook or buy non-vegan 'foods' for guests. I wanted to host Christmas this year, especially as it's our first with our baby, but mainly, I am becoming more and more grossed out sharing a dining table with rotting corpses, am becoming more intolerant of the cruelty of it all, and I know I'll do a better job of cooking vegan alternatives like vegan turkey and vegan sausages wrapped in vegan bacon etc than my mum (no offence to my mum). My brother is kicking up a fuss saying he doesn't want to have it at mine as there'll be no meat, and he wants it at my mum's as per usual. When we go to my mum's for roast dinner, even though she is good and makes DH and me a vegan option, the whole house stinks of cooking flesh, and it really makes my stomach churn. I've explained this many times to my brother, but he won't relent. I am so saddened that he just doesn't get it. Doesn't help that his birthday is actually Christmas Day too, so it's always been that he gets his way on this day. I am fed up of it. Am I setting DH, DS (and any future DC) and myself up for a lifetime of Christmases just our little family unit?

CrimboCakeandRoses Tue 14-Dec-10 13:18:07

cool new name abfab grin

i know your Q re purees was to climber but i thought i might as well answer too as it applies to me as well. baby led weaning is where you give finger foods from the start (6m+) and allow the baby to choose what (within reason) and how much they eat. I works very well alongside bf as that's usually baby-led too.

ds did brilliantly with blw - he's now 2.2yo and eats a huge range of foods and really enjoys different textures and flavours.

it was great watching him (as a baby) experiment with different food and learn what he did and didn't like.

it's fantastic if you're sociable and eat out and about lots as you don't need to worry about taking/buying puree, possibly warming it and then sitting there spoon-feeding.

i can empathise about Christmas - it's so hard mixing vegan and non-vegan families and traditions. could you meet in the middle - e.g. your family bring ready cooked, ready-sliced turkey to your house? i know having meat on the table is not what you dream of when you envisage your Christmas but it's a compromise you might be able to live with.

NoHunIntended Tue 14-Dec-10 14:32:12

Hi, CC&R. Thanks!

Ah, thanks for explaining. Sounds good.

There's no way we can have meat in this house - I view it as our sanctuary, the one place that is free from the vileness that is dead animal flesh. And the smell, it does just put me off my food, the sight makes my heart sink. My other brother has come up with the suggestion that he, my mum and other brother have their turkey dinner at our mum's, and DH, DS and I have our vegan roast here (well, DS will be having vegan roast-flavoured breast milk!), then they'll come over early evening (or 'prevening, if you are a Big Bang fan!) and we'll see each other then. First brother is still not happy, he thinks I am OTT and ridiculous, and that I should be more accommodating and put up and shut up. Despite my being vegan for 11 years, he just doesn't get it. Co-incidentally, this brother's girlfriend's mum is also vegan! I think she is less bothered about meat in their house though.

Vallhala Tue 14-Dec-10 16:05:50

Afternoon all and thanks to NoHunIntended for directing me this way.

We'll be having an interesting Christmas here. I'm vegan, my teenaged daughters are lifelong veggies and my parents, who will be visiting for a few days, eat dead things meat.

I'm a recent convert to veganism having been vegetarian for over 30 years. I'm still trying to convince the girls to join me but although neither will touch flesh, fowl or fish they reckon they'll miss their cheese/convenience foods/"proper" milk in tea and so on too much to become vegan.

veggiemama Tue 14-Dec-10 18:16:52

Hi All,

Anyone know how good black molasses is for babies, apparently it is a good source of iron.

Am going to start baby boy on houmous this week, so far he is loving carrots, bananas, pears, blueberries, sweet pots, quinoa and millet....

NoHunIntended Wed 15-Dec-10 01:22:41

Pleasure, Vall. smile
Great to know you raised vegetarian daughters who have stayed non dead things meat-eaters. Do your parents eat veg*n when staying with you?
Hope your DDs go vegan in time. There is so much vegan cheese and chocolate available now.

veggiemama, hi, good luck with feeding DS.

CrimboCakeandRoses Wed 15-Dec-10 08:42:34

nohun i totally get where you're coming from but can also understand why your brother can't. The recent Vegetarian Soc mag had a great article about the paradigm that omnivores are in - did you see that?

veggiemamait sounds as tho your baby is still pretty young from what you've described giving him. I'd wait a little while before giving too large an amount of molasses although it's probably not the end of the world it's strong stuff and will probably result in some interesting nappies and wind effects!

Hey valhalla, welcome to the thread.

Just to continue the theme of sharing food ideas:

What toddler DS ate:

Breakfast: 2 dates, peanut butter on toast, diluted apple juice

Lunch: Soya milkshake, beans and soy-free cheese on toast, slice of cake

Snack: Raisins and 3 mini organix cookies

Dinner: Bolognese (with lentils and various veg) with pasta, Alpro dessert

He'll also have 2 cups of soya/oat milk a day

He'd normally have some fruit too but didn't fancy it

NoHunIntended Wed 15-Dec-10 16:48:09

Cakes, I didn't see the article. Are you able to summarise for me at all?

veggiemama Thu 16-Dec-10 08:19:42

Thanks, might try some molasses and see what happens! He is almost 7 months.

It is interesting to note that almost every other baby in my NCT group has been ill in some way, colds, coughs since they have started to be weaned on meat and dairy apart from mine.

LeMarron Thu 16-Dec-10 12:19:42


May I join this thread? I have lurked a bit. I am vegan curious, and want to be vegan, but have not quite yet done it. I would be an ethical vegan, and I hate that I am currently a hypocrite - mainly for convenience sake really.

I have a 5 month old son, and I do not want to give him an example of someone who has a set of ideals, but cannot personally follow through. I want to live my values.

My son is combined fed, and we will start solids soon. I would love to be vegan, and for him to be vegan.

DH is a meat eater, but VERY supportive, so no issues there.

I just wanted to check in and say 'hi' as the title says 'vegan-friendly- so i hoped that even if I am not vegan - yet- then I mightbe able to be a part of this.

PenguinArmy Thu 16-Dec-10 19:51:24

<pulls up a chair for LeMarron>

<hands out vegan chocolate brownies>

brillopads Fri 31-Dec-10 12:12:51

Anyone got any ideas for Vegan party-food?
We've off to a NYE buffet tonight, and it would be nice to take something... even if it is just so that DH has something to enjoy while everyone else goes mad on the cheeseboard.

I'm so uninspired at the moment, it feels like we've mainly been subsisting on jacket potatoes & potato and [insert green vegetable] soups lately...

Over on another thread about 'elderly bananas' I recommended the Banana Split Pudding Brownies from 'Vegan with a vengeance', and I think they've been a hit grin

ppeatfruit Fri 31-Dec-10 13:50:56

brillo i make my own haricot bean dip which is easy and you can add as much garlic and or cumin you like. good served with low salt corn chips.

brillopads Sat 01-Jan-11 20:31:01

Bough DH a waffle iron for Xmas grin

Kicked off the New Year with an adaptation of the ginger-pear waffle recipe from "Vegan with a Vengeance" amended to apple-cinnamon, yum.

Adelicia Mon 03-Jan-11 20:24:26

Oh, you have to try this recipe here.

So amazingly tasty and filling -waffles-really.html

We have this most weekends at the moment

brillopads Sat 08-Jan-11 19:18:22

Adelicia we are primed and ready to go on the White Bean Waffles tomorrow morning (well, apart from the Maple syrup- probably going to substitute some Golden syrup instead). Also, never thought of making up the entire batch of waffles & freezing ones you haven't got room for- we've been leaving unused batter in the fridge... where it remains until we just throw it away

brillopads Sun 09-Jan-11 20:50:31

Waffles were good, DH was stuffed and we have 4 in the freezer now. I made Double Chocolate Sauce to drizzle on them grin -icings-and-sauces/chocolate-sauce.html

CakeandRoses Wed 12-Jan-11 23:57:23

omg! vegan waffles! what a great idea <drools over waffle irons on amazon>

do you think its something you'd use regularly rather it just gathering dust at the back of a cupboard?

ppeatfruit Thu 13-Jan-11 11:22:57

Cakeand you can make pancakes with a slightly wetter mix! No waffle irons nec.!

CakeandRoses Fri 14-Jan-11 00:20:17

i've not got a great track record with pancake making tho. and there's something v appealing about making waffles for weekend breakfasts smile

bessie26 Fri 14-Jan-11 11:58:56

Hi, I'm veggie, but try to avoid having much dairy, so always on the look out for good vegan recipes.

I got given a waffle iron years ago, was lovely, but a complete pita to clean as the trays weren't removable. It got sent to the charity shop fairly quickly!

brillopads Fri 14-Jan-11 21:51:47

the plates on ours aren't removable either but we've got much better at gauging the amount of batter needed- so that you don't get any overflowing and baking onto the non non-stick bits.

Did seem a bit odd that they weren't removable, like on a Breville.

Fancied vegan-ising the recipe for Waldorf soup this weekend, but then DH made spinach & potato soup this eve, so will put it on hold for a while: -recipes-hugh-fearnley-whittingstall?INTCMP=SRCH

ppeatfruit Sat 15-Jan-11 11:18:14

Though in our house even the removable waffle plates are a PITA to clean so it's in the back of the cupboard!

ppeatfruit Sat 15-Jan-11 11:24:00

Cakes it's easy to make the best non wheat dairy vegan pancakes with soya milk and rice flour (even my omnivore DH prefers them to wheat flour pancakes).

ppeatfruit Sat 15-Jan-11 11:29:34

Duh I meant to remove dairy you know what I mean! I haven't taken my gingko supplement yet!! (for short term memory) !

CakeandRoses Thu 20-Jan-11 11:24:25

ok now have waffle maker!

what recipe shall i try?

CakeandRoses Sat 22-Jan-11 22:34:25

cmon cmon! it's waffle morning tomorrow and i don't yet have a vegan waffle recipe!

ppeatfruit Tue 25-Jan-11 14:51:00 can use the recipes with beans from Adelicia or brillopads at the top of this page.

NoHunIntended Wed 26-Jan-11 00:12:09

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, waffles! I will get a waffle maker (and an ice cream maker) when we move and I get a bigger kitchen. Sadly no space here.

Had yummy vegan haggis tonight, I did it in pastry, with roasted root veg. Same for tomorrow, as there was enough leftover. smile

ppeatfruit Wed 26-Jan-11 10:55:06

Nohun did you buy the haggis or make it? sounds nice!!

CakeandRoses Wed 26-Jan-11 11:20:51

pp i didn't have any white beans and can't see a link to brillo altho now see i could have looked the recipe up in the vegan with a vengeance book that i do have!

i used this vegan waffle recipe which worked well but would be nice to experiment with flavours next time.

making the best pizzas at the mo using a delia smith recipe on my new pizza stone

NoHunIntended Thu 27-Jan-11 18:07:34

pp, I cheated and bought it. It was delicious!

Souping up the leftover roasted root vegetables for supper tonight.

Rainydaze Fri 28-Jan-11 19:36:00

Just saying "Hello!"

I'm a vegan too (as is DP and 2.5 year old DD).

I'm very pleased to see this thread. I look forward to chatting with you, fellow veggies!

eden263 Fri 28-Jan-11 19:44:33

Hello, just making my place, will be back to read later...

NoHunIntended Fri 28-Jan-11 19:49:40


Popbiscuit Fri 28-Jan-11 22:28:01

Hi All,
Another vegan here. My kids and husband are lacto-ovo. Looking forward to sharing ideas with other busy veg. families.

CakeandRoses Sat 29-Jan-11 00:32:23

Hey all of you smile

nice linking there nohun

NoHunIntended Sat 29-Jan-11 01:14:41

grin Thanks, Cake!

CakeandRoses Sat 29-Jan-11 10:37:39

hey rainydaze just saw you have a vegan toddler - as do i smile, i've got a ds, 2.3yo.

keen to swap notes on their fave food, nutrition, shoes etc

ds isn't a big eater (is too busy usually chatting and singing and eating veeerrry slowly) but on the upside he's not fussy - only dislikes tomatoes and strawberries (possibly an intolerance as dd reacts terribly to berries in my bm). Loves curry and rice and Italian food.

he's full of energy and is v healthy (obv still gets the odd cold or bug) - i plan his diet carefully and i'm sure its giving him more than enough of what he needs but to be on the safe side because he is my pfb i supplement it with (bloody expensive) biocare vitamin powder and also 1/2 tsp of flaxseed oil for omega 3.

just doing blw with my second child (dd, 6m) and it's all much less scary this time round!

brillopads Sat 29-Jan-11 10:56:15

here's a new waffle recipe /

however I have been meaning to nake the Blueberry coffee cake from Vegan with a vengeance for about a fortnight now after getting some reduced blueberries (they're in the freezer) DH has been very obliging and ate the soy yoghurt that was due to go bad.

We've moved recently and there's a organic co-operative grocery store in the neioghbourhood. To Dh's delight they sell Vegan hot dogs outside on Saturdays grin

eden263 Sat 29-Jan-11 22:23:20

Hi all, not had a chance to read eveyrthing yet but I'm vegan, stayed so through my last pregnancy, am still bf DD (now 2.3) who is vegan too, and we both seem fine

Though the hospital had the gall to write 'vegan' on my notes in the 'risk' section! That and being 39! Tsk, terrible irresponsible mother, eating more than her 5-a-day and a nice balanced diet of proteins, carbs and fruit & veg! Nice easy pregnancy, nice easy birth (1 1/2 hours all-in!) and good weight bubba. Exclusively bf her on my vegan breastmilk for 6 months then did BLW. Call social services!! wink

eden263 Sat 29-Jan-11 22:44:25

Just read the posts from those of you with 'Christmas issues' - I had similar issues with my ex-husband (my DSs' father) who stays with us a few times each year (inc Xmas for the past 5 years!) Despite knowing how strong my feelings are, he would always insist on bringing bits of dead animals into my house, as he must eat meat at each meal (yeah, right!) which I grudgingly tried to turn a blind eye to in the spirit of being hospitable and keeping the peace, until the run-up to Xmas '09 when I thought 'why the hell am I putting up with this?' - it's my house, me and DD are vegan, both sons are veggie by choice (and eat mainly vegan at home anyway) and even the cats are on vegan biscuits, FFS, so I put my foot down and said no more meat. No, not even a pie or ready-sliced. No, not fish and chips either. I don't want bits of corpse in my house. He did put up a bit of a fight, but I quite sweetly replied that I would be willing to compromise my principles and cook him quorn, like his sons would be eating, but if he wanted to eat out or stay elsewhere then I wouldn't be at all offended. Hah! So he didn't eat meat for his Xmas dinner and guess what, he didn't die either! grin

Popbiscuit Sun 30-Jan-11 13:22:37

Brillopads; those waffles look great. Last night we made the Red Lentil Thai Chili from the PPK website; amazing!

pigear Mon 31-Jan-11 21:30:03

I am very happy to have found this thread. I have been veggie from 16 and have been vegan for about 6 years now, my husband is vegan as is our daughter who is 2yrs 4 months (I breastfed then we did baby led weaning and she is still breastfed). We also do not allow anyone to eat meat or dairy in our house but surprisingly enough everyone has been very good about this, including my meat eating teenage stepchildren and father in law. My side of the family are vegetarian anyway.

I am finding the attendance at toddler groups a little challenging at times as food is often produced which isn't vegan. And it is tricky to deal with. I try to have an alternative with me and generally my daughter is very accepting when i explain but it would be so much easier if they just didn't produce food. The group I have a particular problem with is big and we have only just joined and i don't feel up to talking to anyone about the issue and really can't see how I could do it without being awkward. Last week it was noodles with chopsticks and I'm afraid I let her eat them as I just couldn't make her sit out (it's easy if its a biscuit or something - one week it was decorating and eating cupcakes, she was busy playing so not too fussed and I explained they weren't vegan and we would make some when we got home and gave her a biscuit and she was fine). I'm pretty sure the noodles weren't egg ones but don't know if they had flavouring on.

Soooo don't know if that was reasonable and I am being obsessive or if it wasn't. It's really hard sometimes. What do others do?

ppeatfruit Tue 01-Feb-11 13:04:06

pigear iI understand where you're coming from but it's going to get more difficult for your DD. D.C.s don't want to be made to look 'different' IME anything "banned" becomes more attractive.

ppeatfruit Tue 01-Feb-11 13:09:09

IMO & E it's better to go with flow when you're out until DD understands and wishes to be vegan herself but it MUST come from her.

CakeandRoses Tue 01-Feb-11 21:11:48

Hello pigear

Arrghh, I'm so dreading that stuff! Strangely enough, altho our toddlers are almost identical ages (ds is 2.3) it's not really happened to us yet.

Saying that, I think i probably have avoided classes etc with cookery.

Does your dd understand 'vegan'? I've not explained it at all to ds yet altho dh isn't even veggie. Somehow ds just knows that he doesn't share food with his father, he only shares with me smile

I disagree ppeatfruit. i'd prefer to keep ds vegan (and certainly vegetarian) until he can understand and chooses to be an omnivore (or not).

ppeatfruit Wed 02-Feb-11 08:17:45

That's going to be difficult when you're out cakes, esp. for yr DS when all he DOES understand is that he can't have the same as the others.

CakeandRoses Wed 02-Feb-11 09:25:05

i'm not anticipating it being easy pp but it's my intention to give it a pretty good go.

There are certainly other vegan parents (prob some on this thread) who have managed it and my veggie parents managed it with me wrt not eating meat or fish etc.

tbh, is it much different to anything that another child is eating/allowed to do that you're not allowing your own child to do (vegan-related or otherwise)? We've come across tons of situations like that where for instance ds has water to drink when his 'friend' is having a fruit shoot (a good MN example there!)

I'm not going to just allow him to have what he wants just because he can't "understand is that he can't have the same as the others". That's just part and parcel of being a parent.

CakeandRoses Wed 02-Feb-11 09:25:51

sorry that came across a bit more strident than was meant. typing with a bf baby lying across my arm so smilies were awkward!

ppeatfruit Wed 02-Feb-11 15:05:45

{smile] I can't understand anyone who gives their DCs fruit shoots! i'm the same about coke they're both poison IMO

pigear Wed 02-Feb-11 15:47:59


Yes, most groups have been ok, as it's just a snacktime biscuit and I produce a vegan one instead, it's just this one toddler group that do an activity each week, its not always food based but a couple have been. The noodles just took me by surprise and i didn't know what to do. I think i might have to brave up to talking to organisers and asking if they can let me know in advance so i can bring in a vegan version. We haven't been going long and i am a bit shy!!

I have explained at times to my daughter that we aren't eating something because it isn't vegan and one of her Spot books shows him baking with eggs and i said that we don't eat eggs as we are vegan and i think something about not eating animals when she joked about eating a worm!!! She has asked a couple of times if something is vegan, she doesn't really understand yet but I hope if it is just mentioned from time to time she will slowly work it all out.

NoHunIntended Thu 03-Feb-11 23:39:34

Definitely not one to just go with the flow - I am repulsed by meat and dairy, and feel absolutely grossed out by it - feel so strongly about it not getting into DS's system. He is only four months old, so I haven't had to deal with this yet, but I know I will be starting as we mean to go on, and teaching him that we make different choices to the mainstream, and that there is nothing wrong with that. And it is good to be different. I will also try to cultivate more vegan friendships (any of you in my area - SW London?! ).

pigear, did you see that book for children I linked to a few posts back?

pigear Fri 04-Feb-11 12:57:38

Hi NoHunIntended, my friend has that book and it does look good, when I read your post it made me think it might be worth getting sooner than later and then my daughter can read it along with her other books and slowly take it in at her own pace.

Some vegan friends would be lovely but so far we haven't comae across any other vegan children in Hull although we have some vegetarian friends.

It does surprise me when we go to groups that so far we haven't come across anyone with a special diet (vegan, solely organic, allergies)at all.

NoHunIntended Fri 04-Feb-11 17:13:55

It's a great book, get it!

Vegetarian just isn't the same, is it - they have no issue with cakes/biscuits etc. Vegan seems a whole other ballgame. I have one lovely friend with a toddler and a baby a couple of months older than my DS, but they live in Brighton - good area for veg*ns, must make more of an effort to get down there. Also know a few vegan families but the children are a fair bit older. Maybe we'll have to convert people, than be lucky enough to find ready-made vegans!

CakeandRoses Wed 09-Feb-11 12:18:23

still loving my waffle maker - did cherries, berries, chocolate and banana on sunday - could have eaten double!

i made 2 date cakes last week and because i was rushing i pretty much just chucked the ingredients in together - guess what? turned out exactly the same as previous times when i'd painstakingly followed the steps in the recipe.

It's actually a vegan sticky toffee pud recipe but i tend to mostly just eat it as cake. seems popular with anyone who has tried it. super moist.

if you make it then then only bit i did separate was the stuff in the boiling water - then just poured that over the dry/marg mixture.

englishgirlintaipei Wed 09-Feb-11 21:01:57

hi i am new to mumsnet and i am vegan as is my dd (4years old)
i am excited to chat with other vegan. nice!

NoHunIntended Wed 09-Feb-11 21:26:03

Welcome, englishgirlintaipei!

Mmm, C&R, that all sounds lush!

englishgirlintaipei Wed 09-Feb-11 21:51:25

Thanks! looking forward to hearing ideas and recipes. Have people heard of vegan freaks (Canadian/american ? its a podcast/website but a little non parenting! still worth a listen sometimes!

Popbiscuit Wed 09-Feb-11 22:16:26

Sorry if I'm repeating info. that someone has posted but there is a great book for children called "That is Why We Don't Eat Animals" by Ruby Roth. It's very sensitively done and effectively conveys the suffering that animals go through on factory farms without being completely horrific. It gave my kids a better understanding of the "whys" of vegetarianism, although I still struggle with the going out/visiting family scenario with them. I mostly just let them eat what they want to eat when we're 9 year old DD will ask if something is vegetarian but my 6 and 4 year old DS's don't quite have a moral grasp of why you would choose not to eat something. I talk a lot at home about why plant foods are better for their bodies, the environment and animals and hope that it will sink in one day. My daughter is truly an ethical vegetarian and will not even eat a marshmallow because of the gelatin content. (marshmallows are omnipresent in popular Canadian children's chocolate, rice krispie squares etc.) I am completely vegan, my husband is mostly and the kids are lacto-ovo. My hope is to set an example and educate them, whilst providing them with mostly plant-based foods. They can choose veganism if they like when they are older but of course, they may choose to remain vegetarian and that's ok too.
EnglishGirlinTaipei-I've listened to Vegan Freak a few's for sure fairly hardcore but very informative. Another good podcast is "Compassionate Cooks" by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

CakeandRoses Thu 10-Feb-11 00:14:02

i seem to have omitted to boast about my lovely new pizza stone grin

i did it with a delia recipe for the base last time and dh and i both thought it was one of the best pizzas ever (and we've been to italy lots) smile

going to have a monthly pizza night with 'the girls' and tomo is the first one - everyone's going to bring a different (vegan) topping.

CakeandRoses Thu 10-Feb-11 00:14:41

and hello englishgirl!

brillopads Thu 10-Feb-11 10:53:20

C&R ah, we bought a pizza stone when we moved into our old house~ 3 yrs ago... might be worth dusting it off again sometime soon.

I got some reduced Puff pastry in the supermarket; currently in the freezer- anyone got any lovely suggestions as to what to do with it ?

englishgirlintaipei Thu 10-Feb-11 11:26:49

puff pastry, well there are tons of filling that you can put in it. I love Cheese (vegan) potato and onion. Curry is good inside puff pastry too. Just make it in to a pasty shape and fill it with a little bit of filling, then put it in the oven...mmm you can make mini ones for kids and they love them. you can basically put what ever you like inside.
Thanks for the podcast info, i LOVE podcasts and listen while cleaning or any other thing i don't really like to do!

CakeandRoses Thu 10-Feb-11 19:31:55

i did a 'spring vegetable slice' with puff pastry this week - very nice it was too smile

asparagus, leek, mushroom and garlic sauteed in olive oil and a tsp or so of boillon powder til soft, then add a carton of dairy-free cream and season with more boillon, salt and pepper to taste.

Chuck onto puff pasty and fold over and seal.

Bake til pastry is done.

we had these with peas and new potatoes.

brillopads Fri 11-Feb-11 08:49:59

C&R mmm, that spring veg. does sound nice...

Is anyone planning anything special to eat for a Vegan Valentine's day? I might steal the spring veggie recipe- asparagus= supposed aphrodisiac hehe

But I also have a heart-shaped cake mould I could dust off if anyone has any delish dessert ideas?

CakeandRoses Sat 12-Feb-11 09:38:17

ah sorry, i just reread and saw i omitted to say you should thicken the sauce with a couple of tsp of cornflour (mixed with soya milk or water)

CakeandRoses Sat 12-Feb-11 09:43:14

re heart-shaped cake mould - how about a classic victoria sponge? i know it sounds a bit pedestrian but often the oldies are the goodies!

my friend baked one yesterday using the same recipe for vanilla cupcakes from Vegan cupcakes take over the world . it was so lovely, not light but moist (which is my preference). prob one of my fave cakes (and i eat a different cake weekly!)

pigear Sat 12-Feb-11 21:31:45

Hi to everyone

Cakeandroses, a vegan pizza night sounds lovely, I love pizza!

Englishirlintaipei, I have read a book called Vegan Freak and liked it, will have a look for the podcast.

Just wanted to say that I braved up to speaking to one of the ladies who runs the Wednesday toddler group and she couldn't have been nicer. She has taken my phone number and will text me if she is planning a food based activity so that I can bring in a vegan version for my daughter, apparently next weeks is fruit kebabs so we are OK there.

After that she must have spoken to one of the other ladies who came up and said she would like to do a vegan day one day for the children as a lot of them won't even know about vegetarianism and it would be good for them to learn about it.

So I was really happy with that outcome!

CakeandRoses Sat 12-Feb-11 22:57:12

that's a great result pigear - well done! smile

Made vegan yorkshire puds tonight using this recipe Really easy and few ingredients.

my sister made small ones using this recipe a couple of weeks ago with great success.

Tonight I made the large version and filled them with veg sausages and gravy. They were very nice but my resident expert said they should have been slightly less moist. tbh, i think it was the high-sided dishes i used which would have retained the steam rather than the recipe itself being at fault.

They were good enough to justify buying some proper tins for next time.

nottirednow Sun 13-Feb-11 09:57:25

Message withdrawn

CakeandRoses Tue 15-Feb-11 09:18:59


someone up thread suggested some great vegan hampers. ah tis here:

Doodlez Mon 21-Jun-10 15:14:47
Meat eater here (Dad was a butcher!) BUT, one of my favourite friends is Vegan and I've used this website to order her hampers and stuff before now.

It's called Withy Kitchen and I can highly recommend.

my fave present for vegans are troody skrumptious chocolates. not cheap but are seriously, the best chocolates i've ever had. dh buys them for me for easter and christmas. i think she only makes them a few times a year now so easter would be your best bet.

nottirednow Tue 15-Feb-11 09:48:42

Message withdrawn

CakeandRoses Tue 15-Feb-11 12:18:54

not sure if my post above was clear. the hampers Doodlez recommends are from Withy kitchen and aren't chocolate afaik.

tbh, it sounds as tho there might be more behind his lack of appetite than just not fancying food tho: an illness, deficiency or anorexia? sad

i know lots of vegans and vegetarians and they are all food and cooking obsessed so i think the stereotype of skinny, pale veggies is (dangerously?) inaccurate.

CakeandRoses Tue 15-Feb-11 12:24:25

oh and i made this scrummy vegan banana bread (it's really cake tbh) earlier.

as usual, i changed the recipe a bit:

only used plain white flour
added choc chips :-)
used oil instead of margarine

it's lovely!

nottirednow Wed 16-Feb-11 10:47:22

Message withdrawn

englishgirlintaipei Wed 16-Feb-11 21:28:23

I would be a little worried about him, if i were you. If he's restricting his diet, refusing to eat out with you(even if you go to vegan places?), losing lots of weight ect.. could all add up to signs of of an eating disorder.
Is he also depressed? or worrying too much? As really if he's just a vegan or vegetarian he shouldn't be losing weight unless he's not really looking after himself.
Good luck, and i hope that i am wrong and that he's just not been eating enough.

nottirednow Thu 17-Feb-11 10:05:34

Message withdrawn

brillopads Tue 22-Feb-11 22:26:54

Did anyone see the recipe in the Weekend section last Saturday:
Walnut black cherry cookies -black-cherry-cookies-recipe *drool emoticon

they herald the beginning of "A month of dairy-, soya- and egg-free baking" grin

Susiewho Fri 25-Feb-11 22:05:14

Oooo, that's great, brillopads. I'll have to keep an eye out for the recipes.

NoHunIntended Sun 27-Feb-11 15:01:40

I am briefly de-lurking as I'd like to ask a couple of questions, mainly because I'm nosey, I hope this is ok!

Disclaimer: I know I have no business being on this thread, I am neither vegan nor vegetarian (though I used to be); I try to eat ethically and would like to include more vegan (less animal-based) food in our diet.

I'd like to ask those who are vegan but whose DPs aren't (esp those whose DPs aren't even vegetarian): how do you cope with this?

And to those who have pets: do you feed your animals a vegan diet? (And why/why not?)

I am just interested really

Susiewho Sun 27-Feb-11 21:24:27

NoHunIntended, that's absolutely brilliant! grin

HopeForTheBest, we feed our dog V Dog ( which is an excellent vegan dog food. She also has a lot of appropriate left-overs from our meals - pasta, veggie sausages, baked beans etc, etc. The dog has lived with us for a year, and I can honestly say that her general health has increased since she's been on the veggie diet. Her coat is glossy and she is very bright.

The dog we had before the current hound ate solely V Dog (originally called 'Happi Dog') from a young age was extremely healthy. Literally the only time he went to the vet was for vaccinations and to be finally put to sleep at a very respectable age (he outlived his brother by six years, who lived in a different family and was fed on standard dog foods - possibly meaningless, but we've always wondered if there was a dietary link)!

The cats were six when I re-homed them and struggled to eat just vegan food. Eight years later on a combination of wet fish cat food and AMI vegan cat food (, they too have never been to the vet apart from for vaccinations. Whenever the vet sees them he comments on their excellent condition. I told them about the Veggie Pets website, and he now feeds all three of his dogs solely on Yarrah veggie dog food!

There's a vet called Dr. Andrew Knight who produces a lot of information about 'veggie pets', which you may find of interest:

Oh, and DP was vegan when we met, so that's never been an issue - phew!

Susiewho Sun 27-Feb-11 21:26:04

Sorry, I meant that her health has improved, not increased! blush

CakeandRoses Tue 01-Mar-11 09:16:32

i'm vegan and dh is an omnivore. not an issue at all as he eats mainly veggie/vegan at home and i do pretty much all the cooking. he's cool about the DCs being vegan.

i saw that in the observer too brillo - yay! aside from the recipe, i thought what it said about how to make vegan baking more tasty with nut oils, malt extract etc was v interesting (i bake lots so will try those ideas)

PenguinArmy Wed 02-Mar-11 04:34:15

<realises has been away from thread for far too long>

those with vegan DC's. Any tips for quick filling food. Most people recommend cheese, meet etc but obviously not right for us. DD is 1 year (on saturday shock) but feel like I don't have lots of idea.

<goes back to read thread>

PenguinArmy Wed 02-Mar-11 04:56:32

<realised I've asked above question before> So feel free to ignore grin although I don't get why I always run out of ideas. I need to write them down <realises I've been saying that for years>

<realises I've spelt meat wrong>

<realises I've used the word realise umpteen times and the US spell checker hates it>

englishgirlintaipei Fri 04-Mar-11 08:30:09

Im vegan and my cat is's shouldn't be vegan as they are meat eaters. Dogs on the other had can be. I am sure some will disagree with me but then again Vegans disagree about lots of things...just like the rest of the world!
Ps any one got a good cup cake recipe as i always end up with stickish flat cakes. i want non sticky dome shaped cakes... any ideas?

GeorgeEliot Sat 05-Mar-11 17:53:42


Please could the vegan community enlighten me about soya milk - I've just embarked on a vegan diet, and find soya milk is fine on cereal, and in porridge - but if you add it to hot tea or coffee it goes funny and sort of curdles. I was hoping I could use it as a substititute for milk in soups too (made leek and potato for lunch) but I presume you would get the same separation problem.

Please enlighten me on what you do about tea and coffee.


PenguinArmy Sat 05-Mar-11 18:10:36

I find the soya milk from the fridge section goes into hot drinks fine, but the long life stuff is very hit and miss. Apparently it doesn't make a difference if it curdles, but I'm not drinking it. The fridge stuff normally lasts a couple of weeks before curdling in hot drinks.

ppeatfruit Sun 06-Mar-11 13:32:41

I always drink it i have also made it!! and have noticed if you look at the packs that some have much more actual soya in it; the ones with over 7% in them taste and behave much better than the cheaper ones.

ppeatfruit Sun 06-Mar-11 13:37:22

Also the organic or non gm alpro makes are better. i find that it only curdles if you put it into boiling or very hot drinks. let the drink cool down a bit first.

CakeandRoses Sun 06-Mar-11 13:52:12

I haven't had it curdle it in tea in years and i always use the long life ones - either alpro or sains own make.

coffee can be a bit hit and miss especially if v hot. it's usually better if you put the milk in first and then the coffee (this is assuming cafetiere or filter stylee, i hate instant so that might not work)

englishgirl the ones from Vegan cupcakes take over the world book are wonderful and v reliable. i make them lots. They actually make the large American sized cupcakes (e.g buy muffin cases not fairy cake size). Here is the basic vegan cupcake recipe

englishgirlintaipei Mon 07-Mar-11 10:56:13

Thanks i will try the basic cupcakes, i have american style stuff so i hope it will work. all the ones i've made in the past are tasty but just flat and well sticky on the top. Yummy but it doesn't look as good as i want.
As for Soya milk i haven't had it go funny in years, i would always heat it for coffee or put it in first before the water. If all else fails try a different soya milk! or rice or oat or well there are tons of good "milks" out there.

brillopads Mon 07-Mar-11 11:02:25

Is anyone going to be having vegan pancakes tomorrow? I might have a stab at some Vegan Crepes Suzette !

Apparently this is a vegan crepes recipe from the 'Veganomicon'

ppeatfruit Mon 07-Mar-11 11:59:58

OOOh thanks for reminding me brillopads i always make gluten and egg free pancakes with rice flour and soya milk that 's it and a bit of olive oil.

NoHunIntended Thu 10-Mar-11 18:43:38

Mmm, had awesome pancakes, and made so much batter we had it last night too, AND there's some for tonight too!

DH has also bought a waffle maker, so got those to come one day soon.

brillopads Fri 11-Mar-11 13:27:31

Well, I tried to make pancakes/ crepes, but the frying pan just wasn't up to it! (We hardly ever use frying pan to cook anything, and I think putting it in the dishwasher hasn't helped the non-stick coating). So pan is in the bin & crepe batter & orange/brandy suzette bit are still in the fridge! I went to Asda to get a new frying pan on Wed but the shelves were pretty much bare! Crappy £2 one, or expensive £20 one doh!

In the meantime I made Lemon-corn waffles with blueberry sauce from "Vegan with A Vengeance" today, nom!

ppeatfruit Fri 11-Mar-11 15:53:39

Dear brillo did you use my recipe? 'cos it didn't work for me either( tasted nice though) .I forgot that i had put an egg in it last year blush and my pan is good though not cast iron admittedly.

brillopads Sun 13-Mar-11 09:27:36

ppeat- nah I tried the one I posted off the livestrong site, although I used rice flour in place of the chickpea flour so perhaps that's another reason they went wrong... still not got a replacement frying pan!

wendylovesbob Sun 13-Mar-11 09:59:53

Great thread! We're not vegan but all the various family food issues generally add up to a vegan meal most nights of the week. Much easier than cooking two, three or four meals!

PenguinArmy - quick filling vegan snacks I give my 2yo:
Dried apricots
Chickpeas (open a can, drain and rinse, pop in a snackbox - not terribly exciting but both my 2 love this)

ppeatfruit Sun 13-Mar-11 10:22:46

I make vegan gingerbread ;I melt molasses and maple syrup with almond oil or rice bran oil and ground ginger and cinammon (off the heat) add kamut and rice flour then baking powder beat well...

ppeatfruit Sun 13-Mar-11 10:28:17

....cont. put in a shallow tin and bake in med. oven without fan approx half an hour, cool in tin for 20 mins then on rack. ( BTW I don't use measurements!) The good thing about this recipe is it doesn't crumble due to the syrups.

CakeandRoses Mon 14-Mar-11 12:02:55

wendy great idea re chick peas as snacks. my 2yo loves any kind of beans and i'm sure would love them as a snack

NoHunIntended Sat 19-Mar-11 00:13:49

Anyone going to the Brighton VegFest? We are planning on being there.

GreatAuntLoretta Mon 21-Mar-11 15:57:21

GeorgeEliot - I've just noticed Tetley tea bags for soya milk in my local health food shop, and longlife soya milk for coffee. Someone told me to heat the soya milk first before adding it to anything. I haven't tried it though.

GreatAuntLoretta Mon 21-Mar-11 16:06:59

PenguinArmy I give the kids a pot of nut butter and a pot of fruit spread and let them loose with breadsticks and crackers. If I am feeling like a very nice mummy I do avocado with cocoa and agave for a chocolate dip.

brillopads Sat 26-Mar-11 19:40:34

trying these tonight.
Couldn't see Corn Oil in the shop so just used vegetable & olive. Also wasn't sure re 1tsp of coffee so I put in 1tsp of ground coffee-ie. the stuff you make coffee with, not the drink...

PenguinArmy Sat 26-Mar-11 19:45:31

It was a while ago now, but we resorted to using our wok to make our pancakes. They were delicious.

DH had made the batter as a surprise when I got in a from a horrible day at work

PenguinArmy Sat 26-Mar-11 22:04:50

also any other vegans struggle with urges to eat big macs and egg sandwiches when pregnant grin

SkipToTheEnd Wed 30-Mar-11 10:25:34

NoHun we went to vegfest - it was great Totally od'd on chocolate samples and gae myself a killer headache but other then that we enjoyed it! Did you go?

I wish I'd seen this thread before and remembered it was pancake day - doh!

PenguinArmy I wanted burgers and bacon when I was pregnant too! It was soo hard to resist. I did eat cheese a couple of times and non-vegan cakes but I stayed strictly Vegearian. Not sure how I managed that as I have O willpower at the best of times!

PenguinArmy Fri 01-Apr-11 05:27:11

everyone else getting riled by the french vegan couple story.

ppeatfruit Fri 01-Apr-11 11:14:33

Sorry penguin what story? (we have a 2nd home in fr. You cannot believe how they look if you're a veg let alone a vegan!!!!)

ppeatfruit Fri 01-Apr-11 11:20:52

And I don't eat white bread, also i hardly drink wine (only a little red occ.!) so you can imagine what the fr. say! (only they DO notice I'm healthy and slim at 60!!) which very few are!

pod3030 Fri 01-Apr-11 11:32:00

hello! i am vegan (for 20 years) and 7 weeks pregnant with my first. anyone had a baby who is vegan but their partner is full on carniverous? he thinks it'll be fine, he'll feed dc what he eats when he's doing the feeding, and it'll eat vegan when i am cooking. i am trying not to feel too disgusted at the thought. i don't want food to be a big issue/stress in our household! anyone found a balance?

PenguinArmy Fri 01-Apr-11 16:19:58

DH eats meat but DD does very rarely, basically only when we are travelling as fast food is so awful.

We eat vegan meals as it's easier. DH is happy for her not to have dairy, so she has oat milk on her cereal and is BF still (plan to for a few more years yet). The only meat DH really eats is ham etc. on his lunch which isn't really ideal for small children and babies anyway.

I plan for her to be largely vegan but when we go to parties etc. I don't want to dictating what she can and can't eat. In fact try to not mention I am a vegan, the food we eat is just that.

this is the story. As expected there are plenty of people on other threads talking about it who think it's abusive to ave vegan children full stop. Buried in article in the fact they had a aversion to modern medicine, the child had untreated bronchitis and had been losing weight but they wouldn't take him to be treated. Also the older daughter didn't have vitamin deficiency and I don't think they mentioned if the mother had been tested.

ppeatfruit Sat 02-Apr-11 07:31:48

Yes thanks penguin the fr. would certainly think that more than the 'mainstream ' english IMO I may be wrong though. You're right about not dictating what yr D.C.s eat.

brillopads Sat 02-Apr-11 08:45:42

I would like to issue a public health warning; last night for an "Easy Tea" I bought DH an Innocent Veg pot (half price@ Tesco, every little helps), the Piri Piri one ... talk about garlic breath !

ppeatfruit Sat 02-Apr-11 12:12:07

I love garlic !! was it nice though? I can't eat chilli so can't eat these they do look tempting. smile

ronshar Sat 02-Apr-11 12:18:58

I am searching for a dairy free choc muffin recipe. Can any one help me.
I made a very rash promoised to the small children and it could end up in serious injury for me if I fail to produce the goods.

Please help me

PenguinArmy Sat 02-Apr-11 17:49:58

damn it, my cook book is in storage otherwise I would. Choc cake recipes are really easy and simple to come by online

ppeatfruit Sun 03-Apr-11 12:28:05

dairy free choc muffins; tis easy;use black choc or cocoa and rice milk, also veg. oil and baking powder in a normal recipe.

NoHunIntended Sun 03-Apr-11 16:06:20


Two cups of soya milk (chocolate soya milk if you can get it!)
Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
One and a half cups granulated sugar
Two thirds of a cup vegetable oil
Two teaspoons of vanilla extract
Two cups of all-purpose flour
Two thirds of a cup of cocoa powder
One and a half teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda
One teaspoon of baking powder
Half a teaspoon of salt
Chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C/Gas Mark Four.
Whisk up the soya milk and vinegar in a jug and leave while you prepare the other ingredients.
Put the dry ingredients together in a bowl and mix. Then add the oil and vanilla extract to the milk mixture, and stir. Slowly pour this into the bowl of dry ingredients and mix until all blended. Chuck in the chocolate chips if you have them.

Pour the mixture into your muffin cases, and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes - ta da!

NoHunIntended Sun 03-Apr-11 16:09:03

Skip, yes, went to the Vegan Brighton fayre, stocked up on yummy sweets! I wonder if we passed each other!

ronshar Sun 03-Apr-11 21:04:17

Thank you ladies, I knew MN was the place to go.
Can I subsitute the Soya milk for Oat milk? DS is allergic to Soya.

NoHunIntended Mon 04-Apr-11 00:19:07

No worries. And yes, I am sure Oat milk would be just the same - if you have time to experiment with measurements, it would be an idea, but if not, I do think it will be fine. Let us know!

NoHunIntended Wed 06-Apr-11 12:47:11

DS will be six months on Saturday - we'll be starting BLW then! He is ready to go - eyes our food keenly, so I think we'll have some good times!

Any top tips?

SkipToTheEnd Wed 06-Apr-11 13:35:18

How bizarre NoHun I have just been sneaking some yummy cola bottles I brought there!

We were hard to miss - I was accidently ramming peoples ankles with a double pushchair!

SkipToTheEnd Wed 06-Apr-11 13:37:45

And BLW tips - only put one or two things on his tray at once. If I put a whole meal on then DS used to swipe his hands all around pushing it off the tray. If I gave it to him but by bit he ate it fine!

NoHunIntended Wed 06-Apr-11 22:54:30

More bizarre, only TODAY I went to Holland and Barrett and re-stocked on Cola Bottles!

I didn't get rammed with a double pushchair, so you didn't get me!

Thanks re BLW tips.

SpringFollows Mon 11-Apr-11 06:03:48

Hi, can i join? I am vegan curious, on off lacto ovo for years, a couple of forays into veganism but always managed to get bullied out of it by friends and family, IYKWIM.

But I cannot keep colluding in the meat and dairy industries. I just have to go vegan in order to be who I am meant to be.

SpringFollows Tue 12-Apr-11 06:56:09

I have just posted the week's mealplans on another thread. Am posting here too. What are others having? i need inspiration!

Tues- falafels, tabouleh and cucumber, tomato and onion salad.
Wed: Rattatouille with baguette and green beans with slivered almonds and lemon (and white wine)

Thurs: roasted peppers with 'moroccan couscous' - I just have couscous cooked in stock with pomegranate seeds, almonds, raisons, coriander, mint, lemon and a bit of chilli. (not sure how authentic it is- not at all!¬)

Fri: vegetarian pizza night for DH, and for me I am having thai vegetables and rice

Sat: Roasted vegetables with rosemary and garlic.

NoHunIntended Tue 12-Apr-11 08:32:53

SpringFollows, great to have you along.

I don't mealplan, might just follow what you're having!

Why are you and your DH having different meals on Friday?

SpringFollows Tue 12-Apr-11 09:17:54

Hi NOHun thanks for your welcome!

Different meals are because DH adores pizza and I really can take or leave it. We often do a pizza night on Fridays, but this week I just thought i could not stomach it. Our local Thai does gorgeous vegan Thai veggies and coconut rice. I have a craving... mmmmmmmm...... (actually, I am not sure I can wait until Friday... blush )

theworldisoutthere Wed 13-Apr-11 13:26:30

Hello folks I made the change to veganism last week and am loving it so far! Though I may OD on humous (though that was a risk before anyway)...

Just wanted to say hi!

NoHunIntended Wed 13-Apr-11 14:44:35

Spring, you weirdo! I could eat pizza every day!
Like Thai too though!

Hello, world! Woo hoo, another convert! Very warm welcome, glad to have you, and glad you are loving it! Mmm, houmous. Love that too!

SpringFollows Thu 14-Apr-11 08:42:54

Welcome theworld! Some years ago when i first started being veg i overdosed on hummus too!

NoHun thanks! grin Although yesterday I was thinking of my favourite pizza..... I love fresh avocado and tomatoes on mine. [DH calls me a pizza heathen}.

Someone up thread mentioned the Vegan freak podcasts. I LOVE them. They have not done any for ages now, but there is a great archive.

I assume that the episodes are still accessible. Don't listen if you are offended by profanity though! Bob and Jenna are US professors, both vegans, and they are very funny.

I nearly wobbled last night- at the pub and they had chicken kiev on the menu. I found myself thinking 'it cannot hurt, I have been so good etc'. This is what has always felled me in the past. But I resisted. This morning I am so pleased. 'It cannot hurt'? Of course it hurts. It hurts a chicken. And it harms my health.

I would be really interested in how others have overcome the wobbles when transitioning.

NoHunIntended Thu 14-Apr-11 09:41:49

Ooh yes, avocado is ace on pizza. Pineapple is wrong though!

Well done re resisting the chicken kiev. Afraid I had no wobbles at all - veganism has always been amazingly easy for me, and now the thought of meat and dairy actually thoroughly repulses me. The smell of meat cooking makes me gag, and I can't bear walking through the meat sections at the supermarket.

Paintinmyhair Thu 14-Apr-11 10:33:52

NoHun, you have made me curious, I am coming over here!!!! I'm just lurking at the moment, and am going to do a few vegan recipes and a few veggie ones, but I am feeling the need to dissociate with animal cruelty. I will watch avidly!

NoHunIntended Thu 14-Apr-11 10:40:05

Excellent, excellent! Lovely to have you here. I found giving up dairy overnight rather easy (had initially set it as a New Year's Resolution, a test of willpower), but if gradual works, that is also great. I really found I quickly didn't miss it. My tastebuds adapted so fast, and I felt so much better with my health/vitality. No looking back.

There are loads of resources that are easy to find, but if you want any nudging, just let us know!

Paintinmyhair Thu 14-Apr-11 10:53:22

I know this sounds silly, but someone on here mentioned shoes. I have never bothered to find out whether our shoes were vegan friendly, as it hasn't really come up before, and there is no way I can replace the whole kaboodle in one go. Am in a quandry about wrapping our feet in animal carcasses, will go and check them now and see how badly I've done!

Another lurker here - I've been vegetarian since I was 11, but have been thinking a lot about veganism recently. I'm currently planning to eat vegan food at home, but not when I'm eating out/at other people's houses, just to see how I get on; I think it might take a while to wean myself off cheese and yoghurt if I do decide to go through with it!

But I'm loving the look of some of the recipes on here, am going to try and do some meal planning for next week.

I do have two questions - firstly, do all of you vegans drink vegan wine? And if so, where do you get it from?

And secondly, I make a lot of my own yoghurt. Do you know if yoghurt-makers work if you use soya milk instead of cow's milk? I suppose I should just give it a try really...

theworldisoutthere Thu 14-Apr-11 11:26:43

steamed - glad you're trying it! I've been going to to check wines and whatnot, they have a database of what's vegan and what isn't.

SpringFollows Thu 14-Apr-11 11:31:29

Hi steamed, welcome Paint!

I do drink vegan or vegetarian wine. But now likely vegan. Some mainstream wines are vegan.
This is a terrific resource.

I adore white wine, and am happy to drink Yellowtail. Our local supermarket is the co-op and quite alot of their own wines are veg.

As for vegan shoes...... My take on that is that i wear the non-vegan ones until they need to be replaced and then replace them with vegan shoes. I know many would object to that, but I cannot afford to replace everything right now.

Thanks theworld and Spring - will check out those websites!

Glad to know that Yellowtail is OK, that's generally pretty easy to find when wine shopping...

theworldisoutthere Thu 14-Apr-11 12:48:24

I was glad to discover that my favourite - Brothers' Toffee Apple Cider - is vegan :D that stuff is addictive.

Paintinmyhair Thu 14-Apr-11 21:04:46

I am not enjoying this preconception people have about veganism. Wow!!

I spoke to a few of my friends today, and only one said anything positive about Veganism. And that is because she is Vegan!!! I bet if I called them all callous, animal murdering idiots they wouldn't be happy (although I didn't, as I fully saw the irony in me even attempting to take any high ground on this!). It is a person's personal belief about what they choose to take into their own body, what right have others to bash it like this? It makes me sad! I knew people had views on it, but I thought they would at least keep quiet for a friend, instead of laughing at me.

SpringFollows Thu 14-Apr-11 21:30:16

Yes, you get lots of crap from people saying you are a vegetarian or a vegan. I have been trying to be vegan for a good near 10 years now, and basically have allowed myself to be bullied out of it by family who scoff or laugh or even get angry. It is strange. My own mother became furious with me when i said i was going vegan some years ago, and told me that if I dared to be vegan when ttc or pg she would 'report me'. True. I have really never forgiven her for it. But it had the desired effect of subduing me, and this is from a woman who proudly proclaims to be 'an animal lover'.

I think people have a moral disconnect, and when confronted by someone living a committment like that, it on some level makes them uncomfortable. You will get heaps of negative comments.

For quite some time I would be vegan at home, but when at other people's houses would eat whatever they cooked, as I did not want to have the negativity.

Paintinmyhair Thu 14-Apr-11 21:50:14

Thankfully I'm the only one of my friend circle with a dc, so we usually have people round for dinner, but have had a lot of "well I won't be coming to yours for dinner then. I like more than a lettuce leaf for my meal!". Hmm. Also had the "how can you inflict this on a child! It was her that got us into this, as she cried every time she even thought of having to eat meat.

On the plus side, have found it pretty easy to get dairy free marg and fridge Alpro Soya, and it is the same price as normal stuff! Am tempted to splash out on a yoghurt maker, as I love fruit with yog and honey, mmmmmmmm!!! Am also excited about needing to make my own pasta, as I got a pasta machine a few years back and it has been gathering dust. I'm very aware this is a long term change, so am taking it slowly, but yippee!!!!

NoHunIntended Thu 14-Apr-11 23:21:57

Sorry you new ones are facing the anti-vegans! I have been very lucky with a mother who trusts me that I know what I am doing, and the vast majority of people in my life now have known me since I was vegan, so no dramas here at all. I am sure it will get better for you soon, once people know you are serious, and can see that you are thriving.

Paint, wasn't sure if you are saying that you want to make your own yoghurt with honey, but honey isn't actually vegan. Maple syrup, or agave syrup, or rice syrup are all good alternatives.

You also don't 'need' to make your own pasta, though fresh stuff, yes, more so!

Paintinmyhair Thu 14-Apr-11 23:29:44

I thought commercial pasta was made with eggs? I have so much to learn! I was ruminating on my love of honey, sorry! It is the honey and the cheese I am going to find hard to say goodbye to! However, I do love Maple syrup too, so I'll take it on the chin wink.

NoHunIntended Fri 15-Apr-11 00:29:35

Most of the very fresh stuff, yes. But I'd say the majority of packet pasta is just 100% durum wheat. See, easier than you think!

Honey is BEE PUKE! The vomit, yes, VOMIT, of an insect! There - does that help?!

SpringFollows Fri 15-Apr-11 06:42:59

I have just received a book from Amazon 'The complete idiot's guide to vegan eating for kids'.

I am currently reading and enjoying it and it guides you on nutrition also- so you have something to come back at people when they doubt you. Personally I find it amazing that people find a healthy plant-based diet as somehow 'fringe' or wierd when they would not raise an eyebrow at a child being fed turkey twizzlers all day.

SpringFollows Fri 15-Apr-11 07:07:29

Oh, on another (sort of) topic- would anyone like to come over to the Big/small/whatever weight threads? I started a thread last night- I need to lose a stone and a half, and am avoiding alcohol and bread/pastries/potatoes (sort of low-carb'). I was looking for others who may wish to do the same- mutual support. I know you have to search pretty hard to find an overweight vegan, but if anyone is interested I will be there too.

Several months post partum I still look pregnant (hence avoiding bread and potatoes- bloating) and I have a family wedding in June that i am desperate to look good for. (Mind you, I have not seen 9 and a half stone since my 20s!). I have bought a gorgeous dress that i cannot even do up. Just once I would like to feel good.

brillopads Fri 15-Apr-11 07:12:13

steamed re wines- I've noticed that places like M&S & Co-op are actually starting to label their wines a Vegan, if indeed they are

DH was going to make some soup for us & bought some sorrel from the grocery shop, for the first time ever. We each tried a leaf and commented on the unusual flavour. I went for a nap (35 wks pg) and he must have looked it up on the internet: The plant's sharp taste is due to oxalic acid, which is a poison. In small quantities sorrel is harmless; in large quantities it can be fatal.
... uh, so I thought it best to avoid !!! I thought I'd learned about all the foods that can be potentially harmful while pg !

theworldisoutthere Fri 15-Apr-11 08:12:47

So far my friends have just been curious, but then I've long had a reputation as 'the hippy animal rights-y one' so I don't think they're all that surprised!

I haven't told anyone at work yet as it just seems unnecessary, and my parents are very surportive - they are vegitarians but were raw foodists for a few years while I was growing up!

Main oppositon was one day (isolated to one day...) when DP freaked out a bit. He was afraid it would 'affect him' and that I would become annoying and preachy. Then he realised that he was being stupid! I think a lot of it was to do with the 'moral disconnect' for him, he says he'd rather not know. Hoping to sway him over the years with positive influence

If he wants meat, eggs or dairy he now has to do it himself! But then that was the case with meat anyway so not so much of a change.

I forgot about honey - that'll be a hard one!

I found going veggie surprisingly easy, given how much meat I used to eat as a child. I think going vegan is going to be a lot harder, so it's great to hear from all of you guys who are already doing it. I think I'm going to have to start with baby steps and just see how I can get on. First step - to make myself a completely vegan meal plan for next week. Is there anything you guys would particularly recommend for scrummy vegan meals? I have some ideas (curry, roast veg with maple syrup, pasta) but I'm a bit worried that I'll end up living on a diet of salt and vinegar crisps and hummus!

Paintinmyhair Fri 15-Apr-11 11:15:16

Breakfasts I can (Kind of) help with. Most cereal eaters now have lists on their websites stating which cereals are vegan (Weetabix is, Shreddies are not, but I'm sure dd will gobble the rest of those up for me. I'm not ready to go vegan with dd yet, but she will be getting vegan dinners).

Have bought veganomicon but as a kindle version. Fun to read, but could be hard to flick through (D'oh!). It is a very fun cookbook though, it brings me joy! Also the web has a wealth of recipe ideas! Apparently Oprah went Vegan and made a huge thing about it, so there are loads of recipe ideas linked to her name on the web.

Paintinmyhair Fri 15-Apr-11 11:23:40

Dammit, forgot the best breakfast of all, bircher muesli!!!

The night before:

Get some oats. Put them in a bowl and add various dried fruits and nuts (I lob in sultanas, blueberries, cranberries, almonds and sometimes apricots and prunes if I can be bothered to chop anything!).


Pour in apple juice or soy milk until all oats are soaked, maybe with some liquid left for them to sponge up overnight, as it gets cloy-ey if it doesn't have enough). Stir again.

Cover with cling film, pop in the fridge. Done!

The next morning:

(This bit can also be done the night before if you want to)

Chop up some fresh fruit. Pop in a bowl.

Dish out breakfast bowls with bircher in. Pass round a vegan yog pot, and ask kids to put a large spoonful on top and stir it in, then get them to dig into the fruit. Maybe let them add a drizzle of maple syrup too, as I've only ever made with milk and flavoured yogs, so the apple juice version has a twang so I've heard.

My dd is an avid "if it is bad for me I want it!!!!! kind of girl, and this is her FAVE EVER!!!

Paintinmyhair Fri 15-Apr-11 11:25:02

And the bee puke worked, thank you!

Ooh, I love bircher muesli, thanks for that Paint!

I've had veganomicon on my Amazon wish list for ages, maybe I should bite the bullet and buy it for myself as a present...

Paintinmyhair Fri 15-Apr-11 12:51:59

Do it, you will starve otherwise, or give up on Veganism all together!!! grin

Paintinmyhair Fri 15-Apr-11 12:56:19

I wish I hadn't got the Kindle version though, the book would have been much easier!

theworldisoutthere Fri 15-Apr-11 13:09:17

Personally I'm dying to get Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World

Paintinmyhair Fri 15-Apr-11 13:13:18

[[ This is dinner tonight]], These tomorrow and [[ these on Monday]]. Not sure what to do for lunches yet, as I always start at dinner, but I am getting excited! Now off to Holland and Barrets for a range of Vegan cheeses to whack on the pizzas. Dp is taking the micky, but I don't care!!!

Paintinmyhair Fri 15-Apr-11 13:15:13

Hang on, I'll try those links again!




theworldisoutthere Fri 15-Apr-11 13:15:39

I haven't tried any vegan cheese yet, but I had homemade pizza last night covered in veggies without it and it was bloody amazing! As though the cheese was just dulling the awesome taste IYSWIM.

Those are cool - I love the look of those spaghetti-no's! I keep finding vegan cookbooks on Amazon that I want, need to stay away from the online shopping...

I must confess that I find the thought of vegan cheese a bit grim, the only stuff I've tried in the past has been really vile. Think I need to give all of them a try and see which are best, although it might just be easier to try not to cook things which involve lots of cheese...

Paintinmyhair Fri 15-Apr-11 19:18:23

I'm trying some Cheezly tonight, and some Tofutti tomorrow. I love cheese, but am allergic to very mature cheeses, so this could be quite good (as I'm used to plastic cheese anyway!). Will let you know how it goes!!!

Paintinmyhair Fri 15-Apr-11 21:46:13

Well, Cheezly is nice! I prob wouldn't have oodles of it on it's own, but baked potato with beans and cheezly = mmmmmmmmm! Also a big thumbs up for alpro soya yogs! I found agave nectar in Sainsbo's too. Looks identical to honey, and again, awesome!!! This is the best life choice ever!!!

SpringFollows Sat 16-Apr-11 02:23:23

I love agave syrup. Even when not vegan-ning (I know that is not a word! grin) I prefer it to honey.

Try the alpro choc puddings also- very chocolatey.... mmmm..... They are not usually in the chiller section, I think with the 'free from' sections.

Oh, I love agave nectar. Much better for you than normal syrup, too.

And Tofutti with garlic and herbs is just as nice as Philadelphia. It's the harder cheeses I'm scared of, but maybe I'll have to give Cheezly a go!

NoHunIntended Sat 16-Apr-11 20:25:45

I love Cheezly on pizza, on jacket potatoes, with fajitas etc, but as just a chunk, on a cheese board, no, not so much. Really don't miss eating cheese like that. Their garlic and herb one is awesome!

CakeandRoses Sat 23-Apr-11 23:19:24

hello everyone

i haven't posted here in an age (was without my Mac whilst it was fixed and then forgot about the thread when i got it back blush) but have read the last lot of posts

on the cheezley front - we love the non-soya one, made from pea protein.

redwoods (now owned by heather mills btw) are doing lots of great new stuff imo. we love the new 'meatballs'. they're also bringing out some non-soya yoghurty things.

how's the weaning going nohun? we're a couple of months into blw our 8.5m dd and she's eating like a horse. this is the second time round for us as we also did blw with ds (now 2.6) and it's been much easier this time round - partly as dd's just interested in food (compared to ds) and partly because i'm a bit more clued up about more manageable textures etc.

what are you finding is going down well?

pod my dh is an omnivore whilst the DCs and I are vegan. Works fine as DH rarely eats meat in the house and meal-wise he eats the vegan meals i cook. he's v supportive about the DCs being vegan as he thinks it is healthier etc.

right, off to bf dd and then get some sleep... [hopeful]

Yes, loving that soya-free cheese! Love it all, really!

Haven't had the meatballs yet - will keep a lookout for them. Mmm! MMMMM!

Weaning is going GREAT, Cake! He loves courgette, has a really good suck on that, and I am amazed at how much goes down (no teeth). Broccoli he holds well. He's had a good go on carrot and houmous. He is a happy eater. It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and he had a bit of cake. He's had pancakes, oh, the face when the lemon juice hit - too cute! He's had some haggis (DH is Scottish), and that seemed to be a nice taste, though hard for him to handle. Stringy noodles are good for him to pull and hold - though I've not seen how much of that actually goes in. Peppers too. We give him miniature versions of whatever we are having.

Please give me as many tips as you feel able to, re manageable textures etc.

ppeatfruit Mon 25-Apr-11 11:30:22

Tahini is lovely as a dip it's also full of calcium so valuable for vegans, you could sprinkle sesame seeds on or grind into home made bread, avocado as well.

CakeandRoses Mon 25-Apr-11 23:58:58

nohun i'll have a think and post tomo re weaning.

CakeandRoses Wed 27-Apr-11 23:48:55

Nohun here goes....

Just found out the tip of only toasting one side of bread rather than both and then spreading the untoasted side with humous/puree or whatever. Seems to make it more manageable.

Both of mine struggled/disliked the usually ubiquitous ricecakes but managed crackers (eg poppy and sesame seed ones) well

Humous is usually a hit full stop! Dd's current fave is having it mixed into pasta and veggies.

Quick-cook spirali pasta seems the easiest to pick up and bite/gum bits off

Very thin slivers of fruit seem to work much better than 1inch thick chunks

Noodles/spaghetti are fun but not much tends to go down, here at least.

Dd's very adept at feeding herself with loaded spoons now - is ds doing that yet? Makes it far easier to get lots of nutritious stuff down them. Eg DD has quinoa flakes soaked and cooked a la instant porridge. Has it flavoured with banana/fruit puree/ground almonds etc.

If you make a thick porridge and then allow it to go cold, it ends up like a solid 'pancake' which seems to go down well with some - bit hit and miss with my dd.

I'll update you on other stuff I think of/find works as and when. There are various blw threads on here but not many vegans on them so not many ideas for us.

Apols if this is full of typos etc, typing on blackberry.

Note: I don't use wholemeal anything at this stage as it's important that infants don't fill themselves up on fibre. Sorry, I'm probably teaching my granny to suck tofu here ;-)

CakeandRoses Wed 27-Apr-11 23:55:18

Actually nohun, I'll pm you my fb details (are you on fb?) When I'm next on my mac so we can take some of the more mundane (it can get v mundane, believe me!) waffle ref vegan blw off this thread, if that suits? I don't know any RL vegan parents so keen to swap nutrition/feeding tips, advice etc if you are smile

I wonder whether there would be an appetite for a vegan parent thread on here actually. Or maybe they'll all be scared off following the awful 'vegan' french baby threads sad

brillopads Sat 30-Apr-11 09:07:23

Dh has left a pack of Japanese rice crackers next to the laptop which I am trying not to finish off completely blush

Anyway, we have all the ingredients to have this for lunch:

and then Vegan hot dogs watching "Inception" DVD this evening smile

canei22 Sat 30-Apr-11 16:54:08

I have read that yeast flakes are great as a cheese substitute on pasta or pizza. Anyone know where to buy them from?

canei22 Sat 30-Apr-11 16:56:54

I make a choc pudding that is very similar to alpro choc dessert. I use a block of silken tofu and whizz it up in blender with 3-4 teaspoons cocoa poeder and a drizle of agar nectar it is fantastic!

CakeandRoses Sat 30-Apr-11 20:06:05

brillo that is soo my kinda lunch! was it good?

we're hotdogging hmm tonight too! grin Inception will fry your mind.

canei i get my nutritional yeast flakes from my local health store. the make is marigold. you can get it online too.

CakeandRoses Sun 01-May-11 08:18:24

pp any recommendations/tips for surviving as a vegan in france? Thinking of booking hols there. Will def go self-catering but would be nice to eat out at times.

We usually go to italy which is soooo much easier!

CakeandRoses Sun 01-May-11 08:25:06

Sorry pp, I didn't say please! Typing on blaackberry and hard to see what I've written!

brillopads Mon 02-May-11 10:32:18

C&R I put too much black pepper in; and also DH said that he wouldn't have blended all of the cauliflower... overall I was a bit unhappy with it but I have been a little uninspired in the kitchen recently. It also made masses- there's 3 tupperwares in the freezer!

Yesterday I made this
DH really liked it bless him I think it was the novelty of eating something that looked like you could have bought it from Greggs smile

CakeandRoses Mon 02-May-11 10:55:34

ah what a shame brillo. looked great in the pic and i usually love her recipes too. would you make it again with pepper/cauli adjustments or not worth it?

the greggs pasties look yum too grin

is your dh vegan too?

went to a music festival and was spoilt for vegan food choice. had mezze for lunch and thai noodles for dinner.

CakeandRoses Mon 02-May-11 20:02:20

jus rol croissants are vegan!! from Parsley Soup - Vegan Recipes facebook page:

Jus Rol Croissants are vegan!!! I couldn't wait until breakfast. Thank you Toni-Anita Edwards!

Parsley Soup - Vegan Recipes &#8206;(Btw, it says 'may contain eggs and milk' on the tube, but one of my friends phoned the jus rol help line and they said the ingredients were all totally vegan. The usual cross-contamination disclaimer, then. Good enough for me!)
April 25 at 9:40pm · Like

CakeandRoses Mon 02-May-11 20:02:44
CakeandRoses Tue 17-May-11 12:19:27

i killed the thread blush

and the croissants are v nice too!

NoHunIntended Wed 18-May-11 14:08:27

I am back! Had relatives staying for a couple of weeks, no time to MN!

Am ordering those croissants with my next groceries shop! Can't wait! smile

And thanks for the info on BLW. It's going great! DS loves his food. I am really happy with how it is going. Still BFing loads, doesn't look like that has diminished much, but not concerned about that.

Where is everyone else!

CakeandRoses Fri 20-May-11 13:16:13

Phew! I'm not in the habit of killing things grin

welcome back smile would be nice to get a few others back to the thread too.

9mo dd and i had the croissants for brunch the other day, stuffed with veggie ham and cheezley. most yum!

she's down to 3 breast feeds a day (2 in the day and 1 at 11.30pm) now which seems to be working well all round. i proactively cut some of her feeds out as she seemed like DS who would just bf whenever it was offered but not really ask for it either iyswim, so it was always led by me rather than being baby-led! she's bf much better (less bitey and fussy) and eating solids much better as a result.

not saying that you should do the same btw, they;re all v different.

have you tried the redwoods 'meatballs' or the dairy/soy-free yoghurts yet? the meatballs are now a regular fixture on the menu casa cake and the yoghurts have gone down well with dd and ds tho i'm not that keen on the taste/texture myself (i'm not really a yoghurt fan anyway tho).

made a great pie last night. i need to right out the recipe for friends on another thread so will post it here too in case any fancies it:

Vegetable and lentil pie
(sorry if this isn't very nailed down - i made it up as i cooked so hard to be exact re quantities now!)

I only used half of this quantity but you can freeze other half
110g/4oz wholemeal flour
110g/4oz plain flour
a pinch of salt
140g/5oz butter
very cold water
Sift flours & salt and rub in butter. Add 2tbsp water and mix to a dough and roll out.

2 cloves of garlic
good glug of olive olive
1 parsnip
2 medium carrots
'handful' of runner beans cut to thin 2 inch long pieces
1 tin of green lentils
1/2 pint (ish) of vegetable stock - i usually use Marigold bouillon (made up with boiling water as per packet instructions)
Salt/Herbamare (which is what i use) and pepper to taste

Saute a couple of cloves of garlic and a leek in the olive oil
2 mins later add the carrot and parsnip
3 mins later add the lentils and runner beans and enough stock to moisten so it's not dry but not so there's loads of sauce either
Continue simmering until veg is cooked, adding stock as necessary
Season to taste

Place in pie dish and cover with rolled out pastry

Bake at 200c until pastry is done.

We had it with roast potatoes, peas and gravy.

I will make this again with more spring/summery veg like asparagus too