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Economy gastronomy - mince

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christmashope Tue 22-Jan-13 08:31:43

Has anyone made the receipe with 1kg of mince, it can be used to make bolognaise, cottage pie and a chilli but I am a bit unsure if it is going to stretch to make 4 meal portions of each with 1kg of mince.

Has anyone made this?

from memory one of the meals is a tablespoon of the cooked mixture per person in the top of a large crusty roll. The actual portions of meat are relatively small, so probably doable.

milkmoustache Tue 22-Jan-13 09:41:40

I always try and bulk out mince with a load of extra veg, chopped extra small if there are any veg-objectors in your house, and throw in some lentils if I have any - they tend to disappear in the mixture and have a good texture too.

christmashope Wed 23-Jan-13 20:20:43

Thanks guys think I might need to use more than th 1kg of mince for my hungry family!

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