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Food processor - which one?

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I've got a magimix and I love it!

Mumof3darlings Sun 20-Jan-13 19:42:07

Hi all,

I posted earlier today asking about food processor vs the gorgeous Kitchenaid mixer... Well I have now decided to go against my heart and let my head rule and stick to a F.P.

I ideally would like a FP to do the following:

Mix/whisk (However I know a mixer would make better cakes, I will compromise)
Juice (both Citrus & other fruit & veg)
Chop, Slice, grate

I want to use it everyday so would like it to look okay on my work surface and I would like to be able to wash it in the dishwasher.

Which one is the best? I am thinking maybe the Kenwood Excel but been searching for the juicing attachement and can't seem to find it online to buy.

Any advice would be gratefully received!

Thanks x

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