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What shall i cook for my 3 girlfriends?

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weevilswobble Sat 08-Dec-12 14:15:20

Thanks for your input ladies! I ended up having to work Thursday so it all got a bit tight on timing. I ended up cheating! A selection of Thai curries from Cook. With a salmon dip with breadsticks for starters. Had a lovely fire roaring to warm everyone up in from the cold and it was a really lovely evening. Oh, and followed with either choc or lemon tarts with a nice vanilla icecream. grin

Sweepea Mon 03-Dec-12 18:06:32

I made this when some friends came over to make christmas cards http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/10468/melanzane-parmigiana

Red wine, salad, bread and the job's a good un!

I'd have mulled wine or cider to start, before you get to the food - lovely to walk into a house and smell all those spices!

2beornot Sun 02-Dec-12 20:10:04

Ooh ooh ooh - make mulled cider. Much nicer than mulled wine and not as overpowering a flavour.

Mmmm mulled cider!!

I agree that mulled wine might be best at the end, with a mince pie. I don't think it would be great with food. Tbh though, I hate mulled wine!

How about garlic roasted new potatoes with a caramelised onion quiche and salad? White wine spritzers would be nice with that maybe? But it would be fine with a red too, if that's what you like.

Or a veggie risotto, a rocket salad, with Belinnis to drink?

Or tapas, with Sangria (MUCH nicer than mulled wine!). Veggie tapas could include potatas bravas, tortilla, maybe something with peppers, mixed olives etc.

I always like a selection of veggie curries - you'd need beer to go with that though!

Onebadbackandalostpelvicfloor Sun 02-Dec-12 14:12:44

Fish. Nicely grilled with some cherry tomatoes and a few home made oven chips. Very light and very tasty

weevilswobble Sun 02-Dec-12 11:15:53

3 great girlfriends are coming for supper on thursday. They can stumble home drunk after coz all live v close. Looking forward to it! They have been amazingly supportive through a nightmare few months i've been through. What shall i cook?
I'd like to make some mulled wine, but would that work? Because isnt that a drink with mince pies kinda thing? I was thinking vegetarian coz that would be lighter? Want to do something seasonal, and utterly delicious? HELP!!

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