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Leftover haggis

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SevenAgainstThebes Thu 27-Jan-11 15:42:47

I have some leftover haggis from Burns Night, but quite fancy doing something different from the usual neeps and tatties with it for tonight. Any ideas?

GentleOtter Thu 27-Jan-11 15:45:28

some ideas here

'McHaggis' grin

katiepotatie Thu 27-Jan-11 15:50:48

a friend made a haggis lasagne

couldtryharder Thu 27-Jan-11 16:05:16

If you are happy to make your own pasta, I've seen haggis ravioli made. Don't have a recipe for you but I'm sure you'd find one if you searched online.

Spoon it over portobello mushrooms and cook in the oven. Delicious. That's what I'm doing with my leftover haggis tonight.

SerenaJoy Thu 27-Jan-11 16:16:48

You could make stovies and mix the haggis through.

Or Chicken Balmoral - chicken breast stuffed with haggis, and a whisky cream sauce.


I'll be round about 6.

Catsmamma Thu 27-Jan-11 16:18:07

the children have been eating haggis on toast and haggis sandwiches for breakfast.

Heat it up for breakfast , with a fried egg on top!

I was going to suggest breakfast too... mmm... bubble and squeak with the leftover veg and mash, with the haggis alongside.

SevenAgainstThebes Fri 28-Jan-11 12:14:14

Thanks, lots of good ideas here. I went with Agent Provocateur's haggis and portabellini mushrooms idea in the end, with some peas mixed in to up the veg count, and it was delicious!

Yay! I put some mozzarella over mine (just to up the calorie count wink) and it was lovely.

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