Another one bites the dust.

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TAFKAMycatwasright Fri 08-Jul-16 11:31:59

NC'd so I won't be tempted to come back. Waiting for the de-reg.
I used to love this site. I spent many a night awake with insomnia reading the threads. I'm sad to let it go.
But the transphobia I've read from certain threads recently has disgusted me. I'm sickened and so angry.
I have many transgender friends. They're wonderful, brave, beautiful people. Not "men in a dress", "Women with a dick", predators who want to hang around in toilets to perve on women and children, going through the agony of dysphoria and being rejected by family just so they can infringe on women's rights. I've almost lost people I hold dear because they were struggling so much with being trans.

I appreciate anybody that was kind to mewhilst I was here. Thanks.

TiggyOBE Tue 02-Aug-16 21:16:42

The world is changing and there's always going to be a few stagglers trying to use stone tools in the iron age. Bye. x

nannanoonoo Tue 01-Nov-16 03:12:32

Please!! dont think of all of us in this way, some people are just ignorant of the facts, you could show them and us just what it entails, there are some small minded people who like to stir the mixture, the expression is " light the blue touch paper, then stand back and see what happens" your freind is special and so are you, good luck to you and your freind.

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