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mrsmorgy Thu 06-Sep-12 10:08:08

Why the hell is it that seemingly harmless threads can turn in to a slanging match between 3 or 4 MNers? [yawn]
I've seen it more and more I've the last week or so.
People have different opinions. Deal with it. No need to be downright nasty to someone over it surely? Or is it that certain people are more outspoken when hiding behind their computer screens?!
F**k this, I'm off -before anyone pitches in to me-

BlackberryIce Thu 06-Sep-12 10:09:00


StinkyPig Thu 06-Sep-12 10:12:48

I agree that I get a bit hmm when a by fight happens over seemingly nothing.

I was once flamed by two posters for simply saying that I didn't really have a strong opinion! Even when I said I wasn't disagreeing with them and I didn't really have a strong opinion I was continually badgered by them sad it's one of the reasons I namechanged. I was genuinely quite upset by the meaness.

OhChristFENTON Thu 06-Sep-12 12:35:57

I have noticed an increase in snippy posts over the last week.

It will pass, and then return I expect.

Roll your eyes, call them miserable gits and carry on, no need to bugger off.

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