I'm Jumping before I'm pushed.

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usualsuspect Thu 30-Aug-12 20:49:54

See ya.

Viviennemary Fri 31-Aug-12 19:28:11

Oh wow. I love V names. Violet and Veronica. Valerie. Venetia.

Cynner Fri 31-Aug-12 19:33:42

I have a Victoria and a Veronica...Hail to the V!

Cynner Fri 31-Aug-12 19:34:25

Errr...that was a bit dramatic...but it is Friday...Woot!

MrsRhettButler Fri 31-Aug-12 19:38:41

Snort at nethuns not having usual that's a good point made there!

So who's doing the drunk thread tonight? I have wine for once

BIWI Fri 31-Aug-12 19:39:02


Cynner Fri 31-Aug-12 19:40:51

Bwahahaha...my fifth girl shall be Verucca...

Viviennemary Fri 31-Aug-12 19:43:52

Ouch they were painful things!

LineRunner Fri 31-Aug-12 19:45:04

Scoose has started the Drunk Thread just recently, in tribute. wine

Hi all I have started the drunk thread hopefully usual will be along soon to take over smile

LemarchandsBox Fri 31-Aug-12 20:02:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

usualsuspectt you said you didn't know what came over you it is PMT (Posting Mumsnet Tension) it comes to us all the only cure is wine wine oh and did I mention wine

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