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Trauma to my goldies!!

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Oh my heart sad

Went out with DC to feed to goldies in the back yard and DCs Favourite Goldfish (FG) is in trouble..

We have the mini-pond netted for cat protection, but something has knocked the net into the pond and FG is stuck fast and motionless, thankfully still alive so with scissors is released and swims off the the bottom of pond.

I'm not sure what I can do to help FG..

DC in floods of tears and wants me to check up on FG but I think I should let the poor thing have some peace for a while and check back in the morning.

Oh hell, this is horrible sad

Seems to be ok so far, some marks on her side but hopefully she'll be alright.

Still keeping a close eye though.

EauRouge Sun 12-May-13 10:14:31

If she's just got a few scratches and missing scales then she should be OK. You might want to get some pond melafix to ward off any infections. Fingers crossed!

EauRouge Sun 12-May-13 10:15:00

Also, weird that these threads haven't been coming on my phone app confused

So, FG still seems to be ok, is swimming and eating normally. I didn't know about the melafix, so will have to get some - I chucked some Stress Coat in after the dreaded incident as that's all I had in the house.

Think I have to re-do the safety nets with chicken wire or something rigid so it can't get knocked in again. I'll have to have a think.

Hopefully your phone app is working better Eau smile

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