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Please help me answer this question on migration form

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Cadmum Thu 15-Nov-12 13:52:41

It is dh who is the primary (sponsored) applicant but I also need to apply in my own right... I am about to say that I am the primary care provider of our four children and that I rely on Dh's income.

helpyourself Thu 15-Nov-12 13:42:10

I think you might have to put that your husband is prepared to support you! Are you applying alone or ad a spouse?

Cadmum Thu 15-Nov-12 13:12:49

Thank you for the bump helpyourself. I hope someone is along shortly to offer us both advice.

Cadmum Thu 15-Nov-12 13:12:44

Thank you for the bump helpyourself. I hope someone is along shortly to offer us both advice.

helpyourself Thu 15-Nov-12 12:42:36

No guidance, but bumping. I'm facing a similar situation filling in an advanced clearance form for the ministry of justice to get clearance for prison visiting- I've not been on benefits or employed for much of the last 10 years.

Cadmum Thu 15-Nov-12 04:52:43

Give details of how you financially support yourself, including how long you have received this support for and how much you receive on a monthly basis?

Background: dh has been employed as an international civil servant for the past 7 years during which time I have (happily) followed him across 3 continents home-educating our four children. With the exception of a few doula clients, I have not been gainfully employed.

Dh has been offered a sponsored academic position in Austalia and this is the last question I need to answer on my visa application form. It has kept me awake most of the night feeling inadequate.

Thanks in advance if you have read this all and can provide guidance.

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