Victims of Violence

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Treats Tue 19-Oct-10 12:57:05

So - this is the first thread I've started within the Feminism section, but I'm a long-time lurker and occasional poster.

I've been motivated to start a thread by this story from last week, and then also by this both in the last few days. (There was another one too but i can't find the link at the moment).

Every few weeks, it seems to me from reading the newspapers, a woman is killed by her husband or lover. Sometimes her children are harmed too.

My DH would like to argue that every single murder is an isolated incident, and caused entirely by factors only relevant to that one man. I argue that these cases are manifestations of misogyny, and that these are not isolated examples, but are all linked. He finds this an uncomfortable point of view, because of what it suggests about him, about us, about our friends.

I think that misogyny is similar to an epidemic - say, swine flu. It's infectious. It affects a significant proportion of the population, but not all. Of those affected, only a minority are severely affected. But it can be fatal - not for the sufferer, but for those close to them.

I don't know how many others here agree with me, but I do see a number of posts from some people who most definitely wouldn't. So the thread I want to start is to collect examples of victims of misogynist violence - women who were killed because they subverted their husbands and boyfriends desire to control them. I want people who visit this board with doubts about why feminism is necessary and justified to read my thread with its examples of victims and to start joining the dots for themselves.

Those posters who think that misandry is equivalent to misogyny are free to post their examples too (of women killing men).

If this thread (or something like it) already exists, then please point me to it and I will post there.

YonicScrewdriver Sun 12-Oct-14 23:50:08

As yet unnamed woman and two kids -

YonicScrewdriver Sun 05-Oct-14 20:29:14

Alice Gross, RIP.

YonicScrewdriver Sat 04-Oct-14 00:55:12

Balls, so sorry flowers

YonicScrewdriver Sat 04-Oct-14 00:54:35

Kayleigh Anne Palmer (and her unborn daughter, Lily-Rose) killed by her boyfriend who was jealous and "wanted her to be quiet"

WinifredTheLostDenver Sat 13-Sep-14 11:28:57

Varkha Rani

Killed by her husband because he was gay and wanted to pretend she'd left him.

WinifredTheLostDenver Fri 12-Sep-14 23:43:23
ballsballsballs Fri 12-Sep-14 23:27:11


My friend K, who killed herself in 2005 after being raped in 2000.

WinifredTheLostDenver Fri 12-Sep-14 19:24:57

Mary Shipstone, seven year old girl, shot by her father.


Zhx3 Wed 16-Jul-14 22:17:16
Zhx3 Wed 16-Jul-14 22:12:33
Zhx3 Wed 02-Jul-14 20:32:25
Zhx3 Wed 25-Jun-14 21:55:41
Beachcomber Tue 03-Jun-14 20:16:29

Thank you AyeRobot.

I'm really glad to see you. Wish this thread didn't have to exist though.

Vintagecakeisstillnice Tue 03-Jun-14 20:07:41

thats horrific, but sadly not worthy of headline news, after all just another woman killed. . .

Vintagecakeisstillnice Sun 01-Jun-14 22:28:55

How many women have died today.

Vintagecakeisstillnice Sat 31-May-14 10:05:35


Vintagecakeisstillnice Tue 27-May-14 19:49:44

I haven't been able to get on any news sites today, but just want bump

CrotchMaven Mon 26-May-14 14:14:29
SecretWitch Mon 26-May-14 03:13:44

I work as a victim's witness advocate( my focus is on intimate partner violence) in a large US city police department. I despair for the violence against women occurring world wide. Every life lost is a tragedy. May we always remember..

andsmile Mon 26-May-14 03:06:09

I am horrified. Just found this thread. It makes me so scared for my DD. I want to feel i can advise her, how to spot these monsters..what can we do to protect ourselves and them.

for all the women thanks

Vintagecakeisstillnice Mon 26-May-14 02:39:15

Please remember.

AyeRobot Sun 25-May-14 23:47:39

Well, that was a pretty harrowing way to spend a Sunday evening.

Vintagecakeisstillnice - if you could add links to the news stories of the 2 women a week who will be killed in the future, mainly by someone they know, that would perhaps help to remember them and also to serve as an antidote to the nonsense that is spouted on abuse threads.

Being a woman in (or leaving) a relationship can be a life-threatening state. We would all be well served to bear that in mind.

AyeRobot Sun 25-May-14 23:41:54
AyeRobot Sun 25-May-14 23:40:31

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