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Working through "Mindfullness - finding peace in frantic world". Join me?

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Hi there,

I'm recovering from a severe depression, a lot better now, but still plenty of room for improvement re: anxiety, dealing with stress, negative thinking etc and this looks like a really helpful book. There is increasing evidence that Mindfulness (and Mindfulness based cognitive therapy) is helpful in reducing your likelihood of relapsing with depression too smile

see it here

I've read the first few introductory chapters which have been v interesting and enlightening and just wondered if anyone might be interested in joining me in working through the meditation exercises?

Ideally I'd start with exercise one next week (its one each week, practised ideally 6 days out of 7) but I can be flexible wink

Thanks x.

Sunshine31 Mon 09-Sep-13 18:33:08

I have had the book for the last two months and got no further than the introduction. But I really need to read it as my anxiety isn't getting any better. How would we work through it together though?

Hi sunshine I was thinking having someone else to be accountable to so I do my practice... and dont skive really!

AlteredState Mon 09-Sep-13 23:08:45

Marking place as bought this book ages and ages ago (recommended by another mnetter sorry can't remember who --but need to find out in case I ever start/finish and need to thank her--). I've yet to read a sentence so I'm woefully behind you two grin. Hopeful that I might be spurred on to some action smile

Hi altered yes it was recommended to me on here too. OK. Get into that intro tomorrow wink

everydayineveryway Mon 09-Sep-13 23:39:10

I've just ordered the book through Amazon on your recommendation. smile I've been looking for a recommended CD of guided meditations, which sometimes seem to work really well for me. So can I join in, please? Can't promise anything, but...I will try.

Hi everyday that's great smile I can't promise anything either but hopefully we can encourage each other.. I need to get into the habit of it as I think it will help me... so am trying to work out when in the day I will do it. You're supposed to practice 6 days out of 7... Hoping to start the exercises next week so if you have the chance to read the intro before that would be fab x.

everydayineveryway Tue 10-Sep-13 00:18:22

My insomnia tonight has been sent to guide me to your thread. wink I really need to try to do it.

Sunshine31 Tue 10-Sep-13 13:21:37

I re read the introduction last night and could probably do with someone to be accountable too as well! 6 days out of 7 may be quite tricky! I'm up for going through the book together

Great stuff everyday and sunshine. I can do 5 out of 7 realistically I think...

AlteredState Tue 10-Sep-13 20:37:52

blush still no intro here I'm afraid colouring . Though your thread did spur me into contacting the leader of a mindfulness course I'm supposed to be on. I agree with the 5 out of 7 days as hopefully I could force myself to do it while dd in school otherwise I probably won't get a second of peace! < waves the lone parent banner smile >. I really need to get to grips with this 'helping myself' especially as I'm coming off venlafaxine.

OnaPromise Tue 10-Sep-13 20:48:08

Well you have inspired me to order it anyway. I've been interested in finding out more about this for a while. I've had a couple of periods of depression in the past. Been OK for a while (although possibly slightly on the manic side recently with hindsight) and now can feel myself starting to slip down again. Don't want to have to go back on the meds, so this has got to be worth a try.

tut tut altered wink but that sounds great about the course - better than a book if you've got the option I'd think. Yes I'll be doing it whilst dcs at school too...

Ona great to hear you've ordered it, and like you say, got to be worth a try. My first mini mindfulness meditation on Mon definitely helped me. The others give you techniques to use in eg stressful situations which sounds like a good tool to have.

OK. Whilst we wait for books to arrive etc, here's the contents:

Ch 1 Chasing your tail (14pg)
Ch 2 Why do we attack ourselves? (16pg)
Ch 3 Waking up to the life you have (23 pg)
Ch 4 Introducing the 8 week mindfulness programme (10pg)

This is where I have got to so far. I'd say it is all worth reading. I can give you some tasters if that's any help!

After that you get into the 8 week programme with accompanying guided meditations on cd.

Is it realistic to start on Ch 5 next week - Mon 16 Sep - let me know what you think...

Alternatively we could all read Ch 1-4 next week and start Ch 5 Mon 23 Sep...

I really hope this doesn't sound too bossy/regimented, just trying to get head round timings smile will happily do Ch 4 and chocolate meditation again next week grin

podmumlet Tue 10-Sep-13 21:46:11

I'd like to join in too please.
Starting the exercises w/c 23rd would be better timing for me. :

Hi podmum that's great. I think that date is probably the best smile

Sunshine31 Tue 10-Sep-13 22:00:12

Either is fine with me. I did do one mini meditation thus morning which was good. Planned on doing another this evening but pjs, sofa blanket and bake off sent me to sleep on sofa and now I need my bed! which is why doing it with others may be good!

Ok how does this sound?

- next week read through chapters 1-4, can discuss on here too
- following week get into the mindfulness meditations and see how we go!

everydayineveryway Wed 11-Sep-13 20:25:39

Sounds great, Queen. Don't worry about sounding bossy! smile Amazon says my book will arrive Mon - Wed, but usually it's quicker than they say.

I read this thread today, which is interesting on the question of mindfulness, and rather inspiring, I thought. smile

Great stuff everyday - thanks for the link and I've mentioned this thread to the OP too.

And thanks for the reassurance smile

AlteredState Thu 12-Sep-13 11:46:49

Bossy is good!! grin I'm off to read the intro now. Honestly! Course leader still hasn't got back to me so perhaps I'm on my own now. Well not completely on my own as you guys are here smile

Rummikub Thu 12-Sep-13 11:52:50

Hi I have the book, and have had for (months) a while. I have done some of the meditations but old like to make it into a habit and having a group to chat about it would be useful.

I do think it's something the should teach in schools.

So we read chapters 1-4 starting next week? W/c 16th sept?

Sunshine31 Thu 12-Sep-13 20:47:52

I like bossy too. Especially if it means I actually read the book! I will re read the first few chapters next week and maybe do a few chocolate meditations too, ready for the following week

Great Rummikub yep we read Ch 1-4 next week (week beginning 16th) and the following week, take Ch 5 and practice the meditation mon-fri...

Thanks altered and sunshine I think a plan's coming together!

OnaPromise Fri 13-Sep-13 12:25:42

Book arrived this morning so I'm all set. Looking forward to it.

everydayineveryway Fri 13-Sep-13 22:56:17

Got my book today too, really pleased - thanks so much for the recommendation. smile Ready to read. Will need encouragement to actually do any of the work, though. blush

AlteredState Fri 13-Sep-13 23:38:23

Ooh I'm excited about the plan! I did read the intro yesterday pm unfortunately it made me really anxious I'm wondering how "well" you need to be before being able to tackle it as seems a lot to do with preventing/managing relapses.

PuddingAndHotMilk Fri 13-Sep-13 23:48:13

I bought this book about 2 months ago and picked it up today thinking I should start. Saw this thread this evening, I love synchronicity envythanksenvy
If I can get up to chapter 5 for next Mon can I join in? I need the oomph to keep going I think

everydayineveryway Sat 14-Sep-13 00:06:46

I think we are holding hands for oomph, Pud.

Rummikub Sat 14-Sep-13 10:38:36

Hey pudding! I haven't started reading mine yet so we're in the same place.

I've read the book while pregnant and found it very helpful. While I still have down days, I feel much more balanced in my reactions and general mood despite little sleep since baby was born almost 5months ago

The single most important thing from the practice is that you can't do it wrong. By committing to practice you are investing in yourself. It is important to focus on the next "investment." Try not to regret perfectly normal human traits which make meditation hard. Missed a meditation oh well you can do one later. Can't do the full 40min, do 20mins. Spent the entire 40 mins mind-wandering; still counts. Start each day of the programme as new no matter what went wrong yesterday. I write this to remind myself as well!

It does help to have a friend join you.

Thanks nural that's really helpful. And glad to know it works!

Hi pudding welcome smile do join us! Yep if u can read ch 1-4 before mon 23 that would be perfect.

altered that's a good question about how well you need to be - sorry to hear ch 1 made you feel anxious. It is very enthusiastic which I know can be tough if you're not feeling well. See how you go - one chapter at a time?

Colourhairbarbie Sat 14-Sep-13 23:22:22

Hi, I suffer from anxiety but struggling since I came off meds so I got this book (after seeing op) with high hopes of taking back some control without having to go back on tablets. Anyhow if its ok I'd like to join in, il try to catch up by 23rd smile

Hi colourhair welcome! sympathies re the anxiety and really hope you find this helpful.

I'm planning to post thru next week as I re read ch 1-4...

PuddingAndHotMilk Mon 16-Sep-13 00:30:25

Thanks for the welcomes!
I read the first half of chapter 1 today and realised how much I need this as my mind was all over the place - making lists, planning things etc. I had to keep stopping and going back...
thanks so much for starting the thread thanksthanks

Thanks pudding that means a lot. I find it hard to concentrate when I'm reading stuff like this too. Well done on getting started.

working9while5 Mon 16-Sep-13 21:05:19

Ooh marking place. I like the tapes but haven't read book.

everydayineveryway Mon 16-Sep-13 22:37:52

I have managed to read the acknowledgements grin and the foreword by the famous guy. I'm a bit over-awed - life-changing...commitment...! Can I do this? But trying to remain playful and light!

deewillow Tue 17-Sep-13 19:26:59

Hello can I join you on this journey pls? I have just downloaded the kindle version and will start the reading tonight smile

Hi dee that's great.

Hope people are getting on OK.

everyday I know what you mean about the foreward - its all very enthusiastic isn't it wink. I think nural's comments upthread are really helpful in terms of getting started, and practising and accepting what you can do.

I have been exhausted all day so hope to catch up with reading later in the week!

OnaPromise Wed 18-Sep-13 07:19:31

I've read chapters 1-4. There is chocolate involved you might be pleased to know!

What's bothering me a bit is finding the time to do the exercises. But they keep saying you have to make time, and then you'll have more time and energy anyway because you won't be wasting it with anxiety. Having this thread will hopefully help.

Salbertina Wed 18-Sep-13 08:54:39

Lurking and may join you, if okay.
feel like Ive bought and then ignored every damn mindfulness book going Have dabbled with mindfulness on and off over the years, but need to catapult myself out of my apathy and gloom so should try this. Looks good, thanks OP.

Hi Salbertina great to have you.

Ona yes and I can thoroughly recommend the chocolate mediation grin

Like you say, its finding the time. But I have to say, the one time so far I've practised (with choc) I did have a productive day as my mind was clearer iykwim.

katsh Wed 18-Sep-13 10:33:28

Just bought the book on my kindle - will join you a bit late. Someone recommended this to me a few weeks ago and I hadn't got it, so thank you for encouraging me to do this.

Salbertina Wed 18-Sep-13 12:15:23

Just boyght on kindle also - at least it cant join my dusty oile on the floor!
So where are we all with chs1-4 yhen? And werk 1 of 8 werk course from mon, if I'm right?

Stupid qu but is there no audio add-on with the kindle version?(,

Salbertina Wed 18-Sep-13 13:26:01

Ch1 read- v interesting insight on how mind processes thro appropriate-seeming memories to match:evidence current thought...
Ch2 next!

violator Wed 18-Sep-13 14:22:40

Hello all,

I've just finished an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. I loved it. We were given 3 CDs with different meditations on them to practice every day.
That's the trick with mindfulness, you must do it every single day. So far I have done, thankfully my DS still naps so that's my time to do it.

I'd highly recommend a course if anyone can find one. It's just one day a week, mine was 10am-1pm. It's so helpful to chat to the facilitator and other participants.

I've just started reading Jon Kabat-Zinn's Full Catastrophe Living, so far so good.
I had very severe PND leading to hospitalisation. I've recovered but my psych was adamant I do a mindfulness course prior to tapering off the anti depressant.

PuddingAndHotMilk Wed 18-Sep-13 15:06:08

Salbertina the audio tracks can be found

I've now finished Chapter 1 smile I may attempt Chapter 2 this afternoon...

Salbertina Wed 18-Sep-13 15:53:15

Thanks, Pud!

Violator - been pondering whether the courses are "worth" the significant extra outlay. Good to hear yours was so effective. What in particular? Thanks

Just read ch2 and pondering this:
"Critical rational thinking leads us to focus on gap between where we are momentarily and where "should" be.. disastrous as ends up driving thinking
...Brooding not solution but the problem...awareness of this key"

So our logical, problem-solving brain stuffs us our emotions basically!

Feel am one of those stuck in fight or flight much of the time. Anyone else? Doesn't help living in high-alert south Africa.

Hi all,

Yes Salbertina I know exactly what you mean about being stuck in fight or flight most of the time - I am too - and I live in the UK.

It's interesting re: the problem-solving brain isn't it. I am a really good problem solver irl, but sadly it doesn't seem to help with the emotional side of anxiety/depression. I am finding that I'm starting to care less about what people think of me which is great.

Well done pud any thoughts on Ch 1?

Hi katsh welcome.

violator that's really interesting to hear about the course. And great to hear you're doing a lot better. I had looked at one locally which runs for about 6-8 weeks I think costs £300 which is quite a lot for us at the mo. Useful to know that you must do it every day I think for me, working out and protecting a time slot is going to be a challenge...

Salbertina Thu 19-Sep-13 07:59:13

Morning - am finding the book and this support thread a great combo, looking forward to week 1 even! I have read so much alone and tbh really doesn't stick, hoping will be more meaningful/memorable this way. Plan to read ch3/4 today and weekend, be great to discuss

OnaPromise Thu 19-Sep-13 08:14:35

ColouringQueen - I'm also a good problem solver and organiser in rl, and it's also a large part of my job. Perhaps it's actually an impediment in some ways because the 'doing' part of the brain is so well developed.

One of the problems I sort of have at the moment is that I've had a period of intense activity this year where I've set myself lots of things/projects to do - my friends and family have commented on it. DH said 'it's amazing to watch when you get going'. But, now I'm feeling like I've spread myself too thin.

Salbertina Thu 19-Sep-13 08:28:42

Hi Ona, what i gleaned from ch2 was that, yes. Too much doing/problem -solving actually exacerbates the problem. Awareness of the problem and letting it be, the potential solution.

Simple but not easy, hey?

Rummikub Thu 19-Sep-13 10:00:33

Hi, have started reading the book after having it for months.

Somewhere up thread someone mentioned joining a course. I joined meet up groups and there is a meditation group that does free sessions. (I haven't been yet, but it does look like an interesting group).

I am also good at solving problems (for other people) and its a big part of my job. I find it hard to switch off and just be.

Sorry, can't remember who mentioned about how well you need to be; I have had an awful year, operations, illness and my husband leaving. My mental health plummetted. I was desparate to calm my head. I just jumped straight into the meditations, the body scan one, didnt read anything. I chose bedtime to start. Didnt pressure myself, so if I fell asleep that was ok, I forgave myself. In fact it was a relief to fall asleep to as I would usually lay awake letting my anxieties run amok. Even though I fell asleep at times, I did it every night and somehow it worked. I began to feel, little by little, more human and calm.

So now I feel ready to do it properly and actually read the book! The timing of this thread was v timely. Thank you!

violator Thu 19-Sep-13 13:28:49

Salbertina I found having the support of others during a course invaluable. Every week a new issue or problem would arise for somebody and we'd chat about similar experiences or ways around it.
Learning that there's no wrong way to be mindful, that even a bad practise is helpful and how even a minute of mindfulness while driving counts.
The course was free for me as my health insurance covered it. I was sad when it finished but will definitely do half days or full day mindfulness sessions every couple of months at a facility near where I live.

I suppose it's the same reason things like Slimming World work for people, talking to others in the same boat and learning from their experiences is helpful.

Salbertina Thu 19-Sep-13 14:47:03

Thanks, V. Definitely on my to do list at some point but local one is ££. Hope this book/thread help plug the gap a bit.

Just read some of Ch 3 - Being Mode and one that hit home and that on reflection I did today was the Striving versus Accepting. I helped to organise a mums meet-up this morning and was sat in a bit of a corner so not that easy to join in. But I didn't get anxious - as I usually do - I sat back, and watched everyone having a good time for a minute and then I guess someone must have spoken to me and then I was back in the conversation.

Another concept I've found very powerful is how we think about thoughts. (p41) "thoughts are just thoughts, they are events in the mind. They are often valuable but they are not "you" or "reality. They are your internal running commentary on yourself and the world". This idea is helping me detach a bit from some of my ruminations...

Hope you're all doing OK.

katsh Fri 20-Sep-13 12:20:26

I've read the first four chapters and done the chocolate meditation. I have done some mindfulness before but I had forgotten much of it. I agree that the idea of thoughts just being thoughts is very liberating. I found it really helpful yesterday, but already today need to 'practise' again, as I know that I'm back in the same place of 'doing' and striving. glad of this thread to keep me going!

Salbertina Fri 20-Sep-13 12:48:12

Katsh, me too, a real help!
Colouring, yes the "events in the mind" point really interesting. And reassuring. Trying not to take myself so seriously!

Salbertina Sat 21-Sep-13 13:32:22

Ok, read ch4. My reflections:

Like the idea of Habit Releasers, sound almost too good to be true?! May try the movie idea or different food, shop, drive...

"Mind is to thought what the ear is to sound".

Great analogy and reminder to filter the many thoughts we have and not take them too seriously. Imagine focusing in on car alarms, crying babies, squawking birds or every word we hear spoken by those around us?! Madness-inducing!

NaiceYoniLouise Sun 22-Sep-13 19:51:58

Marking place. Have had this book a while, and was surprised how much calmer and more productive I felt after doing one of the meditations - the last time I did it I fell asleep which put me off doing it for the last few months blush because I felt awful when I woke up as it was about 9pm -

Have picked up the book recently though and started reading it again, and even tonight whilst putting DC to bed I was trying to fashion a plan to slot it into life as a "science experiment" as in if I commit to doing it for 6 weeks then if not helped enough will get anti-depressants after all.

I think I have hmm to do this, I am under a metric fuckton of stress and indecision and the more I try to desperately problem-solve the worse it gets...

Sorry for long post!

Salbertina Sun 22-Sep-13 19:54:34

Naice- you're not alone! Am fairly desperate and this book so far seems to be reassuring at least. Lets see how we go with week 1 from tomorrow.

Salbertina Sun 22-Sep-13 20:03:23

Oh and Naice, why not give it a try for the full 8 weeks rather than 6?

NaiceYoniLouise Sun 22-Sep-13 20:11:41

Hi, yes 8 weeks it is then, it's been a few weeks since I last picked up the book - was a random length of time. Thank-you! smile

Have increased determination to commit to it as DC (3y) said to me today (after a rubbishy kind of day) "Mummy can you be happy now?" sad confused wine

Hi naice welcome. Really hope you find the next 8 weeks helpful.

Good to hear your reflections salbertina I'm with you on the filtering out negative thoughts. I struggle sometimes to know what I should filter out tho confused.

Do you know when you'll be doing yours tomorrow? I have a tiler coming in the morning so will be later in the day. ..

Colourhairbarbie Sun 22-Sep-13 21:28:34

Hi all, just checking in - I have completed everything up to and inc ch4 now ready for the exercises smile

I regularly despair that that as I get older I cannot just shake off anxiety as I did when I was in my teens/early 20's so I found this interesting/comforting - "repeated triggering of negative thoughts...wearing grooves in the mind...making it easier to set off low or panicky moods - and more difficult to shake them off" (page 25)

Hi barbie good stuff. That grooves thing really rang a bell with me too. I sometimes think that my thoughts are like a cart driving along a track and the deeper ruts are the negative thoughts, I'm trying to make new positive ones but its tricky not to slip into the deeper ones.

blue2 Sun 22-Sep-13 21:55:08

My ds (aged 15) has read this; he's had anxiety issues that have resulted in physical pain. It was all stress related, so on a visit to his psychologist, she suggested he read it.

It took him 9 weeks, but has taken a lot of the info in, and regularly practices the Body Scan. It has helped him hugely.

I read it in a week (hard going, but I was short of time!), and it makes a lot of sense.

I think we ALL need to practice some mindfulness in our lives.

Good luck to you all, and I hope you find some inner peace!

Thanks so much Blue for your good wishes - very much appreciated.

Really glad to hear that the book helped your ds and hope it stands him in good stead.

Anyone had any time for ch5 yet? Will be doing mine this eve once kids in bed...

Salbertina Mon 23-Sep-13 14:48:36

Hi Colouring and everyone
Plan to do ch 5 and the meditation later this afternoon, be great to compare notes!

Hi, right, finished cleaning, cooking, eating, so off to brave Ch 5!!!! I have to do it now I've posted this wink

Salbertina Mon 23-Sep-13 21:01:00

Me too!
Okay, speed-read, done raisin one before- v interesting but fasting so skipping. Onto mindfulness of body & breath - to so now - will post how it went

Salbertina Mon 23-Sep-13 21:13:31

Ok7.5 mins done, not bad.

Went ok - mind wandered now & then onto to do list. Realise how much tension i hold in my back, shoulders & forehead! Got itchy.. V Aware of time and abandoned paraphernalia of my day around me- books, papers, laptop, phone... So not entirely peaceful. Sounds of nature v calming when i tuned in. Twice a day, gulp!

Anyone else?

Hello! I'm back!

The automatic pilot thing rang lots of bells - I'm always getting side-tracked and creating more stuff to do instead of just doing what I planned to. (Tho I do get a lot done wink)

OK raisin thing was interesting - I had to work really really hard not to rush through it. Feeling impatient and less enthusiastic.

Meditation was good. Not as hard as I thought it might be. I think cos I have done this at the end of yoga classes in the past it felt familiar. Lay down with head on cushion. Went pretty quickly. Mind kept wandering but I brought it back to the breath.

Supposed to be doing that twice a day so might do 20 mins yoga before one of them.

I'm going to mindfully brush my teeth (must remember!)
and sit on a different chair.

Anyone else? I had not been feeling enthusiastic about starting this all day, but it was OK, and the 8 min meditation didn't drag smile

Feel a bit calmer x

AlteredState Tue 24-Sep-13 00:00:36

Well done Colouring and everyone else giving this a go. It's inspiring to "watch". I must get stuck in and fast. Keep it up guys - hopefully I'll be joining you all soon smile

PuddingAndHotMilk Tue 24-Sep-13 01:10:30

I lost the thread for a while there... I'm nearly at the end of ch4 now so hoping to finish tomorrow and start in ch 5. I'm finding my mind wandering dreadfully when I read the book, so it's immediately apparent how much I need this!

Chapter 2 really resonated - I constantly add a dialogue to my life. "X happened and so Y must be true ergo I am rubbish". I beat myself up so badly and I need to let things just 'be'.

ZutAlorsDidier Tue 24-Sep-13 16:41:13

I have this book! Salbertina told me about this thread
can I join?

Hi zutalors (love the name) please do join smile

I have not had such a successful day today,, have not managed to practice and now have splitting headache so won't be tonight.

I will do some straight after the morning school run tomorrow.

How's everyone else getting on?

OK I decided that a headache was rubbish excuse (even tho its now splitting).

Did the 8 min meditation

Much harder tonight. Could not stop brain from thinking
lots about what I would post here after which is not really the aim of the thread! Speaking about dd to her headteacher and plenty more. Was nearly getting some quiet in my head by the end but pretty rubbish to be honest! Hey ho its all practise! Worth thinking about timing next time!

Salbertina Tue 24-Sep-13 21:01:20

Ok, colouring, you've (rightly) guilted encouraged me into doing mine. Will do right now but will feed back in morning otherwise, as you said, kind of defeats the object. Need to wind down for bed. And Zut, so glad you found us, please, please post again!

:D good for you. See you in the morning.

So sunshine, altered, everyday, onapromise, podmum, Rummikub, Pudding, Katsh, Naice, colourhair and anyone else..

how's it going?

Salbertina Tue 24-Sep-13 22:06:00

Ok , still online, still jumpy (correlation there, am sure!) went slightly better than last night tho felt shorter than 8 mins (not got audio as only kindle). Mind jumped at times but felt eased into it more comfortably second time around.

Colourhairbarbie Tue 24-Sep-13 22:20:56

Evening! I have only had a quick scan of ch 5 but went on ahead with meditation 1 twice a day. Hoping to re read and absorb through the week.
Finding it ok to complete exercise so far - significant mind wandering though!
Lying down to complete doesn't work for me as I fell asleep shock

Evening colourhair great to hear you've been practising. I've been lying down too - but not dropped off yet - mainly cos brain too active!

Keep up the good work smile

PuddingAndHotMilk Wed 25-Sep-13 01:39:53

I'm aiming to finish ch 4 and read ch5 tomorrow as I'm home all day with appointments for me or DD.
Feel like it's gone in one ear and out of the other but I'm not going to re-read it all yet.

ZutAlorsDidier Wed 25-Sep-13 09:21:37

Good morning

Still haven't got around to getting back into this with you lovely lot. Thanks for the welcome though.

Wishing you all a good day

ZutAlorsDidier Wed 25-Sep-13 09:24:23

Oh Salbertina, I meant to say: if you have the kindle edition (I have) you can get the audio through Audible. I think it is well worth it. If your kindle doesn't have sound you can just download it to your phone or mp3 player or pc. I think it makes a difference to the ease of getting into it.

It's here

you have already paid for it when you bought the kindle ebook, you just need to log in to get it

Great idea zut and I agree. Having the audio makes it a lot more doable.

hi pudding that's great. I know what you mean about in one ear... I have found it helpful to re-read chapters - but you can do that any time.

Fog-bound here so I really should get another practice in - but head still rubbish!

Salbertina Wed 25-Sep-13 10:10:28

Thanks, guys. Will try that - had
read the task and thought more "mindful" not to have to be online but obv its a big help. Kindle On ipad so should be able to get.

Sunshine31 Wed 25-Sep-13 13:52:41

Well I'm managing to practice once a day, but twice seems to be hard to fit in. I think I need to re- read ch 5 as it's just not going in at all. Really anxious today too

Well done sunshine I know what you mean about twice a day. evenings seem easiest for me so that only makes once.

Sorry to hear about the anxiety - its rubbish. Do you have the cd for the guided meditation? I'm finding that helps quite a lot.

Right must get on with tonights...

take care all

Hi everyone,

anyone managed to practise today? I'm off in a mo to put the cd on.. still only managing once a day but I guess that's better than nowt!

Another day - another one. Think it would be better to be doing 2 a day but hey ho. Plenty of mind wandering and going back to the breath...

PuddingAndHotMilk Fri 27-Sep-13 00:35:48

I'm behind confused
I'm now at the end of chapter 4 so starting tomorrow.
It's all resonating, so I know I need this, but struggling finding time and space with 8.5 wo DD sad

Salbertina Fri 27-Sep-13 08:20:46

I'm behind too wink. Sorry, school hols here and bit hectic.. I know, no excuse, shall try again tonight! 1 x a day for me too.

Hi pudding and salbertina it's not easy fitting it in is it!

How are your doing sunshine?

Am happy to repeat ch 5 for another week if that's helpful. I still haven't managed 2 x a day either!

Salbertina Fri 27-Sep-13 17:25:50

Hi Colouring, sorry to let the side down hmm . Suggest you decide as OP. am happy either way- if we move onto week 2, will try and catch up. Or if we repeat week 1 i can try to do twice daily, as you saysmile

PuddingAndHotMilk Fri 27-Sep-13 18:58:06

Same as Sal! I'm happy either way thanks

Thanks. I don't know at the mo... the week is catching up with me today, had to have a nap after lunch....

OK was going to start todays practice but dd has just appeared.
However as soon as she goes up I will practice. I don't know why I am so unenthusiastic, its not so bad when you get into it, but motivation for something that's only 8 mins is poor!

Keep going everyone - I'm sure we can help each other through this challenge!

Ok got up this morning and practised and went for a 15 min walk and it def helped improve a troubled mind this morning.

So I'm aiming to do 2 more days on chapter 5 as I havent done so well on the changing seats and mindful tooth brushing... then chapter 6 on wed.

Hope everyones ok x


Another 10 mins this eve. I don't think it's getting any easier but am optimistically thinking my mind has been racing a little less since 8 days ago?

One more day of Ch5 I think and then will see what Ch 6 has in store.

How's everyone else doing?

Salbertina Mon 30-Sep-13 20:37:54

Well done, Colouring, you're inspiring! Sorry, all gone belly up rather. Am following thread though and tomorrow is another day!

Hi Salbertina! Thanks for posting smile see how you go tomorrow hey?!

Colourhairbarbie Tue 01-Oct-13 11:17:26

Hello everyone,
Last week I was ok and managed 1 session every day and made the 2 sessions a couple of those days. However over the weekend/yesterday I didn't do any confused
I thinking of trying to do an 8min for the next few days but continue with next chapter at the same time... but going to be flexible and see how it goes wink

Thats great stuff colour look forward to hearing what you make of ch 6.

I did one practice today. Clearing the mind does not seem to be getting any easier tho - brain as busy as ever!

samu2 Wed 02-Oct-13 19:12:41

Would this book be any good for Health Anxiety?

Hi Samu.

Good question.

From what I've read so far (only first chapter of the practical stuff), its good for helping to calm the mind and concentrating on being in the moment iykwim. Later chapters are supposed to include tools like managing an acute anxiety situation - tools I guess.

I know CBT is said to help with anxiety too.

Without any professional expertise etc I couldn't say it would def help, but I'd be surprised personally if you didn't get any benefit out of it if you were motivated to work your way through it.

Hope that's some help!

Morning all smile

Roll up roll up, chapter 6 this week: Keeping the body in mind

- looks at how connected the body and mind are, sometimes in ways you wouldn't expect, and the mindfulness exercise is a guided body scan.

Sounds useful as I know my body (stomach esp) has suffered as a result of my anxiety, and I carry quite a bit of tension around with me...

Look forward to hearing your perspective x

hoochymama1 Mon 07-Oct-13 11:23:28

Hi Ciq, I found a little taster on google books which might be useful for anyone thinking of buying. I must admit I'm tempted..grin


hoochymama1 Mon 07-Oct-13 11:57:34

Wow, found the prof on a you tube lecture.


interestingly he mentions how it can help with health anxiety, and with recurring depression- which is relevant to me. I'm going back to work soon, and I really need to learn techniques to help me with stress.
Yes, I might invest, as the audio bit seems really useful.

Love to all smile

Hi hoochy how's things?

I think you could find it helpful. I am, tho I'm not finding it easy to stay motivated!

Hi everyone,

just watched a vvv interesting programme I'd recorded. BBC Horizon with Michael Moseley investigating whether its possible to "change our mind" ie become a more positive, less anxious person,,,, and basically it seems that it is possible.

more here inc prog

He did some "Bias modification therapy" (training your brain to identify positive signals rather than negative) and mindfulness meditation for 7 weeks, and before and after tests showed his right brain activity (associated with anxiety etc) had reduced (this is in v laymans terms btw) and he felt more cheerful and his wife said he was calmer.

Anyhow this page has some of the tests and activities that he did...

I found it encouraging. It was also saying how our genes change throughout our lives - they switch on and off in response to events, environment etc.... so a cheerful person can experience a number of v stressful events and a depression gene be switched on. The scientists were saying how therefore it should be possible to switch it off again...

Interesting stuff. Hope you find it helpful..

Hello 'lo 'lo 'lo (echoey here wink)

hey ho

started chapter six - looking at the body and the mind together. Did my 15 min "Body Scan" which went ok, but was so relaxing that afterwards I fell asleep for an hour! Not quite what I had in mind, so will have to think about timing in future. Supposed to do it twice a day...

Colourhairbarbie Thu 10-Oct-13 22:52:57

Hi colouring et all
Tried to do chapter 6 last week but tbh didn't get very far only about 3 sessions over the whole week so need to knuckle down and restart it!
I do think it could/will help but finding commitment required is hard to keep up - more effort required I guess wink

cheeseandpineapple Sat 12-Oct-13 19:18:06

Hello, thanks very much for starting this thread! I'm very interested in getting the book and cd but just realised we don't have a CD player as we use iTunes now and computer is somewhere not v conducive to meditation... I couldn't find this as an app version so was wondering if anyone has come across a mindfulness app they would recommend?

Thanks very much if you can..

hoochymama1 Sun 13-Oct-13 10:14:22

Well, CiQ (much love to you, by the way) I got the book a few days ago, and am doing this first quick meditation a couple of times a day and it's been really good so far. Tried the raisin thing yesterday and it was good. It's made me think about what I do like drinking coffee and brushing teeth and savour the sensations hmm

At the moment though my life is stress free, I'm hoping to get some good habits in before work starts and my brain turns into a washing machine grin

Oo, cheese I my geeky teenager 'burned' the cd and put it somehow onto my i-pod and phone, which is much more convenient. I could send him round!

Hi everyone

hoochy great to have you here!

I have fallen off the wagon somewhat so this dropped off my I'm on list, but just found it on I'm watching and lovely to see some posts. smile

colour it is hard isn't it. Ch 6 finished me off but may try again after half term

cheese sorry not to up on apps - can yoi do as hoochy did?

Good luck all and take care z

anotherstringtomybow Tue 29-Oct-13 18:08:10

Hello, can I join?

Am half way through a mindfulness course and liking it.

I like the theory side of things which probably drives the course leader bonkers!

Hi another course you can! Its gone a bit quieter here later, but I'm planning to get started again next week when the kids are back at school. Glad to hear you're liking the course -I can imagine its v effective face to face.

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