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Emetophobia - let's confront the fear together!

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corblimeymadam Sun 20-Jul-08 14:22:14

OK girls - time to get positive now on a brand new thread for the summer!!! grin


mumtoo3 Mon 21-Jul-08 21:35:48

Great idea bb, look forward to being involved, i have decided to be more positive how long it lasts i dont know but im in

corblimeymadam Mon 21-Jul-08 21:37:16

Good for you mumtoo3 - cos it is only fear... not life threatening or anything!!!

<<I know that is easy to say!!!>>

Dottoressa Mon 21-Jul-08 22:22:56

Now there's an idea, BB!

As I have mentioned, I am trying to be more positive, but find it all too easy to become anxious and gloomy about this phobia, so it will be interesting to see how this works!

Maybe this will be the emet thread for positive thinking, and the other thread can be for "aaaaargh, I have yet another irrational worry that means I can never go to a branch of Debenhams again as long as I live"?!

I was struck on the other thread by the very sensible comment that we spend years of our lives worrying about literally days of sickness. That does act as a kind of reminder to keep this in proportion...

wiggleit Tue 22-Jul-08 14:34:15

Hey, what a great thread bb..i'm all for positive thinking, it definitley helps. I agree with Dot though, it's all too easy to get down about this phobia.

Thanks for starting this thread bb! xx

I think it's a fab idea to have a 'positive thoughts' thread. Perhaps we can keep the other one open for our 'irrational, negative musings' At the moment, I am clinging on to the fact that 'V' bugs are pretty minor and short-lived. Your DC will 'V' a few times - most of it will be water (except the first). WE CAN AND WILL COPE. THE REALITY IS NEVER AS BAD AS THE EXPECTATION

corblimeymadam Thu 24-Jul-08 22:14:44

Had my last session today girls!!! Think I am cured!!!!

Califrau Thu 24-Jul-08 22:19:56

I didn't make a single appearance on teh other thread cos I knew it would be a fear feeding downer. This one has a much better title!

Califrau Thu 24-Jul-08 22:21:48

hurrah Bun! I really hope you are.

Niecie Thu 24-Jul-08 22:27:58

I posted on the other thread in the early days but like Califrau, I found it was winding me up rather than helping me look at things positively. Comparing encounters with the dreaded v got a bit much for me and I had to leave it. This might be a much idea.

How long did your course of treatment take BB? Do you know for sure that you are cured or are you waiting to be 'tested' by RL events before you know for sure?

Great to hear of somebody who is finding a way of dealing with it. Well

corblimeymadam Fri 25-Jul-08 09:03:48

I know what you mean about the fear feeding and I tried (where I could) to inject some positive into that previous thread but I think that people with this phobia often need a place to let it all out without people thinking they are complete nutters!! That thread served that purpose but I need another way through this now so I hope this thread will take another route.

I have had 16 sessions of CBT, Niecie (over 3 months) - about half focussing on emet and the others on health anxiety. It has been amazing (and I didn't have to v as part of my therapy Califrau wink). I now have a 'script' for what to do when I am challenged, particularly if dd gets a bug. She will get one one day soon. I may too but I may not. CHances are that at some stage when I have small kids I will come onto very close contact with one. It will be terrifying but the choice is mine as to how I move on with this. I will meet up with the therapist again in the autumn for a follow up meeting before I am discharged - she wants us to go on a rough ferry ride together. JOY - can't wait grin!

We will see - but it takes up far less of my time now. I am much calmer and if dd wakes at night I don't get that 'OMG what if she's...' thought as I walk into her room.

Hold strong girls!


Tatties Fri 25-Jul-08 09:27:48

I will check in here too (was also too scared to look at the other one!)

BB you sound great, the CBT seems to have been very thorough, and it has clearly had a very positive outcome for you!

Niecie Fri 25-Jul-08 16:16:58

The words 'rough ferry ride' have started a chain of thoughts now!

Perhaps I should get me some therapy pronto!

Again, well done BB.

mumtoo3 Fri 25-Jul-08 19:14:47

well done BB, thats great news, i have my initial assessment on 13th august, but they said it may take a while for cbt to start, but at least i am on the right track

DumbledoresGirl Fri 25-Jul-08 19:26:22

Would like to add my support here as a fellow sufferer. I used to periodically read the other thread but I never posted on it because, well, not to be mean ladies, but I do enough worrying by myself without wanting to share other people's worries. I hope that does not sound rude.

While I am here..... dh went on a course (for work) the other week. Lots of psychological exercises. One of the people running the course is a therapist living nearish us and dh told her about his emetophobic wife. She recommended NLP (which dh has wanted me to do for ages now) and she has since got in contact with dh to give him a list of suitable practitioners working relatively near us. Dh wants me to contact one and start therapy. No way do I want to do this, but it seems such a negative response for me to have. I know everyone will say "go for it" and I really don't want to so I don't know why I have posted this, but if I can't mention it to fellow sufferers, who else can I mention it to?!

corblimeymadam Fri 25-Jul-08 20:16:02

Mumtoo3 - great news!!! Well done for taking that first step. I was told 6 mths but it only took 3 in the end.

Hi there DDG - only you will know if and when you are ready to do something about this, if ever. It HAS to be your decision. Quick question though - why are you so anti? {{}}

bb xx

DumbledoresGirl Sat 26-Jul-08 10:01:17

No offence to you or anyone else, but I do not believe in a cure, not for me anyway.

corblimeymadam Sat 26-Jul-08 10:06:05

No offence taken AT ALL - just wish you could find some relief from the endless cycle of checking, scanning, panicking and avoiding, that's all. Who knows if I am 'cured' or not. Life is easier at the moment though and I hope it will continue to be so, for future pregnancies, for dd for all of us really.

I certainly think the first step to a cure is believing in it anyway, so your dh is wrong to push you when you don't believe in it.

Take care.


corblimeymadam Sat 26-Jul-08 11:56:03

Of course it could be said that you have nothing to lose by giving it a go, as it is not going to work anyway wink smile.

DumbledoresGirl Sat 26-Jul-08 19:29:23

Totally agree with everything you say BB. From reading the other thread, I know I am not as badly affected by some situations as some other emetophobes are, but that is just making excuses isn't it? Me trying to pretend I am not "bad" enough to need treatment.

There would not be any money for treatment right now, so I do have another excuse.

I think it is a huge leap of faith going in to any one of these therapies. For me, I just see endless sessions confronting something I would rather not confront, with no gain at the end.

I am delighted that you feel so much happier and positive about the whole thing BB, but personally I would think I was cured until I had endured an "episode". Dh agrees with you though, that just to feel better in between times (which you have certainly achieved) is worth attaining.

DumbledoresGirl Sat 26-Jul-08 19:30:37

that should say "personally I would not think I was cured until....."

wiggleit Sat 26-Jul-08 20:53:46

Hi everyone!

bb - you sound fantastic, you give us all hope! I can't believe the difference in you, it's great!

As you've said you did try to inject positive stuff on the other thread, which i for one found a massive help. You do inspire me. I really hope that one day i can face the therapy and get my life back. I am so very pleased for you. xxx

corblimeymadam Sat 26-Jul-08 21:36:36

Thank you wiggleit! I'm so so glad it helped. I admit I did find that other thread a bit frustrating at times - I don't have all the answers by any means but have thrown myself into this head first and don't really have an alternative! I have to believe in it.

But I also know full well how important it is to be able to let it all out when you are feeling anxious. Non-emets do not understand - I am beginning to recognise just how different our way of thinking is and I'm not surprised dh thought I was a nutter grin. It will take a long time for me to break out of that habit and for him to see me differently!

DDG - completely with you on the 'enduring an episode' thing. We have rehearsed it in session but it will be terrifying in real life. That will be the crunch as to whether or not the therapy has really 'cured' me.


corblimeymadam Fri 01-Aug-08 19:54:24

All very quiet on these threads. Hope all ok with everyone!


mumtoo3 Fri 01-Aug-08 21:36:22

Hi bb,

how have you been? i have been checking in but i suppose no news is good news wink

mt3 x

Can I join this thread...?

Would appreciate having some people as barmy as I am around me - especially as we approach the new school year/winter (you know, as in '...vomiting virus'?!). There will be point between now and, say, October half term, where I may well totally melt down thinking, oh God, the vomit is coming! The walls are closing in and one of us, if not all of us going to get it AARRGGHH AARRGGHH AARRGGHH! Do you know what I mean?

I'd love to be able to touch base with other people who really 'get' what this phobia does to you...

Thanks - and for anyone who read my 'health' threadm earlier, so far the night has passed peacefully...

wiggleit Sun 03-Aug-08 21:01:25

Hi everyone! Tis quiet on here but usually that is a good sign!

Welcome misspollysdolly---How are things with you? i haven't read your health thread.. what was that, i'll read it?
Hope all is well with you.

Hi bb! Miss you! How's things with you hun? xx

Thank you for letting me come and play...! Will be good to feel supported by people 'in the know'.

If you have read my Health post and were wondering, everyone here seems fine after DS's vom incident yesterday. Found myself stressing a bit about it tonight - felt a bit iffy - but it has now passed am I feel calmer. DS is fine - no idea what his big V was all about yesterday - just something he does occasionally - but boy I wish he wouldn't!!

However, it is proving to be an important reminder to me that my kids are only human - having adopted a DD who is rarely ever ill and too totally non-sicky babies I was allowing myself to live completely in denial that somehow I would never have to deal with the emetophobia in relation to my kids as they were clearly never going to be sick...! Well, now I'm learning ever so slowly that life(with kids)'s not like that.

Have you all heard of the book about Emetophobia by someone called Nicolette Harris?? It's v good - I would recommend it if only gain reassurance or to hand to family/friends/DPs to read.

corblimeymadam Mon 04-Aug-08 09:03:26

Hi MissPolly!!! Glad your ds is better and that the rest are ok too - quite possible that you feeling iffy was panic, no?

My dd rarely v's also [touch wood emoticon] - in fact not since Feb '07 and she is only 2.9... but I know that it really is only a matter of time and that it is quite possible that I will get something from her.

I try to think along the 'OK, what will I do if...' plan of action sort of line rather than the 'OMG I hope I don't get it... I will never be able to cope' sort of line. Does that make sense? It is not at all easy and I still await a bit test following my CBT!!

Off on hols on Friday for a couple of weeks. Can't wait to get away and enjoy some fresh air in the hills.

Hope everyone else is ok.

<<Hi wiggleit!!>>

bb xx

mumtoo3 Mon 04-Aug-08 12:55:22

Hi all,

welcome miss polly

hope you enjoy your holiday bb.

i have my meeting with the consultant on 13th aug, about getting help with this, but not sure what they will suggest yet.

is everyone enjoying our lovely summer!!!! mine want to just go in the garden and play they hate being stuck indoors

i saw a friend this morning and she said her and her kids all have 'd', but i am trying to stay calm because i did not go in to her house, and i did not pick anything up or touch anything, and she said they were at a bbq yesterday and its all of them! so i am trying to be calm (big deep breathes just typing this)

wiggleit Mon 04-Aug-08 21:20:40

Hi everyone <<waves and blows a kiss to bb>>

How are you all on here?

mt3- It sounds like your friends kids are suffering from something they'd ate at the bbq, try not to panic too much. My DD has d again..she's been like it on and off for months now, trying to find out if it's some sort of food intolerance.She's just been again! Mare! I have to hold my breath while i wipe her bottom and then bleach everything in the bathroom!

Misspolly - how's things with you? I hope you are all ok.xx

bb - have a fab hol babes. Get in touch when you get back hun! xx

Hi to everyone else! <<waves>> xx

Thanks for asking...we all seem to be fine today. Am feeling good for having coped so well this time. smile

mumtoo3 Tue 05-Aug-08 10:44:45


misspolly - glad things are okay, you should be proud how well you coped

wiggleit - my older 2 both were milk intolerant as babies, dd1 had the most fowl smelling toxic nappies going, with awful colic, but she grew out of it by abour 4 but she still does not like milk. my ds is 2.5yrs and is still milk intolerant and we know when hes had it lets say wink. Intolerances are very hard to work out and they do a 7 year cycle, its a process of elimination and work from the most obvious down.

bb - enjoy yours hols

Dottoressa Tue 05-Aug-08 21:49:16

I've been really interested to read this thread, and to hear from other emets who weren't keen on the other one!

As I've said before, I'm so full of admiration for BB. I've thought about this a lot, and presumably there does just come a point when you realise that you have to do something about this phobia. I occasionally think it's time for me to seek help, but then find excuses not to do it. I am just hoping that, one day, the moment will come for me!

BB: "I am much calmer and if dd wakes at night I don't get that 'OMG what if she's...' thought as I walk into her room." I would give anything to feel that way - but in that case, why don't I do something about it?

I suppose I'm partly afraid of DH thinking I'm even more of a nut than he already thinks I am grin; I'm also embarrassed about appearing silly in front of the GP; I also can't see how I could fit therapy sessions in with looking after the children. I am also very scared that I'd potentially pay a lot of money for something that made no difference. But those all sound like excuses when I write them down!

I really do hope I find the strength to tackle this. BB does give me hope that it's possible, and that therapy of whatever sort can work!

I personally find the other thread very useful as it's my only opportunity to fret and flap without feeling ashamed/silly, but I shall be following this one with great interest as well (and I shall keep it positive if I write anything!)

corblimeymadam Wed 06-Aug-08 11:16:12

Right - need your support now girls!!
Because of cost and my 'completing my therapy'.... We are going to take the ferry over this year and not the shuttle. shock It will save us £160. Aaaaagh!

I know it will be fine and I have never been sea sick before but this is a really big test. Weather forecast for Frday is ok but I have no way of knowning what it will be like to come back in 2 weeks time.

mumtoo3 Wed 06-Aug-08 14:26:48

bb - breathe, it is not like being on a cruise, dover - calais is only 1hr 20 ish, i use to take joyriders before going on the ferry just in case and they really help, i know i am an adult but you can still take them, give them to the kids as well wink, were in august i know it does not feel like it now but its not like january with all the cross winds, it should be calmer this time of year not much help i know i am sorry x

wiggleit Wed 06-Aug-08 15:58:28

Hi everyone!

bb - you have come such a long way, listen at you going on a ferry!!!!! I wouldn't even consider it an option!Like mt3 i'm sure if you went to the chemist and got something to take for you and the lo then that should help just in case there is a rough sea. Go girl! I'm so proud of you and full of admiration! smile xxxx

Dot - Hi, glad to hear you survived your trip to France! This thread is good, but i agree with you that i get something out of the other thread too coz you can go on there and not feel embarrassed or stupid about how we deal with certain things. I'll keep checking on both.

Hi to everyone else <<waves>> xx

Dottoressa Wed 06-Aug-08 16:10:50

BB: you will be fine. You have never been seasick before so there's no reason why you should start now; this is the best possible time of year to go on a ferry from a 'rough seas' point of view; it's only a short trip and will be over before you know it.

You are doing so, so well - I wouldn't even contemplate ferries - so put your bravest face on and go for it. *You will be fine*. Remember that the vast majority of people are absolutely fine on ferries. I went on a ferry with ex-bf (who did get quite badly travel sick), and even he managed a four-hour crossing in August without any mishaps.

Well done you for agreeing to it!!!


corblimeymadam Thu 07-Aug-08 10:51:59

Well the tickets are booked, so send some calm seas vibes in the channel direction at 9.15 tomorrow morning. I have fallen back into the reassurance seeking by scanning the met office website blush which is not good for me.

Anyway - the forecast for the moment (but will keep being updated over today and overnight) is that there will be slight to moderate seas - they are expecting some rain between 10 and 1pm which will bring some stronger gusts of wind but from what I can see the wind will be around force 3/4 when weather is clear (but occasionally 6 shock).


mumtoo3 Thu 07-Aug-08 12:03:20

bb - please dont worry, when was the last time you went on a ferry? what are exactly worried about? sorry if i sound blunt, blush

wiggleit Thu 07-Aug-08 13:45:09

bb - sending you loads of calm sea vibes hun! And even more anti-v vibes!!! grin

I'm sure you will be fine, like other people have said if you haven't been seasick before there's no reason why you should start now. It's a bit like travel sickness in cars or buses isn't it, you either get sick or you don't.

I do appreciate where you are coming from though hun and will be thinking of you on your journey tomorrow.

I have never travelled overseas so don't know what i would be like. I know when i first went on a plane i was worried about that but i was fine, even through some turbulance when DD was saying 'my tummy feels funny, i feel sick!' shock

I don't think i would ever be brave enough to go on water. That does scare me. Good on you for even considering it! wink

Hi to everyone!! xx

ladystardust Thu 07-Aug-08 15:09:50

Hey bb - hope you have good holiday.
I would definitely take travel pill and give them to all the family aswell.
On a ferry I always sit outside, away from the engine - even if it's cold and windy and try not to move!
Someone told me sitting on newspaper helps (don't ask me why) - also sitting with crossed legs.
That may be old wive's tales but the crossed legs thing actually does help dizziness and nausea.

I'm sure you'll be fine with enough drugs!

Good luck.

Dottoressa Thu 07-Aug-08 15:16:39

BB - I'm sending all possible calm-sea vibes your way!!

Remember that checking the forecast won't make any difference to your experience (easy for me to say - I'd never even step foot on a boat!!). The weather will be as it will be, and you will deal with it just fine.

I don't think I'd go for drugs personally(too afraid of being sick to take any drugs, even anti-emets!!! How hopeless is that?!), but you do whatever you need to do to make the situation bearable, and to feel that you are in control of it rather than it being in control of you. Remember that you are a very strong person, and you will not be defeated by a poxy ferry!!!

I shall be thinking of you, and have everything crossed for you!


wiggleit Thu 07-Aug-08 20:04:07

Dot - you are a bit hopeless really aren't you when it comes to drugs??grin (i rely on my anti-emets!)

Personally i would take the drugs just as a prevention. At least if you do start to feel a bit queasy you'll already have something in your system and it won't take so long for something to work.

I've heard it said too that you should sit in the middle of the boat coz you will feel the least motion there..????Don't know but i would try anything if it was me travelling!!

nicand2 Thu 07-Aug-08 20:53:15

Can I join this thread too?

I've had this phobia for ages at varying levels, it almost dissapered about 6 years ago but at the moment it seems to be getting a grip again. Misspollysdolly - I know EXACTLY what you mean about the walls closing in etc!

Anyway I've had enough of it, it's ruled my life for long enough so I've contacted a hypnotherpist who has experience of dealing with this and I'm just waiting for pay day to start treatment. I am almost certain mine is a learnt behaviour and apparantly the success rates of hypnotherapy are really good in re training your brain not to be irrational about it.

I think the worst of it is I have actually experienced life when I had control of this phobia and life with me or 'it' in control is so vastly different I am determined not to let it get a grip again (difficult some days) ...fingers crossed.

BB I did a ferry last year and was really worried but it was fine and you will be fine. When you have a scarry thought tell your brain 'thank you for that interesting thought' and then forget it, I've been trying this for a while and it does make you feel a bit more normal and in control?

wiggleit Thu 07-Aug-08 21:19:46

Welcome nicand2! Let us know when you start your hypnotherapy and how successful it is. I tried it years ago (have tried most therapies) But i had no success and the therapist said that the fear was too deeply rooted (just an excuse maybe???)

I suppose it depends on where you aare at with the phobia too though coz at the time of mt therapy i was really bad. Maybe now my brain would be more susceptable to new positive thoughts? I still have a severe phobia but years ago i was housebound with it.

nicand2 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:33:57

Hi Wiggleit,

I am fairly hopeful it might work as I have such varying degrees of anxiety with it, interestly after my first husband walked out on me 6 years ago it almost entirely dissapeared which i can only put down to the fact that i threw myself into life and really 'faced my fears' I have had over 5 years now where my phobia was really under control but after a long period of stress last year it has come back. Also I am convinced I know what the triggers have been for me developing such a fear so I'm hoping the hypnotherapist can go back to that and sort me out!

I have never been housebound with it although I can totally understand where you are coming from on how debilitating it can get. I was at my worst at age 15 and my parents thought I was anorexic as i lost so much weight by only eating 'safe' foods I was really underweight.

corblimeymadam Fri 08-Aug-08 04:34:31

Hi all - sounds like I was a combination of wiggleit (I was housebound) and nicand2 ( I was also anorexic - hello btw)! This was in my teens though - had 2 years out of school with it sad.

Anyway - many thanks for all your positive vibes. Not sleeping much tonight but the weather looks ok so confronting that fear is what I'll be doing!!!! I always used to take drugs but I am on the 2ww as we are ttc (hoping to come back with a BFP wink) so not sure that would be a great start for a bean!!!

Love to all - have a great couple of weeks. I may check in from hols!


mumtoo3 Fri 08-Aug-08 07:44:53

Hi all

welcome nicand2, i hope your therapy works, it would be great to know what happens

i use to go on ferries lots as a child, going on holiday to france, and on the annual 'booze run' wink, but i did take joyriders, that bit is not so bad for me, it is more schools, and small spaces of contact! lucky i dont have any children in school, but my ds starts preschool in january ahhhhh, my dd1 is HE, so thats something

sorry to ramble on blush

mumtoo3 Wed 13-Aug-08 08:05:20

Hi all

Just wanted to let you all know, i am off too see the consultant today, so am a bit nervous as not sure what they are going to say!!!

will post later with what happens

wiggleit Wed 13-Aug-08 20:01:54

Hi did your sesh go today hun? Hope you got something out of it? What did they say?

Hi to everyone else! xx

mumtoo3 Thu 14-Aug-08 15:43:08


i was going to post yesterday but i needed a bit of thinking time, the doctor i saw yesterday was lovely, and kept reassuring me i was not going mad i have been put down for group therapy within the next 2 months and individual therapy within the next 5 months, i know theres a wait but at least i am on the right track

she was very helpful in saying that the thoughts and behaviour i have, are perfectly normal and logical, and that i am going to have to delve back to when this all began, even though i dont remember! she explained things in a logical manner, and thinks theres hope for me.

has anyone tried hypnotherapy, i thought this may help piece the puzzle together?

how is everyone else feeling?

wiggleit Fri 15-Aug-08 20:03:14

Hi mt3..sounds like you are getting somewhere(or are going to get somewhere) with your therapy.

I tried hypnotherapy years ago and although it never got to the root of my phobia, it did really help with positive thinking and helping me deal with things better.I'd give it another go.

Let us know how you do get on when you start your therapy. xx

mumtoo3 Thu 21-Aug-08 07:52:02

Hi all,

just thought i would post and say hi to see how everyone is?

has anyone had any recent anxieties and if so how have you dealt with them? what are your strategies on dealing with 'the fear'?

mt3 x x

corblimeymadam Sat 23-Aug-08 20:06:03

Cooooeeeee - I'm back! Ferry was fab and mountain air delightful.

Glad everyone ok. Keep us posted with the therapy Mt3. I was told 6 mths but got a letter in 3. It is really worth it but I have to say that Ihave been sorely challenged whilst away. Mind going walkabout and lots of 'what if' thinking. It is still a battle! I will be listening to my therapy tapes over the next few days.


eekamoose Sat 23-Aug-08 20:13:25

Hello fellow nutters! If anyone wants to know how I am doing please look on Chat under Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help right now!

Thanks xxxx eek

Dottoressa Sun 24-Aug-08 09:56:42

Hello BB - glad you are back, and that the ferry went well!!

You are an example to us all.

I shall now see what eek has been up to...

bagsforlife Tue 26-Aug-08 12:35:54

I have lurked on this thread for ages but didn't want to join in, in case I scared anyone. I was obviously emetephobic (didn't really realise there was a word for it until coming on here!)but have been 'cured' to a certain extent by my DC3 age 12 who, since a baby, has randomly vomitted all over the place all his life. I have had to get so used to it (other DCs only vomitted the normal number of times). I used to live in absolute fear of anyone vomitting anywhere, myself included but since having DC3 I have faced some absolutely horrendous situations, the one I am most proud of was only recently when DC3 vomitted on a funicular railway which had just started, and we could not possibly get off and we had nothing to catch it in....whipped off my jumper and caught it all it there. Felt SO SORRY for other people on train, including one big man who jumped on his seat to get out of way and looked like he wasgoing to pass out (I would have done the same - pre DC3 vomitter). I just can't believe how it has cured me really, not that I would really recommend it to anyone (by the way DC3 completely unphased by vomming, he won't become an emetephobe!). This phobia really can rule your life, and I wish lots of luck to all the sufferers out there in getting it 'cured'. (By the way, still not so keen on myself vomming, but just have to think of DC3 and how brave he is).

mumtoo3 Wed 27-Aug-08 08:26:55

hey ya all

i did have a message all typed up until my laptop broke down

bb - glad you had a good holiday

dot - how are you feeling now?

wig - hows you me dear?

bfl - welcome its great to hear your story, sorry to hear about your dc not being well has it made it easier for you to cope with you being sick?

hi to anyone i missedm out

mumtoo3 Fri 05-Sep-08 21:48:10

hey all
hows everyone now the kids are back at school or going back to school? how is everyone feeling now?

weve had a pretty sh*t week, dh's cousin died, my nan is back in hospital, but on a good note we started HEing again this week and it went really well dd1 is swimming all week and my emet is bad again hand washing again

Dottoressa Sat 06-Sep-08 17:27:58

The start of term gives rise to such panic that I shan't post on the positive thread!! I shall save my wittering for the emet-anxiety one...

Sorry you've had a bad week - I hope things get better for you.

wiggleit Wed 08-Oct-08 16:44:07

Hi everyone! Not been on here for a while but this time of year gets my anxiety levels right up there! shock Not feeling very positive sad

It would appear a lot of us are still on the other thread, not much positiveness around us lot is there! grin

anyway i have posted on the other thread as well just to keep in touch with my buddies..hope everyone is ok.

No doubt now we will all be logging on a bit more now that noro season is upon us! sad sad
Summer didn't last long did it?pants or wot? angry

Lotsa love to everyone xx

wiggleit Wed 08-Oct-08 16:46:47

You can tell i haven't been on here for a while can't you..What's with all the smileys etc. i ask myself!?? grin grin (off i go again!) x

corblimeymadam Wed 08-Oct-08 20:11:22

I can't believe Dottoressa nicked the last post on the other thread!!! Very upset!!!
Dottoressa :-p

wiggleit Wed 08-Oct-08 22:02:10

Dot how dare you nick the last post on the other thread when bb so obviously deserved it! shock

Are we going to continue on this thread then with our tales of woe, need a life-line somewhere! xx

Dottoressa Thu 09-Oct-08 20:23:33


I had no idea - I thought it only went up to 1000, and that BB had had the last word as number 1000, as was so rightly deserved blush blush blush blush

I wrote the 1001st, then thought that it wouldn't actually have registered as they don't go over 1000.

I have just spent ages trying to find this thread to say that I have started another one (in 'feeling depressed') - and now I find myself full of horror and remorse.

BB - if I have robbed you of your last word, I can only apologise profusely to you (and everyone else). You deserve a medal, never mind the last word!!!

Dottoressa Thu 09-Oct-08 20:26:17

I do actually feel really upset by this. I have come to rely on MN for reassurance that I'm not a complete loon, and I feel that I have through ignorance of how MN works (my emet post was my first one) managed to upset everyone who has helped me. sad sad sad

As I say, I am very, very sorry.

corblimeymadam Thu 09-Oct-08 21:23:16

Oh Dottoressa - I was taking the p*ss!! Please don't be upset - you have NOT offended me in the slightest!!!!! I have no more right to anything on these threads than anyone else!!

But I'll fight you for the last post on this one wink!!

Dottoressa Thu 09-Oct-08 21:28:56

Oh, BB, thank you!!! I have been moping into my chicken curry at the thought of having offended you and the lovely emet gang. I couldn't really explain to DH why I was gloomy, as I thought he'd think I was even nuttier than usual.

I hereby promise to stop posting once this thread gets to 998, just in case!!!

Thank you, BB. I can now manage a smile!

corblimeymadam Thu 09-Oct-08 21:31:10

You daft bint!! Well done you for having a curry though - take away??? or home made???

Dottoressa Thu 09-Oct-08 21:43:08

Ooooh not takeaway (too much scope for anxiety there...): made by my own DH's fair hands. I did resist the temptation to remind him that the chicken has to be thoroughly cooked, as I feared he might find it offensive grin

This does remind me that I have to go and sterilise the work-surface, though!!

mumtoo3 Fri 10-Oct-08 08:28:10

hey all

how is everyone?

just got back from lanzarote and we survived grin had a scary moment ds spiked a tempreture on the last day and even after calpol still would not go down but he was fine dh was brill on holiday and went around with antibac wipes on all door knobs cot etc he is really understanding this phobia which is such a help and i found out a few weeks ago he has some weird ocd with clothe pegs and hanging the washing out grin!!!

mt3 x

corblimeymadam Fri 10-Oct-08 09:54:22

Great news mt3!! Really glad you had a good time. Holidays can be really scary can't they? I would always prefer a self catering number but used to lie awake worrying about what I would eat for weeks before leaving - needed to come home for a rest as it was such a stres LOL!!

We have been through an awful time lately with DH's job but are now coming through it. I think that somewhere in all the panic he has understood how I feel both physically and emotionally when very anxious.

Glad ds ok!


wiggleit Fri 10-Oct-08 15:53:53

Hi everyone!

Dot - i too was only taking the pee about you nicking the last post off bb!!You silly sausage! smile

How is everyone doing? Missed all my emet mates! But we back together again (phew!).

I'm a little anxious at the mo because my DH wants to take me on holiday.... abroad (Arrrgghh!) but i have agreed to go (can't live in a bubble can we?). It's just that i hate being stuck on a plane and hate being away from home! (Right miserable cow aren't i??) grin

I am looking forward to the sun but it's getting there that's the prob..and the risks while there. He wants to go all inclusive shock Well at least i might lose a few pounds while i'm there! I'll be packing my own food that i know is safe to survive the hol!

Isn't it a shame i can't be excited about it like 'normal' people?

Anyway i'm going to go for it and hope for the best, we don't even know where we're going yet, haven't booked anything as yet but dh wants to go pretty soon so we'll probably get something last minute. I'll let you know the destination as soon as i know.


Notalone Fri 10-Oct-08 21:01:50

Hi Everyone. I am so sorry I have been absent for so long. I started uni 3 weeks ago as a mature student and everything is so full on at the moment.

Wiggleit - sorry for being so crap at texting back hon - pleeaassse forgive me. I have assigments coming out of my ears and I have kept meaning to text you back. You can give me a virtual slap if you want smile. I understand the excitement / anxiety holiday thing I really do. Are you thinking long or short haul? Love your very rubbish mn and rl mate xxxxx

How is everyone else getting on? Its been ages hasn't it? I had my first Hep B vaccination today (can't get on placement orcontinue my course without it for uni - need 3 altogether) and the major side effect is V. All my uni mates have been fine with it but I am doing dutch courage tonight (and on my own - how sad am I?) to take the edge off the worry. Wish me luck! Oh and Ds says he saw a pile of V in the playground on Mon and anothe pile yesterday in the toilets only his year group use. AArrgghhhh!!!!

wiggleit Sat 11-Oct-08 20:54:45

Hey Notalone! Lovely to hear from you...(at last) grin grin

Hope all is going good with your course. Must arrange that night on the pee soon!

Went out last night actually with one of my friends into Doncaster, went to the loo and heard someone v'ing..then when we got outside someone was v'ing..(great!) I was ok actually because i knew it was prob drink related but still not a pleasant thing to see/hear.. yuk!

How is everyone else? All ok i hope xxx

Notalone Sun 12-Oct-08 23:46:52

Definitely Wiggleit! Am looking forward to it! Ugh at the V when you last went - its par for the course for some people isn't it hmm When were you thinking to doing it? xx

Am ok so far with my jab so fingers crossed I have not had any side effects. Thank bloody god!

mumtoo3 Mon 13-Oct-08 08:06:20

hey all,

well it happened to me saturday night, but i am alive to tell the tale which is more than i thought was possible 6 months ago! dh sat with me just hoping no one else gets it

how is everyone else

wiggleit Mon 13-Oct-08 16:16:52

Hi mt3..omg!!!! U v'd sat nite and feel ok?? Well done you! God, there is definitely something going round then? Have you been mear anyone whose had it or did it just come out of the blue? Wana know all the ins and outs of know what us emets are like? What area do you live? Was it just once or several times?

Soz to go on but i need to know all the gory datails! shock

Hi Notalone! Glad you not suffering any horrible side effects from your jab, think you'll be ok now. How's things with you hun, i take it there's something going round at your ds's school if he's seen a couple a piles of v around? oh no! shock Hope all is ok with you.
As for our night out, i will let you know coz dh trying to organize a hol for us pretty soon so my social life depends on that really........grin at 'social life'.

Hi to everyone else! How are we all? xx

mumtoo3 Mon 13-Oct-08 17:56:30

dont know anybody else to have it, yet!! so fingers crossed my family will escape

i thought it was a kidney infection but the dr said no, started out with really bad back and a bit of nausea, then about 7 and half hours later was sick then again about an hour later, sorry to go into detail blush we live in east berkshire but my children do not go to school!

hope your all well x

mumtoo3 Mon 13-Oct-08 18:13:07

sorry should have read 9 and a half hours cause started at 2pm and was sick at 11.30pm, but cause was feeling sick had not eaten thank god iyswim x

corblimeymadam Mon 13-Oct-08 19:06:34

Mt3 - well done you! Glad you are feeling better!

Just goes to show you can protect yourself all you want and it doesn't mean you won't get it. Luck of the drawer and immune system! Sounds like it wasn't half as bad as the anticipation though... easy for me to say!!! LOL


Notalone Mon 13-Oct-08 19:34:12

MT3 - well done! You sound like you coped so well!! Did you panic at all or were you calm?

I am so angry at DP atm. He said last Fri that the mate he had just been to see had been Ving as had his entire family (DP and 2 kids) but it was "definitely food poisoning" because they had been round to his DP's nans house and she had accidently undercooked the chicken. He said only those who has eaten chicken were affected and their GP said it was definitely food poisonning too.

Fast forward to today and said mate pops over with his 18 month od DS. First thing he talks about is the v virus they have all had which apparently everyone they have come into contact with has also caught. DP says "oh, wasn't it the chicken then?" and his mate just gave him an odd look. I said to DP that his mate had to go and DP has just basically told me to shut up and stop being ridiculous. They are all sitting outside now and the DS has his hands all over DS's toys. DP knows how I feel and has completely ignored my panic as ridiculous. Also I think he may well have lied which means he has put our family at risk and not told me. He did this once before when I begged him not to take DS to go and see a mutual friend who had just had noro as had her family and he promised he wouldn't. Said friend then dropped him in it and said how lovely it had been to see him and DS.

I know to someone who doesn't suffer emet I may sound very unreasonable but all you emet sufferers will know how I am feeling right now. DP knows how I feel and has still chosen to ignore it. I never stop him going out, he is out more than he is in these days, so you would think he would have done that one thing for me and not gone to see his mate just while he was contagious

wiggleit Tue 14-Oct-08 20:05:43

oh Notalone...really feeling it for you atm. I totally get where you are coming from hun. We all do!

I remember you told me before when we met up about your DP going to see your friend who had just had noro...Poor you. It is the mistrust thing that is so bad here isn't it? I am lucky that my DH is very supportive and understanding of my fears to the point of sending his staff home if anyone in their family is ill!

I really don't know what to say babe except that it has been a week so you'll probably all be ok. Your DP didn't have any direct contact with v...but i do know how stressed you will be feeling atm and how angry you are. Try and put things into perspective though, it has been a week, DP is ok, and he is the one that was there. I know he could be carrying the bug but i would think by now some symptoms would have appeared. Please try and stay calm chick (she says knowing i would be acting exactly the same!)

Sending you a massive hug! smile (will meet up very soon)

Hi mt3, thanks for answering all my questions! (sorry blush ) I am a bit neurotic at times (only ALL the time! blush ) You sound like you coped really well. You have given me hope. Hope all the rest of the family escape it. Good on yer girl! x

Hi's things with you my little mentor and tower of strength! grin xx

Hi to everyone else! xx

Notalone Tue 14-Oct-08 20:29:44

Ah thanks Wiggleit xx. You are right, it is the mistrust thing which gets me and also the fact that he just doesn't get it no matter how much he says he does. If it were him I would never do that to him but hey! We are (so far) still ok so am keeping everything crossed that it will continue. I went outside and sprayed anti bac all over DS's toys in the garden and today it has rained loads so hopefully no germs now.

Have you any idea where you are going on your jollies yet then? <<jealous emoticon?>>smile xx

wiggleit Tue 14-Oct-08 20:48:14

Notalone - it is difficult to get people who aren't phobic to 'get' us. It's just not such a big deal to them is it?

DH wanting to go either Egypt (shock), Canaries or somewhere exotic with loads lf diseases! grin (that ain't happening! hmm) Probably end up in the Canary islands somewhere, 4/5 hr flight (that's more than long enough for me!)

Will let you know asap. We can go for a night out when we get back if you want (When i'm all brown and gorgeous....well brown anyway!heehee!) xx

mumtoo3 Wed 15-Oct-08 08:43:20

hey all

how is everyone doing?

i seem to be really down at the moment, now i have a cough so feel rotten still , but wanted to share with you all this, when i was sick last time i was pregnant with dd1 and had a bug, dh had to hold my hand and be right by me all the way, i would not even let him go to work! but on saturday he stood next to me the first time and sat out on the box about 6 ft away from me the second time, i feel that is progress not to say i want to be sick or am cured but i am proud of myself and dh support with this (use to be scared of getting the poops, and he did the same and i am fine with it now of a fashion!!!) hope you see what i mean and if it helps anybody great

Notalone Wed 15-Oct-08 19:33:45

Sounds like you are kind of doing your own cognitive therapy Mumtoo3 and it sounds like it is working. You are doing well!!!

Wiggle you do realise if you are gonna be all brown and gorgeous you will have to wear baggy tracksuit bottoms and a shapeless jumper to compensate. I refuse to be the really white invisible one lol grin. Not that I will be jealous of your lovely tan or anything, it is just that you will be so used to the lovely hotness of the canaries you may be cold so I want to make sure you don't suffer hmm

wiggleit Thu 16-Oct-08 14:55:44

Notalone,i'm touched by your thoughtfulness and how caring you are about me feeling the cold etc hmm hmm
Do you think i'm blonde or something?(no offence to any blondes out there but let's just say it has to be used to our advantage at times don't you agree?grin)

I was going to wear baggy tracksuit bottoms anyway actually, but was thinking more of a tank top kinda thing rather than a baggy shapeless jumper..but i know you are only thinking of me when you suggest that..hmm grin angry heehee!! xxx

mt3 - sorry you are still feeling rotten babe, how are you today,any better? Hope so. Am impressed by your diy therapy sesh you did while you were ill on are making progress and that is brill..well done! xx

Hi to everyone else! xx

mumtoo3 Fri 17-Oct-08 08:31:13

hey how is everyone feeling?

Notalone, didnt think of it as diy therapy shock, dh is just so supportive and he knows i have been like it since forever

Wiggleit, still feeling sh*t, not helping that dd2 is refusing to sleep in her bed and still wakes for feeds in the night and she is nearly one!!! the icing on the cake is dh has a cold now! and the cherry on the top is both dd1 and ds woke this morning with snotty noses

so with all this happening we are staying in all day and cooking, dd1 is only doing a bit of english and maths today as i am just yuk and the thought of science or history today is almost unthinkable, so off to cook up some comfort food now x x

wiggleit Fri 17-Oct-08 13:44:13

Hi mt3, sorry to hear you are feeling crap still, plus the rest of the family too. There is a lot of cold around dh has had it all week and he never gets ill, my dd has it too so i'm just waiting for me to start with it!

What comfort food did you end up doing? I love marmite on toast when feeling rough. How are you all doing now? Just take it easy today mate. You've had a rubbish week haven't you? sad

Hi to everyone else! xx

mumtoo3 Fri 17-Oct-08 15:59:51

yeah so so, dh finishes work at 1.30pm on a friday so hes been here to help, which is great, i got so pi**ed off with dd1 and maths dh has just taken over, but i had to explain more than and less than!!!! just trying to rest my voice at the moment, and to top it all off the toilet has backed up and we are waiting for a plumber (this happens a lot here end of the line!) lucky our house is grace and favour so it wont cost anything

hope everyone else is having a better week x

wiggleit Fri 17-Oct-08 17:23:05

Oh mt3, you're not having a good week at all are you? sad

Hopefully all will be well next week! Hope you have a good weekend too. smile xx

Aaaaagh am not having a good day!!!!

DS v'd twice last night, DP did most of the mopping up, showering etc, while I slunk away to sleep on the sofa.

What are the chances that it doesn't pass to the rest of us? I'm terrified DD will be next.

Hope everyone else is OK! xx

mumtoo3 Fri 17-Oct-08 20:10:39

where is bb with her words of wisdom?

my children have had tummy upsets and ones got it and the others have escaped but other times they all came down with it, just make sure they wash there hands and lots of dettol. how is ds today?


wiggleit Fri 17-Oct-08 20:28:12

Oh's not good is it? Poor you.sad
I agree with mt3, make sure there is lots of handwashing and bleach!
Have you got any of that dettol spray stuff? I use that when any 'incidents' occur, well should i say dh does coz i'm usually no-where in sight! shock He sprays everything! If not use bleach. How is ds now?
Hope you are all ok sweetie, thinking of you! xx

Hey bb! Where are you? we need you! You are the one who rationalizes everything for us..xx

Marne Fri 17-Oct-08 20:36:08

Just thought i would say hi,
Its great to be able to talk to people who understand this phobia, at the moment it is realy getting to me, now dd has started school im getting exta worried that she might pick up a bug. I give her vitamins in the hope it will build up her amune system.

Is it possible to get help on the NHS for a phobia? if so how do i go about it?

mumtoo3 Fri 17-Oct-08 21:14:59

Hey Marne i went to my gp after my hv refered me with pnd and ocd, my ocd is connected to this phobia, as i am obsessed we will get ill, so cleaning and avoiding situations are my way to cope and withdrawing my dd1 from school! my gp put me on tablets and i am waiting for cbt, which i hope will help it is really hard taking that first step but i felt so much better once i did. just hoping it works

mt3 x

ps you can tell i cant talk as i am living on here tonight!!!!

Marne you need to get a referral from your GP to go on the waiting list for CBT (I haven't plucked up courage yet!!!)

Wiggle,I've Got the dettol spray (the one that kills viruses) and have used it liberally as well as latex gloves.

DS was right as rain this morning, asking for toast the minute he got up. So it's a fairly mild bug.

Still on 'terror alert' though. BB come and tell me it won't spread around the family grin.

corblimeymadam Fri 17-Oct-08 22:31:25

AD - can't tell you that now, can I?!

BUT take strength in the fact that it is clearly a fairly short lived thing AND that the likelihood is that you have come in to contact with this virus before and have some immunity to it. The most common symptom in adults with gastric bugs is D not V. Ds has come through it quickly and is none the worse for it - if dd succombs then the chances are she will be the same. BUt then I presume she didn't come into contact with the vomit itself so that reduces her chances as well.

Take sensible precautions re hand washing and sharing of towels etc and hope for the best.

Marne - hi!! You can get help on the NHS for this. Go to your gp and ask to be referred for cognitive behavioural therapy. There is a wait but it is so worth it. It has changed my life.

Life in BB house is still very stressy. DH's job is safe for the moment, as is the house [phew] but dh is really struggling. I am worried he is having a breakdown tbh and am desperate for him to get some time off. Very hard in a small company when you have just rescued it from going down the tubes. I am feeling quite anxious as a result and my health anxiety is not fab. Also waiting for dd to go down with something but nowhere near as worried about that as last winter. I have started to listen to my therapy sessions on tape again which is helpful. I'm trying to see an experience of dd v'ing as a real test and a way for me to prove to myself once and for all that it really is no big deal [ha ha ha wink].

To really cheer you up - I am going to bed tonight with a plastic shower cap on and a head full of Hedrin. Another of the joys of teaching in a primary school!! Just as well we have stopped ttc till the new year. Such a passion killer!

Hugs to all. Stay positive girls and get out there and live your lives please.


wiggleit Sat 18-Oct-08 00:24:55

bb - you are such an inspiration to me! You make everything just seem not so bad, that therapy really has helped you. I really want to get out there and live my life but this tiome of year i do find it loads more difficult.
Thank you for your positiveness! wink xx

Marne Sat 18-Oct-08 15:50:14

Thankyou all for the advice, i will talk to my GP, i am willing to wait for this to get sorted out. I took dd1 out of nursery a couple times last year because other children had bugs, now she's at school i can't realy do that. As soon as anyone mensions d&v i feel ill and shake like a leaf, this phobia is keeping me from having more children as the risk of catching bugs and having to deal with them will be higher.

Thankyou for telling me i can get help, it gives me some hope grin

wiggleit Sat 18-Oct-08 16:39:58

Hi Marne and welcome.

You can get help and bb is a terrific example of that. I think she was lucky enough to live near a good hospital though that deals with things like this. I have gone for help a couple of times without success but that's not to say you won't have..(don't wana put you off.)

I don't think i was in the right place when i had my therapy, maybe if i tried again i'd have more success.I do also want to get help to overcome this so i can have some quality of life.

Good luck and keep in touch on here! smile

How is everyone else on here? xx

corblimeymadam Sat 18-Oct-08 23:11:33

Evening all - have consumed far too much red wine with the inlaws this eveningbut wanted to check up on AD. Hope no news is good news.

Wiggleit grin <<preen>> Will polish my halo in the morning when less p*ssed!!!


Hi BB and everyone else.

And I'm happy to report that........we're in the clear!!!

I think it was Rota rather than Norovirus (yes, I know I should stop googling gastro bugs).

Apparently, most adults and children over three are immune to it, which explains why DS got it and not DD.

So, yes while I'm very relieved, I'm still aware that Noro could be just around the corner

mumtoo3 Sun 19-Oct-08 16:34:22

i am glad you are okay, not too make matters worse but if its rotavirus you need to be careful until 3 days after the childs poo returns to normal, and remeber the virus can live for upto 4 weeks on toys etc, sorry to bum you out!!! ds had it and he was in hospital and then the story was in a national magazine.


corblimeymadam Sun 19-Oct-08 17:30:59

Just to be clear:
'Rotavirus particles remain active on human hands for at least 4 hours, on hard dry surfaces for 10 days, and on wet areas for weeks.' From Dr

Many other viruses with gastrc symptoms cannot last more than minutes outside the body - from specialist in infectious diseases at King's

Noro can survive for months sad but is easily cleaned up with normal household cleaning products - also from specialist in infectious diseases at King's

Reasonable personal hygiene and domestic cleanliness after such a bug has been in the house would get rid of this IMO. I reckon you are pretty safe AD, 3 days later. These things are very easily caught if they are around and the rest of you have been in close contact with your house I presume smile!!

It is those hideous play centres with ball pools etc that I loathe wink!!!

bb xx

wiggleit Sun 19-Oct-08 20:02:31

Hi everyone!

bb - is your halo shining brightly after you've polished it? grin hmm
You are truly fab though chicken believe me! xx

AD - Sounds like you are in the clear, glad all is ok with you now...It is such a worry though isn't it?sad

Dreading the next few 'noro' months! sad angry sad


mumtoo3 Sun 19-Oct-08 20:17:10

sorry to worry anyone blush, i can only say what i was told from the rotavirus organisation, after we nearly lost our son last year, and after seeing him in such a state i promised myself i would always tell as many people about it as possible so that people are aware of the severity of the virus and to always trust mothers intuition.

i can only apologise for worrying anybody, the doctor at the hosiptal was the one who told me to be very careful until 3 days after the stools have returned to normal. also when ds was ill, dd1, dh and i were all fine

please accept appologises again, excuse spelling and will keep fingers crossed, sorry again blush x

wiggleit Sun 19-Oct-08 20:34:05

mt3 - you have nothing to be sorry for! We'll worry anyway! grin xxxx

corblimeymadam Sun 19-Oct-08 21:20:25

God mumtoo3 - I'm so sorry about your son - I didn't read your previous post properly. I'm not surprised you are nervous about all this... halo well and truly tarnished blush blush.

I guess I was trying to put a balance on it I suppose. To be honest there is nothing anyone can do to change the situation for ad and her family. AND clearly the medical profession are giving out different info as well. shock

Common sense and a healthy dose of fatalism required I think!!


corblimeymadam Sun 19-Oct-08 21:22:57
mumtoo3 Mon 20-Oct-08 08:01:03

sorry bb think i was a bit emotional as soon as i see the words rota virus i see my son lifeless in a spainish hospital and i fill up emotional and have been fighting back tears just writing on here

hope everyone is well were still poorly here and dh is off work today cause he is rough, dd1 is going to the cinema today for films week, so will be in a stuffy room with lots of other school kids aaahhhh (first time she has been near any sort of teacher/pupils since we dereged her in March) so i am waiting for her to freak out especially as my friend is taking her in as i am too ill to sit in a cinema for 90 mins. just praying for a bug free enviroment

Mumtoo3, sorry about your son, that must have been so scary. Do you think he had less immunity to this particular virus as you were abroad?

DS recovered really quickly from his bug and didn't even have the runs. I'm hoping that he will now be immune to rotavirus.

So, that just leaves 'noro' to obsess about!!!!

wiggleit Mon 20-Oct-08 17:58:50

Hi everyone!

AD glad your son recovered quickly from his bug. At least no-one else got it.(phew!!)

mt3 how's things with you hun? Sorry to hear you are still not well in your family. Get well soon all of you. wink Hope dd1 enjoys the cinema.

How is everyone else? bb - How's you my little chickadee? luv ya! grin xx

Notalone,how are you enjoying your course hun? Miss you, see you soon for a booze and a catch up. wink grin xxx

Notalone Mon 20-Oct-08 18:04:38

Hi everyone. Are we all D & V free? We are ok here but the worst part of the year (in my eyes Nov - Feb) is looming. so glad this thread is here - it helps me to stay sane!

Mumtoo3 - how old was your DS when he had to be admitted to hospital. How very scary for you - no wonder you are cautious now. Do you think maybe your fear stems from this or did you have it before too?

Hi wiggleit!! Is my birthday today so am pigging out on Thorntons and a chocolate homemade birthday cake with chocolate icing and buttercream. Yum! All my uni mates got me a cake too. Am gonna be the size of a house!! how have you been? xxxx ps I won't really make you wear trackies when go out lol.

Are you nit free now BB? Think I would rather have nits forever than V just once. hmm

Hi ADsmile

mumtoo3 Mon 20-Oct-08 20:02:54

hey all,

ds was 15 months and i was 3 months pregnant with dd2, but unfort this phobia has been around long before all this happened, i think the rota virus has made me more aware of how severe d and v can be, and put it in to prospective when i worry! dd1 made herself burp earlier and was a tiny bit sick, but is now having maltesers!

how is everyone doing? x

wiggleit Tue 21-Oct-08 17:09:02

Hey Notalone! Happy birthday for yesterday! Did whoever made the homemade cake make it big enuf to fit all your candles on it? grin wink (must have been a big cake you pig! grin )
Hope you had a fab birthday mate. xx
I may not wear baggy tracky bottoms when we go out, they're not really me to be honest..You know what a posh bird i am grin xx
Hope uni going well.

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is ok??How are you and yours mt3?

AD how's things at yours?

bb How are you and all your little mates hmm grin (the joys of children eh?) I'm scratching my head here as a type this just thinking about you! shock
Hope you are nit free now hun and all is ok with you. xx

corblimeymadam Wed 22-Oct-08 08:03:40

Anyone in the South East interested in joining me?

I had an email back saying that he will contact me when the dates are finalised. Could be an interesting alternative treament method. The guy treats emets with hypnotherapy on Harley St!! No cost mentioned though...


mumtoo3 Wed 22-Oct-08 08:19:16

hey all

were okayish, still rough and when i cough i feel sick!!! but otherwise okay

bb i am up for looking at an alternative, have you put down evening or saturday morning?


corblimeymadam Wed 22-Oct-08 08:22:24

Saturday morning I think but I'm near Streatham so could do either. Would be great to meet another emet in real life!!!!


mooog Wed 22-Oct-08 10:12:44

Sorry if i sound a bit thick, but you talking about a fear of being sick or pukey sick or both? Or neither?

corblimeymadam Wed 22-Oct-08 18:51:47

ANy of the above mooog - some of us fear others being sick, some of us it is ourselves, some of us it is the mess. It is totally debilitating for most of us, particularly in the winter.

mooog Wed 22-Oct-08 20:21:58

Oh dear, sounds very nasty.
How do you manage if little ones are ill?
Why is it worse in winter?
Is it a phobia then?
Is it something that someone has always had, or does it come on at any time in life?
How long does it last? Or once you suffer from it, do you have it for life? Is there treatment?
I seem to remember seeing Paul McKenna trying to help somebody with a fear of actually being sick and even other people around her!! I know he hypnotised her, but I dont know how she got on.
I am sorry if I am unsettling anyone, but I am really interested by this.

corblimeymadam Wed 22-Oct-08 22:28:33

"Oh dear, sounds very nasty" YES!! It is awful and governs life in so many ways: travel, diet, socialising etc etc

"How do you manage if little ones are ill?" With huge difficulty! Search messages for emetophobe and you will find many threads where we are seeking support if lo's are ill! It is really terrifying and many will not eat for days and days to try to avoid being sick if they get the bug.

"Why is it worse in winter?" The dreaded season of the norovirus or 'winter vomiting bug' as the press like to dramatise it as!

"Is it a phobia then?" Very much so - 5th most common in the UK. See support swebsite.

"Is it something that someone has always had, or does it come on at any time in life?" This varies though I think most of us have had this since childhood or teens. It can vary in intesnity depending on life experiences.

"How long does it last? Or once you suffer from it, do you have it for life? Is there treatment?" There are different treatments which have varying success depending on the roots and severity of the problem - cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy seem to be the most successful. I had 16 sessions of CBT earlier this year and it has revolutionised my life. BUT I am still waiting for this winter's tummy bugs to hit to provide me with the ultimate test wink!

"I am sorry if I am unsettling anyone, but I am really interested by this." It is so refreshing to have someone who is really interested! Usually people are either sympathetic or think we are nutters. Rarely have I been asked about what it entails! Thank you!!!


DumbledoresGirl Wed 22-Oct-08 22:32:30

Hello BB. According to Steve Wright (yes I know, not the fount of all wisdom!) it is higher than number 5 in the list of most common phobias. I think it was 3.

corblimeymadam Wed 22-Oct-08 22:37:40

Wouldn't surprise me ddg! Hello!
Interesting reading moog!!

DumbledoresGirl Wed 22-Oct-08 22:45:13

That made interesting reading BB. I am so pleased reading some of the ways people are affected and realising such things have never occurred to me before. It means I can't be as bad as I thought! I mean, do you understand what pegging out washing in a non-vomiting posture means?!

mooog Thu 23-Oct-08 21:26:01

Thankyou belgianbun for your very informative answers. I cant begin to imagine how hard that must be to live with, never mind trying to cope with the kids.
Do you know that if it wasn't on the Paul McKenna show then I wouldn't have had a clue!
Luckily I caught enough to have me notice your thread.
I know of so many other phobias, but not this,which is not on when you come to think of how common and debillitating it is.
Do I remember correctly, when on the link it said the average age of suffers is 36yrs old.
Do you know if that sounds right to you?
I might sound a bit dim here,but if you get an illness like the measles or tonsillitas for instance, is it that illness that 'panics' you at the time or that the illness might make you be sick. Or both?
Thanks for the info,its been very informative.

DumbledoresGirl Thu 23-Oct-08 21:44:32

I can answer your question re illness. It is always (in my case) that the illness will make the sufferer sick. I don't panic that other illnesses will make me sick, but I would panic if I felt sick, and I panic that other illnesses, even coughs and colds, will make my children sick because in the past it has done so.

DumbledoresGirl Thu 23-Oct-08 21:45:56

And I don't know what I am doing on this thread because I long ago decided talking about the phobia was just another way of allowing it to take me over, so I am clearing out now. smile

mooog Thu 23-Oct-08 22:08:24

Sorry but thnks for info.

Dottoressa Thu 23-Oct-08 22:41:35

I've just read all the posts on this thread - I hadn't realised it had been so busy!

How are you all, lovely emet pals?

DS scared the life out of me at tea today by choking on a bit of apple, then saying "I think I'm going to be sick."

Me: "No you're not."

DS: "How do you know?"

Me (crossing fingers and touching wood): "Because it's just a bit of apple"

And so on.

I finally got him to do deep breathing and counting, in the hope that it would make him feel better (well, it was really an excuse for me to do some anti-panic-attack breathing, disguised as helping him).

It was a very bad moment. He seemed okay afterwards, and was picking on DD again ten minutes later - but I am of course still anxious, and will be listening out all night for noises. To add insult to injury, DD didn't eat her tea either - and the last time she didn't eat was when she had rotavirus two years ago. I think I might copy and paste this onto the scary thread, too - I am very conscious of not wanting to undo BB's good work!

If I were being rational and talking to a fellow phobe, I'd say that it was all because of the apple-choking incident. But as I'm here and scared, I am not rational!

wiggleit Sun 26-Oct-08 14:06:25

Hi everyone!

Dot how's things with you hun? I'm presuming all ok as you haven't been on here since so i'm hoping that's a ggod sign! smile

How is everyone else? xx

souvenir Wed 29-Oct-08 23:35:47

Message withdrawn

mumtoo3 Thu 30-Oct-08 08:49:23

hey all, i am hoping everyone is well, and enjoying half term, for us work is still ongoing, as we take a day off here and there, so we continue through the hols

i am getting quite anxious about ds starting preschool in january, and worried about the 'bugs', so just keeping my fingers crossed i snap out of it any words of wisdom greatly received blush

mt3 x

souvenir Thu 30-Oct-08 13:36:49

Message withdrawn

corblimeymadam Thu 30-Oct-08 14:09:01

Hi souvenir - hope all well with dd now. Have posted on your other thread. Keep checking in here - it is a great thread!

Hello lovely emet people!

Sorry I haven't checked in for a while...been a bit busy (thankfully not wiping up sick though!). How's the first school half term been for everyone? I am just about managing to keep my 'IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON' fear just bubbling under the surface without having a major meltdown, though I'm sure it will happen sooner or later.

People are <clings to many wooden objects while trying to type> generally well in our house at the mo. Hope all are well with you lot too.

Hello ladies.

Sorry to be the purveyor of doom again. (especially on the positive thread)Seems to always be me! I suppose that's the peril of having 2 preschoolers both of whom have an active social life.

Damn bloody softplay!!! sad

DD had the sick bug last night (touching every bit of wood that it's the same one DS had 2 weeks ago)

We were at the cinema when the babysitter (ie my Dad) phoned to say that she'd v'd. Rushed home to find her sitting on the sofa looking very sorry for herself. So I donned my gloves and anti viral spray to clear it up.

I got a bowl (something I thought I'd never be able to do, as I have an extra horror of sick bowls!!).

She v'd quite a few more times, but it was all water. She managed to reach for the bowl herself and aim (so I was very proud of her) The nasty stuff had been done in her bed earlier whilst we were out.

She's fine today (although very tired). and absolutley gutted about missing a halloween party.

What can I say, it wasn't pleasant but I coped (as I always do, and you will too!).

corblimeymadam Fri 31-Oct-08 17:17:35

Good for you annoyingdevil!!! Ending on quite a positive note there I thought!!!

Thanks BB. Feeling quite calm atm. Have even eaten a proper meal this evening (with a couple of glasses of wine!)

wiggleit Sat 01-Nov-08 16:12:59

Hi everyone. Just checked on here to catch up coz not been on for a few days. Sorry you've had a few rough days souvenir and AD.

I hate this time of year, i am just waiting for the bugs to strike. I'm constantly on my guard! Nightmare! angry

Well done to you AD for managing to eat a meal so soon after the 'event'. I would be starving myself for at least 3days! shock

How are you souvenir? You did sound pretty stressed in your messages. I would have been too. How are you feeling now? Hope you are both over it.

Hi bb! You are still the positive strong one who we all turn to.Thank God for you! smile xx

Pinkchampagne Sun 02-Nov-08 20:52:55

Can I join you tonight? I am a single mum who doesn't cope well with stomach bugs. My eldest son has been complaining of a pain in his stomach since teatime & doesn't seem to be settling to sleep. My stomach doesn't feel great either & I am feeling a bit panicky! Can't cope with us both being ill at the same time!

wiggleit Mon 03-Nov-08 21:22:11

Hi Pinkchampagne, welcome!
How are you and ds today? hope you are both well.
You do well being a single mum. I couldn't cope with that in times of illness. My DH takes over coz he knows i just can't deal with it at all.

Hi to everyone! smilexx

Pinkchampagne Mon 03-Nov-08 21:30:15

Luckily DS slept through the night, and although he was still complaining when he woke up this morning, he soon perked up, had some breakfast & played on his DS, so felt he was fit for school! He has been fine since thankfully, but all I have heard today (work in the school) is how staff/family of staff have had bugs in the week off, and children are already being sent home with tummy bugs & we are just a day in! Hoped the half term may have killed the bugs, but obviously not!

Being alone when they're ill really panics me. I am used to doing it all as ex H was so squemish & useless, but I am not finding it much easier!

wiggleit Mon 03-Nov-08 21:59:56

Glad to hear your ds ok and you too. Yours was probably nerves! wink
You do well to work in a school.that is one place i couldn't work..i barely make it to the school plays etc! sad

Awful isn't it Pinkchampagne. I though we'd also be safe from bugs during half term, but it was not to be.

Maybe, your DS had it very mildly.

Hi to everyone else

wiggleit Mon 03-Nov-08 22:08:26

Hi AD how's things at yours now? All well i hope?

corblimeymadam Mon 03-Nov-08 22:11:14

Pinkchampagne - do you work in my school? Fits the picture 100%!!


Pinkchampagne Mon 03-Nov-08 22:22:26

Does it?!! You work in a school too?! Nightmare time of year isn't it? As soon as they come back after the summer holidays, the bloody tummy bugs start, and they don't seem to go away for months & months!

My boys are staying the night with their dad tonight. Hope all is ok!

corblimeymadam Mon 03-Nov-08 22:30:29

Reception teacher had 3 members of family v'ing, yr 5 teacher had it and yr 1 teacher off with it today. 2 kids sent home with projectile v. Joy! Hate the autumn!!!!

wiggleit Mon 03-Nov-08 22:32:23

Oh bb and pc..admire you for the work you both do, no way could i ever do your jobs!

Pinkchampagne Mon 03-Nov-08 22:34:24

Horrible isn't it?! I heard of yr 6 TA visiting her son who was recovering from a bug, then how she had it on Thursday, then yr 5 teacher telling how she had sent 2 children home with it & how her boyfriend had been up all night throwing up & how her stomach didn't feel right. They were just a few that I heard talking in the staffroom, I am sure there were probably more! I keep antibacterial gel in my work bag now!

corblimeymadam Mon 03-Nov-08 23:31:46

Can I just recommend white wine at this stage of the evening - dulls all evil thoughts!

DD went back to pre school today and I'm so relieved she's already had the bug! Hoping, I can at least have a few worry-free weeks.

So, we avoided going to a halloween party on Friday (after dd's bug) and most of the children there ended up with it anyway! Seems one of the other children spread it around before getting it that night.

aaaaargh, it's everywhere at the moment!

Bug-free vibes to all xxx

corblimeymadam Thu 06-Nov-08 19:35:47

Calling for your support in a different way today girls. My Dsis has just had a diagnosis of breast cancer. It is very early - it was picked up on a routine mammogram and is tiny tiny. It is also not the aggressive type and doc has told her it will be easily dealt with. Thank God she lives ina place where mammograms are routine from 40...

I am terrified for her... and selfishly for me too as it increases my risk too. sad sad sad Rather ashamed of myself on that one.


Notalone Thu 06-Nov-08 20:02:50

Oh no BB - Am so sorry to hear about your dsis. Thank god they caught it early. You are not being selfish at all - it would cross the mind of anyone who's sibling had it as it can be genetic. Please don't beat yourself up about it. What are they doing for her?

Hi everyone else. Have been avoiding this thread - guess I have been adopting the ostrich with head in sand mentality - if I can't hear about it it doesn't exist. It is that time of year though and its hard to forget. BB and pinkchampagne - I don't envy you working in schools. However I am going on placement in hospital in January for 7 weeks - omg - what am I thinking of?

Wiggleit - how are you babe? Have you sorted your holiday out or are you definitely not going now? We should have our night out one of these days or just meet for a drink if we can both co-ordinate our diaries lol xxxx

mumtoo3 Thu 06-Nov-08 20:13:46

omg bb i am really sorry to hear your awful news, let us know how she is

i dont envy any of you, working in hospitals and schools, i freaked out just going in the doctors yesterday, were i saw a young girl with a sick bucket!!!! i felt awful being so selfish with my thoughts, but i cant control it and just go into panic mode

BB sorry to hear about your sister. Thank god it was detected early. Fingers crossed for you too. Will you now get a mammogram? Keep us posted.

Hope everyone else is surviving the season. We're all ill with coughs, fevers and sniffles.

Both children are sleeping badly - waking every few hours. DD was coughing all night and had hardly any sleep.

Dottoressa Sun 09-Nov-08 19:27:17

I've not been on here for a while (more about that), but firstly:

BB - I'm so, so sorry to hear about your sister. Big hugs to you all. I do hope it was caught early enough. Let us know what happens...

It does help to put things into perspective, as I was about to come on here and moan. Suffice it to say I've been away for a while because I came down with appendicitis (including four failed attempts to v, to my horror), and have been in hospital and then convalescing at my parents'. The reason I went away to get better is that the day I came out of hospital, DS came down with a bug sad, including v-ing (which, fortunately, I slept through, so DH dealt with it!!)

All in all, not a good couple of weeks. DS and DD are going back to school tomorrow after 5 days off (I took her away with me), so I am now terrified they'll pick up another bug. After the appendicitis episode (which was almost on a par with back-to-back labour with no painkillers), the last thing we need is another stomach thing!!!

I shall be back, but hello and good health to you all for now...

wiggleit Sun 09-Nov-08 21:27:07

Hi everyone..Not been on here for a few days but boy have i missed some stuff!

bb - so sorry to hear about your dsis but hopefully they have caught it early enough. How come they do mammograms at 40 there? Why is that not available to us all? Sending you massive hugs and well wishes hun xxx

Dot - oh and what about you and your appendicitis?? Bloody 'ell, you don't do anything by halves do you???!! X Hopefully your ds will be immune to the current bug seeing as he's already just had's a worry isn't it? I hate this time of year, well from now till about april actually!! and even then it's not safe is it? Aaaaarggghh! angry

Notalone - hi chick! No plans to go away yet hun,would rather get a kitten! For anyone else who doesn't understand, my DH and i were supposed to be booking a hol for a well needed break after lots happening and my gorgeous persian cat dying aged 15..bless. But i don't like being away from home..especially when there are loads of bugs about..(that plane journey and all those recycled germs..yuk!!) i kind of put my DH off the idea and am happy to stay at home and get a kitten! I feel a tinsy bit guilty and selfish coz i think DH could really do with a hol but it just doesn't appeal to me, i'd rather be at home, (sad or what??) AIBU?

We will arrange a night out soon Notalone. xx

Hi to everyone else..lots of good health vibes coming your way! grin xx

mumtoo3 Mon 10-Nov-08 08:19:40

morning all

dot - good luck for dc going back to school, hope your feeling better following your episode in hospital, you are so brave

wig - is it the plane that worries you alone or the hotel as well?

hope everyone else is well

mt3 x

wiggleit Tue 11-Nov-08 20:48:03

Hi mt3 - It is everything to do with the holiday that bothers me, the plane journey, the foriegn food, hotel the hotel clean, the bathroom, has anyone who's been in the room before us been ill??? All that sort of stuff..rubbish aren't i? x

Hi to everyone else! xx

melly407 Tue 11-Nov-08 23:29:06

I have been reading this thread over the last couple of nights. In a weird way it has given me relief that others feel the way i do. I cant remember when my phobia of sickness started, although im scared of being sick, im terrible about others being sick. i have three children, 6yrs, 3yrs and 3mths. it has got to the point i have to do something about it. im constantly listening out at night thinking one of the kids will wake up ill, if i hear a bug going around the class i keep my eldest of school. My 3yr old has just started pre school last week, already i have kept her off this week as ive heard that this sickness bug is really bad at the moment. when one of my kids tells me they feel sick or they seem unwell, i get very hot and sweaty, dizzy and just want to run away. i have to get my husband to deal with them. i feel awful towards my kids, cause i cant be there when they need me. Have i got this fear quite badly? I have read in this thread of someone getting hypnotherepy to cure this problem, can you tell me how successful this was? also i have read about people going to their G.P. i have just registered with a new G.P. and dont feel comfortable to discuss this with them. (still trying to get round to booking my 8wk check up!!)
I really am struggling, especially this time of year, any hints/tips and advice would be greatly welcomed.

mumtoo3 Wed 12-Nov-08 07:28:56

Hi all
hope everyone is well

wig - when i go away i always go to places like spain, greece cyprus etc, never tunisia, egypt, etc. i used to work in a travel agency and have learnt that spain etc go 4 star up, egypt if you brave it must be a 5 star no questions! hotel food must be fresh so get down at the begining of service, and get fresh from them cooking it on the show bit iyswim. if in doubt dont eat it! and antibac wipe eveything when you get there train dh to help with that wink. hth

melly - you sound just like me mine got so bad it was half the reason to pull dd1 out of school but now am faced with preschool!!! i went to see my gp and it really helped, please go and have your 8 week check, maybe see a female doc, and you may feel more at ease to talk about your phobia. this thread is a god send and really helps is your dh supportive?

hope everyone else is well and bug free

mt3 x

wiggleit Wed 12-Nov-08 22:53:28

Hi everyone!

mt3 - holiday wise we have always stuck to 'safe' destinations (well as safe as you can be abroad) hmm

I just can't help worrying that we will get ill over there and it would be awful to be trapped in one room together,plus i really don't like being away from home. I'm extremely careful what i eat abroad, stick to very safe options always!

Melly - you sound just like me. I've had this phobia for as long as i can rememberand hate being sick myself or anyone around me being sick. At school if anyone was sick in class it was always me that the teacher sent home because i would be in such a state! blush

Now i am married with a dd and find life much more stressful. I hate this time of year with all the bugs going round and tend to adopt a kind of reclusive attitude to life during the winter months! Not good when you have an 8 yr old around!

Please go and see your Dr. i've actually been to see my doc today and tried to ask for help with this problem.Like you i am registered with new doctors and have struggled to find a decent doc, but i have at last found one. Although she hasn't done anything specific atm to help my phobia because i am already seeing a psychotherapist for another illness (i have m.e).

I hope you find this thread helpful, it is an absolute godsend tbh. bb (belgian bun) on here is fantastic.She has had some therapy and is loads better and helps us all on here by relaying some of the info she has learnt from her therapy. She is absolutely fab (bb - you owe me a tenner for those comments! grin grin xx) I have bb as my mentor! Poor thing shock xx

I am lucky that i have a very supportive DH and he puts up with a lot! Bless him.

You have no need to feel alone with this phobia, there is always loads of support on here.

How is everyone else?

Notalone - how are you coping in the hospital environment on your course? Must meet up soon and catch up hun xx

Dottoressa Thu 13-Nov-08 23:13:19

In haste... Melly, I am there with you!!! It is horrible, but you are not alone. Come and talk to us any time you need support - I think we all lurk to some degree even if we're not posting...

Hello to all the rest of you! x

wiggleit Fri 14-Nov-08 21:50:41

Hi everyone!

How are we all? xx

melly407 Sat 15-Nov-08 21:00:07

Hi all,

Thanks for your response's.
What treatment has BB had? how in control of the fear are they?
My husband is quite good, he dosn't understand the true extent of my phobia, but he will look after the kids when they got tummy bugs, (despite the moaning i get from him!) i just panic if he's not here and i have to deal with it.
No one seems to have gone down with it in eldest daughters class yet. I have to send my 3yr old to pre school on Monday as she not went last week, so the dreaded day counting and watching will start.
Really cant deal with this time of year, seem to be in a panic all the time.
I really must get the courage to see my GP. I cant go on like this.
Mine and husbands relationship falling apart and the sad thing about it is, im not kicking him out due to this phobia i have got. How awful is that.
I hope everyone is well.
Thanks for your words of encouragement again.
Mel. xx

cookiemonstress Mon 17-Nov-08 13:16:37

Am going to have make this short as have toddler dingling around my legs but have read this thread a few times and thought I might chip in.

I have a V phobia (and does my mum and her brother) and for yrs it has been my BIGGEST fear. Had all the anxieties described on here. Used to obsess about it.To cut a long story short, when a particularly bad case of the norovirus swept through our house a few years ago, I felt so depressed at the thought that this phobia was controlling the way I felt and was making me so unhappy that I tried hypnotherapy. I can't say that I am completely cured (still on winter bug watch) but it has made a massive difference. I can now cope if people are ill around me (I don't like it, but I'm not at the point of passing out from it) and this year, I have had two stomach viruses and have been sick twice this year (almost my proudest moment!). This was the first time for 10 years.

When I first had the therapy, I left there feeling absolutely the same, I thought it hadn't worked but my response to our first stomach virus after the therapy was so noticeably different i.e. I could deal with it rather than running for the hills! that my husband couldn't believe it. The treatment was very gentle, lots of relaxation exercises but importantly she gave me exercises to cope with anxiety. I think the process of being able to talk about it with someone who understood was really cathartic (sp?) and she helped me understand a bit about where the phobia might come from (pinpointed an event in early childhood where my mum and my uncle both reacted really badly to friend of mine who was sick). I know understand that the anxiety I experience when someone is sick around me is due to the fact that I instantly think that I will get sick (which isn't always the case).

This is what I've learnt this year. The thought of being sick is SO much worse than the reality. I found that for a while when I was sick I was completely calm about it and felt totally 'normalised' in my response for a while. When one of DC are sick, I can cope (even on my own) , although I do still get a touch of paranoia for a few days after that one of us will get it which I'd like to eliminate.

Also in terms of DC being sick, realised that the first sick is always the worse and there is a chance you might not be around for that one.

I also read a very useful article on statistics on the bbc website which really helped. Basically it was saying that these news items about winter vomiting bugs being on the increase/up from last year etc are all bogus. The figures are projected and likely to be grossly inflated. I have also sussed that the coverage of WVB is seasonal. If you look at footage from recent years, articles run from the same dates which suggests to me that it is a bit of a filler. I also think that the coverage is also to do with preventative action i.e. to stop outbreaks by getting people to take adequate time off from work and school and to think about hand washing.

There is not really a point to my thread, except to say that I completely empathise with you all and to pass on my positive experience. Like I say, I'm not totally cured, I still scan the faces of people on packed tubes for any potential sickers! and my heart still goes when one of my kids wake in the night but I'm coping with it much better than I used to. I'm telling myself it's not the end of the world and it's a totally natural bodily response to something. WHen someone was sick on the train recently I didn't move carriages which was a first!

I guess my biggest wish in this treatment is not to pass this fear onto my kids (as my mum did to me) or to not let it affect their lives in anyway (but I still draw the line at ferries!). But we should take comfort from my friend's mum, who is still emetophobic (and yet used to be a childminder and had 3 kids!). Whenever my friend or one of her brothers was ill, her mum used to shout up the stairs " you know I love you but I can't be with you right now" and then pass out. THis does not seem to have affected my friend in way and she is the calmest person I know in the face of sick (to the point she will make herself sick if she's drunk too much...crazy woman!)

Anyway that's it. Forgive spelling and typing errors. Stay positive and try not to let it get to you.

Best wishes

wiggleit Mon 17-Nov-08 16:26:36

Hi cookiemonstress, thanks for taking the time out to post some words of encouragement. It's good to hear from people who've managed to deal with it and have a fairly normal life! (hard to imagine life without worrying).

Thanks for passing on your positive's good to know there is hope!

Mel, how's you?

bb had some cognitive therapy i think, it has done her the world of good. She also learnt a lot about how bugs are transmitted etc and passed her info onto us which definitely helped me.

Hopefully bb will be around on here soon. (miss you bb!)

How is everyone else? xx

cookiemonstress Mon 17-Nov-08 17:39:30

There is hope and my husband would say that i'm proof of that. It doesn't stop me worrying but i know that if it happens i'll cope (although will prob have a good cry afterwards!) and for me I know that I'm better because I'd rather take the risk of sending my dc to nursery/pre-school rather than looking for every excuse (as previously) to keep them out.

would be really interested to know the info re: bug transmission etc, is it on this thread?

corblimeymadam Mon 17-Nov-08 19:06:54

<<bb crawls in proffering tenner to wiggleit!!>>

How are you all doing?!

Sorry to be away - went to visit my sis in hospital the other side of the channel. She has just had surgery for a tiny breast cancer sad. All going well though and we will know more about her treatment plan on Thursday. I actually stayed in her room on Saturday night! Hotel hospital!!

I had CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) at the Maudesley in London, referred by my GP - treatment came through after about 3 mth wait. Has COMPLETELY changed my life but I must say dd has been very obliging in not catching a v bug since Feb 2007!!

Happy to answer any questions!


cookiemonstress Mon 17-Nov-08 20:04:39

Def interested in the process and in what way it's made a difference.
I also heard a rumour that you had some interesting info as in how bugs are transmitted. I'm always on the look out for some rational data to help quell the swells of anxiety!

Hope you sister makes a full recovery.

Best wishes

wiggleit Mon 17-Nov-08 21:24:43

bb - is my tenner in the post? {grin] shock

How you doing darling? hope your sis is ok, let us know. thinking of you xx

You ARE making progress...staying in a hospital hotel....................(what's that all about??) Sending you lots of love and good vibes for you and your sis xxxxxxx

cookiemonstress, told yer bb would come good in the end!!! She's fab! (bb, can you afford for me to say lots of nice things about you?heehee grin ) xx

corblimeymadam Mon 17-Nov-08 21:24:49

Hi cookiemonster - thanks for you good wishes ofr my sis.

If you search messages for a thread called Emetophobia - terrified of this sickness bug you will find loads of the info.

BTW am managing to eat my dinner in fornt of the I'm a Celebrity bushtucker trial gag fest so I must be nearly cured!!

corblimeymadam Mon 17-Nov-08 21:25:34

Cross posts wiggleit!! hello you!

wiggleit Mon 17-Nov-08 21:26:58

hello you too! Missed yer! wink xx

mumtoo3 Tue 18-Nov-08 08:38:31

this is really inspiring to know that the treatment can help, i have been waiting for my cbt since the summer, but first waited 6 months to see someone to find out if cbt could help!!! i still have my nurse come round every couple of weeks to keep me on the straight and narrow (i also suffered with pnd following dd2 as well as ocd connected with this phobia!)

also wanted to brag about dd1 she is 5.75 and on thursday night, she was sick but i didnt know until friday morning as she didnt wake us, the following day i asked her why and she said 'i didnt want to wake you up cause you so tired' i cant believe how brave she was, i just asked her to be sick in the toilet not the sink!!! bless her, she gave me details but was not phased by it, and said she was sick and went back to bed. maybe i could do with taking a leaf out of her books?!blush

how is everyone else?
bb i hope your dsis is okay and recovers quickly x
welcome to everyone else new thanks for sharing your experiences

cookiemonstress Tue 18-Nov-08 20:13:09

Thanks so much re: direction to old thread. The best read this yr!! Am so relieved not to be the only crazy loon out there and loving the whole norovirus 'facts'... Brilliant!

corblimeymadam Wed 19-Nov-08 08:31:30

Glad it was helpful, cookiemonstress. A trouble shared and all that. I know it made a big difference early in my therapy as the world felt far less threatening and contaminating iyswim.

Sorry to read about your Mum on the other thread. Big hugs and prayers for you and your family.


Dottoressa Wed 19-Nov-08 19:16:31

Cookie - thanks for your long post. I am considering hypnotherapy at the moment - there's someone not far from us who claims to specialise in our phobia (along with other phobias...). I am not enjoying the onset of winter - DS's best friend came down with a v-bug on Sunday, but was back at school (and very peaky) on Tuesday. Grr. And then someone v-d on the staircase as we were taking the DCs in to school. I really, really hate this time of year, and just want to be free of this!

This is only a shortie as I'm still recovering from the dreaded appendicitis - but I wanted to say hello to you all, and send big hugs to BB and her sister xxx

wiggleit Wed 19-Nov-08 22:04:22

Hi everyone.

Dot - hope you are recovering well from your appendicitis. You seem to be coping well with what's going on around you..although i know ot's easy to come across that way when deep down you're having a coronary! I would have scarpered at the v'ing on the staircase!!shock Hope you are all ok xx

Cookie - how's you? sorry i haven't read any other thread re your mum as bb mentioned. will try find it and fill myself in. Hope you are ok xxx

Notalone - where are you matey? How's your course going? Hope all is well with you? We going out for a Christmas drink? Think we should, it's only good manners init??!!grin xx

Hi to everyone, hope all is well with you all. xx

Dottoressa Wed 19-Nov-08 22:30:03

Wiggle - I did scarper!! I waited outside for DH, who had (wait for it...) actually put his hand in it. I made him wash his hands twice at school and twice again when we got home!!!

Dottoressa Wed 19-Nov-08 22:31:17

Oh and yes, I am not feeling at all calm or as if I'm coping. I am in a permanent state of near-panic at the moment...

Could anyone give me a link to that earlier thread with all the bug info?

I'm a struggling emetophobe too. I can cope with dd being sick if it's, say, a coughing fit that's made her retch. But I live in constant terror of being sick myself and of tummy bugs.

I was horrified when I dropped dd in today as her friend was sick in the playground at school yesterday and is back in today. I just don't understand why parents do that. Not only is it unfair to the child as they might still be feeling grotty but it's so unfair to the rest of the class. I whispered to dd to make sure she washed her hands after holding her friend's hand and then immediately thought I'll be turning her into an obsessive-compulsive if I'm not careful.

mumtoo3 Thu 20-Nov-08 12:01:14

i thought schools had a 48hr rule, so they should send the child home and the parents should get a good telling off just my twopennies worth i respect anyone who sends there children to school, cause i could not do it now. i think theres a link somewhere else in this thread i think i would have pulled my dd out of school and complained about it sorry my ocd takes over with this sort of thing blush

There is a 48-hour rule but I really don't think that many people take any notice of it. I couldn't keep dd off as we were already there when the child was arriving. I might email the school though to ask them if they can make the 48-hour rule more widely known.

Dottoressa Thu 20-Nov-08 14:33:17

It makes me very angry when parents don't observe the 48-hr rule. IME, doctor parents are the worst culprits at my DC's school (big apologies to emet doctors for that generalisation!!)

corblimeymadam Thu 20-Nov-08 17:11:05

Hi all - my school sends children home again if they are not 24hrs clear. If a child is sick at school and then turns up the next day an angry phone call is made and they are duly dispatched.

I have a poorly dd asleep on the sofa next to me - I got a call from nursery this morning as she had a high temp. It is not particularly reponsive to paracetamol at the mo but I am hoping it is just a virus. She is very clingy and tearful which is just horrid. She has eaten a few crackers and drunk a bit of water. I think it is in her chest. She is not coughing really but has coughed a few times and looked in pain with it. No sign of any gastric symptoms fortunately...

Oh - and other news is that my dsis has been told that all the cancer was removed with the tumour and apart from 6 weeks of radiotherapy she will not need further treatment. She will have 5 years of tamoxifen but all good in the circumstances.

Big hugs girls - keep strong.


Dottoressa Thu 20-Nov-08 17:49:45

BB - in so far as there is any good news where cancer is concerned, that is good news indeed. Hugs to you both xx

pinkkoala Fri 21-Nov-08 13:39:40

please help, i am paranoid about my daughter getting this vomiting bug, i have a phobia of being sick. she has being playing today with the children next door who had it 3 months ago. she has been putting their music toys in her mouth do you think the bug could still be on them from that time ago. i dread this time of year every year and am driving my husband mad.

please does anyone know if it would survive that long.

corblimeymadam Fri 21-Nov-08 13:47:24

Welcome!! Read through this old thread Pinkkoala. There is a lot of info on there telling the truth about contagion riak rather than the panicky side of things.

Please stick around on this thread though - they are a great bunch of people who have given me so much support!


pinkkoala Fri 21-Nov-08 14:35:42

thanks for message, but do you think i am being over paranoid at 3 month thing

corblimeymadam Fri 21-Nov-08 15:10:04

Yes!!! Honestly if you scroll down that old thread there is a really long post from me which I cut and pasted from an email. My therapist had contacted a bacteriologist/ specialist in contagious diseases to make sure I had the facts straight and sent me the responses.


pinkkoala Fri 21-Nov-08 15:42:59

have read your post, do feel a bit beta but it does say that noro can survive for months on surfaces, thet had it 3 months ago and my daughter put the trumpet in her mouth today, i always clean my daughters toys after infections but not everybody does. would you be worried.

corblimeymadam Fri 21-Nov-08 16:07:48

NO I wouldn't! Do you know for sure that the child even had noro? If it was three months ago - ie in the middle of the summer - it is much more likely that it was some other type of bug. There are so many different reasons for children being sick.

Children get vomiting bugs all the time. I work in a primary school and we have had loads of bugs over the years. It is always cleaned up but who knows which pencils have been chewed, who has washed their hands after using the loo etc etc etc. If these things were that contagious we would all be going down with them all the time and for months and months after a child has had it. This simply doesn't happen.

The main source of contagion is the vomit itself (or diarrhoea). I doubt very much your dd's friend threw up on to her toys. If she had then her mother would have disinfected it wouldn't she?

Please try not to panic. Have you got help for this? I have had CBT through a gp referral and it has completely changed my life. My one big worry was that I would pass my fear on to my dd. I HAD to break that cycle.

Keep posting.

corblimeymadam Fri 21-Nov-08 16:09:20

BTW other bugs do not live for months on surfaces...

wiggleit Fri 21-Nov-08 16:18:40

Hi everyone

bb good news about your dsis. I know she's still not out of the woods but it sounds very positive. Good luck! wink

Hope your dd gets better soon, i hate this time of year coz there is so much to worry about and so many bugs around. At least it sounds like your dd's isn't tummy related..(phew!!)

You continue to be full of positiveness (is that a real word or have i just made that up?grin) You are such an inspiration. (now where's me tenner?grin grin )xxx

pink - I think you will be fine if the bug was 3 months ago. Try and put it into perspective in which case it probably was just a tummy bug as apposed to the noro bug in which case the germs wouldn't have lived long.Noro usually happens in winter, so 3 months ago it was probably just your normal tummy bug.

I know how distressing it is though and totally appreciate where you are at, but listen to bb and read her posts because she definitely helped me with her knowledge.

You will all be fine you'll see! wink

wiggleit Fri 21-Nov-08 16:21:00

I've just read your post bb, we must have cross posts! I wasn't copying you honest! See pink, I'm even starting to talk and think like bb! She's fab! xx

Dottoressa Fri 21-Nov-08 20:23:01

Pink - as you see, BB is fabbity fab. Stick around - we are all very supportive and completely understand one another's weird fears!!

FWIW, I wouldn't worry about the trumpet. Even if it was noro, it wouldn't still be hanging around. BB is quite right about it being not quite so easily transmitted as we fear - if it were, entire schools would be struck down at once, and I have not heard of that even despite all my paranoid trawling of the internet for noro horror stories!!

Hello to the rest of you...x

mamadiva Fri 21-Nov-08 20:29:14

Sorry ahvent read the whole thread but do you mind me asking what emetophobia is?

Sorry genuinely interested to find out am a nosey bugger

corblimeymadam Fri 21-Nov-08 22:17:54

It is a fear of vomiting, mamadiva... much more than the "well, no-one likes being sick, do they?" comment that we get from a lot of people.

It is completely debilitating, resulting in anorexia, social problems, panic attacks, complete withdrawal from daily life, obsessive/ compulsive behaviours... you name it. Treatment has variable success, with cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy being the most useful.

Emetophobes will do virtually anything to take away the risk of vomiting - this is a really good description. All of us are slightly different in our fears but as parents of young children we all have to face our fears every winter when stomach bugs tour the land!!!!

Thanks for asking. Many wouldn't!

Zaor Sun 23-Nov-08 00:46:07

Hi Ladies,

I've been watching this thread since I discovered it last year but this is my first time to post. First a thanks to you all for at least preventing the worry that I'm the maddest person in mad land! It helps to know you are not alone.

Although I always hated myself V'ing I used to be able to cope with my DS but since last oct when DD had a bug I've lost it. I've had hypnotherapy (but I think she was a chancer) and CBT which helped somewhat but I'm still not in the least bit normal about it all.

Anway nightmare came through this evening. DS v'd in his bed. He was at a friends house and then a birthday party yesterday. The friends baby brother had the runs for the past few days which was being put down to teeth by his mum (a nurse). Friend was v'ing last night but at football match this morning - no shared water bottles mind you. Of course DS could have picked it up anywhere but I'm suspicious. Then again they eat out at a prize giving for football today so it might have been the chicken - in which case DS will soon be afflicted too!

I've coped so far (4 episodes in 1 hour) but with help from hubby. Dettoxed everywhere. Nappysan in the washing machine with sheets which will get about 10 washes. Hands scalded and miltoned to within an inch of their lives. DS and DH now on couches in sitting room and window open in DS bedroom hopefully blowing away any germs.

I hope the worst is over for him but I'm in a blind panic about the rest of us. My biggest fear is that DH will get it at the same time as me and kids. I think I'd just run away. I've taken 2 motilium and 2 probiotics. I'll be at the Xanax before the night is out.

I dont suppose anyone is online at this hour but I think its going to be a long night for me so let me know if you are. thanks....

corblimeymadam Sun 23-Nov-08 12:21:53

Oh Zoar - I'm sorry none of us were around in your hour of need.

It sounds like you have been very thorough with your cleaning - that and washing hands before eating and after using the loo/ chaning sheets etc is what will keep you free from it if anything will. As for you and dh getting it at the same time - remember the prime symptom of gastric bugs in adults is the other end anyway as their immune systems are stronger.

It could be the chicken, it could be that your ds and his friend were both exposed at school on Friday and his friend showed symptoms earlier (rather than ds getting it from his friend iyswim). These things are usually very quick to pass through the system so it is likely that by now your ds has stopped v'ing. {{Hugs}}

Hold strong and keep posting.


Zaor Sun 23-Nov-08 14:28:58

Thanks for the good wishes BB. He is flying around the house now + bouncing on my bed (was, until I caught him!). Last v at 4am. Had a slice of toast at 11.30am and still down but he says hes not hungry. His friends big brother also came down with it last night. It does seem to be short lived but I could still do without it going any further. Its worse with the small ones who cant aim into a basin.

It doesnt seem to be the dreaded Noro - I wish there was an easy way to identify these bugs so you could know what you're dealing with. I think the lack of control and uncertainty plays a huge part for me.

I actually coped ok. This time last year I would have sat in the car for the night but I was a small bit of help to DH. It was my first test since finish of CBT last Feb and although I wouldnt say it has cured me, its defo not as bad as before. I'm so glad DH was here, normally they only v when hes not here. He was brilliant (even if his cleaning skills are not up to much and I've done it all again this morning).

DS school has a 24 hour exclusion rule after V but I want to keep him off tomorrow too so he doesnt get it again or spread it to anyone else. But then he may not have even picked it up there! I'm amazed, he was due to visit a friends house today and they still wanted him to come - how I wish I could be like that!!

Fingers crossed for me that DD doesnt get it and now that I've made the jump to a poster I'll keep it up.


mumtoo3 Sun 23-Nov-08 19:45:28

zaor - hope things are okay now, i am sorry no one was here to give you support last night you sound like you were very brave through it all, i would have done the same and kept dc off school tomorow as well, some schools are 48hrs, which i think makes more sense anyway, cause you want them eating normally again before going back!

will keep fingers crossed,how is everyone else?

corblimeymadam Sun 23-Nov-08 20:17:04

Glad ds feeling better. Our school is 48hrs during noro season.

BUT I was reliably informed by the bacteriologist that that is only as a precaution to be sure symptoms have passed and that there is no more d or v.In other words. If they don't d or v then they are not contagious...

Crossing everything for the rest of the family!

Zaor Mon 24-Nov-08 19:20:11

So far the rest of us in the clear. Although last year when it got in the house it did DD on Sunday, DH on following Sat and me on next Tuesday. DS didnt get it at all - it will be at least 2 weeks before I can relax and eat properly again.

But look on the bright side at least it will knock a few pounds off for Christmas. Lost almost a stone last year without even trying and kept half of it off over the summer - so this affliction does have 1 good point....

Dottoressa Mon 24-Nov-08 19:31:20

Zaor - I'm so sorry I didn't see your posts earlier. It sounds as if you have been incredibly strong about it (far stronger than I would have been). I have everything crossed that the rest of you remain unaffected.

Keep posting!! x

BB I read somewhere that the bugs can still be found in the stools up to 5 days after symptoms stop and that that's why people can seem to catch the bug days after someone else has had it? We all had a bug once almost a week apart from each other and I'm a total hygiene freak. Aren't we all with this dang phobia?

wiggleit Tue 25-Nov-08 16:42:08

Hi everyone!

Zaor - so sorry none of us were around in your hours of need, but it sounds like you coped as best you could..well done you..I would've been the one sleeping in the car difinitely! blush It's crippling isn't it?

I've been on tenterhooks all weekend too. It was DD's friend's birthday party on Saturday and a family that turned up had had a bug, all of them. So i'm ashamed to say we couldn't stay. blush shock
I had to leave the premises because there was no way i could stand there talking to them for hours (the party was 4 hrs long at skating then a buffet for tea) (what a nightmare!) I couldn't bear to be in the same room as awful is that? Apparently this bug is doing the rounds and 'loads of people have had it' as this family pointed out to us.

Am scared stiff DD will pick it up from school. I even put some anti-bac hand wash stuff in her school bag and told her to use it but whether she does or not who knows?
she always puts some on when i use it but i'm not sure she would think to use it left to her own devices.

I'm already worrying about january because i've got tickets for her and me to go and see high school musical and i know we will then be in the thick of noro season and i'm not sure i will be able to face taking her.What am i going to do? bb - HELP!!! Need your words of wisdom here...perleeez xx

How is everyone else doing?

Love to all! xx

pinkkoala Tue 25-Nov-08 17:57:31


thanks to bb for the previous threads i do understand it a bit better now.

i didn't realise there was a name for this fear until now, i thought i was nuts. this is a very interesting topic and will be looking at it whenever i can, that is when my daughter lets me have 5 mins.

i'm driving my daughter nuts at mo as whenever she is out i say do not put your hands in your mouth and i always carry wet wipes and anti bac hand gel, is anybody else as paranoid as me.

from reading bb pre thread it is mostly spread hand to mouth or in the vomit that stays in the air is that correct.

i was never like this until i had my daughter and she picked up everything going at nursery.

can't wait for the summer to come.

Dottoressa Tue 25-Nov-08 19:02:23

Pink - oh yes, I am certainly as paranoid as you!!

I think I could take out shares in antibac soap, hand-squirt and work-surface-spray. I won't let them eat anything until they've washed their hands to my satisfaction!!!

(That said, with all BB's advice in mind, I did let DS eat sweets on the way home from school on Friday without washing his hands first. A major breakthrough for me - and for poor DS blush!!)

corblimeymadam Tue 25-Nov-08 19:10:22

PK - it is spread in the vomit or the faces of an affected person. So poor hygiene or being around someone who vomits (spray back from hard surface into the air) are the main waysto contract it. It must be said that the risk from aerial droplets is very very shor lived and you cannot get it from walking past a pavement pizza!

We are full of snot at my school at the mo and seem to be escaping the gut bugs for the moment. Hurrah... and frantic wood touching!!! grin

Have to say with the worry about dh's job in September/October and dsis' diagnosis of breast cancer a month ago this is put into perspective even more for me. Life really is too short!!! I just wish my brain bought into that theory 100%!!!

Keep strong girls!


herbietea Tue 25-Nov-08 19:12:17

Please can I join. I am emetophobic and have been for years. I had CBT and it seemed to work!

I was blessed with a child who has cyclical vomiting syndrome where he can be sick 40 times a day for a week. I can cope sometimes but others not. I think the biggest fear is catching a bug that will make me vomit.

Today he has had a small op and has just got back with DH. He is as white as a sheet and feels sick sad. I have had to nip up the shop for something so I was out of the way blush.

DS has now gone to bed - DH has taken him. I feel like shit - he is 13 and wants me sad.

I think I may go back to GP and ask for some more help.

Dottoressa Tue 25-Nov-08 20:18:28

herbietea - you poor thing, and your poor DS. What a thing for you both to live with...

I keep meaning to go to the GP, but keep chickening out. Maybe this winter I will do it??

corblimeymadam Tue 25-Nov-08 22:24:43

Hi herbietea.

Sorry to hear your ds is feeling pants. It must have been really stressful for all of you with him having an op. Did he have a general anaesthetic? I'm not surprised he feels rough to be honest.

I was wondering if you did a relapse prevention plan as a part of your CBT? And did you have tapes of your sessions? If so maybe you should dig them out.

All my sessions were recorded and I have dipped into them in times of stress. It is such a comfort knowing they are there as just hearing my therapists voice reminds me of how far I came. I also have a plan which I drew up with my therapist towards the end of my therapy.

Nothing wrong with going back for a top up IMO. It is really important to recognise when things are slipping again to stop yourself falling back to where you once were. You have beaten this before so you KNOW you can again.

Keep posting. Hope ds gets better soon!


Tatties Tue 25-Nov-08 22:51:36

Hello all. I can't read the whole thread now, but just wanted to say I made a positive step today - we have just moved and I saw a new doctor who has referred me for CBT. (Had short series of counselling sessions recently but it barely scratched the surface)

Wishing you all strength for the winter months

herbietea Tue 25-Nov-08 23:25:35

Thanks everyone. He hasn't been sick yet - he went to sleep art 7.30 so hopefully he will feel better in the morning.

On our local news they said that the Noro was bad again and our small hospital has shut wards. Unfortunately that is in the town where the DSes go to school. My stomach has been churning all night.

I am so embarressed by this phobia that no one (apart from DH and DSes) not even my Mum knows about it.

Dottoressa Wed 26-Nov-08 09:58:42

Tatties - that is a very positive step. I bumped into our GP outside DD's classroom today, and immediately thought: "Yes, I'm going to do it" - then equally immediately thought: "OMG, I can't admit this to anyone" sad.

Herbietea - I hope your DS is okay this morning. My neighbour took her DS to a party yesterday, and said that half the children weren't there because they've got a tummy bug. I carefully avoided eating her chocolate muffins just in case!!

I don't think I've admitted the phobia to anyone except DH in RL. I sometimes say to people that I really, really don't like sick - but then they just say, "Well, no one likes sick, do they?"

I feel like a freak. But then again, it's supposed to be one of the top 10 phobias, so there must be other people in the playground who feel like this too!!

pinkkoala Wed 26-Nov-08 16:54:11

evening everyone

we have just been out doing xmas shopping today, have at last finished.

my husband always wants coffee and cakes and lunch out. i get worried in case could be infected with bugs, i try to avoid eating out as much as poss, are there any of you like that, have been saying again to daughter do not put hands or fingers in mouth and take anti bac gel everywhere. i get wooried in case tesco runs out of anti bac hand soap or gel.

do any of you eat out or try not to.

Dottoressa Wed 26-Nov-08 20:50:33

Pink - this is perfectly normal behaviour for someone with this phobia. I do now try to make myself eat out within certain limits (no chicken - salmonella; no bagged salad - listeria; no sandwiches from sandwich shops - possibly infected hands and so on...). I am always worried for ages afterwards, though.

My DH is a great fan of coffee and cakes. I can manage ok if we can get biscuits/flapjacks that are in 'proper' cellophane wrappers (Kitkats or whatever), but I don't like anything that's been out in the open with people breathing on it!!

My DH was poisoned by McDonald's some 20 years ago, so that's another no-no!!

Pizza Express was ok until I saw that the chefs put ingredients on the pizzas after cooking (basil and the like) with their bare hands. Now that makes me nervous too!

If I absolutely have to go out (as I will in December, as I have to go to Christmas meals with the parents from both the children's classes), I try to make sure I choose the veggie option on the grounds that it might possibly be less likely to poison me than anything involving meat (she says, touching every available wooden surface...)

pink, I don't eat at all when I go out, not a thing. The most I'll do is buy a bottle of something like Sprite to keep my energy up. It's partly the fear of the food having germs but also the perhaps bigger fear of feeling / being sick while I'm away from home. That's my worst nightmare in all of this. I can't remember the last time I had a meal out. It makes things very awkward at work.

Zaor Wed 26-Nov-08 22:04:20

Pink, I agree eating out is now a nightmare and it used to be my biggest treat! I loved going out for a meal. I still manage it occasionally but stick to veggie pizza, well done steak etc and only somewhere I'm sure the kitchen is clean. I'm worse with the kids though - I always steer them down the chips and ketchup road - reckon thats fairly safe.

Dot and Tatties, I told my GP and he looked at me in such amazement, he had never heard of it and thought it was very interesting but I felt he was a touch amused too. He did refer me for CBT though.

I've told a work friend this week - I'm fairly close to her and she could see I was acting a bit crazy so I felt it would be easier if someone knew and it is. Again she'd never heard of it but she went off to google it so she understands me better now.

Maybe if more people understood what this does to people they wouldnt dramatise every episode of v'ing they experience. I never hear it mentioned without people saying 'v'd everywhere' or v'd all night' - do they have to be so dramatic?!!

wiggleit Wed 26-Nov-08 22:08:35

evening everyone

how are we?

i do eat out occasionally but have to take a valium first and always go for the veggie option unless it includes mushrooms in which case i wont have that. My friend is a veggie and got food poisoning from a mushroom dish she'd eaten out.

I never ever used to eat out or eat for a few hours before i went out in case i felt sick like you imagineryfriend..but over time i have gradually exposed myself to food and am now ok about eating as long as i feel safe.

wiggleit Wed 26-Nov-08 22:12:56

Hi zaor, well done you for telling your friend, that is a very hard thing to do. A couple of my friends know but i did feel stupid telling them. It was very embarrassing for me. Your friend sounds really nice, at least she took time out to google it and learn more about it.

Hi all - busy here tonight!

I also eat out regularly and will order most things. I would draw the line at seafood though (except prawns and then only if I really trusted the place). Same goes for chicken too. Suffice to say I eat a lot of red meat!

I've only started catching 'V' bugs since my children started socialising (and passing them on) Yet, I have been eating in restuarants all my life (so, I figure the risk is relatively small)

Although, I did actually get food poisoning in the summer from a chicken enchilada at soft play (of all places!) I didn't 'V' though, so didn't feel the need to report on here.

mumtoo3 Thu 27-Nov-08 08:36:38

hey all

its been busy on this thread

how is everyone? weve been busy here

i eat out now and then, i went out monday and had half a tuna sandwich and was flapping then the rest of the day (i never use to be that bad!) my nan wants to go out later today and said we will get something to eat out!!

mt3 x

Dottoressa Thu 27-Nov-08 13:35:33

I am cross with Woolies today. I bought a bottle of Tropicana Go, and noticed after I'd drunk it that it was a week out of date. Grrrrrrrrrr. I am normally so careful, too, to look at sell-by dates!

I shall now be anxious for a few days...

Oh Lordy, dp was up with diarrhea all night then started v-ing this morning - I didn't think it was meant to go that way round?!

I've disinfected everything in sight including door handles and made him use a separate towel. Anything else i can do?

Last time he v-ed was midday, do you think it might be over?

I feel very selfish going on about myself and dd possibly getting it when he's suffering with it himself.

Dottoressa Thu 27-Nov-08 16:40:20

Oh lordy indeed, imaginary. DH getting a bug is arguably even more of a fear for me than the DCs getting one. Could it be something he ate??? Fingers crossed it is... x

pinkkoala Thu 27-Nov-08 18:00:53

evening everyone

hope everyone is ok.

i dread my husband getting anything cos he never keeps it to himself, he beleives in sharing.

took my daughter to mc d's yesterday, let her have chips but have been panicing since in case it was contaminated with a bug, can't beleive i get like this.

my friend who is 18 wks pregnant eats out at least twice a week and she never worries but getting ill, i was terrible when i was pregnant, i was so fussy what i ate and yet she never worries.

i want to go to the german market in birmingham tomorrow but am worried cos there will be loads of people who could be carrying a bug, how nuts am i.

i won't let my daughter touch anything when she is out in case of germs.

does it get any easier.

I also dread dp getting anything as he just won't do the kind of hygiene that's necessary. In my mind right now he's walking round like a total germ liability and it's all I can do to stop myself following him and cleaning everything in his path.

I don't think it's something he ate as he had the same as us yesterday and it would have been v first, then d after, surely?

But the other mystery is that if it is a bug where the hell did he get it? He's been working at home all week on an important paper and hasn't been out at all except for over the road to get a newspaper. Dd and I haven't brought anything home.


pinkkoala Thu 27-Nov-08 18:22:29

i know exactly what you mean, they never clean up as well as us do they.

perhaps its not a bug if he hasn't been anywhere, maybe something he ate or drank, my husband had dodgy cappucino one day he had terribl stomach cramps and diarrhea not long after.

how are you and dd feeling at mo, a bit anxious i bet, just in case you may get it.

i dread this time of year, especially as people always get together for xmas and family gatherings.

Tatties Thu 27-Nov-08 18:23:42

Oh dear IF, fingers crossed for you

What you all describe - not wanting to go out, and not wanting to eat out, for fear of catching something, sounds very familiar sad
And also being so embarrassed about it! I feel really pathetic about this fear I have. I do make myself go out, and I do eat out sometimes (if I feel reasonably comfortable about the establishment); but it's the nerviness, and anxiousness, and inability to relax, and the constant anticipation and fear of what might happen - that's what spoils much of what should be enjoyable in life

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 19:09:32

Having a nightmare - my DS2 suddenly started complaining of a tummy ache while we were round a friend's, then started looking paler & paler. I quickly made our way home, and a minute or so into our brief walk home, he vomitted really badly all over the path. He is flopped on the sofa with a wastepaper bin for a bucket. He looks really pale & poorly bless him, but I feel so jittery. I am just about dealing with it (I am a single parent so have no choice), but not able to give him as much tlc as I should.sad That sounds awful doesn't it? I am able to sit with him, but not doing well.

Dottoressa Thu 27-Nov-08 19:40:06

Pinkcham - you poor thing. I've said on emet threads before that I have no idea how single parents cope with this phobia. I suppose you have to cope because you have no option - but the very fact you can do it despite everything says what a fantastic mum you are (however bad a job you think you are doing on the tlc front!) Sitting with him sounds absolutely fantastic to me - I don't think I could do that. Stay strong, and remember that you are doing fantastically and that in a couple of days' time, it will all be over and you will have survived it. xx

IF - I hope your DP is on the mend. Goodness knows where he got that from. The very idea makes me go trembly. Keep up the anti-bac scrubbing...

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 19:46:35

I won't be able to relax for a good week now as I will be waiting for DS1 & myself to come down with it, even though there is a chance it may not happen, I will assume it probably will! DS2 is sleeping now, bless him. He crashed the minute I put him down. I hope he has a restful night.

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 19:49:52

I am so clinical around my children when they have tummy bugs. I wear disposable gloves everytime I have to touch their sicky clothing, buckets etc etc. I wish I could be a proper caring mummy when they are ill like this. It broke my heart to see DS2 so ill & shaky, but I couldn't give him as much tlc as I should have.sad

mumtoo3 Thu 27-Nov-08 20:14:02

i really hate this time of year. i am the same with struggling to give tlc to my dcs and dh and i feel soooo guilty after.

i was sick about 6 weeks ago and no one else got it, and dh had diarrhea for nearly a week about 2 weeks ago!

sending lots of positive vibes hope noone else gets the bugs

I do force myself to be calm around dd as I'm sure part of my phobia came from having a phobic mum, she really couldn't go near me on the very rare occasions I was sick as a child. She made it clear she loathed it. I remember being sick in the night once as a child and not even telling her about it because I knew she'd be so disapproving. I do actually find that when my dd is sick it's easier to handle than if anyone else is. I can be in control of the cleaning up etc. so that doesn't worry me so much.

Dp being ill on the other hand is a different story! I hate to repeat it here but I caught him this morning washing his bottom in the bathroom sink shock The soap and soap dish were on the side of the sink as were dd's toothbrush and toothpaste. I threw the lot in the bin. Poor dd couldn't brush her teeth tonight sad.

I've cleaned and cleaned everything I can think of and changed the beds. Now I'll be in that horrible limbo of waiting to see if dd or I get it. How long before I can stop worrying do you think?

Dp is much better but sensibly (for once) he hasn't eaten anything, he's drinking water and lemonade and hasn't been sick since about midday.

wiggleit Thu 27-Nov-08 21:14:36

I too hate this time of year. I take my hat off to you single parents ireally do, no way could i deal with it.

Imaginaryfriend - how is dp? Hope he is better. How are you coping? This is what i don't understnad about bugs, how do you get them when you don't go anywhere or see anyone?

Pinkchampagne - how is your DS2? I know what you mean about not being able to relax for the next week or so.

The only good thing aout this phobia is it keeps my weight down coz at scary times i just daren't eat! I basically live on dry crackers....and brandy! grin

How is everyone else? Lots of poz vibes xx

wiggleit Thu 27-Nov-08 21:20:38

Looks like we crossed posts IF! Glad to hear dp on the mend but i agree with you about his hygiene habits!!it's just a man thing i think. My dh is quite hygenic for a bloke and is especially careful when need be so i suppose i am quite lucky in that respect. The boyfriend i had before i met dh was very dirty, never washed his hands, even after a number 2shock and once i counted 4 days he went without a bathshock, hence why he became an ex! ugh!hmm

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 21:29:32

DS2 is unsettled. He has woken once and said his tummy hurt, then drank some water, but wasn't actually sick. I am prepared for a restless night. Not sure he can have much left inside him, poor little man.sad

I haven't been able to eat anything tonight. I haven't put my hands anywhere near my mouth all evening either. I fear they are full of germs, despite feeling dry from the amount of handwashing & dettol sprayed on them!

wiggleit Thu 27-Nov-08 21:35:33

oh poor you pinkchampagne. It's such a crippling fear isn't it?Just make sure DS2 sips water often, he needs to keep hydrated and more than a sip could make him sick if he's still dodgy, poor little sausage.

I know what you mean about your hands not feeling clean no matter how many times you wash them. Thinking of you hun, hope DS2 better tomorrow and you have a peaceful night ( know you will be listening out for every little noise so you probably won't have such a restful night ) Poor you two xx

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 22:02:37

He has been sick again - brought up the water. DS2 has never been sick like this before.

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 22:05:17

Wish there was another more together adult in this house tonight!

How old is he pink?

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 22:34:00

Very unsettled. He has just woken wanting more water, which we will no doubt be seeing again shortly. Think we're in for a long night.

pinkbubble Thu 27-Nov-08 22:34:31

Oh PC I hope he is ok soon and falls into a decent night sleep! Cant offer to get DS1 tomorrow either sorry, as I am taking the class in the morning and want to be there pretty early to get everything sorted.sad

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 22:35:22

Sorry, misread your last post - thought it said "how is he?" it has clearly affected my head! He is 5.5

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 22:47:58

It has always been DS1 who has suffered with the tummy bugs, while DS2 may be sick the once & then running around 5 mins later. I have never known him to suffer a bug this badly before.sad

I remember my dd having her first one shortly before she was 5. Miraculously we'd escaped them until then. It hit her really hard.

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 23:21:39

It's awful isn't it? When I went up to him earlier, he said "I want it to go away"sad
He is so restless tonight. Hope it doesn't go on too much longer.

I know it feels hard to imagine right now but it will all be a thing of the past at some point. I think it's quite traumatic for them when they're quite violently sick. And it's such an unpleasant sensation. To say the very very least.

I'm going to head to bed now, pink. I really hope your ds settles soon. Give us an update in the morning. Hopefully he'll be over the worst at that point.

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Nov-08 23:46:09

Thanks, IF. I really hope he will be over the worst by then. He is constantly tossing & turning & crying out still.sad

mumtoo3 Fri 28-Nov-08 08:37:04

morning all,
it was a busy night after i went up (on here that is!!!)
pc how is he this morning? how are you as well?

Pinkchampagne Fri 28-Nov-08 08:44:08

Had a very bad night. He didn't settle until nearly 1am, then I couldn't sleep for a good hour after that, then he woke again crying out at 3am (wasn't sick again though), and woke to get up at 5.45am! He seems brighter now & has asked for breakfast, so I have braved giving him dry cereal. DS1 is most put out that DS2 gets the day off school & he doesn't!
Praying DS1 doesn't come down with it now. They are staying at their dad's tonight though!

Pinkchampagne Fri 28-Nov-08 10:41:40

He seems much brighter now & has kept down the cereal, but isn't content with that & is requesting a bacon sandwich! That would be a really bad idea wouldn't it?!

I have managed to eat some toast this morning, but avoided the corners of bread that I had touched! How mad am I?!

That's really good news PC. He must be a tired little boy though after such a rough night. I'm not sure I'd go for a bacon sandwich just yet ... although you don't know for sure it wasn't something he ate that upset him rather than a bug? In which case it would be fine for him to eat if he feels like it.

Dp is lots better, eating and drinking normally. I woke up with a crashing headache and feel very nauseous so have stayed home from work, am sipping lemonade and taking as many Domperidone as I am allowed. I don't know how much of it is due to anxiety and how much real. I suspect it's actually real this time as my stomach is very noisy. The big test will be if dd gets it or not. So far she's fine.

Pinkchampagne Fri 28-Nov-08 13:43:16

Do you get IBS though? I get that when anxious & that can give you a very noisy tummy. Fingers crossed it's not a bug.

May I ask, what is Domperidone?

Pinkchampagne Fri 28-Nov-08 13:47:19

My DS is playing on my laptop now & has colour back in his cheeks, so hopefully he is well & truly on the mend. He is also very noisy!
Just hope DS1 & myself avoid it now. I am on tenter hooks for days after one of the boys is sick, waiting for the other one to come down with it, or come down with it myself. Have been half expecting a call from the school, telling me to go & collect DS1!

Yes, I've been waiting for a call re. dd from the school too.

I don't get IBS and I'm definitely feeling ropey.

Domperidone (also called Motillium) is an anti-sickness drug. I'd be lost without it. Especially at times like this.

Pinkchampagne Fri 28-Nov-08 14:27:34

Oh I need to get a supply of that drug! Can you get it over the counter or do you have to get a doctors prescription?

Poor you, IF, hope you're not coming down with the bug.

Yes, you can buy it in Boots for around 4.99 I think. I get it on repeat prescription from the GP as it's cheaper that way.

I'm really not feeling good, very nauseous and I have a really terrible headache. My stomach is burning and churning and I'm not at all happy. I only hope dd is ok.

I'm going to lie down for a bit. Dp is getting dd from school.

pinkkoala Fri 28-Nov-08 15:02:24

hi everyone

how is everybody feeling now.

do these anti sickness drugs work even if you have a bug, does it stop you being sick, i can cope with feeling sick but not being.

if they are any good i think i will get some.

we have been out today to a big shopping centre(milton keynes), i don't like these places just in case germs can spread, we didn't eat out today though i made sure we went early and got home in time for lunch, just in case.

my daughter got bug at 18mnths old, then me and my husband got it as well, she had v and d for about a week. since then i think i am over careful.

do you think you can really prevent getting these bugs.

corblimeymadam Fri 28-Nov-08 15:09:35

OH dear - so many of you facing the fear at the mo. Sounds like you have been amazingly strong though.

Pinkchampagne - sounds like he is over the worst now. And your ex will have to deal with ds1 if he goes down with it tonight so that is a relief! smile

IF - hope you feel better soon. I have never taken motilium... surely if a bug needs to come out it is better to let it, isn't it? Not trying to be confrontational - just wondering if forcing it to stay in makes it last longer? Anyway - whatever you need to do to get through it, do it!!! Hugs!

I have just taken dd for meatballs and chips at IKEA. Very crowded and I was quite tempted to wash our hands every 5 mins but I didn't and had a really nice time. Good food too!

Lots of love to all. Where is wiggleit these days?


Dottoressa Fri 28-Nov-08 20:14:46

PC - I hope your DS2 has continued to feel better today. Poor thing. And poor you. You are being very strong by being in the same house as him, never mind the same room. I live in terror of nocturnal noises. Fingers crossed for you and DS1... and I hope you have a better night with the DSs at their dad's.

IF - I hope you feel better soon, and that your ailments haven't taken a turn for the worse. Let us know how you get on x

BB - you are an inspiration. As mentioned on the previous thread, Ikea cafe is a particular bugbear of mine. However, I did overcome myself last time we went, and let DD play in the supervised play area (including a ball pool, which I'm always v suspicious of).

I also let both DCs eat unwashed apples today at our neighbour's house. What's more, they were handed to the DCs by her toddler with his toddly hands. I felt it might seem rude to say anything like "do you mind if I disinfect those apples first?", so bit my lip and thought of BB!

pinkkoala - I think that if you had an extremely virulent bug the anti-sickness drugs wouldn't stop the body's need to v. They basically switch off the v centres in the brain and they increase the movements of the stomach muscles so that your tummy empties more quickly and in the right direction.

BB - I was told by a medic that it was fine to take this kind of drug with a bug because the bug lives in the small intestine, not the stomach, so v-ing doesn't actually clear the bug out at all. I think the drugs that prevent d are more dangerous to take. Also I would think it's a different case with food poisoning when you just need to get the poisoned food out as quickly as possible. I tend to take them so that I can manage to eat as I'm constantly afraid of v-ing even when I'm not unwell.

I've definitely had what dp had so it's definitely a bug and I'm flummoxed as to where / how he got it. All of the theories of contamination just don't apply as he hasn't been anywhere. It's troubling because even if you take all possible safety measures you still can't escape the blighters.

I haven't v-ed. Touching wood madly. But I came very close twice today. It was only because of the medication that I think I avoided it. Also I haven't eaten since dp was ill so my stomach's completely empty. But I've felt 'on the verge' all day and had a lousy headache too. Dd, thankfully, is so far ok although she didn't want to eat any dinner tonight. She was hungry at bedtime and had some snacks though so I'm less worried than I felt earlier.

I really hope this is the end of it and that whatever small immunity one gets from having one of these buggers will keep us bug free for a couple of months.

Pinkchampagne Fri 28-Nov-08 22:39:26

Sounds like you've had a rough day, IF. Will be on the hunt for those tablets now. I haven't got much in the house for stomach upsets atm. So you can just ask for them over the counter? They don't question you?
I ask because I went into Boots asking for something for stomach upsets before, and was told it was best not to take anything.

I have a stomach ache & it is making lots of noises. Hope it's just an anxious tummy & not the start of the bug.

I've never had a problem buying them PC, they just ask if I've had them before. I know from my brother (who works in a hospital) that the first thing they give patients coming in with d-v is an anti-emetic jab so it can't be the wrong thing to take.

I've had a horrible day actually and I feel totally wiped out by it. I'm hoping for a good night. Is your ds all better now? Did he manage to eat ok today? Is there a chance that he ate something that upset him?

IG a similar thing happened to me last Feb, which is why I don't buy the contamination theory either.

DP got the norovirus (despite working from home and not having left the house for a few days previously). I had been hanging around with a friend who's dcs had the virus, and I believe I passed it on to my DP before getting it myself 5 days later.

Pinkchampagne Sat 29-Nov-08 11:02:04

How are you feeling today, IF?

My DS seems a lot better. Ex H has just dropped round for some shoes for him to wear to a party today, so he must be feeling better! He said he complained once last night, but has been fine since, and atm DS1 seems fine too.
I am pleased that DS1 seems fine, but in another way I would rather get it all out of the way, or I will be paranoid that DS1 will catch it in the coming weeks, and we will have to go through it all again. The last few years we have had them ill at Christmas time, and I really don't want that this year.

I woke up with a bit of a headache & still have a stomach ache, but slept ok. I think it may be anxiety related as I often seem to get stomach ache after someone has a stomach bug. Does anyone else get this?

Dottoressa Sat 29-Nov-08 14:40:05

PC - glad your DS is feeling better. Really hope you and DS1 don't get it now or at Christmas!!

I always get a funny tummy if someone else has a tummy bug. I tend to feel sick if anyone else is sick - but I think I feel sick with terror (I also go cold and shaky and start hyperventilating).

IF - hope you are feeling better, you poor thing...

wiggleit Sat 29-Nov-08 16:32:50

Hi everyone!

Crikey, a lot has been going on on here and i've only been gone a couple of days!

bb - I'm here matey! Had a busy couple of days so haven't had chance to be on here but i'm always here in spirit! grin

if - how are you feeling better. You did well not to v. I think sometimes with us emets it's mind over matter coz i am so determined i'm not going to let myself be sick no matter how bad i feel, of course the anti-emetics help! I too get them on repeat prescription from my doctor and ALWAYS have some near me. i have them by the side of my bed, in my handbag, in the car, everywhere! Paranoid or what??
Hope DD doesn't succumb, fingers crossed for you hun xx

PC - how are you chick? Is your stomach still noisy? I suffer with ibs and do have a very noisy tummy, especially at times of stress. Glad your DS2 ok now, hope DS1 escapes it. I'm glad i've on;y got one dc to worry about! Hope you are ok xx

Where is Notalone these days? Miss you mate. Hope your course is going well and you are enjoying it and not getting too stressed about any situations you may find youself in. Get in touch hun! xx

Hi Dot, how are you these days? On the mend? Take it easy. xx

Hello to everyone else xx

I usually get the runs when anyone v's (through sheer terror) So it's hard to tell sometimes if I've caught the bug or not!

I hardly ever get tummy pains. I do feel bloated and nauseous quite easily though, especially when I'm nervous.

I've been feeling better today but not 'normal' although I do find it harder and harder to know what 'normal' is these days. Best news is that dd is still totally fine. I had a moment of panic this morning when she woke up saying she was 'starving' then that she had a burning feeling in her tummy but she ate really well today and apart from being slightly more tired than usual seems her normal self. She still has a genuine 'normal' at least.

I haven't eaten since Thursday evening but I'm drinking plenty. I just had a few fruit pastels and am already panicking that I'll v them back.

I am very very VERY fed up of feeling like this.

Pinkchampagne Sun 30-Nov-08 13:02:19

Well it seems that DS2 has definitely had a tummy bug as just spoken to ex H & he said that he has had the runs yesterday, and DS1 was up all last night being sick, but seems a lot better now. <panic>
He said he will keep hold of them until around 6pm today though, so that's a relief. I am sure he can cope better than me, much as he is ultra squemish!

My IBS is playing up badly atm, but it always does after a tummy bug incident.

Pinkchampagne Sun 30-Nov-08 17:59:55

Boys will be back soon. Guess I had better keep DS1 off school tomorrow as they reccomend 48 hrs.

Pinkchampagne Sun 30-Nov-08 18:37:52

Boys back & DS1 looks like death warmed up.sad He was being sick from 3am to gone 3pm apparently & looks beyond exhausted. I have got him straight to bed.

Oh PC I really feel for you and your poor ds's. Hoopefully you missed all the contagious stuff with ds1 though and you're right to keep him home from school tomorrow. Sounds like he had it worse than ds2?

I've had the runs today too. Very unusual for me so I'm also certain now that dp had a bug and that I've caught it. I've tried to eat a little tonight but it's really been nothing at all to speak of, just an ice lolly and a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese (had an absurd craving for it, I know it's not the right thing to eat really). But I wish I hadn't had anything as now I'm in total terror I won't keep it down. I've also still continued to have a blinding headache.

So far so good though with dd which is something.

Pinkchampagne Sun 30-Nov-08 21:16:58

DS1 has always been the more sickly of my boys & normally tends to suffer worse than DS2. This is the worse DS2 has ever been with a tummy upset, normally he is just sick the once & then bouncing around. Think they have both definitely suffered the horrible noro virus. DS1 didn't even have the energy to put his pyjamas on, so crashed into bed with his clothes on. He was asleep within seconds. Hope we all have a peaceful night!

Poor you, IF. This bug seems to stick around for a while doesn't it? Ex H said DS2 has been complaining of tummy pains a lot this w/e, and it was Thursday that he came down with the bug.
At least we stand a good chance of being bug free over Christmas now. Trying to think of some positives here!

Pinkchampagne Sun 30-Nov-08 21:18:25

Good that your DD seems ok, IF. Fingers crossed she escapes it!

Dottoressa Sun 30-Nov-08 21:25:14

PC - so very sorry to hear that your DS1 has also succumbed. At least your ex-H had to deal with the really bad stuff - not that it's a huge consolation. The only other consolation, such as it is, is that your DCs will now be immune for a few weeks. You have obviously handled it all fantastically.

IF - are you feeling better?

Hello to you, too, Wiggle!

Hugs to all fellow phobes at this horrible time of year...

Yes, it's a lingering bug for sure. It's left me feeling very uncertain about all the things I've relied on to do with hygiene / contamination. For one I have absolutely no idea where dp got it from, it's a complete mystery to me. For another I don't know what more I could have done to disinfect the place / avoid getting the bug. I didn't once touch my fingers to my mouth when clearing up and in fact I didn't eat at all from the night before he got ill. So how did I get it?

I really wish there was a way of knowing how to avoid these things.

In the meantime I feel very drained and weak after 4 days now of not eating and only drinking lemonade. I tend to be underweight anyway due to this damned phobia and I can't afford to lose any more.

At the moment I can't imagine getting the confidence back to eat.

Pinkchampagne Sun 30-Nov-08 22:29:41

That is unsettling, IF. You tend to feel a little better for knowing you have done everything you can hygiene wise to protect yourself, and avoiding putting your hands near your mouth (all things I do!), so you wouldn't have thought you stood a high chance of picking it up. I have actually made my hands sore over the last few days!

I bet you have lost loads of weight! I didn't have dinner on Thursday & just vegetable rice on Friday, and I had lost a few lbs by Saturday morning, so you must have lost quite a bit.

I feel like a scraggly old scarecrow. I'm very tired and fed up.

I wish so much that it was possible to take a pill instead of having to eat. I was thinking that today, how little I'd actually miss eating if the fear of being sick could be removed. An exchange I'd happily make.

mumtoo3 Mon 01-Dec-08 08:45:44

Morning all,

how is everyone today? its awful when you see your children unwell ds had us up at 4am, so i gave him nurofen, and he went back to sleep about 5am! not sure what was wrong with him, will have to wait and see!

Dottoressa Mon 01-Dec-08 09:05:01

Oh dear, it looks as if our turn has come...

DD (4.5) started being sick at 2.30am, and has not really stopped since. After the first two episodes, DH very kindly said I should go and sleep in the spare room in the attic so as to be spared the whole thing - though, of course, I didn't sleep at all as I was in such a terrible panic (trembly, cold sweats, pounding heart etc etc). Every tiny noise was magnified about a zillion times.

Now she is on the sofa with DH looking after her, and I feel like such a rubbish mummy for hiding up here when I know I'm the one she really wants.

I am now terrified that we will all catch it. DH has done all the clearing up, and assures me that he has used disinfectant everywhere - but it doesn't take much for it to spread. Dear little DD has been so good about it all - she even managed to be sick into the basin rather than in bed, bless her. She is taking it all very stoically, unlike me.

I know that this will pass and that she will be bouncing around in a few days' time - but I am so anxious that we're all going to get it. Could someone please talk some reason and sense into me?!?

Pinkchampagne Mon 01-Dec-08 09:16:48

Oh no, so sorry you are going through this too, Dottoressa. I understand exactly where you're coming from as I get the same panic. Sounds like you are doing everything possible to avoid it though. I know that doesn't stop the fear however.

You are very lucky to have such a good DH. Ex H always left it to me because he was so squemish, so I had to deal with it all.

I know that feeling of guilt too. I felt such an awful mummy on Thursday when DS2 was so poorly. He needed me, and I was so clinical around him. sad

Hope your DD recovers very soon. It's horrible isn't it? Sounds like she is being a very brave girl, bless her.
I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

My DS1 seems a lot brighter today, but I have kept him home from school & not given him anything to eat yet. I just want to fastforward a week or so!

Dottoressa Mon 01-Dec-08 09:54:41

Thanks PC. I'm glad your DS1 is brighter; I'm sure you're right to keep him at home. Aren't these bugs horrendous? DD has v-d again since I posted. DH has sorted it out. Thank goodness he works from home (though as he gave her a drink and a piece of toast immediately beforehand, clearing up is definitely his job!!)

Dottoressa Mon 01-Dec-08 10:57:08

Feeling v gloomy and pessimistic now, and convinced we're all going to get it. I don't think it can be noro, as she has v with no d. But maybe that's possible with noro? Ho hum.

Pinkchampagne Mon 01-Dec-08 11:11:47

My DS1 just v'd, no d yet, but DS2 v'd all night Thursday then D on Sat along with bad tummy cramps, so feel my boys had noro.

Keep hand washing etc (I am sure you are already), and you do stand a strong chance of avoiding it. I read on a website, that emetophobes are less likely to catch bugs because of the extreme measures they go to to avoid catching them.

Hope your DD is feeling better soon. I know that nothing we say can ease your fear though, Dottoressa, as I get just the same. I have a packet of pepto bismol by my bed, just incase!

Dottoressa Mon 01-Dec-08 11:37:34

PC - thanks for holding my hand through this. Poor little DD has now been at it for 9 hours, and here I am hiding upstairs. I feel like such a horrible and selfish person. I really must take this as my cue to finally try to do something about this horrible, horrible, horrible phobia that not only ruins my life but runs the risk of ruining the DC's lives as well. sad
How long do these rotten bugs go on for? Surely 9 hours is enough for her???

Pinkchampagne Mon 01-Dec-08 12:19:21

Shouldn't be much longer I wouldn't have thought. My DS1 was very bad with it & his was on & off for 12 hours, but DS2 was sick for about 10 hours. (only small amounts of water towards the end though) It is a horrible bug & I am with you totally in that the phobia is even worse. I felt a terrible mum too. I couldn't have DS in my bed with me on Thursday night, even though he asked to, I just couldn't contemplate it, which made me feel very selfish & awful.sad

My DP offered to take me to a shopping centre on Saturday, but I refused incase I suddenly got ill while there. I would normally have loved to go! It is a horrible phobia that can take over your life at times.

Dottoressa Mon 01-Dec-08 12:45:26

Thanks a million, PC. Having someone to talk to does make a difference. DH knows about my phobia and treats it kindly but with incomprehension. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I'm so scared of DS and DH (not to mention myself!) getting it. DS is at school, which is probably for the best in the circs.

Poor DD has v-d again, following a tiny sip of water. DH says she brings up more than he puts in, which is worrying too. 10 hours now, and still counting...

FWIW, your looking-after of your DS is a zillion times better than anything I've managed today. I managed to go in to say hello to DD, but retreated very quickly and hid in the study. She keeps telling DH she loves him, which I have to say he deserves - unlike me today sad.

Dot, sorry you're going through this. Ds had it mid October and DD had it 2 weeks later. DP and I did not get it

Your DS has already had it, hasn't he? so I'm sure you'll be fine

DD was very sick (around 10 times) during the night, but absolutely fine the next morning. It's a 12 hour thing so hopefully your dd's ok by now!

I usually find that the sicker they are, the quicker they get over it. The 'D' ones are the ones that hang around!

Pinkchampagne Mon 01-Dec-08 14:28:38

Your DD got it a whole 2 weeks later, AD?! you normally start to feel you are out of the woods by then! Blimey, can't relax for a few weeks then!

DS1 seems loads better today. He has been playing his ds, watching telly & playing on my laptop. Can't believe it is the same boy who could hardly keep his head up last night.

How are things your end, Dottoressa?

mumtoo3 Mon 01-Dec-08 14:32:06

dot you poor thing x dont beat yourself up over it you are not a bad mummy, you are a good mummy because you are staying away so not to pass your anxietys on to your dd x

when my dd1 was sick in april, i stood at the door looking very sheepish blush, and my sis and dh dealt with her. she was then sick again a couple of weeks ago and did not even wake us up!!!

so you are doing the best thing for your dc by not letting them see how it effects you iyswim

hope she is getting better now x
mt3 x

wiggleit Mon 01-Dec-08 14:39:18

Dot - you are not a bad mum, i agree with mt3 that you are doing your best not to let her see how it affects you. Don't beat yourself up hun xx

PC - sorry to hear that your DS1 succumbed to the dreaded. Hopefully you will all have a v free christmas! xx

if - how are you and yours? Your DD might be lucky enough to escape it, lets hope so. Fingers crossed. xx

Hi to everyone else! xx

Yes, she did. But I think she caught it from softplay and not from DS (I guess that's the problem with being over zealous with the disinfecting)

Although, you may protect your child's sliblings at the time, there's a chance they may get the bug elsewhere anyway.

pinkkoala Mon 01-Dec-08 14:52:25

hi everyone

sounds like you have all had horrible weekend, hopefully it will improve from here.

were any of you like this before you had children and did you get as many bugs then, i've only been like this since my daughter came along, it was terrible when she was at nursey. Now i'm a full time mum and have took break from work for a year before she starts school, i expect she will get them again at school. May consider home schooling.

i dread getting ill as have no family local and husband does long hours due to job and travelling, so i have to cope on my own which sends me into a complete panic. I normally ring my mum and have a cry, not that she can help as being so far away.

Dottoressa Mon 01-Dec-08 15:06:47

Hello everyone,

thanks for all your messages of support. Poor DD has just v-d yet again, following sips of water. I thought she looked ill, so I left the room just in time. Thank god for DH. 12.5 hrs now! Will this ever end???

Unfortunately (iyswim!!) DS hasn't had it. He had a flu-thing with a very high temp, and he always v-s when he has a high temp [horrified emoticon]. So we may have that one to look forward to!

I don't know what I'd do if it weren't for DH and you lot being here.

wiggleit Mon 01-Dec-08 15:12:07

Pinkkoala - i've always been v phobic from as young as i can remember. If anyone was ill at school the teachers used to send me home! Once my sister had a bug and was sick on the landing and i just screamed the house down!

I've got worse since i was 17 when a got M.E and was told my immunity would be lowered so then i got obsessed about catching a tummy bug. I'm a total germ freak now!

My Mum was the one i turned to but sadly she died 15 years ago so i was on my own with it till i met my DH who i have to say is brilliant with me. He doesn't get it but he appreciates how hard life is for me.

wiggleit Mon 01-Dec-08 15:15:38

Oh poor you Dot. Thinking of you. It's just horrible isn't it..coz even when they've done v'ing we still have the worry that someone else will get it or god forbid ourselves! It takes me ages to be able to eat again properly after any experiences.Hugs xx

Dot, so sorry you and your dd are having such a rough time.

My dd had her first (and so far, only) tummy bug in April last year when she was almost 5. She v-d virtually everything she drank for a good 24 hours, then the v stopped and she had d for about half a day. Then she was back to normal.

Dp is totally recovered, he was fine by the next day really. Dd is still fine. And I'm still rubbish. Had d again this morning and have had yet another day of not eating anything and sipping lemonade.

PK, I've had this phobia since I was about 6. It ruined my life at school as I didn't dare to eat during the day for fear of being sick there. I was terribly thin and didn't get my periods until I was over 16. I've had odd moments in my life when it seems to have subsided but since dd's been at school it's been pretty crippling.

Does anybody at all have any idea when you can start to breathe a sigh of relief that someone won't get a bug? Do I have to live in fear for 2 weeks that dd might get it?

pinkkoala Mon 01-Dec-08 17:11:39


to imaginaryfriend i thought the incubation period for a bug was 48 hrs, if she gets it after 2wks it will probably come from somewhere else. I was never like this until i had my dd and she got a bug at 18mnths and was sick loads and had diarrhea for almost a week, then after 36 hrs both me and my husband got it, since then i'm paranoid.

before i had my dd both me and my husband would eat out 2-3 times a week and get a takeaway and never worried about it, not anymore.

i've considered home schooling partly because of i'm not keen on the restricions at school and also bugs. told you i'm paranoid. She hasn't had as much since we took her out of nursey she had nits, impetigo,colds,coughs, chest infections, bugs and the one thing she didn't get was threadworms, that was in her room for about 4 months, luckily she didn't get that.

noonki Mon 01-Dec-08 17:55:33

Hi there,

I am not a fellow v phobic but my boyfriend when we were teenagers was.

THough I would pass on that he had several hyponosis sessions and he improved amazingly, previously it had begun to affect his life but after the therapy he was much better. It didnt go away totally but made he much more relaxed day to day.


Notalone Mon 01-Dec-08 18:55:41

Hi everyone. I have been avoiding this thread because sometimes it makes me worse, but I directed someone else over here from general health so thought I would pop in.

Dot - I am so sorry you are going through this. You are not a bad mummy - a bad mummy wouldn't be bothered about her DD and you so obviously are. You cannot help your fear and I fully understand where you are coming from. I sincerely hope she is better soon. Keep up the anti bac and handwashing and keep us posted.

Wiggleit - I am so sorry for neglecting you hon. Things have been mad at uni and I have had 3 assignments due in in 3 weeks. It has calmed down a bit now though. How are you? This time of year is horrid isn't it? We must have a drink soon - we need a catch up!!! xxx

I got my placement through for January and I am doing a forensic placement. I spoke to my mentor who has been there already and he confirmed it does house murderers and rapists. How terrible do I sound but I was more relieved that I was not going to a hospital full of germs than worried about meeting scary people. That is how bad my fear is. Irrational hey?

BB - how are you?

And hi everyone else!! I have been on and off this thread and others like it for over a year now but have been absent for a while. There are so many of us aren't there?

mumtoo3 Mon 01-Dec-08 19:56:45

hey all

pinkkoala - we home educate here part because of my phobia and other half dd1 was bullied, must say most fab thing i have ever done and love it, pop over to the home ed section, its worth a look

dot - hows it going?

hope everyone else is okay
mt3 x

Pinkchampagne Mon 01-Dec-08 20:41:12

IF - I normally start to relax a bit after 5 days. I have caught a couple of bugs 4 days after my DS has come down with them, so after day 4 I tend to relax a little.

My phobia started when I was around 8 years old. I remember seeing my younger sister being violently sick & was terrified of being sick from then on. My parents thought I was a difficult child because I would scream with fear of being sick frequently. I was a very thin child & didn't start my periods until just after my 17th birthday!

Dottoressa Mon 01-Dec-08 21:05:24

Hello again everyone,

Thanks for your messages. DD last v-d at 3pm and is now asleep. I shall be on high alert tonight in case of noises from any of the family (not to mention myself!)

I so, so, so hope we don't all get it.

Notalone - good to hear from you. I'd go for the scary people any day!

Noonki - thanks for passing that on. How very kind of you to sympathise enough with us not to tell us we're nutters, or to use the dreaded v-word!

Wiggle - guess what? My sister also did the v-on-the-landing thing when we were little - and I did the screaming thing. I don't know when my phobia started, but it was well established before that.

My poor DS seems to be going the same way, to judge from his reaction to DD v-ing today. What's strange is that DD is very stoical about it, despite having me as a mother. Just a different personality, I suppose (lucky thing!!)

PinkK - I've had this phobia since forever, but it has bothered me to greater or lesser degrees. Now that I have the DCs, it's worse than ever by a million miles.

Just heard DD coughing, which has sent me into a fresh panic. What a horrible day.

Pinkchampagne Mon 01-Dec-08 21:41:32

My DS1 seems a bit phobic about being sick too, dottoressa. He will fight it, and often doesn't get himself to an appropriate place beforehand because of this. He will cry out "I don't like it" before being sick & panicked about catching DS2's bug.

Hopefully your DD will now sleep through. My DS1's last v was at 3pm yesterday & he slept right through the night, waking up a lot better this morning. Fingers crossed for you.

Dot I hope your little dd is on the mend. Hopefully after a good sleep she'll feel better.

It's interesting how young many of us were when the phobia started. I have no idea what triggered mine. I had 2 v-ing episodes I remember clearly which used to haunt me as a child. I don't think I was often sick. Both of the episodes happened on Thursdays and I decided that I shouldn't eat on a Thursday in case it happened again. It sort of progressed from there. Did any of you speak to your parents about it when you were children? I would hate it if dd developed this fear.

Dd's only v-ed twice. Once with a nasty bug over a year ago and once just a few weeks ago after eating some lousy chips on the way home after a long day out visiting family. With the bug a year ago she was incredibly calm and stoic. She seemed to know when an episode was about to happen and v-ed into a little bowl. The time a few weeks ago she was calm until it happened, she knew it was coming and kept saying to me 'it's going to happen in a minute', but afterwards she was really really upset and shaky and cried for a long time. I think maybe it was more violent. I really felt for her.

Dottoressa Mon 01-Dec-08 22:34:28

Thanks, PC and IF. I am hoping that she's better tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a good night's sleep without any of the rest of us coming down with it overnight... (Surely fate can't be that cruel?)

I never talked to my parents about my phobia, really. My mum knows about it, and was never terribly sympathetic - I don't mean that as a criticism; she just doesn't really understand mental problems and tends to adopt the 'pull yourself together' approach!

I did feel for DS today, when he didn't want to eat in the same room as DD. On the one hand, I felt I should tell him it was fine and that he'd have nothing to worry about - but on the other hand, I felt for him, and knew that he would get seriously worked up if I insisted that he stay. I compromised by setting him up in the hallway with a cup of tea and biscuits, which he was happy with. Goodness knows what was the 'right' thing to do, though sad.

Good night everyone, and thanks!

Good luck for the night ahead Dot.

pinkkoala Tue 02-Dec-08 07:19:36


have you all had a better night

mumtoo3-did you find that by homeschooling your child she was less likely to get bugs and other illnesses, i have already posted on the home ed site, i found it v interesting and helpful, my family are against the idea though.

to all of you do you find you get more bugs from your children, rather than before you had them.

Pinkchampagne Tue 02-Dec-08 08:24:30

I work in a school so have always been exposed to germs, so not sure I got more once I had my DS's. When DS1 was very little, I caught a nasty bug from him. He was only sick once & was then running around, so I didn't think it was a bug, but 4 days later both ex H & myself came down with a nasty tummy bug at the same time. Since then I have been ultra careful when one of them has got ill, and the Christmas before last, the whole family (including my parents, sister & BIL) got an awful bug, yet amazingly I escaped it, despite having to clean up DS's vomit!

Dottoressa Tue 02-Dec-08 08:44:03

Morning all!

DD didn't wake up last night, and is much brighter today. She has had some breakfast, and says that her tummy hurts, but her temperature is back to normal. DH said she should go to school, but I put my foot down! Quite apart from how she feels, there's no way I'm running the risk of passing it on to anyone else. I am hoping for a better day today (aside from the anxiety about the rest of us getting it...) xx

mumtoo3 Tue 02-Dec-08 09:46:20

dot - i am glad she is feeling better today i would agree not to send her to school, got fingers crossed for you

pinkkoala - cant say we avoid things here as they all came down with a bug in april, but on the other hand your in control so if you know a bug is going round you can avoid a situation iyswim my ds is due to start preschool so will be back in that whole loop again soon, but he will be HE after preschool and will only be going 2 days a week

how is everyone else?

That's good news dot. And you're totally right not to send dd into school yet. It's meant to be 48 hours after the last symptom and you might find she has some d yet.

I read somewhere that the bugs can still be detected in stools up to 5 days after symptoms have stopped, perhaps this is why people get it so many days later? You lax up a bit on the hygiene thinking they're over it but you can still catch it?

Dd's school sent a letter out yesterday reinforcing the 48-hour rule as there's noro running rife in the school at the moment. That gave me a shiver. I'm hoping dp and I have had it now and will get at least a few months immunity. But maybe he had something else. Who knows?

No d for me this morning. I still feel quite delicate though and am not taking any risks.

PK, we never had a bug until dd started school. Having said that she was in hospital when she was 1 with a chest infection and dp and I got a horrible bug although she didn't. It was in the hospital when she was a patient but she didn't eat while in there and we did so I put it down to that.

Usually she gets something first whether it's a cold or whatever.

Up until the bug I mentioned we got from hospital I hadn't had any kind of tummy upset since I was about 8.

Glad your DD is better Dot. Keeping fingers crossed that no one else catches it. You've done the right thing keeping her from school today.

I must say, am very jealous of those of you with dcs that rarely get bugs.

DD has had 5 sick bugs in her 3 1/2 years and DS has had 4 in his 2 years!!!! Really hoping they will start to build up a bit of immunity soon.

pinkkoala Tue 02-Dec-08 13:18:33


imaginaryfriend-how did you manage to get away with no bugs up until they started school, my dd had her first at 18mnths, mind you iwent back to work when she was 8mnths and had her in nursery until june this year when i gave up. I'm sure you read one of my posts about what she had at nursery.

my dd is so affectionate she likes to cuddle and kiss everybody, that includes when she came home from nursery she would kiss her best friends, i used to cringe and think, germ alert. I have managed to discourage that now and have told her we don't kiss everybody only family.

i heard on the news last night that wards are shut again with noro, he we go again. My sis is a nurse and she had it last year whilst looking after patients on her ward.

i take myy dd out every day for a walk in the fresh air and give her multi vits every day hoping to build her immune system up, do you think it works.

PK, until she started school dd was always either with me or dp, she didn't go to nursery as I only work part-time. Whenever we went to potentially bug-filled places like toddler groups she was usually very shy and mostly played close to me so I guess she didn't get that much contact with the other kids. Since she's been a bit older she's generally had extremely good hand hygiene although since starting Y1 has developed an annoying habit of chewing her fingers which really bothers me. She's told me that a number of her friends don't really wash their hands after they've been to the toilet so even if she is careful, then she holds their hand, she could catch something. Or by sharing pencils etc. You can't think about it too much though or you'd go crazy.

This time dp was ill first and it is still a complete mystery how he got it. I guess I got it from cleaning up after him although I did try to be very careful. And my cleaning must, hopefully, have worked because dd's escaped this time.

I'm not sure we had noro though as that seems to mostly cause v and we mostly had d, well I only had d but dp had both, but mostly d. We didn't have any kind of fever either.

I can't help but think that if all parents were very responsible in getting their kids to wash their hands and keeping them off school for the right amount of time we wouldn't have this kind of thing. When I was at school I only ever had 2 v bugs, and never a d bug that I remember. I don't remember being particularly good at hygiene at that age so it must have been that there was less of it in the school.

pinkkoala Tue 02-Dec-08 14:22:35

imaginaryfriend-my dd has good hand hygiene, she is always washing hands before she eats or if she has being using hands for anything in garden, or if she has been out. Hopefully she will carry on doing this as she gets older, she is 4 at mo.

hopefully your dd won't get it now, as i'm sure she would of had it by now.

we went to visit a school for her to start next sept but i was horrified to see 60 kids in one class and the toilets were in the classroom(3 cubicles that werent in a different room), some poor child was sat at a table next to the toilet cubicle, all i could think of was where is the privacy and what about all the germs floating about, we may consider home schooling.

PK, that school doesn't sound too great. Dd's school is big too, there are 2 (separate) 3 cubicle toilets for boys and girls to share between both Y1 classes - 30 kids in each class. One of the only things that gives me confidence about dd is that she rarely uses the toilet at school. She goes in to wash her hands before lunch but I don't think she does a wee. She has rather a cast iron bladder and seems to hold on from before we leave in the morning til she gets home in the afternoon. She's always been able to go a long time without a wee - when she was first potty trained, age 2, she almost immediately became dry at night - 12 hours in a row.

wiggleit Tue 02-Dec-08 21:44:24

Evening everyone!

you could go mad if you thought about this too indepth...just reading these posts makes me anxious! I dread to think what goes on at school. DD and i often have chats about hand washing and how important it is but i'm not sure that she does it as well as i'd like her to!

Notalone! hey you, good to hear from you at last. I would love to do what you're doing with the forensic course.. I'm really into stuff like, i'm always watching stuff on sky about murders etc..bit macabre i know but gimme a dead body anyday over a pile of v!! Will try and catch up with you before Christmas, got a few things on but we'll have to try and meet hun. x

Dot, how's things with you hun? xx

hi to everyone else. I was just checking in before i go to bed, it doesn't make for good bedtime reading though! grin xx

Pinkchampagne Tue 02-Dec-08 21:52:37

How are things with you today, Dot? Hope all is ok.

IF - looks like your DD may well have escaped the bug. Glad things are settling down a bit for you.

Both my DS's are fine now thankfully. I feel a sense of relief that we should hopefully avoid it over Christmas now. Won't relax totally there, but a lot more than I would have!

I can't relax yet PC because even if dp and I did have the dreaded noro and not some other virus, dd may still get it from school ... It seems to be taking everyone in its path at the moment!

Dottoressa Wed 03-Dec-08 12:54:33

Hello all,
Well, DD has gone back to school today after nearly 48 hrs of no v and no d. She didn't get the d bit at all - her poo was completely normal throughout. She did wake us up at 2am, to my horror - but it was to say she'd done a (normal) poo...

Still terrified of the rest of us getting it >To make matters worse, BT have managed to cut us off so I have no phone or internet access (currently at neighbour's house!). they say it will be three days until we are restored. Fab.

Compared to v, though, three days with no internet an dphone is a doddle...

(sorry about typing - neighbour has a laptop and I cna't get the hang of it!!)

Hope you are all ok and bug-free.

Pinkchampagne Wed 03-Dec-08 14:24:19

Good to hear your DD is feeling better, Dot. Hopefully the rest of you will escape it.

Both my DS's are back at school now. DS2's TA asked if his brother was now ill on Mon, and DS apparently said "Yes because I accidently breathed on him!" Bless him!
DS2 had v followed by d, but DS1 just had the v. Haven't contacted ex H yet to see if he came down with it too.

IlanaK Wed 03-Dec-08 16:34:40

Hi, can I join you all? I think I may verge on the edges of emetophobia. I have always had a fear of being sick myself. I have always been able to sort of talk myself out of being sick. Three kids and I never v when pregnant. I once even managed a tranatlantic flight with food poisoning (having v twice before getting on the plane) and not being sick by just sitting and staring at a blank tv screen in front of me (couldn't even face turning it on!) for 10 hours non-stop talking myself out of it!

It is only in the last two years though since the whole norovirus thing became so prevelant (well I had never heard of it before) that I seem to spend all of winter in dread of it. It seems to be in the back of my mind all the time. My kids are almost never sick. My ds1 has v once in his 7 years and that was as a toddler. My ds2 has v a couple of times, but never seems to get areally bad bug.

Last winter we went to Center Parcs (as we have done every year) in early January and I was really worried about noro virus before we went. My m-in-l got it within a day and didn't leave her room the whole time we were there (thank god for ensuites!). My ds2 got it a little, but not bad. It ruined the holiday for me as I spent the whole time feeling sick (though I know I didn't get it) and in fear.

This winter we are due to go back again and I am really worrying about it. Even to the point of wondering whether it is better to not eat out there in case the risk is higher!

My kids are home schooled so our risk seems less, but dh works and is on the tube each day which worries me.

The whole thing is so silly. I don't know why I worry about it so much but I do. Is worse now as I have a ds3 who is co-sleeping with us. He is currently only breastfeeding so v would only be babymilk. But the thought of anything else is killing me!

Anyway, I will be watching this thread with interest.

Dottoressa Wed 03-Dec-08 17:54:46

Hello IlanaK, and welcome!!

Bad news here: DD has just v-d again after being fine all day - and I had to hold the bowl as I was the only one around. She told me it was going to happen, which was not a nice moment. I am still shaking.

At least we are back on line...

abigproblem Wed 03-Dec-08 17:58:02

Oh Dott well done. I also hate this time of the year counting down the days till I can isolate DC for christmas. I know what you mean about CP the last 2 times we have been have seen other children v in the big dome or swimming pool.

Dottoressa Wed 03-Dec-08 20:41:03

Still re-living the trauma...

Hello Ilana. I have to say you wouldn't catch me within 10 miles of CP!

Dot, that must be very disappointing for you and your dd, just when you thought it was over. Do you think she got reinfected? Was she eating ok yesterday and today up until then? Well done for holding the bowl. I guess it's home for her tomorrow then?

Dottoressa Wed 03-Dec-08 21:54:53

IF - yes, very disappointing indeed. She was fine yesterday (no v and eating ok), and had her full breakfast this morning in a very bouncy mood. She said her tummy hurt when she came home at lunchtime (having not complained of tummy ache for over a day), and mentioned it on and off until the unspeakable event - whereupon she said her tummy didn't hurt any more, and cried bitterly because I wouldn't give her any tea.

I can only think it's the same bug, and that it's a very weird bug. She has had a horrible cough for about four weeks, so I'm wondering if that's connected in any way with the v-ing (though it wouldn't explain the tummy ache).

So yes, it's another day at home for her tomorrow. She'll be very disappointed, as we were supposed to be going to see her friend's new kitten after school (and DS will be disappointed and cross with her for making him miss the kitten!!)

It's just as well it's all putting me off my food. Having been stuck in all week, we are down to our last rations!!

I am still hoping to be knighted for having held the bowl. What's more, my washing-up bowl was the only thing available, so I shall be buying a new one asap. DH said we could just bleach it. Ugh.

(CP? Over my dead body!!)

Dot it may be just the tail end of the same bug leaving her system?

I hope you get a good night tonight.

I know what you mean about 're-living' the moment. My dd v-d about 5 weeks ago, not a bug, she'd eaten some really dire food from Burger King (we never get that kind of thing) on a long train journey home from visiting family - it was literally the only food option at the station. Dp and I didn't have any. When we got home she suddenly, very suddenly, said 'I've got a horrible sicky feeling in my throat', I grabbed a bowl and she was violently ill and really cried - half digested chips came out of her nose poor thing. I've been haunted by it since. And by the way she knew it was going to happen - immediately before she said 'it's going to happen in a minute'. I did worry a little that it was a bug but she was completely fine for the rest of the night and woke very hungry and full of energy. But I held the bowl and helped her blow her nose etc. I'm glad I did it now as I was there for her but I can't forget what it looked like.

Dottoressa Thu 04-Dec-08 09:19:08

Thanks, IF. I'm not surprised you're still tormented by that one!

DD is very perky today, so I am hoping that we've seen the back of this bug (she says, crossing everything and touching every available bit of wood). She has no tummy ache, and had her normal breakfast.

I still wouldn't have sent her to school but, as it happens, the DC's school is closed today because we've had an inch of snow hmm, so they are both at home anyway!!

Wow, snow. It's freezing but bright sun here today.

Dd was tired this morning and couldn't get out of bed which is unusual. She used the bathroom and immediately complained of a tummy ache but it seemed to go so she's gone off into school. Fingers are crossed.

IlanaK Thu 04-Dec-08 13:07:40

Thanks for the welcome and sorry to those who are dealing with it all now.

I know what you mean about reliving the moment. I live in Central london (very central) and it is not unusual to come across v on the pavements around here as people have drunken nights out. I HATE it as I can never get the image out of my mind.

I'm pretty much central London too Ilana. My dd really hates all the piles of v everywhere.

Dottoressa Fri 05-Dec-08 08:32:36

IF - hope your DD was okay yesterday...

Mine is back at school today. It has been a very odd week. I'm still anxious that the rest of us will catch whatever she had. Ah well!

It has been an odd week. I've been feeling so stressed since the previous Thursday I've barely remembered what day it is. Dd was fine although I had a heart-stopping moment when I thought I heard her v in her sleep - turned out she'd just sneezed.

abigproblem Fri 05-Dec-08 10:46:23

Glad people are on the mend. I am so cross afriend sent her ds to nursery after he had V all night. My dd is at school with her dd am I being unreasonable if I say something to the staff if she does that with her dd.

I would definitely tell the staff. I reported a case of something similar at dd's school recently and it spurred them on to send out a letter reminding parents of a 48 hour rule. I'm sure no school or nursery wants a sick or infectious child around.

Can I just come on this thread and SCREAM!!!!

DS(2)woke this morning, looking very lethargic. He nibbled a bit of banana, refused his breakfast and spend the morning on DP's lap (looking very white)

In his cot now, asleep, but hunched over like he has a tummy ache. I know the inevitable is coming.

He had a sick bug 6 weeks ago. It's not fair <sob>

I'm supposed to be going to a Christmas dinner tonight, will be petrified to eat now.

Scream away. But don't jump the gun, it might be nothing. Dd still gets a lot of tummy pain from trapped wind and she's 6. Every time she gets it I think it's going to be a bug.

I know that horrible depressing not being able to eat feeling. I've lost a lot of weight this week due to our disaster last week.

Thanks IF, but he's just V'd. DP bathing him as we speak (thank god he's not working today).

I donned my latex gloves and cleaned up the cot (fortunately, he was lying on a towel)

I recognised the signs, and sadly, I was right

Dottoressa Fri 05-Dec-08 15:43:42

AD - in haste as I have to go and wipe DD's bottom (sorry if tmi!), but I feel for you. xx

Thanks Dot, he's looking perkier now (still white as a sheet though) Will start to give him some 'tentative' sips of water soon. It's been 2 hours since the 'deed'.

Keeping everything crossed that it's a mild one (he seems to get them a lot more mildly than DD for some reason)

Sorry to hear that AD. Hopefully it'll be short-lived. Did you escape catching it from him last time?

Dottoressa Fri 05-Dec-08 22:33:26

How's your DS, AD? I hope the tentative sips stayed put... x

The water stayed put, and 2 hrs later he was scoffing spaghetti on toast & bouncing around the house. Everyone else seems fine (touch wood).

I had a few tummy bugs last winter/spring (much to my horror)so hopefully I've got a bit of immunity now.

Hope everyone else is bug-free.

Dottoressa Sat 06-Dec-08 13:44:14

AD - I hope your DS is still bouncy! Maybe he ate something that disagreed with him?? I have my fingers crossed for you...

Pinkchampagne Sun 07-Dec-08 17:32:28

Just when I thought I had escaped the horrible bug, I got one last night! It has been over a week since my DS's were unwell so I don't think I caught theirs, but I work in a primary school & also took boys to a party yesterday, in a very warm village hall, so could have picked it up there.

Was staying at DP's house. Thought the bacardi he poured me wasn't going down too well, but didn't think too much of it.
Woke up at 4am feeling very sick. My mouth was also very dry, so I took a couple of pepto bismols. I then spent the next 3 hours running in & out of the toilet with diarrhoea! Wasn't actually sick (although felt it), but that may have been the tablets. Was also very shaky. To get it at DP's house was my big fear, and it happened! I took myself to the spare room as I knew I would disturb him a lot. Really hope he doesn't come down with it, but the chances are high as we were kissing earlier in the evening.

I am feeling a bit better, but have been too scared to let anything pass my lips other than a bit of water.

Dottoressa Sun 07-Dec-08 18:47:48

PC - oh, you poor, poor thing. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

Bad news here, too: DS went pale and shaky at 4pm and took himself off to bed. I went to see him and he said he has tummy ache. He got up, but flopped down on the sofa in tears. He is now back in bed, and hasn't spoken since 5pm. I thought he looked peaky earlier today, but hoped I was imagining it.

I fear for tonight...

Pinkchampagne Sun 07-Dec-08 18:58:50

Oh no, Dot, sorry your DS is now unwell.sad Hope you don't have too bad a night.

I feel achey & rough now, so am going to take to my bed. Ex H has boys so I am here alone & feeling rather sorry for myself! keep telling myself "at least it is hopefully going to be all over before Christmas!" It is the only big positive I can think of!

Will be thinking of you tonight, Dot.x

Dottoressa Sun 07-Dec-08 19:12:14

ANd I'll be thinking of you, PC! x

Dottoressa Sun 07-Dec-08 20:38:16

Here we go again...

DS v-d 45 mins ago. DH is still clearing up. DS on sofa looking v poorly. O M G.

I am trying to think positive.

Good things about having a v-bug now:

1. You don't have to worry about catching a v-bug.

2. It will be over by Christmas.

3. It will be over in a couple of days' time, and the exhilaration will be enormous when that happens.

(Apart from the fact that I'll be worrying about DH and me getting it. At this rate, we will all be struck down week by week...)

I hope someone is out there who understands!

Oh blimey PC, that's very bad luck for you. It can't be the same bug can it? I hope you're feeling better.

And sorry for you too Dot - do you think your ds got your dd's bug?! It seems too long after doesn't it?

What a truly dreadful time of year for everyone.

Dottoressa Sun 07-Dec-08 23:09:52

Thanks, IF. I thought it was too long after DD's bug as well - but there is obviously a lot of nasty stuff doing the rounds at school sad

I'm going to bed, but fear we are in for a bad night!

IF - special thanks for being here...

pinkbubble Sun 07-Dec-08 23:15:51

Thinking of you all, I am an emetophobe who is desp trying to get over this fear. (I have had CBT to help)

I often read this post, most times cringe but just want you all to hang in there. Am thinking of you. Hope you have a peaceful night! (please)


Dot - no worries at all. We're all here for each other, no? I hope you have a good night. Did ds have any further 'episodes'?

Dottoressa Mon 08-Dec-08 11:03:14

Hello IF and PB!

To my astonishment, no further 'episodes'- though I am not counting my proverbial chickens. He is still pale and poorly, so we shall see...

Hope everyone else is faring better!!

That's a really good sign Dot. Do you think he might have eaten something dodgy?

Sorry, to read more sicky tales, but at least it gets it out the way for Christmas - eh ladies?

Dot, my DS only v'd the once, so it is possible your DS will be fine now. Has he eaten anything yet?

PC, how are you feeling now?

Dottoressa Mon 08-Dec-08 16:15:33

Hello IF and AD!

Poor DS is v sorry for himself. He won't eat or drink in case it makes him v again (oh dear - is this my fault???) [guilty emoticon]

I can't think that he's eaten anything dodgy as we all had the same breakfast and lunch, with no ill effects. I think poor old DS, being a future v-phobe, is so scared of v-ing that it's hard to know what's illness and what's fear sad

Thanks for the moral support! x

Dot I was just the same at his age. He might still feel a bit rubbish in his tummy anyway and that's telling him not to eat although you have to persuade him to drink, even just sips. I really feel for him. Do you think he's mostly over it?

PC I'm hoping you're ok?

Pinkchampagne Mon 08-Dec-08 17:35:21

I am a lot better thanks. I felt awful all of yesterday & was actually quite weepy when I was feeling so ill & all alone last night. I was obviously feeling very sorry for myself!
Braved a marmite sandwich at lunchtime & may even brave a "safe" tea.

Sorry to hear your DS was sick last night, Dot. Lets hope thats the worst over for your family now.

Pinkchampagne Mon 08-Dec-08 17:37:02

Wouldn't have thought I caught the bug from the boys after all this time. We had 9 children absent in our class today, so probably picked it up at work. Bloody bug is everywhere!

Dottoressa Mon 08-Dec-08 18:26:11

PC - glad you are feeling better. You poor thing, being all weepy and ill on your own. I hope you manage to find something nice and safe to eat tonight.

IF - he is now drinking flat Coke, and it has stayed put so far (touch wood). He is sleeping with DH tonight, and I am exiled to the spare room in the attic (which has a nice thick fire-door, so I will stand less chance of hearing whatever awful things might happen!)

Thanks again, everyone...

That's good PC and at least you might be able to comfort yourself that you've got it over with for a few months?

I hope your ds has a good night, dot.

OhGetOverMyself Tue 09-Dec-08 08:07:06

Hello, can I join in please? smile

It's that time of year again....all the kids in ds's class seem to be getting the bug and I keep wanting to not send him into school...someone yesterday from his class wandering around in the playground with a sick bowl, her mum even took her into the school hmm
then he said someone from his table threw up in the corridor.

I am just waiting for him (and us all) to get it now. Why oh why did I not stick with hE? And it's the nativity play tomorrow which means all the doutbtful ones will be there just so they don't miss it...

It's nerve-wracking OGOM. I keep hoping dd will make it to Christmas bug-free then hopefully the holidays will allow time for it to die down again.

Dottoressa Tue 09-Dec-08 12:37:52

Hello OhGet!

You are more than welcome to join in. I can't believe someone would send a child with a sick-bowl. That is truly dreadful.

IF - my DS slept fine, but is still off school with tummy ache. I am slightly sceptical, but as it's only 36hrs since the v-episode, I couldn't have sent him anyway. Assuming there is no repeat, he will have to go back tomorrow. I think he has suddenly realised that 'tummy ache' is a good reason to stay at home! However, I am making it very boring for him...

pinkkoala Tue 09-Dec-08 12:42:38

hi everyone

seems like a lot of you have had a bad few days,

my dd has cold and cough at the mo, that is bad enough as she is so miserable.

my next door neighbour come round today but left her kids at home as they have diarrhea and cold, i wish she wouldn't do that as i have enough germs here.

do you think i should be concerned that my dd will now get there diarrhea bug, she only stood at the door and never come in, my dd didn't touch her.

or do you think i'm paranoid again.

PK I wouldn't worry about that and I tend to worry about everything!

DOT - glad your ds is feeling better. Is he managing to eat and drink now?

pinkkoala Tue 09-Dec-08 13:37:44

i worry about everything to do with bugs.

i read somewhere that you can catch it from the air and from a well person that is carrying the bug, anybody know the correct facts on bugs.

i especially hate this time of year as my dd birthday on friday and everybody descends on us and also with xmas just round the corner we have it all again.

both my dd and me were ill last xmas. when she was 2wks old we had her in hospital on boxing day as docs thought she had bronchilitis, i put it down to everybody coming to see her after she was born. now i am totally paranoid.

any correct info on d and v bugs is much appreciated.

PK, I don't know the hard and fast rules and anyone who knows better please correct me but it's my understanding that the bugs are passed on through contact with the v or d itself. They can only be airborn for a very brief time if you are next to someone who has just v-d. I don't know about someone being a carrier but I know that if symptoms have passed some of the bugs can still live in the stools and be passed on if incorrect hygiene has happened. Also they can live on contaminated surfaces for months. So if a child had the bug, didn't wash their hands properly, then leant on a table they could transmit the bugs to the table which would remain contaminated until disinfected.

Is that about right?

Personally I'm baffled as to where my dp recently got the bug however as he'd had no contact with anyone ill or even been out anywhere. So I think you just can't protect against every possible eventuality.

Washing hands and drying them before putting anything in your mouth seems to be the very best protection.

pinkkoala Tue 09-Dec-08 14:42:52

thanx for the message

i remember you saying last week or so that your dp was ill with it and he hadn't been anywhere, that is what is worrying me more now.

my husband goes mad at me and says have you been using bleach again. i bleach the bathroom(toilet, bathtiles, sink) and use dettol cleaner on the bath, sink, worktops in kitchen and anywhere else spray can be used.

i make my dd have a bath as soon as she gets in from friends, park, shopping centres etc.

i'm supposed to be going out with my girlfriends on thurs for a meal. all i can think about is what if its contaminated with bugs.

surely nobody else is as bad as this.

Dottoressa Tue 09-Dec-08 15:04:22

PK - oh yes they are! (well, it is pantomime season).

I think IF is right about how these things are generally passed on, and about the best prevention being good hand washing and drying. I wouldn't be too concerned about your DD catching anything from your neighbour in the doorway.

This is a very miserable time of year!

IF - Thanks for asking after DS. He has had some bread and flat Coke. He says he won't eat anything "wet", but the bread and Coke have stayed put thus far. He is pale but quite perky (currently singing) and his temperature is normal. Assuming he doesn't have d or v before tomorrow morning, I think it will be school for him -if there are no further episodes it will be well over 48hrs by then...

Pinkchampagne Tue 09-Dec-08 18:27:32

Sounds like your DS is on the mend, Dot. The singing is a good sign!

I feel loads better today & DP is still healthy atm. I can't see how he wouldn't catch it though, seen as he was kissing me that evening (before I came down with it) & lay in bed with me the following morning. He was really good & even told me I didn't have to go to the spare room when I was ill (I knew it was a wise idea though!), which is more than I would have done if it had been the other way round!
Thought he would have come down with it by now as thought the symptoms normally showed within around 48 hrs of being exposed to the bug, but I was a full week after the boys I guess!

PC I don't think it passes through saliva though does it? So it's completely possible your dp won't catch it especially as you probably cleaned up after yourself like a wild thing smile

PK most of my life has been dominated by this fear, I would definitely give you a run for your money! I spend every single day of my life not eating during the daytime and only eating when I'm at home in the evening. It makes going out in the evening really trying for me as that means I can't eat at all until the next evening. I get very depressed about it sometimes, others it just feels like it's all I know.

Dottoressa Tue 09-Dec-08 20:57:40

I now have an upset stomach, and am scared of what it might turn into. Oh fab. I also have a throat infection. This is not my month!!

IF - I don't think stomach bugs pass through saliva, either. So PC - if you didn't have any symptoms when you were with your DP he may yet escape unscathed!

Let's hope so...

Pinkchampagne Tue 09-Dec-08 21:26:32

Oh no, Dot, poor you! I hope the upset stomach is just a nervous thing rather than the start of anything. I get a slight upset stomach just through nerves when someone around me has had a bug.

I do hope DP doesn't catch this. I think I am more worried about him getting ill than he is! I keep texting him to check he is still ok! I only kissed him before the symptoms started to appear, when you are none the wiser. I was careful with handwashing after every visit to the toilet & didn't kiss on the lips at all after becoming ill. I will feel terrible if he comes down with it.

Poor you Dot - what kind of upset stomach?

PC I'm pretty sure you won't have given it to dp, plus he'd more than likely have had symptoms by now.

Pinkchampagne Tue 09-Dec-08 23:15:34

That was my thinking, IF. As he was with me when I was at my worse with it, I would have thought he would have picked it up pretty quickly, so I am keeping everything crossed that he escapes it!

I know it's easy for me to say and much less easy for me to do, I think you could stop worrying.

I'm counting the days now until Christmas and hoping dd escapes as there's much less chance of them catching it when away from school, no?

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Tue 09-Dec-08 23:43:45

Can I do a tentative join in as a very improved emetophobe who is feeling challenged tonight?

dd (9) has just been rather ill in her bedroom. I tried to pretend it hadnt happened and to leave dh to it but managed to go and help clean dd up while dh has done a heroic effort on the bedroom. I shouldnt have persuaded dd to eat her tea tonight when she wasn't hungry, esp as she had been feeling cold today

I am loads better than I used to be - I've got dd up and watching animal planet so I can keep an eye on her but I've washed my hands loads of times and been following dh around telling him to wash his hands every few minutes. I don't want to touch anything dd has touched. My tummy feels bleugh but I'm sure its psychosomatic.

Dottoressa Wed 10-Dec-08 08:30:22

Hello PC and IF! My stomach just feels horrible - churny and gurgly and rather painful. Ah well. It may be psychosomatic, and it may be part of this v nasty throat infection that it generally making me feel very poorly!

PC - it sounds as if your DP may be lucky enough not to catch your bug. Surely he'd have shown some symptoms by now? I remember being thrown into hideous turmoil when my ex-bf came down with a very nasty v-ing-solidly-for-24-hrs bug the day after I'd seen him. I was tragic enough to ring NHS Direct to share my panic blush, and they said that the chances of catching something unless you've been in direct contact with d or v were very low. So fingers crossed!

Kitten - I am very interested in your post. How did you manage to improve??????? Please share your secrets! Being able to help your DD to clean up sound miraculous to me, as does being in the same room as her while she's watching TV (I find pressing things to do upstairs in that situation). I did wash v-contaminated clothes the other day (as in: managed to put them in the washing machine), and put new bedding on DS's bed - but wore latex gloves throughout the whole process, and kept my eyes shut as much as possible!!

(Could explain why his bedding is upside down...)

I hope your DD is feeling better today.

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Wed 10-Dec-08 09:52:28

I'm not sure how I managed to improve. I won't touch door handles/public bannisters voluntarily (use my sleeve) and had a panic attack when an overnight adult visitor got a tummy bug. I can't cope with the thought of dh getting it but I am so so very much better about it than I used to be. I can even manage school trips now.

I stayed up all night with dd so am posting through fug!

I'm much better nowadays at rational talk and have developed a 'tummy bug plan' which helps loads. I have lots of 'what if' scenarios and each scene has an action plan. I'm much better in life if I have a plan!

Saying that, dd hasn't eaten yet and has barely drunk anything. My fear side says just wait til she is utterly better, my rational side is saying that she won't feel better with low blood sugar and dehydration.

So in saying that I shall go and offer dd some ice cubes I think.

But you know the fact that you handled some of the clear up is utterly brilliant and you should be really pleased with yourself.

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Wed 10-Dec-08 12:15:42

Am actually feeling really pleased with myself at the moment a year ago I would have been begging dh to stay home and would have been out walking the block all day.

Must think of something to say well done to self when we get to other side of bug.

Dottoressa Wed 10-Dec-08 12:22:08

Kitten - that is progress indeed. I would still be begging DH to stay at home. For once, I have been glad that he works from home!

I think treats are generally in order once we're all bug-free...

I had that horrible do-I-don't-I-offer-food-or-drink thing with DS. When DD had her bug, she drank sips of water and immediately v-d them back. I let DS decide when he was ready to try something, and it stayed put. Thankfully. It must be nice to be normal!

Dot, I really hope you feel better. I think you can comfort yourself with the fact that it's probably not going to get worse. When I caught dp's bug I wasn't anywhere near as bad as him, I had a burning, gurgling stomach and then a day or two of d, but not the worse d ever, mostly in the morning. I felt grotty but not the worst.

I think I also read somewhere that how ill you are depends on how much of the bug you've come into contact with? I wish I could find the website I visited that gave me all this information.

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Wed 10-Dec-08 15:20:55

I think they do know when they are ready. (if only I'd listened when she said she wasnt hungry last night)

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Wed 10-Dec-08 17:38:40

My tummy is sore and I'm not sure if its because I've only had a couple of bits of toast today or its the start and if I'm starting then what about dh

Dottoressa Wed 10-Dec-08 18:59:58

Oh Kitten, I have my fingers crossed for you!

I still have a churny and horrible feeling. I think it's possible that it's my current lot of antibiotics that are making me feel simultaneously queasy and hungry. It's not very nice, whatever the reason.

Thanks for the reassurance, IF!

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Wed 10-Dec-08 19:24:06

thanks - am sorry your tummy is feeling horrid still. Antibiotics can make it feel rough.

dh says that his tummy feels 'tense' but then proceeded to eat a normal sized dinner hmm. I had a little bit but didnt want it. my plan is that I have my sleeping bag and ear plugs ready. If he seems dodgy I'm coming downstairs and kipping on the floor. (we only have an upstairs loo) i have told him he is an adult and can look after himself. He can listen out for dd and if she needs me I will look after her.

but the good news is that dd ate some rice and has been ok for over an hour with it.

My fingers are crossed for you too.

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Wed 10-Dec-08 20:21:05

dd is scared to go to sleep in case she is ill and started crying about it. Doesnt want any of her teddies on her bed in case. poor mite.

I've put on my 'deep sleep' hypnosis cd for her after we talked over how so many of her friends were so fine after the first night that they went in the next day hmm (in an effort to convince her its prob done with now)

I fear I may have spread my fear

Dottoressa Wed 10-Dec-08 20:38:22

Kitten - I'm so sorry for your DD. I know what you mean about fearing that you've spread your fear: my DS is the same... (though DD isn't, fortunately).

Hope you all have a good night. I feel lousy and am going to bed now!

Pinkchampagne Wed 10-Dec-08 20:57:59

From my experience of this bug, you go from feeling fine to full blown symptoms, no run up, so hoprfully your churny tummy feelings are just anxiety. Fingers crossed you will be fine. Not sure if that is reassuring or not, but it is meant to be!

Pinkchampagne Wed 10-Dec-08 20:59:34

My DS1(9) appears to have a fear of vomitting. He has done for quite a few years.sad

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Wed 10-Dec-08 21:59:16

Sleep well Dott - I hope you have a good night.

PC -its difficult isnt it.

dd is nicely asleep. Am going to attempt the same. I know where dd is coming from about not wanting to sleep but as I only had about 2 hours last night I know that if I don't at least get some I'll turn into a raving looney unable to cope with anything at all.

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Wed 10-Dec-08 22:15:03

sodding cat was just sick! (but she is a bit of a pig and wolfed her food)

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Thu 11-Dec-08 10:23:18

A note of good news - dd slept til gone 9 this morning and has woken up cheery and right as rain.

me - [wobbles hand] am queasy but I barely ate yesterday. This can be one of my problems I get scared to eat and its a vicious circle.

How is it in your house today Dott?

wiggleit Thu 11-Dec-08 14:47:44

Hi everyone.

I haven't been on here for a few days and i'm amazed at how much has been going on! shock

How is everyone now? Hope you are feeling better.xx

I must admit i'm eating less just in case i've come into contact with anything. Nipped into town yesterday and every shop i went in all i could hear was people coughing, i even watched them as they coughed to see who covered their mouth and where i could walk! One woman just coughed and coughed with no hand to her mouth or anything, i was most annoyed! angry Why are people so rude! Aaarghh! It just makes me mad! I'm waiting now to see if i come down with anything.

I know that it is said that you have to come into contact with the d or v to get ill but how do we get these bugs then coz whenever we've been ill there's never been an incident beforehand? It just appears.

I too had a d bug a few years ago now but i hadn't left the house for 2weeks coz i was off work with tonsillitis.I hadn't been anywhere or seen anyone (at the time i lived alone,no kids) Where the hell did that come from? Couldn't get my head around that coz i am so alert about germs etc,couldn't understand how i got ill when i thought i'd been pretty safe for 2weeks! Wierd.

I really want to believe you can only get ill from direct contact with d or v but i struggle to accept that.

Where's bb? She's really good at times like these. She did a bit of work on the spread of germs etc during her treatment and i turned to her and found her very helpful.(luv ya bb!)

Hi to all you newcomers! Welcome! This post is brilliant and very understanding of all our wierd ways! You are definitley not alone! Speaking of Notalone, where are you mate? Hope you ok chick. Miss you! xx

If anyone does know about germ transmission i too would be most grateful of the knowledge, or at least to know of a site we can visit in times of need, anyone know of any? xx

abigproblem Thu 11-Dec-08 16:14:48

We are doomed vomit in the playground this am and a child who had vomited at home this am was in the christmas concert with all the other children AAAARGH> I am writing a letter of complaint

IlanaK Thu 11-Dec-08 17:08:48

Hi everyone,

So sorry so many people are coming down with it. I am soooooo glad I home ed my children when I read of vomit in the playground - yuck!

We were due to go to a birthday party this weekend for some friends children who are schooled and there woul dhave been about 30 children from the child's class. We are now not going and I am sooo relieved as I just feel sure we would have come into contact with the bug.

As to trasmition, I have no real knowledge other than what I have read on here. But if it is only transmitted through contact with d and v, then it just shows how poor most people's hygeine is that you get it from touching door knobs etc because it means so many people aren't washing their hands.

I had an upset stomach last night and was worried, but today it turned into more of a fluey bug and my stomach was ok.

Sending "clean" thoughts to you all.

Dottoressa Thu 11-Dec-08 19:04:33

Hello all,

Well, the DCs now seem fine - but I feel constantly sick. I think it is probably the antibiotics, but it is truly horrible. I really don't like the thought of having this for the next five days sad

Bigprob - I am shocked that someone would send a sick child to school. I would complain, too!

Kitten - v glad your DD is perky again. That is good news indeed.

Wiggle - hello, old pal! I can't offer you any advice re. transmission (I just take BB's word for everything...), but I hope someone can help!

wiggleit Thu 11-Dec-08 19:20:42

Dot - hi chicken. Hope you are managing ok with the nausea. It will probably subside when you get used to the tablets. Hope so.

My neighbour has just text me to tell me to stay away as she has a bug and has v'd 'loads' as she put it! Aaarrghh! She came round here mon eve and said she had felt rough/sick on Sunday but had been ok but has just informed me that she came down with the bug Wed morn!I am worried because for one she ordered some stuff out of my Next catalogue and i've given it her tonight (i hung it on her door handle and text her) but now i'm worried in case she needs to return anything coz i don't know how i'm going to be able to manage that. I won't be able to touch anything from her house now! My DH says to worry about that when it happens..can't help it! Also when she came round on mon she'd fetched me a thank you prezi round and she kissed and hugged me! Aarrgh! (I'm on the brandy as i type coz i'm hoping it will kill off any germs! Plus i've taken extra vitamins!

bb - Where are you hun? Need your words of wisdom!

Bigprob - I would complain too. I really can't believe some parents! There's no wonder it's rife! Hope you are all ok.

Hi to everyone else. xx

mumtoo3 Thu 11-Dec-08 21:05:50

hey all ive been lurking but cant offer any advice to you, so have just read instead blush i am worried again as well everyone is coming down with these bugs, can handle colds, but 'v' or 'd' aaahhhhh!!!!!!!

wig - try not to worry i know its easy to say, i would chuck the next catalogue sorry that probably does not help

how is everyone doing? how are you feeling dot? pc? kit?

mt3 x

Dot - that sounds like a reaction to the antibiotics for sure. Which antibiotic are they? If they're anything like erythromycin they're renowned for causing an upset stomach. I think they recommend you take them with or after food so they don't irritate your tummy too much.

aaaaargh - My tummy's been a bit gurgly today with a few mild stabbing pains! I'm sure it's a bug (albeit a very mild one). Keeping everything crossed it stays that way.

Perhaps, the same one DS had last Friday. I hate this time of year.

crazyloon1 Fri 12-Dec-08 08:59:11

Hi guys and how is everyone today?

That's awful about the school play - i know they hate to let anyone miss it but at what cost to the rest of us?

Ds1 was up most of Weds night with high temp, bad cough and headache - he seemed a bit less ill in the morning yesterday but I rang school to say he was poorly and they said, 'Oh, what a shame, it's his nativity this afternoon (he had already perfomred the day before) - see if he can manage to come in later on!' hmm

I wonder who else was there and should not have been. We didn't go needless to say.

Last night he was feverish again and still coughing, and this morning he said his tummy hurt and threw up all over the carpet.
However I am pretty sure it was the amount of stuff he had swallowed from his cough, iyswim...well I hope so. He is eating dry cornflakes as we speak and I hope that settles him.

Just waiting for ds2 and me to get it now...if it is 'the bug'. I hate schools. I hate schools. Grrrrr.

crazyloon1 Fri 12-Dec-08 09:02:55

Wiggleit - have you any actimel or anything? Apparently it can stop you getting a bug or make it milder if you do. I am not sure if this is true but got to be worth a try - i think there was some research done.?

Dot what ones are you taking?

wiggleit Fri 12-Dec-08 14:43:26

Thanks crazyloon1, i used to take actimel everyday but it gets so expensive so now i take a probiotic tablet every day as well as a probiotic multi-vit. If i'm feeling vulnerable i do take more than the recommended dose (like yesterday after texting my neighbour i took 4!!shock (probiotics that is not multi-vits!)

mt3 - the next catalogue is chucked chick! As she was looking through it on mon she kept licking her fingers to turn the pages (i hate that) so after i found out she was ill that was that!

Dot - how are you hun? x

Hi to everyone else! xx

Pinkchampagne Fri 12-Dec-08 15:05:20

I give my DS's an actimel or similar everyday with their packed lunch & they still caught this nasty bug, so my faith in them has gone!

Dot - definitely sounds like a reaction to the antibiotics. As I said before, this bug (IME) really doesn't give you much of a lead up, so wouldn't worry that it is the start of it. Know that doesn't stop the worry though, as I am just the same! Hope the sicky feeling goes away soon.

I am feeling much better now thanks & amazingly DP hasn't (unless he has come down with it today) come down with this bug. I was sure he would catch it, but will be relieved if he escapes! Had a bit of a stomach ache today, but that could be because I am now totally blocked up with pepto bismol tablets!!blush

PC - what do pepto bismol tablets do? I've seen the pink medicine in the bottles but thought it was a kind of antacid like Rene?

Only 1 week to go until the Christmas holidays. I hope, hope, hope dd makes it bug-free.

IlanaK Fri 12-Dec-08 16:05:06

Just to reassure those with tummy upsets - I had some sort of bug (not "the" bug) the last two days. Felt a bit fluey yesterday, but slight tummy upset along with slight nausea. So there are definately mild bugs out there that do not turn into v. This one comes with a massive headache too.

Dottoressa Fri 12-Dec-08 20:47:00

Hello all,

Still feeling horrible, so I'm sure it must be the antibiotics (Clarithromycin - I am allergic to penicillin, and refused to accept erithromycin as I'd heard about its common side effects!!)

DD is going to a party tomorrow at a soft play place - aaaaaaargh. Antibac handwash all round...

Healthy vibes to all! x

Dot, clarithromycin is one of the eurythromycin family, there's also a zarithromycin. They're meant to be better than the eurythromycin (I have to take them too as I'm allergic to penicillin) but I always feel queasy with them. How much longer do you have to take them? Could you taper the dose? Is your throat any better?

Dottoressa Sat 13-Dec-08 10:15:17

Hello IF!

I have four more days to go, unfortunately. However, my throat is a bit better (though I still feel generally lousy). Thanks for asking!

I am trying to look on the bright side and remember that I at least do not have noro!

Pinkchampagne Sat 13-Dec-08 11:18:31

Pepto Bismol claims to help nausea, heartburn, diarrhoea & upset stomach. You can get it in tablet form now, which is better as medicine was vile! I think it helps ease the horrible nausea & eventually controlled diarrhoea with me! Word of warning is that days later you may notice you have black poo! A small price to pay though!!wink

Dot I was recommended to start to taper the dose down for the last few days, it also helps you to fight infections rather than just suddenly stopping at the end of the course. I've had to take quite a lot of antibiotics this last few years as I've had some chest / breathing problems. Fortunately the antibiotic that works best with me is doxycycline which causes little in the way of tummy upsets.

Does the pepto bismol work for tummy bugs? I've definitely just had one, gurgling tummy & stabbing pains.

Not much nausea, in fact I was starving hungry throughout. But there's always a huge 'What if?' at the back of my mind, so I couldn't eat properly. Feeling better today though.

Hope everyone is ok! smile

pinkkoala Sun 14-Dec-08 17:25:22

hi everyone

its been a busy few days here so have just managed to get up to date.

my dd had her bday on friday so it has been a stream of visitors all weekend, she has also got cold, so have i.

our neighbours pooped in today with their dd, 8mnths. Shew was drribbling terrible, teething.

myy dd was playing with her and had dribble on her hands, do you think that is ok. or do you think i am being paranoid again.

we are defo thinking of home schooling next year. i don't think i can face another winter of this worry, its getting me down, its all that is on my mind, i can't enjoy anything.

i did manage to go out with my girlfriends for a meal on thurs nite, but fri both my friends had the runs.

now i am worrying about my neighbour and her baby getting dribble on my dd hands and contaminating them.

Dottoressa Sun 14-Dec-08 18:29:53

IF - thanks for the advice! It's interesting to know that there's an antibiotic that doesn't affect tummies so much.

PK - I would feel the same, but I am sure your DD will be fine. I remember being terrified when my DD was a toddler; she picked up another baby's bottle and sucked from it. I was absolutely horrified, and was anxious for days afterwards - but she was fine!!

I know what you mean about not enjoying anything, too. I am going out for a parents' Christmas meal on Wednesday, and am already dreading it...

pinkkoala Mon 15-Dec-08 09:08:04

morning everyone

how is everybody today

i'm still on germ alert after my dd had dribble on her hands from another baby, does anybody know if it is passed on in dribble, my dd is pretty good she doesn't normally put her hands in her mouth and i put her straight in the bath when they had left.

i know they say you have to be in contact with a poorly person or the d and v but i still can't help worrying.

any medical people out there who know how it is spread.

PK, have you tried running a google search on how it is spread? I found some really interesting information when I searched around a year ago.

pinkkoala Mon 15-Dec-08 11:01:32

if-yes i have looked at the ways it is spread but different sites have different info, most say spread by d and v and contact through infected people and eating contaminated food, i can't see anything where it can be passed through dribble, thats what is worrying me now.

I would have thought that it could only be spread through dribble if the child had some v in the dribble. But I probably only know as much as you.

PK, it's actually quite difficult for an 8 mth old to catch a gastro bug. so I wouldn't worry about it. Children catch them very easily as they are in such close contact and touching surfaces all the time (that others have touched)

An 8 mth old could catch it from their parents (if they were particularly lapse with hand washing) but it's unlikely

I didn't know that AD. Dd didn't have any kind of tummy bug until she was nearly 5 which I thought was pretty good going!

Pinkchampagne Mon 15-Dec-08 16:08:32

Hate to tell you this, but my DS1 had a horrible tummy bug when he was 7 months old, which he caught from my friend's twins. Think it is a lot less likely though, and wouldn't worry too much about dribble as it isn't meant to be passed on through saliva. I was exchanging lots of saliva with my other half just before going down with my bug & he escaped it!

pinkkoala Mon 15-Dec-08 16:30:28


my dd got her first bug at 15mnths.

i have read that it isn't supposed to be passed on in saliva, i think it was on an emetophia site.

is there any of you that home school because of bugs.

we are thinking of starting next sept but for other reasons other than bugs.

are you all as bad as me or am i just nuts.

i can feel it starting to be all i think about, i don't feel as if i enjoy anything and sometimes feel as if i make my dd miss out on things because of how i feel.

if i know she has been in possible iffy situations i only give her plain food, like tonight she had chicken and plain pasta, no sauce. i don't think i'm being fair to her.

IlanaK Mon 15-Dec-08 17:12:00

I didn't chose to homeschool because of bugs, but am glad i do it now with all these bugs around. It doesn't make us immune though - we meet up with other families all the time and my boys go to both swimming and drama classes. However, at least I can be totally on top of their hygeine as they are always with me. They have become very good at handwashing - especially at the moment.

I too am thinking constantly about this bloody bug at the moment. I am trying not to let it affect what my children do though. On the otherhand, there is no way you would get me anywhere near a soft play place at the moment! I carry one of those foam antibacterial washes with me and am making them use it whenever we come out of shops or have been on the trains.

I still have some sort of mild tummy bug that is making me feel quite yuck. IT is not noro of course, but has been about 4 days now of on and off upset tummy and generally feeling unwell. No-one else in my family seems to have it though.

Ok, two questions for you all:

1) Can babies who are still only breastfeeding get norovirus??

2) Is eating out risky? I would like to think in resteraunts the staff are washing their hands, but are we taking our life in our hands eating out now? We are supposed to eat at Pizza Express for lunch on christmas eve and will be eating out a few times at Centre Parcs in early January. Any thoughts on this?


pinkkoala Mon 15-Dec-08 17:19:30

hi ilanak

i very rarely eat out just in case, but i did go out with my two best friends on thurs nite, pre xmas get together.
i worried about it all day and just ordered roast chicken and chips it came with salad but i didn't touch that as it looked dry and unwashed. after the meal all i kept thinking was what if.

my friend is pregnant and she eats out at least twice a week and she never worries about getting ill.

i love chinese takeaway but i neva have one in the winter, i know it sounds silly.

i think you are extremely brave going to center parcs in january, we did butlins, skegness in april, they had the bug going around then, my in laws went with us and they were ill with it.

IlanaK Mon 15-Dec-08 18:44:27

Well, I know the bug will be prevalant there. I think I said previously that last year at the same time (we always go the same week), my m-in-l got it within 24 hours of being there and was seriously ill. However, we booked this a year ago and are going with friends so we can't back out now. It is on my mind all the time, and I will be paranoid there. But I am paranoid here too! This is our last year going for financial reasons, but I will be secretely pleased.

By the way, last winter at Centre Parcs when m-i-l got ill, the nurse there denied that noro virus was going around. But listening to what was being said around me by other families as well as witnessing incidences in the pool (I won't tell you!) means I know it totally was.

Dottoressa Mon 15-Dec-08 22:15:01

Ilana - I think eating out depends on what you go for! I was quite confident about Pizza Express until I had a pizza with uncooked basil and rocket on top of it. It did me no harm at all, but I was very, very nervous as I saw the chef put the stuff straight on with his hands. Since then, I have only had pizzas where all the ingredients are cooked!

I think you are very brave to go to Center P. at all. I don't think I could do it!!

Dottoressa Mon 15-Dec-08 22:16:58

I pressed 'send' before I meant to!!

PK - how are things? I hope your DD is still okay despite the dribble. I am sure you will all be fine - I've read lots of things about transmission of bugs, and I've never read anything about dribble. Fingers crossed for you!!

Joolyjoolyjoo Mon 15-Dec-08 22:25:04

I'm glad I found this thread- I feel like I am slightly mad atm, as I am SOOO worried/ panicked about the vomiting/ diarrhoea bug that is going round all our friends and neighbours. So far dd2's best friend at nursery has had it, and the little girl we walk to the bus stop with, and who sits next to dd1 on the school bus was really ill end of last week. Both families have had it in every child, and the parents have had it too. I can hardly slep for worrying that one of the kids will start vomiting in the night sad, or worse, we will all be ill for Christmas. I have looked forward to this Christmas since last year, as DH was away last year, and it was a bit of an anti-climax, but now I feel as if the sword of Damocles is hanging over us all, and I can't relax.

Is there any chance it might pass us by? dd1 was given a lift home from a party tonight by one of the kids (now recovered) mums, but I am paranoid the bug will have been in the car! How long after exposure would you expect a bug like this to manifest itself?

eekareindeer Mon 15-Dec-08 22:36:30

You've got to do something to get over this phobia, everyone. Otherwise its gonna drive you mad! You can't carry on like this, you do know that, surely?

BB started this thread with a "self help" message behind it.

But now it has become yet another meeting place for emetophobes to wind each other up into a frenzy of fear.

The op is "let's confront the fear together" if you are not ready for that, then why not start a thread entitled something like:

"Emetophobes: come and swap horror stories" or some such?

corblimeymadam Mon 15-Dec-08 22:46:19

Hi there eekamoose - I know what you mean.
I have not been posting for precisely that reason but recognise that people do need somewhere to get all those feelings out... sad I don't find this type of thread helpful these days as it just ups the ante for me - but have not abandoned you wiggleit!

I can only refer people to the previous thread where I posted loads of stuff about my therapy and some facts about contagion from a bacteriologist/ contagious diseases expert at King's Hospital (check the facts about saliva pinkoala). So far it is working for me but I am yet to be tested by dd getting a bug. We have the bug in school and 2 of my class have had it and been off for a week.

I am, as we all are, wishing the end of term would come more quickly!

Keep strong people - my mum always used to say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"... and this WON'T kill you! You have already spent far more hours pannicking in your lives that you ever will having a tummy bug. Not wanting to be confrontational but there is a way through this.


eekareindeer Mon 15-Dec-08 22:55:58

Hello BB smile

corblimeymadam Mon 15-Dec-08 23:05:49

How are you these days? Have you finished your CBT? Did you ever hear anything back from Alan Johnson?

Good to 'see' you!

eekareindeer Mon 15-Dec-08 23:16:43

I am fine thanks, BB.

I am no longer seeing my CBT therapist, but am (weirdly?!) feeling much better than I did 12 months ago. Today I had the usual heart sinking feeling when I heard about noro virus on the news. But my attitude seems to be different, a sort of "que ce ra, ce ra" feeling, rather than barely supressed panic! lol!

My CBT therapist wanted me to visit a website that gradually exposes you to images of vomiting (there are 40 stages, apparently, so its very gradual) and to my shame I haven't done so. But really thats just because of a lack of time (you visit each image and stay with it until you feel comfortable, for as many days as it takes, until you reach level 40) so it could take weeks/months/years to get to level 40, I imagine, and I haven't yet committed that time.

Apparently, Stage 1 on this website is to look at an image of this V**IT. Some poor souls can't even do that without blood pressure rising shock.

I am never unsympathetic to any emetophobe. But even in the very depths of misery as a sufferer, I did at least know I was wrong and it wasn't doing me any good to carry on as I was, and I just hope other sufferers can do something to get themselves out of that black hole.

corblimeymadam Mon 15-Dec-08 23:24:07

Sounds like you are doing fab! I guess it is a question of taking these things one step at a time and you will do the gradual exposure if/when you are ready to.

I have revisited the tapes of my sessions a couple of times. We have had some major stress in the last few months with dh's job (safe for the moment thankfull but very very dodgy ona day to day basis for 6 weeks or so), a failure to conceive for 9mths or so (have given up for the moment) and with my dsis being diagnosed with early breast cancer (another of my phobias).

The thing is that when you are in the crisis situation you have no choice but to see it through. The sun does set and rise the next morning and no matter what you do time passes. Feelings don't last forever.

It is a tough one to crack but we are doing pretty bloody well, girl!


mumtoo3 Tue 16-Dec-08 08:33:04

hi bb and eek - good to hear from you both, did you have individual therapy? i received a letter a few weeks ago saying that i will have to have group therapy rather than individual therapy! has anyone had any experience of this?

mt3 x
big wave to wig x

Dottoressa Tue 16-Dec-08 08:37:05

Eek and BB - how lovely to have you back!!

Eek - I did suggest keeping this as the 'positive' thread, and I started an 'anxious' thread ("Aaaargh, it's noro season again - anxious emetophobes this way!") - but abandoned it as everyone kept posting their anxieties on here instead. I feel so anxious and in need of people to 'talk' to that talking to myself on the other thread really wasn't helping me much and this was the obvious place to come!!

The anxious one that I started is this page

(I am intrigued to see whether this link works!)

I am fully aware that this is not a nice or productive way to live, and I enormously admire those who have found the strength to deal with it in a positive way. Personally, I do not yet feel able to seek help. I don't know why. I suppose part of me feels too ashamed to tell a GP, so I keep postponing my attempts to get referred for CBT! I have toyed with the idea of hypnotherapy, but I'm also afraid of spending money that we don't have on a therapy that might not work (if that makes any sense).

I can't imagine any universe in which I'd be able to look at images of v!!

Jooly - I feel for you. I know exactly what you mean about the sword of Damocles. All you can do is make sure everyone washes their hands, and hope for the best (I'm sure the bug couldn't survive in the car). I shall have my fingers crossed for you.

Dottoressa Tue 16-Dec-08 08:38:09

The link does work!! Yippee!!

pinkkoala Tue 16-Dec-08 12:04:53

hi everyone

just checking in to see how everybody is.

with regards to one of the previous messages, it must be nice to not feel the worry of this bug, but unfortunatley some people have a phobia about this and some people have a phobia of other things.

i have read all the messages and have to say that some of them are positive, that makes me feel a bit more positive.

at the mo we are ok apart from having the sinusy cold and throaty thing.

thanks to IF who suggested other sites that have more info on noro, as are quite helpful.

IlanaK Tue 16-Dec-08 15:00:44

Thanks for that link with the information about how it spreads. Very interesting. The worrying thing though is it says that those antibacterial hadnwashes don't work. I have been using those a lot when out and about with the kids. Does anyone know more about this?

IlanaK Tue 16-Dec-08 15:46:12

Reading some more of the thread linked to earlier - I think I have realised what I am afraid of. It is not me being sick (though that does worry me and I don't want it to happen), the real worry for me is having to deal with my kids being sick.

corblimeymadam Tue 16-Dec-08 18:11:33

pinkkoala - I think you have missed the point on those previous messages. Eek and myself have both completed therapy for this - doesn't mean we are completely cured. Just means that we have developed ways to cope with the fear.

Dottoressa Tue 16-Dec-08 18:19:34

I've posted on the other thread again in the hope that this one might then be available to help those who are recovering/trying to recover!!

I hugely admire BB and Eek for taking control of this phobia, and only wish I were at that point. At the moment, I still feel the need to say things like "OMG, someone v-d five hundred miles away from me - are we going to catch it????!!!"

All panic is very welcome on the other thread...

Dottoressa Tue 16-Dec-08 18:20:12

Here it is again:


wiggleit Tue 16-Dec-08 19:05:43

Hi everyone!!!!

bb and eek - good to hear from you both again! Thanks for not abandoning me bb wink xx

How's you mt3? Everyone ok at yours? hope so.

Dot, those doxy-whatever tablets are ok. I was given them a while ago as i asked for something that wouldn't make me feel sick. Erythromycin upset my stomach. How are you feeling? Hope you are on the mend, not long now till you'll be finished the tablets.

Big hugs to everyone xx

I'm vacating this thread for dot's other one as I need to be able to talk freely about this. See you all over there hopefully smile.

eekareindeer Tue 16-Dec-08 22:08:40

No, no, no, it wasn't my intention to hijack anyone's thread.

I think I am done talking on this subject (until an incident actually occurs in my family!) because it doesn't make me feel any better and it doesn't change anything.

Like Cali and DDG before me, I am off to pastures new and you probably won't see me here again.

BB has done a magnificent job of keeping everyone informed, as well as updated on her own personal story, and offering support and friendship here.

Wishing you all all that you'd wish for yourselves

xx eek xx

Dottoressa Tue 16-Dec-08 22:49:27

Eek - please don't think anyone is accusing you of hijacking! BB started this thread, and it was very clear that it was to be positive. She has worked so hard to help herself (and us!), and it is only right that this thread should be available for people who are really trying to recover from this. You never know - I may be one of those people myself one day!

I particularly don't want to put BB off posting on here by my worrying. She has been a wonderful source of kindness and support, and I don't want to lose her!

I think there's plenty of room for a worrying thread and a more positive one. We need different support at different times, and it is fantastic that it's available via MN.

Hugs to all of you, whatever your stage of recovery or anxiety. We are all in this together! xx

wiggleit Wed 17-Dec-08 21:31:47

Dot - what a lovely message! Aar! We ARE all in this together and this thread is a massive help for those of us in need of support at times. I agree we need to try and be more positive but i find it hard at this time of year to see anything positive about this phobia! From now till April/May is a constant worry!

Hi bb and eek - i understand where you are coming from about this thread perhaps not being that helpful for the likes of you who have come so far and don't need to be reminded of all the negative stuff. But people like you inspire us who haven't got there yet. Sorry you feel you have to leave this thread eek, but understand. bb- please don't desert me!! wink xx

hugs to everyone! xx

eekareindeer Wed 17-Dec-08 21:50:05

Wiggle, my darling, I do not wish this post to be in anyway unhelpful (you do know I have your very best interests at heart, don't you?)

but my dcs, both of them, last had a stomach bug in August. Yes, bloody AUGUST. It came totally out of the blue and I was not prepared for it. It lasted for a night (for both of them) I was in a state and relied on Mumsnet quite heavily. TrinityRhino was a blardy star and held my paw throughout smile.

But the thing about it is: I couldn't predict it, there was no news about norovirus at the time, they weren't even at school or mixing with other children.

They did not get anything during the whole norovirus scare last winter. Not a peep. So the worry is all pointless. Am very sad to be posting this. Don't know what I'm trying to say really.

Onwards and upward, maybe! grin. Wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas xx Eeek xx

corblimeymadam Wed 17-Dec-08 22:26:47

I think that is the biggest message I've taken from all this, eekamoose - it doesn't matter HOW much you worry - it doesn't change a blardy thing SO there is not much point worrying in the first place.

That was also banged home to me in no uncertain terms in October when my dsis was diagnosed with breast cancer. We have both had major issues with health anxiety for years (quite a normal familly really grin) but all the worry and panic that we were dying of various terminal beauties over the years changed nothing about her diagnosis, when and where the cancer developed and whether or not I will now develop it as my risk is seen as higher. There is nothing I can do apart from have regular checks... The problem is that we all need help in breaking out of that panicky scanning for symptoms and building up anxiety, the 'what if' thinking and the constant analysis of where we've been, what we've eaten, who we've touched and whether or not we have breathed the air of someone who has gone on to get noro within 48 hrs etc etc etc. It is a very, very hard cycle to break.

God, I really hope that people don't abandon this thread. I know how massively important it is to be able to talk about fears that 'normal' people would think are completely barmy. We all need support through this it is just that some of us are further along the road to recovery than others (and believe me it is NOT a one way street) and some of us find that by reading other people's worries it hypes up our own, that's all! There is room for both threads and I sincerely hope we will all be able to support each other in our use of both of them.

Stay strong ladies - nearly the school holidays!! YIPPPPEEEEEEE!

PS - Thank you for all of your kind words smile
PPS - Apologies for megalong sentences - if I were in my class I would be told to go away and check my punctuation!

Marne Tue 30-Dec-08 08:38:58

Im off to the GP today to try and get help for this phobia, i have had a rough couple of weeks, i was ill over christmas and was so worried about the dd's getting a bug that i couldn't sleep (was up and down all night, everytime i heard the slightest little noise), i washed my hands so many times they are red raw and cleaned the bathroom more times than i have in my life time.

I havn't got a clue what im going to say to my GP, im worried he will laugh at my phobia and not offer me any help. My phobia seems to be getting worse each year and is now stopping me from having more children (less children, less chance of getting sickness and morning sickness).

Wish me luck.

Dottoressa Tue 30-Dec-08 08:53:54

I do wish you luck, Marne, and also send you huge congrats on trying to do something about this terrible phobia. Please let us know what happens!!

Marne Tue 30-Dec-08 12:23:00

Well all went well at the doctors, i saw a female doctor who was very understanding, she has refered me to a specialist to see where to go from here. So pleased i went, it feels like a weight has been lifted already.

Thankyou mumsnet for all your great advice, i will keep you posted on how i get on.

Dottoressa Tue 30-Dec-08 22:46:15

That is great news! I shall look forward to hearing more...

wiggleit Wed 31-Dec-08 18:55:37

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and were all bug free!

Eekareindeer - thank you for your very real message..tis true, no amount of worrying will stop things happening, i know that , but seem to be stuck in a cycle atm. I know there are bugs around all the time but somehow winter just seems to be so much worse, probably because we are all closed in together with central heating etc, don't do crowds etc for fear of germs, need to get that sorted because am taking DD to see HSM on ice in January (worst time for noro!!!aarrghhh!)

I know i need help and am currently asking for it through various sources (i have me and am seeing a psychologist for that so i mentioned it to her) unfortunately she cannot focus too much time on my phobia due to the fact we are only allowed a certain amount of sessions and she feels we need to concentrate on the me, but has said she will touch on it because that will be affecting my health, all the worry and anxiety etc, but feels the phobia is so deep that she won't have enough sessions to cover it but will hopefully point me in the right direction soon. I've also mentioned it to my fatigue management counsellor who is also willing to help me any way she can.

It is hard to admit to such a phobia though don't you think?

Well done Marne for going out htere and asking for help, it's a very admirable thing to do. Good luck!

We're going to a new year's party tonight. I have to say i'm a little worried about other guests there and what we might catch but i know i cannot live my life this way! My best friend has cried off because she feels queasy and knows about my phobia..i will be ringing her frequently to check on her health!!

Anyway, i'd better go and finish getting ready and brave whatever is out there!


Dottoressa Wed 31-Dec-08 19:00:07

Wiggle - that's interesting about your ME psychologist (and poor you, suffering from ME). Let us know if she says anything helpful. I need all the help I can get!

Happy new year to all xxx

wiggleit Wed 31-Dec-08 19:45:24

Course i will Dot! anything that will help any of us i will relay back to you. Lotsa love xx

mumtoo3 Thu 01-Jan-09 14:17:35

happy new year to all hope you are all well x