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Best timing for taking Propranolol

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offtoseethewizard64 Wed 07-May-14 09:24:09

Recently had a panic attack whilst driving on motorway (not something I have to do very often as no motorways where we live) but this has lead to me being extremely anxious about getting behind the wheel of the car at all now even though I have been driving safely for many years. I think I am just panicking about having a panic attack now, rather than actually having a panic attack - if you see what I mean.
GP has prescribed low dose of Propranolol to take up to twice a day when needed. Was told to take 1/2 hr before driving, but when I did this I don't think it had kicked in and I read on here - and another forum that people take theirs anything from 1 - 2 hrs before the event which they know will make them anxious.
My question to anyone who is taking this drug 'ad hoc' like this is, what is the best time to take it and how long does it last? - as today I need to drive somewhere, and will be there for 2 hrs before I need to drive back. If I take Propanolol 1 hr before I leave home, will it still be effective 4 hrs later when I am leaving to return home?

HoleySocksBatman Wed 07-May-14 16:30:44

Propranolol pills have a half life of about 8 hrs. I notice them wearing off after 6 hours.

And yes, i have in the past taken them ad hoc. I've even chewed them up before appointments where i was going to be nervous.

These days i take it 3x / day - every 6-7 hours during waking hours. and yes i do notice it wearing off - my heart beats harder around those times. Yes i could avoid that by taking the MR pills rather than the normal ones, but it affected my sleep so badly that i was having all sorts of problems.

HoleySocksBatman Wed 07-May-14 16:31:43

To answer your other question, a standard release propranolol has kicked in approx 1 hr after taken. Try to take WITH food - it enhances absorption.

HoleySocksBatman Wed 07-May-14 16:33:20

I stand corrected, Wikipedia says half life is 4-5 hours. I notice the difference 6-7 hours after swallowing one, that's when my body tells me to take the next one.

Its broken down by the liver so many things can affect how quickly you get rid of it.

offtoseethewizard64 Wed 07-May-14 19:09:03

Thanks holeysocks. I took 20mg 1 hr before going out and was OK returning home - although not perfect. I have a trip tomorrow where I will be out for 8 hrs, so I will take the tablets with me and take some more before returning home, I think.

HoleySocksBatman Wed 07-May-14 19:13:29

sounds like a good idea. I always keep spares on me just in case.

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