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Anyone take Sertraline? And how does it make you feel?

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TrueWorrier Sat 14-Dec-13 09:21:12

I've been suffering with anxiety for the last month or so, most probably caused by an accumulation of stress over the last 18 months. Saw my GP this week and she diagnosed mild depression coupled with anxiety and tells me that Sertraline is excellent at stopping all these feelings of mild panic, dread, worry etc.

I've never taken Sertraline before, and just wondered what to expect?

I did take Prozac more than 10 years ago but really didn't like its effects, I just felt very grey and zoned out. I'm worried that Sertraline will have the same effect which I really dodn't want.

I want to be able to feel 'normal' again, which for me means feeling happy some of the time and a bit fed up occasionally, and a bit bored, or annoyed or excited, you know just normal every day emotions. But without these feelings of anxiety, dread suffocating everything.

At the moment I can't feel excited about Xmas, or look forward to things like the DCs Xmas play, or even get annoyed at DH for losing my car keys yesterday. I just feel detatched and low level anxious about everything sad

Worried that Sertraline will get rid of the anxiety quickly enough, but will stop me going back to feeling normal emotions, too and I'll just feel numb.

Would really appreciate hearing about your experiences of taking Sertraline, and how it worked for you.

teawomen Sat 14-Dec-13 10:57:51

Hi. Anxiety is the pits. I too suffer with panic attacks and anxiety.
Was first started on fluoxetine which made me depressed (never been depressed before) anyway doctor prescribed sertraline. It's worked magic on my life. I'm now back to work. Enjoy taking dd to playgroup and soft play which before sertraline I dreaded or avoided. I dreaded the thought of Christmas but can say im 80% on road to feeling mormal. It has somehow help my panic attacks subside. My thought process still needs work however I am getting counselling which I think is a must. When my period is due I do get feeling of panic have, just been increased to 100 from 50 to see if it helps. But so far so good think it's been about 10 weeks now and I'm a different person. Good luck. I didn't get many side effects because I swapped straight from fluoxetine which was horrific. Maybe someone else may help with that x

Mosschops30 Sat 14-Dec-13 11:43:43

I've taken it for a while for PTSD it's been really good, no side effects and certainly doesn't make me feel numb, in fact it let's me feel all my emotions normally.
I did come off then but felt so awful that after 3 months I went back on them.
I'm quite happy to stay on them, they work for me
Good luck smile

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