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health anxiety

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hopeliss Mon 14-Oct-13 11:18:02

has anybody ever found a cure for health anxiety. it has plagued my life for 7 years and don't see an end to it. awful day today.
ps never been on mumsnet before. sorry if this is the wrong place to raise this.

buildmeabuttercup Fri 17-Apr-15 19:54:09

I feel a lot calmer at work. Its when there is peace and quiet that my thoughts start to wander. I dont feel too bad at the moment. Thoughts of a brain aneurysm are playing on my mind a bit. I dont think they will ever truly go away, to the point I am tempted to save up for a private scan if I could get one!

Flowersandshowers Thu 16-Apr-15 22:59:08

I have just gone back to work after a few weeks off with the dc and my job is currently very stressful so I haven't had much time for thoughts of HA. It helps me to be busy... When I am at home I seem to have a lot more free time for my mind to wander and then google things. (No internet at work)

crabapple34 Thu 16-Apr-15 22:36:21

Hi, I've not been too bad. I've had some unpleasant chest pains tonight but it turned out to be trapped wind and I've been burping like a trooper!
I've been drinking loads of chamomile tea, I really do find it works. If I'm feeling panicky it takes the edge off, I'd recommend it.

40slady Thu 16-Apr-15 19:24:01

how is everyone ?

Flowersandshowers Sun 12-Apr-15 22:04:36

I tried it today and it worked pretty well. The worry that's been consuming most of my thoughts recently was okay today. I googled this morning and a brief one this evening (5mins) but apart form that I haven't worried about it which is a massive improvement for me. Even yesterday the worry consumed some of my thoughts every hourly of the day.

Only downside was while not worrying about my main worry I seem to have transferred my anxiety onto something else this evening But it's not as 'bad' so hoping it won't last long!

40slady Sun 12-Apr-15 09:11:01

im exactly the same ...i dont discuss with DH to much , just keep searching for reassuring answers ...and for me C is my biggest fear to .

is a comfort to know im not the only one i must say and everyone on here is so nice

Flowersandshowers Sun 12-Apr-15 09:03:56

I've done my checking and googling this morning and have reassured myself. Now if only I could tick that box as 'okay' and move onto spmething else.

I think talking about it here helps. Family are not very supportive. Yesterday I was told 'you've labelled yourself with HA and are now living up to the label'. If only that were the case... I can't explain to him the thoughts in my head... I have tried but he doesn't get it. For someone without HA it's very difficult to explain to him how it's like being on a constant hamster wheel of "I am worried about X. I need to check it../ what if it's cancer... I need to check it...could die from it... Google it... Reassure self.... Worry it's cancer... Check it...Google it" round and round.

Anyone else like that or just me?

40slady Sun 12-Apr-15 08:54:36

iv heard this before where you have a worry slot , say half an hour per day you set aside to worry about what ever your worried about , then get on with your day and that is supposed to help to ..

40slady Sun 12-Apr-15 08:52:28

checking and DR G is one of my downfalls , already today iv visited loads and feel no better for it hmm

give it a go be interested to hear your results smile

Flowersandshowers Sun 12-Apr-15 08:43:13

I have been reading a HA self help guide and something they suggest is checking/googling less.

I think I might try it today and tell myself I can't check or google anything until a certain time. Or check this morning and then not again till the evening. The example was someone checking 35 times own day and by the end of the week only checking twice.

40slady Sun 12-Apr-15 08:28:06

hows everyone doing ?

welcome flowers x

buildmeabuttercup Sat 11-Apr-15 22:25:09

crab I made the appointment. The nearest non emergency one is for 3 weeks so I've taken that, I do hope this relapse will be slowly going away by then though. This is just a setback and I WILL get through it!

40slady I was completely convinced i had leukemia. It was really really horrible, I had a breakdown. I never had it, I was fine. And you will be too. Please don't google, this is the worst thing you can do.

flowers I went through a stage of constantly counting my pulse and taking my temperature every ten minutes. Id go round town getting my blood pressure tested in different chemists. It will pass flowers

ballofworry how have you been?

Flowersandshowers Sat 11-Apr-15 16:56:04

My period is due any day and my HA seems to go off the scale beforehand. Today has been a very stressful day involving lots of checking and panicking and thinking I have something. Would just like to think normal thoughts!

crabapple34 Sat 11-Apr-15 16:12:06

Thanks 40slady

Hi flowersandshowers. How are you doing at the moment?

I went out for a few drinks last night which helped me relax and I'm feeling pretty good today.

Flowersandshowers Sat 11-Apr-15 12:33:43

Can I join your thread? It's very comforting to know I'm not the only one who has these issues.

I am determined to overcome it... I had a bad bought of it about 10 years ago and managed to get rid of it. Then about 4 years ago something happened and it reared it's ugly head again. It's been up and down the last four years, sometimes with nothing other times with terrible HA, but at the moment seems worse.

It's usually focused on my own health but can also be my anxiety about the dc when they're ill.

40slady Fri 10-Apr-15 17:16:44

sorry your struggling today to crab , i in the past have had chest pain and pulputations this is very common with HA i think , hope you get back on track soon flowers

i do i thinkfeel a bit better hmm def helps getting out of the house i didnt notice my back to much when out home i can ...

crabapple34 Fri 10-Apr-15 14:17:29

Hi, I'm not having a great day. Heart has been pounding on and off and I've had a bit of chest pain. It's annoying as I've been feeling good the past few days.

Did you feel reassured at all after seeing the doctor?

40slady Fri 10-Apr-15 11:02:08

i went to docs this morning about my back sensation , she said could just be nerve endings and wasnt concerned at all ..and went through my blood test results and did say she was 99% i wouldnt have L . and looked at all my past white count and indeed back in 2012 it was 1.7 then went back up ..
i also had another scare this morning in the bottom department blush , so told her that and she examined me and said she thinkis just my internal piles playing up ... drink more water to help
gosh ...why do i put myself through this .... sad hate my head at times ...

how is everyone els doing ?

crabapple34 Thu 09-Apr-15 23:09:59

Well, she's the expert. The urge to Google is so hard to resist, sometimes I wonder if health anxiety has gone up since the rise of the Internet.
I've had a decent day, though tonight have had some chest pain which has put me on edge but I don't feel too bad.

40slady Thu 09-Apr-15 22:30:42

just have to keep in mind doctor wasnt worried at all she said so , said quite common to be low from time to time , and have had for years low iron so all could be that ...but just when i googled lots of scary stuff flew up ...i knew i shouldnt have ...cros with myself doing so ....
thanks for listening , hope your ok ... thanks

crabapple34 Thu 09-Apr-15 22:12:57

You're welcome. I hope you feel better soon.

40slady Thu 09-Apr-15 21:54:49

thank you , yes i do suffer with HA .... itsawful isnt it ...
thank you for your kind words

crabapple34 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:48:47

Hi 40slady. Do you have a history of health anxiety?

I won't tell you not to worry as anyone with HA will know that won't help.
I'm not an expert but couldn't the tiredness be due to your low iron, which in itself it pretty common I believe. The burning sensation could be due to anxiety, it causes all kinds of weirdness.

It never helps. You're going to see your doctor anyway so there is no possible way it could be useful. My anxiety often gives me chest, jaw and left arm pain. What does Google say? Possible heart attack, go straight to a+e, which is what I did the first time. But I was fine and I still am. Doesn't stop me worrying mind, but that's anxiety for you.

40slady Thu 09-Apr-15 21:09:52

thanks crab , i had blood tests done back in feb loads of then , FBC , liver , kidney , diabeties , thyroid etc the lot ...
came back i have slightly low white blood count 3,5 normal is above 4
i also have low iron although i have had that for many years ( heavy periods )
i also have IBS
tired all the time , cant do a great deal before im wiped out ,,,
i googled and it came up with leukemia ..
i also few weeks ago felt fluy and hot/cold /
then that went then recently i feel like it again , well more my back feels like its sore or hot or lightly burning sensation ....most odd rash or spots slightly hot ...

im due a re test in 2 weeks time then see my doctor but im so worried this symptoms are all linked to C 42 ...

hope that makes some sense thanks for listening to me go on x

crabapple34 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:00:31

What makes you think that? You don't have to go into it if you don't want to but we're here if you do.

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