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Not Driving Away!

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Pumble Sat 13-Jul-13 14:21:09

P1 splashing in the paddling pool and P2 having a nap. So pleased to be back and they are so pleased to be with each other again.

Can't believe we got to 1000 posts! You need to change your nn now too don't you wylye ?!

rowrowrowtheboat Thu 21-May-15 13:48:10

I'm swinging by to see how everyone is.

Any news?

A little bit of sunshine here, hope there is with The Pumbles and Magi.

magimedi Wed 20-May-15 22:11:45

Pumble - This is your thread.

Am aching to hear your news.

Do let us know how you are.

Pumble Fri 15-May-15 20:00:25

Woohoo gringringringringrin

Fabulous news!!! thanksthanks

rowrowrowtheboat Fri 15-May-15 14:31:44

Whoop whoop whoop

magimedi Fri 15-May-15 11:06:03

I am a granny!!!

All is well.

magimedi Thu 14-May-15 15:09:17

Not going to see PFGC right at the start. I think DIL's ma should be the first to go, every woman wants her mum at a time like that. (Unless there are probs) & her mum has said she doesn't want to go immediately (unless there are probs) as she feels that is good for DS, DIL & GC to have a couple of weeks toether, learning to be a family. SO she'll go when DS's paternity leave is up & we are going a few weeks after that. Also means I'll be there for my birthday which is a BIG one this year.

Am truly not too fussed about seeing PFGC immediately, there's skype etc & lots of photos.

Cold & miserable here as well. I can't remember such a cold May for a long time. I am still wearing socks, which you know I hate, and normally am into sandals by now.

Maybe the summer will make up for a bad Spring.

At least you haven't got a camping holiday booked, row unlike some friends of mine. Honestly, I think I'd cancel but have never been a great fan of camping.

rowrowrowtheboat Thu 14-May-15 13:51:16

so, it is raining, it Is cold, it is miserable. It is meant to be MAY. Let's cheers ourselves up with our plans for May half term - only one more week of school til we get a rest.

magi, you will be having the time of your life with PFGC, any distraction plans while you wait?

Pumble, what are you planning to do with the Pumblettes?

I'm off to research 'warm indoor places to visit with children in ridiculously cold May'

magimedi Tue 12-May-15 21:48:37

Dentist was pretty awful - but my dentist is lovely I have to say.

Just very tired from it all now & gums very sore as she had to drill down through the gum line to fix post for new crown.

wine has helped hugely.

The pool I swim in is the pool of our local uni that is the Sports Science section of that uni - so it is filled with fit (wink ) sporty types.

2 weeks tomorrow is due date - not that I am counting.

Look forward to hearing about Pumblette 3 - this thread is not about me, but about you Pumble.

Am nearly as anxious about you as I am about PFGC!

rowrowrowtheboat Tue 12-May-15 21:38:56

Hello, nice to hear from you both. pumble, how are you?

Magi, how are you after the dentist? Hopefully it wasn't too gruelling.

Loving the French Magi, sounds like swimming is perfectermont.

Not long now Magi.

Pumble Mon 11-May-15 22:01:38

So pleased DIL is doing well and that she is being well looked after. Fingers crossed PFGC will be here safely before you know it. Am so excited for you! grin

How do you manage to swim in a pool with such lovely men to look at?! Clearly I have been visiting the wrong pools all my life... Totally agree with your philosophy though! I would expect a French man to wear speedos-my DH was quite shocked the first time he went swimming in a public pool in France and was told it was compulsory to wear speedos...!

Good Luck in the dentist chair tomo-never my favourite way to spend time. I do agree with you about what happens when you can't afford it-the number of DIY dentist cases must be huge and/or the number of people walking around in pain, neither of which should be acceptable. When I was young you went to the dentist regularly because that's what you did but I can imagine now there are lots of children growing up never going to the dentist as there isn't an Nhs one nearby which means they don't get help with teeth when it's first needed. Anyways, shall stop rabbiting on about the dental crisis now wink

magimedi Mon 11-May-15 19:57:40

Update - DIL is still OK - only 16 days to go.

Still being monitored for BP every other day & hospital twice a week (that's French health system for you!) .

She has her bag packed & takes it with her every time she goes to the hospital.

My phone lives with me - except when I swim - and I can't wait for PFGC to arrive.

PS Adonis has vanished but there is now vair handsome & fit French guy who swims in my lane with me & is tres, tres, charmant!!

Je suis dans quite a tizz quand je swim - il wears speedos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I say to mon DH the jour you stop regardezing is the jour you should allez dans votre box!

He (DH) has beacoup de eye candy to watch a la pool!

No swim tomorrow - dentist's chair for me for quite some time to fix this sheared off tooth.

I am just so grateful that I can afford the treatment - god knows what you'd do if you couldn't. It's not right.

magimedi Thu 07-May-15 22:25:18

DIL is fine - for now.

3 weeks to go till due date.

Have had a dental day - lost a crown last night on a bit of apple - FFS apple is healthy, isn't it?

Got temp filling & v.v.v expensive work/appointment for next week.

Berluddy teeth - they give you probs from coming in & for the rest of life.

Pumble - I want to hear how P3 is & what is happening with your potential move - please?

rowrowrowtheboat Wed 06-May-15 19:13:16

Thank you for your offers of help!

Magi, how is your DIL? Aren't you due tomorrow o be other there soon!

How's the bump Pumble? How are you?

Pumble Thu 30-Apr-15 21:58:10

In haste but really pleased your DIL has her mum with her now and bP staying down. Fingers crossed smile

magimedi Thu 30-Apr-15 17:23:44

Bp still staying down & her Mum arrives today so feel more relaxed.

Sadly no new Adonis has appeared, just an irritating splashy show off in my lane today.

Hope you are feeling less thibly spread, row & hope all is going well with you, *Pumble. How's P3 (to be) ?

Pumble Wed 29-Apr-15 19:34:49

Sorry to hear everyone's news.

How is your DIL magi? Is her BP continuing to remain low. It's great news that it's only four weeks until her due date so not long to go (I say this as someone who never gets to her due date). I can imagine how powerless you feel, and your DS too - just being there on the phone will help him so much. And it shows what a great mother you are that he feels able to snap at you with no repercussions. Sending calming thoughts to you magi and to your DS and to your DIL in the hope it keeps everyone's blood pressure down.

How are you feeling row? It's so hard when spread too thin. Likewsie I would be round with help if nearer. Hope you are managing to try to give yourself a bit of a break and a pat on the back for everything you do.

Enjoy the swimming magi - perhaps a new adonis will appear before too long (or is that wishful thinking on my part for you?!)

magimedi Tue 28-Apr-15 09:02:01

Sorry to hear you are spread thin, row. If we lived nearer I'd be round to help like a shot!

DIL had hospital appt yesterday & BP is OK, but she is still on drugs to keep it low.

No family out there, but her Mum is going over in a few days time.

She is still v laid back but DS is deffo tense - I know, 'cos he's snappy with me on the phone! A mother's place is in the wrong!

Lovely day here, but cold & still no rain, none for a month now & garden (clay) is baked solid!

Off to supermarket shortly - the exciting life I lead!!

Waves to Pumble - How's it all going?

rowrowrowtheboat Mon 27-Apr-15 22:55:26

Hi Magi. I'm sorry to hear the last few weeks of pregnancy are stressful for everyone. I think relatives and friends can feel powerless to help in any way, no wonder your DS feels worried. Hopefully, your DIL is being well looked after by friends and family over there and it sounds like she is being monitored closely. They will act if they are concerned.

I will send feelings of calm to you in the hope that you are not on tenterhooks quite so much.

Distraction is key, and swimming is an excellent one to be distracted with, even if Adonis is not there.

I'm tired tired tired and spread too thin.

Pumble, how's life?

magimedi Sun 26-Apr-15 15:58:34

How's everyone?

Any news on the moving front, Pumble?

Hope the new term is going OK, row.

A bit worried here as last week DIL went for hospital appointment & her blood pressure was very high. Obstetrican took it several times over course of appt & at the end admitted her to hospital & she was put on drugs to lower it. She was able to come home after 24 hours but has to have BP taken twice a week locally & go to hospital once a week for rest of pregnancy. Drs worried about pre eclampsia & that her placenta is 'thin'.

DIL is amazingly calm & laid back about it all & of the" que sera sera" frame of mind (thank heavens). DS is more anxious but hiding it fairly well from DIL.

Due date is 4 weeks & a few days & I can't wait for her to arrive & be OK.
As I suspected DIL was pregnant when she was only about 2 weeks it has seemed like a bloody long time to me.

Keeping busy to stop my self worrying - my blood pressure goes up every time the phone rings!

I remember my Dad saying that you never stopped worrying about your children until the day you died & he was so right.

Back to swimming & all going well but no sign of Adonis - sob!!

rowrowrowtheboat Sun 19-Apr-15 22:12:06

I reckon you might spontaneously combust Magi! Keep us updated.

Outside swimming, definately too early for that!

magimedi Sun 19-Apr-15 19:53:08

Outside (sea) swimming has not started! Sea temp is about 12C - it has to be a minimum of 17C for me to venture in. Normally start in latter half of June.

Lovely here but a cold, cold, East wind.

5 weeks this Wednesday is due date!!

Am I excited? Am I thinking of it all the time?

Waddya reckon?

rowrowrowtheboat Wed 15-Apr-15 22:49:50

What fantastic weather girls. Pumble, the sound of two children giggling, relaxing in the garden and just enjoying being with each other is priceless.

I think that's why I enjoyed easter so much. Start of term has been ok, just got to keep my head down and keep plodding.

Ps Magi, think flaming orange locks with lots of curls something quite ordinary, ! I'd upload a picture but not got a clue how! Hope your back has recovered.

Pumble Mon 13-Apr-15 20:43:02

Have had such a lovely few days with the pumblettes-even today which I was dreading as I hate Mondays when mr P is abroad. gringrin

It's almost like p1 took a lot of the holidays to catch up on sleep and get over nursery worry etc and now she has it's all about to start again!

They sat in the garden having their tea earlier and all I could hear was chatter followed by copious amounts of laughter repeated over and over. It just made me feel so happy and I wanted to share. smile

Hope start of term is going well row and you're both enjoying the sunshine!

Pumble Fri 10-Apr-15 19:19:53

What a lot I have missed out on whilst I was away!

It is amazing to think how far life has come since the start and without you I don't know where I would be! That picture is very accuarte magi too - but I think that it should wait until I can drink again!!

How's the hair row?! I would have to dig out the hair dye to get to jet black too... but the champagne and crab salad does sound good!

Hasn't the weather been amazing? It's been so lovely to be able to spend all the day outside. The pumblettes managed a 6km cycle/scooter on Monday - was very proud of them for keeping going and not moaning - we hadn't planned to go that far! P1 cycled so fast at one point I had to jog alongside her! They had such fun in my parents big garden too - lovely for them to have all that space. Great to spend Easter wiht my brother too now he's back in the country after so long, although it was good to know that the sibling rivalries etc are still alive and kicking...

How's the garden magi? Has it been warm enough for an outside swim yet? Hope you've had a good Easter holiday row - did you have much work to do or could you relax with your DDs?

Too early to tell whether girl or boy magi - my money is on girl, everyone else is on boy!! Suddenly feel I'm looking pregnant (well actually i said huge and mr p said pregnant!) - I swear it happens earlier each pregnancy!

magimedi Wed 08-Apr-15 22:47:44

I am still waiting for the picture, row - grin

Loving this warmer weather - outside for most of the day today, busy in the garden. My back is telling me what I've done tonight!

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