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Not Driving Away!

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Pumble Sat 13-Jul-13 14:21:09

P1 splashing in the paddling pool and P2 having a nap. So pleased to be back and they are so pleased to be with each other again.

Can't believe we got to 1000 posts! You need to change your nn now too don't you wylye ?!

magimedi Sun 01-Mar-15 20:22:59

Oh Pumble what a load of shite - not surprised you felt weepy.

Yes, I'd love to see him in budgie smugglers!

Was telling OH about him (OH didn't swim on Saturday) & OH asked if it would be nice to ask him round for a meal!!!!!!!!!

Pumble Sun 01-Mar-15 18:09:27

Disappointed by his swimwear magi!

I hate Sundays without mr P...this more than normal as drove halfway to my parents to meet up and they got their wires crossed and so didn't show up..... Grrrr. Hormones have led to a rather teary Sunday!

magimedi Sat 28-Feb-15 20:26:58

* where did you look?!*

At his lovely eyes - he was, unlike most, wearing bermudas so couldn't size him up grin

Pumble Sat 28-Feb-15 19:03:05

That's brilliant magi - well done! Definitely earned those crisps! It must have been lovely having your chat with Adonis - where did you look?!

rowrowrowtheboat Sat 28-Feb-15 17:47:54

Wow! Well done, you must have loads of stamina. I think you earns your cheese and onion crisps. No wonder Adonis was talking technique, he wants tips!

magimedi Sat 28-Feb-15 16:10:49

I went swimming. I saw Adonis, which was nice & at the end of my swim we had a chat about techniques (swimming technique, down ladies grin)

But - for the first time since I've started swimming seriously I did my 40 lengths (1K) in one fell swoop, without a single stop!! I am so thrilled, it's been a milestone (or kilometre stone) for me to reach for some time.

Have just celebrated by eating a whole grab bag size of cheese 'n' onion crispis (my all time treat).

rowrowrowtheboat Sat 28-Feb-15 09:14:49

No, not self absorbed.

Enjoy your weekend. I'll check in for swimming updates later.

magimedi Fri 27-Feb-15 22:45:02

You are not self absorbed at all, Pumble.

This is your thread, after all!

I would look like a real prat in a bikini in the pool I go to. It is part of Brighton Uni's sport's campus and it is a training pool.

It's speedo/zoggs or aquasphere.

And most of the men are in budgie smugglers wink

Pumble Fri 27-Feb-15 21:41:46

Thank you both smile

Sorry I have been so self absorbed... Didn't mean to be.

Very jealous of your Adonis magi....definitely go out and get new swimwear wink

What would your academic book have been on row?

Happy weekend to you both. Do update on your swimming adventures magi!

rowrowrowtheboat Fri 27-Feb-15 20:23:30

Pumble, magi is right, it doesn't matter what people will think. I have quite a few friends with three who were saying they must be crazy, when they were pregnant, but I haven't heard anyone say they had anyone say anything to them. Yes, your mum will be concerned for you as she loves you, but use this time to be as open as you can with her. Have her support before you need her, lean on her. What will be will be, and no one can predict, it, but you can control the support you have around you with family, friends, midwives, doctors and Magi and I. I think it's wonderful. We're here for you.

Magi, go and get a bikini first thing tomorrow grin

magimedi Fri 27-Feb-15 19:35:50

Stop worrying about what anyone else says. As long as Mr P is happy, it's none of their business (in the nicest possible way for you Mum).

Just because you had PND with P2 does not mean you are going to have it with P3. I am sure you can address this with GP/midwives/health visitor as the pregnancy progresses.

Hope the nausea does not last long - I still remember how vile it was.

Row - am swimming tomorrow - it was last Saturday that I met Adonis - shopuld I go out & buy fetching new cossie? grin grin (No way am I going to - he's nearly young enough to be my grandson).

Pumble Fri 27-Feb-15 18:14:33

Ps. Really hope the nausea doesn't last long-it's killing me!!!!wink

Pumble Fri 27-Feb-15 18:13:33

Posted earlier but seems to have disappeared so trying again briefly whilst running bath for pumblettes...

Thank you both for being so encouraging and supportive. It's not that I don't want p3 it was just such a big shock. And i am worried what everybody else will say (especially my mother who will undoubtedly say it's crazy!!). smile

rowrowrowtheboat Fri 27-Feb-15 17:32:23

Magi, you are so good for people's confidence. Thank you. Maybe my first novel will come once I have finished knitting!! I've always wanted to have something published, but that was in the days I thought I might go into Academia and be an accomplished lecturer, and my book would be more factual. Sadly, my imagination is not my strong point.

Did you swim today Magi? maybe next time you will meet your lovely man again....

magimedi Fri 27-Feb-15 16:38:21

all of you will bend with the wind, settle, and find opportunities and happiness.

Row, I've said it before, but you do write so very beautifully. When can we expect first novel?

rowrowrowtheboat Fri 27-Feb-15 14:42:37


I hope the swim cleared your head a little, and that the ground is firmer after the shock waves. It is congratulations. Yes, another dimension. To think about but it may shape your thinking I a way that suits yourself, Mr P and 3 Pumblettes.

PS I know someone who went to Brussles for 6 months with her third baby being just a few weeks old. Whatever happens in your life, wherever you end up living, all of you will bend with the wind, settle, and find opportunities and happiness.

magimedi Fri 27-Feb-15 12:00:36

Have a lovely swim. Maybe in the summer we could try to meet up for a coffee or lunch or something?

Pumble Fri 27-Feb-15 10:52:43

It's days like this magi that I wish I could sit down for a coffee with you rather than trying to type everything out! Dashing off to swimming with the pumblettes now. smile

magimedi Fri 27-Feb-15 10:12:19

Lots & lots of people, Pumble. But not so often with your circs.

Are you OK? I know it must be a shock & throws your plans out a bit.

But it's a baby so may I be one of the first to offer congratulations to you, Mr P & the Pumblettes. flowers

Pumble Fri 27-Feb-15 10:04:11

Shit shit shit shit

Who gets pregnant after once?! shock

magimedi Thu 26-Feb-15 23:01:58

POAS - as they say here to everyone who wonders. POAS ASAP!!

Amsterdam sounds like a lot of fun - please book me in for a visit grin

West country sounds even better - especially if P3 is a reality.

Keep us up to speed with all of this, won't you?

Hugs to you both.

PS Went swimming today & it was just full of women of my age - le sigh!

rowrowrowtheboat Thu 26-Feb-15 21:03:49

Wow Pumble! I remember you talking about the possibility of number 3. What exciting times, and yes, terrifying until it sinks in. I know lots of three children families, you will be great at it I'm sure. When you are ready to do the test, we'll be thinking of you. Hope Mr P is home soon to be with you all too.

Lots of decisions to make about your home, but it sounds like with either way you will be closer to loved ones. whichever way you go, the Pumbles will be a team.

Pumble Thu 26-Feb-15 19:08:45

So.... We thought we might have a third pumblette but mr P is barely in the country so a challenge abd because of my pcos was told it would take a long time..... Turns out maybe it only takes once.... shock Which is utterly terrifying as thought it would take ages. Haven't tested yet as too terrified to have it confirmed! So could be panicking over nothing....

And we are thinking of up rooting our lives to the west country to be nearer my mum and dad as mr P away so much but there is a chance we could be off to Amsterdam instead.... And this possible extra third pumblette rather adds another dimension...

I know I should just do a test!!!!

rowrowrowtheboat Thu 26-Feb-15 18:10:35

(joins in drumming).

The basket sounds lovely, some great things in there. We had a basket with very similar things in it. They will love it. Broadchurch was not so good the scold time round, I couldn't remember enough of the first and I was disappointed but needed to see it to the end. Swimming sounds great, especially the compliments. I think everyone should give more.

Studying is ok, I do have too much on my plate, but I'm having a feet up night tonight to recharge.

Where are you Pumble?

magimedi Wed 25-Feb-15 19:25:08

Drums fingers on table - waiting to hear about this, Pumble!

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