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Not Driving Away!

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Pumble Sat 13-Jul-13 14:21:09

P1 splashing in the paddling pool and P2 having a nap. So pleased to be back and they are so pleased to be with each other again.

Can't believe we got to 1000 posts! You need to change your nn now too don't you wylye ?!

rowrowrowtheboat Wed 15-Apr-15 22:49:50

What fantastic weather girls. Pumble, the sound of two children giggling, relaxing in the garden and just enjoying being with each other is priceless.

I think that's why I enjoyed easter so much. Start of term has been ok, just got to keep my head down and keep plodding.

Ps Magi, think flaming orange locks with lots of curls something quite ordinary, ! I'd upload a picture but not got a clue how! Hope your back has recovered.

Pumble Mon 13-Apr-15 20:43:02

Have had such a lovely few days with the pumblettes-even today which I was dreading as I hate Mondays when mr P is abroad. gringrin

It's almost like p1 took a lot of the holidays to catch up on sleep and get over nursery worry etc and now she has it's all about to start again!

They sat in the garden having their tea earlier and all I could hear was chatter followed by copious amounts of laughter repeated over and over. It just made me feel so happy and I wanted to share. smile

Hope start of term is going well row and you're both enjoying the sunshine!

Pumble Fri 10-Apr-15 19:19:53

What a lot I have missed out on whilst I was away!

It is amazing to think how far life has come since the start and without you I don't know where I would be! That picture is very accuarte magi too - but I think that it should wait until I can drink again!!

How's the hair row?! I would have to dig out the hair dye to get to jet black too... but the champagne and crab salad does sound good!

Hasn't the weather been amazing? It's been so lovely to be able to spend all the day outside. The pumblettes managed a 6km cycle/scooter on Monday - was very proud of them for keeping going and not moaning - we hadn't planned to go that far! P1 cycled so fast at one point I had to jog alongside her! They had such fun in my parents big garden too - lovely for them to have all that space. Great to spend Easter wiht my brother too now he's back in the country after so long, although it was good to know that the sibling rivalries etc are still alive and kicking...

How's the garden magi? Has it been warm enough for an outside swim yet? Hope you've had a good Easter holiday row - did you have much work to do or could you relax with your DDs?

Too early to tell whether girl or boy magi - my money is on girl, everyone else is on boy!! Suddenly feel I'm looking pregnant (well actually i said huge and mr p said pregnant!) - I swear it happens earlier each pregnancy!

magimedi Wed 08-Apr-15 22:47:44

I am still waiting for the picture, row - grin

Loving this warmer weather - outside for most of the day today, busy in the garden. My back is telling me what I've done tonight!

rowrowrowtheboat Mon 06-Apr-15 22:22:49

I love weird dreams. I had loads of dreams based in my childhood home when I was pregnant.

Champagne and crab salad sounds good. I'll go and get some hair dye and hair extensions tomorrow.....

magimedi Mon 06-Apr-15 11:27:01

Reading those threads must have got to me!!

Last night I dreamt that row & pumble had come to meet me, only it was where I lived as a child & my Dad (dead for nearly 30 years) was there as was his mother (who died when I was five!).

Dad was treating us all to champagne & crab salad. You both had amazing long hair, Pumble's was jet black & row's was bright orange!!!

I woke up from that dream & it's really stuck in my mind!!

rowrowrowtheboat Sun 05-Apr-15 21:30:06

Sounds like a fun night out, that's for sure.

Friends who happen to be online but it's still real life, just a different method of contact.

Cheers all wine wine wine wine

magimedi Sun 05-Apr-15 19:45:29

I have read through both threads over the w/e.

Row you are making me blush If you met me in real life you might have to eat your words! I can be pretty ful lon & tough, but never with DIL!

And there is rarely a day goes by that I don't think of you & Pumble.

I just found this picture - grin

AlpacaLypse Fri 03-Apr-15 22:03:31


rowrowrowtheboat Fri 03-Apr-15 15:09:09

Hello all! Well, I have spent this morning reading through the first thread, and will settle down with this thread later on tonight.

AlpacaLypse, aren't Pumble and Magi fabulous people?

Magi is a fabulously giving, supportive person who I would have for a mother in law any day, and Pumble is amazingly inspiring. It has been over two years now, and so much has happened. Life is exciting for us all in 2015, with much to look forward to. It doesn't mean there won't be hard times, there will, but we're here to share the ups and downs.

Pumble, on the first thread, there were posts there saying that you were thought of at random times of the day by several people. That is still the case. You are surrounding by invisible warm thoughts and friends.

Happy Easter! Thanks to AlpacaLypse, I'm off for a life-affiriming read at gin o'clock tonight.

AlpacaLypse Tue 31-Mar-15 23:22:19

Okay, for the third time grrr... It's been a rollercoaster reading the updates since I last posted (when I was still DameDeepRedBetty). But far more good stuff than bad.

Anytime that Pumble, Magi or Row feel shit, read this thread back and remember, Life is (mostly) good!

And now off to Site Stuff to enquire about the whereabouts of my previous two attempts to post here tonight smile

AlpacaLypse Tue 31-Mar-15 23:03:01

Hey Pumble, hey Magi, hey Row. This cropped up briefly in Active about half an hour ago and I remembered I'd been pretty involved back in Pumble's really dark days when I was still DameDeepRedBetty, so I've just read through all the updates.

There's been more than a few rollercoasters - but mostly several bits of lovely wonderful news. And some very fine poems...

Any time any of you feel shit, read this thread back through. It's one of the most life affirming things I've ever read.

Big hugs xxx

magimedi Tue 31-Mar-15 22:15:39

Just such a nice end to my day to hear that scan went well.

Boy or girl? Or is it too early to tell?

Lovely to hear that you are both enjoying being with parents - gives me hope !

Enjoy Easter, both of you & look forward to hearing about it in a while.

rowrowrowtheboat Tue 31-Mar-15 22:09:46

Relaxing grin at least it's a change of scenery grin. Girls are having a fab time, and I am too.

Really pleased to hear the scan has gone well. Enjoy your chaotic weekend!

Pumble Tue 31-Mar-15 20:58:42

Sorry about lurgy not going. You must really be missing your swimming (and Adonis!). House sounds great and well done for getting somebody in. Such an exciting time coming up for you-you need to be in tip top health for grandparent duties.

Good to hear from you row. Have a lovely time with your parents - will you have a chance to have a bit of a relax?

All went well with scan grin grin grin grin
I was so terrified they wouldn't find anything. So happy grin.
Off to my parents on Thursday and all the family then descending too for Easter so should be a lovely if chaotic weekend.

rowrowrowtheboat Tue 31-Mar-15 20:52:55

Hi both. I hope things went well today Pumble and that the lurgy is disappearing. Apprehension comes with tiredness, illness and who knows what else.

Magi, you sound very very busy, and all before DGC co es. What an exciting July you are going to have.

I'm visiting with my parents, it's nice to catch up again.

Pumble Tue 31-Mar-15 13:57:54

So apprehensive. Why wasn't I like this the first two times?

magimedi Mon 30-Mar-15 22:54:30

Good on you for scan. Hope lurgy goes ASAP.

This berluddy lurgy keeps coming back & have not swum for nearly a month now (so no Adonis <sad face> ).

Been v occupied with plumbers, decorators & gutter people.

Having spent nothing on the hovel for some years, have decided to get things tidied up. New en suite going in + then downstairs + hall/stairs & landing being repainted by a pro. It has taken some time to persuade DH that he really can't do it any more. He will be 70 this year & I won't let him do ladders any more.

V boring news - just waiting for DGC to be born (end of May/early June) & have just booked travel arrangements to go & see them in July. Will be there for my 60th (which is also out 30th wedding anniversary).

The best present will be my granddaughter in my arms - I can't wait!

Pumble Mon 30-Mar-15 17:01:40

Having a private scan tomorrow as unlikely to get an NHS one before about 14 weeks as was the case with p2. Think I'm due October 19th but not sure. Got the lurgy that the pumblettes have had today but hoping it will be short lived. How is life with you? smile

Pumble Wed 25-Mar-15 10:52:40

Have you seen your Adonis magi? Did he miss you?! wink

Chaos reigns here as desperately trying to paint all the's coming on but exhausting!!

Pumblettes been up since 1am so to say I am exhausted is an understatement..

More painting to be done this afternoon-p3 will be constantly high on paint fumes! wink

magimedi Thu 19-Mar-15 17:17:22

Dear God, Pumble - don't berluddy agonise about a ready made meal!! That's what they are there for.

I remember when I went back to work, having an 11 day menu that just ran & ran for ages. The cunning thing was that no one noticed, because of it being 11 days it was never Monday = Spag Bog etc. It's a handy trick to have up your sleeve - but never tell 'em!!

Lurgy is deffo on the med & have been v idle the past few days. No swimming - I wonder if Adonis is pining for me? grin.

Really cold & murky here - eclipse tomorrow won't make much difference at this rate.

Any news on your move/Amsterdam move?

When is due date?

Pumble Wed 18-Mar-15 20:35:14

Oh no magi - hope the lurgy goes away soon and the sunshine is helping matters.

Well done on the cleaning - my mum always does similar here and it makes such a difference - it just never quite makes it to the top of my list to make it up to her standards!! I am always very grateful!

Very impresssed you kept your mouth shut - well done! I always remember my mum saying that my dad sugggested that she kept working and he looked after the baby as he could write all the history books he had planned to - needless to say she didn't take him up on the offer!

Very jealous of the bag - much deserved though. smile

Mum and dad do keep joking that it might be twins... that would be interesting!

Spent today painting the sitting room in between playgroups, swimming etc and feeling very pleased its done but a little tired now. I have to admit that I did buy a ready made lasagne for me this evening as I knew I wouldn't be able to face cooking especailly with mr P away - such a cheat but hey ho!

magimedi Mon 16-Mar-15 22:32:31

Hooray for them being good about it (& so they should).

Moi is back from La Belle France - avec un lurgy de France qui est pissing moi off lots! One moment I feel fine & next moment I feel au porte du death!
Mais, je will survive..

We had a lovely time in France - the sun shone from a clear blue sky every day & we even had lunch outside at une cafe (with coats on).

We did mega cleaning of the flat - it took DH 5 (five, V, 5) hours in total to clean their oven & hob. And that's a one off , never doing that again!! Took me a few hours to get bathroom up to my specs, but DIL was just made up by the cleaning. No Mumsnet agonising from her - just pleased to have the labour!

I was the soul of tact & mouth buttoning - when DS told me that his boss is all OK for him to work from home next season & DS reckons that a 9 month old baby will just sleep quietly whilst he works from home I said not a word!! (Please deliver my halo tomorrow).

DIL is fine & looked much weller (? is that a word?) than I thought she would.

We had a couple of days in Dijon on the way home which was just lovely - can't recommend that city highly enough. Most beautiful architecture & the best gallery (musee des beaux arts) that I've ever seen outside a capital city.

And I was bought my birthday pressie in advance ( I have a big, ) birthday coming up in July & it is the same day as our 30th wedding anniversary) It is the most beautiful Longchamps Le Pillage flight bag - in lovely sea blue. The shop was the poshest place I have ever been in|! Bag was bought - the wrapping of it & its entry into the carrier bag took an age & then I wasn't given it until the assistante held open the door for us to go out & only at that moment was it given into moi's sticky mitts!

Had to go & have a wine to recover!

Pumble Mon 16-Mar-15 18:13:02

I'm staying with mum and dad and so decided to tell them (although my mum was suspicious as soon as I didn't eat blue cheese!) and they have been really good about it smile

Pumble Sun 15-Mar-15 07:49:45

Happy Mothering Sunday to you both! Hope you have a lovely day. smile

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