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Can anyone recommend an interactive therapist or life coach in Cambridge? (or failing that, in London?)

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chocolate55 Thu 28-Mar-13 20:20:15


Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good interactive therapist or life coach in Cambridge (or failing this in London). By "interactive" i am wanting someone who gives some feedback, suggestions etc. rather than just sitting there passively saying nothing as i have found with previous therapists, which i have found to be no help at all.

I just really need to someone to talk to at the moment - lots of problems on my plate - my parents, relationship problems, stress/anxiety etc - and it would be good to have someone to discuss this with and to come up with some practical / helpful ideas on how to approach various situations. I am never very good at thinking practically or saying the right thing, and where i lived previously i had an excellent therapist who really helped me with this.


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