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Just been described citalopram 10mg. Is this a normal first time dose?

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Just that really. I've got depression, anxiety and palpitations. I just felt doctor wanted me in and out. I just wondered if a 10 mg dose was normal. I've took ad before and always been prescribed 20. Shall I take them and then go back in three weeks to see if there's any improvement.

10mg is fine for a starting dose, it will most likely be upped at some point.

Thread here if you want to join us. smile

Thanks sparklingbrook smile. I will pop over and have a look. I've been reading all the side effects and scaring myself. It's took months for me to be able to go and see the gp.

It's understandable Ghosts. At this stage you just have to think it's the first step back to normality. x

I've just had a phone call from my parenting team support worker, I've been referred to social services as I've got a history of self harm and I've felt suicidal and I'm finding it hard to cope.

Shit shit shit. I'm really worried, she kept saying we've got no concerns about the dc but they are worried about us a a family.

but Ghosts you can tell them you are taking the right steps to get yourself right. it isn't as if you haven't realised you have a problem.

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