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Abusive childhood, have had a crisis, advice needed on treatment plan

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Unfortunatlyanxious Fri 25-Jan-13 23:45:37

I have had some kind of total breakdown just after Christmas.I am on diazepam and anti depressants.

I was assessed over the phone by NHS counselling therapy service. I received the course of treatment plan today through the post. A course of CBT.

I received CBT after a traumatic pg experience a few years ago and it did help me at the time.

I am thereore aware of the style of treatment of CBT but I actually want to talk about the abuse I endured as a child and also at the hands of my ex partner who regularly beat me. I have never discussed this with anyone, my GP is very supportive and looked pretty mortified when I told her of just two incidences. I actually think I need counselling at the moment.

I can go back to my GP for advice but was just seeking opinions.


kandiizsweet Fri 25-Jan-13 23:59:40


Well i suppose you have made the first step to your problems and got yourself some CBT in the past, so well done for that, other people may have found this very challenging, and for you it shows that you understand the issues you have and would like to seek further help, i personally also find that talking to people really helps, sometimes you just need that person who does not personally know you to give you their thoughts and opinions on your situation, it may help it may not, but like CBT its always worth a try.
I was actually in a similar situation to yourself, my childhood was not great, and i did suffer abuse from a partner also, at the time i never told anyone and kept it in, after months its tore me apart then i started speaking to people and other organisations, i actually opened up which to be honest actually helped! if you think you still need counselling from a proffesional then go ahead and do it, its only going to help in some ways, other options are to talk to charities such as MIND, and althought your not suffering the abuse now, womens aid can deffiently point you in the right direction for emotional support, they really helped me and im sure they will help you. if you need a randomer to talk to who does not no you and just someone to listen to you, feel free to private message me, otherwise i hope you do find hope in the future of getting the help you need, there is help out there i promise and your also not the only one that has to go through such a hard time or has been through hard times, your a strong person and youl only get stronger! remember that, good luck chick hope all goes well! x

amillionyears Sat 26-Jan-13 17:44:33

Are you saying that you want to talk about the abuse you suffered, from childhood, and your exp, on here, on MN?

Unfortunatlyanxious Sat 26-Jan-13 19:24:38

Thanks for replies, no what I mean is I could do with talking about this in a counselling situation but they have recommended CBT. I will call my Doctor and discuss with her.

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