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I spend so much time doing emotional spring cleaning-anyone else?

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amillionyears Thu 13-Dec-12 17:17:43

op, maybe it is time to make some New Years resolutions!
Bit of a joke, but bit meaning it really.
You could make some short, medium and long term plans/goals.

But dont emotionally beat yourself up if they dont all happen.

PainForLife Thu 13-Dec-12 14:34:13

I do everything aside from reading self help books! n yes agree I'm fed up wid it all too...... I have too many issues to deal with so have decided I need to seek proper help now ... the AD's I'm on r not working anymore.

u sound more together then me so am sure u'll figure out a better way of balancing ur emotional state of mind. wish u luck smile

superstarheartbreaker Wed 12-Dec-12 23:37:12

I just feel that I spend far too much time dwelling on issues, feeling pants, letting off steam on here and reading self help books. I'd love to get on with stuff and I do a bit but I feel that much of my time is spent trying to resolve emotional issues and I am fed up with it tbh.

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