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This blip has lasted long enough - combining antidepressants?

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WithanAnotE Sat 26-Jan-13 21:13:56

Adding another AD can help augment overall effectiveness of the combined meds. I think where one particular drug has worked well but is now not so effective adding another is seen to provide a bit of an overall boost.

Adding Mirtazapine as the second AD isn't that unusual - it has quite a unique chemical structure which (apparently) 'works nicely' with other classes of AD.

I know my GP has started prescribing combo therapy to other patients (used to just be the psychiatrists) so may be it's become more 'established'????

Anyway, hope things worked out for you OP.

flowerbomb1982 Fri 25-Jan-13 21:54:06

Hi I know this is quite an old thread but yes I have experience of feeling unwell whilst on Cipralex they call it "breakthrough depression" sometimes. They added 15mg Mirtazapine and it seemed to work.

Lottieloulou Tue 11-Dec-12 21:28:35


Quite desperate for advice on whether anyone has combined these ads before

Lottieloulou Tue 11-Dec-12 18:04:30

Thank you. I have had a lot of counselling when I was first diagnosed with pnd. Saw my old pnd counsellor again recently but it just isn't shifting.

GP suggested adding mirtazipibe and googling today suggests drowsiness. I sleep very well. This doesn't sound right.

tilder Mon 10-Dec-12 22:56:48

Hi lottie. Sorry its not going so well. I don't have experience combining drugs as used one kind only for pnd. That wasn't enough so gp recommended counselling. Was surprised but the two things together worked for me. Is it worth discussing with your gp?

Lottieloulou Mon 10-Dec-12 22:52:51

After an extended time of being well recovered from original pnd I am having a major blip. In fact, it can't really be a blip as it is getting worse not better.

I take 15 mg of escitalopram and this no longer seems to be helping. I have a new symptom of crippling anxiety about becomining mentally unwell again and am constantly on the verge of tears. I have had to have a week off work for the first time ever as I could not function without crying. The self doubt and negative spiral of thoughts are fairly out of cOntrol.

My GP is very supportive and is suggesting a mix of ADs and wants to add a second anti depressant - mirtazipine in the evenings with the cipralex in the mornings.

Any experience of this? I am terrified of the medication.

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