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Weight gain

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HtotheS Fri 16-Nov-12 18:16:04

Do Risperidone and lithium cause weight gain?

I became ill after having my baby and I've never been able to shift the weight

I don't exercise (other than walk)

Any advice??

Crawling Sun 18-Nov-12 16:50:24

Yes they can all mood stabilize and anti psych can. Anti pychs are worse according to my psychiatrist they cause weight gain because they are dopamine inhibitors and when they inhibit the dopamine your body will then crave dopamine and the easiest way to get dopamine is through chocolate and take away. My psychiatrist said the cravings may drop if you do other activities which stimulate the dopamine receptors like sex and exercize. But i personally also find mood stabilizes like lithium cause less weight gain than anti pychs like risperidone i sadly find anti pychs more effective so i guess ill be fat and sane.

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