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libEL Fri 18-Jan-08 14:07:40

Fantastic seller!!!

Krissy thank you so much - Lego arrived yesterday and kept dp quiet all night!

Courier looked ever so worried when I opened the door and started going on about something being broke, then manically started shaking the parcel (cos that was going to help hmm) Seemed relieved when I told him what it was!

And you were very naughty including the Jammie Dodgers shock I had to wrestle them off dd at 7am this morning, and have eaten 3 already today blush

Thank you so much!

mumofdjandp Fri 18-Jan-08 14:38:16

aw thanks blush

Youre a honey too!

I didnt know this new feedback place existed thank you for linking this to me!!

you made me laugh there re the courier, poor man grin

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 18-Jan-08 16:02:36

Message withdrawn

Wendyjayb Fri 18-Jan-08 18:47:29

Just wanna agree with everyone else.
Krissy is what Mumsnet is all about xx

loobie2 Fri 18-Jan-08 19:49:16

Yep, she is lovely!

Had many a dealing with her and probably loads more to come!

babycarrier Fri 18-Jan-08 20:59:09

hi i think i have had things of mumofdjandp had so many things from different mumsnetters cant remember all of them thanks to who i have bout from.

mumofdjandp Fri 18-Jan-08 23:18:02

aw thansk ladies blush

youre all fabby dabby too!

babycarrier I am bobs mum how could you forget shockwink!!!

moljam Fri 18-Jan-08 23:28:53

ooh this is good idea!i'll also say-ive brought/sold/swapped with her before and lovelt to deal with.lovely in general!

ClareVoiant Fri 18-Jan-08 23:39:25

me too smile swapped, and sold excellent to deal with...

Oh yes have bought loads from krissy, always immaculate grin

arransmummy Sat 19-Jan-08 09:21:12

wow krissy - lightning speed delivery!!! The lovely Krissy has done it again. She is a fab seller and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of buying her wonderful stuff!!! ps Thanks for the sweeties & balloon too x Oh and by the way the postman said to me " are you the lovely Jill Robertson" Thought he was trying to crack onto me until I saw the parcel, you cheecky minx!!

MrsDomJames Sat 19-Jan-08 20:29:48

Swapped with this lovely lady, very friendly, fast delivery and dd was delighted with barbies and lil freebie book xx

babycarrier Sat 19-Jan-08 23:10:28

oh yeh bobs mum mumofdjanp i remember lol blush

QuintessentialShadow Mon 21-Jan-08 19:10:13

You wanted to pay half first and the rest on delivery as I am a new seller and you didnt trust me. You said you have received the bundle of duvet and 4 covers, but I have not been paid what you owe. When do you think you can pay me?
Will you also add 54 pence for the second paypal fee I am incurring?smile

mumofdjandp Mon 21-Jan-08 20:49:20

Of course, I have paid quintessentialshadow It wasnt that I didnt trust you per say as I explained prior to buying! I asked you when expressing an interest in the bedding that you had for sale whether I could pay half upfront and half on delivery cos you are brand new to selling on mumsnet. You said you fully understood and it was no problem atall. I was / am just being understandably cautious because it was quite a bit of money to pay out and I have been scammed before x

QuintessentialShadow Mon 21-Jan-08 21:21:44

Funds received now, including paypal fee, mumtojandp, one happy seller here! smile

loobie2 Mon 21-Jan-08 22:21:29

Got some fab bob aquadraws for ds who stills does them every day - yay!

Also would like to leave feedback from my mum who bought a lovely glass thermometer from K, she was extremely pleased xx

jellies Tue 22-Jan-08 10:11:41

Great seller and lovely lady [waving like a loon icon]
Glad someone set this up!!!!

hazygirl Wed 23-Jan-08 14:20:30

lovely photo frame thanksxx

imgens Wed 23-Jan-08 14:53:03

Just found this and wanted to say I had a good buying experience with this lady, toy arrived very quickly and me DD very happy.

Thanks again x

Catkin08 Wed 23-Jan-08 14:55:04

Krissy is definitely a fab seller. Actually, she's a fab person too! Got loads of things including a fair few freebies! Everything immaculate and I'd absolutely recommend her. grin

Pickie Wed 23-Jan-08 18:36:17

Many many thanks Krissy! Parcel arrived today and wished you could have seen DS face when he saw the jammy dodgers grin. DD was very pleased with the backpack and contents!

This was my 1st selling/swapping experience on MN and if they are all like this I bet I'll be on here a lot more!

arransmummy Thu 24-Jan-08 14:47:18

wow, wow, wow, i love jammie dodgers. Thanks for the lovely car track, danasour and jammie dodgers. When mr dhl came arran was shouting. "Pressie for me, pressie for me, santas been" So now you are mrs krissy claus!! Lovely lady yet again, grin

Wendyjayb Sat 26-Jan-08 10:49:10

Lovely swap with Krissy again
Bob the builder book arrived quickly and in fab condition as described. I have one happy ds now grin

CarGirl Mon 28-Jan-08 12:34:24

bought, swapped and sold with Krissy - many thanks you are fab!

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