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How much for a year's supply of reward charts?

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mummyslittlestars Thu 02-Feb-12 12:08:22

Hi there,

Hope everyone is well. I am trying to start a new business, and needed some advice from you all about what you would be willing to pay for a membership where you were able to print off an unlimited number (within reason) of charts over the course of a year. Enabling your focus for the charts to change as your children grew.

We are going to be producing image-based, online printable reward and chore charts that:
- Can be highly customised with a broad range of professionally designed images for behaviours (total of 40 so far) and backgrounds (15 so far)
- Allow you to add your own photos into the chart backgrounds
- Can be printed out in 5 mins instantly at home on your own printers so you can tackle the issues immediately.

Any thoughts would be of great help.

Kind Regards,

MDM Mon 30-Apr-12 17:12:45

I'm not sure I'd want to pay for this. I've only used charts once (potty training) and I made my own.

There are so many other things to fork out for, I wonder if these would be fairly low down on mums' lists.

Correct me if I'm wrong mums!

Flyingwithoutwings Mon 06-Aug-12 23:22:42

Sadly I agree with MDM, I bought a booklet of picture based ones simply to get the potty training one.
Actually, I might get them out.... Behaviour is an issue as is tidying up (but that's another thread).

There are free ones you can print off but most have writing rather than images.

The book of image ones I found has a plasticky surface so is reusable. It was a few quid.

I don't think I'd pay to print off on my own crap paper each week I wanted to tackle something.

If I did find a need for this I'd want to pay a token amount (5p?) or pay £1 for unlimited prints of that particular chart.

Personally though, I think it's a non starter.

But good for you for thinking of it and good luck grin

debbie1412 Wed 20-Feb-13 21:46:13

I'd make my own, I'm sorry x

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