IF / ADF / 4:3 / 5:2 / 6:1 / 16:8 ~ Maintaining at a healthy weight ~ Chapter 4

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TalkinPeace Mon 13-Jan-14 20:40:13

This thread is for those of us who have been practicing IF (Intermittent Fasting) for quite a while and are now at, or nearing, their target healthy weight.
It's also for anyone who is doing it for the health benefits alone.

How do we experience fasts and balance a stable food intake while having little or no weight to lose?
How do we ensure that this WOL keeps us at the healthy weight long term rather than revert to yoyo games?
How do we ensure that we keep ourselves looking great rather than just thin?

Many of us have been maintaining at our original goal weight for many months, and others are joining all the time.
Obviously, the more the merrier!
It is also worth considering whether a second, leaner target might be achievable.

You'll find the first three maintenance threads and all the main 5:2 threads for posters practicing IF to lose weight here Fasting / 5:2 on the diet forum. We're currently on thread no. 35, but there is a new main thread every 2-3 weeks.

There are three other associated threads:
This one, which is an absolute goldmine of Tips and Links on how to practice IF, and the research behind it.

And here is a treasure trove of 5:2 recipes, mostly low calorie for fasting days, but there are also recipes for when you want to treat yourself. And, now we're maintaining, we'll need more of these!

Since I started the last Maintainers thread the importance of exercise has come to the fore, as part of our general health and to help weight loss. BigChocFrenzys thread is here

Laska42 Mon 13-Jan-14 20:46:53

Boo! grin

TalkinPeace Mon 13-Jan-14 20:48:11

you spotted it wink

Eatriskier Mon 13-Jan-14 21:17:58

flowers tip
Not following here much, must stay on top of things. Have managed a few weeks without weight loss, so am hoping I am now successfully maintaining confused

Breadandwine Mon 13-Jan-14 23:34:54


Well done, TiP!

frenchfancy Tue 14-Jan-14 07:46:34

Yeah - shiny new thread. grin

BetsyBell Tue 14-Jan-14 08:14:18

smile Marking place

catsrus Tue 14-Jan-14 13:50:52

I'm here - busy working but from home so not much fasting this week - on the plus side I did finish of the panetttone last week so am nibbling nuts to keep me going grin

wildwater Tue 14-Jan-14 14:26:47

How do you 'mark your place'?

Anyway - found it! grin

wildwater Tue 14-Jan-14 14:38:27

Hola again. Just posted on old thread.

In case you missed it, I am jumping up and down with glee, having weighed in at 58kg (down from 83 just over a year ago).

I have revised my goal down to 55kg, which is considered 'ideal' for my height. I can see where it needs to go from...mostly around my middle (currently a 26" waist.)

Slowly does it though - LL is still wondering where I went!

TalkinPeace Wed 15-Jan-14 09:17:01

nice to see that the maintainers can be as daft late at night as the newbies
I'd better hang out my laundry and get to the gym!

BsshBossh Wed 15-Jan-14 09:31:44

Morning! Thanks for the new thread TiP thanks.

wildwater thanks for sharing your story. I second the suggestion to put your story on the Inspirations Thread. Yoga for flexibility - yes, now I'm over 40 I really need to focus on that...

Jobyloo Wed 15-Jan-14 09:40:07

Sorry for sneaking in, have got a long way to go to get to the weight where I want to maintain but I just wanted to say Hi to laska. Do you remember me? I was looking to see if you were still around and you are grin. Looks like you're doing great!!!!

catsrus Wed 15-Jan-14 10:08:02

woo hoo!

back to 9.4lb - my original target weight - this morning. Nice to feel back in the maintenance zone after the xmas excess - been eating LOTS of nuts too which is interesting - often have had a bowl of nuts for lunch. My staples the last week to ten days have been veggie curry (no rice but lots of hot pickles and yoghurt etc and full of lentils and pulses) jacket potato, cottage cheese and huge salads with full fat (home made) dressing, no breakfasts (apart from weekends when I have scrambled egg on toast) and the nuts. Have generally been doing at least 16 hr fasts before eating anything on week days.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Wed 15-Jan-14 10:12:21

Thanks for comments you guys (shoulder punch).
Am now trying to follow three threads (try saying that quickly) with my cotton wool brain and can't keep track of exactly what was said where, but.....

Earslaps thanks for your comments on here and exercise thread (?) - I appreciate them all, and while I can't remember specifics to respond to right now (did I mention my cotton brain? Memory shot with it!) I can remember them meaning something - so thank you!

Yes to vit D. I am spending all far too much time in house at mo. Gone into recluse mode, and feeling ill with it, I just can't summon up the will to go out yet. I'll get there, I know I will, I'm just having a funny few weeks. It happens. But have to take a trip for few days tmw so that may kick start me.

Do need to replenish vit D pills as my current lot have stuck together in bottle!
Hadn't thought about a lamp. Have heard of them though, not sure it's my thing but certainly something to think about Bssh thanks thanks

Basically I need to get my arse into gear and not let myself rely on substitutes!

Pro liver here! Liver curry sounds yum!! Not tried offal in curries before, amazing really given how often I eat them. How did you find it with chicken liver Bssh?? What's your verdict, chicken or lamb??

I love hearing tales from overseas too. For a brief moment, can be transported to warmer, sunnier climes and a different life altogether! Can almost smell the flowers and muffins. grin Congrats on your year Wild!

BsshBossh Wed 15-Jan-14 10:14:55

Cuckoo the chicken liver curry was delicious - it's more pungent than lamb liver though.

BsshBossh Wed 15-Jan-14 10:15:20

catsrus woohoo!

EarSlaps Wed 15-Jan-14 10:52:11

Thanks for the new thread Tip.

Well done cats on getting back to target. Isn't it brilliant how easy people are finding it to get rid of that Christmas weight. What a fantastic WOE.

Cuckoo- you can rent SAD lamps to give then a try, with the option to buy afterwards. They are really expensive though .

I'm having a mini fast today to make up for yesterday's excesses. I made the mistake of wine last night which has left me rather hungry. Think I might make chilli for dinner, so a small portion of that with cauliflower rice shouldn't be too calorific. I can make a big batch and freeze some so we have something healthy and easy to heat up when the kitchen is being done.

Breadandwine Wed 15-Jan-14 11:20:32

Morning all!

No brekkie for me this morning - I already ate at about 12.30 last night. I thought I'll just finish off what's on the stove with a glass of wine. It was quite a bit more than I thought, but I struggled manfully - another glass of wine helped! grin

So I'd probably better not have lunch - we'll see.

Only came on to say that my son thinks he has a touch of SAD. He was telling me last week that he had 3 minutes in a tanning saloon under UV. I thought he said he was standing up - can you do that?

Anyway he said he felt terrific afterwards - and the feeling lasted all day.

Might be an option, Cuckoo?

Laska42 Wed 15-Jan-14 12:42:45

Another pound down this morning .. yay.. am getting there again! .. fasting again today , but like catsi have also been skipping breakfast and eating mostly veggies in NFDs and feeling better fo rit . I do tend to have my eggs about 11.30 12 though! Cats i tend to have 5-10 Almonds on NFDs if i fancy something mid aftrenoon

Just had an egg and bowl of soup now (no bread) and have spicy stir fry veggies planned for dinner .. ( with this miserable wet weather when i cant get out and communial office life with everyone eating around me ,and i'm finding that i do still need something at lunchtime right now , but making it as low cal as poss, (the soup is carrots onions celery and toms with some ginger and spice) its only about 350 cal the whole big panful which lasts 4 days !)

Joobyloo hello! great to see you! how are you doing? , I trust you never went back to the dark side.. ( despiter the fact i regained a bit though taking time off a while ago ive never looked back to WW to fix it .. never want to feel guilty and count points gain !

Anyone seen this story about DNP slimming pills ? scary or what? .. however I have to admit i did try Reductil many years ago ,... it worked , but just inthe same way as fasting , and no worries about heart attacks ( yes I was stupid, but 14 stone stupid) I know better now, and of course itonly worked when you took it and then i put it all backon again .. £££s also . (yup it was completely stupid.)

TalkinPeace Wed 15-Jan-14 12:45:11

B&W - yes, lots of tanning salons are the stand up types - actually safer as it does all around in one go so the total time under the lights is less.

Well I had a lovely swim in the rain and weighed in - back to 8:12 - so Christmas pastry is gone in less than two weeks.
I just Luff this WoE smile

EarSlaps Wed 15-Jan-14 12:58:45

Yes, that is very scary Laska. And very, very sad.

Morning all (6am here)

Mum returns to the UK today so I can finally get into my post holidays weight loss - aiming for my original target that I've only seen once or twice of 130lbs so that's a good 7lb to go. Need to seriously step up the bike training too and to be honest the last few months I've felt in such a rut about where my life is (it's great, in very grateful etc etc but I'm completely unfulfilled, can't work til green card comes, do not enjoy being a SAHM and DD has shitty sleep so that doesn't help...and I turned 30 last year which depressing in itself) so time to sort my shit out!

WW I'm so impressed and envious of your life - makes me realise that having DC young doesn't need to mean the end of my adventuring forever

CuckooAtchooUhOh Wed 15-Jan-14 15:07:25

I think I might've just found your missing pastry Tip - can you take it back please grin

Will someone please tell me to get out of the kitchen!

I've only bloody gone and made brownies AND puff pastry cheese twists!!

Have scoffed two twists already and am having a stare off with the brownies. Don't usually bake on a fd - I honestly don't know how Toffee does it, and not buckle!

Are those sad lamps ultra violet - as in 1980's mood lighting grin??
Got one in dd's room for the millions of feckin glow in dark stars I lovingly stuck to ceiling for her! Maybe I should go in there and curl up with Sheriff Woody and the gang!

I'm guessing it's probably not though!

Surprised about the liver - I always thought of chicken as being milder than the rest. Must try liver curry soon.

B&W - you and your midnight munchies grin often sounds like you're just getting going, when the rest of us locals are trying to get to sleep!

BsshBossh Wed 15-Jan-14 16:40:50

Hurrah Laska for the loss and terrific TIP for being back at target weight smile

ATB 2014 is a brand new year!

Cuckoo puff pastry cheese straws? Oh my word, so moreish. I need to get back into baking again - DD could do with some yummy cheese muffins for her dinners and they go well with my NFD soup lunches (sliced and slathered in butter).

Jobyloo Wed 15-Jan-14 21:01:22

Laska yay 1lb down that's great. No I never went back to the dark side but didn't really do myself any favours last year. However got a feeling in my water that this year will be different. Managed a 20hr fast and more amazingly stayed under 500 cals. Might head off to bed shortly tho so I can dodge the kitchen wink. Feeling chuffed FD no. 5 under my belt.

TIP well done on your SV, totally amazing!

Southeastdweller Wed 15-Jan-14 21:27:29

Thanks Tip for this thread.

Nothing new to report but I'm still maintaining so that's good. Can't wait for a slap-up breakfast at Betty's in York next weekend. It feels great to eat guilt-free and still maintain a significant weight loss whilst reaping the health benefits of fasting smile.

Fillybuster Wed 15-Jan-14 23:30:03


Found you grin

Thanks TiP

Now off to catch up...

Breadandwine Thu 16-Jan-14 05:56:18

Can't sleep! It's often like this after a good teaching session - mind is racing away.

So I've come down for a cup of cocoa - and I need to put some fruit to soak, for the spicy fruit naans I shall be making tomorrow or the next day.


I've put 200g sultanas and 200g dried apricots to soak - for 24 hours if possible. This creates a wonderful 'fruit juice', some of which will go in the bread, the rest I shall drink.

Once the apricots are softened, I'll chop them up into sultana-sized pieces, ready for baking.

Yesterday I racked a gallon of wine, so now I have 6 bottles in the cupboard. I make 10 gallons a year in 5-gal batches. This is down from 20 gallons a year two years ago. And tomorrow I shall rack my 5-gal of homemade stout into demi-johns. This'll last me about 6-8 weeks.

Question: Do I need one of the vegan mince pies that I have left from Christmas? Not really, I ate a large dinner after I came home at 9.30 and I'm not hungry at all. I'm enjoying the cocoa - Green and Black's finest!

What else can I add?


Oh, well, I'll bring 'Sherlock' up on iPlayer - I always need to watch it twice to make sure I've missed nothing.

Hope everyone's having a good night's sleep!

(Later) I've now been up for an hour - I'll go back to bed and have another go!

Got to be up at nine - I have a philosophy class at ten!

Anglaise1 Thu 16-Jan-14 06:59:20

Found you! Thanks TIP for the new thread.
Well done Laska on your 5th fast of the year! I'm on my 4th today. But I know I'm on a plateau probably for the next few weeks if my first 5:2 effort was anything to go by. Still only 1kg to lose it isn't the end of the world. It is nearly a year since I started this WOE and mainetnance has never been so easy!
B&W your comment about homemade wine and beer made me laugh. My dad used to make his own too, mostly elderflower and blackberry.
My French BF lived in the UK for a year in the 90s and was horrified when he saw kits for making wine and beer in Boots.

Fillybuster Thu 16-Jan-14 12:12:59

ATB I'm impressed (as always) by your cycling efforts. Your frustration really came through in your post...I feel for you: try to remember this is just a phase. I turned 40 last month (also with a young family...) and life is so not over yet! grin

TiP well done (as always) and thanks for the continued encouragement. You're an inspiration <Filly hearts Tip emoticon>

Laska I'm rooting for you....stick with it smile You know you're never going to go back over there now you know what to do smile smile

Its my 40th birthday party on Saturday night, so squeezing in an extra mini FD today (I'm mostly maintaining on 6:1). Havent decided whether to eat a late lunch or go the whole hog through to this evening....I'm in Day 2 of a horrendously painful workshop and not sure I'll make it through with no food! Brought emergency semi-FD friendly supplies in with me (apple, M&S salad, herbal tea bags) as well as some less so (large chunky kit kat, bar of prestat dark chocolate) so will have to see how it goes. 9.2.6 this morning, so a scrap under the 9.3 which was my revised stretch target, but I'd like the peace of mind that i won't wake up on Saturday a few lbs up from licking the spoon when I spend the whole day baking mini lemon and chocolate tarts, frosting 6 tray bakes and 150 mini cupcakes and making marshmallows tomorrow!

In the end I bought a Karen Millen dress on ebay - it was listed as size 10-12 and the seller commented it was quite small. Only a tenner, including postage - it arrived yesterday and fits!! Even better, dh thinks it looks fab! grin So I'd like it to look fitted rather than tight fitting, iyswim grin

OK, back to paying attention in the workshop...

TalkinPeace Thu 16-Jan-14 12:35:38

well I should have fasted today but I did my swim and a half hour ab session and then the legs bums and tums class - and part way through it felt very vague .... which is not like me at all
so DH and I just had a ham and hard boiled egg sandwich - two slices of bread and two eggs between us.
Hey, what's the point of telling all the newcomers how adaptable this WOE is if I can't pull a mini fast every now and then!

Fillybuster Karen Millen size 10 - way to go youngster wink

Fillybuster Thu 16-Jan-14 12:46:05

Never has a fast failed so quickly...we broke for a quick lunch, boss said "lets get takeaway from the Taz around the corner" and suddenly even the M&S salad didn't cut it...

Oops blush

I did just choose tabbouleh, chickpeas, lentils and salad....

EarSlaps Thu 16-Jan-14 13:59:27

Pic of the dress please Filly [grin)

Anglaise1 Thu 16-Jan-14 14:21:14

TIP and Filly don't worry, you can fast again another day...I'm finding today a real struggle, I'm so hungry and about to go out for a run which will make it even worse. Will try and hold on as I'm away at the weekend and will be eating well then!

BsshBossh Thu 16-Jan-14 15:04:02

The wonderful flexbility of this WOE, eh ladies smile

I'm struggling too. It seems that though I still have 2 lbs to go my mind is already in maintenance mode and wants to say, "Hey, you're BMI 21 now, you've done a strict Monday fast, what does it matter if this week is 6:1!" Which of course is fine. But I'm a stubborn mare and my willpower is flagging not through hunger or feeling faint or being in onerous circumstances but through sheer greed: I simply would like the taste of delicious food in my mouth and gut grin. I can have it all tomorrow - a mantra for oldies and newbies alike.

Thanks Filly that's lovely to hear an huge best wishes for your birthday on Saturday!

To be honest I have to start a FD saying I will fast today, whenever I leave it a bit open to decide later I never manage it, and Taz is delicious so I think you're alright wink

FD here, first in quite a while. Shouldn't be too hard - DS has a play date this am and he wanted to cook, he's chosen bean soup and a mandarin and chocolate trifle from his "I Can Cook" cookbook. I hate trifle so that's all good! Then meeting up with a friend at the beach this avo and we'll feed the children at the beach cafe, she fasts once a week so she'll understand when I turn down pizza and probably will do the same so that'll make it easier - then DH has last nights Thai green curry leftovers for his dinner

Doing a pretty decent ride on Sunday but worried about my massive lack of exercise so think I'll dig out Shred or something tomorrow

Can't wait to get back on the bike and back into shape

Oh - B&W check your inbox! Sorry I wasn't online when you were up as I usually am!

BetsyBell Thu 16-Jan-14 16:27:57

I've just popped this on the main thread but it may be of interest here too:

Betsy's 1 year in review - started 15th January 2013:

I have spent most of the year doing 5:2 with 2 meals on fast days - a small lunch at 12.15 plus small dinner at 6pm. Sometimes just one meal in the evening. I usually have the 500 calories, occasionally more on my second fast of the week.

Changes to my attitude and appetite:

No fear of hunger
Smaller appetite and fill up very quickly
Eating is more mindful
More likely to make healthier choices and rarely buy or have junk in the house
Prefer healthier food
Can barely tolerate over-salted food
Far less enjoyment of highly sugary foods
Unlikely to eat lower quality chocolate if offered and never buy it
Less tolerant of alcohol
More moderate with alcohol
No longer dependant on hi-carb foods
Less enjoyment of most hi carb foods (except bread)
Still love bread but eat less of it less often and can usually eat it in moderation

I now acknowledge that my TDEE is quite low and I don't need an extra piece/slice of anything
Acknowledged to myself that actually my DH and DSs should eat more than me and follow their lead/let them eat the biscuits (should there be any)
Acknowledged that I am now a slim person (that took a surprisingly long time to do)

I am very happily maintaining around a weight that suits me. I will continue to 5:2 in the same way for life. If I stop I know my appetite (and therefore weight) will incrementally increase if there are no fast days to punctuate my eating and reset my appetite. Christmas and holidays when I pause the 5:2 have shown me this. I prefer how I feel when I fast twice a week.

2014 target: To take fitness more seriously.
Adhoc-ness worked really well when I had loads to lose but now I need to streamline and focus. I'm currently on track for this target (though it is only January). Doing 5:2 for a year has made me realise I can stick to a task and therefore I feel confident I can make a significant and permanent change to fitness regime too.

BetsyBell Thu 16-Jan-14 16:31:08

Fruity naans! Will definitely be having a look at that recipe B&W, on a NFD though I think. Not that home baked bread products are my weakness or anything hmm

BsshBossh Thu 16-Jan-14 16:38:59

Fantastic review Betsy!

That's a great review Bestsy! Well done

I'm starting my fundraising again for the AIDS ride so just in case anyone is remotely interested (please don't feel you even have to look at this but I seriously have a lot of you last year to thank for the emotional and financial support you gave), here's the link


Breadandwine Thu 16-Jan-14 17:56:08

Great stuff, Betsy! What an advert for 5:2 you are! smile

Thanks, ATB, I'm on the case! smile

Filly what a lovely portfolio!

TalkinPeace Thu 16-Jan-14 18:11:40

have just printed out the Nann recipe for supper tonight ......
thankyou xx TiP

BetsyBell Thu 16-Jan-14 18:14:13

Yeah I quite like this WOL wink!

Thanks all, I just wanted to record the changes, it's been a revelatory year. Tip - I'll pop it on the inspirations as suggested on the other thread. Oddly, I didn't think of it as inspirational, just interesting. But reading back I see what you mean smile

Nettnett Thu 16-Jan-14 18:52:03

Hello Everyone!

Christmas weight finally gone, thank goodness ( and Dr Mosley).
Four fasts, 16:8 most days, breakfast on weekends only, 3 kilos gone, back to a BMI of 20, and more importantly, comfortable in my skin again, if you know what I mean?
love and best wishes to you all ladies and gents, it would be so much harder if I were doing this on my own...

Southeastdweller Thu 16-Jan-14 19:36:09

Thanks Betsy for sharing your review. I love reading the life-changing posts on here <sniffs>.

BsshBossh Thu 16-Jan-14 20:01:37

While you're on the Inspirations thread, check out wildwater's contribution - amazing!

Well done Nett. So will you maintain with 16:8 only?

BetsyBell Thu 16-Jan-14 21:09:37

wildwater's story is wonderful - like sed I get a bit <sniffly> over these life change posts too.

Southeastdweller Thu 16-Jan-14 21:57:01

wildwater No need to apologise for a 'long-winded' post. What a lovely read that was flowers

Nettnett Fri 17-Jan-14 05:18:42

No,*Bssh*, to maintain I always do a fast on a Monday, after a weekend of indulgence, and do 16:8 most days through the week, with another fast thrown in if the scales show the need.

Nettnett Fri 17-Jan-14 05:22:08

Now why didn't ** work? Sorry about that...

Eatriskier Fri 17-Jan-14 09:47:29

Well done everyone who is back at target weight after Xmas excesses.

Unfortunately I ended up with a 1k calorie deficit this week, so have lost weight again. I do two mini fasts a week (and I'm still a little reluctant to give those up given the boost I'm getting with my PA), I eat to my fitbit burn on all other days but occasionally have a treat and 2-3 days a week I have booze and this is also extra.

But I don't think I can eat more without going back to snacking or eating crap, both of which make me want more crap and as its taken me so long to get out of that habit I don't want to get back into it! I'm finally going back to butter on my bread, cream in my coffee and occasional nut splurges to up my calories without upping my food content. Any other hints? I'm not a cheese or mayo eater sadly, so they're out.

BetsyBell Fri 17-Jan-14 10:44:21

Eatriskier Raw or toasted nuts and seeds sprinkled onto salads/pasta dishes/yogurt? TBH I eat raw nuts on every NFD and that boosts up my calorie count dramatically, but in a delightfully healthy and delicious way.

Do you want my NFD salad dressing recipe? Very basic, very delicious, mostly olive oil?

Eatriskier Fri 17-Jan-14 11:03:26

melanie has just put up a lovely sounding nut and yoghurt recipe which should help too - along the lines you've just suggested betsy. I think I'm definitely going to try more raw nut toppings on things.

Yes please on the salad dressing too.

EarSlaps Fri 17-Jan-14 11:08:03

Eatriskier- agree re nuts and seeds. My NFD weekday breakfast is full fat Greek yoghurt (10% fat) with about 10 almonds and a heaped tbsp of mixed seeds, then a little drizzle of honey over the top. It's delicious.

Add in some lovely puddings- apple crumble with oats and ground nuts added in to the crumble topping served with custard or Greek yoghurt. Reduced sugar homemade cakes too- you can decrease the sugar in most recipes by 25% without it affecting how it turns out. Power post workout treats of dates, nuts and cocoa powder blitzed in the food processor and rolled into balls.

Nice curries with some ground almonds and coconut cream added in. Plenty of eggs and cream in things- we're big fans of pasta carbonara in our house. Occasional sausage rolls or proper crisps are nice too.

My DS is underweight and the list of food suggestions from the NHS dietician looked like the sort of things most people are told to avoid! Cakes, crisps, sausage rolls, custard with extra milk powder mixed in, ice cream etc. I've become a master at fortifying things!

BetsyBell Fri 17-Jan-14 11:16:47

Dressing recipe:

1 clove garlic crushed with plenty of rock or sea salt (can be done in a pestle and mortar or with a side of heavy knife on a chopping board), pepper. Once garlic is pulped with the salt add 1 part vinegar (transfer to a jar with lid for this if needed) and 3 parts good olive oil. Blend. How much you make is up to you - I usually make half a jar full to put in the fridge for a few days of use. This dressing is awesome on everything - salad, pasta dishes, potatoes, veg etc.

The oil solidifies in the fridge a bit so it's worth taking out 15 mins before you need it.

I'm always vague with amounts I'm afraid but experiment with proportions and see what works for you.

My kids love salad because of this dressing!

BetsyBell Fri 17-Jan-14 11:20:46

Coconut cream is a good idea earslaps. Mmm, Thai curries too...

What about fajita type dishes with plenty of guacamole and sour cream? Avocados are wonderful things.

<ponders recipes using avocados and coconut>

EarSlaps Fri 17-Jan-14 11:31:56

Avocados are amazing- if you have a soft one just spread it into your sandwich instead of butter, or spread on toast with some chicken, salad and a drizzle of Betsy's dressing. Homemade guacamole with avocado, Greek yoghurt, chopped tomato, salt and Tabasco is pretty yum too.

Eatriskier Fri 17-Jan-14 12:03:15

betsy that does sound really good!

I need to get more into avocado, tried a bit when cooking for DD years ago but lacked ideas for having it myself. These threads really help

EarSlaps Fri 17-Jan-14 12:24:00

A lot of people mash banana and avocado together for babies, but it might be nice on toast if you like bananas. A not too sweet sugar kick.

BsshBossh Fri 17-Jan-14 12:32:37

Eatriskier slather butter on all your bread, add liberal amounts of olive oil to things, eat more deep-fried foods like homemade skin-on chunky chips and tonkatsu (pork breaded with panko crumbs) and tempura and homemade breaded fish. I second the idea of eating more unsalted nuts - macadamia nuts are high calorie and very moreish.

TalkinPeace Fri 17-Jan-14 12:56:05

blimey 18 posts on this thread in a day! that must be a record

ooh I like the idea of avocado and chicken sandwich - I love them but have never convinced DH ... that might do the trick thanks

EarSlaps Fri 17-Jan-14 13:15:57

Even my vegetable dodging DH loves avocados, so worth a go Tip.

Eatriskier- don't forget all things deviant style- peanut butter and Nutella. I always have a fancy breakfast on the weekend- either croissants or pancakes, often covered in pb and Nutella.

Laska42 Fri 17-Jan-14 13:42:24

and how funnythat its all been about no longer losing weight! you wont find that on a weightwatchers board!.
ihave been doing mini fasts all week on my NFDs a (no morethan 1000 cal) so its been 2:5 instead p of 5:"
but although its not sustainable Iknow I have felt fine.. and a nother lb of christmas podge gone .. (ive even had some chocolate this week also!)
but its the wekend
ive k just broke my fast with veggie soup and an egg, but tominght we have pulled pork from this recipe (has been cooking all night and looked yum this morning . there wil be wine

..and tomorrow the parents are coming so I am making this Wot?? pie on a diet?? grin

Laska42 Fri 17-Jan-14 13:54:40

aargh ! I can spell I just cant type!

BsshBossh Fri 17-Jan-14 13:55:11

Oh that pie crust looks delicious, I could eat it on its own.

Eatriskier Fri 17-Jan-14 14:35:15

Since the colder weather has been coming in or just in I've been doing a lot of pie. Love a meat and veg puff pastry pie. Though I'm a top and bottom pastry girl. Even on a diet!

frenchfancy Fri 17-Jan-14 16:05:03

Another pie lover, though I do think pie should have a top and a bottom. I approve of the fact she is making her own pastry in the article. It really isn't that difficult and tastes so much better than bought. I get really anoyed when I see famous chefs on telly telling everyone to buy their pastry as is tastes no difference - yes it does. It is like saying sliced white tastes the same as a home baked sour dough. Both have their place I suppose but they do not taste the same.

Sorry for the rant but I'm a bit of a pastry connoisseur - probably one of the main reasons I had weight to lose in the first place. I rarely go a week without making pastry of some sort.

Enjoy your pie laska

Avocados are the best food in the world - we're really lucky to get amazing quality ones all year round here and I always eat them on NFD, sometimes make an avocado based smoothie or salad as my FD meal too

Fillybuster Fri 17-Jan-14 20:39:05

Loving the high-cal food recommendations in a supposedly 'diet' thread...

<ponders what someone on WW/SW/new to 5:2 would make of the past 20 posts>


Love the inspirational stories smile smile Thanks WW and Betsy

Party is tomorrow night. I've been baking and frosting like a madwoman - didn't mean to have a FD but forgot to eat or drink whilst turning out tarts, cakes, different frostings etc all day. Probably consumed several 1000s of calories in sugar and butter whilst tasting things though grin Even made my own marshmallows...they are scarily amazing smile smile And, amongst others120 mini lemon tarts, 100 mini dark chocolate tarts, 140 mini cup-cakes, 6 tray bakes (3 apple, 3 chocolate & walnut), 80 palmiers, 250 mini meringues.....Gosh...I hope my guests eat them shock

Utterly knackered as was up until 2.30am sorting out music, so going to wash my hair, have dinner and hit the sack early tonight. Millions of decorations and helium balloons to deal with in the morning....

BsshBossh Fri 17-Jan-14 20:44:11

Filly all that baking for your own birthday? You are Superwoman! Hope you let others pamper you for your 40th. Are you actually 40 tomorrow?

BetsyBell Sat 18-Jan-14 08:48:20

Wowsers Filly What an amazing amount of baking! Have you done all that at home? It sounds like you'd need an industrial sized kitchen for all that!

Is it your birthday today? Have a great day. Did I miss a post about a fabulous dress? Maybe we could have a photo of you in your finery?

TalkinPeace Sat 18-Jan-14 14:21:57

did my weekend shopping in Lidl today : they are on a health kick - BIG bags of nut pieces and seeds and dried fruit at Lidl prices. nom nom
also have two avocados ripening on the kitchen windowsill ....

Fillybuster you are amazing - for my last big party I just bought loads of frozen Lidl canapes!
then again DH makes mean choux pastry and DD loves making cakes
I've never had a sweet tooth so am a bit crap at puddings

Eatriskier Sat 18-Jan-14 21:15:13

Today was a day of cream, butter and nuts. I feel so much better too than without crap. More full and satisfied. I love how this thread is full of high calorie content.

filly hope you managed to eat some of those yourself, and happy birthday (if it is today)

FD today and easy so far as a terrible night with DD meant I then got a lie in til 11. Made pancakes with DC and didn't even want any! Going to make some fennel soup for later while the others gorge on carbonara, but I'll prob also have a decent omlette in the evening as in doing 45mile ride tomorrow

Anglaise1 Sun 19-Jan-14 20:32:23

Ests Nuts are fantastic. I love unsalted grilled almonds but unfortunately eat far too many of them. They are good for you as well as being fairly calorific so go for it if you are hungry!
Filly totally in awe and hope your party was fantastic. You deserve it after all that preparation!
ATB hope your 45 mile ride went well. I did an 18km run this morning and wasn't even out of breath or sweating at the end so know that my first half marathon in April should be OK...hoping to do it in under 1 hour 40 mins. 5:2 has helped me keep the weight off so running is easier!
I never eat pies, but eat LOTS OF quiche. And salad.

BetsyBell Sun 19-Jan-14 21:53:22

Scary numbers on this thread - 250 meringues, 45 mile cycles, 18 mile sweatless runs shock

Amazing, all of you! I love it grin

I did 16 rubbish press ups... beat that wink

We went off route a few times so it ended up being 50miles incorporating some unplanned hills. I am exhausted but exhilirated and think I'll ALWAYS fast before a training ride now - extra adrenaline (though obviously I had a decent breakfast beforehand) and today feel like I very much deserved pasta and ice cream but filling up quickly so won't be overdoing it.

Am in the fasting zone so another one tomorrow - which will be hard with the kids around all day!

Anglaise1 Mon 20-Jan-14 06:47:36

I'm fasting too - have reached a plateau as predicted so will keep on with 5:2 this week, just want to get to 57.5kgs so one kg to go based on this mornings weigh in. I also like the discipline of a fast day, no snacking in the evening and no wine
ATB I never have a problem exercising on a fast day either, and I think you might be right about extra adrenaline! The morning after isn't easy before eating something, though.

I've done other exercise on a FD (mainly just an hour of swimming or doing Shred) but could no way do a training ride on 500kcal. I burnt 2500 on the ride yesterday and was starving!!

TalkinPeace Mon 20-Jan-14 18:33:21

my Pump teacher nearly had kittens this morning when I let slip I'd not eaten since lunch yesterday!
then she realised I do it every week and relaxed ....

time to eat now though : tea will only keep me going so far ...

Laska42 Mon 20-Jan-14 19:20:28

Hi all.. well i'm all chicken pie'd out now (it was great and yes i did do double pie crust!) . but I will fast again tomorrow..

Tip I have got out of meeting tomorrow .. Boss is gong instead .. .(that's good then... is supposed to be him that goes anyway!).

I bought the new DR M fast exercise book , but hey, it doesn't make me want to do any, any more than i did before ! I have tried running up stairs though at work , as we do have several flights in our building

Another problem is that I have such terrible sciatica at the moment ( have had now since before christmas) .. it all hurts! Ibuprofen and wine seems to be the only cure .. I did manage a 12ish mile hill walk at the weekend, but have paid for it ever since

I dont think ill ever get fit and thin ..I feel like in struggling against my age, my hormones , my health and (probably most importantly ) my inclination .. but at least I'm not as fat as I was ..

filly hope you had a great birthday.

ATB I am really in awe of how you have leapt back into cycling your training rides .. I dont think i've ever cycled more than 25 miles in one go and it takes me ages .. let along 50 miles in one go on a training ride . How long does it take and how do you fit it in ? i dont have small children either ( though I do have a f/t job). well done!

Breadandwine Mon 20-Jan-14 22:40:46

Fantastic stories over the last few days, guys!

I'll only mention the one - Fillybuster's mammoth baking session!

Wow, respect!

(Hope your birthday went well! cake)

Oh, but I should also give ATB a slap on the back for her 50-mile 'training' bike ride.

Wow, respect!

I also made a pie this week, using a bread dough, with a Thai curry filling - had some on the stove and just fancied pie!

It didn't last long - I had half for dinner - and a further quarter around midnight. The last quarter went at lunch the next day.

It was wonderful! I'm just about to post the recipe and pics on my blog.

Now I want more! I'm coming to the end of a 134 cal day and thinking not only could I have it tomorrow, with 466 cals left I could have something tonight.

I would like to go through until tomorrow evening with just liquids, but I'll probably have breakfast the way I feel now.

Danced all night at our U3A R&R evening. We're planning to have these every 3 or so months.

"I wanna keep on dancing…" grin

Breadandwine Tue 21-Jan-14 01:30:00

Here's another pie for you folks!

And it is bloody lovely!

This one is made with a bread dough - and the filling is a Thai curry! grin

You have to learn to think outside the box! grin

(Us vegans have a head start on this!wink)

TalkinPeace Tue 21-Jan-14 09:50:19

Laska see if you can find a pilates class - it will do your back a world of good.
Enjoy not having to get the ferry in the fog today - its foul over here.

should not have clicked your link! tummy rumbling now !
did you see this BTW
just getting people to think differently about food has to be a good thing ....

Laska42 Tue 21-Jan-14 21:08:55

yes Tip i've also been thinking Pilates..I know there are local classes so am going to look..

.. Well its been about 700cals today after all , but that's ok.. was plain chicken and veg this evening and finally (after all this time) I think I've cracked the 'no breakfast' thing now (but I did crack and end up with scrambled egg and mushrooms at about 2.30 today). So every weekday had been a 16:8 FD or not or the last couple of weeks and I'm feeling much better for ( the scales are still sticking at abut 10.6 /10.7 though.. .. but it will go .. It will...)..

Have done more stairs running today as my HIIT ..

B&W like the pie Mmm yum.. I have just taken the HFW Panade recipe shown at the bottom of this article out of the oven for tomorrow ..it looks really,really yum and smells divine .. so I had better go to bed before I eat it. You could make it with your yeast extract cheezy stuff I think , as i've only put the cheese on the top .... have also put in some sun-dried tomatoes in the layers--and lots of garlic--.

Laska42 Tue 21-Jan-14 21:37:57

B&W I also put leeks in my Panade and half spinach /half kale ..am looking forward to eating it!

Tip I just clicked on another of your posts elsewhere and was taken to a photo of your rescued cat,. she looks lovely ! How long have you had her?

Thanks all - even more glad I did the ride as DD now has a cold so her usual crap sleeping has turned into horrendous nights all round - I'm averaging 4 hours broken sleep and am a total zombie. Cancelled a dinner party tomorrow, ignoring the state of the house and literally on survival mode.

FD yesterday was fine, not planning on fasting again til Thurs but stocking up in Vit C, echinacea and leafy green veg, trying to stay away from stodge because it'll only make me feel worse.

I seriously truly envy the childfree folk atm

Breadandwine Wed 22-Jan-14 01:03:55

Thanks for the link, TiP! Good article. I did hear back along that the word 'vegan' has overtaken the word 'vegetarian' on google recently.

And thanks for your recipe, Laska - I love all the dark green veg, but must get more into kale.

Stairs - I've been up and down the stairs 17 times so far today! My wife has taken to her bed with bug - and I am expected to come when she calls! grin

ATB - this too will pass! Have a [hug] from me!

The good news is that you're well on track with your training.

BetsyBell Wed 22-Jan-14 08:59:05

ATB Sympathies. Mine were horrendous sleepers; it kills me now when they need night attention as if my whole body remembers the horror of all those years of pitiful sleep(lessness)

Hope you've added all that stair-work to your exercise chart! B&W

We have a dull, drizzly, cold morning here and I'm seriously lacking motivation to do the list of nice cycling-based activities I've been wanting to do sad Feeling decidedly coldy so I'm guessing that's a big part of it.

I've decided to 16:8 on weekday NFDs this week - with early eating on Taekwondo days.

As much as I love family meals I do also love the odd day when i can just eat when I want to - Tuesday is now my day for this. It's nice to give myself permission/plan to do it rather than then having to skip dinner as I've raided the nut store/cheese/toast and marmite/malt loaf (delete as appropriate grin ) after school.

Today's NFD: salad lunch + fish pie dinner - and no after school nut-fest. That gives me 20 hours fasting too.

Planning to make this at some point this week smittenkitchen.com/blog/2014/01/warm-lentil-and-potato-salad/

BsshBossh Wed 22-Jan-14 10:05:51

ATB you truly are superwoman: sleepless nights, long cycle rides, still managing to fast through it all. Wow!

Betsy warm lentil salad with potatoes, capers and gherkins??? Oh my word. I am printing this out to make.

wildwater Wed 22-Jan-14 10:43:51

All this talk of pies...which to me do have a top, but here in Argentina they have a fast vegetable 'tarte' without one. Simply steam or pan-fry lots of different veges - including onions & garlic - pile onto home-made pizza-style base, throw a few slices of mozzarella on top and bake in hot oven until crisp.

I am doing 16:8 most days because I can't be bothered with breakfast anymore. Also eating far less at meals. I am still dropping weight...trying on 'thin' clothes that were tight, to find them now literally falling off.

BetsyBell Wed 22-Jan-14 11:41:42

Bssh I KNOW <dribbles> - I now have all the necessary ingredients and I think it'll go extremely well with the little poussins I've also just purchased. Interesting Sunday lunch sorted!

TalkinPeace Wed 22-Jan-14 11:48:08

wildwater that sounds utterly delicious - may have to experiment.

Laska we found the compost cat on December 18th so she's been here just over a month. The other cats are pretty much used to her. She's still very ill and has no concept of stairs but is amusing company when she's awake - especially as she's totally deaf so does not notice when DH is playing with sparks!

ATB Hugs re poorly kids - mine are teens so just vanish under the duvet but little ones do not have the resilience

B&W kettlebell replaced with kettle grin

Fillybuster Wed 22-Jan-14 12:52:05

Party is over sad

It was absolutely brilliant: we had over 110 people (in our house - eek!), served cocktails and cake and various friends dj'ed all evening. I danced until 3am and had a blast.

And now it's over sad sad

Far too much cake left...I must have catered for 300 rather than 100...took a load into the office yesterday, and even used the internal mail system to send marshmallows to a colleague in High Wycombe grin but now have to figure out what to do with the remainder, which fills an entire freezer in my mum's garage! shock DD1's birthday party in a few weeks will hopefully resolve some of that...

Anyway, thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes and kind words smile My super-cheap (£10 on ebay!!) Karen Millen dress was perfect (and 100% silk...bargain!) - I'll post a couple of pics on my profile once I've figured out how to grab them off fb.

Wish it wasn't all over though sad (Did I mention that already? wink)

ATB sending you much love. I can't believe you're sticking at the bike rides with such a chronic lack of sleep....you're amazing!

Laska another vote for pilates - also, try to keep gently moving....too much sitting still will make it seize up

B&W that pie sounds fab....I'm trying to avoid the temptation to make it as I made 5 chicken pies last night and only narrowly managed to avoid eating the one I baked for dh's dinner <polishes halo>

Off to Tesco now, so going to stock up on baby potatoes for that lentil salad...think that has just solved my 'what shall we have for dinner tonight' question - thank you!

BsshBossh Wed 22-Jan-14 14:17:28

Filly life begins at 40 remember smile But yeah, post-party comedown is a killer.

Breadandwine Wed 22-Jan-14 15:36:27

Filly I danced until 3am and had a blast. envy

I'll run that past the U3A committee when they're discussing the next R&R evening! The last one ended at 11 sad - when I was just getting going!

Party is over sad

Oh, didn't you know? 70 is the new 40! grin

Oh Filly your party sounds amazing! Gives me much hope for my 40th - by which time DC will be 15&12 and will be expected to sort themselves out!

Mmmmm pie....thank god we're having a heat wave so I can finally curb the carb cravings! B&W my move towards almost veganism has taken a rapid step forward after doing more reading into dairy farming. To be honest, I now don't really get why one would be a vegetarian but not a vegan?! I am still drinking milk in my tea as I'm yet to find a substitute I like, also eating eggs from my local farmer and buying his chicken once every few months as I've seen and trust his welfare standards. Once DD stops having gallons of milk we'll start buying it from him too. In the meantime now researching where to get optimum protein and calcium particularly for the DC. To be honest the biggest factor for me is health and environment and welfare. I don't fundamentally have an issue with consuming animal products so could never fully call myself a proper vegan.

On which subject....our cancelled dinner party means I need a new meal for tonight and as we always have tons of lentils in (the DC thankfully love them!) that recipe sounds perfect, Thankyou! Also need to make a big vat of bean chilli for us tomorrow and take some to friends who've just had a baby.

Thanks for kind words of support, it means a lot. Today is my "day off" so I'm using it to recharge, read a book, do some slow cooking, a gentle 1hour beach bike ride and not doing any other human face to face interaction wink

Oh! On kale - I'm getting really into my smoothies and whack a ton in them - delicious!

Laska42 Wed 22-Jan-14 19:16:43

ATB did you see the link to recipe for the panade? (which is really nice BTW have scoffed quite a lot of it today - NFD!) Second down is one for Savoy cabbage with avocado, lentils and bacon.. why not swop the bacon for mushrooms and a few sun dried tomatoes ? (and maybe the cabbage for kale) .. I reckon it would be lovely for a FD ..though I'd also be really tempted to put feta cheese on top for a NFD ! (not very vegan though) ,

Tip I think I'm in love with Compost Cat .. she looks so lovely .. I have a big black tom ( though he his a soppy as anything indoors .. ) ..but the mice and shrews dont think so when he is out ..

Filly glad you had a great time..
Cyclist bro, are you lurking ? and Frenchfancy how are you
and Helloooo00 cats and MOCNK vintage 52er ??? Come back and say hello,.. We are missing you!

TalkinPeace Wed 22-Jan-14 22:01:54

Filly .... huge 40th birthday over three days - you're not Kate Moss are you?

Laska Compost cat (named by us Zingiber) has a limited lifespan but when you are next over with a car you'd be welcome to pop by and meet her.

Laska you have made my day (and next week's menu plan!)

Fillybuster Wed 22-Jan-14 23:27:36

Not a real post this (but thanks for all the lovely birthday comments again....and TiP - ha! I wish! ) but need to report back on fabulous warm lentil salad for dinner tonight.

I had a couple of 'semi smoked' salmon steaks in the freezer that I cooked and served resting on top - really yum smile smile - and a HUGE bag of curly kale served alongside.

Maybe I'm late to the kale party and everyone already knows this, but I've just discovered: a shimmer of olive oil, a good sprinkle of sea salt, whole bag of kale in a hot oven for about 10 mins. Something like seaweed: crunchy, salty, very yummy smile

BetsyBell Thu 23-Jan-14 08:38:20

Yes, do report back on the lentil salad - I'm not making it until the weekend!

Fillybuster Thu 23-Jan-14 11:22:19

Betsy the salad was delicious, although I'm not convinced that we needed both the lentils and the potatoes with dinner last night, especially since we had salmon and kale as well. I love puy lentils, and I love baby potatoes, and both were fab with the dressing, but another time I'd probably make either one or the other for dinner, rather than combining them.

Thanks for the link smile

You see Kale Chips everywhere here as snack food. I always sautéed it for dinner but your crispy seaweed version sounds lush

Looks like we're booking a 2 week trip to SouthKorea in March (squeeaaal) so as I'll definately be taking a break from fasting (and probably veganism, I'm a sucker for traveling by taste, although the friend we're staying with for a while is veggie) I'd better get on it before then.

FD today so making it easy and defrosting a h/m parsnip soup

catsrus Thu 23-Jan-14 17:04:53

I'm here - just working hard ATM! Back down to 9.2lb this morning after two good half fasts (ie. no solid food until evening, but I did have a morning latte and a chai latte on the train coming home - both full fat) then a plate of red cabbage (sauted in Olive oil with garlic, onion and apple - seasoned with caraway seeds) topped with roast squash and smothered in a nice goat's cheese.

Had the remainder of that for lunch today with some lentils - will make rest of lentils into a curry but need to shop for veggies first.

Laska42 Thu 23-Jan-14 21:02:12

Well I'm off to 'North Island' for a few days.... to see friends... and where I have been promised lasagne and garlic bread tomorrow and a Curry Nite on Saturday! .. (they think us 'South Islanders' cant get such delicacies .... marooned as we are in the other side of the Solent grin

So wont be around for a while , but next week I might (thats just might ...I'm thinking wink), start a wine free month.. I was planning for 27 days no wine February .. (one day is DH and DF birthday so ill have to join in a toast )..

So see y'all next week!

BsshBossh Thu 23-Jan-14 21:18:32

ATB South Korea <faints>. You lucky, lucky thing!

I hope you all don't mind but I'm coming to join you on this thread..
I simply can't keep up with the other thread..it's moving too fast for this ole timer..
It's my '1st Anniversary of This WOE on 29th Jan.. So I'm giving one last big push and next Friday I ll put up my stats / review .. When I say on e last big push I don't mean it's my last fast or anything... Just a kind of big special WI because I've never managed a full year on any weight loss program OR WOE.
I ll pop in to thread 37 sometimes but I've always been a non poster so won't be saying too much,BUT suffice to say that I'm down at least a dress size, feeling fab because not a day goes by without a compliment !

Welcome headintheclouds to our quiet little corner of 5:2! And well someone your NSV

FD turned into a mini fast at around 800-1000kcal in the end. I was just hungry! But did a good one on Monday and planning another on Saturday so all fine

Anglaise1 Fri 24-Jan-14 06:52:06

HITC nice to see you here and congratulations on reducing a dress size. Nearly snap, it is my 1 year anniversary of 5:2 on 28th January.
ATB you lucky thing South Korea!
Laska Mmmm a curry nite you lucky thing, I miss those.
Cats well done on getting back down to 9 2
Couldn't fast yesterday as had lunch with friend and things then just got worse. So things not going well at all on the scales this week although I've definitely lost a couple of cms off waist since New Year.
Will try again today although after my 1.5 hours run this afternoon I'll probably be hungry tonight!

Eatriskier Fri 24-Jan-14 07:35:31

Thanks for all the advice guys - this week there wasn't much calorie deficit at all and the scales have stayed stable enough. Dr strongly suspects the reason I'm losing even without too much deficit is because I'm hyperthyroid, so I suspect once that's confirmed and being treated I will probably need to tone the scoffing down a bit or maybe go back to 1 Fd and 1 mini Fd. That is just fine by me though! thanks to you all. Especially as I'm loving my butter, cream and nut filled world!

BsshBossh Fri 24-Jan-14 08:16:28

I am 0.8 lbs away from maintaining smile

Anglaise1 Fri 24-Jan-14 08:26:17

Bssh 0,8lbs is nothing smile
Out of interest how have you decided on your target this time? It is lower than your original target I think?
How does anyone decide on what their target weight should be?

frenchfancy Fri 24-Jan-14 08:57:48

Good question Anglaise.

I chose 67kg, mainly because it was the weight I maintained for several years before having DCs, so I see it as my "normal" weight (even if that was 15 yrs ago) It also happens to be nicely within the BMI range.

I'm kind of half heartedly hoping to be under 10st one day (so 63.6kg) but for no reason other than it seems like a magic number. Of course it means nothing in Kg.

I am currently 65.8Kg, so nicely below target, but still 2kg of my hoped for weight. I seem to nearly get there then there is Christmas or holidays or something that gets in the way.

I have 5 weeks before my holiday (heading out your way ATB) so would like to be 10 stone by then, but no doubt will put it all back on again over the hols.

Eatriskier Fri 24-Jan-14 08:59:16

That 0.8 will go in no time. Well done for getting there!

Eatriskier Fri 24-Jan-14 09:03:33

I plumped for 9st 7 as my target as it was banging the middle of bmi. At 9st 10 I looked at myself and thought actually I look fine now so started attempting to maintain. Though I kept losing and actually looked OK at 9st 7 still. Im now 9st 3 and look a little scrawny in places!

BsshBossh Fri 24-Jan-14 10:59:27

Anglaise1 good question. I started at 15 stones / 210 lbs so my initial target of 145 lbs (just inside a normal BMI) felt right for me at the time. When I reached 145 lbs I maintained for a few months because it felt so novel being that weight. But after a few months I realised I could try for a lower weight and plumped for BMI 21, which I now am. I've decided I'm going to maintain BMI 21 for a few months then see how I feel. I don't look gaunt or scrawny at all so I may, in the Spring, decide to aim for BMI 20, which is only 5 lbs below my current goal. So my ultimate target is solely dependent on how I look <vain emoticon>.

EarSlaps Fri 24-Jan-14 12:10:14

My initial target was 10st (my 'skinny' pre baby weight). Then when I got there I quickly lost another 5lbs, so decided to aim for 9st7. Overshot again, so decided to stay between 9st and 9st4 (130lbs felt like a nice round number). I've been there since about early November. That gives me a bmi just under 21 which feels good to me.

Admission time- I have become crap at fasting and at not snacking recently blush. I can't seem to go below 700 for a fast and I've been scoffing the cake and choc a bit too much recently. I just seem to have a massive appetite recently, and I've been maintaining so I tell myself it's ok. I wanted to do a proper fast to see if I could reset my appetite but the next day I seemed even hungrier.

I'm not too worried on the weight front (I'm maintaining), but it's more that eating crap makes me feel a bit crap. I think I might need to make more effort to eat proteins and good fats to fill me up a bit more. It's just been really hard with all the Christmas food hanging around, and now with the kitchen out of action.

Very jealous of South Korea ATB, bet the food is amazing. Though not their interpretation of western food- BIL got served spaghetti bolognese with toast and strawberry jam on the side when they had a stopover there.

BsshBossh Fri 24-Jan-14 12:17:03

EarSlaps I think if you get back to basics with two or three nutritious meals packed with veggies, fats and proteins a day and eat those meals until you are satisfied (ie not stuffed but not hungry either) you will find, I think, your desire for snacky stuff diminishes. However, at the same time, cut yourself some slack as cooking is very difficult without a kitchen! This time of year alot of us are more hungry and I'd "honour" that hunger, but just with more nutrition.

TalkinPeace Fri 24-Jan-14 13:45:47

My "target weight" was 9 stone = BMI 21 = the weight at which my knee pain nearly disappears.
I now try to stay at around 8:11 because then a few blowout meals do not leave me hobbling.
This year I'm tempted to have a go at 8:7
but I have quite a lot of muscle and am very narrow build - have scrawny friends ... not going there.
And so long as my clothes still fit I'm not too fussed really.

Anglaise1 Fri 24-Jan-14 14:39:14

Until a few years ago, I'd always hovered around a BMI of 23.5 and was on the chunky side (I'm a narrow build). A few years ago I dropped to 63kgs (BMI 21) and maintained there quite happily, then a year ago I decided to give 5:2 fasting a go to lose 6kgs and get to the magic 9 stone...and it worked. I was running a lot and it was easier to run being lighter, and I don't think I'm too scrawny with a BMI of around 19 - 19.5. I dropped to 18.5 BMI in the summer and you could have grated cheese on my chest. Not nice.
I run a lot so I have a lot more muscle than in the past. I don't think I've ever been fitter in my life, better late than never (I'm 48).

BetsyBell Fri 24-Jan-14 16:07:53

See I'm still just below BMI 23, as I have been for 6 months, and already suffer from a touch of the cheesegrater chest/ribs, thanks to being of the store-it-on-the-thighs persuasion. But I am making inroads into building up chest muscle to see if that sorts it out a bit.

Mind you, thighs are reducing at the moment, and dare I say it there's a glimpse of lovely long muscles is emerging.

Aesthetics and vanity aside, I feel pretty damn great health-, nutrition- and fitness-wise. So unless my body decides it's time to slough off another few pounds I'm happy to continue exactly as I am. It seems to be working.

My aim is to get to 9st 7 and that's partly because I'll then have a BMI of 23 which is bang in the middle of normal on the BMI graph for my height. Also it's the weight I was always most comfortable at when I was slimmer.
I'm not there yet though ,am currently 9st 12 ..So only 5 to go BUT it can take me a long time to lose 5 lbs..
but I keep on keeping on.. I'm still getting the health benefits of the fast and it'll come off when it's ready ...
As it's Friday it's G&T time soon and that's why I love this WOE , I can have it without feeling guilty

frenchfancy Fri 24-Jan-14 17:59:50

I was just enjoying a feta, courgette and thyme scone with lashings of butter as my apperitif this evening (the cake batter was obviously not an apperetif) and it made me wonder about the nutritional benefits of butter (after all it is made from milk which is good for you right?) I googled it and found this: 7 reasons why butter is good for you which includes number 6: Butter is associated with a lower risk of obesity.

Just thought I'd share (sorry B+W but butter is one of the reasons I could never be vegan and as I don't believe in vegetarianism given the way the dairy industry works)

TalkinPeace Fri 24-Jan-14 18:20:40

I've long been of the opinion that any bought food with less than three ingredients is basically good for you
butter is wonderful stuff - as is olive oil
fats are essential to build brain proteins and reduce depression
fats are not the enemy - unless taken to excess

then again, at school we used to have "snack lunch" which came with a pat of butter - all my dieting friends did not eat it - I ate equal amounts of butter and bread and was skinnier than any of them.

Anglaise1 Fri 24-Jan-14 18:37:47

Oooh FF I love butter. I never eat diet stuff, just moderate the good full fat natural things. Breakfast (when not fasting) is toasted baguette or brioche with beurre aux cristaux de sel de mer de Noirmoutier....heaven.

BsshBossh Fri 24-Jan-14 19:35:37

Another butter fan here; always have been. Full-fat all the way for me except for milk which, in its full-fat form, I find too creamy in my mouth.

BsshBossh Fri 24-Jan-14 19:36:12

Full-fat was all I ate when calorie counting in 2012 too.

EarSlaps Fri 24-Jan-14 20:18:25

Yes, butter is amazing. Give me a small chunk of bread with lashings of butter rather than loads of bread with no butter any day! I love my 10% fat Greek yoghurt too. But, like Bssh I can't stand full fat milk and prefer skimmed.

Breadandwine Fri 24-Jan-14 22:24:00

sorry B+W but butter is one of the reasons I could never be vegan and as I don't believe in vegetarianism given the way the dairy industry works

Each to their own, folks. But, FF, if you don't like the dairy industry - why do you support it through eating butter? Presumably you think it's cruel (which is why I have nothing to do with it), yet you countenance that cruelty! confused

I myself don't think vegetarianism is morally justifiable, which is why I became a vegan. Luckily, I love olive oil and never give butter a thought.

{{I'm interrupting this message to bring you this lovely music website - presently playing Vivaldi. No adverts, just continuous light classical music!}}

TalkinPeace Fri 24-Jan-14 22:27:39

out of interest, what were the decision factors for you to become vegan at 63?

I'm quite open about being a meat eater, but a darned fussy one on prov enance so I hope to save hedgerows by my food choices

PS I luff vegan food, but only some fays a week !

Breadandwine Fri 24-Jan-14 23:20:29

Good for you, TiP - it's all about eating mindfully, isn't it!

I started as a veggie because I was trying to avoid BSE. Once I took the decision to give up meat* I started looking at the dairy industry and was appalled! That cows need to be kept in calf to produce milk, I understood, but my decision was made when I discovered that the calf is taken from the mother straight away after birth - much to the distress of both - and that cows could live to the age of 30, but they're disposed of when their milk yield falls away after the age of 6.

I continued eating goat's and sheep's cheese - because they don't need to continually give birth to produce milk. But then I discovered the cruelty involved with these cheeses - so that was when I became vegan.

I'd also read that chickens are also got rid of when their egg production falls - so eggs were out. Then later on, Jamie and Hugh exposed the gassing of male chicks, which confirmed my decision.

My bottom line is that I don't want another animal to die so that I can live. And, in this day and age, in this society, that's eminently achievable. As I'm proving, you can be vegan and be healthy.

*BTW, I can never understand those who give up eating meat, yet still eat fish - when fish, it seems to me, die a much more miserable death than cows/sheep, etc. sad

frenchfancy Sat 25-Jan-14 07:34:25

It isn't that I dislike the dairy industry per say B&W more that I don't think eating dairy is any different from eating meat for the reasons you state so it is either be a meat eater or a vegan. We keep our own hens and buy beef from our neighbour who breeds rare breed cattle on the common land. We do what we can for welfare standards. But I'm not giving up my butter.

Southeastdweller Sat 25-Jan-14 09:53:18

This butter talk reminds me of the 80's when we were told that margerine was better for us than butter - I still feel a bit angry that we were lied to about that.

Well, I've just had the most wonderful of breakfasts at Betty's in York - poached eggs on buttered crumpets and a fat rascal scone with butter washed down with a pot of tea. The service and atmosphere were great and it was probably the best breakfast I've had for years.

Just drafting my 5:2 review at the moment.

Southeastdweller Sat 25-Jan-14 10:52:01

My 5:2 review:

I started 5:2 a year ago today and I've been maintaining a BMI of 21 for six months. I can't speak enough about how my life has changed for the better since I started.

What's changed over the year:

Snacking happens very rarely now, a stark contrast to how I was before I started 5:2. If I want something snack-y I add it to to my meal.

Even though I've been actively seeking and preferring healthy foods, I've now acknowledged (after lying to myself for years when I was overweight) that I'll always love eating some nutritionally-barren foods which is fine.

I keep less crap at home - if it's not there I can't have it.

Realised I don't need so much food to live as I was having for years before I started 5:2.

Emotional overeating has been curbed dramatically and I'm more mindful about what I eat.

Feeling much more relaxed around food.

After three decades of struggling I now finally have the tools to keep my weight under control so for example if it goes up by a few pounds after an indulgent weekend away or something I now exactly what I need to do to lose it.

I feel generally happier within myself and am confident of never getting fat ever again.

For this year I want to maintain my new eating habits and aim to start doing weights along with my cardio at the gym which should give my body more strength and strip away the remaining flab; hopefully I'll end up with a body that I can feel comfortable with when I walk on a beach this summer in just a pair of shorts. Perhaps with the weight lifting my weight will go up another BMI number, but I don't know as up until last summer I'd been overweight for as long as I could remember so it's hard to know at the moment what my ideal weight should be. I'm guessing I could end up around 11 stones 2 (currently 10 stones 9).

I realise and am happy with the fact that I'll be doing some kind of
fasting for the rest of my life. Fasting suits my lifestyle and I feel grateful that I found this WOE/WOL and the support of everyone here flowers.

BsshBossh Sat 25-Jan-14 16:03:32

Southeast that's a wonderful review. Hope you copy it to the main thread to inspire the newbies.

Great review southeast!

I'm the same about veganism or omnivorism - I don't really understand not eating chickens but still eating eggs if it's the welfare that bothers one as the same processes happen regardless of what product you do or don't consume. I'm definately battling with reducing my dairy and cheese consumption since reading about the dairy industry. Butter I adore but have got used to not having it as American butter (and cheese etc etc) is crap tasting

I'm still eating fish and that will be the hardest thing to stop, if I do eventually stop consuming animal products. I don't eat much as it is but god I love sushi.

But I see it as a gradual process and much like fasting I'll be more successful if I approach it gently and make small consistent changes. In already at the point where I barely miss meat at all and don't crave it in the slightest

TalkinPeace Sat 25-Jan-14 20:56:11

whereas I had a belly full of pork ribs for supper - but the farm that my butcher buys from is only a few miles from here and I know that they are happy pigs
and now I have happy cats chewing the bones!

could have done without needing to buy a laptop today though ... yashin fracking puters

wildwater Sun 26-Jan-14 13:51:31

Everything consumes some other form of life. Mindfulness is good. I grew up in the country knowing exactly where my food came from. I used to say: never eat anything bigger than your head, and: if you can't face killing it yourself, don't eat it. Eating animals that have been raised well & killed humanely, or caught in the wild...well, I have become a hypocritical, fish-eating pseudo-vegetarian, who also eats beef & lamb at Argentine asados blush

BetsyBell Sun 26-Jan-14 18:42:07

Nice review southeastdweller - it's quite exciting hitting that one year mark isn't it? If it works for a year then there's no reason not to do it for life smile

I made the potato & lentil salad (link above somewhere) served alongside half poussins (sorry vegans sad ) cooked in stock, wine, rosemary, thyme, celery, bay and lemon and some crispy green salad in vinaigrette. It was sublime, really delightful combination. I made a cherry almond clafoutis with ice cream and kirsch & cherry syrup for pud (I had one of those jars of black cherries in kirsch leftover from xmas). All washed down with prosecco.

Yum yum yum.

I'll be ready for Monday's fast!

I'm def more mindful eating than pure vegan - I don't fundamentally mind consuming animal products, just trying to be much stricter about where they come from, which is harder and much more expensive where I live but not impossible. Current internal struggle is I don't necessarily want to impose my opinions on my family but seeing as I'm the one that meal plans, shops and cooks, am I still prepared to buy stuff I won't eat myself so the DC particularly still are exposed to meat etc (DH is perfectly capable of getting a meat feast lunch during the working week if he wants it!)

Anyway, FD today, very much needed as I just haven stopped eating the last few days but TOTM this am which explains it! Going to drown myself in echinacea and vitamin c as well as I feel a horrid cold coming on

Anglaise1 Sun 26-Jan-14 19:40:22

It's my one year anniversary of fasting tomorrow (well, Tuesday, but I fast on Mondays). Can't do nearly as good a summary of what 5:2 has done for me as Betsy and Southeast have done. The 5:2 worked for me but I'm still not a perfect eater. I know I'm generally more aware of what I can and can't eat to avoid putting on weight. I appreciate what I eat on a fast day, so mindfulness is definitely there.
However I can still eat cakes occasionally, and other bad things - the difference being that if I indulge in a cake or cookie, I skip lunch.
I still eat meat and fish, although never on a fast day.
I still snack occasionally and eat far too many unsalted almonds.
I don't like eating food that is calorie barren and have never eaten miso soup or the calorie free noodles or anything else like that. I'd rather not eat than eat something that I don't have any pleasure in eating - even if it is low in calories.
I always hated fast food so not eating that hasn't been a problem.
I think that fasting is good for the mind as well as for the body due to the self discipline involved.

A fatuous question, I know, but if all humans became vegan would there be any farmed animals left?

TalkinPeace Sun 26-Jan-14 20:06:13

^ if all humans became vegan would there be any farmed animals left?^
nor any hedgerows or copses or any of the othe infrastructure associated with animals

go look at the US midwest : 100 miles between trees
no thank you
I'll keep eating free range meat

chunks of India are vegetarian but they use milk and eggs and make cheese and use dung as fuel

to my knowledge there has never been a sustainable vegan food society once food miles and GM are taken into account

wildwater Mon 27-Jan-14 11:13:17

Hola fellow 5:2ersthanks

FD today, so 'nil per mouth' until around 8ish tonight. (Works better for me to not eat at all during the day.) Will then have a huge salad with some sort of protein.

Musing upon something I have always remembered reading; a quote from Kate Moss, the english model. She got into a lot of trouble for saying 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'. She was criticised for encouraging anorexia...but in fact she is right! It feels amazing to finally inhabit the body size I am meant to be - minus the layers of fat.

The 5:2 mantra 'you can have it tomorrow - if you still want it' has removed my compulsion to overeat. I can have a small amount of something delicious and not want to eat the entire thing.

That is very un-Argentine. Apart from eating ridiculously late, there is a tendency for people here to put a little on their plate at first, then continue to go back for more, and more, and more...until there is nothing left on the table.

I am practising putting what I am going to eat on my plate all at once and that's it. It can be difficult to finish what i have taken...that's how different my eating has become. I never imagined i would get to the point where. I had to force myself to eat.

I am however eating a very healthy diet - what we think of as 'mediterranean' even though i'm on the wrong continent. Heaps of fresh local veges; home-baked wholemeal bread; olive oil; a little meat, cheese & fish; minimal sugar; hardly any processed or packaged foodstuff...and usually a glass of good red with meals when not on FDs.

Me me me again - sorry. But then I guess what we are all doing here is sharing our own personal experience, so I trust I am forgiven tbsmile

TalkinPeace Mon 27-Jan-14 12:49:36

Argentine diet sounds excellent.

Kate Moss has much less of an eating disorder than people realise. Its bods like Daphne Guinness who are weird. A friend is a model (regularly in the Saturday magazines now) and I know for a fact that she eats loads, but only healthy stuff like you are having wildwater and she is naturally tall and thin.

I've never thought Kate Moss looked toooooo thin though, yes thin but not properly bony and scary like a lot of the catwalk and couture models

Love hearing about your Argentinian life WW!! What's your blog address again?

Am doing a back to back FD - pretty hungry but can't fast again til Saturday as we have friends staying so may as well give it a go. Planning a vegan dinner party Thursday night - will let you know how it goes down!!

Anglaise1 Mon 27-Jan-14 18:49:52

ATB A back to back fast well done you, I don't think I could. Good luck with your vegan dinner party on Thursday.
Am struggling enough with one fast day as it is c-c-cold, well compared to what the weather has been like recently. Socks on tonight I think.
Kate Moss looked very thin back in the day when she started and she was being compared to models such as Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista (who would probably be considered nearly plus size by today's model standard sadly!). The cigarettes must help her keep slim too.

Breadandwine Tue 28-Jan-14 16:45:14

Just noticed the 'Mumsnet loaf' thread I'm involved with has made it to top billing on 'Discussions of the day'!

Basically, I'm helping the Leics local editor of Mumset make her daily bread. smile

frenchfancy Wed 29-Jan-14 07:26:50

Heads up to everyone - Horizon is on tonight sugar vs fat apparently the results are shocking and surprising.

Southeastdweller Wed 29-Jan-14 07:53:12

Thanks french, one to watch tomorrow on iPlayer (Wednesday night is always my 'letting go' time grin).

BetsyBell Wed 29-Jan-14 08:09:47

Thanks FF - I never seem to watch real telly so wouldn't have known. I'll be surprised and shocked if the results are anything other than "fats are good in many brilliant ways (except trans), sugar is bad (in the quantities western culture consumes it)"

It wouldn't be a bread thread without B&W involved!

Anglaise1 Wed 29-Jan-14 08:40:21

One of the (very dishy) doctor twins wrote about this in the Daily Wail yesterday. Maybe it is just me but the article was really dull and at the end I wasn't any the wiser about the outcome of the experiment. I hope the programme is better!

Fillybuster Wed 29-Jan-14 20:31:25

Wow, great reviews SouthEast and Anglaise smile Really inspiring smile smile Today is pretty much my 1 year anniversary too, so I bimbled over to the main thread to share a few of my thoughts...too scared to go back and check the responses though, in case I've narked someone hmm

ATB You go girl grin I'm rooting for you smile Well, I would be if I wasn't deeply hugely totally envy at South Korea shockgrinshock Wowza! Can't wait to hear all about it!

DD1s birthday today...can't believe my big little girl is now 6 shock Feeling quite emotional about it smile

Monday was a good FD, then yesterday was a weird NFD. Had a bowl of Eat porridge when I got to work (was unusually cold/hungry) and 200g wasabi peas....had forgotten I was going for a work meeting to Beas of Bloomsbury at 10.30. Couldnt resist the peanut butter/salt caramel cheese-cake - huuuuuge slice - but managed to stop myself half way through. Then looked down when the meeting finished and realised I had finished the other half....shock Even though I wasn't hungry (yes, I know...I had one of those 'its 2pm and I have meetings all afternoon, gosh, I'd better eat lunch' moments, which I should be better at dealing with by now), I followed up with a mammoth salad from Chopp'd (not as waistline friendly as it sounds), then 2 really large slices of my boss' chocolate birthday cake and 2 plums during a loooooong meeting in the afternoon sad sad Got home in time to bake and ice DD's cake for this morning and by the time I'd done that simply couldn't face eating anything at all - just felt a bit queasy from all the sugar!

Weirdly, got on the scales this morning and no lasting damage...but I must make sure that doesn't happen again. Held off until 2pm today to eat anything, then had a very large amount of shakshuka (good), followed by 3 slices of pizza for DD's birthday tea at 6 (less good grin)

In answer to the 'whats the right weight' question - I don't know! But I was 9.3-9.8 most of my adult life pre-children (9.10 when I got married- it never occurred to me to diet before my wedding day), and 9.5-9.7 between DC1 &2, and 2 & 3, so was aiming for somewhere around there. Thought I'd be happy to get to 9.9 initially.

Now hovering around 9.2-9.4, and feeling good. Although I now really need to re-engage on the exercise front as I've done nothing at all for a few months and now (thanks to all the great examples being set on this thread....yes, I mean you ATB, TIP, WW, Betsy, Anglaise, Cyclist (where's he got to??) and everyone else) I don't want to just be skinny, I want to be toned and healthy as well smile smile

TalkinPeace Wed 29-Jan-14 23:05:14

did not see the programme as I went to see Barry Humphries live : got my exercise by laughing LOTS for 2 hours!

Anglaise1 Thu 30-Jan-14 21:22:00

TIP I'd rather have watched Barry Humphries too, but in rural France...not much in the way of any comedy at all!
The Horizon documentary was interesting, much better than the article.
In the end although the twin on the high fat low sugar (carb) diet lost more weight (3.5kg), however, 2kg of the loss was muscle, and his cholesterol level had surprisingly increased to a dangerous level, more than his twin who followed a high sugar (carb) low fat diet. (He only lost 1kg of fat.)
They then went on to show that studies showed that the real danger was not one food group, but a combination of fat and sugar, which is found in most processed food. The test on rats showed that they became addicted to cheesecake (half fat, half sugar) whereas on a diet of either high fat or high sugar, they self regulated.
The example - you eat double cream on it's own - it is boring, you eat sugar on it's own - one teaspoon and that's enough, but put it together = icecream and you eat loads...
So I suppose that fasting, where you don't restrict yourself to any food group, but just eat less, must be a good thing???

The other interesting thing (for me anyway) was that regarding exercise/sports performance the twin who ate sugar before the race did far better than the twin who ate fat. So I'm going to eat porridge before my next 10k race on Sunday (like the Team Sky cycling team do as shown in the documentary) and see if it makes a difference to my performance!

TalkinPeace Fri 31-Jan-14 18:54:09

Keep an eye on what's on over here and catch a ferry some time grin

was chuffed this morning - am back at "leeway weight" which is 3lb under target so have "leeway" before knees start to hurt.

THe thing about that diet programme was that it was extreme : and what we have learned over the last 18 months is that extreme results in failure.
but hey! that does not make good telly wink

BetsyBell Sat 01-Feb-14 10:37:32

Anglaise I came out with a strong impression from that Horizon doc that it suggested you can't metabolise fat into glucose, only protein from muscles into glucose - eh? Bit dodgy?!?! I did find the results interesting though, especially about the fat/protein only diet having trouble with insulin regulation.

I also found the brain-power bit interesting (ie that the sugar-eater was able to think faster whereas the non-sugar eater couldn't focus or concentrate well on an intesive task) - I'd like to find out a bit more about that as it contrasts with the fasting 'clarity of thought' that some seem to experience. (Not me recently, but I think that's exhaustion.) It made me think that maybe eating a bit of fruit or a glass of squash might be a good idea if one were about to embark on an intensively cerebral task or learning activity.

But of course it goes to show, a balanced diet is what it's all about. Which is what most of us 5:2 devotees are on.

Except for mixing fat and sugar of course wink

I did enjoy watching those rats nibbling on cheesecake - I'll definitely have that image on my mind next time I'm offered a slice!

There's a bit of research somewhere about a perfect blend of fat, sugar and salt for optimum switching off of the grehlin response - naturally utilised to full effect by the fast food industry.

TalkinPeace Sat 01-Feb-14 10:45:39

bit of research somewhere about a perfect blend of fat, sugar and salt for optimum switching off of the grehlin response
Yup, and here it is

BetsyBell Sat 01-Feb-14 11:55:31

You got it tip grin

That and all other products by various food chains I'm sure!

I can't find the research I was thinking of (yet) - it involved rats and I think it made them really ANGRY when they weren't allowed their fix! May have entirely misremembered.

BetsyBell Sat 01-Feb-14 12:02:21

I think the research was done by

BetsyBell Sat 01-Feb-14 12:05:47


Junk food addicted rats - study by Paul Kenny and Paul Johnson

Nature article abstract www.nature.com/neuro/journal/v13/n5/full/nn.2519.html

Article on the research www.palmbeachpost.com/news/lifestyles/health/scripps-florida-addicted-rats-starved-themselves-r/nL5pW/

BsshBossh Sun 02-Feb-14 13:27:33

Sorry for the copy and paste from thread 38 but thought it'd be appropriate on the maintainers thread too....

BsshBossh's 1 Year 5:2 Review

Well, it's been a year of doing 5:2 and in that year here are some things that have changed for me:

- My appetite has shrunk - even if I want to stuff myself I physically can't
- I'm making better nutrition choices - even though I still enjoy cakes etc regularly I'm much more conscious these days of making my calories count ie nutritious
- I'm finally able to recognise hunger and fullness signals
- I'm no longer afraid of a bit of hunger ie I no longer give in to the "feeling peckish" urge
- I rarely snack between meals now; I much prefer eating well at a main meal than spoil my appetite
- I'm more likely to skip a meal in order to enjoy an indulgent meal later
- I have no guilt about food whatsoever - I enjoy my indulgences wholeheartedly knowing I can balance out my eating later

I started my weightloss journey 2 years ago (starting with good old-fashioned calorie counting for 12 months) but the changes outlined above have solely come about through doing 5:2.

So, in 2 years:
210 lbs (15 stones, BMI 36, dress size 20) --> 122 lbs (8 stones 10, BMI 20, dress size 8)

The lowest weight I've ever been as an adult.

I am at GOAL!!!!

My goal for the next year is to MAINTAIN this weight loss (my ideal weight is 125 lbs) by using a combination of 5:2, 6:1, 16:8 - incorporating fasting into my daily life but being flexible about which method I use in order to not continue losing weight.

frenchfancy Sun 02-Feb-14 14:05:42

Great post Bssh

I'm feeling very guilty today. We got the Wii fit out for the first time in a while, and DD3 is now in the "at risk of being overweight" category. She is off the chart in the red book for both height and weight. She is only 7 but is wearing mostly age 9-10 clothes. I know it is my fault. She has always had a healthy appetite so I've let her have big portions. She eats the same as her sisters, but they are 12 and 14 so need more than she does. We have been trying to cut down her portion size but it is so hard. She sees it as unfair if her sisters get 2 sausages and she only gets one (for example). I am trying to stress the importance of exercise (which is why I got out the wii fit in the first place) but it is so hard when everything outside is sodden so even if it isn't raining we can't get out.

You wouldn't call her fat to look at, more well built (think junior rugby player). DD2 is the opposite, not underweight but slender and gazelle like. i just feel so sad

wildwater Sun 02-Feb-14 16:21:15

Great to hear your story BB - wonderful that so many of us who had practically given up the idea of ever being slim are now at - or approaching - this point. grin

I gave up on my last fast day, not because it was difficult, but LL & I remembered it was the 13th anniversary of the day we met, and our host then insisted on making an asado for us (chorizo, black pudding, meat, bread, wine) which was very nice, but way over 500 calories for sure.

I am doing 16:8 most days now, which works well for me. There is nothing i would not eat, but notice I want far less generally, and have become excellent at delayed gratification.

I am also no longer sampling the raspberry muffin batter. I know it tastes delicious...but I have developed a cunning plan for not forgetting what I put into the mix. (Forgetting something was really the only reason to taste.)

FD tomorrow. Hola y salut a todos smile thanks

oh frenchfancy don't feel bad - especially if your older two have completely different body shapes and you've been used to feeding them a particular way. I constantly worry about my DC sweet teeth and am trying to find a way of teaching DS particularly about sweet stuff being treats and therefore only to be had sparingly in a way that doesn't then make him want them more - also trying to just bake stuff without processed sugar and fat so he learns he can have delicious food that isn't full of crap. But he also eats so so so much food which at the moment is fine as he's 5 and skinny but he snacks constantly too so at some point I think I'm going to have to teach him how to moderate his intake (I think he sometimes snacks out of boredom)

Also if she's off the scale for height too, that will have a lot to do with it - both mine are also off the centile range for height.

Had a horrible shock on the scales yesterday, I know I've been gorging myself recently but it was horrific so an immediate FD happened and I am going to be very strict with myself til we go on holiday in March. Had a big breakfast this am because I have a training ride to go on - but then DH had been up since 4:30am with DD so I'm now not going til later and the breakfast is sitting very heavily in my stomach and I feel so full

Anglaise1 Sun 02-Feb-14 17:07:12

Bssh what a fantastic achievement! And an excellent summary of 5:2 works for you. Good luck with the maintenance - I'm sure you will find it really easy.
WW I wish I could do 16:8 but I like breakfast too much - lunch I can skip with no problem but then you don't get the fasting benefit with that!
FF I know you are worried, but I'm sure your DD3 will be as slim as DD2 by the time she is at collège. My DD was never fat but a little chunky from time to time and as soon as she reached 11 she became a beanpole overnight. My DS who is 6 just moves all the time so he has never been anything but skinny and he eats loads. What sports activities does DD3 do? Can you involve her in something you do? My kids often come out on their bikes when I run, and DS often does the kids races before I do my races which he really enjoys even if he is rubbish at running.

Not sure I can face a fast day tomorrow as did a 10k race this morning, worst ever time at 46mins 45 secs but it was a tricky course with lots of narrow turns and hills. I came 26th out of the 340 women who took part (there were 1650 of us running in total) so it wasn't too bad. I really enjoyed it and that is the main thing!
I can't seem to get my weight down below 58kgs even with 2 fast days a week, it was easy this time last year. But I wasn't running as much and didn't have nearly as much muscle.

Southeastdweller Sun 02-Feb-14 17:32:58

BB Wonderful post, lady. Very, very well done on your stunning achievement.

french I agree with Anglaise about including DD3 in your exercise activities, or her siblings if possible.

frenchfancy Sun 02-Feb-14 17:40:20

10K in 46 mins is brilliant Anglaise especially if it involves hills.

In terms of exercise we have a very active lifestyle. We all ride, and weekends often see us out for walks, bike rides or working in the garden. DD3 was out this afternoon helping her Dad stack wood. She doesn't even have a particularly sweet tooth, she often turns down sweet stuff, but would never turn down a second helping of pasta. I am trying to work on portion control in my cooking so there are no seconds.

I honestly think some of it stems back to when she was a baby. She was 5 weeks early (you would never know it to look at her) an as I had gestation diabetes they put her in special care and tube fed her. So for the first few days of her life she never had an empty tummy, and ever since has just kept eating.

All quiet on the western front?

So since having a strong word with myself on Saturday after a horrible weigh in, fasted that day, fasted yesterday, Sunday I did 18:6 but did have cheesey beany dip and beer at a Super Bowl get together, and will do 18:6 again today, FD tomorrow and then two days "off"

Scales this am said 134.5lbs which is a vast improvement from 140lbs on Saturday but also makes me realise I had an awful lot to eat thurs and fri and not very much since so it makes sense.

I even dug Shred out the last two days! Today I'll bike to the pool and dust off my swimsuit for the first time in months. Tomorrow DH and I are going to our first ever spin class which will probably be horrible wink

Plan before Seoul is to get my fitness right up so I can hit the ground running when we get back, with 2 months to go before the ride, eek!

Anglaise1 Tue 04-Feb-14 16:55:25

Goodness ATB can you lose 5.5lbs in a few days? Good luck with the spin class. You've got plenty of time before the ride, don't worry! Is there an advantage to being lighter when cycling, like with running?
I weighed in yesterday he day after my 10k race and the scales said I was back up to 59,5kgs which is back to what I was 6th January despite doing 5:2 since then:-( I think maybe they weighed heavier because of the exertion during the race (I've read that muscles retain water to repair themselves after hard exercise but maybe I'm just making excuses). The only comfort is that all my clothes still fit so hopefully the weight gain is temporary - and having a period usually adds a lb or 2 to the scales.
I'm starting my training for a half marathon in March now which will make losing weight even harder...still, it feels good to be fit!

TalkinPeace Tue 04-Feb-14 18:10:20

work season has kicked in and I came home to a bucket load of email.
Will catch up properly when I finish writing my power point about public sector financial planning hmm

No I don't think it was proper 5.5lbs - I just ate myself stupid thurs and fri and then WI next after 3 days of much more restricted food, plus water retention

Apparently that's true about muscles holding water - I was told not to weigh myself for 5 days after the ride as my muscles would be retaining all fluid til they Realised I wasn't spending all day on the bike again!

BsshBossh Thu 06-Feb-14 08:37:47

Morning. Well, my first week in maintenance still sees me few lbs under goal weight so I'm doing 6:1 instead of 5:2 this week. Already fasted on Monday, so next fast is next Monday. I'll weigh each Thursday morning and if I gain a few lbs I'll fast on the Thursday too. Monday fasts are non-negotiable. I seem to be one of those fasters for whom 5:2 has completely diminished my appetite and I can see that I might not be able to eat enough on NFDs to justify two FDs a week. But... who knows... Time will tell.

it's nice that is becomes flexible but when I maintain for ages I find I wish I could just go back to 5:2, 4:3...I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times since reaching TW and am now on a mission

WI this am back to 133 - TW is now 130lb, bearing in mind as training increases my weight will too so dug out my GAP US size 2 shorts to be my marker once I can't rely on the scales anymore!

I'm sure you'll continue to be a huge inspiration bssh

where IS everyone sad

where IS everyone sad

frenchfancy Fri 07-Feb-14 14:22:07

I'm here ATB, just haven't had much to say.

The scales are being strange at the moment. Up 700g on last week despite a good 5:2 week. But on the other hand I've been doing much more exercise (up to level 2 on shred) and my clothes are loser. Today I'm wearing a size 10 jumper and a size 10 skirt (with leggings cause it is cold) and they are both a bit baggy. The first skirt I put on this morning was a 12 and I was swimming in it so it has gone into the fat clothes pile. These are clothes I bought last year after I'd lost weight so my shape is definitely changing. More shopping is required (please tell me clothes are cheaper in the US ATB here in France they are silly money for poor quality). It isn't a good time of year to buy clothes though, I'm looking in my wardrobe for warm jumpers and polo neck tops, but the shops are all ready for warmer weather.

Breadandwine Fri 07-Feb-14 18:27:13

Hi folks - I'm still around!

We're off out to dinner tonight, with two other couples, so, in preparation I've had no breakfast and lunch.

I've got 2 dessertspoons of homemade marmalade with water, ready for my 'crepe suzette' when we return tonight. It's pretty much a given there'll be no vegan pudding, so I have mine on my return. smile I've arranged a chilli for dinner, with garlic mushrooms in olive oil for starter.

I've also got 6 Trivial Pursuit cards ready - while we have the coffee and liqueurs, we have a bit of a quiz - men v women.

What I'm NOT doing is what I always used to do, and that's have a couple of digestives to tide me over until dinner about 8. Haven't had a biscuit in a long time, now!

Where's Laska these days? Hope you're alright, hon!

Just received a video of Oscar enjoying a banana - it's beautiful! Might put it up on the blog and let you guys have a look at it, over the weekend.

Have a good weekend, folks - NFDs for everyone until Monday? grin

catsrus Fri 07-Feb-14 18:53:21

I'm here :-)

Just about to wind down for the weekend - had a bit of an upward trend last week - all that cold rain sent me heading for the carbs, that and a few good nights out blush. Back to target again this morning so might celebrate with a small glass of beer (leftover from Xmas and my DB) as I resisted getting a bottle of wine in the co-op today smile

TalkinPeace Sat 08-Feb-14 20:37:26

Hi all, have been a bit distracted reading up on legal matters due to a thread on the Education section of the site, and this weather is starting to really wear my down : I want to get cracking on the veg garden
but had a yummy breakfast (black pudding, poached eggs, bacon and chippolatas) and then just tea till supper (chicken & mushrooms in olive oil with beans and home made baguette)
love this WOE as its so easy to enjoy life while staying the right size

Fillybuster Sat 08-Feb-14 21:14:07

Great story Bssh ...can't believe how much you've lost and how far you've come - respect grin Maintaining is odd, and like ATB I find it can be hard to balance normal eating without the rigour and structure of continuing with 5:2.

Guess that's why we've got this thread, right?! smile

ATB am I right that US size 2 is a UK size 6? shock shock shock That is tiny!!! I'm both impressed and in awe at your fitness plans...I bet you look amazing!

I had a weird week maintenance-wise. Normally do a full fast every Monday with a sensible (not 500, but not far off) dinner in the evening. But there wasn't a single day this week where I could fit in a proper fast with a controlled finish...

Monday, I had a work lunch at Haz (posh Turkish at St Pauls) which I wasn't going to miss...so fasted up to lunchtime, ate quite a lot (fab food!) then fasted right through until Tuesday lunch (so a full 24hrs)....

...when I broke my fast at Bread Kitchen (the newish Ramsay place in the City) grin

Completely fab, and managed to stick to some pretty healthy choices (salmon ceviche and sea bass (swimming in butter, but still, not bad)) and no dessert.

Then ate normally remainder of the day.

Scales were quite forgiving but then went overboard on the sugar on Wednesday - I got stuck at home with the tube strike and was on a 4 hour conference call with only 3 packs of sweets and a bag of nachos in the study. Well, that won't happen again...hmm

Fasted Thursday at home, but finished by going out for a stupendously large dinner with dh (of the 'consuming 3000 calories in one meal' variety), and had indian takeaway for dinner Friday night.

Perhaps not surprisingly was up 2lbs this morning sad

On the one hand, that feels like a bit of a fail and makes me wonder how well I can maintain long term without a clearly set fast day. On the other hand, the damage would have been so much worse if I hadn't squeezed in a few fasts during the week - and at least I know I can fix it next week.

Hope everyone is having lovely weekends? I think Laska is visiting friends for a few days and will be back with us again soon, B&W...please stick the video up and share the link - I'd love to see how O is growing!

TalkinPeace Sat 08-Feb-14 21:18:19

As somebody who has been "maintaining" since December 2012, the best method I've found is to strictly fast once a week : normally monday, reasonably fast one day a week, normally Thursday and pretty much relax in between
I make my calories back up with booze and cheese!!!

Breadandwine Sat 08-Feb-14 21:45:59

Thanks, Filly!

In a later post I'll tell you how much I've eaten this weekend - with not a shred of regret or guilt! grin

In the meantime, here's Oscar just for you - and everyone on here!

When I checked it, all I saw was a white square - but, click on it, and the video should become visible.

oh B&W he's bloody gorgeous!! Must work out how to show you a similar video of DD eating banana for the first time...not the reaction I expected at all, she reacts as though it's a very tart lemon and hasn't touched it since!

Thanks for updating about Laska, Filly

In theory US size 2 is UK size 6 but GAP MASSIVELY vanity size so it's more like an 8...I'm not back in them yet! I was last year just before and after the ride but in my final month of training I had one day of alcohol (it was my birthday and I got slaughtered), ate incredibly cleanly etc etc, scales stayed the same but I dropped a dress size, hoping for that again!

Very controlled week, then was controlled all day yesterday (had about 300cals by the evening) knowing the first of our new book club nights was coming up - lots of wine and carbs and it was lovely. Today is a NFD but I'm now on a "strictly within TDEE" thing to make sure I'm not overeating, FD 2-3 days a week and Fridays fasting til evening but then spoiling myself and not calorie counting at all (mainly because we have things going on Friday eve the next few weeks)...I seem to be pretty motivated at the moment so just making the most of it. I've even managed to do Shred every day that I haven't done other exercise.

Not today - battled 40miles of riding through the Hollywood Hills this morning. Not that far but jesus the hills were really really tough - thank god for carb loading last night. I even, for the first time ever, just gave up at one point and walked up a hill, so very sore legs and a mightily bruised ego. I know the whole point in the ride is to raise money for HIV+ people so I had to give myself a good talking to and remember that this isn't about me and my ego, but for people who aren't even able to walk let alone ride a bike...so cracking on with some fundraising emails to stem the torrent of self pity.

Shame though, I love riding and I just didn't enjoy it today, was on my own for a lot of it and Mullholland Drive is just shit - potholes and glass and so many turns that it's risk your life riding in the middle of the road or risk your tyres riding at the edge. grump grump grump

Friends over for dinner, reckon if I don't drink (no compunction to) then I'll def be well within TDEE today and can fast again tomorrow....

BsshBossh Sun 09-Feb-14 10:38:43

Breadandwine what a cutie pie your DGS is smile

Laska42 Sun 09-Feb-14 17:34:43

hello! im alive and kicking but having internet problems ( MN especially slow it seems). does bad weather affect broad band does any one know?
Theres been some flooding round here , but not where I am,

Was away for a few days (and forgot to take my netbook with me ) then had grandson to stay .. I thought id posted last week , but it doesnt seem to be there . so just whacking this one in and then will try and write something longer and cut and paste it

TalkinPeace Sun 09-Feb-14 17:43:08

I love your glamorous depictions of Hollywood and vicinity wink
Glad you are above and back from the waves - friends in Ventnor are getting pretty hacked off with liquid soil!
Thank goodness I live on a hill.
I take it B&W your bit of the county is high and dry without too many extra springs popping up!

Zoned out watching Thunderball with DH and compost cat ... DD watching "Dance Moms" DS playing minecraft.

Southeastdweller Sun 09-Feb-14 19:06:20

I'm still here! Got distracted by the Dylan Farrow threads and my new computer.

Nothing much to report, only vaguely interesting thing is my new found love for the tea that many of us on the other thread are going crazy about - butternut flavour. America I can imagine the selection of teas in California is immense so please get some. Well done on the bike ride today (and 40 miles seems like a lot to me!).

Hi filly Seems that we work in the same part of the capital. I haven't been to those two places yet but in that area there's foodie treats galore isn't there. I'm often found having a carb-fest at Hummus Bros or on clean days indulging on sushi at itsu. And yes, you know you can fix the temporary weight gain...it's just one of the many fab things about this WOL.

B&W Thanks for posting that lovely video.

Laska42 Sun 09-Feb-14 19:14:21

God im so fed up with the weather .. (as are we all I expect ). its just so relentless but we are fine and I know I shouldn't whinge compared to the hell some people experiencing ,.

but it was nicer today the wind dropped for a while also and i ventured out into the paddy field which was my vegetable garden (im thinking I might just plant rice this year instead of veggies) .. and then we walked down to to the bay the sea was been pretty spectacular and we've lost a few bits of cliff and some local landmark rock outcrops and gained a whole new lake down the road from us , and a billion more potholes in the roads..

i've not much to report on the 5:2 front except im still being a bit half hearted about doing more than 1 good fast a week and one 'half' fast .. so im maintaining still at just under 10 7 , but as you all know i wanted to get back to 10st , so I know ill have to kick myself up the Ar$$e again , but somehow so far January/ Feb hasn't done it for me.

Have also had a bit of a dodgy tum over the last week although that s doest seen to have done anything weightloss wise) , . Marcus came to stay last week and I at first thought it was the result of nappy changing , but it just doesn't seem to have gone away ..

However i'm also sure that last nights champers ( we were celebrating our first weekend on our own for 4 weeks but drinking the bubbly we forgot to open at NYE !) didnt help! ..

I have another couple of nice photos of Marcus , will try and upload them later .. if the internet wants to play!

hello ALL sorry havent read back through the last posts on the thread yet so no individual responses , but a did take a sneak peak at Oscar .. cute cute!

(ok just about to hit 'post' ...hopefully this post will load up)

I have to say the weather reports do sound awful. Sorry everyone, it makes me very grateful to be where we are (even if we are having a drought)

Over indulged yesterday as well, oops....mini fast today to compensate (at least it means the last of the British chocolates have gone, no more temptations! even though it was me that ate them all )

Breadandwine Sun 09-Feb-14 21:06:52

Good to see a gathering of friends here! This thread is a bit 'stop and go', sometimes, but it's nice to know that it's here - iyswim! smile

Thanks for all the compliments on our grandson - look forward to seeing your pics, Laska!

Glad you're back in the zone, ATB! You need to be there when you're tossing off 40 mile bike rides - just for practice! shock Know what you mean about deciding between the gutter and the middle of the road. They were talking about punctureless bike tyres 30 years ago - haven't they got round to them yet?

Quite safe where we are, TiP - the nearest flood is a good mile away I reckon. I have had work cancelled/postponed, but the weather hasn't really affected us at all.

ATB, why don't you come and join us on the vegan thread I've just joined?

I've been on a bit of a chocolate kick since Christmas - hasn't affected my weight, but I'm conscious I've been eating too much sugar. So now it's one bar of Lindt's chilli choc per week for me. Which is what I was doing before Xmas.

I've been thinking what an awkward day Monday is to be fasting! We always have loads of leftovers from our roast dinner - my wife doesn't appear to have realised that our two kids left home nearly twenty years ago! She had to force the lid of the veg pan on today, she'd done so much!

(What she hasn't noticed yet is that I take some of this veg before it's cooked, and hide it in the freezer - makes a good start for my low-cal veg curry tomorrow evening! Shhhhh! wink)

Breadandwine Sun 09-Feb-14 21:28:01

Pissed off with R2 tonight! Instead of 2 hours of glorious big band music with Clare Teal, we have a talk show about how good David Jacobs was! [steam].

Just seen it's followed by another hour of DJ! Hope it's his favourite music - wouldn't mind that.

Anglaise1 Mon 10-Feb-14 06:57:15

Laska in same boat, did 5:2 for a month and lost a kg no more.
Am now sure that the reason I can't lose more weight is all the running training I'm doing and like ATB accept the fact that more exercise results in weight gain due to muscle. I know my clothes still fit, my waist is the same and the fat calipers measure minimum fat so I just have to live with 59kgs instead of 57kg which I was after initially doing 5:2.
ATB I hope you enjoy your next bike ride more than the last! It is important. I always enjoy my long runs more than interval training but it has to be done.
TIP your maintenance is the same as mine - if only I could cut out wine, cheese and almonds I probably wouldn't need to fast at all.
B&W My chocolate downfall is the Lindt dark choc with sea salt - I think I do more than one bar a week though, you have more willpower.
Monday fast here - good luck to everyone fasting today.

But Anglaise then where would the joy be without almonds, chocolate and wine?! Almonds are a downfall for me too - I can't just have a small handful, and now create my own trail mix where I combine them with dried cranberries and dark chocolate drops, heaven! Especially when accompanied by a glass ofwine

Thanks all - I think I just got into a negative headspace on the ride yesterday but spoke to a friend from home who lives in San Diego and he's going to come and stay in a fortnight, bring his bike and we're planning on a 42mile ride together along the coast then back to the Beach Communities to meet my family for lunch so am already looking forward to the next one!

FD today so cooking meat for the DC and DH which they'll view as a treat wink do you have a link to the vegan thread B&W? I've been reading up on the evils of soy and quinoa and have decided unless you physically grow, raise and slaughter your own food you can't avoid exploitation somewhere. Having said that in not missing meat anyway, still think most of the standards of care for animals in the US is appalling and honestly think a majoritively plant based diet is better for you, and also am not eating eggs unless they are pasture raised, I would be interested to join the thread all the same

Anyone got a nice courgette soup recipe good for FD btw?

BetsyBell Mon 10-Feb-14 18:24:18

The whole point of this WOE is the eating of cheese, nuts and wine!

Nuts and dried fruit are my addiction these days. If I'm going fancy pants I will add a bit of dark choc to the selection but that's rare. I seem to require a chocolate dose at the weekends (friday night grin) but I find it pretty easy to go without most of the time, and it has to be the right sort of chocolate. DH came home with creme eggs on Friday and I turned them down flat as I knew I had lindt in the cupboard.

Raw nut mixes are responsible for my NFD calorie bombs.

Must get some more tomorrow...

Southeastdweller Mon 10-Feb-14 19:30:56

I'm up again, 3lbs. Been bouncing up and down for a month, which I know partly is due to overdoing it a little on NFD's but mainly because I've been so unusually inactive. I know that here in London we've been lucky with the weather compared to some but it's still been damn miserable some days and I usually just want to get home after work and do bugger all. Dragged myself to the gym earlier and of course I feel much better. Fasting tomorrow as well as Thursday and will also go to the gym at least three times.

Lindt...sometimes I think I prefer it to Green and Blacks. I may have to have a rendezvous later in the week with the Blueberry Intense flavour wink. Ive just seen that there's an Irish Coffee flavour too so may go hunting for that instead.

It helps that in general American chocolate is shit

It doesn't help that an amazing vegan chocolate shop which makes it's own chocolate right there on the premises and is delicious in every way and does chocolate tasting for $10 for 13 flavours and the most amazing Mexican Chilli and Cinammon Hot Chocolate in the world ever has opened up round the corner

I'm personally a G&B fan but have had to ask my mum to only bring a bar at a time when she visits. She brings 1kg cadburys fruit and nut for DH which he scoffs the entirety of in one evening

Breadandwine Mon 10-Feb-14 20:16:13

I've just been diagnosed with a chest infection, so not much exercise for me for a while! sad

Never mind, it'll be there waiting for me when I recover.

Nothing really bad, just a cough I've had for a couple of week, and the last time I exercised I got out of breath, which is a bit unusual for me. Otherwise I feel fine.

Just finished a 24 hour fast followed by a <600 cal dinner. To make up the last 100 cals I had a Lidl ginger biscuit (45) and a square of chocolate (55). Neat, eh?

To make them last as long as the coffee I was drinking, I found myself timing 60 seconds between nibbles! sad

But now the kitchen's closed! grin

ATB here's the vegan thread.

Just about to post a link to a riveting video on the Tips and Links thread about how fat actually leaves our bodies when we lose weight - look out for it.

Lindt's beats G&Bs hands down, I'm sorry to say - and it's cheaper, IIRC!

Breadandwine Mon 10-Feb-14 20:18:07

Xposted, ATB - wow, that does sound wonderful!

Wonderfully dangerous! grin

BouncyFun Mon 10-Feb-14 21:57:09

Hi, can I join you guys here? I've come over from the main thread, used to be NotAsTired.

I've basically have been maintaining since beginning of Dec at a steady weight of 7st 10. I am really happy at this weight and even happier that I've maintained without trying too hard. Since beginning of Dec, I've only done a handful of fasts, due to Christmas and ill-health.

Today was my first successful fast in a while. Boy, was I hungry! But I got through it. I feel I am back in the zone.

I know some of you and your success stories, hope to get to know the rest of you. smile

TalkinPeace Mon 10-Feb-14 22:05:30

Yay Bouncyfun I like the new name and welcome to the quiet corner smile

Fillybuster Mon 10-Feb-14 22:53:42

Welcome bouncyfun - and well done on re-gaining your FD mojo smile

Wish you better B&W ...loved the footage of Oscar!

I was up to 9.8 by last night, having started the week at 9.1 Bit weird, given I did manage some fasts in between the stuffing, but got back on my normal Monday wagon today and did a 30 LOF before stuffing myself with a mammoth shakshuka (3 tins of tomatoes/2 eggs/1 onion/half pepper, 0.5tspn harissa, tspn cumin, squeeze tom puree, garlic....eggs optional...I should write this up for the recipes thread, right?). Now too full to move!

southeastastra how about lunch at itsu sometime? I'm in the paternoster square branch at least twice a week grin

OK, time to wash up and finish work - it's been a long day....<yawn>

MrsFlorrick Tue 11-Feb-14 10:37:30

Ahem. Morning grin
As of this morning I am at goal. gringringrin

69kg, 152lbs, 10.12st. And a BMI just under 21. grin

Sooooo I am joining the maintainers thread too grin

This time last year I was 87kg. blush

Just didn't imagine I'd ever get back to myself. grin

I am as you can tell overly cheerful on this wet morning. grin

Any good tips? Other than no snacking evva innit.

catsrus Tue 11-Feb-14 10:44:48

Welcome MrsF and well done grin

BsshBossh Tue 11-Feb-14 11:34:15

Woohoo Mrs F you made it!!!!!

Welcome BouncyFun.

Breadandwine hope you get better soon.

I'm battling various illnesses so haven't been around the threads much this week. Truly this miserable weather is getting me down, which doesn't help my immune system. I'm desperate for Spring to arrive.

I'm still under target weight so I think this week will be another 6:1 one. I already fasted on Monday.

MrsFlorrick Tue 11-Feb-14 11:42:42

Bssh. I'm in your gang again grin

I hope you feel better soon. I'm still recovering from my bout of scarlet fever. Nasty.

Breadandwine. I hope you're taking the right antibiotics for the chest infection. I was given the wrong ones for scarlet fever last week and the result was having to see 9 doctors in 48hrs and 3 hospital visits.
Google it. I did in the end. hmm
I do hope you recover really quickly.
As you're vegan, I don't expect you would try Manuka honey? Worked a charm when applied to my pus filled swollen scarlet fever skin.

Rain rain go away so we can all get better. thanksbrew

Breadandwine Tue 11-Feb-14 12:29:51

Welcome BF - and MrsF, look at you!!!!

I remember your initial reluctance to join in with 5:2ing - what was that, about 6 months ago? grin

So well done to you.

Thanks, Bssh - and thanks, Filly, we get a new one - sometimes two a day from the proud mum! I could post a new one every day.

Thanks also for the sympathy - until just an hour ago I was still feeling pretty chipper. Then, whilst I was cleaning my teeth, I felt my back go! sad

So, lots of walking (and paracetamol) is called for when this happens - I'm currently walking around the kitchen/dining room/lounge, and my back's gradually settling. I made the mistake of sitting down to type the beginning of this post - but my back just seized up even more!

So I'm standing up to type this.

The meds are fine, thanks, MrsF - I've had them before. But you went through it - glad you're coming through your awful experience!

I've always been a bit sceptical about the claims made for Manuka - until I read about the remarkable effect it has had on you. I don't feel the need for it myself, but I'll certainly keep it in mind if my family ever need it!

One thing I've noticed about you and all the other posters on the other thread who are having problems - you don't let it get you down for more than about 5 minutes (or you don't let it show!). The positivity is wonderful to behold!

Might make that point over there.

BouncyFun Tue 11-Feb-14 12:47:30

Thanks for the welcome everyone. smile

MrsF. I also remember your reluctance to do 5:2 grin. Well done on reaching goal. That's fantastic. thanks

Bssh. Is it you who has trouble sleeping on a fd night? I've never had this problem before but last night I was still wide awake at 2am sad. Shattered but feeling surprisingly peppy for some reason.

blush mocnk sheepishly re-enters the room

sorry guys for dropping off the planet, and a big thanks flowers to tip for pm'ing me, I tried to send a long and boring response from my phone and it failed and i gave up.

I think i'm at rock bottom weight wise have totally regained all the weight i lost 1.5 years ago through this WOE, not managed many fasts at all, been a bit low about lots of things, work/kids/where to live/relationship blah blah.

really didn't want to bore anyone with it all, and continued feeling of failure at fasting on top of it all was just one thing too many.

but am attempting restarting fasting today, back to the original tues and thurs fast days, it worked before, it will work again.

relationship back on a better footing (i ended things, he then took a massive step forward in commitment terms, and i think we are back on better track than before.)

work continuing, that's about the best i can say about that.

but I guess i have totally proved to myself that I need rules for weight maintenance, and that when I go off track, i do it pretty badly and then find it more than doubly hard to get back onto it. So future plan has to be ongoing fasting, 2 times per week minimum.

my lovely brother still doing brilliantly, he's taken up HIT as well as still fasting (now twice a week rather than three times) he's now skinnier than me, bottom end of his healthy bmi and gaining muscle and riding a spinning bike, so very inspirational!

OH started HIT yesterday and restarted fasting after scaring himself with doing that waist versus height calculation, so that has helped me decide to restart.

i've skim read the last 9 pages or so that i've missed, but will try and catch up properly later.

FrenchFancy wanted to say that your post about your DD is very familiar, my dd is also age 7, and has been between the 91st and 99th centile for weight since she was 1 years old, but she was born on the 14th, her first year of life she just jumped through the centiles on breast milk alone, and even in her second year just kept guzzling milk...not much food, and so have spent years worrying about her size..she is also in 9-10 or even some 10-11 clothes, so difficult to buy nice things for her, but after a concerted effort at reducing portion sizes, reducing snacks to only whole fruits, she has now just moved out of obese and is in the lowe half of bmi for overweight, now 91st centile again, it's so hard to alwasy say no to snacks or biscuits etc when she sees other children being offered them a lot, and her little brother is skinny and can eat anything, and I have to try and give him snacks secretively as he can't eat large portions. I think part of her problem is ADHD and she gets bored very easily and looks to food as a way of distracting herself, often not real hunger, and I think i tend to eat food too as a distraction, or offer it as a treat, tough habits to break, but we are slowly getting there, she is very active, loves to ride her bike and can spend hours out in teh garden/on the beach/walking on the hill, but she is not speedy, she's asthmatic and prefers to be creative or talkative to running and jumping!

the trampoline helps, she loves it, but loves it more when I get on with her!

anyway, I just wanted to let you know you are not alone, but am pretty convinced both our girls will continue to grow up wards and hopefully not outwards and by the time they are 12 we'll be wondering why we spent so much time worrying!

Breadandwine Tue 11-Feb-14 12:52:58

feeling surprisingly peppy for some reason.

Obviously living up to your name, BF! grin

welcome to all the newbies....please ignore me, I shouldn't be here as definitely no longer a maintainer, but the main boards move too fast and the old timers feel like family, so I'll be around and hopefully back to maintaining soon...12 weeks if it goes as well as the first time!

BouncyFun Tue 11-Feb-14 12:57:10

grin at BaW

TalkinPeace Tue 11-Feb-14 13:05:19

((((( MOCNK ))))) Welcome back : please use us as your quiet ranting corner - that is one of the real beauties of forums over face to face friends who can individually ignore you but on here there are lots of us.
Good that you and DH are working something out, and if you and he do HIIT and fasting together as the days eventually warm up, it will help all round. Honest.

MrsFlorrick WEll done you on hitting target. Has your useless DH started to appreciate how bloody lucky he is yet wink

I bough some 15+ manuka honey for DS yesterday - its miracle stuff --- the persistent spot on his nose looks better after just a few hours of him wingeing tat it felt odd

B&W On the jar it says that Manuka makes agreat honey and lemon with bucket loads of antibacterial properties ... just a thought.

Anyway, better go do the shopping. Off to drive DD to see Taylor Swift this evening.

catsrus Tue 11-Feb-14 13:22:54

I swear by Manuka honey - for colds best taken in a hot toddy with my homemade chilli vodka - bugs don't stand a chance wink

Welcome Bouncy and MrsF to less the maintainers corner and more the slow fasted place! Most of us bounce around the same 4lbs ish now, congrats on gettin here!

Oh yay MOCNK there you are, you've been missed. Don't go away again, god knows the number of times almost every one of us has gone through a period of feeling like we're failing at fasting and putting on a bit of weight and even if that's not the case we've definately all used this quiet corner of MN to rant and share our problems so stay with us (((((((((unMNhugs))))))))))

MrsFlorrick Tue 11-Feb-14 15:14:15

Thanks everyone grin (takes bow)

Bouncy. grin
Yes I was too wimpy to do proper 5:2. Wasn't sure I could hack it.
Turns out its really easy. wink Who'd have thunk it eh.

TIP. grin Sadly DH is abroad, then in Scotland to see PILs and abroad again so we now won't see him for at least 10 days.

He has managed to stage this just over half term angry so its me with DCs from tonight and all over half term. angry
Guess it was lucky I was ill last week ehhmm

FILs cancer has been staged today. It's a 1! So more good news. He will need removal and resection and a colostomy but no chemo or radiotherapy. smile

Breadandwine. NHS use Manuka soaked bandages to cure MRSA which is resistant to all antibiotics. They even put it into MRsA and strep wounds as deep open ones. It's the last bastion for antibiotic resistant bacteria.

But as a vegan I won't wash with you as its an animal product. Shame.

I didn't know until last week either. All new to me. grin

BsshBossh Tue 11-Feb-14 15:23:24

Good news about your FIL MrsF.

BsshBossh Tue 11-Feb-14 15:25:01

MrsF could you put your DC into a half term programme? My DD has been doing singing and drama workshops most half terms since she was 3 and loves them. You don't need to put them in for a whole week either. It will give you some respite and your DC should have a lot of fun.

Southeastdweller Tue 11-Feb-14 20:26:42

Lots of activity over the past 24 hours!

mumof Nothing at all to feel blush about. We can help you get back on track smile. You wouldn't be boring us - these threads are all about support after all.

Very well done MrsF flowers and glad to see FIL's condition isn't quite as serious as you initially feared. I hope DH will be looking after his parents up there when he's back from his latest trip whilst you're here with the kids.

Be back later after I've eaten - soup and sardines (FD). Boy am I looking forward to my Lindt tomorrow!

Breadandwine Tue 11-Feb-14 20:56:06

Hi mocnk! Nice to see you again - and you'll be back in the zone in no time!

Tks, TiP, but honey's a no-no for me. Unless it was life and death, then I'd have no qualms! smile

[Warning: Self-pitying moan coming up]

I have to say I'm fed up of standing! I know it's good for you, but a sit-down would be very welcome! I've discovered that 1 hour in an easy chair is worth 5 minutes on the kitchen stool - in that in both cases it takes about 20 circuits of the dining room table to reset my back.

I'm in the kitchen at the moment - with an alarm set for 1 minute. Then I stand up for a while.

I wanted something sweet after a dinner, so opted for my daily Lindt's chilli choc. One square, broken into 9 pieces, taken one piece at a time with a minute's pause in between. Delicious! [halo]

frenchfancy Tue 11-Feb-14 21:29:19

Good to see you MOCNK and thanks for sharing about your DD. It is good to know I'm not alone.

I think we are getting somewhere, I've reduced her portion sizes and she is asking whether her choices are good.

She often isn't hungry in the mornings, and I have always insisted she had something to eat before school (because that's what good mums do). Well this morning she didn't want to eat anything and I thought - so what. I'm not going to force her to eat when I'm trying to reduce how much she eats. I let her take a small piece of fruit cake (homemade by DH - delicious) in as a snack. Much smaller than her normal breakfast. I still don't know if it was the right thing, but everything we have learned about breakfast whilst fasting seems to point this way.

On the other side my DD1 (14) has decided she is jealous of her sister (DD2 - nearly 13) as she is soooo much thinner and better looking and more popular and cleverer...... than she is. We've had years of DD2 being the difficult one and DD1 playing the perfect Peter role that it is difficult to know what to say. I hate the fact she is lacking in self confidence. I think it is a boy thing, all her class mates are getting boyfriends and she isn't. (She's got a great figure but I think she might intimidate boys a bit)

Why did I have 3 daughters????

frenchfancy Tue 11-Feb-14 21:30:46

poor B+W. Did you see that horizon program on Space travel last night? Perhaps they will lend you their horizontal jogging thing (sorry that just sounds so wrong!)

Southeastdweller Tue 11-Feb-14 21:50:58

Welcome Bouncy and I too love your new name!

filly I'd love to lunch with you at itsu! Am broke at the moment until I get paid later in the month (bought a new MacBook) so lunches at the moment are either watered down soup or a sarnie from the subsidised canteen but yes, lunch there with a glamorous companion would be lovely in the near future smile.

Breadandwine Tue 11-Feb-14 22:41:24

poor B+W. Did you see that horizon program on Space travel last night? Perhaps they will lend you their horizontal jogging thing (sorry that just sounds so wrong!)

Now that would do my back in! grin

No pity for me, please, guys - there are a lot worse off than me!

As my son is about to find out. He's been put on standby for flood protection (he's in the RAF) - which might jeopardise this weekend which he's supposed to be spending with us, along with our grandson. If he does get called up, we'll go and collect GS1.

New MacBook, eh. SED? envyenvyenvyenvy

I'm hanging on to my 5-year-old MB, ATM, by the skin of my teeth! The battery is buggered - the only way I can charge it sometimes is by putting it on its side and jiggling with the connector. If it goes I'll be looking at a refurbished one.

What model have you got?

BTW, save your lunch money and take half a pizza instead - cost you 35p!

frenchfancy my DD is an early riser and huge breakfast eater but her appetite decreases during the day, so she can eat cereal/porridge as well as toast and fruit or yogurt for breakfast, an average lunch but tiny snack dinner, and my younger ds is the opposite, late to bed and rise, his appetite doesn't awaken til about 11am, so even though he's only 5 I don't make him eat breakfast although I can usually entice him with a piece of fruit or a yogurt, but by the end of the day he wolfs down a huge dinner at 5.30/6 but needs another snack near bedtime, the difficulty has been in stopping dd indulging in the same snacks as her brother at bedtime as she hates to 'miss out' but she is finally understanding that we all have to choose when and what to eat and that some choices are better than others. she now comes home proudly and says she chose fruit for pudding or just the curry but no chips etc.

But at the end of the day young children are at the mercy of what the adults around them offer - they don't have the free will that older children or adults have, her Father as he only sees them every fortnight hugely overindulges with food, they can eat 4 meals out over the weekend, pizza's burgers. nuggets smoothies etc, which i somehow have to rebalance the rest of the time.

Anglaise1 Wed 12-Feb-14 13:17:10

Welcome Bouncy and Mrs F it is really nice to see new maintainers on this thread smile
MOCNK so nice to see you back and please don't leave this thread. A lot of us here go over 'goal' weight from time to time so we aren't on all on maintenance all of the time! I hope things go more smoothly with your partner now and good luck with the your fasting. I'm not in the fasting zone at all this week, running in the rain and wind makes me even hungrier, plus I have another race on Sunday, so will try 5:2 again next Monday hmm

thanks all for your lovely comments, i may not have disappeared if I'd just been worrying about a few pounds, but literally I gained it all back! 12 pounds! I know compared to some that's not a huge amount, but really I think my target should alwasy have been lower anyway, the 12 pound loss got me just in healthy bmi -24 but now back to 26 bmi, this time I'm aiming for bmi 21 around teh 9.5 stone mark, which I have never been as an adult, but it gives me lots more leeway and is a more significant commitment to this woe....and hopefully HIT too.

i had a successful first fast day back yesterday, spot on 500, and counting cals again for the in between days for teh first couple of weeks just to make sure i stay on track and don't snack too much

anglaise I am pondering a running machine, argos has one reduced at the moment, but still it's a big spend when i'm learning to drive and so will hopefully be needing to buy a car soon, but fitting in exercise around the kids is tricky.....--excuses excuses--

am off to measure everything, I didn't do this last time and I remember regretting it.

Anglaise1 Wed 12-Feb-14 17:12:04

mocnk I can't advise on running machines as I do all mine outside (I'm a fresh air freak) but all exercise helps your mind and morale as well as your body it might be a worthwhile investment.
This isn't meant to make you feel guilty, but I'm a single mum with no family nearby, with two kids 7 and 13, I don't work on Wednesdays or Friday afternoons so manage to fit 4 training sessions in a week. An hour/hour and a half is all you need, much less if you go the HIIT route!

Laska42 Wed 12-Feb-14 20:02:33

MONCK welcome back! and welcome bouncy and Mrs F yep this the old friends corner but we love new friends too!

Mocnk just to say that im also struggling to get back to target having put on a bit , (after being an old original 5:2 stalwart , If i may be so bold to say so myself .. )and I also definitely need to regroup refocus and recommit! .
Also) ( a really shameful confession) ive also been feeling a little bit envious of all those who have whizzed downwards past me and are maintaining at weights i dream of being ...and im still struggling . If I am honest ( which yes, is a bit of a childish emotion and I fully know that they are doing so because they have stuck to it where as i haven't really and have remained so much more focussed than i have

So that's my confession . so come on MOCNK, take my hand .. lets get back on track together !

I'm still experiencing a dodgy internet connection , hope this will post will work

TalkinPeace Wed 12-Feb-14 20:43:01

Do you own a swiss ball?
Just that they are brilliant to sit on if you have a bad back as they are soft, mould themselves to your actual pelvis, but to stay on them for any length of time involves constantly working the core muscles ...

sitting with one leg out straight on a swiss ball sounds silly but is actually really hard.

Running machines : as a total gym bunny, I loathe them.
Getting out in the fresh air - even as foul as it is - will do you more good than a treadmill.

Fillybuster Thu 13-Feb-14 10:32:45

General health warning: I'm completely full of cold and feeling very sorry for myself and deeply grumpy sad


So this will be a very short post which will almost certainly fail to respond to most of the interesting things all you lovely people have had to say over the past few days, but will no doubt overflow with self pity grin

MOCNK Welcome back grin grin You have been missed! I'm so pleased you're back - don't cut yourself off from your 5:2 support network again sad Of course you can hang out here, and can I suggest some reframing? You're still 'maintaining', you've just had a blip and need to get back to where you were. That's not the same as starting from scratch.

I'm not in the same boat, but also up 4lbs over the past 2 weeks, despite a good FD on Monday...I'm not sure what's happened in my head, but I've suddenly found myself noshing on all sorts of snack foods (biscuits, sweets, nachos and wasabi peas in particular) which I thought I had cracked. Each day I get on the scales and whilst it's not terrible, it's just frustrating and cross-making to see that the numbers are going in completely the wrong direction sad Last week I started at 9.2, finished at 9.8, got back to 9.4 after Mondays FD and am now on 9.6. I don't want to fast today: I'm feeling utterly pants and can't face it, so am going to try and have a controlled and sensible day, and hopfully avoid any food at least until lunchtime.

MrsF great news about your FIL - that must be a huge relief smile

I have 20+ Manuka in the cupboard so will try TIPs suggestion on dd's spot. But I was told not to use it in hot drinks (tempted by the honey and lemon right now...) as the hot water kills the antibacterial properties....any comments, anyone???

Hope your back is feeling better soon B&W and that you get to spend time with Oscar one way or the other (come on, admit it...you're secretly hoping to have him all to yourselves for the weekend, aren't you?!)

FF I read your post with dread. 1 ds and 2 dds over here, but all under age 9, so guessing that I have all this fun to come. Sounds challenging....

Fillybuster Thu 13-Feb-14 10:34:06

Oops, sorry - forgot to say SED message me when you're ready to eat out again and we can meet up at Itsu. Happy to do that on a FD too, as their 100cal frozen yoghurt is my absolute favourite FD 'treat'.

thanks anglaise and tip I like to run outdoors too, but trapped at home with 2 small kids, working 4 days a weeks with the 5th currently filled with driving lessons, DD to psychologists/dr's/food shopping chores, that I just started to consider an option for doing something more regularly than the occasional twice a month I currently manage to fit it which just isn't enough, my brother got a spinning bike and he says just having it there really helps with his motivation....admittedly he does have it right in the middle of his living room in front of the tv, which wouldn't work for me!

I know if I really wanted to i would make time for some exercise, as you point out anglaise HIIT doesn't take long.....my motivation is not high, but maybe when the OH and I move in together....possibly autumn time, I will then be able to get out for a run early morning or evening.

i think first things first get back on track with fasting and then hopefully that will motivate me a bit more!

laska thanks for your lovely words, ok, solidarity, we are together in making this work for us again, it did before, it will again, and we will get down to a lower weight and join the club of all the people who have got down to skinny! I definitely think I got complacent and was 'happy enough' at 10 10 ish, but now none of my clothes fit again and I refuse to buy a size 14!

I might go and check out the inspiration stories thread, does anyone have the link handy?

filly thanks for the welcome back, and the re-frame! yes I know all about snacking, the oh sod it switch truly turned itself on, and when i did try a fast I allowed myself to go over (700-1000 cals) which really doesn't work, and you don't feel as good about yourself the next day.

you're ill today, so soup and wholesome food is necessary, but you'll fast again when better and those 4lbs will be gone before you know it, just don't let it creep up and up like me!

I can be the poster girl for what not to do!

found the link, duly inspired, mushroom soup today on my second fast day of the week.

My Dad's allergic to exercise but has a spinning bike too MOCNK, and it is much easier for him to rustle up motivation when it's just there in his study and he doesn't have to go anywhere - I think that's why I like Shred too, it literally does take 20mins because there's no travel involved, I can do it in my pjs and sports bra if I want to. So I totally see how a running machine would benefit you, do it (if you know you'll use it!)

Ugh ate til horribly full several times yesterday. Obviously FD today before my sod it switch goes into overdrive

Anglaise1 Thu 13-Feb-14 18:01:43

Filly my weight is exactly the same as yours and fluctuating in the same way, more up than down, I was horrified this morning put on 1kg overnight but it still wasn't enough to motivate me into fasting today. It can't all be muscle. I have sod it hat well and truly on! Are you around the same height as me (5'8")? I can't remember.
mocnk I hope things get easier for you when you move in with OH. My DC are old enough to be left on their own so I can go out and run when want - and running for a club is much more motivating because I run with other people so it is more fun, even in the wind and rain!
I will start fasting again next week....

BouncyFun Thu 13-Feb-14 19:28:13

I had a successful FD today, had homemade salmon biriyani for dinner- was delicious. It does feel nice and familiar to be back on the routine. I really do need to get into exercise again. Like mocnk I kind it really hard to motivate myself and feel I lack the time (in reality, I do have loads of time - it's just an excuse really).

I start exercise, get really into it and then it sort of peters out. I guess I have not got into my head it should be a wol change. It's something I am working on (my attitude) as I sit on my bum contemplating grin

BouncyFun Thu 13-Feb-14 20:09:03

*find - doh!

TalkinPeace Thu 13-Feb-14 21:06:09

Uuugghh. I hate this weather. Its wrecked my willpower.
Wine with dinner again tonight and it sure as heck was not 400 calories.
Then again DH is out till late tomorrow so no pizza.
Ah well. Next week is a new start
and I'm still just about on target weight
but I do want to be a bit lower by the end of term so I can wear a bikini!

Southeastdweller Thu 13-Feb-14 21:27:56

Awful NFD here. Snacked on an unholy amount of Celebration chocs someone brought into work blush. Yesterday only slightly better. Went to the gym however so not all bad. Really not quite 'in the zone' at all lately like some of you too but managed a FD on Tuesday and going for another one on Saturday or at least a mini-fast. I'd planned to fast today but just couldn't face it...will avoid scales until next week.

B&W It's the 13" MBP with Retina I have and thanks for that 67p (!) pizza recipe.

Bssh How are you feeling at the moment?

bouncy your salmon biryiani sounds yum, is it on the recipe thread?

I've had 2 fresh carton soups today, I'm so lazy on fast days, but f I start cooking the temptation to add ingredients I shouldn't alwasy wins, so a calorie counted soup is safest, mushroom for lunch and a goan chicken and lentil for dinner.

tip winter is about red wine and comforting carb rich dishes, stews and currys and thick soups and cheese! roll on the spring and salads!

BouncyFun Thu 13-Feb-14 23:11:22

mumofcrazy no its not on the recipe thread - maybe biriyani sounds a bit more posh than it was. blush Maybe more stir fried rice with salmon.

Salmon cut up into small chunks, onion, garlic, spices, mushroom, peas, spinach fried quickly together with tomato paste and add 30g of cooked rice (I cook mine in the microwave). Serves one. Literally takes about 10 minutes. Could you tell I was hungry today? grin

Boo. Failed fast day sad

BsshBossh Fri 14-Feb-14 08:24:18

Morning all. SED feeling a bit better thanks. God, this weather is not helping with willpower and exercising is it? I am so over Winter now.

BouncyFun (great name change!) that biryani sounds yum. I'm not big salmon-in-curry fan (though my Indian mum loves it and makes salmon curry all the time) so I am going to replace it with cod.

MOCNK a home treadmill sounds perfect for you. I think you'll more likely exercise if you had one. Try and get one with incline options so you can mimic hill intervals - very effective for leg and bum muscles.

B&W hope your back feels better soon - what a drag!

This is my second week maintaining and it was another 6:1 week as I managed to maintain 3 lbs under target again.

BetsyBell Fri 14-Feb-14 08:45:23

Two good fast days' this week plus one fairly low eating day and one that got a bit silly (but not outrageous) and some ok exercise sessions. I thought this might possibly translate to breaking through the 9.11 - 10.00 stone weight range I've been stuck in for months as I had a surprisingly good weigh in on Tuesday (having briefly added 4lbs when I was ill last week). But no. Still hovering very much in the same range.

Not obsessing, just observing and reporting!

But I am wearing a size 10 non-forgiving dress and looking pretty good so hey, whatever grin

Glad to see you back in action bssh, this month is a bit of a nightmare illness-wise. I'm feeling a whole new range of symptoms appear today sad

bouncyfun Love the new name!

frenchfancy Fri 14-Feb-14 09:07:01

I've had a good 5:2 week. 2 good fasts, and I've been good on NFDs (not counting but not snacking either) and I'm managing to keep up with the no wine on weekdays. Some movement on the scales in the right direction for once, 1kg down on last week. Like others I seem to be just bouncing up and down the same 3 lbs. I would really like to get another kg off before my holiday in 2 weeks (mostly so I can put it back on again whilst I'm in the US).

It is a good job I am going on holiday because my mood is really starting to suffer with the weather. I work from home with DH, normally there are things to do out and about so we are not under each others feet but for the past fortnight we've been stuck in the house and tensions are starting to mount.

MrsFlorrick Fri 14-Feb-14 11:14:28

Morning. And Happy Valentines day. thanksthanksthanksthanks

TIP. The fecking weather is driving me insane. Ever since the rains started at end of October, the DC and I have been ill constantly. I am zapped of all power.

DC break up for half term today. DD reeled off a massive list of museums and activities we HAVE to do next week. shock Yikes. I had planned some quiet at home time. Never mind Dinisaurs at Nat hist it is. She also wants to go to the beach grin bless her. She is completely confident that it will be hot summer weather by next week. grin You've got to admire that.

Lost another 1lb so now at 68.5 kg. however that will soon be back as a big meal is planned for tonight and take away Thai treat for tomorrow. wink

Stay dry.

Breadandwine Fri 14-Feb-14 13:40:51

Thanks, Bssh - back is much better today, so much so that I'm going to my table tennis club this afternoon. I received a wonderful tip yesterday that has really helped. That is to sit on a chair backwards! It really works.

I'm able to sit for 10 minutes at a time without ann severe effect. Any pain I do suffer is eased by a couple of circuits round the dining room table. Yesterday it was taking about thirty!

Happy Valentine's Day indeed! It does help though if you've bought your partner (wife in my case) a card! For the first time in 43 years I forgot to get her one! sad I'm blaming the bad weather for not being able to get out much - but that didn't wash since my wife had one for me!

So it's now going to cost me not only a card, but a box of chocolates.

Ah, well! It's my silly fault! blush

Nice one, SED - I may well get something similar for Christmas! The pizza is just one example of saving money by making your own bread. I mean, a batch of Chelsea buns for less than 40p! You can't go wrong.smile

I'm sure you have already but thought I'd mention it - have you tried osteopathy B&W? Did wonders for my chronic SPD in pregnancy

Trying to honestly sound sympathetic here and not smug but I'm so sorry about the weather, jut sounds awful and soul destroying. A friend if mine said the other day there have been 5 dry days in 7weeks shock it seriously makes me reconsider my intention to ever move back to the UK sad

TalkinPeace Fri 14-Feb-14 18:39:02

B&W see if you can get hold of a swiss ball to use as a chair : they are great for bad backs.

could you take a nice sunny pic and put it on your profile as then we might cheer up.

DH current stuck in a traffic jam on the M4 - that fizzy wine will be well chilled by the time he gets home
but at least I got the dead tyre replaced while he's been out

Breadandwine Fri 14-Feb-14 20:38:01

Thanks, TiP - if it happens again, I'll certainly consider it. My back. I'm happy to say is almost completely OK again. I played 2 hours of table tennis this afternoon and had no ill effects.

The only time I noticed it was after I'd been sitting in the easy chair for an hour, eating my dinner. When I got up there was a bit of back ache, but by the time I got to the kitchen, it had gone!

My son, GD1 and GS1 are currently battling congestion on the M25 - and the weather - on the way to see my daughter (and Oscar). They're staying there overnight then coming down here in the morning.

And I'm currently having a coffee and eating a square of Lindt's chilli choc - with my timer to hand. I time myself a minute between nibbles - this way, I'll have finished my coffee and chocolate at the same time. If I still have coffee left - I'll be reaching for more chocolate.

FD and I'm sooooooooo hungry.

It's only 10:30am, I'm at a kids birthday party and pizza will be served in an hour. Damn it!

Breadandwine Sat 15-Feb-14 20:05:15

ATB! You can have it tomorrow! Put it in a doggie bag! grin

steered clear - even managed not to snaffle some of DD's ice cream cake while feeding it to her.

12:55.....will have soup later on but it'll be a tough FD as I'm babysitting for a friend til gone midnight. boo

Breadandwine Sat 15-Feb-14 22:42:17

Well done, ATB! You'll feel good about yourself tomorrow!

Have our 8-year-old GS1 staying for half-term, so we've been keeping busy.

Today we've swum for an hour in the morning; in the afternoon and after dinner we've played table tennis - interspersed with periods on the swing in the kitchen.

About the table tennis - I made a 3/4 size table when the kids were young, 30odd years ago, and now I'm teaching my grandkids on there. However, today the decking was far too slippery, so we decamped to the dining room. There's just enough room, when the table's extended, to have a decent game - and, at 8-year-old, he's getting very good.

Tomorrow we've more swimming, TT, swinging - and, in the afternoon, the high ropes! Alfie wants me to come on the high ropes with him, but I've done it once, and I'm quite content with that! grin

BsshBossh Sat 15-Feb-14 22:49:02

Breadandwine you sound like you're such a fantastic grandfather! Engaged, active, enthused. Your grandchildren are very lucky.

Breadandwine Sun 16-Feb-14 00:15:50

Thank you, Bssh! Although my wife and I consider ourselves the lucky ones.

We only see our grandkids about once every half term, so we make the most of it when they come down.

Addendum to the above list:
I forgot to add breadmaking tomorrow morning. When asked what sort of bread Alfie wanted to make, he answered - as he has for the past few times - 'Shapes!' then checked if we had any food colouring.

Some of you may remember the umbilical cord he made out of bread dough last year - when his auntie was pregnant with Oscar! grin

I'm sitting here waiting for a call from my son to go and pick him up. He's been out with a few of his old mates and I said I'd taxi for him.

And I'm currently wondering whether to make a chocolate 'cake in a mug' to feast on tonight. We don't generally have a pudding after our roast on a Sunday, 'cause we want to start Monday's fast as early as poss. Then again, with family down, these plans may well change.

Decision made - I'm doubling up the recipe, so it's a bit of an experiment!

MrsFlorrick Sun 16-Feb-14 01:08:09

Breadandwine. Wow. You're certainly entertaining you DGC!! grin

You don't want to "borrow" another two, do you? wink

Can't sleep. Heads spinning with stuff. Not ideal. Ugh. Hate insomnia.

Before I had the DC, I can honestly say I had never suffered from insomnia of any kind. I do now. Hideous.

Oh well back to drinking buttermint tea and watching Nordic Noir dramas from ITunes.

BsshBossh Sun 16-Feb-14 09:11:27

MrsF seems like we're insomnia twins too. My DD has always been an excellent sleep-through-the-night sleeper but still, in the last year or two I've suffered insomnia and constant tossing and turning like never before. I can't put it down to her really, more age and health-related concerns. But I yearn for a good night's sleep.

Breadandwine Sun 16-Feb-14 09:19:36

grin MrsF!

Well I didn't get much sleep at all - went to bed at 3.30 (after following a gazillion links on Twitter! sad) and woke at 8 unable to go back to sleep.

So I came down for a mug of cocoa - and was joined by my grandson about 8.30.

Now we've done the breadmaking (soda bread chocolate rolls and a small loaf), and we've had a game of TT. Now ready to go back for a further couple of hours. (Hopefully!)

BetsyBell Sun 16-Feb-14 09:49:36

I've been a bit insomniac of late too. I've taken to practising my Tae Kwon Do moves and patterns in my head - it doesn't get me back to sleep but it has improved my techniques and helped me learn all the moves. It's quite meditational too but with enough to think about that it stops my brain flitting around.

Not really that helpful to those not starting out in a martial art though...

Woken up with a stinker of another cold this morning though sad

I wish you'd been my grandpa B&W, mine were dull as arse as kids - don't remember doing anything with them at all apart from shopping. And god forbid the house was untidied in any way at all. Very odd now I think about it.

<flying visit, ears pricked up at MOCNK treadmill discussion>

Alternatives, for a SAHM with small DCs:
- stationary bike with motivational spinning music
- skipping rope, can be very HIIT. 15 mins is knackering to start.
- many 20-min DVDs around, e.g. JM , Billy Blanks TaeBo
- the fat-burning blasts in the Mosely Fast Fitness book only take a few mins per session. See 52 Exercise thread for exerpts and recommended routines.
I'm sure you'll soon be on track again

Anglaise1 Sun 16-Feb-14 17:41:15

BCF is so right - I skip on the days I don't run and 15 mins is so tiring. Make sure you get a good rope though, a boxer's training one is best. With the cheap ones you spend too much time untangling the bloody thing.
I did another 10k today and did my worst time ever, 47 mins. It is definitely an incentive to lose the 2kgs I've put on. It isn't a shameful time by any means, I was the 7th woman out of the 80 who ran, but with all the training I've been doing it is really disappointing not to improve. sad

TalkinPeace Sun 16-Feb-14 20:37:36

ooh, have eaten and drunk too much this weekend (plus ca change) but had a lovely morning in the garden and will have a mellow half term

Breadandwine Mon 17-Feb-14 11:32:28

TBH, MrsF, I'm not sure who gets the most out of it - our grandchildren or us!grin

Have to say, three is very rewarding, but hard work - just one at a time is sheer pleasure!

This morning I was woken about 8.30 by an odd repetitive squeaking noise…only after a couple of minutes did I realise that Alfie was on the swing in the kitchen underneath the bedroom. He's just tall enough now to stand on the stool and stretch up to connect it.

When I came down we had a good hour's TT practice before breakfast - now he's making bread ('Shapes!') just a foot or so to my left.

Taunton museum and a cream cake or somesuch this afternoon. Which suits, 'cos it's a miserable rainy day, ATM! (Outside, that is! wink)

Have a good day, everyone!

Update on the breadmaking: The 'shapes' now contain chocolate - so 'shapes au chocolat'! grin

Oh, with food colouring! shock

BsshBossh Mon 17-Feb-14 12:12:14

Oh to be able to wake up as late as 8.30 a.m. envy. My 5 year old is our 7 a.m. alarm clock every single day, no matter what time she goes to bed. Oh well, my time will come. Then, no doubt, I'll be complaining she can't get out of bed before 2 p.m. smile.

frenchfancy Mon 17-Feb-14 13:22:55

Fasting today, but I'm not well. nothing specific just feel awful. I've got a million and one things to do, but can't summon up the energy or motivation for anything. I don't have a temperature but I am achy and shivery. I just had a banana to see if it was fasting making me feel worse (no reason it should after all this time) but I didn't enjoy it at all and I now feel worse not better.

On the plus side I checked out the body frame links on the other thread, and I am large framed (which I knew from the wrist thing, but have now confirmed it with elbow measurement) which means that my ideal weight is 65.3kg, which I am very happy with as I am currently 65.7kg. I was thinking of going lower, but my body seems to like this weight, and my clothes all fit so I think I'll stay.

Funny how I can manage to post on MN but I'm too ill to do anything else.

Sorry you feel crap FF but good news about body frame and weight! All about settling on what right for each individual

B&W that sounds lovely. My parents have agreed to have my DC for 3 nights when they're next over (DH and I having our first overnight without DC for 2.5yrs!!) but it us pretty full on even for my spritely parents who are in their mid 50's. Te sad thing about not livin in the same country is they can't really have just one DC at a time - though when DS starts school I might do a UK trip just with DD

FD here and it's a holiday so I got to lie in til 10am thanks to DH. That was after being up and down to DD between 2am and 6am though. I would KILL for consistent wake ups at 7am

Laska42 Mon 17-Feb-14 20:01:45

I have a dreadful cold, my nose is like a tap,my head is full of snot and to top it all and the scales have gone seriously the wrong way again.

.... Quite frankly i'm feeling really crap fat well over 50 and pretty much a 5:2 failiure right now . (but i do realise that perhaps i'm not in the best position to post right now feeling so poorly) .

I cant get the body frame calculator to work for me
can any one do a 5.5 3.5 elbow for me ?

I have really small hands and wrists and my body frame always seems wrong on the old method .

Laska42 Mon 17-Feb-14 20:02:52

also still v slow internet..anyone else? is it mumsnet ?

TalkinPeace Mon 17-Feb-14 20:06:37

hope the flooding's not been to bad near you. This weather is just a bummer for willpower.
Is it worth just doing 16:8 for a month to get habits back in line and tehn do a fast when the sun comes out

have you seen the bollards thread on aibu by the way - is all happening in Ryde in a spectacular manner grin

Laska42 Mon 17-Feb-14 20:49:01

No flooding, though there was some over the weekend around Yarmouth and a bit of the undercliff at St Lawrence has slipped quite dramatically , but neither near me .

re bollards .. Ryde is it? thought it might be Cowes.. PM me where if you know .. Have not read it all but I was going to look it up .

Yes quite frankly , I just seem to want to eat potato and other carbs right now and I seem to have completely lost it so since christmas .. i was pushing 10.4 when we met , but its quite a bit more now. (scarily more .. I'm not saying .. it had to be a blip this morning its just not possible to put on that amount of weight in one weekend . )

but I know its no good beating myself up s especially when not feeling too good. but I may rejoin the other thread when i've got over this cold . i've 4 months (to the s day!) to my holiday .. I was 10st when i went last year and feeling good .. i want some of that back .

I cant afford any new summer clothes : am trying to get credit card debt free before my hol and also trying not to buy any more clothes this year if I can help it . (BTW good spread sheets and advice on the money threads there . I have mine on 0% and its nothing like some of the people on that thread . )

Oh my sore nose !sad I must have blown it 1000 times today.. basalm tissues only work so far...

TalkinPeace Mon 17-Feb-14 20:55:33

rub lipsyl onto the skin round your nose to protect it ...

you know the mental side of fasting ...
re read the recipes thread to see if that inspires you
newcomers still rave about your aubergine curry !

Ugh it's crap when you feel like you're "failing" at fasting isn't it? But also when bunged up and miserable. 16:8 probably a good idea for now like TiP said?

I failed both fasts last week so feel your pain

Breadandwine Tue 18-Feb-14 01:03:16

Hi Laska! As you're demonstrating, IF isn't something we can take for granted - we have to work at it. And that means never taking your eye off the ball!

This is why I fasted at every opportunity throughout the Christmas period - and hadn't gained an ounce by the time it was over!

I know from experience, that if I let things slip in any area, it takes a real effort to get back into it. For instance, for the past week or so, I've had a mild chest infection, for which I'm on anti-biotics.

This, plus my minor back problem, led me to give up any form of exercise. And I'm not finding it easy to get back into the routine I'd established prior to this - the mind discovers a raft of excuses not to do so. Today is the first day I've done HIIT - but that's all I've done.

Tomorrow, bearing in mind this conversation, I shall resume my exercise regime, full on!

You know you can get back into it, Laska - take a look back at threads 1, 2 and 3, and see the enthusiasm you had then! You were the poster girl of IF at one stage, IIRC! You can do it again!

Remember that lovely dress you showed us? grin

Hope you get better soon - and then you can meet this fasting thing head on! flowers

Breadandwine Tue 18-Feb-14 01:06:19

ATB - I googled vegan GF biscuits earlier and found a great website. I've since lost the link, but I'm sure it's easy to find again.

Anglaise1 Tue 18-Feb-14 06:53:36

((Laska)) fasting isn't fun and fasting with a horrible cold is nearly impossible. Wait until you feel better, stick a photo of you on your holiday last year on the fridge, read the old threads as B&W said and re-read the Dr M and Mimi book if you bought it - that might help motivate you! Spring is on it's way and you can lose a stone in a couple of months if you have the willpower (which you won't have with a cold) so it isn't too late, don't worry!
I failed on fasting last week, fasted yesterday, hated every minute of it. I'm finding it really hard to get back to the magical 9 stone/57kgs so you aren't the only one struggling. Maybe it was the novelty of fasting twice a week that helped last year but this year it is so hard to do a second fast in the week. So obviously weight loss just isn't happening.

OT alert - we brought a rescue cat home last night and she's awesome!!!

Laska42 Tue 18-Feb-14 12:56:04

Photo please ATB!

Nose stilll being utterely disgusting today , but scales are down a tad ( im still not telling.. highish tens is as far as i will.... its too shameful ) .

But after this morning I have great hopes for being significantly less tomorrow as well .( but it would be far TMI to tell you why exactly ..) grin

At work and spreadingthe germs around in an unfriendly fashion but although i know im not that important I really feel like have to be here this week as so many people off for half term , and people dont stop needing help .(several houses have had to be evacuated due to land slip here )... .

Am just eating Dr Soup . carrots , tomatoes onions ginger lemon garlic chili cumin (not neccesaily in those proportions) .. its kill or cure . Actualy although is making my poor dried lips tingle im pretty sure its doing me lots of good , and can only be less tha 100 cal as no fat in it at all , ill post a recipe .

Thanks for your kind word Anglaise ATP Tip and B&W .. yes going back and looking at the early threads is a very good idea! . i need to get my 5:2 mojo back ! ..

Anglaise1 Tue 18-Feb-14 13:52:00

Ooooh fingers crossed for your scales tomorrow morning, Laska!
I made some delicious veggie soup with the bag of veg given to us after the 10k race in Sunday. Thought it would be ideal for my fast day but the scales this morning showed an increase - and I ate all day was a big bowl of soup (made with leeks, carrots, onions and turnip plus stock cubes), an orange and two squares of Lindt. Can't have been more than 500 calories. Must be down to the muscles retaining water - usually after a fast day I drop around a kg (mostly water loss I s'pose) then put it back on again over the next few days
Yes ATB photos of your new adoption would be lovely!

Laska42 Tue 18-Feb-14 20:42:04

OK have taken first step on the road back .. recording on myfitness pal .again . I use to do this every day but havent looked at it for ages .. the good thing is that all my recipes and 'foods' are still on there so that's good for a reminder of what i was doing before as well.. ...

Have eaten healthily today , but not particularly tried to fast and wont until cold is better ( its still grim-runny-nose-city here ) ... eggs , soup , and some stewed home grown blackcurrants from the freezer (cos they felt like Vit C in a bowl) . Then this evening some h/m cauliflower curry with a bit of turkey breast and a couple sqs of v dark choc (Montezumas sea salt and lime , the best IMHO) b

Has worked out at 960 calories.. that will do ..ill try and eat somewhat the same tomorrow , but if im feeling better perhaps try for a 16:8 and leave out the eggs for breakfast..

Unlike nose the head is bunged up now so i'm taking myself off to bed with tea and book.. tomorrow ill read some old threads i think ..

I do have the 5:2 book somewhere also (i think unless i lent it out ) , so will dig it out ..

Good call, people, thanks ! I'm feeling a lot more positive already ..

TalkinPeace Tue 18-Feb-14 21:53:09

Well done Laska

and huge hugs to Wildwater

Goddamnit ANOTHER failed FD

Laska I think I'm just going to have to join you doing 16:8 and logging everything to MFP to get myself back on track (and stop cooking chocolate flapjacks)

wildwater Wed 19-Feb-14 19:02:02

Thank you TalkinPeace - received with gratitude thanks

Laska42 Thu 20-Feb-14 19:14:36

hello! well ive 'lost' 4lbs! this week so feeling a lot better mentally and the cold is starting to go a bit I think ..

I've had 3 days of under 1000cals and two of those under 750 .

but ....(TMI Alert)
I am now wondering if the very scary weight gain was constipation? perhaps caused by the onset of the cold ? as i have now .. oh well, you know, 'got over it' wink ... But can this be?

BTW im now admitting to 10.10 ( still far more than I want ) so you can see how scary it was on Sunday ..

DH birthday tomorrow and he is home early tonight instead of tomorrow , ive only had 300 cals so far today and have made a chicken mushroom and cauli curry for this evening (small portion for me and no rice) ...but probably wine or two ....as have started the weekend early and ill be taking him out to lunch tomorrow.. but im determioned .. it will be good choices ..

So feeling much more in control now .. have bought some new cycling stuff for DH so , may even go out on my bike this weekend if it dont rain ! (though the potholed round here are terrible now )

I've even threatened to go to Zumba on Monday (and maybe i will even) !

ATB any news on that cat photo? (i must get one of Marcus up )

Southeastdweller Thu 20-Feb-14 19:53:02

So good to hear Laska. The enthusiasm is brimming from your post!

I doubt 4lbs would all be 'blockage' but I do think it's very important to be regular on this WOL to help get accurate weigh-in recordings.

BouncyFun Thu 20-Feb-14 20:20:24

Well done Laska. 4lbs off is great news. Some of it may well have been ahem, due to blockage, but your low cal days would be most of it, I should think.

Yesterday, I had an absolute ugh! day. DS has insisted that we bake cakes/muffins etc everyday so, yesterday, all I had to eat was leftover banana bread (half quarter of loaf anyone?) and strawberry sponge (I guess I got my fruit in!) and lots of it. I felt ill by about 4 in the afternoon and couldn't face any more food.

So today I have gone for maximum zingy zangy fresh food. Lots of strawberries in my porridge. Chickpea and tomato salad with coriander, chilli and lots of lemon juice. And then in the evening, lots of veggies in a tomato and thyme sauce, eaten with sourdough slice of bread. Feel much better. Luckily, I managed to dissuade DS from more stodge cooking but I still have 3 more potential baking days left <feels ill>.

BsshBossh Thu 20-Feb-14 20:27:11

Woohoo go Laska!

TalkinPeace Thu 20-Feb-14 21:24:24

scary as it seems ..... undigested food can weigh up to 5 or 6 pounds
I know that from New York
so when you clear the system by a swift return to fasting the weight is gone lickety split

that's terrifying TiP

yay well done Laska - I'm attempting another FD today after failing all last week (grrrr) and had a lovely eating day full of vegan goodiness yesterday and at friends for a dinner playdate tomorrow so best stick to it!

wildwater Thu 20-Feb-14 22:59:35

FD tomorrow...although today has almost felt like one. Had some leftover cold rice & stir-fry veges for lunch with two tiny 'libros' (an Argentine pastry that pulls apart like pages of a book; no sugar or anything else) and have just eaten a peach. No idea if/what dinner is on the cards. I don't feel like cooking, but maybe our band of artisanos will bring something home from el feria.

Today I have walked into Lago Puelo and back, as well as walked back from the lake after doing my usual muffin-selling wander along the shore. It is a very beautiful place. Am delighting in all the blackberries ripening everywhere, free for the picking. No spraying. There are also apples, plums and walnuts growing wild in abundance. Heaven!

Hey all, last weekend was spent in London and been working and juggling half term all week. But have just completed fast 2 of second week back on fasting.

laska if I can get back on track with a number of false starts then you definitely can. You've been ill and it's winter, but you're still here and reporting and you have all the history of knowing this can work. But like b&w said this isn't easy.......or certainly not all the time, there are in the zone times and totally off track times, but it's a preferable choice as a woe to many other ways.

My fast today much tougher than Tuesdays, entertaining kids for tea with lasagne, garlic bread and a selections of home made lemon cupcakes, profiteroles and eccles cakes really didn't' help!

Want to respond to some other posts but need to sleep now......my dd usually wakes at 5.30 am!

More tomorrow......weigh in day!

atb you can do it! Just imagine what loveliness you can have tomorrow and how much flatter your tummy will feel!

Oh wildwater can I come and stay?!

Thanks MOCNK, feeling find now, had my 500cals and handing DC over to DH and going to yoga so the true test will be coming home and avoiding the snack cupboard, evenings have been my nemesis recently.

I did however cycle 42 miles yesterday between meals and have a 46mild training ride planned for Sunday

frenchfancy Fri 21-Feb-14 06:17:22

Disaster zone here. I've lost my passport. We are due to go to the US next week. We've spent thousands and the insurance doesn't cover us for lost passports. Gutted doesn't even come close.

I'm going to spend today trying to find it. Yesterday was a FD and I force my self to eat in the evening as I was so shaky. DH didn't and still hasn't eaten.

This morning we are supposed to be cooking an English breakfast for 40+ kids at the school. Funnily enough we are not really in the mood.

Anglaise1 Fri 21-Feb-14 06:50:38

Oh no FF what a nightmare! I hope you manage to find it...if not is there any chance you could make a trip to the UK to replace it at one of the passport offices there? I hope the English breakfast goes well! All the French I know love our breakfasts (except for the black pudding, and Marmite).

Laska congratulations on the 4lbs, even if some of it is body waste it is good boost to see the scales go in the right direction.
Well done to everyone who has succeeded this week, glad you are back on track MOCNK! I managed 2 fasts, Monday was easy, Tuesday I nearly gave into temptation (almonds) at 7pm but didn't....even though I'd done a 11km run in the morning plus normal dog walks of 5km. I need to keep thinking of that half marathon in April and the 2 packs of sugar equivalent I don't want to carry around for it!
The only thing is that now the day after a fast I'm not showing any loss at all, whereas last year with 5:2 I usually dropped at least a kg. I know most of that would have been water, but it was still nice to see after a day of fasting.

A 15km run later this afternoon after work. Glad I'm not fasting today.
ATB not sure how any 46 mile bike ride can be described as mild!

BetsyBell Fri 21-Feb-14 07:37:14

(((((((Frenchfancy)))))))) oh I feel sick for you, what a nightmare hmm keep searching x

BouncyFun Fri 21-Feb-14 08:44:38

Oh ff that's a terrible to thing to happen. I'm really hoping you find it today.

If the worst happens, and you don't find it, you still have time to sort it through your embassy. My DP's daughter lost her passport 2 days before she was due to fly to USA but they sorted her out, even though it was over the weekend.

But keeping my fingers crossed for you that you find it.

frenchfancy Fri 21-Feb-14 09:45:07

I found it smile I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am. I didn't realise how much we all need this Holiday until it was almost snatched from us.

I has also made me realise how vunerable we are living abroad. Getting passports in a day is not easy when you don't live in the UK. Whilst I really don't want to give up my British Citizenship it has made me realise a French nationality is the sensible thing to have.

I'm going to go and lie down in a darkened room now.

BouncyFun Fri 21-Feb-14 10:14:08

Oh well done. Yay! Am so pleased for you. You deserve a lie down in a darkened room.

TalkinPeace Fri 21-Feb-14 10:52:33

I know how you feel.
I got my UK passport last year and for the first time in my life I cannot be deported at the whim of the government.
I even let my US one lapse by mistake (am renewing it) without the mad panic.

And yes, I once got to the airport and found my passport was not in my bag.
Returned to grandparents house, turned it upside down, found passport, caught flight next day. Grandparents NOT amused.

Thank god FF!

Ha terrible typo Anglaise....I meant 46 MILES. I'm struggling so much more with training this year, trying not to let my ego get in the way and remember it's first and foremost about raising money to safe lives.

I did manage my FD yesterday, thank god!

BetsyBell Fri 21-Feb-14 14:39:29

PHEW FF, so relieved for you xxx

Anglaise1 Fri 21-Feb-14 16:54:10

So pleased you found it FF - I bet your DH is relieved too!
I thought you could have dual nationality in the EU, so you wouldn't have to give up your British citizenship?? French nationality has been on my to do list for the last 5 years but every time I see what documents are required I think again, I have no idea where to start to look for most of them!
Just had a nice 17km with a friend in the sunshine, so can indulge in a nice guilt free apèro with almonds and olives this evening smile

Laska42 Fri 21-Feb-14 17:52:26

Ah , a lovely walk over the high down and out to the Needles in the sunshine , then off to the pub (some miles away) for lunch .. Its half term! We couldn't get in! Bah! , so tramped back here for (v late) DH birthday 'lunch' , and he's cooked his favourite prawn chorizo and chilli spaghetti ..Am 2 wines and one Montezumas cherry truffle down .. at the moment..(no truffles left , they were from christmas) .

its not a fast day .. luckily we are on our own most of the weekend . will have to be back to Dr Soup sunday..

FF phew! ..
TIP you know, i'm old daft and deaf i think (I am going a bit deaf, its genetic in our family ) .. but i wasn't able to place your accent when we met .. but yes , of course, mid Atlantic ...
thanks All for encouragement il try nort to make any more comments on the state of my 'functions' but its 2 figs a day for me from now on I think . grin

Anglaise1 Fri 21-Feb-14 18:54:15

Completely off the topic of fasting, but I know some of you live around Portsmouth and I need some advice, or rather my guests do! They are booked on an 8.15 ferry on the Sunday morning in June and need somewhere nice to stay in the area on Saturday night. They have two boys aged 4 and 2. TIP Laska anyone else in the area, can you recommend somewhere??

TalkinPeace Fri 21-Feb-14 19:13:35

it depends which direction they are coming from .... M27, A3, A27
but I'd never suggest staying in Pompey itself.
Will have a think about best options smile

frenchfancy Sat 22-Feb-14 07:57:45

Anglaise Yes the application for nationality is a bit of a nightmare. Not least the stupid language exam you have to do. And of course everything has to have 2 copies. When we went to the prefect last week we left over 3kg of paperwork with them.

We hope we can keep the British nationality as well but there is some talk of them scrapping dual nationality for EU nationals.

Slept well last night and I'm going to spend today deciding what to pack smile . I'll do 5:2 next week but I doubt I'll fast whilst away. I did think about fasting on the plane, but I'm not sure how practical that is. We also have one day when we are driving from the Grand Canyon to LA which is 7-8 hours in the car so I might fast then.

TalkinPeace Sat 22-Feb-14 11:57:24

see if you can meet up with ATB when you are in LA : that would freak your family out!!

We've been PMing! If we're not in Seoul (still waiting on money to book flights) then we're doing it!!

And also FF you can give me your GC Road Trip tips, we just booked 3 nights away just DH and I in April!

I MASSIVELY overate yesterday to the point of pain. Why????

wildwater Sat 22-Feb-14 18:45:32

Weighed myself at the farmacia yesterday morning after yoga. Exactly 58 kg - 300 grams less than last time. This is just fine, as I am now trying to maintain rather than keep losing. Very slowly, the last three kg will disappear. That's the plan!

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Sat 22-Feb-14 19:59:41

Interesting how one's state of mind affects a fast... I had a really bad day at work on Thursday - everything that could go wrong, just seemed to - and whereas I normally find I'm sufficiently busy to take my mind off the fact that I'm fasting, last Thursday was far and away the most difficult fast day I've had since... well, ever, I think. I don't even remember the very first ones being that hard. The only thing that was different was that it was an awful day, which I think just shows how much of it is in the mind and not actually the stomach.

The baked eggs in spicy tomato sauce for supper just tasted like nectar...

Anglaise1 Mon 24-Feb-14 08:46:28

Scales exactly the same as last Monday following 2 strict fast days:-(
but I did eat a lot yesterday lunchtime after an exhausting interval training running session in the morning with the club.
Fasting again today.
TIP Guests coming to Portsmouth from Preston, so probably via M27 if that helps!

ugh that's just annoying Anglaise but not unusual I guess

ANOTHER over indulgent weekend. Battening down the hatches - having a strict week to reset me. 18:6 every day, 2 FD, no sugar, no white carbs, no snacking, no seconds, no booze...actually it's just for the next four days as DH is taking me out on Friday night so I think that's doable

TalkinPeace Mon 24-Feb-14 17:08:42

I weighed myself this morning - only up a fraction after a week of relaxing
being strict till the end of term now

I'll do some looking and let you know

Laska42 Mon 24-Feb-14 18:27:58

Anglaise .. are they just looking for somewhere to stay the night before they get on the boat? .. you cant beat a Premier Inn for that kind of stay I think .. not too much use though as I dont ever stay in hotels around here , but there is a holiday Inn at Port Solent I think ..

Great weekend ( and some decent getting out and yomping weather as well .. YAY! ) Fasting today .. but may have gone a tad over ., possibly 600 cals , but ok with that .. have a lovely tasty veggie curry.. i just need to be saved from the left-over roast potato thats in the fridge ..

ATB Just think veggies ..I find a big dish of boiled cauliflower with a tomatoey or curry sauce is just the thing to have .. (lots of chilli for me of course) as then you feel like you've had a good meal and its low cal . Big flavours are the thing i always find .. ( she says licking up the last of her cauli and curry combo)

TalkinPeace Mon 24-Feb-14 18:29:54

funny that, Port Solent was my thought too as there is lots of leg stretch space, its right near the boats and a choice of suppers

not glam, but reliable

Laska42 Mon 24-Feb-14 19:16:35

Oops! what roast potato? blush

Anglaise1 Mon 24-Feb-14 20:38:35

Laska and TIP Port Solent sounds good, is that near the Mary Rose? Their boat sails at 8H15 so they will need to be at the port at 7H15 and it is probably best not to be too far away. Thanks!
I managed my fast. Had a salad left over from last night tonight but it didn't fill me up like the veggies do. Cauliflowers are really cheap at the moment here so I'll get one for next week. I hadn't thought of other sauces to the cheese one I usually make with it.
I have half a Savoy cabbage for Thursday's fast, to cook with with non fatty lardons.

Thanks Laska but sadly I hate cauliflower...only thing I do hate though so it's ok, lots of other choices, and I have a few home made soups in the freezer and a huge salad left over from last night - I agree with the big bold flavours thing though

TalkinPeace Mon 24-Feb-14 21:00:23

best way to have cauli is either in the good old fashioned white sauce (with LOADS of mustard)
in a really tangy chilli tomato sauce with poached eggs ...

MrsFlorrick Mon 24-Feb-14 21:17:12

Evening. Just popping in. Still maintaining.
All good on that front.

Tough week ahead. FILs cancer OP is tomorrow and DH is with PILs for the week. MIL is naturally beside herself. Poor MIL. Not easy at her age.

Took DD and DS swimming in friends indoor pool at weekend. Turns out it was somewhat under chlorinated. DD now has an ear infection sad. She has been very very brave. But you can tell the instant the calpol and nurofen wears off as she literally starts screaming. I've just dosed her up again as she started screaming in pain in her sleep. Poor little girl. She's my PFB and its her first ear infection. Ugh. I had loads as a child (its fecking cold in Scandinavia so ear pain is part of life in the winter).

Other than that, I'm finally on the mend and almost mended. Toying with the idea to restart my JM workouts tomorrow. I actually can't wait.

Hope the rest of you are healthy and well.

BsshBossh Tue 25-Feb-14 14:51:59

Hello, popping in with an update too. I'm still 122lbs (3lbs below target) despite not fasting so won't be 6:1ing again this week.

Anglaise1 Tue 25-Feb-14 19:27:55

Is cauliflower cheese OK on a fast day? I suppose a portion isn't much more than 300 cals? Hadn't thought of doing that!

frenchfancy Wed 26-Feb-14 07:14:38

According to this www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/358608/cauliflower-cheese it has 250 cals/portion, but I'm guessing that is as a side dish. Double that and you still ok for a fast day. Unfortunately DH isn't a big fan of cauliflower.

Anglaise1 Wed 26-Feb-14 08:17:17

Thanks for the link FF I guess you could get the calories down by reducing the quantity of sauce and using skimmed milk instead of full fat.
DD likes it, DS doesn't.

BouncyFun Wed 26-Feb-14 14:57:00

mrsf glad to hear that you are on the mend. Did you do the 30 day shred yet? And I hope this week is not too stressful.

Cauliflower curry is the best, especially my mum's. I also like these for a serious chilli kick.

Breadandwine Wed 26-Feb-14 19:42:38

Bouncy! That looks lovely, thank you. It's something that can be tweaked to suit everyone - my wife isn't a curry fan, whereas I am. And I'll use olive oil instead of butter.

Which leads me to ask, where do you get the Franks sauce from? (I've been meaning to ask Laska for a while now.) And why Buffalo bites?

Ok I may have been partially convinced about cauliflower (I hate it even in curry) after making a vegan Alfredo Sauce with it last night - bloody lovely