The 5:2 thread number 30 - Did half term bingeing make you feel dirty? Then hop on board thread number 30!

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BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 16:09:25

The continuing thread for those of us following the 5:2 fast or other forms of fasting such as 4:3, ADF, or daily 16:8.

The 5:2 diet was featured on Horizon in August 2012 and essentially requires you to fast for 2 non-consecutive days per week. The other 5 days, you can eat normally - or approximately your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE - see explanation below). 4:3 is the same except you fast on 3 days in the week. Alternate-day fasting (ADF) is just how it sounds; you fast every other day. 16:8 is another form where you stick to only eating in an 8 hour window each day, therefore fasting for 16 hours each day.

By "fasting", we mean that we keep our calorie consumption very low, around 500 calories on average for a woman, 600 for a man, on those days.

You'll find on these threads we use a number of acronyms. If you're new to the threads, or Mumsnet in general, they might not make much sense.

WOE/WOL = Way Of Eating/Way Of Life. We use this term instead of "diet" as many of us see this as something to do in the long term.

MFP = My Fitness Pal, a website many use for keeping track of the number of calories they're eating.

TDEE = Total Daily Energy Expenditure, quantifies the number of calories you burn in a day. This measure is best estimated by scaling your Basal Metabolic Rate to your level of activity. TDEE is critical in tailoring your nutrition plan to desired fitness goals. Here is a link to a calculator to help you figure out how many calories you should be eating in a day.

NFD = Non fast day

NSV = Non scale victory

Michael Mosley has a website to accompany his book on the subject. Please go check it out, as he's the whole reason most of us are here!

Lurkers and new starters: please just jump in and post - you'll find a lot of support here and we’re a friendly bunch.

Here is a list of links to get you started with this way of eating. Please let us know if you find a new article or some other information online:

All our previous threads can be found by browsing through the fasting section of the site.

Another thread which breadandwine has started is a good resource for some of the tips and links that get lost in these big threads. In addition to sharing links, we try to condense some of our top tips for fasting there. Keep in mind, we all do this differently, so these are just tips, not rules. This might be a good place to catch up with us if you're feeling a bit lost!

frenchfancy has a recipe thread over here, please post any low-calorie recipes there so they don't get lost in these bigger threads!

If you've been at this a while and are moving on to maintaining your goal weight, there is a thread here to discuss that.

Here is the link to the BBC article regarding Michael Mosley's findings, which was featured on Horizon.

There's a link to the aforementioned Horizon programme here.

A blog post here gives some of the scientific explanation for why this way of eating helps you to not only lose weight, but improve your all-around health.

This link nicely demonstrates that there are many body ‘right’ body shapes and types, because what we are actually aiming for is low body fat for fitness and health.

A Telegraph article which comments on the diet and gives a brief overview by Dr Mosley himself, very informative if you're just starting. (I highly recommend this for an overview)

A study discussed here gives commentary specifically addressing the effect of this diet on obese people (both men and women), with regard to both health and weight loss. ("After 8 weeks of treatment, participants had an average 12.5 lbs reduction in body weight and a 4 cm decrease in waist circumference. Total fat mass declined by about 12 lbs while lean body mass remained relatively constant.) it also mentions "Plasma adiponectin, a protein hormone that is elevated in obesity and associated with heart disease, dropped by 30%. As did LDL cholesterol (25%) and triglycerides (32%).")

Something to consider if you are currently your ideal BMI: this appears to suggest the benefits for women at a lower BMI might not be seeing the same health benefits that are found on men at their ideal BMI.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have been contributing. Most of us are learning this way of eating as we go along. All of the links above have been posted by others in our previous threads, and they've been very helpful.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Greeneggsandnicht for putting together all this info and resources into one concise OP text, much appreciated by so many 5:2ers!

Come join us, and tell us about your experiences with this diet!

BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 16:10:09

With thanks to CuckooAtchooUhOh for the thread title!

I hope you all find the thread… last one got filled up before I got a chance to post a link shock

CuckooAtchooUhOh Thu 07-Nov-13 16:11:00

Bah Baaaaam!!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Thu 07-Nov-13 16:11:34

Oh yeah and..

........ CLENCH..........

BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 16:12:08

You win Cuckoo <looks around for TIP>

Sorry you all got left without a thread for a bit...

CuckooAtchooUhOh Thu 07-Nov-13 16:13:30

Was pure fluke actually haha!

PoshPaula Thu 07-Nov-13 16:19:31

Thanks for the advice. I am at work so can't really go for a long walk (they might not like it if I leave the office...) I can up the tea intake though. Off home now to drink more tea.

I am losing weight! That's something to hold on to.

BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 16:23:07

Right, I think I've just spammed everyone on the last page of thread 29 with a link to this thread - apologies to those who got it more than once or anyone I missed.

Phew! More work than I intended straight after school on a fast day - I haven't even had a hot drink yet!

BsshBossh Thu 07-Nov-13 16:31:48

Thank you Betsy thanks.
And thanks everyone on the previous thread for the heating advice smile

Really really struggling through my FD today. But am holding firm (particularly difficult atm as DD is chowing down on some lovely roasted mixed nuts). My mantra right now? I can chow down tomorrow.

Talkinpeace Thu 07-Nov-13 16:37:38

dashed off to make soup for supper!

BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 16:38:16

Bssh That's what I would really like now too. Tomorrow…

Dotty342kids Thu 07-Nov-13 16:42:50

Aha, hello all!
Ok, had mini brownie earlier than intended but casserole is now warming up and then will be off to meeting and away from all temptation, thank goodness smile

MrsFlorrick Thu 07-Nov-13 16:45:11

Thank you Cookoo and Betsy grin

DH is away so having dinner with DC beef mushroom casserole with dumplings. But "healthy" whole meal olive oil dumplings. If I can keep away from the kitchen after that then my total for today should be 900 cals so its a proper mini fast.

Am doing the two mini fasts this week as well the first one was supposed to be an actual fast but I ate too much and this one isnt entirely intentional. I was going to be a normal day but I wasn't that hungry with my cheese and wine hangover blush

Hope everyone else is doing good.

Thanks betsy. Present and correct!

BeCoolFucker Thu 07-Nov-13 16:59:34

Hello I'm here - thanks for new thread.
End of the working day nearly here. I'm hungry and looking forward to a lowcal dinner.

AngieM2 Thu 07-Nov-13 17:14:20

My name's Angie and I'm a dirty half term binger. I've come here for therapy....before the next half term in 5 weeks! Aaarrgghhhh

GrandstandingBlueTit Thu 07-Nov-13 17:26:44

Hi all, I'm new to the chat threads, although have posted on some of the others.

I've been doing 5:2 for 8 months now and have lost 8 kilos. Just another kilo and a half to get to my goal weight by the time I'm 40 at the end of next month!

Absolutely LOVE 5:2 and know that I will eat this way for the rest of my life.

Looking forward to joining in the thread. smile

BsshBossh Thu 07-Nov-13 17:36:15

Great work Grand and welcome!

BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 17:55:41

Very impressive Grand! Welcome to the threads smile I'm sure people would love to hear more details about your fasting methods, hints and tips as those sorts of stats are inspirational.

GrandstandingBlueTit Thu 07-Nov-13 18:17:22

Really? I thought my progress was quite slow by others' standards - a kilo a month. smile

Admittedly, I didn't have a huge amount to lose, and so it has been relatively slow and steady progress.

I found fast days really tough initially, but now they're just part of the routine.

I skip breakfast - a bit of a revelation for me, as I've never, for as long as I can remember, been a breakfast person. I've always felt obliged to eat it in the past (breakfast is the most important meal of the day, etc, etc), and rather than sustaining me until lunch time, it kicks starts my hunger and makes me want to eat again mid-morning.

I drink a lot of water on fast days, have a small lunch around 1 and then a small dinner in the evening.

I know that on some NFDs I definitely go over my TDEE (not loads, but some) which is maybe why my weight loss has been a bit slower, but that's fine with me.

That's the beauty of is WOE - the best of both world's - eating what you fancy, enjoying food (and wine!) - I'm a bit of a foodie and love to cook - and being slim.

DH started on it a couple of weeks ago having seen my results, and my 73 year old Dad told me hat he goes on it for a couple of weeks at a time of he notices his belt is feeling a bit tight! grin

Nobody else IRL knows I'm following it as I'm aware that diet talk is dull as shite for most people, so it will be good to chat on this thread. smile

BsshBossh Thu 07-Nov-13 18:26:53

Grand "slow", "fast", it's all relative. What matters is you're 8 kg lighter this year and that's brilliant. Happy chatting smile

toffeesponge Thu 07-Nov-13 18:28:28

Found you!

I didn't get a PM <sulks> grin.

I am feeling really thin today in my size 12 trousers. I know I am probably still classed as over weight (am I??) but for me, this is skinny! grin.

BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 18:31:02

Grand achieving that steadiness is impressive - I've been around 7lbs above my goal weight for months! (Though I'm actually perfectly happy with current weight). This is such a great place to vent the boring diet chat - we all love it and then no one in real life has to listen. Also, most of us are foodies (why we're here…) so the food talk is great too grin.

GrandstandingBlueTit Thu 07-Nov-13 18:34:43

Ah fab, thanks for the warm welcome!

BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 18:37:35

Sorry Toffee sad I blame the fasting! What's your BMI? Size isn't a great indicator - my thighs are size 12!

Just had a fast day dinner which I know was a fair bit over - I really wanted to make my salmon and veg Thai-esque so the creamed coconut would have added a fair whack of calories. Full now and very satisfied.

Have made hungry DH eat the rest of the tempting sugary yogurt. So apart from the 30g or so of sugar I had in the yogurt yesterday I have managed to keep clear of the stuff since Monday smile

toffeesponge Thu 07-Nov-13 18:49:52

I am 5 foot 6ish (think I have lost 1/2-1inch) and weigh 11 stone 4.4lbs.

BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 18:53:44

Toffee You are on the cusp of being 'normal' - 4.5lbs away from squeaking into the next BMI category down smile

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Thu 07-Nov-13 18:58:15

Yey have stuck to well under 800 cals. Im actually on 698 so am sticking there. Was just too busy to eat today and work seemed to be good today which is rare.

Cuckoo Sorry to ask when it probably has already been explained, but what do you mean by clench?

Toffee I am 5foot 5ish (Well I think I am, but so does MIL who is a bit smaller than me) and Monday I weighed 11 stone 2.2lbs. I am in a size 14 so you probably have a smaller frame than me to be able to fit in a 12. I long for a 12. Id say you are skinny, but still a bit to go possibly. Im aiming for a 9.5 to 10 stone. Well done on the 12.

Ooh I got a PM, didn't even realise till writing this. I assume its about this thread. Thanks.

Well tomorrow is not only Friday, but also payday (we are one of the few companys who pay us monthly on a funny date) so that only means one thing at work: Fat Friday. I will make up for it tomorrow night though and Sat morning. Will put in a 16 hour fast.

toffeesponge Thu 07-Nov-13 19:02:40

So a bit longer of being over weight but if I weigh 5lbs less and become normal I think that is doable.

I am noticing more of my clothes are too big to the point I look ridiculous in them shock.

Biscuits - pelvic floor workout is the clenching business grin.

toffeesponge Thu 07-Nov-13 19:04:02

I can get into 12 soft jeans from New Look but possibly not their regular jeans. Their 14's I have are too big but I can't believe I can get into a 12 but might try.

Redbird12 Thu 07-Nov-13 19:05:21

Hi, i have just started 5:2 this week, on 2nd fast day today. Gave birth just over 6 weeks ago, not bf so assuming this is ok to do? Keen to lose not just the pregnancy weight but the stone or 2 i put on prior to this as had a difficult year before with 2 mc's and an arm injury.
Not much time to cook with small baby so just eaten soup, innocent veg pots and sugar free jellies so far but will do some more browsing of this board now to get more ideas and tips.

somewherebecomingrain Thu 07-Nov-13 19:12:08

Hello all

Turning in after a gruelling fd (work, driving, play date).

Have stopped at 450 cals without too much effort. Have done the grazing approach - dc's crusts here, a milky coffee there, two grapes etc. think one meal would have been way better but I was too busy.

Erithritol sounds like the best sugar substitute bigchoc but there is always a catch. I've tried baking with Splenda and it came out with a strange sickening taste. Splenda does however work in buttercream icing.

Anyway returning to the polyols. Can't remember why I gave up on xylitol last time. Price maybe or unsuitability.

Sorry my sugar obsession is gonna run for a while. All your fault betsey for that great link.

Yy to this thread as a place to Bore On about diet and obsess to high heaven about delicious eats.

Off to finish my fd with GBBO as usual.

Well done fellow fasters.

somewherebecomingrain Thu 07-Nov-13 19:13:01

Ps toffee (())) and handholding. That must have been terrifying. So pleased she's better.

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Thu 07-Nov-13 19:13:29

Thanks for the explanation re clenching Toffee its definately something I should do more.

Hi Redbird Welcome. Its my second FD too (this time of trying the 5:2 anyway)

toffeesponge Thu 07-Nov-13 19:17:30

Thanks somewhere. She is improving all the time.

battybobo Thu 07-Nov-13 19:39:17

Hello everyone, hope it's ok for me to join in. I thought I'd give the 5:2 fast a whirl in the lead up to Christmas.

I've done my first FD today. I've surprised myself by not feeling hungry all day but that has now been replaced by constant thinking of food. My DD's uneaten roast potato covered in gravey was calling to me but I'm pleased to say I resisted it. Instead I've just polished off a big bowl of virtually unsweetened stewed apple with a dollop of 0% Greek yoghurt, the last of my 500 calories. I'm hoping that cups of green tea will sustain me for the rest of the evening.

I hope we can all do well over the next few weeks.

BsshBossh Thu 07-Nov-13 19:40:47

Welcome Red.

GrandstandingBlueTit Thu 07-Nov-13 19:55:20

batty, I actually find evenings the hardest of all, which surprised me, as I've never been an evening eater.

I do well all day, get through it, and then relax in the evenings and find my hunger catches up with me then!

But you get used to remembering that it's just one day, and the next day you can have a little of what you fancy again.

rubbishfamily333 Thu 07-Nov-13 20:09:25

Betsey - thank you for pointing me in the direction of the new thread smile

So third fast day, I found it very easy this morning and all day until after school, then I was hungry!

So today I've had:
- protein shake
- oats
- half a tin of soup
- 3 narins oat cakes with Houmous

It came to 586 calories! The most I have had on a fast day so far hmm

wrigglebum Thu 07-Nov-13 20:41:32

Just marking my place. Thanks for the new thread and hello to all old, new and returning thread members.

Had a bit of a mini fast yesterday and made a very yummy cauliflower rice biryani type dish with quorn and veg. A quick bit of chopping and a few minutes in the microwave and if was delicious and filling. I'll be eating that again.

Had sticky toffee pud this eve, think my portion may have had more calories in than all of yesterday. And it followed gnocchi in cheese sauce.

annielewis Thu 07-Nov-13 20:42:29

FD done! Kitchen closed! Hi to all the newbies, loving the shiny new thread!
Thanks Betsy for the PM, wouldn't have found you all for ages!!

Thanks, Betsy. Found you all !

Hey rubbish You did well. You're below 600 cals, so you've achieved a really good deficit.

My FD is ending at 400 cals. After the gym, I became Big Cleaning Frenzy; dusting, sweeping and even my fridge is sparkling
I binned umpteen jars that were old enough to present in a TV history program.

Currently rewarding my virtue with a face mask. I just hope noone comes to the door. Last face mask, I could see the horror on my neighbour's face, so I kept reassuring her that the fake me would soon reappear. Fortunately, I had remembered to throw on a dressing gown - as a naturist I have to remember not to shock the body fetishists.

somewherebecomingrain Thu 07-Nov-13 20:48:58

Hey all. I'm going to bed now ( we get up v early in ths house). When I wake up buttery buttery toast and honey.

Not2bObvious Thu 07-Nov-13 20:56:05

Got you pm Betsy was all excited! Another new thread, all shiny smile
sad Rubbish FD, fell at the last fence, sigh...
Ah well never mind, it's a mini fast again, about 1000 cals. Be very doubtful if a loss this week but never mins. Still have to a deeply satisfying read through all threads, I'll wait til I'm in work grin

Welcome red, grand, batty. I'm sure you'll find fun & support here.

Hi somewhere. We are both chemi-heads and must hang our heads in shame before Tip & Betsy. My baking / boiling with Splenda always turns out ok <well, the disasters of exploding milk and souffles, melting plastic on the hob etc are entirely normal for me>

Xylitol is not as bad as maltilol for wind, but can still be quite farty. Maybe that's why you stopped. Erythritol is supposed to be better in that respect, but I find it isn't very sweet, so don't use it.

Southeastdweller Thu 07-Nov-13 21:31:42

Thanks Betsy for the new thread. To answer your question on the last thread I didn't start my two months of 4:3 until almost three months into 5:2 and on a minority of the three fast days I went quite a bit under 600 cals, even doing two zero cal days.

mttum The retreat you went on sounds blissful <sigh>. I'm going to look into going on one.

BsshBossh Thu 07-Nov-13 21:33:21

FD a success and now over! Broke fast watching Masterchef with an apple, a mug of Thai soup and a 10 cal jelly.

My mum's bringing a Sri Lankan lunch over tomorrow, I'm baking double chocolate muffins for the family and I fancy breakfasting on my first mince pie of the year grin.

eatriskier Thu 07-Nov-13 21:33:33

You know you've gone off radar on these threads when you don't even make the last page to get a PM sad

I'm having a random week of working this week, and they were torturing me today. Air con on so I was freezing on top of fasting freezing. Biscuits being passed all over the place. Made it out alive just and am now all peri peri chickened up.

Marking my place!

Welcome new fasters, you've come to the right place! (I'm 12kg down, a size 8 instead of a 12 and running 5-6 miles 3 or 4 times a week smile )

hi All, not been here for a while. been really busy with various social stuff and more to come. Had a long weekend celebrating MIL birthday with a large family ,lots of champagne etc... Then last week an awards ceremony in London which was posh frock affair and MORE champagne .Next week DH & I off to Venice to celebrate my 50th so no doubt lots more nice food and prosecco this time!
Still been 5:2 ing where possible although slipped a couple of weeks ago and only managed a 6:1.. Anyway last week WI was 9 st 13 so I'm still on track .
Anyway I just wanted to say to all newer peeps that this WOE is still amazing me really.. started in Jan at 11st 2 , didn't want to be fat at 50 .. And I'm not going to be! grin. The weight loss is much slower for me now( but not surprising considering all my socialising).. But what I'm hoping I'm getting across is that it is possible to feel and look fabulous and enjoy yourself ..and still lose weight albeit slowly ..and I'm the most impatient person going!
FD today gone well, and hoping to be a little lighter tomorrow's WI.

BsshBossh Thu 07-Nov-13 21:46:36

headintheclouds lovely update!

Thewildthingsliveatmyhouse Thu 07-Nov-13 21:52:15

Thanks Betsy for the link. Hello to all! Coming to the end of my 2nd FD today. Work was yuck, had a really boring meeting and colleagues were stuffing their faces as normal. I even got offered some chocolate and had to turn it down (woo!). Invested in some low cal hot choc (40 cals) and am going to have one shortly in the hope it will stave off the hunger pangs til the morning. Had to take DS school shoe shopping earlier (bleugh) as his shoes totally fell apart today which was during the tea time hunger time (!) and was really pleased to be out of the house and away from food.

Don't know if it's because of starting the 5:2 this week or because DH is working nights but am very tired.

Can't wait to treat myself to a latte tomorrow, and may even have cake too!!

GrandstandingBlueTit Thu 07-Nov-13 21:58:00

headintheclouds - I really relate to your post! I decided to do this in March this year, as I wanted to be '40 and fabulous' grin come my birthday in December.

I'm now a size 8/10 and the slimmest I've been since years before I had my children.

And the best part about it is that I still get to enjoy all the things I love.

I've had loads of plateaux, weight-wise over the past months, but the 8kg loss speaks for itself.

Have a wonderful time in Venice!

Talkinpeace Thu 07-Nov-13 22:09:09

I had to laugh. We got so busy chatting about heating we never noticed we'd filled the thread to the top and I was not able to get a message to Betsy in time.

Welcome newcomers. Welcome back regulars and returners.
And remember
grin TiP

BetsyBell Thu 07-Nov-13 22:21:54

Usually 40 posts left would be ample time for me to do an afternoon at work, come home sort out dinner, eat dinner, clear up etc then casually pop another thread up. Not today! Thread 29 was an unusually fast-paced one, right to the end.

It's fab smile

I noted that there was 6 whole minutes between threads! Next time, please leave 1 post if you can so a link can be popped up - save me PMing everyone grin Or I could not leave it till the last minute of course…

I do like a full thread though.

rubbishfamily333 Thu 07-Nov-13 22:52:18

Hey everyone I am starving tonight!!

I want to eat everything in sight tomorrow!

If I go over my tdee this Weekend will I still loose weight? At a slower rate or not?

As my tdee is 1659 per day and if I eat out it will be over that! confusedconfused Hungry hungry hungry lol

BsshBossh Thu 07-Nov-13 22:54:50

rubbish many of us considerably overeat our TDEEs during the weekends; some of us actively plan for weekend indulgences. The trick is to balance it out by undereating on your non-weekend NFDs.

BsshBossh Thu 07-Nov-13 22:56:10

BTW, my indulgent weekend always starts on Friday. Mince pies, curries and chocolate muffins are planned for tomorrow chez Bssh.

Twinmama32 Thu 07-Nov-13 22:57:03

Thank god i Found you all! (Slightly panicked there for a while!)

Not sure if anyone saw my last post as I posted near then end of the last thread....

I've been researching bikram yoga, do any 5:2ers do it? Whilst fasting? How often a week? Can you be an absolute beginner? I've done yoga years ago and I loved it but not sure if the heat will be too much? Whether my poor knackered, weak and physically unfit body will hack it?
Any info gratefully received!

Laska42 Thu 07-Nov-13 23:08:06

marking place

Itsaboatjack Thu 07-Nov-13 23:12:23

Phew, finally I've managed a successful FD this week. Everyday this week I've attempted it, and managed until 2/3/4pm before eating but then I was not able to stop.

No solid foods today but I've had about 250cals of milk in tea and coffee. The cold has really been a struggle this week.

annielewis Thu 07-Nov-13 23:15:13

God, well done itsaboat, the cold is a nightmare isn't it! Its cos we are all getting sooooo skinny, we don't have enough body fat left grin I'm happy in my delusions....

BeCoolFucker Thu 07-Nov-13 23:53:08

I'm hungry and it's bedtime - and I feel fantastic as in the am I can eat anything I want too. Though I'll probably have coffee and fruit with a carrot juice - as usual!
Loving 5:2!

GrandstandingBlueTit Fri 08-Nov-13 00:34:01

rubbish I actually have no idea what my TDEE even is blush and never tot up what I eat on those days. And definitely overindulge at the weekend.

I'm still losing weight over the long-term. Possibly at a slower rate than I otherwise would be. But losing, nonetheless. This is basically what I love about this WOE.

I wouldn't worry about it too much!

somewherebecomingrain Fri 08-Nov-13 02:55:52

Hiya. Fasting insomnia. Have eaten one of my baby girls weaning biscuits 37 cals. sad oh hey.

Bsssh like your food plans. I'm planning some xylitol and brown rice syrup cakey something when I get a mo. quite excited about revisiting soya flour but that will prob have awful results,

somewhere Try almond or coconut flour

mehefin Fri 08-Nov-13 07:12:32

Thanks for another thread.

whimsicalname I have 4 sons youngest now 19 and only one left at home. I didn't gain babyweight and was fine with active young boys but over the 12 years they have been teenagers I've gained 4 stone !

Typical teenage boys eating day
Breakfast ---- 5 weetabix
Lunch -- cooked school dinner or half a long baguette
4pm -----3 slices cheese on toast
Dinner --- huge portions of lasagna, meatballs chilli etc
10pm ---- 5 weetabix ( again !)

With so much food in the house and the massive portion sizes I totally lost sight of how much food I actually need.

Breadand wine says that if there's lots of food around we will eat it . So true.

If 5:2 becomes your WOL it will help you avoid the same pitfall.

Enjoy your boys. Someone once told me that 4boys is the most fun family you can have

rubbishfamily333 Fri 08-Nov-13 07:20:54

Bssh - so do you eat tdee - a certain percentage during the week? I think I would find that difficult, but I don't want to undo all my hard work hmm

rubbishfamily333 Fri 08-Nov-13 07:23:25

Grandstanding - but in your non fast days do you have things like cake or eating out? How much do you tend to loose per week?

Last night all
I could think about is banana cake shock

toffeesponge Fri 08-Nov-13 07:26:49

Morning all brew.

My phone is telling me it is a FD but I have done 2 already this week and after being stuck for about 3 weeks have lost again, so do I do another or not?

DS1 just been a PITA x 2. Potentially emotionally stressful day. Food is not a crutch remember toffee, but still insure what to do.

Have to get DH to put another hole in my belt and show me how to tighten my new coat as it is a fancy one that you can adjust.

My sparkly jeans are much too big now but because I want them too shrink they won't.

BsshBossh Fri 08-Nov-13 07:30:07

rubbish I don't count anymore but when I did I was eating roughly 1700 cals weekday NFDs and 2500-3500 cals each weekend NFD day (my pattern remains the same now too). But I started out doing it this way right from the beginning of my weightloss journey in Feb 2012 even before 5:2 so my body's used to the pattern and I've lost really well doing it this way).

Weigh-in Friday and I've lost 0.4 lb which considering it's TOM week and I'm so close to goal: I'm very happy with this.

BsshBossh Fri 08-Nov-13 07:34:07

rubbish forgot to add my TDEE with exercise is a little over 2000.

And I eat whatever I want on weekends (which tend to start on Fridays) but eat vitually 100% healthily on weekdays.

duckyfuzz Fri 08-Nov-13 07:35:03

Morning all, I've lurked for a while and I think I posted a few weeks ago, but am back on track now. 2FDs this week and within TDEE on NFDs. I haven't weighed but know for clothes that I am back to where I was a couple of weeks ago, before a family wedding (which seemed to last all week) ruined me at half term! Would love to be 10st7 which I don't think I have ever been as an adult blush so about 12lbs to lose, ideally before Christmas with my skinny SIL and sis.

Morning! Jumping back on the thread...after a horrible week of illness. Me and all three DDs were sick, their Dad was fine confused

I'm easing back into 5:2 with a few 16:8 days until Monday, when I will fast again. Couldn't manage it while sick, did manage a few mini fasts though.

Today my lovely sister is coming over to help me organise my wardrobe ahead of a huge shopping trio tomorrow. She thinks she has stuff that she dosnt like any more that I will like too so I am going to shop from her wardrobe!

Onward to kettle bells!

NonnoMum Fri 08-Nov-13 08:31:21

Can I ask people when they first noticed a weight change on the 5:2 WOL? (Getting impatient!)

GrandstandingBlueTit Fri 08-Nov-13 08:59:25

rubbish - yes! Right now I am mainlining blue cheese, chutney and red wine. It is Friday night here, before you get concerned. grin

And I had a massive raspberry and chocolate muffin this morning.

I am scrupulous about my Fast Days, though. In 8 months, I think I have skipped 2 FDs, and that was on holiday.

If I want cake on my NFD though, I have it.

I can't say how much I lose a week. I weigh myself weekly, and I spend a lot of time plateau-ing. The weight loss is undoubtedly gradual, but that's just fine. It's still coming off and meanwhile, I get to enjoy all the stuff I love.

annielewis Fri 08-Nov-13 09:23:03

nonno I've been doing 4:3 for 19 days and have lost 6 lb. it started coming off after the first week I think. Stuck at same weight for few days (--yes I'm weighing in daily--) but think its TOTM so not too bothered.

I am horrendously impatient too, but also fundamentally greedy and lazy! gringrin Think I've found the WOE to accommodate me.... How long have you been doing this for now?

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 09:35:04

Morning All (waving)

Was starting to get withdrawal as didn't get my usual fix on here last night! grin

Is it just us or does the School/Social calendar of all dc's go nuts in November? Dd lost another tooth and the buggers just keep catching me off guard now! Wouldn't be a problem if wasn't for fact that I've kind of set the bar for the Tooth Fairy! School trip today too. So, busy night last night, which ended with me typing up the next epic installment from the Tooth Fairy at 1.30 in morning! We do it for the love, right??..

Anyway down to business:

Weight loss: -1lb first in 3 weeks. Finally!
Pelvic Floor: Still attached. Coughing, sneezing, laughing at about 98% reliability.
NNN: Nothing except good wholesome fare so far since we started, although I did lick the nutella off my finger this morning, making dd breakfast. But is NFD!
Exercise: Big fat zero! blush I have been a bit back achey though after room reshuffling, so possibly not a bad thing. Next week, I'm on it!

3 NFD ahead of me now. Being goodish tonight ref junk, but will otherwise eat whatever like.
Tomorrow however, I am having a special night in with two very sexy fellas. Mr B and Mr J. Might even make it a foursome and invite my good friend Mr Choc.O.Lat round too who am I kidding, of course I will. In fact lets make it an orgy

How is everyone else doing??

Raises eyebrow at Betsy and BigChoc...? hmm

BeCoolFucker Fri 08-Nov-13 09:39:38

Done my 2FD for the first week!! Hooray smile

It such a psychological battle isn't it? As a lifelong overeater it's really important for me to learn it is OK to be hungry. It is OK! There will be food in the morning. And then in the morning I'm not overly hungry and eat normally. Actually better than normally - the most amazing thing about 5:2 is how quickly my blood sugars stabilize. Whereas I've thought about food, biscuits butter bread and cheese for 11 months now, suddenly after 2 days F I am free of those thoughts and I just want to eat like a normal person again. It's a huge relief.

Looking forward to a nice weekend, eating what I want to eat within TDEE and not having to think about <shudder> "being on a diet".


Hi Cuckoo Isn't it nice to come through a plateau. Good for you.
I've kept to NNN and will do so this weekend (for 10 junk-free days)
So, next B&J job will be 1 week today. It does feel strange not to have a muffin or ice for my pud and to walk past the bakery, donutless. I have to watch my automatic reflex, like a frog's tongue snatching and gulping its prey.

I've even stopped the rice pud for 10 days, so cross fingers my healthy buckwheat, almond milk (& Splenda !!) doesn't go nuclear - I wish I had your cookery talent. Everone on this thread seems to cook well. My after-cook cleanup often involves major repair work !

Betsy: Your turn to show and tell

PS cuckoo I of course maintained my gym bunnying of 1-2 hrs per night. No halo; I love exercise and it keeps my mind off food very effectively.

Tonight is my training rest day, so I may eat out this evening in my favourite restaurant. If so, I'll skip lunch. I like to keep to 2 meals per day even on NFDs, to minimise frenzy attacks - I can frenzy on 2 pizzas & 3 portions of chips and I haven't given up savoury junk !

BetsyBell Fri 08-Nov-13 11:35:12

Big Choc cuckoo NNN show and tell: I ate 150grams of yogurt the other day which was 16% sugar but aside from that I've been a very good girl! I do have plans for a GIN and TONIC (full fat) tonight, but just the one, and there may well be wine at the weekend. But still avoiding sugary goods (aside from the tonic and booze).

I do appear to be planning a white flour foccaccia baking session this evening so not exactly low carbing or anything!

BsshBossh Fri 08-Nov-13 11:41:39

cuckoo well done on being patient and breaking through the plateau. Patience is key, is my perhaps annoying refrain to everyone here.
BigChoc you deserve to polish your halo for sticking with NNN.
Nonno I lost weight on 5:2 immediately but I've had my fair share of plateaux.
Grand I like your style smile
BeCool an excellent first week, good work.
ducky focus on the skinny!

NFD today and woke up at 4.30am (can't blame DD this time, just hunger!) surfing chocolate and hazelnut (and Nutella) muffin recipes. Found a lovely one so will be baking those this afternoon for DD after school, DH (who has a day off - hurrah) and me (so I took day off too).

Having spent the wee hours before everyone was up salivating over muffin recipes, when it came to breakfast I didn't fancy my planned mince pies at all. Instead I treated myself to a bowl of porridge and fruit compote at Gail's bakery near my home. Oh my goodness, their normal portion was too big. I was full after a third of it. I found myself trying to eat more of it because leaving so much behind looked so wasteful to me. Then I realised this is the bakery's problem (reduce your serving sizes Gail's!) and not mine so I left it with just a hint of guilt. Their small flat white was too much for me too. No wonder people are getting fatter when these portions are considered normal <grrrrr>.

TessCackle Fri 08-Nov-13 11:44:11

Hi everyone, starting the 5:2 next week with tues and thurs being my fast days. Are there suggestions of things to eat on these days to keep within my calorie allowance? Thanks smile

lindamac44 Fri 08-Nov-13 12:09:50

i am new to the boards but have to admit I have been lurking for a few weeks! I started 5:2 about 10 weeks ago after seeing my neighbour's fantastic results. I have lost 16.5lbs but today i put on 3/4 lb! really gutted but as the post says I did have a nice halfterm and have been good this week to try and make up for it! it is also TOTM so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
i have to say i find this WOE great, it is flexible and once you get a few fast days under your belt they aren't too bad!
i don't tend to count calories on my NFD but as I work full time i find it easier to be good at work and only bring in healthy things.
anyone else ever have a week they put on?? any advice!

MrsFlorrick Fri 08-Nov-13 12:18:27

Hello everyone. grin

Well done all the new fasters this week! And experienced ones too of course!

I am a bit like Bssh. Very close to goal (Bssh and I are BMI twins I think wink).

I could lose faster if I was strict on TDEE every day. But at weekends I'm not and I often end up well over 2000. Ie 2300 and similar. I more or less scoff what I want on Friday and Saturday nights.

During the week I aim under TDEE as I find I stall or gain at TDEE because I am naughty at weekends.

Obviously I fast twice a week although this week it's been one FD and two mini fasts. End result the same.

I am 6lbs or so away from goal.

If I made an effort to keep weekends at TDEE (goal weight tDEE is 1745 - I am tall). Then I could zoom to that goal.

However where I have always failed before is being too strict and then falling off the wagon, eating everything in sight and gaining weight.

For those who don't know, I'm relatively new to weightloss. Didn't need it pre DC but two bouts of Gestational diabetes saw a 6 stone weight gain. So over the last two years I've tried lots of different diets.

So far this is the one I could sustain forever without question.

I am currently still counting calories on mfp. Otherwise id over eat.

This thread is sooooooo busy!

Can't remember everyone's updates but toffee well done on your NSV and almost one stone loss, you've come such a long way!

Re sticking to TDEE or not, I did when actively trying to lose weight (Feb - May) but when I met my target I stopped MFPing and relaxed a bit. I am now doing 2 FDs a week again to lose the post-holiday increase but I'm not counting or worrying much about what I eat on NFDs - it will go! I am burning about 500 cals through running 3-4 times a week so that helps too. That's like a day's extra food! Interestingly, when I stopped logging I still carried on losing weight, ending up 10lbs or so under my original target.

Tess welcome - avoid carbs and fruit, drink plenty, salads, veg and lean proteins are your friends! Try to wait until dinner to eat if you can, but that might take some practice.

toffeesponge Fri 08-Nov-13 12:35:00

Thank you postmanpatscat flowers.

Thank you mehefin that was a lovely thing to say. I love my little chaps and wouldn't swap them for anything (except sometimes a full night's sleep and a wee in peace).

Really struggled with my fd yesterday, and probably came in about 600. Clearly not the end of the world. We'll done everyone who has finished for the week. Happy weekend cooking!

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 13:57:22

I'm a yoga fan nutter my gym does not have Bikram but I regularly do a mile swim an hour of vinyasa flow and an hour of bodypump on a fast day
so long as I have my pint of tea at breakfast and a big drink of water after my swim I'm fine.

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 14:00:09


Somewhere on the tips and hints thread is an old summary I worked out of a weekly eating plan that seemed to help a few people :

Monday : Fast day - 500 calories
Tuesday : TDEE less 10% - no booze, no snacks
Wednesday : same as Tuesday
Thursday : same as Monday
Friday : TDEE
Saturday : pretty much what you like
Sunday : TDEE

which should give enough of a deficit to keep weight healthily down, while allowing wine and cake at weekends

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 14:34:03

%&$£&%$£!?!!! arrrrrrggghhhhhhhhh just lost my bloody EPIC post.......$£%&£?!%$

... back in an hour angry

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 14:36:24

if ever it looks like its done that to you again,
hit the "back" button on your browser and it will go back to the post in edit mode,
highlight the post, "ctrl-c" to pop it in the clipboard
then refresh and if needs be log back in
then "ctrl-v" and its ready to roll

(spot the person with dodgy broadband grin)

Tess there's a special recipes thread on this section, plenty of ideas there!

Itsaboatjack Fri 08-Nov-13 14:40:12

However where I have always failed before is being too strict and then falling off the wagon, eating everything in sight and gaining weight.

This has been my experience too MrsF so now I'm trying to make a conscience effort to be patient and take it slow and steady.

lindamac44 Fri 08-Nov-13 14:40:41

There are so many inspirational 5:2ers on here it's great! did you ever stall or put weight on at any point? and what did you do to give it a kick start?

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 14:47:29

I hit my target weight last December.
Last Christmas I put on over half a stone on holiday and lost it again within weeks.
I put on 4 lb on holiday at Easter and lost it in a couple of weeks
Another 5lb in the summer and lost it by late September.
I'm currently trying to get below target weight so that I can overindulge at Christmas.

Healthy people do not have a "static" weight. They fluctuate by a couple of pounds either side of their ideal weight.
and with 5:2 we have the tools to shift the pounds from yummy holiday food.

duckyfuzz Fri 08-Nov-13 14:48:11

TIP its really useful to see what others do, it helps keep me on track at least!
This week I have done:
Monday : Fast day
Tuesday : TDEE less 10% - no booze, no snacks
Wednesday : Fast day
Thursday : TDEE less 10% (but this was mostly included booze!)
Friday : aim is TDEE... on 600 so far (as I needed toast due to the wine yesterday blush)

Hopefully I can be better than usual over the weekend then fast again on Monday

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 15:09:33

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN........ (drum roll)...

I GIVE YOU.......... BIGCHOCFRENZY - The Pudding Dodger!!

(proud face) Well done you!! Knowing your filthy, dirty habits I am AMAZED! What plateau?? Carry on like this and you will kick its sugar crusted ass in no time!

Betsy You too! Well done! I wouldn't have counted the yoghurt on my list, so hats off! Hope you enjoy the G&T and it doesn't give you a hangover from the sugar surge!

Bsshh Thank you! It's been a funny week tummy wise, so I wasn't really expecting much. When I saw the scales I thought "That'll do nicely thanks!" Spooky reading your post, because I must have spent an hour online last night searching for nutella recipes at dd's request! Think I'll have a go at the 3 ingredient nutella brownies, or the equivalent cookies. Let us know what you do!

Postman You have planted a seed. I have been wracking my brain for last two months to find the cause of the skin prob/scalp itch, but hadn't considered a food intolerance. I now know that allergies and intolerances are two very different things! Food for thought, so thanks!

Grandstand, Redbird, Batty, Duckyfuzz, Nonnomum, Tess, LindaMac.
Hello, Welcome, Welcome back! Good Luck with your goals. This place is full of proof that this wol can work for everybody, so get your fast on!

Think I may have one for the Tips thread. Don't go shopping on an empty belly morning after 3 consecutive days fasting. I was attacked by all sorts of things! I liberated a loaf of stollen from the shelves, and have just sat down with lovely coffee to have some. The smell of brandy smacked me in the face when I opened it. Checked the cals - alledgedly it is 217 for a very small slice (my standards). So on the basis that I just don't believe this could be true, I have had 3 slices.

errr... think I have just confessed to eating something sweet! Doh! Didn't even think about it. Was telling the truth in previous post regards NNN though, promise! Oh well it is technically the weekend, so will just swap fri for sun.

While the confession box is open hmm ... a bottle of wine launched itself into my trolley, didn't realise it was trying to escape until I had scanned it. Shop was too busy to bother getting refund. It just happens to be best before tmw too! Funny that huh!? So may have to partake in a small glass or two later as I HATE waste. It's just been one of those kinds of week this week, and doesn't happen often these days regarding booze, so I can live with it.


Hello also to any newcomers since I started typing! wink

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 15:19:17

Thanks Tip think I accidently hit another link because I ended up with Mimi's face gawping at me. When I hit back, was all gone angry

Would that still work then??

Got shite broadband here too! Hoped new router after I blew up last one would've sorted it, but no such luck!

Keep meaning to ask.... Who is this Mimi bird anyway?? I'm only familiar with Michael M, and the esteemed MN 5:2 thread elders regards this woe.
She important or wot?? gone all cockney for some strange reason

annielewis Fri 08-Nov-13 15:51:20

Am having another fast day here as think i am in for an epic weekend and my scales seem to have got sstuck this morning so am aiming for some damage limitation!

Does anyone do weekend fasts or is that too hardcore and impossible with a husband and two kids??

Cuckoo Mimi is a fashion journalist who jumped pretty niftily on to the FD Bandwagon in the early stages after the Horizon programme aired originally. She joint wrote the book

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 16:15:10

I've nothing against Mimi per se : she was co author with MM of the original book and presumably helped to make it a bit more fluffy.

My problem is that since then she's had various articles in the Daily Heil that were clearly copied and pasted not only from the 5:2 forums (which are linked to the book) but from these forums.

As somebody who gives of my professional expertise for free online (on tax, not diets BTW) I object to freeloaders.
Oh and I object to the tax dodging owners of the Daily Heil.

PS - back should still work - Chrome holds about four levels

Itsaboatjack Fri 08-Nov-13 16:34:13

Goodness what a soggy school run that was!!

We stopped at the bakery on the way home to get something nice for after dinner. The dd's chose what they wanted, but as it was the end of the day choice was fairly limited and there was nothing I particularly fancied - so I didn't get anything. Many a time I would have got something anyway, just to have it. Hopefully those days are gone now.

Since I managed to swerve the sugary treat without too much bother, I shall try and join those of you doing NNN (apart from 3 already arranged social engagements grin).

annie I often do a Saturday fast when DP does his alternate weekends visiting DSD, then feed my own DC but not myself! It's usually when I do my zero fast.

cuckoo I am intolerant to dairy and I itch like mad when I eat it but I do anyway because who wants to give up cheese and chocolate that's what made me think of it! Hope you manage to pin it down.

BetsyBell Fri 08-Nov-13 16:36:26

Just cracking open the cheese, doesn't really feel like a No Naughty November when I can partake of such stinky delights grin

Now I hope everyone agrees that it's pretty much weekend wine o'clock?

rubbishfamily333 Fri 08-Nov-13 16:36:36

Well i was very happy this morning grin on Monday my weight was 10.10 after eating loads on the weekend (my normal weight was 10.7-8)

This morning after 2 fast days I was 10.5.6 gringringringringrin so happy! But then I drank a glass of water and I was 10.6.6 hmm

Anyway still much happier. The thing is with the tdee if I take away 10% I will only be allowed around 1500 cals per day on those days. And when calorie counting I can eat 1400 cals per day every day and loose weight so it feels unfair that I am only allowed 100 cals more if I do 2 fast days and 1 'eat what you want' days!

I am feeling like cardio will help with weightloss at the moment. I don't want to do a lot of weights (which I prefer) as I feel that it makes me build muscle quickly and muscle weighs more!

I'm going to try to make it to Zumba tonight!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 16:41:40

Tip have no idea what that last sentence means! grin

Thank you Annie and Tip for reply. I gathered she had somehow involved herself, but as all I have watched/read about 5:2 was the horizon programme, which led me to googling a question, which then landed me on thread 24 on here, I haven't heard of her before.

Don't buy any newspapers on grounds they are no longer reporting the news! Never buy magazines - overpriced, not eco friendly and usually full of adverts and worst of all celebs. I abhor (not used that word recently ever) celeb culture. Just me and t'internet and my 'I'll make my own mind up about that thank you" opinionated self!

Between Horizon & MM, this thread plus basic knowledge/common sense about food, I haven't bothered to look anywhere else. I always find a lot of recipe books, especially diet ones, too much faffing around. I can generally do better myself, and when interested in looking for new ideas, I tend to end up on Allrecipes/blogs etc.

Yes, I got the gist that she was cashing in on everyone else's hard work. I too am not a fan of freeloading, the Dail (spits) Fail, or any celebrity anything for that matter! I keep losing my page (just from being a twat) and every time I have to go through the links to get to thread, I keep getting an eyeful of her and her smarmy mug, in her slim fitting leather jacket! And keep wondering....... "What the hell have you got to do with anything!"

That is why had to ask! Phew! Not even totm anymore grin

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 16:51:17

in most internet browsers the back button should reliably take you two or three levels and I found out a while ago that its a great way to retrieve posts when the "site is offline" message comes up!

Yay : and now you see why we tell people that rapid weight gain after a holiday is often undigested food and drink rather than laid down fat.

duckyfuzz Fri 08-Nov-13 16:52:38

oh go on then betsy wine cheers!

rubbishfamily333 Fri 08-Nov-13 17:25:32

Talkin - oh yes I know it's not actual fat I've lost just water/food but that is enough to keep me motivated for now!

I do feel abit slimmer where my ribs are but bit the big belly/hips area which is always the way! I'm thinking more cardio will help to blast it away!

I'm going to Zumba tonight to fight any calories I might over eat this weekend wink

MrsFlorrick Fri 08-Nov-13 17:26:01

Itsa. Yes. I do think you can be too strict and it ruins it. Perhaps my willpower is just pathetic!

To Cookoo and Bigchocfrenzy on the no naughtiest November. Given I fast or stick under goal weight TDEE during the week, my naughty eats happen at the weekend most of the time anyway.

And as for cheese as an alternative. Wouldn't work for me as I can eat my own body weight in cheese. In fact my MN name should be Bigcheesefrenzy! wink I discovered this whilst low carbing. Between cheese and nuts, it seriously hindered my low carb weighloss. I can eat tons of both.

I have recently experimented with carb cycling along with 5:2 and it works well. Just a day or two of low carb during the week moves things along.

Keeps your metabolism guessing.

I intend to have cheese and wine later. Very naughty as there may be some frenzying. No choc or dinner. Just lovely cheese with Finn Crisp breads.

I've bought Vacherin, Montgomerys cheddar and petit berthaus. Yum. And I have dessert wine (Sauternes.).

Just need to get the DC into bed now!grin

Apologies I should really keep my cheese fest info to myself.

rubbishfamily333 Fri 08-Nov-13 17:28:54

I'm thinking about what to have for dinner.

Was thinking bacon and haloumi might be nice together? But might have to have one or the other so I can save calories for my cereal and yogurt after dinner!

Not2bObvious Fri 08-Nov-13 17:36:02

Wow, another hot thread! It was at 40 when I checked in last, over 100 already?
I have maintained this week, that's a polite way of saying I have lost F* all. Botheration and damn my expectations.
Anyway, it's fine, I look good, I feel good and I'm going out in size 12 skinny jeans tonight. Alls good in the world, the scales opinion does not count. Did my exercise this morning, been eating mindfully all day, going to partay soon, woop woop! Hope everyone's having a great Friday, can't catch up with all the messages, something to read tomorrow, looking forward to it

toffeesponge Fri 08-Nov-13 17:37:22

DH and DC are currently having fish pie. I did the recipe I saw on daybreak the other day as it looked incredibly easy. It really was and I suspect much lower in calories than the usual pie made with white sauce. Apple and blackberry crumble for pudding but DH and I won't have it as the kids love it and eat the whole thing.

Donkeyok Fri 08-Nov-13 17:38:31

I wish I was brave enough to do something this radical.

Im 13 stone feeling fat and unfit after a cash crash injury.
1 1/2 years on with 2 stone

I just bought size 18 jeans today and hated them on me.
Everything is tight.

Im going to read up all your references Monday could be the FD
which means I don't have to do anything yet other than research to be
ready and Ive still started?
Id love to be fit and out of pain.

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 17:54:00

Welcome Donkeyok You have arrived in a good place for support and ideas and general positive vibes.

And losing weight will make a LOT of the pain reduce. I can tell if I put even a pound on because my knees hurt more.
In bodypump the other day, doing squats with 10kg on my knees went into "oi, you shifted that weight, why have you picked it up again" mode !

Have a good read of the Tips and hints and the links in Betsey's OP and then dive in.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 17:59:57

Oh ok Tip - not being thick then! Yes I did the back thing, but whatever I had done, computer said NO!

Got bloody headache! Swear it is part of the whole stomach/itch/skin issue. (I WILL get to the bottom of it!) That or 4 hrs sleep last night!

Am tempted to go to bed for quick nap SO that I can eat and drink later! grin Well that fasting 3 days is loooong gone!

On the cheese subject. I am not allowed to think about it. I might as well just sellotape it to my hips and cut out middle man.

I was never a sweet person, until I bf'ing dd when I started to take the 'have a snack and a drink while feeding' thing too far. But went off it again when stopped bf'ing. Dp and dd the ones with sweet tooth in this house, I have always been a savoury type, until I pretty much gave up drinking back in april. Since then I have been chief chocolate buyer! Funny how the lack of sugar received via wine needed to be replaced by something else, and the extra salt I used to crave when on vino, was no longer needed!

On a fd I hate weighing out cheese and being reminded just how calorific it is! I don't think I could ever eat 'recommended' portion sizes of certain foods! Best not to know sometimes grin

Enjoy your Cheese Fests people. Betsy you are now 1.5 hours into wine o'clock - have you made that G&T last wink

Have a good weekend everybody. Go and get stuffed in the nicest possible way! wine

thanks for fasters.

Donkeyok Fri 08-Nov-13 18:02:26

Thanks Talkinpeace
The last couple of years Ive been saying negative things like your older just accept your this size and you wont be able to carry bags etc
but I feel this is my last chance to turn it around.

MrsFlorrick Fri 08-Nov-13 18:08:36

Donkey! Welcome smile

You don't have to start with full on fast days etc. I didn't. No way I could. It seemed very radical to me too.

I started doing something called 18:6. This means you fast 18 hours out of 24 and have a 6 hour eating window.

Essentially it means eating dinner reasonably early then nothing else during the evening (you can drink tea and coffee etc) and either skipping or delaying breakfast.

Ie I will have dinner during the week with DC around 5pm and then not eat until 10am next morning.

I lost 5lbs doing that in two weeks.

I then felt comfortable with trying what we here refer to as a "mini fast" ie under 1000 calories. And within a few weeks I could easily manage a full 500 cal fast day.

I still have fast days which end up well over 500 cals. It doesn't matter. I'm still losing weight. Obviously it's slower if you're not strict.

Fwiw. I had gestational diabetes twice and I put on 6 stone. Having never been over weight in my life or on a diet, it was a massive shock. I had no idea how to deal with it either.

I've tried lots of diets; weight watchers- rubbish, Jason vale juice diet- effective but seriously hard core, Dukan diet- hugely effective but impossible to keep up for long, low carb- not very effective for me but very sustainable easy.

5:2. Works so well. It's ultra flexible. You don't need any special food, no special recipes needed, no cutting out whole food groups. You can eat anything. You could even get your 500 cal on a fast day from biscuits if you wished-don't recommend that btw as that's 5 biscuits and it will be a looong day. grin

Eating clean as in lots of veg and veg soups of fast days is great. Very filling. You don't have to make your own soup. Supermarket stuff is just fine. Tinned soup too.

It's extremely flexible as you can miss a fast day, you can have an extra fast day (4:3) or a mini fast if it suits you.

As for the fitness side of things. Tell us how mobile you are and what you think you can do and we will recommend something. Most on here do some form of exercise but we are all very different. Personally I do Jillian Michaels DVDs and swim.

The Jillian DVDs are fab workouts as they are High Intensity Interval Training with strength. It's taken my resting pulse rate from 89 (oh the shame) to 58 in under 6 months. Obviously weightloss has helped too.

Have a look at the 30 Day Shred on utube.

If that won't work for you, swimming, walking, hoola hooping, yoga, Pilates, cycling??

Welcome. We are a friendly helpful lot here so post away.

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 18:09:41

You are never too old.
Lady at my gym lost 3 stone so that she looked fab for her 70th birthday.
She stands next to me in BodyPump and yoga. Her knees are not shot so she does BodyCombat as well !

You will look and feel younger when you've done it. And with 5:2 you'll have the mental tools to make it forever.

I am the person who used to treat a 400g pack of cheshire cheese as a "snack" and I've been known to demolish astounding amounts of stilton at one sitting. (((((((Cheeeese)))))))

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 18:16:29

Donkeyok Welcome!

Just get started Monday. Yes this does count as starting, we like thinking that way here, BUT no excuses on a continual basis, or it's just denial! Here, we like being losers wink

I can promise you that if you give this a go, you will not regret it.

In terms of reading everything first, just get the basics and start. The most fantastically brilliant part of this woe is that it doesn't really matter if you have a bad couple of days/week/holiday etc because, providing you make this your long term woe most of the time, you will continue to lose weight, improve your injuries AND get a lot, lot healthier at same time. So just start! If it all goes a bit pear shaped during first few weeks, that's ok! But you will feel such a sense of achievement and get so much motivation from it, you won't be able to stop yourself!

I think this woe pretty much takes care of itself. Little improvements soon grow (quite naturally) into bigger ones and before you know it, you'll be a (skinny) old pro on the dizzy heights of the maintainers thread!

Talking of which!... I was on there earlier looking for B&W and saw a certain persons recent confession shock I've lost all hope now! wink

The good news is my NFD Friday supper did not include any choc or sweet junk Frenzy. The bad news is: I had a tiring day at the office, rain p@ssing down the windows and - NNN does not mention savoury Frenzies.
The 2 pizzas were small, only 730 cals each and I had lots of butternut squash with them. Then a healthy pud: banana and 4-nut butter on sprouted bread ....... and then I fell in the nut butter jar.
The 250g jar alone is 1625 cals, so supper total was about 3400. Add to a cheese fondue breakfast and broccoli soup lunch for Friday 4500-5000 total
blush blush blush A big "oh BUGGER" <but I enjoyed every slurp>

Well Saturday is my 3rd FD which is just as well. Postman, Annie' Mehefin*, are you joining the Saturday penance ?

PS I should have had chips - only chips - instead. I'm not sure even I can eat 5000 cals of fries during a workday.

BsshBossh Fri 08-Nov-13 18:55:36

Welcome newcomers!
rubbish great loss.
Cuckoo the choc, hazelnut & Nutella muffins were delicious. I made them as 12 small not 6 big as recipe suggested. Very moist and not too sweet.

BsshBossh Fri 08-Nov-13 18:57:50

BigChoc you may be blush but I love reading about your epic blowout meals. I love a WOE that allows them.

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 19:01:20

Bigchoc I admit that if I got a cheese and wine head on I could probably hit several thousand in a day - on a tdee of 1500!
I only allow myself those a couple of times a year

cuckoo, Betsy Feel free to kick my arse really hard.

I planned to eat out Friday evening to minimise the Frenzy, but I was knackered and it was monsooning and i thought I could be good ....

My Frenzy outsmarted me
But I am a resourceful woman : I will either eat out next Friday or eat canteen lunch and skip dangerous supper.

Tip, Bssh Thanks for reassurance. I will work on tactics for next Friday <grim determination>
Any newbies: you know what not to do !

rubbish Muscle mass is "good weight" which exercise helps one retain during a diet weight loss. We want to reduce fat, which is the unhealthy bit.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 19:16:03

Blimey BIGchoc Are we going to have to come round and smash the jar to get you out? Are you naked wearing a face pack too? Not sure my ulcer could take it grin

I'm with Bsshh for slightly less nice reasons! It always makes me feel better about own blow outs (evil face) Saying that I don't count the cals, and I def don't put in the gym hours you do! I'll shut up!

Sorry you had rotten day at work thanks

Main thing is you enjoyed it! (blow out)

Bsshh I AM trying those tmw!

Donkey dare to share your age?? Bet we can beat it for you!

p.s You are never too old, until the fat...oh um! None of us are singing though, so age no excuse!! grin

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 19:19:37

Aaaahhh. DH home. Can have a drink. He's driven 1100 miles this week. Pizza beckons.

BetsyBell Fri 08-Nov-13 19:58:23

bigchoc yeah, I just find I have not buy the nut butter (or whatever) in the first place. If it's not to hand I won't eat it. Anyway, totally understandable - sorry no arse kickings here grin

I am half a camembert, some olives, plus plenty of homemade rosemary & garlic foccacia, plus 2 g&ts & 2 glasses of vin rouge down. Oh yeah.

Happy friday folks wine xx

NotAsTired Fri 08-Nov-13 20:00:34

Hey everyone, not been around much on here because i've been a bit down and feeling a bit crap but, on the plus side, I am still plodding away at the ole 5:2. I have plateaued maintained for what seems likes months but I think's only 3 or 4 weeks.

This week, I've been doing 16:8 or 18:6 as well as the 5:2. I find that I can't face breakfast first thing in the morning anymore so I either eat it later or, like today, skip it altogether. tip would be proud of me, especially as I have not been snacking either. grin

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 20:05:17

((( NotAsTired ))) plateaus are hard unless they are like the one I've been stuck on for 11 months grin
Think of it the other way around.
THe fasting is having significant medical benefits to your system
and you are not putting weight ON.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 20:06:46

((((((Notastired)))))) thanks

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish. Just a thought, if you are feeling so low is there a chance you're not eating enough and the dreaded starvation mode has kicked in??

I plateaued for 3 weeks before a loss again this week. I know 3 wks not long in 5:2 terms, but feels like forever at time! Hang on in there and I'm sure it will get moving soon. Just make sure you're getting enough, and take care of yourself!

toffeesponge Fri 08-Nov-13 20:08:22

DD poorly again. Nothing is going right at the moment. Don't want anything to eat for comfort though which I good as normally I'd be mainlining chocolate by now for the past month.

BsshBossh Fri 08-Nov-13 20:11:37

Big hugs to you NotAsTired.

BsshBossh Fri 08-Nov-13 20:12:27

Oh toffee big hugs to you too. What a time for you thanks.

Thanks for kind thoughts cuckoo. Pretty obvious why I plateau !
Well, we'll keep NNNing, but mindful of your possible allergies / tum and my frenzies.

Betsy you are perfectly correct: If I buy nut butter I will either Frenzy it all up or be restrained <unlikely>. Not buying it again would eliminate possibility number 1.

I'll check in again tomorrow on my FD. Evening all

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 20:15:08

toffeesponge do you realise how mahoosive an achievement not comfort eating is?
Well done, well done, well done.
Must get you into mindfulness and yoga - it will help.

NotAsTired Fri 08-Nov-13 20:15:30

Thanks for the hugs, tip and cuckoo. smile

I shouldn't think it's starvation mode, cuckoo, as I've had lots of feasting over the last few weeks what with festivals and holy days and all that. No, it's more to do with life and how it bites you on the ass.

Big hugs to toffee and Notastired. Just read that you are both having a rotten time. Do take care of yourselves and I hope things soon get better for you.
flowers flowers <we need a hug smilicon>

NotAsTired Fri 08-Nov-13 20:19:00

Thanks, bssh.

toffee you seem to be having a right old time of it, you poor thing, but well done on mainlining chocolate. Hope your dd gets better real soon. thanks

NotAsTired Fri 08-Nov-13 20:20:03

NOT mainlining chocolate. (Doh)

toffeesponge Fri 08-Nov-13 20:21:10

I am proud I am not stuffing myself but after a really difficult few months years really I am fed up of always having to just get on with things. I spent most of today in tears over 3 different things and now DD is poorly and I shouldn't have sent her back to school yesterday. Might have been Wednesday actually confused.

Does mindfulness work for emotional stress and broken hearts?

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 20:25:52

I hear ya, Notas I hear ya!

toffee big hugs to dd! I absolutely freak when dd not right, worst thing in world for us mums. Hope she pulls through soon.

BigChoc this thread is in danger of being counter productive! I have such a list of things to buy/make/try. Added to list now nut butter! Sick of hearing about something, obviously delicious, that I haven't tasted myself. And more importantly, that isn't in my cupboard right now!

Just having glass of wine and chips! Stomach ache kicked in. Shiver just went down my spine when I asked myself if alcohol could be the intolerable item shock shock just downed glass to steady nerves!

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 20:29:40

yes and yes
message me and we'll natter over the weekend

And for all those feeling down.
The best eulogy / pick me up / song / ever / in history
truly uplifting

and for all those who sometimes feel like it will not turn out OK
my fave song for friends facing rough days
(DH and I aim it at my mum ....)

I go eat now Xx

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 20:37:20

(((((((((((((((((( Toffee )))))))))))))))))))))

You are not alone! And yes, mindfulness can definitely help you. But when things feel raw, it is much more difficult to focus on how to think, how to feel. We just do it, without any control.

I really hope whatever it is, gets better soon. As somebody with their own whole set of crap, all I can say is hang in there, you will get through this and we will help drag you where we can X

toffeesponge Fri 08-Nov-13 20:40:03


just one week of easy would be so good.

MrsFlorrick Fri 08-Nov-13 20:40:54

Toffee. Sorry you are having a shit time!!

Hugs for you.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Fri 08-Nov-13 20:43:46

Tip thanks - you're lovely really aren't you? I knew Mimi was wrong about you! wink x

BsshBossh Fri 08-Nov-13 21:45:18

Another big vote for mindfulness toffee. It's been key (alongside cognitive behavioural therapy and neurolinguistic programming) in helping me through some very hard times.

Talkinpeace Fri 08-Nov-13 22:04:52

I am a deeply psychotic auditor accountant
I have great clarity of mind
I'm tiger- wolf - loyal
I know that 19/ 20 people who are overweight must deal with their demons before they can start dealing with food
(the other 1/20 are the genetically fat btw)

trust me : I get called a rottweiler to my face.
I can be bloody hard work
BUT heaven help those who piss me off without good reason.

On the other hand I am the most solid ally when needed : hence nailing the prison case I did this year.

somewherebecomingrain Fri 08-Nov-13 22:43:29

Hey all

toffee hope daughter is better soon.

((())) to you and notastired

donkey my mil was nearly in a wheelchair -5:2 has literally given her her body back.

Yy to getting to grips with mental issues,

bigchoc what bssh said - love hearing about your epic meals! Love hearing about bssh s epicurean reveries. mrsflorrick you too - loved hearing about your cheese feast.

AFM it's been a day of frenzy. Big lunch out with dp then aunt and uncle round for dinner. I expect its pushing 4k. But this morning I saw the 10s by a tiny sliver. After my plateau not expecting to lose iykwim but I am.

MrsFlorrick Sat 09-Nov-13 00:43:22

Somewhere grin. It was a feast indeed. Ate too much total for today is about 2200cals so clearly not a FD!!

Tomorrow won't be either but Sunday is usually a FD or mini fast.

Talkin. You sound cool and amazing. I'm a bit in awe....

It's such a dilemma. I'm so close to my goal and I really want race there but I also want wine and cheese feasts. In fairness I am still losing slowly and given the half term excesses and cheese feasts ( two this week blush) I cannot complain.

Despite half term PILs visit and cheese feasts I did lose 1/2lbs and an inch on waist and hips over the last few weeks. Obviously had put on a few lbs from PILs visit but shed those plus a little extra.

Must finish wine and go to sleep grin

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 00:51:16

Tip wine and cake and flowers

...... word on street is it's actually Doberman these days! On account of you looking so hot an' all wink Can't say I haven't paid attention!

Speaking from my own point of view, I can definitely vouch for the happy head/ happy body theory.

Not that I am either yet. But I'm on my way now. And that is the difference between being in the right frame of mind to tackle these issues, or not! Made a lot of progress this year, most enjoyable of which, has been finding 5:2 and you lot! It suits me on so many levels. But was I ready for this 12 mths ago? Prob not.

Fortunately, I have started winning the battle with my demons. Things have been moving in the right direction for a while, and now 5:2 is playing a huge part in that.

When the student is ready, the Master will come!

somewherebecomingrain Sat 09-Nov-13 05:39:36

tip I thought you were a life/health coach! Our very own. A very fortunate free resource for the thread. You should think about if if you ever want a new career.

annielewis Sat 09-Nov-13 08:24:10

Welcome donkey I lurked for ages before being brave enough to dive in and do my first FD, the great thing about this thread is that if you fail spectacularly on your first one no one will judge, someone else will probably be in the same boat and we will all be here for your next attempt!!

For me personally it is honestly the best thing I have done ever - and in terms of weight management!

Good luck if you do decide to do Monday.

MrsF I am thinking of maybe doing a mini fast tomorrow too as will be on my own for most of day - but then want to eat what I want for dinner. Mini fast or 18:6 I reckon.

Good luck all you saturday FDers - not joining you today as done two back to back now and don't feel like doing today. Scales say another pound down today so feeling good! Love love love this WOE!

Twinmama32 Sat 09-Nov-13 08:45:13

Today is a good day!
I woke up this morning a I am in the 10s!!! 10.13 to be exact. I am just so thrilled, 10.7 is my goal so I'm so close now. I can't actually believe it, I feel a bit giddy!!

I've been in the 11s for the past 2mnths which I thought was ages but actually writing it down is realise that was still quite steady.
Hurrah for 5:2, hip hip etc etc grin

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 09:19:21

Yay!! TwinM Congratulations! I long for the 10s. 9lb off that yet, and then unfortunately need to lose poss another 1.5 st because I am short arse! But hearing these results, always renews hope and determination!


Thinking of getting in on this 16:8 / 18:6 malarkey. Everyday, except maybe weekends. Like what I've heard esp from you MrsF

Will give it a try today, with you AnnieM & Mrs F ! Good luck All!

Emmabryant123 Sat 09-Nov-13 10:08:19

So happy.
I see 7.13 on scales this morning.
I'm only five foot though .
Hmm I'm thinking I need to start thinking about maintaining now.
Have a good Saturday ladies and well done everyone

rubbishfamily333 Sat 09-Nov-13 10:11:05

Emma - wow that's tiny, what was your starting weight? And when did you start?

Emmabryant123 Sat 09-Nov-13 10:24:04

Starting weight, nearly 9 stone but looked and felt uncomfy at that weight,I still have fat on tummy now as I'm short and I store it around my tummy and thighs.
I also started this woe for the health benefits as well.
I've tried various woes of eating before this, been at this on/off four months.

rubbishfamily333 Sat 09-Nov-13 10:35:28

Well if you still have fat on the belly it might be time to stop loosing weight and start exercising grin

I am only 5 foot 2 but if I was under 8 stone I would feel tiny. But we all have different frames etc and know how we feel comfortable.

toffeesponge Sat 09-Nov-13 10:38:55

DD in bed sad though good as resting. Just given her a lolly to ease her throat and meds for her throat and rising temp.

I'm preparing shepherd's pie for dinner and doing fruit and meringues for dessert - D's choice. Hoping she can manage it.

MrsF - I Love cheese too. Just bought some smoked wensleydale to try.

Twinmama32 - Well done! I am starting to believe I might make 10 something one day for the first time since I had my 8 year old! Currently 11 stone 4.4. I was 13 stone 2 lbs July 2012 when I started on Diet Chef. Was good to get a few pounds off but didn't fix my head and even if I never loose another pound I would always say the 5:2 is the best thought I couldn't have done it without everyone being so helpful, supportive and patient with me. flowersflowers.

rubbishfamily333 Sat 09-Nov-13 10:40:43

Toffee - I hope dd is feeling better soon thanksthanks

And your right the support on here is the most motivating!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 11:03:36

Just noticed in my last post I said 9lb to go until 10's, and then another 1.5 st more til target. Thought it sounded too good! Is actually another 2.5 st until target. After the next 9lbs!!

Although, I will probably stop at 9st ish, as although I am 5'2", I think I start to look out of proportion when too skinny. Depends on what that weight is made of though I suppose (glances sideways to box with exercise dvds).

So all things considered... I am minimum of 2st 9lbs to go! Or 37lbs!

Toffee My dd is 8, and we have similar start weight/current weight (I'm actually few lbs more) You can be triplets with me and AnnieL grin

toffeesponge Sat 09-Nov-13 11:13:53

Yay! Always wanted siblings brew.

BsshBossh Sat 09-Nov-13 11:23:16

Well done Twin and emma.

Homemade quesadillas and guacamole for NFD lunch today, followed by the chocolate, hazelnut & Nutella muffins I baked yesterday. Gotta love rainy-stay-at-home weekends.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 11:32:32

(((( welcome to the family sis )))) wink brew x

nitrox Sat 09-Nov-13 11:38:27

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to the 5:2.

Started healthy eating yesterday, and looking to start 5:2 on Monday and Thursdays with a healthier attitude during the week, not so much at the weekend.

I have 7 stones to lose (I'm just under 19st) and would like to lose 7lbs a month in theory.

I've got a bit of reading to do about the plan it seems.

Thanks to those who have suggested it on my other thread, it looks too good to be true!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 11:42:56

Right! I'm off!

Bsshh is making me salivate too much and I am supposed to be busy! I tend to come on here when need a quick 5 min back straighten, or having a cuppa. Think the balance of breaks/work gets bit off kilter sometimes thanks to this place grin

Who cares though eh!!

I work hard (most of time). Play hard!.. Yeah!!!! (arm pumps air)

(pumped up Cukoo grabs cleaning stuff, and marches off to kettle work)

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 11:49:50

Hi Nitrox!

Better say quick hello in case you think it was something you said grin

Scroll back and read posts to Donkey on last page (I think). That to you too.

Always is nice to hear a bit of background to help newbies and find the right support for you!

We have departments for everything here. All ages, genders, shapes, sizes, physical conditions, mental conditions etc.

Tell us a bit more about yourself age, height, goals etc.

Then the right people will jump up with extra reassurance and motivation for you. Which we will all give. But always nice to find things in common. Makes it more real/likely in our heads!

thanks and Good Luck

Morning all, I'm FDing today.

flowers flowers to you toffee and DD. Your food sounds very nurturing for dd. Be proud of yourself for being such a good mum and cook.

I see some threaders have really important milestones :

flowers TwinM Hip, hip hurray tp you for achieving the 10s.

flowers Emma Well done, under 8 stone, blimey !

BsshBossh Sat 09-Nov-13 12:06:16

nitrox hello! Settle in and have a good read then chat away with us when you're ready. Nothing like jumping in at the deep-end: start with your first fast on Monday as loads of us are Monday fasters (very nice to fast on a Monday after an indulgent weekend).

Hi cuckoo It is against the rules to convert target losses to lb, until it is under 1 stone. Any US visitors take note ! Maybe you could calculate your target in B&J tubs instead - motivating or depressing ?
You'll get to your 9 stone with patience and you'll probably solve your health issues on the way.

Re possible allergies / reactions: maybe try giving up each possible cuplrit for 3 weeks, either in turn or singly, depending on will-power. From our intimate knowledge of your foibles, possibly leaving the "no booze" as the final trial <and it would be a trialcruel snigger >

MrsFlorrick Sat 09-Nov-13 13:20:25

Cookoo. Re allergy or whatever is going on with you.

You say a rash on your body. Could it be biological laundry detergent? I became allergic overnight about 11 years ago. Made me feel very ill with rashes etc until it was diagnosed. It's solved by washing everything in Fairy non bio.

You said something about pain when you're eating. Could it be a stomach bug ie the bacterial sort which needs antibiotics?
Or Are you taking multi vits and do they contain nickel? I'm allergic to nickel and had 8 months of stomach pain wind cramps etc until it was diagnosed. I didn't even know I was allergic to nickel before hand.

Just a thought

rubbishfamily333 Sat 09-Nov-13 13:46:46

Bssh - the food your making today is all my favourites! Can I come? grin

Well my dd is staying at her dads today so I'm all alone! I have asked friends to go out but no one is free! I have loads to do at home including painting/cleaning and organising! But I want to do something fun with my weekend!

I've been to a high intensity class this Morning and got tricked Into staying in for the abs class by the instructor so I'm being productive and not ruining all my hard work grin

I will try to get some stuff done at home then maybe read my book! I feel like an old women and I'm only 28 confused

Talkinpeace Sat 09-Nov-13 13:47:23

for another thread I just re-found one of my favourite links

rubbishfamily333 Sat 09-Nov-13 13:50:08

Nitrox - welcome grin I am new to 5.2, I only did one fast day last week and two this week and I have already lost weight! More importantly I am feeling like its very achievable (Normally I dread weightloss). Everyone is very friendly on here and so supportive! Good luck grin

Talkinpeace Sat 09-Nov-13 13:59:28

Not fasting as
a) its the weekend
b) its raining
so breakfast was croissants, lunch was baguette with ham, stilton and branston, supper will be chicken fajitas (and beer)

THAT is why 5:2 works. Because you get to enjoy meals and good times
but remember
save the calories for meal times.

rubbish Sounds like you had a really productive day at the gym <polish your halo>, so well done.

You deserve a treat. Why not go out on your own and look at some pretty clothes you might want to buy later, motivation for achieving the new slimmer you ?

If budget allows, Have a meal / latte /toasted sandwich somewhere bright and cheerful. If you choose a 'posh' place where you wait for the food to be brought to you, take your book to read in the breaks. I enjoy an evening out with my Kindle (but I am an unsociable bookworm sometimes and I like to combine this with gluttony)

rubbishfamily333 Sat 09-Nov-13 15:56:42

Bigchoc - I never really go to places alone, I would eat in a cafe alone but not a restaurant! maybe I should. As I'm single and would like to meet someone that's probably a good idea grin

xCupidStuntx Sat 09-Nov-13 15:57:39

Hi everyone and thanks for having me, I haven't read the entire thread yet but I intend to!
This really does sound very doable and I'm feeling a little bit positive! Aside from the information in this thread, links etc, is there anywhere else I should be reading up to get myself clued in?

Thanks for the link talkingpeace, my laziness extends to the internet now too (I really do get lost I'm new to mumsnnt smile)

Talkinpeace Sat 09-Nov-13 15:59:15

when DH is travelling alone with work he eats out a lot.
He always has a notebook and pencil next to him (because he's always planning) and they always assume he's some sort of reviewer so gets excellent service.

when I used to travel alone for work I always found restaurant staff really good about making sure lone female diners feel comfortable
and you can order EXACTLY what you like with nobody else to comment

Talkinpeace Sat 09-Nov-13 16:01:02

Cupid this thread is all in the best possible taste.
Click onto the Fasting / 5:2 diet board and you'll see several really good threads of hints, tips, links, recipes and stuff
(ps there is no "g" in my name grin )

Emmabryant123 Sat 09-Nov-13 16:25:18

Thanks ladies, today I have eaten:
Breakfast 10am: one slice peanut butter on toast to use the last of the peanut butter with half a sliced banana. Ate the other half Of banana and had another whole banana.
Dinner: 4pm: steak pie, mash, broccoli and cauliflower , mushy peas and gravy.
Going to enjoy rice pudding and jam in a little bit.
Have had two cups tea, one milky coffee and sugar free squash ti

Twinmama32 Sat 09-Nov-13 16:36:29

Thanks everyone! It's a great feeling, I remember reading similar posts back in feb when I started this at 14stone 7Ibs and thinking "that'll never be me" but I was sooooooo wrong. Will relative little effort but a whole lifestyle change I feel and look 1000% better than before. Largely thanks to this thread for all the motivation and support.

BsshBossh Sat 09-Nov-13 16:36:44

rubbish I've had very long periods of time being single and am completely accustomed to eating out, browsing galleries/museums, going on long walks and going to the cinema/theatre alone (still do all these things when I can even though I'm now married). I love it. Eating dinner out: I find the first sitting at restaurants the easiest eg 6pm, by the window, people watching or with a Kindle. Cinema and theatre not such a big deal being solo at an evening performance but if you are then a matinee is fabulous. Incidentally, I met my DH at an obscure arty movie at the BFI in London - an early evening show (very long story that might out me to anyone who might know me on MN). I'm all for going out alone smile

toffeesponge Sat 09-Nov-13 16:40:50

For three days I have fancied choc chip cookie. DH went out and bought two packs (I had wanted a fresh baked one) but I had 2 and even before I was half way through the second I was thinking I had had enough, was no longer enjoying it and was happy to stop eating it. Couldn't work out what to do with it hmm so ate it but next time I will put it in a box for next time. NSV, yes?

BsshBossh Sat 09-Nov-13 16:47:56

toffee most definitely a NSV. In the past you would have scoffed most (all?) of the pack wouldn't have you? Well done lady.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 17:36:41

Toffee I had a very similar moment the other week. Surprising isn't it! It's a bit like 'Oh hello feeling in stomach! Not used to you popping up!' Def a NSV. Easily lost again though as I have found. Tends to come and go but on whole, getting better all time. Love the getting retuned to body signals of this woe!

MrsF Thanks for thinking of me flowers .... Deep breath..
- No rash on body. Raised bumpy patches on face. And occasional spot (though spots could just be hormones) I have always been blessed with good skin on face, so this is def new.

Other symptoms - really itchy scalp. Is mostly at back. Gets worse at night or when warm. Getting occasional spot but could be from scratching. Dp checked and no colour to it. Just feckin itchy as feck!

Already using fairy non bio! grin Though started box (it's cash and carry mammoth size) around same sort of time, so wouldn't I just be the one to react! No issues on body though, so doubtful!

Stomach thing may or may not be related. To confuse matters I have been taking treatment for stomach ulcer, which happen to share a lot of symptoms (I'm starting to realise) with intolerance issues. So maybe wasn't an ulcer?? I had blood tests for all sorts couple of weeks back including H.Pylori, which needs the anti biotic treatment. All clear apparently!

This is why I am so frustrated! Was (fortunately) healthy whole life until after dd. Went through major crap for few years, then previous life long crap decided to catch up and I got full blown depression. Have taken stuff for in past - but have been trying to treat med free for few years. Incidentally, I seem to be doing ok now, have turned a corner. Long may it last! Know my own mind inside/out and analyse the crap out of everything, so confident it isn't depression related.

I also started having back problems - the treatment of which started stomach ulcers. Now they flare up when something sets them off. Funny you should say about vitamins, because this lot of pain, I am certain was caused by the WellWoman multi vit I was taking to combat tiredness, dark circles, lethargy and other bits - a lot of which are symptoms of depression too!! I took one and was on bed with MAJOR stomach cramps and sweats for about 4 hrs! Thought was dying! Googled and apparently happens to some people with certain vits. No proof whether started it or just aggravated what was already there (ulcer).

So... back to docs. Explained everything. Got blood tests for everything. Thyroid ok, Not H.pylori, not anaemic etcetera

On top, around about 2 mths ago started itching like mad as mentioned above. Driving me crazing trying to work it out. Hadn't thought about food intolerances, as have never had previously!

However, thanks to Postman - I am now looking at intolerances. Thanks to article I found am now wondering if a Histamine intolerance. Shares same symptoms I keep getting, all mentioned above AND the med I take for 'ulcer' also alleviates same symptoms as Histamine intolerance. Ergo - I would have been getting relief from 'ulcer' med, but maybe wasn't actually ulcers every time!

Itching and facial skin thing new though!

Am fine (sigh) just frustrated and want to get it sorted. Am not the most patient of patients. And while I have great caring, compassion, nursing skills when comes to others. I am rubbish with self and just get pissed off with always 'whining' about something!

POST EPIC POST ALERT again! Am in bath so idle fingers! Hope I haven't sent you to sleep! grin

BsshBossh Sat 09-Nov-13 17:48:40

Oh cuckoo no wonder you're so frustrated. It's so annoying not knowing, isn't it?

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 18:22:15

Yes Bsshh. I know its nothing compared to what a lot of people have to deal with in life. But would be nice to get it sorted!

Hi Cupid Welcome!

I thing Talking Piece has a ring to it grin talking piece of what though??...

Talking Piece of Cheese??

Talking Piece of Snack??

Talking Piece of Lurve??

....... hmm answers on postcard!

Think cheese should win, given your Cheshire confessions on the matter!

Talkinpeace Sat 09-Nov-13 18:24:19

Talk in Peace : it goes back to my ebay days where one never used your main trading account when posting on the boards of Q&A on a Friday night. Swearing was banned but by golly we had fun.

toffeesponge Sat 09-Nov-13 18:46:09

Definitely would have Bssh. Have to confess to having had another since but enjoyed it very much.

Heart going crazy as the cat just brought a mouse in!

DD has eaten a spoonful of shepherd's pie, an opal fruit and a meringue with raspberries. Not usual to eat a sweet mid dinner but tbh we want her well and she doesn't take advantage. Temp up but has had ibruprofen already so hopefully that will come down very soon.

MrsFlorrick Sat 09-Nov-13 20:05:44

Toffee. Glad your DD has eaten a little. Hoping for a swift recovery.


Have you been tested for lupus? Just a thought as it has tiredness pain and facial bumps/rash as symptoms for some.

I have rosacea my face and scalp and initially my gP thought it was lupus. I actually saw three dermatologist before I was diagnosed. Because I have the bumps on my scalp sometimes and redness on my face but the initial redness was shaped like a butterfly hence the lupus assumptions.

Btw my scalp isn't red from rosacea just my face (grrr). And it's sometimes itchy although not to the extremes you describe.

Allergy/intolerance possible.

You don't have a Tempur matress or pillow? I used to but became allergic to mine. Spots and itching. Extreme itching in fact.

Worth to either get allergy testing done or try an elimination diet?

Oh, cuckoo How rotten for you to have all these problems - rashes, itches, tum, back - Phew, I'd dive into a chocolate B&J and stay there until the nasties cleared up ! So, you are really a tough lady to cope with it all, as well as sticking to 5:2.
flowers flowers
You know the whole thread is rooting for you to be 100% again (and a smaller cuckoo !!)
<I just hope you are not allergic to B&J>

Toffee Good to hear your dd managed a small meal, always a good sign.

Well done on not mainlining that pack of choc cookies <like some of us would have done>
But you offended that poor moggie, not eating the delicious mouse she brought you ! Are you vegan ?

My FD finished at 410 cals, with 100 mins @ gym, spin and heavy weights.

In prep for Sunday NFD, I've just cooked lamb, chickpea, apricot and almond tagine, which is one of the few really good dishes I do. I'll serve it with mushroom quinoa.
My pud will be NNN-compliant, but I must avoid my falling into another nut butter jar: buckwheat groats, almond milk, cinammon, pnut butter, banana.
I must remember not to be greedy pig to have moderate portions hmm <wanna bet ?>

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 23:51:40

Drunken Post Alert

BigChoc I love you! And I want to come round for dinner. Your tagine sounds fab and I bet you ARE a great cook! You have amazing knowledge of food. Maybe your issues are with temp control and movement of wooden spoons??...

It is my current mission in life to find you the perfect rice pud recipe. Have you got a slow cooker?! I know nothing about you is slow, but! Maybe on weekends if nothing else, you could treat yourself to the results of patiently waiting for the slow cooker to deliver?! I will keep investigating.

Cue the je t'aime music ... BigChoc ... I love you. You may be a gym bunny freak of nature, you may have amazing knowledge of delicious wholesome foods, you may know how to scare a gym full of peeps into doing what you want of an evening - with NO puking allowed!

But! You're also the lady who opens her door naked in a face pack, head lodged in a jar of 4 nut butter whatevs that is! with lumps of milky oats stuck to sealing.

Despite this, you are cheery, happy, supportive, motivational being, who strikes me as always finding the good in peeps.

And for that... I thank you! Cue end of music, start of law suit ! hmm

Took ages to type! Should've seen spelling mistakes! I is defo sozzled avian tonight! But something's just need saying!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 23:56:14

Ceiling!! Not that drink!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 23:57:04

Drunk! Oh fuck!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sat 09-Nov-13 23:58:49

Off to sleep now. Damn predictive text! Takes a friggin age!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sun 10-Nov-13 00:05:54

Not off to bed really (sneaky face) watching illegal telly. Dd at sleepover. Soon to be ex dp gone to bed. Just me, dog , wine, choc and dodgy musical series finale to keep company! Might end up breaking out the singstar on own soon! Proper Bridget Jones moment!

Cuckoo Mutual admiration society. You are the skilled cook; I am the glutton gourmet with a handful of good recipes (the other kind explode onto my kitchen walls & ceiling).
Sounds like I ought to buy a slow cooker. Maybe sometime you can describe the advantages and how foolproof they are (really important point).
Currently, I am trying substitutes for rice pud on NNN, as Betsy seems of the opinion that it counts as sweet junk hmm

Btw: when I scared my neighbour, my face mask was a green one, so I must have looked like Big Choc Mint !

Now, go to bed !
<you'll have a sore head Sunday, cruel grin>

Junebugjr Sun 10-Nov-13 08:01:10

Just to update, as I don't post much-

Started at 10.8st 4 weeks ago, am down to 9.11 this morn, so 11lb in 4 weeks. Am chuffed, I've had at least 2 days a week splurges too. I do tend to lose very quickly the first month or so, am planning to get to 8.7st, which was what I usually settled at before I busted my knee.
Good luck to all on FD's!!

Not2bObvious Sun 10-Nov-13 08:07:59

Cuckoo hope the heads ok this morning, just reading through your last few posts and hats off, you're a very eloquent drinker grin If I had attempted that on my own tiddly night (fell home in the early hours of Saturday and despite having to work yesterday morning from 8am decided 2am is JUST the ideal time to eat toast/watch Dexter) it wouldn't have been decipherable! Only joking I didn't feel drunk but the pain in my feet from my heels, whoever said pride feels no pain should add the line, until you take the shoes off!
Died a death yesterday, struggled though 5 hours of work, then mums taxi duty, in bed by 9.30. Thank The Lord I feel closer to human today. Honestly though I am really scared I am alcohol intolerant - and I'm more scared that I'm scared of it iykwimwink I love a glass of wine, but I can go from 2 glasses no problem (125ml ladies, not the novelty 750ml ones) to 3, so around half a bottle of wine and be dying. Ok truth be told that wasn't the case Friday, 3 decent glasses of wine plus 1 cocktail, 1.5 cocktails if I'm being honest, and by lunchtime yesterday I had a full blown migraine style headache. I alternated all drinks with a glass of water throughout the night, but nope still hanging yesterday.
What will I do without my wine hobby?!?!
Not sure how to approach today, we are planning a lunch out, ate lots of junk yesterday although kept to tdee. I think I need a day of eating delicious things. Really picking stuff I enjoy, good food. Hope you all have a lovely sunday

Not2bObvious Sun 10-Nov-13 08:47:35

junebugjr that is really impressive, you are at my goal weight, although I have another 1.5 stone to get there. I can't wait to be 10 stone something - but as my losses seem to be about 2 pound a month it's likely to be 2014(currently 11.4) I honestly don't mind that though which is why I live this woe/WOL. If it takes 3 months to lose half a stone , so be it, the pace seems to be in line with my changes to behaviour, I'm years abusing food, only logical it'll take time to learn a better way.
Congrats again, keep up the good work

Not2bObvious Sun 10-Nov-13 08:48:45

love this woe/WOL I meant! Although I do live it toogrin

Quick Sunday wave to all.

Well done Junebug That's amazingly fast. Nearly 3 lb per week !
Itsa Patience is key for us lesser mortals. It's a WOL not a race. We'll crawl along together to our target <I'm slow because I'm so greedy>
I'm off to the gym now for fasted spin, heavy squats <sounds disgusting>, chinups and lifting whatever / whoever I see.
<frenetic bunny smilicon>
Looking forward to gluttonous orgy disciplined enjoyment of the yum courses I prepared last night <drools and pats self on back, messy>
cuckoo How's the head this morning ? You were an amazingly coherent drunk ! I'll burp my report on the feast to you afterwards.

thinkcan Sun 10-Nov-13 09:18:22

Cuckoo not sure how old you are but I read that the pre-menopause and menopause years can bring about symptoms like itching and skin rashes. I remember going through an itchy scalp phase around menopausal time but at 57 that's so far behind me. Yay!! Age has it benefits!

My NSV this week - tried on 2 pairs of waist 28" pants at the shop and they were too loose. Despite the weight not dropping much from the 120 lb mark over the last few weeks, the inch losses continue. Must be the muscles I am building from all the hiking, biking and weight lifting.

campocaro Sun 10-Nov-13 09:52:53

Hi everyone. I´ve been lurking for ever. Been on this WOE since late March and have lost 2 stones and am so happy!. I am now overweight not morbidly obese and have about 1.5 stone to lose but taking it gradually. I am enjoying the cook book as was getting a bit bored of soups on fast days.
Can someone tell me what NNN is?-I dont have time to look back though all the posts.
Good luck to newbies starting this WOE this week-it´s really the best thing that I have done-I am in mid fifties so it´s never too late!

Junebugjr Sun 10-Nov-13 09:59:45

Not2bObvious - I'm only 5ft 2 though, so still overweight by BMI until 9.7st!
We've had problems with our heating, so its been freezing here, which I think has given me a boost. Plus DH has been in hospital with his tonsils, so I haven't stopped with added childcare/household/driving to and from hospital. I usually plateau at 9.4st, so am dreading that. Still I'm finding it easy, and will plod on until i hopefully get to 8.7, then review.
I'm going to have to start exercising unfortunately too <sigh>

Not2bObvious Sun 10-Nov-13 10:15:49

Junebug you lost 11lbs without exercising?? If you add in exercise you might not plateau quite as quickly as you thing. 4 pound off a normal bmi isn't to be sniffed at. You done good girl, enjoy it!
NNN is, if I remember it rightly, Not Naughty November? A challenge a few if the guys are doing Campo, congrats on your 2 stone, well over halfway to your goal! And delighted for you Thinkcan, fitting into clothes easily has to be the ultimate nsv. As I was saying Friday I had maintained this week not lost a sodding ounce but I was wearing lovely size 12 skinnies out. I got loads of compliments on Friday on my weight loss, I was a bit embarrassed to be honestblush Does anyone else feel that? I have to keep fighting the urge to say "I'm not even halfway there, I've miles to go!" And the other part is cause it's taken nearly 6 months to lose 15-17 pound, I don't see it although I know it must be a decent change cause I'm down a dress size.
Talk about a nice problem, too many compliments. I think I could be a post on Aibugrin

NotAsTired Sun 10-Nov-13 10:19:13

junebug. Super well done on your weight loss so far. smile

campocaro, that's fabulous weight loss, especially coming down from morbidly obese, well done, you should be very proud of yourself. flowers

thinkcan great nsv, yup, that'll be the exercise and the 5:2 doing that. You seem very motivated. smile

cuckoo I think I have found a great rice pudding recipe for me recently. It's here although I use butter instead of marg and didn't add the cinnamon last time I made it, but it's all delicious. Actually, have some going now. I have really got into traditional puds at the moment and yesterday, I even made my own custard from scratch. BTW, I only have puddings at the weekend.

NotAsTired Sun 10-Nov-13 10:23:05

It always makes me smile how much we talk (and eat) about delicious, calorie laden food when we are all losing weight. And without guilt too. grin

campocaro Sun 10-Nov-13 10:26:31

Thanks NotAsTired and Not2bObvious I´m pretty chuffed myself. Also I have about 4 friends who are now doing this WOE because they have seen my weight loss!

Emmabryant123 Sun 10-Nov-13 12:02:23

Nfd here.

Have made mine and hubbies rolls for work tomorrow. Using cheese baps.
One ham and mayo each.
One mayo, turkey, lettuce and cucumber each.
Their massive though. Struggled to get them in my lunch box which has probably resulted in squashed bread rolls. Oh well lol.
So far have eaten one slice toast with Philly cheese and two bananas. And not hungry at all.
Have bought banana and custard muller light for after dinner tonight which I'm still not sure what it will be. Brr it's cold here. Been tescos this morning now back home in pjs. Can't even face a shower as dont want to get out of it after. So movie day with the kids.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sun 10-Nov-13 13:11:57

AM. HANGING. confused

I feel disgusting! And disgusted! (with self)

A bottle and a half of red wine. Not the most absorbent of food consumed. And a very late night = suffering. Lots!

Not sure how I went from wondering if I was going to have a glass, to finishing what was available??...

Feel so sick now. Rough is understatement.

All I can remember about posting was that it took me ages to type each word because of number of mistakes I made. I am actually amazed myself reading them back that they make any sense.

Thank goodness dd out with friend today! Means I can wallow in my pit of pain and tell myself should know better, own fault, serves right etc.

Feel sick sad Need to sleep. (can feel BigChoc evil smile)

Menopause!!! shock I am 35. Have been joking for yrs though that I must be going through it because of hot flushes etc. Bloody hell! Will have look into that! Don't know when my mother had hers, or any family history really, but seriously have been joking about it for ages!!!

Hello, btw everybody. Welcome de lurkers. Well done achievers! That is epic loss in 4 wks!! envy

Need to sleep now (gag)

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sun 10-Nov-13 13:14:39

Notas thanks - will take look when sure reading the ingredients won't set me off!! (gag)

Not2bObvious Sun 10-Nov-13 15:04:26

Oh cuckoo I feel for you from a fellow sufferer, all I can offer is tomorrow you'll feel better. Time is the only cure. Food doesn't help so don't waste too many cals on it (sez she who ate rings around herself yesterday)
Just finished yummy roast dinner in local pub, might have cake for afters, tdee+ todaygrin

I'm reporting a huuuuge scale victory after two days of 16:8. There is a 10 on my scales! Clearly the changing things up method of getting off a plateau worked for me! Just 12lb left to lose now grin

And a NSV too, went shopping with my sister yesterday and I am in size 12s! Sat here now wearing skinny chinos in olive and feeling tres stylish.

cuckoo darkened room and vitamin c.

not2b move on to whiskey? Tis what I do.

Emmabryant123 Sun 10-Nov-13 16:22:02


Have eaten today

One slice Philly on toast.
Two banana
Handful grapes
One banana and custard muller light
Fish cakes, mushy peas, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, tender stem broccoli for late lunch/early dinner. As was hungry.
So bored so want to eat but not even hungry, what to do?
Tv boring, iPad boring, plain bored.

Not2bObvious Sun 10-Nov-13 17:02:17

Ironing/dusting/cleaning - if you're that bored Emma shouldn't matter and you'll go into next week ahead of the game. Unless you one of them wot already has her house togetherblush
Stuffed to the gills, belly aching, that's me done for the day I'd say, ok I am being a tad over optimistic as it's only 5 but that's how I feel now.
I wish I liked whiskey Lucy have bottles of it ( even if I did I wouldn't guzzle them u swear!) but I just don't.
Maybe I should persevere ...

MrsFlorrick Sun 10-Nov-13 17:56:48

Evening all.

Mini fast here today. I have had tea coffee (soya latte nspresso so low cal) and roast chicken with a bit of colslaw and one bit of garlic bread. And half a glass of apple juice (DDs leftovers).

A total of about 800 cals. So an excellent mini fast really. Kitchen is closed btw. DC all fed and in the bath. DH will fend for himself later and nibble at bits of left overs.

Hi Cookoo. How's your hangover?? I'm in your boat....

I had it large with my cheese and wine last night. Didn't eat too much cheese but I drank mulled wine. Very bad. Oh yes. Not only is it cheap red wine (hangover inducing) its also full of sugar and compared to my normal tipple has more than twice yes twice the calories!!!!shockshockshock And as mulled wine is nice and hot is shot into your blood stream in an instant.
So I lost control and ate some chocolate too. blush

Oh dear. No damage on scales this morning which was good.

Did my Jillian Ripped in 30 workout and took DC on a 2 hour walk in the park.

So today has been fairly virtuous really

Roll on tomorrow for more of the same! I want to pull off a proper FD tomorrow. Set myself up for a good week. And work out harder too.

At least there is now no longer any mulled wine, posh cheese or to toblerone in the house grin

We have cheddar and DCs choc and biscuits but I can easily keep away from them (unless I drink mulled wine again).

Hangover did disappear once I had done my workout and had a shower (and gallon of water and coffee).

Anyone else fasted or mini fasted today?

BetsyBell Sun 10-Nov-13 18:00:32

NNN update: weekend has been fairly sugar and booze filled. I think this is ok grin. Weekdays will be abstemious.

Also, just made this. So good.

Kitchen is now closed or I might explode.

BetsyBell Sun 10-Nov-13 18:02:37

Hope you hungovered lot have nearly recovered!

Well done Lucy emma june and campo on assorted scale/non-scale victories!

June you might be surprised what you can achieve on 5:2. My initial target was 8st 10 as I wanted to be comfortably under 9...I've now hovered around 8st 3 for the past four months without much effort!

Another 9.5km on the treadmill this morning, I should have my new trainers by next weekend and have set myself a sub-60 mins 10k target. I haven't run that fast since about 2008!!

Emmabryant123 Sun 10-Nov-13 18:24:51

Hmm gave in and had a magnum.
Still only 1700 calories -&+ a few either way though so not to bad.

Made two baps for work tomorrow.
Cheese baps, ham and mayo in one, lettuce, turkey and cucumber n mayo in the other.
Not sure on calories. May take a banana as well.
Then Tuesday is a 500 cal fast day.
Well done to everyone on this thread on scale and NSv victories. !

toffeesponge Sun 10-Nov-13 18:27:40

<flops on to thread>

Just spent the day in hospital with DD after I called for advice and an ambulance was sent and she was taken in. I am worried that yet again her heart rate was much to fast. Must have been viral tonsillitis as the ABs have not helped so she now has a spray to use and has had blood taken for testing. She is being tested for glandular fever now. She is very pale but we are finally home.

BigChoc - the cat scared me when he brought the mouse in. DH and DS2 chased him out and both cats were shut in the utility room for the night.

Emmabryant123 Sun 10-Nov-13 18:29:24

Btw does anyone want to add me on mfp for support,
I'm emma1993b.
Ha born in 1993 I wish. Only username I could get.

toffeesponge Sun 10-Nov-13 18:29:42

I have just had 2 squares of chocolate.

Emmabryant123 Sun 10-Nov-13 18:30:32

Just calculated roll calories

eatriskier Sun 10-Nov-13 18:31:32


BetsyBell Sun 10-Nov-13 18:33:02
BetsyBell Sun 10-Nov-13 18:34:21

oh that's not meant to be a link <hug fail> blush

I'm glad you've had chocolate toffee xxx

MrsFlorrick Sun 10-Nov-13 18:45:08

Toffee. Yikes. How scary for you. Hope things improve over night for you DD.

In eyeing up some wine so I should probably go to bed!

toffee Big hugs to you and DD. How scary for you both. Fingers crossed she is back to full health very soon.

For this one weekend, I continued NNN, so after my tagine and my banana buckwheat, I sublimated my junk urges by scoffing an enormous bag of salty popcorn and a bag of cashews. Equivalent in cals to several B&J tubs ! Anyway, I proved I can live junk-free, but is it living ?
My ice cream spoons have been sharpened for next weekend.

To newbies: NNN=No Naughties November = on weekdays, no alcohol or sugary junk (ice, chox, bix, muffins, i.e. most things 12-yr-olds this thread enjoys)
Betsy, cuckoo and I took the pledge, feel free to join.

To sozzled avian: <evil grin delivered along with snigger>

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Sun 10-Nov-13 20:56:07

awww Toffee, hope your DD will be well soon.

Today I ran an impromptu 10K. I went out with the plan to run a 4 mile circular route. I got back and was having such a good run I carried on for a further 2.25 miles making it just over 10K.

Last night I made a drunken decision to run a half marathon in May. This morning I woke up still wanting to do the half in May and after my run today I am even more determined. I have 5 and a half months to get to the distance.

Anyway FD tomorrow, looking forward to it.

rubbishfamily333 Sun 10-Nov-13 20:58:22

Hi everyone,

Well I have something to report, I managed to stick within my tdee all weekend without any problems! I find it unbelievable shockshockshock
Normally I am such a piggy! I even went to cafe Nero today and had a skinny hot chocolate and double chocolate fudge cake (which wasn't as nice as I thought it would be).

I havnt had a bar of chocolate all week and I don't even miss it. I did nick a few of dds buttons which I decided wasn't worth the calories!

Well done campo, that is significant weight loss; coming down from morbidly obese is a massive boost to your health

Congrats also to thinkcan and *Lucy for achieving NSVs, always a morale-booster.

Wow rubbish Achieving TDEE over an entire weekend is serious discipline. Sounds like most of us had a greedy less disciplined time. Well done.

Biscuit Great idea, go for the half-marathon. You can do this ! If possible, join a running group who train for such events, to make sure you have structured training. Or try to find a running buddy.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sun 10-Nov-13 21:19:31


Am sending you lots of love and support through cyberspace. You poor thing, you must feel wrung out. Really hope poor little Dd gets whatever it is diagnosed and treated properly asap so she can make full recovery. X

Hangover Update: After few hrs kip am feeling more human. Headache and nausea gone, just tired and looking like bag of shite! Definitely can't pull it off like used to!

Anyway, looking forward to fd tmw. To feel cleansed of all the crap consumed this weekend! Had chinese tonight, pleased to report I was able to stop when full, instead of ploughing on regardless. Bit of choccy and ice-cream beckons before NNN kicks in again tmw!

Doing 4:3 this week. Mon and prob Wed and Thurs.
Am looking a lot slimmer in face again this weekend, despite booze, so think I might be on move again. Hopefully.

ThinkCan that recipe looks delicious. Agree on butter. (I once read that some marg is basically 2 ingredients away from being plastic!) Have found some great recipes on Allrecipes over the years. Love reading the reviews too. Get some great tips/ideas from them.
My only problem with recipe is that I can't make it now!grin

Stocking up on pudding rice tmw though, and making it tues (nfd) can't wait grin
It's not on my NNN list! (evil revenge grin to BigChoc)
Is a pudding, not a sugary snack so is allowed (scoffing face smilie)

Really love this thread for all the advice and support. Do agree with all comments that it's funny yet fantastic that we spend a lot of time talking about what we can/are eating and swapping recipes! Love it!

I've been reading up about the menopause. Found a long list of signs. I could tick pretty much all of them. BUT, they also happen to be symptoms of low estrogen levels. I briefly wondered about hormone imbalance a while back. Didn't go to docs at time was going through very flat avoid everyone depressed episode but there is a test. Going to print off list, (I always get brain fog and forget when I'm in there) and go to Docs this week. Thanks for all comments. You lot are lovely thanks

well done on your run biscuit Sure you can do 13 miles, it just gets easier the more you do!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sun 10-Nov-13 22:33:46

Was NotAsTired I meant to reference not ThinkCan in last msg about rice pudding!

Sorry NotAs - still over limit obvs! smile

CoffeeOne Sun 10-Nov-13 22:36:51

Hello all, mind if I join?

I have roughly 4 stone to lose. Sigh. I've been up and down, WW and calorie counting. I want a lifestyle not a diet.

I have a question for those in the know, why can't the fast days be together? I'm asking because I don't work on Monday's and Tuesday's (I'm at home with DS) and would find those days the easiest to stick to fasting as I have little external influences (my office is always full of cake!) And of course weekends I'm out and about with DH and DS and it usually involves food. A I failing at the first hurdle of picking the days?!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sun 10-Nov-13 22:42:27

Biscuit - next time you should do drunken actual sign up! No backing out then. Good luck with it!

Rubbish Very impressive weekend performance! You must be feeling kick ass smugness at self control. And rightly so! smile

Night all. Bring on another week of fasting, failing and fun!

This week I tackle exercise avoidance!! grin

cuckoo The "no rice pud" was just a trial (and boy, it was a trial) My healthy buckwheat substitute was boring, even with plenty of pnut butter. So, on NFDs I will return to canteen rice pud.
<so that avian can bin her evil grin>

Note to self: healthy substitutes taste like scrapings from cuckoo's cage.
Either eat real junk or abstain completely.

Btw: butter, margerine and all similar spreads nauseate me, even in cooking. I substitute olive oil, Philly or nut butter, depending on dish.
Also, I try to avoid non-fermented soya products and I use almond or chickpea flour rather than wheat.
Do threadmates have substitutes for hated / dodgy ingredients ?

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sun 10-Nov-13 22:51:07

Hi Coffee

I had 4 stone to lose too. In less than 2 mths have lost 11lbs.

I don't think there are any scientific reasons why you can't do two days together. Think it's more about whether you would find it harder to stick to. Maybe could start with 6:1 and a mini fast. Either that or just go for it. Only one way to really find out, and everyone has different experiences.

I did 3 in row last week and was fine. But was unusual week for me. Doing 4:3 this week and will prob do two of those days together. I find sometimes that when I'm in the fasting zone, it is actually easier to keep going. All depends on outside influences of course, life stress, cycle etc. But if you're feeling up for it. Go for it!!

CoffeeOne Sun 10-Nov-13 22:56:27

Thanks for that cuckoo congrats on losing 11lbs! I'd like to have lost half a stone by Christmas.

I'm going to give it a try together and if it doesn't work then I can always change it!

Welcome, coffee We find it much easier to have non-consecutive FDs, but 5:2 should work with a double FD.

Full Monday+Tuesday FDs would mean about 60 hr fasting:
-last full meal Sunday evening
-500 cal Monday
-500 cal Tuesday
-full meal Wednesday morning

I recommend you try a single FD the 2-3 weeks and see how you get on, as it took most of us this amount of time to get used to fasting. After that, when you feel confident, proceed to the double FD.

Most people on FDs do best with protein and veg, avoiding fruit or high carbs. Soups, stews, ready meals are all useful.

Remember to drink lots or water on FDs.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Night all.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sun 10-Nov-13 23:02:18

Yeah BigChoc - I only use proper butter or various (healthier) oils in all cooking.

I eat chocolate instead of veg.
Biscuits instead of fruit.
Cake instead lean protein.
Sugar instead of sweetner.

Works for me wink hmm maybe not???...

CuckooAtchooUhOh Sun 10-Nov-13 23:08:42

Precisely! Coffee - that is exactly the right attitude to have with this woe. You will find what works for you. It's about experimenting and trying not to be disheartened when things don't go exactly to plan.

This, as you have said, is a LIFESTYLE change. You've got all the time in the world to tweak it. Even on one fast day a week I reckon you could kick half a stone by Christmas! Don't obvs hold me to that, we're all different after all! But given the stories on here I wouldn't be surprised.

Good luck. Loads of us fast tmw. If you feel up for tues too, come end of tmw, I'll keep you company on a back to back. Just got to tell dp I'm not making Thai curry tues after all grin He can wait til I can have too!!

rubbishfamily333 Sun 10-Nov-13 23:14:29

Cuckoo - I'm not feeling smug, I am feeling very surprised with myself! wink

CoffeeOne Sun 10-Nov-13 23:34:33

Thank you BigChoc

Cuckoo don't enrage DP just yet! Haha. I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how confident I am doing two days, realistically I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to feel! I actually can't remember the last time I felt hungry <shame>

CoffeeOne Sun 10-Nov-13 23:37:06

I'm bookmarked all the links in the first post ready to read through tomorrow for inspiration. Getting a bit lost in all the previous conversation though, would you all mind please sharing what your successes have been with this WOL so far? smile

Twinmama32 Sun 10-Nov-13 23:55:36

Hi coffee you can do it, this will change your life and its totally doable. In January this year I was 14stone 7. Today I'm 10 stone 13. I have 6Ibs to go before I've lost a total of 4 stone in under a year (started 5:2 on 4 feb this year)
I'm not super fit or active and I'm at home with two toddlers all day but that's the beauty of this woe you can do it whatever your situation.
Good luck! smile

wildwater Mon 11-Nov-13 05:16:05

Greetings to all 5:2ers. I haven't posted here for a is getting much busier now that we've started building our house, plus I am working away at painting Patagonian stones which I am selling at the local market (for very little, but it's something!).

For those who don't know/remember me, I began 5:2 nearly a year ago weighing around 83kg. I am now under 60kg (haven't been able to weigh myself for a while) and feel healthier and better than I can remember, thanks to this WOL. I would still like to drop another 7lbs or so, but am happy to let this happen as it may.

At the beginning, fasting was quite hard. Mostly it was just boring - the 'hunger' was never really an issue. In fact I discovered that what I had always thought of as hunger was something different, and nothing to fear.

My partner started fasting wih me after two weeks when he could see the change in me. We have continued together and it is something we both enjoy. We love the simplicity of 5:2. LL says he is never hungry on FDs, which is amazing because he is a hearty eater on NFDs.

We now fast a full 24 hours from the last time we ate, usually around 8.30pm, then have our 500/600 (approx: we don't actually count) meal.

Breakfast the next day as usual, if we have it. I keep toying with giving up breakfast but haven't quite got there yet.

Sometimes I forget to eat enough on NFDs and that doesn't feel good. I cope with FDs much better when I have eaten a balance of veges & protein with some good grains the previous day.

Nibbling is never a good option. Despite knowing what I should and shouldn't do for myself, there are certain foods that cannot survive around me...particularly nuts, and a brand of Argentine chocolate chip cookie. I simply cannot have those in the house or I will eat the lot.

Despite such weaknesses, my new body shape is here to stay. I never want to be fat again. It is quite incredible to fit into things I could only imagine wearing a year ago. Wonderful to sit and move freely. This will be the first summer since I was a teenager (I am now in my 60s) when I will be slim, healthy & well...all at the same time.

I plan to check back here more often.

Cheers to all smile

wrigglebum Mon 11-Nov-13 07:06:47

Coffee- your ladies for success stories are eatriskier and Bssh- both have lost tons and have before and after pics on their profiles.

My losses are more modest but still life changing. I started in July- I'd already lost half a stone so was around 10st9 (but a bit higher after an all inc holiday). I wanted to drop to 10st if I could. I got there in about a month, added in exercise then stalled for a month. Started losing again and within a month was down to 9st7. That was target (and my lowest weight since age 17) so I went onto maintenance. I've stuck with the exercise and fasting at least once most weeks plus mindful eating. I am now 9st3 and around two sizes smaller.

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Mon 11-Nov-13 07:25:11

Thanks all for the encouragement for the half marathon. Registration isn't open yet so there was no chance to register while drunk. IRT running clubs, I am a member of one, but unable to go now due to work sad

coffee I'm finding it easy to stick to 500 cals one one day, then 800 another day. It's my second week so that's what I'm doing for now.

Good luck for all FDers today

duckyfuzz Mon 11-Nov-13 07:26:04

Morning ladies, you guys are inspiring, I can't keep up with all the posts though! Toffee I hope dd on the mend now, it's so scary when they're that poorly. Cuckoo hope the hangover has passed! Congrats on all impressive weight losses and discipline over the weekend.

Sat I came in at about 500 over TDEE but Sun was within and today is FD so hopefully back on track. Major period pain since sat lunchtime but have managed to avoid resorting to chocolate. Feel about half a stone heavier though sad I know it's not real weight! but was looking forward to feeling slimmer! not wobblier!

rubbishfamily333 Mon 11-Nov-13 07:30:15

All very encouraging weigh losses! Well done ladies I hope I will be able to share some weightloss very soon grin

Pollydon Mon 11-Nov-13 07:37:59

<sneaks I'm quietly and puts hand up >
Can I join too ?
I lost over 3 stone on the Cambridge diet, but its started to go back on & I would love to loose 10 - 14 lb.
Ive been lurking & used the links & also watched the horizon prog.

wildwater nice to hear from you!

Welcome polly you've come to the right place...a way of life, not a diet, is just what you need.

Right, Monday fasters...who's with me? I'm going to be drowning in peppermint tea today and that's it until dinner about 8pm.

eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 07:45:19

coffee hello there. I'm one of those with big losses and photos. Just have a click on my name and you'll be able to see. I lost 5 stone in just over 6m solely doing 5:2. I am a bit of a freak though. Dh is now down 34lb in nearly 3m too so apparently we're both freaks. We both calorie count on nfd. This suits us and helps us make more informed choices. Counting to tdee is far better and more fun than restricting - it becomes more of a game of what can I eat sometimes. Plenty of wine has continued to be imbibed by me wink although now I'm a lightweight an hideously out of practice sad

This weekend has been one of lots of calories and shame. Not shame at the calories though. Shame at falling over drunk and ruining a minutes silence by having a coughing fit blush After working last week I'm looking forward to being a sahm again and returning to normality. And hopefully shaking this fluey thing that's triggering my asthma.

Moving2fast Mon 11-Nov-13 07:46:25

I've been lurking for a while now but think I need to join this thread. I've been fasting for the past 4 weeks and only lost 2lbs...I even did 4:3 last week but have not lost any extra weight.

I stick to 500 cals on my fasts and am now able to wait until the evening before eating. I think my problem is on non-fast days as I haven't been counting calories and assuming that as I have a lot of weight to lose I will be ok (5ft 3 and nearly 14 stone!).

So as of today, I'm going to fast three times this week and count calories on my non-fast day. I had hope to find a diet where I didn't have to count cals but it seems I may need to do it to see any results.

Have been really inspired by other people's posts so here's hoping I can see some difference in myself shortly.

Pollydon Mon 11-Nov-13 07:58:09

Ive got cottage cheese (150 cals) for lunch, & a 320 cal ready meal for the evening. Plus loads of water smile

Just back after an indulgent weekend away, so the scales are up this morning - but I wont let that get to me, I know a lot of it will be water weight. I just note it in the "notes" section of MFP, without actually "recording" a weight.

Not my usual Monday fast either - my sister is over from Australia, and my parents are taking us all out to lunch! But the beauty of this WOE is that I can switch to a Tuesday-Thursday this week.

eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 08:52:53

Just had a sneaky peak on the scales and the damage only appears to be 1lb. Not bad at all, should mostly disappear after today's fast and well within my tolerable bounce maintenance zone.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 09:15:56

Y'know even though I've been lurking for ages and posting for few weeks, I still get the same reaction to the success stories....

WOW!! Twinmama that is fantastic. That is the total amount I needed to shift so always stirs the motivation when I hear of others who have made it to other end of scales.

Just reading all of this mornings posts pretty much sums up the attitude to this woe/wol. How casual and relaxed does everyone sound?? grin Such a chilled atmosphere among the losers and maintainers (on whole!) Because they/we know that it DOES work, and that it will transform your life, in so many more ways than just losing fat.

HAPPY MONDAY FAST DAY! all partaking!!

And HAPPY MONDAY! everyone else. Was going to say at least it's not 'Shitty Monday' anymore; but looking outside it could well be!

Hi to Pollydon - menu sounds good. Always good to plan in advance.
WildWater Hi (waving)
Moving2fast Hi - def check nfd - loads of peeps on here with advice for mfp and cal counting to tdee.
DuckyFuzz it took just over week from start of totm for me to de bloat and lose excess gained. Pleased to report that despite boozing/bingeing over weekend I have deflated again. So grit your teeth through it!

xCupidStuntx Mon 11-Nov-13 09:21:25

Good morning everyone!
Today is my first fast day, I just weighed myself and I'm appalled. I've such a big hurdle but I have to take it pound by pound and let the awful number on the scales spur me on!

Black coffee time brew

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 09:27:28

Well Cupid I hope you said goodbye to that number on the scales, because you won't be seeing it for long if you stick to this wol. You've started now! As they say ..Onwards and downwards!! grin

wrigglebum Mon 11-Nov-13 09:29:00

FD today. I'll probably have a poached egg and a ton on veg for lunch, then maybe a prawn laksa (with those low cal noodles) for dinner. Plus a square of dark choc after too of course.

Good luck other fasters!

toffeesponge Mon 11-Nov-13 09:30:48

Welcome Polly and CoffeeOne.

Thanks for all the good wishes. DD in bed. Temp up a bit. Has managed to eat some rice crispies. DS2 now complaining of neck ache and has coughed a couple of times sad. I also have a headache coming.

FD today and I want to comfort eat but of course, food is not a crutch anymore..

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 09:37:57

NSV - Knickers are too big. Knickers are too big. Knickers are too big. Knickers are too big grin grin

Just as well in this weather; can pull them up further for extra warmth. Not long until I can tuck my boobs in!

Eat never get tired of hearing your story!

BsshBossh Mon 11-Nov-13 09:42:22

Wow, lots of posts and a fair few newcomers! Welcome one and all, and well done all the SVs and NSVs.

Special hi to xCupid (and nitrox are you lurking?).

FD for me too today. My digestion is looking forward to a much needed respite from food today.

duckyfuzz Mon 11-Nov-13 09:46:24

Cuckoo congrats on the big knickers grin
Eatriskier your pics are amazing envy

BeCoolFucker Mon 11-Nov-13 09:48:29

Good morning all - gosh this is a busy thread.

This morning after a full week of 5:2 I weight 1.8kgs less that I did last Monday so Hip Hip Hooray me!! It is very encouraging and I feel good.

FD today - last week I did Tues/Thurs, but I feel like a FD today so I'm going to go with it.

Despite jumping on the scales this morning, I have been thinking about not weighing myself, or not weighing myself very often moving forward. I have a lot of weight to lose to get towards a healthy BMI and I don't want to be too tied into the weekly numbers and the emotional response I have to them. Going down is fantastic - whereas not going down (for whatever reason but it happens at least once a month) isn't great and can undermine things.

As a lifelong (46 years) overeater I need this as a WOL plan - frankly even if it just means the numbers don't go up that is a success for me.

I want to just go with 5:2 - as a WOL not a 'diet' and therefore the numbers are kind of irrelevant, though of course I do hope they go down.

Anyone out there disconnected from the scales, or weighing themselves infrequently? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Congrats to all you losers - let's have a fantastic week ahead.

BeCoolFucker Mon 11-Nov-13 09:49:53

eatrisker fantastic photos!!! I must make a note to measure myself tonight!

PoshPaula Mon 11-Nov-13 09:56:34

Fellow Monday fasters please rally round. I sense it may be a tough one today!

BeCool - I weigh myself once a week only. That's after my second FD. For years I purposefully didn't have a set of scales as I became a slave to them, and now I use them carefully.

Junebugjr Mon 11-Nov-13 10:02:32

BeCoolFucker - I only weigh and measure every 4 weeks. As If I see a small loss or staying the same, I think fuck it, then binge. Once I hit a healthy BMI , it'll be every six weeks. I find I don't obsess so much, and just get on with the job in hand. Different things work for different people, some have to weigh every week, as they need that encouragement, it sends me bonkers, I'd be on the scales all bloody day.
cuckoo - well done on smaller drawers!

xCupidStuntx Mon 11-Nov-13 10:06:43

Hi bssh and thanks so much for getting me over here!! Serious amount of support here shock

Going out to buy a measuring tape now (I refused to own one before!) and the dreaded before picture!!

When DD goes for her nap later I'm going to watch the horizon documentary, I'm wondering why I never tried this before!!

CoffeeOne Mon 11-Nov-13 10:09:07

Thanks for all the welcomes and motivation, well done all of you! eatrisker you look fantastic!

Today is my first FD. I am feeling inspired! Happily skipped breakfast, I've never been a big breakfast fan really. I'm thinking I will try to wait until my evening meal and have all 500 then. Drinking some yummy peach green tea to help brew good luck everyone else today.

Donkeyok Mon 11-Nov-13 10:11:41

Hi all, its my first day of fasting and I haven't shopped for this.
Although that might be a good thing I dont have any of those lovely looking soups for 200c.

Ive eaten an apple before I took the kids to school but am know wondering whether to have porridge with water (yuck I think?) or eat my salad/ hummous lunch for breakfast?

Any ideas?

BeCoolFucker Mon 11-Nov-13 10:18:12

Junebugjnr Yes I think I will try monthly. Like you said at small loss or gain can trigger negative behaviour in me too, which I would like to avoid.
Weekly is too much I feel.

PoshPaula Mon 11-Nov-13 10:18:46

donkeyok step away from the porridge (you don't really want it, do you?) and have salad/hummus for lunch at mid-day. It'll soon come around! Then you'll be fine right through to your evening meal.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 10:35:10

Donkey if you're feeling hungry why don't you try having a nice hot drink or some more water? Give it 15 mins see how you feel. Hunger comes in waves, but it WILL go again; it won't continue to get worse and worse.

If you want to do this woe, at some point you will have to deal with ignoring hunger pangs. A lot of us find that eating/eating bulk of cals early in day makes it harder as it can open the munchie floodgates. Eating carbs ie porridge can also cause same probs and cost lot of cals. I agree with posh - try to get to lunchtime. Just ride it out, you'll survive grin Have a brew

Donkeyok Mon 11-Nov-13 10:37:07

Thank PoshPaula

The thought of water lumpy porridge with no honey is nearly as bad as the idea of cleaning the pan.

I'm doing Fly lady at the moment to distract me.
I'm cleaning cobwebs off the ceiling with a showercap on my head in case anything nasty falls down. shock(we have lots of beams)
Can lunch start at 11.30am?

Donkeyok Mon 11-Nov-13 10:39:10

Thanks Cookcoo I'll put the kettle on.

Black tea doesn't appeal much I need to go shopping for some yummy herbals like Cupid.

toffeesponge Mon 11-Nov-13 10:47:08

Stay strong PoshPaula.

It is freezing here. My water has no pressure so can't get DS2's bedding washed. Heating has gone off so going to get another jumper and not think about the gammon in the fridge. Don't want anything to eat except for a piece of the meat confused.

Blowing a gale too.

Not2bObvious Mon 11-Nov-13 10:49:21

FD here, struggling a bit. Already dealt with a difficult customer who quite frankly intimidates/scares me. Felt a bit tearful, and wanted to march straight to a bar/slab of chocolate.
But I didn't, going for a brisk walk in 90 mins, followed by lean lunch. Feel low though sad, hoping fresh air will help. Best of luck fellow fd'ers and welcome de-lurkers

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 10:57:51

More lovely new people! Hello!

I was just looking through my old food diary spreadsheet from last year and saw these words in my notes:


Chanelling tip before these threads even existed! grin

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 11:03:52

eatriskier I was thinking we should have an Inspiring Stories thread on the 5:2 forum that we could link to in the OP - would you consider starting it up? I feel like you're our 5:2 poster girl (just seen your new pic WOW!). I would do it but my story is a little tame compared to your epic 6 month loss and I love the fact it's all been on 5:2.

Fast day here. Just got it from an epic windy cycle, had a big glass of water and now chugging down coffee before work.

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 11:12:33

Just reading through the thread - twinmama WoW! See, another AMAZING story for the potential Inspiring Stories thread, incredible - well done and how quiet have you kept that! I'd have been shouting it from the rooftops! flowers

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 11:22:55

Grrrr! at Not2be customer angry

Don't let the bastards out there get you down. Chin up! You are not going to let anyone get in way of becoming the new (happier) you! It's just a job. They are just people who don't matter to you. Not important in the grand scheme of things. WHEREAS this woe/wol and getting the body/health you want IS important.

I think that is a BRILLIANT idea Betsy. And I think anyone who has been at this a long time, hit target weight, or shifted large amount would all be of interest to rest of us.

As a person who wants to continue this woe for life, I am just as interested in long timers as I am in the biggest losers. It all motivates and reassures.

I LOVE COFFEE! Coffee is my friend on a mon fd morning! Nearly midday. Keep going going Campers!!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 11:27:10

Donkey are you not a milk drinker?? Coffee drinker?

If are was going to recommend a milky coffee or half and half. Is very filling and satisfying.

If not try Tetley Redbush. I find it really soothing and naturally sweet.

WilsonFrickett Mon 11-Nov-13 11:39:07

Hi all!

How's the Monday fasting going? I've just had a cup of miso earlier than planned, but everything feels a bit grim and grey here so it was more to warm me up than anything else. I am going to do actual work for an hour then have some veggie curry for lunch, chicken puttanesca from the 5:2 recipe book for tea (with some rice for DH).

I usually like a glass of wine on a Sunday with Downton but am trying hard to kick or at least modify the habit, so last night I had two skinny white russians - baileys with almond milk and ice. OMG! Sooooooooo good. Thanks to whoever gave the recipe (not good at remembering poster names) thanks

duckyfuzz Mon 11-Nov-13 11:45:10

cuckoo I"m a coffee fiend, keeps me going!
wilson the skinny white russian sounds gorgeous, must try it!
so far today - 3 coffees and a cup of tes (for variety) and half an hour spent standing freezing at the war memorial as DTs' class was wreath laying. Planning on nice warm tomato & basil soup for lunch (120 cals) then omelette and salad this evening

eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 11:45:29

Betsy I would love to but I worry sometimes that I send out the wrong message. This is meant to be a slow sustainable weight loss and there I am rapidly losing it, and I don't want any newbies coming along and thinking that that's how it should work for them. If that makes any sense. Unless we have some tortoises who could totally temper my hare down and could join in!

eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 11:46:26

Ohh, I finally got my sample of the douse egberts flavoured coffee. I'm drinking it now (the caramel version). Its yummy yummy. I think its going to become a fast day treat.

Donkeyok Mon 11-Nov-13 11:50:22

HI Cookoo yes I'm addicted to a large costa latte

I thought I wasn't allowed milk and should save my calories for food.

Luckily I found a liquorish and peppermint tea bag I picked up from some hotel.
(back of pantry)
it tastes a bit weird but maybe its meant to

Im going to make a coffee now ...
Oh its nearly 12 goody

Donkeyok Mon 11-Nov-13 11:51:01

Eatriskier your photos are so inspiring

BsshBossh Mon 11-Nov-13 11:55:36

I am working in my study wearing my gym kit, thermals, long-sleeved ti-shirt and my dressing gown. I am freezing. I must buy some fingerless gloves. I love working at home but right now would kill to be working in a heated office surrounded by warm bodies.

Talkinpeace Mon 11-Nov-13 12:04:15

A happy and busy thread
for those who've been lurking at the fun on the Debenhams thread

I have no problem supporting UTTERLY those who have become large and are willing to recognise that they need to make changes to have a healthy long life.

I have a mahoosive problem with people who refuse to accept that being overweight will do them long term harm ....

and an article in New Scientist this week saying that fit people get Alzheimers and dementia four years later than unfit and overweight people is even more motivation.

Fasting today.
Drank enough water last evening to not wake up with the crashing hangover I deserved.

Survived the morning, now on brew#3. I am freezing too, heating not working in school so my wooden box classroom was one of the warmest places on site yet I'm still cold! 2kg of my 2.5kg holiday gain had gone after a week at home so I'm pleased with that.

Well done to today's fasters, especially if you've made it this far on liquids only. I wish I'd brought one of my 40cal hot choc sachets in today!

eatriskier you are an inspiration and we are realists so we'll cope with your amazing achievements - go on, you know you want to! Makes my 2st pale into insignificance (except that I can't lose any more without being <19 BMI and I don't want that).

I'm FDing today, so a big hi to the Monday gang.

Am I the laziest on this thread ? I'm drinking beef cosomme cold and straight out of the tin to save any washing up
Donkey A full 400g tin has only about 12 cals (check label) and I find it very filling. You don't have to be a lazy cow can heat it and have 2 separate mugs or a big bowl.

WildWater Wonderful to hear the difference 52 has made to you
Welcome Polly, Moving , xCpiud You'll like it here.
Not2B Chin up. Don't let the awkward b@@s get you down. Well done for not diving into chocolate comfort.

Cuckoo Great knickers NSV !
Those you have to replace asap, or wear jeans, because ladies should avoid dropping their knickers mid-stride in the town !

Right, back to work, now. I'll drop in again later.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 12:31:39

Donkey (fat fingers on iPhone keep typing Dinkey - maybe it's a sign - you will be dinky if you stick it out smile)

You can spend your calories on anything you like. The advice and tips on here are just to help you based on others experiences. You do what's right for you though - only way it will work long term.

I'm not normally a milky coffee drinker, but I found last week that when I tried it (was experimenting but that's whole diff story) anyway! When tried it, it was lovely and filling. I preferred half boiling water/half hot milk. Think 130g milk in mug was 60 cals.

Eat I would like to think that in general peeps are sensible enough to recognise that we are all different. I think the variety of stories/results on here would reinforce that notion. And there is the hint if "It could be you!" with the freaky results like yours grin

Maybe start with a disclaimer, and occasional reminder throughout thread, that We are all different, don't expect to lose as quickly as others etcetera.

I have yet to hear of anybody who has NOT lost weight doing this woe/wol. Who actually had weight to lose in first place I should add paranoia of no doubt upsetting someone kicks in! So all examples should be listed.

We could stick your face at top, pointing to your pics saying "It could be you!" grin

I'm motivated just thinking about it!

WildWater flowers

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 12:39:18

Bssh I have to keep moving on a fd. Our house is freezing - no central heating. I also find if I'm having a work/study day I just want to nibble all day long. Stops me falling asleep on laptop!

Putting up shelves today. Oh yeah! I have turned house into building site with all my 'projects' but I'm losing weight so the residents will just have to like or lump it! grin

PoshPaula Mon 11-Nov-13 12:39:21

So far today - one tea, one coffee, (no sugar), one Nescafe Skinny Mocha. Am at work. Will get myself a cuppa-soup in a minute.

STARVING but it doesn't matter....!!!

Thanks to everyone for supportive comments and extending my support to all you lovely people. Think how good we will feel by Christmas! (Slim and fit)..

Moving2fast Mon 11-Nov-13 12:41:28

Decided not to 4:3 this week but 5:2 and really count the cals on non fast days. Weighed the portion of crisps I would normally have with lunch and they were 500 cals!!! Although am a seasoned dieter, I seem to think crisps are calorie free!

So sticking to my TDEE and counting everything I eat.

Talkinpeace Mon 11-Nov-13 12:49:03

There are definitely people who do not lose weight on 5:2 - Mintyy stuck it out for months. Her DH lost loads, she lost zilch.
As part of all of us being different, some people are heavily built. Fact of life. They will never, ever be slim. BUT they are around 1/20 to 1/30 of the population, not 40%
What 5:2 can do for those people is help them to have a healthy body with stable blood chemistry - which will keep them healthier for longer.

eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 12:57:33

tip You've lost some weight but have mainly done this for health benefits right? I know B&W is seeing the health benefits in his tests, but he has also lost weight. Have we got anyone who hasn't lost weight particularly but has some evidence of health benefits? Because that would also be a very great story.

Donkeyok Mon 11-Nov-13 12:57:34

Dinky ok grin

Chocs I didn't know soups could be so cheap (in terms of calories)

I've really enjoyed my lunch, in fact I took a photo so I can work the calories out properly later, as I'm inclined to say there are no caloreis in salad.[sic]
Im actually feeling bursting I don't know if my stomach has shrunk in anticipation. Feeling so please with myself Im going to drag dh out for a hill walk in the wind and rain haha

Talkinpeace Mon 11-Nov-13 13:00:28

I lost a stone that had crept on last year .... 5:2 was the revelation that I can be healthy and enjoy life.
DH has lost nearly 2 stone - his mother dying suddenly of a stroke was the motivator for both of us - he still has more to lose.

Eat, Betsy, Cuckoo : A "Rogues Gallery" showing before / after pix or statistics - "have you seen this woman" - would be useful to newbies and inspiring to all.
Maybe we could assemble a summary Excel table of everyone with columns say for Name / Start BMI / End BMI / Lost lbs / Weeks taken.

You can take my statistics as the cautionary slow and give these reasons:
Mature <snigger> age, healthy starting BMI (23) after maintenance from Spring 10lb loss, frequent Big Choc Frenzies

My 4-week wi this morning : 3.5 lb lost and jeans seem very slightly looser around waist and hips. I'm quite satisfied with this progress, because it is a longterm WOL for me.
Checking my records: I have one 4500 cal Frenzy and one 3000-cal NFD per week,remaining NFDs about TDEE.
It shows how tolerant this WOL is. If I really plateau, I would reduce Frenzies <ultimate weapon>

Note: I hadn't checked my daily cals before this October, but I think I am eating about the same (just more healthily) on FDs as pre-5:2.
So, this explains weight gain after age 50: changed hormones not so tolerant of gluttony.

CoffeeOne Mon 11-Nov-13 13:08:34

It's horrid out today isn't it!

Day one going well so far. It's 1pm and only had 2 cups of green tea and some water. The hardest part was making the toddler his lunch, but the hunger came and went quickly. I'm actually only mildly peckish. In fact, I'm actually enjoying this. I'm sick of food ruling my day. My body is probably very very grateful for the break!

eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 13:25:11

Ok, I've done it. I've probably missed something important out but the Inspirational Stories thread now exists:

wrigglebum Mon 11-Nov-13 13:38:53

Well done eatriskier, I'll add my details and stats when I get a chance.

somewherebecomingrain Mon 11-Nov-13 14:16:52

Hello all.

cuckoo milky coffee is a saviour for me. I'm on the verge of caving and it just whisks away my appetite.

bigchoc beef consommé - making a note.

I'm fasting today. Have had some of dd's porridge fingers a milky coffee and some chicken breast. 100 cal or so. I hope!

I find little mouthfuls keep me going. They seem very significant on a FD.

I suspect it's bad practice.

BeCoolFucker Mon 11-Nov-13 14:28:18

FD - gee I was hungry before lunch, but felt fine about it.

I had a whole pot of M&S Souper Greens Soup which was suitably warming and steamy, with a side salad of watercress/rocket/spinach. Total approx 280 cals

So I'm now very warm and feeling green!

xCupidStuntx Mon 11-Nov-13 14:32:55

Day 1 going really well so far!! Strangely enough I'm not feeling hungry so I wonder should it be OK ty just have a 500cal "feast" this evening?
I'm worried that having something even though I'm not remotely hungry might end up getting me starving?

Have taken my horrendous before picture and measurements, usually I wouldn't bother when starting a new venture because I don't really believe I'll do it, this time I actually do!!!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 14:34:27

Tip was Minty genuinely sticking to tdee on nfd and had actual fat to lose?

I am amazed!

I know we're all built differently underneath, but I just presumed that excess fat was loseable (?).

As you say though, the health benefits are enough in themselves. I have never dieted before in life. Cut out crap yes, tried to exercise more yes, tried to eat less in general. But never an official diet. I find it too hard to stick to when I'm told I can't have something. Add to that diets are also every single day efforts, and I fail before I start.

However the difference with fasting is all the other benefits it brings. Due to where I am emotionally/mentally in my life, and given the number of health issues I've increasingly had since weight gain, I have been on a mission to improve general health. Hence cutting back booze, really trying to improve mental state because apart from the obvious hell that it is, stress also has such a knock on affect on body.

I'm so scared of leaving my dd too early and putting her through some of hell I've had in life. Mental health issues are in the genes so she's potentially got her work cut out already! That was my biggest motivation. I gave up on myself when the depression kicked in. Thought I didn't care. But since quite literally clawing my way back to land of living, I want to fight for it! I want to be healthy and hang around for as long as poss (to annoy everyone smile )

Losing weight to look good is the perk of that, that comes with it. And now I'm starting to realise just how much I want that too. I do deserve it. Life isn't over just because things went to shit for a long time. I will be slim. I will be healthy. I will be happy. I WILL BE ONE HOT MAMA! One day. Maybe.

.....err what were we talking about?!?.....

(dismounts soapbox and scuffles off to read Eat's shiny new thread)

Talkinpeace Mon 11-Nov-13 14:41:19

To the best of my knowledge Mintyy did it by the book. And the fact that her DH lost weight implies that the meals were sensible sizes. She still posts and occasionally pops in. The health reasons were why she kept going for so long.

Some people are big : chap at my gym is really fit, great at lots of sports does not eat too much but is solid and rather round. If the PTs could have got him to lose weight (he works there) they would have done over the last 12 years. However because he eats good stuff and keeps his cardio system in great shape he will be one of the exceptions to the "leaner is healthier" rule.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 14:54:07

WOW!!!!! Eat just looked at your more recent slim pic and you look AMAZING!!

As somebody with back issues - did you find the hula hooping caused any aggravation?

Love the thread! Can't wait to read other's stories.

Tip I guess most people will already have an inkling about their build. Was going to use the silk purse, sows ear analogy but that sounds too much like an insult! The point being - we are what we are. If we can get to our leanest achievable (whatever that may be) and reap all the other wonderful health benefits, then job done!

eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 15:20:03

Cuckoo I was a little worried about it but you sort of build it up slowly because most people can't hoop well to start with. I can do a good 10 mins both ways now and its not caused me an issue yet.

rubbishfamily333 Mon 11-Nov-13 15:24:50

Hey eveyone.

Well after sticking to my tdee all weekend I wasn't most pleased to see my weight was 10.7.4 this morning confused
I know last Monday I was 10.10 but after my two fast last week I got down to 10.5.6!

Oh well still carrying on but I am a very impatient one grin

CoffeeOne Mon 11-Nov-13 15:27:05

Cupid - it's my first day too and that's my plan. Not eaten anything yet so having 500cals for an evening meal smile good luck!

PoshPaula Mon 11-Nov-13 15:30:08

somewhere do you mind me asking - what are porridge fingers? They sound great. I love nursery food though..

MrsFlorrick Mon 11-Nov-13 15:49:39

Arse angry. Epic FD fail. Just had chocolate swirl and pumpkin latte in starfucks. Argh.

I was out with DC - both are off school and pre-school due to coughs/colds and not sleeping well. So I have endured a whinathon since 6:30am with both having been up 4 times each last night. hmm

The whining got to me so I fell face first into junk. blush

I had hoped to be past this point but apparently not. I am incredibly tired and body is screaming out for fat and carb to keep going.

Perhaps I should learn to reschedule FDs when DC have been up half the night.

Wanted to murder DH this am. He woke me up at 6 asking me inane questions about some electrical connection lead we apparently need.

I was so mad at him. Not once did he help out during the night save for the one time he actually slightly woke to turn over and say "oh for fucks sake"! He is such an arse.

Can you all tell I am the tired crazy lady today smile

Hope you're all doing better than I am.

PoshPaula Mon 11-Nov-13 15:53:11

Get back on the programme tomorrow (or the next day). You needed a treat today. Don't feel bad about it. This WOE allows you that.

PoshPaula Mon 11-Nov-13 15:53:50

Sorry that message was to mrsflorrick.

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 16:01:14

eat you superstar flowers - I can add my slow and steady stats! I lost 18lbs in 18 weeks and since then maintained.

Twinmama32 Mon 11-Nov-13 16:08:57

Ha ha betsy I haven't been keeping it quiet so much as not really believing it to be true myself!!

eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 16:11:40

mrfF you have my sympathies. I have one who is ill and driving me insane. Refusing to sleep and whining. That's bad enough. If I'd ended up going out I may have joined you in the head-in-junk.

Breadandwine Mon 11-Nov-13 16:12:49

Hi folks

This (these) thread(s) just keep(s) getting better and better. Lots of friendly new faces adding to the mix - I love it!

I always read with a smile on my face! (Except when I hear about horrible customers - they're one reason I always try to be extra nice to people.) When I renewed my car insurance just now, I found out the bloke I spoke to, Paul, had been back to his native SA recently for a holiday, had a brother in NZ and was a father of two young children!

BTW, I got £40 off the insurance just by mentioning that another company had offered a lower quote - true - "I'll just put you through to the re-quoting department" was the more or less automatic response. So never renew any insurance without trying your luck getting another quote! grin

eatriskier I'll stick something on your lovely thread later - when I began 5:2 21 months ago I didn't think I had any weight to lose. Whereas in fact I lost 22lbs - without even trying!

Talkinpeace Mon 11-Nov-13 16:15:07

NOT a FD fail - a perfectly normal NFD as your fast day is now another day!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 16:29:50

MrsF I do hope you are planning revenge on dh. Always best served cold. Wait until appropriate moment and return the waking favour. we'll hatch evil plan to keep us warm on fd

Having a longterm lifestyle such as this, means that on these shittiest of days, it is perfectly ok, in fact essential to survival, that you shove yourself head first into whatever gets you through the day!! Hope you have a better night tonight cake

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 16:43:14

twinmama but how have you not noticed that you've been tripping over all the time because your trousers are now so big they keep falling down…?

When you've got time please put your fab results on eat's new thread, you need to shout it loud!

Takingnoprisoners Mon 11-Nov-13 16:54:40

After lots of procrastinating I have begun today doing 5:2 it is my first fast day and I am starving! Had some soup and ryvitas and two small plums so far and will have lots of veg later. Can cope with feeling hungry now but bit worried I won't be able to sleep very well, how do others manage this?
Also did an ocado order and saw on there eat slim noodles and rice so have ordered some, anyone else tried these? They sound almost too good to be true!

Talkinpeace Mon 11-Nov-13 16:56:29

tea / coffee / hot drinks are your friend.
Stay warm and hydrated and a big plate of veg will see you through fine.

Twinmama32 Mon 11-Nov-13 17:00:58

Yes my trousers did fall down but I just thought they were old and I'd stretched them because I was so fat! Also wearing leggings a lot doesn't help as they're stretchy so you just don't notice blush old habits die hard as I still massively cover up when I don't need to now so I constantly 'hide' myself, but that's slowly improving with each new piece of clothing purchased!

Yes I'll post my stats etc later tonight, would've loved a thread like that at the beginning as I was constantly trawling this thread for such stories!

Fd today going great. Actually does anyone have this 'issue' on fd... I feel soooo ok not eating that sometimes I think I accidentally have eaten something?! I have to wrack my brains to think if I have eaten and I never have! I'm risking it and having gnocchi tonight for dinner as I really want what dp is having, on with a tomato based sauce tho so about 575 cals so ill be about 650 cals today. Never mind, found it doesn't seem to make much difference as long as I save it in the week.
Good luck fasters, days nearly over!!

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 17:22:49

bigchoc What does one of your 4000 calorie frenzies actually look like? I'm intrigued.

Whenever you post up about a massive calorie intake I always mentally put in a disclaimer to myself "she's spent about 25 hours in the gym this week, that's how she can get away with it. Don't think you can do the same Betsy with your paltry 20 mins of running or a few miles cycling this week" grin (Do you spent 35 hours in the gym?)

Talkinpeace Mon 11-Nov-13 17:34:19

Mine yesterday involved a large amount of stilton, parma ham, cheddar, wine, more wine, roast beef, yorkshire pud, roast potatoes

CoffeeOne Mon 11-Nov-13 17:35:32

It's hit me! I'm SO hungry. Meal is in the oven, hurry up and cook! <stares at cookies>

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 17:45:14

Tip Hmm, and my disclaimer for you is "she spends x hours in the gym/pool and only eats 3 calories in the week" wink

That's my kinda calorie blowout though I don't think I can manage a full roast and lashings of cheese except at Christmas

Not2bObvious Mon 11-Nov-13 17:53:46

Well I'm afraid my FD is twisting towards a mini fast. Too tired, a bit too low after the weekend and a bit emoti

Not2bObvious Mon 11-Nov-13 17:54:00


Not2bObvious Mon 11-Nov-13 17:57:28

I think I have a technical stutter... Sorry folks. Not a great day but that's the way it goes. It's going to be a 1200 cal day I reckon. Comfort food tonight, sausage and chips grin
MrsF I was woken twice by kids, nowhere near as bad as your night but I wouldn't kick myself at all if you went off plan today, some days just don't work.
Great flexibility with this, so no big deal

xCupidStuntx Mon 11-Nov-13 18:03:53

coffee glad your about to get fed grin
Not long after I posted I had tuna, sweetcorn and a little lighter than light mayo, 204cals so I have just under 300 for this evening, planning on having stir fry veg with some Mayflower curry sauce (I know it's not the most healthy option but it's yum!)

MrsF A sleep-deprived bod screams so loudly for high-calorie comfort food that you are nearly certain to give in (unless you are tip)

Tell yourself today was a necessary NFD - maybe sub-TDEE ? - and go to bed early. Don't force yourself tomorrow into an FD if it doesn't suit, just do the next scheduled FD. This is a WOL that fits to your individual life.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 19:06:40

TwinM - I posted about exactly that the other week! I joked at time but was actually serious. Some days it is so easy you do start to wonder if you've eaten unawares! Dream feeding lol!

Another fd here today when I've not struggled. As predicted I def seem to find it much easier at certain times of cycle. Hormones are saboteurs! Or slap a bit of stress in there and it's suddenly a different, harder ball game. But today, I feast on fresh air and am full. (Plus the thousand or so drinks I've had!)

Still having dinner though. Obviously!! smile

toffeesponge Mon 11-Nov-13 19:11:33

I will read to catch up in a minute. Wanted to say technically I have failed for a FD (had 2 slices od leedarhammer cheese, a small home made croissant and 1/2 a choc topped doughnut) but considering how far I have come, have had a very sick DD for over a week and have just got back from suddenly and unexpectedly having had to have my Guinea Pig put to sleep I think I am doing okay and surely it is still a mini FD? The doughnuts were for the kids. When we are sad I make a particular cake and no time today before bed for the youngest so I bought the doughnuts.

Betsy 4500 cal Frenzy is the once weekly norm.

A Frenzy is often a normal meal followed by high-density cals
e.g. A 250 g jar of nut butter looks small, but packs 1625 cals
5 small tubs of ice cream can be 1500 cals
A 200g block of cheddar + 80g nuts + 100 g choc = 1900 cals
8 donuts or 4 choc muffins or pack of bix = lots !

Alternatively, a meal portion Frenzy can be:
2 pizzas + 3 portions fries
Or a 400g Fondue (1600 cals) + bread
Or 3 plates of a healthy meal such as cheesy pasta or roast

Have I made anyone peckish ?

toffee You did really well to struggle through a respectable FD amid all your problems. Well done !

FD nearly at an end. A rest day from training, so 100 cals

Betsy I train 5-6 days per week, always high-intensity intervals (so a bang for my buck) whether cardio or weights. Weekly total only 9-11 hours, depending on energy levels / social life.
I also cycle (leisurely) to and from gym and work, but just 4 daily trips, each only 2 miles.

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 19:28:12

Too rich for my blood bigchoc, that list has made me feel a bit green. I get full really easily these days!

I haven't had fondue in nearly 10 years shock

Toffee Deffo mini fast. Considering how much stress you've been through I am very very impressed with your restraint. (((toffee)))

I have failed my fast day. I'm calling it a mini fast. I realised today that I need to curb my coffee habit sad. Stupid headaches.

Eat Thanks for the lovely Inspirations thread !

rubbishfamily333 Mon 11-Nov-13 19:39:31

I also love the inspiration thread grin I hope to be posting on there sometime soon wink

MrsFlorrick Mon 11-Nov-13 19:53:54

Eat, Talkin, not, bigchocfrenzy and Cookoo. Thanks thanks

I had sushi will the DC had macdonalds (bluewater food court). So current cal count is 1500 for the day. So well under TDEE. And that's where it's staying!

DC in bed asleep. And the awful constant whining sound has ceased for now. Ugh.

I know they are only small but the noise!

Tiredness doesn't help. Makes me either unable to function or like today I just feel really angry. DH and his lack of help also enraged me.

brew And then to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

If the night is good then FD tomorrow but if the small ones are up again then forget it.

Hope you've all had a good day and a lovely evening planned.

BsshBossh Mon 11-Nov-13 20:02:38

Big hugs to MrsF and toffee.
xCupid sounds like you're doing really well!
Coffee well done for lasting the day smile
eat your latest photo is amazing and thanks for starting the inspiration thread (great idea Betsy), I'll add to it soon (need to anonymise my photos first so I can keep them permanently up on my profile).

My FD is coming to an end. Will have a Cox's apple and small mug of soup when DH returns home. He's fasted too all day but as he's not in weightloss mode he'll be eating leftover risotto and fruit tart.

Goodness, 2 NFDs tomorrow. What do I fancy eating smile ?

Talkinpeace Mon 11-Nov-13 20:10:17

I do remember the grinding exhaustion of small kids.
When you curl up next to them to settle them in bed and wake up four hours later with cramp and always feeling jetlagged.
Mine are older now which makes planning my time much easier.
Even getting a semblance of organised a few days a week is better than nothing - and you can always fast tomorrow

CoffeeOne Mon 11-Nov-13 20:11:49

I'm at about 530 calories for the day. I feel full although my evenings are a problem, it's where the mindless snacking occurs! I'm getting through it knowing I can eat approx 3 times as much tomorrow!

cuckoo thanks for your lovely offer to be double day buddies but I'm going to have to do my second day later in the week! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's food already :D

BsshBossh Mon 11-Nov-13 20:20:51

Well done Coffee! As you get more used to fasting you'll likely find you're able to push your 500 cal meal even later (I do, as I'm a night eater too). Alternatively you could save some of your 500 cals for a late night snack <ducks TiP>

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 20:30:22

I'm very impressed with all you fasters with young kids - it took for mine to be at school full time before I could even think for a second about sorting myself out.

I do full well remember who utterly exhausting and difficult almost everything felt some days. So a massive well done to you all. I'm not sure I could have even contemplated doing this back then.

BsshBossh Mon 11-Nov-13 20:52:30

Channel 5 (UK) documentary on why people put weight back on after loss. 9pm (will be on Demand too):

Junebugjr Mon 11-Nov-13 21:02:36

MrsFlorrick - how old are your dc, mine are 5 and 2, I can sympathize with the constant whining, squabbling, and demanding! I spent 3 hours this afternoon, fending off dd2's burgeoning tantrum, only for it to hit just before bed <knackered>. On the brightside, I didn't have time to think about food, just shoved something healthy down. DD2 starts school in May when she's 3, yes!!
bsshboosh thank for the reminder for Fat again, got it on!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 21:17:43

Well done all you first day fasters!!!! Whatever you managed - it was a start. And you can have whatever you like tmw smile

Coffee I'm an evening grazer too. That's why I have to save my cals for evening! Just had dinner and now got the munchies after all my 'it's been easy today' bragging hmm
Am not giving up this close to bed though, so it's drink drink drink for me!

Kinda glad you're not up for tmw as right now I am really looking forward to eating anything I want grin - though won't be surprised if feeling gone in morning as is often case!

It gets easier (usually, so well done!

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Mon 11-Nov-13 21:28:57

Another successful FD for me. Big accomplishment today as Ive spend the best part of my morning either crying or fighting back the tears. Soooo wanted some comfort food, but managed to abstain. Feel worn out now, really emotionally drained. Its not right the first thing I do when I park at work is cry about the facgt Im at work. It kind of led the way for the rest of the day.

On a more positive note I went to my evening course and did 2 practice exams and passed them both (real exam is next week) so its had a good end.

xCupidStuntx Mon 11-Nov-13 21:29:35

I'm such an evening snacker too, I've just had an egg fried in fry light and beans!
I'm really surprised at how far my cals have gone, I'm hoping I didn't make a huge mistake somewhere but I've been meticulous and checked and checked.
I had my tuna and sweet corn bowl earlier, small amount of stir fry veg and Mayflower curry sauce and my egg and beans!! Seems a decent amount.

Ashamed to say....the arse of my size 20 leggings burst today blush, luckily I was at home but my God how have I let things get this bad!!?
I've never felt so sure that this time really is different!!

You're all such a lovely friendly bunch, I'm so so glad I came over here!!!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 21:30:57

With regards to the gorgeous new Inspirational thread, I feel that a lot of fasters me might like to direct the odd question at particular losers based on the info posted. If this was the case, where would be best place to ask? Here? The Inspirational thread? - though was worried about it clogging up.

I'm just wondering how we would get the attention of a particular person if they're not on here regularly enough to spot a question.

Or should we have once weekly/fortnightly/monthly question and answer sessions!?!?!?!? grin grin

duckyfuzz Mon 11-Nov-13 21:33:43

biscuits that sounds like a crappy day! I'm so impressed you got through it successfully, it's the sort of day that would send me to comfort eating.

I've decided to go to bed to get away from temptation, I'm on about 520 cals and evening munchies are my downfall so bed with ipad and a glass of water it is!

Congrats to all, no matter how big/small the steps are, they're still in the righ direction!

WilsonFrickett Mon 11-Nov-13 21:36:04

Man my tea was ace! (chicken puttanesca for all of 250 cals). Just going to have a cup of green tea then close the kitchen. Night all, good luck with FD tomorrow...

Southeastdweller Mon 11-Nov-13 21:38:43

Hi all. Over a third of the way through this thread since Thursday - I guess there's a major feeling of wanting to look tip-top for the festive season smile

Thanks to eat for starting such a positive thread. This maintainer will post on there sometime this week.

Well done everyone for today. Going over 500cals a little on some days makes no odds with this WOL. You can still lose weight and maintain.

Fasting tomorrow which is a good job as I've been drinking Bailey's like nobody's business the past two nights.

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 21:41:16

Cupid you have come to right place. Get ready to sling all size 20 clothing smile

((((((((((*Biscuits*)))))))))) you poor, poor sod! You sound seriously blue my dear. Are you ok? Is this hormone related or are you feeling like this all the time?
Is it just work? If so, how long until you can ditch it? Focus on your training and for goodness sake get yourself to the docs if this is more than the occasional happening. (Good luck in your exams btw)
Sorry for all questions, just not sure what to do across cyberspace! sad

Sending you lots of thanks and cake

Big hugs to mrsf toffee and biscuits

well done today's fasters (including me!)

What are the criteria for inclusion on the inspiration thread please? grin

PS cupid corny but true - today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Talkinpeace Mon 11-Nov-13 21:48:00

having been doing it for several months and really having gt your head around whats needed to never "go on a diet" again grin
You need to post up your pics .....

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 21:53:23

Get on there!!!!! grin

Can't get enough! Feed us stories. Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Mon 11-Nov-13 22:00:31

Its just at work. Ive been there only 3 months so not sure what to do. My manager and her manager know and I have a meeting with HR tomorrow. Also my 3 month probationary review (with both management) is tomorrow too. So I have no idea what will happen. Im upset because I really really wanted this job to work out and it hasnt for a number of reasons. I can ditch it once I have another job to go to, which isn't easy, but unless I dont work at all for a bit (not something I want to happen) Im stuck for a while.

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 22:07:04

(((Biscuits))) Your job's been difficult since you started hasn't it? I hope your meeting goes well tomorrow or you at least find some strength and positivity to either continue with changes or find something better. x

BetsyBell Mon 11-Nov-13 22:08:41

PPC pictures aren't mandatory, unless frenchfancy actually is a lovely glossy stallion…

You should definitely post something up please smile

rubbishfamily333 Mon 11-Nov-13 22:18:28

Biscuits - sorry to hear things are so bad at work sad but well done on not comfort eating! And well done with your practise exams!

rubbishfamily333 Mon 11-Nov-13 22:21:21

Just a question for all of you that have lost a lot of weight, did it make your skin (Especially on the belly) loose and saggy?

My belly has always been wobbly and loose since having dd once when I was working out a lot it improved.

Any tips for firming the belly? I read online about firming lotions etc, do any of those work?

I'm thinking exercise and coco butter might help?

wrigglebum Mon 11-Nov-13 22:21:47

Successful FD here. Tried those Slim Noodles for dinner and they were actually ok. Had prawn laksa, so plenty of flavour to distract from the slightly odd texture. Even my highly sceptical DH was fine with them. I would only bother with them for FDs but I would have them again.

Sorry to all going through a tough time, it's amazing how this thread is about so much more than eating and people get so much support.

BsshBossh Mon 11-Nov-13 22:22:45

Big hugs to you too Biscuits.

BeCoolFucker Mon 11-Nov-13 22:24:11

well done wriggle - me too! Good way to start the week!
I've been hungry all day and think about it too much, but am fine now and ready for bed.

Biscuits Sorry to hear your job is so horrible for you. Well done managing an FD in spite of the aggro.
I hope HR can help your problems and that the training helps you get a job where you are happy. Congrats on a successful practice. Good luck for the real thing.
flowers and <comfort hug> with cake - for NFD only !

Well done Cupid, Coffee and any other FD virgins !

Thanks Bssh for Channel 5 link. I'll watch Fat this weekend.

Night all

rubbishfamily333 Mon 11-Nov-13 22:46:27

Anyone planning anything yummy for breakfast tomorrow? grin

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 23:05:40

Something smothered in cheese sauce. Anything! But really, really, really cheesy! grin

Oh and garlic flat bread. The slightly flaky kind.

And a massive forkful of marinated sundried tomatoes!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Mon 11-Nov-13 23:07:29

But probably fresh air and coffee as I don't do breakfast usually! Nice thinking about it though (slobber on pillow face)

BsshBossh Mon 11-Nov-13 23:33:51

rubbish my "breakfast" is likely to be late morning / early lunch and will either be toasted sour cherry sourdough bread with camenbert or deep-fried ricotta balls with soup. Haven't decided which one it'll be yet.

As for loose skin etc - no, none at all (and I'm in my 40s) but that might be down to exercise (specifically weight training).

BsshBossh Mon 11-Nov-13 23:35:55

Should have added: I've always had excellent muscle tone even at my fattest due to competitative swimming as a child/teen so that has certainly helped minimise loose, flabby skin.

WannaBeCareerWoman Tue 12-Nov-13 07:11:08

Biscuits my last job was exactly like that - it started the same way. It's shit, let me know if you ever want to talk. I cannot believe you managed an FD though - I'd be all tea and biscuits!

MrsFlorrick, I thought of you as I watched the Good Wife last night!

I haven't got very far. I had one successful FD, then two botched ones, and I almost gave up. Any slightest emotional upset sends me off tracks. My mum left yesterday after a month with us and I was crying and of course went off the tracks. So much so that I opened Heston's Christmas cake shock. On a positive side, it was good, I can thoroughly recommend it.

THis morning DS woke me up at 5, which makes it a 5 hour night, WAY too little for me. I was again prepared to pack it in but decided to stop being silly and harden up. I have 0 willpower.

But now I filled in my food diary and will try and stick to it. Anyone else on FD? I'll try and do today and tomorrow.

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Tue 12-Nov-13 07:19:36

All it's a new day, hopefully a better one. Either way it's a day where I can eat something naughty if I want to, though the problem I find (as I'm sure many of you do too) is that I will have "just the one", but then I want more. It's easier to abstain I think.

Can I apply for another job after only being in this one 3 months?

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Tue 12-Nov-13 07:20:26

Also thanks everyone for the support. thanks

Chocupid Tue 12-Nov-13 07:25:04

Wanna I'm in the same boat! had very little sleep (not child related tho) so very tired, but am determined to have a successful FD today, have only had 2 successful FD in the last month...
Need to get my head back in the game as my weight is creeping back up!

rubbishfamily333 Tue 12-Nov-13 07:34:37

Bssh - I did read online that weight training is good for tightening skin, but when I so weights classes they don't seem to do a lot for the belly! Although I know when I was doing a lot weights in body pump type classes that's when my belly was at its best. grin

somewherebecomingrain Tue 12-Nov-13 07:36:13

biscuits is there a bully at your workplace? Or is the job just a bad fit? If the latter no one should be making you feel bad about it. I've been there hon and come out the other end - pm me if you want. The exams sound great.

FD fail yesterday. Piggy dp at home with me so its poss another half term for me.

Gotta go dd crying.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 12-Nov-13 07:38:38

Can't fast today as going to hosp to have tooth out

FD today and looking forward to it!

Where does one find Heston's Christmas cake?

In Heston's cake tin, possibly Melanie? grin

somewhere hope it's not too horrible, sounds like a good day to fast as you'll not be eating much, surely?

BetsyBell Tue 12-Nov-13 08:11:34

Waitrose is Heston's supermarket domain melanie - certainly had his Christmas Pudding from there, not sure if he does a cake though.

BetsyBell Tue 12-Nov-13 08:18:01

*sounds like a perfect reason to fast somewhere! Good luck with it.

BetsyBell Tue 12-Nov-13 08:19:05

Wonderful post from twinmama on the 5:2 Inspiration thread

toffeesponge Tue 12-Nov-13 08:24:38

Just a quick post as I am running a hospital here. DD still poorly of course and now DS2 is off school sick.

rubbish - I bought some cream and lost 2 inches off my tummy and possibly firmed up a bit too. It was about £13 but was reviewed by a doctor as working. I will google later to see if I can find it for you.

toffee can I send my poorly DD2 round for nursing too? She's 14 and won't look up from her iPad so she's no bother! Hope your little ones are better soon.

toffeesponge Tue 12-Nov-13 08:34:27

Why not? I can feed the 5000 and will be in all day. Unless the hospital ring with DD's results and she needs to go in <fretting>.

xCupidStuntx Tue 12-Nov-13 08:59:18

somewhere I've got the dentist today too, dreading it! My root canal fell out so I've a horrible feeling it's going to be very expensive (I'm in Ireland, total rip off)

biscuits there's nothing worse than going somewherethat makes you so upset everyday, really hope the issues get resolved!!

I woke up feeling so good after my fast, not completely ravenous the way I thought I'd be. I really know this is it!!

Can I just ask how many calories you lot would advice on my non fast days, for maximum weight loss?

annielewis Tue 12-Nov-13 09:04:36

Hi everyone, FD today for me, had a normal day yesterday and fasted Sunday as well as am sooooo busy its been easy!

toffee hope you and DD are ok, waiting for results is the worst part - I am so impatient!

So many people seem to be dealing with such a lot at the mo - hang in there everyone! This thread is lovely too - I thought it would just be all food/weight stuff but you lot are lovely life support as well!

I am off on a family visit tomorrow to the land of huuuge portions and 'supersize' everything..... am hoping to still be able to stick to this while I am there.

How does everyone try to calculate calories when eating out - and how do you minimise the damage when ordering in the first place? Do you have to become Meg Ryan a la Harry met Sally and order everything with sauce ;on the side' and change everything on the menu? Don't want to sound like a diva ( or draw attention to my eating habits around my size 8 SIL)

Anyway - on with todays FD - anyone else doing today as well??

NotAsTired Tue 12-Nov-13 09:15:44

cupidstunt you need to work out your TDEE, a link is on the OP of this thread. tip has a formula to work out what you calories you could be eating each day, including a splurge day, but I can never remember it.

NotAsTired Tue 12-Nov-13 09:21:46

annie. My strategy would be to go out and enjoy your food and not worry too much about calories. Just do a mini fast on that day, eg skip breakfast, light lunch of soup and whatever for dinner. Then take it easy on the calories the next day too.

I'm sure other people have their own special ways of dealing with eating out. Just pick whichever one suits. smile

rubbishfamily333 Tue 12-Nov-13 09:23:10

Toffee - yes please let me know when you get a chance and ill have a look. I have your dcs are better soon.

I had toast and peanut butter this morning which I quite like but it didn't make me feel satisfied, it's quite boring really. What does everyone else have on non fast days for a yummy but healthish low calorie breakfast? Stuck for ideas shock

BeCoolFucker Tue 12-Nov-13 09:43:28

Question - I had FD yesterday - do people normally do Mon/Weds FD (last week I did Tues/Thurs which worked well) and is this OK? It then seems 'wrong' somehow to have 4 NFD's in a row though I'm assuming this is OK?

Happy fasting to all todays fasters.

BsshBossh Tue 12-Nov-13 09:47:50

annie I just eat what I want when out but I always try to eat mindfully - that is, put small portions on my plate and try and eat only to satisfaction (these days if I eat too much I get awful stomach ache/cramps and generally feel uncomfortable for the day so that's self-limiting I guess!). If I sense I'm eating loads I just skip a meal later.

Cupid I eat out and socialise on the weekends so always go way over my TDEE. To balance it out I simply undereat my TDEE accordingly on weekdays. Eg my TDEE is 2000 so a typical week may look like this:
Monday FD (these days less than 150 cals)
Tuesday & Wednesday - roughly 1500 cals (though no longer count so just guess at these)
Thursday FD as Monday
Friday - around 2000 cals (TDEE)
Weekend - anything goes!!!

BsshBossh Tue 12-Nov-13 09:48:37

Forgot to say, I've added my story on the Inspiration thread - including photo.

toffeesponge Tue 12-Nov-13 09:52:57

rubbish - I have googled loads and can't find it. I read about the cream in the daily mail and iirc it was a silver or white bottle with a dispenser spout.

WannaBeCareerWoman Tue 12-Nov-13 10:01:40

All right Chock we are in it together! Having a can of Pepsi Max right now.

Biscuit, what somewhere said. But I don't think there is anything bad in looking for a new job if you find something you fancy. May I ask what is it you do?

CuckooAtchooUhOh Tue 12-Nov-13 11:03:36

BeCool - Welcome to this way of life smile

I still feel a bit like that. But it usually means that by Mon I am more than ready, in fact, looking forward to a fast again.

That's what makes this so doable. Each fd tell yourself 'I can have it tmw'; get through two of those, then relax for few days.

The trick is not to undo all of your good work by being ridiculous on the nfd. But as you will hear a lot of us say, our appetites seem to shrink, food awareness increases and we just can't manage what we used to anyway.

If you find it more reassuring then start recording your cals on a nfd. A lot lot of fasters use mfp. I think a lot have said that after a few weeks it's not needed as much because your brain has re educated itself in terms of portion sizes and calorie content.

Morning All nfd day here. Only thing I'm cutting down on today is coffee breaks posting on here grin Just had to say Hi though!

Tip - penny dropped about Debenhams comment yesterday. Went for a mooch last night - haven't ventured outside of 5:2 on Mumsnet before! Oooh it's a whole other world isn't it! Made for some 'interesting' reading. Not the calm arena this is, that fo sho!!

Right that's me done for day! Off to crack on got loads to do sneaks into Inspiration thread to read Bssh's post on way out

Frenchfemme Tue 12-Nov-13 11:37:14

Good afternoon all! Just realised that it is one year today that I first started 5:2 (at 92.4 kg and 168 cms, aged 57).

My long-term aim is to lose about 30kg, and I had lost about 15kg earlier this year when all went a little awry (all the restaurants and cafes opening for the season, lots of chilled rose, fresh crusty bread, croissants etc.). Suffice to say I have put 2kgs back on, and was 79.4 kg this morning.

I am determined to get back on track, and today will be my first fast in quite a while. I have done one Pilates class this morning but have had to miss the 2nd as I have been "volunteered" to pick someone up from the airport. I will just have (strong) black coffee and peppermint tea until this evening, when I am planning a prawn curry. I find for me a lower- carb approach works best, but I couldn't manage the full low-carb "bootcamp".

Sorry some of you are having a tough time at the moment - hope things take a turn for the better soon.

Off to the "Inspirations" thread for some extra motivation!

BeCoolFucker Tue 12-Nov-13 12:04:05

Thanks Cukoo - I'm logging on MFP for a while. last time I lost significant weight was just using MFP so I know how it works. Sadly that weight found me again all too easily - which is the main reason 5:2 appeals so much. It can be a WOL/WOE.

2000 cal daily is easy to stick to - it's just it's easy to eat 3000 cals too is you take your eye off the ball esp during mince pie season smile

I'm off for a meeting in West End now and taking myself out for lunch enroute - nice treat!

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Tue 12-Nov-13 12:24:48

Well I am now jobless. Dont know if Im happy or sad about that. Obviously Im sad because I dont want to be out of work for many reasons, but cant help feeling a bit relieved it's over now. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with an agency to sign onto their books and tomorrow afternoon I am going to pop into my town (the agency is in another nearby town) to have a look for work. Im also going to be applying for a few online. Really hope it wont be for long.

I left by mutual agreement and I have been told I can use the company for a reference so its not too bad. Ive not been sacked and Ive not walked out. They have also said that it can be looked at as a 3 month contract. After all it was my 3 month probabation where me, my managers and HR all agreed that the job wasn't for me.

The only problem I have now is having FDs while not at work. Its easy to fast at work which is why I started the 5:2. Will see how Thursday goes.

lunchtime wave
Just had a huge plate of frikadelle, chilli, veg & pots at the canteen, but I had to leave most of the chilli & veg - ridiculous amounts of sugar, like a dessert. Oh well, I added a salad and my big rice pud. I'm just eating pnut butter on sprouted rye, so keyboard getting nutty too.
cuckoo when you mention shrinking appetites, pls note you do not speak for us all ! Have you lost your taste for [B&J]
hmm <avian with pants on fire>

However, I have decided the NNN will now include no Frenzies, so max 3000 cal on Fri & Sun
shock hmm

rubbish Loads of good breakfasts for NFDs.
This morning:
- eggs & toast, smoked salmon, lemon, toms & philly on toast, big veg juice
Other days:
- scrambled eggs, mushrooms, toms, (optional) bacon with toast
- toasted sandwiches: cheese, ham ....
- cheese fondue & roll
- oat bran & flaxmeal - just add boiling water and stir until it thickens, then add (almond) milk & berries, optional almonds
- any leftovers, which may mean lasagne or chilli !

Most breakfast cereals are sugary rubbish, but wheatabix or bran flakes are not too bad.

Biscuits You are well rid of that job; it would have ruined your health.
Very good that you can quote them as a reference, so you have gained something from all that stress. On your CV and at interviews just say it was a 3-month contract.

Can you wait until after your exams, to look for a job as a more qualified person ? If not, check that you can move up to a better pay level when you are qualified.

I hope you find an interesting new job with really friendly colleagues / customers.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 12-Nov-13 12:50:41

What is frikadelle?

Feel most odd post tooth.

Thanks for your encouragement guys - gonna do a mini fast today if I can. Have had brekkie - butter laden toast with jam on one and Nutella on The other - boy it was good. But if I can not eat till dinner (and after my tooth it can only be soup anyways) I knight be able to come in at under 1000.

biscuit (((()))) hugs. It sounds ok - nothing to stop you forging ahea with your life.


rubbish my favourite NFD breakfasts are:

Scrambled egg in the microwave. Usually one egg, a glug of whites from a carton of 2chicks (available from Sainsburys). Add mushrooms, cheese, spinach, ham, whatever's about.

Porridge. Sometimes with honey, sometimes made into overnight oats with yoghurt and dried fruit and nuts.

Toast. I try to only have this 2-3 times a week, and only one slice of good Burgen bread. I keep it in the freezer. Top with cottage cheese and a smear of marmite, or half an avocado smooshed with lemon or lime juice, or whole peanut butter.

Smoked salmon, trout, or mackerel.

Boiled eggs with asparagus spears for dipping.

Greek yoghurt with berries.

eatriskier Tue 12-Nov-13 12:58:11

biscuits (((( )))))
Health is always underrated when it comes to jobs. I agree that you're probably better off. Especially with those terms too. Don't be too sad. Turn it into a positive. You now know what you don't want to do.

eatriskier Tue 12-Nov-13 12:59:52

Oh nfd brekkie. I'm a creature of habit so mine is usually porridge with almond milk, peanut butter and jam with the occasional toasted Warburtons thin with marmite instead.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 12-Nov-13 13:00:51

My dp has insisted I eat and is out getting soft treats as i type. Oh well I will fast when I fast.

Talkinpeace Tue 12-Nov-13 13:05:26

(((( Biscuits )))) TBH if they are happy that your CV will say 3 month term contract everybody gains. They can re fill your post with some other poor bugger person and you can go get work.
Not sure of your field, but short term temping can be great as a week here a week there will help you decide what you do and don't like about different situations.

Welcome aboard : the Tips and Hints thread is a great resource
as is the recipes thread and here on the big thread you get to join the surfers on the wave of support.

There's also a great "Read me first" thread!

Darn it, I've learned a lesson at lunch today. I'd found these bowls of Mama clear soups with rice noodles, and the nutrition info on the side seemed to indicate that it was around 50 calories for the bowl. Except when I've input it to MFP (and double checked the nutritional details elsewhere online) it's more like 200! And lots of carbs form the rice noodles! How could I have been so foolish.

Oh well, it's not a total write-off FD, I can re-think tonights dinner to ensure I stay under 500 in total. But those carbs are going to wreak havoc with my stomach all afternoon.

somewhere Frikadelle is a German version of meatball, bigger than Italian.

Talkinpeace Tue 12-Nov-13 13:15:46

you have to be really really careful reading the calories on packets
I always look for the "per 100g" bit as "portions" are often poxy amounts to make the foods look better.
Like my lovely lazy soup pots - the calories on the side are per half pot ....

somewhere You poor thing, a forced semi-liquid fast. Maybe the tooth fairy will bring you some rice pud as well. Are you allowed
wine <for disinfectant properties> ?

toffeesponge Tue 12-Nov-13 13:23:43

Hope you get something much better very soon Biscuits.

I must have been up and down those stairs about 15 times already today. Hospital still hasn't rung so hoping that means DD does not have GF. I can tell she still isn't 100% and will have the rest of the week off.

DS2 looking pale but has eaten and now wants to play Game of Life. I can barely keep my eyes open so I said not now but he is still setting it up. TBH If DD hadn't have been so ill I probably would have dosed him with Calpol and sent him in but I felt we needed to be extra cautious.

Definitely doing cheese and potato pie for dinner. Need the warmth and comfort!

Dotty342kids Tue 12-Nov-13 13:47:46

Been away from here for a few days just due to busy weekend / Christmas shopping day yesterday. No time to do a big catch up but hello to all regulars and newbies smile
Did not do usual Monday fast due to being out for DH's birthday and shopping trip so fasting today and Thursday instead.
must not eat the leftover lemon birthday cake in the kitchen

CuckooAtchooUhOh Tue 12-Nov-13 13:58:28

Finding the positive - Toffee you will have BUNS of STEEL with all the trips up and down stairs. Glad dd sounds as though stabilising. Hopefully you're through worst.

BIGCHOC These pants are not only TOO SMALL, but well and truly fire free! ahem! I had a third of a tub of B&J on fri night. That's all. Planned to indulge further over weekend but was content to polish off bag of truffles instead. And I do usually stipulate most/some/a lot of people when giving examples. That and fact that you are the big frenzied exception to the rule anyway! (stirs perfectly made in pan not ceiling rice pudding)

Eatrisky you might have just done it again!...... when you say porridge with peanut butter and jam with the occasional warburtons... did you mean the pb & j on the toast or in the actual porridge???? shock shock ....why have I never heard of this hmm. Jam in porridge yes, but never heard or thought of peanut butter! I am a fraud!! What will you bring me next week (baby bird beak open face)...

Biscuits I agree with all of the above. You are well rid! Look at this exciting chapter you can begin now. Think temp work could be a great way to take the pressure off yourself for a while too, while you get your studies done and take time to really find something that will hopefully not have this effect on you again. Bet you feel relieved! thanks

Hi FrenchFemme!

eatriskier Tue 12-Nov-13 14:29:56

cuckoo should have proof read there. Sorry. I either have thins toasted with marmite or I have porridge with pb and jam (normally the porridge) . Yes really, pb in porridge. You don't need as much as you may spread on toast to get the flavour hit, so calories are spared! I know someone who has pb and bananas in his, but I hate bananas sad Gave me the idea though.

Coveredinweetabix Tue 12-Nov-13 14:31:28

Sorry, I've been AWOL for ages (well, a week or so which is a lifetime given how fast this thread is moving). I read through this thread last night and was excited to see so many SV and NSV and to see all of the new comers. Welcome!
Having had a bit of a whinge when I was last on here on 2nd Nov that, on my 2mth anniversary of this WOE I'd only lost 4lbs, I've come back on to remind you (in case you need it) not to get too reliant on the scales. In the week from 2nd - 9th Nov, i lost 3lbs! This brings me down to 10st 9 and I am very excited to think that I weigh less than 150lbs. I'm also looking forward to the next few scale victories as 10st 8 is the weight I was after 3mths of morning sickness with DC1 4.5yrs ago; 10st 7 is what it is; 10st 6 is a healthy BMI for me; 10st 5 will mean I've lost 3 stone & is my pre-Christmas goal.

TheLeastAccomplishedBennetGirl Tue 12-Nov-13 14:45:14

Just popping in to say how much I love this WOE

Since starting the second week of september I have lost 19lbs!


covered So near to your goal, just 4 lb more before Christmas.
Why not join Cookie, Betsy and me on the NNN:
No Naughty November = no alcohol or sweet junk (chox, cake, bix, ice etc) in November except on weekends

cookoo btw, I though it was originally no alcohol at all in November ?
<screech of dying avian>

Maybe for the open beak:
- I crumble 2 squares, about 15g, of Lindt 90% cocoa choc in my porridge and stir until it melts
- I add pnut butter to my sweet buckwheat groats, or sometimes to my rice pud

eatriskier Tue 12-Nov-13 15:06:08

Well done covered and bennet

I am not joining nnn I'm afraid. I have a nearly 3yo and a 1yo. I need wine.

CoffeeOne Tue 12-Nov-13 15:08:13

biscuits sounds like you've had a rough time, but something better is around the corner for you I'm sure.

toffee I hope your DD is better soon.

I expected to wake up feeling starving this morning but I didn't, and in fact I have been more mindful of what I've eaten today so far because I didn't want to undo yesterday's hard work smile Have woken up full of a cold though and toddler DS has a misc rash so we're having a cbeebies day!

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Tue 12-Nov-13 15:24:00

Just been for a run/walk and burned 615 calories. Was good to get some fresh air in my lungs and to burn off this morning McDonalds breakfast It also means that I can up my TDEE to 2000 which is my current weight with exercising 1-3 times a week grin

Now really worried I wont get another job too easily. The last thing I want is to be out of work for so long that it takes some getting used to working again.

Chocupid Tue 12-Nov-13 15:36:44

How you doing wanna?
I Was wilting so just caved and eaten some salted peanuts and a Cappachino = 390 cals according to MFP. shock Got cardio tennis later so will burn some calories then A cuppa soup later.

big choc Betsy and cookies the NNN sounds brutal... But I'm tempted!

somewherebecomingrain Tue 12-Nov-13 15:37:33

Dp insisted I ate so I have. My legs are looking well skinny so a sort of NSV.

I will get back to fasting eventually.

I am suffering serious choc withdrawal shakes.
Explains cookoo for cuckoo, sigh.

cuckoo you must really see the vet if you put ⅔ tub B&J back in the fridge. Or is this a penguin masquerading as you ?

somewherebecomingrain Tue 12-Nov-13 15:49:35

Ps the tooth wasn't like a regular trip to dentist. More like an operation. Too rough to fast. Glad I haven't. Am quite out of it!

somewherebecomingrain Tue 12-Nov-13 15:50:52

Biscuit why don't you post on the employment topic? You could get some really good advice/shoulders to cry on I bet.

xCupidStuntx Tue 12-Nov-13 16:33:54

God I've had such am unbelievably stressful day, I'm not usually one to get stressed whatsoever but every single bill seemed to come in the door today. When am I going to start realising they always come at this time every month, I live like a queen for two weeks and a pauper for two weeks aghh!!

Luckily it's a non fast day cos I'm nearly right up at my TDEE, despite hoping to reduce that so I could be a bit more easy going at the weekend.
Would a fast tomorrow be a good idea? I think I might even enjoy it!!

Absolutely loving the inspirational thread, it's really taken the misery out of my day!!

Itsaboatjack Tue 12-Nov-13 17:14:33

Glad I was having a planned FD today as I've been so busy at work I wouldn't have had time to eat anyway. I'm finally getting to sit down with a cup of tea then off to pick up dd1 from school and take her to brownies, then home to a huge mountain of ironing!

Hope everyone's day is going well. I'll try and catch up a bit later.

rubbishfamily333 Tue 12-Nov-13 17:48:06

Biscuits - hopefully you won't be out if work too long! I know it can be very worrying but it was making you so miserable it's probably for the est!

MrsF - thanks for looking grin I will have a look online and see what I can find for timing loose skin!

rubbishfamily333 Tue 12-Nov-13 17:50:49

So my weight today was 10.5.8, I would love to be under 10stone by Xmas, and not just on the day after a fast day. Do you think it's likely?

Will be interested to see what my weight is after this week. shock

duckyfuzz Tue 12-Nov-13 18:29:04

Evening all. NFD here but well within TDEE so far and have just had toad in the hole, yum!

Biscuits sorry about the job, but it sounds like you are better off out of it if its making you ill. I have recently left a job that I loved, but which necessitated me working ridiculous hours, always exhausted, comfort eating etc. I'm so much happier now!

Will try to catch up with everyone properly - you guys talk too much grin

wrigglebum Tue 12-Nov-13 19:22:13

Yes rubbish, I certainly think it's possible. Averaging 1lb a week would do it. But don't be disheartened if not, you will probably get there as long as you stick at it.

Biscuits, sorry about the job but hopefully this is just freeing you up for that perfect job you will find.

toffee, hope dd is better soon. Make sure you take care of yourself too as you've been having a rough time.

NFD here thank goodness, got a mega hunger on here. Did a workout but I was rubbish and I've been craving crap and giving in a bit to that. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Having a large rib eye steak with Stilton crumbled on top and a ton of roasted veg tonight, quite fancy a glass of red with that too smile.

eatriskier Tue 12-Nov-13 19:23:54

Oh my. Dd didn't have her normal 'I didnt nap at nursery so I melt down totally the day after' mode. Figured that maybe my week working gave us a good break from each other. But no. Dd decided that this afternoon was wee and poo everywhere day, despite being well potty trained for quite some time. Ds was melting down loads anyway as he is ill but thankfully was quite still for the point Dd semi encircled him with poop and didn't also need hosing down.

I'm off open my wine now...

toffeesponge Tue 12-Nov-13 19:39:11

Thanks all.

DD said she feels the same as at the weekend but DH has looked at her throat and thinks it looks better. Question is do I take her back to hospital tomorrow as told too if she wasn't better?

I am beyond tired. Staying in all day and doing very little just wipes me out.

Not2bObvious Tue 12-Nov-13 19:52:44

Oh Eat you so deserve the wine
Sorry to hear of you job troubles Biscuit - hope you get something that suits you, you might be surprised, the old one door closes saying....
FD yesterday ended up bring a pig out, full tdee on a Monday, shameful. Dying with indigestion after eating chocolate today, bit bingey today as well.
Been off reading the inspirational stories, just wow! Something to aspire to

BsshBossh Tue 12-Nov-13 20:04:04

Cupid as it's your first week I wouldn't fast until Thursday - stick to just two fasts a week for now. But then again you might be fine. I was like you - I found fasts really easy right from the outset and started out with 24 hour fasts. But I've always done 5:2, not 4:3.

Biscuits what a shame about the job, but then again what a good way to leave. Now you're free to move onwards and upwards!

Welcome frenchfemme and any other (?) newbies smile

toffee hope your DD and DS2 get better soon. Enjoy your comforting cheese pie <yum>.

Excellent work covered and bennett

<Bssh struggles to keep up with everyone's news on very fast moving thread - and exits with apologies>

BsshBossh Tue 12-Nov-13 20:08:43

toffee yes take her back just to confirm.

eat you serve wine. Enjoy!

Lovely NFD today - a good day's productive work, toasted sour cherry sourdough with Camenbert for late breakfast, good session at the gym, roasted veg soup and breaded risotto balls for lunch (my DH made these last night), and we'll be having venison ragu and pasta for dinner later when DH gets home. And tomorrow is another NFD - lovely!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Tue 12-Nov-13 20:09:34

Ahh Covered lovely post! Well done on almost reaching your Christmas goal. Another for the Inspiration thread.

Well done to you too LeastAccomplished fantastic loss!

BigChoc I did give my build up speech excuses for the wine last week. However, NNN is still on for me. But as I said at start, all bets are off when it's sanity versus indulgence.
Last week I had dodgy tum, then had a normal weekend, yesterday was fd, so today is my first real test. Have to keep reminding myself about NNN! Am thinking about chocolate a lot today! Just had massive bowl of homemade Thai curry so I know I don't need anything. Just want it. A LOT!!! grin

I say, if you really want some choc, Choc, then have it. Any improvements on normal habits are better than nowt and you've made a start! chocolate junkie

BsshBossh Tue 12-Nov-13 20:09:47


CuckooAtchooUhOh Tue 12-Nov-13 20:25:43

(First test meaning I didn't have any trouble avoiding the sweet stuff on those days btw)

Bloomin 'eck Eat - I have visions of you sat in a ring of poo and wee rocking backwards and forwards with a bottle of wine! Lol! So glad the pooey days are done here! Though tmi we do get the odd mis-wipe incident up the back and that's bad enough! shock

HellesBellesThinksSometimes Tue 12-Nov-13 20:39:52

My word! 19 pages in a week?!

So last week, I took one of TIP's tips and ran with it. I tried to eat for a week at the tdee for my target weight. I ended the week 400 calories over - just over 50 a day so I would put on eight if I ate like that once I get there. I didn't go without and I didn't feel hungry. I went way over once (deep-fried cheeseburger - so bad yet soooo good) and was within plus or minus 100 on the other days.

What I did do was think about what I ate and why. Focussing on eating for nutrition rather than for speed or a pick-me-up or for laziness.

BsshBossh Tue 12-Nov-13 20:44:59

Helles did you lose weight?

WilsonFrickett Tue 12-Nov-13 20:59:20


Honestly, you are better off out of there. Onwards and upwards my dear!

DH has just gone out for fish and chips after having a health check phone call for life insurance. He gets sooo stressed about things like that. I feel bad joining him for the fish and chips but heigh-ho. FD tomorrow and I think I will do a mini on Fri as am going to a spa thing with the girls on Fri night. It's all good.

MrsFlorrick Tue 12-Nov-13 21:22:03

Oh crap. DD seemed to be over her cold so I sent her to school today. At bath time I notice she is breaking out in blisters and spots..... Looks like chicken pox.

Feck. I will have infected half the school by sending her today. confused Just call me Typhoid Mary!!

DS is just getting a runny nose so he is next.

And as if DH wasn't unhelpful enough he is leaving the country at 6am tomorrow and not back till Saturday morning. He was aboard last week too. I know its work. But it's "work" and lots of jolly attached. Grrangry

He is skipping around the house saying "how unfortunate" and "bad timing". But he looks relieved. I'm glaring at him with my best angry tired face.

I know its bad timing and he didn't actually give her chicken pox. But still.

I have yet to fully catch up on thread so will be back later.

BsshBossh Tue 12-Nov-13 21:24:27

Oh MrsF sad. Do you have any family close by who could stay with you, keep you company, help out with the kids?

MrsFlorrick Tue 12-Nov-13 21:26:08

Oh and bigchocfrenzy. The reason you called Cuckoo, Cookoo. Is because I have been doing that ever since she joined on here because the arsing autocorrect on my phone insists on it.

Cuckoo. Sorry!!

Goodness, this thread is busy. Well done Cupid, Itsa and all other FDers, your day shall come - tomorrow, in fact.

Cuckoo I had my rice pud fix (canteen pud, not scraped from my ceiling) at lunch, but no choc. I have not broken the NNN since we started, one week today; I am strong, I shall prevail !
<Eye of the Tiger plays in the background>

Just back from 2hr training. In CrossFit, as the smallest in the room, my partner was naturally a 6ft 5in muscular guy 25 yrs younger <see what you find at the gym, heh, heh !>

I thrashed him in abs (my abs are always no.1) and we were even over the sprints and weights. However, pride has its price, which was 60 mins HIIT spin afterwards on totally knackered and aching legs, plus no energy. I am now sprawled on the bed, too exhausted to clean my teeth. Still worth it !
<Eye of the Tiger now on loop>

toffeesponge Tue 12-Nov-13 21:33:43

That sounds awful MrsF. sad

Tell your dh he is in charge fully the minute he is home and he had better bring back chocolate and presents for all with a takeaway. That's what I would do!

Oh, poor you MrsF and being left on your own, too.

MrsF We are probably both thinking of the Cookoo Smart Watch, and your iPhone keeps autocorrecting because they can connect. I decided a Smart Watch is just too small to be useful for a blind bat like me.

Southeastdweller Tue 12-Nov-13 21:48:10

xcupid Your finances will be in better shape after a few more months on 5:2 grin

biscuits Please remember how far you've come with comfort eating. Stay strong and good luck with your job search. Posters on other threads may be helpful in recommending job agencies, if you're willing to be open about your location.

I've discovered a new favourite FD food - cinnamon spice skinny popcorn at 120 cals, just the ticket after a divine miso soup from Itsu.

Cuckoo, Betsy We can plan the sweet junk orgy we are having at the weekend.
Oops, we must plan, or we (at least I) will have a frenzy, now forbidden in NNN. If I ate nothin else on Sunday, how much / many chocolate, ice cream, muffin, cookies can I cram into my new 3000 cal limit ...

BetsyBell Tue 12-Nov-13 22:12:12

Weeellll bigchoc you've made me realise that sugar porn is clearly not my thing anymore shock. There is a family birthday so there will be some cake and pudding but no frenzies here.

Freshly baked bread and a new pack of lurpak… now that's a whole different story grin [drool]

wrigglebum Tue 12-Nov-13 22:22:57

Oh MrsF, hope you are ok. My dad was away with work when my sister and I had mumps- poor mum! Piriton and Virusoothe are good for chicken pox, plus seek out friends whose children have had it so you can get out for a play once dd is feeling better but still contagious.

MrsFlorrick Tue 12-Nov-13 22:24:58

Bssh No. Nearest family are DHs octogenarian parents in Glasgow. I'm one of those forrin folk so no one from my side in the country.

Bigchocfrenzy 6'5" muscular men eh smile.

And two hour workouts! You're lean and mean.

Once upon a time I would have shunned working out but all this HIIT I have been doing with my Jillian Michaels DVDs has given me a taste for it.
Once both DC are at school in a couple of years time then i will up my game.

eatriskier. Yikes on the poo front. I hope you're ok now. Enjoy your wine!

Despite it all I did a full FD today!! I've been to Waittose this evening to stock up as I cannot take infectious DC out and once DH leaves tomorrow I am stuck in the house until Saturday morning.

Oh and I saw these new soup things in Waitrose. They are spicy oriental style ones and a whole pot is 138 cals so ideal for FD lunch (ie you could have one and still have dinner). I have purchased and will try one and report back.

xCupidStuntx Tue 12-Nov-13 22:30:33

Thanks as always bssh thanks I'll just try to keep cals a little on the low side tomorrow so I can indulge at the weekend but I won't fast, it's weird that I trust myself to fast more than I do to keep calories reasonably low!!

Haha south I was just thinking that today, I'm usually forking out a fortune for all the new weight loss gimmicks but this time it's freeee free free and I'll actually be saving money grin

God I hope so much that I have good losses to keep me motivated because I love everything about this way of eating! What's more, I actually have faith in myself to stick to it long term which is definitely new!!

CuckooAtchooUhOh Tue 12-Nov-13 22:42:35

I'm thinking gooey. Gooey is my thing this week. But I can't seem to decide what I want! Think my taste buds have got fussier. Now they say, if you're gonna do it - make it worth it!
Which is good philosophy to have I suppose as it usually means eating less; but annoying when you've been so good and suddenly you can, and want to be, really bad!

BigChox Oooh! 6'5" gym buddy - who's a lechy lucky girl then! No wonder you're there so often! It all becomes clear now........

CuckooAtchooUhOh Tue 12-Nov-13 23:16:12

.... and ha ha ha! On the eye of the tiger! That has been my theme tune this week! I've been doing various diy and whenever I'm doing anything remotely engaging muscles, I start to envisage self in home style Rocky training. Cue the music! (There was a scene with him stirring coffee right?)

MrsF 'Bad timing' ' Unfortunate' as he legs it out of house! Yeah right! Big shit! Poor you thanks
Sympathies with your sick house! Lots of poorlys out there at mo.

MrsFlorrick Tue 12-Nov-13 23:42:54

Cuckoo. Yep. So unfortunate. Sigh. H is snoring next to me and I am still a bit pissed off. I know and appreciate that he works which provides for us all (I chucked my career in to have the DC) but he is just never here when needed.

Every thing else is more important.

Another thing which pisses me off is that he never ever takes time off/holiday from work for me as in to give me a day off whilst he looks after DC. He only takes time off when we all go on hols (which means I do a lot of child stuff as its his "holiday") and when his parents visit.
When his parents visit I spend the entire time cooking and cleaning up after them. I love PILs so I don't blame them.

I am just annoyed that I never feature highly enough to warrant him using a day or twos annual leave on.
In fact it makes me angry.

I hope it's pissing with rain in France and all the people he has meetings with are wankers angry