Starting 5:2 today (2nd Sept) - anyone want to join me?

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BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 07:31:13

So I'm fasting today for the first time. I'm not expecting it to be pleasant envy grin

I've planned to have raspberries for breakfast, homemade soup for lunch and grilled chicken with veg for tea.
I'm also planning to drink lots of water. I'm going to give dc a cooked lunch so that when I'm really hungry I'm not cooking their tea!

Let the fasting commence!

mrslurkalot Mon 02-Sep-13 10:10:46

Me!!! I'm starting today too. No breakfast. Homemade soup for lunch and chicken salad for tea grin
And lots and lots of water!

BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 12:37:54

How are you feeling mrsL?! My soup is boiling as I type!

I was feeling really rough about 1/2 hour ago but some water and a slice of carrot (tragic!) has helped.

I am hungry but lots to do this afternoon so hope that will distract me!

I'm trying this with my chicken this evening
spicy cauliflower rice

Disey58 Mon 02-Sep-13 13:08:44

Today has arrived the first day of the 5.2 diet. Support needed as my husband has decided to join me and half a tin of soup for his lunch is not what he is use too. Looking forward to salmon tonight :-) anyone found an good app that lists calories in food

BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 13:38:19

My fitness pal is brilliant for recording calories.

I've just eaten a massive bowl of homemade soup but no-one has told my stomach which is still protesting madly that is is starving grin

Good luck Disey.

mrslurkalot Mon 02-Sep-13 13:58:08

Hi!! Feeling ok, had my soup about an hour ago, very hungry at the moment, thinking that might be psychological though as its not that long since I ate!
Have a feeling I will be going to bed very early tonight wink

GoodtoBetter Mon 02-Sep-13 14:12:19

I've done this on and off a bit but have been off the wagon since about June. Have started today. So far I've had 2 coffees and a cup of tea and a small portion of sausage casserole with hardly any sausage smile I am eating the same as DCs within reason but small portions and making that my main meal.

Was wondering whether to try a bit of Low Carbing on the other days?

Yup I started today. I have done the odd week here and there but now I have decided is the time to make it a way of life.
I have hit 185 pounds sad
I need to be 160 maximum so I have a battle. However, my first target is to get to 179 pounds.

Today I have had 3 coffees. I am starving but it serves me right for being such a pig angry
Tonight I have a WW meal and some strawberries.

Tomorrow will be about 1800cals and then I can crack down and fast on Weds and Friday as well. I have to do 4:3 for atleast a month first to make some headway.

GoodtoBetter Mon 02-Sep-13 15:13:47

Hello, youcanringmybell I have done this twice before and the time I did 4:3 I lost really well, I'm thinking I might do 4:3 at least the first couple of weeks.

That's good news! I go back to work this week so for week days I shouldn't be too bad at all as will be too busy to think about it. I have deliberately chosen to fast on a Friday because that can be one of my worst days of the week as I have wine a chocolate on a Friday through to Sunday. I can cut one of those days out now!

BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 17:14:41

Oh I have a nasty headache now, despite drink a lot sad
Very hungry. Guessing the first few fast days are always rough though since my body is used to receiving triple (and the rest) the amount of food blush

mrslurkalot Mon 02-Sep-13 17:16:02

Was ravenous earlier, but actually feeling not too bad now. Think it might be because its nearly tea time :-)

Disey58 Mon 02-Sep-13 18:26:41

Thank you will have a look. Was doing ok but now ravenous can't wait for dinner used the recipe from The Hairy Dieters Book had it before and it's delicious. :-)

BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 19:32:32

Which recipe? I have that book but haven't used it yet.

Cauliflower rice was very disappointing sad

I started today, will fast tomorrow.
I have a lot to lose so should I be doing 4:3?

Disey58 Mon 02-Sep-13 21:37:45

The salmon with ginger and chilli have done a few of the recipes all of which have been good the prawn curry is very delicious

mrslurkalot Mon 02-Sep-13 21:54:50

Hunger seems to come in waves. Off to bed now. Dreaming of ��

coveredinweetabix Mon 02-Sep-13 22:20:06

Today was my first day and its been OK. I didn't have the best preparation for it as I had a massive lunch yesterday and then ate some of the children's leftovers when they had their tea (about 5pm) so I started my fast earlier than I usually would as I'd normally have dinner. I had a banana around 11, lunch a couple of hours later and then a kiwi at 9pm. I regretted the kiwi as it was too sugary and, having felt OKish all day, I suddenly felt really odd. I've been shredding for the past few weeks but thought that that would be too much tonight.
I'm planning in fasting again on Friday. I'm about to go to bed now and will probably dream about the massive bowl of porridge I'm going to have for breakfast!
I'm 5'4" and weigh 11st4. I want to get down to 10st6 to be a healthy BMI.

BlackberriesAhoy Tue 03-Sep-13 06:22:11

Anyone else ridiculously glad they can eat again today?!
As you'll all gather from my posts I found yesterday really hard. I think I need a decent evening meal plan for fasting days. Fruit and soup were fine for two meals but my evening meal was gross! Chicken was nice (had marinated in a little oil, lime, ginger, sweet chilli and lemongrass) the cauliflower was ICK! I think I need to fine some really low fat 'normal' foods as opposed to these dieting substitutes.
I'm really hoping that fasting will get easier each time because if it as horrid as yesterday this won't be the eating plan for me sad
I'm not giving up though! Think I will fast again on Thursday.

bekind Tue 03-Sep-13 08:30:04

I'm planning my first fast day tomorrow and that is going to include and M &S ready meal for tea (fish masala at 355 cals) as I love cooking and am guilty of too many taste tests so feel that a ready meal is less tempting. Had a go at the 5:2 at the start of Summer but found that school holidays disrupted my plans in a nice way. Now I'm back at work I think the structure will help. Definitely benefit from drinking lots more water and having a plan for the day.

coveredinweetabix Tue 03-Sep-13 09:20:38

OMG I am hungry today. And just devouring food. I have had a massive bowl of porridge with fruit compote and then, as soon as I got to my desk, had to eat a cereal bar. I think in future I'll try to break my fast before leaving the house at 7 rather than waiting until I get to work at 9.
TMI alert but I am feeling really constipated and bloated. Anyone else? Whilst feeling bloated, my stomach is looking a lot flatter than it did on Sunday.
Next fast day on Friday.

AngieM2 Tue 03-Sep-13 11:42:14

Well done to the first day fasters. Ive been doing this for 8 weeks but just had 2 weeks off and yesterday was my first fast. Was ok, it gets easier. I only eat once (about 7pm). I find that as soon as you eat the hunger is worse. Ive just had a cereal bar (11.30) so im really happy to have consumed 450 calories during my 38 hour fast. ! Good luck to todays fasters.

goandshowdaddy Tue 03-Sep-13 12:11:15

I've just started today. Had a bowl of branflakes and 2 cups of tea already. Now trying to plan what to eat for the rest of the day. Any ideas? So far, I've used up 196 calories - so only 304 left for the rest of the day - eek!

Thanks Angie - so nice for people to come forward that have been doing it for a while!
I am eating today - feel like I can eat less so that is good. I will be fasting again tomorrow which I am unsure of but will just crack on!!

Chilli beef and noodles tonight with something yummy for pudding.

tedmundo Tue 03-Sep-13 13:26:55

Hi, I will join in if that's ok?

I don't have huge amount to lose but a flabby bloated tum is really starting to get me down. I have never really dieted but I think as I get older I won't be able to eat the way I did in my twenties!

Today is a fast day and my head is thumping. 1 egg and small slice of ham has kept the wolf from the door but I am looking forward to dinner. Spaghetti Bol with no spag and lots of salad.

Good luck everyone.

Disey58 Tue 03-Sep-13 13:30:23

Went to bed early glad the day was over I found it more difficult than I thought but will persevere I think. Really enjoyed my dinner and my hubbie managed to survive the day he is quite keen to continue so that is a result. Can anyone tell me who has been doing the diet for a while if you have been successful in losing weight and how long before you got a result. Normal day thank goodness good luck to those have have started today.

GampyWabbit Tue 03-Sep-13 14:06:07

I started 5:2 in June and lost 6lbs. I have been off it for around 3 weeks while we were on holiday etc and have put on 1lb in that time. I also felt really bloated / unhealthy when I wasn't fasting during the holiday. I plan to restart on thur!

GampyWabbit Tue 03-Sep-13 14:07:27

I lost that 6lbs over around 5weeks, without doing any formal exercise (just running around after 3 kids).

GoodtoBetter Tue 03-Sep-13 14:15:37

I'm going to fast again tomorrow youcanringmybell and Friday too as I want to kick things off. When I did this the first time (this time last year) I did 4:3 for the first 2 weeks and lost 5lbs in that time. Then changed jobs and fell off the wagon.
I didn't find yesterday too bad but then I've done this before. I don't eat til lunch and find I'm not hungry really, get hungry late afternoon though. I've been drinking water and chewing gum when hungry.

I split my 500 or so calories across lunch and dinner.

coveredinweetabix Tue 03-Sep-13 16:10:33

I feel as though I have a horrid taste in my mouth/bad breath. Could this be linked to fasting yesterday?
I had a brie, tomato and basil baguette for lunch today which was delicious and something that I haven't had for months as I've been cal counting for the past year or so (lost 2st but have plateau'd for the past two months; hence giving this a go)

AngieM2 Tue 03-Sep-13 17:01:03

I lost 12lb in 6 weeks but had also changed gym at the same time so I exercised more and varied. My only pearl of wisdom to offer is that to those on a fast day....I have never had breakfast....the first fast I had lunch at 2.30 then dinner at 7 but was do hungry after the lunch that I now dont bother and just wait for my dinner. Yes its quite hard but I'd rather fast longer I'm sure it makes it easier.

tedmundo Tue 03-Sep-13 17:13:25

covered .. I have a nasty taste in my mouth too. I am also thinking it is the fasting. Managed to not snack today at all so rest of calories can go on the meal tonight. I fasted on Sunday too as the two best days for fasting were Sunday and Today but I don't think I am ever doing the fast days just one day apart again.

Do the rest of you have fixed days or just seeing where the week takes you? I go out with friends most weeks with no fixed day, so I think I am going to have to be quite flexible.

I took pain killers in the end for my head and the ache has completely gone. I hope this does not happen every fast day.

Anyone else getting bad heads on fast days? I can take the hunger but not headaches!

tedmundo Tue 03-Sep-13 17:15:14

Hi angie .. I think you are right. I felt worse after the egg and ham earlier. On Sunday I ate nothing until 6pm and actually felt fine. I think I am going to do that next time.

BTW 12lbs in 6 weeks is amazing. Well done you!

Mintyy Tue 03-Sep-13 17:29:36

I am going to get back in the saddle with this.

I did 5:2 for 9 months from 1st September last year to mid-July and lost precisely 0lb.

Since I gave it up I've definitely put on weight so now my need to lose some is more pressing than ever!

I have come to the realisation that I have to be very strict with what I eat on non-fast days, it isn't quite the fast two days a week and you will magically lose weight woe that it is cracked up to be!

GampyWabbit Tue 03-Sep-13 17:48:14

I had fixed days (mon & thur) as they are my non working days. I used my fitness pal and would generally not eat until after 2pm either.

BlackberriesAhoy Tue 03-Sep-13 18:26:11

Nine months and no loss minty?!! What was your eating like on non-fast days?

tedmundo Tue 03-Sep-13 18:42:54

9 months for no change? You are a stronger person than me. No way could I do this without seeing payback. I am dreaming of the muffin top reducing. That'll be the 3 DSs stretching the skin ...

goandshowdaddy Tue 03-Sep-13 19:52:02

Oh god, there's no way I could do this for 9 months without losing a single pound! Fingers crossed it starts to work within a couple of weeks otherwise I'm bound to give up!

goandshowdaddy Tue 03-Sep-13 20:19:17

Remind me not to do fast day when Great British Bake Off is on!

Disey58 Tue 03-Sep-13 21:20:11

A normal day and fasting again on Thursday will know what to expect already planned the evening meal :-)

tedmundo Tue 03-Sep-13 21:20:18

I d enough calories left for half a double decker. The other half is sat on the kitchen counter winking at me.

BlackberriesAhoy Tue 03-Sep-13 21:40:09

Ok all, what am I going to have for my tea on Thursday (next fasting day)?
Nothing fish-related but any other suggestions welcomed smile
I'm thinking of trying to miss breakfast for my next fasting day hoping that I will feel less gross by the end if my calories are eaten later on.

Tedmundo - I had an absolutely splitting headache on my first fast day. Hopefully we won't get them next time!

BlackberriesAhoy Tue 03-Sep-13 21:41:35

Does anyone know btw if you SHOULD eat the amount of calories they recommend on your non-fasting days? I haven't reached my allowance today.

GoodtoBetter Tue 03-Sep-13 22:36:10

Not sure. I've eaten too much chocolate today. (Non fast day) Wasn't that hungry earlier but went a bit overboard on chocolate when DD finally went to sleep at 9.42 little bugger

Disey58 Wed 04-Sep-13 06:52:26

Posted 2 messages over the last couple of days but they don't seem to hve appeared, sorry BlackberriesAhoy as they were responding to your last post anyway will try this and see what happens :-) cookery book was The Hairy Dieters to anyone that's interested great recipes recommend the salmon and the prawn curry, yummy keep most of my calories for dinner something to lok forward too.

Disey58 Wed 04-Sep-13 06:56:17

Either my brain has gone into shutdown or something silly is going on but my messages are now there.
Fasting day tomorrow planned meal already looking forward to it already will let you know how it goes.

AngieM2 Wed 04-Sep-13 08:26:24

Some fast days ive come in below 300 calories. Had 2 boiled eggd and 6 dutch crispbreads for my tea....and thats it!

goandshowdaddy Wed 04-Sep-13 09:22:37

BlackberriesAhoy, what's the recommended amount of calories for non-fasting days?

I had half a butternut squash (tesco finest) soup for my tea last night, plus some Rachel's organic rhubarb yoghurt. Very nice!

GampyWabbit Wed 04-Sep-13 09:48:36

I forgot to say before that I was eating 1200 calories on non fasting days. That was the amount recommended on 'my fitness pal' when I put in my details and how much I wanted to lose.

tedmundo Wed 04-Sep-13 14:05:31

I am enjoying my NFD today. I am not eating much though as I am strangely not that hungry. I did the daft thing of weighing myself mid week (I am planning Sunday am weigh ins) and the scales tell me I am already 1.5lb lighter.

DH kindly pointed out though that that is simply a big poo. He's not helping.

BlackberriesAhoy Wed 04-Sep-13 16:26:58

Tedmundo - please inform your dh my scales were also recording a 'big poo' loss grin

I want to change the timing of my fasting. I'm going to start a separate post so hopefully some more experienced 5:2ers will answer! What time are you lot fasting? From morning to the following morning?

tedmundo Wed 04-Sep-13 17:28:54

blackberries .. I am starting a fast straight after the evening meal on day 1, only 500 calories during day 2, then back to normal breakfast on day 3. I got this info from the FAQs on the fast diet website. Dr Moseley calls it a 36 hr. fast, as you only consume the allotted 500 cal over the 36 hrs.

My tum is less firm even after one day of careful normal eating. Gives me the encouragement not to eat too much on the NFD though. Chilli for tea. YUM!

GoodtoBetter Wed 04-Sep-13 20:50:11

If I don't eat anything more today it'll be 613 kcals (fast day). I really fancy a banana (108kcals) whatdya reckon ladies?

BlackberriesAhoy Wed 04-Sep-13 20:51:12

Yes, I read the same thing earlier. I'd hoped doing a 24 hour fast would be sufficient! Poop.

GoodtoBetter Wed 04-Sep-13 22:19:56

Didn't have the banana and now going to bed. Looking forward to NFD tmrw!!!

Disey58 Thu 05-Sep-13 10:10:58

2nd fast day black tea so far non gym day so trying to keep busy. Feeling ok at moment and looking forward to evening meal.

BlackberriesAhoy Thu 05-Sep-13 10:59:22

Fasting day for me too. One cup of tea and lots of water so far! I'm going to have an egg and salad for lunch and then an ainsley Harriet low fat chow mein for tea. Fingers crossed!

tedmundo Thu 05-Sep-13 12:26:33

Good luck to Disey and blackberries on the FD today.

goodtobetter'.. Well done on not having the banana. Typing that feels wrong but we knew what we were getting into!

NFD today. Tuna salad lunch and scoffing it right now. Lovely!

I am tempted to do a FD tomorrow to have a 4:3 week to really kick start me off. I am feeling so motivated and want to make the most of it! Is everyone else only doing 5:2 or is anyone doing 4:3?

BsshBossh Thu 05-Sep-13 16:37:21

Disey58 I've been 5:2ing since February and have averaged a 1lb loss each week, which I think is normal for many 5:2ers. Some weeks I lose nothing, others I lose a few lbs. For me it's not a quick fix but as it's only 2 days a week I don't feel deprived and so I am able to stick to it (well, aside from the 6 week blip that was the summer holidays blush).

I total since February I've lost 24 lbs. Still want to lose another stone but because my BMI is now 23 (so within healthy range) I'm not in a rush.

BlackberriesAhoy Thu 05-Sep-13 18:09:54

I'm sooooo hungry and I need to cook dc's tea <cries>

carabos Fri 06-Sep-13 09:09:59

tedmundo you have answered a question I came on here to ask. I was being thick about the timings - say I ate dinner as normal at 7pm last night, do I then eat nothing all day today and eat dinner as normal again at 7 tonight? Or do I do as tedmundo says and eat dinner at 7 yesterday, 500 cals today and then back to normal tomorrow morning?

I'm not trying to lose weight, but I have a few friends who are doing 5:2 and thought I might try it for a week just to see what it's like [bonkers emoticon].

Everyone I know seems to be doing the dinner one night, nothing all next day (or a small meal such as a bowl of porridge at some point), dinner that night regime, but that pretty closely mimics how I eat anyway so it didn't seem to me to be fasting as such.

Are there lots of variations on this WOE?

Disey58 Fri 06-Sep-13 15:04:23

I haven't really thought about what time I should be eating waking up and having a green lemon tea and again during the day and having my 500 cals in the evening. Found my 2nd FD so much easier and keeping busy helped. Tedmundo I'm a bit like you not a lot to lose but doing it to support my hubbie he's lost 2lb this week so very happy I've not weighed yet.

BlackberriesAhoy Fri 06-Sep-13 15:52:57

I've been crap today sad
I want to lose weight, I need to lose weight, I know what to do to lose weight so why can't I?
Not giving up though.

tedmundo Fri 06-Sep-13 16:40:39

blackberries .. Was today a FD? If so, just write it off and try again tomorrow. Don't beat yourself up. It is only one day.

carabs .. The FAQs on the fast diet website is great. I am too tight to buy the book but the FAQs seem to cover most points! It seems to me that there is a day of 500 cal and then normal again the net day.

disey .. DH is thinking of joining me too. It would be easier! I want to lose about 10lbs and finally get back to where I was 3 DCs ago!

BlackberriesAhoy Sat 07-Sep-13 00:15:08

No, it was a NFD but I went totally overboard on the calories blush

Better day tomorrow.

GoodtoBetter Sat 07-Sep-13 09:07:40

Fasting again today, so that'll be a 4:3 this week to try and kick start things a bit. Had a coffee so far.

BlackberriesAhoy Sat 07-Sep-13 13:53:06

Good luck goodtobetter!

tedmundo Sat 07-Sep-13 17:42:37

Hope everyone is having a good day. blackberries .. Ahh don't worry too much then. Just be extra virtuous on the FD!

Weigh in tomorrow morning. It does occur to me that a weigh in after a FD would look better on the scales but perhaps not a true reflection of weight truly lost! Today is a NFD so the scales tomorrow should not lie!

BlackberriesAhoy Sat 07-Sep-13 18:32:52

I'm weighing in Mon morning which is the beginning of my FD - yes, it would make sense to weigh in after a FD but I think might give an artificially low result and I don't want to feel like I'm not losing any weight if I weigh in mid week and am still the same (not that I've thought about this at all...ahem...)

GoodtoBetter Sat 07-Sep-13 19:43:00

Gah! STARVING! I've had today:
3 white coffees
1 herbal tea
a few sticks of carrot
grilled chicken
3 chips
now going to have a little bit of porridge.
Can't wait til tomorrow, going to have a toasted bread roll with honey and a coffee for breakfast and then PILs for lunch. Might make a pineapple upside down cake tomorrow too, he he he!
Will be weighing on Monday. 74kg was my starting weight and I'd like to lose bout 6kg really as that's a weight I have been before and felt good at. Hoping to get back to doing the shred next month (too much going on this month, I'm not realistically going to do it).

tedmundo Sat 07-Sep-13 20:19:06

goodtobetter .. I am sorry you are starving! Poor you. At least you know on this diet you can tuck into a lovely breakfast tomorrow. Honey roll ... <drool>

The porridge should help! Get an early night too.

My NFD is ending with a couple of glasses of prosecco. Much needed.

GoodtoBetter Sat 07-Sep-13 20:27:14

Well, I've had some porridge and a banana, which brings me in at about 550 kcals for today. Still hungry but I'm going to have a big glass of water and go to bed in a bit.
what I like about this woe is that I really ENJOY my food on NFD!

GoodtoBetter Mon 09-Sep-13 07:34:14

Weigh in today and I've lost.......<drum roll>

0kg! grin

Maybe I'm eating too much on NFDs (certainly did yesterday). I'm not sure whether to fast today, was going to do Mon, wed, fri again and then 5:2 next week, but that means I'm almost doing Alternate day fasting. Maybe I'll fast Tues and Fri.

How's everyone else?

tedmundo Mon 09-Sep-13 09:41:39

Oh nogood .. You sound remarkably chipper still though. It may be worth trying less calories on NFD to see where it gets you.

I have lost 2lbs this week. That is a good start and I may well keep up the 4:3 for another week. It is a NFD today and I am going to try not to snack. Very difficult though.

Ds2 starts school today so I may need some comfort food! I am going to miss him!

GoodtoBetter Mon 09-Sep-13 11:11:41

When I did 5:2 back in May I didn't lose at all for 3 weeks and then 1kg one wk and 2kg the next. Going to try to take tge long view and not fall off the wagon. NFD today I've decided. Will fast tmrw and Fri.

thereistheball Mon 09-Sep-13 12:06:20

I'm going to read through all this later but can I ask if I'm too late to join? I'm a week behind you, so doing my first fast today. So far so good: milk in my tea this morning x2, no breakfast, and I've just had lunch of a two-egg omelette with five cherry tomatoes, one block of defrosted spinach, and some basil leaves, fried in sprayed olive oil. So far I'd guess about 200 calories? Tonight it's prawn stir-fry with those zero-calorie noodles, beansprouts, carrot, red onion and red pepper, with lots of Tabasco and some soy sauce and sesame oil. I have black coffee and a miso soup for snacks. I think this sounds doable, but let's see how I feel at the end of the day!

mostlysinging Mon 09-Sep-13 16:23:59

I started last Monday and am in the midst of my third fast day. I've been ok so far and even had a green tea - I don't ever drink tea/coffee so hot drinks are a little strange to me! I got the Hairy Bikers second diet book over the weekend and trying one of their recipes tonight which sounds delicious.

I weighed in this morning and had put on 1.5 lbs, so have decided to weigh each morning this week to see how my weight varies day by day. (I did Monday and Wednesday as Fast Days.) I know I'm eating less than I have been on NFD so not sure how I can have put on weight - but may be TOM...

Going to keep going as I do feel better for it so must be doing me some good.

Disey58 Mon 09-Sep-13 18:58:10

FD comes around very quickly since the last one eaten normally and been to the gym. Have being trying very hard not to give in and looking forward to the paprika chicken from the hairy dieters it helps knowing that there is a tasty meal to look forward too at the end of the day. Good luck mostlysinging hope you have lost when you next get on the scales.

BlackberriesAhoy Mon 09-Sep-13 19:42:21

Hi all. FD here for me, have had a handful of raspberries and a soup for lunch, three teas with skim milk. Having a small omelette and salad for tea.

I weighed in this morning and have lost 3lbs. I don't quite know how as I've been an idiot found it hard to be sensible on NFD. Think it is a sign of how much I was over eating blush that I've lost weight anyway. I guess as the weight comes off I'll have to be more sensible on NFD. Very pleased this week though and FD has been the easiest one so far - probably helped by being at work.

GoodtoBetter Tue 10-Sep-13 10:42:38

was going to fast today but I copped out as I'm feeling sorry for myself and didn't think I could handle hunger on top blush.
I've had mouth ulcers for about 2 weeks now and since yesterday have had a sore throat too. Feel exhausted and I'm back teaching in the evenings next week and just feel totally run down.
Might try fasting tomorrow.

tedmundo Tue 10-Sep-13 17:23:37

Tesco man brought some jumbo croissants in the shop this afternoon, ready for breakfast tomorrow. I am drooling over them. This FD is going OK. I agree with you disey that they swing around a bit too quickly for my liking!

So far, had 4 cups of tea, an oxo drink and a 80 cal snack from my Graze box. Dinner is a frozen chicken breast (245 cal) and a portion of baked beans (100 cal) leaving me with 75 cal of chocolate in front of the telly later. I am not sure eating Choc on the FD is quite what Dr M had in mind but sod it! I need a bit of Choc each day to stay sane.

blackberries.. Get you with the 3lb loss. nice one!

HELLO newbies.

mostlysinging Wed 11-Sep-13 11:16:36

On my second FD for the week. I've taken the approach this week to weigh each day to see how things change! From Monday (FD) to Tuesday I dropped 4 lbs and weighed into today 2lbs more so overall 2lbs down from Monday.

Will see how it progresses as the week goes on. I've been for a swim this morning and now plan to do some cleaning to keep me busy.

Great loss blackberries!

dufflefluffle Wed 11-Sep-13 16:09:11

I had great success with this last year but have failed to get re-started this year so far (9 months in. shock eek!)
So I started Monday, drank buckets of herbal tea (having milk in tea and coffee really hoicks up the calorie count) and two huge chicken sandwiches on day one and came in around the 600 calorie mark. Today I've been really busy so haven't had time for a tea even. Had some melon at lunchtime and just now have had the most amazing discovery. Trawling through Aldi looking for something tasty yet low calorie and came across Pesto smoked salmon with honey and mustard dressing. 195 cal a pack and really really tasty. Filling too and because it's salty I'm drinking lots of water since (I struggle with drinking enough water).
Last year when I did well on the 4:3/5:2 (I lost 9lbs - all of which I have found again over the summer!) I bought cartons of egg white and lived on rice cakes and ham - which got awfully boring after a while.
Prawns are also a good low fat option, as are turket breast slices - filling too. A cauliflower broken into florets and tossed with a tblsp of oil, lemon zest and salt and roasted til crisp is delicious and virtuous too.

AmberGamble Wed 11-Sep-13 16:31:56

Argh! This is the worst time of the day. I'm sooo hungry and ages until tea time!
Fasting is going ok (despite whinging) - I'm just struggling to be sensible on NFD. Anyone else having the same problem?

tedmundo Wed 11-Sep-13 19:03:14

amber .. I am going out for a curry tonight so I am fully expecting to struggle to be sensible!

My head is saying "have the chicken tikka". My stomach is saying "have the makhani".

I also weigh myself everyday. But only plan to get excited/depressed by the sunday morning weigh in.

mostlysinging Thu 12-Sep-13 07:54:49

So the weighing each day is showing that my weight can do down as well as up! I've done my two FDs for the week and do my 'official' weigh in on Monday morning before my next one.

I am being sensible on my NFD but not going as far as counting calories. I know I've cut down on snacks and have only been reaching for the fruit bowl so hoping Monday gives a lower number than this week's....

I've made myself drink green tea and find this helpful on a FD as does feel like you have filled up with something.

GoodtoBetter Thu 12-Sep-13 08:56:09

Well, I've fallen off the wagon again. Haven't fasted at all this week. Think it was a bit ambitious to try it just before the busiest time of the year. Haven't been going crazy but haven't fasted either. Funnily enough I've lost a kilo!
Might give it a go next week.

GoodtoBetter Thu 12-Sep-13 08:56:11

Well, I've fallen off the wagon again. Haven't fasted at all this week. Think it was a bit ambitious to try it just before the busiest time of the year. Haven't been going crazy but haven't fasted either. Funnily enough I've lost a kilo!
Might give it a go next week.

Snoot Thu 12-Sep-13 12:08:42

Please can I join? I started this week, fasted Tuesday and today. I had low carbed Easter to summer hols and lost a bit but munched my way through the break and want to try something new and cheaper

Tuesday I ate one apple (50 calories, who knew?!?), 5 black coffees (2 decaf, jitter, jitter), 3 sardines in chilli and garlic with spinach (wouldn't bother again) and 2 vodka and slimline tonics (bought a measure, 55 calories a glass). I think that was around 600 calories.

So far today, 4 black coffees (1 decaf, got to stop this!) and an omelette made with 1cal spray, 1 egg white and approx 2/3 egg left from glazing scones yesterday, eaten with 1/4 can tinned tomatoes with fresh basil, what's that? About 60 calories so far? My tummy is gurgling like mad! Supper is going to involve prawns in some way, possibly in a tomato sauce on a tiny portion of pasta grin. I'm allowing room for a V&T, 2 is overdoing it but still much better than half a bottle of red with DH!

Just seen this thread and thought I'd join. I'm not doing the fasting as I get migraines when I get hungry, but I am trying to cut down on cakes, chocolate and biscuits which are my downfall as DH has decided to do one fast day a week. We've also switched to skimmed milk rather than semi-skimmed.

However, he's normally the one who cooks the evening meals, but he discovered after his first fast day last week that he's just not up to it on that day, at least not this early on. Consequently, it's going to be me who'll have to do it. Last week and this it's going to be half a tin of sweet and sour chicken and half a packet of microwave rice for tea, but for future weeks I'm looking for two or three slow cooker recipes that all four of us can eat. Does anyone have any recipes or links for anything suitable? I'd like a vegetable soup for one of them if possible. DH doesn't eat fish or seafood, so I think that rules out a lot of possibilities as well. :-(

Snoot Thu 12-Sep-13 14:05:35

MuddlingMackem I found this article, it's fairly entertaining and there's a recipe for a vegetable soup at the end. I'm working on the principle that tinned tomatoes are your friend wink they're 16 calories per 100g, 400g in your average tin. Lean protein and vegetables with herbs and spices should allow for a reasonable sized portion with minimal or no carbs, just provide the rest of the family with a baguette and butter on the side. That's my plan anyway smile

Thanks Snoot.

DH might do the soup one the night before, I don't do anything that involves pre- frying/boiling/baking as for me the whole point of a slow cooker is to just chuck everything in and leave it. grin

Yes, bulking up for the rest of us with bread and butter is my plan too, hence why soup is a good one. I'm not fond of cooked tomatoes, but DH is so that would be an option for him. Thanks. smile

mostlysinging Mon 16-Sep-13 10:44:31

On my 6th FD and going well so far. I weighed myself everyday last week to see how my weight varied as was interesting!

My weigh in this morning is 3.5 lb less than my start weight 2 weeks ago so am really pleased. Have lost 1 inch from my waist too.

So far so so good....

tedmundo Mon 16-Sep-13 14:06:45

mostly .. nice one on the weight loss (and trim waist!).

I am now into week 3 and weighed in yesterday and had lost another 2 lbs. I want to lose 4-5 more.

I am finding it much better to just eat nothing on FD until dinner time. The minute I eat something my appetite becomes harder to control.

Today is a NFD and I just had 2 biscuits after lunch. And then felt guilty! I know I didn't need them and snacking is clearly the eating behaviour I need to curb.

Good luck with everyone fasting today.

Spanglemum Mon 16-Sep-13 20:37:28

I started on 2nd September, though I'd practiced a couple of days in school holidays. Doing this to loose some weight as part of being fitter.
Have lost about 3kg so far since august.
The fasting getting easier. Am i the only one who can't go without breakfast? I have porridge made with water and no sugar. It fills you up for ages.
Nearly at end of fast day. Keeping busy is the key I think on these days.
good luck everyone!

Disey58 Sun 22-Sep-13 07:49:14

Hi all 5.2 dieters - I know positivity is the name of the game but this isn't for me although the positive bit is that its working for hubbie.
I have decided rather than spendng a 2 days being miserable I am going to carry on just cutting down and excercisng it works for me where as the 5.2 doesn't as I am telling my brain that my body doesn't need food but my body is telling my brain it does!!
Good luck everyone it has been a support reading your comments.

Salbertina Sun 22-Sep-13 19:57:40

Marking my place for tomorrow!

Salbertina Mon 23-Sep-13 20:16:44

Ok, well killed a thread but managed the fast smile

TheArticFunky Mon 23-Sep-13 22:57:16

I started doing this a couple of weeks ago. On fast days (Monday and Thursday) I find it easier to eat the same, it makes planning easier and I know what to expect.

For breakfast I have a slice of whole grain toast with fruit spread and a black coffee, lunch is a slice of whole grain bread and minestrone cuppa soup and for dinner I have chicken breast with Cajun spices, carrots, courgettes and red pepper.

I'm finding that because I'm not skipping any meals I'm not feeling hungry.

PoshPaula Tue 24-Sep-13 10:48:06

Hi I am just starting the 5:2, today, mind if I join? I find it helps to read other people's comments. Like some other folk on here I don't have stacks to lose, just 3 or 4 pounds, but after three DC's and given the fact that I am in my forties, weight doesn't fall off of me as easily as it used to. And I am determined not to go up a dress size!

PoshPaula Wed 25-Sep-13 09:10:01

Was it something I said?! Anyway I managed my first fast day yesterday. I lost over one pound. I am keen to hear of other people's weight loss experiences.... how long does it take to lose four pounds? And what do you eat?

Salbertina Wed 25-Sep-13 09:17:50

Posh- i think everyones on the other thread!

TheArticFunky Wed 25-Sep-13 09:20:11

It took me 2 weeks to lose 5.5lb. 3.25 lb the first week and 2.25lb the second week.

PoshPaula Wed 25-Sep-13 10:09:24

Okay thanks! I will find the other thread.

Wow Arctic that's an impressive loss!

TheArticFunky Wed 25-Sep-13 15:26:14

Do you think PoshPaula? I was disappointed the first week.

Salbertina Wed 25-Sep-13 16:42:51

Sustainable average to lose each week only about 1 lb on a decent (non-crash) diet, unless water loss eg thro low carbing.

PoshPaula Wed 25-Sep-13 16:43:33

5.5 lbs in two weeks would make a big difference to how you feel and look, I would have thought. And with an amount like that, you have more chance of it staying off in the long term.

If after four weeks you've lost 11 pounds that is nearly a stone so that's got to be fantastic.

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