The 5:2 Thread number 22! Put down that biscuit - you can eat it tomorrow

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BetsyBell Sun 23-Jun-13 15:54:11

The continuing thread for those of us following either the 5:2 diet or the alternate-day fasting diet.

The 5:2 diet was featured on Horizon in August 2012, and essentially requires you to fast for 2 non-consecutive days per week. The other 5 days, you can eat what you like, or approximately your TDEE (see explanation below). Alternate-day fasting is just how it sounds; you fast every other day. By "fasting", we mean that we keep our calorie consumption very low, around 500 calories on average for a woman, 600 for a man, on those days.

You'll find on these threads we use a number of acronyms. If you're new to the threads, or Mumsnet in general, they might not make much sense.

WOE/WOL = Way Of Eating/Way Of Life. We use this term instead of "diet" as many of us see this as something to do in the long term.

MFP = My Fitness Pal, a website many use for keeping track of the number of calories they're eating.

TDEE = Total Daily Energy Expenditure, quantifies the number of calories you burn in a day. This measure is best estimated by scaling your Basal Metabolic Rate to your level of activity. TDEE is critical in tailoring your nutrition plan to desired fitness goals. Here is a link to a calculator to help you figure out how many calories you should be eating in a day.

ADF = Alternate-day Fasting, as it says on the tin, fasting every other day rather than 5:2.

NFD = Non fast day

NSV = Non scale victory

Michael Mosley has a website to accompany his new book on the subject. Please go check them out, as he's the whole reason most of us are here!

I know a number of people lurk on this thread, as this is currently quite popular. Please just jump in and post if you're new- you'll find a lot of support here.

Here is a list of links to get you started with this way of eating. Please let us know if you find a new article or some other information online:

First things first, here are links to some of our previous threads:
most recent, one before that, another one!

Another thread which breadandwine has started is a good resource for some of the tips and links that get lost in these big threads. In addition to sharing links, we try to condense some of our top tips for fasting there. Keep in mind, we all do this differently, so these are just tips, not rules. This might be a good place to catch up with us if you're feeling a bit lost!

frenchfancy has a recipe thread over here, please post any low-calorie recipes there so they don't get lost in these bigger threads!

If you've been at this a while and are moving on to maintaining your goal weight, there is a thread here to discuss that.

Here is the link to the BBC article regarding Michael Mosley's findings, which was featured on Horizon.

There's a link to the aforementioned Horizon programme here.

A blog post here gives some of the scientific explanation for why this way of eating helps you to not only lose weight, but improve your all-around health.

A Telegraph article which comments on the diet and gives a brief overview by Dr Mosley himself, very informative if you're just starting. (I highly recommend this for an overview)

A study discussed here gives commentary specifically addressing the effect of this diet on obese people (both men and women), with regard to both health and weight loss. ("After 8 weeks of treatment, participants had an average 12.5 lbs reduction in body weight and a 4 cm decrease in waist circumference. Total fat mass declined by about 12 lbs while lean body mass remained relatively constant.) it also mentions "Plasma adiponectin, a protein hormone that is elevated in obesity and associated with heart disease, dropped by 30%. As did LDL cholesterol (25%) and triglycerides (32%).")

Something to consider if you are currently your ideal BMI: this appears to suggest the benefits for women at a lower BMI might not be seeing the same health benefits that are found on men at their ideal BMI.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have been contributing. Most of us are learning this way of eating as we go along. All of the links above have been posted by others in our previous threads, and they've been very helpful.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Greeneggsandnichts for putting together all the info and resources into one concise OP text, much appreciated by so many 5:2ers!

Come join us, and tell us about your experiences with this diet!

Talkinpeace Sun 23-Jun-13 16:02:41

I win!

SoTiredAgain Sun 23-Jun-13 16:03:48

Thanks Betsy. Damn you Talk grin

BetsyBell Sun 23-Jun-13 16:04:44

Ha! It's not a race ladies grin

Talkinpeace Sun 23-Jun-13 16:05:40

Yeah right its not a race ......

GreenEggsAndNichts Sun 23-Jun-13 16:13:27

Howdy grin

Yep I'm off again on Tuesday, to Glastonbury. grin Really looking forward to it. Betsy asked about thread duty again and I thought if she didn't mind, I'd be happy to not be worried about catching it in time for the next couple of weeks (Glasto, then back but then Germany to visit inlaws!) I appreciate her doing them- I just think it's important to have an OP with some information and links etc for new folks to check.

I've done 4:3 this week in anticipation of possible (cough) not fasting while I'm at Glasto. The food looks very promising, and I hear drink might be involved as well.

Shall have one more fast tomorrow to get me ready for the week!

but I want the biscuit sad

Thanks Betsy smile

virginposter Sun 23-Jun-13 16:25:46

thanks BetsyBell and Hi to Greeneggs

BsshBossh Sun 23-Jun-13 16:52:26

wine wine wine

It's a Sunday NFD after all grin.


JB30 Sun 23-Jun-13 16:54:20

What is it you say? Oh yeah, marking my place [gr

JB30 Sun 23-Jun-13 16:54:49

Arg! Try again grin

Dotty342kids Sun 23-Jun-13 17:16:14

Thanks Betsy and GreenEggs for having done the new threads so dilgently up to this point! Have a fabulous time at Glasto - you actually might NOT get rained on grin

I have eaten so much since Friday night's boozy meal out. Yest was curries and samosas at the in laws, then hummus, crisps and chocs during Sat night film. Today hasn't been too terrible but just had Sainsbury's delivery so scoffed a mini magnum whilst tea's in the oven and have got a cheesecake lined up for dessert. Oh dear.
Soooo, need tomorrow's fast! Who's with me in the Monday fasting gang this week?

ceebeegeebies Sun 23-Jun-13 17:45:58

Just checking in.

Dotty not me, I am at home with DS2 on Mondays so don't like fasting then as it means I can't take him out for treats grin

BsshBossh Sun 23-Jun-13 17:54:12

Dotty I'll join you on the Monday fast (doubt we'll be alone!).

dotty I'm semi with you. 16:8 today randomly again, mini fast tomorrow as I intend to eat and drink all my tdee calories in the evening and normal full fast Tuesday. my poor body!

BetsyBell Sun 23-Jun-13 18:02:44

wine now; fast tomorrow.

Trying not to think about the mini magnums in the freezer, even though I've just had lashings of pavlova.

Love weekend nfds grin

Mmmm, glasto food, just watch out for the 'Sting Your Ring' curry stall shock may not exist anymore, it's been 15 years since I last went

SoTiredAgain Sun 23-Jun-13 18:08:41

ceebee I am on the fast day train tomorrow.

SoTiredAgain Sun 23-Jun-13 18:09:57

Sorry, I mean Dotty, of course. [dumb]

frenchfancy Sun 23-Jun-13 18:39:08

Thanks for the new thread Betsy. My tum is feeling much better, so to celbrate I have a hazelnet, salted caramel and chocolate tart in the oven grin fast day tomorrow naturally.

Chocupid Sun 23-Jun-13 19:51:15

I WILL be fasting tomorrow. (Must think positively, only 3wks till holiday shock) Determined to get back on it.

BetsyBell Sun 23-Jun-13 20:09:58

Sigh recipe please ff!

Cat98 Sun 23-Jun-13 20:17:16

Fast day is Tuesday but I've eaten (curry, roast chicken dinner) and drunk (wine, champagne, cappuccinos) so much this weekend I think I need to be good tomorrow! We're having tea at the in-laws in the evening but I'm planning on eating sparingly during the day -maybe just a light lunch.

For Tuesday's fast I'm planning my first go at skipping breakfast completely and just having Ryvita and a raw carrot for lunch! We'll see how it works out!

Good luck everyone fasting tomorrow smile

INeedThatForkOff Sun 23-Jun-13 20:31:36

Hi folks. Thanks for the suggestion on the previous thread that I try 16:8 for the time being. I'm still very busy and the DCs still aren't sleeping well so I think that would be a good compromise. I ate at 6.30 so will wait until 10.30 until I war again.

Those of you who've tried this approach, did you do it seven days a week or just three? If not every day, were they consecutive or alternated with NFDs?

While feeding the baby the last few days I've been pinning lots of inspirational exercise ideas and images, before and after pics and hairstyles for the new me. I'm going to take up Pilates, start running again and do the odd spinning and kettlebell class. Can't wait. Just have to get this tedious exam marking out of the way.

I'm off out tomorrow night, hence the mini fast, and I haven't seen these people since before I started this woe. I spent ages buried in the wardrobe to find an outfit that would show off my new figure whilst hiding the fact I still have a load of weight to drop. Finally found something appropriate and its a Medium! Very happy at that, didn't even know I had anything that small in there.

Meggymoodle Sun 23-Jun-13 20:39:26

Hello - joining in on the new thread as a new person (to the board not to 5:2) just to show commitment to the cause. Hope that's OK.

Could someone tell me what 16:8 is please?? Am currently fasting on a Weds and Sat (I know Saturday is a slightly odd day but works for me as I only work on Saturdays and find it SO much easier when not at home!).

Talkinpeace Sun 23-Jun-13 20:42:31

its the concept of only eating within an 8 hour window of each day
which generally means skipping breakfast
but having lots of fluids ...

SoTiredAgain Sun 23-Jun-13 21:02:09

So I did my first 16:8 today. Mmmm. Not sure. I actually found it harder than a fd where I just eat in the evening. I was impatiently waiting for 1 pm to come round so I could scoff my face eat.

However, I did track on mfp and it shows that I still have 404 calorie deficit. smile

Just a quick question about it. The 16:8 is for the health benefits right? And not for the calorie deficit? I would, however, find it very hard to scoff 1584 calories (todayTDEE) in a 8 hour window.

I think I will leave 16:8 for this week, and see how my weigh in goes on Friday. I'm just a bit worried, I guess, that I will not get enough calories as I am also not eating my exercise calories back.

Does that all make sense?

akarucker Sun 23-Jun-13 21:39:54

Can't wait for FD tomorrow! Bring it on!!!

BsshBossh Sun 23-Jun-13 21:48:15

INeedThatForkOff if I do 16:8 then I generally do it 5 days a week excluding weekends. But like all IF, it's flexible and totally up to you.

SoTiredAgain I don't count calories so not sure how close under/over to TDEE I am if I do a 16:8 day but I guess it's up to the faster: if s/he's doing 5:2 also then no need to eat below TDEE and just focus on the 16 hour fasting health benefits; if only doing 16:8 and needs to lose weight then s/he'll need a deficit each day which is easier in a restricted eating window. Again, it's all so flexible.

Thank you for such thorough introductions and posts.

I've been meaning wanting to do this diet since I saw horizon. I've got a six month old and have another 7lbs to lose. At least. Ten if I want to really feel good. I am breastfeeding but hoping a 6:1 or 5:2 with a 700 calorie limit won't impact on my breast milk. I think there are other bfeeders?

I did ask on the live thread about BF and Michael Mosley advised against it but I think I'm sleeping enough to cope now..... Let's see .....

somewherebecomingrain Sun 23-Jun-13 22:14:55

Marking my place. Ninth fast day tomorrow. After four weeks I've dropped about 4lb and my waist is an inch smaller. My shorts have also fallen down. Starting at approx 12.3 I've seen the elevens.

I find fast days very hard between about midday and 7pm. I eat at around 1pm and then 3pm. if i wait till the evening then from 3 to dinner time I am beside myself. Even so I feel very agitated and irritable. At around 7pm it subsides as I know all I have to do is get my baby girl down and then go to sleep myself.

Not sure how long I can continue therefore - may go down to 6:1 until baby girl is starting to wean and breast feed less. However I do feel more energetic and less greedy on NFDs - I just feel better.

Anyway this thread really helps - I'm lurking like crazy, you are all very inspiring, the enthusiasm is infectious.

May post tomorrow if resolve is poor. Planning the aubergine curry from the official 5:2 cookbook. Other than that dunno. Good luck everyone else.

somewherebecomingrain Sun 23-Jun-13 22:28:30

Hey sauce crossed posts. I'm breastfeeding an 11-week baby and have a stone and a half to lose. I give myself 650 a day - a quarter of my 2000 TDEE and a quarter of my est 600 a day milk output (she's a huge baby).

How did you get to 700?

If anything my supply got better when I fasted.

Good luck to tomorrow's fasters, I won't be joining you! I ate enough to sink a battleship yesterday but that followed on from Friday's fast so I'm not worried. Just back from the gym so have undone today's damage too. Attended a confirmation this morning and there was cake my friend's DD cut into it her big sister burst into song - trouble was, she sang the first line of 'happy birthday to you', realised no-one else was joining in and then remembered it wasn't her sister's birthday at all, it was her confirmation!!

ELR Sun 23-Jun-13 22:43:42

Hi all, thanks for the new thread betsy love the title!
Not fasting tomorrow as out to breakfast with a friend and then it's my friends sons birthday so going over for birthday tea. Will fast Tuesday and Thursday next week.
Good luck everyone tomorrow.

somewhere 700 is a guess! I need to do some maths clearly!

Interesting about increased supply.

INeedThatForkOff Mon 24-Jun-13 00:53:15

Sauce, I also found by supply increased (it subsided on WW). However with two DCs, neither of whom sleep well, I've found 5:2 too much and an giving 16:8 a go.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 24-Jun-13 03:13:49

Thanks everyone who was so encouraging on the last thread and put up with my whining! Really, it's as simple as this: all the good habits that FDs were creating on NFDs (ie., not being afraid of hunger, not bothering to snack, drinking less) had slipped, and also I have only managed one FD per week for the last two weeks.

And today I am 61.5kg, which is roughly where I've been for the past month.

So: I have learned that in winter, with associated limited exercise, having recently weaned a child, doing 6:1 and eating whatever I want, I can maintain. This is excellent news! And now the sun is out and I am back on the proper wagon, because I'm going to get to 57kg if it kills me. I'm going to log everything properly for a while, and get serious about hitting my fitbit goals again.

(Thanks for the soup rec, Crystal, that sounds completely delicious)

aka I'm so pleased for you that going to 5:2 is working. ADF sounds unsustainably tough, this is a much better plan.

Hello all, have been back at work for a week, so it's been manic and not had time to post.

Had done really well, and got down to 57.1 kg, so was really happy. Did 16:8 all last week, until weekend, but only ate a bit over TDEE yesterday. Have just weighed in- 59kg!!! Not happy. Think I need to get back on the wagon, and go back to 5:2. I feel a bit confused, I've still had a big calorie deficit over the week, so in theory, I should have lost at least a pound. I don't know what I've done wrong! Hoping it's temporary fluid retention!

FD for me today- got a jar or coffee and some bovril to take to work.

BetsyBell Mon 24-Jun-13 07:19:17

Morning folks, I can't help thinking that Monday is not a good day for a weigh in... I recommend waiting until after a fast day which will see off any excess fluid retention related to processing the extra weekend sugar and wine.

somewherebecomingrain Mon 24-Jun-13 07:39:50

I don't know if I can do it. I think i need a break. Like ineedafork I think I might just do 16:8 for a bit. Or 6:1. My body is saying no today. It must be my greedy baby. Goodness knows how I would have coped in the palaeolithic era!

I do love this woe but I don't think I've got myself to a place where it is sustainable. I do feel its ok to stop and start. I haven't failed, I've lost weight, I'm just taking a break.

Has anyone else stopped and started again?

Bramblesinforrin Mon 24-Jun-13 07:50:34

Morning. fD. Very overindulgent weekend, so bring it on!

(Also have had to buy smaller knickers!).

BetsyBell Mon 24-Jun-13 08:11:09

somewhere The beauty of the WOE is that you can stop and start whenever you like. Plenty of us have breaks from it for one reason or other.

tortoise maintaining in the winter is a victory in itself! I finally saw a little shift downwards this weekend after weeks of maintaining - stepping up the exercise a bit and being more careful in the week (ie no booze on weekdays) has been the answer for me. Had a lovely indulgent day yesterday so no back on the wagon starting with a fast.

Brambles Excellent nsv!

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 08:16:06

Morning fellow Monday fasters smile I reached goal weight in April and have maintained successfully for the last 2 months, getting used to my new weight and enjoying the increased energy and the nice clothes I can wear now. But now I want to lose another 10lbs. So I am back in weightloss mode and strict 5:2 again. Am strangely excited to be back on it!

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 08:17:40

Oh, and I always weigh in the morning after the second weekly fast (for me, Friday morning). It's the general downward trend over weeks/months that's important.

Dotty342kids Mon 24-Jun-13 08:44:47

Ineedthatforkoff I love your ideas of inspiration pics of before / after photos, hairstyle ideas and exercise regimes that you want to try. Sounds brilliant and very motivating!

BssBossh me too. I treat Monday's fast as undoing the weekend's damage and Thursday's fast as the one to encourage a bit of weight loss. At the moment I'm definitely over eating on NFDs so need to take control of that else each week I'm losing and gaining the same couple of pounds smile

Anyway, fast day today and first pint of water on its way down!

Hi everyone! Fasting today, good luck to everyone else, hope its a good one.
Bouncy up, bouncy down. I find it quite interesting really as I am still shrinking and am now wearing clothes I couldn't wear two months ago when I was the same weight. For all you other bouncers/ stallers, having done this for just coming up 7 months I have learnt to appreciate that the scales are only part of the story and I have trust and confidence in this wol.
Had shed loads of wine and yummy food and chocolate over the weekend but I've always done that pre 5 to 2. I am ready for a day of cleansing and natural fat burning.
Betsy thanks for the new thread and also for your lovely encouraging posts which I have enjoyed reading whilst lurking for months x
Have a great day all.

frenchfancy Mon 24-Jun-13 09:45:06


betsy Chocolate Hazelnut and salted caramel tart It was utterly delicious. I shall definitely be making it again.

Crunchymunchyhoneycakes Mon 24-Jun-13 10:37:09

Fasting today, have work this afternoon so will just hold off eating till I get home. Have made myself chicken and rice soup to have when I get in with leftover chicken breast from the roast chicken yesterday and some carrots and celery. I'd rather save all my calories till then and be able to have some carbs in my dinner!

So last food was last night about 9, will eat my 500 cals tonight about 5.30/6pm then not till breakfast Tuesday so is that right? 20 hrs no cals, then 500 then another 14-16 before breakfast?

Dotty342kids Mon 24-Jun-13 10:48:48

crunchy yes, that's right about how and when you you eat your cals. Sounds like a nice dinner for tonight. I'm having Linda Mcartney lentil cottage pie with vegetables for mine smile at about 6pm. So, like you (I was still scoffing crisps at 9.00 last night!) that'll be a good 21hrs fast which is pretty good.

ELR Mon 24-Jun-13 10:56:23

tortoise that's happened to me too all the good habits seemed to have gone! It's quite disheartening but I know Icahn get the good habits back so am just carrying on and if I don't loose at least I'm maintaining and that's got to be a good thing right?
dotty that's a good way of looking at it damage from the weekend for Mondays fast then Thursdays the weight loss fast!

Crunchymunchyhoneycakes Mon 24-Jun-13 11:16:54

Thanks dotty, i thought that was right! soup smells great, looks very filling too. Looking forward to being out of the house so it can't torment me any more!

Dotty342kids Mon 24-Jun-13 11:21:55

Just keep busy crunchy, busy, busy, busy smile

newbiefrugalgal Mon 24-Jun-13 11:22:21

Weigh in day for me - scales are down 2.2kg to 68.5kg.
Started being strict on 10th May (after consuming a whole block of dairy milk the night before and waking up feeling 'yuck' AGAIN!
(previous half hearted attempts earlier in the year too)

I'm aiming for below 60kg as this is what I have been pre and post babies but more importantly I just want to wear all my summer clothes!!

I'm sick at the moment so didn't get my second fast day in last week, I have however eaten only healthy snacks and mostly sensible meals. Still unwell today but hoping to get through the fast day as getting it done on Monday much such a physchological (SP??) difference.

BetsyBell Mon 24-Jun-13 11:28:56

FF Ooh, thanks - I've popped in my recipes bookmark, it'll be saved for a bit of weekend baking at some point!

Likehurricane aw, thank you smile x I usually look forward to Monday's fast after a weekend of tastiness. Thursday's are usually the hardest one, especially if I've been eating mindfully on Tues/Weds - as Dotty says, that's the weight loss one if I'm lucky.

Stomach is rumbling so it must be time for a drink! Not long for me to wait to have my salady lunch as I eat early on Sunday smile

mehefin Mon 24-Jun-13 11:59:55

Have been without my laptop for a couple of weeks so have had to do a major catch up.

Waves to Peplum

20 weeks in and 21 lbs lost which included a 5 week plateau

I have just booked 5 nights at a hotel and with my new 5:2 mind set I have not booked breakfasts ( the eat all you want type ). I always used to eat loads and still have lunch now I know I will be fine 'til lunchtime

Saves me £40 and will give me an extra couple of hours a day to do interesting things in London

Hope everyone is getting on ok today

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 24-Jun-13 12:38:16

I think Monday is a pretty universal fasting day, so <pom poms> to all. End of the day here; am at 350 or so, considering whether to get up and make a snack, or just go to bed.

Somewhere am I right in remembering that your baby is very young still? I bet you'll find that you lose weight anyway over the next few months...maybe keep 5:2 in mind for when the weight loss stalls. We'll still be here!

TweenageAngst Mon 24-Jun-13 12:48:22

I have lost 11kg since mid March doing 4:3. Have now dropped to 5:2 for the remaining 5 kg I want to shift. I have found it pretty easy and I am lighter than I have been for over 10 years. I just have to make sure I get the arse/face balance right. grin

Meggymoodle Mon 24-Jun-13 13:03:13

Hello again. V excited to see 10st 7.8 on the scales today. First time in nearly 5 years!! Had a gain last week which someone on here suggested was due to TOTM which I think it must have been.

Tragically though -much of this stone I have shifted has gone off my boobs - which I couldn't really afford to lose. I still have my belly though - any suggestions?

meggy congrats and commiserations maybe! A few of us have done the 30 day squat challenge, I'm convinced that's helped me lose inches off my stomach (as well as weight loss obviously!)

vieenrose Mon 24-Jun-13 13:36:00


I've found that 10 mns abs a day have really worked for me. I've lost over 25 cm from my waist and 15 cm from my belly. Ten minutes is not too strenuous but I do do it every day. My problem now is that the skin on my stomach is slack...But you can't have it both ways...
Hello to fellow Monday fasters

JB30 Mon 24-Jun-13 14:05:07

That's a brilliant idea about the breakfast mehefin I'm going to use it on my next business trip. Delighted is morning as 2nd Monday with weekend bloat only showing as .4 of a pound. Ok FD so far, just ate lunch and feel the hunger monster growling but will get stuck into some admin tasks to keep my hands from wandering near food! Need to do run after work, never done this on an FD so it willbe interesting how it goes. Hope everyone else is doing ok

Itsaboatjack Mon 24-Jun-13 14:07:24

Thanks for new thread Betsy.

Dotty glad you had a good Fri night out too. Sorry not been on all weekend to say it sooner.

I was going to be fasting today as its my normal fD, but I'm just not feeling it today so I'm going to shift it to tomorrow and do 16:8 today instead. Best thing about this woe I reckon that you can just adapt it to what suits at the time. I've got a meeting at head office at 4pm and just don't fancy sitting there with everyone with my stomach rumbling.

Welcome Hasywell. Your about the same as me, I'm also 5'7, lost about 30lbs since Jan and just briefly glimpsed the 10s last week. Hoping to see them properly on my official weigh in day tomorrow.

ff I've book marked that recipe for another time, I'll have to wait till I have people visiting otherwise I'll eat far too much of it as salted caramel is my absolute favourite.

Dotty342kids Mon 24-Jun-13 14:20:10

itsaboat, oh, fingers crossed for those 10's tomorrow but if you don't see them then, you surely will on Wednesday morning after proper fast day tomorrow smile

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 14:39:16

Good article here by Dr Mercola on 16/8 fasting :

and quoting Mark Mattson:

Mattson has also researched the protective benefits of fasting to neurons. If you don't eat for 10–16 hours, your body will go to its fat stores for energy, and fatty acids called ketones will be released into the bloodstream. This has been shown to protect memory and learning functionality, says Mattson, as well as slow disease processes in the brain.

Miffytastic Mon 24-Jun-13 15:57:06

Forkoff I was going to ask a simliar question about 16:8 eating, is this in combination WITH fast days or as instead of?

I am struggling a bit today with fasting, partly I wonder because I didn't have my usual full on sunday tea yesterday... or perhaps because had quite an active/exhausting weekend. Whatever, I feel a bit woozy, yonderly and glum sad Decided that I won't be consecutive fasting this week as I've done the last 2 weeks, so pondering whether to do Wednesday or Thursday instead. ...

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 16:06:00

FD check in. Doing well here. No calories so far but not hungry (not even head hunger, interestingly). I think it might be because I ate really well over the weekend. Thursday fasts are usually a bit harder as I don't tend to over-indulge on weekdays.

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 16:06:29

How's everyone else doing so far?

I'm not sure about 16:8 too, though I am doing it occasionally. More by accident than design but normally if I notice its coming up to 16hrs, I try to eek it out.

Have 16:8 the today and yesterday and will fast tomorrow. I fully intend to go back to normal eating on Weds and Thurs though, and am looking forward to it!

blue2 Mon 24-Jun-13 16:11:12

A belated check in from me on another FD. I'm pretty active on Mondays - go to a dance class, walk the dogs and do a pilates class, too. It works because I'm not in the house!

Have just had a miso soup to keep me going until supper...which reminds me - I've got prawns and I've got spinach - any ideas??!!

Miffytastic Mon 24-Jun-13 16:23:21

BsshBossh - badly! see ^^ !

Ruby1080 Mon 24-Jun-13 16:41:28

Hi, I'm thinking of starting this but need a bit of advice. I'm currently breastfeeding 9 month old twins - on average they have 3 feeds a day from me. Is there a way to work out what calories this will burn up? Do I then need to add this on to the 500 calories allowed on fast days?

SoTiredAgain Mon 24-Jun-13 16:42:20

bsshbossh fd check-in. Has been a pretty easy day. Mostly at home, but did go up to the local shops (in the car) to buy food for tonight. Stopped off at Costa and an equivalent of green tea, I think it was something jing. About half an hour later felt really nauseous. Am okay now though. Note to self: never drink this tea again grin, especially on an empty tummy.

Am about to start dinner. Eating this in about half hour with boiled rice and veg. So looking forward to it.

SoTiredAgain Mon 24-Jun-13 16:42:59

*had an equivalent of

BetsyBell Mon 24-Jun-13 16:48:52

FD here. Just had to endure kids eating waffles and fruit after school but had a pint of very diluted cordial which I hope will see me through to Laska's aubergine & chickpea curry I'm having at 6pm. I was about to cave in and have a cold boiled egg with ham but I don't think I need to now.

I broke my fast with lunch after 19 or so hours but would like a full 4 hour gap before eating again. I have learnt to keep out of the kitchen as much as possible after school and then I am far less likely to eat. Need to practise this discipline on NFDs though, FDs are easier in a way.

BetsyBell Mon 24-Jun-13 16:54:55

Ruby We have a few BFeeders on here so hopefully they'll be along to give advice. As you've got twins it would be my instinct to bump up your calories a bit, maybe even double.

Squat challenge update: as per all my 'challenges' (except 5:2) I have been very lax, I got to the 100 mark and then it fell by the wayside. However, I have got into the habit of doing a load of squats maybe 3 times a week (usually about 50) and along with the 1 or 2 runs I do a week I'm noticing small but positive changes to the shape of my bum! grin

Ruby1080 Mon 24-Jun-13 17:03:07

Thanks BetsyBell. When I was EBF them, I was told I needed an extra 1000 calories a day (double the 500 recommended for 1 baby), but that must be different now that I'm only feeding 3 times a day. At a rough guess, I'm estimating maybe I'd need about 400 calories extra as I'm doing about 40% of the amount of feeds I used to, but I don't know if it works like that.

Aaaaaaargh! Please help me, I am eating cheese!!!! Fasting today, had tea at 6.30 yesterday and didn't eat until 3.30 today. 5 olives and 5g of almonds, but now is my worst time - making tea for the kids which is pasta bolognese with some cheese melted on top.

Have just mindlessly eaten 2 bits of cheddar (about 20g each) - please help me stop!!!!!

BetsyBell Mon 24-Jun-13 17:21:06

STEP AWAY FROM THE CHEESE CRAZY HORSE RIGHT NOW (you can have it tomorrow grin )

Dotty342kids Mon 24-Jun-13 17:23:15

sotired ooh, that looks lovely. I really like trout so might have to try that one out.

Today has been very busy at work so the fasting aspect has been fine as not had time to stop and think!
Tea in half an hour smile

SoTiredAgain Mon 24-Jun-13 18:22:33

Dotty it was the first time I made it. Was lovely. All zingy-zangy. There was plenty of sauce too. I had it with cod fillet though.

peplum41 Mon 24-Jun-13 18:50:49

Thanks Betsy, no biscuit in my house because they end up in my tum, then on it. I love the reminder we can have it tomorrow. And hi to greeneggs, we miss you!

Mehefin, ((waves)) I wondered where you'd got to. I love bringing 5:2 habits into holiday, but then still enjoying the food. Whatcha up to in London then? Id like to get down there soon to revisit the museums, as last time I was there I was full of cold. Id also like to see where the Olympics was held.

Miffy, depending on my moods, Im either fasting with 500 but only 2 days a week, usually Mon and Thurs one week Fri the next, but I also mini-fast to cut the weekly cals a tad and get some IGF time. Im trying 16:8 if a minifast or Full on fast isn't convenient. Today was supposed to be a fast, but it went a bit pear shaped at 2pm when I was offered wine. Im still well under TDEE, and was yesterday when I did a 16:8, so Im sure it will balance out.

woahthere, its not that bad! Just last out til bedtime, you can do it.

cat Are you trying to build up your fasting time? It gets easier, like using a muscle, needs training, but easy does it is best. A ryvita and a carrot, lol. At least its twice a week not every day.

Bssh thanks for the Dr Mercola link, how interesting. Hes like my dh's guru, but he wont take fasting on board, yet!

ELR Mon 24-Jun-13 19:26:16

bssh thanks for the link, it was good reading and has reminded me of the benefits of fasting and am really going to try to cut out the sugary carbs which of late I've been eating lie there's no tomorrow.
sotired I used to love green tea but I can't drink it anymore as it makes me feel sick it started happening on fast days id have a cup and then half an hour to an hour later I'd start to feel sick, at first I thought it was just a one off ten it started happening every fast day. Weird!

JB30 Mon 24-Jun-13 19:28:51

Did just over a 4 mile jog, not fast not pretty but it's done. I have a grand total of 41 cals left, that's if I am 100% strict on the 500...ooh I am hungry sad May e some strawberrys and a cuppa. Really looking forward to my nfd that's for sure! Nsv for the first time today, trousers that I couldn't close without serious & dangerous spillage closed quite neatly! Popped them in wash, will wear again next Monday, see if they are a tad looser then.
Tired now, be an early night round mine, probably no harm considering I'm eyeing up the bikkies

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 19:38:33

blue2 I suppose this is a bit late for you now, but I love prawn and spinach curry - just simply made with ground cumin, ground coriander, turmerc, bit of salt and some freshly diced tomatoes.

DH is on his way home and will be making chicken noodle soup (with ramen noodles, homemade stock and spring onions). I'm really looking forward to it.

Not eating all day really makes me savour a good, proper meal. It's the main reason I no longer like to snack between meals too - because building up an appetite really helps me appreciate dinner etc.

Okay, 1.5 hours to go!

blue2 Mon 24-Jun-13 19:56:07

Oh thanks Bssh - I'm about to commence cooking. Got all the spices and a couple of tomatoes in the fridge.

Its just me tonight, so I'm going to get going NOW!!!

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 19:58:42

Enjoy blue!

SoTiredAgain Mon 24-Jun-13 20:21:34

Gosh, bssh that's a late dinner!

Nsv - ordered these in size ten and they fit comfortably around the wais! Yay! am ignoring the podge at the front

SoTiredAgain Mon 24-Jun-13 20:22:37


I don't agree that my brain is sharper on fds.

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 20:32:06

SoTired yep, weekday dinners are always around 9 as DH doesn't return home until then and I like to eat with him. My 5yo eats at 5pm though (in bed by 7.30). Am completely used to it now. In India (where the rest of my family live) they don't eat dinner until 10!

mehefin Mon 24-Jun-13 20:34:56

Hi Peplum Art galleries, maybe Greenwich and I'm also walking the Thames Path bit by bit have got out as far as Hampton Court. Not going 'til September but I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm still finding fasting is making the night shifts easier are you ?

peplum41 Mon 24-Jun-13 20:50:00

sotired nice pants, if you're worried about about your podge, it will soon disappear. If I was a 10, I'd order those. I agree with you about the mental clarity, but then I'm not the sharpest tool in the box anyway.

bsshbossh just half an hour to go!

ceebeegeebies, I've not joined yet, just using my beez card, so I go to the nice gym on sat pm at Darwen health centre, but in the week I have to make do with the shadsworth one, at least its free. If I can stick to it, I may treat myself to a membership. Where do you do your gym bunnying? Great to hear about Robbie and Olly, and your new knickers brambles!

peplum41 Mon 24-Jun-13 20:58:04

Oh hi mehefin, that sounds great, I like the sound of the Thames walk. Im amazed at how much less I eat on n/s these days, I used to eat all night. Many a time I took fruit to eat, which never left my bag, but I ate loads of chocolate, crisps and cheese on toast. I'm used to not eating at all after about 12:30 now. I also sleep really well on my nights off. I've also found I sleep better in the day on an empty stomach, when before that kept me awake.

ELR Mon 24-Jun-13 21:01:11

bssh thanks for that tip about prawn and spinach! That's my fast day dinner sorted for tomorrow, do you add any chilli, or garlic?

Right I've come to the conclusion I'm trying to self sabotage my efforts, usually I hardly eat much in the way of sweets, chocolate or biscuits but I do like a bit of homemade cake. Anyway for the last two weeks I have literally been eating anything in sight and really over doing it.
Last week I only managed one fast which was a 650 cal one and then I did Thursday as a 16:8 and Sunday as a 18:6. I've gone over my tdee a little each day but not massively. The worst thing is that at least half my calories each day have been on things beging with a C, crisps, chocolate, cake, cookies and crap carbs. It's pretty terrible and I feel really guilty for eating like this, it's just not the way I normally eat even pre 5:2 I just used to eat too much of the good stuff but never all this rubbish.
So from tomorrow I am seriously limiting the C foods and am gonna get back on track and get into the 9's I'm so close I've been the same weight since 10th May give or take 1/2 a pound!
I'm writing it down here to make it real. Sorry epic post!

JB30 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:06:23

Wow SoTired size 10 is a dream of mine. Do you mind me asking what size you started at and how long to this point. N

JB30 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:06:52

Was about to say nice trews! Stupid touchscreen

SoTiredAgain Mon 24-Jun-13 21:13:21

bssh I totally get it re: late dinner now.

My family, growing up, must have been the only Asians who were finished eating by 7 pm. Whenever we went to parents' friends houses, we would not get started till 9/9.30/10 pm. It's still the same for my parents - when they or their friends have parties, they don't eat till 10 pm. My mum loves to tell me with hmm face, "and we didn't have pudding till 11.30." grin

We eat at 5-5.30 pm because DS eats at then and DP is also starving. I have just got used to it!

Talkinpeace Mon 24-Jun-13 21:15:38

Guilt is a negative, passive emotion. Feel annoyed with yourself, not guilty.
There will be a reason that you are hiding behind food at the moment. Identify it, get annoyed with it and find another way to deal with it - kickboxing wink

JB30 Hold on to that dream. You'll get there.

ceebeegeebies Mon 24-Jun-13 21:18:56

Sotiredagain - love those trousers, I have been looking for some like that (but being 5ft 8, not in petite grin )

Peplum - I go to both DW gyms depending on what classes are on. I do struggle to fit enough classes in as I would like as DH works away quite a bit and we have no one to look after the DC. On average, I probably manage 3-4 classes a week.

SoTiredAgain Mon 24-Jun-13 21:26:56

JB30 It's taken a long time to get to this size and I am still not happy. About 2 years ago I weighed around 11 stones and was a robust size 14, bordering on 16 ( I am only 4ft 10). I lost a stone by cutting back on my portions and then stalled. I tried GI way of living, along with mfp, and I lost 2 more stones, down to 8 stones. But once I lost the weight and maintained for a bit I got lazy and started eating too much again and when I weighed myself on 1st June I weighed 8 stones 12. I have lost 5 pounds since then.

I know size 10 is small and it used to be a dream of mine to get back down to this size. But I am a flabby size ten. I still have a lot of fat on me and no muscle tone. Absolutely none. I want to be lean and toned. I'd rather be a size 12, all tight and toned, rather than the blob I am at the moment.

It sounds like I am down on me. I am not - honest grin. I'm so thrilled that I have lost 5lbs in 3 weeks and I am doing 30 day shred so hopefully, I will get to where I want to be in terms of fat ratio.

(Sorry for the essay).

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 21:28:42

SoTired yes, we were the only Indians we knew that ate around 7-8pm (that is, mum, dad and me when I was growing up) and my mum too (like yours!) still tells me with a hmm when dinner isn't served until 9 or 10 pm at Indian dinner parties grin.

ELR yes you can add chilli, garlic and ginger. BTW, don't feel guilty - transform that guilt into an action plan for change. No snacking!

SoTiredAgain Mon 24-Jun-13 21:34:29

Thanks for saying the trousers are nice everyone. I got inspired from a thread I saw on Style and Beauty!

Ceebee They even have red ones in regular size. angry

JB30 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:49:23

Not an essay SoTired - love to hear how people get from there to here! Great job on the 5lb, 30 day shred is great. I have to start doing some weights myself, the running is great (I reckon it's shrinking my gut but plenty to be shrunk!) but I need some weight training, like the feeling it gives.
It's an ongoing journey that's for sure!

ELR Mon 24-Jun-13 21:53:09

Thanks guys, it's probably not quite guilt to be honest it is more annoyance. tip have ordered a punch bag! Been meaning to order it for a few months now so went ahead and ordered it.
bsshh no snacking is def the way forward i know I can do it!

blue2 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:53:42

Bssh - 10 out of 10. Thank you

'Twas delish!


erikab922 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:57:38

Holy hell is this hard to do the week before my period! Even when I'm not fasting the week before AF I could eat two breakfasts, three lunches and four dinners each day. Today was my first fast day during the 'danger week' and I totally crashed and burned. Anyone have any tips for handling Hell Week?

ceebeegeebies Mon 24-Jun-13 22:00:13

Do you think those trousers would suit a tall size 16??

Chocupid Mon 24-Jun-13 22:00:27

Yippee I had a good successful fast today, first for ages, looks like I'm back a good positive start to the week.
Hope you all did well too.

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 22:22:15

FD over. Success! NFD tomorrow though I'll make it a 16:8 one.

BsshBossh Mon 24-Jun-13 22:26:14

Well done ELR. Re-read those no snacking links I posted on the last thread for motivation. Also posted in the Hints & Tips thread if I recall right. Think of the 4-5 hours between meals as mini-fasts and allowing body time to repair and use up glycogen stores and reducing insulin spikes. I know it's not 5:2 but I do find it complementary to IF.

SoTiredAgain Mon 24-Jun-13 22:31:56

Well done, bssh and chocupid.

ceebee I'm sure it would look nice, esp as you are tall. If you've been looking for trousers like these I think it's worth ago. smile

five pages in already!

just marking my place - not been keeping up but will be back on board soon.

Southeastdweller Mon 24-Jun-13 22:45:33

Hi folks. Back in that London after a couple of days away. Love Bristol. As I didn't meet up with my friend until Sunday, I thought it wise to fast on Saturday and also did a brisk walk up Park St and Christmas Steps, as well as a cardio session at Pure Gyms (amazing views from there). So great so far. But Sunday came and I fancied a hotel breakfast buffet which included toast and hash browns. This morning at Cafe Kino in Stokes Croft I had the same. Both times this well and truly unleashed the carb monster and I'm really looking forward to fasting tomorrow. Also bought some goodies (less than half a kilo) from an old-school sweet shop in Whiteladies Road (it's so important to support independent businesses these days grin). I strongly think I've gone over my T.D.E.E both days but it's OK. I know I can get back on track now.

postman I have to say I'm in awe of you resisting all those biscuits and that Indian food on Friday smile.

south isn't madly eating almost the point of a holiday/break wink

morning everyone.

the scratchy throat I've had has gotten really bad today, which is meant to be a fast day. I fancy some honey and l lemon but not sure if that's going to send me into hunger overdrive. anyone tried it on a fast day before?

i doubt it would eagle and if it will help your throat go for it ii would say.

weighed in this morning and it was flickering between 10.3.8 and 10.4.4 so somewhere round there. didn't eat much over the weekend which probably kept things in check. holiday is in ten days now so time to accept i probably won't lost much before then. would've liked to have been under 10 really.

hope everyone is still going strong with the fasting and seeing results.

I found a vegan recipe - lemon, sweetener, cinnamon and cayenne. my throat feels a whole world better now. desperately in need of brew now, but don't want to ruin the effect confused

good luck all fellow fasters today.

saf you never know, the weight may suddenly go. but just think there's tons of us desperate to be your weight smile

yes and so was i a few months ago so i'd best appreciate it really.

BetsyBell Tue 25-Jun-13 08:29:57

Ok, after 5 weeks I'm now very nearly back down to my lowest recorded weigh in. This time I'm not going to sabotage myself. I want to see an even better Friday morning weigh in and get myself firmly in those 9s.

Here's the plan:

Lots of moving around, no weekday booze or snacking.

There's a slight danger zone as DH is away for a few days, if I'm unobserved I am more likely to eat naughty things (I know, I know blush).

I may be on here more than usual so you can keep an eye on me grin

Dotty342kids Tue 25-Jun-13 08:31:17

saf that is excellent news! You're doing so well, it wasn't so long ago that you and I were trying so desperately to get into the 10s grin
My fast day dinner last night was lovely, at just under 500 cals but then worked my way through a mini magnum and pack of mini cheddars between 9-10pm. Aargh!

Somehow this morning though, after a weekend of definite over eating and a slightly wonky fast day yesterday I'm down another pound to 10st 7lbs. Weird, though nice.
Will see if all my bad eating habits of last few days catch me up later this week!

Bramblesinforrin Tue 25-Jun-13 08:31:28

Keep going everyone. I'm 10 2 today, so maintaining after an indulgent weekend.

Just measured my stats - at least 4 inches off waist since feb! I didn't have a great deal to lose, but explains the drop in clothes sizes.

silverbeetle Tue 25-Jun-13 08:37:00

Morning all, not posted much recently but have been trying to keep up with the threads.

Not so long ago SAF you never thought you'd get below 11st, what great progress smile. Another great example of sticking with it through the dreaded plateaus.

I've been doing this WOL for 5 months now and have lost 2 1/2 stone. Scales this morning said 9st 7.2lb - this is amazing for me. Actually can't remember ever being this weight (although I'm sure I must have been around the age of 10). My goal was 9st 7lb but may try to lose a few more pounds before my hols in 5 weeks time, it may be possible or I may plateau again, whatever I'm not going to stress over it.

Couple of people at work hadn't seen me for ages and were quite shocked, but both said I looked great which started the day off well. Conversely one of my 'friends' also hadn't seen me for 6 months and apart from looking me up and down never mentioned it at all confused. Perhaps she had other things on her mind hmm

The bottom line is I feel great, better mentally and physically. It's such a straightforward, simple approach to eating smile

Have a good Tuesday everyone <waves>

Bramblesinforrin Tue 25-Jun-13 08:53:51

Well done silver. Friend probably well jell. It's great you've made it to target.

my son's teacher just had a conversation with my breasts. from this i glean that ds has regaled him with stories about my boobs hmm

thanks for encouragement. it is easy to take for granted how far you've come. i'm virtually 2 stone down. it has taken a while but it has been relatively easy. i will find the energy/motivation for the next push at some point soon.

yay for loss dotty and well done silver and brambles yep 4" will make a huge difference to clothes and health.

Cluckingmad Tue 25-Jun-13 09:08:28

Hi all, would love to join the thread. I started the 5:2 last Thursday and had my second successful fast yesterday. Unfortunately over the weekend I got carried away with the wine and went over my TDEE blush. But I am now logging with MFP as I need to re-educate myself as to what normal eating is, for far to long I have been filling my face!

Strangely this morning after my fast I have so much energy, I have even been for a jog, albeit a slow one smile.

BetsyBell Tue 25-Jun-13 09:14:32

Silverbeetle You appear to be at my new goal weight! (slightly envy but mostly thrilled for you, all that in 6 months - brilliant!)

Your 'friend' is definitely a bit green I think.

saf maybe you need to look at some of your old posts... You've done amazingly well grin. Amused by the teacher!

Eagle Hope your throat calms down soon, I'm a big fan of lemon, honey & fresh ginger for colds & throats, I don't think it ever kicked off a hunger thing for me.

BetsyBell Tue 25-Jun-13 09:18:28

cluckingmad Welcome and sounds like you've had a great start! Re-assessing what 'normal' eating looks like is a very important step, once you're there you can do what some of us do - eat slightly under tdee in the week to allow for extras at the weekend! It's improtant not to feel deprived everyday - it's what makes this WOE a long term possibility.

The energy is probably your body celebrating it hasn't had to work so damn hard on your digestive system overnight - it needs a regular break! (not scientific obviously...)

glad to know lemon and honey not kicking off hunger. will put some in my next cup. thanks all.

off to kids swimming now. last week it made me want to eat my mil I was that hungry (she comes with, so it does make some sense grin ). today I've got two lessons with a DC each. eek.

peplum41 Tue 25-Jun-13 10:08:56


clucking welcome, and well done sticking to your first fasts. The wine is a nice reward. You will probably get away with it! Yes, what Betsy says is right, like having some savings in the bank for a rainy day. usually, Im overdrawn

Silverbeetle OH that friend! She has got envyit bad. You are no longer the fat friend.

Betsy you seemed to be posting less lately, so will be nice to hear more from you.

bssh well done sticking to the fast. That's my problem lately, go a bit haywire near the end.

ELR a punch bag! Hope it helps. I too love many things beginning with c. And wine.

Its the smell of chlorine, Eagle, it has that effect on me too! As soon as I step foot in a swimming baths I feel the need of a carb fest.

FD for me today, completely not feeling it this week. Smashed my scales by accident this week, so no idea what I'm weighing in at, but I'm pretty sure its not as low as it has been- feeling a bit bloated this week. However, I've started the odd day of jogging and digging in the garden too, so hoping its just my legs turning into pure muscle grin

My next goal is 9.7,I'm setting a date for the 1st august as I'm on a hen do that weekend. That's roughly 6 weeks for half a stone. I'm going to jog (if you can call it that!) at least twice a week til then,and be a bit stricter on my fasts. I slip too easily!

ELR Tue 25-Jun-13 10:22:45

Morning all, such great posts this morning just what I need to get me motivated! Will be back later to check in as just about to start my cooking class, Summer tomato and rosemary Focachia luckily they take it home to bake so I won't need to smell it cooking!
Well done beetle saf and dotty
betsy think we are around the same weight with the same target and the same problem with snacking! So good luck we are do close to the 9's!

somewherebecomingrain Tue 25-Jun-13 11:22:26

Hello all, amazingly inspiring.

Despite not fasting yesterday I still lost weight! Starting at 12.3 four weeks ago I was 11.13 with no clothes. Maybe. Bit hard to tell on my old fangled scales. Today with clothes on (I always weigh first thing) I was 11.13 and no mistaking, maybe a little under, with my pjs on.

The fat/glycogen debate from that link kindly posted is interesting.
I think
A) I may need glycogen as a breast feeder
B) that taking a break might help move over to a fat burning metabolism, if that's what is happening when fasting suddenly gets easier.

When I did low carb lunches last summer before getting pregnant I got really strung out, stopped for a day, then went back to it and was fine.

Also intrigued by 16:8 because when I was at college I live with a friend who ate a massive bowl of muesli at 11am, grapes and a large flapjack at 1pm and brown rice based dinner at 4.30pm. I started to do the same. I've never been so skinny or energetic and looking back it was 16:8 or even 18:6, plus a little calorie restriction but I didn't set out to calorie restrict and I remember wondering how it was possible to eat so little.

BetsyBell Tue 25-Jun-13 11:26:48

Peplum I've been posting less because of an epic plateau I think, just been plodding along without much to contribute. It's great that I've found I can maintain quite easily but I do want to get back to weight loss now.

Hmm, a punch bag sounds fun ELR don't think I've got room for one... [dreams of extensions or even a bigger shed]

BetsyBell Tue 25-Jun-13 11:30:09

ELR Cross post! We can do this - let's get our mojos back on. I weighed in at 10stone on the dot this morning and I refuse to sabotage myself this time! You with me? grin

I did well in the week last week and despite a bit of boozing at the weekend I actually have only snacked once (Friday night) and it wasn't painful. Just need to keep the momentum up.

Quick check in, can hardly keep up with you all! Get well soon eagle and well done to all those with recent losses, especially those milestones.

betsy you're dead right you can do this! ELR get signed up now!

welcome clucking

I didn't fast yesterday, but was still down 200g this morning confused It must be all the running!

ELR Tue 25-Jun-13 12:28:35

I'm with you betsty I'm fasting today so the no snacking will be easier today and I'm feeling really positive, thanks to all the great posts today! I'm not weighing myself until Friday after my second fast day on Thursday, my lowest weight was 10st1.25 so hoping to get to that at least as was back to 10.2 last Friday.

Itsaboatjack Tue 25-Jun-13 12:44:58

I'm joining you few fasting today. Just wasn't feeling it yesterday but feel more positive today, plus I'm pretty busy so won't get to break fast until about 8pm tonight.

Dotty342kids Tue 25-Jun-13 12:55:04

Glad you're feeling more motivated today itsaboat, have you got a nice dinner planned?

go for it Betsy and ELR you can do this!! grin

BsshBossh Tue 25-Jun-13 13:09:23

Go go go Betsy, ELR, Itsaboat - we're rooting for you.

I'm on a NFD/16:8 day and will be breaking my 16 hour fast at 2pm with lunch. But don't have a clue what I want to eat confused. Dinner is fine but I'm always unsure what to eat for lunch. I need to plan these in advance, I think (as I advance plan dinners).

akarucker Tue 25-Jun-13 13:19:16

saf don't worry about reaching the 9's just yet. You've been through a lot, and don't forget that a relatively short time ago you didn't think you'd ever get to the 10s! You're doing really well.

akarucker Tue 25-Jun-13 13:21:43

bssh I struggle with lunches too, and consequently often end up picking and snacking, not having a proper lunch, but ends up being very high cals. I'm always hungry at lunch, but never know what I feel like eating iykwim. Nothing sounds good (except chocolate, of course...that always sounds good!!!)

BsshBossh Tue 25-Jun-13 13:24:33

I love salads and hot cooked meals, rarely sandwiches. My SIL, when she worked in an office rather than from home, always prepared her lunches the night before and they were always pasta dishes or mixed salads or leftover dinner that she put away in Tupperware and into the fridge for the next day. I need to be as prepared as that I think ref. my lunches.

BsshBossh Tue 25-Jun-13 13:25:23

Which doesn't solve my lunch problem today... Hmmm..

dines Tue 25-Jun-13 13:36:41

Fast day for me today Iv had two cups of tea and one cup of coffee, goin to have a chicken and veg BIG soup 200 cals.. fasting today and Thursday this week. Who else is fasting today and wot are tje planning to eat?

Twinmama32 Tue 25-Jun-13 13:58:58

Soooo envious of all those in the 10s, I'd literally chew my arm off to get there if I thought it'd help, instead I'm am still firmly in my 6 week plateau totally stuck at 12.6.
So what did I do after my fd yesterday? At 1pm today I stuffed my face with an entire bag of choc pretzels and two,TWO fruit scones with butter and jam, plus salt and vinegar twirls plus mint hummus , carrot sticks and cucumber blush

And I wonder why I'm the size I am!

ELR Tue 25-Jun-13 14:03:36

I fasting today and Thursday. For lunch I've had a mini baby bel with a small apple chopped up into pieces and a portion of spicy butternut, chicken and barley soup I made and froze in portions a while back. All that was 211 calories. Then for dinner I'm making the spinach and prawn curry thing that bssh recommended with 20g brown rice and that's going to be 228calories. Which leaves me 60 calories for my cups of tea.

BsshBossh Tue 25-Jun-13 14:24:49

Solved my lunchtime dilemma. I made this tuna and butterbean salad from the BBC and I made enough for two lunches. 345 cals all in so also perfect for FDs:
Very yummy and quick to make, by the way.

angelabbie Tue 25-Jun-13 14:31:38

Hi guys, I am on my fourth week and have lost 3kg after a very slow start so am delighted. FD today and hv had a skinny costa latte which for me is a must. Zero noodles with stir fry veg later with strawberries a meringue and some light greek yogurt. Lovely! I am 5ft 5 started at 12st 2.5 and am now 11.7, hoping to get to 11st by my hols first week in August.


Cat98 Tue 25-Jun-13 15:02:02

That salad sounds yummy! (For a fast day of course, would be nicer with some creamy dressing and croutons lol)
I'm fasting today and have had 2 ryvitas, laughing cow light cheese and a raw carrot!
Dinner will be 3 quorn sausages, broccoli and a little instant gravy. I'm ravenous!
Going to pick ds up from school soon and take him to the park, hopefully that will help pass the time!

Itsaboatjack Tue 25-Jun-13 15:09:25

Just had a bouillon drink to keep me going. I've got a ham and tomato omelette with salad planned for dinner followed by a coffee with almond milk and coconut oil. I've been reading about how good for you coconut oil is supposed to be for you over on the 5:2 fast diet site.

Sariah Tue 25-Jun-13 16:03:21

I missed out last week as very busy in work and so diet was terrible. So far today have had a handful of raspberries, handful of strawberries and a ham/salad box. Will have turkey and veg stir fry for dinner.

The key to a successful fast day seems to be planning. Knowing this, why have I today decided the meal plan isn't good enough? Have had to wash the hunger pangs from replanning down with a bovril. Decided to forego my fast day chocolate treat, and am totally fine with that - couldn't figure out why then remembered I had dessert last night. I'll live. A slightly more calorific but far more food containing quorn steak rice salad for me now.

Hope all fellow fasters are going well.

Definitely looking forward to tomorrow's NFD. First day since Saturday breakfast will be involved. Hmmmmm the luxury of breakfast!

Talkinpeace Tue 25-Jun-13 16:29:26

Fasting today at work, resisted the plate of shortbread fingers put in front of me and munched my carrot pieces. Did have a gazillion cups of tea though.
Doing omelettes for supper rather than soup - mainly because I've got lots of spinach in the garden to eat and loads and loads of lettuce ....

Planning : absolutely.
In fact planning shopping : which meal am I going to eat that with? is the secret to not having junk in the house to snack on. Except that I graze on slices of cheese!

Southeastdweller Tue 25-Jun-13 16:41:33

Fasting here too, not the easiest when there's been a box full of biscuits and chocolates 5 feet away from me all day! Thought I'd try to compensate for two days indulgence in Bristol by doing a very low cal fast today. Had nothing but black coffee and water and as my body feels like it's crying out for some nutrients, dinner will be a pile of veg (including sweetcorn grin) and an apple. Gym now and will busy myself later by wheeling and dealing on Ebay.

itsaboat Where did you get that coconut oil from?

angelabbie Tue 25-Jun-13 16:44:24

southeast what do you wheel and deal in, sounds very exciting compared to me watching holby!

I forgot to say when I was out last night, having lost 2.5 stone, people are still like 'oh I couldn't not eat for 2 days' and then talking about how slimming world and weight watchers work for them. Um, so you'd rather restrict everyday than 2 days a week, ok then?

akarucker Tue 25-Jun-13 17:19:23

ERD I know, I just watch people nibble on their low cal dinner choices, OR 'blow' their diet because otherwise they can't enjoy the evening. Meanwhile, I plan ahead so that I can have what I want when we go out. HA!

frenchfancy Tue 25-Jun-13 17:29:45

Exactly ERD and I often think to myself - so exactly WHY does our body store all this energy as fat then? It seems to be those with the most reserves who claim not to be able to go long with out eating - funny that!

Mind you when I started I thought the same, the idea of leaving the house without breakfast brought me out in a cold sweat. I was always planning where I would manage to get my next meal, now I don't sweat it - if I skip a meal it is no big deal.

Talkinpeace Tue 25-Jun-13 17:33:56

Way back on big thread 11 or somewhere, a newcomer commented that she'd not had a ham and cheese sandwich on white bread for so many years, THAT was her treat.
And she could not even finish it!

I find being "good" for two days and relaxing for 5 is an easy payoff for staying at size 8 grin

Ha - yeah, I planned ahead. Had a light lunch and made sure I had a load of exercise calories in me. And then I ended up not having as much as I thought and didn't go over TDEE after all.

Hi all,
saf amazing weight loss ...look after yourself and recover well & enjoy your holiday. I think we've been doing this for about the same length of time and youve lost much more than me ..Im still waiting for the first stone

dotty you are also doing brilliantly

ERD I agree with the planning your fast day..I plan ahead and havent 'failed.' yet on a fast day ( 21 weeks of it) It hasnt made my weight loss any speedier though.

TIP what I would give to be a size 8 !envy Ive always been 'good' on 2 relaxed on 5... For some us its just not going to happen..Not that im giving up or anything..still plodding on, softly softly catch the monkey ( a very irritatin g expression I know)

dines im a Tuesday / Thursday faster at the moment..Havent eaten yet since 7pm yesterday. My plan for my dinner at 7 is a salmon nicoise salad.
I had this as a gorgeous lunch last week at a country pub and thought I could replicate that on a fast day for dinner. Its rocket ,tomatoes a bit of smoked salmon and green beans as the salad base , topped with a small piece of grilled salmon fillet and a poached egg. I reckon with a 100g salmon fillet and 50g smoked salmon I can keep the dish to 400 calories AND have a small bowl of strawberries for pudding! im salivating at the thought of it...
On a NFD at the pub it had sundried tomatoes ,olives and new potatoes also in the mix!!

Just as an update I upped my exercise 2 weeks ago and recalculated my TDEE down to 1625 , Im hoping for a quicker weight loss .. I also would like to be sub 10 stones for my holiday in 7 weeks..Ive yet to weigh myself since making the change but I do feel smaller.
oops sorry for long waffle-post..

Talkinpeace Tue 25-Jun-13 18:37:20

I agree that size 8 is not achievable for those who are not light framed
but size 10 (1970's size 14) certainly is.

Bssh has decided to go for a harder target after maintaining, because once you get slim you start to realise how good you feel and look.

that salad sounds yummy by the way
and yes, exercise - especially if you can do it on a fast day really helps.

Dotty342kids Tue 25-Jun-13 18:51:44

headintheclouds recalibrating your TDEE sounds like a good plan to me. I did that a couple of weeks ago and stuck to it religiously for a few days and it definitely shifted a pound or two where I'd not moved for a while.
Well done on upping the exercise too - we're right behind you and your holiday plans grin

Dotty342kids Tue 25-Jun-13 18:52:01

*recalculating even!!

Itsaboatjack Tue 25-Jun-13 18:57:26

SouthEast I got it from Holland and Barrett. They've got a few different ones, I got a brand called Tiana.

Prawntoast Tue 25-Jun-13 19:05:28

FD today, quite easy as very busy at work and didn't have time to think about food. Sneaked a look at the scale this evening and am at my lowest weight (same for last 2 weeks) and have another FD on Thursday before official weigh in on Friday, shall be peed off if I haven't lost something this week!

ERD my MIL whinges about slimming world, which she is currently on without much success but says she couldn't starve for 2 days. She'd much rather be miserable for 7 instead.

akarucker Tue 25-Jun-13 19:28:31

In a really strange way, I'm missing ADF. Not that I'm going to go back to it, as I do think I burned out, but I'm pining for it a little bit...might be something to do with the massive Spag Bol I had for dinner, and the full feeling of eating too big a portion...grin

BsshBossh Tue 25-Jun-13 19:28:45

It's amazing how many people these days fear hunger. When I was a child we had to wait for our main meals. My mum was always saying, "You'll spoil your appetite if you eat that!". Hunger was just something you tolerated. Now we live in a 24/7 grazing culture and no one can even imagine themselves not eating / or eating very little for a few hours. I think us fasters are quite radical actually grin

BetsyBell Tue 25-Jun-13 19:29:57

I was just thinking about how much weight I've lost as this feels like normal now. I had to check my start weight as I actually couldn't believe I was 3 and a half stone heavier than I am now. The 13s and the 12s were quickly shed off like winter coats, the 11s took ages and apparently the 10s are taking just as long. But the trend is still downwards.

Like Bsssh I've re-evaluated and realised I can do better - it's not just about weight, it's about making those jiggly bits firmer, about getting fitter and not just accepting a descent into middle age, it's about having a better, healthier future and getting excited about things, not accepting tiredness and slumping. It's also a little bit about being able to wear nice things, not just what I can 'get away with'.

Did I mention I love this WOE? grin

Dotty342kids Tue 25-Jun-13 19:44:12

Think you (and the rest of us) may have mentioned that once or twice Betsy grin

JB30 Tue 25-Jun-13 19:47:19

Wow Silver you're at my dream weight too. I'm down 9 pounds as of today, lightest I've been in 6 months. Like you Betty self sabotage is always close to me. When I get under 11.7 I'll have to be super vigilant - I also cock up at that stage - 3 years of yo yo'ing would be broken if I break through. Had a day from the pits of hell and was this close (imagine 1mm gap) to going to buy bottle of wine and bumper bar of ch

JB30 Tue 25-Jun-13 19:49:59

As I was saying b4 I hit the post button prematurely - Chocolate! Settled for mini munch within Mfp limit of 1500.
A kind of nsv - better behaviour grin
16:8 tomorrow. Hope everyone else's having a good one

JB30 Tue 25-Jun-13 19:51:47

Sorry! Betsy not Betty - I hate this stupid phone grrr

dines Tue 25-Jun-13 20:05:00

Hello guys iv completed my fast day under 500 cals for the first time in agers I dont actually thing iv been under 500 cals since I started, always been over. Now having a cup of tea and plan to have an early night.. lookin forward to some normal eating tomorro.

SoTiredAgain Tue 25-Jun-13 20:19:47

Well done everyone on their fasts.

NFD for me today. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. No snacks. That is a big breakthrough for me. I don't think I have eaten like that since...well I can't actually remember when. Maybe as a child? I know it's only once, but it's huge thing. Usually if I don't have a snack in the morning, then by eleven, eleven thirty all I can think about is food and how hungry I am! Dinner time came and I ate. It was only later that I thought, hang on a minute, I wasn't starving.

On a downer, no exercise for me today, apart from teaching PE to the littlies. I am just too sore from yesterday. sad

BetsyBell Tue 25-Jun-13 20:20:52

Oh, I meant to say thank you to lots of you for the nice words earlier flowers

Bssh I'm so happy to have been released from the auto-grazing culture, not that I did graze constantly but the realisation that it is bad is a huge breakthrough, as is not having to panic about when the next meal would be ff.

No worries JB30 but let's stop the self sabotage eh! You'll be 11.3 before you know it grin

angelabbie Tue 25-Jun-13 20:25:44

Does anyone drink almond milk?? Does it taste much different to skimmed?

Thanks in advance

BsshBossh Tue 25-Jun-13 20:26:56

Another interesting read for those of you interested in reducing your snacking:

SilkySocksSinkShips Tue 25-Jun-13 20:56:43

Hi, this is my first post. waves

I've been umming and ahhing over doing this for a month or so now because I do get grumpy if I don't eat! But I've nearly completed my first day - yay!

A question for you expert fasters on here...

I've eaten today a handful of grapes and an apple for breakfast, a banana at lunch, another apple mid afternoon and porridge oats, no extras for dinner. Is this enough/too much or too little?

TIA smile

Talkinpeace Tue 25-Jun-13 21:01:05

too little : you need some protein - some steamed fish or a bit of chicken or some pulses
personally my fallback is scrambled egg (80 calories each plus 20 for the butter) on a slice of ham (50 calories)

angel I'm using almond milk but only in my coffee at mo. am planning on trying a latte with it soon. in coffee its not as sweet but takes the harshness off quite well.

silky welcome. its best to try to get a more balanced meal in on a fast day. the key is to plan ahead. you'll be surprised what you can have for 500 calories. hope today has gone well for you

akarucker Tue 25-Jun-13 21:31:49

silky often people find that eating fruit on a FD makes them hungrier, so perhaps replace the fruit with something veg based (stir fry? Salad? Soup?) to make your calories go far but keeping the hunger under control. That is, if you found yourself quite hungry. Perhaps you didn't. Sounds like you managed well on your first fast, well done.

SilkySocksSinkShips Tue 25-Jun-13 21:43:32

Thank you!

Ok, more balanced - I'm on it. I plan on making Tuesdays and Fridays my fast days so will organise proper 'meal' plans for these.

Not been too bad. I've been busy today and made it harder for myself not to give in - no money = no spends on snacks! I'm hungry now but feel alright knowing I can eat in the morning.

Do/can you exercise on fast days?

Ruby1080 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:50:26

Hi everyone, I've also done my first fast today. Was doing really well but started feeling shaky about an hour ago and had a chocolate mousse. I've set myself a limit of 700 calories for a fasting day as I'm breastfeeding twins (not exclusively, they're 9m old so only a few feeds a day) - not sure if this limit's right but I'll see how I get on as time goes on and maybe adjust if necessary. I've only just gone over it today with the chocolate mousse!

What days do people tend to fast on? I'm thinking of doing my next one on Thursday, but wonder if I'm best leaving it until Friday so they're more spaced out? Does it make any difference?

BetsyBell Tue 25-Jun-13 22:00:40

silkysocks Fast days are my favourite time to exercise and it's more likely to burn off fat too.

Ruby Try it out and see what works for you. I prefer having a couple of days in between because otherwise it feels like too many NFDs in a row. Monday and Thursday are my usual but they can be changed easily.

Well done to you both on doing your first fasts! It gets easier...

I tried almond milk and poured it down the sink, it was vile! I had a dairy intolerance so I'm careful and usually use rice milk on cereal but I don't drink tea or coffee.

Welcome silky and ruby!

Itsaboatjack Tue 25-Jun-13 22:01:09

angel I use almond milk, only in my coffee though. I also like hazlenut and vanilla soya milk.

angelabbie Tue 25-Jun-13 22:10:59

Thanks for the feedback on Almond milk, I will buy some and give it a go and if its not good it can go to the cats!!

SilkySocksSinkShips Tue 25-Jun-13 22:25:51

Thank you all for the lovely welcomes smile

Good point about burning more fat. I'm aiming to lose my last stone of baby ahem, toddler weight by the end of August. This last lot seems the most stubborn to get rid of!

Ruby I'm BF too and about to start. Though not twins!

I am thinking either doing 700 cals or 16:8 which might encourage me to get some much needed earlier nights.

I've got ten pounds to lose (ideal a stone) . Booze my downfall tonight though ...

Southeastdweller Tue 25-Jun-13 22:39:27

Welcome to the fold silky and ruby smile

silky Like Betsy I prefer to exercise on fast days.

itsaboat Thanks, I'll go into a H&B this week.

angel I just ordered some almond milk for the first time so we'll be trying it at the same time, near enough! In answer to your question earlier I've developed a knack for buying rare DVD's cheaply then selling them on Ebay for inflated prices so not especially thrilling! The real excitement of today came after work in Waitrose when I bought some salad that was reduced from £1.99 to 99p grin

So I just did a packed lunch for tomorrow - walnut bread with pesto, salad and mackerel. This is the first time on a FD I've handled bread and I wasn't tempted to eat any of it. Quite a change for someone who used to be known for snacking on about a kilo of bread some days.

Talkinpeace Tue 25-Jun-13 22:42:14

over christmas we had almond milk as that is what our hosts had : it was fine in tea and on cereal and in milkshakes

virginposter Tue 25-Jun-13 23:35:02

Betsy really great post from you (page 7) re attitude to this woe smile

I used to make my own almond milk and soon got used to it. I used it in my porridge but as I no longer eat breakfast, I have no need to make it now.

virginposter Tue 25-Jun-13 23:43:44

Angel I too am 5'5" and started this woe at 12st 2lbs. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that less than a year later I would be 10st and a size 10 and happily maintaining easily.
Just keep going, doing what you know works for you and one day you too will be amazed when you reach your goal.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Wed 26-Jun-13 00:43:57

Ruby, the original 500 cals was worked out on the basis that it's roughly 1/4 of a woman's TDEE - so your 700 would work perfectly if your TDEE is 2800, which it might be if you're still breastfeeding the twins regularly. I know you said upthread that you were told to add 1000 to your TDEE when you were exclusively bf, and 1800 is quite a common TDEE (that's mine; I'm 5'4", 61kg and lightly active).

Second fast day of the week here today. Am in office after sub-zero morning, with the heater on and a cup of tea, and feeling motivated. I even had black coffee this morning; I've never been able to tolerate it before, and I'm teaching myself.

Does anyone else find that they get nauseated on fast days? I have always responded to hunger with nausea feelings, and I really notice it still, even after two months of this, at least once or twice a day. Once it was bad enough that I actually went to the bathroom to puke, and then had a restorative biscuit, but usually it's mild.

10.2 today bizarrely confused

haven't been doing true fasts but have been doing the eat in a small window business.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Wed 26-Jun-13 06:57:30

How are you feeling generally, SAF? You took the week off work, right?

3.30pm here and I've been so glued to the Texas filibuster that I totally didn't think about food all day.

all a bit complicated by going for breast check up and finding out labs had found signs of dcis in my removed tissue tortoise. had thought i was on the mend and coming out other side but now seems there's a whole new shelf of shite ahead. waiting on getting a call to be given an appointment for a specialist. trying not to panic but all sounds like breast cancer. bit calmer today than yesterday when i found out.

am back at work but not much good to them with my head screwing. have a meeting with my boss this morning and will fill him in on what's going on so they know. meant to be off on holiday next thursday.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Wed 26-Jun-13 07:30:40

Oh no! SAF, I'm so sorry to hear it.

BsshBossh Wed 26-Jun-13 07:34:24

Oh saf so sorry, really thinking of you, we're all behind you.

BetsyBell Wed 26-Jun-13 07:35:32


Itsaboatjack Wed 26-Jun-13 07:48:06

Oh saf, what a shock for you. I really hope everything's ok xxx

I weighed in this morning...... 10st 13.0. That's 1.2lb lost this week <does little happy dance>

Prawntoast Wed 26-Jun-13 08:05:48

thinking of you saf

frenchfancy Wed 26-Jun-13 08:17:05

More hugs for SAF If you hadn't had the op they wouldn't have found it. Be strong x

Have my fingers crossed for you SAF that it turns out to be nothing.

Dotty342kids Wed 26-Jun-13 09:11:42

Yay for itsaboatjack, brilliant!

And saf hell, that's rubbish but thank goodness you had the op and they've had the chance to find it. LIke all these things, the sooner you know and can crack on with treatment, the better. smile

ELR Wed 26-Jun-13 09:50:45

Thinking of you saf sendings good vibes and hugs.

Weighed in this mornining and back to my lowest weight so hoping I will weightless on friday and have a new low!

bsshh the prawn and spinach curry I made was really good I added plenty of fresh garlic, chilli and ginger. I think a little coconut added would be nice too bu I will keep that for a nfd!

Chocupid Wed 26-Jun-13 10:03:03

2 good fast days in this week so am pleased I seem to be back in the routine. Not a fast day today as I'm going out, but hope to fit another in thurs or Friday.
Oh saf so sorry your going through this shit, not good when your not even recovered from op yet. hope all turns out to be ok, sending hugs.

saf horrible news. Sending hugs and good vibes your way.

Dotty342kids Wed 26-Jun-13 10:47:43

So, last night I had a completely self sabotaging binge on more chocolate and crisps than I dare to own up to blush. Seriously, I don't know what's wrong with me some days. I suspect it was the result of seeing the next 1lb off. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

anyhow, today's a new day and whilst it wasn't going to be a fast day, it certainly is now! Just going to have dinner tonight though it may be a bit over 500 cals. Then normal fast day tomorrow. Hope that makes amends for last night grin

SoTiredAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 11:09:32

saf. Terrible news, so sorry. Sending you good vibes.

saf well done on 10.2 and sending you strength flowers

Breadandwine Wed 26-Jun-13 12:39:46

That's tough, saf! [hug]

However, the good news is that you are already doing the very best thing you can do to combat this - by fasting!

Have a look at this study, which quotes Dr Longo (one of the Horizon scientists):

If you also google 'fasting and cancer', you'll find many positive articles on the subject.

Best wishes, B&W

eastlondonlite Wed 26-Jun-13 12:43:07

I don't know if this is completely against the rules but I am not actually a mum - but this is by FAR the best thread chatting about 5:2 and I have felt like a bit of a weird lurker over the past couple of weeks. Happy to head off elsewhere if this is only for those with offspring!

I started 5:2 six fasts ago - so three weeks, today is my seventh and I'm struggling as I had a glass too many last night.

In the past I lost 5 and a 1/2 stone through weight watchers. At my lowest after work and home stress I was down to 11st4 from a high of 16st10 five years ago.

I am now at a starting weight of 11st13 (I'm 5'10) starting at 12'4 three weeks ago and I want to see 10st on the scales for the first time in my life! But I just cannot bear to go back to the days of counting everything and having a nightmare trying to eat out with friends. And WW low calorie wine is just a depressing thought.

Two questions:

1) Am I fasting right? I stop eating after dinner on a normal day and then try and make it until about 3 or 4pm before having a miso soup or some avocado or fish - never more than 100 cals. then wait until 8pm for a fullish evening meal. Then I start to eat normally again the following morning.

2) I find is that I need at least 400 cals in the evening meal to have any chance of getting to sleep -which leaves me with barely anything to play with during the day - I almost always go to 550 / 570 during the days as I just cannot seem to stick to 500 once you factor in every sip of skimmed milk or every extra pea. Is this ok or would I be getting much better results sticking to the 500?

Any advice would be welcome!

BsshBossh Wed 26-Jun-13 12:49:58

Dotty342kids every time I see the scales move downwards on weigh-in day I celebrate by lots of treats and I've done this ever since I started losing weight early last year. I never really bothered mentioning it on here because it's not a big deal (to me) and my food intake always balances out on other days (and I continue to lose weight - give or take a few stalls - so no big deal).

Don't worry about it smile

BsshBossh Wed 26-Jun-13 12:56:54

Hi eastlondonlite smile Welcome to the forum - loads of non-parents on here so don't worry!

Well done on your weight loss so far. Looks like you're doing fine - the miso/snack at 3pm-ish & the larger meal at dinner all look good. You don't seem to be going much over 500 cals so all fine there too. You'll find as you progress on your fasting journey that you might be able to skip the 3pm snack and just eat a 500 cal dinner. But even if you don't, it's okay. Let your weight loss be your guide.

Breadandwine Wed 26-Jun-13 13:07:55

saf, have a look at this thread on the 52fastdiet forum:

eastlondonlite Wed 26-Jun-13 13:13:40

Ok thanks BsshBossh I am going for a no snack day today with just too coffees and a million cups of herbal tea! smile If I make it I am buying a pair of trainers I've had my eye on for two months.

Do you find 2/3pm is horrible and then hunger pangs gone by 6ish? It seems to go like that for me every day. Any tips for those tough hours?!

I do have one amazing top tip for dinners if anyone is interested - fish pie! There is a version at Waitrose that is 269 calories for the whole ready meal whcih means you can have a large side of peas. At Sainsbury's there is a fish pie that is just below 400 and it is cheesy packed with salmon, prawn and spinach and so nice I used to have it as a treat on a fast day. Marks and Sparks has a similar fish with mornay sauce and potatoes - which is 310 ish and tasty.

BsshBossh Wed 26-Jun-13 13:51:35

I drink loads of water during tough hours and also just keep myself very busy. I have a very sedentary job but I work from from home very flexibly so I time my gym sessions and all chores for my "tough hours" smile

BsshBossh Wed 26-Jun-13 13:53:07

Breadandwine you always come up with the goods (and not just baked goods!) flowers. Love having you on these boards smile

mehefin Wed 26-Jun-13 14:50:15

Best wishes to you saf

and belated thanks to Bssh for the interesting link. Eating less often is definitely the way forward for me and I feel much better for it.

Dotty342kids Wed 26-Jun-13 15:25:01

BsshBossh, thanks for kind words following on from my posting about last night's horrid chocolate fest! Sounds like you deal iwth fast days similarly to me. I zumba in the morning to distract me from hunger then come home and work like mad. Then from about 4.00 onwards I start thinking about / preparing my FD dinner smile

angelabbie Wed 26-Jun-13 16:19:36

sending you good thoughts SAF.

I have just bought some almond milk and will make a cuppa in a bit to see how it is. I have ordered some kidzfiveaday after seeing how healthy it was and supposed to be very tasty and low cal so though it would be good for a FD will let you know if it is worth the money.

VIRGINPOSTER I am in awe, I can not see that happening to me but you never know!!

afternoon. thanks all. interesting links. am a fair bit calmer after another conversation with my surgeon today who is getting me in to see a specialist who told him to tell me not to panic and it may well be something that doesn't even actively need treating at this stage for all we know. think my surgeon panicked me a bit because he couldn't tell me much as it's not his field.

anyway i am breathing a bit easier.

hope i can maintain that 10.2 and build on it when i have the energy.

Talkinpeace Wed 26-Jun-13 16:21:57

welcome aboard. Breadandwine is a grandad so we are a very welcoming crowd!

(((( SAF )))))
A horrible shock but statistically, catching it early your chances are really good.
You'll get referred to a specialist really quickly and the whole system works v v well.
One of my swimming ladies had a lump spotted during a mammogram and the operation afterwards was day surgery and she carried on coming to the gym (sometimes just for coffee) right through her treatment and is on the clear.
If you get a choice of centres, get as many recommendations as you can as the surgeons really vary.
And as B&W says, fasting will actually help especially during this.

BetsyBell Wed 26-Jun-13 16:52:07

Horror day today. I will have no adult company this evening so am going to unburden on here. Spent hours in A&E with an injured child - lots of blood, head glued back together - DC is fine but I seem to be suffering more. I had one of those weird night's sleep where I woke up for hours so now I just feel empty, wrung out and exhausted. DH is away for work (unusually) so it's just me to look after everyone and really I just want to curl up and sleep off the shock. Haven't even spoken to DH since it happened - text sent so he knows but I will just immediately burst into tears when he calls. Am tearing up now tbh.


This has turned into a possible impromptu fast day - haven't had time to eat much and not feeling up for anything either. I feel so wretched I might as well make this a fast, I'll only eat stodge if I don't. I doubt I'll want to fast tomorrow now.

Talkinpeace Wed 26-Jun-13 16:55:32

(((((( Betsy ))))))
How is your small person?
Are they up for a walk out to somewhere for the two of you to have supper out on such a lovely evening.
No driving if poss : or get a takeaway : chinese or Thai set menu type thing - relatively low calorie and a treat for the two of you to chillax ...

Tommy Wed 26-Jun-13 16:57:22

hi everyone - I am on week 3 and I think everything is going ok except that I get really bad headaches on FDs. Is this just dehydration? Am trying to drink more water... confused

BsshBossh Wed 26-Jun-13 16:59:06

Oh Betsy big ((((hugs)))) and flowers for you.

BetsyBell Wed 26-Jun-13 17:03:08

Hmm, thinks. Tip that's a good idea, I'm not up for it tonight as although he appears fine I'm on alert for concussion and whatnot (and I'm exhausted and feel a bit on the nauseas side). I'm planning an easy tea for the DCs BUT I would love to do that with them tomorrow. That would be a lovely thing, just thinking about doing it has perked me up a bit, thank you x

Talkinpeace Wed 26-Jun-13 17:11:14

Meals out are always good for the soul.
We often eat out when DH is away. I go for the most complicated salad on the menu, or even better two or three starters so I get small amounts of something yummy. The kids tend to have chips because that is what we do not eat at home.
Have yourself a big glass of milk to calm your nerves and put a bottle of cava in the fridge for when your DH comes home. Just because!

Talkinpeace Wed 26-Jun-13 17:11:52

Yes, almost certainly dehydration. Have at least an extra pint of water a day when fasting.

somewherebecomingrain Wed 26-Jun-13 17:11:57

saf so sorry to hear it. But it sounds like the earliest poss diagnosis - almost pre-cancer - so you prob have no need to worry as you say.

I'm fasting partly as a preemptive measure cause it looks like there is a cancer gene in my family. Also cause I want to look good grin

Have to say I did 16:8 today and it felt about right. I've not quite understood how others are talking about repairing their overindulgence a because whilst doing strict 5:2 I've felt like a raging vortex of hunger even on NFDs. I think that may be a signal that 5:2 is too much while breastfeeding

Meanwhile my mil who is 75 and is doing 5:2 and has been overweight all her life and has terrible arthritis and mobility issues has had an NSV! Basically she needs new trousers as hers are all too big! And she ordered all these xxxxl clothes which is her normal size and they were way way too big. I'm so happy for her. This will mean she can walk and drive more easily, wash and get around. Unfortunately she's not feeling well today but this is such a lovely result, more moving than me wearing a size ten today (which I am - flukey cut I think but still).

Dotty342kids Wed 26-Jun-13 17:23:53

Oh Betsy that does sound really horrid. Gosh, what's going on today - seems like bad news all over this forum sad
But! And it's a big "but", today's nearly over so have a cry if you want to, even if it makes you a big snivelling mess on the phone to your DH and then get yourself to bed. I bet you conk out from the exhaustion of it all.
Hope your little one (and you!) feel better tomorrow.

ELR Wed 26-Jun-13 17:44:18

betsy hope you and your little one are feeling a little better, Tip is right meals out are good for the soul you will really enjoy it tomorrow and it will be something for you all to look forward to.
And like dotty says have a cry if that's what you want it does make you feel better.
somewhere that's great news your mil must be feeling great! 16:8 sounds like its working for you so just carry on but if that gets too difficult you can always leave it until you have finished breast feeding, we aren't going anywhere!

Tommy Wed 26-Jun-13 17:44:24

thanks - will drink more tomorrow. Was going to leave it til Friday but am going to a leaving do at lunchtime and I can't resist a buffet!

Inlovewithchocolate Wed 26-Jun-13 17:53:38

saf...sorry to hear your news... Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

virginposter Wed 26-Jun-13 18:10:26

saf hoping for positive news for you. Hugs for you and Betsy

betsy sounds awful. Hope lo is ok and you're calming down.

BetsyBell Wed 26-Jun-13 18:57:49

Thanks so much everyone, such a lovely supportive lot. flowers I did have something to eat (nothing especially nutritious...), spoken to DH and I'm feeling a lot better. Just hoping for a good night's sleep and tomorrow will be far nicer.

Hoping saf gets better news from the specialist x

Southeastdweller Wed 26-Jun-13 19:14:38

We're all here for you saf if you want to let off steam. Good luck and stay strong.

Glad you're feeling better betsy.

SoTiredAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 19:22:32

Betsy, how awful. Hopefully you will get a sound night's sleep and tomorrow is another day.

Successful fast day today. Level 2 of shred (first day - nearly killed me off) and nice dinner. Feeling a peckish now so will drink water and see how it goes. Only have about 25 calories to play with so not many options there so water it will have to be. grin

SoTiredAgain Wed 26-Jun-13 19:23:11

I seem to have lost my commas somewhere. grin

akarucker Wed 26-Jun-13 20:01:39

Blimey, a lot happened today.....
((((anyone else in need today))))

JB30 Wed 26-Jun-13 20:02:40

Sorry to hear of your trouble Saf - early diag is a blessing as all others say.
Oh Betsy my dd split her forehead at 2, the amount of blood it was like something out of Carrie. We got it paper stitched and she loafed her head in her sleep bursting it open again. Was so upsetting, poor you on your own but sounds like you're perking up a bit. Tomorrow will be better.

Good 16:8 round my way, crap day at work as mental busy but good from a distraction pov. Nsv of size 12 trousers, ok they are a bit generous but they closed, spillage at acceptable non offensive level grin
FD coming up tomorrow, menu planned - locked & loaded, rearing to go wink

Southeastdweller Wed 26-Jun-13 20:12:18

bssh I've just polished off some bread and cheese from La Fromagerie. The cheese was a sheeps one called 'nuns of Caen'. Not cheap but the quality was divine so thanks for raving about it the other day. I keep forgetting to go there. Really blissful to eat with a glass of red vino smile

Bramblesinforrin Wed 26-Jun-13 20:30:26

Popping by to give ooh s to all who need it. ((Saf))

Un mn xx

peplum41 Wed 26-Jun-13 20:47:11


Saving today's and most of yesterdays posts for tomorrows fast, but couldn't help noticing a couple of hug alerts are required, for saf and Betsy flowers

Plus thanks to bssh for finding yet another excellent link.

BsshBossh Wed 26-Jun-13 20:56:22

Southeastdweller <shhh> their cakes are lovely too </shhh>

MichelleRouxJnr Wed 26-Jun-13 21:36:12

I hope I'm not butting in here - seems a busy thread with lots of other stuff besides 5:2ing going on.
Hope everyone who's been having a hard time is doing ok.

I've been 5:2ing for 8 weeks (have lost 7lbs smile).
I usually fast on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but this week have various things on so changed it to Monday & Tuesday.
First time I've done 2 consecutive days but I found it much easier!

Does anyone know is there any reason I shouldn't stick with Monday & Tuesday?
Is it better to separate FDs?

I love that it's Wednesday and as well as enjoying a feast day, I'm not thinking that I have to fast tomorrow.

Any advice appreciated, thank you.

Talkinpeace Wed 26-Jun-13 21:53:01

MichelleRoux Love your name!
Of course you are not "butting in" you are "joining in"
Breadandwine often does uber long fasts. Most of the rest of us do non consecutive because its easier and makes fitting in with kids simpler

alwaysanauntie Wed 26-Jun-13 22:06:47

saf and betsy your news both sucks and blows, hope tomorrow brings more improvements in terms of clearer news for saf and happy dc for betsy, big hugs and a good nights sleep all round...

michelle you get to choose whichever fd's you want, people don't tend to do 2 in a row regularly as it's hard going! If you're happy, go for it smile

Had a good fd here yesterday (I'm another Tuesday/Thursday girl) and not a bad day today - enough cals for big bowl of spag bol, glass of wine and pudding biscuit for dinner. I've also done 6 hours of wallpaper stripping, so surely that's equivalent to some torturous exercise dvd?!

Have also planned fd tomorrow, already have M&S prawn cocktail salad in fridge at work with 1/2 another bag of salad as the box is a bit stingy. Will be doing lunch time circuit training, so feeling good about it already.

I also want to whisper quietly (as I can't quite believe it) that I'm now 10 st 10 grin not seen for 4 plus years, and DH says he can see the difference. Brilliant motivation to keep going and not sabotage by stuffing my face with junk!

first day since Saturday that I've had breakfast. three medals a day rocks! grin

*meals. stupid phone

MichelleRouxJnr Wed 26-Jun-13 23:26:26

Might stick with the Mon/Tues thing then.
Will definitely keep reading (and posting on) this thread - s'great!

Well done alwaysanauntie - seeing and feeling the difference makes it so much easier to stick at it.
Last thursday I was struggling a bit during the day with the old rumbles, then a colleague commented on my weight loss and I sailed through 'til teatime smile (10st 11 to 10st 4 here so far - if I get below 10st will be the first time in many years)

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 27-Jun-13 01:10:04

Oh, Betsy, what an awful day you've had. For some reason those sorts of things always seem to happen when the other half is away. I hope you're all sleeping peacefully now and feel much better in the morning.

Somewhere I am always ravenous in the early months of breastfeeding: I know there are several of us who do 5:2 with little ones, but I can't imagine it. I eat for my country until the six month mark (and I'm lucky, I lose weight during that period anyway). So I'm not surprised that you find it tough too. I bet the weight comes off for you - if you're feeling a lot of hunger, that usually means you're burning energy, right?

AS of this morning, I have managed my first proper 5:2 week for three weeks, after two weeks in a row of 6:1 (with mini-fasts squeezed in around insane work commitments). And this morning, I was 3lb down, so I'm finally back to 60kg. I expect to bounce back up a bit again, but hopefully this time I won't go back to 61.5 and stall there for so long. It's all the more surprising because AF made a surprise visit, and usually she brings a few pounds to cover her stay.

ceebeegeebies Thu 27-Jun-13 06:15:21

Morning all. No need to get up early this morning as notworking today but my body decided to wake up at half 5 anyway angry

I have a bit of a dilemma and would love your thoughts. Due to DH's work and other commitments this week, I can only fit in a gym session on Friday evening. However that is also the only day I can fit in my second fast of the week. The gym class I want to do is BodyPump (weight training) and I still do not feel able to exercise on a FD, , particularly not lifting heavy weights. So my question is do I do 6:1 this week and fit in my gym class or do I do 5:2 and miss the gym...which would be more beneficial? Or could I do 16:8 and just eat normally from lunchtime on friday??

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 07:36:43

ceebee you'll have a greater calorie deficit for the day if you fast rather than go to the gym. If it were me, I'd choose fasting over gym.

FD for me today. Who's in?

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 07:38:26

Morning everyone, and I hope in particular that today is a better day for saf and Betsy flowersflowers

I've been absent from the thread for a few weeks now, but plodding on with the WOE. Just getting mildly discouraged, and wondering if anyone has some advice or insights.

I started off doing 4:3, zero cals on fast days, about mid April. Switched to 5:2 a couple of weeks ago, again zero cals on fast days. Weight loss has been ok, but not superfast, about 14lb in 10 weeks. My problem is that I have hardly lost anything from my waist, which is what I really need to do for health reasons. It's gone from 42 to between 40.5 and 41 inches. At my height I should be aiming for 36.

I don't calory count on NFDs, although I did to start out with, so have a reasonable idea of what is my TDEE. As a 6'1" man I'm not too unhappy with my current 14st, but would love to get those inches off! And yes I do exercise, 4 or 5 times a week, including abs.

Sorry for writing a book - making up for lost time! Best wishes to all fasters today - I am too smile. You are all such an inspiration to me thanks

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 07:52:20

ceebees, have you actually tried doing weights on a fast day, or is it that you don't like the idea of it? I have found that, if anything, it's easier for me to exercise on fast days (mainly body weight resistance training), but I guess it's different for everyone. Maybe try combining a fast day with a long brisk walk, especially if its a nice evening smile

eastlondonlite Thu 27-Jun-13 08:26:08

Morning! ceebees I've found exercise ok on fast days once I got over the fear of passing out on a treadmill - find it distracts me from wanting to eat.

So I've had a completely disappointing morning. I've just woken up from my seventh fast keeping to exactly 500 cals and fasting for over 22 hours and I woke up 2.4 lbs HEAVIER than last weigh in on Sunday morning I'm utterly confused!

It's the first day of my period.. That's the only explanation I can think of. Help!

morning all smile thanks for all the un'mn'ness wink

weight about the same this morning so that's good. also noticing with my body now that actually it's relatively slim - if i could literally just tuck that messy bit of mummy tummy in a concealed pocket i'd be happy. i still have a fair way to go really but i'm stopping to notice where i'm at itms.

my referral has gone over to the right person so i'm just waiting to hear of an appointment now - doubt i'll get one before my holiday - i asked my surgeon to pass on my holiday dates and it seems unlikely they'll fit me in before. going to try not to worry and keep it in context and focus on best case scenarios rather than the worst ones i was wallowing in there briefly.

hope you dc is ok betsy - scary stuff. it's the adrenaline afterwards i think that shakes you

Crunchymunchyhoneycakes Thu 27-Jun-13 08:36:08

Hello all, just popping past to say hey, I have decided to try 16:8 on 2 (maybe all? Too much?) of my non fast days but I have to say that without counting I think yesterday was a bit of a washout!

That'll be the (look away now if its a fasting day!!) oreo cheesecake cookies I made and then ate blush 4 (maybe 5) of.... Also just generally crap eating all day albeit in an 8 hour window... Anyway - today is another day need a new attitude to treats - just have 1 then I can enjoy a treat and not feel crap about it.

I last weighed myself Tuesday after my last fast day, may check again today and see what the damage is! Went away and then added - Just did this and am officially (e.g. Not after a fast day - under 10 stone - JUST) - hooray!

Been looking on Pinterest for 5:2 recipes and noticed people are tagging with 5:2 on Instagram too...

Have a lovely day all.

ceebeegeebies Thu 27-Jun-13 08:37:19

Thanks for the advice. I think if the class was cardio-based I would probably risk it but as it is hard core weight training, I am really not confident enough to be lifting 20kg above my head repeatedly on very little food wink. Might do the long walk instead smile

Bssh yes, I guess it is the calorie deficit that I need so maybe a FD and a walk should do it smile

crunchie it tends to work out that i only eat in a 5 or 6 hour window most days. if i eat over more time than that i tend to feel really sluggish and bloated and bleurgh and generally i just do not feel the need to eat in the day. this woe gave me permission to go with that and shrug off the lectures i've had about it all my life. if you're just going for two of your non fast days like that maybe consider a shorter window for best benefits - like 4 or 5 hrs.

BetsyBell Thu 27-Jun-13 08:47:00

Thank you thank you all for the well wishing and hugs yesterday and apologies for hijacking the thread slightly off topic. Lots of lovely sleep and we all feel a little better.

After my carb loading yesterday I am fasting today - or at least until this evening where weather dependent we'll be having a takeaway or meal out smile

Busy morning but will catch up with the thread later x

Cluckingmad Thu 27-Jun-13 08:59:01

Today is my second fast day. Been for a little run this morning which has left me feeling strangely energetic. I am off out for a coffee with sis in law today, planning on black coffee just hope I can resist the large latte and carrot cake hmm hmm

somewherebecomingrain Thu 27-Jun-13 09:06:18

betsy glad you are better today. My ds is in a&e too often with cuts I know how it feels!

saf glad you feeling more positive. There are such a spectrum of cancer situations and yours is at the curable end. I went through similar thinking I've got the gene I've got the gene oh no then realised I can be vigilant and catch it early and I'm lucky.

cbeeb yes do a fast and different excersis that is compatible with fasting. I find excersis easier on fasting days - think its the fat burning thing - so take advantage.

tortoise after my first baby my metabolism was all screwed up. I breastfed but lost no weight - was 13 stone, clinically obese. This time although I dipped to 12 after the birth the scales were creeping up. So not enough just to breastfed for me. Think 16:8 might be enough for me. Did it yesterday and survived on prob around 1800 cals which is a deficit. Gravitated towards healthy food and felt no hunger except 10-11am. By the time it was time to eat I'd forgotten I was hungry.

Thanks for your support though tortoise and also elr

saf agree its permission. I've always wanted to go back to how I ate at college - between 11am and 4.30pm - but never felt I could justify it. Now I can.


BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 09:25:23

saf if they thought your situation was very serious they'll have rushed through your appointment asap. I had cancer (not breast) a decade ago - they rushed me in so quickly I didn't have a chance to take a breath. It was quite serious. Luckily all well now. I know it's so, so difficult, but try and keep calm. I remember reading loads about my illness really helped me stay rational and realistic.

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 09:28:57

BssBossh I'm fasting today too. Did a kind of mini fast yesterday - didn't eat till 6pm but then prob had around 800-1000 cals.
Today is proper fast smile.

Hope everyone fasting today has a good day!

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 09:38:14

eastlondonlite of course it's TOM. I always gain or stall then. It's TOM week for me too and I'm debating whether to weigh in tomorrow or not.

crunchy well done on the loss, hurrah! I try and do 16:8 on 3 NFDs but I minimise treats on weekdays to one small pudding after the evening meal (no snacking in between meals). I eat slightly larger main meals to compensate though and make sure there's enough protein in each to make me feel full enough to not snack in between. I don't count calories but I figure I'm within TDEE.

ceebee I lift that heavy on FDs for 45 mins but only because I am able to do so without any ill effects. You know your body better than anyone so a long walk might be better.

alwaysanauntie Thu 27-Jun-13 09:39:29

Note to self, do NOT drink wine the night before a fast day (only 1 glass, but feel huuuuungry this morning sad )

Talkinpeace Thu 27-Jun-13 10:16:18

ceebee I've done pump a few times on fast days : its quite a buzz.

mttmum DH and the DHs of various friends are doing 5:2 - silly thing. .... Are you keeping your fluids up on your fast days. Allowing yourself 100 for milk in tea and then a 500 calorie supper : lots of veg and eggs might tip your system into a change mode.
The other thing that several of the men have found - cyclistist in particular - is that exercise on fast days has rather splendid effects.

eastlondonlite Thu 27-Jun-13 10:41:01

Thanks BsshBossh TOM also making me a bit irrational about it all too probably! Off to Wimbledon on a fast day tomorrow so that's going to be a challenge. I wonder what the rules are on making up your 500 entirely in Pimms...

crunchy does 16:8 on non fast days mean that you do a sort of mini fast and then eat between lunch and early evening for 8 hours?

dines Thu 27-Jun-13 11:11:18

Fd for me today had a good one on tuesday hopfully another good one today. Gonna have another soup 200 cals. Iv had two teas and one coffee today with two sugars. Iv got a party next weekend and hove brought I figure hugging dress its comin tomorro so I hope it looks ok. Who else is fasting today and wot are they having?

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 11:16:22

dines I'm fasting today. Black coffee, water, herb tea all day then vegetable curry and a bit of rice for dinner tonight. It's my TOM, though, and I'm finding fasting today quite tough... made even more difficult because I am housebound awaiting a kitchen delivery. Argh!

virginposter Thu 27-Jun-13 11:17:38

mttum you say that you work out with weights quite a bit and do abs workout. Has the structure of your waist changed? Is it less fatty? Sometimes doing crunches etc makes your muscles bulge outwards giving the appearance of a larger waist.
My DH had his own gym and is a qualified instructor and has told me to do twists and knee raises whilst balancing on the front edge of a chair. Do a search on the net for waist reduction exercises (and never do side to side bends whilst holding weights as this makes the waist thicker).
Hope this helps.

angelabbie Thu 27-Jun-13 11:47:05

Hi dines, I am fasting today. I was not going to but I do only have five weeks to hols and am desperate to get down to just into tens if I can. My hubby was away last night so home along and I drank nearly a whole bottle of wine and ate some cheese and a marathon so I really need to make up for it. I am having a homemade pizza with a ton of salad for dinner and a greek yogurt with blueberries to finish. Good luck all.

Itsaboatjack Thu 27-Jun-13 11:58:59

I was due to fast today but have pushed it until tomorrow. I had too much wine last night, I'm not hungover but I do feel very hungry so I'm doing 16:8 and low carb today and will fast tomorrow.

angel if I'd had chocolate nearby last night I'd have eaten it too. Especially a marathon.

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 12:22:15

Thanks TIP and virgin, good tips (no pun intended!)

dines, I am fasting too. Black tea and coffee for me so far, undecided as to whether to have a big 500 cal stir fry with lots of veg and tofu later, or go for zero cals.

What do people think? smile

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 12:25:46

dines fast day here. I'm having Nigella's lentil and butternut squash curry + 1 chappati for my tea tonight.
It's a fast day staple in our house, usually make it every fourth fast!

peplum41 Thu 27-Jun-13 12:48:11

Hi all

Fast day today, alwaysanauntie, I have to reluctantly agree, wine does not make a good prelude to a fast. Infact, I think it makes the difference between a hard fast (where you spend most of the day thinking about food and feeling tired) and an easy peasy hooray for 5:2 fast. Guess which one Im currently having!

dotty that's sounds like a lovely tea. Good ole Nigella. Id love it if she got into 5;2 and brought out a recipe book especially for us fasters! Once shes got over her current crisis... How many calories in a chappati?

JudithOfThePiece Thu 27-Jun-13 12:50:19

Hi everyone.

I am doing my first fast day, so I thought I'd just call in and say hello. So far, I've had a yoghurt for breakfast, an OXO drink and some corn cakes (like rice cakes but much nicer) and low fat cream cheese for lunch and I'm planning on chicken and veggies for dinner. The rest of the family will also have some couscous.

Having just finished my lunch, I'm still feeling hungry. Do the fast days get easier with time?

I am working my way through all the 5:2 threads and info on here, but decided if I didn't start now, I'd always put it off. So here I am!

peplum41 Thu 27-Jun-13 12:53:21

Hi mttum, how anyone doesn't eat at all is beyond me, but if that's what you want you go for it. How do you cook your tofu? I really like it when I go to a Chinese, that's what I often get, and its always gorgeous, but when I try it myself its nowhere near as nice.

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 12:58:34

peplum in my ones from Sainsburys, one chapatti = 136 cals. good job the curry's only 322ish! grin

peplum41 Thu 27-Jun-13 12:58:45

Hi to Judith, yes they do get easier. Waves of hunger come and go. Keep busy, keep drinking water and brew, most of us work our way up to not eating all day, as once you've eaten you want to carry on. And the golden rule - you can have that tomorrow. Yes corn cakes are nice. Im getting off this thread now, its too food focused for me!

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 13:00:15

Hi there Judith and welcome! Yes, fasting does get easier, definitely. Just try, each fast day, pushing each meal an hour later to start with. Eg. have breakfast at 9.00, not 8.00, and lunch at 1.00, not 12.00. Gradually breakfast will become lunch, lunch will become tea, then you'll be able to push lunch further on and eventually quit that too!
And keep busy, busy, busy smile, and drink lots and lots of water.

JudithOfThePiece Thu 27-Jun-13 13:07:09

Thank you!

I don't think I can manage another fast day until next Tuesday, but I will try pushing the meals later then.

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 13:30:21

If a 36 hour zero calorie fast suits you mttum then go for it smile There's a very active zero cal thread on the 5:2 forum. This is the current week's one:

I've done a few such fasts but haven't done any recently as I was finding I was over-eating the next day through being ravenous.

My FD struggle is over because the delivery came and went and I've been able to get out of the house for a bit!

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 13:32:52

Dotty342kids I'm having vegetable curry tonoght too. You can't beat a simple homecooked curry on an FD. If you make them without too much oil and no rich sauces, they are an ideal under-500 cal meal. Very handy this, considering I'm Indian grin.

akarucker Thu 27-Jun-13 13:37:46

bssh what are your favourite 5:2 go-to curry recipes? I a couple of staples that will fill my family up, allow me about a 400 cal meal, and put close to no effort into making it (I try to avoid faffing with food on FD - just makes it harder). Any recommendations would be appreciated. Love, love, love curry.

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 13:40:03

BshhBossh so's my husband so he's always very happy with a curry smile

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 13:42:04

aka one of our favourites is "indian beans on toast" (I know it sounds mad but my Indian husband loves it!). Fry off some onions and as much chopped green chilli as you can cope with. Add a spoonful of garam masala and some salt whilst frying. Add beans and cook as usual! I have this (half the tin) with one piece of toast and two quorn sausages and it's lovely grin

alwaysanauntie Thu 27-Jun-13 13:46:18

Welcome judith i find avoiding carbs of any sort key,i skip morning food by drinking hot drinks and water whenever i think about food! Being at work and trying to get out of house with 13 month old dd is also a good distraction.

dines have had 2 cups of tea, 1 apple, and now m&s prawn cocktail salad with extra salad. Will have chicken great with mashed sweet potatoes & red cabbage for dinner & maybe bit of gravy for my 500 cals. Have just done circuit training too so feeling good, think I'm over my wine hunger, so that's a relief smile

Emilythornesbff Thu 27-Jun-13 13:52:54

Hey fellow fasters.
This thread moved very quickly.
I wanted to do a quick update after my hols.
10 days away. I did a "mini fast" on the way out (no food all day, small meal in the evening, no calorie counting so v likely to be over 500 cals)
Then had another mini fast about half way through. Fasting (total fast planned) today.
IF is so much easier than dieting every day. It really is. Haven't weighed yet, we'll see....

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 13:57:00

akarucker I have three staples: red lentil dal, mixed vegetable curry (with a few chickpeas thrown in) and prawns & spinach curry. All made with ground turmeric, cumin and coriander (then I throw in some whole spices eg mustard or nigella seeds). You can add garlic, giner & chilli flakes too. I have them with a fistful of basmati rice. But tonight I'm having paneer curry with peas and tomatoes (similar spicing to above though I'll throw in mango powder and a few things like that) so will have to have a smaller portion as paneer is cheese. I'm a "little pinch of this, little pinch of that" cook so it's difficult to be precise with exact measurements and spicings. But you get the idea smile

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 13:58:57

Forgot to say, my favourite mixed vegetable combo is sweet potatoes, red peppers and spinach. Courgette and prawn curry is yummy too (again, made simply with cumin/coriander/turmeric but I add lemon zest too!).

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 13:59:07

bsshbossh and peplum, thanks for the comments. On reflection, I can now see that perhaps I have been getting up at 5am and stuffing my face overcompensating on the first NFD after a zero fast. That may be why my "losses" have been a bit disappointing. Also, I've been trying for quick results (hence the zero cal fasts), when what I really want is a sustainable WOE which I can keep up indefinitely. In my heart of hearts I know I won't keep up zero cal fasts for the long term, even tho I have so far for a couple of months.

So, hope I'm not just trying to justify my actions here, but I think I am going for the 5-600 cals option, not just today but for the foreseeable future. Thanks again, you've helped me to think this through better than left to my own devices thanks

And, peplum, I just squeeze as much water as possible out of it over a 24 hr period, then marinade in ginger, chilli and soy sauce before stir frying. It's not brilliant, but the overall taste of the meal is quite nice, especially when you haven't eaten all day grin. I am vegan so have to get my protein where I can! Any other tofu recipes gratefully received...

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 14:00:21

Dotty grin. My DH (who's English) says he loves being married to me 'cause it means he doesn't have to get his curry fix in a restaurant grin.

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 14:02:36

Curry fans, do you have it with rice/chapatis/ anything else on fast days?

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 14:05:45

It's a pleasure mttum, that's what this thread is for smile

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 14:06:53

mttum I have a small fistful of rice.

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 14:07:48

BssBossh* do you add tinned tomatoes to those spice / veg combos?
They sound lovely btw, might try out the sweet potato / red pepper and spinach one....

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 14:09:17

haha BssBossh, my husband says similar about my shepherds pie!

Emilythornesbff Thu 27-Jun-13 14:10:30

bssh I am concerned about the possibility of over eating tomorrow. Must see how it goes before committing long term to totals.

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 14:10:30

mttum, one chapatti or a handful of rice for me. chapatti makes me feel fuller so I prefer that (and I can scoop up the sauce with it)!

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 14:11:23

Dotty I only add (fresh, not tinned) tomatoes to the paneer dish but that's down to personal preference as I find tomatoes overpowering to a curry (tends to dominate the flavours).

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 14:31:39

Mmmm, curry, this is my kind of forum! grin

Off to get some chappattis now!

Inlovewithchocolate Thu 27-Jun-13 14:51:57

OMG... Curry talk has made me ravenous.... It's my favourite... Going to have chicken curry tonight

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 15:12:35

Sorry folks, perhaps BsshBossh and I should divert ourselves over to the recipe thread grin

BetsyBell Thu 27-Jun-13 16:16:40

Ooh curry talk grin - I love home made curry on a fast day too. I usually do a spinach/tomato/chickpea thing with some protein poached in a portion of it (fish or an egg usually), maybe with some dhal too. All very easy to do without much oil. I might have half a chapatti with it but usually no carbs as I can't be trusted to stop at half, or a spoonful of rice.

Mango powder Bssh? I'll have to look out for that smile

As a compromise I'm doing a couple of 16:8 type fasts today and yesterday (18:6 really), lowered calorie but 500, more like 1000 to 1200 I think so I hope this will still give me some health benefits and overall calorie reduction to keep me on track this week.

Amazingly, despite the trauma of yesterday, I didn't think to reach for the readily available G&T! I must have been in shock to have forgotten about it...

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 16:37:00

how is your little one today Betsy? And yes, agree that curries are fab grin

peplum41 Thu 27-Jun-13 17:17:13

Hi yes Betsy, wondering the same. Like your 18:6 plan.

Is it me or is todays thread really foody? Curry is the best. I shall have to locate some mango powder, bsshbossh! Do you just treat it like a ground spice?

mttum, I'm a lapsed vegan, eat no meat and small amounts of unfarmed fish. It's easy to be a bit carb heavy, so that could contribute to a larger midriff. It is best to treat this as long term, as more likely to stick with it. Blokes tend to lose easier, plus you get that extra 600 cals. And no totm!

emily'sbf hello, did you have a nice holiday?

BetsyBell Thu 27-Jun-13 17:23:00

Dotty He's fine today thank you, he got a bit tear-y last night but he's back to normal today, in fact I keep having to remind him it would be better if he didn't run around! I feel fine now too - I think I was in shock, weird as it's certainly not the first time we've been down to A&E with a DC, maybe I always get like that but forget.

We won't go out for a meal tonight after all but we did get to eat ridiculously early instead as not waiting for the DH! I'm sure if I were left to my own devices I'd generally only eat around 11ish and 4ish each day. Doesn't really work for family life though!

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 17:44:10

Curry talk has made me hungry too. Glad I actually have curry planned for tonight's dinner grin. Mango powder is amchoor powder. You just use eg half teaspoon for tangy sweetness. It's a nice to have spice but not essential.

3 more hours and I can break my fast and have dinner. Hurrah! Not sure about weighing in tomorrow as TOM and no gym/exercise at all this week due to work (even though I ate less to compensate)...

Betsy glad your DS is feeling better. Kids are so resilient aren't they!

Dotty342kids Thu 27-Jun-13 18:04:35

Bssh mine's cooking now. Have had a few mouthfuls of this and that in the last couple of hours to take the edge off smile

Glad to hear your DS is feeling better Betsy

ELR Thu 27-Jun-13 18:12:46

Evening all, all this all of curry is def making me more hungry!
Had a pretty tough day was ok just feelin a little week till after this afternoons school run and then came down with a terrible headache came on almost intantly and thught i was going to fet a migrain! I have drank loads so not dehydration. Im not sure if it was the combo of, pilates, having hair done and fasting but it was a killer. I had planned baked cod with peppers, fennel and capers in a tomato sauce for dinner but thought if i ate something along with 2 asprins it might help so have had a portion of thick soup out of the freezer, am feeling a little better but am still really hungry as it was only a small portion.
I've got 100 calories left for the day any ideas what I could have?
Was thinking porridge with water and a spoon of thick single cream that would be 135 but open to suggestions?
Welcome back emily

ELR Thu 27-Jun-13 18:15:33

Sorry for all the typos!
bsshh I sometimes use tamarind paste for tangy edge would mango powder be the same sort of thing?

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 18:24:39

ELR porridge might be just the soothing, stodgy thing your body needs right now. To be honest, if I were in your situation, I'd push the boat out and add honey to it smile Mango powder has a sweeter edge to its tangy-ness whereas tamarind, to me, is just plain tart (though yummy!).

JB30 Thu 27-Jun-13 19:18:22

Coming to the end of this weeks second FD - went good but I have 23 cals left and a bad craving for something nice sad Hard to break years of post dinner snaffling, always waiting til kids gone to bed and then inhaling all manner of muck, high cal/low val. I'll have to find something to distract me, apart from crisps. I could do the ironing...but I won't wink
Excited about my official weekly WI tomorrow, last Friday I was 11.11.4 - from my daily check scales is going down nicely, I should use this happy feeling to fight my inner fat munchy monster!

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 19:47:40

Fingers crossed JB

peplum, good point about the carbs on a vegan diet, i will try to watch out for that. Vegans are normally expected to be thin, but we can eat a fair bit of fat and sugar when we want, and also when we don't mean to!

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 19:51:32

JB I keep those Hartley's 10 cal jellies in for FD puddings and/or Cadbury's Highlights hot choc sachets and dream about the Ben & Jerry's ice-cream I'll be having tomorrow on a NFD.

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 19:52:55

mttum I was an overweight vegan once upon a time. I actually lost weight when I resumed eating flesh again!

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 19:58:13

Just had my stir fried veg and tofu, with a nectarine to take it up to 600 cals. Already planning breakfast!

I find I tend to be in the breakfast eating camp, although not always. If I have a good breakfast I tend not to get hungry again until early afternoon, and I also seem to find I'm not picking late at night to make up calories. Different if I eat late at night though, then I'll often skip breakfast. Tomorrow, though, a big bowl of fruit salad followed by porridge then toast with tahini and marmite, all washed down with a cafetiere of fresh black coffee. Can't wait! <drools>

Oh, I do love the flexibility. My 86 yo father, on the other hand, thinks I've gone mad, not eating "normally". Alright for him, he's been as thin as a rake all his life envy

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 20:01:17

Bssh, I know what you mean, but I am vegan for ethical rather than health reasons so I'll just have to watch the carbs, as peplum says. grin

amigababy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:05:12

hello everyone, I'd like to start tomorrow with Friday and Tuesday being my fast days, I want to lose 10-14 pounds before my holidays at the end of August. I was dairy -free and veggie but I've been eating cheese and dairy stuff recently.
I'm half way through the c25k program too, and was basically calories counting, but cannot shift a pound, I'm hoping 5;2 will do it for me, I'm such a serial snacker and sugar monster. so lots of benefits to gain from this WOE.

taking note of the curry ideas and also soups, time to get the slow cooker out I think

ELR Thu 27-Jun-13 20:06:49

Porridge has been eaten and feeling much better!
dotty DH is tucking into the spicy baked beans you mentioned up thread! Thanks they taste lovely.

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 20:21:04

Yeah, I'm going to try those beans too, they sound delicious!

JB30 Thu 27-Jun-13 20:28:19

Ah flip Bss just remembered I have that jelly but in powder, wouldn't be set in time. But I shall remember for Monday wink Thank you kindly for suggestion.
Tempted to have a nice galaxy hot chocolate, allow myself a nudge over the 500, would that be terrible? Be around 550, I could live with it. Going to wait 20 mins, if still hankering then I'll have it.
Thanks mttum - just copped your username! grin V good wink

Emilythornesbff Thu 27-Jun-13 20:35:44

Yes thanks peplum it was lovely.

saf thinking of you. thanks

betsy thanks glad your DS is healing.

(almost) total fast today. Had milk in some yea and coffee.
But it's stopped me from cracking open the Turkish delight I bought in duty free. grin

Emilythornesbff Thu 27-Jun-13 20:37:04

Ooh JB I might have to have a hot chocolate. Mmmmmmm.

Southeastdweller Thu 27-Jun-13 20:37:38

How're you getting on judith? A tip I found helpful initially is to have an early night. I think keeping busy is the most important one, though.

Curry fan here too. I do a tomato and coconut cream base and then add cumin, turmeric, ginger, coriander, sometimes chilli seeds. I don't eat meat so I add a ton of veg, lentils and either chick peas or kidney beans. It's the coconut that makes the difference. Fabulous. Will look out for mango powder.

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 20:39:44

Oh no, mttum I didn't mean to suggest you should stop being vegan blush. I was an ethical vegan too. I just ate too much food and certainly too many vegan processed foods eg fake cheese and spreads. And yes, too much vegan baked goodies.

mttum Thu 27-Jun-13 21:11:38

No that's ok Bssh, but I certainly have to eat more healthily, and cut out the snacks etc. I've seen your posts over on the NoS site, btw grin: good site!

alwaysanauntie Thu 27-Jun-13 21:24:34

Sooo glad I was too busy at work this avo to keep up with the thread, all that curry talk would have done me in! Must try and cook some when we do kitchen up as DH and I are serial Friday night curry fans (same restaurant for 11 years, we've moved a couple of miles further away thank goodness, probably accounts for a considerable portion of my midriff grin)

Welcome amiga if you stick to the basic principles, this wol is very do-able. Good luck & keep coming on here for support and motivation smile

JudithOfThePiece Thu 27-Jun-13 21:46:08

Southeast - that's a good idea - I think an early night is in order!! I did fall off the wagon a bit this afternoon, but I still quite pleased overall. I'm going to take what I've learnt and go for it again on Tuesday.

And at some point over the weekend, I'm defo having a curry!!

akarucker Thu 27-Jun-13 22:18:29

I bet at least half of the people on this thread have a curry this weekend! I'm glad it's a FD tomorrow...need to make some room for said curry!!

Talkinpeace Thu 27-Jun-13 22:23:15

well, since its been suggested .... mine is likely to have lamb in it though ... and spinach as I have LOADS of spinach in the veg garden

BsshBossh Thu 27-Jun-13 22:35:01

Successful FD. Curry consumed with gusto. NFDs until Monday. G'night!

virginposter Thu 27-Jun-13 23:37:35

mttum have a look at the above website which belongs to Breadandwine who is a very active and knowledgeable vegan contributor to this forum and the 4:3 maintainers forum. He is a great example of a successful vegan 5:2er. If you look at the recipe threads you will see many of his ideas on there.

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 08:43:25

Self-sabotaging. Excuses or not, my good intentions went awry (as they so often do), ate things that contained more sugar and salt than I would normally have and boy am I regretting it this morning. It's like my body pressed the 'reject' button and my poor digestive system is in turmoil.

Must learn from this. Why do I forget?

Emily Hope you had a lovely holiday smile Thank you for the flowers x

Dotty342kids Fri 28-Jun-13 09:07:38

ELR and mttum glad the indian beans on toast concept is a winner! My DH will be chuffed that he's converting people to the joys of it smile
10st 8lbs this morning after second fast day of the week so maintained which I'm fine with.
CAmping this weekend so will invariably be inhaling cider and crisps at an alarming rate!

BsshBossh Fri 28-Jun-13 09:11:54

Morning all. Friday weigh in for me and 0.6 lb lost. Happy with that as it's been a particularly bad TOM week and I've not done any exercise at all.

mehefin Fri 28-Jun-13 09:15:47

Thank you for the Indian beans recipe that will be teenage DS dream meal I think

Itsaboatjack Fri 28-Jun-13 09:19:44

Morning. FD for me today and I need it too. A bit of self sabotage last night after being so pleased about being in the 10s. Oh well onwards and upwards, or rather downwards hopefully.

Betsy glad you ds is on the mend. I remember carrying my dd1 through the streets of Rome looking for the A&E after she fell and split her head open.

SoTiredAgain Fri 28-Jun-13 09:25:56

Good news (weight) is I've lost another lb so that's a total loss of 6 lbs in 4 weeks and only 6 lbs to go. Yay!

Bad news (life) is that I was offered a job but due to restructuring the job will no longer exist. Am gutted. It was my chance to get a permanent part time contract. I feel very down and teary. sad

JB30 Fri 28-Jun-13 09:57:02

Friday WI - down 2.4 to 11.9 - happy happy. Going to have my brekkie, was going to hang on for lunch but think I'm being too hard on myself ( and feeling a bit woozy!)
Ahh sorry about the job SoTired sad At least your weight loss is going really good

mttum Fri 28-Jun-13 10:21:09

Thanks for the link virgin, and well done to all losers. Another week at 196lb and 40.5 inch waist for me, despite 3 "fast" days (600 cals) this week. Seems the deadly plateau has struck as this has been 4 weeks now, but the overall picture is a loss of 19lb and 1.5 inches since April, so shouldn't complain too much sad

Rotten news sotired. It's probably not much consolation right now but I have often found that something even better comes along after a disappointment like that, so here's hoping...

Morning all, I'm beyond myself with joy today, ridiculously chuffed! I have weighed in at 10 st 2 this morning!! Yay..
I've now lost a stone which was my first goal! This is a loss of 3 lbs in a week for me .. I literally cannot believe it and think my scales must be broke! In the last 2 weeks I've hit the gym 3 times a week and lowered my TDEE and this last week I've added in 16:8 on NFDs ..playing hard ball has paid off!
Looking forward to a nice curry tonight . Have a good time camping dotty - hope its not a wet one ( tipping it down here!

NoForkNKnife Fri 28-Jun-13 11:09:42

Hi strangers!

I haven't been on this I even the last thread blush. Wanted to say I am half heatedly following this wol still. I had a plateau of about 3 weeks and got a bit discouraged. All of a sudden it started to come off again! Yay! I've lost just shy of half a stone since starting about 7 weeks ago.
I've had people asking if I've lost weight shock which has given me a boost and a kick to get back on the wagon. I have even managed to get into trousers and jeans a size down-back to a 14!
I'll try and keep up. Had first fast day in about 2 weeks yesterday. Some days it's so easy. Then others I wake up starving. I've decided that if that happens to just go with it. I'm still expressing for my preemie dd (who incidentally still weighs less than the weight I've lost) and some days I just need the calories.

So flowers for the thread and bringing this woe to my attention. I keep hearing you say about the health benefits. Can anyone sum them up (haven't time to do much reading).
2 sick DDs here today. Thankfully not a FD!

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 11:18:37

sotired Congrats on the loss but boo & hugs re. job x

headintheclouds Yay! Sounds like you've literally worked your butt off for that result, brilliant smile

JB30 Excellent! There's nothing wrong with a bit of brekkie if you want it! I do find a bit of chopped fruit, a dollop of yogurt and muesli sprinkle is my favourite fast breaker, satisfying without feeling heavy going.

I need to make some packed lunch, not feeling inspired but I think a few salad leaves and raw veggies make the most sense today.

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 11:24:17

Hi NoFork Glad it's still working out for you smile

Benefits I can think of off the top of my head: cells are able to go into repair mode, lowers cholesterol, lowers risks of type 2 diabetes, dementia/alzheimers. Also - easy weight management, re-learning how much food is right for us and letting us get back in control of our intake.

Dotty342kids Fri 28-Jun-13 11:45:53

headintheclouds that's briliant, well done! So pleased for you and I agree that recalculating your TDEE is definitely worth doing grin

Sun has come out here so camping, here we come!!

NikkiQ Fri 28-Jun-13 12:51:58

Hello all,
Purchased the book yesterday, joined this site today. Am, as always, when taking on a new regime, feeling the dread.
I have a dislike of weighing, becomes an obsession. Is weighing really necessary for the 5:2?
Appreciate any tips/help...thank you and nice to meet you all grin)

mehefin Fri 28-Jun-13 13:07:09

Hi Nikki
This is a long term way of eating so you can let the weight come off in its own time and weigh as often as you feel comfortable.

Many find that measurement and clothes fit are a good way of keeping track.

It can be challenging at first but stick with it and you will find the best way to fit it in with your life.

Talkinpeace Fri 28-Jun-13 13:07:46

Nikki no need to weigh yourself ever if you like.
go through your wardrobe and sort your clothes by those you can fit into / just / maybe/ never
and within two months you'll be down to the never pile :-)

NikkiQ Fri 28-Jun-13 13:10:29

Clothes, I am good at them, so will take your advice both and thank you!

I can touch my toes. Can't remember when that last happened. Is that 30 day squat related or 5:2 getting rid of the tummy related?

Southeastdweller Fri 28-Jun-13 13:27:21

Half a pound off this week which I'm happy with considering I was mildly indulgent on a mini-break in Bristol. It's so nice to know I've got a 'formula' to eat a fair bit whilst away and not put on weight - as much exercise as possible and a fast day the day after I come back.

Now at a new all-time low and with a BMI of 22. But some of the flab is still clinging on and don't know exactly what weight I should be considering I need to lose more flab, put on some muscle and tone up (hard to know what I want to weigh when I've been overweight my entire adult life so far). I'll research more about it this weekend I think.

Hope the weather is good for everyone this weekend smile.

peplum41 Fri 28-Jun-13 14:23:02

Quickie post,

hitc, so glad for you, well done. Hope your new TDEE is

southeast BMI of 22 sounds fine, toning up is probably what you're best doing now. Some intermittent fasting should keep the fat off. Maybe not as much as 5:2, just 6:1 and a 16:8. Happy days! BTW, weather up north is typically grim, we are seriously considering relocating to the south coast.

Nikki don't be nervous, I was when I ordered the book. Its better than you could possibly imagine. Keep looking here, check out the positive stories.

Dotty, are you a camping expert? We are going tent camping in a couple of weeks. shock. With a dog. In a pop up tenthmm Have a nice time. Assume you're off down somewhere down south.

QueenBoudicea Fri 28-Jun-13 14:37:04

Hi there - is this the thread to join if you're new to 5:2?

I'm on my second fast day and so far going reasonably well - just had soup for a late lunch and have the rest of the day meticulously planned.

I'd like to lose about 8-10 lbs and bring my BMI down. It's teetering on the top range of healthy so I'd like to see it more in the middle range.

How long before any of you saw any weight loss? - I'll generally be fasting on a Mon and Thurs so I'm wondering when would be best to weigh-in.

I'm really interested in the health benefits too.
My first fast day went ok - I'm not really a breakfast person so didn't find it too bad lasting out til lunch.

I was wondering what was best to eat for breakfast on the day after fasting? I don't really want to break my fast on something that's going to cause me to lose energy half way through the next day

peplum41 Fri 28-Jun-13 14:37:51

mttum,meant to say thanks for the tofu tips. Have you got the recipe book "Appetite for reduction"? Has excellent all vegan, cal counted tasty recipes, plus makes for an amusing read as its so well written. I was looking at tins of nut loaf I ordered from suma, that's not too carb heavy, but high in fat. For NFDs would be something to consider. Its sugar and refined carbs which seem to be the enemy of our waistlines. Do you use the tahini as a marg substitute when you have it with marmite on toast?

tryinghard2 Fri 28-Jun-13 15:30:32

ii bought the scales from Lild bread&wine mentioned, because mine aren't electronic and its hard to see what they say! but i wish i hadn't, they say I am 8lb heavier than i thought i was! soooooooo depressing!

tryinghard2 Fri 28-Jun-13 15:32:44

although i suppose that means i started 8lb heavier too... sad

peplum41 Fri 28-Jun-13 15:47:38

Hi queenB, you are in the right place, sounds like you're off to a good start. As to what you eat for breakfast the next day is up to you. Ideally, delay the brekkie as long as you can for the health benefits side of things. Im sure you know what constitutes a healthy start to the day, sadly, not a really big bowl of frosties grin Speed of weightloss varies hugely, its more of a long-term lifestyle choice than a diet as such.

tryinhard2 downer!! But don't those scales have a body fat analysis component? That would be very interesting to observe during a plateau.

Hello all

Weighed in this morning at the same as my new low last Saturday, so decided to have a F.I. Friday blush Will hit the gym over the weekend to undo the damage and might go for a run tonight if the rain holds off. I haven't fasted since last Friday but don't feel I need to at the moment. I might do Sunday in lieu of next week's 6:1.

welcome queenb you're in safe hands amongst this crowd! welcome nikki too

trying are they on a hard floor? Have you tried scales anywhere else eg friend's house or Boots?

Well done southeast Difficult to know what to do, as you said, if 22 is a new low. It might be that some targeted exercises are the way to go rather than thinking about numbers now. My BMI has gone from 24 to 20 but there is still a flabby area on my back between bum and waist!

Nice NSV, ERD !

Great news sotired (though not re job) and hitc

<waves> to everyone else!

tryinghard2 Fri 28-Jun-13 16:07:56

oh yeh...i think my mums scales are usually the same as my old ones. i expected them to be a bit different but not that different haha!

mttum Fri 28-Jun-13 16:10:59

peplum, yes I have got that book, must take it down from the bookshelf again. I tend to get in a bit of a rut with my recipes, just a few favourites and old standbys. I could do with a bit of variety!

I just love tahini spread on the toast, not too thick, then marmite on top, so yes, I suppose it's a margarine substitute. I hadn't really thought of it like that, I just saw someone eating it on a Buddhist retreat one time, tried it and was hooked!

Dotty342kids Fri 28-Jun-13 16:56:10

peplum not a camping "expert" no, but we have been camping since the kids were 1 and 3 (they are now 8 and 10) and are on our third family tent so if you have any questions, do ask, and I'll try my best to help!
We live in HErefordshire so are fairly southish anyway. Only going to a local site but it's the four of us plus dog and it'll be a nice wee break smile

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 17:04:22

Lovely NSV - bought a teeny weeny dress today. Just tried it on with a proper mirror and some serious platform sandals (plus leggings - not revealing doughy legs!) and I looked like a member of a girl band or something - minus the big hair and orange face.

In your face stupid scales!

Crunchymunchyhoneycakes Fri 28-Jun-13 17:04:40

Hello everyone, fasting today, has been a bit of a struggle to be honest - not helped by having promised to taking my sons for lunch at the local cafe and having to sit with a mineral water while my dh and ds1 tucked into a full breakfast and sausge and chips!!! On a more positive note I remembered this awesome chicken curry recipe from the bbc and made that for tea - really low fat/cals but really really tasty - and left me enough cals to have rice and a mini nan with it. Now to get through till tomorrow without eating nothing else. Early night I think!

Crunchymunchyhoneycakes Fri 28-Jun-13 17:05:34

What does NSV mean betsy? Seen a few people say that, probably being thick.

Crunchymunchyhoneycakes Fri 28-Jun-13 17:06:37

And we'll done on looking so super in your new dress you glamourpuss you!

Crunchymunchyhoneycakes Fri 28-Jun-13 17:06:52

We'll = well

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 17:09:39

Crunchy Non Scale Victory smile End of week fasts always feel harder to me, especially if sat in a cafe! I'm impressed you didn't cave - well done. Curry is definitely the theme of this thread isn't it?!

BsshBossh Fri 28-Jun-13 17:19:23

Wow, crunchy seriously impressed with your refraining from food at the curry!

Excellent NSV Betsy!

Have a great weekend all!

peplum41 Fri 28-Jun-13 17:34:49

betsy yay to the teeny dress over leggings thrill.

On the subject of NSVs, Ive just had an odd conversation over the phone with a friend asking if Im a size 16 yet,(yes,easily), and that if I carry on losing weight I can have her old clothes. Thing is, I think she is a size 16, sohmm. I know she meant well, but she has just inadvertently spurred me on to make sure those old clothes of hers are too damn big for me. I think you could call that a non scale kick up the backside.

crunchy some fasts are hard, fact. Well done for the café will of iron in the face of temptation.

dotty, thanks. Are you on your 3rd tent because they don't last or just fancied an upgrade? We've camped before in a hired campervan, and one of those snugs, but not tented since I was about 20. Now 40 and have bad back!

peplum41 Fri 28-Jun-13 17:36:34

Hi bssh, hope you're still there. Was it you that mentioned an infamous set point weight, ages ago? If so, what is it? (please)

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 17:46:17

Peplum Are her old clothes from slimmer days? She might be offering 14s or 12s?

Dotty342kids Fri 28-Jun-13 17:48:54

Betsy, that's brilliant, well done!
Peplum brought first tent, went camping a few times and realised there were certain features on it we did / didn't want. Brought second (enormous) tent, loved it and it was brill but it was better for long trips and was too much of a faff for weekends. Now on third tent as DS old enough to have his own little tent so we don't need such a vast beast. Am hoping this'll be the last one for a while!

betsy nice NSV!

BsshBossh Fri 28-Jun-13 17:59:19

peplum I honestly can't remember. But I Googled and found this:

Also this:

Talkinpeace Fri 28-Jun-13 18:03:45

When to weight in?
Lots and lots of us fast on Monday and then its a mixture of Wednesday and Thursday.
Then we relax / pig out at the weekend
So, the best time to weigh is at the end of the second fast of the week.
Isn't that cheating?
Yes and No.
After a fast, your body contains no undigested food so what you are weighing is the real bone / blood / brain / muscle / fat you.
If you are NOT down or stable at the end of the 2nd fast, you need to check your calorie intake on normal days
- or there may be an underlying medical problem

peplum41 Fri 28-Jun-13 18:22:40

Betsy you little trooper, I never thought of it that way. Now I don't know what she meant. But, hey I liked the sudden determination.

Dotty that seems to be the choice- easy to put up, verses luxury. Is this his first year in his own tent? Is it a pop up one? Are you shoving the dog in his direction! Now what about sleeping bags?

Bssh thanks ever so, sometimes I forget to google it! Will take some time to mull over those findings.

Crunchymunchyhoneycakes Fri 28-Jun-13 18:28:49

NSVs - I seeeeeee! Like fitting into your old jeans etc? I'm not sure I have had any massive instances yet but I do look slimmer and I got back into an old work dress I couldn't get zipped up not long ago...
Thanks for explaining betsy!

Talkinpeace Fri 28-Jun-13 18:35:02

NSV = for my 20th wedding anniversary dinner this summer I'm going to have to have my original dress adjusted down form a size 16 to a size 8 ....

NSV = having to wear a keeper ring as my fingers have shrunk so much since my wedding

NSV = no longer suffering the knee pain that I had for 20 years of being above my optimum weight

the NSVs are the feel good ones. Scales are just a number. feeling great is the best.

ceebeegeebies Fri 28-Jun-13 18:45:44

Loving the NSVs -as a non-weigher, I am measuring my progress by NSVs so they are very important to me wink

Well after my dilemma about whether to fast or exercise today, I chose fasting. Can't go for a lovely walk as it has been chucking it down with rain all afternoon (as I am sure peplum can confirm grin). Am now sat here in my pjs and a cardigan as I am freezing.. and I am NEVER cold so hopefully it is a sign my body is doing something!!

Crunchymunchyhoneycakes Fri 28-Jun-13 18:55:36

A 16 to an 8 Talkin now that's an NSV! Wow! I've never been an 8 in my life!

I'm already in bed with the baby so on the home stretch, feel a wee bit tired but know I'll not even feel that hungry by the time I wake up! Have yoga in the morning so looking forward to feeling super virtuous for that and then being able to enjoy being a bit indulgent over the weekend!

PoshVoice Fri 28-Jun-13 18:55:51

Weekly weigh in and my weight is the same, this plateau business is getting quite tedious... It's been four weeks now angry

Anyway good luck to all today's fasters

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 19:29:20

More NSVs please! So much better than stoopid numbers:

My wedding rings have a pleasing rattle these days
My feet are back to being a size 5 rather than post-pregnancy size 6
Bikini shopping/wearing no longer fills me with abject horror
Bursting full of energy in the day time and running around with the kids like a 10 year old.


PV think beyond the scales...

mttum Fri 28-Jun-13 19:30:38

I'm with you posh, also no change for 4 weeks. Surely something has to give soon?!?

Lets stay with it!

MissUnicorn Fri 28-Jun-13 19:40:30

Hiya all,

Just joined but feel like I know you all as I've been lurking for so long. I've been doing this woe for a couple of months now and have lost about 6lbs. I haven't been measuring myself, but know I've lost inches because some of my clothes are fitting loosely!

My younger cousin was buried this week and I've just ate and drank my whole way through the whole week. I've had fizzy drinks (I never usually drink them), sweets, biscuits and have just bought an apple pie and rum and raisin ice cream which I intended to eat all by myself. My skin is a mess and I feel horrible. None of this is going to bring him back, so what the hell am I doing?

I decided to register because it just occurred to me about 5 minutes ago that I may not have bungee-jumped fallen of the wagon as much as I did this week if I had some support.

I'm going to fast tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday.

angelabbie Fri 28-Jun-13 19:42:15


someone mentioned waitrose pasta on here a few days back but I cannot for the life of me find the post. If anyone remembers the name of it please can you let me know.
Thank you

angelabbie Fri 28-Jun-13 19:44:44

Hi Miss unicorn, what a terrible week for you and I am so sorry about your cousin. Eating junk will not bring him back but if it helps for the moment then go for it. Monday is always a good day to say lets give it another go.

Best of luck

tryinghard2 Fri 28-Jun-13 19:44:51

i've definitely learnt today not to be so bothered by scales - nsvs for me for the future!

Prawntoast Fri 28-Jun-13 19:50:06

missunicorn sorry to hear about your cousin. Completely understandable to comfort eat in those circumstance. You'll get some great support on these threads.

After a 2 week stall have lost 1.5lbs, more importantly am now in the "normal" zone for BMI, it's been years since I've been there!

QueenBoudicea Fri 28-Jun-13 20:06:24

Thanks for the welcomes grin

Miss Unicorn - so sorry to hear of your loss. Grief can take time to process and it'll hit you like a bolt - try not to set your goals too high whilst its all still so raw - taking care of yourself is the most important thing at the moment.

Nearly at the end of my second fast day - I've had a filling portion of aubergine stew with a spoonful of wholewheat couscous and I'm feeling really full still - I've still got 30 cals left so going to have a 10 cal jelly and 20 raspberries to celebrate friday night grin - note to self - no fast days on a friday grin

I might weigh myself tomorrow morning then and see how I've got on this week. On my non fast days I'm eating about 1800 cals which feels generous to me.

I'm finding it generally manageable - the only side effect is that I am absolutely exhausted at about 5pm - fell asleep with DS this afternoon on the sofa for an hour - I was awake at 5.30 this morning thinking about what to eat today so perhaps that could be why I was more tired than usual but I was the same on my first fast day too. I'm on holiday at the moment but am a little bit worried about how I'll get on when I'm back at work in a few weeks.

I like the idea of NSV's grin

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 20:07:34

missunicorn Welcome, sorry to hear your sad news. Comfort eating is totally understandable. Be kind to yourself and although it's more effort, eating well will help you. If you get the nutrients in you can indulge too. Fasting helps, brings back an element of control to it all. You will get lots of support here x

angelabbie Fri 28-Jun-13 20:08:35

I found the past thank you!!

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 20:12:37

QueenB I missed your arrival in the midst of my own trivial trauma. Welcome smile It gets easier I promise!

Prawntoast AMAZING NEWS! Well done!!!! Doesn't it feel good! grin You'll start finding that all those people you used to think impossibly slim are not so different to you...

Fasting on a Friday is very tricky, best to get it out the way on a Thursday so you can crack open the wine grin

Well done prawn

Sorry to hear about your cousin missunicorn

Welcome queenb

betsy or go for zero noodles in a stir fry and have a wine anyway wink

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 20:34:29

ERD Except I'd really want to nibble real food after drinking - weakens every ounce of my pathetic resolve!

Have you had zero noodles? Wouldn't eating cardboard have the same effect?

I remember when 'Olestra' (or something) was hailed a miracle oil as it was said to make simple carbs stick together into complex chains, but in reality it just gave people diarrhoea.

betsy ah, fair enough. I occasionally have a glass on a fast day if the kids have given me the runaround. The terrible twos combined with a teething 9mo mean I need a glass tonight! I love the zero noodles - but yes cardboard may also do it. I like being able to have a dessert on a fast day too. OH's stir fry with real noodles and lashings of sauce did look very good though.

BetsyBell Fri 28-Jun-13 21:08:19

ERD (I haven't actually tried zero noodles grin)

Such young'uns! I'm quite glad i didn't discover this fasting lark till after mine were well into school age, it's blimming hard when they're that little. I don't think mine actually slept through properly until they were 2, so I was just perpetually knackered for years! No wonder I turned to biscuits (and booze!)

So flowers and kudos to all of you fasting with tiny tots, I could not have done it.

JB30 Fri 28-Jun-13 21:13:51

Hitting 1900 of a nfd here, can I just say aldi fake bountys are extremely good - I should know I'm moving onto my 2nd grin Thought I'd have an nsv myself earlier with an extremely unfriendly pair of jeans (no Lycra) Ok it was possible but the thunder thighs were still struggling, 4 weeks ago they wouldn't have even have gone up them thighs - so an nsv even if it wasn't as victorious as I had hoped. Kitchen now closed, tomorrow's a 16:8 as having lunch with friends. Hope everyones enjoying their friday evening

Talkinpeace Fri 28-Jun-13 21:21:31

Power to you to join during such a week. Losing cousins younger than I am was darned hard.
You have come to the right place.
When you are ready to hit the zone and do fasts interspersed with TDEE the lovely ladies and gents on here are the crew to support you.

I have the surreal problem that I lost more than I was expecting this week so am having to take steps to avoid the Ulrika neck look!
Fasting makes it so easy to run a calorie deficit!

mttum Fri 28-Jun-13 21:25:45

Hi all.

I'm guessing a lot of us are also MFP aficionados. My question is, what do you input to MFP when you go out for a meal?

I mean, places like Pizza Hut and McDonald's have nutrition charts and so on, but I think I would get nothing but a strange look if I asked at the local chippy or curry house.

What do you do? Take a wild guess? Ignore it completely? Or do as I do and say any meal out is 2000 cals and you have to make it up the rest of the week?

Any other ideas?

Talkinpeace Fri 28-Jun-13 21:28:47

I stopped calorie counting last year
a "hero" from a deli by the Empire State does not bear thinking !

mttum Fri 28-Jun-13 21:40:21

Tip, let me get this right.

You don't count cals at all? But I recall you saying you are "stricter" during the week so that you can have more leeway at weekends. Do you do this without counting cals during the week? If so, is that because you have an instinctive feel for things now, or what?

Not being narky about this, I am genuinely interested to hear how it works for someone who has been doing this WOL for a lot longer than I.

amigababy Fri 28-Jun-13 21:42:12

First fast day over (nearly) - I had:
lunch time - 3 pieces of fruit
5pm = salad tomatoes, and pickled onions (love them) plus a fairly milky coffee
8pm - vegetable broth, 3 breadsticks, an apple.

just watching a bit of Glasto now and wondering why there's absolutely no-one I've heard of on. Waiting for Chic a bit later (you can guess my age from this!)

Prawntoast Fri 28-Jun-13 21:49:47

I have never calorie counted on NFD's, I don't know what my TDEE is. I have found that my appetite is smaller because I fast and I am more conscious of how much I eat without counting calories.

JB30 Fri 28-Jun-13 21:53:50

Mttum I've been using mfp for nearly a year but yep struggle with the establishments with no easily accessible info. First of all, I probably always try to go for healthy'ish option (for all the good it's done me!) what that means is its usually something without too many ingredients, so I can break it down easy enough, ykwim? If I do go mad I look for the closest possible match and prob pick the more calorific from the lists. I think you do start to learn as you go along.
Haven't ate out in ages sad

Talkinpeace Fri 28-Jun-13 21:54:01

I do not calorie count :
cannot remember my settings on MFP but I have the same name everywhere
I did for the first few months - intermittently
my max weight was BMI 23 : I've always known what I should be eating but cheese and cider intervene!
what has changed now is the habit of eating less all week and then letting go (on a smaller stomach and lower alcohol tolerance at the weekend.

I'm a skinnymalink
DH is a 6'1" brick outhouse : he is a lot slimmer but not much lighter ...

BsshBossh Fri 28-Jun-13 21:54:08

I no longer calorie count any days and meals in/out. But that's only because I calorie counted for a year on MFP and now have an instinctive idea. For meals out I looked at a cross-section of similar meals on MFP and took the average then added a few hundred cals grin. Worked for me. My higest cal meals always ended up being Wahaca at around 1400 cals a sitting.

mttum I calorie count still and when I go out I use the calorie counts from similar restaurants. I was out last week at a restaurant that did very similar meals to Ask Italian, so I used their nutrition as a guesstimate.

Otherwise I just use some basic cookery knowledge and try to build things together.

mttum Fri 28-Jun-13 22:16:30

Well thanks everyone, that's really useful info.

It seems as if when you have been doing this for a while you develop an instinct for how much to eat ( and drink!) on NFDs.

Perhaps it is best for us "newbies" to keep counting until we have the confidence and knowledge to be a bit more "instinctive" grin

Cat98 Fri 28-Jun-13 22:24:26

Coming to the end of my second fast day of the week. Had 2 ryvitas, salad with cottage cheese, chicken breast with broccoli and gravy, and 3 coffees.. Happy to have succeeded, though going to bed a little peckish! I hope my weight is still going down, loss has been v slow so far. Will see tomorrow!

virginposter Fri 28-Jun-13 23:40:14

poshvoice/mttum and all others on plateaus. Have a look at the above link to the 5:2 Fast diet forum where they are sticking with it and finally getting results.

congrats prawn well done!

Breadandwine Sat 29-Jun-13 06:50:09

Thanks, Bssh! The first thing I noticed about this blog, and encouraged me to begin this WOL - 16 months ago the other day - was that it could help to prevent prostate cancer! And for men of my age, that had a certain appeal!

And thanks, VirginPoster! As VP says, I'm a vegan who loves his curry and chilli. I make veg curries for my fast days - and the meal can range from around 150 calories to about 350 calories. I've a couple of recipes on my blog:

For all you curry lovers (lovely to see so many!) here's what I consider to be the best website for Indian food. This lady is amazing!

Oh, and welcome, mttum - nice to see another guy on board.

Especially a vegan curry-lover! grin

Breadandwine Sat 29-Jun-13 07:32:42

ii bought the scales from Lild bread&wine mentioned, because mine aren't electronic and its hard to see what they say! but i wish i hadn't, they say I am 8lb heavier than i thought i was! soooooooo depressing!

SoTired I got exactly the same result as you did the first time I used them - 8lbs over what my manual scales said. But I fiddled about with them a bit, tried again and they went down to the 'correct' reading.

If they don't do that when you try them again, I would check them against Boots* - and if they're out of sync, just take off the difference whenever you weigh yourself.

*Make sure you're wearing the same clothes! grin

But I do agree about measurements - it's my belt that I go by, TBH!

AwkwardSquad Sat 29-Jun-13 07:41:42

I do like curries but haven't made any for a little while so will definitely explore that site, Bread. There's this vegan Indian food website too: We made a coconut, sweet potato and chick pea dish and it was delicious.

Chipstick10 Sat 29-Jun-13 08:21:42

Morning all. Happy. Started this woe January 9th. Foolishly didn't bother weighing myself but know that 3 months earlier i was 10stone 5.
Have only weighed myself three times since January, I don't want to get focused on a pound here and there...well I stood on the scales yesterday. 8stone 4. grin. Very pleased to say the least

Cat98 Sat 29-Jun-13 08:28:13

Wow chipstick that's fantastic!

JB30 Sat 29-Jun-13 08:35:00

Morning all. Wow Chipstick 8.4 is amazing! I want to lose 2 stone as well, really encouraging to see your progress.
I'm doing a 16:8 and I've about 4.5 hours to go. Hungering and starving but I know it will pass, going to do a run in the next couple of hours, that'll help distract me. Bowl of soup around 1, then out for a meal at a friends about 4, that'll do me nicely for the day (friend has no concept of low fat, it's going to be epic, can't wait grin)
Worked out a plan for next 2 weeks, race is on to be lean for the hols - bit less wobbly with them 10 pound gone

morning all smile

amazingly a chinese takeaway can equal 4lbs up on the scales the next day!!! damn well better be salt and water retention.

akarucker Sat 29-Jun-13 09:09:07

Second week of 5:2 (from ADF) and a big fat ZILCH lost this week. Please, please, I do not want to track cals on nfd!!! Don't make me! You can't make me! Shall not do it! Will not! Nope!!!

all right aka we won't make you!

well done chipstick and I admire your restraint! Is that your goal or will you keep going?

Southeastdweller Sat 29-Jun-13 09:34:45

Hi there. Too much bread yesterday means I'm having a FD today.

Thanks for the advice yesterday pep and postman. In hindsight I think it was a mistake to only do cardio exercise whilst doing 5:2 and 4:3 all these months.

Well done chipstick!

Some of you have been drinking almond milk so I thought I'd give it a go even though I don't know what the benefits are. I'm having a cup of tea with it and enjoying it, as well as liking it on it's own.

missunicorn There is plenty of brilliant support on here for you. Are you still fasting today?

Southeastdweller Sat 29-Jun-13 09:36:07

aka Maybe you could do a food diary instead?

JB30 Sat 29-Jun-13 09:39:13

Same here Saf nearly 3 pound on scales after Thai stir fry (and crisps & wine & chocolate if I'm being honest)
I know it's not real but still irks me angry

yeah it also makes you realise how bloody hardcore on your body eating that crap must be. i was in need of food and it had to be tempting though as i'd had a few days of no appetite and not really taking care of myself.

it'll go again! yours too JB. but yes - IRKsome.

Congrats chipstick

Mmmm chipsticks. Havent had those for ages!

Chipstick10 Sat 29-Jun-13 10:27:13

grin. Eagle. Thanks everyone, I must admit over the past six weeks or so I have even counted calories on my non fast days and I didn't really want to get into that but my hols are coming up soon and I want to be able to indulge.
Re my goal, I never really had one as I wasn't into standing on the scales just wanted to walk down the street and feel a little bit more confident and wear size ten jeans and at this moment I am wearing topshop skinny waist 28 jamie jeans. It's a good feeling. Good luck and love and support to all the great people on this thread

SoTiredAgain Sat 29-Jun-13 12:23:11

Congrats chipstick that's fantastic weight loss. It doesn't matter if you count calories on NFDs, whatever works for you. Can I ask how tall you are?

Loving the curry links, thanks all.

After yesterday's bad news I ate junk, which i enjoyed. Woke up with a headache though so I decided to do 16:8. I did a session of the shred too and I've got to say, I'm feeling really good. smile

This is only my second time doing 16:8. First one was meh but I can now totally see that if you over indulge one day, it's actually really helpful to be able to do this the next day.

akarucker Sat 29-Jun-13 12:47:38

southeast but if I do a food diary, it's going to document the chocolate, crisps & cake that I eat on nfd!! grin

tryinghard2 Sat 29-Jun-13 13:03:01

Bread&wine im so glad to hear that! What did you fiddle with on it? I put it in exactly the same spot as my nonelectric ones and this morning it said i weighed exactly the same as yesterday straight after massive lunch whereas old scales said i was 2lb lighter. In my panic i tried on my wedding dress so i know it must be lighter than they said because it fit smile so not sure which to believe yet! Will have to test it in boots!

I was really panicking yeserday but im ok aabout it now - ive still lost the same amount, just might have started fatter than i thought :D

Chipstick10 Sat 29-Jun-13 13:57:58

Can I ask what 16.8 is. In answer to your question sotired I am 5foot 3

mttum Sat 29-Jun-13 14:23:45

Thanks to VP and B&W; great posts, and very motivational smile

B&W, I think you are the only other curry-loving vegan male I know who is doing 5:2 ( or at least a variation). There can't be many of us; don't tell me you're a rugby fan too?!

mtmum and poshvoice ... Dont whatever you do give up on this. Ive been doing this WOE since end of January weight loss has been very slow and for six weeks between april and mid May I was just travelling up and down the same 1 or 2 pounds ( as you will probably see frm my posts).
I got so much support on here and not once did I consider stopping because it works..Yesterday I finally achieved my first goal which was to drop a stone ( lost more in the last week than Id lost in the previous 4!)
My weight has not been this low for many years.. It took a long time to creep on and I guess its going to be a long time coming off. But Ive lost a stone in 5 months ,and if I can lose another one in the next 5 months Ill be well happy. And I so enjoy being able to have my routine G&T ,crisps and wine at the weekends without all the guilt of the dreaded slimming world weigh in at £5 a pop !!!! I'm committed to this WOE forever...because its free and easy wink

Breadandwine Sat 29-Jun-13 16:55:54

mttum sadly not - cricket's more to my taste - and football in the winter. Never got into rugby.

BTW, Betsy thanks for starting this thread - but did you have to include the word 'biscuit' in the title?

I don't often think of biscuits these days, but, every time I come by this thread the idea is planted in my mind and I want one! sad

It reminds me of the story of a new head who took over a school and thought he'd draw up a list of rules - what students could do and what they couldn't do.

One of these was that students must not climb onto the roof. Well, that had never before been a problem at the school, but, within the first half term after these rules came out, no less than 5 students had been caught climbing on the roof!

So please, no more mention of biscuits! grin

MissUnicorn Sat 29-Jun-13 18:01:36

Aww, thank you for the warm welcome and condolences grin

Southeast yes I'm fasting today. I've got some leftover lamb that I'm going to pop in a stirfry. This is an impromptu fast so I'm not as prepared as I usually am. I can smell my neighbours are having a BBQ & I'm drooling!

My mum handed me a small wine glass full of glass of baileys, and I've covered it and put it to one side. I'll have it tomorrow.

Evening all...just popped out for a run, did two laps (about 5km), then another, and another....ended up doing seven altogether and that was 17km non-stop (10.5 miles!) I couldn't have dreamt of doing that four months ago before 5:2 made me think almost anything was possible!

JB30 Sat 29-Jun-13 21:53:15

Lordy lord - what a LOT of food I have snaffled today. Actually scared to try input it into mfp - picked at the kids food before I ate mine, ate all mine, kids leftovers, pie & ice cream, Pringles, nuts, chocolate, biscuits, wine. I won't be eating til lunch tomorrow. I ate solidly for 2 hours I reckon.
Hmmm... I was thinking I was getting better at controlling my appetite - it would appear not. Time to sleep now but my big bloated belly!

SoTiredAgain Sat 29-Jun-13 21:57:19

Just sneaked at your mfp calorie burned for that run. OMG grin

Super well done. smile

JB30 Sat 29-Jun-13 22:01:03

Looks like a grand total of 3500 cals...gulp

CaptainMoll Sat 29-Jun-13 22:02:42

Hi fasters - I'm barging in to ask a bit of advice.

I've been doing 5:2 for 5 weeks now. I'm finding it good - the fast days are fine and the non-fast days I'm getting less and less of an urge to eat bad things, but the weight isn't shifting,

I'm combining it with the C25K running programme, as well as my moderately active everyday life.

I lost half a stone in the first two weeks, but now my weight's just plateaued. I'm sitting at 86k and nothing's happened for over two weeks. Did anyone else find this? Is there some kind of stagnation period before the weight starts shifting again? I'm desperate to get to a healthy BMI for (in)fertility reasons, and this lack of any loss at all is getting me down.

Sorry to just plonk myself down mid-thread, but I can feel myself getting disheartened and I really want to keep this up this lifestyle change I've made.

Any help gratefully received!

JB30 Sat 29-Jun-13 22:03:33

Did you find me on mfp SoTired - looks about nervously wink
I'd have to run a bloody marathon after that pig out!

JB30 Sat 29-Jun-13 22:05:52

Crossed posts! Sorry SoTired
Wow Postman... that's some run, amazing!

Southeastdweller Sat 29-Jun-13 22:09:03

Oooh Baileys. My favourite tipple smile

On the home stretch here. Been even easier than usual as I was fairly full up because of eating a lot yesterday. Green olive bread with scrambled eggs and spiced peach chutney, a bucket of coffee and some burnt toffee chocolate waiting for me tomorrow for brunch, lovely.

akarucker Sat 29-Jun-13 22:17:18

So I'm thinking I might do my first 16:8 tomorrow, but not sure if it'll work for me. I have a certain amount of skill when it comes to eating vast quantities, and a time limit may well fire up my inner challenge to see just how much I can manage in an 8 hour window....

Will report back tomorrow night.

Breadandwine Sat 29-Jun-13 22:31:34

Aye, aye, Cap'n! Welcome aboard! (Sorry!)

If you read back through the threads you'll find many examples of posters plateauing for extended periods. Generally the advice is to keep going, but be scrupulous about eating below your TDEE on NFDs. Make sure you've calculated your TDEE properly - and don't rule out - as Tip says,
... an underlying medical problem.

I'm sure there'll be someone along who's had more experience at this than I have.


CaptainMoll Sat 29-Jun-13 22:36:33

Thanks B&W - I do love a nautical greeting wink

I'm on 1200 cals on NFDs, using MFP to log food and exercise. It's reassuring to know other people hit the plateau. I will persevere and hopefully it won't take years months to reach my target..

SoTiredAgain Sat 29-Jun-13 22:50:14

JB30. Didn't mean to scare you. grin

Breadandwine Sat 29-Jun-13 23:29:11

tryinghard2 seems like we're not the only people who find new scales not all they're cracked up to be. I just came across this thread on the 52fastdiet forum:

moll you need to eat loads more than 1200, find out your tdee and eat close to that.

I've had pizza and chocolate to compensate for the run!

MissUnicorn Sun 30-Jun-13 00:01:48

Great run Postman that is amazing!

JB30 tomorrow is another day.
Captain Moll loads of people on here have plateaued for a long time, but they kept going and noticed either that inches were going down, or it came off eventually. Keep going!!
Southeast that olive bread sounds divine! I'm going to have yoghurt with fruit and brazil nuts.

Being friends on mfp is a good idea. My name is Libra Vixen. I haven't really logged this week, but will be doing so again from tomorrow. Night

MissUnicorn Sun 30-Jun-13 00:04:48

Just seen your other post Capt and 1200 isn't enough. That's what I did the first time trying this out and it just didn't work. Figure out your TDEE and eat up wink

tryinghard2 Sun 30-Jun-13 07:14:28

bread&wine oh dear! good to know its not just me smile im going to get weighed somewhere else and compare them - i tried to weigh something heavy on them that i know the weight of like big bottles of water but it doesn't like that, didn't register any weight at all! the thing that makes me suspicious is that they think im the same weight all the time and im sure im not that consistent smile

BetsyBell Sun 30-Jun-13 07:35:46

b&w and there was I thinking you had an iron willpower! Resist temptation...

captainmoll plateaus are all part of this WOE but you may find you're still losing inches even though the scales aren't changing. Have a look at the tips and links page, there's lots of sound advice that may help ease your mind about it (link in OP)

mttum Sun 30-Jun-13 07:40:15

HITC, thanks for the words of advice and encouragement, much appreciated flowers. I am NOT going to be discouraged!!!

Captain, I am one of those who seem to be on a plateau at the moment, about 4 weeks so far. I am keeping the attitude that if I keep doing the right thing the results will come eventually. My main issue is trying to avoid constant tweaks to get a faster loss. I've never really understood the saying "slow and steady wins the race" (confused), but it seems appropriate in this case.

I ended "curry week" with a lovely meal out at our local curry house last night, with DD, dad and sisters. Didn't eat all day in preparation, but it was worth it!

Cricket, eh, B&W? I like to watch it but never could play. Going to see England v Australia later this year, and looking forward to that smile

mttum Sun 30-Jun-13 07:48:20

The more I think about it the more I wonder if scales should be abandoned, or at least only brought out once or twice a year. My dad, who is as thin as a rake, doesn't have a set of scales. Tape measures are probably more accurate than most scales, and you get consistent measurements. And clothes and the mirror tell us a lot of what we want to know. Many's the time I've felt good about my progress from other indicators, just to have it ruined by an apparent quarter pound gain on the scales. And really, who cares if I'm 14 stone or 13 stone 13.75lb?

Rant over, back to bed with a brew now.

JB30 Sun 30-Jun-13 07:48:23

Aka I'm heading into my 3rd 16:8 of the week. Actually it's really my 5th cause I am following a 16:8 on FD's too. But shall we say my 3rd nfd 16:8. No doubt, not easy BUT in the way FD's are doable cause you know the next day you can eat what you want, you only have to wait til lunchtime. Keeping busy is key, exercise really helps to distract. I'm going for a walk, look around shops, massage (non food treat for myself for dropping 10 pound) Then home for fillet steak and frites avec wine
I am starving at the min, but once first cup of hot tea goes on, it'll pass. Then I've less than 2 hours before I had to prep myself for the world. Cannot believe its possible to be hungry after what could only be described as animalistic binge feast of epic & startling proportions. Ain't going near that scales til Tuesday, uh uh no way

JB30 Sun 30-Jun-13 07:54:11

Totally agree * Mttum* I mean what's the point of seeing a number on scales and nothing fitting you? You're hardly going to carry it around and say to people, I might look heavy but I only weigh x, look I'll prove it!
If you know you're doing it right, you can see it in your nsv's, you feel good, you look good - then the scales has little value on a daily or even weekly basis. Weight loss isn't always linear and the scales didn't get the message it's WI time so it better reflect it!
I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I need to break my scale jumping habit as well

CaptainMoll Sun 30-Jun-13 10:18:21

Thanks for the encouragement and advice everyone. I've had a read of the tips thread and done some TDEE calculation (BMR is: 1555 TDEE is: 2138 calories).

Can I just check that I'm understanding you right - if I eat more on my NFDs, I will lose weight faster than if I eat less? shock

I also took your advice on checking the inches as well as the kilos, and I am a little thinner, which is pleasing. Unfortunately, the NHS only care about BMI, which is weight dependent, so I'm hoping the weight starts to go down again too.

Nellymay Sun 30-Jun-13 10:21:48

Hi everyone, I want to start 5:2, I've got the book and really think its a good way to lose weight. BUT I can't seem to get started on it - I'm in the middle of selling our house and we've just lost our lovely old dog and am feeling stressed and a bit run down, last week I had a bad headache for 3 days so I put off starting a fast day, now I feel a bit rundown and I'm not sleeping very well. So I'm wondering if I should wait til I'm feeling less stressed etc before starting or should I try and make a start on it anyway What do people think?

JB30 Sun 30-Jun-13 10:46:51

CaptainMoll are you quite sure you are only 1200 on nfd's? (which is too low anyway for the WOL)
I remember from numerous ww meetings that they said if you were sure you were doing well but scsles wasnt moving, go back to basics, weigh food and drink plenty of water. If you're happy you are ticking all those bixes snd there isnt an underlying health prob - eat more, you may as well! If you are seeing inch loss then the scales will catch up. You poor thing having the bmi bs hanging over you.

Nellymay there's rarely a perfect t

JB30 Sun 30-Jun-13 10:49:14

Blinking phone - as I was saying, rarely a perfect time. But in my mind, you could start taking control of your weigh as let another few stressful weeks pass where you might comfort eat and start half s stone heavier. I find the control this WOL is giving me is creeping into all parts of my life. I think you'll be glad if you start. Best of luck with your decision

Prawntoast Sun 30-Jun-13 10:51:35

nelly, I think good nutritional food helps the body in times of stress so I would go for it.

CaptainMoll Sun 30-Jun-13 11:29:24

JB30 Yes- I'm being honest on MFP and keeping it to around that - taking into account exercise calories spent (you know how it gives net cals?). I'm giving myself a day off thinking about calories at all once a week, though now I'm in the habit of calorie checking I sort of stop myself pigging out anyway.

My busy life and poor organisation means I eat mostly-ready made salads from M&S, pret etc, so I can be pretty certain of calorie intake.
I'm on 1200 because that's what MFP gave me as a daily intake to achieve my goal weight, but if it;s better to eat more on NFDs I'll scrap that and just stick to using it on FDs.

Nelly I found that taking control of my health/long-standing weight issues actually made life less stressful. I've been making excuses for myself for years, and reaching a point where I genuinely started positive action really lifted a load. But then, the stress for me was/is medical rather than lifestyle, so you have to do what feels right for you. It's hard to get into a pattern mid-house-moves, but then there's a lovely fresh start right there for you to kick off a new WoL.

Nellymay Sun 30-Jun-13 13:26:57

Captain Prawn JB, you're all right -by taking control of my eating and health i may feel better and i'll have something i can hang onto when i can't see the wood for the trees in all the stress of the house moving saga.

I know that part of my insomnia and generally feeling unwell is cause i'm eating too much sugary cakes and other rubbish, so ........ I'll try to start tomorrow smile and see how i get on - i need to get some fruit and veg in, but i can pick them up in town tomorrow lunchtime.

SoTiredAgain Sun 30-Jun-13 13:32:22

captainmoll you have set your mfp on weight loss, set it to 0 lbs weight loss, on maintaining your weight. If you eat more, then you should lose the weight.

I don't eat my exercise calories back though (I only calorie count about once a week now on NFDs to make sure I'm still keeping my portions in check otherwise portion size starts creeping up) but then I don't exercise much either. A lot of the mfp community say to eat 75% of the calories back.

BMI is a good indicator but not the only one. I'm surprised that they have also not done a hip:waist ratio.

Talkinpeace Sun 30-Jun-13 13:33:05

Exercise calories : please do NOT take them into account for 5:2
the whole point is to look at what you are actually eating.

100 star jumps does NOT cancel out a cake

The way to make MFP work best with 5:2 is to set it to "maintaining" weight : so the calorie limit is your TDEE
and then see what you are actually eating : without ANY Allowance for exercise
ESPECIALLY on fast days

case in point : on a fast day I sometimes swim a mile, do an hour of yoga and an hour of bodypump : that adds up to 750 calories burned
but I still only eat 500, not 1250

SoTiredAgain Sun 30-Jun-13 13:43:27

Yes, TIP, sorry I did not make it clear, I did mean on NFD. On fd, it doesnt matter what you do, you still stick to 500 calories. I think though that on NFD, it depends how much exercise you do. If you expend 750 calories doing exercise, you can eat some or all of it back, but not necessarily on the same day. So you may exercise during the week but eat extra during the weekend. Or am I completely wrong?

Talkinpeace Sun 30-Jun-13 13:46:00

I don't.
I take no account of my exercise AT ALL
because when I did I used it as an excuse to over eat
my resting TDEE is 1500, my active TDEE is 1900
that is my limit for work days or gym days, no matter how much exercise I do

sotired that's sort of how I did it...stuck to TDEE, which is set at lightly active, log my exercise and go well over TDEE if we went out for a meal or just because I was having a FIF like I did last week (f* it Friday!!) I would often exercise when fasting but never eat extra.

I have now taken a leap and stopped logging food...6 weeks til we go away on hols and I don't want to be logging then so I'm going to get some practice in. I know plenty on here do 5:2 without tracking their NFD food intake but I didn't have the confidence to do that.

SoTiredAgain Sun 30-Jun-13 14:20:41

OK, I guess it whatever works for you kind of thing. smile TIP I totally get how logging exercise and eating calories back would make it an excuse to over eat.

post you will be absolutely fine without logging your food. If your weight creep backs up over a few weeks or your clothes start getting a bit tight (however you measure), then you can think about maybe logging again for a bit. However, I doubt that you will have to because you seem to have sussed out what works for you. smile

JB30 Sun 30-Jun-13 14:29:24

Nelly I'm tacking my insomnia at the moment too. Read a kindle book by a lady called sasha stephens, pure sense and it's working. Sleep hygiene is v important, o beds for sleeping, nothing else (Except, well you know wink) go to bed only when tired, get up when you wake, no afternoon naps etc. Worth the 4 quid, on day 3 of decent 7 hour sleep AND used my early wakes to do ironing, everyone's a winner.
Just broke my 16:8, ahhh, lovely

MissUnicorn Sun 30-Jun-13 14:59:15

Afternoon all. Am about to break my fast after I do my callanetics session.
What do you do when you are simply not hungry but have loads of tdee calories to use up?

Talkinpeace Sun 30-Jun-13 15:00:06

enjoy the weight loss

akarucker Sun 30-Jun-13 16:16:35

missU that is an alien concept to me, and I am very envy

ceebeegeebies Sun 30-Jun-13 17:50:17

Missunicorn - that has never happened to me so I have no idea grin

Dotty342kids Sun 30-Jun-13 18:44:12

Peplum, yes, first year in tent on his own but he's been camping with us / cubs for several years now so is pretty confident. He has dog in with him for extra security / my peace of mind! He doesn't have a pop up tent but it's dead easy to get up within ten minutes (he does it).
This morning we got up in a leisurely fashion, had breakfast, emptied out inside of tent, flew kite whilst waiting for morning dew to dry off, packed up and were back home by 12.00! Perfect smile

Dotty342kids Sun 30-Jun-13 18:56:05

Headintheclouds whoop to you! Losing a stone to get to first target is fab, well done! What's your new target going to be then? smile

I'm back from a weekend of camping on a farm that makes its own ice cream. Fatal. Plus typical camping food / drink. Enough said wink
Got an uber stressful work meeting in London tomorrow so will be on trains for hours. Can't decide whether to fast or not. Figure that the stress and worry of it might knock my appetite anyway and then all the unpleasantness of it / fast day will be done and dusted in one go....

akarucker Sun 30-Jun-13 19:09:27

Dotty go for it! You'll feel extra powerful if you're fasting anyway. Get all your triumphs done in one day!

somewherebecomingrain Sun 30-Jun-13 19:33:04

Oh gaaaad I'm gonna fast tomorrow after a week off, doing only a couple of 16:8s. I hope it will be easier. Planning 3 eggs with a little grated cheese for lunch and an early dinner of a ready meal, or soup and bread ( I give myself 650 cals as a breast feeder). It's so hard but after a week off I miss the energy and lightness I felt -hard to explain.

Will be on here for moral support!

ceebeegeebies Sun 30-Jun-13 19:44:01

somewhere - I am with you although I am not fasting until Tues. I really need to refocus as I have slipped off the wagon in terms of overeating in NFDs and probably eating 700 cals on FD. Haven't been to the gym as much as I would like either hmm

So from tomorrow, I am going to aim to stick to 2000 cals in NFDs and try and get to the gym a bit mire often.Holiday is in 8 weeks...

MissUnicorn Sun 30-Jun-13 20:25:15

LOL [Tip Akah & Ceebee] it's probably cause you have loads to do. I have mobility problems and use a walking stick, so I guess I don't get as hungry.

Like today, I had fresh fruit with yoghurt Brazil nuts and cashew nuts at about half 3. I would've been happy to just eat that, but have eaten more because I don't want to get into starvation mode. confused

Go for it [Dotty]. If you bring something with you, it'll be cheaper as well.
I'm fasting as well tomorrow [Somewhere] so will see you here!
I'm going to have a prawn stirfry, no noodles or rice. I seem to naturally do no/low carb on fast days.

amigababy Sun 30-Jun-13 20:38:38

ceebeegeebies ditto exactly - holiday too - feeling a bit fat today and need to do something constructive

Itsaboatjack Sun 30-Jun-13 21:27:21

Just got home from a lovely weekend at my parents where I enjoyed a lot of my mums amazing home cooking and baking. And being a typical Brit who hasn't seen the sun in goodness knows how long; I am very sunburnt.

Should be an FD tomorrow but I have a long meeting with my boss that I'm pretty sure is going to turn into a working lunch, so if it does then I think I'll push it until Tuesday.

It's just over 3 weeks now until my hols, so I am planning 3 weeks of extra effort to try and lose as much as possible, and tone up as much as possible before the bikini comes out.

SoTiredAgain Sun 30-Jun-13 22:02:32

JB30 thanks for the tip about sasha stephen's book. DP suffers from insomnia and feels desperate about it so I have ordered it for him.

Hey dotty glad you had a good weekend camping. Id definately go for the fast tomorrow and get it over & done with!
Since you ask, my next goal is to get to 9 st 7 lb.... another 9 lbs ...Ive just been looking back over my stats on MFP and it took me 12 weeks to lose the first 9lbs. Going on my hols in 6 weeks time so if I can be in the 9s by then that will be good.
The 3 lb loss I had this week has got to be a fluke and in my experience the next 3 -4 weeks may now be slow..its just my rhythm I think, also TOM due any day so Ill be retaining fluid this week!
But am going to carry on with 16:8 on NFDs plus more exercise because it seems to have worked... Good luck to all fasters & non fasters tomorrow.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 01-Jul-13 01:21:58

Hey, all. Monday morning here, and I'm up 3lbs from Thursday. Yesterday was a total wine and cheese fest, though, so I'm hoping it'll shift itself. Otherwise I'm doomed to lose the same 3lb over and over forever.

I think I'm going to have to go and start taking MFP seriously after all. My fitbit has a calorie-tracking system as well, but MFP is better in this regard - and I think TIP is right about just eating the same cals every day irrespective of exercise.

Good luck somewhere!

peplum41 Mon 01-Jul-13 01:59:20

Hi all, at work hence the weird time. Decided to forego usual midnight snack to see if I can manage a night shift on my fat reserves. At the beginning of a fast, I always feel a bit reluctant, and there's a small voice saying eat those crisps and that banana. Later, tummy, later.

Hi to all the new 5:2ers that have joined us over the weekend. Glad you sorted out your TDEE, captain. I'm not sure that eating up to it will actually help you lose weight faster, but I'm sure it will help you stick to the two fast days, which is better in the long run. Makes the whole thing more enjoyable.

tortoise are you doing loads of exercise, just out of interest?

ceebeegeebies not been able to get back to the gym myself. That's one reason why I'm using the free ones until I can sort my routine out. I did manage an exercise dvd on Thursday.

molly and missunicorn starting this way of life is a great distraction for the sad and stressful things life throws your way.

dotty, glad you liked your weekend, should've set you up for your fast and much dreaded meeting. Thanks for tips. Bought some dinky non-stick pans to add to our little camping collection.

peplum41 Mon 01-Jul-13 02:09:50

I put Molly but I should've put nellymay. Moving house and losing a loved pet, v stressful. No harm in trying to start, but we all agree the first few fasts are the hardest, they get easier. I realised last week, I need to not drink the night before. News which my liver will be pleased with, as it now gets the 2 fast days, the nights before and the 2 nights when I'm at work to not have to process alcohol.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 01-Jul-13 03:11:33

Peplum no - I try and hit 10,000 steps a day, and do the occasional jog (but its midwinter here, so that's tricky because I don't have enough daylight hours and there's no street lighting or pavements along my way), and I do a fencing class once a week, that's it. I have bought exercise DVDs before and never even looked at them!

CrystalDeCanter Mon 01-Jul-13 05:22:14

Hi all, I've been off mnet for the last couple of weeks, but I'm back now! Fasting today, flipping starving, but I know it will pass.

Well done all those who are dropping the kilos and hi to the new people. I won't lie to you fast days are tough, but it's only 24 hrs at a time and the benefits are great.

I haven't weighed myself for a few days and have been mildly ill so not as much exercise although I took the kids on a 7k walk yesterday. Peplum I agree that no alcohol before a fast is a good idea. Anyone here intending to do Dry July? In fact is that a thing in the UK? It's quite big here in Oz, you give up booze for July. I'm debating whether to do it or not!

peplum41 Mon 01-Jul-13 05:57:28

Hi crystal, had noticed your absence! Hope you're feeling better soon. If we do have dry July, I've not heard of it. I think a lot here do dry January, to ward off the excesses of Xmas and new year. I've heard that if you can't do a month alcohol free you may have a drink problem! Never managed it so far. It's the socializing, not the sitting at home drink I crave.

tortoise, are you managing 10000 steps quite easily? I think I manage that with the dog. I'm lightly active on my TDEE.

babysaurus Mon 01-Jul-13 06:15:21

Newbie here. This is my first day and I'll be in here a lot for motivation. About a month back me and DH did a week (ie two days) but have since got distracted but am now back on the straight and narrow as something has to be done!
I don't weigh myself but am currently about a 16/18 and am guessing I weigh about 13 stone (am five foot five.) My legs aren't too bad but my middle, arms and face are awful - I never wear short sleeves and my face is getting far too round for my liking.
My DS is 13 months (today!) and is currently waking up at 4.30 most mornings so I already feel like making lattes and stuffing myself with croissants. Not that I will, obviously, but it feels like a long day already! DH is working away this week too so am on my own - he's doing it too but its far easier when he's actually here.
So ladies, wish me luck!
Will browse through the thread properly over the course of the day...

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 01-Jul-13 06:57:27

Good luck baby!

Peplum - no, I really have to try to do it, so it's definitely a shift from my pre-dieting self. I have a very sedentary job, and a long commute (1 hr+) so it's really hard to find any time to get outdoors and go for a walk. I do manage it on weekends and I get close on my days at home with the DDs if the weather's fine enough to drag them around the duckpond and chase them across a park, but it's a real struggle. I count myself as "lightly active" as well, in part because on my days at home I do a lot of lifting and bending...usually trying to stop an eighteen month old from damaging things!

Morning all

Welcome and good luck babysaurus

Good luck to the rest of today's tasters.

Blooming autocorrect!!!

babysaurus Mon 01-Jul-13 07:04:47

Thanks everyone!
Am hoping I can put DS down for a sleep soon as I am both knackered and craving marmite on toast!
Must sip water, must sip water, must sip water...