The 5:2 Diet Thread number 18! Breaking out the summer wardrobe?

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GreenEggsAndNichts Mon 22-Apr-13 10:51:27

The continuing thread for those of us following either the 5:2 diet or the alternate-day fasting diet.

The 5:2 diet was featured on Horizon in August 2012, and essentially requires you to fast for 2 non-consecutive days per week. The other 5 days, you can eat what you like, or approximately your TDEE (see explanation below). Alternate-day fasting is just how it sounds; you fast every other day. By "fasting", we mean that we keep our calorie consumption very low, around 500 calories on average for a woman, 600 for a man, on those days.

You'll find on these threads we use a number of acronyms. If you're new to the threads, or Mumsnet in general, they might not make much sense.

WOE/WOL = Way Of Eating/Way Of Life. We use this term instead of "diet" as many of us see this as something to do in the long term.

MFP = My Fitness Pal, a website many use for keeping track of the number of calories they're eating.

TDEE = Total Daily Energy Expenditure, quantifies the number of calories you burn in a day. This measure is best estimated by scaling your Basal Metabolic Rate to your level of activity. TDEE is critical in tailoring your nutrition plan to desired fitness goals. Here is a link to a calculator to help you figure out how many calories you should be eating in a day.

ADF = Alternate-day Fasting, as it says on the tin, fasting every other day rather than 5:2.

Michael Mosley has recently unveiled a new website to accompany his new book on the subject. Please go check them out, as he's the whole reason most of us are here!

I know a number of people lurk on this thread, as this is currently quite popular. Please just jump in and post if you're new- you'll find a lot of support here.

Here is a list of links to get you started with this way of eating. Please let us know if you find a new article or some other information online:

First things first, here are links to some of our previous threads: most recent one before that another one!

Another thread which breadandwine has started is a good resource for some of the links and tips that get lost in these big threads. In addition to sharing links, we try to condense some of our top tips for fasting there. Keep in mind, we all do this differently, so these are just tips, not rules. This might be a good place to catch up with us if you're feeling a bit lost!

frenchfancy has a recipe thread over here, please post any low-calorie recipes there so they don't get lost in these bigger threads!

If you've been at this a while and are moving on to maintaining your goal weight, there is a thread here to discuss that.

Here is the link to the BBC article regarding Michael Mosley's findings, which was featured on Horizon.

There's a link to the aforementioned Horizon programme here.

A blog post here gives some of the scientific explanation for why this way of eating helps you to not only lose weight, but improve your all-around health.

A Telegraph article which comments on the diet and gives a brief overview by Dr Mosley himself, very informative if you're just starting. (I highly recommend this for an overview)

A study discussed here gives commentary specifically addressing the effect of this diet on obese people (both men and women), with regard to both health and weight loss. ("After 8 weeks of treatment, participants had an average 12.5 lbs reduction in body weight and a 4 cm decrease in waist circumference. Total fat mass declined by about 12 lbs while lean body mass remained relatively constant.) it also mentions "Plasma adiponectin, a protein hormone that is elevated in obesity and associated with heart disease, dropped by 30%. As did LDL cholesterol (25%) and triglycerides (32%).")

Something to consider if you are currently your ideal BMI: this appears to suggest the benefits for women at a lower BMI might not be seeing the same health benefits that are found on men at their ideal BMI.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have been contributing, btw. Most of us are learning this way of eating as we go along. All of the links above have been posted by others in our previous threads, and they've been very helpful. Sorry if I haven't given credit where it's due, but it was just enough of a job getting all the links re-copied and back into one post.

Come join us, and tell us about your experiences with this diet!

Dotty342kids Mon 22-Apr-13 11:01:30

ooh, I'm the first over here grin. Thanks greeneggs

BsshBossh Mon 22-Apr-13 11:55:22


Just checking in, I need to get back in the zone! I'm on a fast day but just got my period, I've just tried coming off the pill to see how I cope with pmt and it's not good. I'm so hungry and combined with period pains (forgot about those) I'm very uncomfortable. I can't fast tomorrow though (birthday dinner) so I think I'm going to eat lunch and make today and tomorrow mini fast days (hold of eating as long as possible, miss breakfast and lunch if poss but eat a normal dinner) then fast on weds. I've never felt this hungry on a fast before!

Dotty342kids Mon 22-Apr-13 12:23:30

After a weekend of three, rather hefty, meals per day I can really feel the difference in how my usual Monday fast is going.
Instead of a usual level of hunger (normal and manageable!) I feel absolutely starving - my husband and I are both sitting here working with the most horrendously growling stomachs grin.
Amazing how quickly your body can get used to eating too much.
Mind you, whilst feeling super hungry it's really nice not to be feeling bloated and full.

monster54 Mon 22-Apr-13 12:45:44

Same here dotty ridiculously over indulgent weekend. And I am tired and starving today!!!

Arrrghhhh! Going to have to go small lunch and dinner I think to make this doable!

And some mini fasts thrown in this week to undo all the damage thats been done!!!!

Feel terrible.....but needs must it was a committed social weekend.

Dotty342kids Mon 22-Apr-13 12:49:39

Same here monster, going out for a curry tonight so today's not really a proper fast so will do normal fasts tomorrow and Thursday. Today's really to try and undo a bit of the damage from the weekend!

monster54 Mon 22-Apr-13 13:40:19

I might up to 4:3. Just to balance things. Cals at the weekend are ridiculous!!

250cals soup had....I feel a little more human now. Soup saved for later on!!

Hopefully I'll be fine now, majority of the working day is over!!! I find this hardest as I sit at a desk pondering FOOD!!!

frenchfancy Mon 22-Apr-13 13:47:23

Just checking in. Another one fasting after an indulgent weekend. I am hungry and a bit irritable today. I think it is because I drank too much yesterday blush.

applegate Mon 22-Apr-13 13:49:13

on a fast day here too. I really wanted to make it to supper before eating but am starving! I might treat myself to a miso soup to see if that

akarucker Mon 22-Apr-13 13:54:39

It must be in the air...I'm ravenous on my fast day today, too. Tea is just not cutting it.

popsnsqeeze Mon 22-Apr-13 14:00:11

Hi All,

I'm looking for advice here really.
I've been doing the diet for about 3 weeks now, I've been fasting 3 days a week instead of 2 (fasting Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday). I didn't feel the schedule if 4:3 would work for me. It's been going well, BUT I have lost maybe a kilo. That's it. And I've been bouncing around with that kilo so it's not even definitely a loss.
On the days I'm not dieting I try to eat about 1500 calories.
I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.
I weight 54 kilo, I'm short - 4"11. Small build. I want to lose about 6 kilos. I'm at the top end of my BMI, so healthy but could do with he weight loss.
Please help me! I have dieted before but I am enjoying doing this one and I want it to work for me!


monster54 Mon 22-Apr-13 14:08:07


Whitecat Mon 22-Apr-13 14:14:49

Out for dinner on Friday.
Cook at home pizza on Saturday.
BBQ and too much sunshine boozing on Sunday.
All equal a bloody hard fast on Monday.

ELR Mon 22-Apr-13 14:41:04

Just checking in, thanks for new thread.
Haven't really caught up with posts for last few days been super busy, so will try to read through in a minute.
Fasting going ok today only a small soup and a cuppa so far but feeling a bit hungry now. Good luck everyone

ceebeegeebies Mon 22-Apr-13 14:56:03

Just checking in and bookmarking the thread smile

Fasting not been too bad today so far. DH has gone away for a few days now so envisage I will be in bed by 9 tonight!!

Fasting today and have persuaded my husband to join me this time!

I usually go for an egg at breakfast, but I skipped that today. Though I had a 100 cal WW soup instead of a 30 cal miso soup for lunch.

Dinner will be harissa chicken from the Hairy Dieters. In their recipe it's accompanied by a bulghur wheat salad, but DH hates cold food. So I'll replace that with some roast veg (leeks, courgettes, mushrooms)

akarucker Mon 22-Apr-13 15:00:55

Well, that's Monday's fast day down the drain! Tuesday it is then...

virginposter Mon 22-Apr-13 15:49:57

I'm re-posting this as I put it on the last page of previous thread.

From experience, how long of staying off sweets does it take until you are able to have something like a pudding or chocolate bar, and stop at that?? One week obviously wasn't long enough. I think I've set myself back a bit by giving in.

aka I'm about 3 pages behind on this thread due to travelling but thought I'd give you an answer about this. I've read that it can take anything from two weeks to 3 months but that is a vast difference. I'm sure that 1 week isn't enough time to make a difference to taste buds but any time sugar free has to be good.
When I did my 4 months sugar free (due to yeast infection etc) I cut out not only the obvious but even the obscure. At first it was a struggle but by about week 2-3 it was easy and by the end of the 4 months I was really worried about letting sugar back in to my diet. The obscure were introduced first, then fruit, yoghurt, milk and eventually and very slowly (like once a week) the naughties like cakes, puddings and choc. I was worried that once I started letting them back in I'd lose control as I know how addictive sugar can be, but that was June 2012 and at Xmas I still had control even though I ate yummy things.
I've just been away for 2 weeks at my sisters, working, and managed some control the first week but the second was a disaster as once I really started on her biscuits etc etc the demon sugar had me in it's grips .
I've put on 3 lbs but I know that by the end of this week about 2 of those will be gone and the rest next week, that's why I love this woe. But for the next 2 weeks at least I am going to be sugar free to try to gain back my control (only the obvious sugars not the obscure ones) and then I will start to allow myself something delicious again once a week

Hi, I'm interested curious about how the 5:2 works and have a question please - for those who fast and exercise on the same day, do you allow yourself any additional calories above the 500 during the 8hr period?

I exercise every day, occasionally twice in a day, at fairly high intensity, burning perhaps 800 calories if two sessions (weight training, bit of cardio and kickboxing), obviously that puts my calories into a negative position. Would you view that as a bonus or potentially unhealthy confused?

monster54 Mon 22-Apr-13 16:33:45

sleepwhendie the rules are that you don't get to eat back the calories I'm afraid.

As it is also about giving your digestive system a break by reduced calories.

I don't exercise (I struggle for time) but a lot of people here do and on fast days and they find it Ok!!!

monster54 Mon 22-Apr-13 16:35:23

Ohhhhh no aka....what made you buckle?!?

I'm feeling Ok at the moment although will be flagging by the time I get home!

And I want to stay up and watch the final Broadchurch!!!

Chipstick10 Mon 22-Apr-13 16:50:10

I am so cold today it's unreal. I am always cold when fasting but today is worse.

Bramblesinafield Mon 22-Apr-13 16:54:01

Tomorrow is another day aka.

Cold here, extra jumper. Not at my trigger point in the evening yet, which is normally about 7.30 after I've had tea and have nothing more to have til morning. Once I've got to about 9pm all is well. I have an innocent pot for tonight.

Weigh in will be interesting - have had a couple of weeks off due to holiday and busy time at work, but not been brilliantly well so haven't eaten loads.

Hazelbrowneyes Mon 22-Apr-13 17:05:01

I did a fast day last week, mainly by accident (skipped breakfast, had a mugshot for lunch and veg stir fry for dinner) and I'm going to give it a go again this week except I know I'm super busy with work all week, I'll be doing physical stuff all week and I feel shaky if I don't eat. I need to keep a balanced head to as if I do something wrong, it screws up the whole project and costs us a fortune.

So. Help please. grin

What's your typical fast day menu? How do you cope with the hunger? What do you eat on your non-fasting days?

BetsyVanBell Mon 22-Apr-13 17:26:10

Marking place. thanks greeneggs

BetsyVanBell Mon 22-Apr-13 17:32:43

aka It's 2 weeks for me... hence setting the 2 week challenge! Why don't you try for letting yourself have the treats on a Sunday as suggested by saf but aim to perhaps do away with this sometimes and work towards a properly sugar-free 2 weeks at some point to see if that works with the cravings. As I've said, I still get sugar cravings but not after 1 chocolate bar or pudding - I tend to have a gradual slide back into it over a period of time. But when I realise it's happening I can now stop and back track.

I do think you've done amazingly well though, did you ever think a whole week without would have been possible?

BetsyVanBell Mon 22-Apr-13 17:50:46

Hazel I have a smallish lunch - sometimes a small ham & salad granary bread sandwich and an apple, or could be soup if I have heating facilities and then a reasonably sized no carb dinner - maybe a bit of salmon with loads of veggies pepped up with lime, chilli & ginger. I have an active physical job and it sees me through. Skipping breakfast is not a problem, I might feel hungry at first but once you get busy you forget about it and your body will be busy using your calories from last night's dinner so there's no reason to think you're going to expire! Drink loads, much more than usual and pop the kettle on every time you feel hungry. Don't forget to include milk calories if you're drinking tea/coffee with milk.

Sleepwhendle I much prefer an exercise session on a fast day to on an eating day. Feels twice as effective. Never eat back your calories, you are working to keeping as little food in your system for the day - you don't have to eat any calories at all - the 500 just makes it more 'doable'. You are running on a calorie deficit on a fast day no matter what - no one's BMR is as low as 500 calories. This is fine.

popnsqueeze persevere, you haven't got much to lose so progress will be slow. You are getting amazing health benefits and are losing weight.

AliceinSlumberland Mon 22-Apr-13 18:00:18

Fast day for me and I'm totally starving, looking forward to tea.

I went for a run this morning and actually found it made me less hungry and I was fine throughout the day, it's only since eating at half three that I've noticed a negative affect. I'm lethargic and just trying to pass the time until food!

Breadandwine Mon 22-Apr-13 18:11:08

Thanks, GE!

About feeling cold - it's a sign that things are working well for you. People with lower core temperatures live longer, IIRC.

I'll try and find the research.

Dotty342kids Mon 22-Apr-13 18:18:43

Hazel I find once I start eating I really can't stop! So, on a fast day I eat nothing until evening meal - usually 6-7.00 ish. Then I generally have something fish / chicken / vegetarian based. And it's often no or low carb as those pesky carbs just contain too many calories! Some of my fave dinners:
Moroccan chicken / fish in a tomatoey, spicy, chickpea sauce.
Couscous stuffed peppers
Vegetable based chilli or curry

Ladiesnight1 Mon 22-Apr-13 18:52:57

New to this 5:2 plan, as in I'm starting tomorrow. Looking forward to learning to control my food consumption and one day like my bathroom scales. Hope everyone is coping ok, thanks for being honest it has encouraged me to give it a gp

akarucker Mon 22-Apr-13 18:55:38

Lesson learned today. I was really busy this morning, so the fasting wasn't actually too difficult. BUT, I didn't drink enough. Hardly anything in fact, and then I got really hungry at about 2pm and instead of drinking, I had my soup (which wasn't even filling soup), which simply triggered my hunger and I forgot about my thirst. I therefore ended up eating my thirst as it were! So, by 3pm it was all over and I then attacked the kids leftover cake, and so it went on.

I really think today's fast fail was as simple as not drinking enough. Will be more prepared tomorrow.

As for the sugar free thing. Well yes, it all went a bit pear shaped, but bvb you're right, I don't think I've ever managed a whole week in my life so that's an accomplishment. It is possible!

My one stone loss has, of course, bounced back up to 13lb loss, but Tuesday is another day....

bugsyburge Mon 22-Apr-13 19:01:55

evening all, thanks for the new thread greeneggs... fast day here today, just eaten a lovely vegetable curry.

I try to do ADF but last week was pretty hellish due to social commitments... I had to fast Monday & Tuesday, normal Wednesday and then fast Thursday & Friday plus I do a lot of exercise. I have to say that by Saturday I was looking forward to 2 days of eating!!! however the bonus is a 3lbs weight loss this week... I'm prepared for it to bounce but it was still good to see

good luck fellow Monday fasters...the end is in sight smile

peplum41 Mon 22-Apr-13 19:04:41

thanks again green eggs. Didnt hear much from you on last thread, hope all is well.

monster54 have you seen the broadchurch whodunnit thread? good diversion technique.

whitecat still going strong?

evening smile

thanks for new thread greeneggs.

i'm wrestling over whether to eat or not. have just had a marmite drink and that is all i've had today. can't decide whether to just go through till tomorrow without eating or to have a small meal and risk turning into a ravenous monster.

in my head i've consumed about ten thousand calories in the last half hour - have been totally obsessively thinking about food. think that's actually a good reason not to eat as i will want to eat loads.

there are prawns in the fridge that i am tempted by but realitically i could pack some with some boiled eggs and take them to work and have lunch for once tomorrow to break my fast.

hmmm. what to do? i know i should just not eat actually - way the safest bet and it'd all be over with till friday. help!

peplum41 Mon 22-Apr-13 19:12:00

akarucker oh I see, easy done. Nothing worse than that void that needs filling so you keep stuffing, then too late realise you were thirsty. Been there my friend. Never mind. Must you fast again tomorrow? Sometimes pressure makes things harder.

silverbeetle great to hear from you and very well done. Bet you're pleased you stuck with it despite the trials in your personal life.

popsnsqeeze Mon 22-Apr-13 19:22:05

Thanks betsy!
I'll keep going, I really want to lose the weight before my best friends wedding in may but I'm not sure if I'll get there.
Can someone tell me how my typical fast day menu looks?

Breakfast: coffee with skimmed milk
Snack if I need: cucumber
Lunch at around 2: roast sweet potato. No oil
Snack: more cucumber if I need, or some spinach
Dinner at around 8: a small piece of white fish with some roasted cauliflower. No oil.

And then a couple more teas or coffees as I get hungry. I usually come in at just under 500 calories according to the caloriecounter app.

Whitecat Mon 22-Apr-13 19:24:42

Yes peplum still dedicated to the cause. The first fast of the week is definitely the most difficult. About to have a big beany soup.

monster54 Mon 22-Apr-13 20:12:29

Thanks peplum I just don't want to ruin the ending!!! Eeekkk I have no idea whoooodunnniittt!!

Well I'm finishing up on around 600-650 today. Not the best but its a start!

marking my place smile

Cuddledup Mon 22-Apr-13 20:47:29

THiings not to do when fasting - watch Paul Hollywoods baking programme. He's just done a lardy cake _ I LOVE lardy cake and I'm having to make do with a tangerine. Hmm. hmm

Wishihadabs Mon 22-Apr-13 21:11:16

Hello all
Hazel I too have a physical job and need to be o top of my game. Fast day menu is;

Either coffee and banana in the morning. Then one meal around 3pm (usually a innocent pot or Morrison's NUME snack pots and another piece of fruit. I finish work at 9pm just have a herbal tea and go to

Or coffee +banana in the morning 100kcal soup for.lunch and 300kcal no carb dinner.

Southeastdweller Mon 22-Apr-13 21:37:18

Hi everyone. Not a great day here - I usually have some fruit to fill me up alongside soup at lunchtime but I didn't today because I thought I could manage on liquids alone. I realised I can't so got a bit pickish and helped myself to some sweets (10 pineapple cubes) and a jammy dodger.i've also found out that a new Greggs has opened down the road from where I work! The good news is that I went to the gym and had a very light and filling dinner.

LexingtonBear About your post on the previous thread, I've been doing this for three months and it took me about six weeks before I was making sensible choices that were instinctive...but I do slip up sometimes and had a little too much chocolate yesterday so not anticipating a loss this week. However my relationship with my food is much healthier than what it was before starting this W.O.L so that's the main thing I think, what's been the best part of doing this, which I'm determined to build on.

ellenbrody Mon 22-Apr-13 21:44:45

Grr - 750 cals, a bit of a fast fail angry

ELR Mon 22-Apr-13 22:15:46

Well another fast day nearly over. Gone over by 10 calories today as had a 99 flake only 45 calories was lovely with a cuppa!! Don't usually have chocolate in general never mind fast days.

GreenEggsAndNichts Mon 22-Apr-13 22:18:33

thanks everyone.

Am still here peplum! Thanks for remembering. smile I've been home alone with DS for two weeks and he was ill for a week of it so it's just been a busy time. I've kept up with fast days as usual, but did a lot of eating as well (TOTM) so I hold no hopes of having lost last week.

Fast day today. I ate some peanuts, which meant I didn't have supper because peanut calories add up way too quickly! So I had a cup of tea instead.

ceebeegeebies Mon 22-Apr-13 22:25:31

night everyone smile so glad that fast is counting down the hours until my shreddies in the morning wink

Am on pins tonight as well as I find out which school DS2 has got into tomorrow...positive thoughts please smile

Talkinpeace Mon 22-Apr-13 22:36:43

if you are very short, your TDEE will be pretty low
you need to make sure you do not go over it even at weekends
as 500 calories could be as little as 1/3 of your TDEE - comared with 1/4 for bigger folks
also - exercise - as much as you can manage - to kick your system into burning up fat when hungry

fluffypillow Mon 22-Apr-13 23:07:59

I'm a newbie to 5:2 smile

I've been lurking for a couple of weeks blush and I feel really inspired by all your efforts on here.

I have decided to give this WOL a go, and DH is joining me.

First fast day tomorrow, and I'm really nervous, as I really want this to work for us.

I will weigh and measure myself in the morning. I would love to lose 2st by December when I hit the 'big 40' !! grin

Any tips or advice you have for me will be very much appreciated thanks

Can anyone share what thoughts keep you motivated when you are fasting?

Oh well, here goes, wish me luck grin

frenchfancy Tue 23-Apr-13 06:15:45

Welcome to the fold fluffypillow (great name btw). 2st by December is perfectly doable, I've lost 2st since last September.

Remember what ever you fancy you can have it tomorrow. Hold off eating as long as you can, try not to eat just becuase it is a mealtime.

CorrieDale Tue 23-Apr-13 06:58:18

After a horrible day yesterday, reflected in a failed fast, today WILL be better. So I'm going to skip breakfast in order to get some work done and if that goes well will declare today my new fast day. Onwards and upwards. I mean downwards. wink

ellenbrody Tue 23-Apr-13 07:00:31

fluffypillow skip breakfast as eating flips your hunger switch, I have a smallish meal at lunch (150 cals) and a larger one in the evening. This seems to work for me. Others go all day and just have all their calories in the evening, that seems to work well too.

It gets easier! The first couple of fasts, you will think of food ALL day, but soon you learn to keep busy and it won't enter your mind so much. You will get to a point (you may not believe me) that you won't get hungry on fast days.

Good luck. Keep posting and visiting this board, it's a wonderful motivator.

Southeastdweller Tue 23-Apr-13 07:17:06

Hi fluffy These threads are fab for motivation plus there's the prospect of a hot summer coming up!

I advise eating low carb on fast days and as much protein as you can. You should plan your fasting on days when you know you're going to be busy - I think this is the biggest thing that's helped me.

Good luck and let us know how you both get on later.

popsnsqeeze Tue 23-Apr-13 07:32:57

So how important is it to stick to a low calorie diet on the non fast days? One of the reasons I like this diet is because I don't have to drive myself crazy on non fast days.
For example, If I am fasting on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, will the effect of those fasts be cancelled by eating normally the rest of the week?

greenfig Tue 23-Apr-13 07:55:25

pops in theory you should be able to eat what you want. However if you've been a long term overeater this could be too much for you to regulate yourself so you could track on MFP. I aim for a 3000 cal p/week deficit. ie my TDEE is 1800 so 12600 p/week, approx 9600 allowing for the deficit.
I have 2 days 500 fast days, post fast days aim for 1200 as appetite is lower, fri 1600 so light during the day but relaxed in the eve (& wine!)
I beleive this should allow me 2000 each w/e day with room for lee way.
I have to say that I do not always manage this but it helps me to keep it in mindgrin I think it's nice that this woe means you don't need to be a slave to it, just do the fasts, but I love a list/chart, to keep me focused!
Great news here, finally back to 9.41/2 this am yippee!!! Pre Easter weight back, I'm on fire!!!

Hooray greenfig !

Welcome to new starters, and yes it really is true that you will stop feeling hungry! There might be the odd gurgle but that's not the same as the 'I have to eat NOW' feeling.

applegate Tue 23-Apr-13 08:23:40

Just a quick question, this wknd we are away and I know I will eat very well(!) I am also out for lunch Thursday which will involve pudding, cake etc so I was wondering with this in mind whether it is reasonable to fast 3 days (mon, Wednesday Friday) this week in anticipation of my overeating and then go back to 5:2 next week? what would you all do?!

akarucker Tue 23-Apr-13 08:30:19

apple if it were me, I'd do the three days fast, and really enjoy myself on your treat days. Either way, don't stress, just enjoy yourself.

Anja1Cam Tue 23-Apr-13 08:34:06

Hello just a quick note to say I'm still here and mostly reading.

Still catching up after Easter when Eggs, cooking for guests and only mini-fasts on fast days took their toll (yes I still have a love-love relationship with food), And of course SNACKING is still my vice blush

Yesterday was a normal fast and I have finally finally resumed my running schedule abandoned last November due to injury and not yet restarted mainly because the weather zapped any small motivation I might have had!

Keep up the good work and hello to all new starters - you can do this!!

One comment for popsnsqeeze regarding your menu: try to cut down the number of times you eat (and take milk out of coffees / hot drinks), you will see that hunger passes quite quickly, and then you can 'spend' your allowance one a small lunch and nice dinner. I started on that and soon found that eating something at lunchtime woke my hunger so now I go with nothing till dinner around 6pm.

Yesterday was chicken stirfry with lots of Veg, no noodles of course, and a yoghurt. I felt full afterwards and still had calories to spare for a cappuccino (no sugar)

Also popsnsqeeze you saw a 1 kilo loss in 2 weeks, so the trend is down, which is a good sign, so it's working. Weigh yourself only once a week for starters so you don't see the 'bounces' which are perfectly normal. Even for those doing 4:3 compared to 5:2 some research study has show that in general losses average 1lb per week (sorry I don't have the reference)

BetsyVanBell Tue 23-Apr-13 08:38:51

applegate sounds reasonable and exactly what I did when I knew I had an indulgent non-fasting week coming up. smile

I'm still ill but my appetite returned yesterday and now I feel all stodgy digestive-wise, lots of white rice has made me feel a bit yuk. So I will attempt a fast today, which for me usually means lots of salad and veg & a bit of protein over 2 meals. When I'm not feeling right I'm more inclined to fill up on starchy filling food so not exactly optimum nutrition!

pops you should eat normally but 'normal' eating should be whatever your TDEE is. Don't under eat every day, lots of people's experiences on here seem to indicate there needs to be a proper contrast between your fast day and normal day intake. Exercise on a fast day is an excellent fat burner. Jillian Michael's shred makes for an excellent short sharp shock of a calorie burner! Exercise in the morning staves off hunger for hours as well.

popsnsqeeze Tue 23-Apr-13 08:48:44

Thanks for the advice.

Today is a fast day, so I'll have a coffee soon, and then I'll have a sweet potato for lunch. I've exercised today, walked about a mile and a half I think (not in the uk - it's midmorning here already!)
I also want to start running, I'm planning to do a mile a day on the treadmill. I began yesterday so I'll so that again in a couple of hours. DH did the dukan diet last year and he also works out a lot so I'm feeling inspired by him!

I was looking through old photo albums over the weekend and there are all these (prekids!) photos of me in a bikini and I want that body back!!

Itsaboatjack Tue 23-Apr-13 09:40:22

Morning all.

Well had a mini fast yesterday until about 4pm, it was then broken with birthday cake. Then 3 course dinner out with wine. Was very yummy, and good to catch up with friends I don't see very often.

Back to fasting today. So being inspired by a couple of you I am going for a total liquid only fast.

Will be fine during the day as I am busy up until about 8pm but I will have to come up with one good distraction techniques for those last couple of hours.

peplum41 Tue 23-Apr-13 10:20:15

hello smile
just cruising through a morning mini fast, like to book end my monday fast with a mini fast to get me some of those health benefits. Oh, and for calorie damage control! usually feel pretty hungry til I have a black coffee and a read of the threads , then Im ok. Off to a friends tonight for what ever tasty banquet she provides(shes irish and likes to cook as though shes feeding the 5000), plus wine and a good old chinwag. What other diet lets you do that??

Yay greenfig, its like easter never happened, except it did and you enjoyed it. Hurrah for 5;2

southeastdweller where I live there are may pie shops, but the Greggs always has a queue out the door of the most unhealthy looking specimens; squeezed into tracksuits too small for them, greasy hair scraped back, sour expressions on face. Thats enough to put me off Greggs. Theres another local pie shop the other end of town that does a gorgeous mushy pea pie,and the grease on the paper bag makes a great fire lighter for the woodburner.

GreenEggsAndNichts Tue 23-Apr-13 10:36:28

Not a fast day here, going to be a regular eating day, though I haven't eaten yet. I have a pork shoulder in the slow cooker to make pulled pork BBQ rolls in the evening. It smells lovely. smile

Tomorrow I'm going to do a half-fast, so I won't eat until dinnertime.

Love your summary of Greggs, pep. I don't mind a splurge on fat/calories if it tastes good, but the very few times I've tried their goods I've been less than impressed. I've not had their pies (am picky!) but the pizza things have almost no flavour at all. They're doing well for themselves, though, so they must have a market out there!

akarucker Tue 23-Apr-13 11:30:26

Ok, a better day today. Drinking lots and have a good filling soup for later. Should be able to do the fast today without incident!

tomorrowweeat Tue 23-Apr-13 11:38:48

Well done Aka smile

I had an easy fast yesterday and feel great today. Love that next day post fast feeling. But don't know what to eat today. This is the bit I find so hard Don't want to spoil my fast by gobbling something naughty but nice but feel deprived if I go for the healthy choice! I am finding discovering what "normal" eating is doesn't come easily to me.

Now on my second week of 2 days fasting. I've been doing this for 4 weeks now, first 2 weeks was one day fast per week to see if I really could manage it.
And I can!

I think last week I ate waaay too much on my eating days as I was panicking about the 2 fast days (home made millionaire's shortbread anyone? smile )
This week has been easier. I find it hard about 5pm when the kids have their tea and I have a cup of tea. I also find I lack energy and patience around their bedtime....or is that just normal grin?

I am finding that come about 9pm I stop feeling so hungry and by this morning, I wasn't hungry at all. I did eat breakfast as I don't want the DC to see me not eating regularly.
What I haven't managed yet is to go 16 hrs without food. In the morning, I just can't stomach tea or coffee without milk, so have a cup of tea about 8am. The i try to eat nothing until about 2pm (had a pot of cottage cheese yesterday - 225 calories), then a plum and one tomato and a carrot/coriander soup at 5.30 (170 calories).

I'd like to eat nothing until about 2pm though - maybe a goal.

Is it easy to do exercise with an empty tummy (and thus low blood sugars?)

monster54 Tue 23-Apr-13 12:07:21


I suffer this same dilemma. I really struggle in finding that happy medium. But I just try my best to plan the days meals. That way I include something nice that I might have wanted on the fast day. But I control the calories on other meals to make sure its balanced but not deprived.

popsnsqeeze Tue 23-Apr-13 12:29:49

How important is it really to drink loads of water? I just can't seem to manage drinking loads!

TeeBee Tue 23-Apr-13 12:43:03

Hi ladies, mind if I sidle in the back door and join you? Decided to give the 5:2 a go last night so today is my first fast day. So far doing very well.

Managed to make a huge bolognese without tasting it! All got boxed up and straight into the freezer. I thought this WOE would suit me because as soon as I start thinking of what I can and can't eat I end up thinking of food all day. This morning, I've made myself a large concoction of tinned tomatoes, kidney beans and a few mushrooms with spices in it. I reckon the whole lot amounts to just over 300 calories. I've left it in a pot on the cooker so I'm planning just to have a little each time I get hungry later this afternoon. No real hunger pangs yet and I ate last night about 8pm, so reckon I've done the 16 hour stint already. I'm just drinking lemon green tea with sweetener to keep the wolves at bay (can't possibly have tea without sugar yet).

However, two/three times per week I do martail arts training for 1.5 hours so I'm a bit worried about running out of fighting power on those nights. How has everyone else faired with vigorous exercise on a fasting day? Or should the exercise be done only on non-fast days? Hey, if I develop a bad mood through hunger, might up my fighting though grin

akarucker Tue 23-Apr-13 12:44:00

pop on fast days, it's very important, as you're missing out on a lot of water that would normally come from your food. Try experimenting with different types of teas, or infuse your water with some lemon. Try hot water, herbal or fruit teas. Liquid will also help to curb any hunger, and give you energy, and help your metabolism.

MissRee Tue 23-Apr-13 13:06:48

Another newbie popping in to say hi!

Did my first fast last Thursday and it went well - no breakfast, little ham with lots of salad for lunch and then chicken stir fry for dinner. My biggest struggle is boring afternoons sat at my desk.

Today is fast day and so far I've had a Hartleys 10 cal jelly (breakfast), a pret Hoi Sin Duck salad (144 cals) and tonight we're having salad with some stir fried turkey breast steak (284 cals). Finding it much harder today though!

akarucker Tue 23-Apr-13 13:13:36

missree through trial and error, a lot of people have found that the first bite of food tends to trigger the hunger monster in us! Perhaps try leaving it a little later in the day before eating anything. I only manage until about 3 or 4pm, but I started at 9am! Others manage later. Do it gradually and it will be a little easier. Good luck.

BsshBossh Tue 23-Apr-13 13:27:15

greenfig hurrah!

Itsaboatjack can you exercise in the evening to distract you? A walk whilst the family eats? Remember to continue drinking loads in the evening as you will be taking in no water via food. So hydrate yourself so that body doesn't hold onto water.

TeeBee I exercise intensively on both fast and non-fast days. On fast days I actually exercise in a completely fasted state and exercise better because, I think, a) I don't feel heavy and b) my body is burning fat for fuel not glycogen

It's a fast day for me today. I was struggling a bit earlier but came on Mumsnet, read this thread and some of the 5:2 Fast Diet forum too and now am absolutely fine smile I won't be eating until 9pm tonight (if all things go well) so not a 24 hour fast for me but at least it's 23 hours. My zero calorie 36 hour fast will be Thursday (again, if all things go okay).

My maintenance strategy is 6:1 but that that 1 fast day being a 36 hour one so I want to get a few practice runs in now.

MissRee Tue 23-Apr-13 13:37:49

Thanks aka - I was up at 5.30am this morning though and just needed something grin Dinner not until 8pm tonight as well which seems an absolute AGE away!

Southeastdweller Tue 23-Apr-13 13:50:06

MrsArchchancellorRidcully and TeeBee I regularly have 90 minute cardio gym sessions on bath fast days and non-fast days. One of the many surprising things about this WOL is how energetic I feel on fast days; initially I thought I'd be virtually fainting by early evening but that's never happened.

Know what you mean about Greggs, Pep - the one in my bit of London is like how you describe - but about twice a month I enjoy having a slice of their Tottenham cake. I'm usually very fussy about food and spend a disproportionate amount of my income on it but there's something about that cake I really like...hope I haven't made anyone hungry!

Distractions definitely help - I like to make sure I'm doing something in the evenings of fast days.

DH's attempts to join me yesterday went awry when he added a huge slab of bacon-and-black-pudding soda bread to his Hairy Dieters harissa chicken...and then poured himself a large vodka! Oh well.

The harissa chicken was lovely, I did extra and am having another piece with salad for lunch today.

I went to Scottish dancing last night, and managed to resist the biscuits (only cos they weren't that exciting, but woohoo even so!). Came home and made a large fake Pimms (dash of angosturas and balsamic, loads of ice, top with soda water, add mint and cucumber slices to look fancy) and settled down to the end of Broadchurch.

Slept like an angel.

Woke this morning not particularly hungry - had a HUUUGE mug of tea brew
with milk, and ran 5km with my dog before breakfast. (Which was a slice of that bacon/black pudding soda bread, toasted.. grin

So to answer the exercise question - I find running short-ish distances, or gentle exercise like dancing or yoga, are absolutely fine on or immediately after a fast day. But I'd hesitate to do something more than 10k without proper fuelling.

And as Tomorrowweeat says, I find the feeling the day AFTER a fast day is almost euphoric. It's worth it almost for that mood enhancing alone, never mind the weight loss!

Dotty342kids Tue 23-Apr-13 13:52:57

Oh Dear God! Got on scales this morning after the weekend's birthday excesses and am 4lbs up! Yesterday was a sort of fast - no breakfast / lunch but out for curry last night.
Proper fast today.
Not pleased at all. Hope it comes off again fairly quickly!

GreenEggsAndNichts Tue 23-Apr-13 14:10:14

dragon btw, Just thought we needed one of these in here. smile

BsshBossh Tue 23-Apr-13 14:57:55

Dotty repeat after me, "It's water, it's salt, it's water, it's salt..." You'll be fine. At least now you have the strategies in place to bring the water and sodium lbs down again smile

SlipperyNipple Tue 23-Apr-13 15:26:24

Hi all. Fasted yesterday. Made veggie chilli last night but unfortunately must have slightly undercooked the beans because after a quarter of a bowl I was being sick. That went on till 2 in the morning. I also managed to poison my husband. Don't make that mistake folks!

On a positive note can only have eaten 50 calories yesterday and so had a new low today of 215 pounds. Started at 222 6 or 7 weeks ago.

It is working.

SlipperyNipple Tue 23-Apr-13 15:27:35

I know I'll not keep at that low....but I am cheering myself up with that silver lining.

Dotty342kids Tue 23-Apr-13 15:58:33

It's water, it's salt, it's water, it's champagne, it's curry, it's cake, it's salt, it's water it's, it's salt grin
Thanks BssBossh

Chipstick10 Tue 23-Apr-13 16:06:35

Omg I'm back here to moan again. Sorry ladies. I read on here a lot that many of you feel mega energetic on fast days. What!!! I am the complete opposite. I'm cold always on fast days, really cold and just want to sit and huddle. I do my housework and that's about my lot. Is this normal?

afternoon smile

well this morning's weigh in showed absolute zero change despite having fasted yesterday (i did have my 500cal in the end). ho bloody hum.

haven't eaten yet today - don't tend to be a daytime eater anyway a lot of the time - but am having a glass of wine to recover from chicken related stress. let them free range in my garden today whilst i was at work for the first time. garden is secure enough for the chickens i used to have last time so thought they'd be fine and it's a sunny bright day so all the geriatrics would be out all day gleefully using their electric garden gadgets for the first time so it would be a ridiculously brazen fox who came around.

came home to a missing chicken and one very lonely looking chicken sitting in it's house. cue assuming the worst, searching the garden, feeling terrible etc. sadly told ds the news when i picked him up and got myself ready to have to go and buy another one (lone chickens can literally die of loneliness so no choice) then hear ds screaming and dogs barking to announce the chicken has reappeared in next doors garden. went and retrieved her and put her in house and a lady from 3 doors down on the other side appears at the gate having heard the commotion to tell me that the other one had been in her garden that morning and she'd brought it back and put it in the house.

very, very relieved and realising that clearly the girl in the garden centre who clipped their wings for me really didn't know what she was doing grin

that is a lot of drama and emotion in an hour and a half after a day at work.

sorry - not sure why i'm telling you all about my chicken drama!

i really fancy a takeaway which i'm attributing to the glass of wine i have in my hand. may reign myself in and have a big bowl of pasta pesto instead which really should be comfort enough. kind of drooling over the idea of chinese though! help! (if i did i could do a zero fast thursday into friday to atone)

dotty welcome back after your birthday weekend. At least you enjoyed your birthday,thats the main thing!
I also put on a little this weigh in and I cannot fathom why. I was hoping to be back to my pre Easter blip weight of 10 .7 but it hasnt happened yet... I wish it was champagne and cake that caused mine grin.

Ive been the same or up for 3 weeks now and its getting annoying.. Has anyone else had this ? I know plenty of people plateau for a bit,but I thought after 12 weeks of this WOE id got it sussed. Ive still got plenty of weight to lose so its not that Im small. I track on MFP so I know Im not going over my TDEE on eat days. I know that we are all different but I so envy those people who seem to lose every week and lose fairly quickly..After 12 weeks Ive lost 7.5 lbs , was hoping for more!!

Itsaboatjack Tue 23-Apr-13 16:55:32

Good point on the drinking BsshBossh. I'm very good at drinking lots during the day but do seem to forget about it in the evening. When I do finally sit down tonight it will be after walking about 4 miles taking and collecting dc from various things so that may be enough for me. I have however come up with another distraction, I have talked dh into letting me redecorate our bedroom so I shall be doing lots of online research of colour schemes and furniture etc.

TeeBee like others I usually exercise on fast days with no ill affects. Last week I ran a half marathon in a fasted state, I didn't actually mean to but I forgot to have breakfast and then ran out of time.

Glad your day is going better today aka

Sorry *saf but I am chuckling at your escaping chickens. My parents used to keep chickens so I know what they are like.

headintheclouds I've been bouncing up and down around the same for about 4 weeks now, I know from hearing others stories on here it'll get going again it time. Whilst I am frustrated, I'm not overly concerned - yet.

Itsaboatjack Tue 23-Apr-13 16:57:02

I nearly forgot to say Happy Birthday Dotty it sounds like it was a good one, and you know those cheeky few lbs will come off again very soon.

virginposter Tue 23-Apr-13 17:22:15

Hey greeneggs thanks for new thread and for the dragon very Game of Thrones smile

Dotty342kids Tue 23-Apr-13 17:36:03

itsaboatjack and headintheclouds thanks for birthday wishes / moral support etc. I've been doing it pretty much the same length of time as headintheclouds and have been more or less the same for about 4-5 weeks. However I still feel good, am still looking better than I was before I started, my clothes are still fitting nicely instead of being uncomfortably tight and I'm STILL committed to this thing. It's driving me mad as I know I'm way, way off a healthy BMI etc but I'm sure it'll all move in the right direction again soon.
For me. And you. And all of us smile

vieenrose Tue 23-Apr-13 17:45:19

I just wanted to post my results. This WOE is doing wonders for me and I'm finding most fasts not too exacting. In fact, I enjoy some of them. I started doing 5:2 on Jan 11 as well as working out for the first time of my life about three times a week. The scales showed today I have lost exactly 20 pounds. I only weigh myself every six weeks at the gym so as not to get discouraged by the bounces. Anyway, I'm right chuffed. I've never been so "light" since having DS1 9 years ago (I reckon I've still got a stone to lose). As I'm 46 years old, I really thought my slim days were well and truly over but now, I can picture myself in those size 42 jeans in a not too distant future.

ELR Tue 23-Apr-13 18:18:35

Hi all, Dotty glad you had such a fab birthday.
saf at least you have maintained and are now well and truly in the 10's.

I fasted yesterday and got weighed this morning to find I have gained 2lbs! I have maintained after a fast before but never gained so i am not pleased. Although I do feel slimmer so prob just water/salt, even though i know this its still disappointing!
Just been to a yoga class with the kids and the yoga teacher let me join in so just had an unexpected work out!
vienrose that's a fantastic loss well done.

well let's hope so elr. have had fish and chips tonight (though that's all i've had all day) and have some maltesers lined up for when ds is in bed. wouldn't be too surprised if the scales said 11 again tomorrow.

with the two pound weight gain i think it can be a delayed effect so eating over the weekend say showing up on the tuesday - god knows really. reality is it seems to be able to swing back down as swiftly as it goes up so best not to take it too personally.

projectbabyweight Tue 23-Apr-13 18:29:33

Hi, I'm new here. I've read the 5:2 book and am really keen to try it. I've got 18lbs to lose (gained during 2 pregnancies).

I'm worried to start 5:2 though because ds2 still wakes in the night, and if I'm hungry I can't get back to sleep. So, experienced people, do you reckon if I saved all my fasting cals for the evening, I'd be full enough overnight?

Dotty342kids Tue 23-Apr-13 18:47:30

vieenrose that's a great acheivement and it must feel so brilliant to see large losses like that when you do weigh in. You're going to look fab in those jeans!

vieenrose Tue 23-Apr-13 19:34:04

Thank you for your support and thank you everyone for this fantastic thread that has proved a life line on many a fast day

BsshBossh Tue 23-Apr-13 19:40:14

vie that's a terrific loss and it's amazing you can wait so long between weigh ins. Last year I only weighed sporadically - a month here, two months there. For me it really helped me from getting disappointed by the inevitable stalls and gains and helped me stick to my weight loss programme. For some reason this year I'm a weekly weigher but it's actually been fine because I'm so close to my target weight now.

project I save all my fast day cals to 9pm because I like going to bed on a full stomach and DH's work means we eat dinner late every weekday. If you can last out all day then do this.

vieenrose Tue 23-Apr-13 19:58:34

Thx BsshBossh. I'm too scared of bouncing and of getting disheartened. But I measure myself every 10 days or so and I've always seen a cm off here or there, so I suppose that's where I get my encouragement. That and being able to wear those clothes that have been confined to the back of my wardrobe for all these years.
Maybe when I'm closer to target will I summon the courage to weigh in once a week

monster54 Tue 23-Apr-13 20:11:27

Does anyone else find themselves day dreaming about dropping in to the next number?

I keep imagining the euphoria I will feel seeing a 10!!! Didn't stop me eating a kitkat though....oppps...I am on an eat day and its TOM!!!

Itsaboatjack Tue 23-Apr-13 20:42:30

My next dream is getting to a healthy bmi. I am tantalisingly close. I shall hopefully be doing a big announcement very soon.

YoniFoolsAndHorses Tue 23-Apr-13 21:06:55

Fast day today. I ran yesterday and ache a tiny bit today. Was very busy until about 5. I begged a glass of water in a furniture shop I was in earlier and the very fit young salesman said he'd been on the 5:2 too and had lost a stone grin. <Hope he's not on here now I have just called him fit>.

I then ate a small toastie (350) a cup of boulion (15) and am about to have a sliver of sloppy giseppi pizza (half is 360 ish so shall not have more than an inch). Not the healthiest of dating diets, but within 500 calories.

Will fast again on Thursday this week a have work suppers on both Friday and Saturday. Then I will probably do Sunday and work out next week then.

Have persuaded DH to try this too. He is on his third fast day today.

YoniFoolsAndHorses Tue 23-Apr-13 21:07:55

monster 54 yes!! Completely. Am really l

YoniFoolsAndHorses Tue 23-Apr-13 21:08:40

...looking forward to getting down to the next number on the scales. I say dream about it.

fluffypillow Tue 23-Apr-13 21:27:25

Thank you for the welcome smile

Well, today was my first fast, and after feeling really quite nervous about it, it was really good.

I had a dentist appointment at lunchtime, so spent the morning worrying about that blush and forgot about food!

I kept myself busy this afternnoon in the garden with my little DD , and before I knew it, it was dinnertime when I had a big bowl of soup. I really thought I would get stupidly hungry, but it was fine, and has given me confidence. If I can fast today, then I can fast a couple of times a week. I really think this is doable for me now.

I have the tummy rumbles now, but know I can last until the morning, when I shall have two slices of toast and butter, tomatoes and an egg with tomato sauce..........not that I'm dreaming about it or anything grin

I understand now why it is so important to keep busy, the time goes much faster if you have a distraction. I will try to always plan things to do on fast days, that's a must.

This is such a great thread, looking forward to sharing this WOL with you all smile

akarucker Tue 23-Apr-13 21:33:14

Well done fluffy - a great start.

Bramblesinafield Tue 23-Apr-13 21:35:28

I know what you mean about that next number. I've been consistently under eleven stone now for two months for the first time in a couple of years. Great! I've plateaued for a bit but am getting on with twice a week fasting and not going bonkers on days off so hopefully will start shifting again soon. Mad busy at work which will help.

fluffypillow Tue 23-Apr-13 21:55:33

Thank you aka smile

Miffytastic Tue 23-Apr-13 22:06:06

Dotty belated happy birthday!
And to you, ELR and others. -yeah I hear you on the staying the same / random gaining thing. Unfortunately I'm a pound more than I was 4 weeks ago sad but I feel at least i am no bigger and this week I am really trying to track on MFP and step up the exercise. I want to be under 10 stone (so that's a minimum of 5lbs to go)

BsshBossh Tue 23-Apr-13 22:42:04

Just broke my fast at 23 hours. If I'd finished eating an hour earlier at 8 or even 8.30pm last night I would have made it to the hallowed 24 hours tonight. A lesson learned. Will try a zero calorie day on Thursday.

It's a non-fast day tomorrow and I am wracking my brains on what to eat. The longer I journey along this fasting road the more it is important for me to eat clean, delicious meals on non-fast days. Anything else seems such a waste of calories. And yet each time I blow it on some junk that then leaves me bloated and full. So as I move into maintenance (soon I hope) I need to focus more on my non-fast days.

Breadandwine Tue 23-Apr-13 23:13:57

You'll get there, Bssh!

I agree about the timing of the last meal before commencing a fast - you really have to be organised. On Sunday we started serving up dinner a good hour before we normally would - by the time we'd finished eating it was 6.15, which is ideal!

Since I go to bed around 2am, this means I've already got almost 8 hours fasting under my belt.

How about this home-made pizza for a clean, delicious meal: smile

Itsaboatjack Wed 24-Apr-13 00:12:41

Total fast day done!! Well I did have a splash of milk in my cup of tea this evening but I think at about 20 cals I can let that go. I have already decided I am going to break my fast tomorrow lunchtime ish with a trip to Itsu.

For my distraction tonight I have chosen new bedroom furniture, ordered paint samples and cleared out one wardrobe. 90% of which has been got rid of, one pile for rubbish and one big bag full for charity shop.

God I hope those blasted scales have shifted tomorrow.

Barbie1 Wed 24-Apr-13 07:22:16


Can a confused newbie join you? confused <<< this is me, my name is barbie and I'm slightly clueless.

I missed the horizon programme the first time around as I was living it he UAE.

I have been cutting back on my diet and have had a personal trainer twice a week since late oct, also combining Zumba and Pilates into my work out.

However I have stopped losing weight after losing 10.5kg.

My diet is poor due to being an extremely fussy eater (I know it's a mn pet hate sad)

So after finally watching the programme last night I'm really thinking this is the way forward for me.

However I have some questions and after spending the evening looking for answers I'm more confused than ever.

If I excercise on my fast day do I have to make up the cals lost? I normally burn about 456 cals doing the insanity workout. I do this 6x a weeks so will have to do it on one of the fast days.

Can I eat my 500cals throughout the day or do I have to have them all in one sitting.

When do people find its best to eat, morning or evening?

A thousand apologises if these questions have been answered a million times already blush

Itsaboatjack Wed 24-Apr-13 07:58:14

Welcome Barbie. I'll just answer quickly as I getting 2 dc ready for school.

No don't eat back exercise calories.
Eat you calories however it suits you but it is better to eat them in one go if you can so you get a long a fasting period as possible for maximum health benefits.
I prefer evenings, which I think is probably most popular on here, again up to you though.

Good luck with you first fast.

DeckSwabber Wed 24-Apr-13 07:59:11

Barbie, from what I understand the point of this way of eating is to allow the body to rest from digesting food and to give it 'repair' time, so I don't think it would work if you increased calories to compensate for extra exercise - that would miss the point (?).

My first fast day yesterday and it was great! I had porridge in the morning (180 calories), a cup of green tea (yuk!) and several glasses of water at work, and two cups of tea with milk in the evening, so well under 500 calories. I felt fine all day, though I didn't sleep all that well.

To get me through, I went for a walk at lunchtime to avoid the aroma of my colleagues food (why do people eat hot, delicious smelling food at their desks? Anti-social!), and in the evening I made my ravenous teenagers a big pasta bake and took myself off to the swimming pool for the first time in months.

Feeling smug and enjoying my breakfast.

well done deckswabber and to all who are starting out smile

don't dare weigh myself today. will just try and take it easy today i think. i could make it a fast day but last week by the time i got to choir practice after all the whizzing around to get home from work, sort animals and get back out again, i was feeling really sick. i will do tomorrow or friday instead and aim for a total fast given i lost nothing on my 500 fast on monday.

sky is blue again today thank goodness. not forecast to last so i'm trying to appreciate it.

happy hump day everyone by the middle of today we're half way to the weekend.

Barbie1 Wed 24-Apr-13 08:10:02

Thank you both for the information smile

I start tomorrow, quite excited hmm

Hope you all enjoy the sun today (if you have it)

Dotty342kids Wed 24-Apr-13 08:22:34

swallowedafly I really admire your tenacity in sticking at this when you've hit a bit of a plateau - not easy I know! Good luck with your full fast tomorrow smile And Happy Hump Day to you too.

BsshBossh Wed 24-Apr-13 08:34:12

Well done itsaboat! Thanks for the yummy pizza recipe Breadandwine.

thanks dotty. think we're all going through it at one time or another. i'm trying to appreciate that i now look reasonably slim in clothes and to actually appreciate where i've gotten to. trying not to think ahead to july and bikini wearing shock still it's a while off and if needs be i'll have to work harder.

BetsyVanBell Wed 24-Apr-13 08:37:56

Good morning everyone and welcome to new starters smile

Scales read 10stone2 this morning! So that's 15 pounds lost since mid Jan when I started this WOE. Those nines really are in my sights shock. Great fast day yesterday, salads are back on the menu with the lovely weather. I'm back to keeping off the sweet stuff but only the obvious sources now, and I feel so much better for it. I've shaken off the addiction so the odd pudding with Sunday lunch no longer triggers cravings.

Lots of nice comments from people who haven't seen me without a big winter coat on for months too grin, gotta love the sunshine!

Dotty342kids Wed 24-Apr-13 08:58:50

That's brilliant BVB - twice what I've lost, but only in three weeks longer. Not jealous at all wink

BetsyVanBell Wed 24-Apr-13 09:06:22

Those 3 weeks have made all the difference dotty!

Dotty342kids Wed 24-Apr-13 09:09:21

In that case I'll look forward to the next three weeks grin

mrschambers Wed 24-Apr-13 09:42:08

Hi everyone! Just come over from the last thread!

On an eating day today..Hoorah!!!

Been doing the 5:2 since just after christmas and have lost about 7lbs which sounds good, but that was all in the first two or three weeks and since then I've pretty much stayed the same...10st 3lbs for the last few weeks. ARRRGH! just want to get below 10st.

To be fair, I've not been putting any on, which is a miracle as I usually put weight on very, VERY easily. Just wondering why it's not budging. Any thoughts?

Morning all smile

Second fast of the week for me.

mrschambers, if you think you could do it, a no-food fast (full 36 hours) is helping some of us to kickstart things. On a 500 cal fast day, I often stay the same or lose only 100g. One fast in four I don't eat at all, and that's when I lose at least 1lb and it stays gone. At least you're not gaining though, and if you're measuring you might notice a change of shape.

BetsyVanBell Wed 24-Apr-13 10:43:56

Doing a massive clothes clear out - have tried on everything I've been saving for who knows what reason for the past, ahem, decade+. Everything from my slim(ish) 20s is too big (having been too small since having DCs). Was keeping a whole bunch of nicer stuff to ebay but actually it's all going to the charity shop. I've had some amazing charity shop buys lately so it seems right to furnish their coffers rather than ebay's and paypal's.

mrschambers Are you eating to your tdee on eat days? How much exercise do you do? What's your height?

And well done bvb - 9st something here you come!

BetsyVanBell Wed 24-Apr-13 10:51:48

Postmanpats hehee thanks - it might be some time, I'd been bouncing around 10st4 for weeks and I suspect it was only the getting ill that properly shifted a couple more! However, 2 summers ago I went up to 13 stone 5 and at that point never ever thought in a million years I'd be where I am now grin.

ELR Wed 24-Apr-13 10:57:29

Hi all, bvb feels good doesn't it when everything is too big! I'm heading for the 9 's too at some point was down to 10.3.5 on Friday but am now up to 10.6.25 which is really annoying must be water though as had been maintaining 10.5 for the last three weeks. Going to be really strict on my eating day today and have a lower cal day than tdee then fast tomorrow as usual. Good luck everyone who's fastin today.

melodyangel Wed 24-Apr-13 11:48:00

Wow some fantastic losses well done!

These threads go so quickly I can't keep up!

Fast day here today going well but need to skip the milk in tea for breakfast.

It's good to hear I'm not the only one to get really cold on fast days. Finally the scales have started moving down although I think I will have bounced back up after a takeaway curry at the weekend. I was within 1lb of my first goal of nine and a half stone. Looking forward to getting there and setting a new target.

DH is continuing to do amazingly. He has lost over 21lbs since Feb this year, so proud of him. For the first time in years his mates came over and there was no jokes about his weight.

Farewelltoarms Wed 24-Apr-13 11:50:06

I've now done three fasts. I was a bit depressed on Monday that I'd only lost 1lb in the first week (having sneakily weighed myself mid-week and I'd taken three and a half off). I realise that stuffing my face with after-dinner mints at a friend's supper was not a good idea even if it's a non-fasting day.
Anyway feeling a bit more cheerful. Did Monday fast, fine, even had lunch out with friends (ate sashimi and told waitress not to bring the rice). Stuffed myself yesterday. Weighed myself this morning and I'm now back to what I was at lowest last week. I realise that I've got to see it as a downward trend rather than what scales say on any individual day.
I'm now 10.10. First goal is into single digit in number of lbs after 10. Then the big goal is single-digit stone by the summer.

melodyangel Wed 24-Apr-13 12:01:11

Farewelltoarms - Well done on your first three fasts. I found it really difficult to get the weight moving at the start. It is hard when you hear people reporting big losses but the weight will go, it is just slower for some. I just keep telling myself that slow and steady is the way forward and I will reach my goal weight eventually.

Can I join you all? I started fasting last Tuesday and just did my 3rd fast yesterday. I'm finding fasting on Tuesdays and Fridays work for me.
The most surprising thing for me so far is how great I feel the day after a fast, I really thought I'd wake up starving and then binge but that hasn't happened I've just eaten regular meals.
Yesterday was my first blip I was starving in the evening but I think it was my own fault as didn't plan what I was eating well enough, so I ended up up having around 600 or slightly more calories. Fridays are easier as I work a late shift and don't have time to be hungry and make sure I only drink water in my break.
Not weighed myself yet but definitely feel like it's working right now

greenfig Wed 24-Apr-13 12:53:15

Great news bvb
Keep smiling elr you are going to get there!
Fast day here for me today & I need it after 2 days socialising!

Farewelltoarms Wed 24-Apr-13 13:05:19

Thanks Melody. That's interesting that you found weight loss slow at beginning. I was a bit surprised because usually when I go on a diet I lose about 4 or 5 in the first week (esp if low carbing). However, that's unsustainable and I suppose one pound a week every week for two and a half months would see me there. I do think fasting two days is easier than dieting every day psychologically. I knew I could have a hot cross bun for breakfast yesterday and it made such a difference.

BsshBossh Wed 24-Apr-13 13:28:19

Zero calorie 36 hour fasters there's a brilliant thread on the 5:2 Fast Diet forum with quite a few doing this:
Please join in smile

BsshBossh Wed 24-Apr-13 13:40:10

I am not a vegan (far from it) but in my quest to find clean, healthy "fast foods" that I can eat on the run whilst working I've discovered Laura's Idea - a pre-packaged range of vegan goodies from quinoa salads to a most devine non-dairy rice pudding. Oh yes, and incredibly low calorie. Sample lunch today:

260g quinoa salad 296 cals (with red kidney beans, loads of raw veg, sweetcorn and more)
260g non-dairy rice pudding 315 cals (to die for!)

I bought mine in Budgens but have also seen them in health food stores.

Highly recommended.

DesperateDietingHousewife Wed 24-Apr-13 14:08:04

Hi all! May I join you? Have been lurking for a while and finding the thread very interesting and helpful reading!

I started two weeks ago and have gone from 10st 3 down 3lbs to 10stone which I'm pleased with. I know that my loss may slow down though from reading through some of your posts.

I am fasting 2 days a week for 36 hours and so far have completed 4 fasts spreading my 500 calories over lunch and dinnertime. On my last fast, I managed to get to 4pm before having a cup a soup and slice of nimble bread and then dinner at 6pm. I'm keen to go the 36 hours without food, so I'm going to try it tomorrow. I wondered if cup a soup, coffee with milk (just cannot drink it black!) and options hot choc is recognised as "food" by the body? Not sure I could manage a whole 36 hours without these!

One thing I struggle with though is not hunger, just generally feeling a bit weak during a fast. I'm not bothered by tumble rumbles, I just hate feeling kind of dizzy and weak. I've also had an all day headache twice the day after a fast day. I'm sure I'm hydrated enough-anymore I would be constantly going to the loo! I drink 2 litres of water, a couple of cups of coffee and green tea during the day.

wonderingagain Wed 24-Apr-13 14:15:56

It was my first day yesterday. I had 2 frankfurters 300 cals in home made squash soup 100 cals plus 150ml whole milk 100 cals for coffees. I waited until 6.30 to eat. I don't do snacks as they lure me into temptation.

Lost 5lb!

And I wasmt hungry this morning.

wonderingagain Wed 24-Apr-13 14:30:48

I should add that I was 13.12 yesterday morning and now 13.5. I am 5'7. I want to get down to 10.7 or a size 14. Size 12 would be lovely but not essential.

monster54 Wed 24-Apr-13 16:12:08

Good fast today!

I've had no calories apart from 3 cups of tea. Home soon....

I fancy a lovely great big salad but means dragging DD round the shops! Will see what mood she's in.

This is the first fast (I am in week 9) that I have gone all day without any food! I usually have to eat a small something at lunch! Yey me!!!!!

SaltyandSweet Wed 24-Apr-13 16:30:23

Fasted yesterday, weighed in today, still at 76kg, same as last week. Got two more fasts this week so hope it shifts a little by next week.

Appetite definitely decreased and definitely a huge increase in willpower too! Made chocolate chip cookies at the insistence of my 4 year old - and feel no urge to have one, to have half of one or even to pop little bits that fall off as I put them in the cookie jar into my mouth. This level of willpower is UNHEARD of for me! I am amazed grin

BetsyVanBell Wed 24-Apr-13 17:01:35

Hello Alotta, wandering and Desperate welcome and well done - sounds like you're doing brilliantly already. Desperate you might still not be drinking enough or it could be that you're just getting used to it - I think a lot of us have experiened odd side effects during the first 3 weeks or so which gradually disappeared once our bodies were used to the regime. I think cup a soups do count as 'food' and you should make sure you're including the calories of all your drinks in your allowance. You'd be better off maybe having a boiled egg when you're struggling. Also you're doing long fasts already - most of us build up to those (not me, I usually eat after 18 hours!) so it could be that. I always try and make my calories as nutritious as possible so as not to 'waste' them - so lots of salad, veg, a little protein and some berries.

Bsssh They look fab, good tip!

DesperateDietingHousewife Wed 24-Apr-13 17:48:28

Hi Betsy, and thanks for your welcome! I'll try and up my liquid intake and see if that helps.

I haven't actually tried a 36 hour fast with no solids yet, the longest I have gone is about 18 hours. I'm going to see how long I can go tomorrow but won't be to worried if I cave in and have dinner. I'm actually amazed that I can do the fasting at all-I never thought I could be a person that could go without food but it's amazing how strong you feel when you know you can eat the next day!

I have def been including cup a soups and hot choc into my calorie allowance, I was just wondering if your body recognised them as "food" ie solids IYSWIM as I would try and leave them out tomorrow if so.

Bramblesinafield Wed 24-Apr-13 18:34:16

Hello everyone and newbies. It is great feeling slimmer and finding clothes look better. I've plateaued for a few weeks after initial loss, but have had a hol and not gained,which is good.

My next aim is to get under the 10lb part of the lbs. don't think I'm going for single digit stones,but would be happy around 10 4-8 then maintain.

Then there's toning ...

Jesselldan Wed 24-Apr-13 18:37:42

Hi everyone!
Just started, any tips please?

mrschambers Wed 24-Apr-13 19:06:41

bvb I haven't been doing much exercise but I have a really active job, so that helps a bit. To be totally honest, I probably eat a little too much on my non fast days. I think I've got a bit carried away with being able to eat all the food I love without thinking too much about it. And, in a way, it works because I'm not putting any on I guess...

frenchfancy Wed 24-Apr-13 20:04:52

Hi jessel. I suggest you read the links and tips thread (see op for link), then if you have any specific questions just asksmile

BetsyVanBell Wed 24-Apr-13 20:19:32

mrschambers Well, sounds like you answered your own question really! wink I'm the same - if I'm not mindful of my eating on most of my eating days and I'm not doing extra exercise beyond my usual active lifestyle then I will maintain... but if I want to lose I know I have to step it up a notch (eg, cut out booze or sugar, avoid carbs, throw in a couple of decent exercise sessions).

I do sometimes have to remind myself the fact I'm not putting weight on anymore is amazing - and I do pile it on so very easily without 5:2. smile

fluffypillow Wed 24-Apr-13 20:26:12

Hi all smile

It's my second fast day tomorrow, and just wanted to ask if Marmite in hot water would be classed as a drink or food?

Would it break my fast if I had some early in the day when I don't plan to have my 500cals until 7pm?

Sorry if it's a stupid question blush still trying to get my head around it all . Thanks.

Southeastdweller Wed 24-Apr-13 20:26:19

mrschambers and everyone else having a prolonged period of plateauing <puts bossy hat on> Time now to do something different. Apart from what the others have said, some other kick starts could be to do consecutive days or 4:3 for a week or two.

salty Yes know totally what you mean. I checked out the new sparkling Greggs at St Paul's today at lunchtime and wasn't interested at all in any of the cakes or biscuits. I did however have a tasty egg and tomato roll which was only 320 calories (they don't use mayo). Went to Caffe Nero for my daily Americano where the quality of their sweet stuff is better than Greggs and wasn't interested in any of that either even though they've gt new cakes in. I always thought I 'had to' have something sweet after my lunchtime sandwich but realised for the very first time today that actually I don't have to - the coffee and egg roll was enough.

akarucker Wed 24-Apr-13 20:30:38

Urgh, don't you hate it when you've wasted an eat day on eating boring, crap food. I'm pretty sure I've stayed in my TDEE, but given how much I now appreciate food, I wish I'd had nicer stuff. This woe has definitely changed the way I appreciate every mouthful. My taste buds are super alert and good food tastes wonderful! I'm slowly being trained to not mindlessly stuff my food, but concentrate and enjoy. That's probably why it's annoying that I didn't do that today.

Does marmite count as breaking your fast? I don't know. I've never tried to do a total no-calories for a long time approach. And I remain to be convinced that it has any benefits.

Just remember that EVERYTHING apart from plain water has calories - even black coffee,tea, herbal teas etc. It might just be 1 or 2 calories, but I have no idea how uber-strict you would need to be to call it a "proper" fast.

ceebeegeebies Wed 24-Apr-13 20:45:26

Desperate - I too am amazed at how I can manage without food smile I have always snacked and eaten at the first sign of hunger (hence why I am overweight wink ) so it has been a revelation that hunger pangs are not the enemy.

perversely I also find my willpower is greater on fast seems that I can say no to stuff much easier when I know I can't have it rather than on days when I used to calorie count and I always used to think a few extra calories won't do any harm!

anyway have been out for 2 meals today so not a great eating day but have not snacked at all and the food has tasted delicious...however I am looking forward to a fast day tomorrow which I never thought I would.

Itsaboatjack Wed 24-Apr-13 21:27:07

Evening all. Weighed this morning at 11.7. Frustrating as I was at a low of 11.5.2 three weeks ago. I thought after a zero calorie fast yesterday it would be closer to that. Had a good eating day today though, I have had about 1800 cals, TDEE is 2100.

Think I'll go for a run tomorrow too, I haven't been for a week and a half as I've been full of cold.

fluffypillow not a silly question but I don't know the answer I'm afraid. I try not to have any calories at all until I break my fast, just water and black coffee. But if I really want a cup of tea with milk or a boullion drink then I will without too much worry.

Btw if anyone is interested Tesco (at least my local one anyway) have an offer on innocent veg pots for £2, usually £3.90. Does anyone know if you can freeze them? I may bulk buy some.

akarucker Wed 24-Apr-13 21:36:49

itsa don't know what it says on the box, but I always freeze the innocent veg pots and they're fine.

BetsyVanBell Wed 24-Apr-13 21:37:46

fluffypillow I'd count the calories but I wouldn't count it as breaking my fast smile I'm not very purist about it though - if I need a cup of tea with milk on my fast day then I'll have it. Seems to be working ok for me grin

Southeastdweller Wed 24-Apr-13 21:37:49

Thanks for that Tesco tip itsaboatjack. Did you enjoy your meal at Itsu? I can't get enough of their miso soups (108 calories). Much tastier than the one they sell at Pret. It's crazy they haven't expanded beyond London yet.

BetsyVanBell Wed 24-Apr-13 21:50:06

So y'know that sugar-free thing I was doing? Umm well, I may have ended up eating not one but two mars bar ice creams today blush. I wouldn't normally, DC picked out a multipack and I thought what the heck it is an eat day after all (only 130 cals each hmm ). And this is why I normally choose the ice creams/treats for the kids - there's plenty of stuff I can fill the freezer/cupboards with and not give a second thought to but I'm a sucker for anything involving caramel, with chocolate and ice cream, ideally with some praline too...

If I'm grumpy in the morning I'll know why and it'll be my own fault, no one else to blame (etc). sigh

Itsaboatjack Wed 24-Apr-13 23:32:37

Thanks aka I'll definitely get some then and fill up the freezer.

SEdweller I love Itsu. I had the poached salad salad, and I love the chocolate covered edame beans makes you feel like you're being healthy even when you're not.

bvb I can't resist salted caramel icecream, it's my weakness. There's no way I could have any in the house and not eat it.

melodyangel Thu 25-Apr-13 00:02:19

DesperateDietingHousewife Are you prone to anemia? I have to be very careful to keep up my intake of iron, so lots of leafy green veg on fast days and I take an iron tablet or multi vitamin/mineral if I'm feeling dizzy.

Tea and biscuits in the evening is my main weakness.

peplum41 Thu 25-Apr-13 02:12:23

Hello all, and welcome all new fasters. There are so many, its hard to remember all the names, but keep chiming in and soon your name becomes familiar. I'm usually at least a day behind the end of the threads, so if you've asked a question its already been answered by the time I turn up.

southeast I shall brave one of the 2 greggs in my tiny town to inspect their tottenham cakes, although I'm not sure if that's just a London thing. More likely to have Lancashire lard arse cake round these parts. And I have no idea what itsu is, but it sounds great. Chocolate covered edamame beans!

akarucker you seem good and positive right now.

Whenever I read these threads I always feel thirsty. And end up reading with a bursting bladder. Must dash.

ELR Thu 25-Apr-13 06:54:52

Morning everyone! Looking forward to a good fast today! Ad a low cal day yesterday well, 1490 which is 450 under my tdee just as a change as usually eat right into it!
Hoping for a loss tomorrow morning, DH has put me to shame and just popped out to do a quick 5 mile run arrggg!! Don't now how he does it!

Barbie1 Thu 25-Apr-13 07:01:51

First fast day. Eek!

Did my insanity last night and had my dinner at 8pm, so I'm aiming not to eat until 8lm this evening.

I've been awake most of the night thinking about food hmm

This is really strange as I'm not really a food person. I don't really enjoy food due to be such a fussy eater sad I must of subconsciously been thinking about what lies ahead.

BetsyVanBell Thu 25-Apr-13 07:07:19

Good luck barbie - you know lots of us here don't last 24 hours? It seems a tall order for your first fast! I usually break after 18 and split my cals between 2 meals. Don't forget to drink loads!

Good luck Barbie - for your first few fasts do whatever it takes to get through them, even if that means having a few celery sticks to nibble on, lots of green tea and bouillon on standby.

I'm fasting today - I've been doing this for 3 months now, and my usual is to have an egg for breakfast, miso soup at lunchtime, and tonight I'm thinking of doing a tuna and salsa stuffed mushroom.

Barbie1 Thu 25-Apr-13 07:50:49

Thank you both smile

melanie your ideas sound great but I don't eat any of those things blush t

Barbie1 Thu 25-Apr-13 07:52:34

Told you I was extremely fussy.

I'd rather go as long as I can manage because the stuff i do eat isn't great sad if I do break I will reach for the fruit.

Even if all this diet means to me is that I cut down on sugar then it won't be in vain

BsshBossh Thu 25-Apr-13 07:52:50

Trying my second zero calorie 36 hour fast today. Have a good plan for the day (aside from work of course) filled with chores, admin, lunchtime gym and an evening walk. Anyone else doing a complete fast today? I'll be on the 5:2 Fast Diet forum thread as there's quite a few doing a 36 hour fast there today.

Miffytastic Thu 25-Apr-13 09:48:47

Ooh did a cheeky weigh in this morning, should be tomorrow really but I fasted Mon & Wed this week rather than Thursday or Friday.

Anyway - down to a new low of 10st 2.5 Hurray! It's weird because I did feel that my tummy was smaller (as an apple shape that's where i notice it) but having done a WI on Saturday that was 10-4 I thought I was making it up. I have been tracking on MFP and keeping to TDEE for the last few days.

Doubtless I will bounce around this weight for a while but I am celebrating the new low today, and the fact that fasts are done for the week... .and I am still hopeful that 9 stone something is within my grasp!

DesperateDietingHousewife Thu 25-Apr-13 10:05:23

Hi Melody. I don't think I'm anemic (sp??). I have been seeing a nutritionist who has sorted out a lot of things for me. I will check with her next time I go.

Really weird yesterday-it was my second day of eating normally after fasting on Monday and I felt shaky quite a lot but I noticed it was usually after eating sugar. I didn't feel like that before I started this WoE. I'm being treated for candida and I wonder if fasting on Monday with no sugar at all has made my body even more sensitive to it on normal days. I know what I need to do-give up sugar-one step at a time though!

Am fasting today and going to try and go to tomorrow morning with no solid food, just lots of water and liquids. I'm not going to stress if I don't do it. Am just interested to see if I can do it and I want to try and lose a bit more this week. I'll eat if I feel weird, heachachy or shaky. ATM, I feel fine though and have just finished a Jillian Micheal's shred (level 1-nearly killed me-haven't done it for ages!!)

Looking forward to reading eveyone's posts. It's makes for very interesting and inspiring reading!

Barbie, don't know if you have read the book, but they recommend tangerines on this diet (app they have something in them that helps with the fat burning process). I have been eating mandarins as I couldn't find tangerines. I figured they were close enough. Or if you don't like those, remember to eat a fruit that is low GL/GI so it doesn't spike your blood sugar and make you feel more hungry.

Good luck if you are fasting today!

Barbie1 Thu 25-Apr-13 10:41:47

Tangerines? Yes I like them grin

Haven't read any book due to currently being in France and not being able to get hold of them.

I'm doing ok, just had really weak no sugar added juice.

If I manage today I will look into getting a book off amazon

melodyangel Thu 25-Apr-13 10:44:58

Miffytastic Well done that nine stone something is well on it's way!

Barbie I'm not sure I could manage this WOE if I was in France too much temptation!

Finally did a weigh in today and have lost 3lbs since I started, so 9 days overall. Happy with that.

Since my fast on Tuesday I've not felt hungry, usually I spend evenings going back and forward to kitchen for something to snack on but just realised I didn't do that once last night. Even though there's a load of home made flap jacks and cakes in their too. I have a sweet tooth and normally can't resist the cakes.

Bessypip Thu 25-Apr-13 11:08:05

Hi everyone - following recommendation in Dr M book to join Netmum for support here I am! So many peeps doing the fasting thing and it's all positive comments . Despite a failed previous attempt I am trying again with support this time from all of you out there - mainly for weight loss but will embrace the health benefits too!!! Fingers crossed here I go ........ cottage cheese and pear for brekkie mmmm

Whitecat Thu 25-Apr-13 11:24:30

Congrats to all who have dropped a few. Do you think the warmer weather is helping?
I am distinctly average with a one pound loss which is great because it also means I'm now on the 10/11 stone border grin and all without busting a gut at the gym.
Welcome Bessy you will find loads of support here.

DesperateDietingHousewife Thu 25-Apr-13 11:58:30

Alotta, I know what you mean-I don't feel as bothered by sugary things now. I AM eating them but probably because it's a novelty to be able to and still lose weight grin. I am trying to make healthier choices though and from what everyone says, you seem to calm down after a few weeks anyway.

I have noticed that I want to drink more water on eating days and I am actually craving more fruit-unheard of for me!!

Barbie-a quote from the book-"Citrus fruits in general, and tangerines in particular, contain high concentrations of nobiletin, a compound that 'protects from obesity and atheroclerosis'-in lab mice at least. The same group of researchers previously found that grapefruit, rich in a compound called naringenin, encourages the liver to burn fat rather than store it."

It also list some fruits that are low GI/GL such as strawberries (the lowest), apples, oranges, grapes and pineapple-all nice and sweet but won't spike your blood sugar too much.

mrschambers Thu 25-Apr-13 12:19:09

Yes, I think next week I might try and do an extra day and see what happens. How is anyone else finding doing an extra day?

I'm fasting today and my head is BANGING so trying to drink lots of water.

Did a cheeky weigh in this morning (usually leave it until Friday mornings after my 2nd fast of the week) and I've stayed the same, which is actually a miracle as I've probably had more wine than I should have this week.

Well done miffy

Bssh I did a zero fast on Sunday and a normal one yesterday so I might do another next week - probably Monday as we are away for the weekend and I will need it!

First ever post-fast gain for me this morning AND I went to the gym last night so had a net intake <100 cals! What's all that about?! Only 100g but still, I'd rather maintain than gain.

DesperateDietingHousewife Thu 25-Apr-13 13:15:38

BsshBossh, have just noticed your post, I must have missed it earlier.

Yes, I'm trying for a full 36 hours on just liquids. It's only my fifth fast so I'm not pressurising myself, just seeing if I can do it. If I can't, I'm not going to stress. I'll try it another time.

I'm doing ok so far, I've had one cup of coffee (I have to have 1% milk though-I hope that doesn't count as breaking the fast??) and loads of water. Will probably have some bouillion and maybe an options hot choc later as well as green tea, fruit tea and a load more watersmile.

It helps being able to post like this on a fasting day! Knowing others have rumbly tummies too....!

Bramblesinafield Thu 25-Apr-13 13:21:18

Hope those fasting are going ok today. I'm keeping busy, but keep spotting food programmes or pics!

ELR Thu 25-Apr-13 13:23:04

Hi all just had a cup of tea so technically broken my fast but not with food.
Just been to a Pilates class not sure about it, does anyone do it? How do you find it?
Miffy think we started around the same weight and time. 10st13.5 on 18th feb last Friday weighed 10st3.5 so lost 10lbs all in all. Can't wait to get into the 9's, well done on your new low I'm hoping for that tomorrow!

Dotty342kids Thu 25-Apr-13 13:31:36

ELR I do pilates once a week. I know, from speaking to others, that Pilates classes vary dramatically. Some are quite hard going and will definitely make muscles ache. Others are more focussed on recovery from injuries and will be gentler and more about correcting bad posture or getting better. It depends what you want, and what that particular class teacher delivers!
I know I have bad posture, I work at a computer most days and for me, I love the gentle stretching and sense that it's an hour a week where everthing gets put back in the right position iykwim! But, I wouldn't do it for my main source of exercise as like to work up a good sweat so do zumba and tennis for that grin

akarucker Thu 25-Apr-13 13:37:50

Eeeeeewwww....not a good weigh in this morning. Out for a birthday dinner tonight, so will fast up until then, but will be enjoying the evening! Proper fast tomorrow.

ELR Thu 25-Apr-13 13:53:39

Hi dotty I'm used to doing yoga and have done body balance too.
The Pilates just seemed abit slow going and easy! £9 a lesson too so not cheap, I've signed up for another 3 so will decide if I like it then. I suffer from tense shoulder, back and neck and also have planter ficitus so thought this would help.
Just had my lunch of red thai chicken curry and a small portion egg noodles 240 calories, then tonight I have steak, green beans and mashed celeriac that's about 220 so with my cups of tea gonna go over by about 25 today.

monster54 Thu 25-Apr-13 14:06:31

Urrrgggghhh TOTM has arrived....I don't want to weigh in tomorrow....

I feel all fat and bloaty!!! Does anyone else skip weigh in around this time? To make themselves feel better?!?

Itsaboatjack Thu 25-Apr-13 14:15:29

Boo. I've got chicken pox!

I've been told to quarantine myself so I'm lying on the sofa watching tv getting bored and wanting to eat. Not a fast day today but don't want to start munching, especially as I won't be moving much for a while. Don't know how it will affect my fasting, or even if I should. Dr said eat normally and drink plenty. I keep getting told how its worse to get as an adult and so will be feeling very very ill quite soon, although at the minute I just feel a bit bluegh. Would normally be a fast tomorrow, I'll see how I feel I guess.

Think I need to get a good book.

DesperateDietingHousewife Thu 25-Apr-13 14:38:39

itsaboatjack sad poor you.Hope it's a very mild case <crosses fingers>

FRom reading the last few posts-am I right in thinking that if I have anything other than water, it's not a "complete fast"? If so, am definitely breaking it now, by having a hot chocolate! Will still try for the 36 hours without any solids though.

Dotty342kids Thu 25-Apr-13 14:54:41

TOTM here too and I've bloated up like mad. Not good. Normally on a fast day I like the feeling of emptiness but today I feel like I've a eaten five course dinner! I feel your pain monster
itsaboat oh no! Hope you feel better soon.

BsshBossh Thu 25-Apr-13 15:15:34

Oh no itsaboat! Don't punish yourself - if you want to eat then eat, you can get back on the fasting train when you're better.

Desperate woohoo, another fellow 36 hour faster and only on your 5th fast? My goodness, you are hardcore :-) Don't stress if you don't make the full 36.

DesperateDietingHousewife Thu 25-Apr-13 16:06:56

Ha! BsshBossh I may not make it-I'm really struggling ATM-had a hot chocolate and that made me feel better for about half an hour. Downing water now but it's just not doing it for me.

Barbie1 Thu 25-Apr-13 16:23:37

20 hours into my first fast...not feeling too bad

BsshBossh Thu 25-Apr-13 16:33:42

Desperate it took me 23 fasts to achieve a zero cal 36 hour one so your effort is commendable. You'll build up to it if it's what you want. I "mastered" 24 hour fasts first smile

ceebeegeebies Thu 25-Apr-13 16:58:06

Aaah was doing so well today on my fast but just caved and had a mini bar of dairy milk...only 70 cals but I really didn't need it and should have had an apple instead!! Less soup for me for tea sad

Quick friend is doing this diet aswell, she has bought a book so has read up on it more than I have. Anyway she is saying that on non-fast days I should be following Slimming World type eating - is that true?? I have always taken it that I can pretty much eat what I want on those days as long as I stay within my TDEE which is the attraction of the diet. If I wanted to eat SW way then I would do the SW diet hmm am I missing something??

DesperateDietingHousewife Thu 25-Apr-13 17:26:31

Just caved and had two "Tuc" biscuits. I started to get food out for dinnertime for DS and DH and the temptation was too much. Well, I lasted 19 and a half hours without any solid food, so it's a start!! BsshBossh, maybe I was being a tad ambitious!

I'll have a meal shortly but I definitely find it easier going without food all day and saving most of the calories for an evening meal, so I'll keep trying to go longer.

Well done Barbie on your first fasting day!

frenchfancy Thu 25-Apr-13 17:32:31

ceebee You are right and not your friend. Say within your TDEE on feed days (or at least on average over the 5 feed days) and leave the calorie restriction to your fast days) Otherwise it isn't sustainable, it would be like a normal diet but worse.

Barbie1 Thu 25-Apr-13 17:32:32

I'm half tempted just to go until breakfast tomorrow shock but then a 36 hour total fast is a tiny bit silly for my first fast...non?

I'm slightly worried about eating my 500 cals, because ill have to have some carbs with my protein (due to this bloody fussiness)

itaboatjack sorry to hear about the pox, I know if I'm unwell I don't want to eat anyway, hope its a very mild case and you are much better soon.

ceebeegeebies Thu 25-Apr-13 17:47:41

French - thanks for confirming what I thought. I tried to explain that if you are still strictly watching what you are eating on non-fast days then there is no point in putting yourself through the misery if fasting days but she didn't get my point!

Dotty342kids Thu 25-Apr-13 18:01:23

Despite having made a lovely looking and smelling mexican chicken thing for our dinner I'm seriously contemplating not eating it as can't imagine it's going to help today's hideous bloatedness. Might just let DH have his portion and I can freeze mine for another fast day. Hmm.

virginposter Thu 25-Apr-13 18:04:59

barbie you can download The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley if you are interested.

Hi All,
barbie well done on your first day. if you do 36 hr fast on your first day you deserve a medal!
monster Ive felt bloated at TOTM.. I still weigh in as normal but disregard what the scales say ( unless they are favourable)grin
postman I had a first post fast gain 3 weeks ago and have stayed the same since! I knew mine was due to Easter food though! Im still trying to get back down to pre Easter weight. Its a fast day for me today and my WI tomorrow..fingers crossed.
whitecat do you think the warmer weather helps. Oh for some warmer weather here in the North so that I could comment ..its blardy freezin here today. And for the first time for me Im feeling very cold on a fast day.Ive not experienced that until today..

have a good weekend all... Looking forward to tomorrow evening and a lovely glass ofwine with dinner my Fridays

BsshBossh Thu 25-Apr-13 18:14:10

Desperate 19 hours is terrific and you've learned a good lesson too - that, for you, it's best to save your cals up for the evening (not all fasters do or need to do this so it's personal preference).

Barbie1 Thu 25-Apr-13 19:12:02

Just broke the fast 24 hours after starting. I would of carried on but dd has been ill this week and there is every chance I will be woken in the night and I really didn't want to feel so hungry that I could
Go back to sleep.

My dinner was about 470 cals, I struggled to finish it all so dh did is this normal? I still have about 50 cals to use up, does it matter If I don't consume them?

Thanks for the book recommendation, I will try to
Download onto my I phone.

So that's me done until Monday..

BsshBossh Thu 25-Apr-13 19:40:38

Really well done Barbie.

I'm still trundling along on my 36 hours. Feeling absolutely fine and I think I've realised that I don't need any extra distractions, that it feels quite normal for me to be doing this.

Amazing what the body and mind gets used to.

<bloody hell, Bssh hopes she hasn't jinxed it all now>

applegate Thu 25-Apr-13 21:06:35

not a good day today, fasted Monday and Wednesday but today was out for lunch and have just added up calories, 500 over tdee today. Although I had a lovely time I feel disappointed now, it feels like those calories and rich food weren't really worth what I am sure will mean a gain tomorrow sad
Oh well lesson learnt although we are away at the wknd which will be tricky eating wise... I will fast again tomorrow prior to the wknd and hope the scales are not too disappointing on Monday.

Bar is, if you're under 500 that's fine, you don't need to hit that argent bang on.

I have a few spare so I might have a small cup of options hot choc before bed

Southeastdweller Thu 25-Apr-13 22:03:20

Hi all. Just wanted to add that according to the M.M and Mimi book, grapefruits are good for fat burning, too, as well as tangerines. Half of one is only 39 calories.

BsshBossh Thu 25-Apr-13 22:28:37

I'm off to bed now, hopefully to wake up tomorrow morning having eaten nothing in 36 hours!

Tomorrow will be my third fast day. I'm doing 5:2 and its going well so far, especially as I have a decently large amount to lose. I lost a lot years ago on the GI diet, but I'm finding this far easier. I'm combining a bit of filling knowledge from GI on non fast days, but its nice to know I can have a bag of crisp if I have calories to spare!!!!! Also, I've discovered I've not really been eating that unhealthily other than all the naughty snacks and bread overload, so that's made me feel a lot happier.

I can't believe how many of you are trying to eat nothing at all on fast days. You're all nuts and very brave. I've been more happy discovering just how much food I can shove down my throat that comes under 500 a day!

Bramblesinafield Fri 26-Apr-13 07:18:39

Morning, fasters. Well, those saying it gets easier as you do it longer are spot on. I find that I can keep going until the evening now before I break my fast, one of those innocent pots is a real treat, then I have cals left over for a small handful of cereal to keep me going overnight. Another lb off this morning (after second fast of week). I know I'll bounce up, but I haven't seen these numbers on the scales in years - I now see the fascinatinon in dieting!

Bramblesinafield Fri 26-Apr-13 07:21:26

Also, I'm now going 'omg!' In awe at the scales rather than in horror. I've never managed to change wol for healthy weight loss that has worked so well before, and I don't feel as if I'm denying myself as the days off I can eat sensibly but eat everything I enjoy.

Inlovewithchocolate Fri 26-Apr-13 07:22:18

Morning everyone.. I haven't posted much recently.. For the past MONTH I hit a plateau but this morning I have reached an all time low of 9.10.5. This is amazing.. So my message is please do not get disheartened and give up. I nearly did as was getting frustrated. Am so proud of myself.. I mixed my calories around a bit my doing mini fasts too and I think my body just didn't know what to expect.... My goal is 9.5.. Woohoo summer here I come.

Southeastdweller Fri 26-Apr-13 07:24:13

Morning all.

Three pounds off this week so that's one stone and two pounds off in total over 13 weeks, nine of which were on 5:2 and the rest on 4:3. Now I've lost the a stone I'm going to take up the suggestion by saf about buying myself something frivolous so I'm ordering a bottle of Bombay Sapphire in my online food order later which should last for the summer. So that's great.

But a milestone was reached this week because I'm now at my lowest ever adult weight (I used to do Weightwatchers and kept off most of the weight I lost but always had a problem shifting the last two stones). I'm astounded that I'm here at a weight I haven't seen since 1987! I'm even more staggered that it's been so fairly effortless which wasn't the case with other weight loss plans I've tried. I'm loving this WOL and how much energy I have and how it fits so easily into my life. As a carb and sugar addict I was resigned to being porky my whole life but now I know I don't have to be and nor does anyone else. We can all do this! It's a hell of a good feeling. I think what's even better is the feeling of knowing my appetite has been reset as well as my enjoyment of food and drink. I still enjoy eating my favourites but not quite as much as what I once did and my relationship with food has never been healthier. Consequently my self-esteem is rising.

I'm going to lose another ten pounds and see how I feel when that happens. Also planning on doing my first 24 hour fast after feeling inspired by some of you. Only done 16 hour ones so far.

Enjoy your weekends!

Bramblesinafield Fri 26-Apr-13 07:35:29

Inlovewith chocolate - I had Lso plateaued for four weeks and its moving again. Hurrah,

Well done southeast - it's great hitting these levels!

Prawntoast Fri 26-Apr-13 07:37:01

Well done on the losses everyone. Another pound bites the dust for me this week. I've notice that my losses have been bigger since I switched back to Tues and Thurs fasting, was doing that at the start and then switched to Mon and Thurs. As I didn't want to fast on Easter Monday I moved back to Tues and have had better losses so will be sticking with that. Still toying with the idea of a 36 hr fast but I'm so hungry by the 22-24 hour point I'm not sure I could sleep!

catsrus Fri 26-Apr-13 07:41:30

Morning all

Just a well done to all of you getting though the first few fasts - and yes, respect to anyone who has done the whole "no food at all" fasts straight off! I never managed that until about 6 months in as I needed milk in my tea smile. The crucial thing is do whatever version of this you find easiest - and that will change as you do it.

I've been on maintenance for the last few months, having lost 32lbs (was one of the originals way back in August ) and am learning how much I can vary this and still manage to get back down to 9.2 within a week or so of a few very OTT eating days. I never now feel out of control of my eating and weight. It's brilliant !

ELR Fri 26-Apr-13 08:13:32

bsss did you make it, did you make it??

Morning all

Some great losses there southeast inlove and prawn

My post-fast gain has gone, taking another 100g with it, so only 200g up on my lowest weight so far (and 1.4kg from target).

I woke up this morning to find all three of our pet hamsters dead sad can't bear to tell the kids yet.

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 08:27:43

Morning ELR. Yes I made it. My second zero calorie 36 hour fast and to be honest it was a breeze. I can see this will be part of my fasting routine now. It was especially helpful being on the 36 hour fast thread on the 5:2 Fast Diet forum because there were a bunch of us on there fasting at the same time. The mutual support was terrific and I highly recommend that thread if any of you want to try 36 hours instead of 24 hours.

The best news though is that I reached my target weight this morning. 65 lbs lost since early last year. So now I need to start thinking about maintaining (and join the 5:2/6:1 maintainers' thread on here grin).

Whitecat Fri 26-Apr-13 08:28:30

Inlove and Brambles what fantastic patience and results you've had. Bet you're both really chuffed you stuck with it.

Dotty342kids Fri 26-Apr-13 08:34:54

Some really inspiring posts by various long termers and more new people this morning - great to read, thank you all! Especially those who have plateaued and then managed to carry on losing - there's hope for me yet grin
fasted yesterday and am back to 11st 1 after my four pound birthday related gain this weekend so I'm very pleased about that.
Might do 4:3 next week to chivvy things on a little bit!

hi - just popping into say i haven't disappeared but have been a bit meh this week after no loss after my fast on monday and feeling hungry for crap all the time this week. just haven't been feeling it.

am going to attempt a zero fast today to try and claw back from some of the weight i'm bound to have put on today.

hope everyone is ok - haven't had time to catch up yet i'm afraid.

BetsyVanBell Fri 26-Apr-13 08:42:09

Lots of happy news on the thread this morning - well done everyone!

I had an absolute fast fail yesterday but no matter. I've already breakfast so today won't be one either! Had an absolute low weight recording yesterday so (a) I was probably too hungry to fast (b) I almost always relax when I see a low scale reading!

Really must stop eating sugary things - I've turned into a demon since I had those ice creams the other day blush.

Woo hoo, after a 3 week stand off from my fat bits.. Finally I'm back down to my pre blip of 10 st 7 lbs,. Next goal is to get into the nines

Biltongmuncher Fri 26-Apr-13 09:02:25

I really need to read your success stories as I am totally losing the will!! Have lost a about a stone but need to loose one more and I just can't shift it. Doing 5:2 and I loose a few pounds after fast days but they just come straight back on; I think I am clearly just eating too much food on my days off. Doing exercise at least four times a week too. It is SO frustrating!!! Going to Greece on hols in june and I need to feel and look better than I do now, feel horrible.

MissRee Fri 26-Apr-13 09:09:31

Hurrah! Half a stone in 2 weeks grin

I think this woe is going to suit me down to the ground! I fasted from 8pm Wednesday until 8pm Thursday with only a 350 calorie dinner last night and then nothing until 9am this morning. I feel so good for it!

Dotty342kids Fri 26-Apr-13 09:11:30

Well done headintheclouds - let's hope it's the start of a new bit of loss, as opposed to staying the same!

BetsyVanBell Fri 26-Apr-13 09:11:51

biltong Losing a stone sounds great! How long have you been doing IF? I don't know what your eating habits are but something that can help a lot is keeping it healthy during the week (so good nutritious food, no snacks, no booze) but letting go a bit at the weekend. I know aka has had some good weight loss in the week by kicking the sugary snacks and it definitely works for me. It's also worth noting that if you've lost a stone your TDEE will be lower so you don't need to eat as much.

Do you do 5:2? Maybe pop in an extra fast day here and there - sometimes it helps the weight loss along a bit. On the other hand you may have reached a plateau point and you just need to wait it out while your body recalibrates to your new weight, persevere, add a few extra measures and you'll be back on track.

SaltyandSweet Fri 26-Apr-13 09:36:06

postmanpatscat sorry to hear about the hamsters, poor little guys sad

Eat day for me, but I think I might do a mini fast - eat only between 2pm and 7pm - just because I don't feel like eating this morning despite a successful fast yesterday so might as well make the most of it. I do intend to eat a small but nice lunch and a yummy dinner so will end up quite satisfied. I am hoping this tack for this week will help shift me downwards as well as allow me to enjoy a few meals out this weekend smile

monster54 Fri 26-Apr-13 09:53:20

Urrrgghhhhh a 0.75lb gain this morning. Extremely bloated and crampy this morning so putting it down to TOTM.....

I really hoped to see below 11st 5lb today and I would have been 'normal' BMI not 'overweight'....

Need to stay strong and hope it comes next week.....positive thoughts for me please!!

AliceinSlumberland Fri 26-Apr-13 10:30:07

Had a great fast yesterday, wasn't even feeling too hungry or affected by it which was great as my fast on Monday was really hard. However went to my friends for tea and definitely went over 500 cals!! So fasting again today to make up for it.

Barbie1 Fri 26-Apr-13 10:51:04

Loving all all of the positive weight loss stories smile

I didn't sleep well last night hmm I wasn't hungry or anything but something was keeping me awake.

I feel like I almost don't want to eat today, I can see how this becomes so totally addictive!

Good luck for all of the fasters today.

i can appreciate the frustration at being stuck. i've actually gained this week which is a bit gutting.

Dotty342kids Fri 26-Apr-13 10:58:04

C'mon SAF you can do it!!!!

Breadandwine Fri 26-Apr-13 11:04:25

Well done on all those losses, folks!

But, for those of you stuck for a while and not losing weight, it's important to remember that this is not a diet! It's a way of life, and weight loss is merely a side effect.

All the time you're practicing IF, even though the scales may not be moving, console yourselves with the thought that all your other health indices will be improving!

And as posters have confirmed this morning - the weight will come off!

Just one caveat - anyone with an underactive thyroid can have problems losing weight. Check out this (one amongst many) thread about this issue on the 52fastdiet forum:

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 11:20:36

saf if you're doing a zero fast join the thread at the Fast 5 forum cause there's lots doing it together and I found it very motivating to keep checking in with them on the day:

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 11:22:30

Not Fast 5, I meant the Fast Diet <doh!>

No big weight loss this week, but looking at teh long term picture I'm down 10 pounds since Christmas, and very nealy at a healthy bmi.

Plus points I'm focussing on - my clothes feel great, some of them are evn baggy! And my nails have never looked better.

13 weeks of the 5:2 and 18 pounds lost.

I think it's relevant to say that people experience this way of eating differently. It's made no difference to my sweet and savoury tooth - in fact I relish eating cake every day in a way that I couldn't really before - there's always been a teeny bit of guilt. I have eaten cake every day of the 5 days eating days. Every week I've eaten takeaway fish and chips and mushy peas.

I am still eating lots of healthy foods as I always did but I am also still enjoying all the stuff you're supposed to eat in moderation.

The differences for me are : I struggle to drink wine, gives me a headache/hangover after one glass. I've switched to a couple of bottled beers instead grin

I have lost my pre-diabetic blood sugar issues. If I didn't eat by lunchtime I'd get shaky, grumpy and feel murderous. I have none of that now even though I don't eat on fast days til 4pm.

I have just scarfed a triple bacon roll and a slice of coffee and walnut cake - and I feel I could take on the world grin

It's so great to hear all your stories and losses.

Biltongmuncher Fri 26-Apr-13 11:49:18

Thanks betsy, just back from the gym! Will really try cut out sugar and watch what I eat out of fasting days a little more. I seem to be good on the days I am in work cause I am occupied and then the days at home with the kids are a bit of a snacking disaster! Will keep going and reading this for motivation.

Dotty342kids Fri 26-Apr-13 11:52:17

That's great to hear Laurie, I too am someone who really enjoys cake and chocolate and have no thoughts of giving up either! I do enjoy them on my feed days but try to ensure that I don't perhaps, have a "junky" tea AND those yummy treats all in the same day. So I enjoy them all, but in a slightly more moderated way smile

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 12:12:02

Laurie I hear you. I've eaten ice cream nearly every day whilst losing weight. I don't like to deprive myself. It's all about balance really.

Oooooh, you and your talk of ice-creams! I went and had a Masr ice cream bar after lunch. Hadn't had one in ages! It's pretty decent as a treat - 130 calories, compared to Magnums and the like at well over 200.

So I've been doing this about 6 weeks now and have just had my first 2 days of weights with a BMI under 30 which was my first big goal grin. Next goal is for my weighted mean average BMI to be under 30, which by the chart will be next week sometime. Losing 0.67 pounds a week on average - that may sound slow but I'm doing this the easiest way possible and not tracking TDEEs on my off days, I'm in no rush - this is working so well I'm now an 'in it for life' person now!

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 14:59:37

Melanie thanks for the tip about the calories in Mars ice cream. Will add that to my online order smile

ceebeegeebies Fri 26-Apr-13 15:36:08

Laurie so glad you have posted as it is interesting to see that others aren't losing their sweet tooth as well wink I am a sugar addict and, tbh, I am comfortable with that and not really prepared to give sugar up which is the main reason why this diet appeals to me so much grin

I am not being particularly careful on my non-fast days but with a TDEE of 2500, I have quite a bit of slack anyway to indulge on those days...and I am doing! And it is such a good feeling to be able to do so guilt-free - if I want cake, then I am bloody well having cake!!

Having said that, I think I may just have had all 2500 calories in one meal as DH has just taken me out for lunch (it is my birthday tomorrow and we were taking advantage of the DC being at school/nursery) and I may have had 3 courses plus wine!!

Have just completed week 2 and I do feel the diet is working. I don't have any scales so can't weigh myself and don't really want to either - but my clothes are fitting just that little bit better so I am sure it is going in the right direction.

Crunchie Blast ice cream Lolly is only 120 calories. Really yummy smile

BetsyVanBell Fri 26-Apr-13 16:21:10

bsssh Melanie* - calories on those mars ices are good - only thing is they come in packs of six... then they call to me from the freezer!

tougholdbird Fri 26-Apr-13 16:27:54

<delurks, hugs everyone, bursts into tears>. I have been following this WOE since Feb and have lost 19lbs and hit 9 something for first time in sooo many years this morning. No way I would have done it without the inspiration and wise words of these threads. <relurks hastily>

BetsyVanBell Fri 26-Apr-13 16:33:20

tougholdbird flowers Well blimming done!!! How have you lost so much more quickly! More info please grin

tougholdbird Fri 26-Apr-13 16:40:20

BVB thank you! Miso soup at lunch, fish or prawns and veg in evening or ready meal when not got time to cook. And following advice on here about avoiding carbs etc.

Dotty342kids Fri 26-Apr-13 16:51:23

Good grief tougholdbird that's amazing. I've been doing the same amount of time as you, from what sounds like a similar starting weight and I've only lost 8lbs! C'mon, how've you done it?!

Dotty342kids Fri 26-Apr-13 16:51:55

have you 5:2'd it? Or 4:3'd it? Congratulations!

tougholdbird Fri 26-Apr-13 16:58:46

5:2 with mini fasts - and every time i have thought about snacking i hear a stern voice in my head (TIP style) telling me not to do it. I have to admit I have been gobsmacked at the way it has come off. Someone once posted on here something about your body tries to help you get back to the right weight, well I put masses on when I gave up smoking and had the DCs, but before that I had always been quite slim. I think this WOE is right for me and really wanted to say thank you to all you proactive posters. And that was my longest ever post on 4 years of mumsnet!

BetsyVanBell Fri 26-Apr-13 16:58:58

tougholdbird Now I want to be 9something [pouts] grin [puts down biscuit]

tougholdbird Fri 26-Apr-13 17:01:07

And you will be BVB!

BetsyVanBell Fri 26-Apr-13 17:08:46

I wasn't that bothered before, but now it feels like a challenge! I wish I had your willpower tob, my subconscious simply blows raspberries like a petulant child to the old no snacking advice. Just checked out the calorie content of the enormous and delicious biscuits I was just eating, not good at all blush. [pulls self together as remembers I didn't have lunch]. Ah well, lovely healthy dinner planned - mackerel fillets & salads smile (and wine).

greenfig Fri 26-Apr-13 18:04:50

Argghh!! I came on here to check in as am supposed to be fasting, am not hungry but am home alone & I know there are mars ice creams in the freezer! I was feeling so inspired by you all that I was taking strength to go & find something to do instead & then what is the topic? Minimal cals in mars!!! What to do....
Well done on all your fab losses, esp congrats to bsh for target & tougholdbird Come on, share your secrets, I'm stuck on losing these last few lbs grin

akarucker Fri 26-Apr-13 18:06:39

So I had a job interview two months ago (didn't get the job) and had a different interview yesterday - didn't get that one either! But, it's not all doom and gloom because I wore the same outfit yesterday as the first time (ok, maybe it's a bad luck outfit now!), and on the first interview I remember wishing I could unbutton my trousers during it, and yesterday I was wishing I had a belt because I was afraid they were going to fall off me!
Ooo - long sentence, but you get the point!

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 18:07:36

greenfig I never eat ice cream on fast days, only on non-fast days. Is that motivation enough for you? smile

BetsyVanBell Fri 26-Apr-13 18:27:39

greenfig Oh noo, you can't eat ice cream on a fast day. Not having those floodgates opened. [sternface]

BetsyVanBell Fri 26-Apr-13 19:00:03

aka Woo excellent NSV! smile

akarucker Fri 26-Apr-13 19:04:37

bvb I just had to google that! Non Scale Victory - love it, and yes, perked me right up after a not so great weigh in yesterday. (It's that bloody sugar again: no sugar = weight loss, sugar = no weight loss!! It's a demon I tell you!!). I think I'll focus on these NSV for a while.

Ah yes, should point out I was devouring that Mars ice cream on a non-fast day.

Tougholdbird, that is fan-bloody-tastic, well done you!

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 19:38:20

tougholdbird forgot to say congratulations to you. We started 5:2ing at the same time? I started last week of January. I've also lost 19lbs since then smile.

tougholdbird Fri 26-Apr-13 19:51:36

Thank you for the congrats - and yes, Bssh sounds like we are on a parallel track, well done to you too! It helps when people start to notice as well, good motivation! I turn 50 next year and buoyed up by this weight loss, I am now planning new wardrobe and possible blue streaks in my hair ( for charity and for fun) before I sink into frumpy old age smile.

fluffypillow Fri 26-Apr-13 20:09:58

Fantastic success stories here. Very encouraging to us newbies smile well done everyone.

Had my second fast yesterday. Lasted from 9pm Wednesday until 7pm Thursday, then had 500cals. I didn't feel hungry at all, but at about 6pm, right in the middle of a parent/teacher meeting I started to feel a bit 'spaced out'. I don't know what the Teacher thought, especially because DH was fasting too, and felt the same blush We were both struggling to concentrate, so maybe we will pick our fasting days better in future !

Feeling great today. Had some lovely 'non diet' foods, and can't believe I can lose weight eating this way confused I look forward to next week when I will see if I have lost. I hope so, I am really enjoying it so far smile

greenfig Fri 26-Apr-13 20:37:48

Have held strong against the mars bar ice cream & don't even fancy it now, hurrah!!! Have sadly caved in to a lge glass of pink wineblush The boys are away on rugby tour & dd has a friend for pizza, onesies by the fire & Charlies Angels, post dance class & school disco. God they have it good grin Still, a fast followed by a glass of wine has to be better than a day of toast, sandwich for lunch, bottle of wine & large carb based supper followed by munchies of ooh, maybe cheese, ice cream, toast or chocolate!!! That was the old days, never do it all in one day anymore!! Would actually make me ill!! Have a lovely w/e all.

peplum41 Fri 26-Apr-13 20:57:49

Hi chapettes. Lots of lovely 5:2 news on the threads today, although sad about the about the wee hamsters, postie.
tougholdbird glad you decided to delurk, and what restraint you showed leaving it until 19 lbs down. A testament to just reading the threads and getting on with it. Mind you if we all did that there'd be nothing to read! I wonder how many more like you there are out there?

*well done greenfig

GreenEggsAndNichts Fri 26-Apr-13 21:09:53

Way too cold for ice cream here today! smile I had some friends over and we were in and out of the house, trying to sit in the sun, then running for cover as the hail came in, etc.

Have done two fasts this week, tomorrow might be a half fast as the evening will be full of wine and lovely food.

peplum41 Fri 26-Apr-13 21:13:15

Oh stupid phone, I'm sure you got that greenfig, enjoy your wine. I've had my fast day tea, it was just soup and veg, kind of tempted by a bottle of becks blue, only 50 odd cals according to mfp. Glad there's no mars bar icecreams in the freezer or I'd want one of those too.

fluffypillows he he, the teacher probably thought they were boring you. Those pesky weird side effects do wear off after a few weeks. I used to get headahes, insomnia, mood swings, a bizarre restlessness- make the most of the positive effects such as increased energy because that seems to have dissipated also. Fasting seems normal now and I'm only about 8 weeks in. No longer feel the need to keep busy, can just chill. House is starting to deteriorate again though!

greenfig Fri 26-Apr-13 21:15:10

Oh yes I meant to say sorry to hear about the hammies PMPC sad
Is your dd ok?

peplum41 Fri 26-Apr-13 21:19:26

Oh hi greeneggs, you're such a veteran IF,do you eat cake and whatever you fancy or are you really virtuous like brad pylon types?

LexingtonBear Fri 26-Apr-13 21:51:56

Sooooo cold after a good fast day, third this week. Hung on til 5 and then had a boiled egg and later an m&s ready meal from the (new?) delicious and nutritious range. Most of them seem surprisingly low cal and are pretty nice, tho not as filling as my usual standby, the Linda McCartney lentil pie. I never thought I'd feel so enthusiastic about lentil pie!

Anyway, am taking myself to bed to avoid the cold and the lure of wine. Strangely don't fancy the sticky toffee pudding DP is supportively and noisily scoffing, but best take myself out of temptation's way. Here's to a happy and slightly less restrained weekend. 1.5 stone down, 2 to go....

Well done all today's fasters!

Thanks for hamster condolences, I haven't even told DDs yet as they are at their dad's.

DP and I are away for the weekend, planning lovely meals offset by gym visits. it's 300 steps from the room to the restaurant, gotta live those hotel corridors!

Well done to today's fasters and losers!

ELR Sat 27-Apr-13 08:07:44

Morning all, some great losses yesterday. Feeling a bit rough this morning went out last night into London only had two drinks and a small curry but still feel full this morning so think I may do a mini fast and DH has just said the same so mini fast it is!! We are going out tonight to a friends 40th cocktail and canapés party so plenty of sugar coming my way tonight!
Was 2.25 lbs heavier yesterday than last week so am not happy although I know it's just a blip as I've been really good and I've lost another inch from my hips.
greenfig well done on the mars bars I have discovered the 99 flakes at 45 calories as a little treat which I have been known to have on a fast day.
betsy I see you have found the cookbook club thread it's quite good.

ceebeegeebies Sat 27-Apr-13 08:16:19

Morning smile

It's my birthday today smile smile so dieting definitely out of the window since I may have started the day with some Thorntons chocs wink

Anyway, DH bought me The Fast Diet recipe book...generally diet books for birthday presents are not good but am really chuffed as it is actually very thoughtful of him (for once) wink

<slight hijack>
Happy Birthday ceebeegeebies, it's mine today too smile

BsshBossh Sat 27-Apr-13 08:35:06

Happy birthday cee and married.

ELR where do you get 99 flakes from and how many in a pack?

akarucker Sat 27-Apr-13 08:44:58

ceebee happy birthday: love it...a box of chocs & a diet book for your birthday! That's my sort of gift grin

WhenIGrowUpIWantToBeAPenguin Sat 27-Apr-13 08:55:35

Hello everyone - would you mind if I join you? I have decided today to bite the bullet and commit to the 5:2 and want to get it down in writing before I change my mind smile

BetsyVanBell Sat 27-Apr-13 08:56:40

ELR Food is my favourite topic though I realise I have a pathological inability to follow recipes without adapting them - plus my cooking approach is generally "I have/want to use these ingredients, what shall I make?" - look at loads of recipes, ponder a bit more then go my own way. I have started writing up my experiments though which is good - otherwise the good ones are nigh on impossible to recreate!

Happy birthday married and ceebee - celebrate properly and don't worry about the scales! You can claw back the lbs later!

Bssh You can get boxes of flakes in most supermarkets I think, they put with with the ice cream sundries - wafers, sprinkles & sauces - usually. I admire anyone's ability to only eat one from a multipack confused

BetsyVanBell Sat 27-Apr-13 09:00:10

Hello Penguin, that's it, you're committed now! It's great, honestly smile

peplum41 Sat 27-Apr-13 09:22:58

Hello whenIGrowUpIwantToBeAPeanguin! smile welcome to 5:2. Are you starting today? Or just gearing yourself up for the ride? Its brill, hope you love it.

ceebee oh what a fab start to the day, seeing as you cant share thoseenvy thorntons with us , hope you will share your thoughts on the recipe book.

LexiBear, will be on the look out for some of Linda mac's lentil pie! I suddenly find myself very enthusiastic about lentils! They've got a rather beardy reputation, but they taste great(when cooked right), and are very filling for such low calories. Plus cheap. Im tinkering with a lentil dahl recipe someone showed me years ago, takes about 1/2 hour to make. When satisfied with it , will put it in the thread.

lauriefairycake, your post about cakes was very interesting, especially your pre-diabetic issues. Im the same, gone from mad-blood-sugar-all over-the -place loon to a reasonable human being. But, personally for me, do need to exercise caution on what I buy at the supermarket. If its in the house it gets eaten grin

Dotty342kids Sat 27-Apr-13 09:26:26

cee and married - Happy Birthday to you both! It was my 40th last weekend and had a big hotel blow out with all my friends - put 4lbs on in the space of 3 days grin.
But, two fast days later this week and I'm back to where I was pre birthday so just enjoy it; eat, drink and be very merry indeed!
I glimpsed 10st 13lbs this morning! It was only a glimpse before the scales settled back at 11st exactly but still - going in the right direction again. For all those who read my posts you'll know I've been trying to get to the 10s for what feels like WEEKS!

DeckSwabber Sat 27-Apr-13 09:37:14

Second fast yesterday. I ate porridge for breakfast (180 cals) and had a green tea at work (vile, vile drink). Caved in and had a cup of tea before heading out for a 40 minute walk at lunchtime. Water only in the afternoon. Cup of tea while getting boys dinner ready and then off for a 50 length swim.

Came back to find boys only just tucking in to their dinner - how cruel is that?

One more cup of tea then bed.

Feel great this morning!

DeckSwabber Sat 27-Apr-13 09:39:28

Oh and I meant to say my normal Friday is something carby for dinner because the fridge is usually empty by then so it's pasta bake or something, with a -bottle-- couple of glasses of wine.

wonderingagain Sat 27-Apr-13 09:47:58

Fast day today. 3 stone to lose and so far lost 7lb with one day full fast at 500 cals and one day at 750 cals plus two days full monty. Today is another fast day an I will only have 500 cals. I am doing ADF as that worked best for me before. I am allowing myself extra calories on the third fastt day. Hi lexingtonbear I think we are in a similar situation in terms of weight?

Southeastdweller Sat 27-Apr-13 09:49:24

Happy birthday to ceebee and married smile

To anyone who doesn't have the Fast Diet book by M.M and Mimi Spencer, I've just noticed it's £2.36 at the moment on Amazon for the kindle version.

greenfig Sat 27-Apr-13 10:22:50

Happy b'day ceebee & married smile
I was wondering about the recipe book, will have a look SEdweller thanks. Do you have the kindle version? Not sure about not being able to flick through an actual cookbook.
ELR perhaps we could book club the FD recipe book, & swap other suitable recipes? Had a peak at the cookery book club & it looks great.
Girls have just made a pile of waffles, bacon & syrup & I had nat yog with rhubarb, strawbs & rasps. Delish! Got a long day out with a picnic tomorrow & anticipating the need for a large glass of wine at the end of it so hoping I can factor in some damage limitation today!

Southeastdweller Sat 27-Apr-13 10:41:30

Hi Green, no it's not the recipe book, it's the first book that's £2.36.

akarucker Sat 27-Apr-13 10:54:55

I got a little over excited and thought I could handle 5:2 (I usually do ADF). Turns out I'm not ready, the scales made sure I was clear on that this week! (So my one stone loss was short lived)

I really cannot grasp what normal eating is...never done it and I have to say, I find the eat days harder than the fast days, for that reason. Combine that with my sugar addiction and it's not pretty! Even with MFP, I find it an alien process. So, I'm back to ADF for a while. I suppose it's just going to take a while until it comes naturally to me. Happily, I seem to have adapted to the fasting aspect quite well, I just need to get out of this mindset of the eat days are my 'reward days'

Well, not a big deal. I do enjoy ADF so maybe in a few weeks I'll be ready for 4:3

DesperateDietingHousewife Sat 27-Apr-13 11:00:34

Happy Birthday ceebee and married flowers, have a great day both of you.

I didn't feel hungry yesterday after fasting on Thursday. I waited until about 2.30 when I had half a sandwich and erm.....a M&S choc chip cookie from the bakery-would have been better just eating all the sandwich and no cookie. I just get all over-excited knowing I can eat things like cookies and cakes. I did eat a couple more crappy things during the evening but before this WoE, i would have been grazing constantly on rubbish and hating myself at the end of the day.

I was wondering when everyone does their weigh-in? I can't work out which is the best day. After a fast day, I get over-excited at a 2-3 lb loss but if I weigh after a 2-3 days eating normally, I get depressed it's not coming off fast enough/at all. Am thinking a Wednesday might be good ie half-way between my two fasting days? And this was the day I started 5:2.

Hippo Burpdays to ceebee and Married!

Welcome to Penguin!

Someone mentioned there's a recipe pullout in today's Times - I shall investigate and report back.

I weigh on Fridays, regardless of when I've fasted during the week.

wondering great loss so far

happy birthday married and ceebee

Just spent £95 on new running shoes, gulp!

I weigh every day and prefer that because my fast day losses are often only 100-200g.

bugsyburge Sat 27-Apr-13 12:26:10

afternoon all grin , some great losses this weekend, well done all!!

I normally weigh in Saturday morning at the gym (helps me get through a Friday fast) but I was out last night for food & a few drinks and I haven't made it to my morning yoga class (actually I haven't even made it out if bed yet!!!!) so i''ll probably try & resist weighing in until next Saturday.

anyone fasting today?

bugsyburge Sat 27-Apr-13 12:30:38

ps, happy birthday ladies!!!!

eat lots of cake wink

akarucker Sat 27-Apr-13 12:37:26

bugsy I'm fasting today.

i will join you.

have had a disastrous week weight wise and am today 11.1.8. lost nothing after monday's fast and haven't managed one since. have been hungry head and body wise all week and actually checked my calendar thinking my period must be due but a while to go yet.


hope i can manage today - not feeling that confident tbh.

akarucker Sat 27-Apr-13 12:48:18

OK saf come on, let's not end the week badly. There's still today to redeem ourselves. The family are tucking into tuna & cheese toasties as I sit here in the other room pouting! But, we're meeting friends for a Sunday roast tomorrow so must do this today! Stick with me...

Southeastdweller Sat 27-Apr-13 12:55:34

Fasting today too, had a big breakfast this morning and two and a half hours into a 24 hour fast - looking forward to my usual bucket of filter coffee and scrambled eggs with rye bread tomorrow in bed followed quickly by a creme egg while I watch Hollyoaks!

Currently hiking around north London and stopped off in a Starbucks to have a black coffee which I usually don't like but it's been OK. A well known female barrister and broadcaster is also in here - I'll probably get into trouble if I name her but let's just say that the photos in the papers don't do her any favours.

Lots of walking planned today as well as my usual Saturday gym session and will probably go to bed early.

Good luck everyone who's fasting this weekend.

peplum41 Sat 27-Apr-13 13:00:04

Ah come on sulky saf and pouty aka, you can do this. Its not a race, a few weeks of stalling will happen now and again. Just need to power through the bad bits aswell as the good bits. Remember the mantras and coping mechanisms that got you through previous fasts. Glad to hear you gave 5;2 a bash aka, maybe it needs a few weeks to settle into it, but when you're ready.

deckswabber, yeah green tea is weird, an aquired taste.

virginposter Sat 27-Apr-13 13:05:46

peplum, LexiBear I have found Merchant Gourmet Put Lentils, ready to eat in 1 minute which I sometimes use to bulk up, say a M&S ready meal. It's a 250g pack at 171 cals for 125g which I find filling and tasty. Can be found in most supermarkets and are very handy for quickness smile

peplum41 Sat 27-Apr-13 13:06:34

southeastdweller well that sounds like an interesting fast day. Better than a pile of ironing and a grubby kitchen floor. OOh, going to google your barrister/broadcaster. The most famous person Ive ever seen was Hilda Ogden, some brookside actors and some footy players that dh recognised but I didnt know who they were!

peplum41 Sat 27-Apr-13 13:12:03

virginposter now they are the lentil. Good idea to have a packet in. Will get some next time in sainsbo

the trouble is their is bugger all for me and ds to do today that doesn't involve eating or drinking.

so far i've done a lot of ironing. i don't know why i've piled weight on this week or why it's so hard to fast to remedy it. i suspect i may have lost faith that fasting is working.

i know people say think of the health benefits you're still getting but i must be honest i am doing this for the weight loss and the health benefits are a happy side effect rather than vice versa.

The pullout in today's Times has 10 recipes, interesting sounding some of them are!

Fragrant Pho (48 cals)
Poached eggs with spinach and portobello (124 with 1 egg)
Skewered monkfish with balsamic coleslaw (226)
Chicken puttanesca (247)
White fish stew (268)
Red Lentil Tikka masala with barley roti (386)
Shakshouka (178) (bit like Nigella's eggs in tomato sauce)
Meatballs with cavolo nero (264) I think that's a dark cabbage
Salmon with baked veg (300)
Beetroot and bramley soup (116)

Hmmm, off to plan next week's fasts biscuit

shakshouka is the thing of nightmares for me. i used to live in egypt, can't stand tomatoes, and would often get served it by people when i was visiting. many things i can eat to be polite but not that.

i would love a recipe for a good fish stew that doesn't involve tomatoes if anyone finds one.

ELR Sat 27-Apr-13 16:15:04

swallowed I've a a bad week too with a 2.25lb gain even though I fasted twice as usual and haven't over eaten. Think we are about same on time if month too and was thinking must be due soon but it's still over a week away!! Stay positive and think of all the weight you have lost so far instead of how much you haven't lost this week. Failing that have a big fat G&T and start a fresh on Monday. I have decided not to weigh now until next Friday so I don't see the gains and get negative!

sorry to hear you've gained too elr - and yes same here - just over a week to go. trying to fast today but a G&T and forgetting it till monday sounds so blumming tempting at the minute. haven't had any cals so far and am trying to aim for none at all today. at the minute it's 50/50 whether i do a 36hr fast or whether i just blow the whole thing off and ending up eating more than a normal day.

grumpy! sorry grin

akarucker Sat 27-Apr-13 17:18:01

I've had nothing so far, but just taken a gammon out of the oven, so I think a big plate of that with a salad should end the fast nicely soon.

akarucker Sat 27-Apr-13 17:29:29

BTW, to new fasters who are struggling to go longer before breaking their fast, two months ago there was NO WAY I could even make it until mid morning without eating. Now, I can make it until about 6 with no problems. As I find that eating kick starts the hunger monster inside me, this is now a huge benefit because there are fewer hours left in the day to want to keep eating...

DeckSwabber Sat 27-Apr-13 17:53:35

I eat porridge for breakfast because my GP has recommended it to keep cholesterol down (seems to work), and because I don't want to be hungry at work. If I'm hungry in the evening I can always distract myself, but at work my colleagues eat all day - chocolate and cake or delicious smelling hot savoury food. It would drive me crazy to be hungry with that going on!

swallowed dont be grumpy... why do you have to do a 36 hour fast or blow it and eat more than normal..You havent had any cals yet so why dont you just stick to a 500 evening meal and meet your naughty voice in your head halfway. You can do it and have your G&T tomorrow..WI tomorrow and Ill bet you'll have lost.
Its so frustrating when the scales dont do what you want isnt it? but after a 3 week stall and not bloody giving in( said through gritted teeth) i was rewarded with a loss this week.

gammon sounds lovely aka.

head - i feel like if i eat i won't be able to stop so might be better off just not eating iyswim.

BsshBossh Sat 27-Apr-13 18:14:47

saf I agree with head. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. This weight loss gig is all about calm consistency. Last year I had a 4 month stall bouncing up and down the same bloody 168lb mark before it started going down again; then this year I had a 3 week stall but I got to goal eventually. You just have to trust it's working and keep doing the same thing day in day out. IMHO obviously.

Dotty342kids Sat 27-Apr-13 18:22:46

wow BssBossh that's one heck of a long stall you had last year. I really admire your patience in sticking with it! And well done for keeping at it. Any woe I think will have it's ebbs and flows with weight loss and plateaus and it's easy to feel disheartened, even with the best of intentions.
STick at it though SAF, we're all here with you smile

akarucker Sat 27-Apr-13 18:23:10

Mmmm, what a delicious 500 calorie meal I just had: gammon, peas, red cabbage, oven chips (100g of each!). So glad I fasted today because I'm quite satisfied and think I can manage the evening without being hungry. saf if it's really all or nothing today, then keep going with nothing. You're almost there, no point in ruining it now.

BsshBossh Sat 27-Apr-13 19:10:17

Dotty it was less patience (I'm quite an impatient person generally) and more determination. I'd started at 210lbs and getting to 168lbs felt terrific, even if I was stalled at that weight, but I carried on eating at a (slight) calorie deficit because I had faith that was the way to do it in the longterm. 5:2 gives a deficit too. It's what it's all about for me.

ceebeegeebies Sat 27-Apr-13 19:52:22

Married - happy birthday to you too smile

Have had a lovely day with a day out with the DC and a 3 course meal for tea - with wine of course grin

Bsssh - wow you have lost lots of weight! How long has it taken you? I am about 200 lbs now and am aiming for about 160 lbs (I am tall so even though that weight probably sounds heavy to most of you that weight suits me). I am realistic enough to know that it is unlikely to happen before my hols at the end of august but if I have made decent inroads before then I will be happy.

Barbie1 Sat 27-Apr-13 19:52:27


Ladies I um....have a slightly delicate question blush

I know some of you aren't fasting today so I don't want to put you off your food so could anyone point me to info regarding side effects of the diet so I hopefully can find my answer before posting and embarrassing myself?

Put it this way, ill be losing loads of weigh if this carries on grin

Back to catch up soon.

BsshBossh Sat 27-Apr-13 20:05:12

ceebeegeebues here are my stats (summary):

Feb 2012 - 210lbs
Start eating at 10-15% under my TDEE daily, no exercise
Sept 2012 - 168lbs
Long long stall but still eat at 10-15% under, feel great and still eating loads (around 1800 cals) so not unduly bothered with stall
Christmas 2012 - lose 2lbs, finally! No idea why though!
Feb 2013 start 5:2 because bored of daily calorie counting, start exercise
April 2013 - 145lbs GOAL

Bramblesinafield Sat 27-Apr-13 20:11:33

Barbie one, opposite effect for me but on non fast days I hav slots of orange juice and fruit.

Lots of passing water though,

fluffypillow Sat 27-Apr-13 20:21:45

Happy Birthday ceebee and married thanks

deckswabber we've started at the same time smile My first fasts were Tuesday and Thursday. I know how hard it is watching the children tuck into their food when you are fasting. I want to make my house a 'food free zone' on my fast days grin
Well done for the walking and swimming. Exercise is next on my list of 'things I really must do' blush

ceebeegeebies Sat 27-Apr-13 20:23:53

Bsssh - thanks for that smile very inspiring stats. I WILL reach my goal...

Barbie - I too have the opposite problem and have become bunged up since starting this diet!!

Forgot to say that my birthday has been slightly tarred by PMT sad I don't suffer very often but, by god, I have today!! I had a complete tantrum at DH this morning and then was really on edge until mid afternoon - I could happily have hit the woman at the cafe counter at lunch who seemed to be taking forever to serve wink

Hopefully my period will make an appearance soon!!!

fluffypillow Sat 27-Apr-13 20:24:46

Wow ceebee that's amazing. You must feel really great. Well done. smile

fluffypillow Sat 27-Apr-13 20:27:32

blush whoops! didn't read that properly

Well done bsssh

ceebeegeebies Sat 27-Apr-13 20:46:56

Ha ha Fluffy, just had to re-read my message to see what I had done wink

Twinmama32 Sat 27-Apr-13 21:32:50

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the 30 day shred DVD. I'm thinking of getting it and I know some of you have mentioned it.
I've never been a DVD fitness person before but quite frankly I can see now my previous approach to my wol was all wrong so I want to try something new. My question is will it really male a difference to someone who has very little fitness, and is it even remotely doable?!

I truly need some motivation despite a stone in weight lost in around 10 weeks I can feel myself slipping back to my old ways and I'm scaring myself a little. I really believe in this wol but for some reason I'm already getting complacent and I've still at least two stone to go...

Argh help!

30 Day Shred has a number of plus points - it's only 20 minutes, you only do each move for about a minute, and there's a next level to look forward to. And you can find it on YouTube.

Negative points - JM can get a bit annoying, there's always at least ONE move that is a pain, and you need weights that you can lean on (ie makeshift water bottles won't do).

I think it's fairly easy for beginners, but you dont need to buy the DVD, just find it on YouTube.

Twinmama32 Sat 27-Apr-13 22:19:57

Thanks melanie I've just had a look on YouTube, it's looks right up my street Monday is going to be day 1! Fingers crossed by beginning of June ill look like jillian! wink

MeNeedShoes Sun 28-Apr-13 00:19:05

Marking place. I have been planning to start this diet / WOE for ages but can't quite psyche myself up. Any tips for tackling the first fast? Would really like to start this Monday. Am still part BFing DD but only about 3 feeds a day.

Any tips for preparing for first fast? Planning to not eat until lunch, have 2 scrambled eggs and a slice of ham then have chicken and veg stirfry for tea? Does that sound about right?

Toofattooold Sun 28-Apr-13 07:35:12

twinmama I have been using 30 day shred for the last two weeks. I find it great as I have 2 young children so 20 minutes is short enough to be able to fit in everyday. I find the DVD quite difficult - particularly each time I move up a level. There are modified versions of most of the exercises though. I am doing it along with 5-2. In the last three weeks I've lost 3lb. Slow progress but I can see my shape changing. I would recommend it!

MeNeedShoes, I'd be a bit wary of fasting while you're still BFing.

But tips for first day(s) - get through them whatever way works for you. Have lots of liquids on hand - you usually get a lot of liquid intake via foods, so that needs replaced. Variety is good - water, add mint or lemon or ginger, herbal teas, marmite/oxo/bouillon, black or green tea or coffee. You can have milk in them if you like, just make sure you count the calories.

Plan ahead - you've already done that, and your menu for the day sounds lovely!

BsshBossh Sun 28-Apr-13 07:46:13

Welcome Shoes, you sound like you're on the right track already. I find fasting days go well when I pre-plan them and when I drink gallons of water. What also helps me get through them is, when tempted to eat, to say to myself "I can eat that tomorrow".

wonderingagain Sun 28-Apr-13 09:02:32

Wow just weighed myself and really sorry if it sounds like boasting but I have lost 10lbs since I started on Tuesday!

It is definitely a great diet for people with a lot to lose. It doesn't seem to work so well on those losing a few pounds though.

wonderingagain Sun 28-Apr-13 09:12:39

Bshhhboshh thank you for sharing your stats, that's truly inspirational! I have a goal of 10.7 and now have 2.10 to lose.

I do think that this woe is great for me. Calorie counting every day is soul destroying. Every other day I can manage.

akarucker Sun 28-Apr-13 09:32:06

wonderingagain WOW! envy envy envy

wonderingagain Sun 28-Apr-13 09:44:42

It always happens with me but I started very high - most of what I've lost is what I've been carrying round in my sytem. I am also doing ADF rather than 5:2 simply because it's more practical for me (I would forget my on/off days - this way I know that if I calorie count yesterday, I should be today).

Got that 'feeling cold' thing yesterday - what's that all about?

well done wondering that is a great start! must admit i am jealous grin

took everyone's advice and had my 500 cals last night and managed to stick to them. i'm down under the 11 again but must say i don't trust it with the way things have been going. 10.12.4 today but i think that's an exaggerated loss because i had to take laxatives yesterday and they give a temporary drop in weight due to water loss i think.

can't fast tomorrow as i'm taking a group on a trip and we're being given lunch. am going to make today a very 'light' day in the hopes of it not all bouncing back on again.

good luck to those fasting today. looks like i'll be doing tuesday so hope i won't be the only one as most fast monday iirc.

wonderingagain Sun 28-Apr-13 10:27:22

I'd love to be your weight SAF, I was there for most of my pre-dcs years and complained about it, wanted to be 9.7 like I was when I was 18! The good thing about this diet is it gets you to what your natural balance is because your body is able to tell you how much food you need - you learn to listen to your body again.

DeckSwabber Sun 28-Apr-13 10:30:49

Well, amazing result here. I'm more interested in the health benefits than weight loss but I did want to get the other side of 10 stone having hovered around the 10.5 mark most of the year. Weighed in at 9 stone 13 this morning, having fasted on Tuesday and Friday. That hasn't happened for a long, long time.

The real difference is that I opened a bottle of wine yesterday and really didn't fancy it. THIS IS UNHEARD OF.

catsrus Sun 28-Apr-13 10:35:38

Don't crumble SaF ! You CAN do this - I'm off out to drop off the now-much-too-large size 14 clothes at the charity shop grin

I'm in a pretty stable 10 bottom, 12 top in most makes now, the only larger things I'm keeping are those that look good big and baggy!

I'm not quite brave enough to ditch the size 12 jeans yet - getting there smile

wonderingagain Sun 28-Apr-13 10:37:20

Regarding health benefits, I definitely think it does something for my brain - when I'm fasting I'm quite lucid and thinking creatively. Not always hepful but I certainly notice the difference. The other thing is that I feel colder, temporarily for a few hours. I wonder if that's physiological?

wonderingagain Sun 28-Apr-13 10:39:37

catsrus well done. What weight do you have to be nowadays to fit into a 12?

akarucker Sun 28-Apr-13 10:41:34

wondering the feeling cold is quite a common side effect. Don't know why, but it does get better after a while.

wonderingagain Sun 28-Apr-13 10:51:30

I'm hoping it means that your body is using energy in different way - burning fat perhaps?

ceebeegeebies Sun 28-Apr-13 11:19:24

Wondering - size 12 depends on your height I think. For me to be a confortable size 12 I would need to be around 11 and a half stone but for shorter people, that weight would be more like a 14-16.

cold is covered here briefly and the remedy is exercise.

wondering this is a heavy weight for me really. my pre childbearing weight usually sat somewhere between high 9's and low 10's and i had gotten back to that a year or so after having my son. i gained weight in the last year or so. i don't think it's that this is the weight i'm meant to be - don't really buy the idea that you're only meant to be a healthy weight as a teenager.

wondering well done on your loss so far. This woe does work well for those with less to lose too, I've lost 17lbs in 9 weeks and am only half a pound from target and comfortably under 9st.

saf glad you stuck with it, you know this works but your body is not a machine and results can be unpredictable.

Can't remember who was asking about bathroom-related side effects but I had those during my first few weeks too, there were a couple of times I hardly dared step away from the toilet! It all settled down though.

i agree it works for people with less to lose. it's just clearly going to initially work faster for someone who has been overeating enough to create a large excess of fat because the dip down to 500 will be more of a gradient for them than for someone who was only mildly overeating or eating at their tdee.

thanks postman - i don't know what it is this week - i've felt really negative and uphill struggle-ish about it. don't know if it was just losing nothing from a fast at the beginning of the week or if i'm getting hormonal again already or the weather going hot then cold and triggering appetite or what. sod it. new week starts tomorrow and have to hope it is better.

i also felt like avoiding this thread even though i usually post way too much confused maybe some weird rebellion kicking off in my head. going to take it as ok this is self destruct rearing it's head so you get to choose whether to go with that or to overcome it and move forward. think self destruct is hard wired into me so best i learn how to tell it to fuck the fuck off and then fuck off some more.