IF, 4:3, 5:2 - Maintaining a healthy weight - Chapter 2

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Breadandwine Sat 13-Apr-13 10:44:21

This thread is for those who have been practicing IF (Intermittent Fasting) for quite a while and are now at or nearing their target healthy weight. It's also for anyone who is doing it for the health benefits alone.

How do we experience fasts and balance a stable food intake while having little or no weight to lose?

How do we ensure that this WOL keeps us at the healthy weight long term rather than revert to yoyo games?

Several of us have been stable at our goal weight for a few months, now, and others are joining all the time. Obviously, the more the merrier! grin

Here is the current main thread for posters practicing IF to lose weight.

There are two other associated threads:
This one, which is an absolute goldmine of Tips and Links on how to practice IF, and the research behind it.

And here is a treasure trove of 5:2 recipes, mostly low calorie for fasting days, but there are also recipes for when you want to treat yourself. And, now we're maintaining, we'll need more of these! grin

catsrus Sat 13-Apr-13 12:03:29

Hello all - marking my place. Lazy morning so far, scrambled egg on toast first thing, handful of cashews while reading the paper then a couple of lovely seaweed rice cakes with butter for elevensies. Must get dressed and hit the garden - need to pick nettles and wild garlic for soup <yum>

ellenbrody Sat 13-Apr-13 12:34:25

Morning! I'm going to join if you don't mind. I've been doing 5:2 since February, initially to lose a few Christmas pounds, which I've done.

I plan to use 6:1, 16:8, to maintain my weight as I find it difficult otherwise as my TDEE is low (1500).

Not fasting at all today and I've had an apple, pear and a bag of crisps so far! I'm planning on mushroom and halloumi burgers from the recipe thread for dinner and maybe a splash of wine and a little choc (still tonnes of Easter eggs on the bookshelf!!)

frenchfancy Sat 13-Apr-13 14:34:28

Thanks B+W for the new thread. I didn't have beer and peanuts in the end last night, which is probably why my scales are still reading my target weight (well I had to check didn't I? grin).

Talkinpeace Sat 13-Apr-13 14:44:02

Thank you B&W - I was planning to get the new one done this afternoon !

virginposter Sat 13-Apr-13 14:54:55

b&w Thanks for the new thread and congrats on the baby news.
I'm away from home at the moment for 2 weeks at my sister's house - not really a holiday as we're putting in a new kitchen for her and working from 8am till 6pm every day. I say 'we' are working, my DH is and I am helping whenever I can but I've had a really bad back since last Thurs and so have been very limited in my movement.
Also my sister is a feeder-upper and so my 'diet' had gone out of the window (I have managed 2 fasts so far but have eaten such rubbish on my eating days - doh!) so I'm writing these couple of weeks off. It's soooo easy to slip back into bad habits and now that I've started I seem to be craving sweet things all the time. Oh well, I guess it's time to take my own advice and just get back to it upon my return. Really looking forward to it and meanwhile enjoying all your posts smile

BetsyVanBell Sat 13-Apr-13 20:28:41

Place holding post even though I mostly just lurk on this thread grin

BVB, dito grin

Breadandwine Sat 13-Apr-13 23:48:07

Damn and blast! I forgot to include a link to the initial maintenance thread in the OP! [mad]

I've just had a bit of a read of the first few posts - and there's some great stuff on there.

Yer 'tis! *

(*Somerset for 'Here it is'. grin)

Laska42 Sun 14-Apr-13 07:52:22

thanks B&W just marking place...

Breadandwine Sun 14-Apr-13 12:22:55

I am SO excited! I can't tell you how thrilled I am!

I'm making a vegan trifle - the first trifle I will have had in many decades.

I made a vegan vanilla sponge cake, placed some in the bottom of a dessert bowl, put slices of banana on top, then poured vegetarian jelly* over all this and it's beginning to set already!

*BBE No 2008! grin

I thought it would take ages to set in the fridge - but, no, it's almost ready for the custard (I must admit I reduced the water for the jelly by 10% - it's the first one I've made, so I wasn't sure what to expect)

[Later] The custard (Alpro) is now on top of the trifle - but I can't finish it off with cream, as I don't have any suitable. All I have is soya pouring cream - so I'll just have to add it in the bowl when I serve up.

The question is, should I have trifle for lunch? An early lunch at that...? confused

The answer came very quickly - I'm typing this after my second helpingl grin

It's not perfect - the custard isn't quite thick enough, the jelly a little on the thin side - but it is so, so good!

Would another helping affect my exercise, later?

Perhaps, just a small spoonful...

Or two...

That's it, I've just put it on top of the cupboard, out of reach!

Not really, it's safely tucked away in the fridge until dinner tonight!


catsrus Sun 14-Apr-13 13:45:13

You might want to think about getting some vegan "yoghurt" to replace the cream B&W - we got some some the other week that was coconut and it was fab - very thick and creamy. Another experiment might've to whip coconut cream up with the soy pouring cream? or the plain tofuti cream "cheese" might whip up with the soy cream?

I've never managed to be vegan totally but my basic diet is more plant based than anything else - milk in tea used to be the stumbling block but the alpro almond milk is the best substitute I've fund yet. I do eat cheese, but try to limit myself to non cows milk artisan cheese - and keep my own chickens for eggs smile.

Talkinpeace Sun 14-Apr-13 19:28:26

Vegan is not my thang. I much prefer local and traceable. Having read up on GM and pesticide contamination in a lot of soya and almond products, I'll stick to the farmers up the road.

Marking my place - off out tonight for dirty martinis and chorizo and manchego crepes to say farewell to our friends who have been visiting.

Then it's "countdown to 30", just under a month to get back into my good habits and into a pair of size 8 jeans I bought for my birthday on 12th may, no alcohol, no refined sugar, 4:3, shred, yoga, swimming and cycling....HERE WE GO! (then hopefully bona fide maintaining)

ellenbrody Mon 15-Apr-13 07:08:57

Fast day today and back to work sad, will report back later, but leafy salad packed for lunch.
Have a good day fellow fasters!

Breadandwine Mon 15-Apr-13 08:51:54

Sorry, Ellen - meant to welcome you to the thread earlier - I was too hung up on trifles! grin

I had you in mind when I wrote about joining us over here, on the other thread. smile

Welcome ellenbrody

Such Exciting news about the 20 week scan B&W my sister recently had her 20 week scan and I immediately went out and bought way too much newborn baby clothes, but they were super cute and I just couldn't resist.

I have to say I'm less excited about the trifle, just never been my thing, but the curry off is sounding good and we could do a curry style salad for the upcoming good weather I have decided is definitely on it's way!

I'm a make it up kind of curry girl, although I love reading a really old madhur jaffrey cookbook for inspiration, and then throw in a bit of what i fancy, it does mean they can be a bit more hit and miss and annoyingly amazing ones then can never be quite replicated again!

I've been out last week and bought ingredients for laska's aubergine curry but can't find spinach in any of my local shops......have no local greengrocer and hate large supermarkets, only baby spinach, but tomorrow is my day off and i am determined to succeed, I nearly swapped the spinach for mushrooms, but resisted.

Fast day today and my first day back cycling to work this year, i'm usually an all weather/all year round cyclist, but the cold and wet and dark just put me off so much that I couldn't get back to it in January after teh christmas break, so today's gorgeous spring day has inspired me, now hoping that re-starting that will mean teh fasts and exercise will start to have an impact before summer starts proper!

french fancy brilliant news on reaching and maintaining target, must be such a good feeling, i've never really had a target, but maybe I should set one to spur me on? hhhmmm i'll ponder it some more.

americas I think a specific target is good, I think i've got too relaxed without targets or dates to aim for, maybe I should aim for end of May to lose half a stone, which is my likely moving date? am sure all my summer clothes would look better a little looser.

enough blathering, enjoy the sunshine everyone.

catsrus Mon 15-Apr-13 11:47:37

mumof nettle tops are a good spinach replacement - honest smile I love this time of year when then new young nettles are out - take the top few inches and use like spinach, or make a lovely nettle soup with nettles, onion and potato. yum.

thanks cats living in inner city hackney i'd probably have to go just as far to find nettles!

welshmill Mon 15-Apr-13 15:08:30

Just marking my place. Back on the straight and narrow after a few weeks of lazy-sort-of-maintaining- 5/2. I'm planning a month of 4/3 to get to grips with that last 10lb. A boiled egg, cup of coffee and a green tea so far today and feeling pretty good. smile.

welsh i'm with you, definitely been doing lazy maintaining for a while, but now trying to step it up. I've had broccoli and stilton soup, one coffee with a dash and fizzy water and peppermint tea.

sainsburys chicken arrabbiatta meal soup for dinner, but no sneaky fun size milky ways allowed this evening!

BetsyVanBell Mon 15-Apr-13 16:55:10

mocnk - I've found laska's curry works really well with a mixture of frozen spinach and a handful of fresh baby leaf thrown in at the end.

I don't often like pre-made soups but I do like that chicken arrabiata one. However, I have a huge batch of aubergine curry which will see me through various meals this week - it's lovely with some fish poached in it, especially if you marinade it in spices and lime juice first. Oh yum.

Talkinpeace Mon 15-Apr-13 17:03:28

Today's fast is going swimmingly : even when my colleagues ate ham and chicken pasties at me during the work day!
Tummy rumbling a bit but after a singularly unflattering picture taken by the kids on holiday I am feeling incredibly motivated.
That and I'll hardly get to the gym for the next month or two so I have to eat less.

scripsi Mon 15-Apr-13 17:08:17

I am maintaining so would love to join this thread - and in fact never lost much on the 5:2 as that wasn't my intention - but I am doing it for health reasons (very bad health heritage!).
I am enjoying BreadandWine's recipes at the moment! I made the ratatouille pie over the weekend. Everyone loved it.

Some of my family over in the US are following 5:2 as well and we compared notes for fast days over the weekend: it became very clear that they were eating much more food than me on fast days. For example, I often have a GG bran crispbread with an egg for breakfast and I reckon it as around 30 calories per crispbread (as on the packet). My US relatives have the identical crackers but on their wrapping it is listed as 12 calories per crispbread.
I did some digging and apparently the US don't count "insoluble fibre calories" so that calorie counts can be different here and there for the same foods. Normally it wouldn't make much difference, but given the low calorie allowance for the fast days it can, in particular if you are eating high fibre veg. Any thoughts on this?

SmileItsSunny Mon 15-Apr-13 17:31:35

Lurking. I'm at my target fat levels, not too fussed about weight, but am still on the dirty to support DH, who still has some way to go sad

SmileItsSunny Mon 15-Apr-13 17:32:14

*diet, sorry, freudian slip there I think!

ellenbrody Mon 15-Apr-13 19:24:03

smile ha ha, made me giggle!

Thanks for the welcome! Just about to have dinner (salad) and I've enough cals left for 3 cuppas with milk and an apple. smile

Bordercollielover Mon 15-Apr-13 21:12:41

Scripsi that's interesting re the insoluble fibre calories. Presumably these calories just pass through the body unused? That must mean that it would be possible to eat considerably more of some foods if using a U.S calorie counter.........

Talkinpeace Mon 15-Apr-13 22:21:58

BCL / scripsi
New Scientist has been picking up on research that is showing that a lot of calorie information on food packets is grossly misleading : there are various ways to calculate the calories in a processed food .... guess which one the makers tend to use wink

Fillybuster Mon 15-Apr-13 22:58:18

<marking place>

Thanks for the new thread B&W ...I love love love trifle, but am not an enormous fan of alpro (except, of course after a meat meal, when I can't have dairy and it makes all the difference to a baked apple...). But so lovely to hear the scan update...how exciting smile smile Hijack away, when the subject is so lovely smile

Another fast done...I regained 9.6 at the end of last week, and amazingly finished the weekend not quite at 9.7, so I now believe I will make it to genuine 'final' target weight (9.3-9.5) some point soon...at which point it will be down to Evil Jillian for final perfection.

Not sure I'll be able to maintain the full loss on 6:1, so need to figure out next steps.

Right off to bed. Welcome ellen and smile and scripsi

Talkinpeace Tue 16-Apr-13 16:28:07

Fasted yesterday, DH fasting today : two weeks without it and his tummy had started playing up again ....
Chinese for supper tonight though!

Breadandwine Tue 16-Apr-13 17:56:22

Thanks, mocnk and Filly - my wife has already begun collecting baby stuff, while I've been googling train sets for newborns!

Blimey I was joking - but google has come back with 30M results!

I am enjoying BreadandWine's recipes at the moment! I made the ratatouille pie over the weekend. Everyone loved it. Thanks for the feedback, scripsi

Breadandwine Tue 16-Apr-13 18:02:30

Going for a 48-hour fast, ATM - 22 hours in and feeling great!

I can only do this because my wife has gone to visit relatives. She already thinks I don't eat enough and I'm getting too thin, despite the fact that I've been a steady weight for the past 6 months!

Which means I can now fulfil a longstanding ambition - to fast completely for a while. While my wife is here, I haven't been able to go without my evening <600 meal, since that would worry her.

All I'm doing, really, is what I normally do - a 24 hour fast, a low calorie dinner, followed by a mini-fast the next day - except that I'm cutting out the meal.

I'm curious as to when hunger will strike - if I'm not hungry by tomorrow evening, I may well continue. We'll see. I've been leaning heavily on good black coffee, which is lovely.

I'm absolutely buzzing - today I broke two personal bests while exercising - and I've just done an hour's fairly heavy (and unaccustomed!) digging.

I'm also curious to see if the high I often experience whilst fasting is enhanced by a longer fast.

Because I was going for this longer fast, I felt justified in finishing off the whole of that trifle yesterday - apart from the small portion I grudgingly shared with my wife! grin I'll be a bit more prepared next time - might even make my own custard - and the yoghurt sounds good, catsrus!

ellenbrody Tue 16-Apr-13 20:28:01

b&w step away from the Hornby stuff! Are you sure your 'buzzing' isn't all the caffeine!! grin

Breadandwine Tue 16-Apr-13 23:39:00

b&w step away from the Hornby stuff! Are you sure your 'buzzing' isn't all the caffeine!!

Ha, ha! Could be, ellenbrody - but I've had the same high when I've drunk only water.

BTW, I'm dropping hints about Ellen - the name of my favourite auntie - for my new grandchild, should it turn out to be a girl! smile

scripsi Wed 17-Apr-13 02:47:39

b&w good luck with your long fast!

TiP, BCL yes I have been looking through some science journals. I do see how insoluble fibre calories might not be counted: anyway it helps me understand why MyFitnessPal often has multiple entries with different calorie counts for identical foods, and it gives me even more encouragement to keep with high fibre foods on fast days.

Calories that don't count.............sounds good to me smile

Well 2nd Fast day of the week completed and glad to be back on the wagon. Feeling great at the moment, but it's frightening how quick the weight can go on I think I learnt some less than healthy habits doing 4:3 last year so working at trying to eliminate some of my mistakes this time around.

That's a mammoth Fast you're taking on there B&W, but why??? How many Fasts are you usually doing in a week, will you now not Fast until next weekend or are you doing another Fast this week?

How's the Novel coming along Laska, do you find it easier or harder to do the writing when you're Fasting. And how was London over the weekend?

Have a great day all!!!!!!

catsrus Wed 17-Apr-13 10:20:41

I've discovered something interesting about my eating 'needs' - well interesting to me anyway grin. On days I work from home I have tended to do the whole "huge pot of veggie stew" trick when I was actively trying to lose weight. now I'm on maintenance my patterns are very different. I'm doing a restricted calorie fast just one day a week, some other days I'm doing a no-food fast until my evening meal - which might be a meal out or an unrestricted meal at home.

I've found the actual doing without food very easy when I'm at work - but always struggled on working from home days. I'm now finding that a couple of slices of wholemeal toast with 3 scrambled eggs for breakfast does actually set me up for the day, so I can skip lunch and have a sensible evening meal.

So far so good on the maintenance front - I am maintaining about 3-4 lbs higher than I would like, but it may be that that's what's sustainable given my lifestyle. I'm still in size 10 jeans so not complaining grin.

The sun has run away again here - but monday was glorious and we're finally thinking salads!

Morning all, second fast day of the week, and an internet shopping delivery tonight that will finally allow me to make the aubergine curry, but in reality will be eating that Friday now, and i'm thinking of throwing in a half day fast Fri to try and make some progress......I seem to do an awful lot of planning of half day fasts, but very little success so far, but I have a drinks for a friends book launch on Fri eve, and a big 40th party with food and drink Sat night.

breadandwine wow 48 hours, so you will just eat at the end of 48 hours rather than at the end of 24 hours? if you don't mind me commenting, it does sound a little unnecessary, and could it be dangerous for your health, in short terms, I guess I mean fainting, and then associated injury? anyway, take care and I hope you get to find out what you are trying to discover.......there are many ways to seek highs, not all of them sensible! then again i'm definitely not always sensible

Breadandwine Wed 17-Apr-13 11:49:43

Cyclist - no, that's it for this week. I'll go back to 6:1 and a bit next week.

My main motivation for a long fast is that I want to know how long it will take before I feel hungry. I've no intention of doing this long-term. And so far - just over 40 hours - there's no sign of hunger at all. I overdid the coffee yesterday - I got bored with it in the end - so I'm sticking to water today.

When you think about it, this long a fast must have been a fairly regular occurrence for our ancestors, chasing after all that prey! Feel sorry for them - at least I know where my next meal is coming from - my freezer being stuffed with pizza and Chelsea buns! grin

Thanks for your concern, mocnk, I'm not doing it for the high - that's just incidental.

Be interesting to see if there's any effect on my exercise level, shortly - I don't expect any.

Cheers, B&W

cats i agree, I find fasting much easier at work than at home, so always plan for fasting then, which in part as I only work 3 days, is why i only manage 2 fasts per week.

Once I move and won't be working immediately i wonder how I will manage, but think I'll have more time to cook and prepare more delicious fast food, generally being more organised, plus I'll have my bf closer by, and if I can prepare fast day food for him to eat then it will give me an incentive. I'm much better at doing things with others, which is why this thread has alwasy been so good.

I popped back onto the main board this week, and it's so great and inspiring to see how many people are doing so well.

B&W just read this and now not as worried you're going to pass out and knock yourself out without your wife around to find you.....sorry can't help mothering everyone!

year without food

just pre-ordered mimi's recipe book for my kindle, out 2nd May. As it's a WOE for life (i've just converted another person at work) I may as well have some tips for spicing things up on fast days, although I haven't minded eating virtually the same food up til now, I'm sure I'll get bored in time.

virginposter Wed 17-Apr-13 16:31:55

B&W I think your fast is inspiring especially for maintainers. I can see why you'd want to experiment occasionally as it's always interesting to push yourself sometimes. I'm wondering if perhaps you may find this new found knowledge of yourself useful, say, after excess i.e. Xmas and Easter or other times when you may have let this woe lapse a little?

Talkinpeace Wed 17-Apr-13 17:33:17

blech - came down with a stinking cold yesterday and feeling really bloated so will just stick with cups of tea and suppers till I feel better.

Good point about post indulgence periods!

I have jacked in the 3 day juice cleanse I was going to do, I was starving and ratty - as soon as I ate something (a raw carrot!) I felt better, I do like doing a juice day once a week, but not really interested in the cleanse thing for now, I'll stick to ADF ta very much!

Got me thinking about the long fast though B&W and generally how as this is a WOE now how to shake it up occasionally to keep it interesting. I probably won't try anything like that til my bike ride is over and in fact can probably only realistically do 4:3 not ADF anyway as I need to eat constantly on the bigger rides and if I don't eat regularly the next day I seem to then binge for days after. Doing 70miles this Saturday and really have to keep up at least one long ride like that a week. Eeek, only about 6 weeks to go!

Laska42 Wed 17-Apr-13 20:10:45

hi all, well i've not managed a proper fast all week , but was getting pretty near it sundae and yesterday, (though both days were ruined by a bottle of wine and i've had some more tonight ) .

Please can I impose on you?

TBH I’ve had a dreadful week and as we are ‘friends' here I hope you don’t mind if I tell you (though perhaps it should be on AIBU instead..) ill try and be as unbiased as I can.. Its ok if you'd rather skip this .and I dont need you to answer. . But I do need to get it out somewhere..

You might remember that I told you that my 3mth old grandson's mother (MOG) and my son had split up a few months into the pregnancy.. We don’t really know why, as they had been together a couple of years , but before they were living together and did seem to be getting on really well and we had welcomed her into the family etc.(she spent the last two Christmases with us and lots of other times ) .

But when she became pregnant she suddenly moved back to the mainland and got herself installed in a council mother and baby unit . (Despite the fact they had a flat here and friends and support and I know my son didn’t want her to go ) .

But I do also know that my son (who is quite frankly a pretty immature 22yr old) was,shall we say ,‘shell shocked' about the consequences of his non-protective actions ( being an utter total divot)and that he wasn’t so keen on being a father then . Also,that MOG was pretty obviously wanting a baby beforehand ( which I definitely hadn’t clocked, though DH had ). Also, previously she had been estranged from her mother for some time with whom she had a difficult relationship having been thrown out at 16 into a hostel (I find out now) .
Anyway, it seem s that MOGs own mother did the arranging for her to go into the M&B unit and also on the way did her best to estrange her from my son by accusing him of stealing the flat deposit money (which we had paid her back when MOG left incidentally) and various other things. Also now there is a grandchild its like the previous estrangement had never happened. All very dodgy.

But the baby was born and we’ve got to see him a few times, the MOG still seemed friendly and willing that we should be a part of the baby’s life and we thought that we can live with a ‘opposite ‘ grandparent family who are, lets say, a little difficult.

A few weeks ago the MOG announced her engagement to someone else, who it seems has been around for most of the pregnancy (although there is no suggestion that the baby is his). So you can see where this is all going Eh? Well, we were a bit concerned, but he seems a decent enough chap, and has a medical job and a house etc and seems to be happy to take both of them on (whereas my son is unemployed) ..and the MOG still seemed v keen that we should all be part of the baby’s life.

Well on Sunday ,it was my grandson's naming ceremony (which MOG invited us to a couple of weeks ago when she was here with us -we have still tried hard to keep her as part of the family, inviting her over and buying things for the baby etc ). Now ,we weren’t expecting baby to have my sons surname (and he didn’t ,but not new Bf name either) and we knew new Bf would be there and had decided we could all cope with that (inc my son, who is a good lad, really, if a bit daft, and does wants what’s best for his son ). And we’d asked MOG beforehand what the ceremony ( secular)would be and if we were expected to do anything. No, but we were definitely invited and encouraged to go.

So we go .. (its long way but that’s not so important). Me , my husband and my son ( my husband is not my sons dad but has been around since my son was small)

But when we got there it was just so upsetting. And i can sayt hat honestly I have never felt so humiliated in my life .

Remember, we were specifically invited. ..

We were totally ignored by her whole family, she hardly said hello we weren’t introduced to anyone. No one would talk to us . The new Bf did the ‘father’ speech (we had expected that and were prepared beforehand ) . But it was hard listening to the celebrant talking about how Marcus had a loving family and two parents and a loving extended family to look after him , when his real dad was there and ignored (but we had expected that might happen). But our side of extended family were not even acknowledged as even being in the room

.. But the worse thing was having been told that there was nothing we need to prepare, the other grandparents (mum stepdad and her real dad) and all of her family were invited to give a dedication speech . But the babys actual father and us as grandparents we were not even asked to say anything. (Ok i might not have wanted to , but it felt like a huge slap in the face)

My son was completely blanked ( except by the new bf who did give him the baby to hold after the ceremony so obviously was embarrassed ) Her mother and stepfather didn’t even acknowledge us. Neither did any of the rest of her family or friends except her dad who did come to say hello

The only bright light was MOGs grandmother who (bless her) came and sought me out after and said that she thought that it was wrong. But I can tell you I was so upset. And now I just don’t know what to do,

I just hope y that MOG never has to sit and see her own son humiliated like that . I just came home and cried .and have felt totally crap ever since. We’ve heard nothing, no thanks for coming or the gift or anything , and MOG is moving away to be with BF in a week or so , so we wont even know she her address But now of course I hardly feel I can say anything in case I dont get to see my grandson again .

MOG said to me at one point after the ceremony ‘I think you are blanking me’ (I was trying not to cry in front of everyone) and I said to her ‘ ‘its a very hard call, you have made on us today’ but I don’t think she understood what I was saying. But it was all I could say. But I just can’t understand why they treated us like that .

We weren’t even offered a cup of tea.
Thanks for reading.. I dont need you to say anything, but did need to get it off my chest .

I know we have legal options.. but i do hope we don’t have to go for them,

Sorry, this a diet board isn’t it ?

Laska42 Wed 17-Apr-13 20:26:40

I was so proud of my son though. He acted like a real man. Dignified and determined to go and to be seen to be there. Though he has told me since that he felt like crying too.

Laska42 Wed 17-Apr-13 20:46:48

oh yes, and Marcus bawled loudly all through the dedication ceremony an speeches , but when the BF gave him to my son to he just straight away fell asleep in his arms.. that was quite strange . Maybe he knew something.. _(butat least him yelling meant that we couldn't hear all the terrible doggerel)

(ok so now IABU, but who cares ) grin

Laska42 Wed 17-Apr-13 20:47:40

more wine I should have an early night .

Talkinpeace Wed 17-Apr-13 20:53:05

It sounds all horribly mixed up and probably a power kick between MOG and her Mum.
Sadly your son will never be a "father figure" to his son.
Same as my father is not a "father figure" to me. But he is my Dad - I've had multiple dads over the years.
Your son needs to reinvent himself as a sort of uncle. And you and your DH as your Grandson's extra grandparent by the seaside. (I had 8 grandparents at one stage - it works).
Maintain the communication with MOGs boyfriend - as he sounds the sanest of the lot .... and find a cordial reality to go forward.
But not for a week or two.

TBH I'd suggest a thankyou card for inviting you (even though you do not mean it) with some pictures of you and a request that she stays in touch for her son's sake.

Laska42 Wed 17-Apr-13 21:06:46

Thanks TIP well yes we knew it would be hard and of course she would be moving on . but I suppose it was it was just that it was so cruel and seemingly deliberately hurtful, especially as we have always tried to make her part of the family here .

I wouldn't have done that.

Better if she had just not invited us in the first place.

oh Laska I'm sorry it does sound very cruel, to give you one impression and then on the day it look like something completely different. And it's not like your son treated her badly or there has ever been any antagonism - it sounds like her DM has tried to wrestle control but like MOG is oblivious. I can see why you're so hurt.

I think TIP is right, you need to reinvent yourselves as the alternative (cooler, not so old and fuddy duddy, living in an awesome place) grandparents - the ones who Marcus will escape to when he's older because you have a bond but a slightly removed bond - like I suppose the ones we forge with our friends' children.

I'm really angry on your son's behalf though, how awful - though at least the BF doesn't sound like the mean and spiteful one, that would be very difficult for all concerned. (though he's turned up pretty damn quick hasn't he?)

No worries for going off topic, it's good occasionally to realise there's more to life than dropping a few pounds

lots of unmumsnetty xxxxxxxxx and hugs

Breadandwine Thu 18-Apr-13 00:00:38

Laska [hugs]

What a horrible experience! I second TiP's wise words - at all costs, you have to be emollient and turn the other cheek. You need to stay in touch - and be available if there's any chance of child care at any time.

Breadandwine Thu 18-Apr-13 01:09:59

Well, I did it! A complete fast of 48 hours - and, TBH, I could have kept going.

The closest I came to 'hunger' was a slight feeling of 'something' in my tum yesterday evening. A sip of water and it was gone.

I had three choices this evening - I could have just carried on; I could have ended the fast with a <600 meal (in which case it would have continued as a fast over 3 night); or I could end the fast with a normal meal, which is what I did.

Except that I didn't! Have a normal meal, I mean. I grossly over-ate, I'm afraid. blush

I'd taken a pizza out of the freezer, and a corner of that was tempting me, peeping out from under its cover, all afternoon. So I had a large piece of that along with some curried wedges I'd also defrosted, along with a large serving spoon full of chilli non carne I had tickled up a bit, plus a goodly portion of broccoli.

That was just the starter. I decided I deserved a pudding, so I knocked up a 'cake in a cereal bowl' (a variation on 'Cake in a mug'), which I had with some custard. Then, with my coffee I had a couple of pieces of chilli chocolate.

I broke my record with this cake - ready in 6 minutes 52 seconds:
3 dessertspoons sugar
Heaped teaspoon cocoa powder (mix the two together, the sharp edges of the sugar breaks up the lumps of cocoa powder)
3 dessertspoons s/r flour (mix all the dry ingredients to a uniform colour)
3 dessertspoons vegetable oil
6 dessertspoons water

Mix and microwave for two minutes.

This is supposed to be for two, or more, but I scoffed the lot.

And, within a couple of minutes of finishing all this, I felt terrible. It's the first time I've over-eaten since I began this WOL - and I'll tell you this, it's also the last!

I tried to lie back in an armchair to take the pressure off my stomach, but this wasn't enough - I had to lie down upstairs. My belt was loosened, of course, but I also had to unbutton my 2" too big waistband.

Altogether, the feeling of discomfort lasted for couple of hours - and I really think I'll have to do a mini-fast tomorrow to make up for tonight's excesses.

Back to the fast: 6 months ago I would never have imagined I could go for 48 hours without solid food. Then I was very nervous about anything beyond 12 hours (which I'd had to do for a fasting blood test earlier).

I felt fine throughout. I did my pretty vigorous exercises on the two days, breaking 2 PBs on the first. I did over three hours of (unaccustomed) digging with no ill-effects - I just felt bloody good! I went to the dentist this afternoon - my muslim dentist was very impressed. I was the first non-muslim she'd ever met with any experience of fasting.

I doubt I'll do it again - I'm glad I did it, but I'm not sure what I got out of it that I don't get from 5:2 or 6:1. I did find it easy - I think if Mike Mosley had built up to his 3 day fast instead of going in blind, I reckon he too would have found it a lot easier than he did.

I just wanted to find out how long it would take before I experienced hunger - and I still don't know the answer! confused

I shall make sure I eat nutritiously over the next few days, to take account of of my lack of nutrition this week.

Cheers, B&W

sad so sorry to hear about your weekend Laska, and at the end of the day everything TiP2 says makes sense.

My eldest boy who's 21 now said to me a few months after entering the world of work and supposed adulthood, that when he was imagining what it would be like when he left school he imagined that he'd be entering a world full of 'adults' .......what he found he got was a world full of rather big kids!!

Laska42 Thu 18-Apr-13 13:45:29

Thanks all.. I feel better for having written it all down.. .Yes turn the other cheek it has to be , but oh , boy I never want to be in the same room as the rest of her family again..
Hopefully we wil be able to have positive impact on Marcus inthe future.
wel fastin gtoday and its goingok ,,(im hoping to have only veggiesfor dinner this eveningand not wine instead!)

Well done onth 48 hours B&W , but yes , perhaps a massive meal straight aftre wasnt the best idea.. Hope you are feling a bit less stuffed now

Laska42 Thu 18-Apr-13 17:58:47

oh bugger. I got home , walked into the kitchen and fell straight into a glass of white. And am now starting to prepare food for our weekend visitors.. . so I'm now just officially writing this week off.. ( no scale change though so good) Its not too bad though... earlier on in the week I nearly bought some fags again..
Right ..enough about my family woes and thanks again everyone for being kind (and not minding too much about me imposing here)

so we all know that B&W is master of the universe today (even if he has a slight bulge after all that cake) But how is everyone else doing?

I bought a fab 'sixties type print mini dress in a charity shop today (for the Summer which we all now richly deserve her in the UK.. lucky old FF and ATB ) ..was a Sz 10 -which is good as the still annoyingly big boobs usually mean a 12 (or sometimes even 14 depending on make ) in dresses or top even now . But I think they are shrinking at last .. so good , must get the tape measure out .(sorry if too much information here , boys) .. which reminds me did anyone ever hear back from manonboard I still laugh at his 'top of the morning' joke when i see TOTM written down on the net .

catsrus you were talking about your regime a while back (was it on the other board?) . I want to lose a bit more , but am keen to know .do you think the maintenance 'eating only in the evening' on eating days is working for you .

TIP are you back in the swing now?
cyclistist bro re kids vs adults .. (wry smile emoticon ) .. your boy does sounds like he has his head screwed on the right way though

Talkinpeace Thu 18-Apr-13 18:15:28

Snot monster from the south checking in ....
Amazing how bloated a cold can make me feel. But I've taken to skipping lunch when I'm working and just having a decent supper each day - not getting to the gym my TDEE is only around 1300 calories.

When we meet up I'll regale you with how my family coped with the splits - some better than others - but finding ways to be different is the only way forward, as is meeting on neutral territory.
I'm up to my eyeballs with work but will message / email you ...

planning to have a drink this evening too : will fast properly when my head does not hurt.

ellenbrody Thu 18-Apr-13 20:59:24

I had a mini - fast today, 16 hours, then 1000-1200 cals (TDEE is 1500), I'm hoping this, and a 'proper' fast on a Monday will keep me steady and let me indulge a bit at the weekends.

It's been three weeks and so far so good (fingers crossed for Sat am weigh in!).

ellenbrody Thu 18-Apr-13 21:01:51

Oh, and b&w, well done! I'm most impressed!! I also love the name Ellen, its so pretty (not my real name, just a homage to my fave film).

blimey well done B&W but eurgh that over eating feeling must have hurt some....I hate that feeling so much and yet am still to control binging when it happens.

Glad you're feeling a little better Laska but I think you're entitled to a week with alcohol and no fasts! Back on it next week lovely.

I made a stupud mistake and bought some jeans on ebay in an America size 6 thinking it was UK size 8 (aim for my birthday then maintain) but the sizing in my head is wrong and should have bought size 4 (god that sounds ridiculous, no wonder there's such an obesity problem here!) BUT the size 6's are a bit loose so here's hoping....

Fasting today and doing fine, so much better mentally than the stupid juice cleanse bollocks....

Talkinpeace Thu 18-Apr-13 22:00:34

was good and did not have a drink with supper ... saved for tomorrow :-)

BetsyVanBell Fri 19-Apr-13 04:04:25

Oh Laska, big hugs xxxx

frenchfancy Fri 19-Apr-13 06:23:14

Hugs from me too Laska.

virginposter Fri 19-Apr-13 08:17:52

Well done B&W what an achievement.

Hugs too Laska people can be so horrible, family too. I was estranged from my mother for 20 years and even when she died. Sometimes when people cause upset and pain it's best to cut them out of your life totally. My sister was still talking to my mother but her life was made a misery until she too stopped seeing and talking to her. My sister told me recently that it felt like a weight had lifted from her shoulders.
Don't even think about them, just do the best you can for your son and his/your relationship with your grandson, that's what really matters.

Laska42 Fri 19-Apr-13 08:58:44

thanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanks people.

I am feeling a lot better after this . But glad i unburdened to you rather than AIBU.. I wouldn't have wanted to be told That IWBU .. as of course you never really know what goes on in peoples relationships and so I can see her point of view about my sons lack of enthusiasm earlier ..But yes she did replace him just in a couple of months for a better prospect it seems..

Well I'm not eating until this evening when friends arrive.. have day off and should be cleaning as friends arrive lunchtime ,.. but just popped into catch up again. whilst is have my coffee digest the devastating Rolf Harris news - well for my generation of kids anyway -(as if this week hadn't been bad enough eh? ) Of course it not be true, but am fast coming to the conclusion that I'm just a bit naive even at 55 .. ah well..

Any way enough of that.. this is a diet board ,as i should remember [slap on hand emoticon]

.. I do agree with you on sizes ATB but of course the manufacturers seem to be all over the place... im finding sometimes I need an 8 in jeans but other times (usually cheapy jeans) the 10s dont even go over my thighs (which are quite slim) !! . I used to use good old M&S for my guide , but they seem to have got a bit bigger now, I think. in fact the other day I struggled to find any sz 8s in here at all.. (or perhaps its because they are now their best selling item) . but as said above with tops ..F knows! i usually start at 12 and go each way depending on make ..

If i ever win the lottery , as well as having clean crisp white cotton sheets on my bed every day ..I think ill also have someone to make my clothes.. grin

stupid juice cleanse bollocks I thought you were liking it ATB

Tip hope you are besting the snot monster today

I have woken up with a big red SPOT monster on my chin angrygrrrr!

catsrus Fri 19-Apr-13 09:16:13

I have every confidence you'll manage to navigate through the relationship with your gs's mother laska hang on in there.

I had a day without food yesterday prior to a bit too much wine and good restaurant food when I went out with a friend blush consequently I have a heavy carb need this morning - toast followed by 2 bagels on the way to the train - and I've got a lunch provided at a meeting today.... Will have to take myself in hand at the weekend I know - make sure I'm not sliding back up again with a couple of good fasts. Am working Saturday with a fair bit of travel involved so that will help smile

Laska42 Fri 19-Apr-13 09:17:25

PEDANT ALERT: sorry that above should have read I wouldn't have liked to be told that IWBU by a lot of strangers .. especially as I know that many people (like myself when my son was small ) have ended up being single parents through no fault of their own) ..

I'm a writer . always scribbling and re=reading and correcting my stuff.. (not a very good typist though grin)

Laska42 Fri 19-Apr-13 09:21:18

MMMM toast and bagels Stop it Cats it's torture.. (I might make some more crumpets later though )

Right off to get the bloody sodding ridiculous unwieldy annoying bastard vacuum cleaner out . We are not friends ..usually DH does it ..

Talkinpeace Fri 19-Apr-13 12:43:36

Feeling nearly human today. Had an excellent morning at the gym. Weighed in at 9st 2 - so 4lb up on ideal but bearing in mind the combination of holidays, Easter, cold and work, nothing I can't sort in a couple of weeks.

BsshBossh Fri 19-Apr-13 13:16:18

Gate-crashing this thread to say ((((*Laska*)))). You've had some lovely responses on here - what a supportive bunch you are smile

I also have a question for you maintainers:
Are any of you continuing with 5:2 and if so why?
Those of you on 6:1 - are you actually maintaining on this?
Anyone mixing it all up with Fast 5 or 16:8 etc?

BsshBossh Fri 19-Apr-13 13:16:39

Whoops * fail, sorry.

literarygeek Fri 19-Apr-13 15:30:38

Hi all [waves]
Been very hectic here for various sad and complicated reasons, and a few happier ones.
So just wanted to say hi, I'm still here, I haven't combusted.
Hope you're all well.
I need a cup of tea and to sit down and catch up with y'all.

Hope everything's ok literarygeek

bsssbosh I'm not sure what 16:8 is? To be honest once I'm maintaining (hopefully in the next three weeks) I'll probably do a juice day once a week and a fast 1 or 2 days a week, depending on what's going on. I've lost weight very slowly on 4:3/5:2, probably because in the grand scheme of things it's not a hell of a lot to lose, but I imagine some weeks there will be more fasts than others, and am definitely getting better again at "banking" calories, so if I'm going out for a slap up meal I will eat much less if anything during the day

Laska I do normally like the juicing and still juice one day a week but I think a stressful week or two with both children just goin through one I those phases, DH in China and too much pressure from a FB juicing group (which I subsequently left) meant I packed in doing a 3 day cleanse. I still did my one day though so I'm just going back to what I know and what works best! Might do a 3 day cleanse after anticipated birthday excesses in a few weeks. I know someone doing a 21 day cleanse and she is MISERABLE! She's just 6 days in but that is long enough to go without actually chewing on anything...made me realise I made a pact to myself to find a WOE and exercise that I enjoyed immediately as there's no point putting myself through something I hate as I just won't stick to it. Which (again) is why this WOE works so well for me, I can have what I want tomorrow! And now I don't need to feel guilty about not going to the gym or for runs

Aaaaaanyway. 70mile training ride tomorrow so fasting today until this evening when I'm having a massive but healthy dinner to build up protein for the ride

mollysfolly Fri 19-Apr-13 18:21:57

Hi all and a bug hug for Laska . And you were so looking forward to your weekend. Can't help feeling new Bf, who sounds a good sort, will suffer a similar fate to DS.
Hope the Ice Age exhibition was good though (jealous - we went but it was booked up).

I have had an unscheduled fast day due to a very iffy pie at the pub this lunchtime, which made a reappearance shortly afterwards. sad

Talkinpeace Fri 19-Apr-13 18:30:08

feel free to unburden here. This thread is quiet enough that those who have something useful to say are here and the rest stay away.

I am staying with 5:2 because it suits me. I do not stick to 500 calories but I now enjoy fasting.
I don't do 16:8 (ie skipping one meal a day and only eating in an 8 hour window) as I like my family suppers and find it easier to skip lunch - breakfast went years ago.
I've got 4 lb to lose, but with it being my work time of year, my TDEE is down to 1500 so a couple of fasts a week still makes sense.
That and fasting leave space for fizzy wine on Friday!

that juicing malarkey sounds too much like hard work - that and I'm working all over the place and builder tea is much simpler!

have you let the pub know - not to claim money but to help them prevent recurrence ... DH and I once had a dodgy supper, called the restaurant with what we'd eaten and thought nothing more. Two months later we went in and they had held our details and gave us a free main course as we helped them identify the off ingredient.

frenchfancy Fri 19-Apr-13 20:13:05

Handing out a big hug to Literarygeek as she sounds like she needs it.

A pretty good week fasting wise for me, I'm maintaining spot on my target after a 5:2 week. I have just eaten more chips than I normally eat in a month without a cintilla (sp?) of guilt. Finished of some fantastic German chocolate called toffifee to finish.

NSV today: some ebay stuff I ordered arrived. My first time buying size 10 in about 22 years, and they fit comfortably grin One of the skirts is WELL above the knee but it put a smile on DHs face so it must be OK.

catsrus Fri 19-Apr-13 20:34:13

I'm completely mixing it up bosssh depending on work, social life and how 'in the zone' I feel. Yesterday it was a 4-6hr feeding window (no cal restriction) today was carb fest due to the wine consumed blush. Tomorrow I intend to properly fast with 500 cals, Sunday will probably be a 16:8 day. Monday will fast all day but them meal out. Tuesday I have work lunch, weds not sure yet smile and so on.

ellenbrody Fri 19-Apr-13 20:49:11

bshh I've been maintaining by mixing up a bit too. One proper 500 cal fast on Monday and a 1200 day on Thurs with an overindulgent weekend and 3x TDEE days. I try and leave eating as long as possible each day, usually breaking my fast mid morning, or at lunchtime on more restrictive days.
Hope that helps.

BsshBossh Fri 19-Apr-13 23:00:53

Very helpful, thanks so much for sharing everyone. The variety of fasting strategies reflect how different we are and at different times. Can't wait to join you guys smile 1 lb to go!

Breadandwine Fri 19-Apr-13 23:46:40

That's good enough for me, Bssh. IME there's no such thing as a steady weight - My weight varies between 9.1 and 9.4 and has been doing that since November. Our ancestors weight must have varied enormously at times of feast and famine!

My WOL has been 6:1 with a mini fast later in the week. Last week I combined the two (before my 48 hour fast) and I think I'll do that in future.

My wife is due back on Sunday, so any more fasting experiments are out for the forseeable future - although reading that thread about 4 day fasting on the 52 forum has certainly given me food for thought! I'm guessing you're a bit intrigued by it too, maybe?

ATB Good luck for the 70 miler! I'll be thinking of you when I have my lie-in tomorrow morn!

Laska glad you're feeling better - things will work out for you, I'm sure!

Right off to get the bloody sodding ridiculous unwieldy annoying bastard vacuum cleaner out . We are not friends

I'm completely with you on the VC front - I hate the bloody things. However, before my wife returns I shall get it out and wave it around so it makes marks on the carpet! wink

She'll love that! smile

Breadandwine Sat 20-Apr-13 02:23:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aw B&W I'm not sure if you meant that to be posted here instead of a PM to Laska but lots of hugs from me to you. Sounds like a tough situation and heartbreaking too - you are being incredibly sensible, don't know how you do it. My brother is in the forces and if he was in your DSs shoes I would struggle not to tear his wife's throat out...

Enjoy your lie in though wink

Aftereightsarenolongermine Sat 20-Apr-13 07:55:13

Just posted this on main thread:-

Morning all. Not been on for ages & haven't time to read thread but I'm still here.

For anyone who doesn't know me I started this WOE in August & I've lost 3&half stone. I sort of bounce for a few weeks before I lose each time. The weight loss has definitely slowed down, but I'm also doing it for the health benefits so I will carry on regardless.

I've found my body has now adjusted in that I'm not usually hungry until around lunchtime on a normal day, so I often have 2 meals a day rather than 3. I find it liberating & no longer listen to or believe the mantra 'always eat breakfast'!

BsshBossh Sat 20-Apr-13 07:59:27

Breadandwine yes definitely intrigued by a 4 day fast in the future grin.

Your DIL sounds like a lovely, decent sort of human being hmm. It's terrific though that your GD is switched on and I am sure she'll not allow any estrangement.

ellenbrody Sat 20-Apr-13 08:05:23

b&w lovely advice, sadly true - always the giver, but hopefully the rewards of the continued relationship will always be worth it sad.

.5 lb up this morning, but TOM so I'm not too worried, plus I've had a couple of rather too indulgent days!

Laska42 Sat 20-Apr-13 08:41:23

b&W thank you and (((fellow hugs for your situation ))) back ..forgive short answer as ive just had to hurriedly read through your post as only popped back here for a quick nose whilst looking for something else for guest.

I won t be back on today as we have guests , but will read it all properly tomorrow,...

Laska42 Sat 20-Apr-13 08:43:55

ill PM you tomorrow

Talkinpeace Sat 20-Apr-13 20:26:24

I've reported your big post : you don't want that much info about your family searchable on google
and the fact that you used the recipients real name rather than her ID makes me think you meant it as a PM.

You have my email. Am more than happy to chew the fat and offer support off the boards. And you're only in Summerset - not far from here :-)

Breadandwine Sat 20-Apr-13 22:57:58

Thanks, everyone - you're all very lovely and I appreciate all that's been said! thanks

I did indeed post on here by mistake! The trouble is that there is no preview facility when you PM, so you've got no idea what your message looks like.

As soon as I hit 'Post' I realised what I'd done, and reported the message right away. However, it was still there the last time I looked, around lunchtime. So maybe it was you reporting it as well, TiP - thanks for that (and your offer of support) - that did the trick. I had visions of it being up there all weekend until the office staff came in on Monday morning.

Just as well I chose this thread on which to preview the message - as Laska has generously said, it's OK, we're all friends on here, and indeed we are! [hugs all round]

I haven't been on here today - I've been painting my daughter's bedroom all day! I wanted to get it finished before my wife returns tomorrow - she's no idea I've been busy.

I'll need to be even busier tomorrow - the place looks like a tip! But by the time she returns, it'll be sparkling. I also intend to change the bedding, prepare the evening meal and do a quick thorough hoover round!

catsrus Sun 21-Apr-13 08:06:28

I reported as well B&W smile I think MNHQ were a bit busy on other bits of the site!

When you've finished your quick hoovering can you beam some of that energy over here? I could do with sorting my bedroom out and keep putting it off.....

mollysfolly Sun 21-Apr-13 15:16:28

I saw the post B&W and thought it was a mistake but it still made me cry, just as Laskas did. We parents go through so much, I thank God (sorry not a religion alert) every day that my children's marriages seem to be rock solid. Hope things work out for all MNers especially on this thread. flowers

I feel like that and mine are only tiny!!

I am a physical and emotional wreck today - did a 70mile training ride that I nearly didn't complete it was so hard - huge hills, awful heat, wind in completely the wrong direction. It was tough. But I rode with some amazing people with some amazing stories - we're training for a ride in June that raises money for 2 AIDS charities so the emotional bravery of some of the riders who are doing it for people they've loved and lost makes it very intense. It totally removes the ego about it being about you completing the ride and reminds you the real reason we're riding.

But good god my body is destroyed today!

frenchfancy Sun 21-Apr-13 17:18:49

Respect ATB. My body is destroyed today too, but because I have drunk and eaten way too much; DD1s confirmation today, and the sun is out so we had BBQ. I've lost count of the glasses of wine, and my face is tingly because of the sun, but we have been working so hard recently it feels sooo good to have a day off.

Fasting tomorrow to remove some of the toxins!

Talkinpeace Sun 21-Apr-13 19:29:40

Oh Bugger.
My daughter has just perfected baking cinnamon rolls.
Its my birthday Tuesday.
I'll be good after that (or when I've finished them, whichever is sooner)

Laska42 Sun 21-Apr-13 19:58:32

Hi all, well , I have eaten and drunk the equivalent of my bodyweight this weekend I reckon. but it has been lots of fun .. .But I do think that all this wine means that I'm getting a bit of the tummy back.. not good news so I'm going to recommit to evil Jillian and proper fasting this week.

Also as from the 29th April – 3rd May ill be doing the Live below the line challenge, living on £1 a day to raise awareness against extreme poverty. Its going to be a real challenge for this total foodie , but hopefully ill be able to do it . So if any of you would like to know more and hopefully sponsor me (or fancy having a go at doing it for yourself) here is the link to my page

BetsyVanBell Sun 21-Apr-13 20:41:35

Laska That challenge looks difficult! It's reminded me how much my shopping bills have gone up these last few years - and how massively grateful I am that I haven't had to think too much about reducing those costs. It was certainly a different story for my mum who really had to count every penny to feed us all - in fact I distinctly remember us having to grub down the back of the sofa one day to get enough funds for hopefully some kind of treat rather than dinner that day. I'll be interested to see how you get on - do you get to post up a report on that page?

Laska42 Sun 21-Apr-13 20:55:23

Hi Betsy , Yup i think the biggie will be going without coffee, but I think it wont be hunger that will be the problem ( as after 9 months of 5:2 il be fine, its just finding something ok to eat for the money .. I think ill be going down the rice, veggies and dal route. ill probably blog something but the last two days will be the biggest challenge as ill be working in a polling station on thursday 2nd from 6am to midnight , and the next day doing the vote count .. (but I think probably actually do Sunday to Thursday ratter than Monday to Friday )

ellenbrody Sun 21-Apr-13 20:57:01

ATB that ride sounds amazing, well done.

Scoffed today, but weekly total on MFP is spot on so I shouldn't feel guilty. Fasting tommorow and will do 3x Jillian DVDs this week I think.

Laska42 Sun 21-Apr-13 21:14:26

TIP mmm cinnamon rolls

BetsyVanBell Sun 21-Apr-13 21:17:28

Trying not to think about cinnamon rolls... it's not working.

Laska42 Sun 21-Apr-13 21:37:58

I wont be able to afford cinnamon .next week . sad ..OH OK so that means id better have some this week! ( oh no that's not the point is it? )

catsrus Mon 22-Apr-13 02:10:29

Good luck laska - my dd1 did it last year so I know how much of a challenge it can be - don't forget you can Use foraged food such as nettles (which we use a lot in spring anyway)

That is a massive challenge Laska, good luck!

MAnaged to not overindulge today despite calories burnt yesterday and my fundraiser show happening today - but am also back to Shred this week, starting tomorrow....

Laska42 Mon 22-Apr-13 09:01:07

hey cats ,we have nettles sorrel and wild fennel and garlic around right now plush thyme and rosemary in then garden, I did think of going mushrooming also though my work colleagues seem to think that fishing, or nabbing a road-kill pheasant wont be in the spirit of things!

Please can you pm your nettle soup recipe? ( I was was also thinking about doing the 'dine with below the line with me' for a couple of friends and was thinking nettle risotto obviously no wine or cheese in it though

Laska42 Mon 22-Apr-13 09:09:34

hmm dandelion coffee....? there must be something in the garden I can make tea with,, its a bit too early for the mint..

Hi all, sorry been MIA I ate some old (homemade) turkey chilli and have been a bit poorly since, that'll teach mek, but may help with the recent couple of pounds gain.

laska sorry to hear what a tough time you and your DS have been having, that does sound hugely stressful, and it sounds like you put an amazingly strong and brave face on things, and that you will remain consistenly there for your DGS. The worrying just never ends once you are a parent I guess, but like cats I have no doubt that you will do brilliantly at negotiating a positive way through this.

literary sounds like you need some flowers and hugs thinking of you.

B&W well done on managing your 48 hour fast, very impressive, and the binge after not great, but you definitely learned something from it. I hope your wife is thrilled to see how busy you have been when she comes back.

americas your ride sounds gruelling, but a brilliant cause to be riding for, wishing you all the best with that, and don't blame you fro abandining 3 day cleanse, fasting and one day juice days as well as some jillian and bike riding all sounds more than enough!

bssh bossh I never really had a specific target, but the 12 pound loss since last august was enough for me to feel happy and no need to actively try to lose any more (although I'm no skinny minny at a size 12, and I would like to lose a little more, just no urgency about it ) but I have continued doing 5:2, and not lost, but I have worked out I eat more than my TDEE on a daily basis, so this way 5:2 just allows me to eat what I like, when I like and I just maintain a happy weight, plus I get all the health benefits, I genuinely think it's a forever way of life for me.

cinammon rolls sound amazingly evil.....maybe tomorrow! fast day today, mushroom soup for lunch and laska's aubergine curry for supper, I finallymade it, and promptly split 4 portions out, froze 2 for fasts and then added a little coconut milk to the rest and had as a side dish with a girlfriend along with some tandoori chicken (non fast day) it was delicious!

salads season is upon us though and I am so looking forward to stopping the hot soups all the time!

Laska42 Mon 22-Apr-13 14:02:31

I'm so hungry today .its not a fast day ,but cant quite understand it .. i was awake a couple of times in the night as well with a rumbling tum ..
Thanks to the people who have donated to my challenge so far ..I know a couple of you here have .

I've started a blog also

B&W bring on the cheap vegan recipe please.. ,The thing to remember though if you decide to join me is that your £5 had to include whole packets of stuff unless you can go to a 'scoop shop' and buy small amounts..

I'm also going to get creative with the wild plants and herbs in my garden,dont worry ill only eat what i can positively identify ..

catsrus Mon 22-Apr-13 14:23:23

We've got wild garlic in the garden too ATM, it's brilliant grin

Basic recipe is onions, potatoes, veggie stock and nettles. With whatever else I spot in the garden to throw in (cleavers, thyme, garlic, sorrel, young ground elder shoots). Either fry ingredients gently first or just poach in the stock - more or less of each depending on how thick I want it. Season to taste. We like it with a swirl of plain yoghurt and a swirl of hot pepper sauce - though the latter does interfere with the delicate herby flavours smile

I've crept up a few pounds blush and am constantly hungry ATM - so what's that about!? Am trying to fast today but staying overnight with friends so probably won't be able to calorie restrict - then have working lunch tomorrow <sigh> fingers crossed I get back in the zone soon!

...update, todays fast went out the window, I found 4 pices of fruit and nut chocolate in the drawer at work and couldn't resist, not a common occurrence, but it's fine I will attempt to fast again tomorow.

literarygeek Mon 22-Apr-13 19:11:30

Thanks for all the hugs and flowers- all v gratefully received!

Fasting today- have had 478 kcal according to mfp. Got a headache, might blow the last 22 on.... What? A dash of almond milk in my coffee perhaps?

B&W and laska your situations sound horrible. Sending lots of happy thoughts your way.

Was it ATB that posted the carrot/banana grain-free muffins a while back? I think it may've been cos there was a trader joes reference. I veganised it with ground flaxseed instead of egg and it was a huge hit with my sweet-toothed dd. and me! So thanks!

literarygeek Mon 22-Apr-13 19:12:37

And... The other day when I just happened to be having a 'fat-feeling' day my friend said: 'wow, this fasting is really working for you, you look great!" So that cheered me up.

ellenbrody Mon 22-Apr-13 20:18:40

Fasting has been difficult today. I've got to have gluten 3x per day and my biopsy has been put back so I can do this more religiously. I planned on eating krisprolls, but substituted my lunch ones with a piece of cake that was in the staff room - grrr.

I had 750 cals. Do you think 2x 750 fasts would work ok? Once I start on the carby stuff I find it tricky to switch off! So I usually avoid it like the plague on fast days.

Talkinpeace Mon 22-Apr-13 20:32:34

Just finished my fast : whole tub of French Onion soup with leftover chicken chopped into it to come up to 500 calories.
Now stuffed.
Cannot decide what I want for my birthday meals tomorrow.
Would have been happier to be under 9 stone, but HEY I'm only two weeks away from it.

Laska42 Mon 22-Apr-13 20:54:25

TIP its a birthday meal so have what you like,, Id go for Parma ham mango , buffalo mozzarella and torn basil as a starter, a whole baked fish with crushed olive oil potatoes and roasted cherry tomatoes , then some berries and a good cheese plate with fine bread . Plus champagne to start and red wine (yes even with fish. but that's just me.)and a good espresso and a dark chocolate . Enjoy your birthday..

Me? I'm thinking how to make potato and nettle scones coming in at under 25p a day .. B&W I need your help here

Laska42 Mon 22-Apr-13 21:06:43

oh heck I've just made myself salivate describing that birthday meal. I haven't had fast day and have just had stuffed mushrooms with chestnut purée, cashew nuts cheese, onion and celery (it was so yum) . But fasting tomorrow.

This is the recipe I used the Walnut pate en croute (without the brandy but added celery and spring onion ) to stuff portobello mushrooms with as a meal for my weekend guests, It was fantastic and i've just had the last of them now . Highly recommended. and i dont think the eggs or cheese are necessary, you vegan friends

Laska42 Mon 22-Apr-13 21:12:06

Obviously in the stuffed mushrooms I only used the chestnut purée and nut filling without the pastry tonight , but I did make it with Filo pastry over the weekend to rave reviews ..definitely recommended

Laska42 Mon 22-Apr-13 21:26:53

cats I had a look in my garden ,no ground elder (but I'm quite pleased about that now I have looked them up and seen how invasive they are ) , but definitely cleavers which I didn't know you could eat, and they taste really good! and we have lots, I'm definitely going to eat those! We also have rocket, daisies , dandelions and horseradish too ..a veritable feast. Shame its not later in the year, when we also have hawthorn ,rowan, wild strawberries, elderberries , sloes ,damsons, quinces blackberries and crab apples )

literarygeek that was my recipe and brilliant on the flaxseed - what measurement did you use as I have a vegan friend I've been promsiing to make them for so would love to try it out. And well done on your NSV

Laska your imaginary birthday meal sounds amazing - TiP I would go for it! And I'm also a red wine with everything kind of girl

All the foraging talk is making me homesick!! Not that I ever foraged in my non-gardened 2 bed flat in London, but makes me think of English gardens and English countryside and my mum's house. Damsons and crba apples! I can't even remember when we last had them - must ask mum to make some damson jam later in the year and bring it with her at Christmas (along with crumpets!)

I'm fasting today and so far so good, have discovered a hot drink which staves off hunger and is delicious for people with a tart and spicy tooth - jucie of a whole lemon (we have meyer lemons in the garden), several shakes of cinammon, several shakes of cayenne pepper. Holding out til DC come home so I can have dinner with them and have a veggie souffle waiting to come out of the freezer

Laska42 Mon 22-Apr-13 21:56:40

ATB I have a fab crumpet recipe! they are so easy to make .. will look it out and will pm it to you .. probably tomorrow now though as now off for an early night here in Blightly (and after a couple of wine wine grin

Bordercollielover Mon 22-Apr-13 22:55:39

Has anyone lost any significant amounts of cellulite in the general weightloss? Mine seems to be more pronounced but am hoping it will go with the last of the fat eventually.

Laska42 Tue 23-Apr-13 08:38:23

Happy Birthday TiP flowers

Talkinpeace Tue 23-Apr-13 12:32:36

been out at work this morning.
Now lunch in the garden with DH then more work and then a nom nom fish supper he's creating for me.

its slower but it is going ...

Happy Birthday TiP

Found out DH will be in china for work for two weeks spanning mine next month. So I am planning a girlie martini/massage/pool afternoon at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel. That'll learn him

Talkinpeace Tue 23-Apr-13 15:32:51

That sounds COOL ! or actually rather warm :-)
My birthday is sometimes in the Easter Hols. This year its in the middle of nose to the grindstone season. Hey ho.

Breadandwine Tue 23-Apr-13 15:50:09

Finally got around to that recipe, Laska - but although it is very cheap to make, it does depend on you having the ingredients in.

Basically, it's a lentil and potato hash in a pie made with a bread crust.


However, lentils are 99p/kg - flour is 80p a bag (or 45p if you don't go for bread flour), then you need a large potato and an onion. Fresh yeast can be had free from the bakery counter at Asda.

But the pie should last 3 or 4 days...

This is trickier than I thought - maybe you should just go on a 5 day fast! grin

I know, I know, it's not funny! Sorry! blush

If you bought the s/raising flour (45p in Morrison's), that would provide you with enough soda bread for the 5 days. A jar of jam costs (from memory) about 31p from Lidl - so you could live on bread and jam.

Still thinking...

literarygeek Tue 23-Apr-13 17:27:31

Happy birthday, TiP - sorry about the work but at least the sun is out!

ATB I normally sub one tbsp ground flaxseeds mixed with the same amount of warm water for each egg. It's best if you do that first and then leave it to the side until you prep the rest of the ingredients. It goes all gloopy. There's an amazing gluten free vegan brownie recipe on oh she glows that uses flaxseeds, too, if you happen to be converted by their fake egginess!

laksa that reminds me of doing a 'rice and water' fast to raise money for Rwanda some years ago. By day 2 1/2 I was so bored I stopped eating until the end. Good luck!

BalletIsMyNemesis Tue 23-Apr-13 18:08:05

Could I please ask some questions? I've had a read through some of the threads but still not sure.

I have lost 5 stone and am looking to maintain my weightloss but mainly I want to try an IF diet because of the reduction in breast cancer risks as I am in the very high risk category.

From what I can see it sounds like you need 16+ hours fasting to see health benefits, up to a period of 24 hours, with diminishing returns once you get much past 24 hours. Is this fasting period a zero calorie period or is it the time in which you would eat your 500 cals?

This is what I am planning on doing but don't know if it is 'right' or ok. Any help or tips would be great.

Tues 7pm-Wed 7pm -- No calories, plenty of water, followed by a normal meal at 7pm on the wednesday night
I would plan to do the same on either Sun/Mon or Thurs/Fri depending on what I have planned in a week.

Is that ok?

I use MFP anyway, so was planning on eating to my TDEE on MFP on the 'normal' days.

Northstarmum Tue 23-Apr-13 19:48:47

Happy Birthday TiP flowers

Laska42 Tue 23-Apr-13 20:06:01

well today I had a trawl around the shops hoping to make a plan fo ..and yes its a bit of a shock ... but I bagged some.some 'reduced for quick sale things -' 2kg of potatoes (far more than id usually eat in a month of normal eating) £1.38 , 6 very large onions,£1, and a bag of chillis reduced to 30p. Then a trip to Lidl got me a tube of tomato puree for 39p and A large tin of kidney beans (21p). and I think ill go back there for some lard (35p) as that seems to be the only cooking fat I can afford

.So the potatoes onions and chilli with my nettles ,wild garlic and a few herbs from the garden will have to be my 'sag aloo' and that looks like what ill be eating mostly .Although, ill probably make nettle soup also as we have lots in the garden .

The kidney beans chilli and tomato puree and more potatoes into a couple of 'burgers' probably with more garden weed 'greens' .

But the flour for the potato scones I was thinking of having for breakfast seems to be a problem. I could buy a large bag of 'basics' flour for 45p it seems , but I'm hardly going to use all that.. so I might have to pop back to Easyweigh again tomorrow and see if I can buy less for less loose..

,I've checked out the price per gram of Garam Masala, and salt at Easyweigh and its all around 7p and so costing it as 3g ..I have this at home but will weigh it out before I start

Then thought id get some 'basics' natural yoghurt , 45p in co op which with the wild garlic will make a sauce , or might bind the potato patties together.

So that comes to £4.74

Someone at work sells free range pullets eggs at £1 a half dozen .. 16p each I wonder if he will sell me 2? that would help with the scones but would also put me 6p over ..

Aargh! so do I lose the garam masala or salt? I must find a solution to the flour problem.. I only need a small amount not a whole ruddy bag..

Tricky.. I'm certainly glad I dont have to make these choices all the time .

Laska42 Tue 23-Apr-13 20:11:31

Sorry this is a plan for my live on £1 a day challenge next week . not 5:2!. unfortunately even if i fast two days (and I might) it doesn't mean i can use the rest of the cash the next day, and the rules say i have to either buy full packets of things or things sold loose ... . its not easy , as it is I'm mostly going to be eating potato it seems sad .

Please sponsor me! here grin

Laska42 Tue 23-Apr-13 20:32:34

Im fasting today , have just my had fish and veggies for dinner and am feeling stuffed.. . not usual for me .though, perhaps its it because i have been sitting around all day .think ill go do some exercises..

Breadandwine Tue 23-Apr-13 20:49:33

Laska the s/r flour at 45p will give you all the bread you need - plus you can make gorgeous pancakes for 1p each with just flour and water.


Yogurt for a one off, or s/r flour for a lot of food?? confused

I know I'm a vegan and probably biased, but the flour will give you more bang for your buck!

Talkinpeace Tue 23-Apr-13 21:02:00

Welcome to the stable crew : I'm hoping that in time this will become the active thread IYSWIM
I tend to do 24 hour tea only fasts.
I should probably not have tea as I have semi skim milk in it : but my poor audit clients might not forgive me!!
What I actively do is avoid all solids for 24 hours twice a week.

Today is a funny : its my birthday so my wonderful husband cooked me an amazing dinner
(small ouzo then scallops, chorizo and rose wine then sea bass, puff pastry shapes, green beans and hollandaise washed down with gewurztraminer and then boursin and rose wine for pudding)
BUT I skipped breakfast and had a small boiled egg sandwich for lunch knowing that supper was coming.

Tomorrow is not technically a fast day, but I'm finding it easier and easier to only eat at the end of the day (after mainlining tea all day)

Laska42 Tue 23-Apr-13 21:22:34

hmm * B&W* yes i see where you are coming from , but its a big pot of yoghurt and will help with making flat bread anyway . .. but I dont know whether I can do all those carbs., but I'm not beaten yet .. lets see what Easyweigh have to offer .

I could perhaps swap some of the potatoes , for either more 21p beans or split peas. With split peas ( cheaper than lentils ,) potatoes and flour i could make your pie.. would e nice with nettles in and a yoghurty . tomato puree chilli sauce ..

wish i could afford sunflower oil or butter instead of lard .(oh and tea) but I also have lemon verbena in the garden .and a pot of lemongrass.. maybe I can come up with an infusion.. .

t8p8 sound like agreat birthday tea!

Laska42 Tue 23-Apr-13 21:25:46

or TiP even [smile}

ellenbrody Tue 23-Apr-13 21:37:37

laska have you tried the Old Style forum on MoneySavingExpert? There will be loads of tips and advice on there.
I think others on there have done this challenge and have recieved good advice.

TiP that sounds like literally my favorite meal in the world ever!

ATB you make me feel unworthy to use the cyclistist tag after hearing about your antics at the weekend, 70 miles up and down hills against the wind....impressive!!

Good luck with the challenge Laska, it's amazing what you can eat on a quid a day but you definitely have to think about everything you buy and staples like milk etc are out of the question unless you have several people in the family who can pool their pounds.....and of course an Aldi or Lidl near by smile

Just finishing my second Fast day of the week today. Everything was fine but for some self defeatist mind games I tried playing on myself just as I got back from this mornings cycle. Got through it though and looking forward to toast and branflakes tomorrow with a vengeance and a clean conscience

......and belated birthday wishes TiP2 and good to see you're still around After8s

Have a great day all!

happy belated birthday tip sounds like a delicious meal, except the ouzo....blleeuughh

well I'm not helping myself, unlike cyclist my mind games keep winning, and I've not yet managed a fast this week and the array of konditor and cooke cakes at work today for 'administrative professionals day' (who knew?) made me cave way too soon.....I have a rare mid week night without kids tonight so was already planning some wine with a girlfriend, but the cakes mean it's all blown.

I know i'm gaining weight as I'm avoiding the scales and my jeans yesterday felt tight (they are the non stretch ones that were tight when i bought them, but they had got really comfortable in last month or so.)

tomorrow is another day, and no reason I can't fast on Sat as the kids are with their dad, so I am going to try and get positive, and eat nothing more til wine tonight, the problem I seem to have is once it's no longer a fast day, I have no willpower left then and just seem to start eating.

maybe I can go for a quick run after parents evening and before meeting my girlfriend tonight?

laska can you get really cheap baked beans to have with jacket potatoes?

blush TOTM struck, explaining carb loading. have forgiven myself and all will be right soon.

Such a relief when that happens isn't it?!? I wasn't fasting yesterday and had aimed to not eat much til dinner when we had friends round and I'd made risotto and lemon pudding but I think I ate constantly all day hmm

But, today is another fast, started with tea and Shred, night in with DH who's having a rough time at work so I'm going to do a euro dinner of all his favorite nibbles and probably just have carrots and celery myself!!

Size 4 (US) jeans arrived from eBay yesterday, very right for but I can do them up - the muffin top is still a problem but given me a boost. Weird how my top shop size 10 skinnies STILL feel right though when everything else is gettin gradually looser

BalletIsMyNemesis Wed 24-Apr-13 21:26:01

Just finished my first 24hour fast, feel great grin

Talkinpeace Wed 24-Apr-13 22:18:48

Ouzo is wonderful so long as you drink it like the greeks do ...
it has to be warm and sunny so you can sit iin the sun as you drink - otherwise drink something else
shot of ouzo
LOTS of ice
two shots of water
once its ice cold and the sun is shining, ouzo is fab.

well done - they become second nature after a while.
After last nights huge supper I had some carrot and hummus at around 2pm but otherwise nothing till supper tonight.

but not going to the gym means I'm so untoned .....

BalletIsMyNemesis Wed 24-Apr-13 22:39:28

I didn't go to the gym tonight, thought it probably wasn't best after fasting all day.

Will go tomorrow, my arms and legs are nicely toned but my stomach is beyond repair. Its flat, so looks ok when I'm clothed but it's saggy and badly stretch marked sad

I'm going to fast again on Friday, so after dinner on Thursday. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I got through the day. Very hungry at 11am but after that hardly any hunger. Meant to do 7pm-7pm, but ended up doing 9pm to 9pm.

Should I be doing two 24hour fasts or maybe a 24hrs and a 16 hrs in a week?

Breadandwine Wed 24-Apr-13 23:09:14

Ballet, I have one 24 hour fast followed by a <600 cal meal, and another 24 hour fast followed by a 'normal' meal.

My intention is to string the two together, but I've only managed this once - life gets in the way, sometimes! grin

No reason to avoid the gym whilst fasting - many posters, including me, exercise during a fast without any problems.

Laska42 Wed 24-Apr-13 23:36:05

Hi there , i've been eating for England today.. sad. but quite healthy stuff ..fasting again tomorrow.. I am concerned that I'm getting a tum again though, and it looks like I have have put on a couple of pounds after last weeks booze and food-fest.

Have been re thinking my 'live below the line' challenge (Sunday to Thursday next week) and vainly I dont want to put back any more weight (esp as I'm going to be relying on carbs to keep within my target spend) so I’ve decided to still fast 2 days (500cals) but only still spend £1 as im supposed to

So revised diet I think will be something like this :

'Fast' days: 3 small pullets eggs (I can get these at £1 a box of 6) and half tin of value baked beans and then nettle soup later on

'Eating' days
potato scones, nettle soup, .
potato,onion, kidney bean and nettle and garden herb 'bhaji ',

6 pullets eggs £1
6 large onions £1
1.5kg bag potatoes £1
1 tin value baked beans 25p
1 tin value kidney beans 21p
1 500ml basics plain yoghurt 45p
250g 'scoop shop' plain flour 25p
basics lard 35p
garam masala and salt 15p
pack 'reduced price' chillis (already have these) 30p
+ nettles, herbs and wild garlic from the garden
(..Just inside my £5 limit ,)

do you think that sounds like its feasible to still fast and limit food to £1 a day ? (I think so, as have done 24 hrs before .. )

Thanks to those who have sponsored me ..

Laska42 Wed 24-Apr-13 23:46:54

and sorry for keeping banging on about it ..blush flowers

Breadandwine Thu 25-Apr-13 00:34:13

and sorry for keeping banging on about it

Worry not, Laska! It's fascinating seeing how your mind works!

Couple of thoughts:
That's a lot of onions for 5 days;
You don't include any treats;
Using self-raising flour* instead of plain would give you many more options over the 5 days (that flour is very expensive, BTW!).

If you bought 3 onions instead of 6, that would give you 50p for a jar of jam.

(*Pancakes, dumplings for your stew, soda bread rolls, jam doughnuts)

BalletIsMyNemesis Thu 25-Apr-13 10:04:04

Bread I have low blood pressure so I think I might keel over at the gym when fasting!

Laska I know what you mean about the 'tummy', me too. One of the striking things about this WOE is the effect it has on your body shape (at least in my case) far in above the effect on weight. Having slipped for a month a few weeks back again and barely doing a Fast a week and still eating on my 'up' days as if I were Fasting 3 days a week, I had started to put some weight back on. My diet though is mainly healthy carbs, toast, oats, soups, veg etc so the weight gain wasn't that great. However the belt strap was definitely and quickly moving in the wrong direction. Went out for a cycle today though, first time I pushed it on a Fast day for a while (3rd of the week) and did 36 miles and a lot of gradients. Hoping this will help kick start the fat burning process that happened so quickly last year.............and surely you wouldn't have to worry about putting on weight eating on a quid a day for 5 days sis confused wink

MOCNKs yeah one thing more than most this WOE has made clear to me is the huge impact that my internal mental dialogue has over my actions and decisions. It's so easy to talk yourself into breaking a Fast or whatever it is we're challenging ourselves with . As someone who's had their issues with alcohol over the years, and had to pack it up for health reasons, the games my mind played with me were quite familiar. In general rather than try and tough it out with will power (ie focus on denying myself what I can't have) I try and focus on the positives ie if I don't break the Fast until later then how great I will feel and how much healthier in the long term I'll be etc smile . All of us on this Thread afterall are aware of the huge benefits of this WOE and how great 'The morning after' feels wink

B&Ws tip from a few months back is also good 'tell myself I'll have it in half an hour.....and then in half an hour see if I still really want it'

Have a great day all,

And Balletismynemis one thing you'll definitely find about this Way of Eating is that your blood pressure will drop further. Something to factor into how you play things

BalletIsMyNemesis Thu 25-Apr-13 16:55:17

Hmm, I'll have to make sure I keep an eye on my blood pressure then. I'm going to have a look at the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Diet and see how similar to the 5:2 WOE it is.

Talkinpeace Thu 25-Apr-13 22:31:56

I too have low blood pressure (the lowest measurement I've had was 80:50) and I'm fine doing swimming yoga and bodypump during fasts.

I manage swimming, yoga and Shred on fasts but am not fasting on cycling days as my rides are now averaging a minimum of 60miles, though I'm finding I'm not hungry on the lunch breaks so generally have energy gels while riding (having had a protein heavy breakfast) then sushi really hits the spot after.

I failed a fast yesterday so mini fast today (800kcal) and proper one tomorrow before the weekend...and another 60mile ride!

BalletIsMyNemesis Thu 25-Apr-13 22:58:20

Thats good to know Talk, thanks.

ellenbrody Fri 26-Apr-13 06:57:42

Morning all. A mini fast for me today. I have to eat gluten every day (equivalent if 4 slices if bread) before my biopsy, which, as you can imagine makes a 500 cal fast a bit tricky!
I managed 750 on Monday then did a 1000 mini fast on weds, which ill probably repeat today, then an enjoyable weekend!

Hood luck to today's fasters.

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 08:32:25

Good morning all. I reached my target weight this morning. 65 lbs lost since last year (19 lbs of that doing 5:2). So now I am thinking about my maintenance strategy. I think it will be 6:1 - with the fasting day being a zero calorie 36 hour fast as I've completed two of these now and have found them a breeze. I will throw in mini fasts as and when required.

My plan:
Mondays - mini fast (to atone for the weekends)
Thursdays - 36 hour, 0 calorie fast

I feel like I've graduated by joining you all here grin.

Breadandwine Fri 26-Apr-13 10:40:27

Bssh, great stuff! smile

Bssh is just one of a growing band of IFers who are finding a 36 hour complete fast much easier than a <500 calorie fast, over here on the 52fastdiet forum

I have to say, after my 48 hour fast, I agree with them. A complete fast takes all the pressure off, saves time and money - and, because the hunger switch never gets turned on, it is a lot easier - IMO!

Talkinpeace Fri 26-Apr-13 13:21:14

well I'm back to 9 stone - but will probably aim for 8:7 by the end of term - just because I prefer to be slimmer . It suits my frame.

BsshBossh Well done on hitting target.

I do not fancy 36 hour fasts because I enjoy family suppers : and reconnecting eating with pleasant meal times is the real long term way to maintain a healthy weight.

ICBINEG Fri 26-Apr-13 16:01:48

Hello there. I was wondering if I might join you?

I am coming to the end of a weight loss effort (57 pounds since sept 2012 with 3 pounds to go) and I am petrified about maintaining.

I mean panicky sicky feeling petrified....

It has been so hard and so horrible and I think it will be the end for me if I start to pile on weight again.

How do I find my balance point without risking a bounce that might switch me off completely? Will I get an enormous water salt bounce anyway as soon as I stop?

virginposter Fri 26-Apr-13 16:17:53

ICBINEG welcome to the club. I too have those exact feelings, everything was good whilst losing but now that I'm just a few lbs off target my head is panicking so you're not alone.
I think that for me, I will go a couple of lbs just under target so's I have a bit of leeway. Then I intend to do 5:2 (am currently doing 4:3) and eat only a dinner in the evening but not count the calories, this way I should hopefully gain the health benefits and hold my weight steady.
Then after a while I shall re-assess the situation and if I have put on any lbs I will go back to 2 x 500 days and see if that works.
There are some on here who are maintaining well who will offer you good advise. Good luck smile and well done on your loss.

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 18:18:06

ICBINEG well done on your loss. I've just today moved into maintenance mode and I admit it is a little bit scary. I never want the weight I lost to return so I have resolved to be vigilant.

For me, vigilance means 1. continuing with weekly weigh ins (I never used to weigh at all, which was why the weight crept up on me in the first place) and 2. continuing with fasting because a) it's an excellent weight loss tool and b) the health benefits are appealing.

You've been fasting since September 2012 - that's amazing. You are a long-termer and you know the variety of fasting strategies to keep your weight stable. Our weight will always be bouncing up and down - it's normal - but you (and I and all of us on this thread) know that you can do 6:1, 5:2 and any variety of mini fasts to get back in track.

So don't worry. Just take it day by day. And stay on this thread (I plan to).

Talkinpeace Fri 26-Apr-13 18:41:55

I started version 1 of this thread exactly for the reason you mention.
I hit "target" in December.
My weight has fluctuated by a couple of pounds up (never down, funny that) depending on holidays and weather and stuff. But I've been able to drag back onto the straight and narrow and shift back.
I'll be a VERY happy TiP if I can stay within three pounds of 9st for the rest of my life.
I'd be mad to try to stay exactly on it - IYSWIM

ICBINEG Fri 26-Apr-13 19:13:51

Actually I feel a bit of a fraud as I have not done the fasting thing at all...but having looked at the options it looks good as a maintenance method...

I have been doing around 1200 kcals a day for the last 8 months and I really can't face going to be bed hungry every day any longer. I know that can't work as a strategy for me to maintain hence looking into IF.

So please do supply hints and tips for a beginner faster!

Talkinpeace Fri 26-Apr-13 19:26:19

have a read through the hints and tips thread - somewhere on the board - and welcome to the land of manhattan and sourdough as a starter before pizza and red wine on a Friday night - while staying slim wink

BsshBossh Fri 26-Apr-13 19:34:45

ICBINEG whoops, disregard part of my post then, didn't realise you'd not fasted. If I were you I'd start a few posts on the main number 18 5:2 thread as there are alot of new IF starters there - you'll be in it together - but as you're maintaining you can pop in and out here too. I'm a relative IF newbie compared to most on this thread (been IFing since last week of January only) so I still plan on hovering around the main thread too.

ICBINEG Fri 26-Apr-13 19:51:36

Ahh okay - found it. Recipes! cool.

twoshineyshoesahhaeyetoeye Fri 26-Apr-13 22:08:47

Hi All...hope I can join in too...lost 20 pounds since Sept 2012 and been maintaining from Feb 2013.....I mainly do 5:2..and like many posters here feel great whilst fasting and find it easier than actually eating minimal calorie meals after a fast as that means the"seal" is broken and I just want to eat more!!! I generally do fasts back to back to get them out of the way but am now thinking it may be easier on me to do Monday and Thursday. Like Tip I am and expect to fluctuate around the 9 stone mark......as many have said weight fluctuates on this "woe" and we need to accept that after a fast we will be lighter....yep I am a frequent scaler jumper!!!! as I feel it keeps me on the straight and narrow as I never ever want to have to loose them same 20 pounds again......am happy after my weekends to accept I will be heavier but still dont like the reading... how do others feel on weigh ins after the weekends? I hope by not lurking on here and actually posting I am confirming that I am hopefully always gonna maintain and never be loosing more than 3 or 4 pounds :-)

frenchfancy Sat 27-Apr-13 06:37:46

I never weigh on a Monday morning, I fast on Monday and weigh on Tuesday.

BsshBossh Sat 27-Apr-13 06:44:48

Hi shiney, I also never weigh after a weekend. I enjoy socialising and indulging at the weekend (my weekend begins Friday evening) and always go over my TDEE. Weighing right after that would be a little demoralising for me. So I weigh after my second fast on Thursday - much more motivating.

ellenbrody Sat 27-Apr-13 08:18:29

Well done bshh, getting to target!!! Yay!!!

I weighed in this morning and have maintained for the fourth week, it obviously works! I wish I had the guts to go cold turkey on calorie counting and MFP, but I'm such a control freak!

I'm now contemplating a 36 hour fast on Mondays (eek). Those of you that have done it have seemed to find it okay(ish)??

I have to 'gluten load' at the moment, so I hope 1 day off will be ok (my poor tummy could do with a break!).

I'm going to go back over a couple of threads and read your strategies!!

Have a lovely weekend everybody (fingers crossed for sunshine).

BetsyBell Sat 27-Apr-13 10:34:25

This wonderful WOE hasn't combined that well with drinking for me so I'm trying to suss out a way of getting best of both worlds. Admittedly, as I get older, or perhaps as I've got thinner, or a combination of the two, my ability to drink has diminished dramatically. I'm not saying I want to go out on massive benders - those days are long gone for me, but I do want to be able to have a civilised grown up evening without getting a headache after drinking one measly glass of wine.

This week, I've only had one proper fast on Monday (plus 2 failed attempts - I was ill with a fever last week and barely ate so think I may have genuinely been too hungry for much fasting) and last night was able to drink 3 whole glasses of red without suffering any ill effects. grin

I'm kind of on maintenance mode now - yes there's weight still to be lost but I like how I look right now, I'm thinner than I was in my mid twenties (according to the massive clothing clear out I just did - no point hoarding clothes that are too big!) and healthier & fitter too. So maybe I'll try out doing one proper fast each Monday and a mini fast later in the week. I'm still working up to skipping lunch on work days but I think I'm getting there. Hopefully this will combine ok with being able to have a pleasant drink or two at the weekend!

BsshBossh Sat 27-Apr-13 11:12:15

ellen if you can manage a zero calorie 24 hours then 36 hours should be fine. I found my first 36 hour fast difficult but only because I'd become accustomed to eating my 500 cal dinner at the end of 24 hours. The second 36er was much easier because I was completely geared up mentally to not eating at all. For me it's all in the head. My next 36er is on Thursday (normal fast on Monday).

ellenbrody Sat 27-Apr-13 14:35:10

Right then, I'm going to try 36 hours on Monday! Will keep you updated, I followed the link in b&w's last post, onto the 5:2 forum and read the thread which helped me make up my mind <rubs hands together> Bring it on!

Think I'm the same as TiP and prefer to keep a meal to eat with my family, I already feel like I don't eat with my children enough as it is really.

I'm basically on maintenance, would really like to lose a few more pounds but actually think I just need to up specific exercises to get rid of the muffin top. This week I only managed two fasts so keeping today light so I can get a good meal this evening in prep for a 75mile ride tomorrow then will 24 hour fast til Monday dinner time and start the week again with 4:3 on Tuesday

ICBINEG Sat 27-Apr-13 18:11:49

Pros and cons of total fasting versus 500 kcals anyone?

Is it a person to person thing?

I think I might be trying a full fast tomorrow....as I ust ate far too much today....first day of AF and always a problem...

BsshBossh Sat 27-Apr-13 18:17:44

I love and do eat with my family too but Thursdays we're all on different schedules so a 36 hour fast on that day works perfectly.

ellenbrody Sat 27-Apr-13 20:18:53

I like us all to eat together, but like bssh, I have one day where our schedule is different. On Monday, I doubt the kids will notice if I eat or not as we're here, there and everywhere.

That's good - mine are both little so I already feel bad that some days they sit down for one or two meals and I don't eat with them

twoshineyshoesahhaeyetoeye Sat 27-Apr-13 21:07:16

Thanks for the input about when to weigh in...I think Monday probably is a bad time and will do Tuesdays as suggested...why I never thought of that simple solution is beyond me!!!! maybe fasting is messing with my brain :-) great idea tho...thanks.

BsshBossh Sat 27-Apr-13 21:10:52

<off topic alert>

America are you a Bowie fan by chance?


BsshBossh Sun 28-Apr-13 07:22:45


Breadandwine Mon 29-Apr-13 14:33:16

Pros and cons of total fasting versus 500 kcals anyone?

ICBINEG check out this thread on the 52fastdiet forum:


Dozens of fasters are doing this and finding it easier going completely without food. I've done it once and I'd do it once a week to maintain, but my wife would only worry! I'm trying to keep my calories down to below 200 tonight - the trouble is, once I start eating, I feel a great need to eat up to my 600 calories.

For any gluten free fasters, I've just posted a chick-pea flour 'omelette' recipe on the 5:2 recipe thread - calorie counted and all that!

Plus it's vegan! And no soya, TiP.

I'm conscious of the amount of soya I eat, it's very easy, as a vegan, to eat loads of the stuff if you're not careful.

ICBINEG Mon 29-Apr-13 15:00:31

had a total disaster yesterday...had nothing till tea time then went truly nuts.

I suspect this isn't going to work out for me although I will obviously give it more than 1 go!

congrats bsshbosh on reaching target! woop!

thanks cyclist on your comments, I agree, much better to try and focus on the positives rather than beating myself up, I'm fasting today, having failed all last week, but I'm still wearing a newish size 12 skirt to work. i met up with a uni friend 10 days ago who i haven't seen for quite a while and he was so gobsmacked at my weightloss that he lost all tact and told everyone at the table that I used to be much much bigger (backhanded compliment, but i'll take it!) so I am just taking one day at a time, will not weigh myself til after a full successful week (or 2) of fasting, and will start concentrating on some yummy home cooked healthy food. I made a delcious roasted veg, feta and herb cous cous at the weekend, and laska's curry in the freezer is brilliant for a fast day win with some natural yogurt.

laska how's the under a £1 a day going - did you start yesterday?

I'm with Tip and won't do the full 36 hours no food as I like to eat with my children (still only 4 and 7) , as it is they know I eat something different on my 'healthy days' and they don't even like that! But if I had a fast day where we were not together I might give it a go.

Talkinpeace Mon 29-Apr-13 17:32:20

If that is an Oothapam - I had one with my supper last night - at a veggie curry restaurant - FANTASTIC
but the dosa with aubergine curry was better : do you know how they make dosa as it was SCRUMMY

been fasting today after bucket load of curry last nigh : soup tonight

Laska42 Mon 29-Apr-13 18:32:12

Well you take a few days off and lots of new maintainers arrive Just when you're not around to welcome them!

So welcome new maintainers to being slim and to keeping the weight off .. its not too hard im finding, as long as you accept that a pound or two each way , is going to happen sometimes and remember that going back to a little hardcore once a month or so will do the trick

I still usually do 5:2 as it suits me still and if I slip I go back to 4:3 for a week.. Yes I could lose another7lbs but I'm happy where I am , and it works for me .. so dont panic!
I too prefer to have a meal still , the most i've fasted is 24hours ..

But this week I'm doing the 'Live below the Line challenge for Global Action on Poverty (living £1 a day for 5 days...food and drink only and that's hard enough).

I'm now on day 2 and Yup, its hard.. not helped by the fact that I forgot I could eat more than my eggs for breakfast this morning.. Also as the rules say I can only spend a fiver and I must only eat £1 a day , fasting just isn't going to work , unless its a total fast and I cant really do that and stick by the rules . so as I have lots of enthusiastic supporters, I'm abandoning 5:2 just for this week..

But I'm writing a blog so do please look . With the amount of carbs (being mostly what you get in the cheap ranges if you are only spending £5 for everything) .. I actually reckon I'm going to be putting on weight! though I am going for veggies and foraging..

I've raise just over £300! and I'm dead chuffed, and now several of my close friends and reles who I had thought had donated anonymously have now signed up on line or given me their cash. I've realised that several of the very generous donations I had at the start must have been from some of you!.

So here's a big, big thanks.. Please do look at my blog.. (B&W I want your opinion on my pie! though obviously I wouldn't usually make it with lard, but it was all I could afford)

Tip here is Jamie Olivers Dosa recipe doesn't look to hard

Laska42 Mon 29-Apr-13 18:34:47

And here is the link to my Blog! grin Duh!

BsshBossh Mon 29-Apr-13 20:10:07

Best of luck Laska, it looks like a very interesting experiment and am looking forward to reading your conclusions.

ICBINEG don't bail on us yet - isn't it your TOM? Wait till it's over and try again. I eat for Britain during TOM - especially the first couple of days (day before and the first day usually).

mumofcrazy that sounds like a good idea, not weighing until you've got a few fasts back under your belt. I'd do that too.

I had a dizzying experience in a changing room today. I haven't shopped for clothes properly in over a year but I did today - French Connection and Gap. And since last February I have gone down from a size 18/20 to a size 12 and from a size 36 jean to a size 30 jean. I am so glad the FC sales assistant persuaded me to add size 12s to my armfuls of size 14s grin.

Fasting again tomorrow. I don't need to as I have a fast planned for Thursday and I'm not bothered about losing any more weight. But I want to. How crazy is that?

Laska42 Mon 29-Apr-13 20:35:07

BsshBossh brilliant!! Now that's what we call a real NSV!! (non-scale victory)flowers

ellenbrody Mon 29-Apr-13 21:27:11

Fast fail, was going to do a full 36 hours, but I felt really poorly at lunchtime. Was at hospital re: Coeliac diagnosis and the nurse told me my blood sugar was too low and gav me a sugary tea and a kit kat!

Well, of course, that triggered all manner of nibbling. So, although I managed 16 hours, I went 100 cals over my TDEE.

I think I'll give it a couple of days and try again, we'll see.

I think it's good of you to even try while doing the testing ellen so don't lose faith!

Bssh that's brilliant, seriously well done you - especially as FC comes in quite small I've found

Good luck this week Laska!

Fasting today - over the weekend I totally binged (again) and both nights went to bed with a very sore tummy. Not nice. Fasting today actually feels like a relief!

Talkinpeace Mon 29-Apr-13 22:09:18

BsshBossh Size 12 - how cool is that!
Laska you are stronger than I - then again I have packed lunches to do each day so would not manage to plan the way you have.
Ellen hang on in there : the fasting may well help the coeliac - other people have had their digestions 'reset' by fasting

I managed my 24 hours and had Broccolli and stilton soup for supper. Working again tomorrow and no idea when I'll make it to the gym so my TDEE is down to under 1500 on a normal day ....

plecofjustice Mon 29-Apr-13 22:43:26

Not sure I'll ever reach the point of maintaining - I seem to stick at 80kg, every time I get below, the weight piles back on again, no matter what I eat or what I do. This has been going on for years - long before doing 5:2, so not sure if I have a place on this thread, but I have been going for nearly 8 months and still enjoying the fasting. I've also gone back to being a comfy size 12 after hovering on the 14/16 boundary for over a year.

I find I tend to eat much more raw and vegan on fast days, so i feel much more healthy in myself- eating lots more veg, lots more vitamins, my skin is better, my digestive system is better.

Not sure what the point of this post is, but just to mark my place while digesting raw carrot noodles, tofutti cheese, prawns, raw onion and gremolata and getting ready for a back to back fast tomorrow.

Yum - best diet ever!!

frenchfancy Tue 30-Apr-13 05:47:00

Well done BsshBossh Feels great doesn't it. You might find this useful http://sizes.darkgreener.com/ Put your measurements at the top and it tells you what size you would be in different shops. I found it useful as I had no idea what size I was any more. I'm restocking my wardrobe from E-bay so the size chart comes in useful.

I'm maintaining on my usual 5:2 so I'm not going to modify it until I lose some more. Work is crazy at the moment (15 hours yesterday and only 3 of them sitting down) so I'm not doing any formal exercise. I'm going to start Shred from the beginning again next week, and get running again.

frenchfancy Tue 30-Apr-13 05:47:11
twoshineyshoesahhaeyetoeye Tue 30-Apr-13 09:10:22

Tried weigh in this morning as opposed to Monday morning.so hopefully can hang back every week when I have a fast under my belt from the Monday after the weekend indulgences!. I was a bit of a greedy so and so at the weekend and may have to do 4:3 this week. Sitting for 2 days at the weekend at a competiton with my daughter and whilst I had salads etc with me I still was picking at sweets and chocs that parents where handing round. When I get that sweet taste I find it difficult to not over indulge, I think the seal is broken and the horse bolts!!!!

ellenbrody notice you are undergoing tests for Coeliac diesease..not sure if you have been diagnosed yet or how far down the route you are, but thought you may like to know I am also a Coeliac.... I was diagnosed when I was 3 years old so dont know any different way of eating really......until now when I have totally changed by fasting also and a whole new WOE. Happy to offer any advice or such and be interested to hear you story.

Good luck today to all todays fasters.

BetsyBell Tue 30-Apr-13 09:30:53

Laska I read your blog so far - I like the points you've made about other expenses - it's all very well being able to eat but not being able to afford to get clean or travel is a huge problem. On that note I was looking up how to make your own laundry detergent the other day

-- 1 Cup Grated Fels Naptha Soap
-- 1/2 Cup Washing Soda
-- 1/2 Cup Borax

For light load, use 1 tablespoon.
For heavy or heavily soiled load, use 2 tablespoons.

I don't know what Fels Naptha soap is but other sites reckoned you could just grate up the cheapest supermarket soap. I'm quite tempted to try it.

I apologise for drinking a cup of fair trade organic coffee while I type this wink

BsshBossh Tue 30-Apr-13 10:40:06

frenchfancy thanks so much for the link. I will check it out when I get back from the gym. Am in between weights sets. AmericasTorturedBrow I ran earlier listening to Mr B's The Next Day album. It's fantastic and a very good beats per minute for running.

It's awesome isn't it? Best work since Heathen, which DD was born to wink

Our organized training rides are really strict about wearing headphones but I'm getting back into commuting by bike (quite an education on the streets of LA) so need to get the old Walkman out and download The Next Day for some hill climbs....

Good fast day yesterday and feel so good for it. Means I can have my Tuesday treat with DS today of frozen yoghurt after his gym class sans guilt.

Friends over for dinner tomorrow and I'm fasting and one of the friends needs to make a concerted effort to eat more veg, so I'm going to dig out Laska's curry - they're American so also a good excuse to introduce them to curry!

BsshBossh Tue 30-Apr-13 18:16:15

Americas yep agreed, and Heathen was simply splendid. I was reading an interview with Irvine Welsh who was blaming his obsession with The Next Day on stalling the writing of his current novel, so he's had to put the book aside and work on a screenplay of Glue instead grin.

Those of you not bothered about losing any more weight (for now), do you restrict your fast day calories to 5/600 cals still and if so why?

Another fasting day today - no calories yet and don't plan on breaking my fast until the 23/24 hour mark later - then a 36 hour fast on Thursday. I know I'm maintaining but I really enjoy fasting and old habits die hard.

But I've planned a 500 calorie meal for dinner and then it struck me that restricting the calories isn't necessary... or is it still (for health benefits)?

Breadandwine Tue 30-Apr-13 19:17:03

That's a good question, Bssh.

My son-in-law, back in December wanted to know why the need to restrict calories after a 24 hour fast. The answer is, if you are no longer wishing to lose weight, there is no need. The cells of the body are stressed sufficiently by the 24 hours without food - we think! confused

I'm doing a 24 hour fast followed by a low calorie meal one day a week, then later in the week a 24 hour fast followed by eating normally. If i was organised enough I'd join the two together on Monday and Tuesday, then I've got 5 days of pigging out indulging myself.

So fasting serves two purposes for me - it allows my cells to repair and me to overeat! grin

Laska I'll come back to you shortly.

BsshBossh Tue 30-Apr-13 19:39:10

Thanks Breadandwine. Cell repair, 24 hours... yep that makes sense. So 500 cals is neither here nor there. Okay, will eat "normally" tonight but moderately - no binging, but eating just to satisfaction (which actually tends to be a 500 cal meal anyway). The 36er coming up on Thursday will give me another opportunity to stress those cells grin.

ellenbrody Tue 30-Apr-13 20:56:43

bshh I have still tended to restrict on fast days now I'm maintaining, usually 700 though, rather than 500. This is purely as my TDEE is low >1500 and I find this tricky to stick to all the time as we like quite rich food.
I find if I do this once a week and do a 1000 cal mini fast, I can have the treats at the weekend that I want without feeling guilty.

twoshiney I have had a positive blood test for coeliac (with levels so high, I got the official diagnosis straight away!) and am having the biopsy to assess tissue damage in a couple of weeks. Doc has told me to eat plenty of gluten until then (I'm calling it my last hurrah!). It's strange that I've always felt well, but when I started 5:2 in February, I noticed how much better I felt on fast days, when I ate NO carbs. The blood test picked up why grin.
I may pick your brains on low cal gluten free food!

Laska42 Tue 30-Apr-13 20:58:56

Eeurgh!! .. Too many carbs on this £1-a-day diet .... I want to come back to 5:2!! sad

Talkinpeace Tue 30-Apr-13 21:08:26

((Laska)) Its for a good cause.

Fast days : yes, I strictly restrict. Because then I can blow those calories on wine at the weekend!

BsshBossh Tue 30-Apr-13 21:44:02

Thanks TIP and ellen. My TDEE is a little over 2000 cals which gives me more leeway in my indulgences. But I will play it by ear on a week by week basis. I never watched my weight before so now I will always be more vigilant.

Breadandwine Tue 30-Apr-13 23:17:20

ellen Sorry to hear you're coeliac.

On my blog I have a post about gluten free breads and baking:


And I've just posted a low cal gluten free recipe on the 5:2 diet recipe thread.

Laska just read your blog - you're doing very well, I'm so impressed!

The pie looked good, and it should last you most of the way!

But that 200g of lard!?!? You missed a trick there, not making your pastry from s/raising flour - wouldn't need any fat then. Not that I've ever made Tonight I made a lentil and cabbage pie using a soda bread crust. Just flour, salt and water - and I'm surprised just how good it is. I'll put up a blog post about it later. (Won't have the '5:2 diet' tag on it, I'm afraid! grin )

Still loads of carbs, though! sad

virginposter Tue 30-Apr-13 23:37:42

Laska don't worry, you are doing amazingly well and it's only for 1 week with only a few days to go. If you can do 5:2 with great results for nearly a year then this should be easy for you smile (says she who's glad that it's not her!!)

fast days I restrict still, although don't worry if I go over by up to 100cals, but that's becasue on normal days I overeat, but now I've started cycling to work again I'm hoping that the tide might change. second fast day of the week today, and definitely finding myself much less hungry in teh days, but can't quite trust myself not to have lunch, and save all my cals for dinner, but maybe todays the day, another coffee with milk would definitely be required though.

Talkinpeace Wed 01-May-13 18:45:53

sort of fasted today : have discovered that a whole carrot cut into chunks takes about 20 minutes to eat, makes it look like I'm having lunch - so the clients do not freak - and is stuff all calories.

will do the same tomorrow and possibly Friday : leaves calories free for the evening and weekend when I'm hardly burning any because of work.

Laska42 Wed 01-May-13 20:48:06

HI all . Luckily for me VP its only for 5 days and I finish tomorrow . but I wont be fasting probably until next week now (it being a bank holiday), but will definitely have a few days of eating low carb and light after this potato-fest. but its been OK really and I've raised a stunning amount of money thanks. Obviously I've also stunningly outed myself as you now all know who I am and where I work but it was all in a good cause..

B&W will definitely look at your pie crust , though I dont intend to eat any more pastry until I go to Greece later on for my holiday ( but cannot resist the Spanakoptia (cheese and spinach pie) there!

This is just a quick hello again as I'm off for a very early night ..I have a Poll station to run tomorrow so very early start and late night , followed by the count next day .But as I have finally been dragged into the 21stC with a new smartphone after using a very old simple nokia for years , I will try and work out if I can email or post successfully with it if we have a lull in voters (Bound to!!) .

ellenbrody Wed 01-May-13 20:49:59

A mini-fast (16:8) that incorporated gluten in the required quantity and came in well under my TDEE. I hope I've got my mojo back!

hhhmmm I slightly sabotaged my fast day, ate the remaining portion of laska's aubergine curry, with an added spoon of low fat cream cheese for creaminess, very good, and then i ate the kids leftover crusts from their scrambled egg on toast.....which of course then properly set my appetite off, so i allowed myself some white chocolate buttons (126 cals) as a one off sugar hit, so i reckon i've gone max 750 cals today, which isn't a disaster as i am just maintaining ish, but you know when you are cross with yourself becasue it isn't what you had planned?

anyway, I may try tip's trick of a carrot for lunch tomorrow and then have an ordinary supper and a glass of wine with the kids tomorrow, for a half fast.

BsshBossh Wed 01-May-13 21:49:20

I love the carrot tip, tip.

mocnk I hate that too, and why I manage to sabotage it?! So annoying, but 750kcal really isn't that bad.

We were going to have friends over for dinner and as I'd planned mushroom and kale lasgane and had baked a fig cake for pudding, thought I'd just do 24hour fast then no restriction dinner. They've now cancelled so I'm going back to 500kcal but seeing as it's only 1.5hours til the children have dinner I may as well make it a 24hour fast too....

This is good as it's my birthday a week on Sunday and have realised we've got foodie things happening almost every night next week, and after a month of abstinence, a lot of drinking!

Morning all,

Have only fasted Sunday this week, but Sunday went well. Not fasting again probably until next week though as I'm cycling 130 miles (or at least attempting to cycle 130 miles) tomorrow. I'm taking a few teams away to Great Yarmouth for a football tour and thought I'd give it a go. It's further than I've ever gone in one day, but at least the winds forecast to be blowing the right way wink ....that's if you believe the weather forecast.

Tbh really looking forward to getting back to 4:3 next week, the difference in how I feel is staggering when I don't give my body a 'break' period.

Good luck all and Laska well done on seeing your challenge through smile

virginposter Thu 02-May-13 15:39:28

Does anyone know where Ezzza is? Haven't seen a post from her since beginning of April.

I've been thinking ...... (DH hates it when I start a sentence with those words as it usually means more work for him grin) it will soon be the first year anniversary of the Horizon programme which changed so many of our lives for the better. Would it be good to mark the occasion somehow? I'm not too sure how as everyone getting together would be a geographical nightmare, but maybe we could all put up our photos of us now (again) for just a day (although not sure how to do this myself confused and possibly each do something really special on a designated day. Perhaps the date of the prog as we all started at different times, and then we could all share what we did to celebrate on here afterwards??

Does this sound OK or a bit daft?

Talkinpeace Thu 02-May-13 17:13:29

I could go and say hello to Dr Mosely this evening .....
he is speaking at the Discovery Centre in Winchester at 7.30 pm : only 20 mins from here ....

catsrus Thu 02-May-13 17:45:17

ooh do TiP :-)

I was on the train coming back from a meeting in London the other day and suddenly twigged that 2 women opposite were discussing "it" and trying to decide whether or not to try IF smile I couldn't resist telling them it works grin so we had a nice 10 min chat and they were convinced to give it a go. I managed to NOT refer to MM as "St Michael of Mosely" wink.

catsrus Thu 02-May-13 17:45:53

Mimi Spencer MN web chat tonight BTW! on 5:2

Talkinpeace Thu 02-May-13 22:18:33

I stayed home and wrote up my report instead !
had soup for supper and been good by NOT having a drink.
looking forward to a morning at the gym tomorrow : but golly I feel untoned

NSV ALERT!! Bought some American eagle US size 4 jeans off eBay that I was aiming to get into by my birthday (10days time), I tried them today to see how close I am and they fit!

I'm weighing in at 133lbs but am slimmer than I was a month ago so kind of maintaining now I suppose, except the muffin tops still prevail - but I think I just need to exercise those away. Also I've not been drinking alcohol the last 2 weeks and I have a week of birthday celebrations ahead so they might be tight again by the weekend, but then it's 3 weeks til the mammoth bike ride I'm doing for charity so will be focussing on that.

But yay!!!

catsrus Fri 03-May-13 07:26:48

Yay indeed ATB well done!

Piebaldrider Fri 03-May-13 07:42:03

Hello one and all , yes its me i have pulled my head out from the sand and found you all still here. I am very impressed and excited to see the same people still hanging in there together. Its been quite a long time since i managed to get here and much has happened.

I lost weight easily and at times it felt like i was losing weight but shouldn't be as i was eating or more likely drinking far more than i should. I started to worry because at the same time my physio kept asking if i was losing weight unexpectedly. Over a few weeks i convinced myself i had something wrong with me and that was why i was losing weight. I decided to stop fasting and see what happened and for the next couple of weeks i still lost weight and then i was really worried. My physio ended and my leg pains disappeared and there didn't seem to be much wrong with me. I continued to do a little at the gym 3 times a week and my weight fluctuated a kilo up and down but not much more than that. The weather was unpleasant and i manged to get a couple of nasty viruses and didn't start fasting gain. My daughter then went into hospital and my 2 year old Granddaughter came to stay so again no fasting. During all this time many people have asked me about fasting and one lady at work has now lost two stone and is still going strong, i always mention the site but i don't know know if they drop by .

I then decide its time to start again as i still have two stone to go but after a period of not fasting i cant believe how hard it is to actually start again. When i first started it was so easy but now it is really weird and i make excuses not to get going. I wonder if its because i am so much happier than i was before and i am not in such bad shape i am not so motivated.
I went away at the weekend to a very big work do and parts of it were very dressy. The group i was with were young and slim and i realised
i was kidding myself if i thought i was ok at this weight so i hope it is a bit of a kick start . I also have to say that when i stopped fasting i did start to pick up the wine bottle more so much so that like many people its now a a daily habit again and it scares me that i can crave the wine more than the weight loss . I'm hoping that by being a bit open and sharing this with you it will change my behavior and the desire to fast will be the stronger one again.

So what else is new , i have been going around for months now with various shades of red in my hair and people just accept that one day im bright red the next im nearer plum. As part of my continuing desire to change my image and get back to my fasting i have done something else and as result i have put on a little weight but not from weight gain!

I have had extensions into my hair, the top colour is a darkish brown but underneath is a deep red and when i have it lose the red all comes through the bottom as it quite pleasing. The jury is out on if its nice or not , some like it some just say ooh that's different and im not sure i should have long hair at 53 . i will get a picture and post it for fun as that's why i did it and it matters not what people think . I still have that strong desire to be the new transformed person emerging from the chrysalis that started when i was fasting and my personality started to change. That bit of me has remained and while i still have it i know i can get back to where i need to be and take control not just of my weight but of other issues that are trying to stop me.

I have much catching up to do so im off to read as much as i can of what i have missed.

Have a great day and im sorry for the long post but i needed to get it out there.

love and light to you all

ellenbrody Fri 03-May-13 07:54:37

ATP well done! Is a USA size 4, a size 8 here?

I've just stirred up a hornets nest <evil cackle> on another forum I use by daring to suggest that breakfast is NOT the 'most important meal of the day'. Apparently I'm most mistaken grin

BsshBossh Fri 03-May-13 08:26:07

Well done America, NSVs are the best.

Welcome back Pie, nice to meet you.

ellen you go girl! You can stir on my behalf too.

Another zero calorie 36 hour fast under my belt. Now begins a good few days of enjoyable eating.

Fillybuster Fri 03-May-13 09:32:14


Been lurking but never quite manage to post at the moment.

Welcome newbies smile

Congrats ATB

How's the house MOCNK?

Continually inspired by TiP, Laska and B&W, despite no time to actually cook...

But the scales said 9.3.8 this morning. And yesterday morning...and yesterday was pre-fast after 3 days of crap food and too much sugar whilst running a huge industry event.

Interestingly, I'm finding (for the first time in my life) that I stop eating either when I'm full, or if I don't really like the food, even if I'm in a restaurant. Whilst in the past I would always automatically finish what was on my plate.

I actually can't believe the change in 3.5 months....after 2 years of utterly failing to achieve anything this way exceeds my expectations!

catsrus Fri 03-May-13 10:39:57

Hi again filly - yes, the not eating when you don't really like the food is interesting isn't it? I was at a work lunch and they had pavlova - which I love - but it just didn't look very nice (I'm a bit of a meringue expert blush) so I just didn't have any but did have a wonderful selection of the cheeses - def not lower in calories but better for me AND i really enjoyed it.

Note to anyone with a wardrobe full of clothes bought during thinner times - keep trying them on! I've just discovered some lovely monsoon linen trousers... now actually a bit too big <yeah me!> but fine with a belt.

I'm now a size smaller than any of the clothes that were inspiring me to lose weight back in August grin. Having always had a wardrobe with the emergency 'fat' outfits I am now trying to convince myself that this time I really can let them go to the charity shop - this time I know how to keep it off - bit scary though confused

catsrus Fri 03-May-13 10:49:37

welcome back piebaldrider grin I too am considering some nice plum coloured hair - but mine is grey, and I like it grey, so it's a question of finding something that works with the grey to give the odd splash of colour!

virginposter Fri 03-May-13 14:34:04

Just listening to the afternoon play on Radio 4 whilst cleaning. One man asks the other "what diet are you on, I'm on the 5:2"

Talkinpeace Fri 03-May-13 17:48:51

cool - we are the mainstream!

Weighed in this morning : spot on 9 stone but feeling really flabby.
Then again I know that if I can hold at 9 stone while working I can get down to 8:8 by the end of term which would be excellent.

ATB dropping a jeans size is SUCH fun
piebald welcome bash : yup, this is our quiet little corner but a fast shared is a fast whooshed through.

Bordercollielover Fri 03-May-13 19:21:11

Hi Piebald. I found it all relatively easy too until February 11th when I had a lot of foot surgery and was confined to a wheelchair for weeks. I am still only walking on crutches and have found fasting almost impossible. Being at home without much purpose hasn't helped. I also have a good 2 stone left to lose but am finding that even when I manage to fast, I am not seeing much weightloss and in fact feel fatter again. That's probably down to the bad carb habits I have rediscovered over the past 3 months, causing water to be stored with the fat.
I will have a more determined go, and may try ADF for a week or two to see if that helps.
Good luck, I hope you get back into it after your fantastic success last year.

Talkinpeace Fri 03-May-13 20:08:03

interesting thing about middle aged women and the NHS.
My standin teacher today had knee surgery a few weeks back : they are geared up to her being 'middle aged' - rather than teaching spin and pump and attack - just because she is 45
my chum who broker her pelvis at 58 has had HUGE problems getting her yoga and swimming habits through to the medics!

frenchfancy Fri 03-May-13 20:17:33

Hi piebaldgood to hear feim you again.

yey for amarica and your NSV. I really need to go jean shopping. Mine are held up with a belt on the last notch and look a bit like clown trousers. I have bought new clothes but haven't yet found that elusive pair of perfect jeans.

I've had a crazy week this week getting our project finished. Tried to fast yesterday but realised that tiredness and hunger are not a good combination when you are working flat out so I gave in and had toast. I probably didn't go much over 1000 though and I must have burned way over 3000. WI this morning and I am 1lb below ideal.

Project was delivered on time and now have wine and I intend to habe some more this WE just as soon as I habe caught up on my sleep.

frenchfancy Fri 03-May-13 20:18:24

How did from become feim confused ?

welcome back piebald....a few of us were "failing" for a while, Cyclicist and I both struggled to get back into it but are now doing well again

catsrus I'm exactly the same - I actually don't really have anything in the wardrobe now that isn't too big so need to go shopping and get some dresses taken in but only a house move is really giving me the incentive to get rid of the old fat clothes, I don't want to cart more stuff than we need.

Funny - I'm thinking of going red too....

ff I now feel like I can go proper jeans shopping, til now I've bought them off ebay and the new size 4's (yup, UK size 8) fit but aren;t the best shape for me....yay to shopping! Although boo because I also need new bras thanks to boobs shrinking (and probably a bit of back fat though...every cloud)

frenchfancy Sat 04-May-13 08:59:49

New bras needed here too. Whilst I like shopping, jean shopping and bra shopping I always find disappointing. Last time I went bra shopping I spent £35 on a bra because the lady in the shop said it was a good fit even though I knew in my heart it wasn't. I've worn it twice and now I know it is too big sad

BsshBossh Sat 04-May-13 09:24:49

I had to go bra shopping recently too. Gone down a bra size but up a cup size. Strange.

I hate my boobs now - the damage of pregnancy and child birth has been done. Thankfully the last time I went bra shipping I bought cheapie ones as even though I hadn't bf in 6 months a friend said they were likely to change again, and of course losing weight has made them smaller too. They've been a real incentive to lose weight, now that they're not as big I would look rather unbalanced with a lot of weight on, and as I've discovered I'm actually quite small framed at least my boobs don't feel as depressing.

But I miss my firm 34DD's

Talkinpeace Sat 04-May-13 22:36:37

Boobs : more than a handful is a waste .... lots of upper body yoga and they perk back up (a bit)

BsshBossh Sat 04-May-13 23:10:15

<Bssh frantically Googles "upper body yoga">

ellenbrody Sun 05-May-13 07:19:53

(Sadly reminisces about having boobs) Why are they always the first thing to go on me? Not bum fat, not the damn muffin top or the bingo wings? It's the bloody boobies!! I've succumbed to the gel filled ones to boost my measly A cups (was D's before kids - damn them).

Right, enough about boobs, it's too early in the morning grin. It's lovely to catch up, I had bit of a falling off the wagon week too. I didn't manage one proper fast. I did do 3x 16:8 though and managed to maintain my weight which is good.

I normally fast on a Monday, but with the bank holiday, I'll do one on Tues instead and then a mini one on Thurs - well, that's the plan anyway.

Have a good weekend everyone.

BetsyBell Sun 05-May-13 09:21:31

Boobs! I only have them when I'm very overweight, pregnant or breastfeeding, I don't miss them but I'm not delighted with their current empty state. My stomach looks worse though, stretch marks ahoy makes for a puckered deflated bag effect. All is well in undies though and DH is happy whatever! I must admit I'm only buying very cheap clothes at the moment (having had to get rid of almost everything - including all the stuff I'd been hoarding from my slim days which are now too big grin) as body shape is still changing.

I am currently prepping some very delicious foods for an indulgent Sunday lunch later - NOT a fast day smile, nor tomorrow as I'll be on a beach eating fish and chips... So Tuesday is the next one, I'll need it.

We're moving house so I have an extra excuse to get rid of all the old big clothes - but think I want to maintain for a while before investing in a full new wardrobe so think I'll raid our local charity shops, eBay and old navy for now, at least for a pair of shorts!

BsshBossh Sun 05-May-13 18:06:35

Another Tuesday faster here too this week. So far have eaten in quite a balanced way (not too much, under TDEE) this weekend but it's a good thing because I ate double my TDEE on Friday then discovered TOM had arrived. Had gone a lb under my goal at Friday's weigh in but that's fine - I've realised I can safely lose another 5lbs or more to give me wiggle room for the inevitable weight bounces that are normal.

Talkinpeace Sun 05-May-13 18:22:38

Charity shops are your friend
I'm now UK size 8/10 : go to a posh town and hit them Charity shops - lots of rich bitches giving away what they deluded themselves they could wear! : next, armani, d&G, karen millen, jaeger all at under £5 an item

underwear : I'm a Sloggi person but wait till the boxes damaged reduced prices as they will last years once I have them

and yes, get rid of all but one set of old clothes - you NEED a saturday morning slouch set !

just popped into Old Navy (US equivalent of primark) to get some leggings for DD...tried on some shorts to get me through this week. Size 4 too small so am now wearing size 2....Old Navy notoriously vanity size their clothes but it's nice all the same

US sizes obviously...

er...size 4 too BIG

GoodtoBetter Sun 05-May-13 22:04:14

Can I join? I did this waaaaay back in September and lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks and then had some nastiness IRL and fell off the wagon. Am now heavier than I want to be and eating too much and snacking all over the shop. I'm going back on the 5:2 wagon from tomorrow.

Talkinpeace Sun 05-May-13 22:26:36

welcome back : the main thread is more lively : and there are lots of really good supportive ideas on there.
This thread is a deeply mellow corner wher we keep each other on track :

ATB size 4 is amusing : shopping in NYC this Christmas was more fun on that level as I could look at deigner shops on purely financial grounds!

Hello...will be joining you over here soon as I only have 200g to lose (and I have a suspicion that will have gone when I weigh myself tomorrow morning).

My normal routine is fast Monday (no cals) and Weds (500 cals), otherwise eat at TDEE (now only 1600) and exercise 3-4 times a week burning 400-600 calories, which I don't usually eat back.

So, now what? I've had a weekly deficit of about 4500 calories and lost 18lbs in just over ten weeks. I know I need to scale it back but I don't know where to start! I'm a daily weigher and find that after a 500 cal fast day I often lose little or no weight so I cannot convince myself that one 500 cal day a week is enough to prevent weight gain.

Breadandwine Mon 06-May-13 00:32:59

PPC welcome to the maintainer's thread!

I know you're a fan of 36 hour fasting - why not try one a week and see how you get on. That's what I try and do - I managed a 87 cal fast last week, and hope to beat that this week.

I hover between 9.1 and 9.4 depending on where I am in the week, and I'm sure our ancestors' weight also went up and down - so I don't think we can ever have a settled weight on this WOL.

Mind you, I do eat a load of crap sometimes! And, when I do, I often throw in an extra mini-fast and don't eat until dinner the day after, generally.

Anyway, congratulations on achieving your goal!

Cheers, B&W

frenchfancy Mon 06-May-13 06:36:33

Hi Postman. I've not yet really worked out my maintaining regime. I've relaxed one of my fasts a bit so I'm having about 700 cals but keeping the other at 500 for now. TBH if my TDEE were as low as yours I would keep up fasting and eat more on normal days.

Thanks for your advice, I was right...met my target this morning grin

I might try a zero 36 fast once a week and only weigh after that.

ellenbrody Mon 06-May-13 07:35:46

Well done postmanpat! I've managed to maintain for 4 ~5 weeks on one fast and one mini fast, although last week I did 4x 16:8 instead and that worked too. 3x Jillian DVD's as well, which I sometimes eat back (but not on a fast day) hth.

ATB - just being nosey, but how tall are you? I can't ever imagine being that small a clothes size even though I'm at the low end of the BMI scale <sigh>

I'm 5' 9".... But sizes are vain American ones. I'm a 8 in UK, old navy is owned by Gap who vanity size even more so I guess equivalent I might be pushing size 6 in M&S but right size 8 in Topshop. I'm quite small framed though, can overlap my finger and thumb around my wrist

*tight size 8 (Topshop)

Just done my BMI and am 19.3 - my weight is no longer going down even though I'm smaller than I was, I think because the exercise has built up muscle?

BsshBossh Mon 06-May-13 08:57:29

Well done postmanpat. I'm still doing two fasts a week (one 36er and another 500 cal one) because it's a hard habit to break and am still losing a bit but I want to give myself some wiggle room, a 5lb margin of error so to speak so am happy to continue losing below my goal weight for a bit. I don't think you want anymore wiggle room (do you?) so I'd try a single 36er a week and see how that fares for a couple of weeks. It's all trial and error for hereoin.

ellenbrody Mon 06-May-13 12:00:47

My BMI is 19.1 and I'm a size 10 fairly universally. My thighs will never let me be an 8!!grin

How tall are you ellen?

ellenbrody Mon 06-May-13 19:36:05

I'm 5' 4.5" and I hover around 8 and a quarter stone, give or take a pound or two.

morning all, well the weight is suddenly piling on, and that despite a good full fast and a 750 fast last week, but I've gained a further 4 pounds since last week, so obviously, the overeating on other days has got worse.

piebald welcome back, and I totally empathise, i had a 3 weeek break at christmas and another break at Easter and both times it's much harder to get back and motivated, i alwasy feel like doing it on a Monday morning (Tuesday this week becasue of bank holiday) but I find I am definitely overeating at all other times, or not so much over eating, but taking the eat what I like thing too far.

So despite giving myself lots of excuses about what a tough time I've had etc etc house move stresses blah blah I';ve decided enough, no more excuses, only I can control this (and like you pie the desire to have a glass of wine or a few G&T's has been overriding my desire to lose weight because I felt I had got to a comfortable place).

So I need to get back on track, potentially 3/4 weeks til the actual move, so in that time, I need to lose 7 pounds, which not only means stricter fasting, but also a much stricter control of my eating on non fast days.

I'm not going to promise to shred loads too, as I need to spend my evenings packing boxes, but I could aim to do that on every day off, that or go for a run.

filly thanks for asking, we are hoping to exchange this week, and then complete on 31st May, I'm pushing everyone as hard as I can to make those dates as i've just managed to juggle work, my mum to help and transport kids up to hers for 2nd half of half term and bf to come and help finish packing me up and transport me on move day. if Dates all change by much it's going to all fall apart slightly.

and as an off topic general moan, my bloody lodger just absconded without paying her rent yesterday! gggrrr I've alwasy been so relaxed about not making people pay a deposit, but just totally got stunga nd now kids and I going to be living on a very tiny amount for next few weeks...I'll have to get some tips off laska's blog! talking of which, I hope you had a great weekend laska to make up for the 5 days of frugal carb loading?

have a great day all x

Nettnett Tue 07-May-13 11:32:59

Hello everyone, I passed my goal weight a few weeks ago and have still been losing. After a 24 hour fast yesterday, I'm down to 53.3 kilos, which at 1.63cm gives me a BMI of 17.4. A bit too slim for a 58 year old, but I want to maintain fasting for the health benefits, as my mother has Alzheimers .
I have just returned from a week away, doing a 16 hour fast each day, with a small lunch, but a 3 course restaurant meal each night, with wine, and chocolate ice cream, and didn't gain a gram!
This is all well and good, and I realise that I need to eat just a little more to maintain a weight of about 54 kilos, BMI of 18, however, as a coeliac,
pasta and bread are not options, and I don't eat a lot of carbs anyway.
Not the biggest problem in the world, I realise, but is anyone else dealing with this? Tip or BreadandWine?

BsshBossh Tue 07-May-13 11:39:30

Nettnett can you eat (unsalted) nuts - a small bowl full tends to be as high as 250 calories (when I weigh them) so I find they're an excellent way of bumping my calories (and nutrition) up. I also do not scimp on good quality pure butter and I never eat anything less than full-fat dairy (apart from milk as I find full-fat milk too cloying).

Nettnett Tue 07-May-13 11:43:38

Sorry, sorry, mumofcrazynamedkids, our posts obviously crossed, I'm mortified to be posting my idiotic dramas, please ignore.

Nettnett Tue 07-May-13 11:55:12

BsshBossh yes I eat nuts, and also enjoy full fat dairy, I have a few squares of chocolate every day, and wine on weekends (and holidays!) and I make a cake on weekends too. I think I've just been in 'diet mode' for so long (I was a normal BMI before I started 5:2) that the fasting is just tipping me into scrawny territory!

Oh MOCNK that's awful about your lodger, hope at least the exchange and move goes well and you get through the next few weeks ok

No advice I'm afraid Nett but I agree B&W is likely to be your man to help

Failed fast yesterday after a great week last week. My toddler is a terrible sleeper and last night tool two hours and much sobbing from both of us before she finally collapsed. Got myself completely worked up because I'm horribly sleep deprived and have been for nearly 18months. Stupidly got into a weird mental space where I decided to "punish" myself for being a rubbish mum by drinking a beer and eating food I didn't even want or felt comforted by. Stupid.

Today is another day though. Out for dinner with friends who share my birthday so I'm going to hold off food til then and fast again tomorrow. DH goes to China on Saturday for 2 weeks leaving me on my own with the children for my birthday and to move house. Joy. Times like this I really feel the lack of my massive support network back in the UK.

Will just try to focus on positives - DD is lovely when not fighting me and sleep as is DS, I'm down to my ideal dress size so officially maintaining, I'm actually excited about the house and planning what we're going to do with it, and the 545mile charity bike ride starts on June 2nd!! Eeeeek.....

Now just to find more ways of getting sleep

Laska42 Tue 07-May-13 20:15:45

hello. like in just rushing in and out here at the moment . (well I am , so sorry about not being here chatting and giving support right now,,) I'm trying to consolidate a lot of information off my completed and horribly expensive on-line UEA creative writing course before they take the site down (I knew I should have done it before the end of the course .. but ho hum..) .

Its nice to be back to normal eating after the £1 menus , but sadly I despite on Friday being a lb down I seem to have suddenly ballooned (5 lbs but that's plenty enough).. this is quite strange as i've had a very healthy weekend but perhaps its a backlash of all the carbs and lard I ate when I dont usually.. But also i seem to have also picked up a kidney infection/cystitis (first i've had for about 30years) .. and everything in lower nether regions feels really swollen , so maybe its water retention?

if its no better by tomorrow I think ill have to go to the doc , but am eating lightly (about 700cal today as couldn't get out of a lunch date , but had salad) and have tried the Bicarb in water trick so hopefully that will help.

MONCK that is so awful about your lodger ..
ATB grim about the sleep deprivation, it was all a long time ago for me , but I remember that too,
Hi everyone else! and new maintainers . once again apologies for not really being supportive right now, , will be back on board very soon smile ..

Bordercollielover Tue 07-May-13 21:13:48

Laska, try LOTS of cranberry juice as well as the Bi Carb. Both help.

Talkinpeace Tue 07-May-13 22:47:04

ate exactly what I wanted this weekend ... half fast today ... but Mother came to visit with a bottle of wine

definitely delayed reaction to the excess of fat over what you have been used to. mostly laid down in your liver and digestive tract for now : hence the bloat feeling.
Fast / eat carefully for two weeks and it will pass.

Funnily I find coming BACK to fasting after a break really easy : but then I'm enjoying being lighter. Looking forward to getting toned again when my work eases off in july!

musicposy Tue 07-May-13 23:08:05

Hi there, been longing to join one of these threads for ages, not got round to it!

I lost a lot of weight around 3 months ago when I had a whole load of teeth out and couldn't eat properly for a few weeks.

Having lost the weight I didn't want to put it back on so I read The Fast Diet and all the threads on here and started on 5:2. Every diet I've tried before has been a complete failure, low carb, calorie counting etc. Not because it didn't work, but because after 2 or 3 weeks, I couldn't hack the lack of pizza any more and gave up. I love junk food and cannot manage long term without it! But a day I can cope with. I can honestly see me doing this WOE forever. smile

I have to admit, the weight started to creep back on on 5:2 unless I calorie counted on my food days and I really didn't want to do that. So I went to 4:3 which seems to be working, though because I'm on 4:3 I don't worry too much if I'm a tiny bit over the 500 cals. I think because I'm now quite slim and I'm not that tall (or that active!) my TDEE is quite low and maybe that's why 5:2 wasn't quite enough.

I don't want to lose any more weight. I went from a size 12/14 to a size 8 in a matter of only a few weeks. I'm too old to be less than an 8, I'll look like a wizened hag! I'm back in clothes I haven't worn for a good few years and I am borrowing things off my 17 year old DD grin.

However, I don't want to put it back on, either. I have energy again, I can run and climb stairs and my weight was creeping up and up before. I'm amazed now that I can go all day and not feel faint - something I never used to be able to do. My memory - which I was starting to get a bit worried about - has improved enormously. I feel miles better on this WOE so joining in here would be good to keep me doing it for good!

Breadandwine Wed 08-May-13 00:56:58

Some great stuff on here today - welcome, posy you're in the right place!

Sorry I forgot to acknowledge your re-entry, Piebald! Nice to see you!

I realise that I need to eat just a little more to maintain a weight of about 54 kilos, BMI of 18, however, as a coeliac, pasta and bread are not options, and I don't eat a lot of carbs anyway.
Not the biggest problem in the world, I realise, but is anyone else dealing with this? Tip or BreadandWine?

Nett - if I was going to be flippant, I'd say the answer to your problem is chips! But seriously, I found it easy to keep going and continue losing weight, so it is a concern.

Apart from the obvious - nuts, seeds, don't spare the olive oil, etc - have a look at socca - a gluten free wrap, faina/farinata, which can be made into chips, or chunks - all made with gram, or chickpea flour.

Here's a link to the socca recipe on my blog - with further links to the faina recipe.

And here's some info on gluten free generally.

If you look around my blog I've got recipes for gluten free chocolate cake, parkin, pancakes, all sorts.

Cheers, B&W

Nettnett Wed 08-May-13 05:31:53

Breadandwine many thanks for your response, the socca recipe looks great, I'll give it a go, and yes, whenever I come across gluten free chips I always indulge!!

Piebaldrider Wed 08-May-13 06:41:42

Im so relieved to see im not the only one who has had a break and not the only one who has found it difficult to pick it back up again. Its weird because i found it so easy before and i didn't struggle with 4.3 but now just trying to get started on 5.2 seems so difficult. Yesterday i was motivated but told nobody at work , i ate nothing all morning and felt secretly happy that was at last going to fast again. However it was a really nice day outside and the rest of the department were having a bad day inside , so much so someone just went out and bought everyone a Mc flurry ice cream. It was delicious and i enjoyed it but maybe today i can do better. Im doing a slightly longer than normal gym session this morning and that is probably not a good idea as if i exercise at the start of a fast day it does make me hungry whereas if i fast the morning after i feel great. Thanks for allowing me to pop my head up again after so long. I wonder if its been hard because i no longer felt a part of something ? maybe it was you guys all along that made it so easy .........

frenchfancy Wed 08-May-13 09:34:08

nettnett Sorry for a silly question, but aren't all chips gluten free? Surely they are just fried potatoes. We don't eat them often here, but I did get the fryer out last night and we had chips and burgers which were delicious. We don't have any takeaways anywhere near here, so we have to make them for ourselves.

I'm having a few days off, so I'm only doing 6:1 this week. it will be interesting to see what that does to my weight, though I am below my target so I can have a small bounce. I might do some more wardrobe sorting this afternoon. I got a top of e-bay yesterday, size 12 and it is too big shock I'm into size 10 trousers, but with my boobs I thought that would never be possible in tops. I really don't want to lose any more weight. I have some nice dresses and skirts that fit me, my BMI is 23.5 which I think is right as I am big boned (my fingers don't even come close to touching round my wrist). Can anyone remember which site it was that gave ideal weight in reference to build? I'm sure it was posted in one of the very early threads.

First first day since reaching goal for me (well, it was only two days ago!) I last fasted on Saturday and as today is one of my normal fast days I wanted to stick with it. I feel like I need a fast, how weird is that?

I've been doing some wardrobe sorting too french - it's a good feeling but I am also aware how much money I have wasted buying stuff that doesn't fit me any more! Hopefully my cast-offs will be someone else's bargain and enjoyed for years to come.

BsshBossh Wed 08-May-13 13:50:31

postmanpat I'm still fasting twice a week, even though I've reached goal weight - it's such a habit now and I enjoy my two days so much that I can't bring myself to drop down to 6:1. I'm still losing though so if I start losing too much I will continue doing 5:2 (which includes a zero calorie 36 hour fast) but not limit myself to 500 cals in the evening.

I did some wardrobe sorting too and to be honest it was a bit depressing because so many of my really lovely clothes (including several designer pieces) are simply too baggy. Yes, I can try and get them altered, but in the meantime I don't have that many nice clothes to wear now. I am not a natural shopper (hate shopping in fact) even though I love nice clothes. It's always my DH who drags me out and he is on a mission to drag me out again soon. Such an strange and nonsensical thing to get depressed about isn't it?!?!

hi nettnett please don't apologise, this is the place to talk about all kinds of maintaining around fasting, and not for me to hijack with my personal stuff, just this lovely crowd of peeps have been so supportive, and I can't help but share, the ups and the downs! hopefully soon to be lots more ups!

anyway as to gluten free and higher calorie, i made a hugh fearnely whittingstall chilli cheese cornbread recipe at the weekend, it was delicious and super easy, you can see it here: chilli cheese cornbread

and I also made a lovely cranberry nutty/oaty/seedy muesli bar with just a heated up can of condensed milk and then mix in the dry ingredients, whatever you have in your cupboard and then bake for a bit, I think I did it for an hour on a medium temp. Kids and adults loved both.

but as an update, yesterdays fast was very successful, and stuck exactly to 500cals, this morning i had dropped the gained 4 pounds on the scales confused from the previous day, and today I am fasting again, I am planning 3 straight days fasting, and so far so good, still splitting the cals into lunch and supper, but with a 16 hour window of no food.

all this talk of frame size made me check and as suspected but never acknowledged i am a small frame size (wrist and elbow measurements confirmed) which means I should be 120-133 pounds eeekkkkkk! 9.5 stone! never ever ever been that size, apart from as a child, but maybe it's about time I actually set a target to aim for and stop telling myself it's ok to be a size 12 (as we all know todays size 12 is the 1960's size 16! i'm going to keep eating salads and start running again this Friday, so we shall see what happens. I'd love to get to middle of healthy bmi by mid august, that'll be a year of this WOE.

twoshineyshoesahhaeyetoeye Wed 08-May-13 15:02:23

I can sympathize mumof your weight gain after weekends ...well done for shifting it with one days fast..way to go... I too suffer from the same problem as you well I am assuming its the same in that at the weekend I pile on anywhere between 4 - 6 pounds and whilst I know I have been naughty I need to control the over eating when the weekend hits, but find it really difficult when the wine nibbles hit then I am furious with myself for giving in. Whats your down fall and see if we can help encourage each other to stay on the not too naughty path?. I only really do 5:2 but have put on a tremendous amount after the long weekend that I am doing a 3 day fast back to back also. I do find fasting quite easy but when I break the seal....the problems begin..I really need help and advice if any one can help with this one please.

As a coeliac sufferer I loved your links..thankyou and will try out at the weekend.

Good luck to all fasting today

BsshBossh Wed 08-May-13 15:11:35

I just accept that weekends (which for me start Friday morning grin) will always be indulgent days where I always go well over my TDEE. Therefore I never weigh after a weekend and I use the week to fast and eat under my TDEE. Come Friday mornng it's weigh in day and bam here's the wonderful indulgent weekend again! No guilt, no weigh-day blues, just acceptance that this is how it works for me.

twoshineyshoesahhaeyetoeye Wed 08-May-13 15:21:52

Thankyou BsshBossh I know its something I have to accept but boy am I finding that bit difficult..even though I cant really understand why as its all part of this woe..fluctuating weight in the week. So do you Bssh have 3 days of normalish eating then 4 days Mon-Thurs evening either fasting or eating under your TDEE. I think I also need to get shifting and do some exercise too...full of excuses me..but he good weather is coming and all I need is a kick up teh backside grin Thanks for your help Bssh.

ellenbrody Wed 08-May-13 16:14:00

frenchfancy chips cannot be guaranteed as gluten free as they may have been in a fryer/oil with battered or breadcrumbed products. It's not the product itself, it's the cross contamination (I'm a coeliac as is my DM and most probably DD1).
bshh your fasting habits sound a little like mine, it's all for the sake of a jolly weekend grin

I had a v indulgent Monday when I normally fast, and can't really do any other day, so I'm having to try and have a few 16:8 low cal days to make up for the weekend sad.

BsshBossh Wed 08-May-13 16:15:51

This is how it's been working for me:

Monday - 45 mins weights at gym, eat under TDEE
Tuesday - 45 mins cardio at gym, fast then eat 500 cal dinner
Wednesday - 45 mins cardio, eat under TDEE
Thursday - 45 mins cardio, zero calorie fast (no food at all)
Friday - 45 mins weights, eat above TDEE
Saturday - no exercise, eat above TDEE
Sunday - no exercise, eat above TDEE

This regime has tended to result in average 1lb loss a week.

Obviously now in maintenance so will need to review again if I keep losing too much weight. But the indulgent eating Friday-Sunday will not change cause that's when we socialise, go out, etc, and it all revolves around food.

FastFeeder Wed 08-May-13 16:22:30

frenchfancy This is the site I've used to estimate weight for frame/height: www.divine.ca/en/ideal-weight-calculator/c_317/

BsshBossh Wed 08-May-13 16:22:35

Obviously on weeks when I can't exercise as much I eat at the appropriate lower TDEE (not that I calorie count nowadays, just go by instinct). But the weekly pattern will be the same.

BsshBossh Wed 08-May-13 16:26:17

Thanks for that link FastFeeder. I'm large framed according to that (confirmed long ago by my GP) and am at the bottom end of my ideal weight bracket. Hurrah! Although I will still go by how I feel/look at the end of the day.

Talkinpeace Wed 08-May-13 16:42:25

Make home made chips ....
fun, messy, you know what's in them.

Had planned to fast today but lunchtime my tummy was so loud the client was giving me funny looks so I picked up the small faflel and hummus wrap at SAinsburys - 500 effing calories!
Ah well, soup for supper and then I'll be at 800 for the day.
Time to go for a swim to work some of it off.

frenchfancy Wed 08-May-13 18:18:09

Thanks fastfeeder Though according to that site my starting weight of 80kg was the top end of ideal and I am now seriously underweight (66 kg vs bottom ideal of 74kg).

I found another site www.superskinnyme.com/ideal_weight_calculator.html which puts me as ideal with 6lb to go before being underweight. Hard to think of myself as anything like underweight confused

3 bags of clothes sorted from the wardrobe. I'm not keeping anything that is too big, except for a couple of tops for painting in.

Talkinpeace Wed 08-May-13 19:38:36

I like this page
because it shows that people of similar heights but different builds and ages look like at the same weight.

My BMI is 20.8, I look like a lardy at BMI of 23 and would like to be at 20 by the end of term. But as I sit here I can grab several inches rather than pinch an inch!

twoshineyshoesahhaeyetoeye Wed 08-May-13 20:16:08

Thankyou Bssh that really does help and has really made me reconsider how I am organising my fasts and weigh in day in particular. I do need to fit in some exercise as I feel maintaining will be much much easier. Thanks again grin

BsshBossh Wed 08-May-13 20:47:57

My pleasure shiney. I have to admit that the exercise isn't strictly necessary. I lost loads of weight last year doing zero exercise. But doing exercise means a) I can eat more (well, my TDEE goes up), b) I feel terrific with loads more energy c.f. last year and c) I'm building muscle which helps with bone density (I'm over 40 now) and resting metabolism.

FastFeeder Wed 08-May-13 20:55:03

I think all of these weight calculators need to be taken with a pinch of salt because people's sizes and shapes vary so much. According to the BMI charts I was always classified as underweight as a young woman, even though I ate like a horse.

By the time I got to my 40s that had all changed and although I was still well within the normal range for my height (BMI 22.5) and people probably wouldn't have thought I was overweight I was feeling uncomfortably wide around the middle and generally not very healthy. Thanks to 5:2 I'm back to being borderline underweight (BMI 18.8) and feel like I've got my old body and energy levels back. I'm back to being 'bien dans ma peau' and it feels fantastic!

twoshineyshoesahhaeyetoeye Wed 08-May-13 21:49:32

Thats another thing Bssh I know I need to build up my bone density as I have osteopenia (caused by coeliac disease probably) so I need the pounding exercises. I also need to have more energy as with 4 kids life is busy and more energy would be very welcome. Increasing my TDEE would be fantastic too...also over 40. Right its glaringly obvious. Need to work out what to start with....thanks again Bssh, had a bit of a wake up call, so cheers for taking the time to help grin

Talkinpeace Wed 08-May-13 21:56:15

BodyPump is your friend for that one! and wonderfully addictive

BsshBossh Wed 08-May-13 22:38:04

And shiney if you can't get to the gym, I've heard good things about The Shred (YouTube or DVD). I do free weights at the gym so haven't tried Shred or BodyPump but people rave about both.

My quick tuppence while we're on the subject - work out what kind of exercise you enjoy first. I've always hated the gym, running and those aerobic class things but love swimming, which I haven't done much of since a teenager, cycling, rediscovered when I started commuting by bike, and yoga, which I started getting into during pregnancy.

When I started this WOE last September I made a concerted effort to do those 3 things regularly so alongside currently training for a 545mile bike ride in 3 weeks I now actually crave yoga and swimming each week! Never thought that would happen and I know I stick with them because I enjoyed them in the first place.

Oh and inow Shred 3-4x a week too because it's quick and you see results very quickly!

Nettnett Thu 09-May-13 03:39:52

Mumofcrazynamedkids thanks for your recipe link, sounds delicious, and I hope all is going well for you. frenchfancy as ellenbrodysays, it's the cross contamination of food that causes the problems. Tip home made is always best, and I admit I've been looking at deep fat fryers lately, perhaps I can justify the purchase on health grounds!

frenchfancy Thu 09-May-13 06:54:53

I would definitely get yourself a deep fat fryer. We only use it 2 or 3 times a month but as we don't have takeaways or eat out much it is a nice treat. There are loads of things you can do in them, not just chips.

I can't believe I'm in the weight loss section recommending fryers grin .

I'll look at that link TIP. I'm genuinely questioning my ideal weight. I picked my target because it was a weight I'd been happy at before DCs. I'm lucky to be an hour glass shape with curves in the right places and I don't want to lose them. But I feel so much better being 2 stone lighter that I woner if another half stone might be a good idea. Bank holiday here today - I'm going swinging through the trees with the dcs.

ellenbrody Thu 09-May-13 07:00:44

twoshiney I have bone density ishoos too, as does my DM, also most likely caused by coeliac. I use 30 day shred and ripped in 30 dvd's as there's jumping stuff. I can't run for toffee- I tried C25k but it was shambolic! (And I think I'm fairly fit).

fryers: has anyone got one of those air fryers?

yesterday ended up being an 850cal day rather than a fast, but still less than half my TDEE, so today is my final and proper 500cal fast of the week, really not struggling with 3 days straight, and todays scales showed another pound loss! I think fasting 3 days straight may be the way forward!

my weekend will also start on Friday am, I will go for coffee (and probably a big fat almond croissant or thick bakery toast) with a mum friend after school drop tomorrow, and then maybe meet someone for lunch, and probably have wine at kids dinner time with another Mum to start the weekend off......and I have a girlfriend coming for the weekend too.....

best is that i just don't weigh myself on Monday!

virginposter Thu 09-May-13 13:40:22

mumofcrazynamedkids Yes I have a Phillips AirFryer and I use it all the time. When I went to S.W a few years back, they suggested making your own chips which were par boiled, shaken to fluff up, then sprayed with lo-cal oil (YUK) and then popped into the oven.
I've followed this by spraying with olive oil and stirring in a bowl to coat. Then I pop them into the AirFryer and about 20 mins later (shake half way through) lovely crispy chips. I use Maris Pipers,leave the skins on and cut them quite chunky and they are yummy.
I would say though that the basket is not huge but big enough for 2 large portions grin. I also use it for bacon as the fat drains into the bottom and salmon fillets. I've done sausages and it cooks them really well but it smokes a bit from the fat splashing on the element and it sets off the smoke alarm shock. I'm sure it can be used for other things too but I have other cookers (halogen) which I use regularly.
DH and I have our 'treat' of chips once every week and have done all through my weight loss grin

virginposter Thu 09-May-13 13:42:07

I'm on a fast day and all this talk of chips has made me desire them now! Oh well, out into the garage gym for me.

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 14:33:50

Fast day for me too but I think proper chip shop chips are in order for tomorrow (haven't had chips in months but all this talk is making me crave them).

mumofcrazy that sounds like a wonderful 3 day weekend for you, enjoy!

ThinkICan Thu 09-May-13 14:56:45

Hi oldtimers! Long time no see! Thanks to Bssh, I got back on to see what's happening. How are you all doing?

virgin thanks for the review, does sound good, but as I'm moving North where the chip shop chips are good, maybe I should stick to those as the treat as well as the cakes, wine chocolate, cheese, bread

bsshh yes a great weekend, Sunday will be spent wandering round the flower market and spitalfields market as my friend loves to shop!

hope everyone has a great weekend planned?

hey thinkican how's it going for you?

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 15:17:37

Hello ThinkICan smile.

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 15:21:03

mumofcrazy we live in London too so we'll be going to the Natural History Museum (at request of my 4 year old) on one day then cakes at Ottolenghi followed by a walk through Highbury Fields on another day. Just hope the weather keeps up.

Talkinpeace Thu 09-May-13 16:57:13

we do home made oven chips ...... ie toss in oil and then spread on a tray in the oven .... no need for a fryer!

welcome back thinkIcan

was chatting to a colleague today and explaining that because you keep going on fasting after you stop losing weight, this way of eating should prevent yo yo weight gain .... she looked almost convinced!

Ellliiieee Thu 09-May-13 19:16:34

I'm just popping in for some motivation but don't really belong here blush!!
Starting out 5:2- 1 FD under belt- was sort of ok,,! I kept under tdee on NFD but gained 2lbs! I'm wanting to lose a stone...am 5'7 and target weight 9 stone-- how long u reckon it will take me to get there??
Congrats to all who have reached your targets... Look fwd to joining u!! Thanks.....

Laska42 Thu 09-May-13 19:39:32

Hi there I’m back again special hello to piebaldrider and thinkIcan great to see you back

And also fastfeeder nettnett posy twoshiney and postman who I don’t think I’ve said Hi to yet..
Like all this chip talk..(that’s what so great about 5:2 aint it ?, you wouldn’t get this on WW!) I do TiPs method , works fine for me , but do also check out my roasted cauliflower on the recipe thread.. Its chips you eat on fast days ! ( and I love it!)

Well I hate to say it TiP my friend but you were right again .. I’m back down to 10.2 again after a frightening 10.7 on Sunday shock!!!! .. It must have been glycogen or whatever left from the £1 carb-filled diet and also possibly water retention , due to getting a ‘water’ infection . But despite doing the bicarb and cranberry it didn’t seem to be getting much better so I went to the doc yesterday , and got a 3 day antibiotic course which is helping but I’m still feeling quite swollen up , and .back-achey , but hopefully it should clear up now.

so I’ve been feeling a bit mis , and have only half-fasted this week , but its hard when you don’t feel quite well. ,

Next week , though , I’m going to start my 2013 ‘bikini campaign’ in earnest .. I’m off on 20th June so not long to look ‘hot’ on the beach (She laughs! remember I’m 55!! LOL grin, so I’ll be happy with not too wrinkly or flobby .. I don’t think it’s going to be quite be ‘Girl from Ipenema’ .. Look it up you youngsters! )
) ..
What’s great though is last year’s ‘bikini‘diet saw me going off at 11st 3! And i though that was good! This was before discovering 5:2 though , and I put on 7lbs back on while I was on that holiday!

Laska42 Thu 09-May-13 19:44:19

elliiiee Hi, good luck with it ,, only a stone ,so you'll soon be a bone fide member of the Maintainers . Difficult to say how long it will take you . because we are all different , but stick to it . 5:2 is the only WOE i've ever found which works long term and is easy to maintain after .

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 20:34:40

I'm on a zero cal, 36 hour fast today. My 4th. Finding it difficult today but will try and keep at it and remember that I can always have a 500 cal meal if I need to. Thing is, it's not hunger but greed habit that's making me drool over think about food tonight.

elliiiee welcome. Keep at it. Give this WOE at least a month. You don't have much to lose so losses may be slow. Your 2lb gain might just be water/hormones as your body adjusts to fasting.

Talkinpeace Thu 09-May-13 20:46:34

grin at Laska : we auditors are good at looking smug!!

it was amusing explaining to colleague - who knackered her system on meal replacement diets : that this WOE is not about weight loss - its about being healthy for ever.

BsshBossh was good all day but feel much better after curry and cider! am just too tired to do long fasts - but one good meal a day is actually pleasant after mainlining tea all day.

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 21:10:35

TIP I bet you really savoured that meal didn't you. I always appreciate food when I'm truly hungry for it. One of the best discoveries of this WOE for me.

Well I'm over the slump. I have to admit that it didn't help that DH texted me from work to tell me he was having a Mexican burrito for dinner. But I've overcome all fantasies of sticking his face in burrito. My mind is clear and I've got a spurt of energy suddenly. So looks like I'm going to not sleep at all last the full 36 hours.

Laska42 Thu 09-May-13 21:18:14

oh my god meal replacement diets.. the utter pits.. I know so many women at work who have done these, lost loads of weight and then put it all back on and more in very short order . In fact they have all put back on and some spectacularly more..
Slimfast , Cambridge etc.

But sadly several of them think I'm the one doing the dangerous thing ,

I am failing catestrophicaly this week - combination of two boozy nights after three weeks of nearly teetotalness, depression over upcoming 30th birthday and DD's sleep being so unbelieveably bad.

Friends for dinner tonight then I WILL fast tomorrow, then at least I'll have done 6:1 this week. From Monday I am in full mode getting our house packed up and moved and final set of training before doing the charity ride, I'm not going to have alcohol, will do some form of exercise every day and go back to 4:3 because the last 3 weeks of doing that I felt amazing, and I need to be seriously on form over the next month.

Breadandwine Thu 09-May-13 21:42:47

Hi guys

Just wanted to share with you all what a great week I've had.

It began on Sunday, when I had 11 students in a small village hall (Hornblotton, near Shepton Mallett) making half a dozen varieties of bread from 10 until 4 (second session next Sunday). Then I did a 34 hour fast starting after midnight on Sunday (I was baking, and the loaf didn't come out of the oven until 12.30, so I had to taste it!) with only 71 calories for Monday's evening meal.

On Tuesday, another gorgeous day, I made 4 pizzas in my chiminea - one of which is still in the freezer. (Would have made these on Monday, but, since I was fasting, I didn't - luckily the weather held until Tuesday.)

On Wednesday I taught 11 parents and 15 children at a Sure Start centre in Taunton - making fancy dinner rolls (plus assorted mice, caterpillars, hedgehogs, etc. A simple bread dough is the original playdough!).

This morning I had 8 families (with year one children) making sizzlers (cheese and tomato wraps) and bread shapes in a Bridgwater primary school.

And this afternoon I made bread with the guys at a care home, also in Taunton, where we made bread with chocolate spread, banana and a curried cheese and potato filling. (Not all in the same batch, I hasten to add!).

And tomorrow morning I have a long-standing Family Learning commitment at another Taunton PS, where we'll likely make a couple of varieties of soda bread and a batch of bread rolls (utilising the original playdough theme!).

3 spin-offs (one definite, 2 possible)- one of the guys on the Hornblotton course asked if I'd like to run a similar day at another village hall where he's the chair of the VH committee; The nursery supervisor at the Sure Start centre has booked me in for a session next month (she has 40 children registered, so there might be more work); and the primary school teacher indicated she'd like to get me back for another session at some time.

Finally, for dinner tonight I had the remains of a Thai curry I'd made yesterday, with some chips from the chip shop (I had rice with it yesterday). For pudding I made a chocolate 'cake in a mug' (which I've refined - and nailed!) along with some vegan ice cream. So I'm one happy bunny! smile

Plus I've just caught up with thread number 19 - it's exactly the same as when you guys began thread number one last August, except for the changes in personnel. But the ethos is no different - I always read with a smile on my face.

Cheers, B&W

Laska42 Thu 09-May-13 21:49:46

ATB you've got so much on dont beat your self up..House moving and looking after kids is hard enough , as well as fitting in training , and you've done brilliantly up to now, so a little break is fine.

I know its easy for me to say this and i do understand how you are feeling , but being 30 is just a number, really it is , it really doesn't change who you are except in your head if you let it.. i've seen 40 and 50!.., 50 was particularly hard to face , but i got over it pretty quick , and actually now - especially as I'm 3st slimmer than when I hit 50 , I now feel much younger at 55!

I've not been too chipper this week , but also planning on going back to 4:3 next week

Laska42 Thu 09-May-13 21:54:50

you are such an inspiration!, seeATB the good life doesn't stop s after 30! or 70 either grin

Pizza in a chimera.. now there's an idea ( dont have one though.. Id like to build a pizza oven out back , have been looking it up on line .

have to go my cat is trying to help me type and keeps getting on the keyboard ..

BsshBossh Thu 09-May-13 21:59:24

B&W your post made me hungry. I am planning baked bready goodness for tomorrow's meals.

Americas goodness you've got so much going on, give yourself a break. And turning 30? Well, my 30s turned out to be a much better decade than my 20s, purely because I became so much more self-confident in my 30s. My sef-esteem sky-rocketed in my 30s.

thanks Laska, I appreciate that...I"m actualy looking forward to getting back on an even keel and at least my birthday falls on American Mothers Day so I can just hide behind that. DH is away for 2 weeks from Saturday so doesn't help with feeling self indulgent and miserable

But B&W's post has just seriously made me grin and be inspired, so that's nice....

Talkinpeace Thu 09-May-13 22:08:14

"upcoming 30th birthday" grin
I'm fitter and leaner now at 48 than I EVER was at 30!
You have masses of time. Savour some of the moments

off topic warning

well that was a big old earthquake, I normally sleep through them....bit of excitement on a Thursday afternoon

musicposy Fri 10-May-13 01:19:40

Thanks for the hellos! flowers
BsshBossh I organise my week a bit like yours, with 3 fasts in the week, though one of those tends to be 600 or 700 cals. Weekends I dont care what I eat! I never weigh myself on a Monday or I would give up.

I'm off to the Natural History Museum this weekend too, probably Sunday. DD2 has a Biology GCSE paper on Tuesday and my eldest found the human biology section there really helpful, so I've promised to take DD2. We're about 60 miles south of London right out in the country so it's a big adventure! I expect we'll take in some shopping and a meal too.
Really look forward to my food at the weekends now. I appreciate it way more than I used to. All food used to get stuffed in mindlessly. I've stopped doing that now.

Loving reading this thread. So many brilliant tips. smile

Nettnett Fri 10-May-13 05:38:18

CHIPS Well I've bought a deep fryer (just a very basic Sunbeam one) and am halfway through Felicity Cloakes perfect chips recipe (cooked 3 times!) and they're looking good. Just in time because my BMI is 17.3 this morning...I'm planning a big weekend (pork belly roast, pumpkin scones, ice cream, WINE) so Monday should be interesting...

Nettnett Fri 10-May-13 05:40:40

ATB your thirties are your golden years! Enjoy!

ellenbrody Fri 10-May-13 05:50:51

ATB, my 30's were the best! (40's not turning out too badly either?). b&w, just make a couple of those recipes with g/f flour and you're my perfect man!!
I've had a shambolic week and have not managed one fast sad. It's DH's b'day this weekend, so no chance of bring careful either. I normally weigh on Sat morning, I suspect I may be a little upset!

Have a good friday everyone.

frenchfancy Fri 10-May-13 07:15:07

Wow B+W what a week.

ATB my 30s were pretty good but my 40s are looking better especially now I've lost the weight.

WI this morning and after 3 days of eating and drinking including pastry (my downfall -I love pastry) and chips and I am still beliw my target weight grin .

Bordercollielover Fri 10-May-13 08:03:41

Joann Lumley was on the radio earlier in the week. She said that she had "looked at the new fasting diet" but isn't going to try it because it is pretty much what she always does anyway! She is long term vegetarian and seems to eat one meal a day with one of those tiny yoghourt drink things for breakfast.
As far as I know her figure has always looked pretty good. She doesn't exercise but does walk very fast everywhere and runs up the stairs: again, pretty much what Dr MM recommends as a means of incorporating exercise into lifestyle. Not that I will be doing it, STILL using crutches and no exercise at all for months.
When I hear about people like this, I feel such an idiot for eating the way I did for half a century!

BsshBossh Fri 10-May-13 08:19:09

ATB an earthquake, oh my goodness! Hope you are all well.

musicposy enjoy your day in London.

Border Joanna Lumley sounds like a sensible woman.

Well I made it through my 4th 36 hour fast and have lost 2lbs this week (inspite of TOM), so am 3lbs under target goal. Happy with this cause I want to drop a few more lbs to give me wiggle room to bounce up and down a bit without guilt.

It's the weekend chez Bssh so lots of lovely eating is planned. Still have to work today but it feels like the weekend smile.

I'm also starting a proper freeweights training programme today at the gym which I'm looking forward to. I usually use weights machines but have decided that free weights will give me a better workout. Just in case any of you is interested here is my plan (I'll rotate through them across the week for max 45 mins a session):

Plie squat (hold at bottom for 30 secs)
Romanian deadlift (slide dumbbells down legs)
Lunge (all reps on one leg first)

Floor press
Floor flye (hold 5 secs at top)
Bent-over row (both arms together)

Overhead press (one set do arm at a time)
Upright row
Bent-over lateral raise

Biceps curl (one arm at a time if tired)
Triceps kickback (one arm at a time if tired)

Dumbbell twist

Ugh like I needed any more reasons to utterly adore Joanna Lumley....