5:2 Diet Thread Part Six! Now's the time to de-lurk and chat with us..

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GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 25-Oct-12 12:49:03

The continuing thread for those of us following either the 5:2 diet or the alternate-day fasting diet. Both are two versions of Intermittent Fasting, which you can read more about here.

The 5:2 diet was featured on Horizon in August, and essentially requires you to fast for 2 non-consecutive days per week. The other 5 days, you can eat what you like. Alternate-day fasting is just how it sounds; you fast every other day. By "fasting", we mean that we keep our calorie consumption very low, around 500 calories on average, on those days.

Here is a list of the links we've gathered so far about this diet. I hope I haven't left many out, but we've filled several threads by now. Please share if you find something particularly useful, and we'll add it for the next thread.

First things first, here are links to some of our previous threads: most recent one before that another one.

Another thread which breadandwine has started is a good resource for some of the links and tips that get lost in these big threads. In addition to sharing links, we try to condense some of our top tips for fasting there. Keep in mind, we all do this differently, so these are just tips, not rules.

frenchfancy has a recipe thread over here, please post any low-calorie recipes there so they don't get lost in these bigger threads!

Here is the link to the BBC article regarding Michael Mosley's findings, which was featured on Horizon.

Here is a link to the first part of the aforementioned Horizon, subsequent parts of that episode are linked on that page.

A blog post here gives some of the scientific explanation for why this way of eating helps you to not only lose weight, but improve your all-around health.

A Telegraph article which comments on the diet and gives a brief overview.

A study discussed here gives commentary specifically addressing the effect of this diet on obese people (both men and women), with regard to both health and weight loss. ("After 8 weeks of treatment, participants had an average 12.5 lbs reduction in body weight and a 4 cm decrease in waist circumference. Total fat mass declined by about 12 lbs while lean body mass remained relatively constant.) it also mentions "Plasma adiponectin, a protein hormone that is elevated in obesity and associated with heart disease, dropped by 30%. As did LDL cholesterol (25%) and triglycerides (32%).")

Important link if you are currently your ideal BMI: this appears to suggest the benefits for women at a lower BMI might not be seeing the same health benefits that are found on men at their ideal BMI.

And for those already fasting, here is a link to 100 snacks under 100 calories. We tend to favour lots of hot drinks during the day (count your milk if you use it!)

Another food link, here is a link to the BBC Good Food site, with a list of low-calorie soups.

We mentioned BMR and TDEE often. Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) quantifies the number of calories you burn in a day. This measure is best estimated by scaling your Basal Metabolic Rate to your level of activity. TDEE is critical in tailoring your nutrition plan to desired fitness goals. Here is a link to a calculator to help you figure out how many calories you should be eating in a day.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have been contributing, btw. Most of us are learning this way of eating as we go along. All of the links above have been posted by others in our previous threads, and they've been very helpful. Sorry if I haven't given credit where it's due, but it was just enough of a job getting them all in one post this afternoon. wink

Come join us, and tell us about your experiences with this diet!

GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 25-Oct-12 12:56:00

GirlWithTheMouseyHair asked everyone to answer some questions towards the end of the last thread. I don't want that to get lost, and I think there are still people who might want to answer but haven't, so I'll re-start that here. Here are her questions:

a) fasting since
b) how many fasts a week
c) pattern of fasts (set number of days inbetween, how many hours before breaking fast etc)
d) benefits noticed
e) negatives noticed

My own answers:

a) mid-August
b) 3 fasts per week
c) always have one day in-between. Once a week I have two non-fast days in a row. On a fast day, I don't eat until the evening. Often on a non-fast day, I won't eat until lunch.
d) weight loss, lower grocery bills
e) having to plan meals so that leftovers still get eaten. Oh, and planning fruit purchases carefully. Sounds silly, but the first few weeks we had fruit going bad because we weren't eating it in time. (DH has also been following this plan)

loulou969 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:59:13

Thankyou, as ever greeneggs for all your admin marvels.thanks
Feed day today for me but did a 16 hour fast from 7pm last night until 11.30am today. have a tuna sandwich for lunch and chicken dinner after work.Still not weighed yet but still really enjoying and everything is looser so just plodding on. Definately feeling fuller quicker and not snacking hardly at all.
Enjoying my food at weekends without guilt!

Thelittlestranger Thu 25-Oct-12 13:03:50

Always good to start a new thread with a positive post...I had my weigh in today and have lost another 1lb, which puts me at 12lbs loss in 8.5 weeks. Very pleased with that!

My original target was 11,3 by this weekend when I'm a bridesmaid. This was my pre pregnancy weight and I'm only 4lbs from that and have actually enjoyed getting here for a change!

Also now in overweight BMI, rather than obese...although I do struggle with how BMI is calculated, but hey ho.

Thanks for the new thread Greeneggs!

Breadandwine, glad to see your wife is also finding that she's gone off chocolate...pretty lucky considering the stash you've just listed on the other thread!!

Breadandwine Thu 25-Oct-12 13:07:42

Thanks, GreenEggs [thumbs up]

mommybunny Thu 25-Oct-12 13:08:24

Hi all - it's been a while since I've posted and I've tried to keep on track - I've been fasting faithfully but am getting really down. First, the stats:

a) fasting since - mid-September (6 weeks)
b) how many fasts a week - two
c) pattern of fasts (set number of days inbetween, how many hours before breaking fast etc) - Monday and Thursday usually, have recently moved to having a single meal at dinner time, so 20+ hours before breaking fast
d) benefits noticed - none at the moment: I've gained a pound since I last weighed myself 2 weeks ago!
e) negatives noticed - see above; also, someone mentioned more frequent periods, which I've noticed too. I am also bonkers ravenous at lunchtime on the day after a fast.

Now, here's my take on things: I have obviously been eating too much on my non-fast days. I plugged my stats into MFP and had to confront the painful math - I only need about 1580 calories to maintain my current weight (I am in the "normal" BMI range and am only 5'3.5"), so if I am having 2 days a week of 500 calories, that's still only about a 2,160 calorie a week deficit (not even a pound, which is 3,500 calories) assuming I am sticking to 1,580 on my non-fast days. And from my tracking on MFP for just 2 days I know I've been going over 1,580.

I was stubbornly sticking to the Varady conclusions that you can eat whatever you want to include "as much as you want", but then I recalled that her study was on people doing ADF, i.e., at least 3 and sometimes 4 fasts a week. I think that at my size only in those circumstances would I be creating enough of a deficit that I could ignore portion sizes on the days I wasn't fasting.

So, heavy sigh, I'm going to have to start tracking, at least for a couple of weeks, so I can recalibrate what "normal" and "not greedy" looks like. I had hoped against hope I wouldn't have to do that but I don't see any other way. Some people have mentioned that their bodies had been doing this re-calibration automatically - maybe if you have more to lose this is the case? I don't know, but I'd be curious to find out from those who have found that natural re-calibration.


welshmill Thu 25-Oct-12 13:12:48

Thank you, for maintaining these threads greeneggs they're certainly a major motivation for me given that I work from home and all the gastronomic temptations that entails! blush

phlebas Thu 25-Oct-12 13:14:25

Been a while since I posted - I had a couple of weeks off with holidays etc but am back to fasting now. On Monday I was 86kg (starting weight was 101kg), I'm doing 2 or 3 fasts a week, not restricting at all on non fast days & losing 1 kg a week consistently. Not at all interesting - I don't worry about what I'm eating or at what time of day etc just less than 500 calories & the rest of the time not thinking about it.

phlebas Thu 25-Oct-12 13:15:47

Of I started at the end of July so I've done 4 months approximately

TalkinPeace2 Thu 25-Oct-12 13:25:05

You'll get there. But yes, you'll have to reteach your system what proper portions are. but it WILL be worth it.

DontGoThereDaisy Thu 25-Oct-12 13:31:54


I’ve been doing 5:2 for 10 weeks now – and reading this board for almost as long – since it was on the first page and a few times its kept me going!

I’ve finally decided to join in as I’ve got a couple of questions (though I’m not a Mum I hope it’s OK).

I fast Tuesdays & Thursdays (and have skipped one fast in 10 weeks), I’ve gone from a BMI of 14.4 to 13.6 stone (I’m 6 foot 2, 41 and a man – so I was top end OK before on the BMI scale), but would like to lose a little more as most of my weight sits on my belly (still) – long skinny legs – before going to 6:1 ‘forever’.

Anyway on fast days I’ve been having veg cup-a-soup (<100 calories) and sliced roast beef (100 cals); then for ‘tea’ corn-on-the-cob and bacon or fish and rice – its worked great except I now have hit a plateau for the past 3 weeks (this is not a concern) but I went online rechecking my calories and have found a corn cob at anything from 50-150 calories – I know calories can be inexact given the size difference a corn cob could be but I’d been counting 2 cobs as 150 but find it could actually be 300, so how sure is everyone else that they are staying within the 500/600 calories limit if the data they are using can be so far out?

Secondly my only struggle has been replacing coffee with milk & 2-3 sugar with water (which I hate doing in the morning) or black coffee (yuk); how does anyone think – going forwards diet pepsi with almost no calories fits into this WOE? I’ve always avoided it before as the false sugar seems likely as bad as the real stuff but I could get my caffeine / liquid fix quite easily this way.

hoops997 Thu 25-Oct-12 13:38:53

Marking place thanks to green eggs, for keeping this fab support thread going smile

Breadandwine Thu 25-Oct-12 13:39:49

"Breadandwine, glad to see your wife is also finding that she's gone off chocolate...pretty lucky considering the stash you've just listed on the other thread!!"

Hi stranger (or should that be 'Howdy'? wink)

It is remarkable that we've had a box of Thornton's milk chocolates opened for over 36 hours - and there's still only two of them gone! shock


buttonspoon Thu 25-Oct-12 13:39:59

Hi all

I'm un-lurking and saying hello! I have been following this thread with interest and have decided to give it a go. I need to lose a stone to put me back to my pre-pregnancy weight (DD will be 2 soon so it's been a while....). I work full time and get very little quality sleep (DD terrible sleeper) so turned to comfort eating and drinking a glass of wine most nights a week to get through it so the weight has stuck. Also have an under active thyroid which doesn't help things, but this has been stable for a year or so now so I can't blame this any more!

On my second fast day today (first was on Monday). Just having some miso soup for lunch and then will most of my 500 calories for dinner tonight. Finding today easier than Monday where I probably went over the 500 calories. It's a revelation that I don't actually need all the snacks and extra things I've been having. Feel quite 'clean' and not craving anything for a change. Obviously early days for me for me so can't comment on weight loss etc.

fingers crossed for good results!

Laska42 Thu 25-Oct-12 14:02:19

OOh a shiny new thread..thanks again greeneggs just popping in lunchtime at work so will make myplace later on . Fasting today .....

Have tried new strategy to try and get about 22hrs in today .. had eaten about 400 cals by 11am and will have a veg and miso soup (with lots of loveley Franks of course ) later if needed ..

Sometimes i find the third fast quite hard but I make myself do it on Thursdays deliberately as I 'officially WI' on a Friday!! and I am very vain and want to have the scales show me as thin as possible .
Then ill be free to pig out and booze have normal eating days at weekends smile wine

In the meantime more greenbrew

Breadandwine i know what you mean.. I bought a really expensive Berghaus waterproof jacket and fleece in the sale at the end of last winter season in size 14 . Its enormous on me now.. but im going to wear it anyway .. im pretty sure even if I ebayed it I wouldnt get anything like I paid for it and its virtually unworn....

Aboutlastnight Thu 25-Oct-12 14:08:26

Fast day - the first time I have skipped brekkie and you are right folks, it is easier.

Have had a few crisp breads and a slice of ham. Am looking forward to a stir fry this evening.

Am now 9st 12 down from 10 st 9 when all this started...end of Aug?

Am cutting back on alcohol at weekends and am imposing a strict no crisps rule at work ( except nightshift because at 4am I am weak grin)

I want to be 9 stone 7 by Christmas but we shall see...

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Thu 25-Oct-12 14:09:03

Marking place - thanks GreenEggs

Might do my first WI for about a month today. If I make it through the day. DD's sleep just gets worse and worse sad

AGeeksWife Thu 25-Oct-12 14:33:00

Another place marker!

I'm away on holiday next week and I'm confusing myself by not wanting to fast for social/fun reasons (and practicality with the kids not questioning) but equally I'm not sure i can face the thought of eating every day. Which in turn is worrying me as I've had such issues with food previously and had been quite happy on this and now I'm feeling a bit obsessive again.

It's going round and round and there are such equal reasons for and against I am in circles.

I'm sure most people will just say go with the flow and see how I feel but it's difficult mentally to have a change if you know what I mean.

ThatBintAgain Thu 25-Oct-12 15:07:30


Oh god, I've had a week off (it was my birthday!) I need to get back on it now. I don't dare go near the scales.

catsrus Thu 25-Oct-12 15:36:54

I've had a week of lots of work events that involved food - god it's not even Christmas! So haven't fasted since last Friday!

Three days of hotel and conference food was not much fun -and after rather a lot of wine I ate the little packet of biscuits in the room blush. I did choose the healthy options food wise - but wasn't that brilliant on portion size. I had a substantial breakfast before leaving today, but no lunch so might just have some superglue noodles with miso soup when i get home and make today an intermittent day and fast tomorrow. Good to feel that I can have a week like this though and not start thinking I've 'ruined the diet' - just that i need to resume my new 'normal' WOE grin

ToffeeChops Thu 25-Oct-12 16:46:41

Hello everyone, new girl on the thread.

I've been lurking for 4 - 5 weeks having started 5:2 about 9 weeks ago. I've lost about 11 lbs and for the first time in years got on the scales last week and weighed 10 something instead of 11 or 12 something - I can't quite believe it!

I've probably eaten more chocolate, pizza, chips and 'naughty' food in the last 2 months than in the last 2 years, but have still lost weight And despite that very unhealthy list, I am actually making sensible food choices most of the time, have more or less stopped snacking and feel a level of control and peace of mind about eating that is - for me - very rare. Three cheers for Michael Moseley and IF! (I would have added a big grin there but I don't know how to do it......blush)

TalkinPeace2 Thu 25-Oct-12 16:56:00

I am very anti zero calorie carbonated drinks - as the sweeteners trick your system into expecting sugar which is not good for it.

I've learned to cope with black coffee, other options are chinese teas which are drunk without milk, hot water with lemon juice, miso soup, or just glasses of water for those two days a week (think of the wine on the other days!)

My husband is the same height as you and his starting point was around 15 stone. He's into black coffee too.

frenchfancy Thu 25-Oct-12 16:56:08

Marking place.

Fast day and WI. No weight loss since last week which is slightly disappointing but I have reached my "normal" weight - ie the weight I have been for a long time and always come back to after a diet (the weight I have just lost was put on due to a broken arm resulting in less excercise and more sitting on the sofa eating).

The challenge now is to get past my "normal" weight and back down to something within my normal BMI (I'm about 26.5 at the moment).

Aftereightsaremine Thu 25-Oct-12 17:01:02

Thanks greeneggs, always good to have a new thread. I too am wondering about 'normal weight' french as I've not been under 11 stone in about 5 years, still as I weigh 13 stone I don't need to worry yet.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Thu 25-Oct-12 17:01:13

AGeeksWife (snap btw) I'm not sure what to suggest - maybe being very strict about which days you fast, are your children in school so you could do it on a school day? Maybe also start only doing 6:1 so it doesn't feel like a big chunk of the week.

Set yourself that you'll do the fast every Monday, plan exactly what you'll eat then do your best not to think about it again til the following Monday.

I definitely found myself obsessing a little in the first few weeks but have calmed down now and finding it plain sailing

Laska42 Thu 25-Oct-12 17:18:43

Right, marked my place..

I've just had my fiery soup .. but was only 50 cal .. so it wont be 22 hrs with totally nowt after all.. oh well....

thatbint Happy Birthday 21 again? hope you enjoyed it ...

Welcome toffeechops I'm like you.. scales well into the 10s now after years of 11's -13s and i'm eating things forbidden in all my WWatchers years....Great isn't it?.. Though i have WW friends who simply wont believe in any other method.. but they are mostly all 'stalled' also! Its the 'mustn't miss a meal .. its bad for you' mentality that these diets are peddling.. and then yes , people simply eat more than they should because their insulin keeps on the boil ..) Obvious really , but I never saw it before ..

Hi again catrus lol at superglue noodles.. I've only managed the one packet so far..

DGTdaisy agree with TIpeace2 don't go there,diet drinks just make you want more . Could you learn to love mint tea? its my lifesaver. Also id suggest you go for less carby veg rather than corn on cob on fast days , maybe a stir fry of different types? You can eat an awful lot of beansprouts with mushrooms, spring onion, broccoli garlic and ginger i've found... perhaps with some prawns or shredded chicken in ..

Right! must stop talking about food!
Im fasting!

ToffeeChops Thu 25-Oct-12 17:20:50

grin Ha! Have just worked it out (peri-menopausal brain not what it was - more pink mist than grey matter these days........)

Laska42 Thu 25-Oct-12 17:36:50

talkinpeace2 I've just seen that link you posted on *bread and wines8 thread showing people at different weights and heights .. Fascinating! .. especially for someone like me who really has such a distorted mirror -view of herself .. I'm more acceptable than I thought!! Thanks

ManOnBoard Thu 25-Oct-12 17:38:30

Green Thankyou for the new thread

AGeeksWife When I first told people that I was trying this woe a few people mentioned that it sounds like an eating disorder but I did point out that 8 vanilla slices in an evening was not whatI consider orderly. Maybe you could try keeping a food diary which would emphasise what you are eating and include Mr Geek.

TLS raised something towards the end of the last thread about how we are all so positive about this woe which may be due to people who may have given up no longer contributing. If anyone has given up, or intends to, but continues to follow the thread I would like to hear why as it would give balance to our experiences and perhaps support others who have stopped,

Aboutlastnight Thu 25-Oct-12 17:47:29

I really think it's important to take the long view. This is the way I will be eating for the rest of my life and therefore blips like holidays, Xmas
nightshift are not important in the grand scheme of things.

So I will not be fasting when on holiday and Christmas week will be a fast free zone. I suspect though that I will naturally modify my eating anyway and if I gain a few pounds, well so what, I'll lose them again later.

Laska42 Thu 25-Oct-12 17:54:20

Hmm..... yes December.... I have two birthday weekends (one of them mine!) two works Christmas meals, and Christmas and new year themselves. with visits from and to friends and reles all over the place meaning fatted calf slaughtering all round ...

I might have to get my excel spreadsheet out and work this out .. because I AM NOT going to start next yearany heavier than now ..

Laska42 Thu 25-Oct-12 17:59:46

... but I AM going to enjoy myself..(this year I may even have actually allow myself a mince pie or 2 -never would have even one in the WW years ) so I need to plan my fasts

catsrus Thu 25-Oct-12 18:01:51

I don't like mince pie.... but I do love Christmas cake and Christmas pudding grin so really looking forward to enjoying those this year!

ToffeeChops Thu 25-Oct-12 18:13:15

Thanks Laska - and yes, it's great! With this WOE I feel as though I've stumbled into something that could end the old cycle of dieting-gaining-dieting for good. I'm doing it with Mr Chops and we've both settled into a Mon / Thurs fast pattern that, while not exactly easy, has become a regular thing that neither of us want to break.

Not sure if this will be of interest to anyone else but I'm also doing something called 'eating window' on my non-fast days. I didn't feel I could commit to ADF or 4:3 but on Sun, Tues, Wed and Fri I don't eat before 1.00pm or after 9.00pm (could be any 8 hour stretch but those times suit me.) I get the benefit of a 16 hr fast on non-fast days (if that makes sense) and I'm sure it's helped the weight loss and given me a greater sense of control over my eating.

That leaves one day a week - Saturday - for FEASTING! smile I do sometimes miss eating breakfast (I love cereal) but like many others here I feel less hungry if I don't have breakfast than if I do...... and toast and marmalade on a Saturday morning now feels like such a treat!

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Thu 25-Oct-12 18:44:24

Bleurgh to Christmas cake, pudding and mince pies - hate raisins! But yay to roast potatoes dripping with goose fat!

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Thu 25-Oct-12 18:48:31

DH working late tonight do debating doing a second fast day in a row today rather than tomorrow as I have a gorgeous beef casserole and fluffy mashed which I intend to cover in butter waiting for dinner for us, so swap that to tomorrow and get an early night tonight. Trouble is I've probably already used 200cal on breakfast (one slice of bread with home made lemon curd) and no 16hour break, but could have leftover veg curry for a late lunch then not eat til morning. Will prob go to bed with the children in any case tonight.

Ramble ramble ramble!!

TalkinPeace2 Thu 25-Oct-12 19:02:12

My MEGA top tip for fast days is baked beans - a whole tin of healthy ones is around 400 calories - leaving spare for a slice of ham and a sprinkling of cheese and for the men a slice of toast.
Comfort food!

And as Laska pointed out - its good to see yourself as others see you ....
the 5'5" 130 pound pictures are pretty representative of how I know I look.... what about you?

GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 25-Oct-12 19:09:30

Laughing at the turn this thread is taking with all the Christmas food being discussed. grin

I look forward to the holidays. With this WOE I won't have to stress so much over baking, whether or not I should, etc. I love that I will be able to have a meal at Christmas and not be worrying in the back of my mind how I'll be paying for this later, or making excuses for it but will be back to normal after the holidays. I will just plan fast days when I can (I can't imagine straying too much from my current schedule, actually, except that I might move a day or two around, or drop down to 5:2 or a week instead of 4:3) and accept that my calories will be higher than usual. I won't break from fasting entirely over that time period, as I think it helps to keep me focused (and I imagine I'll appreciate it after a day or two of eating Christmas foods!)

Re: coffee. I think if you want to wean yourself from sugar, you could try sweeteners. I realise I incur the wrath of TalkInPeace2 by suggesting such a thing, but I use them in coffee sometimes on fast days if I want something sweet. Your reaction might vary, though- I don't have a problem with cravings after having a cup.

Another suggestion is to buy/make nicer coffee, which you'll appreciate the flavour of more, and might not feel the need to sweeten. I have a mokka pot for my stove which I use for a strong cup of brewed coffee, and use either Douwe Egberts or Lavazza ground coffee. So, nothing fancy, but they have a good flavour. DE also has an okay instant coffee which I keep around for emergencies, or for when I don't have access to the stove. (Though a french press is good for work as well!)

Sorry to go off on the coffee nerd tangent. smile

Aftereightsaremine Thu 25-Oct-12 19:14:57

Well at 5ft 3" & 13 stone it isn't pretty but 14&half stone was worse!

FoodieToo Thu 25-Oct-12 19:30:50

Hi everyone. I love this woe!

However,I have been sticking with Ryvita for dinner on fast days. This is not good as I have five young kids. I don t want them know I am fasting.

Any ideas for a meal that looks like a dinner but with very few calories lol?

TalkinPeace2 Thu 25-Oct-12 19:38:23

a hot salad : bed of lettuce, sliced peppers, mushrooms, bit of tomato, then warmed up smoked salmon fillet and a hot poached egg on top and fresh ground pepper
with a bit of portion control and aesthetics, something you'd be happy to have in a restaurant

and that IS the secret you know - what most restaurants now serve as starters make perfectly good main courses - lots of the skinny people I know have two starters when they go out rather than a main course - plenty of flavour and texture, low calories

I have less of a problem with sweeteners in coffee because the coffee is the main flavour.
Its the carbonated sweet aspartame drinks that have health implications :-)

Aracsmum Thu 25-Oct-12 19:39:33

Been lurking a while! Time to join in..... Thanks for all the advice...
Followed 5:2 since beginning of sept and settled in to a pattern of going 'local' (sounds less bonkers than 'fasting') on Mondays and Fridays.... This week started skipping breakfast as recommended here and have found this makes a big difference - after all those years of being brainwashed into brekkie being the most important meal of the day etc (it is much easier to extend the fast if don't eat first thing and no I haven't fainted in a heap yet).
Re drinks - I can handle black coffee but have found Earl Grey tea without milk surprisingly nice and peppermint tea good too. All other herb/fruit teas taste like Sellotape!!
Oh and lost 7lbs so far; if I lose another 3 I will be under 12 stone for the first time in 20 years ... Fingers crossed! (that will still make me have a BMI of 26 but getting nearer the Holy Grail!)

TalkinPeace2 Thu 25-Oct-12 19:39:41

PS Foodie : baked beans. Serve them to your kids with toast under and bacon or hotdogs chopped in and cheddar on top. you just skip the toast and have less bacon and cheese

dalek Thu 25-Oct-12 19:42:01

Could I please ask a question about the 16 hour fast? Does this mean NOTHING for 16 hours - eg say from 9pm on an eating day to 1pm on a fast day? Can you have a little milk in tea and coffee or should you just stick to water?

Does this WOE produce weight loss even if you don't do the 16 hour fasts?


TalkinPeace2 Thu 25-Oct-12 19:47:24

I often have a mug of tea with milk at breakfast but otherwise nothing ....
mainly cos I need caffeine to do the school run!

not doing the 16 hours - the thing is that skipping breakfast or supper is the ONLY way to keep the calories down to 500 on fast days

frenchfancy Thu 25-Oct-12 19:49:31

Foodie - Think of veg based meals. Veg chilli, veg curry etc. My favourite fast day meal is a butternut squash and sweet potato casserole. Or do jacket spuds, but do sweet potato for you instead of normal. It doesn't need butter, I just add a bit of tuna and chilli. Check out the recipe thread for other ideas.

Dalek - I don't think the 16 hour fast affects weight loss,(Dr Mosely didn't do it) but it seems to enhance other health benefits

frenchfancy Thu 25-Oct-12 19:51:27

Not it isn't TalkinPeace You could skip lunch instead. Or you could eat three very small meals (soup for example).

One of the benefits to this WOE are the lack of rules. You do it your way.

Aracsmum Thu 25-Oct-12 19:55:55

I find that skipping breakfast means I have more calories for later on and I am no hungrier by say 11am than if I had eaten breakfast.... So I can have a better tea so as to not look like a weird eater in front of my daughter (I have to leave for work early so we only overlap for a brief chat at breakfast time)

Thelittlestranger Thu 25-Oct-12 19:59:37

Most of us will still have milk in our coffee/tea within the 16 hour fasting period, but we won't eat anything...

I have sweetener in my tea (but have always had that since I was in my teens as I just prefer the taste) but funnily enough, since starting this WOE I am going off the taste of sweetener in drinks. It hasn't affected my love of my daily can of diet coke, but I have recently tried a shapers drink from boots and it tasted SO sweet and yuck. Never thought that before...

Made lemon drizzle cake with my middle child today, and enjoyed a slice and am having fish and chips tonight as a treat! 16 hour fast then until tomorrow afternoon.

I suspect with Christmas it will be easy to skip meals around other large ones, and also, think of all the yummy salads you can have. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the leftovers (cold turkey, boiled eggs, smoked salmon) All of which can be incorporated in to a fast day salad...

FoodieToo Thu 25-Oct-12 20:52:57

Thanks a million for those food suggestions. Yes I think the idea of a plate of salad is good,with something thrown in.

I worry a lot about food messages I give the kids!

TalkinPeace2 Thu 25-Oct-12 21:00:16

remember that this diet is for those who have stopped growing - DH and I are 47. I've told our kids that when their bones have totally stopped growing, then they will need to really be careful about food, but for now DS has hollow legs

then again OTT salads are hardly a bad meal to show them :-)

GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 25-Oct-12 21:23:09

I agree with TalkIn, foodie. When my son is old enough (he's 3 and takes very little notice of anything anyone else is eating, unless it's cake wink) I'll just explain that adults have to have a fast day sometimes.

I think this WOE is actually better than many other short-term diets in that we're eating normally most days of the week. We aren't teaching them that fat is bad, or whatever, because we're eating it. My eating on non-fast days has improved a lot, and overall I'm eating a lot of vegetables (fast and non-fast days). I can only assume this is sending a good message.

ManOnBoard Thu 25-Oct-12 21:25:43

Chicken and vegetable stir fry, serve the low cal and then add noodles for the rest of the family mmm soy sauce. My favourite low cal meal so far is tinned tomayues on 2 wholemeal toast with black pepper 250-300cals

Sputnik Thu 25-Oct-12 21:48:55

Frenchfancy, I like the sound of butternut squash and sweet potato casserole, can you put it on the recipe thread, pretty please smile

GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 25-Oct-12 22:00:43

Aracs welcome to the thread! I've also found I'm enjoying flavoured teas. I never really liked them much before. I've picked up some Chai tea this evening for my next fast day.

I also save my calories for the evening.

dalek if you have a look through the links in the OP, there is one which is about a study involving obese participants and weight loss. From what it says, they didn't have restrictions on when they ate their 500 calories.

This is just for weight loss, though. If you're interested in the other health benefits, it's best to have a 16 hour window to allow the cells to go into repair mode.

Oh damn I knew there was something I forgot. Does anyone have the link for the follow-up blog post where the blogger wrote to all the scientists and asked them questions? I meant to add that to the OP. At least I remembered to change the BMR/TDEE bit. sigh.

(the link should be in the tips and links thread anyway, I just thought it would be good there)

Skinnyeye Thu 25-Oct-12 22:20:40

Hi Losers, Gainers and Stay the Samers
2nd fast day of the week almost over and struggled a bit today. Strongly suspect a top of the morning is on its way. Cant weigh in tomorrow morning as the battery has run out in my scales angry
Heading to bed now night all

Florence1205 Thu 25-Oct-12 23:16:06

Hi all ( a shy little wave & blush),
I was going to wait until tomorrow to introduce myself but just realised I am reading the blog that GreenEggs requested the setails of, here it is
Just very briefly as it is past midnight here, I have been reading your threads since Sunday & started on Monday after your superior knowledge boosted my confidence that 'this is the one' ... fasted Mon & again, tomorrow. Found it quite hard but not unbearable & really taking notice of what I eat on 'feast' days ( could have had wine tonight but chose not to shock, that is a defo newone for me!!!).
Anyway, serious eye droop & need to get the breakfast things ready before I go to bed, I will bore you again tomorrow with a bit more about me but quite like the 'hungry' feel already.
Well done to you all & good luck for tomorrow, fellow fasters & feasters!!!
à demain!!!

TellMeLater Fri 26-Oct-12 00:06:50

foodie I have just told my kids straight up what I am doing /- avoiding dementia hopefully! They still hate me eating something different to them. Curry/chilli works though, butter in their rice, cauliflower rice for dh and I - still looks like a normal plate of food. Or baked fish with a fresh tomato sauce and veggies, kids can have pots.

ToffeeChops Fri 26-Oct-12 00:33:12

Good luck with your next fast, Florence - I'm definitely feeling that 'this is the one' for me, too. Somehow, knowing that nothing is forbidden and that if I can't have it today I could still have it tomorrow, helps me keep on the wagon. Half the time, when tomorrow comes the craving's gone anyway.

I've been watching Great British Bake Off thinking 'Ooh, I could make that!' and I'm starting to believe I may actually be able to eat all sorts of stuff that I always thought was taboo and still reach / maintain a healthy weight. It's liberating!

Happy Friday fasting or feeding to you all.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Fri 26-Oct-12 01:22:34

DH coming home after all so today will be feast day as planned and fasting tomorrow. I never stick to a fast day if I try to do one on the hoof and not planned! Note to self I suppose...

So my veg curry will keep for tomorrow, planning to wt early with the children so not too long a day to try to make it to 22 hours

Aftereightsaremine Fri 26-Oct-12 06:49:03

Yesterday was a feed day & we had Indian takeaway, I ordered the same amount as usual but I ate half of what normally do. I went to bed feeling stuffed & uncomfortable. It was not a nice feeling, & I used to go to bed like that most nights. Very much looking forward to a fast day today!

Off on hols tomorrow & I will not be fasting for a whole week, not particularly bothered if I put on some weight as I know I can lose it on my return. Holidays & weekends are the only time we eat as a family & I don't want to spoil that for dcs, but I intend to choose healthier options where possible.

Happy eating & fasting to you all.

Piebaldrider Fri 26-Oct-12 07:12:43

I allow my self the odd Coke Zero if I'm desperate for something. I find it takes away hunger for a while and stops me wanting a glass of wine which would be worse in my case. I have drunk black coffee for years so i don't miss milk or sugar in drinks but as i don't want to overload on caffeine i drink Lemon and Ginger tea which does give me a little hit and then i don't miss the caffeine. I don't like ginger much but in the tea its very pleasing.

As i have a couple of days off work i am going to find time to make up some of your recipes and freeze some for next week and get around to reading some of the other linked threads some of you have been writing .

I'm quite sore from the Gym but i will go again today and maybe try a class as they can burn up to 500 Calories in one go. I am also trying to do some
time on the power plates on fasting days as i know from previous experience that its good results from minimal effort and i wont get light headed. Swimming has also helped as its something i love to do but never have time , just a few lengths at a steady speed can be very relaxing and again takes all thoughts of food away from your head.

I would recommend power plates to anyone who doesn't feel they can exercise as anyone can do this even if they physical problems. Toning up will make you feel more motivated especially if you have hit a plateau.

Thank you Greeneggs for keeping us all together and thanks to all of you for putting up with my long boring posts lol... It helps me to get it out there and i'm now thinking of stating a diary instead .


Laska42 Fri 26-Oct-12 08:42:20

Yay! Friday Wi and ive lost another pound!!smile

Well apart from my 50 cal soup ive not eaten anything since yesterday 11am and feeling fine. so doesnt really count as a whole 22 hr fast .. but pretty much so than before .

not eaten yet and going out to lunch today but wil have some breakfast ..

BUT beware people this WOE may save food money but is expensive inother areas. as well as my berghaus jacket swamping me now I am wearing a skirt today (bought about 5 weeks ago only 3rd wearing ) and its too big and slipping off my waist and hips !! Ill just have to get it altered.. cant afford another one . .. not going to buy anything else for a while i think ....

catsrus Fri 26-Oct-12 08:47:48

with apologies for those who are not losing ATM... but despite what I considered to be a 'bad' week (because I haven't managed a proper fast since last week) I appear to have lost 1lb shock

it seems my sensible food choices while away DID compensate for the lasagne, spag bol and pavlova at the start of the week and clearly the wine didn't take me over the net calories I needed - it probably helped to be more active too - rushing for trains with luggage and lots of walking. So clearly I can eat 'normal' food with everyone else and not put on weight so long as most of my choices are good ones - this thinking like a thin person will hopefully become second nature at some point blush

Blondie276 Fri 26-Oct-12 08:55:28

Morning all!
Another fast day yesterday and went really well. Didn't struggle at all and went 23 hrs until I ate.
Feeling fantastic at the mo- first month is over an although only 1 pound weight loss on scales my body has obviously changed shape a lot. I notice ( and does df) a massive difference which is so motivational.
Have also started daily exercise since starting so suspect this could be affecting the scales.
Had my first ''wow you've lost loads of weight' yesterday- is that not one of the best feelings ever?!
Had a really good week of 4:3 this week- DF is away this week and so I have a suspicion this has made me eat really well without his bad influence which is good.
Also- headaches seem to have gone which is such a relief ( hope I'm not tempting fate on that one!)
So all in all a very positive morning! Feeling good and for those worried about scales not budging- mine haven't but not worried as evidence has come in other forms after perseverence!
Have a great day everyone! grin

frenchfancy Fri 26-Oct-12 09:00:31

sputnik link is now on the recipe thread.

Laska42 Fri 26-Oct-12 09:03:21

Please can I have a little celebration here? wine (balloons emoticon) wine

I've just realised that I am now at the GOAL weight (10st 7) that I set myself over three years ago , when embarking on a certain well known diet..at 13st 10 !!!!!!

(Happy Bunny emoticon) gringrin

.... Mind you I was stalled at over a stone heavier on that diet for about 18months until I started thisin late August ..

I LOVE love LOVE this WOE!!

catsrus Fri 26-Oct-12 09:19:39

well done Laska!!!!

and WOW blondie I think I would have to have a very busy day (NOT working from home) to do 23 hrs!

I am going to try for 16 today - should be do-able as long as I just have a late lunch / early evening meal.

Aboutlastnight Fri 26-Oct-12 09:31:27

Well today I weighed myself and have gained a pound grin but having done this for a few months now, I know this happens sometimes. Hopefully the weight will start to go down again in next few weeks. Well done all of you losing weight, it's exciting isn't it.

Florence1205 Fri 26-Oct-12 10:14:48

Just a quickie as i needed to say a BIG WELL DONE to Laska but could someone point me in the direction of the famous Mr L's famous tom, red pepper & lentil soup, I have had a quick look on the recipe thread but can't seem to see it, haven't really got time to go through all the links to see if it is there, many thanks
P.S. fast going well, had breakfast, a couple of cups of tea with milk, black coffee & currently ploughing through 1,5 ltr bottle of water. Looking forward to my lunch of tinned toms & toast which some nice person suggested (sorry can't remember who blush)& it used to be one of my favourite dinners when I was slim before DH & DC came along.....
Ok, on y va (off we go), onwards & downwards x

FoodieToo Fri 26-Oct-12 10:18:26

Well I lost 3 pounds last week and only three quarters of a pound this week!

A little disappointed but I do think my body has to rebalance after a big loss.3 pounds was a big loss for me. Going to stick with it .

Mid term,long weekend etc coming up so my aim is to maintain. I usually gain 3 to 4 pounds on such breaks.

We go to my mums and she is such a great cook. She cooks for a week before we arrive.

Am usually stressed about how much I eat there but feel relaxed this time.

Trills Fri 26-Oct-12 10:38:47

Hi all.

I have a cold. Are there calories in snot?

<just putting you all off your mid-morning snack>

SweetOnion Fri 26-Oct-12 11:09:33


Im starting the 5:2 diet today, first fasting day today. My last meal was 6pm last night and I'm not planning to eat until about 2pm today where I plan to have some porridge then eat again at 7pm a meal about 300 calls.

I am a bit confused about the 16 hour rule, as it will be 20hrs from my last meal until eating porridge at 2 today. Or does the 16 hours suppose to start after fasting from your last meal which will be 7pm today until 11 am tomorrow.

Hope someone can clarify this for me and I haven't confused you too much!

MoJoRegained Fri 26-Oct-12 11:26:46

Hi all, lurker here coming out of the shadows.

Have been following 5:2 with DH for mainly health reasons since we saw the original Horizon programme, but delighted with the weight loss like so many of you. Since we started, I have lost 14 lbs, and DH has lost 12 lbs. I'm down a trouser size and feeling so energised I just had to pick an appropriate nickname! Still have quite a bit of weight to lose, but finding this WOL easyish, especially with DH doing it as well.

Thanks all for the constant encouragement (even if you didn't know I was there blush ) and I have found all the links very useful. DH is due for a checkup at the doc soon, so we will see if the WOL has had any effect on his blood pressure. We are hoping so.

Did a fast day yesterday but eating lightly this morning as we are going out with friends tonight.

Have a great day everyone!

DontGoThereDaisy Fri 26-Oct-12 11:30:07

I try to think of my fast as 600calories in 36 hours – 8pm day before to 8am day after fasting.

I try to make sure at least one period of 16 hours as near calorie free as I can manage – so for a fast on Tuesday I go 8pm Monday-1pm Tuesday when I eat something, then eat again around 6pm Tuesday and nothing until 8am Wednesday - though I sometimes hold out for 10am the day after a fast (16 hours again). I then fast again on Wednesday evening through Friday morning.

So ‘usually’ one 18ish hour fast and one 14ish hour fast? Does that sound about right.

Florence1205 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:35:11

sweetonion I could be wrong but I think it is up to you how you do it as long as there is a 16 hr break giving cell repair & growth time to kick in & your metabolism will have started using your fat stores up by this time? I may be a bit wrong but that is how I understand it!!!
i do it the other way round as it fits in better with the kids... so my lunch will be shortly, about 1pm here & have had breakfast & will not eat again until tomorrow morning so my fast will be at least 18 hrs long but that is what suits my family, as it if it works, I have yet to see as still only my first week!!! hth x

Laska42 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:53:39

its still there florence on page 2
roasted carot, red pepper tomato lentil soup . I love it

Laska42 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:56:14

Cheers a lot trills (not)smile Just what i needed when im just about to go out for eating day lunch at the pub !! hope you feel better soon..

KateRuggles Fri 26-Oct-12 11:59:22

Congratulations Laska! smile

WI this morning, and have lost another 1lb, so down 1 stone 3lb since starting this at the end of August. I don't contribute to the threads as much as I'd like, but do try to catch up from time to time!

Answering the questions from the OP:

a) fasting since 20th August
b) how many fasts a week 2
c) pattern of fasts (set number of days inbetween, how many hours before breaking fast etc) no real pattern-fits around what I have planned during the day, and going out. A Sunday fast seems to work particularly well for me-lets me get one out of the way before the week starts, and then it's easy just to pick one day Mon-Fri where I don't mind not eating.
d) benefits noticed weight loss! (See above) Much easier than calorie counting, and have only had one week since I started when I stayed the same-every other week has been a loss
e) negatives noticed None

Florence1205 Fri 26-Oct-12 12:10:29

blush oops, thanks Laska, I must have had a seious 'mummy brain' as I didn't realise there was a page 2!!! lol

Well done to all you losers, hope to join you next week!!!

Lunch was lush, now just need to be strong until breakfast tomorrow!! now off to find the soup on pg 2....

ManOnBoard Fri 26-Oct-12 12:19:34

DGTD, SweetO, Flo Many of us do not do the 16 hour thing, including DrMM, and still seem to be getting the benefits. Personally I never used to but do now as a fast day for me feels easier without breakfast and my weight loss has been constant, google 16 hour fast though there is loads on there.

My weekly WI marker is Saturday and after a 3lb gain last week intended to do 4:3 instead of 5:2 by adding today and I have been doing an additional half hour walk after dinner. I weigh myself daily and as it looks like I will wipe out the gain, and then some (possibly 7lbs) I will just eat normally as I think this is just too much, too quickly (and I have the day off at home).What do you all think?

Porage used to be a frequent breakfast for me but I now always have something with higher fibre in an effort to restore my body's equilibrium. Also after watching Horizon it struck me that what I used to think was a positive in the slow release benefit of porage seems to contrast with what we are aiming for with regard to insulin production.

ToffeeChops Fri 26-Oct-12 12:19:50

Well done Laska - hearing about other people's success with this WOE makes the hunger pangs easier to bear!

Someone (I think maybe Breadandwine?) said on an earlier thread that they have become evangelistic about intermittent fasting - me too! In fact I think I may have got my first convert having just spent the best part of an hour on the phone to a friend spreading the 'good news'. She's asked for links to the programme and other helpful webpages. I've done all sorts of diet plans, slimming clubs etc in the past and never felt I could recommend anything as wholeheartedly as I can this.

Eating day today - just off out with Mr Chops to get lunch in the tea shop on the edge of the village. The weekend starts here.....! wink

MikeOxardForHalloween Fri 26-Oct-12 13:08:40

I've had an accidental week off! Since getting to pre-ds weight I have relaxed a little bit. I kept fasting until dinner time and then thinking 'ah feck it, let's have cake and I'll fast tomorrow'. Rubbish. Finally got my act together yesterday and low-carbed. I think it made a difference. I ate 500cals worth of eggs, cheese and ham, and didn't crave anything else. Will definately keep that in mind for future fast days. Have to try to keep my motivation up now, still a stone to go to pre-dd weight.

Well done Laska it's great to see people achieving their goals.....where do you go from here confused it'll be interesting to see how things go over the next month now that you've hit such a long standing goal (break out those Jalopino bites you were talking about wink and the wine

So brilliant to see so many new people on the thread stepping out of the shadows and contributing, welcome to all. And a huge thanks to Greeneggs for starting and running such an inspirational thread.

On two 'Up' days now until Sunday. But the beauty of this WOE/WOL for me is that I can basically eat whatever I fancy over the next couple of days without having to worry and by Monday will still be able to fit in clothes sizes I haven't worn since my long gone teenage years.

...As has been said before I LOVE THIS WOL. Good health to you all grin

TalkinPeace2 Fri 26-Oct-12 13:41:59

Weighed in today. Stalled. Ah well.
My target was to lose a stone in the half term and I only managed 11 pounds ONLY tee hee!!!

Various friends have commented how much flatter my tummy looks and the crease under my arms is getting neater.

It will be interesting to see how I do as my BMI is 21.5 so I suspect if I wanted to lose much more I'd have to cut back on the weekend wine.

DH's BMI is nearly down to 25 and the weight is still falling off him !

Trills Fri 26-Oct-12 14:02:44

I either do or don't do 16 hours depending on if you count coffee (filter coffe with a little bt of milk and sugar)

Piebaldrider Fri 26-Oct-12 14:09:35

I have just read the blogs form that feadfast feed blogger that Florence posted the link for. I am already quite active out of work and ride and now go to the gym but i couldnt survive his regime of excersise let alone fit it in with my life as it is. In my view he is eating too few calories for so much excresise but good luck to him. I prefer the more gentle approach that seems to be working for us. I just cooked my zero cal noodles, i can make them look nice , i can make them have a reasonable flavour but i cant eat many as the rubbery texture is quite difficult to get used to . I chopped them up realy small and tried swallowing them whole but i still couldnt manage very many. I will try again another day maybe putting them chopped up in a soup.

Trills Fri 26-Oct-12 14:13:15

I bought some zero noodles too (sheep blush) and will be trying them this evening.

Florence1205 Fri 26-Oct-12 15:16:46

Also, I am on MFP with the same name if anyone wants to add me (still getting used to it as only started using it on Monday), great site but another great recommendation from you guys!!! x thanks

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Fri 26-Oct-12 15:46:52

Yay well done Laska, TalkIn and Mike (you might have already said about getting to pre DS weight, sorry if I missed that!)

WI yesterday for the first time in ages and in 6weeks have lost about 4-5lbs. To be honest was hoping there'd just be some movement on the scales because I can tell from my clothes that I've changed shape and "lost weight". Think I def could have lost more but I like my wine and if I hadn't been doing this WOE while we've had so many guests I definitely would have put on a lot of weight

My best friend flies out in Saturday and really want to talk to her about this WOE, need to plan the conversation well though because I'm aware it can sound a bit eating disorderish until you get down to the details - any ideas? I just think it would really suit her, we're the same age, work I the same industry (long strange hours, lots of socializing) both love good food and occasionally sitting in and eating a whole tub of ice cream blush both put weight on around our middles quickly and easily.

She's been in a show in the regions the last few months "living like a student" so is worried about how fat she's got. The real discovery about this WOE is that it can be for life - I can enjoy my wine (in moderation!), good food, occasionally eat a cheese toasts with my son without feeling guilty for it, and not put weight on. I do eat pretty healthily so it's not like I'm fasting to make up for copious MacDonalds and Fish and Chips or anything, but this seems so much easier to maintain for life than anything else. Add on the health benefits and you're laughing.

So, how would you start the conversation? She arrives Saturday, we're just going to do a beach day on Sunday so was going to fast then and Tuesday as that's the only day we don't have a dinner or party or night out planned while she's here

ManOnBoard Fri 26-Oct-12 15:47:25

PiebaldR Florence I read the blog too and it just confirms what has been said repeatedly on here that "experts" talk bull as they have, as yet, no evidence. IMO we have more knowledge than the authors. bloggers, publishers, self publicists, profiteers etc as we are doing it and when the results do come out, if they recommend a full calorie free day then that is what I may do, as now we all know we can do it, in the meantime I intend to do as I am doing as it is working for me. Also, the same as Bread and Laska, I find myself biting my tongue so as not to appear evangelistic but know of 3 people who are doing this too after noticing the visible success I am having. To anyone I would say "try it if you succeed great, if you fail you have saved a few quid on groceries"

Alaska77 Fri 26-Oct-12 15:48:12

Hi All, thanks Greeneggs for the brand new post. I've read and contributed to all the others but have been absent for a couple of weeks and this thread has really moved on!

Way to go Laska, really proud of you.

TalkinPeace2 Fri 26-Oct-12 15:54:49

I'm quite happy telling people about it - FAR better to do this than spend money on gimmick foods and failing weekly meetings
and I've visibly lost weight in two months.
What's NOT to be pleased about.

Trills Fri 26-Oct-12 16:02:21

Whoops... I have bought some gimmicky food.

TalkinPeace2 Fri 26-Oct-12 16:05:51


ToffeeChops Fri 26-Oct-12 16:30:07

Hello GWTMH, is your friend likely to notice your weight loss? That usually gives a way into a conversation on eating (or not, in this case!) in my experience.

Speaking to my closest friend on the phone today I happened to mention my new WOE (she was asking how I'm managing without a kitchen as we're having building work done so it came up quite naturally) and she immediately said 'Tell me all about it, I'm bigger now than I've ever been and I'm absolutely desperate.'

On the other hand, I've initiated a conversation with a couple of people at work and they just nodded politely and weren't really interested. I wanted to say 'Look, you have to try this, it's brilliant!' but it's a bit tricky to do that without implying they're a bit of a chubster.

Had corned beef hash at the tea shop.....totally lush Autumn comfort food and best of all NO GUILT! grin

Hi GWTMH I know what you mean about wanting to share the benefits of this WOL, I feel evangelical as do others about this at times (I should get out more). For me the best way of getting someone to take it seriously without sounding or looking to weird is to suggest watching the Horizon programme. That was my tact with someone I cared about and it worked 100%.

Almost every single person who knows me has commented on the difference in me over the past 8 weeks or so which is strange in a way as I lost about 35lb between last Christmas and this July and have lost about 20lb since starting this, no-one seemed to really notice until I switched to this, probably as this has affected my shape more than anything else.

On a personal note I suppose one of my flaws is I'm always so sure I'm right I need to see that I've convinced someone of the 'truth' as I see it (even when I'm wrong), but with this I feel no need to convince as I'm sure deep down that this is a good and healthy way of living and if they choose to follow it then so much the better...and if they don't there's no problem, this WOL is still valid and it's there for them if they want.

Hope it goes well.

FastFeeder Fri 26-Oct-12 17:17:51

Hi Everyone

I've been lurking on these threads for ages but the title of the current one has flushed me into the open, if only to say a heartfelt 'thank you' for being a source of entertainment, inspiration and support over the last month or two. Here are my answers to the questions posed earlier:

a) fasting since: 17th August
b) how many fasts a week: 2, usually Mondays and Thurs or Fri
c) pattern of fasts: generally skip breakfast and lunch and save the calories for an evening meal
d) benefits noticed: inches off waist and hips, having to be creative with calories (someone has already linked to the recipes I'm sharing on my blog), really savouring the food I eat on fasting and non-fasting days, lost about 6kg/14lb so far
e) negatives noticed: spend a lot more time thinking about food! Can get a bit 'hangry' before eating on a fast day.

Plan to drop to 6:1 once I get to my target weight (just a few pounds to go). smile

Blondie276 Fri 26-Oct-12 17:30:55

Hello again to all!
I'm sat here doing some work on an eating day and am writing this post to distract myself- why may you ask!
I find that now that I'm aware of it- I have a regular battle with wanting to eat because I fancy something but NOT because I'm in the least bit hungry. Although its an eating day I'm still consciously learning to eat when my body tells me to - not my head and eyes!
Anyone else know what I'm on about? Do hope I'm not the ony one!

TalkinPeace2 Fri 26-Oct-12 17:49:48

You are by no means the only one.
For DH the hardest part has been recognising that a rumbling tummy will survive for an extra hour and that being a bit hungry is what we were evolved to be.
And yes, learning not to snack - when the whole industry for the last 40 years has told us to - is REALLY REALLY hard.
Are you drinking plenty?
I find a pint of water is good instead of a slice of cheese!

ToffeeChops Fri 26-Oct-12 18:00:26

Me too. I realised a couple of years ago that I NEVER let myself get properly hungry - just 'topped up' the moment I didn't feel completely full. It's a difficult habit to break but with this WOE I do at last feel that I'm re-learning what 'true' hunger is.........and realising it won't kill me to endure it for an hour or two longer.

Thelittlestranger Fri 26-Oct-12 18:01:40

I think at least I have that conversation with myself blondie...before I just ate. Now I ask myself if I'm hungry...

Today is an intermediate day...and after my 16 hour fast, I've ended up snacking this afternoon, but don't feel too bad as I didn't have breakfast or lunch. And I am really looking forward to the wine this evening!!

Girlwiththemouseyhair...if she's a good friend, then hopefully you're comfortable enough with each other just to bring up what you're doing?

Good to see more posters on here....

Aracsmum Fri 26-Oct-12 18:43:51

I have realised too that for years I have had a fear of being hungry and so end up doing a lot of 'pre-loading' ie better eat now in case I am hungry in half an hour...... This means I never let myself get really hungry and I have associated 'hungry' with 'not being stuffed' sigh welcome to the world of the over-eater!
The good thing about this WOE is to find out that being hungry isn't that bad at all and hey the world doesn't stop because my stomach rumbles occasionally. Plus as others have said, hunger doesn't increase evenly but plateaus, so is manageable. However, I do like food so do want to eat and thus when it is time for a meal I can enjoy it without guilt.
However I do worry about the consequences of this WOE if people have anorexic tendencies - do you think it will help to manage the need to control food intake or exacerbate it??

Sputnik Fri 26-Oct-12 20:32:15

Thanks for posting that recipe Frenchfancy, will definitely try that.
I'm off on hols for a week, I probably won't get to fast but I'll be right back on it when I return.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Fri 26-Oct-12 21:24:33

Arac I'm the same, would think I'm not having dinner for a few hours so I should eat now so I'm not hungry and starving an hour before dinner! Also the fear that if I don't eat I'll faint has gone as obviously I'm managing to fast with no adverse effects. Have just worked out that without even really thinking about it today I've already done 17hours!

Fast day but eating with the children at lunchtime so will have to try not to eat again after this, eeeek

My friend is good enough to talk this over with, I guess I'll use her as an experiment before bringing it up with my brother, who WILL poo poo and ask if I'm becoming anorexic (ha, as if! Never had an issue with eating too little!) but he's staying for 3 weeks so he's gonna have to lump it frankly!

Trills Fri 26-Oct-12 21:24:36

The zero noodles are okay I guess. Not hideous. They are difficult to bite - I stuck the kitchen scissors in and snipped them up.

If they are basically made of fibre does that mean I'll be very ahem regular tomorrow?

myjoy Sat 27-Oct-12 07:10:42


after asking last week about breastfeeding (thanks to those who responded) and IF and then doing my own research I decided to just give it a go. So far, it's been brilliant. I am feeling really well, not weak or light headed, baby is well and milk supply not affected. Even with broken sleep I have more energy than I've had in ages and my mind feels alert.

My first 2 fast days were so do-able that I decided to add a third and though it's early days I feel like this could definitely be a permanent way of life. Since I've gained weight steadily with 2 pregnancies I have 6 stone to lose, but for the first time it doesn't feel daunting to get back to health.

Am struggling to keep up with thread but wanted to say thank you to all for great advice, tips, and recipes!

Piebaldrider Sat 27-Oct-12 07:15:19

Trills i didn't eat too many noodles due to the texture but i think i could get used to it by trying them in different ways and i will try the scissors next time. However what i will say in their favor is after eating them i wasn't even a tiny bit hungry and didn't think about food all day. I managed to do several rounds of baking with puff pastry and cheese for a party nibbles at the stables later. They smelled divine and i could have eaten loads but i wasn't hungry. I ate my version of Chili non Carne about 8pm and it was delicious . I also made a coleslaw that i ate on the side using the same carrots , celery and cabbage that was in the chili. Extra low fat mayo at ten cals a tablespoon and i was a happy lady with enough cals for a white wine ... a good day for me ... Now i wait and see what effect the noodles and high fibre chile have upon my system today. blush

2beornot Sat 27-Oct-12 08:30:12

Hi everyone! Happy weekend!

Have been reading a lot of other peoples answers to GWTMH questions. It's reassuring to see how many people have been doing this for a long time. I thought I'd record mine, not becausr i think it adds anything but mostly so that I can look back in a few months and see how I've changed.

My own answers:

a) last Monday
b) 2 fasts per week
c) fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Reason are that I can sort out the weekend indulgences ASAP and I wouldn't want more than 3 days eating! Tend to fast from tea-time to tea time tho have a piece of fruit handy just in case!
d) so far just the 4lb weight loss in week 1
e) none so far. I don't get any of the tiredness or dizziness in fast days that some mention.

Now to catch up on the rest of thread #6!!

2beornot Sat 27-Oct-12 09:09:25

blondie I know exactly what you mean. I started this WOE because I was lured in by the fact I can eat what I want 5 days a week. But I have been calorie counting for interest. So now I find myself staring at food thinking "but do I really want it"!

catsrus Sat 27-Oct-12 09:55:16

Just realised I didn't answer the questions!

A) since the week the programme aired, so 2 calendar months
B) I try to fit in 3 fasts but am flexible around work / events etc.
C) pattern shifts - when I'm in work I find just one meal in the evening the best pattern, if I'm working at home I'm more likely to eat lunch as well, tend to make a big pot of something veggie.
D) benefits - lost 14lb, finding it a very easy woe, love the flexibility and the fact I can be sociable, have wine, guilt free lunches when there is no "healthy" option etc and not feel I have "fallen off the waggon"
E) I honestly can't think of a single negative! Maybe the shock of realising how few calories I actually need to maintain weight - NOT the 2000 'average woman' figure I have always worked on (which is why previous calorie counting diets stopped working after a few months shock)

I'm also really losing track of how long I've been doing it for and exactly how much I've lost - it might be old age grin but I think I'm shifting in my thinking as my concern now is not really a target weight (I met that one!) but getting to a healthy waist measurement and weight for my frame size. I have been under the illusion I was at least medium framed (the old 'tall, big boned' theory) but now have to accept that while my BMI is normal I am small framed and should be about 7lb lighter than my target in order to bring the waist into the healthy range. On this WOE I do feel confident I can do that.

ToffeeChops Sat 27-Oct-12 10:31:29


Only joined the thread recently but can I answer too?

a) started on 20 August
b) fast on Mon and Thurs (but also do 8 hour eating window Sun, Tues, Wed, Fri)
c) I save my calories for one evening meal, but I can't go without milk in tea or coffee so I am not quite 'calorie free' during the day.
d) have lost about 12 lbs - am trying to weigh just once a month as weekly weigh-ins can mess with my resolve and throw me off course. Much more relaxed about eating and hoping I'm getting the other health benefits (which was my main reason for starting)
e) sometimes find it hard to sleep on fast days.

semiskim Sat 27-Oct-12 10:34:49

Oooh, I've been tempted out of my lurker status by the title!

I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone on these threads. The conversations have been great, especially interesting to see how people are tailoring to fit their lifestyles.

Here's my answers:

A) Started - early September. The 5:2 threads made me want to give it a go.
B) How often - twice a week. Usually Mon and either Weds or Thurs.
C) Pattern - no breakfast (drink tea though), veg soup for lunch, and 300cal meal in the evening.
D) Benefits - lost some weight and down one dress size. Like the flexibility.
E) Negatives. None, but like catsrus, I've been shocked by how few calories I need to maintain weight. It's approx 1300 cals at the weight I am today and I still have half a stone to lose.

This WOE has made me realise I was in the habit of eating before I felt hungry, just in case I might need food later.

Thinking back, I used to eat in a similar way to the 5:2 principles pre-DC (but unconciously). I'd skip breakfast here or there, have a day of eating very lightly. I fainted once in early pregnancy with my first DC because I'd forgotten to eat (busy time at work). It was horrible, and ever since then, I've made sure never to let myself get to that point again. It still feels strange to let my body get to the point where I can feel hunger, but good smile

Supervixen80 Sat 27-Oct-12 10:35:08

myjoy I am so pleased to hear that you have found this woe compatible with bf, I have had so many negative responses about doing the fasts while bf. I haven't noticed any ill effects so far (been following for nearly 3 weeks) and my supply is the same as before. I feel happier and still have enough energy to care for my dc.
Are you allowing any more calories? I sometimes go up to 600 on fast days depending on how I am feeling. I am also eating plenty of oats and chugging back the water!
Good luck with your continued loss!
P.s out of curiosity, how old is your baby?

ManOnBoard Sat 27-Oct-12 10:44:54

After expecting a weight gain last week I was still surprised that it was 3lbs but after a careful week I have lost 5lbs. Could have been all of those pizzas and pies staying in the system longer or just water but pleased I am back on track.

This morning I was reaching the end of a packet of cereal so with my fat bloke attitude I had 50% more than usual to finish it and now I feel bloated, will not be doing that again.

Catsrus I think the programme was aired w/c 6/8/12 as that was my first fast and have actually been recording my weight from the outset.

Skinnyeye Sat 27-Oct-12 11:40:16

Hi All its a glorious Autumn day in Glasgow and I'm heading out for a cycle. Normal day for me - no breakfast yet but have a nice lunch packed. See you all later and enjoy your day smile

rachelblythe Sat 27-Oct-12 13:26:17

Hi everyone.
Lots of posts to have finally caught up on since my last contribution and a shiny new thread - thanks Greeneggs.

A) Started - 13th August - wow, nearly 11 weeks. That has gone fast
B) How often - Monday, Wednesday, Friday. first 3 weeks were adf but i didn't enjoy fasting on a weekend.
C) Pattern - no breakfast on a fast (and not often note on any day really) miss lunch if i can and save most calories for an evening meal.
D) Benefits - lost 12-14lb and dropped a dress size. Now i have a bmi of 20.6! lots of extra energy. Skin great. Have also taken up exercise again for the first time in too many months. Feel the fittest, healthiest, sexiest that i ever have in my life. never thought i would feel like that after have a child.
E) Negatives. Sometimes TOO much energy and occasionally struggle to get to sleep on a fast day. If i haven't planned what i an eating on a fast day then i do struggle. If i know what i am having and its readily available for when i might want it, it is a breeze.

I did find Wednesdays fast quite difficult and then couldn't stop eating on Thursday, which is not like me. Started to get some spots though which indicates TOTM on its way. I am irregular so don't know when its coming. since starting this woe though i have had two periods within5 weeks of each other (assuming its on its way in a day or 2) which never happens so initially this seems to be regulating me. I actually had my ds by ivf so maybe this will help my fertility rather than hinder it, as some other research suggested. Not trying for another though!

laska - I've only had one of the six packs of noodles too. Can't bring myself to try them again yet, lol

Thelittlestranger Sat 27-Oct-12 13:27:39

Had a gorgeous steak dinner last night, and some wine...this morning i wasn't hungry but decided to eat as i don't want my body to get used to not having breakfast.

I've got back from body attack And am now contemplating lunch...or not. I suspect, I will just have some soup (no bread, which I would never had done before) and hold out for dinner. Or perhaps have a slice of cake with a cuppa instead later. So many options...I would have had lunch and cake and dinner before...

Tomorrow I'm a bridesmaid so shall enjoy plenty of vino, and a nice meal and the breakfast at the hotel on Monday morning, and shall hold my fast until Tuesday for a change.

mollysfolly Sat 27-Oct-12 15:00:27

trills there are no calories in snot - they use it to make those zero calorie noodles you get from Amazon...

Congratulations laska on reaching your goal and you others whose names I've forgotten. I have only lost 1.2lbs in 4 weeks, and on the old type of diet would probably have given up by now, but know I only need to do an extra fast day when I'm ready to.

I have started exercising again though! In one of the early 5:2 threads the 30 day shred was mentioned so I thought I'd give it a try and it's great! 25 minutes for the beginners workout which is concentrated strength, cardio and abdominal exercises. Just what I need. Someone made a comment that Jillian Michaels is a nutter, but she's no more a nutter IMO than any of the other bootcamp type instructors. I've seen her on 'the Biggest Loser' too.

Halloween Wednesday and have bought the sweeties for the trick-or-treaters, but hope there's some left over! wink

GreenEggsAndNichts Sat 27-Oct-12 16:57:50

molly Your noodle comment made me grin

I agree about Jillian. She's a nut but she gives a proper workout in the time given, no time wasted with fancy dance moves.

Fast day today. I think it's a Covent Garden soup for supper this evening. No idea what I'll be having tomorrow, but I think a bit of cake will be involved. We have a toddler birthday party to attend. smile

Mintyy Sat 27-Oct-12 17:37:57

Pleased to report I'm back on track after slipping off the wagon on Monday when I was feeling v poorly and sorry for myself. I usually fast Monday and Thursday but this week have done it Wednesday and today. Just about to start making tonight's vegetable soup and am looking forward to it.

I had said from the very start that I would not fast at the weekend because I don't really want the children to see me "dieting" (I have a nearly 12 year old girl who has very high standards academically and goes to an all girls school and I am very mindful of possible eating disorders) but the whole family is away this evening.

So no harm done! That's a great thing about this woe ... the flexibility.

I am on fast day 17 here. Still reckon I've lost 3 or 4lb maximum. Oh well!

TalkinPeace2 Sat 27-Oct-12 20:49:24

Whoop Whoop
Did my big AGM this morning.
Had chosen my clothes - checked them last night. They were TOO BIG. Dug out a dress that I used to squeeze into 10 years ago.
One of my lovely delegates (70, ex military) said I looked "wonderfully glamorous" grin
A nice thing to hear at 47!

DD is 14 : I know the eating disorders stuff
BUT if you eat healthily - a big veggie stir fry or stew and serve hers with noodles or fish, then you are actually giving her a really positive message about controlled eating and self esteem

you could get her to cook WITH you - making meals that hit all the vitamin and nutrient levels (good maths for her to calc) and research what other societies eat (geography, PSHE , RE) what we lived on in the past (history)
and make proper meal preparation integral to life (biology and chemistry)

DH got our kids to look at making a meal from each continent - we failed but it was fun looking

and if nothing else, her fresh eyes may spot what is stopping you losing weight and save her from putting it on ...

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sat 27-Oct-12 22:31:59

My DD is only 11months but I'm already worried about eating disorders and adolescent depression - not that I don't worry about DS but most of my friends who went through those issues when I was growing up were female (including me).

DS birthday party today, so glad I did 3 fasts this week and will prob turn it into ADF by fasting again tomorrow as I know next week I'll only realistically do Tuesday. So nice to tuck into actually pretty healthy party food (maybe apart from the cocktail sausages, soooooo good!) and have a hefty chunk of the frankly delish butternut squash birthday cake (if I do say so myself)

Getting my best friend from the airport in 10mins, prob won't be I much in the next week but will try to keep up reading.

Have a good week fasters, and happy Halloween!!

Liberty132 Sun 28-Oct-12 09:21:15

Morning - new to website and to this WOE. Like many of you I saw the Horizon program back in the summer and wondered if it would work - but I did nothing more about it. Two weeks ago I had to be nil by mouth for a hospital procedure (1pm Wednesday - 3pm Thursday). I was amazed how 'undifficult' it was - wouldnt say it was easy. Again like many of you, I could cope with the hunger it was cravings and habit that had be doing circuits of the kitchen.

Last week I gave it a go for a day. I did have a blinding headache but if truth be told I had a headache the day before also.

So I plan to start this week (half term). I plan to fast Mon and Wed (sometimes Thurs instead of Wed). I have read loads about skipping breakfast and 16 complete fast. I think I will see what works for me, but will certainly start with 16 hour fast etc.

I have to say I am quite excited. Heading out today with hubby for a spot of lunch and it will be great to eat whatever I fancy knowing tomorrow I am putting it right.

I am JUST within an acceptable BMI. I am 36 years old, 5ft 10 and weigh 12 stone. I have lost a stone since May by calorie counting - but it has been hard and I find it very hard to get back to it when I have had a treat weekend to celebrate birthdays or been on hol etc.

I do struggle with portion control - so I am already very concious that I must not blow out completely on non fast days. I am hoping that tum with be smaller and not too bothered about being stuffed. Also plan to keep a log of what I eat on non fast days too. Wont log calorie and fat content but just a note of what I have eaten so I can see clearly if I am over doing it.

Sorry for the log post - just so excited to get going. Will post again after my second fast day next week and update you all.


catsrus Sun 28-Oct-12 09:35:50

Hi liberty welcome and good luck grin

I think it definitely helps if your starting point is having seen the programme - and this is a wonderfully supportive group smile

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Sun 28-Oct-12 09:53:51

Hi liberty - go for it. As another (pretty much) newbie I can definitely say the thread is very supportive and encouraging smile.
Still struggling on with the C25K - end of week 2 now. I missed Friday because of (a) unspeakable weather (b) the outlaws staying and (c) twinge in a leg muscle, but took advantage of the extra hour this morning to go out before they were up. Found it like running through treacle! All you early-morning exercisers, please tell me - is this because I hadn't warmed up and stretched enough (I thought I had, but maybe not...), because I hadn't eaten, or just because I'm not used to it? I normally exercise between work and supper. This doesn't bode well for exercising on a fast day sad. Or is it just because I've eaten too much while the outlaws are here blush so I'm feeling generally sluggish? Have to say I feel livelier now I've had breakfast. Any advice anyone please?

Blondie276 Sun 28-Oct-12 10:15:55

Hi Sarah - I always exercise first thing in the morning as I find the opposite- as the day goes on I have less motivation as less energy.
Maybe it's because I'm half asleep when I do it!!
I always seem to have more energy after a fast for some reason despite usually not sleeping well after a fast. Very bizarre.
Stick with it though- It may have been a one off.
I know my ease of exercising has a lot to do with attitude so have to put myself in the right frame of mind otherwise I find it really hard.
Good luck though!

frenchfancy Sun 28-Oct-12 10:26:52

We have never hidden our fasting from our children. DD1 (13) watched the horizon programme with us and decided she wanted to do it to lose a bit of her tummy. We agreed she could do 6:1. She did it for 3 weeks, lost the tummy she wanted. She then started swimming club and now swims about 2km a week so no longer needs to diet, so has stopped. The other 2 DDs like days when we are fasting as they get to eat food they like (fish fingers etc) which we don't normally eat.

I think that we worry too much about eating disorders in teenagers and not enough about stopping them getting fat and then obese. Obesity kills many many more people than eating disorders, and many more than that suffer illness due to obesity. I'm not saying eating disorders aren't a problem, but I do not believe that dieting, or seeing parents dieting, causes them.

If we genuinely belive that this WOE is a healthy long term solution then we should be teaching our children about it not hiding it from them.

Mintyy Sun 28-Oct-12 10:38:12

I'm afraid I disagree with you frenchfancy. Eating disorders and disordered eating are huge problems and whilst obesity might kill you, that is many years down the line. Anorexia nervosa is by miles the major cause of death in women under 25 years old. Anyway, I very much doubt dd will become obese because there is no obesity whatsoever in either side of our family and at the moment she is shaping up to be a tall, strong girl like her paternal grandmother.

But, hey, we can agree to disagree. I'll do this my way and you do it yours thanks.

Laska42 Sun 28-Oct-12 12:00:51

hi all loads of posts since friday ..

I'm fasting today , but its going to be easy..I seem to have contracted a tummy bug sad so only feeling like mint tea....

Catrus (and someone else) mentioned how surprised they were at how little calories they needed to maintain weight.. I was also . its only about 15-1600 in my case, even taking into consideration the cycling and walking ..

However , I know I do that I should make an effort to up my exercise.. Someone in the last thread mentioned that as we get older (I'm 54) that we should look to do more weight bearing exercise .. I've tended to stick to cardio, but think ill start using the hand weights that I have gathering dust under the shoe rack , and maybe even pop my head around the gym door and see what its like .. I have been thinking about joining our local sports centre where they do have some good classes.. but I'm not naturally a 'joiner' and can always find excuses not to go. no real excuse , but Its quite rural where I live and very easy to just hibernate after I get home in the evenings.. what I really need is something I can go to straight from work, but sadly all the classes in our main town seen to start at about 7pm..

ManOnBoard Sun 28-Oct-12 12:15:35

SWAFOT Exercise has been mentioned several times with some saying it makes no difference whilst others say it does. Depending on the intensity of your exercise (aerobic/anaerobic) not eating must, I believe, have an effect on your energy levels as we use glycogen directly in anaerobic exercise and to help to process fat in aerobic workouts. It seems possible that exercising before breakfast may have contributed but you do mention an injury, a general change in your household, and maybe it could be the clocks changing affecting your sleep pattern. For me the recent change in the climate has made it seem more of an effort to work out.

Last week there were a few reports of weight gains and I have read of a study where people put on an average of a pound in autumn but lose it in spring and as we are all in the process of losing weight the gain might be more. For me the act of putting on weght for protection from the cold and as storage of food for the winter months where not much grows has been a regular occurence although I now have enough fat stored to take me through to 2020

TalkinPeace2 Sun 28-Oct-12 12:40:40

have to correct you there
as per this data from the CDC on causes of death in women, by age group, anorexia does not make it into the top ten at all
Heart disease on the other hand comes top

Spinme307 Sun 28-Oct-12 13:33:28

Excuse me for jumping in here but just wanted to ask a quick question....
On your non fasting days do you count your calories at all, is there a minimum that I should be eating?
I eat approx 1600 cals on my non fasting days although my daily needs to mantain my weight is 2100 cals... will this make a huge difference?

TalkinPeace2 Sun 28-Oct-12 13:45:14

you should not be "dieting" on your non fast days.
Look up what your correct level of calories are for your lifestyle (link in the OP) and stick to that

many posters are having to learn about portion control so are calorie counting
really carefully

remember that the calorie deficit of the fasting days should be enough to get all of the weight loss
and the hunger gaps are what gives the health benefits (ish)

MummysHappyPills Sun 28-Oct-12 13:46:12

Hi all! Been lurking and just wanted to ask about the article in the op that talks about IF possibly having downsides if you are a normal BMI. My BMI is 25.1 so basically very slightly overweight. Therefore would it be suitable for me? Dies the article mean 5:2 is bad, or does it mean 1:1?

I was thinking of maybe starting 6:1 and seeing how I go, is it possible to get any results at all this way? I have such a busy life and I can only envisage managing in one day/week.

MummysHappyPills Sun 28-Oct-12 13:48:58

Oh, do you still have to calorie count on eating days? sad

I think the only reason I would want to starve myself completely on 2 days would be so I didn't have to watch what I eat the rest of the time! grin

Spinme307 Sun 28-Oct-12 13:52:30

Thank you Talkinpeace2...I better take another look at my planned food to get me up to 2100 cals!
Its actually harder than you think! lol
I'm just trying to get myself out of binge/guilt cycle and hope that 5:2 is that way forward for me

Laska42 Sun 28-Oct-12 14:55:57

mummyshappypills welcome.. I was was only just above normal bmi when i started and am now well into it and have lost 13lbs so far . I do 4:3 mostly , .

Really you just need to try it and see what works for you. You are aiming for a total overall calorie deficit over the week so with a little to lose 6:1 might be all you need to work for you..
But although you don't need to count calories on your non eating days , its probably best not to eat too much over your total daily need figure (TDEE) ( work it out from the links above) if you do want to lose weight.

When it comes to the health benefits it seems that its the the fast that is the important thing (although we are all experimenting here). But remember you are not 'totally starving' yourself on those days either.

Only you can know what your goals are , and what you want to get out of it. Most of us here seem to have have started on 5:2 and then jiggled it around to fit in with what we want to get out of it. The beauty is that its a Way of eating (WOE) and not a set diet per se.. . I don't particularly count calories on eating days now, but did for a while as I needed to get a handle on what eating my TDEE looked like .

Good luck and there's lots of support here..

TalkinPeace2 Sun 28-Oct-12 15:13:01

I've dropped my BMI from 23 to 21.5 - and have now stalled (then again the large glass of red wine at my side might have something to do with that!)
My yoga teacher (50, uber fit) has dropped to 6:1 to keep the health benefits but lose no more weight (her BMI is around 21)

the wonderful thing of this WOE is that nothing is forbidden, nothing is wrong : you just eat sensible quantities of what you like 5 days a week and not a great deal of healthy stuff two days a week.

Almost the most positive thing is that it encourages menu planning : thinking about what you will eat at a later date, rather than fridge grazing
as THAT is the bit of the modern western diet that is so unnatural
(DH and I were chatting about it over glass of wine at end of Sunday lunch)
fresh food available all the time is a really modern thing - since the 1950's - that we have not yet adapted to in positive ways.

This WOE rebalances that in a way that we feel in control

Laska42 Sun 28-Oct-12 15:32:19

mummyshappypills and any other new posters

I thoroughly recommend you read breadandwines Links and Tips thread .(link above) - and not because I've posted on it

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Sun 28-Oct-12 16:44:39

MOB - thanks, that's something to think about. Could be a number of things then... think I will try and avoid mornings though unless there's a good reason.

TellMeLater Sun 28-Oct-12 17:28:10

I think I must be doing this all wrong smile I fast twice a week but I am very hungry on the days immediately after fasting, it hasn't made me think more about what I eat, it hasn't made me exercise more portion control or think more carefully about eating a more healthy diet or stopping snacking, I don't like the taste of processed food, so avoid it anyway. I haven't lost any weight, my BMI is between 20-21 depending on fluid fluctuations.

On calories lost on a weekly basis - my running consumes somewhere between 1300-1700 a week and my calorie deficit from fasting twice a week must be somewhere between 2000-3000 calories....so I must be catching up by 3300-4700kcals over 5 days for my weight to remain stable, which is a hell of a lot of extra food.... I'm wondering if this way of life training me to eat more rather than less and am I the only one who has found this?

TellMeLater Sun 28-Oct-12 17:45:57

If this way of life is training me!

Laska42 Sun 28-Oct-12 18:11:43

TML What are you hoping to get from this WOE ? Are you looking to lose weight or doing this for for long term health? You are in a very good BMI , and obviously doing a lot of exercise...

Mintyy Sun 28-Oct-12 18:16:50

Why would you want to lose weight if your bmi is 20-21? That suggests to me unhealthy body image, sorry.

Laska42 Sun 28-Oct-12 18:19:09

Well I think even though it was a fast day i've now eaten about 650 cals. But not too worried as have been feeling rough all day with stomach bug.. but about an hour ago I started feeling really hungry and faint so had some soup followed by some natural yoghurt (already had eggs for breakfast this morning ) but I think I am going to go to bed really early (like now!) with my book and take some mint tea..
Hopefully ill feel better in the morning..

Laska42 Sun 28-Oct-12 18:23:35

Actually TML it sounds to me as if you've cracked it! smile

TalkinPeace2 Sun 28-Oct-12 18:34:14

BMI is a very "gross" figure : some people are too thin at 24 and others too fat at 19
I'd like to get my BMI to just under 20 - because allowing for my build and the amount of exercise I do then I'll still have boobs and a bum but not a flabby tummy or hips.
The main thing is that anybody with a BMI under 22 needs to be thinking carefully about WHY they might want to lose more, and what do their good friends say about their size.
I see all my gym friends naked in the changing room and we are all pretty succinct about gain or loss - but that in itself is a sign of self confidence

what is your TDEE - mine is 1550 : so fast days are only a 1000 shortfall ....

Mintyy Sun 28-Oct-12 18:41:58

Oh bloody hell I can't say anything. Good luckone and all, am sticking with 5:2 for the foreseeable. Dh and I are feeling the benefits even if the weight isn't falling off. Will lurk and check back in occasionally.

TalkinPeace2 Sun 28-Oct-12 18:47:01

(((Mintyy)))) Don't be precious - your comments elsewhere show that you are worth more than that.
Lurk. crack it with you and DH and DD and PLEASE lord it over all of us when you are ready :-)

TellMeLater Sun 28-Oct-12 18:57:22

Mintyy I didn't say I needed to lose weight, I just said I hadn't lost any weight. On body image - the thing that might surprise people is that even with a low BMI there will always be parts of your body that stubbornly hold onto fat, being a classic pear, means I am still of ample arse and thigh...believe it or not my lower half looks like it belongs to a different body to my upper half, which is scrawny and too skinny.

What am I trying to achieve with 5:2? I'd like to avoid Alzheimer's and dementia, the cancer thing would be good too. If I lost some weight off my arse I wouldn't cry a river. smile

I'm not looking for advice, I'm sharing my experience which contrasts with other people's - who seem to be eating less than they normally would do and losing weight. My appetite has increased as a consequence of fasting, maybe I'm just meeting my requirements and although I hope to continue to fast and exercise, it occurred to me today that I must be packing away quite a few extra calories to maintain my weight - maybe if I stopped fasting and running, my appetite would be reduced who knows?

Dh and I would consider moving to 6:1 but what's the impact on the positive health benefits? Has Dr Mosley come back to twitter to discuss the impact on his bloods? and even if he did - that would only be the impact on him - it's hardly a good scientific study when it only involves one person? We would rather endure a fast for 2 days a week for some benefits than take the lighter option of 1 day a week for questionable benefits.

TellMeLater Sun 28-Oct-12 19:05:58

talkinpeace my calorie requirements to remain at my current weight - is that TDEE? Using mfp is between 1670 and 1810 - depending on how I categorise my activity levels between sedentary and lightly active. I'm fairly active but am good at being less than active too if the notion takes me. wink

ManOnBoard Sun 28-Oct-12 19:43:51

TML If your TDEE is 1810 then the deficit is only 2620pw or over your feast days an extra 524 which is a couple of drinks or 3/4 rounds of buttered toast mmm buttered toast. Without evidence 5:2 always seemed an arbitrary ratio, I am pretty certain that our hunter gatherer ancestors did not work on a 7 day cycle anyhow. Telling all us tubbies that it is a struggle to eat that much extra may not elicit the required responses but I am sure plenty of advice on how to use your spare 520 cals

TellMeLater Sun 28-Oct-12 20:01:21

Manonboard I also run and I haven't included my running in the mfp stats. I run between 20-30km a week which works out roughly between 1300-1700 extra calorie burn. Apologies if you took my comments the wrong way, I did not refer to anyone by their size, I was over weight this time last year and just because I have a low BMI now doesn't mean I'm immune to weight gain, on the contrary, evidence suggests almost 90% of people regain lost weight and more. I am not struggling to use up extra calories, I seem to be eating quite a bit more that I did before I started fasting because I feel bloody ravenous at times and sometimes I just crave more food - I haven't experienced a reduction in appetite that other posters talk about and maybe things all change n your body at some point....maybe I've reached a good equilibrium - who would know, from what i can see we seem to know very little and if we don't talk about all aspects of this diet we'll never know.

TalkinPeace2 Sun 28-Oct-12 20:30:21

I've not had a drop in appetite either - but I started at BMI 23
DH on the other hand (start point BMI of around 28) has had a significant drop in appetite as his calorie intake has started to drop to 'lean body' levels.

the REALLY important thing with this WOE
is that weight loss is a by product of the fasting to improve long term health
therefore we will all react to the calorie restriction differently

it may well be that after a few months, those who have little more weight to lose find a different pattern from those who are still dropping
but we have no real idea - truly empirical scientific study.
Love it :-)

Hi all not posted for a bit, and really need a Bishop Brennan (kick up the arse for the non Father Ted fans)!

I find the first fast of the week a doddle, but can't seem to crack the second at the mo. In my defense, this is about the worst time for a fair few years with things going on in my life i.e. my dad's cancer, and my disabled for 20 yrs dh being reassessed for fitness for work and almost certainly to lose his bens as the criteria is mad!!! He is v, v depressed on top of his other probs and this is really having an impact on my own daily life, not to mention the £500 a month we'll lose that will really put us severly on the breadline. I really, really want to get a grip on it, and would relish some general advice on how to kick start getting my head into gear.

Dad's cancer was/is a great motivator in one way, but also a massive strain in another trying to be there to support my parents and my dh, and I really, really struggle to fast on a day when I can't stop crying or I feel extra down. But, I so badly want the health and weight loss benefits of this way of eating and I think it is excellent and so effective. Plus, if I make it to tea time 500 cals or under I feel fantastic. Although I have never yet gotten to sleep before 3am on a fast day, but this doesn't bother me at all, I catch up on drama and comedy on iplayer or bbc4 extra!

Thanks so much for this thread by the way, you are all such an inspiration and encouragement, I honestly don't think I could have even gotten to this point without you guys.

Have managed 12 fasts in 10 weeks, lost about 1/2 a stone (was 5lb when I weighed in 3 weeks ago but can tell from clothes that I've lost more since) and 15cm in measurements, 7 of those off my waist (brill as I'm an apple). Also body fat % from 46.8 to 42.5 - still not great but as my dh says still nearer 40 now than 50! Need to lose about 4 1/2 stone in all, but it seem doable with this woe, if only I could get head into gear!!!!! Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!

Please help guys, what can I do to get my head into proper 5:2 gear and not franny around?

TalkinPeace2 Sun 28-Oct-12 20:50:37

Go on, go on, go on, go on
that portion is very small, that portion is far away
etc etc

silly thing, is your DH fasting with you - even though he's poorly, it can only be good for his health to do say 800 calories twice a week
AND, could you try 16 hours a couple of times a week and partially restrict : even 600 for you and 700 for him
not ideal, BUT for the insulin etc effects it HAS to be worth a try.

PS DH and I are 47, a friend at the gym has decided to lose weight in time for her 70th : and IS succeeding !!

ManOnBoard Sun 28-Oct-12 20:56:19

TML You did put your running in your earlier post but I wrongly assumed it was included in your TDEE. I do believe that the two day reduction in food has caused my stomach to expect less whereas as you. based on your BMI, already had a healthier attitude to food and have had to eat more on feed days to maintain may mean your stomach now expects more. Speaking for myself I am rarely ravenous and if I do overeat I feel bloated fairly quickly but I do always think I am only ever two vanilla slices away from my old habits. Once I am down to a bmi of 27 I intend to change to 6:1 unless research is announced that 5:2 is the minimum, if it is good enough for DrMM then it is good enough for me.

Aracsmum Sun 28-Oct-12 21:22:23

Hi ssbc. Sorry to hear you are going through such a bad time right now, which is never conducive to being positive about life choices. you are doing well though - losing half a stone in 10 weeks is not to be sniffed at. You say you can do the first fasting day OK so you can do it! Are you doing both fasting days back to back? Maybe you need to vary the timing between the 2? A lot of people find it easier to leave eating till later in the day (ie skip breakfast) which means you have more calories for later (ie tastier food). have a look at the recipes thread and find something to look forward to to keep from falling off the wagon. Keep hold of how good you feel if you do stick to a lowered calorie intake on fast days. Have you got a few different types of drinks (eg peppermint tea or just hot water) to tide you over when hunger strikes.
Not sure why you can't sleep on fasting days - you are not overdosing on black coffee are you?
Keep it going; you will hopefully keep losing weight and reap the health benefits of this WOE...
Consider yourself kicked up the a**e!

Aracsmum Sun 28-Oct-12 21:49:35

Sorry that should have been 'hi sbbc'

Breadandwine Sun 28-Oct-12 22:58:39

Been away on a walking weekend with 30 other guys - we do this once every six months - and, since I emailed everyone about this WOL a couple of weeks ago, we spent a long time discussing it.

Their ages rage from about 50-85, and I'd say most of them are keen to adopt some version of IF - a few for weight loss, most for the health benefits.

Some of you will know I've been struggling to find the reason why I (and others) feel more hungry on feed days - very - than on fasting days - not at all.

During our discussions I thought I might have come across the possible cause of this phenomenon - and it relates to the way our bodies have developed during our evolution.

When we were hunter-gatherers, we never knew when our next meal would appear. We made a kill, we feasted - and then, when it was all gone, we fasted until we could find food again. And it could be a long time before we found any. So our bodies are well used to going without food for long periods.

When we don't eat, our bodies assume there is no food available - famine situation - so it suppresses the (for want of a better term), 'hunger switch';

When we do eat, our bodies assume there is food available - feast situation - and turns on the hunger switch. So, we eat, then a short time later, the body says, "This must be a feast day, so I want more food - to store up fat reserves against the next famine". The result is we feel hungry again - and again and again, every time we eat.

When we sleep at night - or have any period where we don't eat for a while - we reset the switch.

Thoughts anyone?

Breadandwine Sun 28-Oct-12 23:08:04

I wanted the last post to stand on its own - but thought I would add this:

I've eaten, over the past three days, more food than I have in a long time. Beginning with a large lunch at the pub on Friday, continuing with a huge dinner plus pudding Friday and Saturday night; 2 large breakfasts; two large lunches, etc, etc. I'm home now, and I've eaten a roast dinner with all the potatoes and veg, 4 or 5 biscuits plus assorted chocolate liqueurs and chocolate-covered marzipan.

Boy, have I lain down some fat reserves! I've put on at least 4 pounds and I can no longer do up the last notch on my belt!

Now I'm having an evening cup of cocoa and I'm eyeing up the biscuit tin again!


Ps. I forgot to mention the copious amounts of real ale, wine and port I've consumed over the weekend. Mind you, we all had a wonderful time - and we actually did some walking! Honest! smile

2beornot Mon 29-Oct-12 06:59:48

Morning All.

Wk #3, fast day #5!

I've certainly put the eat what you want on eat days to the test this week! Have to wait to see what effect it has had tho as official WI is tonight.

I'm finding fast days easy, it the other 5 I struggle with!

mollysfolly Mon 29-Oct-12 07:45:32

Had an enforced fast day yesterday due to a tummy bug so it's quite nice to have had a bit of breakfast on a Monday (especially as the hour change means I'm up much too early for work!). Having yesterday's roast dinner tonight too! Yum..

breadandwine love your posts. I'm sure you're right in your theory. My DH is looking forward to me getting a little Racquel Welch fur bikini and dragging me off by my hair to the cave! a few pounds to go before that's a physical possibility Sounds like you had a great weekend though.

sbbc I was sad to read about your problems. Hope things improve for you soon.

Have a good week everyone!

Aracsmum...thankyou for that. It's weird because it's definitely not anything tangible, like not the right drinks or not good recipes, it is all about the frame of mind I wake up in. I usually do Tuesday and Thursday. Don't like doing the weekend, and Monday is usually a mad day so not a good day to do either, so Tue / Thurs seems to be the obvious choice.

With regard to dh doing it as you and TP suggest, I struggle to get him to eat anyway, at this time of year he sleeps a lot and is in bed a lot and so doesn't have much appetite (he has a fab 6 pack tho not bad for 49!!)

On fast days I don't usually eat until teatime, except perhaps a very small salad about 3ish, and then have an almost proper meal. Not drinking black coffee either (gah can't stand the coffee mouth after!!!) I think to be honest I would struggle to sleep every day except on non fast days this is helped along with the odd wine!!!

I did get into a pair of size 16 jeans last night, which is pretty damn good considering. grin

I think perhaps that I just need to give myself a real good talking to on day 2, keep reminding myself of the benefits and how good it feels, and how much of a boost it will be to how I feel generally to feel well and see the weight coming off.

Thanks guys, have a good one everybody.

talkingpeace2 surely that's g'wan g'wan g'wan g'wan...!!! grin or maybe feck! arse! girls! drink!

Thanks mollysfolly, your dh sounds a bit like mine!

TalkinPeace2 Mon 29-Oct-12 10:42:19

Glad your warped sense of humour is still in place!

HelgatheHairy Mon 29-Oct-12 11:35:51

I've just had my first week where I haven't lost weight. I was expecting it though so at least I'm not disappointed.

I weigh in on Sunday morning and Saturday night I had an Indian and 3 bottles of beer. I've also been comfort eating all week (obviously more work needed there). Also time of the month arrived 10 days early. I did manage my 2 fast days though. Monday was a struggle but Friday I was so busy it was about 7 before I ate and I really hadn't felt hungry up till then.

Still 7 pounds down in 4 weeks is brilliant and I'm really happy with that.

GreenEggsAndNichts Mon 29-Oct-12 13:10:17

Good Monday to all. smile And welcome to all the new posters! I understand not wanting to post at times; these big threads can be a bit daunting. I'm glad it hasn't put people off.

Quite pleased to be in grey, damp little (insert East Mids town name here) as Frankenstorm bears down on my hometown in the US!

Laughing at breadandwine's post! I'm less likely to push the boat out, eating-wise, lately, but I'm sure as Christmas gets closer that will change a bit. My appetite hasn't been big lately. I have, however, been eating foods I'd long had off my eating list, such as ranch dressing for my salads. I'm eating more salads on non-fast days (I absolutely love salads) and usually have vinaigrette but it's nice to to branch out for a treat.

Fast day here, and am doing a bit of cleaning while DS is at preschool. The inlaws are arriving on Halloween (appropriate date? grin) so it's needed.

Laska42 Mon 29-Oct-12 13:27:25

ooh greeneggs you've just reminded me of something I haven't had for years because of dieting .. Blue cheese dressing.. maybe I can now. The other thing I haven't had for years is pizza .. I used to adore pepperoni pizza.. But not sure if I can be trusted with one of those yet though..

madlet Mon 29-Oct-12 14:11:00

Hello there, I just wanted to say hello. Today is my first day on this diet and i wanted to sy thank you to all of you who have posted about this diet. You have made me want to give it a go so I thought I should say hi. I look forward to getting to know you all.
Today is my first fast day and so far I have had a hard boiled egg this morning and half a tin of soup! As long as I don't go above 500 cals can I eat both breakfast & lunch? I have a salmon steak for tonight & steamed veg.

Laska42 Mon 29-Oct-12 14:37:19

madlet Welcome.. Yes you can have both breakfast and lunch.. do read the hints and tips above(especially bread and wines thread which we have posted lots of ideas and FAQs.

Once you have done a couple of fast days you'll most likely find it easy.. then you may want to incorporate a 16hr period without any food on a fast day (which is supposed to give the best health benefits) .. But I recommend that you just take it slowly to start with and do it however you want for the first few fast days on 500 cals.. then see if you want to do the non eating period. some of us do and some dont..

This is a great Way of Eating (WOE) and many of us are having really good results with it..

GreenEggsAndNichts Mon 29-Oct-12 14:38:05

Hello madlet! As long as you stay under 500 calories for the day, you should see weight loss. If you're doing this for the other health benefits, some of those happen only when you've had a 16 hour fast.

Several of us keep our calories for the evening which means we have at least one 16 hr fast. I personally find it easier to wait, as if I have food earlier in the day, I just want more. smile You'll find your own rhythm.

Hi Madlet Good Luck following this WOL. With the breakfast and dinner thing tbh no-one knows BUT there seems to be quite a lot of evidence to get the full benefits both weightloss and healthwise it may be best to have atleast 16 hours between starting the fast and consuming calories. But as with everything with this, we're all Guinea Pigs. Do what works over time best for you.

Laska we must have cloned taste buds! I used to manage a Pizza Hut back in the day and always had a Pepperoni, Jalopino Pepper, Ground Beef Pizza with Salad and Blue Cheese Sauce for my break. Needless to say I started there weighing in at 11 stone 12 and left weighing around 14 stone wink

ToffeeChops Mon 29-Oct-12 14:45:15

Hi madlet, hope your first fast day goes well.

I think you can use your calorie allowance across the day as you please. That said, many of us find that saving it for later in the day often makes the hunger pangs easier to endure. Sometimes eating seems to trigger the appetite rather than suppress it. You will probably find a pattern that works for you after a few fasts, and the most important thing is that you can stick with it.

If I remember correctly, I've read that leaving a 16 hour gap between your meal on the previous day and your first meal on the fast day is thought to have particular health benefits because it triggers the cell renewal response. But if you can't hang on that long, just do what you need to do to make this WOE work for you.

Don't stay away too long Minty, I appreciate your posts.

Laska42 Mon 29-Oct-12 14:48:11

Yes, but cyclistist as we have already established.. You are my long lost twin brother....

grin sounds about right Laska. And before starting this WOL I think I used to be carrying the weight of an identical twin around with me...definiately had my chin and atleast 1 other persons from somewhere wink

Laska42 Mon 29-Oct-12 15:16:37

worryingly then, C perhaps we were actually quadruplets..(I reckon i've lost at least half a person also) smile

madlet Mon 29-Oct-12 15:36:18

Thanks for making me so welcome. I must admit I ma finding the first day really difficult and can't stop thinking about food! I may try to wait until the evening on my next fast day, (Probably Thursday). I will read the hints and tips too.

TalkinPeace2 Mon 29-Oct-12 15:44:59

Stay busy.
Tidying is great. As you get a sense of achievement too!
I blitzed my under sink cupboards this morning, then cleaned the bathrooms, then hoovered.
Distraction and things that keep you OUT of the kitchen but moving around
and in my case, lashings of black coffee!

Laska42 Mon 29-Oct-12 15:49:47

madlet This will take your mind off eating.. make a pot of tea.. then take a cup upstairs and get out all the clothes that are too big out and put them in a charity bag or in a pile so you can list them on ebay (you wont need them again) .

Then get out all the clothes that are too small . Imagine yourself wearing them very soon ...Then hang them back in your wardrobe right at the front .. smile

virginposter Mon 29-Oct-12 16:12:18

Hello everyone.
I have never posted anywhere before but have also been encouraged to de-lurk. I don't expect I'll post much as I'm the strong silent type &#128521;but I shall be avidly following everything as usual.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this as you have helped me in so many ways thanks. I've been encouraged out hoping that perhaps I can help someone too.

Three years ago I lost nearly 3 stones at SW but put 1 back on. I tried and failed to lose it again &#128546;until I struck gold by watching the Horizon programme and by finding this forum. Like many of you I have embraced this WOE which has now become a WOL and found it difficult at first but now so very easy - I don't even get hungry on my fast days!

I will add my answers to the questions, below, but before that I'd like to talk about visceral fat. This is internal abdominal fat which surrounds major organs like the liver etc. As my scales measure this I have been delighted to see that I have reduced this bad fat from 9 (9-12 bad) to 8 (5-8 healthy). Now this may not seem like much of a loss but in all my years of doing SW there was no change at all and after only 7 weeks of 5:2 it went down.

According to the net, visceral fat in women contributes to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and gallbladder surgery. So I guess that maybe this measurement (hidden normally but seen on my scales) is proof that the health advantages are working and not just the overall weight loss???
I am in the 10 stones for the first time in decades and will continue until I'm in a healthy BMI then I too will drop to 6:1 to hopefully reap long term benefits.

A) Since late August
B) 5:2 for 6 weeks then, after staying the same for the next 3 weeks, I read more of your posts and decided to try 4:3 for two weeks to see if I would start moving again. After 1 week I lost another 1 lb then another 2lbs the next week - hooray. This week I'm back to 5:2 just to experiment to see if I carry on losing.
C) Thurs and Sunday but very fexible around social arrangements. I drink lots of peppermint tea and water until 7.00 pm and then I have my 500 calories so that I'm not hungry when going to sleep.
D) Have lost 7lbs, 3.2% overall body fat and many many inches (more than a dress size) and feel wonderful and positive about keeping this up forever. Full of energy, look good and getting lots of compliments. Am 58 and through the menopause and proof that all is not lost at this age or any age come to that.
E) No negatives at all. I too love my fasting days and am looking forwards to Christmas and to testing myself.

Sorry for the long post - hope you're all still awake. &#127875;

virginposter Mon 29-Oct-12 16:14:10

Oops those weird numbers are emoticons on my ipad which didn't work (novice).

ToffeeChops Mon 29-Oct-12 17:11:18

Hi virginposter (I was one too until last week, but virgin no longer! smile)

It's great to hear what you say about visceral fat - I started 5:2 mainly for health reasons (turned 50 this year and want to look after myself a bit better) but I was hoping I'd lose a bit of weight in the process, having been stuck at 2 stones overweight for years.

I know what the scales are telling me about the weight loss but have no way of knowing what this is doing to my health so reading your post is very encouraging.

I'm doing 4:3 this week to make up for a VERY indulgent weekend, but it all seems so much more manageable than when I have done diet clubs, slimming plans etc. In the past, after a weekend like the one I've just had i would have gone into a tailspin but these days I just get back to the fasting and hold my nerve - and it's working! Even Mr Chops has lost his moobs, so he's chuffed to bits (and so am I! wink)

Breadandwine Mon 29-Oct-12 17:18:04

Hi VP, welcome to the new WOL board.

Great first post! Very interested in your scales - what sort are they?

Congrats on the weight loss! smile

madlet Mon 29-Oct-12 17:31:24

Thanks for the tips, i've kept myself busy at work today and have even refused home made birthday cake!!

I think it will be easier at home. I have a salmon steak for dinner with some steamed veg which I can't wait for. I will then get the kids in bed, kick husband out so I don't have to watch him eat, and knit furiously! It may take my mind off it. I'll let you know xx

Laska42 Mon 29-Oct-12 17:41:07

Hi VP i'm interested also in how you are measuring the visceral fat also. I'd thought about getting some fat measuring scales but had heard that they were not that accurate (not that im trying to diss your stats at all... they sound great )

I have lost 3inches from my waist and am thrilled.. but also 3 ins from my hips (not so good as now they are only 34!) I'm a top heavy apple shape and have gone down one bra size only (so DH is pleased!wink) .. So I'm still the same 'inverted triangle' and still have the same prob in dress fit, i.e. if it fits on the boobs its too big on the hips ..only now its a much 'smaller size' problem .grin

It would be great to have the fat properly measured in one of those Bod Pod things that Dr Mosley ( and the Hairy Bikers/dieters) were .. I know they have one at the University of Sheffield but I don't expect you could just go knock on their door and request it.. .

mollysfolly Mon 29-Oct-12 18:20:34

I bought some Salter scales from Amazon that were supposed to measure general body fat but they had no instructions and I couldn't set them up (I'm a technological philistine grin). I guess it was a case of 'buy cheap, buy twice'. I would also love to know where the scales were from that measure visceral fat.

myjoy Mon 29-Oct-12 18:48:50

Supervixen80 (sorry so slow to reply, I've been offline for a few days) I do allow myself some extra calories on fast days. I aim for 650 or so and drink lots and lots of water.

DD is 9 weeks and DS 3 years. Since life at home is pretty chaotic most of the time I am loving just not having to think or prepare food for myself more than once a day on fast days.

Spinme307 Mon 29-Oct-12 18:53:28

Going to have my first fast day tomorrow and have everything planned out ready for....I excited and nervous all at the same time!

alphabite Mon 29-Oct-12 19:12:05

I did my first fast day today.

I had a small bowl of cereal at about 11am.

I had a plum at about 3pm.

I am just about to have a chicken breast and veg for my tea.

About 500 calories in total.

Not too bad but I struggled a bit between 12-3pm (so I had the plum).

Next fast day probably on Friday.

Trills Mon 29-Oct-12 19:19:33

Today's fast day going well, maybe because I can feel how much I ate at the weekend. Coffee, tea, big pot of soup ( butternut squash from the New York soup company) On the train on the way home now, not sure what I'll have for dinner.

Lots of tea, but I don't take sugar and there are not many calories in a few ml of semi skimmed milk.

Laska42 Mon 29-Oct-12 19:25:28

Ooh people ! Exciting news!! Remember the Bod Pod that showed Dr Mosley's fat to lean mass ratio..? it seems that you CAN get it done even if youre not on the telly ..
Ive just looked up University of Westminster (ok for us 'Darrn Sauff', well its a good old train ride for me ) and they charge £45.. Link is Here.

I also know that Southampton Solent have one and they also do testing but maybe only for teams ( but ill try and find out if they do individuals and what they charge because that's nearest for me..)

Give me an hour or so and ill do a trawl of universities in other areas and see if I can come up with a useful list ....

Laska42 Mon 29-Oct-12 20:10:12

OK here is a quick list of universities that have a bod pod , but I don't know if they do testing outside of their normal research apart from Uni Westminster above which advertises appointments. Also an old 2007 article from the Daily Mail ( sorry!) which might be informative I can put this on links and tips also.. if you think its useful

Daily Mail article on fat monitors (2007 article)

Bod pod testing in London

University of Warwick

Southampton Solent University

Canterbury Christchurch

University of Brighton (at Eastbourne)

University of Aberdeen

University of Newcastle ( This is the guy the hairy dieters had their fat percentage tested with)

University of Manchester

MummysHappyPills Mon 29-Oct-12 20:13:16

Just done my first fast day! I had planned to skip lunch and dinner and just have hot drinks throughout the day, and then have a low cal dinner.

However I hit a bit of a wall around lunchtime and actually felt dangerously light headed at one point, so grabbed one of those individually wrapped packets of biscuits at a meeting - 3 digestives coming in at a total of 150 kcals.
The rest of the day I was fine, and whilst I was hungry when I got in, I felt ok. I had enough kcals left for an aduki bean salad and a weight watchers coconut cake slice with a cup of tea. I drunk a lot of tea and coffee today, I take skimmed milk and sweetener so I had enough calories.

Quick question, do you include exercise kcals in your allowance on fast days? I didn't do any intentional/strenuous exercise obviously, but I have to park a far walk away from work and usually there and back earns me 101 kcal on mfp...

TalkinPeace2 Mon 29-Oct-12 20:43:27

no - exercise is not negative points - unlike WW etc !
if it was, I would routinely show -50 calories on fast days because of my swimming habit!
or to put it another way, running around does not earn more than the 500 calories grin

MummysHappyPills Mon 29-Oct-12 21:09:04

Thought so! Never mind... Still going to track exercise kcals on non fast days though (if I bother to track kcals at all). Got to have some incentive to do exercise! grin

virginposter Tue 30-Oct-12 00:22:29

ToffeeChops, *Breadandwine Laska42

Thanks for your warm welcome.

For everyone interested in my scales they are Omron BF511 Body Composition Monitor which you can see on Amazon. I too heard that these type of scales can be inaccurate but DrMM himself answered a question (on twitter) about his scales used at the end of the Horizon prog (they look similar to mine). He said that they may be inaccurate in the first measurement but they will at least tell you how much fat you are losing (or gaining). I think that Laska42 is right, the only true measurements are achieved by the bodpod and scanners but as many of us are unlikely to use these then body fat scales are the next best thing imho.

This WOE has amazed me. Even during the 3 weeks my weight stayed the same, I could feel that my size was reducing and my DH said my bum looked lovely and small as he was dancing behind me (we go Line Dancing 2 or 3 times a week - great excercise and good fun).
He has lost 1 stone doing 5:2 and now is maintaining on 6:1. I have actually lost 17lbs in total but that is since the beginning of January - it took me 8 months of cutting out sugar and everything else that I love to lose the first 10lbs so I am very very pleased to have lost these 7lbs in just 2 months. And like you all I am able to indulge without guilt and at last I feel that I am in control of my diet and not my diet in control of me. grin

Laska42 Tue 30-Oct-12 09:10:17

fasting for me again today .. btw I emailed Southampton Solent to see what they charge.. I still have a student card for them

MummysHappyPills Tue 30-Oct-12 09:24:49

Was so relieved to be able to eat again today! Had every intention of stuffing my face, but so far I have had 2 thick slices of white toast with butter and marmite and a (skinny) chai latte from costa! I took a muffin in to work with every intention of eating it ASAP, but I have decided I don't really want it yet! shock Isn't it funy how when you give yourself permission to eat what you like, you are really not that bothered? grin

Think I like this already! Scales say 2.25lbs off already but I know this will be unreliable after a fast day, just couldn't help checking though! grin

catsrus Tue 30-Oct-12 09:27:42


I'm working from home today so went for slouchy clothes - pulled out a long black tunic thing that I bought a couple of years ago thinking it would be slimming hmm I did look like a sack of potatoes in it so shoved it back in the drawer sad now it is brilliant grin.

Brimming with confidence I tried on the skirt that was too tight a few weeks ago - yep, it fits - woohoo!! the scales are nicely at the bottom end of the mini fluctuations you get - so then I decided to measure my waist and confirm that I was now in a healthy range shock blush. I'm afraid my waist is still in the danger zone sad and so I decided I would look at hip to waist ration because surely that would show I was now healthy confused. Nope - I still have a good few inches to go before that's going to be the case.

But as someone said upthread about feeling in control of my body now - it didn't send me into a spiral of despair and a mountain of toast smile. it's a non-fast day today so I'll make a big healthy spicy beany veggie stew. not worry about calories but be sensible. I'm trying to decide whether it's worth doing the 16hr fast even on non calorie restricted days - I think some people on here are trying that? more for the health benefits if my abdominal fat still is too high.

phlebas Tue 30-Oct-12 09:43:13

Didn't manage to get on yesterday but I weighed in at 84.9kg, which is 1.kg lost last week (I did straight forward 5:2). Planning 4:3 this week with fasts today, Thursday & Saturday. I really want to be under 80kg for Christmas (preferably heading towards 75kg which will give me a BMI of 29). Total weight lost is now 16.1kg & down from a size 24 to a lose 18.

dd2 was ill last night & dh took her to A&E sad as a result I'm already on my third coffee today!

Aboutlastnight Tue 30-Oct-12 09:52:43

No fasting this week as am nightshift and I am moving house with three children, plus Halloween seems to have become the new Christmas. I need chocolate this week so will be back on the wagon next week.

Hope then I will fast until Christmas a lose 3/4 pounds, that would be great.

MummysHappyPills Tue 30-Oct-12 09:56:29

So sorry to hear about your dd phlebas. sad Is she ok now? Poor love.

phlebas Tue 30-Oct-12 09:57:06

shows how tired I am hmm '1.1kg' & 'loose'

I just eat in the evening on fast days. DH has had to stop for now because he's lost too much weight ... ideal is 75kg (he was about 77kg) & went down to 72kg & looked ill ... he needs to find some way of increasing his calories on non fast days so he isn't losing weight (he was doing it due to increased dementia risk).

My SIL & mum have also started smile (both only have half a stone or so to lose).

phlebas Tue 30-Oct-12 10:02:38

she seems okay today smile - has ongoing issue that seemed to be much worse last night but resolved pretty much as soon as they got into hospital. Bloody scary though sad

hoops997 Tue 30-Oct-12 11:18:45

Weighed in this morning, I've hit my first stone grin

Woo hoo a stone in 8 weeks, I love this WOE. Fasting today, will be eating at around 5pm.

Laska42 Tue 30-Oct-12 11:38:55

Well Southampton Solent Uni tell me i can get tested on the Bod Pod for £50 ... Shall i go for it? what do you think? Of course I had no idea what I was at the Lost almost a stone on this now but i still have muffin top fat ..

TalkinPeace2 Tue 30-Oct-12 11:54:32

Laska Excellent idea.

MoJoRegained Tue 30-Oct-12 12:04:03

Laska you could do that - it would probably give you a very accurate assessment. On the other hand, Amazon are selling the Omron BF511 Body Composition Monitor that virginposter mentioned for £39.95 (thanks virginposter ). I guess it depends on whether you want really accurate for one shot, or a 'less' accurate measure ongoing to track progress.

I'm contemplating buying the Omron Monitor - my current scales are fairly old and probably inaccurate - and we have just renovated the bathroom so they look a bit tatty - good excuse to upgrade methinks! wink

Just finished a fast day yesterday and weighed myself (could not resist - know that not having much to eat yesterday will skew the results and inaccurate scales make it a bit hit and miss) - am down another 2 pounds - 16 in all! Yey!

For those who have reached a plateau - keep with it - I was at the same weight or 1 pound up and down for about 3 weeks while still doing 5:2. Then 3 or 4 pounds came off all at once. I have noticed that my weight goes up and down over the weeks, but the general trend is downwards. So I try not to weigh too often.

Looking forward to homemade lasagne tonight when DH gets home. Loving that I can have favourite dishes when not fasting!

MoJoRegained Tue 30-Oct-12 12:09:56

hoops Great that you reached a stone thanks - I was so pleased when I did but it took me rather longer than you. I think it must have been about 12 or 13 weeks.

To all those fasting today - it is worth it - stick with it, and think of nice food to have tomorrow.

MoJoRegained Tue 30-Oct-12 12:31:11

One other thing for those on the UK who are also keeping an eye on calories, or just trying to sort out foods to eat on fast days.

I've always found the mySupermarket site handy for the nutrition values. The site compares items across Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, and Asda. If you click on an item, it will show you the detail with the price comparison by default. Just above the price comparison, there is usually a Nutrition tab which gives you calories, Fat, Sat Fat, Sugar and Salt. Not all items have the nutrition tab, but a large number do.

I used this a lot when DH and I were changing our diets to cut down salt because of his high blood pressure, but I've found it helpful again on this WOE to work out things we can have when I don't have time to cook.

mollysfolly Tue 30-Oct-12 12:55:15

Go for it laska! If you tell them what important research you're doing they may give you a discount!

hi all....wow, well I've been reading the new 9 pages of the new thread since this morning and have finally caught up!

Thanks thanks to greeneggs for starting the new thread and inviting all the lurkers so cunningly, lovely to see all the new people, and hear their stories.

a huge well done to laska you deserve a wine for reaching target, and I think you should go for teh bodyscan, but as others have said, you may then want to get another one at some point in the future?

I laughed to hear breadandwines's story of a weekend of excess, slightly mirrors my weekend of actual 40th party(as opposed to on the day celebrations a few weeks ago) on Friday night (lots of cocktails and home made bread and cheese) and friends staying for the weekend , so a delicious trip down to Broadway market, to indulge in samosa's/bhaji/portuguese custard tarts/hog roast/chips/crabbies, followed by sweets and more cheese and biscuits later!) no to mention the drinking of leftover cocktails for breakfast on Sunday morning.....bucks fizz and sex on the beach is a great way to start a sunday, if a little tipsy!

anyway, all back on track today, fast day which i've been looking forward to, soup for lunch at 1pm, chicken in tomato sauce with broccoli and mushrooms for dinner later, I have cupboards at home stuffed with bottles of leftover champagne and halloween sweets for trick or treaters, but I am going to enjoy ignoring and getting back on track....not that i've missed any fasts, but after 5 days of non fasting/overindulging I know this weeks weigh in is likely to show a gain.

But one lovely thing was seeing my bf after 3 weeks apart at the weekend and him commenting a little enviously on my rapidly disappearing tummy, his seems to have expanded, so I'm hoping to entice him back onto this WOE soon.

have a good evening all.

ToffeeChops Tue 30-Oct-12 15:06:30

Congratulations Hoops - a stone in 8 weeks is a fantastic achievement (well a stone off in any time-frame is brilliant, actually)

Catsrus, I do 16 hour fasts on my non-fast days (all except Saturday, which is a true FEASTING day.) I wait until 1.00pm to eat and make sure I finish eating by 9.00pm.

I don't feel deprived, I eat what I want during the 'eating window' but like you, I wanted to maximise the health benefits......... plus give the weight loss a little extra help. I like it because I didn't feel I could commit to 4:3 but am certain this gives me a bit of an extra push in the right direction smile

I'd say why not give it a try and see how you get on? You can always go back to straight 5:2 if it doesn't suit you.

Liberty132 Tue 30-Oct-12 15:37:10


I did my first official fast day yesterday. I say official as i did a practice one last week and had to be nil by mouth the week before.

It wasnt too bad. I last ate 8pm the night before and ate nothing until 1.30pm on the day of the fast. I had a big bowl of home made soup and an apple (think I could have left it even later to eat if I had to). For dinner I had salmon and broc and peas and some strawberries and grapes. I then went for a swim and had a tin of WW tom soup. Ended up on around 470 cal.

I do like the control. Its easier to say I'm not eating than weigh and measure and faf on trying to stay within 1500 cal and 50g of fat etc etc.

My next fast day is Thursday. Being half term I am off so i hope its as straight forward when at work. Wasnt bursting with energy but managed to do all the housework on an empty tum.

I am fascinated by how little I need to eat. Like many of you I never allow myself to get hungry. Cant honestly remember the last time my tum rumbled before I fasted. Interestingly a rumbly tum isnt the end of the world!.

Today I have not eaten well but apparantly I can eat what I like. I had porridge for breakfast, followed by two choc bars, a tube of sweets, a low fat pkt of crisps and a sausage roll. At 3pm I just ate a sarnie. So not mega bad. I am though aware of what I am eating. I am considering it. Still popping it in my mouth, but thought about it first!

Looking forward to Thursday (weird eh?).

I know its to early to say, but off the back of 36 hrs nil by mouth two weeks ago, last Thursday being a fast and again yesterday - I swear by tum is much flatter! I am awaiting a confirmed diagnosis for IBS so it hasnt felt flat in a while.

Loving the forum - really great to hear everyone elses tips. I watched the horizon prog again last night. Is there any clincal trials going on anywhere. I would love some more prescriptive rules to follow.

Laters x

Spinme307 Tue 30-Oct-12 17:17:12

today is my first fast day and I'm surprised to say all has gone well. I had lunch at 1pm of salad, pepper, mushrooms, a boiled egg and a babybel. Tea is in the oven salmon & broccoli.....grand total of 442cals for today.

I am so surprised not to be absolutely ravenous by now but I feel really good about my first fast day. Next one is Thursday and I'll be at college for most of the day so will be kept nice & busy.

ManOnBoard Tue 30-Oct-12 17:28:59

Has anyone ever noticed that when grocery shopping on an empty stomach you tend to buy a lot of instant sweet foods, well I do anyway. The other morning after a fast day I needed to shop and as I had run out of milk had had no breakfast. As it was about 11am and as I was on a feast day I could have anything that caught my eye. It did not occur to me until later that I had bought nothing sugary whatsoever and I really feel this WOE has affected my sweet tooth.

As far as some of the beneficial effects of this WOE within 3/4 weeks, now on week 12, a frequently returning rash on my chest has gone (less sugar?) and the weight loss (24lbs) has meant my previously dodgy knee now gives me hardly any trouble. Another thing I have noticed is that my gums bleed less often. I am not saying that this is as a result of this WOE but it might be.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Tue 30-Oct-12 17:48:24

Catching up and checking in - huge fail on my fast on Sunday - managed all day really well keeping within calories then my best friend bought gin, wasabi peas and Reese's pieces. Needless to say I gorged myself blush then ate far too much yesterday, felt uncomfortably full all day. Fasting today but not mentioning it in the hope it makes it easier to stick to. Best friend is a bit hmm about it but ears pricked up when I talked about it as a WOL, breaking the binging/dieting cycle forever more

Really well done phelbas on going from size 24 to 18 - that's brilliant!!!

And looks like everyone's on a good loss streak at the moment, well done!!

Prob check in again after the weekend - wont beat myself up if I end up indulging all this week with best friend, can just do ADF next week to make it up

zebrafinch Tue 30-Oct-12 19:16:57

Can I join in?I have been lurking and thinking about it but after eating all the Halloween treats I bought in for the kids I have decided that now is the time to get off the shelf. I have never watched what I have eaten but always put on a little weight year on year . I need to lose 10kg. Starting tomorrow..... Scary!

frenchfancy Tue 30-Oct-12 19:28:45

Of course you can zebra.

I had 10kg to lose, 4kg gone so only 6kg left to go smile.

It is only scary at first, after a couple of weeks you realise that it isn't scary to be hungry, then you realise you are not even all that hungry most of the time.

Thelittlestranger Tue 30-Oct-12 19:57:19

Another here who had an indulgent weekend that went through to Monday as I was a bridesmaid at a wedding on Sunday. Had my typical hungover binge yesterday, otherwise I don't think I would have done too bad...if I can maintain this week, I'll be happy.

So, first fast day of the week today when it is usually Monday. Had a couple of slices of ham and a tomato for lunch, and have just eaten an omelette for dinner. Enough left over for Greek yoghurt and blackberries for pudding...

I also went and did body attack at the gym, and struggled. Usually I do aerobics on a fast day, but I think body attack was one step too far

Congratulations to the losers...

Breadandwine Tue 30-Oct-12 20:38:01

I'm happy to report that after a normal day yesterday, I reclaimed my missing belt notch this morning! grin

And then I found I'd lost two of the four pounds I'd gained - result! grin

I've fasted all day today - only had half a mug of warm water up until lunchtime when I had a coffee, and felt no ill-effects - and I was working!

This afternoon, still with only a couple of coffees inside me, I did my daily 15 minutes of vigorous exercise, feeling great!

I did the full 16 hours plus before the evening meal - and I ate very well (but still less than I used to eat prior 5:2). I've just had a sweet - strawberries and grapes with some soya milk - and I'm now absolutely stuffed.

Tomorrow I'll do a proper fast day and I expect to be back to where I was before the weekend! smile

The next few hours is the danger period for me - my appetite switch is full on, ATM, and I'm susceptible to the remains of the curry on the stove - plus all the goodies I have to hand.

Made a huge (1.2kg) semi-focaccia last night, with toasted sesame seeds, and I've got tomorrow's chunk in the breadbin which I can't stop thinking about...

Well done first timers, and all you other brill losers iyswim grin.

This is 13th fast in 11 weeks. As said in prev posts, it's a difficult time with fairly major stuff going on in my life (Dad's cancer, fighting for dh disability bens and other stuff) and I have crashed and burned on my second fast of the week for the last 3 weeks. I found today harder than I imagined, but am ragingly hormonal, and am really anxious about my Dad as he gets his treatment prognosis tomorrow, so perhaps not surprising.

Not to mention that I had to take dh and his mate somewhere at lunchtime which was just round the corner from Costco and they insisted on going in and having one of their huge slices of lush pizza (dh had two the gobshite!!!). I sat and drank a coffee - halo please grin.

Noticed someone else was doing the 16 hour thing on non fast days I was wondering about this, or even eating one meal in the evening (and perhaps a wine or two). Was worried that body might do the famine-must hang on to the calories-thing. What do you guys reckon? It's just that I'm never hungry for breakfast and on my 3 nonfast gym mornings, I'm not usually hungry for lunch either. It certainly wouldn't be a hardship to do it at least a couple of times a week on top of my fasts, and it might help out on the weeks when I struggle to do 2 fasts. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for this thread and all who post, such a lifesaver.

TalkinPeace2 Tue 30-Oct-12 20:44:26

If you are not hungry, don't eat.
Better to avoid alcohol and stick to healthy calories at least a couple of days a week - even with your sky high reasons for stress
But, if you find it an easy way to restrict the calories while keeping the balance right and not losing too much weight too fast, why not.

Breadandwine Tue 30-Oct-12 21:08:29

Hi sexbombbikerchick

I reckon you deserve a hug, girl! [hug]

As you may have seen, I had a real binge over the weekend, so, to make up for it, I fasted today - 16 hours up until dinner time. But then I had a good meal to avoid any chance of going into famine mode. I'll do my regular fast tomorrow (I'm only on 6:1) and then carry on as normal.

Personally, I think a 16 hour fast several times a week - providing you make sure you don't under eat later - is a good idea.

Agree with TP2, basically.

Thanks guys, much food for thought. Most of the days when I've crashed and burned on a fast I've managed at least 16hours, so I felt I hadn't completely failed, figured I should get some of the health benefits if not the weight loss. And although I have several stones to lose, that isn't my primary goal, it's the other stuff.

And thanks for the hug, it really helped.

EnidNightshade Tue 30-Oct-12 21:58:49

Sounds like you are doing brilliantly, sexbombbikerchick, keeping the 16 hours thing going what with everything else. I wouldn't say you 'failed' at all.

I finally did my first fast today. Ate a bagel for lunch yesterday and then had nothing except black coffee/tea until lunch today. Then just over 500 cals for lunch and then a proper dinner in the evening.

I couldn't help but eat all the 500 cals in one go, though, so not sure if that really means I broke the fast at lunchtime rather than dinner, iyswim?

Anyway, I still feel a sense of achievement, though it really wasn't as difficult as I was expecting, and I actually kind of enjoyed it (feel a bit weird for saying that, but it's true - I feel lighter and clearer, somehow...). Looking forward to my next fast smile

Beanbagz Tue 30-Oct-12 21:58:55

Another (long term) lurker here. Been doing 5:2 since early September and have lost 8lbs so far and hope to lose another 14lbs.

Fast days vary depending on work but generally Tues & Thurs. I have only water or black tea from waking until approx. 2-2.30pm. Then i have a piece of fruit and save the rest of my calories for dinner.

I've found the fast days fairly easy but finding the appetite for breakfast the following day is sometimes a struggle. Is this normal?

The last 2½ weeks have completely gone to pot due to working away/Half Term/long weekend with lots of eating & drinking. Despite all this i weighed myself today and hadn't put any of the lost weight back on so feeling really pleased.

babbas Tue 30-Oct-12 22:02:13

Hi serial lurker here. Time to step
Out of the shadows. I'm on week 5. Done some 4:3 weeks and some 5:2. Sadly have lost no weight at all despite needing to lose at least a stone. I do have low days. Feel despondent as not only have I lost nothing I don't feel well since fasting started. Have felt lightheaded, dizzy and fatigued but am now thinking I may be anaemic. Also, on fast days I really struggle with sleep and wake up middle of the night kinda hungry and not able to sleep. But by morning there is no hunger whatsoever. However, plus points for me include eating whatever I want with NO weight gain. This is rare as in the past one pizza meal can leave me 5lb heavier. Also, I am eating less on feed days. Today I had fish and chips half portion and nothing else all day. Still full and because I am no longer for offing any food I have lost the need to eat to much. I love the freedom from dieting I am experiencing. I am also shredding most days and find it harder some days. I am quite active and am determined to stay so. Now, if only I could drop a few pounds or inches like others seemto!! Sorry for typos. Am
On phone. Right back to continue reading the August thread Adam still in catchup mode. And thank you all for these amazing threads!!

babbas Tue 30-Oct-12 22:03:37

Oh dear! Sorry for terrible spelling / grammar. Honestly.

Laska42 Tue 30-Oct-12 22:15:10

Right ... bed..I'm hungry tummy's rumbling ...but I'm fine.. smile

Have spent most of the evening listing (too big) clothes ton ebay !! (some of which I didn't buy very long ago..)

You know, I like fasting now... it makes me feel more alive somehow.. (is that weird?) Right .. off now with my pot of mint tea and to my book.. Perchance to dream of buttered toast?

See y'all tomorrow folks!

Skinnyeye Tue 30-Oct-12 22:21:39

Hi all I too am including more 16 hour fasts and struggling a bit with old habits at weekends. Weight is fluctuating and it seems odd to me that fasting is so easy and yet eating "normally" is the hard part. My reaction to this has been to fast longer and more often and not to get a grip of weekend binging. It's not hard to see why I gain weight if left unchecked.

Breadandwine Wed 31-Oct-12 01:45:18

Realised after I last posted, I had no need to worry - since I'm on my weekly fast from after dinner tonight until dinner tomorrow night, I'm already 'in the zone'! Once in this frame of mind I find it easy to resist temptation - in fact, weirdly, temptation doesn't seem to figure, ATM!

It seems that more people are reporting that they are feeling good on their fasting days.

There's a theme developing: "Feeling more alive," says Laska; "I always seem to have more energy after a fast," says Blondie; I myself feel fantastic after a 22 hour fast. Many posters say they're looking forward to their fast days.

Seems to me there's a perfectly logical reason for this phenomenon - I'll run it past you guys to see what your reaction to it is:

During our hunter-gatherer days, the more alert we were whilst deprived of food, the easier it would have been for us to find some. Successful hunters would have passed their genes down to us. So you could say we're supposed to feel good when fasting.

About not feeling hunger when fasting: put simply, hunger would have been a distraction in the search for food - it just would have got in the way and made us less successful hunters. (See my musings on the 'hunger switch' on the Tips and Links thread - 29th Oct)

Sense? Or nonsense? What do you reckon?

TalkinPeace2 Wed 31-Oct-12 08:54:40

Total sense.
Your stomach is not busy digesting, your energies are spent looking out for opportunities

And to those not losing weight, depressing a it is, record your calories on eating days - accurately.
I am 5'5" age 47 and technically only need 1800 a day
NOT the 2000 they write on the back of the cereal packs
if you are shorter or do not have such an obsessive gym habit, you'll need less
three inches shorter and three times less at the gym and the requirement drops to 1500 calories .... yes really
and a banana is 100 calories, as is a single square of decent chocolate bar ....

This is a "Way of Eating" not a diet, so as you'll be doing it forever, its worth taking the time to slowly get it right for you.

ToffeeChops Wed 31-Oct-12 09:19:23

Hi babbas

If you don't have an awful lot of weight to lose it's more likely to come off slowly, so don't lose heart. You might find it helpful to switch to monthly weigh-ins, something I have done recently because not seeing what I wanted or expected to see on the scales tended to have a very detrimental effect on my motivation.

In the meantime, enjoy the other benefits - not stressing about 'dieting', eating what you want without putting on weight (how fantastic is that?!) and knowing your appetite is responding to this new WOE.

Btw, if you think you may be anaemic, get your blood checked asap. I was extremely anaemic when i started this in August and my first few fasts were difficult because of it. Now my iron level is up a bit I cope much better.

Laska42 Wed 31-Oct-12 09:20:36

TIP where are you getting your chocolate cals? According to myfitness pal , Montezumas 73% dark choc , ( which is the one i eat) is 33 per 6q square and 110 per 20g ..

I realise that most people don't weigh chocolate .. but I do now . but eat very little sweet things anyway but this is my little treat if I'm going to ...so really don't want to get this wrong

but yes agree with you and bread and Wine . This morning I wasn't at all hungry after a 20hr fast . Have just eaten my eggs now..

Like you though I was shocked at my TDEE - . its only just above 1600!! however I don't do nearly enough exercise ... (its cos I'm a lazy cow who like red wine that i got to be the was I was.. Note WAS!! hee hee grin)

Alaska77 Wed 31-Oct-12 09:23:43

Hi everyone, I've been popping up every so often on these threads for a few weeks and just wanted to say a continued thanks for all the encouragement and stories. They brighten up my day! I was doing well on this woe for a few weeks but have had an 'iffy' couple of weeks without fasting and I'm trying to catch up on all the comments to get myself re-motivated. Welcome to all the newbies and thanks greeneggs for keeping the thread going. Thanks also to breadandwine - I always look forward to your posts and read them with a big smile on my face!

Trills Wed 31-Oct-12 09:26:51

Last week on non fast days I was craving toast with butter. Today not so much. It was weird because I'm not normally a toast person. I am definitely a butter person though smile

Agree about TDEE. If you fast two days and eat "normally" the other five days then your weight loss is going to depend on how skewed your idea of "normal" is. If you fast two days and eat "anything you want" the other five days that's doubly true.

TalkinPeace2 Wed 31-Oct-12 09:28:24

Laska I don't eat chocolate - am quite willing to be corrected - but then DH does eat squares of the mega bars which are nearly cube shaped!!

There is no such thing as a "slow metabolism" - Mosely debunked that myth in his exercise programme. What there is, is a body that is not being pushed often enough. Even if you go out for a power walk around the block once a day - time yourself going to buy the paper and see how quick you can do it - the benefits to your cardio system will soon mount up, and your body will learn that the food is actually to be burned not stored :-)

Anaemia : Pregaday Iron tablets were my happy pills - for nearly two years after DS was born!

ToffeeChops Wed 31-Oct-12 09:29:55

Breadandwine, what you say makes sense. And while I wouldn't say I feel fantastic on fast days, I certainly don't feel any ill effects now that they've become part of my normal routine.

What I love, though, is the feeling of control fast days give me (and yes, I am a control freak grin) For years, my eating has controlled me: now I control my eating. I feel 'clean' somehow, especially when like you I've had a blow-out weekend and need to rebalance.

I have never been a very disciplined person in the past but this new WOE seems to have helped me to grab hold of my life and it's having an impact on other non-eating related things too. So you could say I am truly a convert!

Hi all, just done a 3km interval run after fast day yesterday and I feel great. Having a cuppa now then a much needed shower. Not hungry at mo so not eaten yet.

Thanks again for all your support on this thread, can't beleive I'm managing to change my wol whilst in such a bad place personally! Really couldn't have done it without the support of this thread.

ManOnBoard Wed 31-Oct-12 10:00:10

Just been for a medical and will have to wait for the results of the bloods but the nurse did comment favourably on my blood pressure 112/70. This is quite a significant change from previous years where it stayed aroud the 118/85 mark which I completely attribute to this WOE and, of course, the significant weight loss.

As for people feeling more active on fast days, I agree, this may well be genetic but also our bodies reacting positively to the chemical change as we burn fat, similar to endorphines being released by exercise.smile

bunjies Wed 31-Oct-12 10:00:41

Welcome babbas. I too haven't lost any weight and I've been doing this for 8 weeks sad. I started on 5:2 and then after not seeing any results I switched to 4:3. Still no change (and I have 3 stone to lose). I am tracking food on myfitnesspal on normal days and am averaging about 10000 cals/week which is certainly less than the 12500 I calculated as my tdee. Also my body measurements haven't changed either. I just don't understand how I can be the same when I am consuming less confused. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that someone else out there is also struggling with the weight loss as I know how dispiriting it can be reading all the success stories. I just hope the health benefits are kicking in. Perhaps we can support each other?

OHforDUCKScake Wed 31-Oct-12 10:11:31

Hi hope everyones doing ok.

I keep darting in and out this thread I had a fast day yesterday. Im not managing to do 5:2 at the moment, I just have to pick days I can cope.
The baby had ongoing health problems and I often have to pull all nighters with him when things are bad, that coupled with the mammonth feeding sessions... I cant cope with such little calorie intake.

However, Monday night I got a bit of sleep and he's feeding less because he had a little bit of a cold so yesterday was a good day to do a fast day.

Its not as goof as 5:2 but I figured some fast days will be better than none

I showed a friend this thread yesterday so I wonder if she'll try it too. <waves in case she's reading>

Be back on this thread next fast day.

TellMeLater Wed 31-Oct-12 11:08:56

I have broke my fast twice now since I started in August. Both times I was premenstral and the hunger was unbearable. My period has been very erratic, so I didn't even know I was due.

Have been reading some more info from the Lean Gains approach....Martin Berkhan is recommending a 14 hour fast for woman as he says woman's experience of fasting often leaves them feeling very irritable - has he visited my house recently?

Anyway I think I'm going to investigate this approach to fasting rather than the 5:2, which unlike a lot of posters on here is leaving me feeling way too hungry and causing me to obsess about food more than usual.

babbas Wed 31-Oct-12 11:09:15

Toffee - thank you for your reply. I do have more than a stone to
Lose and don't know why there is no change for me. I log calories, try to eat well but think I'm not eating enough on feed days. I just don't want to eat if not hungry and this woe has really lowered my appetite. But you are right, the positives are there. Now that no food is forbidden I have no cravings. In fact, I'm not into food anymore much. There are no cravings and no saving cals for 'treat days'. Also, I feel
In control. Hurrah. The only danger for me is 8 weeks with no visible results really plays tricks with my mind.

Anaemia - I have been prescribed ferris sulphate but advised not to take it yet as my blood test is two weeks away and dr did not want false reading at test. V frustrated as lacking energy. What tablets are you taking? I'm also having thyroid checked. Did the tabs work quickly? I wonder if my anaemia is slowing down my losses as my body just does not feel normal at the mo

Bunjies - I would love love love your support! Perhaps we can share out sorrows together and try and keep each other motivated.

Good luck to everyone today be it fasting or scoffing.

DontGoThereDaisy Wed 31-Oct-12 11:18:50

I've found that though I've stayed (roughly) the same weight for the past three weeks now my belt is now two notches tighter over those weeks. I lost 10lbs in the first 8 weeks and my belt never changed a bit!

Although the weight is an easy measure of the effectiveness of this diet/way of eating its not the only measure and the long term benefits are not easily measured at all.

Laska42 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:30:02

Hi to my friend Jobyloo who's out there lurking! Good luck for your first fast day today ! xx

morning all, yesterdays fast went about 22 cals over in the end, slightly bad planning, and actually just tiredness and hunger when I got home, had to cook the kids 2 different tea's (they have totally opposite eating habits and desires, one eats early in the day and the other later in the day) before I could cook mine, and I really needed something to just chuck in the microwave, did find a tesco lighter choices chicken in tomato and basil sauce in freezer, which i had with some steamed broccoli and mushrooms, but the dithering about it took me 25 mins and a slice of ham to take the edge off, hence going over!

I really must dedicate a day off to cooking some home made meals to freeze for fast days.....i'll add it to the ridiculously long to do list!

but that was eaten by 6.45pm and then nothing more other than chamomile tea, this morning is a normal day, had an actimel yogurt drink at home while I made kids packed lunches, an apple at 9 and then at 10.45 I really fancied milky tea and a biscuit, so I had 2 shortbread fingers, (200 cals!), but as it's breakfast that's ok, it's so good to be so much more aware of calories, so not a 16 hour fast at all, but then again I've been up with my early rising daughter since 5am, and today I can eat what I like and tomorrow is another fast day. really hoping to be at the same weight on Friday as I was last Friday, but after teh weekend i know it's unlikely, and other than my cycle commute to work and back there is no extra exercise.

kids halloween party later so must try and avoid kids treats!

Laska42 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:42:25

scoffing me today grin and fasting tomorrow again

Planning on going out for a Malaysian meal with a friend this evening .. Chilli Duck and Singapore noodles YUM!

'La la la la....' (in the absence of singing emoticons)

I so love this WOE! smile

( we really must get Mumsnet to put some 'happy bunny' and 'singing' emoticons up.. How do we do that?..)

How are we all today then? I haven't decided about the bod pod thing yet .. You see I could just spend the £50 on new clothes...... grin

Laska42 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:56:57

Tips for first day fasters (thats you jobyloo).

1. Its really easy to do ! just stick to your 500 cals for two days and count calories on something like my fitness pal. just do that for a few fasts then if you want you can look into into the other health benefits bit later ..

2. Don't be afraid of hunger.. We are just not used to being hungry mostly, but it really is manageable once you stop fearing it and doesn't build , I'm always amazed that the morning after a fast day I'm often just not hungry.

3. Find out your total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) to show the number of calories you need to remain the same weight . (link above ).

4. I found at first I wasn't sleeping well on fast days.. but now I'm fine ..

5. My absolute top tip is chilli sauce! (Franks is my favourite) ill say no more..... those that know me here have heard it all before!

6. Make every fast meal as tasty as possible. Add fresh coriander, parsley and mint, watercress, or lemon or lime juice, gherkins, garlic, mustard ,black pepper, soy or Worcester as these all perk up your meal up no end for very few calories. .

7. Miso soup is good(around 20 cals) if you really think you cant wait for dinner

8. Drink lots of Mint tea, green tea with lemon grass , water water water (its easy to get dehydrated on fast days I find) . I have real black coffee too ,

9. I tend to base my fast day meals around eggs and fish and veggies .

This is on the links and tips thread but thought id repost it here .anyway .

babbas what is your BMI? some people just take longer to get started on losing, and if you were gaining before and now aren't then you've already turned things around, being patient is difficult, definitely not my strong point, and I was disheartened at around the 5/6 week mark when I gained back 4 of the 6 pounds i had lost, but I just carried on, as the health benefits were my priority in teh beginning, and I figured, not gaining was better than where I had been before with the the weight ever so slowly creeping on. And it levelled back out and I am averaging 1 pound a week loss, now just within high end of normal BMI range, so over a stone to go to get somewhere I feel happier at.

also bunjies reallly hope it starts to come off for you soon, if you are doing 4:3 I don't see how it can't, it just might take some time, if you cals deficit is not that large that might not help?

my tdee says i consume 2213, but on this WOE on a good week i am consuming 11000 per week, and on a bad 14000, so always 1500 less but often 4500 less, I can't remember the calculation for how much less you need to eat in order to lose a pound....is it 300 per day?

catsrus Wed 31-Oct-12 12:07:13

LOL to new clothes Laska - I did a mini wardrobe sort out this morning - in the hunt for jeans that would fit comfortably but not need hoiking up the whole time. If I were to carefully go through my stuff I do think I would probably have enough - but I can't find any thin-ish black jumpers to wear under cardis or sleeveless smartish long tops if I'm layering .... I think I gave them to a dd for a school ski trip a few years ago confused. Might need to pop into M&S!

I'm now really concentrating on sorting out a WOE which is sustainable - and for me that will never mean "eat what I want" unless a) I change what i want to eat or b) fast more days than I eat! Like Laska my calorie needs are in the 1500 range for my age, weight and height - if I lose a bit more weight to get my waist measurement to the 'safe' zone then it will go down again. This is something I have never really taken on board before.

Yesterday and today are non-fast days, I made a huge veggie goulash yesterday and am ploughing my way through it - got a friend arriving tonight so will add some chorizo to spice it up and serve it with rice. I did a 16 hr fast yesterday, but don't think I will do it every non-fast day as it did feel like hard work - on fast days I'm usually out and about so it's easier to forget about food smile.

For those not losing - really, just stick with it, if you are taking in less energy than you need then you will lose weight - unless you are on medication like steroids - it might just take a while and a bit of fine tuning!

ManOnBoard Wed 31-Oct-12 12:58:36

*MOCNK" It is 3500cals represent a pound in weight

"Cats" Have to agree, eat more than you burn you put on weight, burn more than you eat you lose weight, unless you defy basic biology. We are just machines and it is like putting petrol in your car, it needs enough to keep running, put in too much and it spills out. Some of the diet myths such as slow metabolism and starvation mode really aggravate me, just be honest!

TalkinPeace2 Wed 31-Oct-12 13:01:45


AND : when you get too small for clothes get rid of them
and go to a Charity shop to buy the next size down !
Keep doing that till you are buying a healthy size (which on current UK sizing is around a 12 maximum - 1970's version of size 16)
I buy jeans - posh ones - for £4 a pair ..... tops for around £3 .....

Laska42 Wed 31-Oct-12 13:12:04

As we are talking about what you put into your body ... its been a while since I posted a plug for Dr John Briffas Blog and his book 'Escape the Diet Trap'.

It's an illuminating read about the current state of the food and diet industry and along with this WOE has totally changed the way I eat (although I haven't actually given up any foods, just become a LOT more aware of what and how much and when I give my body to work with )..

He also has a chapter on IF (but we probably know more here now thanks to all our great 'researchers and experimenters' ...smile)

SolarSparkle Wed 31-Oct-12 13:35:25

Hi Everyone [hgirn]

I haven't posted here for a while but I have been doing the 4:3 since the end of Aug and have managed to loose about 12lbs.....still have another stone to loose.

I have a question for you all re menstrual cycle, think someone mentioned about this woe affected their mc? I was about 2 weeks late this month (thought I was pregnant as we r ttc) ....Anyway period came on d50 but for only half a day and then spotted for a day or so. Stopped completely for about a day but now spotting again sad

SolarSparkle Wed 31-Oct-12 13:37:00

sorry...can't spell blush

Should say Hi Everyone grin

bunjies Wed 31-Oct-12 13:38:38

eat more than you burn you put on weight, burn more than you eat you lose weight

Sorry ManonBoard if only it WAS as simple as this. I low carbed for a couple of years and lost 2 stone. I was definitely NOT eating less calories than I used. Please don't patronise those of us whose bodies do not react the same as yours. "Slow metabolism" may be a myth but my body does not react the same as many peoples' and I don't understand why.

TalkinPeace2 Wed 31-Oct-12 13:40:00

bunjies have you had your thyroid tested? as that is one of the few TRUE causes of stubborn failure to lose weight.

bunjies Wed 31-Oct-12 13:56:32

TalkinPeace - no I haven't although it has crossed my mind to. I may speak to the doctor about getting tested as at least I can rule it out if nothing else smile.

ManOnBoard Wed 31-Oct-12 14:23:09

bunjies I accept "low carbing" may appear to break the rule but I assume this is because of the extreme imbalance in the diet causing your body to reject much of it, as with the egg diet, cabbage soup diet etc. That slimming aid that allows you to eat but causes fat to pass through the body without giving the stomach a chance to absorb it, again defies the basic principle but does not really counteract what I previously posted.

Sorry if I patronised anyone it was not intende but for anyone who disagrees "congratulations" you may have solved the world's energy crisis and dicovered perpetual motion (now that IS patronising)

TalkinPeace2 Wed 31-Oct-12 14:29:10

DH says my feet (Raynauds) are the answer to Global Warming - is that a start?

ManOnBoard Wed 31-Oct-12 14:45:14

Talkin It's a start and if we put it together withh all of the icy retorts and cold shoulders my last post causes we might have cracked it.

Sorry, Sorry Sorry, Sorry everyone if only there were an emoticon for "tongue in cheek"

MummysHappyPills Wed 31-Oct-12 14:52:27

Solar sparkle if you go back to the original post on this thread there is a link to an article, the one about women with a normal BMI, that reports how some women, especially those at normal weights, may experience more adverse symptoms from intermittent fasting, including periods stopping. Might be worth reading that to make an informed choice as to whether IF is right for you, especially if you are ttc.

GreenEggsAndNichts Wed 31-Oct-12 14:56:47

Solar I've been doing this the same amount of time as you, and I've just experienced my first odd cycle. My TOTM came 2 weeks early. shock We aren't TTC yet (I'm still on a medication and needing related tests, so won't be trying again until Dec or so) but I'm afraid I'll have to either reduce my fast days, or eliminate them entirely during that time. sad I will see if my cycle evens out in the meantime. I'm usually like clockwork, and that would help when TTC (obviously!)

GreenEggsAndNichts Wed 31-Oct-12 14:58:15

I haven't read every post here but if MOB is acting up, I suggest everyone just start discussing their menstrual cycles (if applicable) for a bit. That'll learn him. wink

Milimelo Wed 31-Oct-12 15:07:27

Good morning,

Would you accept a French Canadian in your thread? I don't speak (or write) a perfect english, but i can understand it pretty well. I tried to find some "support" on the 5:2 plan in french, but I found none. The discussion i tried to begin on an other forum was a disaster because everyone is just trying to destroy my convictions that the 5:2 is a great way to lose weight and getting healthier!

I'm a mother of two cute little girls (2 years and 10 months old and a 17 months old). Do I need to say I need to lose weight and regain energy?

I am so happy to have found this plan (I prefer the word plan rather than diet)! I need to share my experience with others and thought this would be the place!
I just begun last friday and have done two fast days so far and i'm thrilled! I've lost 3 lbs! I know i'll gain a little bit today, but as tomorrow is going to be an other fast day, I hope that by next friday I can say that I lost 3 or 4 lbs (total) or even more! What is your average lost each week?

Laska42 Wed 31-Oct-12 15:08:12

or our hot flushes ....grin

Trouble is then he might start on about his hairy ears (or worse) wink

(just teasing MOB)

Laska42 Wed 31-Oct-12 15:10:30

Bonjour milimelo (sorry thats about alli feel comfortable writing in French ! welcome! . You've come to the right place !

ManOnBoard Wed 31-Oct-12 15:16:41

GE&N You got me I am out of here, or on my bike if you will

milimelo bon matin et bienvenue

Laska No hairy ears (or anagrams thereof) here but hot flushes!!!! Bye

Milimelo Wed 31-Oct-12 15:35:21

Merci (thank you)!
I was wondering if it's all in my head or what, but I feel my tummy is already much smaller. I'm less bloated than i used to be the last couples of months (sorry for the details, but my doctor told me she thought I was suffering Irritable Colon Syndrom but we didn't investigate since). Did this happened to anyone? This fast (after only two fasting days)?

TellMeLater Wed 31-Oct-12 15:57:58

Solar I think fasting has affected my menstral cycle, my cycle is now 55days. After being a regular kind of girl for most of my life. I'm not ttc so its not such a worry but I'm looking at alternative types of fasts - like the leangains 14 hour daily fast, which is effectively just skipping breakfast.

TalkinPeace2 Wed 31-Oct-12 16:01:47

DHs digestion problems seem to significantly improve after every fast day .... it has to be to do with allowing the system to clear itself out completely
grazing is clearly bad for us in many ways

Laska42 Wed 31-Oct-12 16:24:41

Milimelo it probably could be if on your fast days you are cutting the carbohydrates ( especially bread, pasta ,wheat and many other grains ) as these are implicated in Irritable Bowel syndrome ( as we call it here )

Dr John Briffa writes about this extensively in his book and his blog that i've recommended above ..

however quite a few people don't have this problem or particularly cut out carbs on fast days (though I do) .. but it might be worth investigating in your case . I'm no expert though...

Amumsim Wed 31-Oct-12 17:40:06

Hello, can I join in? I've been thinking about doing this for a while and have decided to give it a go.

Today is my first fast day and I'll fast again tomorrow, trying to leave 16 hours tonight until breaking my fast tomorrow afternoon.

Can I ask you all where you find your calorie info from, I've used MyFitnessPal today and wondered if there was anything a bit less laborious!

Good luck all x

Bordercollielover Wed 31-Oct-12 18:09:54

I no longer think the engine analogy is particularly helpful. Not the place to go into it all here but to my mind engines simply burn fuel and give out waste products. When we eat a whole set of complex chemical reactions take place, some of which cause excess fuel to be stored as fat. That part I agree is fairly simple. However the more I learn the more it seems to me that the composition of the food and the timing of it do make a difference to how much gets stored ; if we eat many small meals of high GI foods there will be no respite from the effects of insulin/cortisol and, I think, more potential for fat storage than if you eat the same number of calories with more hours between meals and choose lower GI foods. In my case the key seems to be to avoid eating between meals and to avoid grain based carbohydrates. This is not really "low carb" as I am vegetarian and eat plenty of carbs as vegetables.
I may well be wrong, that's just how it seems to me.

TalkinPeace2 Wed 31-Oct-12 18:45:04

If you do not eat you lose weight.
If you eat too much you gain weight.
It really is that simple
but the vast, vast bulk of people do not accurately record what they actually eat.

There was a lady on the AIBU thread about 5:2 who realised that her food diaries only included food - they missed out her seven cups of tea a day that each had two sugars in ....

and when you weigh 50g of dried pasta before cooking it
or weigh 100g of chicken breast,
you suddenly realise how TINY the "recipe book" portions are to get the healthy stats

ManOnBoard Wed 31-Oct-12 19:02:50

BorderC The petrol analogy was simply that, an analogy, just saying that we need enough fuel for our journey. That said as analogies go you do say "complex chemical reactions" - the internal combustion engine. "excess fuel" sticks to the side of your bodywork. "timing of it" try not having your engine timed and see what happens. "composition of the food" - diesel, unleaded, super, high octane etc

I totally agree talkinpeace2 Eat too much, get fat. Eat less don't get fat. The only people with slow metabolisms are thin people as their hearts have to burn LESS calories to pump blood and keep their bodies warm. Bigger people burn more calories (have faster metabolisms) as their hearts have to work harder to keep their bodies going.

Oh and hello Amumsim, good luck I hope today's gone well for you smile

Piebaldrider Wed 31-Oct-12 19:30:03

I haven't posted for a few days but its great to see so many new people joining us.

Its a week since i was weighed at the gym and i couldn't go today so have to hold on another day before i can find out if i have managed to lose anything this week.

My fasts have been a bit up and down the last couple of weeks but i have managed two this week and plan another for Friday so fingers crossed. When i think about it my everyday eating is all over the place at the minute too and Saturday on an eating day i ate a bar of chocolate and drank best part of a bottle of wine instead of eating a proper meal and i was very irritable on Sunday! Life is busy and at times stressful for us all so I'm not surprised that i mess up occasionally.

I empathise totally with those who are not managing to lose weight on this woe and if you are truly doing it correctly and not losing i would say mess it up a little , swap days, swap number of days, try eating a few more calories for a few days or maybe exercise for a few days then don't exercise and if none of that works maybe you just have a different kind of metabolism or other hidden health issues to those who are losing weight easily . Its really just my thoughts certainly nothing tried or tested but its like interval training quick , slow quick slow.

I wish there was more research we could call upon but we seem to doing a good job of creating the research as we go along.

Enough calories for a glass of wine then a very early night so i'm away from an food and drink.

Hold on to the good feelings you get from this woe and never let them go.

frenchfancy Wed 31-Oct-12 20:27:20

Amumsim I use caloriecount.about.com/ rather than MFP. Mostly becasue I found it before I realised everyone else uses MFP. It is a little cumbersome at first, but once you get the hang of the food log bit then its fine. I don't log everyday, but I did at the begining of this just to get a grip on what normal is.

ToffeeChops Wed 31-Oct-12 21:45:54

Hi babbas, I'm taking ferrous fumerate which has folic acid with it. I'm seeing my GP next week to find out recent blood test results, but i know they'll be better because I feel much more normal again. Been on them 5-6 weeks now. People don't always realise how lousy it can make you feel so I hope you get some improvement soon. X

babbas Wed 31-Oct-12 21:50:05

Thank you toffee.

I agree, it can be really difficult. I first noticed something was wrong when I was doing the bed in the morning and had to lie down and lie still for half an hour. Most unlike me. Also daily 3pm crashes. Nightmare with school run to see to! Thank you for your helpful replies. Hope all is well with your results.

rachel1982 Wed 31-Oct-12 22:18:32

Hello, Has anyone heard of calorie girl? she provides great tips of what foods look like e.g. 100 kcals of cheese is the size of a matchbox etc?! really interesting and has helped me loads as its lots of visuals. Website is www.caloriegirl.co.uk and the facebook account is www.facebook.com/caloriegirl. Shes a Dietitian :-)

Bordercollielover Wed 31-Oct-12 23:16:47

Hmmm. Re the argument that weight gain and loss is purely to do with calories in and out. I am just no longer so certain that it is as simple as that. Probably with a healthy body that is the case, but what about where hormones have gone awry? Could it turn out that in some hormonal circumstances that the composition of the food matters as much or more than the simple calorie total? That in some circumstances the body gives priority to fat storage over immediate energy availability instead of only storing the excess?
I am just pondering, but John Briffa has some more scientific things to say about this in chapter 7 (Is a Calorie a Calorie?) of Escape the Diet Trap. Interesting reading ( food for thought?!)
While this is not science and it is not humans, I have had a great deal to do with a great many dogs over many years and am open to the possibility that there is a connection between neutering , and thereby radically altering hormones, the feeding of cereal based foods and weight gain which is not entirely explained by simple calorie excess.
Any way, whether its just the calorie deficit or whether there is some other additional "re calibrating" going on , this WOE is wonderful!

FastFeeder Wed 31-Oct-12 23:18:35

Amumsim another vote here for Calorie Count - it's great for compiling recipes and fine-tuning them.

Breadandwine Thu 01-Nov-12 00:08:59

Thanks for the kind words, folks! smile

Fasted 22 hours today - found it a breeze! [smuggitsmiley] I know it doesn't suit everyone, but for me, it works.

Thinking about it, though, I didn't jump into this long a fast straightaway, I built up to it gradually.

Maybe, for those finding it difficult, if you cut down breakfast and lunch calories and build up the evening calories, you might find it easier first to miss breakfast - and then lunch.

I'm still curious as to how long I can fast for before I feel any hunger - I may have to wait until I'm on my own for a couple of days. I must admit, it would seem weird not to have a meal in the evening. But it must have been common for our forebears to have gone without food for several days!

Just realised, with the constant feast and famine they experienced - they were the original yo-yo dieters! grin

Back to another theme that is coming up regularly on these threads - the feeling of control that people are experiencing on this WOL. After years of having to watch everything I eat (I have a gold card from WW from twentyodd years ago!), food is no longer as important to me as it once was. I now feel as if I have finally gained control over my food intake, and weight - not to mention health!

And the method is spreading! I was offered a piece of petit pain au chocolat that one of my students had made in my breadmaking class this morning, and had to decline since I was fasting. "Oh, are you doing that too?" she exclaimed, "My husband and I have been on the 5:2 plan since the Horizon programme - it's great, isn't it?"

The ensuing conversation could have been lifted straight from these threads! Of course I told her about all you guys on here, and how friendly we all are - so we may well see her here.

SolarSparkle Thu 01-Nov-12 01:15:56

Thank u so much for your replies....... thanks

MummysHappyPills - interesting read, need to decide whether to stop this woe or get to my ideal weight b4 we start TTC but my biological clock's ticking sad.......I'm 39 blush

GreenEggs Since my mc early on in the year, my mc have been spot on....I might reduce my 'fasting' days from 3 to 2 ( or maybe 1) & see what happens smile

TellMeLater Good to know that I'm not alone, let me know how u get on wink

nminx Thu 01-Nov-12 09:24:09

Half term and Halloween have blown the two fasts this week but it's good to know its not 'over' as it would've been with previous diets. Back on the wagon within the next few days.
A general note - My weightloss is very slow, ten pounds since beginning of September which can fluctuate down to only five pounds lost if I'm having a bad week on my non fast days. This is frustrating to me as DH has shed loads of weight very quickly (over a stone) and is keeping it off. Health has been poor since starting this WOE. Flu, diahorrea, two colds and very grumpy on fasting days. I do have iron issues though so have started to look after that side of things a bit better. Now taking Spa Tone iron sachets which are very mild on the digestive system compared to tablets.

On the positive side, the weightloss is there, albeit slow.

I do feel that this is the most successful WOE I've come across and am hoping that the health benefits will start to kick in and make me feel healthy too.

I find fast days very difficult and crave sweet things. I find it hard to go to sleep if I'm hungry but always wake up not feeling hungry the following day. Weird.

Thanks for all your posts. The encouragement in this forum is outstanding!

TalkinPeace2 Thu 01-Nov-12 09:31:16

Same here - eating lightly but not doing 500 calories because no routine to the days
but still eating less than I would have done before
- had a reasonable supper with the kids last night and felt stuffed
might have a bevvy tonight when DH gets back though

normal service will resume next week
- actually, thinking about it, fasting in term time and easing off in holidays will work fine for me for several years and allows long term planning

Liberty132 Thu 01-Nov-12 09:51:55

Woo hoo - fast day no 2. First was Monday. Do feel a tad more hungry today than Monday but its managable. Defo easier to miss breakfast and wait until lunch to eat anything.

Off work today so trying to stay busy. I do though have to go food shopping. Will write a list and stick to it.

Do have a circuits class tonight - will be interesting to see how well I cope with that. Its a very high tempo class.

Will weigh myself on Saturday after a day of non fasting - really hope I have lost something - but tum is so noticeably smaller.

Previously mentioned on here that I have recently been diagnosed with IBS. Anyone else on here got IBS and of so do they find this WOE helps or hinders.

Right - pen and paper - Asda here i come!

Morning all, my last working day of the week today, a fast day, which I've bought 2 of my favourite soups for, so that's all sorted, which always makes me feel good, thought I had persuaded the bf to get back on the fasting last night on the phone, but this morning he messaged and said there was leftover breakfast at his work, so he had scrambled egg, bacon, hash browns and a pecan plait! I guess when you're not in the habit of fasting that kind of temptation too much to bear!

I'm glad that even when people bring in cakes/donuts/choc to work now (it happens a lot) I'm not at all tempted on a fast day, I've alwasy found that more rigid diet rules work for me (atkins worked really well becasue the rules were so simple, but long term as a WOE it's no good at all) but not really feeling like I'm dieting and just pulling things back in line a couple of days a week, in order that I can eat a bit of what I like the rest of the time is soooo good!!!!

looking forward to a day off with my kids tomorow and we had fun at a halloween party last night, I had some homemade squash soup a couple of tiny slices of pizza and a piece of garlic bread, no chocolates, but 3 glasses of wine but as a non fast day it wasn't terrible.

planning the first run in months this weekend when the kids are at their dad's, looking forward to it, I always enjoy it more when I've lost some weight, and also suddenly feel like I have the energy to do it.

have a good day all, more hot water with lemon required now.....

TalkinPeace2 Thu 01-Nov-12 10:35:53

DH and yes, lots

kittykarate Thu 01-Nov-12 10:57:41

Hello, I'm de-lurking!

I've been doing this WOE since October 1st, while I was working away from home, as I wanted to try it out without my DH being involved. Sadly this means I didn't measure or weigh myself in, so I have if it is actually working. Got a battery for my scales at home now, so I can actually track it. Some clothes feel looser, but sometimes that can be a false thing, perhaps they're just going baggy in the wash?

I'm doing a 5:2, with pretty much fixed fast days on a Monday and Thursday to fit round my riding lessons and to make it easy for us to meal plan at home. I struggle a little on fast days, I do feel quite cold for some reason, and when I tried to horseride on a fast day I did feel very tired and lacking in 'go'. Perhaps I should try some other type of exercise for the fast days?

ToffeeChops Thu 01-Nov-12 11:31:54

Hi kittykarate, welcome on board.

I get cold on fast days too - REALLY cold sometimes, but I guess it because we're not putting any fuel on the fire. I comfort myself with the knowledge that my body is having to draw on other stores of energy (of which I have ample supply wink) in order to give me a bit of heat.

I'm like you mocnk, for some reason I manage to stay really strong on fast days. I'm not a very disciplined person by nature but I do much better with 'all or nothing' plans which is one reason I think this works so well for me. If I lapse (as I did on Monday - snatched a chocolate button and a pink marshmallow left over from our sweet-feast the previous day) I just deduct it from my calories that day. I wouldn't say it's easy but I don't feel deprived like I always do on 'proper' diets.

ToffeeChops Thu 01-Nov-12 11:46:28

Hello nminx, sorry to hear you've been so unwell since starting this WOE. Loads of people around me have been ill with all sorts of things in the last couple of months so I think it may just be that there are lots of bugs about and not related to the fasting. Perhaps can't use that argument with the grumpiness though......! wink

But what I really wanted to say is that I think 5-10lbs weight loss in 2 months is really good and something to be proud of. It may be less than other people (your DH for example) but it's never a good idea to compare ourselves too much with other people. If you keep losing weight at the rate you have been, that's a whole lot of poundage off over the course of a year. So don't be discouraged, and keeeeeeep fasting (to the tune of 'Strictly's: Keeeeeeep Dancing!)

I always feel the cold much moe when i lose weight, so it may not be the fasting but the weighloss? I used to think, (when i was above 12 stone and a size 16 - years and years of that) that I was one of those hot people, who didn't need to wear layers, then when i first lost lots of weight after having my second child I realised that i was much colder, and me telling myself I was just warm blooded was nonsense, simply, fat just insulates us, which is great in some ways.....if we were living in the wilds or had to survive, then we would need fat stores, and I do have a theory (very non-scientific) that fatter people get less sick in the coughs/colds/stomach bugs department, or we at least recover quickly as we have energy stores, and therefore don't always get hit with teh very next bug doing the rounds, whereas many fo my skinny friends seem to spend weeks and weeks blighted by every virus doing the rounds.

any science bods have an opinion on this?

not that this is a reason to stay overweight, we can all wear layers, eat healthily and overweight has it's own areas of ill health related problems, I totally get that.

ThinkICan Thu 01-Nov-12 12:05:50

Here's an update on the health benefits after a check-up with the doc. Blood, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver function, heart - everything's perfect, though my cholesterol is teetering on the edge of the normal limit! BP was swinging from 170/90 but suddenly dived to 120/80. Lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks, fasting alternate days. Only 2 pounds in the last 4 weeks though as I stalled in the second month. BMI still 29.3 so loads to lose. Wonder when I'll get there at half a pound a week sad. Bigger problem, doc's scales show me at 10 pounds more on his electronic scales whereas my mechanical scales and my neighbour's show 10 pounds less.

ThinkICan Thu 01-Nov-12 12:16:56

And yes, I did monitor the gradual loss of 10 pounds on my scale, so the weight loss is not a mirage! Just that my BMI will shoot into the obese category again if I use the doc's numbers.

Jobyloo Thu 01-Nov-12 13:30:46

Laska thanks for those top tips !!! On day 2 and so far feeling good! Going to have a bash at this either Mon/Tues & Thurs to begin with. Feels like I've entered a whole new world. Looking forward to getting to know you all grin

hey thinkican great news, although boo hiss to dr's electronic scales, sad and it sounds like more than .5 pound a week, more like .75, if you think you can continue this WOE forever, then it will all come off and imho it's quite good for it to be a slow transition, I had a bmi of 28.6 6 years ago, and it had been at that level for a long time, now it's 24.9, I've gone from high end of overweight to just inside normal, and know it will get down towards middle of normal on this WOE. It took my head quite a long time to catch up with my new body image....I first lost the weight 4 years ago doing Paul Mckenna, (although some had crept back on, hence this new WOE) and it has taken me a while to not think of myself as a 'bigger girl'

You may find like me on this WOE that the weight loss fluctuates a bit, in line sometimes with our general fluctuations in eating habits/exercise etc.

I would stick to your figures rather than doc's and just keep at it, sounds like you are doing great, I guess if you felt like it you could always add an additional bit of exercise once per week and see if that makes a difference? when I first lost my weight I used to wear a pedometer and just try and beat the previous days count each day, became competitive with myself and it was quite good fun and once I lost all of the weight I then found I had the energy and inclination to run, having never been a runner in my life (i'm still an asthmatic wheezy and very slow runner, but i'm sure it still does me good!)

welcome jobylou enjoy the club, I have no idea why I am feeling so buoyant today, but definitely having a day of feeling evangelical about this WOE!

Milimelo Thu 01-Nov-12 15:28:57

Liberty132 - My doctor seems to think I have the IBS, but she didn't investigate (here in Quebec, the doctors don't investigate much for those kind of things, unless you have severe condition hmm). I had been (very) frequently bloated for the last couple of months, but since last week - as I started the 5:2 plan - I feel more than better! I do not feel like a living balloon anymore! Is there something to do with it? I'd like to think so!

Laska : I don't know if it's the carb, or the dairy, or the fructose... There is so much things that seems could affect us with IBS!

Breadandwine: I agree with you. I feel like a finally have more control on my life. I'm feeling empowered instead of disappointed all the time!

Today is a fast day. Usually, I try to take my breakfast at 10, but this morning, I was so hungry! But, when I came to work, I met a lot of colleagues who had to talk to me, so I was able (because of the diversion) to eat it only at 9:30.

Have a nice day you all! smile

Note: Sorry for my english...

Milimelo Thu 01-Nov-12 15:30:04

Sorry... What WOE stands for? Is it an abbreviation? blush

TalkinPeace2 Thu 01-Nov-12 15:36:23

Way of Eating

(as in its a whole new way of eating rather than a short term diet)

Milimelo Thu 01-Nov-12 15:44:02

Thank you TalkinPeace2!

ThinkICan Thu 01-Nov-12 15:46:37

Thanks mocnk for your encouraging words! I'll keep going and hope to make it to the normal BMI in course of time!

ThinkICan Thu 01-Nov-12 15:53:38

And yes, I think I should buy a pedometer and keep moving too!

applefalls Thu 01-Nov-12 16:20:42

Ok, delurking. Have piled on absolute kilts of lard from all-time low two years ago after bi-polar diagnosis; meds apparently play merry hell with metabolism. Anyway, have come (safely!) off them but looking down the barrel of nothing to wear, everything feeling like a sausage skin and generally v cross that I was 7.13 at 5ft nowt two years ago and now daren't even get on the scales. Am running every day, but think that I eat FAR too much. I suppose I should weigh really, but I dread the horrible truth. Anyway, just wanted to say hello, this is my first post and feel pathetically new-girl-like!

hi applefalls I like your name, and feel for you, sounds like you are doing a great job just getting incontrol of your meds though? congrats for that, can't have been easy.

Up to you about the scales, you'll probably kick yourself later for not weighing in as it's alwasy good to know how much you've lost, but then again, I was 6 pounds heavier than I thought i was when i weighed in, which was pretty demoralising, as it felt like teh first 6 pounds loss was just to get to my proper starting point!

maybe you could measure yourself instead?

running is great too, good that you found us, when are you doing your first fast, or have you started already?

good luck, we're a friendly bunch, you'll soon be an old timer and be well on your way back to 7 13!

GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 01-Nov-12 17:28:42

Welcome to the thread apple! I personally enjoy weighing in, but that's because it inspires me to do better, or keep at it, or whatever. Gives me a kick up the bum when I need it, etc. I'm terrible at telling when I've put on weight, or lost it, otherwise.

What I don't like is weighing myself on different scales. Someone upthread mentioned it, but I thought I'd say, it's not really an accurate representation of your weight when you do that. Weighing yourself on the same scales (in the same location, on carpet, or not carpet, whatever- consistency is the key bit) is what will tell you whether or not you're gaining or losing. The number might not be correct but the change in the number should be, if that makes sense.

A friend of mine was being weighed for a gastric bypass (which she ended up opting not to have). She was weighed in one office and told to lose x amount of weight, maybe 10lbs, which she did. She was then weighed in another office and it showed her either not having lost any weight, or having only lost a pound or two. She insisted on being weight in the old office again, and sure enough- 10lbs were off.

Anyhoo. Anecdotal story. smile

GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 01-Nov-12 17:33:10

As for my own update, we've got my in-laws visiting. They arrived yesterday so I made sure yesterday was a fast day. It's possible I'll have three non-fast days in a row, which will be the first time since I started this WOE. shock Since they're only here for three entire days, though, it would really be tough to do otherwise. Just means Sunday will be a fast day (they're leaving in the morning so I can easily avoid breakfast), which is fine. I just like my routines!

Oh oh and I've had my blood tests for my blood clot back, and it turns out I have some genetic abnormality which means my blood clots 2-3x faster than normal. I'm glad I've got a reason for it now, anyway, as I'm fairly active and it took ages to get them to diagnose me because of it.

Off to make dinner- chicken and chorizo paella. yum.

applefalls Thu 01-Nov-12 17:40:34

Mumofcrazy and greeneggs, thanks so much for such a lovely and fast welcome and such sensible words. Will weigh, with trepidation, tomorrow. You are quite right about just knowing!

Today is the first fast day, have been reading with interest all the embrace hunger comments.

So pleased to have taken positive steps!!

mollysfolly Thu 01-Nov-12 17:45:41

Think there is going to be an article about 5:2 in the Times magazine on Saturday. What else could:

"Eat Cake, Lose Weight. The revolutionary diet that everone is doing"

mean? Do you think we'll be famous? smile

Milimelo Thu 01-Nov-12 18:00:29

In fact, I just did a little research, and it seems it's a different kind of approach. I didn't finish to read the article yet, but I'm wondering if it could be a part of the WOE on non-fast days... wink
I'm not a big fan of cake, although I enjoy having some once in a while, but it's interesting! Here's the link in the Telegraph:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9069276/Chocolate-cake-breakfast-could-help-you-lose-weight.html

Trills Thu 01-Nov-12 18:02:15

"Everyone's doing"? Well that's untrue no matter what diet they are talking about.

Milimelo Thu 01-Nov-12 18:04:08

It also answers some questions about the calorie-counting approach versus the what-you're-eating is important... I also find it interesting since it's talking about breakfast...and gherkin.

Milimelo Thu 01-Nov-12 18:06:55

Oups! Gherlin. But I think it's more for those who are doing a calorie-counting-all-the-time-diet...

Thelittlestranger Thu 01-Nov-12 18:27:23

Evening all...2nd fast day of the week, and for the first time I have made it through the day with barely nothing to eat (2 cherry tomatoes!). This meant I had enough calories to have rice with my chilli non carne (first time I'd made it, yum, yum) and some left over for pudding later. I was so full, I couldn't finish it...

Look forward to some eating days now, although I may try and have a few 16 hour fasts over the weekend to bring myself back in after the last weekend.

Right, got to get the kids to bed..lwelcome to all the newbies! I'm also feeling evangelical about this way of eating!!

Laska42 Thu 01-Nov-12 19:03:48

Smoked haddock and broccoli for my fast day dinner yum yum .. i'm still doing 2 meals but have pushed my 'breakfast eggs ' right back so I get my 16hrs in and then try and have a small 'eating window' so i can try and manage another 16hrs also. though today/tomorrow will probably be only 14 as I was late home so later dinner but we'll see how it goes in the morning.

Milimelo Thu 01-Nov-12 19:22:45

Has anyone tried to do the lunch to lunch fast? Beginning after the lunch and then you can have a regular dinner the next day? As it work well for you?

Skinnyeye Thu 01-Nov-12 19:50:34

Hi losers gainers and stay the samers. Wecome to our new losers!

Fast day 2 for this week and I struggled. Halloween hangover and 5 hours sleep didn't help. Made it through to dinner and had steamed veg and sticky rice. Going away for
the weekend not back until Monday grin. Not sure if I will manage to keep mondays fast but will try.

frenchfancy Thu 01-Nov-12 19:57:30

milimelo the trouble as I see it with a lunch to lunch fast is that your weekly calories aren't really going to be reduced very much. Big lunch, no diner, then next day big diner. I could easily have over 2000 cals on each day even if I didn't eat lunch til lunch.

EnidNightshade Thu 01-Nov-12 19:59:56

Yes, Milimelo I tried that on my first fast day, so fasted Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon.

Today's my second fast and I had a proper dinner last night so have to wait til tomorrow. I think I prefer lunch to lunch, but it hasn't gone badly today - had 140 cals worth of pumpkin seeds, a clementine and 2 squares of dark choc at about 4 o'clock. Plus tons of black coffee and camomile tea throughout the day, and then a small cup of miso soup just now.

I'm hate calorie counting as it is all so fiddly and i can't be bothered to weigh stuff etc, but I think I'm well under 500 for today. Feel very energised - love this WOE!!

Next time I will go back to the lunch to lunch approach, I think.

Skinnyeye Thu 01-Nov-12 20:03:07

And if I don't manage it there's always Tuesday

EnidNightshade Thu 01-Nov-12 20:04:22

Yes, frenchfancy I see what you mean. i think you have to be strict about breaking the fast with an ordinary meal, not a big feast. But then, I did find that I got full up extraordinarily quickly - didn't eat as big a dinner as I would usually have as I ended up leaving some of it (unheard of as I am a clean-the-plate type!)

nminx Thu 01-Nov-12 20:04:25

Aw ToffeeChops that's so nice and encouraging, thank you!
It is a definitely going in the right direction, just slower than I'd hoped....
However knowing its doable for life is such a reassurance isn't it?

Skinnyeye Thu 01-Nov-12 20:18:15

We are still in the very early sages of this new wol. We each need to do what works best for us and play around with it until it fits. The better it suits your life, your body and your needs the more sustainable it becomes. There will be ups and downs but we are in for the long haul and all in it together grin

ManOnBoard Thu 01-Nov-12 20:25:42

EnidN milimelo This WOE is new to all of us but are you proposing 24 hours without eating anything? There are no rules laid out but if there were it sounds like you are severely bending them. I, and it appears most on here, consider the "rule" to be 500cals from waking up in the morning until you go to sleep at night. Unless you are having zero calories for 24 hours it sounds like you are simply varying the time of day that you eat the majority of your calories, not really fasting.

EnidNightshade Thu 01-Nov-12 20:39:11

Yes - I don't really get that part, tbh. My tactic has been no calories for at least 16hrs, and then a small snack if needed. I was thinking of it in terms of 3 meals per day, so I missed dinner on Monday and breakfast on Tuesday, had a v.small lunch on Tuesday and then a normal sized dinner.

I'm aiming to build up to 24 hours with no calories.

Does this sound wrong? I'm still cutting out two meal's worth and getting a good long fast in (so hopefully getting the invisible health benefits).