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eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 13:08:41


It has been suggested by the wonderful betsybell that a thread be started with some inspiring stories for us all.

I feel that there should be some disclaimers - we are all different, we gain weight in different ways and will lose differently. Similarly with health issues. Some stories here mine to start with may be extreme.

Umm, that's about it I think...

Breadandwine Tue 26-Jul-16 00:18:19


Congratulations on maintaining 2 years, Mimi flowers
Great to see another maintainer who is post-meno. 5:2 gives us back our waist !
Don't just lurk on the main thread - do share what worked for you if you think it might help a struggling poster.

On any WOL, maintaining longterm is so much more difficult than losing weight. It requires permanent lifestyle changes. Most people just go back to their old habits, hence soon back to their old weight.

You have totally nailed maintenance. Well done indeed flowers

MyWonderfulMimi Wed 11-May-16 14:21:04

Recently completed my second year of maintenance successfully [smug grin]. I’m pleased to report that my weight has never gone above my old WW goal weight of 10:1, although it’s been very close a couple of times! My happy weight is 9:7, but pre holidays I like to get to 9:4ish if I can. I survived Xmas with no problems, but found Easter very difficult – I do love chocolate!! I struggled to get back on the waggon after my chocolate extravaganza, but after putting my mind to it I got back to my happy weight.

For any newbies reading this, 5:2 is a brilliant WOL and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Yes, you will have times when it’s hard, but just be honest with yourself about what and how much you are eating, and you will get there. Use the main thread for support, even if you only lurk (like me) and most importantly, MFP your food.

Everyone is welcome on very active main support thread, currently Main 5:2 / IF Thread #62

Congratulations on your success, 8kids It's great you can maintain on holiday.
5:2 is good at correcting issues related to insulin metabolism, such as PCOS. Many women on our 5:2 threads have reported their symptoms have greatly improved.
Also several have found their IBS, asthma or acne has improved amazingly.

8kidswhoscounting Tue 12-Apr-16 17:39:22

I am lurker and enjoy reading these threads and wanted to add my story.
I have lost just over 2 stones since starting on 5:2 Jan this year. I have just been on holiday where I didn't fast for 2 weeks and ate toooo much didn't count calories at all (cheesecake, cakes and eating out etc).
I fasted yesterday first time in 2 weeks and weighed myself this morning and I am so pleased to say I have not put on 1 pound I cannot believe it!!! I am the same as before going on holiday. smile
I have PCOS and I normally put on 2 lbs just by looking at cake. The fasting is repairing my body on the inside, my PCOS symptoms are improving greatly. I have another 10-15 lbs to lose to be comfortable in my skin. This will be my way of life from now on. Honestly the fasting does get easier......

redstrawberries101 Wed 23-Mar-16 21:59:06

Hi! I'm just on day 3, some really inspiring stories. I'm 10 stone with bmi of 25.8. Can anyone who started at a similar size tell me how long it took to see results?

Breadandwine Mon 22-Feb-16 23:16:40

Hi Sweet and Limurz!

I think we were all nervous when we began - it soon passes when you realise just how easy this WOL is! smile

I'm coming up to my 4yr anniversary, soon!

Why not try substituting almond milk in your tea and coffee, Limurz? Much lower in calories.

Come and join us all on the main thread - we're very friendly and supportive!

Limurz Mon 22-Feb-16 12:38:48

First fast day today. Not minding the lack of food but scaring myself at how much tea / coffee with milk adds up calorie wise. Any tips for hot drinks with less / fewer calories please.

SweetCheeks99 Mon 15-Feb-16 23:54:45

what a great thread.

I'm just considering starting this diet - weighed myself the other day & nearly fell off the scales in shock sad

I do feel nervous about the fast days, but it must be worth a try!

Breadandwine Mon 08-Feb-16 19:25:42

Good for you, Pidapie!

It does get easier, honest - but 4 months is a long time, I agree. IME, hunger comes in waves, it doesn't build up and up. So if you can have a glass of water, or distract yourself, the hunger passes.

You can do this - join us on the main thread for loads of support and advice! smile

Pidapie Mon 08-Feb-16 13:05:37

I will keep reading this thread every fast day I think. I have tried this since September, and still yet to do a proper complete fast :S That's how hard I find it, I just end up giving up! But it's 1pm now and I've not eaten yet. Have soup planned for dinner, but don't want anything until then (I have tried many different combinations of food and timing etc., and if I start eating, I can't stop). Have had 3 hot drinks though! Please, please, please let me make it this time. I have a holiday in 3 weeks, and want to lose at least a couple of pounds before then.

Elsasalterego Thu 21-Jan-16 18:00:54

Reading these posts has helped me to deal with hunger this afternoon- thanks to all who have posted- especially those who added photos!

Well done FrantasticO

Congrats on maintaining since June, chocolateteabag and on achieving a further SV.
You have the right approach to think longterm and not to stress if an FD doesn't go to plan.
Many of us here have decided this is our lifetime WOL, both for health and weight.

Yes, now you are an Inspirations poster, motivating newbies, some of whom in turn will later post their success here.
We have our new thread #60 (wow !) just starting, so do post there too if you ever need support, or just want to share.

Chocolateteabag Tue 29-Dec-15 20:21:34

Posting an update to my July post.

I read this thread this time last year - I remember feeling pretty low about how I looked but then thinking that if the people adding their posts to the thread could do it, then why couldn't I.

So I have managed to maintain 68kgs and even get down to a current (and hopefully stable) 66kgs through Dec. I have given myself a 5:2 break through Dec but back to it for January. I am kind to myself though and if I feel run down then I don't beat myself up about just doing one day or even just doing 1000 cal days. It's a WOL after all.

Big thanks as ever to BiGChocFrenzy - your posts are so helpful

FrantasticO Sat 28-Nov-15 18:31:47

11lbs off so farsmile
Keeping on keeping on .
Hope everyone has a good weekend x


Eat became ITrulyMoustache but hasn't posted under that name since June.
IIRC, Eat, Bssh, Postman all lost a lot of weight to become lean, but have so completely reset their metabolism / food habits that they automatically maintain without effort.

Ta1kinPeace Sat 19-Sep-15 18:33:33

I cannot for the life of me remember what eatriskier calls herself now : but her before and after pictures were amazing, as were bsshbosh and postmanpatscat

We are still waiting for southeastdweller to post up his pictures as he's been maintaining for a couple of years.

Silly thought : at the start of the thread a lot of us used profile pics, but they vanish with name changes
therefore if anybody else wants to pop their pics onto the thread, that would be cool.

OohMrDarcy Wed 16-Sep-15 12:33:56

These stories have been amazing to read, particularly those who had a lot to lose (like me)

Thanks Ta1kin -fantastic transformation!! Hope I'm able to post something like that this time next year!!

CuffsAndCollar Wed 16-Sep-15 12:28:21

losing weight it was like I was underwater holding my breath; I knew I could only hold out so long. When I was putting on weight, it was like I was free falling; I couldn't stop

Mazzle I've never heard how I feel about food described so well. Congratulations on your weight loss, and you've inspired me to start again with fasting flowers

Hey Chocolateteabag I just spotted your post.
That's really well done flowers
It's also great that you take a longterm view and have a maintenance plan too.

Ta1kinPeace Mon 14-Sep-15 17:32:51

Just for Darcy, and because the picture keep disappearing now that I'm altering my name regularly ....


Chocolateteabag Wed 29-Jul-15 19:07:16

Adding my results so far:

1 Jan 2015
76kg at 5ft 9 (173cm)
Pear shaped 12 on top, 14 bottom

Ds2 just turned a year old and I had got from 82kg on the day of his birth to this point. Not massively overweight for my height but definitely blobby.

20 June 2015 (summer hols in majorca)
68kg - 8-10 on top, 10-12 bottom

Have maintained 68 since then with some 6:1 weeks mostly. I am going back to 5:2 once I have ds1 in school in sept and things are a bit less manic
I think 64kg would be a good weight to get to but in this for the long term!

With not "that much" to lose comparatively other diets just seem so restrictive. This took about a month for the scales to properly shift and has been v slow and steady but reading and lurking on the main thread has been invaluable

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