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eatriskier Mon 11-Nov-13 13:08:41


It has been suggested by the wonderful betsybell that a thread be started with some inspiring stories for us all.

I feel that there should be some disclaimers - we are all different, we gain weight in different ways and will lose differently. Similarly with health issues. Some stories here mine to start with may be extreme.

Umm, that's about it I think...

MazzleDazzle Tue 26-May-15 22:22:21

Well done Mimi!

Well done eileen!

Wonderful results for you both.

Congrats on your one-year maintenance milestone Mimi and that's good news from your doc.

MyWonderfulMimi Fri 01-May-15 14:10:53

I'm in my 3rd year of 5:2 and have just completed my first year of maintaining and it's still going well, although I am 2lbs up on my all time low. I do have the odd period when I get off track, but as soon as I put my mind to it I can lose a couple of pounds in no time.

I recently had a health check with my GP and was told the likelyhood of me having a heart attack in the next 10 years is well under 10%. Very good news considering my family history of heart problems.

TalkinPeace Mon 23-Mar-15 21:24:44

Anglaise completed the Rome Marathon at the weekend
AmericasTorturedBrow still looks unbelievably toned
5:2 works long after the weight is gone

queeneileen Thu 19-Mar-15 22:00:33

Puh! I put August 2013, I meant 2014!!

And thank you breadandwine, I'm down to 10st 10lb. Can't quite believe it and am utterly convinced my clothes have gotten bigger rather than me getting smaller......

Breadandwine Fri 20-Feb-15 21:20:40

Hi Bssh

Good to hear from you - nice to know this WOL is still working its magic!

I'm still fasting once a week - and I will for evermore, I reckon! smile

BsshBosh Fri 20-Feb-15 19:02:17

Sorry, should have mentioned that I posted here again seeing TIP's post above smile

BsshBosh Fri 20-Feb-15 19:00:51

Hit my goal (healthy BMI) in April 2013 then continued to lose and hit revised goal (BMI 20) in January 2014 and have maintained around BMI 19 ever since.

5:2 completely transformed my appetite. It seems to take no effort to eat according to hunger only these days. When I was BMI 36, prior to 5:2, I had no hunger switch - just ploughed on eating whether I was hungry or not. In fact, when I think about it, I don't think I ever was physically hungry in those days.

Stick at it everyone!

Breadandwine Thu 19-Feb-15 21:38:40

Just bumping this thread - but I couldn't be happier.

What a great message! Well done, eileen!

queeneileen Wed 04-Feb-15 21:00:02

I'm new to this group but have been doing the 5:2 since August 2013.

Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 12st 7lb

I'm now 11st 2lb and have another 18lb to go but it's going! I couldn't be happier.

I don't feel like I'm depriving myself at all and I can still drink at weekends or go out for meals.

efeslight Mon 02-Feb-15 08:54:30

Fantastic stories, stats and photos, thanks to everyone for the inspiration, and of course I am so pleased for you all. Am 73 kilos and am going to start my fasting journey now...thanks also for the links to the advice/beginners threads...

TalkinPeace Sun 25-Jan-15 19:05:32

Just thought I'd make the point that eatriskier is still on MN and still successfully maintaining as lean and mean - but under a new name

As is Bsshbossh
As is betseybell
as is postmanpatscat
AmericasTorturedBrow looks amazing in her FB pictures as does catsrus
anglaise is still lean and mean
laska42 is still fasting

and then there are those of us who are still posting on the threads

5:2 works - its is the simplest way to stay lean and healthy into middle age yet invented.
Cool huh grin

Well done on achieving your goals, Dogma and on learning such important new habits.
It's brilliant that you are maintaining and even continuing a lose a bit more.

MazzleDazzle Thu 22-Jan-15 21:04:01

Well done Dogma. Your weight loss is awesome! Like you, I found this thread a huge help with hunger pangs. It's why I'm on here now in fact!

Shina you sound so focussed! Hope to read about your success later in the year.

After maintaining my loss for 6 months, I'm knuckling down to lose the last 7lb! I'll keep you updated!

shinamae Mon 12-Jan-15 10:28:23

Hi,I will be 62 in 3 weeks and this year have decided to do the Fast diet,I have "dabbled" in it previously but this year I am really going at it!!...I have decided to do 4days of 18:6,these are the days I work 1,til 7 in a small but busy care home,my eating window is 4pm to 10pm.I find it quite easy to do my 18 hours on just 4 mugs of very weak tea as I never feel hungry in the morning and can go to 4pm (I then have my break at work)when I then have 5water biscuits,2 triangles of laughing cow light and a few baby tomato's.When I get home after a 40 minute walk I will then have a Nutriblast and maybe beans on toast a couple of hours later.Also on my fast days I do have an hour excercise early morning split between cross trainer and vibration plate.Early days but I will update post if I can find this thread again!!!!

Dogmatix34 Tue 06-Jan-15 21:39:17

Thought I would add my experience as I found this thread so helpful when struggling with hunger.
Started Jan 2nd 2014 Weight 10 St 10. It was seeing before / after photos on here that convinced me.
Stopped doing 5:2 in May 9 St 6
Using everything I learnt doing the diet ie. Don't be afraid of hunger, portion size can be almost halved, I shouldnt be eating the same amount as my 6 foot husband, don't eat after 8 at night or in between meals etc. I have maintained and even lost more
Jan 2nd 2015 8 stone 12

I can't believe it really as my NY resolution has been to lose weight for so many years and this year I have had to think of something else.
I don't come on the 5:2 thread so much anymore as these habits have (hopefully) become ingrained but I found it SO helpful when I started, especially Bigchoc's brilliant advice. Anyone thinking of giving it a go, I say go for it!!

MazzleDazzle Tue 23-Dec-14 08:07:21

Thank you guys!

I would never have succeeded if it hadn't been for the 5:2 thread. It's been a wonderful source of support, advice, tips, recipes and laughs! flowers.

Mazzle You look phenomenal, you've done so well! Super inspiring, as I'm currently where you were a year ago, and have issues with emotional eating.

Thanks for sharing your story.

BetsyBell Sun 21-Dec-14 14:41:33

Wonderful Mazzle just wonderful, a real success story as you've changed your whole lifestyle and attitude to yourself in such a positive way <sniff> flowers

Breadandwine Sat 20-Dec-14 22:27:55

Wow, Maz! Just, 'Wow'!


TalkinPeace Sat 20-Dec-14 20:13:05

Inspirational pictures. WELL DONE.
And even more so that you've put it all into context

That's brilliant, Mazzle
You are entitled to be proud of how hard you have worked to sort out difficult issues.
You've taken control of your weight and have developed a sustainable form of 5:2 to suit your preferences.
I'm sure you will continue your journey with success and achieve your goal

MazzleDazzle Sat 20-Dec-14 19:27:49


Could quite easily stick to slumming grin.

MazzleDazzle Sat 20-Dec-14 19:20:54

Hello! Well it's the eve of my first fast day anniversary and I can't believe I'm here.

Where to start? I've crashed dieted since my teens (even though I was slim!), but regardless of how much I weighed I never felt in control of my eating. Sugar has always been my weakness and I'd gorge on cakes, chocolate and biscuits. I never felt like I was any good at sports, so never joined in at school.

When I was losing weight it was like I was underwater holding my breath; I knew I could only hold out so long. When I was putting on weight, it was like I was free falling; I couldn't stop.

In my early twenties I had a terrible body image. I used to hear "I'm fat, I'm ugly and I hate myself" on a loop, in my head. Others would often make snide comments about my weight too. Looking back, I wasn't even that big!

Things started to change when I fell pregnant. After having a body like an Easter egg, I swore that when my pregnancy I'd never moan about my body again! I stopped hating my body. I stopped putting myself down and made the best of what I had. If anyone dared comment on my weight I would have bitten their head off, but they never did.

I started eating sensibly and joined some local exercise classes. Soon I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Then I fell pregnant with DD2 and when I was 6 months pregnant my Dad died suddenly. To make it worse, my mum had not long been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My husband works away from home for weeks at a time, so I had little support. I bottled things up and put on a brave face, but I wasn't coping at all. And so I ate! After the birth of DD2 I was a size 16-18.

I finally admitted I wasn't coping and went for counselling, where I dealt with losing my dad, my issues with my mum, and finally, my eating.

I started to have a much more positive relationship with food and lost a little bit of weight. Weight Watchers helped me lose 9lb, but as Xmas approached I knew it wouldn't last.

By chance I came across fasting on MN and thought it was much more feasible long term and I was impressed with the health benefits. I then started exercising, just brisk walking at first, then HIIT, weight training and boxercise.

This week, for the first time in my LIFE I've had no sugar, sweeteners or caffeine. A year ago, this would have been impossible!

I don't stick to healthy eating all the time, in fact there have been fortnights and even a whole month when I haven't fasted at all and indulged, but I always know I'll come back to fasting and after a few fasts I'm back on track.

I've lost 2 and a half stone and gone from a 16-18 to a size 12!

I remember reading this thread when I first started and feeling so desperate, hoping that fasting would work for me. I've never stuck at any slumming or diet plan for longer than a couple of months, but for me fasting is for life.

My weight loss journey isn't over yet, but I'm proud of how far I've come. If I can do it, anyone can!

For anyone who has been inspired by these lovely success stories to start IF / 5:2, we have a new main
Come join us for friendly support & advice.
In a few months, it could be you posting your inspirational story.

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