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A few comments on what you've written.

Never mind what other people on WW do, any diet is down to what YOU put into YOUR body, and finding something that works for YOU.

Lots of water is good, especially on fast days, as you aren't getting the usual amount of liquid you can get through food. I've never found the need to be very sepcific about exactly how many litres - enough that you are going to the loo frequently, and your pee is a pale colour.

Your self restraint - do you think you'll be able to say "I'll have that galaxy.....tomorrow". If so, then 5:2 will be a breeze.

Grazing all day - the calories are the important factor for weight loss, but the other health benefits of fasting come from going for longer periods of time between meals. I'd say start the process with your grazing approach, but be open to changing that over time.

Start with 5:2, keep the 4:3 up your sleeve for now.

Give it time before you assess whether its working or not, especially if you are changing contraception as well. That's a lot for your body to handle.

Oh, and have a good read of the information threads on here - lots of excellent links and suggestions.

TheAwfulDaughter Tue 20-Aug-13 09:45:44

Also- how much water should you drink? Standard 2 litres?

TheAwfulDaughter Tue 20-Aug-13 02:08:34

Hi there everyone. Firstly, well done on everyone's work- I check back on these threads as I find it so interesting and I'm looking to starting myself due to the success of friends.

I am coming off the contraceptive implant and pill (used the two together) after 2 years on, and 2 and a half stone that went on with it. My diet, if anything had been better, since moving away to uni as I could now do a lot of my own cooking which is low carb and lacking in sugar. I also cycle everywhere when I'm away from the parental home, and was part of a sports soc. The weight still crept on. My highest weight since going to uni was 13 stone, but I managed to get this down by upping my exercise, drinking water and swapping contraceptive pills. I haven't weighed myself over the summer, but last time I got on the scales was about a month ago at my student house where I was 11 stone 13, which doesn't bode well for my 5"2 frame.

My implant is being ripped out next Wednesday, and I will be on the pill for a further fortnight before they fit my copper coil. I'm hoping moving away from hormonal contraception will help me get back in my cosy weight of between 10-11 stone. The lower end is best, but I try not to get obsessed with my weight, and I like having a stone leeway. I'm also seemingly blessed with a good frame, most of my weight goes to bum and boobs which means they can be sculpted and lifted in nice clothing so I don't usually seem so chunky. But from a fitness point of view, I used to be really fit. Now despite all of my cycling, my joints just seem too heavy and my thighs slap together when I attempt to go out for a run.

My problem is, and I don't know if anyone else has felt this, I have a pretty much unwarranted self esteem. I've been trying to diet the weight away that came on with my contraception but cutting out carbs completely Atkin style, and withdrawing all treats- but I can't help but think 'Oh fuck it, I'm alright. I have a nice face, have that rice- have that bar of Galaxy'

A normal day for me would include

Poached Egg, two rashes of grilled bacon.

Doesn't really happen, will graze on boiled eggs, mustard turkey breast strips, jerky, hummus and veggie sticks, bit of chocolate if I need a sugar hit.

Small portion of a normal tea, with a controlled portion of carbohydrates. Takeaway once a week, but again a small portion of something unfussy like chow mein at the chinese, or dry tandoori chicken.

I also manage to drink at least a litre of water a day and endless cups of tea. I don't think my diet is that bad, certainly not bad enough to remain 12 stone with all of my cycling. I've done food diaries to make sure I'm not 'secret eating', but I honestly don't snack unnecessarily, I know my funsize malteasers every few days aren't necessary- but I know people to be on WW and eat that everyday and still loose. I really do watch what I eat, so I hope my contraception really is to blame.

I'm going to start the 5:2 diet tomorrow. I really like grazing as opposed to proper meals, does anyone do this on their fast days?

Would anyone recommend 4:3ing if we think it's doable? I have a sedentary job, so don't really need that much energy.

I'll count my official first weigh in as the 28th, my appointment, where they will weigh me. If I can shift a pound or so to make the number on the scale even less painful for me, great!

Any other tips or handholding is much appreciated. flowers and under 500 cal cake x

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