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Recipes with grains?!

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Nope but I've got a good store of NFD foods so trying to work out if I can use some for family meal times on FD (I tend to save 300-400cals so I can eat with the family altogether in the evening still)

Do they have to be FD recipes? Any grains will be pretty high in calories.

One of my favourites, and very adaptable, is a quinoa salad.

Mix cooked quinoa with....whetever you have in the fridge. I made it last week with feta, avocado, cucmber and spring onions, dressed with lime juice.


berri Sat 10-Aug-13 15:28:47

By the way it's pretty spicy so you'd have to modify for kids!!


berri Sat 10-Aug-13 15:27:58

This is nice...

quinoa chilli

Just did a cupboard sort out and we have loads of bulgar wheat, quinoa, brown rice etc etc

Anyone got any good FD recipes to hand using whole grains?

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