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Nexplanon implant thing - how I regret that!

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Alwaysworthchecking Thu 18-Aug-11 16:55:00

Had the implant put in just before travelling abroad (two and half weeks ago) and how I hate the thing! I bleed constanty - enough, initially, to just need pantyliners but for a week and a half now, enough to need the Mooncup. I feel grumpy quite a lot of the time and, much as I can't have sex what with all the bleeding, I don't fancy it all! The one time we managed, it was really uncomfortable. I also hate that I can feel it in my arm, although that is obviously a minor concern.

So, as a contraceptive, it's pretty effective, but it's not what I had in mind.

I can't take oestrogen-based contaceptives, I got pregnant and then miscarried on micronor and I'm not going for the Mirena - not risking messing my hormones about like this again. Want it out and then go back to condoms - never had any problems with them.

If I could take it out myself with the paring knife in the kitchen, I think I would.

Is it likely to settle down, do you think? Also, what are my chances of getting it removed when I get back home in a week or so?

I had Implanon for a year and in the end had to beg the doctor to take it out (in fact I think I somewhat dramatically said I would cut my own arm off if he didn't blush). I bled every day for a year except about 5 (which were all spread out), I gained about 3 stone and I became depressed. The trouble was that as it's an expensive form of contraception the GP didn't want to take it out, and kept insisting I 'give it a bit more time', hence the eventual crying and begging.

That said, it's an amazing form of contraception. Mainly because I felt so crap we almost totally stopped having sex. (Amazingly, 19 year old then boyfriend was lovely and man enough to be very mature about it all, very supportive, and eventually married me, so not a totally miserable story!)

I had a pretty extreme reaction to it; I don't think it's likely that most people go through this. But I tell everyone who asks me about it as it was an absolutely hellish year.

In your situation I would write a list of why it's not suitable for you, go to the GP and stick to your guns. (And don't threaten to cut your arm off blush) But they might well tell you to give it more time - and they might be right, it might settle for you.

Also, I don't know how Implanon and Nexplanon compare, e.g. in terms of hormone levels. It might be these implants have come on a long way since I had mine (it was about 10 years ago so I'd hope so).

morelovetogive Thu 18-Aug-11 17:26:50

I have nexplanon. It took a couple of months for the bleeding to settle. I had just got to the point where i was thinking enough is enough and it stopped. I suspect they would want you to leave it a bit longer before you have it removed, it's really not been long enough for your body to adjust. I think i read somewhere that they can give you the pill temporarily as well as the implant to help the bleeding to settle if it's a problem. That said, it's your body if your really not happy they can't really refuse to take it out for you i shouldn't think.

QueenStromba Thu 18-Aug-11 20:29:57

I had nexplanon for a whole god awful 24 days. I didn't have any problems with bleeding on it, in fact I didn't get the period I was due (I was on micronor previously so didn't have to get it put in during my period). What I did get was terrible mood swings, a complete loss of libido and "baby brain" so bad that I thought I was getting extremely early onset Alzheimers. After a couple of weeks I realised just how bad it was for me so rang up to make an appointment with my contraceptive nurse to have it taken out, unfortunately she was just about to go on holiday so I couldn't make an appointment for almost two weeks, judging by the stories I've read from other women, I'm not sure she'd have taken it out anyway. I spent hours the day after (which was a Friday) ringing around contraceptive clinics trying find someone to take it out with no joy and, like you, I was ready to try and take the thing out myself. On the Monday I continued my search with the help of NHS direct (the nurse I spoke to was really nice and said that she wished she was near me because she'd take it out for me), eventually I found out that my local hospital had a clinic that day who could do it for me. I turned up half an hour before the clinic started because I wanted to be sure of being seen quickly, it was affecting my mental health so badly at this stage that I didn't think I could cope with spending an hour stressing about it in the waiting room. The nurse saw me waiting outside and came to see what the problem was and had it out for me before the clinic was supposed to start.

I would advise you to lie a bit if your really want it taken out. In addition to the mental health issues it gave me, my implant was also trying to migrate down my arm so I'm not sure if that's why they took it out. I got the impression from my googling when I was wanting it taken out that they really don't like to remove them for "minor reasons" like constantly bleeding so it might be a good idea to ham it up a bit and make up some mental health issues. If your surgery won't take it out then you have the option of going to a family planning clinic and telling them that you've had the implant for ages. The family planning clinic didn't even ask me how long I'd had it and they definitely didn't have access to my notes so if your surgery won't do it then you can always lie to the family planning clinic and tell them that you've had it for ages and that you now want to TTC. I think you should try to make an appointment with your surgery now for when you get back so you'll either get it out straight away or know that you need to go to the family planning clinic. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.

Alwaysworthchecking Mon 22-Aug-11 05:41:50

Thanks everyone. Interesting what you say about the baby brain as I am having trouble finishing my sentences and have taken to speaking English as though it is not my mother-tongue - i.e. lots of words and gestures to describe the one I can't remember.

I think I'll make an appointment when I get back. I can't take the pill to settle things as it has oestrogen in and I can't take that. Hopefully he'll give me a little more leeway, given that.

Alwaysworthchecking Mon 12-Sep-11 23:07:47

Well, I got back and made the appointment. Waited a good half hour to see the doc and then found that the reason they were running late is because the one doc I needed to see was off, sick. His stand-in couldn't help at all. Oh well - nobody's fault and he made me another appointment to see stick-removing guy. Hopefully it'll soon be gone and I can cease buying endless packs of pantyliners.

Alwaysworthchecking Mon 19-Sep-11 21:46:52

It's out! It's out! The Nexplanon is out! Hurrah!

QueenStromba Mon 19-Sep-11 23:50:23

Yay! Did you have any trouble persuading the doctor?

Alwaysworthchecking Tue 20-Sep-11 21:45:41

No, thankfully. Mind you, I did get him to promise that he'd take it out if I asked, before insertion. I just ran through my list of dislikes, asked to have it taken out and said I didn't regret trying it but I'd had enough of it now. He was sweet as pie and agreed right away.

lovechoc Mon 12-Mar-12 19:54:41

Seems I'm getting my wires crossed, it's Nexplanon I'm on, not Implanon blush I have had bleeding since my first period on Nexplanon, but will give it the full 6 months before I ask to have it removed.

Glad you got it removed OP as it seems you really were not happy with it in.

I have implanon, and i LOVE my implant, a lot of people on here seem to bleed constantly.....I on the other hand NEVER bleed, havent done since i ad it put in! I think everyone is different, and another upside is that since having it in my PCOS has also settled a lot too.

suzi86 Sat 05-May-12 19:44:46

i have had implanon twice but my last one was replaced by the nexplanon in october and i hate it. i have always advised people to get the implanon because i loved it, i didnt have mood swing, bleeding or weigh gain on it but since getting the nexplanon in i have been short tempered, had bleeding and gained nearly a stone. i also no someone else that had their implamon replace with a nexplanon and had it removed because of similar side effects. i am having mine removed in a coupl of days. im not sure what the difference is between implamon and nexplanon but there clearly uis one. i really would not advise anyone to get this.

Betsy2012 Thu 10-May-12 23:07:14

Suzi86, your story is identical to mine, i have had two lots of 3 years with implanon and has the BEST time! no weight gain, no mood swings and no periods at all! like you I have also advised everyone to use it....
that was until november last year when my 3 years was up and my doctor changed my implanon for the 'exactly the same' Nexplanon.... oh my god!
this is completely different, from november till january i had no change and then since january i have had bleeding one week on one week off!!!!
its unbearable! i am now in my 6th month and its supposed to have 'settled down' now according to the doctor... im still waiting.
i am so over it now i just want to have it removed! i used the implant for so long as i did not want periods.
if any one has an info on good contraceptives that DO stop periods PLEASE let me know as i am having this thing removed before my boyfriend leaves me following a serious change in our sex life since january!!

Alexasmummy12 Thu 19-Jul-12 22:30:22

Although doctors don't like admitting it (for some strange reason they think it's easier to stick you on the pill) there are tablets they can prescribe to stop your period once youv been on for over about 2-3 weeks and in my experience they work great! So if only issues are lengthy bleeding try it (if you can get your doctor to admit they exist, it took me a while even though id been prescribed them a few years before by a previous doctor)

Goingoutagain Fri 14-Sep-12 20:51:04

This must be the best form of birth control going.i love my wife loads but the mood swings, the lack of energy, the lows, complaining about weight gain,complaining about anything, I thought I was understanding but I'm not going to follow her route, I wish my wife would have the thing removed so I could have my wife back as for the sex well that don't happen anymore all thanks to Nexplanon the best form of birth control, so why take it.
One unhappy husband.

Goingoutagain Fri 14-Sep-12 20:52:04

This must be the best form of birth control going.i love my wife loads but the mood swings, the lack of energy, the lows, complaining about weight gain,complaining about anything, I thought I was understanding but I'm not going to follow her route, I wish my wife would have the thing removed so I could have my wife back as for the sex well that don't happen anymore all thanks to Nexplanon the best form of birth control, so why take it.
One unhappy husband.

lovechoc Fri 28-Sep-12 11:26:58

goingoutagain I know what you mean! I am on it and still having the heavy bleeds (on it since Jan this year, so nearly nine months), I'll be having mine out soon. Going to FPC next week to organise a date. I have no sex drive. Hope your DW works out a new method of contraception too. It's dire! sad

townscutie Mon 08-Oct-12 01:17:51

i'm 22 years old and i decided for my first contraceptive i would use the Nexplanon. it sounded like such a great idea but after i got it put in, my first period lasted 15 days! and then it stopped for 2 days and continued bleeding, switched off and on between heavy and spotting for the whole 5 months i had it in. finally i decided to go get it taken out, but i think my body needs to re adjust and stop the spotting. as a contraceptive it's great all the bleeding and mood swings is not worth it. thank goodness my boyfriend 23 years old has been so understanding and patient with this whole thing. 5 months of no sex and a moody girlfriend is more than any guy can take. i will defiantly not be implanting anything again!

Contraceptionmyarse Thu 01-Nov-12 17:19:25

I feel so strongly about this evil bloody implant I've joined a woman's forum to rant about it.. Am I allowed on mums net if I don't have kids? And probably never likely to with this implant knocking about..
I'm a 33yr old guy and currently on the verge of loosing my second relationship in a row to this so called contraception. My ex had the implant fitted and our relationship took a nose dive, after 2 yrs of mood swings and no sex, a loss of any emotion and her being miserable, weight gain god how many other symptoms...I decided I couldn't take any more and called it a day after 7yrs which hurt to do so but the damage was done and life is short.
A few months later a met a beautiful girl and fell head over heels in love, I worship the ground she walks on and for the first 3 months it was amazing.......
The some smart arse masquerading as a health professional injects my princess with an implant that removed her personality, sex drive, emotions, then gave her migraines and constant bleeding ridiculous mood swings so one minute it's fine then I open my mouth say one wrong thing and its like I poo'd in her knicker draw.
I know the woman I love is still in there somehwere but after 9 months of being treated like crap and my previous experience with this evil poison I can't take any more and would gladly strangle the git that put it on the market in the first place.
My girlfriend said she would go to the doctors this week again but with us on the verge of breaking up she probably won't and I don't think she realises just how badly its affecting her.....

Feels a bit better getting that off my chest

Suzi and Betsy I am the same
Loved my Implanon and told everybody to get one.
This time after the baby was born they gave me Nexplanon and said it was exactly the same - Its Not!

I am considering getting sterilised just to have it taken out.

kt1012 Tue 06-Nov-12 18:17:23

I had the same thing happen to me... I had an implanon for three years and loved it. I never had any issues at all... In May I had it removed and a Nexplanon was put in. The Dr. said it was the exact same thing... NOT!!! The past 5 months I have had mood swings, fatigue, weight gain and acne breakouts... I went to the Dr. yesterday and asked to have it removed... She told me that maybe it is just my imaginiation... After I broke down crying, she agreed to remove it... She immediately told me that the implant was way too deep but she would try to get it out. She dug around in my arm for 45 minutes... I'm really pain tollerant and I was fine with that as long as it came out... Eventually she said she was no longer comfortable digging around and refered me to a surgeon. I went today and he had to make a rather large incision but got it out and stitched me up!!! I hated the Nexplanon!!! Now I'm just hoping I can get back on track and back to my normal self!!! I do feel rather woozy today... Is that normal?

WinterFatPhase Mon 12-Nov-12 12:02:16

Oh god. I just got nexplanon put in today and now I have read this thread I am cacking myself! I know someone who loves it and hasn't really had any trouble with it and has no bleeding, and read lots of comments about it on NHS, and had a in-depth discussion with my GP...but after reading this I am pretty worried!!! I hope I don't get to the 'wanting to gouge it out of my arm' stage!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

Jackstini Mon 19-Nov-12 20:25:16

Does anyone have anything good to say about Nexplanon?

Had my Implanon removed this morning and they only told me after they replaced it that the new one was Nexplanon.
Was feeling crap about it anyway as she didn't do the anesthetic correctly and it hurt like buggery - I screamed when she put it in. angry

Now really worried I am letting myself in for some kind of hell sad

Saundy Sun 02-Dec-12 13:16:56

Hi Jackstini, please don't stress yourself about the implant it really is different for everyone. I've recently has mine taken out after about 2 years as now ttc and I had no problems when it was in.

Initially I did bleed for about 3 weeks & then you could probably count on 1 hand the number of periods I had, which were all very light.

Interestingly my periods were regular when I had a female colleague (as we went in sync) but when she left and it became an all male office my periods pretty much stopped completely.

My only niggle was that sometimes I would get PMS symptoms (bloating, moody) but would not get the actual release of a period, that would drag on for a couple of weeks and then pass. So all in all not too much to complain about.

In my experience is the best contraception I've used & I much preferred it to implanon. As a general rule I'm led to believe that if you're good with the mini pill you should be good with this.

oneunhappybunny Sun 02-Dec-12 18:52:04

I got nexplanon inserted in March this year. Thought everything was going swimmingly until recently. My hair has started to thin - a lot. I have long hair and went to my hairdresser who suggested I visit my doctor for a check up. I had my bloods done, everything came back normal. I've become so down about it because I had no idea why i am loosing my hair until i checked the side effects of Nexplanon. 1 in 10 to 1 in 100 women experience hair loss. Has any one else experienced this? Not only that I am always tired, moody and no sex drive whatsoever. Im only in my early 20s and thinking this implant is so not worth this. I'm dying to get it taken out! I want my hair back!!

Lynda74 Sun 16-Dec-12 13:37:53

I had the Nexplanon implant inserted in October and didn't think too much of it until now. I had the initial sensitivity around the site for about a week, which was what I expected and I had a light period lasting around 2 week's again, not unexpected. HOWEVER, I have also had the worst cold's/flu of my life. The first one came 2 days after getting the implant in and lasted 3 weeks in total. It floored me but I did nothing as I've just started a new job and was busy. I also thought if I go to the doctor with this, they will say carry on with paracetemol. I then got it again 3 days ago and did go to the GP's, I got the locum, and I got the Amoxicillin. Some might say it's pure coincidence, however I normally never get colds from one year to the next and I do wonder if maybe my body is somehow trying to reject the foreign body and has weakened my immune system, my mood has also sometimes been off as I am usually quite placid, I am a support worker and sometimes got annoyed with people, now I know the possible reason why. I feel knackered all the time and having problems breathing, especially when coughing. I'm not asthmatic, but do have under-active thyriod. I wish all of this would go away soon, the anibiotics are not totally effective yet. Is it just my bad luck?

cantreachmytoes Sun 16-Dec-12 13:55:06

I had Implanon and had a DREADFUL time with it. If I wasn't bleeding or spotting then having sex would make me start - bit like getting your period midway through 'the act'. I had to say that if it wasn't taken out I'd take it out myself, before it was begrudgingly removed.
While everyone is indeed different, I think that the warnings given BEFORE implantation of these contraceptives is shockingly inadequate.

PinkFairyTaleOfNewYork Sun 16-Dec-12 14:45:56

I had one about 6 years ago so that was the old implant implanon but I had an awful time with. I put on 3 stone in less than 6 months bledalmost constantly for a year then for the next year I bled for about 3 weeks out of 4 I also suffered from depression and quite severe mood swings, eventually after 2 years I got it took out.

Harryds Sat 22-Dec-12 09:23:08

I felt so compelled to comment on this that I have joined just to do so.
Every woman is different and friends of mine have had this put it and not experienced anything horrible.

However I had nexplanon put in at the end of October and have had constant headaches, ones that have developed into migraines. I had the first migraine the day after it was inserted, another the following weekend and another last weekend (I'd never had one before). Then this week, I had so much pressure in my head I went to A&E where after a thorough examination they advised me to take my implant out. I had it out yesterday, and am so relieved. I think I subconsciously knew after my first migraine after having it inserted that it didn't agree with my body, I should have trusted my instincts and had it taken out sooner.

saeras Thu 27-Dec-12 07:03:49

I got the implant in March 2012. Personally I did initially have some bleeding in the first few weeks. Since then I've never had a period again. For a while time I couldn't eat a lot of things, I was always nauseous. When I did eat my stomach felt awful, Sometimes I couldn't keep food down. When I went to my doctor to get it removed, they told me to give it more time. The worst are the mood swings, and the crying. I am so overly sensitive now it's ridiculous. My sex drive has remained somehow. I would NOT recommend this to ANYONE. While I'm still emotional, I stopped having problems with nausea. It took too long for the side effects to subside. You will most likely have intense mood swings and will not be yourself at all. I'm getting mine removed FOR GOOD next week.

Jenny70 Thu 27-Dec-12 22:41:15

I had the implant this October, not too bad having it put in - bruised, but not sore.

Then around next period bled heavily for 2.5 weeks - thought OMG what have I done, I am going to hate this...

Then nothing, no periods, no side effects that I can complain of - so one happy camper here. (although I did take a pg test last week to make I wasn't a complete sop and was actually pg! But negative, so apparently is working!).

KeriRussell Fri 28-Dec-12 11:00:44

Have just read this and it compelled me to join. I have three children, my eldest is 18...I've used the mirena twice, and have had the implanon - with all three when I started getting towards the end of their usefulness I started getting not real periods but spotting and a horrid brown discharge once a month. Had the implanon replaced (that was a bit of an ordeal as my arm didn't want to give it up!) and then the nexplanon fitted. My arm itched like crazy for nearly three weeks...and in that time I am spotting literally every day...more so after sex. My hair is greasy quickly and I am getting spotty too. The idea was that I'd have this and then in 18 months try for a baby before it's too late (I am on my second marriage and my husband has no children of his own but we are finishing our degrees so now isn't an ideal time). I am getting lots of headaches - short lived most of the time - feel emotional all the time. It's horrible. I am hoping it will settle down, but I am wondering looking at other peoples feed back if my emotional state (and I was emotional under the implanon) is to do with my body not liking the implant. But if so, what else apart from condoms is there for a 38 year old woman?

kristoska Sun 30-Dec-12 15:57:39

I have it for almost year and its getting worse and worse. I have periods for about 3 weeks out of 5. I am trying to get it out. I have it inserted little bit deep but it is palpable. The problem is that I am in India. The doctor here wants to give me full anesthesia for the removal, saying that it woul be painful. Anyone has experience? Honestly I just think they are trying to make as much money as they can, becouse full anesthesia is obviously going to cost my insurance company more that just local. Can anyone help?
cheers kristyna

shealene12 Wed 02-Jan-13 17:15:03

please can someone help me regarding the nexplanon im getting pounding headaches and have been taking painkillers everyday since it was inserted two weeks ago, will the headaches ever go, if not should i have it removed????

shealene12 Wed 02-Jan-13 17:20:37

the headaches are unbearable but i have no other side effects can anyone recommend another alternative as cerazette also gave me headaches but not as bad as this?

schooldays Fri 04-Jan-13 12:31:34

so glad i found this thread.
i have implanon in since july 2011. thought it was the bees knees at first but now i am wondering what exactly it has done to me!
I have been ill for a year now. like another poster said memory loss (like cant think of words), poor concentration, no libido, no energy, can even collect myself enough to clean the house sometimes as feel so confused i dont know where to start. really weird stuff.
only last week i suffered severe paranoia and had a sh*t xmas even though the week before xmas i was really excited. i blame my husband for everything even though he has done nothing. we even separated for a while.
i haven't worked since last april and there are no signs of me to go back as i am not physically or mentally able.
so long story short - having been to every doc, alternative practitioner etc they can find nothing wrong with me except ME / or maybe depression. went on anti-depressant and they made me worse!
then i stumbled on this thread thank god!!!!! i really think it is the implanon that must be causing all this. it must be becaues everything else has been ruled out.

made an appt for today to get it removed at a family planning clinic but had to cancel as my dd is ill. so annoyed as i was so excited to get it out.

only question is what to use instead - as i have 3 dc;s and dont want anymore (not at the moment anyway). the lady on the phone suggested a non - hormonal contraceptive like the copper coil so might try that.

ps the pill always drove me mad too - was on depo-provera for years and that was fine - so dont know what that tells me.

KatieMaexx Thu 10-Jan-13 14:35:33

Ive had the nexplanon implant in just over a year, i absolutely regret it now! Im going to have it taken out because its changed me in a bad way and its affecting my life style, let alone the feeling you have in your arm!
I have mad mood swings! that could be to do with the fact im still young but ever since i had this they've gotten worse! I smashed my mirror the other day because of how moody i can get thanks to it.
I have headaches and i get dizzy!
I lose my concentration alot and very easily! Im at college studying for my career and i really cant be doing with losing my concentration!
Im always constantly tired and can fall asleep at any time during the day!
Im used to not having periods when i was on the injection, and now im always bleeding!
Sometimes i get uncomfortable during sex and it makes me angry with myself!
I thought all these affects were just with me, so im glad ive read this so now i know its not just me. Im going to go back onto the injection because i didnt have any of these affects!
Im glad i found this thread!

shealene12 Mon 14-Jan-13 11:48:45

please can someone help me as i have had the nexplanon since the 17th dec 2012 its been almost a month now and i have been getting headaches everyday i am constantly tired and want to sleep all the time just to be able to bear the headaches please can someone tell me if they ever stop and whether or not i should remove it...thank you

tessp123 Wed 30-Jan-13 14:45:53

I had implanon a few years back twice, The first time I had it taken out after a few months, I can't remember why. I had it put in again a few years later and actually did take it out myself (yes I was crazy) after I was told I would have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. I have just had nexplanon put in as we now have three boys and are due to get married next year, In am hoping it is better than implanon or I will be having it taken out again.

shellberry123 Thu 31-Jan-13 23:16:57

i have had the nexplanon in my arm now for over a year and i have not any major issues with it at all. Knowing it was in my arm never concerned me at, sometimes i just forgot it was even there.

for the first few month i had a constant light on and off bleed which at first was bothering but when it stopped i did not have one in Months then the patterned repeated.

the only thing that really took an effective was the appetite increase which i didnt think would effect me due to the fact i didn't eat much. i started to feel hungry more often, able to eat bigger portions and snack crazy. So my advice is to watch what your eating.

looking up through other post some comments say they felt sleepy during the day, well this was the same for me and yes i blamed the implant but it was actually that i was anemic which was the issue.

Annoying issue. why i went to the medical centre to have it put it they booked me in the same day and i was so pleased it was so simple. now i have planned to have it removed i went to the medical centre again and said that i wanted it removed and the Nurse/Doctor persuaded me to keep it and that if i came of which other contraception would i be taking. after she rambled on she gave me an appointment for a whole MONTH ahead with was extremely fustrating.

Jetblack61 Mon 04-Feb-13 10:31:30

Hi all,
I felt compelled to write on this with a positive experience of implanon/nexplanon.
Had implanon inserted and had no problems whatsoever with it - no bleeding, no side effects at all. When my 3 years was up, I had it removed and another (which by this time was nexplanon) inserted. Again, no problems whatsoever and no bleeding (yay!).
Have just had it removed to try and get back some sort of normal cycle before TTC since my periods have stopped completely over the time I've had an implant (c. 5 years), but I recommend it to anyone who will listen as my experience has been great with it.
It does seem that everyone is different, but I want to say there are not only horror stories associated with this form of contraception!

Brownhotsugar Wed 13-Feb-13 14:55:12


A big thank you to all who have posted both positive and negative reviews-as i have needed to know both.

I am scheduled to have my nexplanon inserted tommorow afternoon. i have done as much research as i can,, i have considerd getting the pill instead but as i am newly married-only a month and we would like to wait two years before trying for a baby, nexplanon seems the best choice (had made arrangements two weeks before wedding to be seen at gp's but fully booked) we are excited about our first time together-finally so i hope there will be no nasty side effects.

As some people on here have stated-it works differently for everyone,, so ill try hard to be optimistic and hope for the best!!

will keep u posted

ohmentalnessisme Sat 16-Feb-13 15:57:19

Tessp123 how did you take yours out? I'm seriously contemplating doing the same but I'm a bit scared!

I've had the nexplanon implant for 8 months now and thought it was great until recently, I've had no bleeding or weight gain but my moods are awful! I really thought I had pnd until I read all the stories about mood swings associated with nexplanon. I have no patience at all, I can flip over nothing and cry over the most ridiculous things! I'm so not myself it scares me. It suddenly dawned on me and I realised I need to get this thing out of me so I went to the family planning clinic yesterday to get it taken out and they refused to do it because it was put in by the gp and they only take out the ones that they put in! My gp referred me to another surgery to get it put in as he is not trained to put them in and the referral took 6 weeks shock The thought of waiting that long again horrifies me, I need it out!

Sophieannelou13 Thu 21-Feb-13 17:00:50

Hi, I know this reply is a bit late but just joined. I've currently for the nexplanon implant and can't believe how it's made me feel. It started off ok, (I've had it in since oct 2011) then after a few months my periods stopped, but the cramps I get to replace them are horrendous. I've got no doubt that as a contraceptive that it works perfectly, but it's messing y body up big time. The mood swings alone are awful, and it's getting to the stage that I can't deal with them let alone anyone else. And the cramps, I've been pregnant and miscarried before and I can honestly say that my miscarriage was about as painful as the cramps I get, it's almost like sitting on a knife. This is my second implant before I had the Implanon, which was smooth sailing, I still had periods, but they were lighter which is always a bonus, and I was thankful to still have them because sometimes the hormone buildup is a bit much but no problems with it at all! Nexplanon however is just not right, and a few of my friends have said the same, ridiculous mood swings, hot flushes, awful cramps etc. going to get mine removed in the next week, in the last year it's just made me worse and worse with the moods and the cramps seem to get worse every time. And I now on average have a period every 3 months and when that happens its painful and lasts about 3 weeks :/ something's. It quite right here..

jojoelanorkarra Thu 21-Feb-13 22:01:48

hi i have only just joined but i have Nexplanon and have had it in for about 15mths now and i HATE IT peroids are horrible stay on one for 3wks and still no sign of stopping cant do anything sex wise and its reallly getting me down very snappy at every one so got gp ringing me monday to have it out i,m goin bk to havin my injections at least i no there stop my periods and i have a gd sex life

AudiAmy Sun 24-Feb-13 19:31:01

Hello All

Thank you all for sharing your experiences good and bad. Here's mine: I have had Nexplanon since November 2011 and noticed lack of sex drive and moodiness/depression/feeling low etc straight away. My weight was stable until March 2012 then I put on 2 stones in 3 months. I'm not sure if I was eating more because the implant was making me sad, or because it was making me hungrier, but I definately lost the feeling of fullness you get from eating, so never had a problem eating all of a sharing bag of crisps etc. I have retained that 2 stones since then despite really healthy eating and exercise that I started in October 2012. I am having the implant out on 4th March, and will continue to use condoms as contraception, but am sad to lose the extra reassurance you get with 2 methods of contraception (can't take oestrogen, tried progestrogen-onlym don't want IUD or injection).

What I'd reslly like to know from all you lovely people out there, is: is it easier to lose weight after you've had the implant out?

Brownhotsugar Thu 28-Feb-13 12:58:50


unfortunately i can not answer the question above. have had my implant for exactly two weeks now.

puting it in was smooth sailing and i have no scar.

However,, after 2 or 3 days, i noticed that i was low,,, and im not a moody person but i have been feeling low and tired.

My husband went away to consumate our marriage and i was still low,, i told him and close friends right away that im kinda low/down since having my implant.

ive been thinking itll settle down and i should wait a while,, as im quite aware there are worse side effects caused by nexplanon, and i consider myseilf lucky,, so far. i think my husband is being major inconsiderate because im not my usual self and not really in the mood, he lost his temper even though i try to keep my cool ;-(

ChelseaMouse Thu 28-Feb-13 20:02:42

Hi Everyone, I'm also not a mum but needed to comment on here!
I had the Nexplanon fitted in January 2013. I was aware of how it affected everyone differently but was hoping to be one of the lucky one's who get no periods at all on it!!
So far, so bad... I began to spot a couple of days after my period was due and it soon got heavier. I haven't stopped bleeding since! Had a few times where it looked like it was going but would come back again in a few hours or so (I would maybe have nothing all night but then it would be back the following day) and now for the past few weeks it has just been very, very heavy. I have been bleeding for almost 7 weeks now sad It's really getting me down now, so frustrating and obviously I am unable to have sex so that is the only reason it is a good contraceptive.
Have made an appointment with my GP for Wednesday so I can discuss.
Any ideas? Any chance of it settling down anytime soon?!
Thanks guys

Sarahd1512 Fri 01-Mar-13 17:50:55

I'm so so pleased I've seen this! I had the implant fitted in November last year and since I've just felt ill all the time. Tired, headaches, acne and all around my implant was itching. It's since started to hurt, like a dull ache and shooting pains when moving my arm. Been to see my GP who was thoroughly unhelpful! Just recommended painkillers and lotion for my face (thankful for this!!). Not really sure what to do now? I had the implant for 3 years with no problems and this seems the most reliable contraception? Me and my other half don't want any "accidents" just yet and the pill had caused numerous problems in the past. Really starting to frustrate me and with these horrendous mood swings I'm about at the end of my tether!!

anee90 Thu 07-Mar-13 12:11:20

Hi guys, I found this thread and have joined to share and have a rant!

I had my Nexplanon inserted in September 2013 I was told I would probably experience some side effect in the first 3 months. I really wish this was the case. I have not stopped bleeding since then! Initially I had spotting (just a panty liner) then full blown bleeding as in i'm on my period for eternity. Its distressing because Ive been experiencing cramps, swelling and even clotting.

So I went to my GP after the 3 months who sent me to the clinic who gave me some pills to counteract the bleeding etc. THIS DID NOT WORK I have just finished a 3 month cycle of pills bleeding all the way through. I may have had 2 weeks all together of days in the whole 6 months since I was implanted.

Nevermind the spots! I have never had spots always clear skin. spots everywhere leaving bloody scars as well. Absolutely awful, I do have a sex drive occasionally not that my boyfriend can touch me because I'm too scared of something awful happening and being eternally mortified. So indeed i wont be having any babies, but no fun either.

Mood wise I'm up and down and have been experiencing some quite low moments and crying at cartoons or anything really.
Im really annoyed as I was so excited to be protected for 2/3 years but now its all gone to pot.

I will be going to get it removed as soon as I can! Im slightly worried because I had it implanted during an operation so I didn't feel the pain. How much will it hurt????

AudiAmy Sun 10-Mar-13 18:29:31

My arm did not hurt at all when I had it removed (because the local anesthetic they give you really works). You just need to be patient because it can take about 10 minutes to come out. My arm did not bruise at all and looks like any scar will be very tiny indeed.
Good luck!

majormoo Thu 14-Mar-13 14:28:06

I've had mine for two months and bleed constantly. I'm also getting horrible sweating from it (well assume the hot flushes are from that). I want the thing out. Having had cervical abnormalities in the past I cannot be doing with crazy bleeding incase it masks something more sinister. Unfortunately keep getting fobbed off by gp when I ask to get it removed. They were delighted to put the evil thing in.

ohmentalnessisme Fri 15-Mar-13 10:57:04

Woohoo at long last its out! It took 2 minutes and I didn't feel a thing. So so relieved to finally be rid of the thing, its awful how long they make you wait to have it taken out. I had to tell my doctor I would take it out myself if he didn't refer me and I still had to wait over 2 weeks! It's not right that women can have an unwanted foreign object in their body thats causing them harm and they get fobbed off by doctors and made to keep it in longer angry aren't we supposed to have autonomy over our bodies?

Brownhotsugar Sat 16-Mar-13 11:05:40

majormoo-i have been getting hot flushes too!! ive had implant in for just over a month now,, and ive had a period for the last 14 days,, fortunately not heavy.. waiting for the two months mark to see whether it should be removed or if all will have settled.

Jojohamm1976 Wed 20-Mar-13 19:17:08

Hi, please bear with me, I am new to this! I have had 2 implanon implants and had my 3rd implant nexplanon at the end of jan. I had no problems with implanon and loved it, however nexplanon is something different! Last 2 weeks have felt tired, had headaches, complete lack of interest in sex. Went to Dr to test for diabetes or thyroid all negative. I'm now thinking its the nexplanon. What do people think? Really stsrting to grt me down, luckily have a fab hubby. Any ideas for alternative contraception. Please help and confirm I'm not loosing the plot!!!!!!

ohmentalnessisme Sat 23-Mar-13 13:46:19

Jojo my symptoms were very similar and I feel like a different person since getting my implant taken out! From my experience I would say its very likely to be your implant causing your problems.

lilydee Sun 31-Mar-13 21:19:04

I actually feel really lucky, I've had nexplanon since June last year and I haven't had any bleeding for five months the first few months were a bit annoying my cycle got shorter but they were the same as before the implant was put in so it was fine..

My only complainant is that it digs into my arm and can be quite painful if I'm doing anything that really involves my biceps. I may have mood swings but I wouldn't really notice I get them with my anti seizure medication anyway.

I would and have recommended it as it's really been worth it and my doc said I can have it out whenever I like smile

Gabriella777 Tue 02-Apr-13 21:53:17

Hi, I'm 30 Year old .. My first implant I had for three years and in November 2011 I change it for new implant ..Nexplanon. I had two months of bleeding while being on my first implant and when I had it inserted this one I had period for SIX MONTHS then stop for two months then Three months !!!! I'm 5'7" and I was weighting 8,5-9stone till last year .. Now I'm still same height hahaaha and weight 11stone 4 pounds!
I never had problems with weight or loosing weight but now its seems to be very difficult... Apart from putting loads of weight while being on Nexplanon all is great and Have no issues with it. I was moody and angry now I'm relax and more happy...Nexplanon calm me down a lot and if not the weight thing I would never consider to taking it out. But I'm fed up being fat and I want to be slim again.
So only weight gain in my case but it did calm me down and my mood for sex is bigger then before...I become more active and fun as my boyfriend would say.

ninavetnurse Wed 10-Apr-13 12:48:30

My name is Maya im 21, and Yes!
I am so happy that i am not the only one that has this issue.
I have had the old implanion for 3 years it was amazing, no period no nothing even if my moods were off sometimes i use to control it.
Now I have had put the new nexplanion on feb 2nd. And until NOW i still have my period!! on and off, its horrible!! sad
I am emotional, im senstive, so bad! Im over. Im bloated, i have bought so much pads, its horrible. If i have shower, or anything i keep thinking it'll stop, but No no it has its own mind...

I am so mad!

My ex before, actually he has suffered when i have had the implanion (even if it was good but yes it has had its bad times) I treated him badly, moods, angry, no sex, ........ We have had sex but it was nasty or im having sex then it comes... its a turn off....

Tomorrow i am going to the gp to take it out!!

I dont have a sex drive, even if im aroused its worse....

I actually don't know what other contraceptive that might work...sad

I am so worried about how this messes my body up.

My step mum knows how badly i want this out....

I just wish to feel a bit balanced...

ePalma Wed 01-May-13 06:59:19

I thought I'd add to this forum as I found it very useful when trying to decide what to do with my implant, so my experience may help others. I had the implant for a total of five years.

I decided to go for Implanon due to its convenience (I frequently travel long distance with work so for example taking a pill at the same time each day was not going to be easy, and I was terrified by the thought of having a child). As soon as I had it implanted I started to gain weight and got increased acne. Sex drive reduced and I was more irritable and I felt less energy to do things. Despite this I was so terrified of motherhood that I continued with the implant.

I am 6 foot tall (180cm), so when I had the implant I weighed a steady (3 years) 72kg which was below the weight limit for the implant to be successful. With the weight gain I went up to 78kg which is above the limit. I started running to keep the weight down, and so ran half an hour 5 times a week which kept the weight from creeping up at 75kg (the weight limit!). Despite this, at 2.5 years I decided to get it replaced as I didn't want to risk the hormones running out (whether that was possible I don't know but as I said, I was terrified of pregnancy so erred on the side of caution).

I had Implanon replaced with Nexplanon, and the symptoms and side effects continued. With both I had no periods for the first 6 months, then almost constant trickle there after. I had bad acne and at this point had scarring. With work stress I couldn't exercise so much so my weight went up to 80kg, and I was generally miserable. Sex drive low, acne, weight gain, mood swings.

Then when I turned 30, after 5 years on the implant, I was no longer terrified about pregnancy. Knowing that I could deal with it if it happened, and that I would even be excited (although a little scared) by the prospect. I decided to have the implant removed. My husband of 7 years and I have decided to use the non hormonal contraception - tracking charts, condoms etc.

I was then worried about infertility, which I had read about, however I decided not to worry about this as there was nothing I could do about it. Work was very busy and this also helped keep my mind off it.

After two weeks of having it removed I had significantly reduced acne - few new eruptions, just scars remaining. My weight stayed the same. My energy increased and my husband says I became a nicer person (fewer mood swings).

In the 3/4th week I started to feel an extremely strong sex drive and extremely sore breasts and then around two weeks later I got my period. I've since had a second period (again around a five week cycle, however I expect it will settle in its own time).

My weight has remained... I heard that the body doesn't shift it on it's own, but needs to be dropped through diet and exercise (sigh!) but I find I'm not so ravenous now, and have picked up on my running and started some HIIT so hopefully soon I will be back to my pre-implant weight.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this as when I was looking for help I couldn't find many who'd kept this in long term like I had. Especially how long it took for periods to return to normal. I hope it is helpful to others smile

lifewithoutsexisnolifeatall Thu 23-May-13 12:36:19

so happy i found this!!
was meant to get implant (nexplanon) on june 11th but after reading this, i guess it's pills for me!!
what a relief it is to know that i won't have to get it removed!!
THANKYOU!!! smile

areynolds09 Wed 29-May-13 02:43:39

I got my implanon replaced due to the 3 years being up and my Dr put in nexplanon. I have had nothing but arm pains, burning feeling, soreness, and extream itiching since I got it placed on may 22. Oh and it feels like half the rod is comming up to the skin surface. I'm calling him tomorrow to ask what do to. The only time I get relief is by placing pressure on the site.

dibdab76 Thu 06-Jun-13 10:24:03

got implanon after 3rd baby in 2008 then got it replaced with nexa in 2011. im into my final year on NEXA and iv hated it. No periods or issues with IMPLANON but bleed heavy every month with mexa and get bad cramps and sore breasts. ZERO sex drive, very low and moody and aggressive. I HATE IT. lately iv been getting stomach and digestive issues, wind pains, back pains. feel like my body isnt my own. bad acne. moods terrible lately. always down. No energy. Is it the NEXA. i want it out. My body needs a break after almost 6 years with this stuff running through me. anyone else feel like this or am i losing it.xxxx

iklboo Thu 06-Jun-13 10:35:05

After 6 years of no bleeds with implananon, now I've started with the whole cramps, mood swings, bloating and bleeds with NEXA. I'm not a very happy bunny.

mousical Mon 17-Jun-13 12:17:25

Yep I agree...I had implanon for 3 years, no periods for the first 8 months, then regualr 'normal periods' towards the very end I started to have much longer periods, but my GP advised that is was beacuse the implant was at the end of the cycle so I pushed on. I am now 2 years into my Nexplanon implant and I hate it. I bleed for 4 weeks at a time - it is hell.

I am at the end of my tether and have booked an appointment to hopefully have it removed. Has anyone found an alternative?

Smurfella Mon 17-Jun-13 21:15:19

Hi everyone, just joined Mumsnet after reading a link about Nexplanon. I've had an implant since last September, and initially things were going well, my periods stopped and I thought great no bleeding, and no having to remeber to take a pill.
But then after an examination in December I was sent for a scan and this revealed I have fibroids. I am also nearly 47 and suffering menopausal symptoms. In April this year I then had a period which lasted 16 days, (it was light), then I had about 4 weeks free and started again on the 22nd May and I am still bleeding now!
I have spoken with my doctor and she wants to take implant out tomorrow, but feeling very confused, as I don't know whether its the implant , menopause or fribroids causing the prolonged bleeding and I was happy with the implant until this last couple of months.
Don't know what to do as I don't fancy the alternatives. Doctor suggested a coil, but I really don't like that idea and apparently I have a fibroid right where the coil is supposed to sit. Has anyone got any advice please?

Smurfella Mon 17-Jun-13 21:19:28

Forgot to say I have put around 2 stones in weight on whilst being on the implant, am constantly hungry and tired all the time. I hate exercise and find it difficult to fit in with my work, under a lot of stress at the moment also, Help!

BambieBabe Wed 19-Jun-13 20:59:09

I'm on the implant and looking at all the messages I can't believe that it's the implant causing me all these problems. I've had so many side effects from this "Nexplanon" it's unreal.

A list of something's:-

Breast enlargement (from C - G)
Weight gain (2 stone)
Awful mood swings
Serious loss/ change of personality (even I've noticed)
Snappiness, coldness and lack of compassion towards people I love.
Short tempered and emotional
Difficulty concentrating
Makes me so stressed and anxious.
Diarrhoea, joint pain, insomnia.
Unpredictable bleeding that can last an entire fortnight and don't even mention sex!

It has caused me so many problems, and I've only just realised this is to blame. I've had it since February 2012 and it's been slowly wrecking my life without me even realising till recently. My relationship with my boyfriend is on the rocks, I've struggled unnecessarily with my A-levels need I go on...angry
It's good in the sense it stops you from getting pregnant, bravo Nexplanon, but it also destroys you as a person. No exaggeration. In a sense it's the best and worst form of contraception out there.

P.S also heard it increases chances of breast cancer, didn't remember the lady responsible for putting it in saying that! She also didn't put enough numbing in my arm so it was painful on insertion.

BambieBabe Wed 19-Jun-13 21:02:14

Forgot to mention. I'm getting rid of it ASAP!! Have no advice for those who want to keep it but are experiencing side effects other than, get rid of it.

Worried about getting a new form of conception that will prevent me from getting pregnant. I'm only 19 and I'm not ready for a baby, so frightened of it happening accidentally due to contraception failure.

hannahlaw Thu 20-Jun-13 18:13:12

I just have to say my bit. I had a Nexa implant put in over a year ago. I've not had a single problem. No bleeding, no mood swings etc. I've only had one period (which was about 10 days but very light) when I reached the one year mark.
It's sad that so many people have had problems with the implant but people react differently to medications (which this is). It works perfectly for me as I'm really bad at remembering to take medication and the pill gave me such horrendous headaches and PMS and really heavy periods that I had to change.
Nexa is worth a try because you may find it's perfect for you, but you might not. Definitely worth bringing up the practitioner inserting the implant that you're worried that it won't suit you and you should be able to book an appointment for like 8 weeks in advance so they know that you will make a decision about keeping it in/taking it out at that date. I'm defo getting mine replaced! My best friend grin

Tubemole1 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:42:44

I bled constantly on this for six months, husband also steered clear and caused as huge problem in our marriage.

I go to my sexual health clinic at my local hospital. I kick up a huge stink every time I go there as they keep offering me contraception that doesn't suit me. Go along to yours and demand all the facts. I am convinced drug companies sponsor these places and not all the options are discussed. Take along your own evidence based studies from the web and demand better information.

I wish you wellwine .

lucymillsX Sat 29-Jun-13 03:50:17

Got the nexplanon in december 2012 and my period stopped for a month then came back and I was then on for a month, and now I have my period every second week. My boyfriend say I get angry and frustrated alot and we fall out a lot, we nearly broke up. I also cry for no reason or over something silly (I never use to be like this) going to the doctors in two weeks to see what they can do!!

thehiddenpaw Tue 09-Jul-13 22:04:00

A few months ago I was happy with nexplannon. Until I realised I have put on 2 stone. I have 3 children. I am over 40. I didn't want my husband to have a vasectomy if I could mange with another means. I tried the coil. It fell out. They recommended the implant. The Dr. Was open about bleeding issues. I Have very few spotting. A few irregular months but nothing significant. Thought it was great. Went in feb for a check up about 15 months in. Dr comment about weight gain. I said oh well last year was training for marathon so no surprise. 10lb ish gain normal. Bit more than that she said. Is it a possible side effect, I asked. No she said. Oh well, better train for another marathon then. I am now up to 25 ish miles a week. I do at least one long (13+) miles a week. I have put on another 4 lbs. I like my food but have increased my exercise so this increase is illogical. I have looked online and weight gain occurs to one in ten women. It is ridiculous that even training for a marathon the weight is not calming down. My husband is going to get a vasectomy. Everyone is different. Maybe if you are younger and slimmer this weight gain could be managed. I also can now see my moodiness and rages are not just related to having new baby(now 2) buts could be the implant.not suggesting you don't have it. Until I started the long runs, I was sure I could cope. Now I am shocked that even with the training, the implant has such an impact.

hollad123 Mon 22-Jul-13 20:29:46

Has anyone had extreme hair fall from this and if yes did it stop after getting rid of it?

trixie1983 Fri 26-Jul-13 23:03:14


MrsGSR Fri 26-Jul-13 23:21:16

trixe are you in the UK? Why wouldn't they take it out? Go to your GP and they will arrange for it to be removed.

smudge3985 Sun 28-Jul-13 19:56:10

i initially had the implanon since 2006 and have just recently got the nexplanon (dec 12)
Personally to compare the two, they are pretty similar. For me the first year i got absolutely no bleeding (on the implanon) however the nexplanon i have had irregular bleeding (for around 4 days every 3 months) which is what i got for the other 2 years of the implanon.
As for the weight gain.. well when i first got the implant I was a size 8 (at the age of 17.. I am now 25 and a size 12/14.. It is very hard to loose weight but as to gaining weight .. i'm not sure.. slowing down my metabolism i'll admit to. Due to my job (Military) i have a very active lifestyle i just cant loose anything.

Not sure what to think.
I seem to be one of the only people (out of the posts i have seen) that has had this in for more than a few years.
I believe i have given it a proper chance and well my verdict would be it doesn't MAKE you gain weight.. It just slows down your metabolism.

hollad123 Mon 29-Jul-13 18:21:03

has anyone experienced hair loss with nexplanion? and if yes how severe was it? and did it stop after removing the nexplanion? I have had hair loss with it I had it in 5 months. hair suddenly started falling out one day and I took it out two weeks after that. it has been two weeks since I have had it removed and I am wondering if it will stop or not.

smudge3985 Thu 01-Aug-13 10:52:22

How much hair loss is it? Initally For me .. I didn't get too much.. As in.. I'd go in the shower and i'd get a little more than normal coming out or when i was brushing it. Lasted a few weeks but i'm not sure if it had anything to do with Implanon/nexplanon

lmarie25 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:23:26

I have had my Nexplanon implant for over a year, have experienced weight gain, mood swings, headaches as well At first I hated the thing but now its OK... except for the fact that i just felt it break in my arm. I tried to call my doctor, but they cant give me a straight answer if it is still effective, or should be removed, anyone experience this? thanks

Becca1986 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:32:49

I've just joined because I feel the need to have a say n I've no idea what to do!!
I have tried everything apart from the coil for contraception (I don't have a child) and nothing seems to be working!! I started with microgynon and it caused spots, I tried Yasmin n was on it for 5 years then had to stop because I ended up with severe migraines every day!! I then tried the mini pill cos I could no longer have anything with oestrogen in n I ended up having a period all the time!! I then moved onto depo injection for 6 months which was brill for no periods but made me put a stone on so had to come off that!! I had the implant put in in June this year as a last resort n so far I've gone nearly a month and a half with no period but I started spotting last week and it hasn't stopped since!! I don't know whether to keep it in longer n see how I go cos it's gettin like the mini pill n I was always bleeding with that!! May have implant taken out if this bleeding carries on!!

Loulou888 Tue 06-Aug-13 17:33:44

I'm having it removed on Thursday! Yay! I haven't suffered much withdrawal bleeding but have put on over a stone I have tried to shift the extra weight with slimming world, weightwatchers and exercise where the odd pound has come off but then I put it straight back on. Also find that I break out in spots rather embarrassing now I'm in my 30s. I'm also quite tired a lot. Hope to return to some normality smile

melaneerose Tue 06-Aug-13 19:26:12

well ive had the nexplon since march I believe and ive had no problems with it, well I had itching In the area a month ago but it went away. and ive had no bleeding maybe a spotting here and there. but yesterday I just noticed I have spots on my arm now just near the implant and after reading this talked to my boyfriend and he says I have gotten depressed randomly. but has any one else had spots on their arm?

Hannijt Mon 19-Aug-13 20:15:10

Wow! As like what everyone else is saying, I can't believe how many other people are also feeling the same as me and I can't believe it's taken me 2years to realise this!

I had the nexplanon fitted in July 2011 after having my son in the January and until the last week I thought it was the best thing since free babysitters!

Thought it was an easy ordeal to be fitted with, wasn't too sore and to be completely honest didn't think I had any side effects really. I was having periods every 4-6months, extremely light too, not even really worth the wear of a light tampon!! Fantastic!! But they, like others I've read last around 2wks, but I couldn't complain too much. Unlike my other half - partner of nearly 7years!! grin every few months we'd drift apart and I could see it coming all the time, we'd become abit more distant and then the arguing would start, he's feeling like I don't love/fancy him anymore, I tell him it's really nothing he's done but I couldn't answer him myself when he asked what's wrong but I just really could not be bothered to even think about having sex, let alone making what felt to be such an effort to have sex!! We have never been like that, always had a fantastic active sex life, even up to really late in my pregnancy. Now i could probably count on my 2 hands how many times we've had sex this year!! sad I honestly thought it was just down to the daily struggle of life in general, work, and having a young child. Now, for sure I think it's this damn implant!! And when I think about it, it has all stemmed from when I had it fitted. I'm always suffering from headaches and am constantly tired allll the time!!

I'm so glad I found this forum and others like it, I definitely plan on having it removed and trying something else and hopefully getting my libido back, she sure has been missed!! Will update when I've been to consult about removal.

Hannijt Mon 19-Aug-13 20:17:51

Forgot to mention that I didn't gain any weight or have any mood swings, well no more than a usual woman would. wink I definitely reckon as others have said its a fantastic contraceptive, just as long as you don't mind changing in yourself and not or the better....

wendy42 Wed 21-Aug-13 21:13:29

Omg had the implant 3 months ago. Thank you mumsnet I thought I was going mad. Mood swings,light periods that last 2 weeks, now having heavy periods that last 2 weeks (at least something is consistent) sex life just about surviving! I have a very patient fella! It was his idea to see what side effects were. I have also started a period within 3 hours of having sex. I've had in the past 3 months period pains that last a week then nothing ,then another week goes by and then I get a period oh did I mention reoccurring thrush. I'm going back to gp to have it removed I can't live like this. I think your right its the best contraceptive in the world because my sex life is sinking fast

Hannijt Thu 29-Aug-13 09:38:15

So I went to see the clinic about having the implant out as the only reason I could give as my problem with it was lack of libido. They have given me the ovranette pill to take on top as is supposed to be good for libido. So am willing to trial it for 3 months to see how I get on with it. Then will decide what I want to do.

Sorry haven't had time to read the whole thread but I had nexplanon put in Nov 2012. I've had no problems with bleeding or anything, however about 2 weeks ago my boobs started getting really sensitive, like when I was pregnant. Has anyone else had this problem and has it got better?

MousyMouse Sun 08-Sep-13 22:15:30

do you know that you can report the side effects to the mhra yellow card scheme ?

trinitybleu Sun 08-Sep-13 22:18:30

Just to say I've had Implanon for 3 years and loved it. No bleeding at all for 2.5 years, no obvious weight gain (was fat already) and no loss of libido. Had it changed for Nexplanon a month ago and no bleeding since. The Implanon was pretty deep so difficult to remove (still healing now) and the Nexplanon is nearer the surface so can feel it more, but no problem. No loss of libido on this one either grin.

lizzyc89 Tue 10-Sep-13 11:11:31

I joined Mumsnet specifically to comment on this thread - I got the implant about 4 months ago, and immediately afterwards searched for side effects online when a friend suggested that the doctor might have played them down. I found this and panicked completely, but decided to stick with it. I've come back to say that I feel extremely lucky, and that not every experience is bad! About 2 weeks after having Nexplanon fitted I had a period lasting about 20 days, which, thankfully, then stopped and settled into my usual 5-6 days, lighter than before, in the following months. The only other side effects I've had are slightly greasier skin and hair, but I have taken these happily after seeing what some of you have been through. I'm glad I stuck with it because it seems to be working for me, but am also glad I now know what to look out for in future, just in case. The doctor definitely did play the side effects down! 'Some people experience changes that might be unacceptable to you', nice and general. My advice to anyone considering it would be research the side effects yourself, then try it and see - everyone is different.

In case it helps, I was on Yasmin for contraception and to control heavy periods for about 3 years before I tried Nexplanon, and had no side effects (I just got busier and started forgetting to take it).

kayt52 Wed 11-Sep-13 11:12:02

Hi from a very upset mum. My 24 year old daughter had the Nexplanon inserted in April, on Mon 9 September she went to the doctor and was told she is 10 weeks pregnant. We are distraught. No periods with the implant so we had no idea and now it's late for a medical solution, apparently. We don't understand why the doctor wouldn't take it out immediately.

Kahliahstar Thu 12-Sep-13 08:52:48

I have just read all of these comments and what I have to say is the nexplanon is a demon. I had it inserted in February 2013 and I bled non stop for about 2 months. I also have had very bad mood swings and multiple cysts on my ovaries, it has caused me to break out and get very oily. I have headaches and lower abdominal pain almost everyday. I'm constantly hungry yet have gained no weight instead I've lost weight. I have come to the point where I want to cut it out myself! My boyfriend and I were talking about having a baby in may and I am really regretting this thing! I have talked to my doctor and they say to give it more time and the side effects will go away but what they my doctor doesn't understand is not only am I having all these issues with it but I'm ready for a baby! I am going to find any place that will take this out for me and if nobody will, then I'll do it myself!

donnas1984 Thu 12-Sep-13 11:04:28

I had my nexplanon removed 1 week ago after almost 2 years of crazyness!
Has anyone else had it removed and suffered what i can only describe as withdrawl symptoms - Pounding headaches, upset stomach, sore boobs? Still no period or spotting... it took 2 years of ttc my dd so im hoping it not as long this time!
Any advice greatly recieved! xx

nightcircus Fri 13-Sep-13 19:57:30

Had mine out 2 weeks ago. Had it for 6 months but it caused me to feel depressed/angry.
Feel much happier already. Glad I didn't wait any longer to get rid.

Concerned27 Fri 27-Sep-13 13:53:29

Hi there
I'm worried about my daughter, she's 21 and has had Nexplanon for just over a year and she has become a different person, with depression, mood swings, insecurity, angry outbursts, etc...(as well as continuous bleeding for the first 9 months). She is having the implant out in 10 days, what I am wondering is if anyone who had similar symptoms and then had the implant taken out could tell me if they are feeling better now, and how long that took. I am worried that it is ruining her relationship with her boyfriend, as well as hurting her. Of course I love her to bits and it is so painful to see what this thing has done to her, and our relationship as well being pushed to the limit because she feels I dont try to understand her!! It would help to have an idea of how easy it may be for her to get back to normal.. Thanks in advance to anyone who may reply.

donnas1984 Fri 27-Sep-13 15:03:13

concerned 27 Hi. I have had kt implants out for 3 weeks and I must admit for the first week I felt awful I had headaches stomach cramps and backache. now I feel fine and im just waiting for mt periods to cone back so I can start trying for another babysmile
I had implanon before nexplanon and I have found them to be very different. also they do say you are fertile almost as soon as its removed so take extra care if you're not wanting grandkids!
hope this helps xx

spacecdt Mon 07-Oct-13 14:10:50


I was searching through the internet for advice on side effects on nexplanon because I have had a horrendous time on it and have been trying to rationalize how much of what I've experienced is the nexplanon. After reading all these posts, I registered so I can share my experience maybe it will help someone else.

17 weeks ago now, I went to the dr because i was getting some numbness in my right arm and on the cheek of my face. As i was on a combination pill i was told there was a good chance it was due to that and i should change to the mini pill cerazete. Id been on various combination pills for 16 years with no problems, but the Dr advised the change, so i went with it.

A month later i went back as i had been experiencing constant heavy bleeding and clotting and the numbness hadn't changed. I was then advised to switch to the nexplanon implant as they weren't keen to let me have a combination pill whilst i was still getting this numbness thing. A friend of mine had been on nexplanon with no problems at all so I switched. They also kept me on the cerazete at the same time to try and stop the bleeding as they both work with the same hormone.

If the consistent heavy bleeding / clotting wasn't enough, it was at this point my real problems kicked in, for the next 3 months the bleeding / clotting continued, and I started to get ringing in my ears, and a pulsating noise (both are apparently related to tinnitus) , headaches , seriously greasy skin, dizziness and my hair is coming out, which is making me stress even more and I've been spoken to in work about how i seem to have lost my compassion to those around me, my libido has completely left the building and my poor partner has been left with what feels like a shell of a person, because despite how wonderful and patient and kind he has been though all this, i just feel emotionless, which is odd because the words coming out to those around me are kinda cold and angry but inside what i feel doesn't match what i'm saying.

I went back to my doctor and to be honest they just wanted me to 'stick with it' , I had to go back a few times and eventually they agreed to take it out because the original numbness i went there with was still there. They finally decided not because i was going through hell with this nexplanon but because they wanted to rule out the hormones being the cause of the numbness that i was allowed to have it out. I wasn't going to complain, it was coming out!

When i had it out the nurse practitioner wasn't very happy with me and her and her assistant kept making comments about the cost to the NHS, I'd love to see how much they cared about the cost the the NHS after months of the crap i've just been through.

It's been almost a week now and although the bleeding hasn't stopped (im hopping it's because my body doesn't know its own cycle yet as this is the first time in 16 years i've been on nothing) already i feel more like my self, the headaches have got a lot better, i've not had dizziness in days and just knowing that thing is out, feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I've been told i'm coming across a lot less cold/angry to the people around me as well smile

When i was put on nexplanon i was told it was the bees knees in contraception and that the only side effects i would need to look out for were possible oily skin as that was common and that my periods might stop. I think they missed a few warnings off the list there, if i had any idea this may happen, I'd have just opted for condoms in the first place.

As for the numbness, i have a neurology appointment in 2 weeks, they now think i might have a pinched artery or something reducing the blood flow to my arm / face.

I feel that if the NHS is going to put the pressure on GPs to NOT take this thing out because of cost then they should do a better job at fully informing there patients about ALL the possible side effects. I'm not completly free of this mess yet, but reading posts were people have been forced to keep it in for a year or more being fobbed off with just wait a little longer or this is normal. I feel that despite my experience so far, i'm one of the lucky ones, because at least it's out now and i can concentrate on trying to be me again.

thehiddenpaw Tue 22-Oct-13 21:02:56

Thanks mousy mouse, I did not know about the Mhra scheme to report side effects so just went and did it. I still have implant, completed my marathon, weighing more than ever before. Off to drs soon to present evidence and get removed. Husband vasectomy later in month

thehiddenpaw Mon 04-Nov-13 22:02:21

Sorted, having removed 21 nov. dr spoke today. Knew it was weight gain even over phone! Tried to persuade me. To keep a little while more but have had enough. She was fine. Interesting husband said that the dr he spoke to re vasectomy said not weight gain issue. So I explained about nice guidelines telling drs to use implannon advice. My dr also said whilst genraally weight not issue it does happen. Next battle to loose it

Charishme Sun 08-Dec-13 13:22:31

Hi, I'm 17 and I am on the explanon implant. I was looking on this forum to see if anyone has experienced excessive bleeding cycles like I have. I got it implanted 3 months ago and my cycle didnt begin until ten days later. I have not stopped bleeding since; although the bleeding is very minimal and I only need to use a panty liner a day. They are uncomfortable now and I have been bleeding for a total of 63 days. I have not experienced and side effects, such as weight gain, mood swings etc. Should I still be worried or consider getting it removed?

proudmummy22 Tue 10-Dec-13 08:10:05

i realize this thread is old i just feel i need to add my experiences , i had the nexaplon put in on the 10/10/13 all was well for the first two weeks but then the low moon started and i realized i had put on 10 pounds i was shocked so i stared exercising , taking walking 6 miles plus a day sad in fact iv probably put on more as i have stopped weighing as its so depressing, i have never felt so low this is awful , i had acne all over my face and just looked swollen, so i went along to the family planning clinic and told them all of this and they took it out yesterday.. thank god. i lost my ability to talk sense , even my balance was affected. i had no problem with implanon its just this nexoplon that's the problem, the nurse said , that the doctor would be mad at me for getting it removed just a few weeks after having it in , and i find hat unhelpful, i have clinical depression and pre-diabetes so my reasons weren't selfish! anyway everyone is different but just thought id share my experiences here x

flosspop Thu 12-Dec-13 14:15:06

Had Nexplanon put in on 12/9/13, no bleed for 5 weeks now bleeding continuously. Wish i had looked at this thread 1st. No weight gain, in fact weight loss! moody, misserable, no interest in anything not even Christmas..... will give it another 3 months before i make a final decision but does it hurt as much to take it out as to have it put in???

sez86 Fri 13-Dec-13 21:58:58

I recently had the nexplanon implant removed after 2 years, thanks to weight gain and increasingly irregular bleeding, but now over a month later the arm is still sore and a vein which runs along where the implant was seems to have hardened which has me a little worried. Anyone experienced any similar long lasting pain or similar side effects?? Would quite like peace of mind without hassling a doctor and being a hypochondriac!!

sez86 Fri 13-Dec-13 22:08:31

Flosspop, didn't hurt getting it out but the amount of fishing about, pushing, pulling and general wrestling required by the doc was v.traumatic: enough to make me NEVER want it put back in!! (at one point i told her to just take the arm!! But up until year 2 of 3 i had very rare and always light periods, probably wouldve recommended it if it wasn't for the weight gain then horrible removal process. Only minimal mood swings when i first got it, and certainly now im back on microgynon realise how great it is not to have to remember to take contraception (i will probably end up pregnant by new year on the pill!!)

TwinklesTheXmasFairy Sat 14-Dec-13 13:32:54

I want mine out. Had it put in after my Implanon ran out may 2012, handed a leaflet and a card with my insertion date on it and was sent on my way.. I loved my Implanon and was reluctant to carry on with implants when the GP said that they stopped using Implanon. This is only my second implant, so was unsure what to expect upon removal and reinsertion but all was fine. I have put on roughly 3 stone in weight, always look PG with my hard bloated tummy, sore boobs and can be very a bit moody. The first year had no periods just constantly PG symptoms, now I'm having periods they are irregular and heavy. Its just horrible. I want it out but the GP's are recommending against as if I had it taken out I couldn't go on the pill or injection without losing the weight I put on using the damn thing as apparently it wouldn't be as effective at my current weight.

Nexplanon has seriously fucked up my life...

Unhappyman Mon 16-Dec-13 10:24:41

I am outraged ! My fiancée got that stick thingy majigger and it bites! For one she is always angry at me even at how I breath sleep and eat she'll sleep 12hours and still be tired she yells at me if I don't do her homework FYI I'm not the one in school .. She's always bleeding and man do I go to walmart to go buy buttliners all the time ...wal mart price match and save ..I wish someone would write on here and beg her to take it out I'm miserable I began shaving my head as a result of my frustration! fconfused

laughingGnomette Tue 17-Dec-13 12:14:38

I had mine taken out today!!! I was actually excited about my Drs appointment as I was so ready to have it taken out. The procedure to remove it was painless and took about ten minutes with a bit of teasing and tugging.

I stuck with it for a year and a half because it was so handy (new baby then going back to work full time) and I hoped it would settle down but in that time I bled constantly for SIX HORRIBLE MONTHS, and then bled three weeks on three weeks off. I changed into an irritable, overweight wreck. My sex drive completely went and I basically changed into a different person.

For the sake of my relationship and sanity it had to go!


thehiddenpaw Sun 29-Dec-13 22:24:13

Just to say had it out and removal fine(posted a few times over last year). Now on condoms. Husband had his vasectomy. Major thing have noticed am calmer. Don't loose my temper as quick with children. Feel simmering anger rather than rave. Less shouting! Life quieter already. I hadn't realised how much it affected my mood. Weigh wise too early to comment. I have had a virus and infection for six weeks so can't say till back to normal.

evelynblue1 Thu 02-Jan-14 21:08:08

Hello everybody I have had the implant for 1 year and 6 months ... It was ok for the first 2-4 months but now can honestly say is been a big bloody pain in the arse I am not happy have had many symptoms and would rather go back to condoms .. anyway my symptoms this past year involve my hair becoming thinner my stomach aching and stinging feeling asif i am getting punched from the inside and the pain gets worse at night aswell as the bloating I am always constipated always spotting I have become more anxious about people and my surroundings .. headaches and now I have found that my implant (nexplanon) has shimmied its way down my arm and is stinging like hell I suspect it is touching a nerve.
well I called the doctors last week and they have said they would call me back as they have no appointments but no phone call .. nothing I wouldnt be calling If I didnt want it out sooner then later!
to be honest id rate nexplanon 2 out of 10

Heyyouguys19 Mon 06-Jan-14 00:58:20

I'm 19, and had the nexplanon implant for almost 3 years now (due to come out in September) & I am honestly so glad I am not the only person out there with the same problems, at first when i first got it fitted at 17 i wasnt sexually active it was almost my last resort as I was allergic to the contraceptive pill (getting sickness etc) & I thought it was great, until about 6 month in when my mood swings started, I'll snap for the stupidest and littleist things and make a scene out of nothing, i ruined my past relationship with it and now im on the verge of doing it again, my periods are not fun either, I have been having periods which are 3/4 weeks long and very painful, I have suffered from headaches, stomach pain and mood swings as well as piling on a stone in weight. I am getting my implant removed on the 13th and will not be getting it back in, I was told time after time its normal to spot on the implant, its normal to bleed, things will calm down and they dont!! Ive even bled after sex which is always awkward and i never know when im gonna bleed next. if anyone can help me with contraception which will stop or help my periods get back to normal il be more than thankful, I want to keep my relationship this time!

mansted35 Tue 14-Jan-14 11:37:55

Very happy to find this post. I had the Nexplanon fitted end of April. My GP warned about weight gain! The first week I lost 5lbs in weight and felt great. As the months have gone on I started to put on weight and felt pregnant. I have done 3 tests and all negative (different brand tests as well). I felt like I was having contractions last night. Looked on the internet today. Plenty of women have had the same symptoms of feeling pregnant. I feel sick in the mornings or certain smells make me feel sick. My breasts are huge now, and have a bloated stomach. My skin and hair are fine. As hair loss and spots are a possible side effect. I still get periods and not as heavy as use to be. I do feel so tired and get angry more. Does anyone know if the side effects get better as this has been 8 months now. Gone from a size 10/12 to a 14/16. I did use the IUD before which was perfect for me (no side effects at all). Just had a bad experience when had it fitted so have a phobia of getting fitted again. Worried my dress size will keep going up and up.

Diamonds436 Sat 18-Jan-14 07:38:59


I'm 24 years old. I had Nexplanon put in in October 2012. I had it put it within the time my doctor requested and it is placed perfectly in my arm. I had my period everyday since the first month. EVERY DAY. Tampons are not cheap. And even when I wasn't on my period I had spotting. Every few weeks there would be a day or two when I didn't have any blood. I had chest acne right away. Had it all over my chest and some on my back for the first 6-7 months. My skin is oily. I'm depressed. I sweat. I've gained a ton of weight. I weighted 115lbs when I had it inserted. I currently weigh 138lbs. I'm exhausted all of the time. I saw my doctor and he put me back on the pill. I take the pill just to try and regulate my period. (Still have the Nexplanon in my arm). Now it is 2014 and I have chest acne AGAIN and haven't had my period since November 1st 2013. It's been an awful experience

missymarmite Mon 20-Jan-14 21:48:51

I had crazy mood swings, I felt like I was really losing it after having the nexplanon implant. I also started bleeding for weeks and weeks. I went to the doc in desperation. He was a young doc, probably newly qualified locum. He said to try taking cerazette (minipill I have taken in the past with no problems at all) as well as the implant. It worked! Not only did the bleeding stop only after a few days, but my mental state went back to normal. I now have the implant for security (I am very flakey at taking regular meds) and cerazette to keep me sane!

StupidMistakes Mon 20-Jan-14 21:53:42

I think it depends on each and eb

Monkeymummy1 Tue 21-Jan-14 12:10:09

Hi - I don't post on here much but I have read this tread with interest and I think I might be in a similar position. I had the implant put in over a year ago. I initially had spotting and the odd period but it didn't really bother me too much. Over the last 3 months I've had really bad bleeding. It's like a heavy period and clotting most of the time. Then it goes light for a few days and then back to heavy. Really not nice.

Also in the last 3 months or so, I've been feeling really low and lathargic. I put it down to the exhaustion of having a full time job and 2 small kids. However over Christmas and New Year it got really bad. I have no energy, I don't look forward to anything because I'm so tired, and I just keep loosing it with OH, saying crazy things and crying. I actually really scared myself. I'd been considering going to the doctor with suspected depression, but I thought that they would just say it's because I have 2 little kids and ask me about "lifestyle" or try to give me anti-depresents which I don't really want, so instead I've started to eat healthy, exercise a bit etc. It's helped a bit but not much. I still feel pretty bad and it's just a struggle.

So today I though I really ought to make an appointment with the doctor about this bleeding because it's concerning me that it's so heavy and I thought this thing was supposed to settle down after a year whereas for me it's the oposite. I've re read all the side effects for the first time since I had this implanted and now I'm starting to think that everything is connected. I also get nausia in the night time. Maybe about once a month if I'm up with one of the kids in the middle of the night, I vomit. I had what I think was thrush last month for the first time ever (is that connected?). And most recently in the last couple of weeks I'm getting lower back pain. I've put weight on, but I guess I always thought that was my own fault for lack of will power.

So I never really connected it all before today. I don't know whether to get this thing removed. I don't know what I'd use instead. I have no sex drive anyway so actually it's not really an issue. Poor DH! I could have writen many of these posts myself. I am seeing the doctor next week and I think I'll just tell her everything and see what she says. Thankfully I really like this doctor (not that I see her much) and I trust her to talk me through the options. It's horrifying to think that there are people who want it out and can't get someone to take it out! Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences!

Nikita23 Tue 28-Jan-14 08:35:58

Hey Ladies..

Iv had the Implanon twice and when it was ready to come out they put "the same" Nexplanon in... This is my story...

Iv had it now for 2 years and hopefully it will be out today!
They told me it was exactly the same as the implanon WRONG my symptoms include

Feeling Sick after iv eaten or drank ANYTHING even water!
Severe headaches which iv been prescribed special tablets for - but they don't work as its hormonal headaches.
NO sex drive - thats right NONE at all. Iv been in a relationship for nearly 4 years I'm so lucky he understands!
Constant Nausea all day everyday.
High blood pressure - Dizzyness
Constantly drained emotionally and physically.
And not to mention the constant bleeding!
I have no normal in my life anymore im either bleeding or hormonal - theres no middle for me. Im exhausted im 23 i should be going out with my partner and the girls every weekend! Insted i lay in bed feeling awful cuddling a teddy thats been in the microwave! The only thing that helps (a tiny bit) is feminax - i eat them like smarties. This cant be good for any 23 year old body! Oh and the best bit is all this has been going on for 5 months!! I wasnt sure what it was to begin with but after many blood tests (and other tests) iv worked it all out for my self reading these posts. DO NOT GET THE NEXPLANON! Least most of us are all in the same boat.. I really hope they take it out and put a implanon back in i had NO PROBLEMS whatsoever with the implanon!

lollywade2014 Tue 28-Jan-14 20:34:19

I've begun a blog documenting my experience using Nexplanon. If you'd like up to date, real life information and experiences, read it!

VanessaClarke Sun 02-Feb-14 13:46:37

Just to let everyone know I have just come out of hospital having had my Nexplanon implant removed following a severe infection. It had swollen up so much that they had to remove it under general anaesthetic as a local wouldn't have worked. I was in agony. There was seemingly no reason for this reaction as it had been put in such a long time ago.

The Nexplanon implant had been inserted in my arm almost 2 years ago by a doctor at our surgery. This had replaced an Implanon implant which had been in for 3 years prior which had caused me no problems at all (although I hadn't realised how painful the replacement would be and the bruising lasted for 5 days). The Nexplanon implant felt very different to the Implanon as I felt very hormonal, quite moody, quite depressed at times and aggressive at others and had a very low interest in sex, not to mention getting angry red spots on my face and shoulders. I didn't make the connection at the time between these symptoms and the implant. I am 43, healthy, no kids, not taking any medication and no previous medical problems. Having read everyone's posts on here I felt it my duty to share this experience with you.

Anyway, last Friday the implant started to swell up and was very red and hot to the touch. It felt like an alien trying to break through my skin. I empathis with others who have said this- I seriously considered cutting it out myself. I couldn't sleep.

It got worse on the Saturday so I saw a doctor at a walk in clinic who prescribed me antibiotics but said they wouldn't work for 36 hours. He drew lines around the swelling and said if it goes beyond the lines to go to A&E and to go to my doctor on Monday morning for an emergency appointment. I did this but she sent me away with painkillers saying I needed to see a specialist as they needed an ultrasound to locate it. The specialist wasn't available until the Friday and was going on leave afterwards.

I was pretty distressed by this stage as I hadn't slept for 3 nights with the pain and the antibiotics clearly weren't working. It got so bad I went to accident and emergency that evening. The doctor said I needed to have intravenous antibiotics immediately and strong painkillers and they would operate in the morning. They kept me in hospital for 2 nights. The surgeon managed to remove the implant in one piece under general anaesthetic and drain the pus and flush it out. It was a terrible experience.

It seems taking the implant out is a real battle, even when your body is violently rejecting it. Needless to say I won't be having another one. The hospital has sent the infected implant to the lab "to see if anything grows on it"... I'll let you know if they find anything.

So, in summary, the first Implanon implant was fine and having no periods was great. Nexplanon was truly awful and I would strongly recommend plenty of research prior to having this brand inserted.

I have taken photos of my arm before, during and after and I am considering taking this further. Anyone with constructive advice please let me know

AVH1970 Mon 10-Feb-14 14:07:56

As someone who has tried many methods of contraception over the years, I would appeal to anyone to seriously consider the implant as a method of contraception. Having read this thread, this is the one thing that has saved me from thinking that I had developed a serious mental illness.

I had the implant fitted 18 months ago. Various symptoms have been progressive but having read this thread, I'm arranging to have the implant removed tomorrow.

I am a 44 year old mother of two with no plan to have any more children. I went to University aged 38 and managed to come out with a first class degree. I was a full-time student, with active social life, an active family life with my children. I thrived best on around 6 hours sleep per night. I had bags of energy and had a fantastic relationship with my partner of 6 years.

I'm now doing my Masters and I can barely string a sentence together, have trouble concentrating, poor short term memory... symptoms to me were like this:

Within first 48 hours of implant - SEVERE drain of energy. I felt so feeble I could barely go upstairs without needing a rest.

Within the next month - Energy virtually non-existent, mood swings, very tearful.


18 months down the line - my relationship with my partner and my family is at breaking point. I am intolerant, pick fights, experience severe lows which end in tears, suffer from bouts of anxiety and paranoia. I have become a sociopath - I have no time for friends or family and frivolity, I MENTALLY/EMOTIONALLY UNABLE TO BE HAPPY. I find problems in the most trivial of matters, I bite everyone's head off. I find it hard to concentrate at University, I find it hard to negotiate problems that my children to come to with and simply end up snapping at them or ignoring them. I moan at my partner constantly about the most ridiculous matters. The weird thing is, I kind of aware that I'm doing all of these things but seem helpless to stop myself.

It's got to the point that I've driven everyone away. They've been so patient but everyone has their breaking point. I don't even recognise me any more...and that's emotionally/mentally, never mind physically! I've put on over two stone yet everyone comments on how little I eat. Periods are unpredictable so you can't plan too far ahead for say romantic weekends or such-like as your body may just decide to have a period/bleed.

I would suggest anyone really thinks hard about having this implant. As I said, I'm seeing my GP tomorrow and if anyone's interested as to whether having it removed makes a difference to mental state, I'll gladly report back. Best of luck to everyone who have found this has blighted their life.

I'm so glad i'm not alone. I got nexplanon put in November 2012. Until 2 months ago everything was great. However I've now been bleeding loads for about 2 months, I'm really thinking about getting it removed and going back on the injection, although after reading this might discuss changing to implanon.

Queeeen Wed 26-Feb-14 07:51:12

I've been on the Nexplanon for about two weeks . I had sex on the first of getting it inserted , which was on the first day of my menstrual cycle .. Could I be pregnant or was I safe? Help !! I also took my way pill just in case in less than 72 hours . On the other side I've been experiencing heavy bleeding for the first week which was on my period , now I've been having light bleeding . Hoping for this to go away ... Any girls out their with the same experience if so in how long should the bleeding STOP for good ?

pinksoccerchick16 Sat 08-Mar-14 06:05:40

omg I am feeling the same thing! I have only been on it for 4months and my mood changes like crazy. I have a constant massive headache not to mention nausea and back pain. I also have crazy acne!!! I used to take orthocept and i never felt a thing with it no weight gain or anything. luckily Im getting it removed on Sunday cuz i can't take it anymore!

ReeceandAlfiesMummy Sat 22-Mar-14 23:08:48

Hi I had nexplanon fitted just after the birth of my 2nd son back in September 2011. All periods stopped but last month I started to experience excruciating stomach cramps which I also ended up in hospital with for 48hrs. Was told pain was because of ovarian cysts. I suffer with PCOS and have never experienced pain like it before! Since the stomach cramps have stopped I've started spotting (I haven't had a period or any form of bleeding in 29mths) 1st started spotting 2wks ago stopped for 5 days and now the spotting has returned. The implant was fitted on the 1st day of my period I lasted 5 days and that was it no bleeding since until now! Has anybody else had this? x

mrsharrison1 Sun 23-Mar-14 02:25:05

I'm going on my 6th month but how will I know that it will stop??? I'm so tired of bleeding they gave me some pills to help stop the bleeding but it doesn't look like its working please dive me some advice on what I should do please.

tiffy212009 Thu 27-Mar-14 19:09:54

I had nexplanon in for a year and a half and I have to say it was HORRIBLE!! I went into it because they thought I had endometriosis and the pills were driving me crazy, literally homicidal. My DR, at the time - I changed physicians as she was horrible, put in the Nexplanon and I didn't have the bleeding that I was told I would have at all, in fact, I didn't bleed once in the entire time I was on it (It's been out for a month now and still, no bleeding). Now most people would say that's awesome however, the weight gain (15 pounds that I can't get rid of), mood swings, severe depression, no sex drive - now when I say no sex drive I mean that I probably could have gone the last year and a half with NO SEX and I'm a newly married woman so that really just didn't work for me. I am so thankful that I finally went to my DR who has been so very supportive and he took it out right away! I would only recommend this for someone who isn't in any sort of relationship, ever wants to have sex and needs to gain some weight! Otherwise steer clear of it!

JulesChristine Thu 27-Mar-14 21:41:57

Hi Ladies

I have finally made an appointment to have my implant removed, I have had them since 2010 and generally it has been a good contraceptive but there are side effects that I cannot ignore any longer.

Weight Gain! I have gained at least a stone, I seem to have a permanently bloated belly, especially since I got the Nexplanon. Since having the Nexplanon I have noticed my hair rapidly thinning just above my fringe which is a worry as if it gets that bad, i'll have to shave my head and wear a bloody wig!

The weight gain really upsets me as I try seriously hard to get rid of it and maintain a healthy weight but nothing is working and I had quite a healthy lifestyle and diet to start with so the weight gain is inexplicable! My partner saw the weight gain very quickly to be fair and has been adamant that I should get shot of the implant for a long time! There was a story on yahoo today about a lady professional bodybuilder who had struggled with contraceptive weight gain and she was exercising 5 nights a week so if she can't shift it, I have no chance of beating it!

I have realised that I may have more side effects than I thought - brain fogs! Bowel sensitivities and easily feeling nauseous which I never used to do.

I feel a sense of relief now I have finally made the appointment - I am slender every where bar my belly and backside and this is just plain embarrassing on beaches and by pools, I also hate seeing what looks a bit like a bag of spuds instead of a waist in the mirrors at pilates class! I want to look attractive in lingerie for my partner and fit into my favourite clothes once again!

one4sanderella Tue 01-Apr-14 11:27:52


I am SO glad I ran into this forum. I had implanion for 3 yrs (and loved it!!!) And had to replace it with "the same" Nexplanon. Boy, could that be any further from the truth!!

I've had the Nexplanon in now for about a week and I cannot express enough how I am completely regretting it. Mood swings, insomnia and major depression this entire week. On top of absolutely NO energy and no sex drive. I have snapped over and over again on my fiance for no reason (thank God he's patient) and crying literally for nothing outta no where ..... Now reading all of this I am thinking I need to get this thing out of my arm stat!!! I don't even want to think about the weight gain that's in my future!!! I NEVER had these issues with implanion.... The worst side effect was bleeding.

Thanks ladies (and gents) for sharing very personal info about an important topic..... It helps more than you know.

Tabygrl Wed 02-Apr-14 14:06:52

Question? Any woman expedience this? I just got in nexplanon 3 weeks ago march 14th to be exact and I've noticed that my moods have been more crying and very short with people but my biggest concern along with everything is 1) my breast hurt, it feels like when (hopefully this doesn't sound too weird) you cup your breast with your your hand and finger tips and slowly close your hands until you get to your nipple, then it aches at the nipple. Now this is happening by its own not even touching. Is this normal? Secondly, just tonight, it started burning on my right breast, like someone put a flame to it, alittle painful but has anyone experience that? 2) couple days after inserting the nexplanon, I found out I have a fatty liver after I had the doctor put in the birth control. I read that if you have any liver diseases you should not put in this form of birth control. Should I be worried?
Now as for the mood swings, I have a husband and a 2 year old. I'm really considering taking this out because my daughter nor my husband deserves me being an emotional reck. I feel like everything is my fault and I can't get to anything quick enough, or do it right. The drive is definately gone.
Thank you for listening and any responses to questions would be greatly appreciated.

JulesChristine Thu 03-Apr-14 18:02:29

I think the problem with these implants is that our bodies are being tricked into a flase pregnancy which brings with it a lot of side effects and swelling - my belly looks swollen most of the time and ever since I first got the implanon fitted, i noticed that when I wake with a full bladder in the mornings it feels like there is no longer enough room for my bladder to expand an I end up in a lot of pain around my abdomen and back until I go for a pee - seriously it sometimes hurts to even breathe until I release that pressure!

I have my appointment to remove mine tomorrow so I hope the Doctor is understanding about it!

mansted35 Fri 04-Apr-14 13:14:24

I had my Nexplanon implant taken out 6 weeks ago. I have lost 19lbs in weight since. I no longer look or feel pregnant and very happy my weight is started to shift. The implant had too many negative factors. I feel happy again! I will go back to the IUD which is different hormones.. I never had a weight problem before the impant! I now know my body is getting back to normal. I am sure some people will find the implant perfect for them. It didn't work for me, and wish I had taken it out sooner and not let myself gain so much weight. My family planning clinic told me my side effects were rare. They did say that the weight gain is a common side effect though. I am glad that I found this topic on the forum. I know women who have had problems with the mirena coil. I found that perfect for me. Just didn't fancy having that fitted again. I have been told to wait a few weeks before having the coil fitted. Just to see if side effects go and it wasn't something else.
It didn't hurt having it removed! I went to my local family planning clinic for advice and it was great. Good luck ladies!!

JulesChristine Sat 05-Apr-14 11:16:56

My Dr was very understanding and took out the implant and put me back on the pill straight away - my appetite already seems to have dropped (although it could be a slight hangover :-)) It was painless to have out bar the injection of anaesthesia although it took her ages to get it out, my last one took a while after being in for 3 years and this one took longer after only being in a year - I found out recently that my Mum is a Keloid Healer which can be hereditary and the Dr said this explained why my implant had so much internal scar tissue to cut away! So if I had stuck to having an implant it makes me wonder what the inside of my arm would eventually look like!! I actually feel more mentally alert since it went too! I am able to finish sentences without having to think of what word I am looking for :-)

Pleased to hear about your weightloss Mansted :-)

MzLady24 Thu 10-Apr-14 19:52:29

Hey Ladies,
I had my first son in July of 2013. About a month after I had my son I got the nexplanon put in. The dr told me that within 6 months the heavy random bleeding would stop. Well here it is almost 8 months with it in and still having heavy random bleeding. I bleed like 2 1/2 3 weeks out of the month. I am ALWAYS exhausted even if I get a full 8 hours of sleep. I also feel like I have gained alot of weight. Has this happened to anyone else? Please help!

Ange146 Fri 18-Apr-14 17:01:04

Hello everyone. I will list positive and negative experiences with Nexplanon fitted in July 2013. I am married, no kids, did combined pills and Cerazette for 3 years recently due to adenomyosis and endo (the goal was not to have periods - progestin only). I will end by saying what my 'theory' is from research I did and what I plan to do next.

- strongly recommended to do this by a friend who had it for 6 years
- a bit more bleeding in the beginning compared to mini-pill but then stopped completely (random spotting only, no big deal)
- no need to remember taking the pill!
- I have the impression at month 9-12 your body stabilises

- if you have tendency to weight gain, IBS/bloating, mood swings, tiredness, this implant will make it worse. normal/high libido will be very likely be suppressed with the rest of problems or because of them (does not matter much)
- I never had acne etc and I gained them to the point my husband noticed. I also have dark patches and hair growth just as occurs in pregnancy
- I also had a lot of hair loss (measurable by vacuum cleaning) and started a hair treatment.

I learned from reading clinical papers that Nexplanon (etonogestrel) is made of a metabolite from the synthetic progestin (desogestrel) contained in minipills like Cerazette (doctor would say it's the same hormone but biochemically they are not the same entity). Nex is possibly better delivered in the body via improved rod system. despite the lower dosage 68mcmg (that declines a bit after 1 year too) it has a high potency and is metabolized well by most women. it has a low androgenic activity and reduces free testosterone (the 'male' effects) that are associated with sex drive but this would contradict theoretically the acne, hair, etc

My 'theory' is that Nexplanon's component is carried much more directly and effectively to your whole body while Cerazette's (like oral pills) is metabolized in your gut and liver (Hence more risk of not working). With Cerazette I would not have 'real' periods but a monthly spotting that imitated the 'natural' cycle and if I'd forget 1 pill it would come immediately. but I did not have the endometriosis pains ever. With Nexplanon my body feels completely pregnant or menopausal. There should be much more research on all these issues, despite lot of campaigning in the US: they are massive and I must have counted 150 negative comments around 2-3 websites (this is a cohort of a clinical trial on its own).

I am having the implant removed in a few weeks after which I will try to go off everything and see until when I can be without the endo pain and if this re-occurs then I'll get back to Cerazette pill (which I would have not changed if I knew all these biochemical and side-effect differences). Not all stories are the same and some women love Nexplanon but I mistrust it and very much what experts tell you it does because they know very little I found out via my own research...

good luck you all and reach out if need more info.

jemmar26 Thu 01-May-14 13:22:00

I know that this is an old thread but wanted to add my experience.
After 16 years on various contraceptive pills I decided that the implant would be a good option for me as I was terrible at remembering to take my pill.
In March last year (a week before my 30th birthday) I had Nexplanon fitted, at first I thought it was great. I was constantly bleeding but I thought it was a small price to pay and had been warned about this side effect so I expected it. It is only now in the past month I have been reflecting on the past year that I realise how terrible Nexplanon is and how it could be responsible for many issues I've struggled with for the past year.
Last Summer I developed awful depression and anxiety, I took 2 months off work because I couldn't cope with even the smallest amount of stress. I eventually quit my job (a career I had been working hard at for 13 years, I was at the top of my game!). My relationship began to suffer due to my mood swings and general craziness but we held it together (thanks to my wonderful, patient boyfriend) and in the last few months I have been unable to have sex without recoiling at his touch and feeling disgusted by it. This has been very upsetting for us both. I have also put on almost 3 stone in weight, it seems in the blink of an eye! This has also contributed to me feeling bad about myself and affected the way I feel about sex. After talking about the weight gain to my mum she begged me to have the implant removed and I didn't really listen... until I found this forum. So many women (and long suffering men) have reported the same life altering symptoms and I'm very pleased to say that this has led to me making an appointment with my GP to have the implant removed. I can't wait to get rid of it and start feeling like my happy, healthy, non crazy self again! Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories.

Lifeiswhatyoubakeit Wed 21-May-14 20:05:28

Just adding my experience too which is unfortunately negative.

Put on nexplanon 4 weeks ago, been bleeding constantly for last 3. Feel bloated and tired and sluggish. Have put on 1kg despite eating the same and exercising slightly more. Have hot flushes, low libido, oily spotty skin.

Family planning clinic refuse to take it out until 3 months.
Gps (who put it in) sent me to nurse who prescribed combined pill to reduce bleeding (ineffective). Since being on pill have been feeling very low with mood swings. Have also been feeling constantly nauseous which is awful. Had Hyperemesis in last 2 pregnancys and feel like its turning into that.

Since pleading with gps have been given tentative appointment for removal in 2 and a half weeks (earliest available).

I feel so cross. If no one knew I had the implant they'd be very concerned for my deteriorating mental and physical health. How is a drug allowed to cause this? Also why isn't it explicit that the very common side effect of "prolonged bleeding" is in fact weeks or never ending not just one or two days added to ur usual period. It's a complete con.

graciegrace8 Fri 23-May-14 23:36:05

Please help. I have been sick for a year and a half and I need to find the problem.

I had a kidney infection and kidney stones last March, and then illnesses and various side effects that have led to a poorly last year and a half. Thinking this infection was the root, I tried elimination diets for the last 6 months, which haven't helped much, and so then I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy on Monday that I thought would surely find the cure, but tests came back clear. I was feeling totally baffled and devastated to have still not found the answer to my problems.

I was thinking tonight that perhaps it is something I am putting into my body on a daily basis that has slowly poisoned me. This can't be something from my diet, as I have tried cutting out everything (wheat, dairy, sugar, gluten, you name it). So, these two things are Nexplanon, there all the time, or Citalopram, which I take every night.

I am exhausted all the time, I have acne for the first time in my life, I get dry skin and dry hair. My moods are low, I have no sex drive. My immume system is shot, I get colds and viruses once a month. The only thing that hasn't been affected is my weight- if anything, I've lost weight, not gained it. I have trouble concentrating at work, and terrible memory. And my periods over the last 5 months have followed the pattern of: on for one week, off for one week, on for one week, or more recently, one for two weeks, off for a few days, on again for another 4 or 5 days, off for three weeks or so.

(I also get constipation, diarrhoea, and stomach pains, but I suspect this is something to do with IBS, my diet, etc, and possibly not related to these medications, though maybe it is)

I'm trying to now figure out if the problem is my Nexplanon or my Citalopram. I don't want to have to come off either unnecessarily; my Nexplanon protects me and I've tried coming off Citalopram before, to disastrous side effects.

So, if anyone is reading these symptoms and feels theirs match quite specifically, please let me know.

(Also, have any of you been fine on the Nexplanon/Citalopram for the first few months (it was about 8 months for me on the Nexplanon before this all started.)

Thank you thank you thank you.

I loved my Implanon but my Nexplanon was great until about 4 weeks ago when I started bleeding and haven't stopped. (*gracie*, I was on 20mg Citalopram while on Implanon but not with Nexplanon - I was totally fine, but the two implants seem to affect me quite differently. However, I also took Citalopram while pregnant and several weeks post-partum and still didn't get any of those symptoms)

I'm so pissed off - the pill in any form gives me migraines, takes away my sex drive and makes me pack the weight on. I don't want an IUD or IUS because we're trying for another baby later in the year. So I either put up and shut up or it comes out and we either use condoms or NFP knowing that if we do conceive ahead of schedule it's not the end of the world.

I think I do want it out now. DH has promised he will get a vasectomy as soon as we have a second (and therefore last) baby! I'm holding him to that.

Blaineee8 Tue 27-May-14 06:17:05

I just had mine put in on Friday.. And I hate it already!! Wasn't too bad going in considering I have a low pain tolerance and a fear of shots.. But now the bruising has become unbearable to the point where my upper arm is a deep shade of purple. I think my body is rejecting it. I can see the implant and it has moved further up my arm. I have ten friends who have the same Nexplanon implant and had no problems, but I'm going back to the doctor to see what's up and probably having this thing REMOVED. Never used birth control before and I'm way too disorganized to take pills. I'd rather give up sex than feel as sick as I do now looking at this thing!! Ready to see the doc tomorrow.

Oh blaineee! That looks so sore, you poor love. Definitely get it looked at.

Mine's coming out in a fortnight! Wish they could've done it this week as I go on holiday on Friday. No sign of this neverending period ever ending. At least by the time it comes out it'll have been in two years so it's had a pretty good run.

cheepcheep Wed 28-May-14 23:08:19

So glad to hear that people are feeling better after having the implant taken out. I've had mine in for over a year and have finally given up and made an appointment to have it taken out. The brain fogginess, constant bleeding, hair loss, random mood swings, hot flushes, tiredness and generally feeling unwell have started to make me feel like I have a serious illness! I've had blood tests which have all come back normal so I know there's nothing physically wrong with me. Fingers crossed that once this thing is out I'll start to feel normal again...

teamrokki Thu 29-May-14 15:30:59

Mine was fine for the first nine months or so but in the last nine it has been a complete nightmare. It's changed my personality completely. I have always been pretty calm and competent but now I flip and become a hysterical teary mess at absolutely nothing. Last weekend it was tears for an hour because my boyfriend had a cold and wasn't enjoying the bank holiday weekend as much as I wanted him to. Seriously. An hour. It felt at times like I was losing my mind completely, my thoughts were all tangled up and I just couldn't make sense of them or get happy. And I was being a complete bitch. Oddly, I could hear myself doing it and I knew I wasn't being reasonable but I just couldn't stop myself doing it. So I made an appointment to have it removed. My GP can't do it for another month because despite training for seven years, apparently a doctor can't remove a little rod from an arm without specialist training and the one doctor they had had left. I couldn't go another month, another bout of hormonal disturbance like the last one is either going to see me sectioned or on remand so I am paying a private clinic £200 to have it removed in 4 days. I can't wait. And neither can my poor, long suffering boyfriend. Good luck to all you other ladies having problems with it, I hope you manage to get it sorted because when it's working well this implant is a dream but when the hormones go wrong, it is a genuinely miserable experience.

PotatoIsPie Sat 14-Jun-14 08:32:06

So on nexplanon, I'm only 15 but the thing is making me miserable and my mom doesn't want me to get it taken out because she thinks I'll just try to start making babies.

I don't get my period at all, at first I was like (if I have to have my period while I'm on this, I might just die.) now I'm just sad because I know I'm not capable of making children.

Sometimes it makes my arm spasm, it's really weird.

I've had a lot of heart issues since I've gotten it inserted, I had imflamation in my rib cartilage and I've had an ongoing UTI. I panicked because my grandfather died of a heart attack when he was 39 so I thought I was going to die.

I've had it for about 7 months now and I'm constantly depressed and I just can't deal with all of this. Should I get it taken out?

Kayleerea22 Mon 23-Jun-14 06:20:54


April 15th, 2013, it was 2 days before my 15th birthday!! (I know, I know, I'm just a young person) but my mom had me get it after she found out I was having sex! Best thing ever in my opinion but I think that is just because I had a good experience with it! I haven't had crazy irregular bleeding, actually I haven't had any bleeding since I got it in. I also haven't had any weight gain or crazy mood changes! I love my nexplanon! I have had it in for over a year and most the time I forget it's even there! And it has saved my butt on many unprotected nights!

mimibaby Sun 06-Jul-14 12:15:23

I know this thread is old but I felt I had to add my voice and experience with nexplanon here as this thread helped me decide to have it removed. I am 40 with 2 children and I don't intend to have any more. We've considered different methods of contraception as I seem to get pregnant without a problem at the moment (3 in 2 years, miscarried 1) and menopause seems a way off. My GP and I settled on nexplanon which would be put in every 3 years until I reached menopause. The first 3 months were alright with a bit of spotting, nothing too horrendous. I was on a weight loss programme because I wanted to lose 10 kgs from my pregnancy. I continued losing weight and reached my target of 70 kgs. I ate well and worked out 4 times a week but about 6 months in I started to gain weight. My weight went up to 85 kg and then stabilised. I was not surprised by the weight gain because I was always hungry, craving sugar. My GP sent me for blood tests because she thought it might be a problem with my thyroid perhaps due to my age. Everything was normal - no diabetes, no deficiencies, nothing. She offered me orlistat which I refused as I already eat minimal fat. I thought I could try more exercise and even fasting - Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, running, yoga, pilates. Even with fasting I would lose weight but it would be a struggle and my weight would soon return to 85 kg after the fast. Funny my weight never went above 85 kg even in weeks which I would consider binges. My GP did say to me that if I didn't lose weight I should consider having the implant out because she could see that it was affecting my mental health. I didn't know at the time that even my mood swings and pains down my left arm were probably due to the nexplanon. After reading this thread last week I went ahead to have the implant removed 3 days ago. In 3 days my appetite has disappeared and I have completely lost the sugar craving. I am not even having stevia anymore. I have lost 1.2 kg. I feel lighter and I don't mean weightwise. I will post again in a month with my progress just to help others who may be considering their next step. Thank you to all those who posted their comments here. I am glad I found this thread.

cmcannon72 Wed 09-Jul-14 06:09:24

Hi all, I had the nexplanon for a whole year, after horrible side effects like, weight gain, bloating, loss of libido, no period, "pregnancy brain", uncomfortable sex, ovarian cysts, feeling weak and sick and swollen lymph nodes, but the worst by far, HAIR THINNING, my dr reluctantly took it out of my arm in april, 2014. My normal period has come back, my lymph nodes went away, i feel better, still need to lose weight, but whatever. My hair is growing, but it is still thin. I wonder if it will ever grow back? I was starting to worry it was bcuz i dye it and bleach it, but the thinning only started after the nexplanon and has never happened before that. Ive always had really thick hair, which i used to hate, but how i miss it now! Nobody in my family, parents, grandparents have thin hair or baldness. So it must be the nexplanon right? Either way i have stopped bleaching my hair, but i still dye it using manic panic vegan hair dye, which is rrally mild and conditions. Reading that other people have experienced hair thinning on nexplanon, especially around the front hairline, makes me feel better in a way. I wish i would never have put that horrid thing in my arm.

Princessjojo Wed 09-Jul-14 09:25:07

I've had this nexplanon since jan 14. Iv bled heavy constantly since it's been incerted moody short temperd constant belly pains the only one no one has mentions is sickness I'm constantly sick my boobs hurt ???? I thought it was just me with the bleeding but reading this has made me realise it the implant but not shur on the sickness and pregnancy symptoms I do so many test all negative ���� don't no what to do.

Ange146 Thu 10-Jul-14 15:18:34

Hi ladies, I have a post up there and finally removing my implant today. with my very nice nurse we agreed that if side effects would disappear and proven related to nexplanon we would fill out a yellow card to send out to the manufacturer. I urge you to complain and to campaign for more care, more research and more caution in relation to this implant. spread the word also to your friends, relatives and colleagues. I have seriously counted several hundreds of women having these terrible side effects altogether, it cannot just be 'something else' - psychosomatic, timing, coincidence or environment right? I will come back in 10 days or so to follow up on post-removal issues and other effects...

Ange146 Thu 10-Jul-14 16:16:01

p.s. I am out the practice, and seriously 'it is so slippery' so another nurse had to come and help, a lot cutting and pulling, cutting and pulling, grabbing etc, they told me it is gonna bruise a lot and I am sure it will hur when the anaesthesia fades away. seriously I would never ever have put this in if knew about all the trouble and terrible side effects and procedure. bye-bye nexplanon.

sbell013 Sun 13-Jul-14 06:00:32

I regret using Nexplanon. I have been on it a month now and since I have started my period the end of June, I have been bleeding for 3weeks now. It has gotten lighter, but seem as though it's not ending. Plus I been waking up with headaches some days. Considering about talking to my dr to remove and not deal with birth control anymore.

gsmagirl Thu 17-Jul-14 18:03:04

I had no "female troubles" throughout my teens and 20's. Periods were uneventful. Then in my 30's I found out that PMS and cramps are a real thing! By mid-30's I could not usually get through a whole day at the office on Day 1 of my cycle, I was so uncomfortable I needed to lie down with no waistband pinching me.
Age 39, I got the Nexplanon implant. Spotting every day for more than 2 months, but never enough to need a tampon and no more horrible cramps and bloating, victory! Also, my husband loved it as we had been on condoms for a couple years prior. After the first 70 days the spotting went away for a full year. Now I have had the Nexplanon for 15 months and I've started spotting again for 3 weeks now. Again, not enough to need a tampon and no menstrual symptoms. But a search of internet led me to this page.
So I wanted to offer hope to the new implantees (?) that the bleeding pattern could change/settle. If my periods were unremarkable like they used to be in my youth, I would have my husband get a vasectomy. But Nexplanon has saved me from losing a day of my life every 24 days (short cycles). Othen than the lengthy times of spotting I have no complaints. If you have discomfort during your cycle this could be a solution.
Insertion and site on my arm: No issue, I was terrified of the gigantic gun they used to put the implant in but it was no worse than any other injection. Little bruise went away in 2 days.
Mood: I have always been a little nuts and I have not noticed any change since implant 15 months ago. =)
Weight: Appetite increased, so I just downloaded the free phone app where you track all your calories. So ignore your appetite (good advice after age 30 regardless..) and go by your nutritional requirements. No weight gain here.

I hope this helps someone like me. Feel like I have been cured since getting Nexplanon.

Ryan112233 Fri 18-Jul-14 18:19:49

How long does it take for the side effects to subside? My wife completely lost her libido & FINALLY had it removed a week ago!

mariah8227 Fri 25-Jul-14 20:50:36

I have had the Nexplanon implant for almost a year now. 2 weeks into it i asked my doctor if the abnormal bleeding would stop. he said if it didnt stop withing the next 3 months, to come see him. I did not stop bleeding for 3 months. i still had my cycle but it lasted an entire month, it would be light then heavy light then heavy fluctuating each week. Then maybe if i was lucky i would only discharge clots for a day or 2 then dripping again. Made sex, (when i finally decided i could have it while bleeding or live without it), horrible and messy. Went to the doctor to visit and he again said the bleeding will stop and if it doesnt we might take it out. Went in again after 6 months bleeding nonstop, because i fainted and was feeling extremely weak. He gave me a months worth of iron supplements. Totally fed up, i made an appt with a gyno at about 9 months. They didnt want me to come in because of the bleeding. But i finally was able to get in there a week or so ago. He gave me estrogen supplements ro regulate my cycle again because the progesterone in the implant is making me crazy. They havent helped yet, I am super depressed. I have learned to live with the bleeding but i hope the estrogen does help because i feel like my life is living hell, Like everyones out to hurt my feelings but its really me jsut being overly emotional, and am also unable to live up to my full potential, because of my freaking hormones. Plus every pair of panties i own is stained, my wallet is drained with all the cash i spend on pads and tampons, and like i said, life sucks. if you are still bleeding more than a month into nexplanon, i suggest just getting it removed at the hospital, no matter how many times your doc tells you to wait it out.

tiffycrisp1209 Fri 25-Jul-14 23:33:25

I've had my nexplanon for a year now, and I hate it so much I made an appointment to have mine taken out next month. I've gained so much weight and I'm even having to take a birth control pill to keep me from being on my period all the time. I'm so over this thing!!!!

spongebob5 Mon 28-Jul-14 20:28:51

I've had mine in for about a month. No problems with spotting but my appetite has definately increased :/

previouslyhappy Wed 30-Jul-14 14:40:52


The Nexplanon has given me a multitude of horrible side effects and I've had it removed. Just wondering if anyone can tell me (in their experience) how long until I will feel back to normal (not depressed, no mood sings and good libido)? I need to know that there is light at the end of this very long, dark, hormonally induced tunnel!

Thank you!

Bluebird89 Tue 05-Aug-14 07:39:13

Just thought I'd share my experience as well - had the implant for 2 years and whilst on it I thought it was great, no weight gain, mood swings, bleeding etc. However sex became extremely uncomfortable to the point that out sex life became almost non-existent. At the time I didn't connect this with the implant but now that I've had it removed I'm convinced it was the cause as the discomfort and pain has gone and I can actually enjoy sex again. Would never in a million years have the implant again

shadow1864 Tue 05-Aug-14 21:55:51

I must have read this thread hundreds of times since having my implant fitted last November and I so I thought I would share my experience with you all. As i mentioned, I had my Nexplanon fitted last November after a friend recommended it to me. I was well aware of the many downsides and possible side effects, but the small chance I could have light or even no periods was what swayed me to give it a go. What a mistake. The bleeding started a few days after I had it fitted. It was quite light so i didn't need tampons, but it was heavy enough that I couldn't ignore it. This went on for about two months when I'd decided that enough was enough. Nexplanon was a perfect contraceptive because with a never ending period, my sex life was non-existent. In the middle of January I went to see a doctor and she gave me the contraceptive pill to try and stop the bleeding and scheduled an appointment to have it taken out in 3 weeks. The pill did absolutely no good, but I didn't mind so much because I thought the end was in sight. Three weeks later I went to have it removed and after fifteen minutes of prodding and feeling my arm, the nurse told me she couldn't find it and went to fetch a doctor to get a second opinion. The doctor couldn't find it either and told me she'd refer me to a specialist at the hospital so i could have an ultrasound and have it removed there and in the meantime, she'd put me on a higher does of the contraceptive pill. By this time it was late February and I was constantly tired and exhausted and moody. As I am anaemic, constant blood loss meant I often felt light headed and a bit sick. I went back to the doctor around the end of March as I still hadn't heard from the hospital and I was getting desperate. She had one last failed attempt at trying to locate it in my arm, but I did end up being prescribed norethisterone, a hormone tablet that, I was assured, would stop the bleeding for good, seeing as the higher does pill still hadn't worked. It was the middle of April when I got a letter from the hospital saying that I had an appointment with a specialist for the first week of May. I was delighted, and with the hormone tablets working, I was beginning to feel more like myself. When the day of removal came, I was so excited! I got to the hospital and after a quick consultation with the specialist, I got sent for an ultrasound. After this, I was sent back upstairs to have it removed, only the specialist was not convinced the ultrasound person had picked it out correctly. He advised that if he went in where it was shown on the screen, he still might not be able to find it. However, I was so desperate that I begged him to try. So, he gave me an injection and made the cut, but ten minutes later he said that it was no use, but if I stayed a couple more hours, the 'good' ultrasound person was working in the afternoon and maybe he could have another look for it. So I stayed, had another ultrasound where my implant was successfully located (in a completely different place from where the other person thought it was). Unfortunately, it was in the muscle, so the specialst was unable to remove it that day and I had to wait for another appointment to have surgery on my arm. A few weeks later (and after i'd been back to the doctor to get more hormone tablets) my surgery had been scheduled for the 1st July. Around this time, I began getting very bad cramps, usually ones that would wake me up at night and this carried on until I had to keep paracetamol by my bed and every night i would go to sleep, expecting to be woken by them. On the 25th June I got a call from the Specialist's secretary saying that he had decided to cancel my surgery as it was not his area of expertise and had referred me to the orthopoedic ward (muscles) instead. I was so angry and upset as I thought the end was finally in sight. I had to go back to the doctor for yet more hormone tablets as the lack of bleeding was the only thing keeping me sane. The cramping was now happening in the day, every day, most nights... So today i am still waiting to hear from Orthopoedics and I stopped taking my hormone tablets a couple of days ago and the bleeding has started again. I am at my wits end and I feel like this is never going to be gone from my arm and that i'm never going to get my body back to normal and that thought scares me.

I wanted to share my story with you as many people think that they'll try the implant out and if they don't like it, they'll get it removed. That's what I thought and nearly 7 months later, and despite people's best efforts, it's still there. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Undoubtedly the worst and most soul destroying experience of my life so far.

LovemyBoopy Tue 12-Aug-14 00:33:47

Hate to say that I'm going through the same thing most of you ladies are. Had it put in 7 weeks after my baby was born last year and it was great at first, minimal bleeding a few days after insertion, then, nothing. That ended around my daughter's 1st birthday, when I started bleeding..and pretty much never stopped. Since then my mood has been crazy and I've been crazy tired. My poor husband gets the worst of my mood swings and no sex, but he's a trooper and he knows it's not my fault. It's more worrying when your period is heavy, like mine is now..i had a problem before even having the Nexplanon implant with having an extended period, I went to see my doctor and they did a bunch of tests and never found out what caused it.
i'm going through pads and super tampons like crazy changing every two-three hours and I know that's not a good sign, sucky part is is that I just moved and will have to set up with a new doctor so it'll be awhile before I can get this thing out.
For those who are looking to get Nexplanon, don't let our experiences scare you, everyone is different, we just happen to be the ones this doesn't work so well for.

mey0018 Sat 23-Aug-14 02:37:24

I've had mine the full 3 years. I can't take estrogen based bc since it makes me nearly psychotic! I had off and on bleeding for a few months and did gain some weight, which I was able to lose pretty easily once I learned to get a hold of my cravings and started getting active again. But honestly, I love it! I will be getting it replaced. Now that the hormones are wearing off I can definitely tell the differences. I'm pmsing and crampy and just down right pissed off at everything and everyone all the time. I had a wonderful doctor who just gave me a topical anesthetic and I didn't feel a thing. I couldn't do push-ups for 2 weeks, but I was 100% ok with that. But everyone reacts differently. Progesterone keeps me calm, unfortunately fat, but happy so it was a no brainer for me!

Court22 Wed 27-Aug-14 01:31:55

Hey ladies.
I've had the nexplanon in for a couple of months now, no period, no spotting, no migraines (I was having migraines on the pill, i'm hoping the implant has stopped them) and I feel great, though when my period would normally be due I still get an upset tummy, but I can live with that.
I myself am not a mommy as I'm still too young at 17 and have a beautiful 4 year old brother to look after. I was looking for a birth control method that I did not have to remember to take. I live in Spain but born in the UK and last summer I got the injection, and I would of happily continued that if it weren't for the fact that it costs around 50 euros here!
Now, the only concern I have about the Nexplanon is that I fell it may be broken. I was warned that it can bend and that I shouldn't think anything of it, but I get easily panicked and I worry too much. Also, I can feel various little lumps and bumps around the area where the implant is, just like on my other arm but they seem more prominent? If anyone else has experienced this please help!
Also, when I had the implant fitted a couple of months ago (in the UK), my dr DID tell me that if I had any heavy bleeding or spotting that didn't settle after a couple of weeks or a month that there is medication that can help calm it down, so if you are having problems girls do insist!!

Court22 Wed 27-Aug-14 01:34:44

When I say lumps and bumps around the implant area i mean they're subdermal, maybe as deep as the implant if not a bit deeper.

andregem321 Tue 02-Sep-14 20:10:11

Another unsatisfied nexplanon user! I had the implanon nearly 3 years ago i had no problems with it at all ate and drank what i wanted, then the 3 years passed and it was time for to get it out. Thats when the nurse put the nexplanon implant in. Then the trouble started!! I am now getting constant UTI's and cystitis. Has anyone else had any problems with this? I hope some one else is in the same boat as me with this as i feel like im so alone. Im thinking its perhaps the nexplanon thats causing this. At present im having to drink at least 2 litres of water a day where as when i was on the implanon i never drank any water only fizzy stuff. I told my doctor and he said it could possibly be a factor so im now getting the nexplanon out in november and requesting to get the implanon in again to see if there is a change.

steviebeats Fri 12-Sep-14 00:32:49

I was on Nexplanon implant for 2 years. I didn't have one period on it but I did have severe bouts of depression. I didn't realize it at first but I became very tired, I had absolutely no sexual desire, I gained 25 lbs and I cried over everything. I pride myself in being a vary rational calm woman but on Nexplanon I cried watching commercials. I just had it removed recently and I have more energy for sure but I am still a bit tired. The last couple days since having it removed, I would have tons of energy early in the day and then by the end of the day wake up randomly somewhere because I had fallen asleep.

I had a really tough time trying to get it removed. I went through the VA and they had inserted it and there was only one doctor that did the birth control implant insertions and removals. They tried to persuade me to re think removing it and I remember I told them I would cut it out with a steak knife if they didn't set up the appointment, that's how rational I was on Nexplanon.

The office staff made a mistake and set up the appointment on the first day of my Doctors vacation so I had to reschedule for three weeks later and I remember I was so upset, I screamed at the receptionist, I called a patient advocate group, and when I couldn't do anything else I just fell on the ground balled up crying.

skris35 Sat 13-Sep-14 04:13:28

Hello! I was on the Nexplanon for one year. I have had a mental roller-coaster ever since. I was hospitalized in the psych ward for a mental evaluation, which I was placed on Zoloft and a couple anti anxieties. These worked so we started to wean off of them... now my symptoms are back. I got this crazy contraption out of my arm. I only had one period but it lasted forever. I was tired, lazy, and I didn't loose the baby weight, which was also blamed on the Zoloft. I just got my implant removed today. So I will have to update in a few days.

JoeMc Sat 13-Sep-14 11:46:57

Just to add to the list of horrific Nexplannon experiences!
Had mine in a year, had pregnancy symtoms, felt rubbish on it, and bled lots!
Went to see my go to get it out, she couldn't feel it and put me to a clinic to have it scanned and removed (4weeks later) they said it was embedded in my muscle and I would need to be in hospital and have it removed in theatre. (6 weeks later) which was 4 days ago I got it out, was straight forward in the end and they took me to theatre, cut my arm and pulled it out. Not a pretty sight now and the scar will be just over the length of the implant.
I was bleeding for 3 weeks before removal and still am, heavier this past day! When will things return to normal...don't get the implant!!!

Photo shows the sight 3 days after removal ��

How long as it taken ppl to get back to normal? Pregnant? Xx

vichimum Wed 17-Sep-14 19:53:13

Hello, I also had the implant and had to have it removed due to hair loss. Yes, I am as sure as i can be that this was the cause. Never had a problem with hair loss before the implant, and within a week of having it removed, i could see i was no longer loosing hair at the front. Its important for me to write this, and i purposely waited 3 months after having it out to write this. I had the implant in for just over a year. I hope this will help some of you.

cherrybombxo Tue 30-Sep-14 13:35:51

I had the implant for 18 months and I begged my doctor to remove it. I bled non-stop for two months and then it switched to one week on, one week off. As someone else mentioned, it's the perfect contraceptive because you can't have sex! I was completely loony tunes as well, spotty, aggressive, weepy and so jealous that my (then) partner couldn't go out with friends for fear of my rage. It totally changed my personality, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

My best friend had one and it caused sever hair loss. She now has to take medication and wear a clip-in hairpiece.

cherrybombxo Tue 30-Sep-14 13:36:12


courtney95 Wed 01-Oct-14 20:58:53

Ive had Nexplanon for almost a month and it feels like forever! At 4 weeks PP I stopped bleeding, a week later I was bleeding again because of my period. At 6 week PP visit I got the Nexplanon. I stopped bleeding for MAYBE 2 days. Then it was spotting. Now its heavy bleeding. I CAN'T FRICKEN HAVE SEX WITH MY BOYFRIEND. I had sex with him ONCE. I am so fed up with this stupid thing. It makes me bleed, it makes me emotional, I really don't want to wait the 3-6 months to have it taken out. I think im just gonna stick to condoms and the day after pill if an accident happens! At least ill be able to have sex then...

hhhaaallliii Tue 21-Oct-14 04:16:33

I've had nexplanon for almost 4 months and just started spotting about a week ago. It's not enough for a pad but It's starting to get really annoying! Seems like I'm having minor side effects compared to other ladies out there but I've also noticed a huge mood change as well. I'm angry almost all the time and I really have to try to not snap on every person I come in contact with. It's affecting my work relationships which is making me stressed out which just makes me more angry. I'm considering getting the implant taken out unless these side effects go away. My question is, what have you guys switched to after getting nexplanon removed? I'm thinking about mirena mainly because of the time it lasts but I haven't done enough research to make a decision right away.

chelseatrent15 Tue 28-Oct-14 03:22:09

I have had my implant for just a few short months, the only reason why i turned to it is because i cannot take the pill. My doctor told me this would help stop the cyst, heavy bleeding, cramping, etc. BUT that has not been the case, just like almost everyone here i have bled so much, im talking like pints of blood to where im stuck in bed for days, plus the headaches that are unbearable, mood swings that turn me into the devil, aches and pains, terrible weight gain, i've even started to feel like i'm pregnant when im not. this is ruining my relationship, i've held out this whole time to prevent having a baby until im done with school but i cannot take it anymore, i feel like im loosing my mind. i'm getting it taken out in a few days. does anyone know how long it usually takes to get out of your blood stream & your hormones level out once its out?

saesig Mon 03-Nov-14 22:40:01

I am horrified to see how many people have been suffering in exactly the same ways as I have! What I find the most disturbing is how we are not told about any potential side affects when we approach the health professionals to insert the implants. I find the wording on the NHS website misleading and why is it that so many of us have great difficulties in getting someone to take this out?!?!? I too have shouted at two different health professionals: If you won't take this thing out then I WILL!! but STILL they wouldn't take it out?!?!? This is beginning to look like some US conspiracy film?? I would be delighted if someone had time, energy and skill to properly research this story!


sabresleuthtiger Fri 07-Nov-14 09:25:35

I've had the implant in for coming up 3 years. A bit of background- I'm 20 and I got it in the first place due to suffering with horribly painful heavy monthlies. When I first got it in I initially bled for 2 weeks or so which I abided with due to letting it settle down. After that I enjoyed an era of bliss- no bleeding at all, wahoo! Then I began to bleed for months at a time which was horrible! I went to the doc and was given a depo shot alongside the existing implant which seemed to stop the bleeding. Recently I was on for a month had about a week's gap and then it all began again. I'm seriously starting to believe that all contraception is effective because it forces abstinence!
My partner has some issues with sex as it is let alone me bleeding all of the time so its been completely out of the question. The constant bleeds and low mood are draining and I can't take this anymore. I've got an appointment with my doctor today so I'm hoping I can get it out and either get a new one AND another form of contraception with it or get some decent advice.
I did love the implant for the months where I didn't have any hassle but I loathe the times when I'm having to fork out so much money for tampons. Hopefully it'll get sorted today. Pray for me ladies!

Necr0nEy Mon 10-Nov-14 18:23:18

I know this is a pretty old thread but if the likes of me are looking these things up I'm sure others will be too! I've seen so many negative experiences with Nexplanon but I'll give my experience to see if people will change their mind or be able to see a mixed response with positives.. I've had the Nexplanon implant for 3 years (I'm getting it replaced soon and I am bricking it)!
When I first got it done I experienced a lot of strange bleeding for the first 3ish months. I had a period (light and unpredictable) for about a month. However, this didn't really put me off too much because it was pretty light. Interestingly, around the time I had it fitted I was having low mood which was odd for me because I'm used to being apathetic (which was later recognised as a symptom of psychosis/possible schizophrenia whilst I was admitted to a psychiatric unit which was diagnosed a year ago which I'm now medicated for), but my mood started to become very erratic and I was put on mood stabilisers for a short while. I'm not sure if suicidal ideation and attempts came with the mood probably caused by the Nexplanon because I've had past trouble with being suicidal but I imagine it probably made it worse to an extent. But as I've said, I do deal with existing mental health issues and I know not all of it was caused with Nexplanon. So I'm wondering now if them random mood swings were all caused by the Nexplanon. Strange. confused It wasn't too bad though as they stopped after around 6 months.
After about 4 months or irregular bleeding my periods stopped entirely, which I was very pleased about! About a year into it being in my arm my moods and periods had stopped, so I wouldn't give up hope, just give it a while to settle. I've only had a positive experience other than a slight pregnancy scare after I read that overweight women need to be careful in the third year! Luckily my tests were negative, but I'd take extra care if you are overweight. This has by far being the most effective and easy method of contraception for me because it's stopped my periods and I don't have to worry about taking more pills than I'm prescribed and I've been able to leave it in for 3 years. Another point to make is that I have been highly, HIGHLY (extremely) sexually active all this time too. Most of the time unprotected (TMI) blush and I've not been pregnant or felt I had to be scared about it. I would definitely reccomend Nexplanon for convenience, just give your periods and side effects a time to settle down. And for the record, I am an extremely unlucky person with things like these smile hopefully other people have good experiences with it! It's been great to me

PerezAlondra1 Wed 19-Nov-14 20:23:01

HI I have the Nexplanon and it is horrible!! I have only had it for a month and I just want to take it out myself. I'm trying to see if it settles in but I don't think it will. I have been moody with everyone. I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I feel disgusting. And my sex drive with my bf has died instantly.

SueDunin Mon 24-Nov-14 10:21:19

Oh dear, just reading a few messages on this thread is worrying. DD1(17) had Nexplanon fitted 5 days ago and has been unusually low and tearful since then. She's a conscientious student but hasn't managed to do any work at all over the weekend as she's felt so depressed.
I would love to hear that this is more than likely going to clear in the next few days... Please someone?!!

mrsmalcolmreynolds Wed 03-Dec-14 23:40:02

Hi. My experience is that I haven't noticed an effect on mood, had the first three months without any bleeding, then really annoying stop-start bleeding pretty much constantly for nearly six months. I've now had a week with nothing and it somehow feels different (much more normal discharge - sorry, TMI!) so I'm hopeful this is it properly setting down. ..

mummyof1nj87 Fri 05-Dec-14 14:49:19

This thread actually compelled me to join mumsnet. I feel I need to share my experience. So back in March 2014 I had my implant fitted (pretty painless fuss free- generally the reason I opted for it in the first place was the fact I could sit back and forget about it for 3 years). So for the first month I had two periods (yes actual periods!- not spotting full blown) Contacted my gp who said to leave it for 6 months in order for it to settle and the body to adjust- fair enough... who am I to argue with someone in the medical profession. August this got bad- REAL BAD! I bled constantly painful crippling pains at times, that subsided by October so in my mind I had hit my 6 months and gone to spotting (which was explained is a likely effect of the contraceptive method). Here's for the best bit..... October came and I have bled ridiculous amounts of blood constantly (no day off) since October the 5th made an emergency GP appointment as I was feeling faint nauseous (just rough in general) Found out I had become anaemic from the blood loss- so iron tablets off I trot, Cut a long story short turns out that due to circumstances prior to having this fitted the Clinic should not of even permitted me to have this form of contraception. I had this removed last Monday (which you would assume would be relatively fuss free mine had moved and tissue had somehow grown over it resulting in more than a tiny incision plus stitches - FABULOUS! I generally wouldn't recommend this to anyone I am fully aware that we all react differently to contraceptives but I found that not only from my experience but from those of others I have spoken to GP's and clinicians don't really look into whets best for the individual.

MadManx74 Sat 06-Dec-14 22:15:45

I'm 40 and have had nexplanon fitted for 2 months. In my case no major issues with bleeding (although it's unpredictable) or libido but I've just made the link between starting to constantly criticise, pick at and cry hysterically in front of my husband and the time the implant was fitted. Have also had a crying meltdown at work and in front of strangers. I'm a pretty measured mellow patient woman with a super long fuse but for two months I've been anxious, depressed, sensitive to the extreme and have cried more in 2 months than probably the whole of the last decade. My husband is already at his wits end with not knowing how I'll react to anything.
Can anyone advise if the effect on your mood settles like they claim your periods do?
I'm already worried this could end my marriage.

nurseyt Tue 09-Dec-14 13:28:10

I got nexplanon fitted a few months into a relationship as I had previously used oral contraceptives but they caused me to constantly spot and my mood plummeted on them. After stopping the pill (cerazette) my mood instantly improved and my periods went back to normal, like they were 28 days like clockwork, never painful etc.
For a change and for the sake of convenience, I decided nexplanon would be the best option. I had it inserted for 6 months before getting it out and that day could not come quick enough. I had a constant period, I literally did not have a day where I wasn't menstruating. I also developed frightening panic attacks which I didn't link to the implant until I read this thread!
I am a very laid back and calm person so the panic attacks and low mood really came as a shock. I have found my concentration and memory to be awful, in turn making me think i'm going crazy and making the panics worse. I also cried more and had mood swings which are definitely not normal for me either, i'm a very happy and positive person but the implant definitely negatively impacted my mood.
I would never recommend nexplanon for anyone, it has made the last 6 months of my life absolutely awful.

MadManx74 Tue 09-Dec-14 21:47:53

So, I went to the FPA yesterday expecting to be turned away to wait it out but I explained that this was so bad I was off work sick as I am literally crying 20 times a day and borderline hysterical and she said "can you come in to get it out on Friday" Guess what I did when she said that....I cried. I am so grateful the fabulous FPA nurse listened fully to my concerns. At first she said we recommend 3-6 months to allow it to settle. I told her I honestly believe my marriage could be over by then, I've said some terrible and completely out of character things and it was like I was powerless to stop myself. She has given me information on the coil and as I am not willing to ever put any more hormones in my body I am considering this.
So as I know someone who loves the implant and has no adverse affects I can't say steer clear as I know it can work. However from personal experience this has been the most hellishly unbalanced 2 months of my life and it's single-handedly enabled me to start dismantling 14 very happily married years.

nicolajayne42 Thu 25-Dec-14 18:58:32

I had the Implanon implant put in 6 yrs so have had it changed twice in that time and my periods just stopped which didn't bother me-they did start again earlier this year and I had a period every 2 months but my breasts got bigger and very lumpy(i've had 2 big lumps removed from my right breast and I've since found 2 in my left one but have been told they're fibroadenomas like the others)-Back in October of this year I had it changed to Nexplanon and my breasts have got even bigger from an 'E' to a 'HH' and they're so painful-I only have to knock them and the pain is awful,I get stabbing pains in them and they just feel bruised-I know it sounds awful but it's as if I've got melons in my bra-they're just so heavy yet I haven't put weight on anywhere else-I feel so miserable and self conscious about them!-My arm is also aching just below where the implant is too-I'm seriously considering having it removed-does anyone else have this problem with their breasts as I've only seen one or two on here that have?-I mentioned the lumps and pain to my nurse and said 'is it the implant causing it?' and she said 'no'

abcart123 Thu 15-Jan-15 05:11:21

While my experience is a little different I thought I would at least comment. I was previously on the Depo shots when my doctor told me that they do not recommend staying on the shots for as long as I was at the time. When I made an appointment with the doctor and saw her, the only form of birth control she would really give me was the Nexplanon because it is so much like the shots. In fact, she said it's the number one recommended form of birth control for people looking to switch after being on Depo.

Being that my periods had already stopped on the shots, I have yet to experience any form of bleeding whatsoever now that I have the Nexplanon implant. I never really had acne before I was put on the Depo shots. Maybe one bump on my chin every two months. However, I had terrible acne once I was put on the shots. It was so bad. My whole entire chin would constantly have pimples on it. Plus, the other random bumps that would spontaneously pop up over all over my face. I even got acne on my chest and back. It had got so bad that not the acne face wash you can buy the store would not help anymore. Now that I'm on Nexplanon I have notice a huge difference. I have maybe one or two pimples on my chin, and even that seems to be getting better as time goes on.

Another difference I have noticed while having Nexplanon is weight gain. I gained 45 pounds on the shots. It increases your appetite. However, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my appetite as early as the second day after having the Nexplanon inserted. My weight has started to drop. Hopefully I'll go back down to my normal weight but even if I just lose half of what I have gained I would be happy. I do sometimes notice a light "pinching" feeling where the implant is in my arm. Sometime I feel it when I move my arm a certain way but from what I have read so far on the internet that is pretty normal as long as it is not red or swollen.

As you can probably tell, I LOVE Nexplanon. It is a far better experience for me than the Depo shots were, though everyone is different. I thought I would post my experience with Nexplanon to show that there are some people out there who have not had any negative side effects and love it.

Even though I personally love it, I would feel bad if I didn't ask anyone who is interested to make sure they look up how the implant is inserted. I went into the doctors knowing nothing because I thought I would be put on something different. My doctor lied to me and told me that there would be no pain even after insertion (it was so sore for a week afterwards & I felt it being inserted even after the numbing shots because she did not wait long enough for shots to go into effect), didn't mention that it could possibly scar until after I had it already put in, and never mentioned anything about bruising (the bruising for me was a very dark purple, worse than any bruise I had ever had before, and I even had bruising outside of the compression bandage less than 12 hours after insertion!). For me, it was pretty gruesome and honestly I couldn’t believe that I had actually damaged my body so bad for something as simple as birth control. If I had known ahead of time what I know now about the insertion, I'm not sure I would have even had it put in.

However, now that I do have it I absolutely love it! No other form of birth control has worked as well as Nexplanon. I hope I don't get attacked here, I just wanted to say that everyone's bodies are different and what may be bad for someone else doesn't mean that it's going to be bad for you.

aprill342 Sat 17-Jan-15 10:45:04

Iv got it and it's coming out next month and on pill and lately I'm always feeling bloated and feel fat I don't want eat not nice plus feels like movements but no it can't be, dont no what it's is as never had this on the implant before dint no what to do it comes out in couple of weeks as times up on it as iv got a 3 year old just hate feeling fat atm lol

carlshatesnexplanon Mon 26-Jan-15 22:15:38

I, like others on this thread, had the implanon, my first implant, for three years and had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. The odd mood swing and a little bit of weight gain here and there (mainly my boobs) but nothing major. It was actually wonderful for my usually terrible and painful periods. I, also like others, recommended it to friends. 20 months ago, my implanon needed changing and I was given the nexplanon. I was totally willing to try it because they told me it was exactly the same but little did I know the hell it would put me through.

It was only last week that I realised it was the cause of my severe anxiety and depression when I broke down, as I felt at my absoulte lowest, to my boyfriend and he asked me to think of when the exact time was it all started ( he has always known of my suffering but it has never been as bad as it has recently). It was then I figured out that it was just after insertion of my new implant. After googling and looking at other peoples stories of anxiety and depression while on the implant as well as speaking to people around me and asking if they have noticed changes since me getting the nexplanon, I am convinced it is this that is causing me so much pain.

I won't go into huge detail because I could be here all night but for nearly two years, my depression and anxiety has got progressively worse until it became unmanageable last week and I totally cracked. i literally cried for three days straight and for no real reason. I feel so conned. My doctor never warned me of these side effects and from what I have read it appears to be more common than most would think, certainly common enough to warrant a warning when getting the implant fitted. It literally makes me so mad and what makes me madder is I can't get the damn thing out for three weeks because of the long waiting list! I feel like I am in total turmoil. I just want this to stop and from what I have read it seems people still experience these side effects for months after! I regret ever getting this, I regret recommending it and I feel like I need to share my story to warn people of the effects this devil stick can have on someones mental well being.

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