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Nexplanon and insomnia?

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SunnyL Sat 03-May-14 17:31:40

I've tried scrolling through the Nexplanon thread but I've not seen anyone list insomnia as their side effect.

I've often struggled with insomnia when stressed at work and when I was pregnant I had a regular sleep pattern that involved being awake from 3-5am.

But this feels different. I'm getting bad patches of insomnia every few weeks. I can go to sleep fine but I wake up v early - last night was 1.30am and I haven't been back to sleep yet.

It's only today I've started to wonder if this cycle of insomnia matches the heavy bleeding I'm getting since I had the implant.

Has anyone else experienced insomnia on Nexplanon? Am I clutching at straws?

teamrokki Thu 29-May-14 15:19:47

It's not just you. I had the Nexplanon implant about 18 months ago. For the first month, until it settled, I was a complete hormonal lunatic, for about 6 months it was all good and then for the last 8 or 9 months, it's been horrendous. At first I didn't get to sleep and now it's altered and I get to sleep fine but wake up at ridiculous times and can't get back to sleep. I'm completely knackered. I also have mood swings and lows so bad I thought I was losing my mind. Last weekend I was inconsolable for an hour because my boyfriend had got a cold and so wasn't enjoying our bank holiday weekend away as much as I had wanted. I cried for an hour over someone having a cold. And it isn't the first display like this either. My boyfriend is displaying unheard of levels of patience with me but even he is now suggesting it might be healthier for me to have it removed. And so I am. Good luck and maybe it would be worth you considering having it removed too, a lot of ladies on the boards are also having terrible problems with it.

Minime85 Sun 01-Jun-14 05:22:23

I think I had implanon as it was a few years ago but it sent be dolally. I couldn't remember which side of road to drive on or think straight at all and my then husband couldn't say anything right. Literally could stand to even hear his voice. Thrush like the doctor had never seen too. I tried for a year but then had it removed. If in any doubt I'd get it taken out.

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