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would they steralise you without consent?

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I was in a pretty bad way mentally when pregnant with ds4, and the consultant recommended steralisation. I freaked a bit because I knew it would probably make me worse mentally (I heard you can grieve because your baby making days are over) and I made a mental note to research birth control and stick to whatever method I come up with.
I refused, and the midwife made hurumpf hurupf noises and looked pretty pissed.

I had a planned csection, and everything is fine now. It got me thinking would they of gone ahead and done it (steralisation) any way?

Currently I'm on cerazette and seem to be doing fine with it. I have no plans for children in the near future, but want to keep options open if you see what I mean.

roundtheback Fri 29-Mar-13 02:52:47

Very definitely not. Remove the thought from your head, it would never happen.

sleepyhead Fri 29-Mar-13 02:59:35

No. If the doctor did that, they would be struck off and lose everything they had worked and trained for. It would be classed as a major assault and they would face criminal and civil charges.

There is no way that their opinion on your fertility and whether sterilisation was the right thing for you would be worth them risking this. Put it out of your mind.

differentnameforthis Fri 29-Mar-13 03:37:02

Any reputable hospital would not have sterilised you against your wishes

Bearandcub Fri 29-Mar-13 03:57:33

No, they could not, cannot, will not or would not.

Please be reassured by the responses you have received. Do not dwell on this, it will make you ill.

If you feeling unwell please speak your healthcare professional for advice and support.

Thank you all for your responses.

I'm not feeling unwell anymore, I have fully recovered from pnd/prenatal depression.

It's just one of those left over thoughts that's bugging me. The reason why I thought they would go ahead and do it anyway was the way everyone behaved when I said no I don't want it done. I suppose they thought I would go on to have 8 children or something like that (they've probably seen it before). It was phrases like "I've seen women in your situation before" and was almost hard sold like double glazing! (It may of felt like that due to depression)
The good thing is, it made something click in my head and I thought "I'm going manage my own contraception thank you very much".

Thank you again.

quietlysuggests Fri 29-Mar-13 08:51:20

I think it was less personal then you might think. I have found "the system" to be very anti-big families and also had to deal with the sterilisation issue at EVERY SINGLE VISIT when I was expecting my fourth. I couldn't seem to get through to them that this baby was planned and that there might be more!
So try not to take it as a personal judgement of your parenting!
I know I found it very upsetting, even without your depression, so I think it must have been very hurtful.
Hope you and baby are well now..

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