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Nexplanon implant thing - how I regret that!

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Alwaysworthchecking Thu 18-Aug-11 16:55:00

Had the implant put in just before travelling abroad (two and half weeks ago) and how I hate the thing! I bleed constanty - enough, initially, to just need pantyliners but for a week and a half now, enough to need the Mooncup. I feel grumpy quite a lot of the time and, much as I can't have sex what with all the bleeding, I don't fancy it all! The one time we managed, it was really uncomfortable. I also hate that I can feel it in my arm, although that is obviously a minor concern.

So, as a contraceptive, it's pretty effective, but it's not what I had in mind.

I can't take oestrogen-based contaceptives, I got pregnant and then miscarried on micronor and I'm not going for the Mirena - not risking messing my hormones about like this again. Want it out and then go back to condoms - never had any problems with them.

If I could take it out myself with the paring knife in the kitchen, I think I would.

Is it likely to settle down, do you think? Also, what are my chances of getting it removed when I get back home in a week or so?

SueDunin Mon 24-Nov-14 10:21:19

Oh dear, just reading a few messages on this thread is worrying. DD1(17) had Nexplanon fitted 5 days ago and has been unusually low and tearful since then. She's a conscientious student but hasn't managed to do any work at all over the weekend as she's felt so depressed.
I would love to hear that this is more than likely going to clear in the next few days... Please someone?!!

PerezAlondra1 Wed 19-Nov-14 20:23:01

HI I have the Nexplanon and it is horrible!! I have only had it for a month and I just want to take it out myself. I'm trying to see if it settles in but I don't think it will. I have been moody with everyone. I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I feel disgusting. And my sex drive with my bf has died instantly.

Necr0nEy Mon 10-Nov-14 18:23:18

I know this is a pretty old thread but if the likes of me are looking these things up I'm sure others will be too! I've seen so many negative experiences with Nexplanon but I'll give my experience to see if people will change their mind or be able to see a mixed response with positives.. I've had the Nexplanon implant for 3 years (I'm getting it replaced soon and I am bricking it)!
When I first got it done I experienced a lot of strange bleeding for the first 3ish months. I had a period (light and unpredictable) for about a month. However, this didn't really put me off too much because it was pretty light. Interestingly, around the time I had it fitted I was having low mood which was odd for me because I'm used to being apathetic (which was later recognised as a symptom of psychosis/possible schizophrenia whilst I was admitted to a psychiatric unit which was diagnosed a year ago which I'm now medicated for), but my mood started to become very erratic and I was put on mood stabilisers for a short while. I'm not sure if suicidal ideation and attempts came with the mood probably caused by the Nexplanon because I've had past trouble with being suicidal but I imagine it probably made it worse to an extent. But as I've said, I do deal with existing mental health issues and I know not all of it was caused with Nexplanon. So I'm wondering now if them random mood swings were all caused by the Nexplanon. Strange. confused It wasn't too bad though as they stopped after around 6 months.
After about 4 months or irregular bleeding my periods stopped entirely, which I was very pleased about! About a year into it being in my arm my moods and periods had stopped, so I wouldn't give up hope, just give it a while to settle. I've only had a positive experience other than a slight pregnancy scare after I read that overweight women need to be careful in the third year! Luckily my tests were negative, but I'd take extra care if you are overweight. This has by far being the most effective and easy method of contraception for me because it's stopped my periods and I don't have to worry about taking more pills than I'm prescribed and I've been able to leave it in for 3 years. Another point to make is that I have been highly, HIGHLY (extremely) sexually active all this time too. Most of the time unprotected (TMI) blush and I've not been pregnant or felt I had to be scared about it. I would definitely reccomend Nexplanon for convenience, just give your periods and side effects a time to settle down. And for the record, I am an extremely unlucky person with things like these smile hopefully other people have good experiences with it! It's been great to me

sabresleuthtiger Fri 07-Nov-14 09:25:35

I've had the implant in for coming up 3 years. A bit of background- I'm 20 and I got it in the first place due to suffering with horribly painful heavy monthlies. When I first got it in I initially bled for 2 weeks or so which I abided with due to letting it settle down. After that I enjoyed an era of bliss- no bleeding at all, wahoo! Then I began to bleed for months at a time which was horrible! I went to the doc and was given a depo shot alongside the existing implant which seemed to stop the bleeding. Recently I was on for a month had about a week's gap and then it all began again. I'm seriously starting to believe that all contraception is effective because it forces abstinence!
My partner has some issues with sex as it is let alone me bleeding all of the time so its been completely out of the question. The constant bleeds and low mood are draining and I can't take this anymore. I've got an appointment with my doctor today so I'm hoping I can get it out and either get a new one AND another form of contraception with it or get some decent advice.
I did love the implant for the months where I didn't have any hassle but I loathe the times when I'm having to fork out so much money for tampons. Hopefully it'll get sorted today. Pray for me ladies!

saesig Mon 03-Nov-14 22:40:01

I am horrified to see how many people have been suffering in exactly the same ways as I have! What I find the most disturbing is how we are not told about any potential side affects when we approach the health professionals to insert the implants. I find the wording on the NHS website misleading and why is it that so many of us have great difficulties in getting someone to take this out?!?!? I too have shouted at two different health professionals: If you won't take this thing out then I WILL!! but STILL they wouldn't take it out?!?!? This is beginning to look like some US conspiracy film?? I would be delighted if someone had time, energy and skill to properly research this story!


chelseatrent15 Tue 28-Oct-14 03:22:09

I have had my implant for just a few short months, the only reason why i turned to it is because i cannot take the pill. My doctor told me this would help stop the cyst, heavy bleeding, cramping, etc. BUT that has not been the case, just like almost everyone here i have bled so much, im talking like pints of blood to where im stuck in bed for days, plus the headaches that are unbearable, mood swings that turn me into the devil, aches and pains, terrible weight gain, i've even started to feel like i'm pregnant when im not. this is ruining my relationship, i've held out this whole time to prevent having a baby until im done with school but i cannot take it anymore, i feel like im loosing my mind. i'm getting it taken out in a few days. does anyone know how long it usually takes to get out of your blood stream & your hormones level out once its out?

hhhaaallliii Tue 21-Oct-14 04:16:33

I've had nexplanon for almost 4 months and just started spotting about a week ago. It's not enough for a pad but It's starting to get really annoying! Seems like I'm having minor side effects compared to other ladies out there but I've also noticed a huge mood change as well. I'm angry almost all the time and I really have to try to not snap on every person I come in contact with. It's affecting my work relationships which is making me stressed out which just makes me more angry. I'm considering getting the implant taken out unless these side effects go away. My question is, what have you guys switched to after getting nexplanon removed? I'm thinking about mirena mainly because of the time it lasts but I haven't done enough research to make a decision right away.

courtney95 Wed 01-Oct-14 20:58:53

Ive had Nexplanon for almost a month and it feels like forever! At 4 weeks PP I stopped bleeding, a week later I was bleeding again because of my period. At 6 week PP visit I got the Nexplanon. I stopped bleeding for MAYBE 2 days. Then it was spotting. Now its heavy bleeding. I CAN'T FRICKEN HAVE SEX WITH MY BOYFRIEND. I had sex with him ONCE. I am so fed up with this stupid thing. It makes me bleed, it makes me emotional, I really don't want to wait the 3-6 months to have it taken out. I think im just gonna stick to condoms and the day after pill if an accident happens! At least ill be able to have sex then...

cherrybombxo Tue 30-Sep-14 13:36:12


cherrybombxo Tue 30-Sep-14 13:35:51

I had the implant for 18 months and I begged my doctor to remove it. I bled non-stop for two months and then it switched to one week on, one week off. As someone else mentioned, it's the perfect contraceptive because you can't have sex! I was completely loony tunes as well, spotty, aggressive, weepy and so jealous that my (then) partner couldn't go out with friends for fear of my rage. It totally changed my personality, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

My best friend had one and it caused sever hair loss. She now has to take medication and wear a clip-in hairpiece.

vichimum Wed 17-Sep-14 19:53:13

Hello, I also had the implant and had to have it removed due to hair loss. Yes, I am as sure as i can be that this was the cause. Never had a problem with hair loss before the implant, and within a week of having it removed, i could see i was no longer loosing hair at the front. Its important for me to write this, and i purposely waited 3 months after having it out to write this. I had the implant in for just over a year. I hope this will help some of you.

JoeMc Sat 13-Sep-14 11:46:57

Just to add to the list of horrific Nexplannon experiences!
Had mine in a year, had pregnancy symtoms, felt rubbish on it, and bled lots!
Went to see my go to get it out, she couldn't feel it and put me to a clinic to have it scanned and removed (4weeks later) they said it was embedded in my muscle and I would need to be in hospital and have it removed in theatre. (6 weeks later) which was 4 days ago I got it out, was straight forward in the end and they took me to theatre, cut my arm and pulled it out. Not a pretty sight now and the scar will be just over the length of the implant.
I was bleeding for 3 weeks before removal and still am, heavier this past day! When will things return to normal...don't get the implant!!!

Photo shows the sight 3 days after removal ��

How long as it taken ppl to get back to normal? Pregnant? Xx

skris35 Sat 13-Sep-14 04:13:28

Hello! I was on the Nexplanon for one year. I have had a mental roller-coaster ever since. I was hospitalized in the psych ward for a mental evaluation, which I was placed on Zoloft and a couple anti anxieties. These worked so we started to wean off of them... now my symptoms are back. I got this crazy contraption out of my arm. I only had one period but it lasted forever. I was tired, lazy, and I didn't loose the baby weight, which was also blamed on the Zoloft. I just got my implant removed today. So I will have to update in a few days.

steviebeats Fri 12-Sep-14 00:32:49

I was on Nexplanon implant for 2 years. I didn't have one period on it but I did have severe bouts of depression. I didn't realize it at first but I became very tired, I had absolutely no sexual desire, I gained 25 lbs and I cried over everything. I pride myself in being a vary rational calm woman but on Nexplanon I cried watching commercials. I just had it removed recently and I have more energy for sure but I am still a bit tired. The last couple days since having it removed, I would have tons of energy early in the day and then by the end of the day wake up randomly somewhere because I had fallen asleep.

I had a really tough time trying to get it removed. I went through the VA and they had inserted it and there was only one doctor that did the birth control implant insertions and removals. They tried to persuade me to re think removing it and I remember I told them I would cut it out with a steak knife if they didn't set up the appointment, that's how rational I was on Nexplanon.

The office staff made a mistake and set up the appointment on the first day of my Doctors vacation so I had to reschedule for three weeks later and I remember I was so upset, I screamed at the receptionist, I called a patient advocate group, and when I couldn't do anything else I just fell on the ground balled up crying.

andregem321 Tue 02-Sep-14 20:10:11

Another unsatisfied nexplanon user! I had the implanon nearly 3 years ago i had no problems with it at all ate and drank what i wanted, then the 3 years passed and it was time for to get it out. Thats when the nurse put the nexplanon implant in. Then the trouble started!! I am now getting constant UTI's and cystitis. Has anyone else had any problems with this? I hope some one else is in the same boat as me with this as i feel like im so alone. Im thinking its perhaps the nexplanon thats causing this. At present im having to drink at least 2 litres of water a day where as when i was on the implanon i never drank any water only fizzy stuff. I told my doctor and he said it could possibly be a factor so im now getting the nexplanon out in november and requesting to get the implanon in again to see if there is a change.

Court22 Wed 27-Aug-14 01:34:44

When I say lumps and bumps around the implant area i mean they're subdermal, maybe as deep as the implant if not a bit deeper.

Court22 Wed 27-Aug-14 01:31:55

Hey ladies.
I've had the nexplanon in for a couple of months now, no period, no spotting, no migraines (I was having migraines on the pill, i'm hoping the implant has stopped them) and I feel great, though when my period would normally be due I still get an upset tummy, but I can live with that.
I myself am not a mommy as I'm still too young at 17 and have a beautiful 4 year old brother to look after. I was looking for a birth control method that I did not have to remember to take. I live in Spain but born in the UK and last summer I got the injection, and I would of happily continued that if it weren't for the fact that it costs around 50 euros here!
Now, the only concern I have about the Nexplanon is that I fell it may be broken. I was warned that it can bend and that I shouldn't think anything of it, but I get easily panicked and I worry too much. Also, I can feel various little lumps and bumps around the area where the implant is, just like on my other arm but they seem more prominent? If anyone else has experienced this please help!
Also, when I had the implant fitted a couple of months ago (in the UK), my dr DID tell me that if I had any heavy bleeding or spotting that didn't settle after a couple of weeks or a month that there is medication that can help calm it down, so if you are having problems girls do insist!!

mey0018 Sat 23-Aug-14 02:37:24

I've had mine the full 3 years. I can't take estrogen based bc since it makes me nearly psychotic! I had off and on bleeding for a few months and did gain some weight, which I was able to lose pretty easily once I learned to get a hold of my cravings and started getting active again. But honestly, I love it! I will be getting it replaced. Now that the hormones are wearing off I can definitely tell the differences. I'm pmsing and crampy and just down right pissed off at everything and everyone all the time. I had a wonderful doctor who just gave me a topical anesthetic and I didn't feel a thing. I couldn't do push-ups for 2 weeks, but I was 100% ok with that. But everyone reacts differently. Progesterone keeps me calm, unfortunately fat, but happy so it was a no brainer for me!

LovemyBoopy Tue 12-Aug-14 00:33:47

Hate to say that I'm going through the same thing most of you ladies are. Had it put in 7 weeks after my baby was born last year and it was great at first, minimal bleeding a few days after insertion, then, nothing. That ended around my daughter's 1st birthday, when I started bleeding..and pretty much never stopped. Since then my mood has been crazy and I've been crazy tired. My poor husband gets the worst of my mood swings and no sex, but he's a trooper and he knows it's not my fault. It's more worrying when your period is heavy, like mine is now..i had a problem before even having the Nexplanon implant with having an extended period, I went to see my doctor and they did a bunch of tests and never found out what caused it.
i'm going through pads and super tampons like crazy changing every two-three hours and I know that's not a good sign, sucky part is is that I just moved and will have to set up with a new doctor so it'll be awhile before I can get this thing out.
For those who are looking to get Nexplanon, don't let our experiences scare you, everyone is different, we just happen to be the ones this doesn't work so well for.

shadow1864 Tue 05-Aug-14 21:55:51

I must have read this thread hundreds of times since having my implant fitted last November and I so I thought I would share my experience with you all. As i mentioned, I had my Nexplanon fitted last November after a friend recommended it to me. I was well aware of the many downsides and possible side effects, but the small chance I could have light or even no periods was what swayed me to give it a go. What a mistake. The bleeding started a few days after I had it fitted. It was quite light so i didn't need tampons, but it was heavy enough that I couldn't ignore it. This went on for about two months when I'd decided that enough was enough. Nexplanon was a perfect contraceptive because with a never ending period, my sex life was non-existent. In the middle of January I went to see a doctor and she gave me the contraceptive pill to try and stop the bleeding and scheduled an appointment to have it taken out in 3 weeks. The pill did absolutely no good, but I didn't mind so much because I thought the end was in sight. Three weeks later I went to have it removed and after fifteen minutes of prodding and feeling my arm, the nurse told me she couldn't find it and went to fetch a doctor to get a second opinion. The doctor couldn't find it either and told me she'd refer me to a specialist at the hospital so i could have an ultrasound and have it removed there and in the meantime, she'd put me on a higher does of the contraceptive pill. By this time it was late February and I was constantly tired and exhausted and moody. As I am anaemic, constant blood loss meant I often felt light headed and a bit sick. I went back to the doctor around the end of March as I still hadn't heard from the hospital and I was getting desperate. She had one last failed attempt at trying to locate it in my arm, but I did end up being prescribed norethisterone, a hormone tablet that, I was assured, would stop the bleeding for good, seeing as the higher does pill still hadn't worked. It was the middle of April when I got a letter from the hospital saying that I had an appointment with a specialist for the first week of May. I was delighted, and with the hormone tablets working, I was beginning to feel more like myself. When the day of removal came, I was so excited! I got to the hospital and after a quick consultation with the specialist, I got sent for an ultrasound. After this, I was sent back upstairs to have it removed, only the specialist was not convinced the ultrasound person had picked it out correctly. He advised that if he went in where it was shown on the screen, he still might not be able to find it. However, I was so desperate that I begged him to try. So, he gave me an injection and made the cut, but ten minutes later he said that it was no use, but if I stayed a couple more hours, the 'good' ultrasound person was working in the afternoon and maybe he could have another look for it. So I stayed, had another ultrasound where my implant was successfully located (in a completely different place from where the other person thought it was). Unfortunately, it was in the muscle, so the specialst was unable to remove it that day and I had to wait for another appointment to have surgery on my arm. A few weeks later (and after i'd been back to the doctor to get more hormone tablets) my surgery had been scheduled for the 1st July. Around this time, I began getting very bad cramps, usually ones that would wake me up at night and this carried on until I had to keep paracetamol by my bed and every night i would go to sleep, expecting to be woken by them. On the 25th June I got a call from the Specialist's secretary saying that he had decided to cancel my surgery as it was not his area of expertise and had referred me to the orthopoedic ward (muscles) instead. I was so angry and upset as I thought the end was finally in sight. I had to go back to the doctor for yet more hormone tablets as the lack of bleeding was the only thing keeping me sane. The cramping was now happening in the day, every day, most nights... So today i am still waiting to hear from Orthopoedics and I stopped taking my hormone tablets a couple of days ago and the bleeding has started again. I am at my wits end and I feel like this is never going to be gone from my arm and that i'm never going to get my body back to normal and that thought scares me.

I wanted to share my story with you as many people think that they'll try the implant out and if they don't like it, they'll get it removed. That's what I thought and nearly 7 months later, and despite people's best efforts, it's still there. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Undoubtedly the worst and most soul destroying experience of my life so far.

Bluebird89 Tue 05-Aug-14 07:39:13

Just thought I'd share my experience as well - had the implant for 2 years and whilst on it I thought it was great, no weight gain, mood swings, bleeding etc. However sex became extremely uncomfortable to the point that out sex life became almost non-existent. At the time I didn't connect this with the implant but now that I've had it removed I'm convinced it was the cause as the discomfort and pain has gone and I can actually enjoy sex again. Would never in a million years have the implant again

previouslyhappy Wed 30-Jul-14 14:40:52


The Nexplanon has given me a multitude of horrible side effects and I've had it removed. Just wondering if anyone can tell me (in their experience) how long until I will feel back to normal (not depressed, no mood sings and good libido)? I need to know that there is light at the end of this very long, dark, hormonally induced tunnel!

Thank you!

spongebob5 Mon 28-Jul-14 20:28:51

I've had mine in for about a month. No problems with spotting but my appetite has definately increased :/

tiffycrisp1209 Fri 25-Jul-14 23:33:25

I've had my nexplanon for a year now, and I hate it so much I made an appointment to have mine taken out next month. I've gained so much weight and I'm even having to take a birth control pill to keep me from being on my period all the time. I'm so over this thing!!!!

mariah8227 Fri 25-Jul-14 20:50:36

I have had the Nexplanon implant for almost a year now. 2 weeks into it i asked my doctor if the abnormal bleeding would stop. he said if it didnt stop withing the next 3 months, to come see him. I did not stop bleeding for 3 months. i still had my cycle but it lasted an entire month, it would be light then heavy light then heavy fluctuating each week. Then maybe if i was lucky i would only discharge clots for a day or 2 then dripping again. Made sex, (when i finally decided i could have it while bleeding or live without it), horrible and messy. Went to the doctor to visit and he again said the bleeding will stop and if it doesnt we might take it out. Went in again after 6 months bleeding nonstop, because i fainted and was feeling extremely weak. He gave me a months worth of iron supplements. Totally fed up, i made an appt with a gyno at about 9 months. They didnt want me to come in because of the bleeding. But i finally was able to get in there a week or so ago. He gave me estrogen supplements ro regulate my cycle again because the progesterone in the implant is making me crazy. They havent helped yet, I am super depressed. I have learned to live with the bleeding but i hope the estrogen does help because i feel like my life is living hell, Like everyones out to hurt my feelings but its really me jsut being overly emotional, and am also unable to live up to my full potential, because of my freaking hormones. Plus every pair of panties i own is stained, my wallet is drained with all the cash i spend on pads and tampons, and like i said, life sucks. if you are still bleeding more than a month into nexplanon, i suggest just getting it removed at the hospital, no matter how many times your doc tells you to wait it out.

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