Why aren't i seeing post on my newfeed from loads of my friends?

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Moln Thu 29-Mar-12 21:19:15

Just thought today I haven't seen x for a while so went to post something on her page and realised she's posted loads - however I haven't seen any of it.

Seems to be the case with others too

Is there a reason for this? Some setting somewhere?

I discovered a few days ago that you can change settings for individual friends, so you see all posts, some posts or only important posts. Go to your friend's profile - there'll be a 'Friends' button at the top. If you click in this it produces a drop down menu with options on, see if that helps.

Oh, and check that when you're viewing your newsfeed you have it set to 'most recent' and not 'top stories'. You have to do this every time now as it keeps resetting. angry

Moln Fri 30-Mar-12 21:14:39

thanks for that - i'll go have a look now

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