Rapha Women's 100 (cycling challenge)

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Velorider Fri 14-Mar-14 16:03:52

Has anyone heard of this or doing it??
It's a worldwide event taking place on the same day (July the 20th) where women will cycle 100km. I've just signed up via strava.

Has anyone else signed up? It would be great to create a support group on here, to swap training tips, snack ideas and just general stuff.

I'm a pretty proficient cyclist but only cycle about 40 miles in one to due to kids etc. So sign in, sign up and let's swap stories!

Pipkinhartley Sat 15-Mar-14 12:45:18

Hello, I'm signed up as well. Finally joined Strava to as need the motivation as also got a couple of other Sportives coming up.

Thanks for starting the thread, great idea!

Velorider Sat 15-Mar-14 14:49:26

Hi Pip! Good to have you on board! We just need a few more now. What other sportives are you doing?

Pipkinhartley Sat 15-Mar-14 17:00:45

Warwickshire Diva challenge (100k) end of April and Tour of the National Forest (100k) early May.
I've also just become a Breeze champ, so will start running ladies rides from May (need to get my first aid qualification to be able to lead) so hopefully may find a couple more willing volunteers!
You signed up for any sportives Velo?

Velorider Sat 15-Mar-14 17:06:10

I was signed up for Cycletta (I am in Scotland) but my lovely MIL booked a holiday and we fly out on that day. I am looking at other sportives now. Breeze is only in England, but I'm helping a friend try to set up something similar in Scotland. You sound like you have your hands full!

How are you training for these? I'm really squeezed for time with kids but longer evenings are helping as I can go out when DP gets home. But would love any tips!

ssmile Sat 15-Mar-14 20:46:10

Not heard of this but one of my goals this year was to do a longish bike ride. I think the most I've done in recent years is 25miles. I'm communting once a week to work which is 9miles each way and now the weather is better I'm hoping to do twice a week but I'm always struggling with childcare! My DH doesn't get home from work till 7pm and I start work at 7am so squeezing in training when I have no kids to care for is a challenge! Just mentioned this to my DH and he just said semi-sseriously we should do our local hospiscare 100k cycle ride in june on a tandem grin. We dont own a tandem but have hired one in the past pre kids and loved it.

ssmile Sat 15-Mar-14 21:21:00

I've just been looking at training schedules online and it should be possible for me to do 14-15wks training to do one at end June. I think I can do two work commutes a week &a weekend longer training ride. What sort of training are you doing?

Oh that sounds right up my street except I'm visiting friends on the IOM just that weekend and as I see them just once a year I think they'd be a bit annoyed if I buggered off on an all day ride (leaving my DC in their care)

But marking my place to follow

Pipkinhartley Sun 16-Mar-14 08:48:06

I've been a bit fair weather over the past few months but started again regularly since the beginning of the month.
I was getting out about three times a week, totalling about 60 miles but am building on that now.
Not following a particular training plan, I tend to work on the theory of building a good base fitness by putting the miles in and build in a few sprints on each ride.
Have just joined strava this week and that's definitely spurring me on! (I'm not usually competitive, but that's changing!)
Also have the benefit of OH being a very good cyclist so lots of advise and help with maintenance.
The commuting rides should help, they'll be a good measure of how you progress.
Ssmile and Velo, take my hat of to you both managing to get the miles in with your child care commitments, I remember my cycling just stopped when I had those issues a few years ago. Now days I guess I'm lucky as child care not really an issue as have been managing week end rides when sons busy with clubs etc and in the week am able to get out for a quick ride two or threes times.
ATB, if you fancy sportives, try the British Cycling website - there are loads listed on there and easily filtered for region.
Just off for a ride now (damn you strava).
Looking forward to hearing how you all get on!

Velorider Sun 16-Mar-14 09:25:46

Hello ssmile, and Americas (shame you can't do it but would be good to have your input too). If anyone wants to swap names on strava for support their too, I am happy to pm.

I'm going out for a ride today if I can. 20 miles if all goes to plan. DP is away with ds, I have dd, but they should be back by early afternoon and the sun is shining and my legs are itching to be out.

Training wise I think I'm a little like pip! I have no actual plan (because in my house plans always end up in the bin). I'm just riding about 50 miles a week now, so 3x10 miles and 1x20 miles. Next week as I have two hours of child free time every day, so will do 3x15 and a longer one of 30miles at the weekend. I'm really constricted for the two hours I have, as I have to be home to collect dd from nursery, so 15 is about my limit. So weekends will be for building my endurance.

Does anyone have any good snack tips? I take homemade flapjacks and bananas. I have high5 tablets in my water bottle for energy boots! Obliviously I stop and have cake and coffeewink but any savoury snack would be great!

annieshaf Sun 16-Mar-14 13:38:49

Hi all. Not sure if I fit in here as I am a relatively new cyclist. Have just started to take it more seriously as I have had to put a temporary halt to my running due to injury. Have been managing a 21 mile once or twice a week with a 10 miler aswell as an intensive spinning class over the last few weeks.

I am just about to buy a new bike and wondered if you experienced ladies could let me know what you think of this.

this bike

Most of my cycling is on a mixture of Tarmac and gravel paths with a few muddy hills and rough tracks thrown in so a full blown road bike doesn't seem like a good idea. However I would like to join a group/ club and get used to more road cycling. I like the idea of the 100k challenge but would need to increase my distances.

I'm based in LA now but am back in the UK for 5 weeks in the summer so might look up some rides I can do when I'm home as I can use my Dad's lovely Giant bike.

I did AIDS/LifeCycle last year and doing it again this year - 545miles from San Fran to LA in a week, so my training at the moment consists of a decent 45-60mile ride every other weekend and a mid week ride of around 25miles when I can fit it in. I go to yoga once a week and swim once a week too and as it gets closer (and hopefully slepe training works on DD) will do Shred for a few mornings a week - last year I found strengthening my core and doing any sort of exercise to up my fitness and increase stamina really helped.

Snacks on the road, I make up trail mix of almonds, cashews and cranberries, but almond butter and honey sandwiches are great too

Velorider Sun 16-Mar-14 17:03:46

Annie, you sound a bit like me. I only started in September last year really getting into it. So it would be great to share experiences. That bike looks amazing!

America, almond butter and honey sandwiches sound great! I'm off to see if I can buy the butter. 545 miles! Wow! Well done smile the beauty of this ride is you can do it anywhere in the world. Are you from the UK originally?

Yup! We moved here 2yrs ago and I signed up for ALC shortly after we got here. Had 5month old DD and an allergy to exercise but was a commuter cyclist in London for years so it was a massive achievement last year and honestly one of the best weeks of my life!

If it's ok I'll hang around the thread as it would be nice to swap training tips and have a mutual support group. My ride is beginning of June and mentally I'm finding it tougher than last year so far

Velorider Sun 16-Mar-14 18:08:09

I'd love to do something like that. It must have been once of those things you will never forget. Please do hang around, the more the merrier. We can all spur each other on,we write what we have ridden when we ride, I think seeing it and sharing it will help us all keep going.

Pipkinhartley Sun 16-Mar-14 19:59:44

Fantastic achievement ATB! That's some going and your current training sounds pretty full on! Hope you can still take part in the Rapha 100, as Velo says, it's an international event and already a lot of American participants on the event Facebook page ( I've joined that too, anyone else doing so?)
Welcome Annie, just being up for the challenge and loving cycling sounds like you do fit! And that Giant looks great, as you say, no point in getting a full road bike if you want to keep mixing it with off road and trails. Also like you, I used to be a runner, but my injury (PF with other complications) has put paid to that. Take comfort though, I now love cycling more than I did running!
Fueling wise, I'm rubbish, find it difficult to take on anything other than sweets like high five candies and isotonic drinks but love a big ice cream based milkshake at the end of a longer ride! Although almond butter sounds good! Never mind as a riding snack, just sounds good in general!
Would love to swap strava details with others on the thread, I'll pm you Velo, likewise anyone feel free to do so with me.

annieshaf Sun 16-Mar-14 20:45:20

Thanks for the welcome everyone. Hope some support will help inspire me to build up to higher mileage.
I have joined strava but don't currently have any data on there. I will try to download from my garmin account so I can build up some history.

I am stuck to one route at the moment mainly because it is so convenient as it's a circular route going virtually from my front door and it's mainly off road.

Would like to vary this a bit when I get my new bike but am nervous of road riding and would feel more comfortable with a club. Not sure how to go about this as don't think I am quite fit enough yet. Feels like a vicious circle!

My favourite snack at the moment (other than chocolate) is dried figs wrapped in a slice of emmental cheese.

Pipkin - I also have PF and am hoping it will heal soon so I can get back to running but not making much progress yet and haven't run properly since Xmas. Am now thinking that I will never get back to running as much as I was and will have to mix it up a bit even when the PF is cured. Are you hoping to get back to running soon?

Thanks for looking at the bike, I think I'm going to go for it soon.

ssmile Sun 16-Mar-14 20:58:16

I think the full moon gave me an energy boost today as was cleaning out the oven at 7am then went off for my normal 1hr bike ride but came back 2hrs later and had done 26miles smile felt tired but pleased with myself as that was the furthest I've ridden in the last few months. It will make a good training run as it had longish hill in it which I had to walk part off. I hadn't had breakfast or taken any snacks (most unlike me!) but managed to buy a flap jack and text DH to say I'd be late back grin. I've just signed up to our local charity 55mile ride at end of June.
Velourider you sound like me with your child care restrictions it's really frustrating but I really make the most of the slices of "me time" that cycling gives me but it does mean I have to leave for work at 6am to squeeze in the commute.
Torturedbrow that week long ride sounds amazing.

Velorider Mon 17-Mar-14 12:22:48

Hi everyone! Ssmile well done! I love rides like that. They take you by surprise. Yep I'm setting my alarm clock to get up earlier do do a ride before DP goes to work, come home, take kids to school then I can go back out! Can't wait for much longer evenings as I won't be so restricted.

Annie, if you workout how to cross strava and garmin I would love to know! I've been using my edge instead of strava, although am back on strava for this gp challenge.

Has anyone been out today?

aw I would love to get out first thing in the morning but have a sleepless toddler and it's impossible to do anything first thing with the sleep deprivation. I am trying to get into running though as I can fit in a 20min run the odd morning before school and work

so...what is strava?

I can't do the Rapha 100 sadly because I'm visiting friends that weekend but might do a search and see if there are similar rides.

And if anyone is based in Sussex and fancies a ride in June or July let me know!

Pipkinhartley Mon 17-Mar-14 18:53:08

Annie, unlikely I'll get back to running as there is also bone damage within the heel, I used to do long distance, albeit very slowly! Running was also putting pressure on my knees which are getting better now I've turned to cycling. And I never quite got the buzz of going at 50 km with running as on the bike!
I wouldn't worry too much about doing the same route, I do the same at least twice a week to measure improvements.
Ssmile, great when that happens isn't it!
Velo, not out today, busy at work but will be out tomorrow! Hope you managed a good ride today.
ATB, strava is the devils work. It's both fantastically clever and annoyingly addictive. It measures all your rides/ runs against other users that have completed the same route, or part of, then provides analyses on your performance against the others. It also allows you to see what other folks you are following/who are following you are up to and how they are getting on. Best of all it's free, it uses gps via your smartphone but if you use a garmin (or similar devise) you can upload to the site.

Velorider Mon 17-Mar-14 19:28:31

How did I not know you can cross a garmin with strava? Must do this as my strava looks like I haven't done anything for months!

I've never been able to run. I think some people (me) are not built for it. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. My bike seems to just give me a sense of evened on and going through puddles is just fun.

As for routes I sort of stick to what I know around here. Ie they are hard trails, off road so clear of traffic which makes me feel much safer. Hopefully the UK can get its cycling infrastructure sorted out and drivers don't think we are such a bad bunch. I can but dream.

I never actually got out today pip! I am tomorrow for an hour. But will be waiting in for a delivery of a pair of bib knickers (who comes up with these names??). Never thought I would get excited about Lycra.blush

strava sounds horrible! wink I just use mapmyride to chart my own progress but should prob consider matching with others.

my brother bought me a gopro which I'm yet to use, but really should as the rides I get to do are all beautiful californian coastline!

ssmile Mon 17-Mar-14 20:47:34

Have just set my alarm so I can cycle commute tom fingers our toddler doesn't repeat last nights antics and 5am start or I will be too tired.

Oh to be cycling along California coastline sounds heavenly smile I have lived in west Texas in the past and those wide open vistas make you want to cycle for miles. now I do Devon hills that just make me wanna get off and walk grin

Pipkinhartley Mon 17-Mar-14 21:10:30

Hope your toddler gives you a good nights kip Ssmile! ( on a mumsnet note, my boy didn't sleep through the night for first three years! And no, I wasn't cycling then!)

Know what you mean about getting exited about Lycra Velo! I'm still (marginally) more excited when I get on the Paul Smith website at sale time and have learned to simply not even google Rapha with Paul Smith!

ATB, I always used to use map my ride/ run, it's a great tool. I've only been on strava for a week but do find it a lot easier and am very firmly of the opinion that I'll use it to help me measure/ encourage my performance - but that said, it is great to see how you're doing and is good motivation.

You and Ssmile both very lucky to have the California/ west Texas experience, I'll just dream on when slogging up ( then down!) some of Leicestershire's finest hills!

Velorider Tue 18-Mar-14 09:23:50

I'd love to cycle for miles somewhere flat and warm. Instead I get hellish coastal winds, scottish hills and rain! Mind you, the views are stunning wink

Did you make it out this morning ssmile? It's raining here which is no surprise, so yet another day passes by. Between schools drop off, nursery pick up, school pick up and after school clubs, I won't be done until 7. Plus work in between all that.

ATB I use map my walk and used to use map my ride too. Both really good. Strava has the edge of feeding my slight competitive streak though.

Oh ssmile and pipkin I understand - my DD (2.4) wakes at least twice a night and is rarely up for the day beyond 5am. She's a worse sleeper than this time last year - another reason I think I'm finding training harder this time around. I'm going to get out on the bike tomorrow - both DC are in daycare on weds so trying to get all the boring jobs done so I can fit in a 25mile ride at some point

Velorider Tue 18-Mar-14 14:24:52

My dd is almost 5. She started sleeping all night 3 months ago. It was a long four years! You know what tires her out???? Cycling!! wink

annieshaf Tue 18-Mar-14 23:18:44

I managed to get Strava connecting to my garmin. You just upload as you would with garmin connect, it's dead easy. But then you just get stats overload. My regular 21 mile routes has loads of segments that other people have input so it instantly compared me to all the other local strava users - eek

Managed to motivate myself to get out this morning despite the rain and the wind. Was never going to break any records but did a reasonable time for my regular route.

America - I know what you mean about planning your time around your rides, I have been working till 11pm tonight so that I could cycle during the day whilst the boys are at school.

Velo - I think strava will feed my competitive side as well, I can't wait to get my new bike on Thursday (I hope) and then get out to see if it makes any difference.

Pipkin- it's very hilly round here as well but then it's all good training! Does make me think what a holiday in holland might be like though. Would be a walk in the park!

SSmile - home your little one sleeps well and you can get another long ride in soon.

Have a busy three days now with work so other than taking new bike out for a spin don't think I will be doing much until the weekend. With a bit of look the weather will improve and will be able to get out with the boys for a bit.

Velorider Wed 19-Mar-14 12:00:04

Hi Annie, that sounds good. I will remember that. Although all my rides are uploaded to garmin though, I never store for long on the actual device.
I hope you enjoy your new bike. I've got my eye on a couple of bikes I would love but finances are not allowing.

I was going to head out today, just got some new DHB kit, which I have never tried before and I have to say tis quite good! But the winds are hitting 30mph so I would love the tailwind but would never actually manage in the headwind. So another day of no cycling! Might dust of the trainer and do some indoors.

Pipkinhartley Wed 19-Mar-14 16:43:30

Hey Annie, do you see what I mean about strava bringing out a competitive side you never thought you had! You'll be analysing those segment times like a strava pro before long! You did well to get out today in the wind and rain - that's half the battle I guess. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the new bike.
Velo, glad to hear you dd is now sleeping through, new kit sounds good and don't blame you for not going out inthe wind today - I (stupidly) went out last month during the nasty weather thinking it wasn't too bad but an hour into my ride the weather got worse very quickly and I ended up getting blown off by a side wind on a junction. Knee and ankle recovered quickly enough, pride took a little longer!
Weather wasn't too bad down here, light winds but nice and bright so managed to get out for an hour and a half, hopefully will manage another one before the weekend.

ssmile Wed 19-Mar-14 21:57:16

Made it in to work Tuesday on the bike and back but been tired today. Got home with 25mins to spare beforeccollecting my DDs from childcare and promptly fell asleep for 20mins! Not done that for a long time smile luckly I'd set my phone alarm woke up with a start! My first DD didn't sleep through until 5 and she was at school being worn out. Luckly DD2 has been a dream in comparison and most nights does 10hrs straight but has just been a bit poorly lately coughing all night so we've had week of disturbed sleep.
I've been finding pot holes on the bike a nightmare here. I've got a new bike with slimmer road tyres - still hybrid not racing ones but they SO bumpy on holes. With the shadows from the sun on the road its hard to miss all the pot holes when going at speed. Feel scared gonna fly over handlebars! Its been such a wet winter in SW the B-roads are awful.
Have been trying to plan out some cycle time over next few weeks and been looking at OS map to see how I can extend the route I did at weekend. Exciting but just worried about finding time to get on my bike especially as DH wants to get out on his now.

Velorider Thu 20-Mar-14 07:25:03

Good morning all. It's officially the first day of spring. And we have gale force winds up in Scotland. Typical!!

Was off out this morning for a ride, wind or no wind, but dd has developed conjunctivitis so no nursery which means I can't go anywhere. Will train indoors today.

Pip I know what you mean about pride taking longer to heel after a fall. I recently went clipless and have had a few "mishaps". Embarrassing to say the least!

Ssmile, yep my DP wants to cycle too now so finding time just became harder! But I am out tomorrow, sat and Sunday. Plan 3x 20 mile rides so I won't be gone too long and we can both go out.

Can I ask what you all carry your spare stuff in for longer rides? I have a backpack but I get all sweaty. So ordered a large saddle bag to keep spare inner tubes, tyre levers, rain jacket and snacks in. Not sure how well it will work though!

Pipkinhartley Thu 20-Mar-14 15:57:10

Hi Velo, not been able to spare any time to get out today and probably would have been in two minds as it's really windy here to today. Should be able to book a couple of hours tomorrow hopefully.
For longer rides I've got a saddle pouch and keep spare inner tube, tyre lever, multi tool and co2 canister. There's a spare Promax meal bar in there to, but it's an in case of emergency type thing as has been there since last September!
How's riding going for everyone else?

Velorider Fri 21-Mar-14 11:53:39

Well I just toke over two hours to do 20 miles. I cycled into a headwind of 30mph which was painful! But I just went slow and steady. The wind here isn't going anywhere so it was a choice of doing it, or not getting out at all.

Needless to say the ride back was three times as quick and great fun! Glad I have been out. Fingers crossed for 40 miles on Sunday.

How's everyone else getting on?

Velorider Fri 21-Mar-14 11:54:09

Toke = took blush

Morning everyone - so jealous of you all getting out so much, I really need to make an effort to do even short rides and I feel like such a wimp hearing you brave winds and rain. God I used to cycle through all weathers in London, I am utterly spoilt with the weather here and moan about headwinds! Although it can get horribly hot in the summer on the bike and the roads offer no shelter so you absolutely have to carry factor 50 suncream.

Velo those headwinds sound immense! so much better having headwinds on the way and tail winds on the way back though.

We start sleep training tonight (I've been up since 4:15am this morning with DD) so I doubt I'll get out this weekend but am def booking in decent ride up the canyons on Wednesday, prob about 40miles. I've registered for my first century this year on 5th April so have told DH I'll be out next Sunday to get 50miles under my belt, then the weekend after the century it's a 75mile "day on the ride" when ALC sets up a training ride fully supported with lunch and rest stops like the actual ride in the summer. It's tougher than the century though with a huge hill or two - the century is pretty flat as a nice introduction to doing a full day of riding.

I have two pouches attached to my bike - front one holds snacks, suncream, shot blocks and has a tiny bit of room for arm warmers when they come off - back one sits under my saddle and has just enough room for two inner tubes and tyre irons. I don't normally carry a pump or canisters but probably should. I generally bike with others and if on a proper training ride there are TRL's who carry pumps, if not then I bike south along the beach communities where there is never a bike shop too far away

Pipkinhartley Fri 21-Mar-14 16:47:57

ATB, that's an impressive training schedule, and I was sympathising with you re training in the intense heat until I read about the biking south in the beach communities! Seriously though, your planned rides should give your training a boost and the ALC training ride sounds pretty fab.

Impressed with your ride out in the wind today Velo, was windy here, but nowhere near 30 mile headwinds! Was gusting somewhere close to that yesterday so I wimped out. Managed just shy of 27 miles today, trying to build on maintaining a consistent pace.

See the Rapha 100 website is growing, I'm waiting to hear from the ride that's showing as closest to me regarding joining criteria, anyone else starting to make enquiries?

Velorider Fri 21-Mar-14 17:13:31

ATB that is impressive! I'm rubbish in heat and hoping training will help me cope with summer. Even scottish summers have me in factor 50 blush. I'm aiming to do my first century after the rapha ride. Thought the rapha ride is a metric century if that counts wink good luck with the sleep training. It's exhausting!

Pip sounds good! I'm trying to go a little further every time I go out, even if it's just a mile or two more than the ride before. Heading out again tomorrow. Winds are still up near the 20mph but not as bad as today.

I don't think there are any rapha rides near me so I am creating my own going out with a small group of friends who have signed up to do it.

Thistledew Fri 21-Mar-14 17:49:49

Hello all. I recognise some names from the Peddlers [sic] thread.

Can I join too?

I might be up for the Rapha 100, although DH and I have now started TTC, so who knows what I will be up for in July. If I am still cycling then, I will probably try to organise a 'women only' ride with my cycle club on that day.

I must admit I am anxiously looking at the forecast for this weekend. The last one was so glorious, it would be a real drag to go back to wind and rain.

Thistledew Fri 21-Mar-14 17:58:51

Velo - re your query for carrying things whilst cycling - if you wear a proper cycling jersey, it is amazing how much stuff you can carry in the back pockets.

On a normal Sunday ride I carry:

mobile phone, cash and credit card in a small ortlieb pouch
cafe covers for the cleats on my shoes
small coffee stop lock
a Leyzen pouch containing: spare inner tube, tyre levers, cannister, multitool
Small hand pump
Inhalers for my asthma
a couple of energy gels

All in the three back pockets of my jersey!

Last Sunday I started off with way too many clothes on so also managed to stuff in a my base layer top and gillet that I had taken off! I was accused of looking like I was going camping though.

Other alternatives to a saddle bag are to use a spare bottle if you have two bottle cages.

Velorider Fri 21-Mar-14 18:43:01

Hi thistle! Yep the more that join the better!

Yes when the weather is better I intend to use my pockets much more. But as it is I need a wind breaker or a rain jacket, neither of which would fasten up if I were to fill my pockets. However the saddle bag I got isn't to larfe, carries everything it seems with room for a sandwhich too! I ride a merida Juliet and there is only enough room on the frame for one bottle cage, so I am gonna mount one on the handle bars.

Will try it put tomorrow and see how I go. Those three pockets are great though! I have several Jerseys. In fact, I have had to dedicate more of my wardrobe to cycling gear. It's quite ridiculous. Is that just me??

ssmile Fri 21-Mar-14 21:01:20

I've got a handle bar bag which I got 4yrs ago in a French supermarket. Its been brill I use it for my work commute as can get phones passcards lock money sandwiches&tools etc in it. My DH uses a waterbottle to carry his tool kit n money.
No more cycling for me this wk. My DD got conjunctivitis too &both got colds which they now given me. I'm off to bed early hoping by Sunday I have more energy to do a ride. Weather pants ere tonight very wet n windy so hopefully it be better tom.

My packs are kinda small packs that trap to the top bar so don't get in the way - would that kind of thing work? And yes jersey pockets are brilliant!

Velorider Fri 21-Mar-14 21:30:47

This is an image (not my actual bike but same make and size). You can see the frame doesn't lend itself to much room. I think pockets will be grande for shorter trips, and the saddle bag I got will do for day rides (not there yet anyway). Good tip about using a spare water bottle for extras too though! I like that! I knew this thread would be useful!

Thanks all! My handle bar also has a garmin in the centre, my light and soon a spare water bottle as there is no room on the frame. All to save carrying a backpack! Does anyone use a camelbak? Or do you just carry extra water in your pockets for long rides?

ssmile Sat 22-Mar-14 06:51:36

I've a handle bar extender which my light &computer sits on. Its like a big T that clips to front bars so that I could still get my hanflebar bag on. I've used camelbag when overseas and no one around for miles but in UK not so much as normally a cornershop I can restock at if run out. I have a new bike so I may look at how I can get another water bottle on but my bike looks very similar ti yours Velo and there isn't a second set of fixing bolts for another bottle hmmmm I'm guessing that rules out a 2nd bottle? (On phone cant vorrect typos!)

loving the idea of using the second bottle for storage

gutted - it's the perfect morning for a ride but I'm on DC duty after DH spent all night up sleep training DD booooooooooooooooo

Velorider Sat 22-Mar-14 15:46:21

Oh no ATB. I hate it when that happens. Perfect weather but no escape. I did a rubbish 7 miles today. Think pedalling into the wind yesterday has hurt my legs. I feel normal walking etc but as soon as I headed into the wind again, everything felt it. I hope you get out tomorrow!

Ssmile, you can get handlbar mounting water bottles, would that be any use? Or am I missing the point that your handlebars are already quite crowded? I wish I had room for two cages under mine. As anything above 20 miles and I need 2/3 water bottles in any kind of heat.

Thistledew Sat 22-Mar-14 16:47:49

Velo - as your bike is far more of a mountain bike style, I would just use a camelbak. They are used far more by mtb riders for the same reasons as you experience, and also that if you are going off road bottles in cages would just fall out. I have a camelbak that holds about 1.5ltr, and also has a small pouch but is still quite slimline.

I usually just take out two 750ml bottles, which do me for most rides. Last Sunday I had drained both of them by the end of a 70 mile 5hr ride, but on hotter days I would make sure to top up half way round. Either at a cafe if out with my cycling club, or at water points on an organised ride.

Thistledew Sat 22-Mar-14 16:54:06

You can also get mounts for bottles that attach to your saddle.

Dual ones as well.

bar mount.

Thistledew Sat 22-Mar-14 16:55:06

Messed up that last link. Handlebar mount here

Velorider Sat 22-Mar-14 18:40:34

Hi thistle,thanks for those. That last one is exactly the one I just bought. Wiggle must love me. I agree my bike looks very mtb style. It's just a hardtrail though so is perfect for what I need. I do go off road but mainly cycle paths with the occasional through the woods. Hopefully my bottles will stay put!
I like the dual ones though!

Pipkinhartley Sun 23-Mar-14 19:21:42

Anyone out today? Was windy here but fairly sunny.

Was hoping to do a decent run yesterday (about 30 ish miles) but had an epic mechanical fail at mile 11 when front wheel literally came off! It would appear the bearings were pretty worn and seized up causing the hub to come flying off. Thankfully OH started out with me and had separated off on to his own route just a few miles before so he was able to cut short and go home and come to my rescue.

So front wheel change and all good hopes to get out again today ( intension was to try and do 45 ish miles after yesterday's ride cut short) and after a great start ( well felt great to me!) started to notice resistance from the rear wheel. More bearing trouble! Had to turn back at about mile 20 and head back with a bloody back wheel that kept seizing up! So all in all, managed 37 miles in 3 hours, bit disappointed as would like to have gone further/ faster as would like to be putting a bit more in ahead of 100 km sportive at end of April.

On the plus side, OH has just ordered me a lovely new set of wheels (Shimano RS 30s) from Planet X so alls well that ends well!

Good to hear fuelling tips, I must progress beyond jelly babies, red bull and Maccy D's milkshakes. ( The latter doubling up as a VO2 max threshold tester - takes some effort to hoover one of them up!)

On another note, hope those of you with toddlers on sleep programmes are making progress, I still shudder when I think of my three and a half sleepless years!

ssmile Sun 23-Mar-14 19:37:24

Thanks for the links thistle. I'd not seen the bottle holders off the saddle that might work for me. No cycling for me this weekend :-( felt awful with this bug the girls have had and, DD1 was in tears earlier with earache so I really hope the meds help her sleep ok. Hopefully I have more energy to cycle commute tues or Wednesday.

Thistledew Sun 23-Mar-14 20:10:59

Pip That sounds dramatic! How old is your bike? I would take it to a local bike store if I were you for a full service. You don't want to fall victim to any more catastrophic failures. At worse, you could end up in an accident, and at best it ruins your chance to get out riding. A guy on our ride today lost a bolt holding his crank on (!), and there was really nothing we could do for him but point him in the direction of the nearest train station about three miles away.

ssmile I hope you are back on the bike soon.

I went out with my cycling club and did a fairly easy 50 miles. The head wind was vicious at times. I also spent about 10 miles of that as back marker for a group that included some 'newbies' - people coming out with the club for the first time. One guy did quite well for the first half of the ride but then started to flag badly and drop off the back of the group. I kept dropping back and letting him sit on my wheel to tow him back to the group, only to look round 200 yards later and see that he had dropped off again. I must have towed him back to the group (so riding faster than they were going) about a dozen times! I was knackered after that and made someone else take over the duties so I could sit in the group for most of the rest of the ride.

Still, I felt in reasonable shape, despite having sore legs from a 9.5km run I did yesterday.

Velorider Sun 23-Mar-14 20:11:35

I couldn't get out today as we had a family day, which I suppose we have to do once on a while wink

Pip sounds like your bike is giving you a run for your money!!! Well done though on getting it fixed and still doing fairly decent rides! My plan this week is to get out for 20 mile rides when dd is in nursery and a longer 40 mile one at the weekend hopefull! Maybe 50 if it feels good. I watched Davinas sports relief thing last night. She was pretty inspiring! She cycled 130 miles in one day, swam, ran from Edinburgh to London in a week. Did anyone else see it? Made me feel bad when I complain.

My short ride yesterday had my first fall whilst clipped in. Was out with my secen year old who stopped suddenly, and I was in Mum Mode so stopped without thinking to see if he was ok, forgot I was clipped in so keeled over. Massive bruise on knee now, which is swollen! Funny how when I go out alone I'm just a regular cyclist, and I thnk that's the appeal. I get to not be a mum for a while. Combine the two and apparently I fail!

Ssmile. I hope you get some rest tonight, it's not easy when they are ill. And I hope you make a speedy recovery.

Velorider Sun 23-Mar-14 20:14:22

Thistle, I have yet to hit a 50 mile ride in one day! Never mind after running! You are all so much fitter than me. But I am getting there. Well done!

Thistledew Sun 23-Mar-14 20:27:51

Velo Ouch! I hope your knee heals quickly. Don't worry, getting hit by the topple goblin (close relation of the p*ncture fairy) is something that happens to the best of us.

I started riding almost exactly 3 years ago, and remember for the first month was exhausted after riding 7 miles or so. In May of the same year I did a 26 mile sportive, and was amazed as it was the furthest I had ridden at any one time. At the end of July I then did a 65 mile sponsored ride, and discovered that if you go at a pace that is comfortable for you, you can pretty much keep going and going on a bike. It is only if you are working hard and/or doing lots of hills that you will feel fatigued quickly. I found that increasing distances is actually largely psychological, and if you know you can ride 30 miles, you will have no problem with 50. If you can do 50 then 70 will be fine, and if you can do 70 then 100 won't seem much more.

This time last year I made a conscious decision to work on my fitness, and it has really improved. DH and I bought a turbo trainer as a joint Christmas present to each other, and that has really helped with my strength.

Thistledew Sun 23-Mar-14 20:34:38

Finding your 'comfortable' pace can be described by your Perceived Rate of Exertion (PRE). This is a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is barely turning over the pedals, and 10 is a maximal effort that you can only sustain for up to 30 seconds. 7 is your 'lactate threshold', where you burn energy (i.e. the glycogen stored in your blood and liver) quicker than your body can replenish it. This feels like hard work, and it will be difficult to hold a conversation whilst working at this level. This is where your fitness levels really kick in, as they determine how long you can sustain this intensity for.

However, most people can ride at level 5 for quite a long time. You are more likely to feel you want to stop due to muscle (or arse!) soreness than actual fatigue.

Velorider Sun 23-Mar-14 21:27:03

Hi thistle, that all makes perfect sense. I grew up cycling, then stopped for a few years, picked it up when pregnant with ds1. But then had to stop again, so have only been back at it for a few month and am getting quite serious about it.

I've had to dedicate half of my wardrobe to cycle gear which is drastic!

I've got a turbo trainer but find it dull. How do you motivate yourself to use it? I cycled in snow and ice rather than use it. Despite trying!

Thistledew Sun 23-Mar-14 21:54:50

Sufferfest videos! They are basically a fancy form of interval training, but they do keep you entertained and working hard.

Pipkinhartley Mon 24-Mar-14 08:11:13

Ssmile, hope you and your girls are better soon.

Hi Thistle, think that head wind affected everyone yesterday - lots of mention on strava about it! My bike is a five year old carbon Orbea Onyx and serviced regularly, but wheels were recent change after the Campags that were on it suffered a spoke loss, flat spokes so not always that easy to replace. Anyway, were only intended as a temporary swap and have the new Shimanos on order. Sounds like you had your work cut out for you yesterday but good to hear your club encourages newbies.

Like you Velo, cycled for years but have only got in to it properly in the last couple of years after having to give up running. Working on distance now but keen to keep up a reasonable pace. Very true what you say about it being largely psychological Thistle, for me it also helped adding an extra 5 or so miles on each weekend ride when I was getting out last summer so small steps but soon got up to a comfortable 60 run.

Also have a turbo trainer (joint Christmas gift too!) but do find it dull, will check out sufferfest!

wow Pip that does sound drastic but nice excuse to get a new set of wheels

Impressed at all the turbo trainers, not that I really have an excuse for not getting outside (I am feeling a bit blush reading about you all in massive headwinds and rain!)

Velo one of the reasons I signed up to ALC was to have the excuse to get out on a bike, on my own, for a few hours - let alone the week long ride itself. It's so good to feel so totally only responsible for myself for once in a while!

hope you and your girls get well soon ssmile, you have my sympathies. DD's sleep training is going ok at the moment but from past experiences we're expecting at least one horrific night before it dramatically improves. Bloody DS has started getting up in the middle of the night now though which is so frustrating and unneccessary!

A friend has just moved to Malibu (up a massive hill which is rewarded with an incredible view of the Pacific) so I've agreed to cycle to hers and have coffee on Wednesday, I'll attempt one of the canyons first though then stop by hers on the way back

Thistledew I'm in awe of you!

BistoBear Mon 24-Mar-14 14:21:34

Can I join you lovely ladies? Keen cyclist here, I've signed up to the 100km cycle in June. Just about to head out on a 20-30 mile cycle now, sunny but windy here in Scotland smile

VivaLeBeaver Mon 24-Mar-14 14:31:38

I'd love to do a metric 100.

Just been out today and done 18 miles. I ride a recumbent trike now and its slower going than my cyclocross bike. I think I'm still getting my "bent" legs though as only done about 200 miles on it in total, got the trike last Sept I think.

Would love to build up to this but not sure I can. It all seems bloody hard work. Was very windy today though. Struggling to get to 9mph at times, then hit 25mph down a slight but long downhill!

VivaLeBeaver Mon 24-Mar-14 14:33:25

I did do 35 miles last summer but on an upright.

I think I do need to try and up the distance 5 miles a week and keep going.

BistoBear Mon 24-Mar-14 14:36:21

Just realised that I'm doing a 100 mile march/walk in Holland that week so will be in no fit state to attempt a 100k bike ride! Shall stay on this thread though and follow the training plans as I love cycling smile

Velorider Mon 24-Mar-14 14:40:57

Welcome Bisto and Viva! Good to have more on board!
Thistle, "sufferfest" is such an apt name! Love it hehe. Will look it up, thanks.

When do the new wheels arrive pip??

ATB am [green] at you cycling in Malibu. I mean I have some stunning coastal views but it is actually cold here just now! Sigh. I long for warm! I hope the hill is worth it. Can you snap the view and post it on here?

Bisto, where in Scotland are you? I'm on the east coast. Heading out for a quick 10 miles when the kids are at a swimming lesson later. Seems silly not to. Might take me a week with the bloody headwinds, again! I just keep telling myself it's resistance training!

Viva, yours speeds sound similar to mine! I am anywhere between 6-10 mph in a 25mph headwind, cruise at 17 on flats easy with no wind and wheeeeeeeee all the way home at 20+mph in a tailwind!

Velorider Mon 24-Mar-14 14:42:33

Bisto I see you wrote June, this ride is the end of July does that help? wink

ssmile Mon 24-Mar-14 14:44:05

Still feeling crap but motivated by your collective riding. This may sound a daft question but how can I get faster? I got a new bike 2months ago as old one was 18yrs old mtb bike with road tyres. I've got a hybrid road bike with flat bars as my old back issues means I can't sustain a racing handle bar position. I was most disappointed that the new bike has only made me 1mph faster! I average about 11mph and all the blokes that go past me on my work commute are flying along. Is it just I've got to build up muscle power and fitness? I do have a cycle trainer and tried doing 20sec burst 20sec rest to see if that would help. Any tips? Or just get on the bike and ride grin.

BistoBear Mon 24-Mar-14 14:47:56

Velorider Alas, it is July that I have my walk, June would have been better for me!

I am on the west coast, Loch Lomonside so plenty of scenic routes to choose from but difficult to find flat, easy runs!

Whereabouts on the east coast are you! I spent 4.5 years in Fife, lots of lovely routes around there smile

Right, I must stop procrastinating and get my butt out there! smile

VivaLeBeaver Mon 24-Mar-14 14:51:02

Ssmile, Make sure your tyres are kept pumped at a good pressure. Sometimes changing tyre either size or model can give you a speed increase of 1 or 2mph.

I have marathon plus on my commuting bike and they're quite heavy and increased rolling resistance so not the fastest, but good puncture protection. Its weighing up what you'd prefer, I sacrifice speed on the commute for puncture protection.

Apart from that its getting the miles in to build your muscle, fitness.

BistoBear Mon 24-Mar-14 14:57:21

I agree with Viva, I've just changed from slick tyres which were so quick to armoured tyres after too many punctures on my commute. They are so much slower than my old tyres but worth it if I don't get punctures!

Definitely going now...

Velorider Mon 24-Mar-14 15:05:34

Have fun Bisto! I'm not too far from fife. And yes lots of routes that I still need to discover.

Ssmile, I think it is just a case of practice. Literally in the same boat. Everyone overtakes me! I sort of don't mind, I do it for pleasure as much as anything else. Saying that, when I started a few months ago I was much slower. Now I average 12-15mph rather than the 10 I started with its. Slow but steady build up.

BistoBear Mon 24-Mar-14 15:10:40

Oh, before I go, I'd be happy to follow/be followed by fellow cyclist/runners/triathletes on Strava so feel free to PM me and I'll send you my Strava name smile

Pipkinhartley Mon 24-Mar-14 17:51:55

ATB, agree, it's lovely to get some time out on the bike and second Velos suggestion of a picture of the coast, you'll be wanting to stop for a breather after that hill anyway!

Seconding the welcomes to Bisto and Viva, Bisto, would that be Nijmegen you're heading for? Viva, went to the bike show at the NEC last year and ther were a couple of recumbent manufacturers there - generating a lot of interest too.

Velo, expecting wheels in next couple of days, ordered from Planet X and they are usually pretty quick. Not too much of a problem waiting as I've also got a Bianchi a bot precious about it, don't use it in the winter) which has just been away getting a service ready for the spring and I'll pick that up tomorrow.

Ssmile, check out interval training, most of the cycling mags I subscribe to will point you in this direction to build on speed.

Bisto, Velo and I are following each other on strava, would be good to swap details- I'll pm you!

Thistledew Mon 24-Mar-14 18:18:16

Ssmile - with regards to building up speed, yes a lot of it is dependent on fitness and strength, which you can either build up through following a set interval training program, or just incorporating one into your normal riding. For example, if you have a long straight stretch, try doing mini sprints- 20 pedal revolutions or a couple of lamp posts, then ease off until you catch your breath, then go again.

As others have said, a good pair of slick tires do help, as does working on your technique. Cadence (number of pedal revolutions per minute) and pedalling technique will both help with speed.

Do you use a cadence sensor? If so you should be aiming for a cadence of 90 - 100 revolutions per minute. If you don't use one then you can gauge it roughly by effort. I find that about 120 revs is about as quick as I can sustain on the flat, and that really feels like my legs are going like the clappers. Get in an easy gear, see how fast you can get your legs going. Ease off a bit from that, and you should find a rhythm that suits you. Don't be tempted into thinking that the bigger gear you are in, the quicker you will go. If you are mashing round a big gear then you will use a lot of energy not very efficiently, and your legs will get tired before you build up speed.

The other thing is to think about your pedalling technique - do you ride clipped in? If so, don't just push down on the pedal but think of pulling through on the bottom of the stroke as well. Imagine you are scraping your foot back on the floor to get something off your sole. You will engage more muscles and for longer, making your stroke much more efficient.

I hope that helps! I haven't been riding for all that long, so this is all stuff that I am still working on.

Pipkinhartley Mon 24-Mar-14 19:02:46

Cracking advice Thistle, well explained, thank you. I have a couple of training books I keep dipping into and would add that I've read about the importance of keeping upper body still - I've found it really helps, keeps the bike nice and steady and I'm able to concentrate on the pull through technique Thistle describes (obviously have clipless!), it works fantastically on climbs.

Velorider Mon 24-Mar-14 19:23:14

I have noticed a huge difference since going clipless(A whole two weeks ago) on climbs. Thistle that is all great advice and I will start doing more interval training. I always just assumed that I would just get better by just cycling! I knew starting this thread would be a wealth of information.

I didn't get a ride tonight, mainly because I got blown over.

BistoBear Mon 24-Mar-14 19:26:47

Fab advice from thistledew, clipped in shoes make such a difference on longer rides.

Pip I am doing the Nijmegen March, looking forward to it, I've heard it's a great event with an amazing atmosphere. I've walked the West Highland Way (96 miles) in four days so I should manage it OK, I hope...

Had a great 20 mile cycle this afternoon, horrid head wind on the way back but sunny and not wet for a change!!

The photo shows the cracking view over Loch Lomond to Ben Lomond on the way round, fab smile

Velorider Tue 25-Mar-14 08:00:14

Bisto that view is fab! It's not nice here today so I am going to dust off the indoor trainer before another non cycling day passes me by. Will take the kids to school and have laid out the Lycra already, so I can't talk myself out of it!

I've just made them French toast and the house smells delicious and it would be so easy to come back and just at a stack of it!

VivaLeBeaver Tue 25-Mar-14 08:27:56

Well I'm hoping to go out and do 20 miles today. Woke up and it was pissing it down. Had second thoughts about going out - cycling is meant to be enjoyable. Plus my legs are aching after yesterday already.

However rain seems to be clearing up.

Need to walk the dog first so hopefully will set off mid morning.

that is a stunning view Bisto!

have found a lovely preschool for DD finally so come September it will be much easier to get out for midweek rides...and she slept through last night so I think sleep training is starting to work, whoooop!

BistoBear Tue 25-Mar-14 15:49:12

Thanks ATB & Velo, I love Loch Lomond and will be getting married there in September about 1 mile down the hill from where that pic was taken smile

I was nearly knocked off my bike this morning, driver coming out of a side street on my left didn't see me until they were out of the junction, thankfully they had good brakes and they stopped with their bonnet millimetres from my back wheel. How she didn't hit me I do not know, my heart was in my mouth!

Fairly nervous ride the rest of the way to work, I'll be taking it easy on my way home too smile

How was everyone's cycle training today? I'll have done 2 x 13.5 miles once I'm home, easy, flat route.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 25-Mar-14 17:35:28

Only did 12 miles today. It was wet and windy and I was miserable.

Velorider Tue 25-Mar-14 18:08:26

5 poxy miles on the indoor trainer. The winds die down tomorrow so am going out. Expecting a delivery and it will, of course arrive when I am out. But the wind is slow, the sun will be shining and I have some new tights to break in. So nothing will stop me. I only have two hours and need to get a decent ride and a shower in that time!

BistoBear Tue 25-Mar-14 22:30:30

Viva and Velo, 5 and 12 miles is better than no miles!

My cycle home was much more pleasant, no near misses. Swam 2k with tri-club tonight so I'm ready for bed smile Then I get to do it all again tomorrow! Happy training, ladies smile

Velorider Wed 26-Mar-14 07:03:45

Bisto you are committed! I'm out this morning and will push as hard as I can for as long as I can before I have to head back. I am going out on a longer ride on Sunday afternoon with friend too. She is pretty fit and I know she will push me which is great!

Pipkinhartley Wed 26-Mar-14 09:24:23

Bisto, that near miss sounded nasty, hope the ride back was better!
ATB, it's good to hear that the sleep training looks promising!
Velo, I'm the same with getting kit all at the ready as it makes it trickier to talk yourself out if a ride. I used to do the same when I was running by putting the kit on as soon as I got up. Although have to say getting togged up for a ride in current weather does take a bit more effort than running capris, top and trainers!
I've had a couple of rest days as simply couldn't fit the time in around work. Am off this afternoon though so will just head on out and see how far I go in about two and a half hours.

ssmile Wed 26-Mar-14 09:33:45

Thistle thanks for the advice & the others on building my speed I will think about cadence and just try and get a few more miles under my belt once this blasted throat infection clear. Hoping by weekend I can get back on hue the bike again as I am really missing it and the weather here has been great last two days I would have commuted if I had been at work.

ATB hope the sleep training continues to go well. We had a very rough ride with our DD1 she never slept through until she started school despite 9hrs days at nursery and lots of activity at the weekend but school finally wore her out grin plus she got old enough that if she woke in the night we taught her tricks to settle herself and used the clock with the lamb that wakes and goes to sleep at times we set. She still only needs 9hrs a night and does ok. Some are just wired that way I think. Our DD2 has been very different she is 2.5yrs now and mostly sleeps 11hrs straight through and only shouts when her lambie clock wakes up too unless poorly of course.

How do you know how many miles you do on your cycle trainers? My front wheel is fixed but arrhhhh I just twigged if I put my cycle computer on the back wheel I suppose that would work but that would be too much faff. I will stick to timing.

Hope you ok bistro after that near miss. They make me very nervous too I feel very vulnerable for quite a few miles after.

Pipkinhartley Wed 26-Mar-14 20:01:17

Hi Ssmile, sorry to hear about throat infection, don't rush back too hard too quickly, infections have a nasty habit of lurking!
I don't do many miles on turbo trainer and only really use it in the winter ( well, since Xmas as that's when we got it!) but tend to do 30 mins working on intervals/ intensity.
Managed to go out just shy of my planned two and half hours today, 2.20 hours and managed 37 miles. Was pleasant enough at first but rain and hail set in not too far from the end. Never mind, character building!

Bisto that does sound like a nasty scare - hope your nerves are ok! I haven't had an accident or fallen off my bike since I was 12 and can't help my bad luck is saving up for a big one <<superstitious>>

ssmile illness sounds crap, rest up and look after yourself, and your girls.

Thanks everyone for good wishes over sleep training - she slept through last night as well but I won't believe it's worked until she's been consistent for a good month. Did mean I had the energy to get up and ride today though - horribly I think my first ride since this thread began, so you're all massively putting me to shame! I can only go out on Wednesdays and every other weekend really (far too sleep deprived and knackered to contemplate pre-school run or evening rides!) but you're all being so inspirational I'm vowing to go out EVERY Wednesday, even if it's just for an hour or so first thing - DH can park at work for 2 hours so I can easily head out around 8am (they all leave at 8:30) and so long as I'm back at his work by 11 to get the car, I can easily make it work every week.

So - climbed up Topanga Canyon in Malibu today - jesus the head winds were insane!! I was peddling really hard on the way DOWN and my legs are totally burning. Stopped off at a cutesy cafe and spent a million pounds on a smoothie which gave me the energy to climb another hill to see my friend who lives in Malibu - have some pics to upload but have to work out how to do it from my phone. It was a good hard ride in sunshine with steep climbs, gentle climbs and headwinds of easily 25mph, and ended up doing 35miles

Velorider Thu 27-Mar-14 09:49:40

ATB sounds like a good ride though! Hope the sleep training continues to go well!

Pip. That's a really good time and distance! I'd love to be able to do that. I seem to take ages! Yesterday, two people overtook me on headwinds that made my legs go like jelly and they just breezed by!

I'm going to do interval training and see if it helps. I did it yesterday when I was out. Planned a ride today but dd is throwing up everywhere, so nothing until tomorrow for me.

Ssmile, how are you feeling?

Pipkinhartley Thu 27-Mar-14 21:11:25

ATB, that sounds like an awesome ride! And fingers crossed for the sleep training.

Velo, just keep putting the miles in and you'll build the stamina. I think I mentioned that I used to run a fair bit and that did give me a good base fitness and endurance. Thumbs up for the intervals, I tend to do a few of them on every ride rather than a specific session. I usually use a specific bit of road (sort of point to point) and get my toes down and concentrate on my breathing. It does help as you'll be able to keep measuring your own performance and know that you need to just put in that extra bit of effort to shave an extra second off and then just keep working on it.
The other big thing as that I haven't hit the hills yet this year and I'm no mountain goat! Watch my times plummet when I start to work on my climbing.
And also bear in mind that I'm on a full carbon road bike, it will weigh a lot less than a hybrid or mountain bike so a lot easier to push on with.
And hope dd is better soon, horrible when your little ones are poorly.

Velorider Fri 28-Mar-14 08:27:24

Thanks Pip, sound advice. I will keep it in mind and maybe do the intervals like you, I have an certain path on mind that will make them achievable. Dd is now well, but because of the 48 hour sickness rule, she can't go in today although she thinks she is bless her!

Back on the turbo for me today, rain and 4 year old are not great for bike riding.

Mother's Day shall be a great escape though! What better gift than a day on my bike?!

Pipkinhartley Fri 28-Mar-14 15:48:46

Enjoy your Mothers Day ride! I'll be going a Breeze ride on Sunday. Rest day today as too busy with work and plans for later and maybe just a quick one tomorrow morning as already got stuff on in the afternoon - weather prediction is good for all week end though!

Velorider Sat 29-Mar-14 09:20:30

I wish we had breeze here in Scotland, but we don't as yet! I have a friend trying to set up a similar sort of thing which would be great!

Weather is looking good, so what are you all up to this weekend?

It's 7degress here so think it's on with the winter tights and just a base layer and wind breaker should do it! I have to be back by early afternoon so am going to pedal in one direction for and hour then turn around and come back and see how far I can get. I decided to do interval training on the journey home rather than outward because it makes my legs go like jelly.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 29-Mar-14 09:42:13

I've just been reading bout the Great Yorkshire bike ride on the 21st June. 70 miles from wetherby to Filey. Looks good and I'm tempted to sign up but not sure if I'm being crazy. I'm struggling to do 20 miles at the minute and though I'm hoping to really rack some miles up I'm not sure it'll be too far. Route looks quite hilly.

ssmile Sat 29-Mar-14 13:36:39

Been for a 2mile roller skate this morning whilst my 2.5yr DD speeds along on her scooter grin not feeling fully fit yet after a week off sick but getting there.

Viva I feel the same the most I've done this year is 26miles which knackered me as it had couple hills but I've signed upto a 55miler in June to give me a goal to work towards this summer. My biggest blocker is finding training time with little kids verus my energy levels v gd weather (don't mind drissle but not wind&rain&hills...just kills off my motivation). I hope to go out Sunday even if its just for an hour :-)

Velorider Sat 29-Mar-14 14:37:41

Viva, DP is from Yorkshire. I love it there, but not to sure I would want to cycle there. Lots of hills. I would just keep going with whatever you feel comfortable doing and building up to things.

Ssmile. Glad you are feeling better. Roller skating isn't something I have done since I was a kid! Must be great fun! I do have a scooter though when the kids go, I go too wink.

Just did a wee 26 mile ride. Wind was easterly so hit me side on in both directions, but I would rather that than head on!!! Feel good for it too. I discovered I hit a power peak at around 15 miles in. Think by then my muscles have warmed up. 26 miles used to kill me, now I feel I could have just kept going. However I hadn't eaten breakfast, forgot to take money so couldn't stop for a coffee and cake, so had to come home. I did have a high 5 energy gel in my bag though. Happy cycling folks!!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 29-Mar-14 15:18:25

Ssmile, I'm the same with struggling to find the time. Sun is shining and I can't ride at all this weekend. So annoying. When I have time its blowing a gale!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 29-Mar-14 15:19:02

Here's a photo of my trike.

Planning a Mothers Day ride too, was going to be with a friend but she's now sick so biking 25miles further along Malibu Coastline to take in some hills, meet the family at Paradise Cove for brunch then bike back again.

I'm getting seriously scared about the 104miles I've signed up for next weekend though

ssmile Sun 30-Mar-14 10:10:55

Nice bike viva. Hats off to you doing 100+ miles ATB with a little one that not sleeping through yet. After watching the Davina sport relief challenge it's giving me some vavavoom to thinking I can do 100m one day if she can do it at 40+ with 3kids! I got my roller skates last year for my 40th grin love them and got my DH some inline for him last year too and we love it. Two DDs on scooters and us on skates grin. We are very luckily to have 2miles of flat seafront to skate on though.

We'll I only managed 7miles this morning my first ride for over a week, made me realise how much energy this bug had sapped out of me. But it was beautiful morning clear blue sky and I stopped at the beach front cafe for a cuppaT and cake for breakfast. I had inadvertently agreed to my DH going out this morning for his hobby not realising it was Mother's Day and the clocks changed! So no lie in for me and I had to squeeze in hour on the bike at 8am...new time. I have traded though his 4hr "daddy pass" for one in couple weekends time so I can go out riding smile when I have more energy.

Hope you all have lovely Mother's Day bike rides today.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 30-Mar-14 16:20:58

Got rid of the weekend house guests earlier than expected so shot out to do a quick 10 miles. Which takes my monthly mileage to 101 miles this month.

Which I'm pleased with. Last year I only did 100+ miles in May,June and July when I was commuting in. So hopefully this year I'll be getting my fitness up earlier in the year.

I'm determined next nice day I'm going out and I'm going to push it and do a 40 mile ride even if it takes me all day!

Velorider Sun 30-Mar-14 17:30:57

Viva your bike look great! And your attitude is brilliant smile glad we are all getting out.

I did 26 miles yesterday and 16 today, but the winds were awful, my legs were burning on the way back. Feel great for doing it though!

Ssmile that sounds like a good trade! I never got a lie in either, made myself some breakfast though and took it back to bed. There are two mums in my household so we sort of alternate years! I can't remember whose year this was.

ATB, 104 miles will be amazing. I bet once you are there and doing it, you will be fine! I say this as someone who isn't doing it of course wink

VivaLeBeaver Sun 30-Mar-14 17:33:35

Which Rapha rides have people signed up to?

Cambridge/Beds one is my nearest at the moment but its about 100 miles away. I'm also slightly concerned about saying it will be an easy pace of about 14mph average. Mmmmm, I average 10-11mph!

Maybe I'll just do 100km on the day but not at an event!

Velorider Sun 30-Mar-14 17:42:34

Viva, I have set up my own with a couple of friends. There isn't one near me at the moment either!

Pipkinhartley Sun 30-Mar-14 19:46:34

Sounds like we all got something done today, weather was fab here in the midlands so lots of cyclists out.
ATB, your rides sound amazing, when I reached my 25 mile point today I seem to recall it was a quick slurp of lucozade and handful of jelly babies in a layby on the most unimaginative stretch of the A5! Your ride along the Malibu coastline with brunch at Paradise Cove may have been nearly (just nearly!) as good as mine!
Ssmile, well done at getting out, especially seeing as it was really 7am! Take it easy in getting over your infection. And that's a nice 4 hours you've got in the bank of favours!
Velo, well done on getting out in the winds, that's the one thing I really hate, I don't mind rain but windy just saps you! There's a Rapha ride not too far away from me (30 ish miles) but I'm going to see how my next two 100k sportives go, in case I want to challenge myself to improve my times.
Didn't get out with Breeze today as other half had arranged Mother's Day brunch ( he's on lates today) so went out this afternoon. It was lovely, great riding conditions so managed to push for 50 miles, was 49 on my garmin when I reached my village so had to ride up the Main Street and back to make the distance!

VivaLeBeaver Sun 30-Mar-14 21:24:27

There's a new long distance bridle way opened up near me which is suitable for cyclists. Have just mapped it on mapmyride and its 104km.

Only problem is it looks a bit hilly! But its an option I'll keep in mind for the challenge.

Honestly it's easy for me to get out compared to you all - I'm so impressed with you all snatching as many miles as poss when you can. So wish I could do the Rapha Challenge, timing is just rubbish!!

Mothers Day ride was awesome - clocked in at just under 45miles and has a lovely seafood lunch halfway (DH got down to the beach early with the DC), another friend joined me in the end which was good as the headwinds were monstrous again so we kept each other's pace up. So full after lunch but combination of chips, fish tacos, calamari and (now) tail winds got us speedily home!

Happy Mothers Day everyone, hope for a good riding week ahead

I meant easy in terms of the weather by the way - headwinds but glorious sunshine means I don't have to think twice

VivaLeBeaver Mon 31-Mar-14 06:44:41

Sunshine does make such a difference. Its hard to be motivated to go out when its grey and miserable.

Pipkinhartley Mon 31-Mar-14 08:28:16

Sounds like a lovely day ATB!

Viva, the bridle way sounds like a really good idea for the challenge- the Rapha 100 website recommends yo do an extra 3k/ 2m to accommodate any GPS irregularities. Would be so disappointing if you clocked 100k on your GPS then strava measured it slightly short!

From the website:

You have to ride 100 kilometers in a single ride, and the elapsed time of the ride must be under 24 hours.

To ensure you meet the Challenge goal, we recommend you ride a small amount over 100 kilometers during your activity (about 3 km / 2 mi). This will give you a buffer in the event your activity distance is shortened after upload to Strava due to the cleanup of GPS irregularities. You can learn about how distance is calculated for our app by reading this Knowledge Base Article.

The Challenge period starts and ends based on each riders local time zone.

Manual entries or trainer rides will not count towards your Challenge effort.

All activities logged during the Challenge period must be uploaded to Strava no later than July 23rd, 2014.

Velorider Mon 31-Mar-14 10:37:10

ATB that sounds like a great day! I don't mind headwinds on the way to places as the tailwinds home always make it worth it. Seems the winds here have changed direction so you get a tailwind first then headwind when you are already quite tired. No fun.

Viva that sounds like a good path to do! I'm planning a ride mostly off road St. Andrews. Stop for lunch etc, should be 70 miles all in so a good bit over.

So am I right and thinking, I can record this on my garmin and upload to strava later? I was worried about my phone battery running out whilst recording on strava! I'd obviously like my phone to be as charged as possible in case I have an accident. That's good to know!

And yes I agree sunshine makes all the difference. And warmth. I'm still in deep winter tights up here! Can we have some of your warmth?

Pipkinhartley Mon 31-Mar-14 11:47:16

I'm sure you will be able to upload to strava from your garmin although I have to say I use the strava app on iPhone and the battery seems to last without a problem.

Velorider Mon 31-Mar-14 12:44:57

I have a htc and it runs it down by constantly searching for gps. My battery is getting low ish after 2-3 hours. And we are planning the rapha ride to be a day. Not cycling all that time of course, stopping for necessaries like cake and icecream and site seeing ;)

Pipkinhartley Tue 01-Apr-14 21:09:10

Viva, sorry to cross thread etc etc, and hope you don't mind but whilst just having a browse of chat - wine, cake , bells , whistles etc (sorry, on iPad)
You are smashing!

VivaLeBeaver Tue 01-Apr-14 21:13:34

Thanks Pipkin. Knowing my look I'll get called mid July! Ah well.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 01-Apr-14 21:13:46

luck not look. Duh.

Pipkinhartley Tue 01-Apr-14 21:24:48

Whatever, some stuff trumps other stuff, and what you are likely to be doing is pretty amazing!

VivaLeBeaver Tue 01-Apr-14 21:42:13

Totally. I can do the 100km any day.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 01-Apr-14 21:42:40

Though maybe not tomorrow. wink

Velorider Wed 02-Apr-14 08:10:30

Did I miss something viva? How are we all doing in general? I'm off out today for the first time this week. Still nippy up here at 6 degrees. I had hoped my winter stuff could go away, but not likely anytime soon!

VivaLeBeaver Wed 02-Apr-14 08:21:19

Velo, I've been matched to donate bone marrow to someone (a stranger) and am waiting to hear for a donation date.

I'm planning on sneaking a quick ride in this morning. Got to walk the dog first and as I have to leave for work at 1pm I don't have lots of time but will go out for an hour.

Velorider Wed 02-Apr-14 12:38:23

Viva that's amazing!!!!! I'm registered to do it, but never heard anything yet. Well done you smile

I got out for a wee 20 miles spin this morning and am feeling fresh!

oh wow Viva that's incredible!! I've never been able to give blood but I think laws have finally changed that would allow me to (Gran died of a disease poss inherited, there's a minute chance I would have it and even more minute chance I'd pass it on - I think the need for blood has overtaken the concern I could pass this on and it's possible to now test the blood before it's donated anyway) but bone marrow? Honestly I think that's awesome

Getting the kids up so DH can do the last bits and take them in - Wednesday is my day off but I have coffee booked in with a friend I haven't seen for ages so getting out for 2 hours before hand then cycling to another friends and we're going on a 3.8km hike

Pipkinhartley Sat 05-Apr-14 20:23:46

ATB, hope you enjoyed your Wednesdays activities.
How's everyone doing? Have joined a couple of strava challenges to encourage me to keep putting the miles in - pretty useful for motivation!

So annoyed - didn't get to do my century today as my lift bailed on me and I couldn't find another ride or borrow a car for love nor money. Then TOTM appeared which pissed me off even more

However tomorrow we have a kids party to go to further up from my usual Malibu ride so I'm going to bike there and back, a few hills and will be just under 60miles total

Velorider Sun 06-Apr-14 09:16:31

ATB that's rubbish! People bailing (for no legit reason) is a huge annoyance.

It's rained for days here so the ground is sloppy and muddy here. I went to the scottish bike show yesterday which was pretty cool. Saw Chris Hoy, who is such a great public speaker, and he was just talking sense! I spent 5 hours immersed in all things bike. Bliss

that is awesome velo! I adore our Brit cyclists, all of them...did anyone see the Victoria Pendleton documentary that was on in the run up to the Olympics - how someone so full of self doubt managed to achieve such incredible things is beyond me!

Managed to do 57miles yesterday (with a lovely mid way break of a children's birthday party with pizza to fuel me home!), same Malibu coastline just a bit further and without head or tail winds this time - and by luck a couple of friends were happening to do the same ride so I had folk to match a decent pace to and I think we averaged about 17mph so I'm feeling much better.

And to be honest I spent most of Saturday hunched over crippling period pains so a century ride probably wouldn't have been massively fun anyway

Pipkinhartley Mon 07-Apr-14 16:56:33

Bike show sounds good Velo, I went to the one at the NEC last year and it was a bit like bike porn! Sadly I'm not in the market for a £5k race machine! Must have been great to see Chris Hoy, he always comes across really well.
ATB, also saw the documentary on Victoria Pendleton, and read her autobiography, she certainly did overcome a lot to get to where she did, a real ambassador for womens cyling.
Had a similar run to you on Saturday, 56 miles but a steadier 15 mph average. Trying to get the miles in now so also got in a 32 and 45 mile ride over the last week - signed up for 3 strava challenges over May to keep me focused!

Oooooh I might go buy her autobiography

Velorider Tue 08-Apr-14 09:44:59

I might read that book too, sounds good. We really do need more women cycling!
ATB and pip you both do such long rides! Mind you, six months ago I thought 10 miles was far, and now time allowing I feel I could just keep going. I love speaking to other people about it because non cycling folk get a bit bored of it.

Talking of which, my cleats seem to squeak on one side, any ideas? They are only a few weeks old, it may be the pedal, I'm not sure.

god 18months ago I thought 10miles was far too! and I really push for longer rides because I need to up my endurance for June...there are two days that go over 100 miles but are flat, the shortest day (67miles) is the final day and the next shortest (around the 75mile) has a couple of seriously killer hills

Supposed to be having a day with DH tomorrow but he's come down with a cold again so a little part of me is hopefuly that means I can get out on the bike instead wink

Velorider Tue 08-Apr-14 16:57:43

Hehe! Shame that ATB wink. My ds is sick, but DP is off work so I get to cycle as much as I can this week. Next week we are off for a UK based holiday but the bike rack is getting used so I can bring the bike with me!

Pipkinhartley Tue 08-Apr-14 17:15:27

Definitely recommend VPs autobiography!
And as ATB says, it's amazing how quickly you find you can build up you milage. A couple of years ago when I got back into cycling I started with a 6 mile out and back on a hybrid, and took it from there.... Does get expensive mind....!
Hope the weather holds out for you Velo, apparently it's going to brighten up next week, I'm really hoping to get some miles in over the Bank Holiday.
And you could try a little spray of Plege (other brands available!) on your cleats. Usually better than WD40 as doesn't leave a residue so won't get all claggy once dust/ dirt mixes with it. I've also heard that talcum powder can help but not used that myself.
Also finally decided to try a female specific saddle as I want to increase milage in comfort! just recieved my Selle Italia Diva ( I wish they would leave it out with the girly names!) from Wiggle today, hoping to get out for 2 or 3 hours tomorrow so will be interesting to see if it meets all the reviews promise.

Just checking in despite missing out on loads if cycling cos of being stupid sick. Resting up in the hope I'll still make my 75mile training ride on Saturday

ssmile Fri 11-Apr-14 06:39:21

Hope you feel better soon ATB.
I cycled in twice this week to work (36miles) after 3wks off with a virus but struggled to get back home on wed then woke up thurs full of cold again grrrr. Little kids are wonderful but keep bringing bugs home! My DH has actually been signed off work this week with this virus. In 9yrs I've never known him signed off. Fingers crossed we all feel better soon. ...as I really want to get on my bike :-)

Velorider Fri 11-Apr-14 17:21:14

Hi all! ATB I hope you get better. My house has been full of ear infections and tonsilitis. Thankfully not me!

I'm off on holiday this week, UK bound and just discovered my bike rack is rubbish so I can't take my bike. Six days of no riding is going to be horrible. I'm going out for a birthday ride tomorrow. Not sure how far I will get as it's going to be windy. And planning a big one next weekend. Well big for me.

I've managed three rides this week so far, two smaller ones, but feeling good!

made it! bloody awesome 75mile training ride - perfect weather (a little chilly in the morning), some good climbs and an ok pace - 7hrs45mins which included 2 rest stops of about 15/20mins (bloody toilet queues) and water stop of 10mins and lunch stop of 40mins....um....so I guess 75miles in roughly 6hours 10mins

I am knackered but might have ridden the cold out of my system!

Might have over pushed it - my legs HURT today!

Pipkinhartley Sun 13-Apr-14 20:12:50

Good riding ATB! Recommend Elemis muscle ease active body oil for the achey legs, it's lovely!

Hope the folks who have Ben a bit poorly are all getting back up to speed, especially you Ssmile, sounds like you've had a rotten time.

Had some good opportunities to get out this week, about 130/140 ish miles over 4 rides (will need to check back on strava) and planning a decent run over the bank holiday ahead of my sportive at the end of the month (100k)

Hope you have a lovely holiday next week Velo!

Velorider Mon 14-Apr-14 15:17:36

Well done ATB! My legs would fall off after that!! I'm not getting out at all this week and I'm already getting itchy for my bike! Never realised I was so addicted.

how is everyone doing? I went for a run and a swim on Wednesday and if that didn't detroy my legs enough had a pretty hardcore Vinyasa Flow class last night, my calves are pretty sore and tight now so cancelling my run this am to have a rest day before prob 50miles tomorrow (on the bike, not my feet!), but it will be broken up by lunch and a hippie festival

Velorider Sat 19-Apr-14 14:36:52

ATB that sounds fab! Lunch and a hippie festival!

Well we are back of holiday and I have a little bit of holiday weight to shed. Didn't cycle when away but the house we stayed on was on six different levels so legs got a bloody good work out! Going out tomorrow, the weather is lovely in Scotland!

Pipkinhartley Sat 19-Apr-14 16:38:38

ATB, Festival sounds great! What's vinyasa flow, I'm intrigued?!
Nice to hear you had a good holiday Velo, bet you're really looking forward to getting out tomorrow.
Have only managed to get out last Wednesday for a quick 30 miles as trying to get my speed up. Went out yesterday with intention of completing steady 60 miles but crashed quite spectacularly about 8 miles in and needed rescue by other half. Bikes okay though, a few scuffs but can't say the same for my face/ arm / legs! ( favourite Pearl Izumi top didn't fair to well either) Going to give myself a couple of rest days then back in the saddle as they say.

ssmile Sat 19-Apr-14 18:50:36

Pikin hope you recover all ok from your crash sounds ouch.
ATB hope the legs have recovered after your long ride. I've not heard of the exercise you mentioned either is it a form of yoga?
We had a family bike ride today. The toddler on the back of my old bike and DD1 on the tag along with DH. DD1 can ride her own bike but averages 6-7mph and DH gets frustrated so we tag her on longer routes still. The wind was cold though gloves &full waterproofs for DD2. Also potty training DD2 so been lots of puddles today but finally seeing progress smile. We are still all recovering from the endless virus but it was fab to be cycling again but hard going on my old bike with only the middle gears working grin. (The toddlers seat bracket is on my old bike) We were also away last week and got in some coastal path walking in fab weather. So slowly getting fitness back.

ssmile your family bike ride sounds lovely - how old is DD1? We sometimes go round the block or to the park with DD on the kidseat on my old bike, DS on his bike and DH on his but I'd love to do a longer ride, we have a trailer but I find them both soooooo heavy in it! Maybe a tag along to go on DH's bike for DS would be good?

Did a small 25mile ride yesterday, wish I'd ridden home rather than going to the overpriced and disappointing earth day festival, was such a glorious day for a ride! Need to service and clean my bike before the ride and DH and I are going to the Grand Canyon this week so I may as well put it in. Means no riding for over a week though sad

Vinyasa Flow is a type of yoga, similar to Ashtanga in that it's a full workout, normally with a bit of ab work in there somewhere. I love yoga but prefer the more "work" styles to something like Hathaway

Autocorrect fail *Hatha

Velorider Mon 21-Apr-14 13:23:42

ATB I'm quite vigorous with my bike cleaning usually. I've let it slide lately, it needs a good degreasing and chain mech tune up too! I want to do a bike mechanics course to increase my knowledge. Sorry the festival wasn't that good, it sounded great in theory!

Pip, I hope you recover quickly! I fell over recently and thankfully didn't rip my favourite wind breaker.

Ssmile, I love family bike rides too. Ds is to bike for a tag along though, so when I take him I'm limited to his speeds. He has just turned 7 but is oddly very tall for his age (a matter of maybe 10 inches between us now). But he cycles about 7mph. We did 15 miles together yesterday which was lovely but took an age. My ribs are sore and all I can think is because we went so slow, I got a long slow all over body workout. Controlling a bike at a slower pace takes much more effort apparently!!

ssmile Wed 23-Apr-14 17:51:28

We did another family bike ride Mon. 22miles was good weight training with my 2.5yr old in her seat smile. My dh struggled on the way back with our 7yr old on the tag along. I've cycled into work today but just looked at forcast home its heavy rain and head wind sad
Hope you all enjoyed a cycling easter.

Velorider Thu 24-Apr-14 12:52:31

The weather is terrible. I read it yesterday and it was forecast rain today so I organised coffee and cake with a friend. Of course it is glorious now! So decided to take my bike later so when the kids go to their karate class I can go for a spin, then get DP to collect them and I can have a quick hour alone on the trails before a well earned dinner. With rain all weekend, it's better than being on the trainer!

ssmile Sat 26-Apr-14 14:48:26

Forecast was half wrong grin I got home dry but very tired in a head wind all the way.

My Waterproof jacket I use for walking mainly is very lightweight Patagonia one but I used it this on the bike and now it smells very sweaty and it's not easily washable without re proofing. What do you all wear when cycling in the rain? Do you just assume that you will get soaked regardless?

Velorider Sat 26-Apr-14 18:34:51

Ssmile I pack a rapha rain jacket. Seriously small, lightweight and I just bung it in the wash with the rest of my kit. Never even thought I would have to do anything to it with regards to waterproofing it! Though I am certain you don't need to. It has never let a rain drop in!

I don't mind getting wet too much in summer rain as you warm up and dry off. It's still a bit cold where I am so I would end up shivering if I got soaked totally. There are a lot of decent ones on the market. I also have a proviz night vision jacket that's pretty good too. Don't wear it often though.

ssmile Sun 27-Apr-14 20:40:19

The Raphael jacket looks good but a little out of my price range at the moment. wink Has anyone tried dbh jackets? Wiggle had some in £50-£70 bracket which I can justify at the mo using my birthday money I've not spent yet grin

Did an hour this morning on my bike dodging the showers but still finding it a struggle think I'm still recovering from this virus as throat sore yet ago tonight and whacked out. Hohn.

Hope everyone else got a few dry miles in this weekend.

Velorider Mon 28-Apr-14 13:47:57

What is everyone planning this week? After a very soggy week here, I am hoping to get the miles in this week!

Ssmile, I have some dhb bibs and can say they are really good. I have a couple of their tops too, so can only imagine the rain jackets will be as good quality!

ssmile you did a family bike ride of 22miles?! That's awesome. Right, I want to get a tag along for DS so we can do longer family rides.

My bike is in the shop, I'll get out on it for a few hours on Friday while my mum watches the DC but won't then get a decent ride in again until a week on Wednesday because of guests. I miss my bike!!! Been trying to make up for it by running each morning with my dad and DH and I did 3 solid days of hiking at the Grand Canyon which was immense

ssmile Mon 28-Apr-14 21:25:59

ATB. Jealous of the hiking. I love desert canyon hikes. I spent couple yrs in USA working in NPS in some great parks. The family ride 22miles was over 6hrs and had a park n cuppaT stop, cafe lunch, then on way back stop in different park then pub drink n sweets stop then another park stop and home smile we plan our family rides around parks, cafés and pub stops! Very luckily to life in a nice part of SW UK where lots folk come on hols.

Gd to know DHB ok velo as I've not heard of them before. So I will check out some of their kit. Planning to cycle to work tom have just rolled a top n trousers into a plastic freezer bag to suck air out and squeeze into my handle bar bag grin I normally plan ahead and leave clothes at work but didn't get chance last week and I really want to do tues &thurs to keep building my miles.

Pipkinhartley Mon 28-Apr-14 21:54:39

Hello all, good to hear everyone enjoying their cycling and the family day sounds like it was a good one Ssmile! Also agree the dhb stuff is pretty good, decathlon also worth a look, I've had some running and cycling bits from them over the years that's been fine. Only item I wouldn't compromise on is leggings/ shorts - need to be comfy, especially on longer rides!

How were the trails Velo? And take care with that virus!

ATB, hiking sounds perfect, you live in the best place for outdoor pursuits - am jealous! How's training for the big event going? I've managed a couple of decent rides since my tumble (an 80 and 60 miler with a couple of smaller rides-15 and 30 miles) but would have to get some serious training in to manage 100 odd every day over a week.

Also had my first taster of open track riding last Wednesday (Mallory Park, only 7 miles away so nice little run down there too) and it was a blast! Was very wet so was careful but looking forward to going back this week, thoroughly recommend it.

Glad the weathers getting a bit better and roll on the later nights!

Velorider Wed 30-Apr-14 08:22:42

Hi everyone! Sounds like we are all keeping active, which is great! It's really good having like minded people to connect with.
ATB hiking sounds brilliant, not long until you get your bike back now.

It's raining here, so I am taking the day off. Went out with do yesterday for a short one, but I feel something is better than nothing. Getting time for anything at the moment is hard as I have a lot of work on (all cycling related ironically). As I'm freelance I have to take it as I get it too.

Pip the tack sounds amazing!

Velorider Wed 30-Apr-14 08:26:30


Pipkinhartley Thu 01-May-14 18:08:32

Track was great fun, bit of a headwind but still excellent to ride on such a good surface and no worries about traffic so you can get your toe down. Back again tomorrow evening for more of the same and had a rest day today. Got a 100k sportive on Sunday, it's a hilly one so will be interesting to see how it compares to last Sundays event.

ssmile Fri 02-May-14 21:43:22

Track sounds good fun pipkin hope your sportive goes ok.

Hope you can still get some rides in between work Velorider.

I've had some good rides this week, slowly building my weeks total. Aiming for 70miles this weeks total. It's not high by you guys standards but I pleased to be feeling fitter and slowly working on getting miles in my legs smile

Hope you all have some good bank holiday riding.

Pipkinhartley Sat 03-May-14 09:24:00

Hello Ssmile, glad to hear you're enjoying your rides and don't knock your milage, 70 in a week is good going, that's exactly how I built up. The only reason I've been able to get more in recently is because I've had quite a bit of leave owing to me so have used the time when there's been a nice day to get out.

Hope you get another one of those family rides in this bank holiday, last one you described sounded great fun, I wholeheartedly commend planning rides around a pub stop!

Your work sounds interesting Velo, glad to hear you've got plenty coming in.

How's the bike now ATB?

Velorider Sun 04-May-14 10:14:16

Good luck with the sportive today Pip!! I hope it goes well for you.

I really need to up my miles and have struggled this weekend with the kids being off. Just hoping it dries up a bit here so I can get out later today and see how far I can go!

I hope you all have lovely bank holiday rides if you can get one!

ssmile Sun 04-May-14 21:34:33

Hope the sportive was good pipkin - I've not done one of those before what are they? Competitive race or fun ride on road or off?

Yep we had another family 20mile ride today grin. We got the train today and cycled back with 2 pub stops, a park and a cafe for lunch was very nice and the girls enjoyed it. DH did get a puncture which very nearly cause a crash with his brand new SPD shoes n pedals on (I'm jealous as I have never used them but want to..) with tagalong on the back but he managed to keep it upright and release his foot in time. I tired to get my 7yr old DD to watch whilst he mended the puncture as she could learn - I am all for empowering girls especially with learning - and she was "oh I couldn't possibly learn how to do that its toooo hard!" oh dear I have a way to go with her confidence building grin It was actually lovely (if a little chaotic on the path) to see SO many people and kids out riding. I feel a little odd sometimes amongst my "mummy friends" that all their kids have bikes but the mums themselves hardly cycle at all. Its such a shame and I don't get it? Lots of mums will run but not cycle? Is it a confidence thing?

Velorider Mon 05-May-14 10:52:05

Ssmile your bike ride sounds fab!
I agree, lots my my friends kids have bikes but they themselves don't ride. It's such a shame. Most women don't ride because they don't feel safe and 79 percent of women don't cycle at all. It's something I am personally working on changing.
A sportive is an event that usually raises money or awareness for a charity or cause. You pay a small entry fee and do my ride. There are usually levels from beginner to pro, in that distances get longer and tougher. It's usually not a race, but just a pace that suits each rider.

I'm waiting on some mtb slicks and am excited to change them over on my bike. Cheaper than buying a road bike!

Pipkinhartley Wed 07-May-14 19:27:20

Hi there Velo and Ssmile, sportive was great thanks, pretty hilly but got round in 4hrs 12 mins so happy enough with that (need to work at fuelling on the move rather than stopping!)

As Velo says, non competitive events but not quite in the fun ride territory. There will usually be a few climbs and there will usually be an event cut off time. They can be a bit costly ( last two were £50 and £28 respectively) but are generally to raise money for charity and I can't knock the events I did for planning/ facilities etc.

Hope your DH is mastering his pedals - I think we've all done the fall of shame at some time- usually in front of a bunch of strangers!

With regards to womens cycling, I've recently become a ride leader for Breeze, just waiting to complete my first aid then will be able to take some rides out- have a look at the website Ssmile, some rides also extend to kids coming along too. (Google sky ride breeze and you should find the relevant page) speaking of, it's stage 2 of the womens tour of Britain tomorrow, starting at Hinckley (not far from me) so I'm joining the breeze team who have a stand there - will let you know how it goes. Really looking forward to it and will catch up on the start today as it's on itv 4 later tonight.

Hope you get on well with the slicks Velo, you should notice a big difference.

Velorider Wed 07-May-14 21:19:28

I already did notice a difference in the tyres pip! Although I managed to put them both on backwards and had to spend another 30 mins changing them round. Plonker!!

Really looking forward to watching the women's tour later too! Lucky you getting to go! I've been lucky enough to chat with Giorgini Bronzini and Lizzie Armistead though. I'm slowly working my way through team Wiggle! All for work related purposes of course!

BistoBear Thu 08-May-14 17:42:15

Hello ladies, I hope you are well! I've not been on here for awhile and I haven't been on my bike much either due to starting a new job that's a little bit too far to cycle to.

It was my birthday last week and my lovely fiancé got a me a new bike! Cycled about 30 miles today, it is amazing. It's my first road bike so I was apprehensive about the drop down bars and the brakes/gears being in a strange place. But it was OK and it will get better with practice. The bike is so much quicker thanks to being super light. I love it! Fingers crossed we have a dry, wind free summer!

How's everyone's training coming along? I've been doing lots walking practice for Nijmegen so the cycling has been neglected.

Velorider Fri 09-May-14 08:22:54

Hi Bisto! Beautiful looking bike. Love the new bike emoticon too! I don't own a road bike, how difference are they? The gears are controlled by the breaks? Is that right?

My training is getting there. I've made a point of cycling every day, even if it's just a little 6 miles whilst the kids are at their activities. Otherwise I found I had no time. I'm taking the little and often approach!

ssmile Sun 11-May-14 18:34:03

Lack of cycling bike this week sad family commitments, children and weather have meant I haven't been out at all this week, only for a 3mile trip to the shops to buy bar ends and mud guards for newish bike. Must do better next week if I am to do my first sportive at the end of June! I didn't realise it was called that! I just thinking if it as a charity bike ride with some nasty hills.... The wind has been awful in the SW this weekend with50mph gusts and I was doing a late night charity walk at the weekend so my legs were a little weary today.
bisto lovely present for your birthday. I super impressed your OH managed to get a bike that fits you it's taken me weeks of adjustments to get my bike feeling "right". Maybe I'm just a fussy pots smile
Feeling rather ignorant that I had not realised the women's tour was on, when the men's tour gets SO much publicity I should be doing my bit to support them!
velo I know the feeling of trying hard to squeeze in any riding between kids it gets really frustrating sometimes especially now my DH has taken up riding again and we are competing for "child" free times. I gave away to the one chance I had to commute this week to him as he was keener than me but I would have gone if I had looked at the blue sky that morning envy

Hello everyone, been out of the loop as my parents we're here so very little exercise of any kind was happening, but AIDS/LifeCycle sets off a week today so am back in the groove - 80miles yesterday (half brutal headwinds, half glorious tailwinds), out and about tomorrow for various birthday treats but will be riding all the time so should get a few miles in, then planning 30 with DH on Wednesday and a decent 60-70 at the weekend with a friend in San Diego. Final countdown has really begun - soon I'll be flying up to San Francisco to prepare for the big one!

You all sound like you're going great guns, family rides, new bikes, sportives - I must get online to follow the women's tour. Agree not enough women ride, there was a big push this year at ALC to encourage more female riders - last year there were only about 400 of us and 2100 men!!

Pipkinhartley Mon 12-May-14 18:44:37

Hi Bisto, very nice bike! Have you noticed much difference to your rides?
Ssmile, as you, I've also had a week off. I think I did a little more damage to my elbow (as in couldn't bend it properly) after my spill a few weeks ago so decided to rest it properly and let the swelling go down. Feels a lot better now and enjoyed a 30 mile run out today. Hopefully some circuits round Donington Park tomorrow - cracking value, just £1.00 gets you riding the track for as long as you like between 5.30 and 8.00. Think I'll just aim for an hour or so though!
good to hear training going well for the ALC event, ATB. I'm going to aim to get some miles in too this week, hopefully the weather will improve!
Velo, see if you can beg, borrow or steal (maybe not!) a road bike- I found the difference is really noticeable compared to the boardman hybrid I was using a couple of years ago.

Velorider Tue 13-May-14 08:23:32

Hello all! Good to see we are getting out. The weather is def improving. I keep getting sunburnt NAND forgetting the sun cream! I am must be of Viking decent when they came to scotland , very pale skin and blonde hair and burn like a potato in a fire pit!

ATB you are good at squeezing in the miles! I'd love to have your days. I literally get between 915-1115 on weekdays, and from after 6pm if I'm not to shattered and it's not raining. And sometimes at weekends due to DP working, me working etc.

Did an 18.5 mile yesterday which felt really good and I could have kept going, but had to be back to collect dd. Off out tomorrow too to do the same and again on Friday and a long one hopefully on Sunday!

Pip are road bikes suitable for fairly gravely trails? As I ride a five mile trail to get to the smooth off road trails I frequent.

Pipkinhartley Tue 13-May-14 12:18:54

Hi Velo, it's a good sign when you get out and feel you could have done more if time allowed!
I wouldn't recommend a road bike on gravel, those skinny tyres don't take much to puncture (or skid! But that could just be my handing skills which need honing! There was a couple of miles of newly gravelled roads on the sportive I did a couple of weeks ago and I dropped my speed right down, rather be safe than sorry!)

I only had these two days this week because it was my birthday yesterday so I swapped DD's daycare days around to give myself the day off. Wednesdays I do have free so always try to ride, but it's also the only day to get everything else done without DC in tow. DH is pretty good about letting me bugger off on alternative weekends for a day riding though - but that's because the big one is imminent...I'd say you getting in 3 18miles+ rides in a week is great Velo

sigh. I heart my bike

Velorider Wed 14-May-14 11:48:02

Yeah I think I will keep away from road bikes. Today I rode up a trail I have been riding past for months and finally I went up it today to see where it took me. I was amazed! It followed a little stream, crossed little bridges, was full of flowers and birds! And I was all alone, which was brilliant. Had a short but steep climb at the end, but I hit 30mph coming back down, with my brakes locked on! Dread to think how fast I would have gone if I had left them off!

How are you all getting on? Is the weather behaving for you?

That sounds beautiful Velo!

ssmile Sat 17-May-14 14:56:12

Sounds like everyone is getting out more. The sun coming out certainly helps the motivation [smile ]
I've done 2*18mile commutes this week and did 30miles this morning. I'm very grin as thats the furthest I've been this year with lots of hills. Good half was UP. i didnt walk up any of the hills despite only doing 4mph at few points grin And I was still back to pick DD1 up from her dance class at 11am. Hard work squeezing in the miles when we all busy mums!

that's great work fitting it in ssmile, have to admit to only fitting it in on my one day a week I have both children in some form of childcare and then on weekends when DH has them...he's being very supportive in the run up to the ride (argh 2 weeks to go!) and I'm disappearing off to San Diego this afternoon to do a ride first thing tomorrow with a uni friend. Letting DH have a lie in this morning to make up for it!

Velorider Mon 19-May-14 08:31:54

ssmile, well done that's brilliant. I actually have a day today where I can do nothing but cycle so shall aim for 40 and see how I go. Not sure of the route so best take a map with me!

atb not long to go now at all. It sounds as if you are getting some good training in mind you. I hope you have a lovely ride with your friend this morning. DP is coming on the first 10 Miles with me, but has to get back for dd and do swimmiing lessons etc. grin

Trip to San Diego was heavenly (I adore my DC obviously but I really crave and enjoy time that's just for me at the moment and having 24hours staying with my friend in his one-up-one-down bachelor pad living a responsibility free life was pure heaven)...we did a good 50mile route but god it was hilly, I just got up them as quick as I could! My friend is a triathlete and it was interesting to see how on hills he stands most of the way whereas I go into a low gear and spin my way up. We did three pretty steep and long climbs and a few other "smaller" ones...felt very good for it.

Was going to ride yesterday but DD was sick. managed to do Shred instead so aiming to do that every day that I don't get on the bike between now and the ride just to do final boost of fitness. Should get a good morning ride in tomorrow, then another at the weekend - then my bike gets shipped to SanFran next Monday!

If anyone's interested in finding out more about ok and cheeikly seeing if you want to donate here's the page ALC

Velorider Tue 20-May-14 15:02:29

ATB I know exactly what you mean about those times. Sometimes I feel it's utterly selfish to want them as much as I do. Then I realise it's not selfish at all, it's normal to want to to ditch the responsibility once in a while. You forget how much a family can mean when you do it every day. The sheer weight of 'carrying' everyone else, whilst trying to achieve your own goals (as we did easily before kids), is like walking through mud!

Well done though and I am glad you enjoyed it. I LOVE the reasons your are doing this big ride. I will donate as soon as payday swings around. The end of the month is never good here!

Aw thanks velo, all of your message means a lot!

how is everyone? My bike was shipped on Sunday and I miss it already but seriously excited for the ride. My only fear is I still get mega pain in my left toes, I think I'm going to need a full and complete and expensive bike fit but have left it far too late for the ride now which sucks...so another year of pain management having to take ibruprofen constantly and remembering to take my shoes off whenever we stop.

wondered if anyone had come across CycloFemme? They seem to organise women's rides across the globe....need something to work towards post AIDS/LifeCycle

ssmile Fri 30-May-14 08:03:54

Gd luck for your big ride ATB. Hope the toe pain isn't to awful. I get numb toes sometimes but its linked to my old back problem and the muscles spasm around the sciatic nerve, normally a gd stretch helps me.
DH & I arranged 6hrs with no kids today and went off to do training ride. We went up the 3long hills that are on our 100k ride next month. I'm glad we did it despite the rain as its made them less scary now. I know can do them by just spinning in very low gears smile

Velorider Thu 05-Jun-14 08:41:33

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA. How is everyone going?

ATB I hope your ride goes well! My toes sometimes go numb when I am riding, not sure why! But it is painful, you have my sympathies.

Ssmile, I spin in a low gear up most hills wink. I haven't been out as much as I like. And this week it's mostly raining, so getting windows to go out just got smaller. Think I may just have to get soaked! The 100km isn't that far away and I've yet to break my 40 mile barrier!!

ssmile Sat 07-Jun-14 20:55:14

Hope the ride is going ok ATB

I've had a quieter week too Velo. Weird head cold tues-fir stopped my riding but hoping to go out Sunday morning. I'm supposed to be doing a 40mile ride this weekend. The most I've done was a 35miler last week and some hill rides. I too really want to break the 40mile barrier smile I'm going to start out on a flat ride tomorrow and see how my cold and legs are and keep going if I feel ok. DH has said I can have all morning child free grin so if I leave at 7am I can get 4hrs riding in ok. It's finding the time to get training in which is the hardest thing when you have young kids!

I'm back! Cycled 87 days Sunday, 109 on Monday, 66 on Tuesday, 89 on Wednesday, 46 in Thursday (lovely), 87 on Friday and 60 today ....roughly

We raised a total of $15million between 2350 riders and about 800 roadies

I am tired and sore and hungry thanks to eating every hour on the hour but it was amazing. DH has signed up for next year but I'll still go on the training rides with him.

No idea when I'll next get on the bike!

ssmile Sun 08-Jun-14 15:35:33

We'll done ATB that's some miles and incredible fund raising.

I was coming onto say I did 40.04miles this morning my longest ride yet grin but this seems tiny compared to your epic ATB wink. How did you get on Velo? Hope you managed to get out today.

Velorider Tue 10-Jun-14 07:18:55

How was your flat ssmile? Sounds like you got a good distance in,we well done!

I got 30 miles on Saturday. Took a different route, veering off the flats onto back farm roads every so often. Felt it in my thighs! Felt like a kid going exploring again, and reminded me of why I love my bike! And I got 11 miles on yesterday. Was going out today but rained off. With the end of term approaching in Scotland, we are all sports days, end of term activities etc, so my free mornings are getting sucked up!

ATB well done! An amazing thing to do. That is some serious riding and a huge sum of money! Really impressive!!!

I miss my bike already...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....going to borrow Dad's bike (flying to UK tomorrow for 6 weeks) so trying to find some local cycling clubs that aren't for the older 55's who do a maximum of 12miles.

I could go out on my own though too, just need to figure out the local safe routes. Your post has inspired me velo

Anyone in West Sussex by any chance and fancy a riding partner? Though I'll be on a bike with normal pedals so I'm sure will moan the whole time how slowly I'll be going!

Velorider Wed 11-Jun-14 18:51:57

Hehe ATB! Good for you! I'm not in that area at all or I would have! Although you would totally show me up.

Is anyone going to be in Yorkshire for the peloton?

Pipkinhartley Wed 11-Jun-14 21:19:14

Hello all, been a bit busy with work so nice to catch up. Especially good to hear about your efforts ATB! That's really impressive riding and so good to see such an impactive amount raised by that number of riders (I'm not trying to imply smaller amounts don't help! Far from, just really impressed by the amount raised by the number of participants)
Sorry I'm not West Sussex, but if during your family visits you find yourself heading to the East Midlands, give me a pm! (Have got two road bikes, both clipless! You're welcome to make good use of one and show me how it's done!)
Ssmile, glad you're getting the miles in, sciatic stuff sounds horrible, well done for getting on with it - and keeping on grinding out the miles!
Hi Velo, going to be at the final stage of the a Grande Depart! (Sheffield) As a tour maker, going to do my training this Friday at Leeds.
Btw, back to the original thread title, anyone seen the email from Rapha re the official training runs on the 29 June? (London and chesterfield) I've signed up for chesterfield. It's 60k but apparently very hilly. Should be fun for me as a consummate hill dodger!

you might learn to love them pipkin....on my first ALC (last year) I thought I was slow and rubbish compared to the rest of my team (all gym loving boys) til the first big climb and suddenly I was whizzing past them....now I bloody love a good hill. Give me a hill over a headwind any day!

Chopstheduck Thu 12-Jun-14 06:37:35

<<peeks head round corner>>

Could I possibly come and bug you ladies for some tips? I've managed to get myself signed up for the cycle leg of a triathalon next month!

Velorider Thu 12-Jun-14 08:06:49

Pip I can't wait! I'm going to the rapha tempest so camping out for a night or two as well. The kids are silly excited about it all! I haven't heard anything from rapha re training runs. They need to do one in Scotland!

ATB I'd rather cycle up a hill than a headwind any day too. At least a hill has an end!

Chops, ask any questions you like! We are a pretty good mixed ability group, so you will get some good answers.

Chopstheduck Thu 12-Jun-14 10:35:59

I am in awe of some of the distances on here! grin

Ok, so I'm reasonably fit, I run 3 times a week, do pump 2-3 times a week and I cycle everywhere. Over winter when the weather was rubbish I did spin classes instead. However, I have never raced, and I usually ride a hybrid with nice sit up and beg handlebars and a pretty bell! grin

I'm going to have to hire a road bike for the race which is 4 flat laps, 21.2km. I have been angling for a road bike for years, but dh doesn't really understand why I possibly need a road bike as well as my hybrid and mountain bikes. I like a bit of offroading from time to time - live close to swinley forest which has some fantastic singletrack. I am worried about the transition to a road bike. I was wondering about dropping my handlebars for now to try to get used to a lower profile. I do tend to tuck my elbows in and get low when in a hurry anyway. blush

I went out for my first attempt yesterday, on my hybrid and managed 8.5 miles in 30 minutes, before I hit Maidenhead and with the roundabout and lights dropped to 12 mph for a further 3.5 miles. I need to find some more country roads. Do you think going back to Spin classes will help with training, or are they a waste of time?

Also should I stop running for now? I've cut back and will replace my sunday long run with a long ride instead, but I will stop if need be.

also any idea of a training plan, how often I should go out, and any tips at all would really be appreciated. I normally do at about 2 hours exercise a day, I'm wondering if I will have to cut back a bit to focus on the cycling.

Chopstheduck Thu 12-Jun-14 10:38:43

Here is my bike! I luff it to bits. grin I've done about 1500 miles on it now I think. (cycle computer battery died at 1000!)

ssmile Thu 12-Jun-14 21:13:53

Nice bike chops I cycle on a flat bars hybrid bike in a more sit up position. I'm not as fast as you are but I've been building my miles slowly up over the last 8weeks. I've gone from doing 18miles a week to 75miles a week as I've built up training for a charity ride at the end of June. I'm no expert but I would have thought if you need to get bike fit you need to put the miles in on the bike. I've been playing around with increasing my cadence after some advice on here by lowering gears and spinning at higher rpm which has helped a bit. Can you fit cheap tri bars on your existing bike to practice the road position? I've been looking at this option, wiggle has some. Good luck with your ride.

ssmile Sun 15-Jun-14 07:53:22

Broke 100miles this week grin as my running total over 7days, was knackered though. Did a hilly 26miles on sat early before it got hot but it was still 20c at 9am and I was struggling in the humidity. We just not used to hotter weather ere grin. Need a couple of rest days now before commute again on tues.
Hope everyone else has got out in the lovely weather.

Chopstheduck Sun 15-Jun-14 18:02:28

wow, well done ssmiles!

Thanks for the tips, will def try to get some more miles in this week smile

Velorider Mon 16-Jun-14 18:12:44

We'll done ssmile! I just did my first 40 today, felt great!

Chops, I have no real advice apart from ssmile's advice. I wouldn't give up running though. I'd try and alternate with cycling. Interval training is great on your bike for building and then maintaining speed! Hopefully someone else will be more help!

ssmile Mon 23-Jun-14 21:48:00

Bit quiet around ere? Hope everyone out busy cycling. I did my last 40miler before the ride on Sunday. I wasn't going to do much riding this week but now I've got to commute tom to work on my bike as the garage didn't finish working on the car today! DH did 40miles today so I didn't fancy asking him to cycle again tom to work (22miles for him).

I'm after some advice on food. It was hot 30c Sunday and I got overheated and had the dizzy shakes when I got home. I had a ice pack on my head and drank 2pints squash and ate bowl of plain brown pasta after I got home which eventually helped but it scared me. I did 40miles but need to do 55miles next weekend. What do I eat whilst cycling? Normally I take a banana, some almonds and a cereal bar but I'm going to need more next weekend as we will be cycling 8am-2/3pm and I'm the sort of person who has to eat regularly or crash. I will try to eat some porridge before I leave but I'm feeling nervous about riding with so many people too blush. My brother has said try those energy gel things but I'm trying to avoid just sugar hits as they make me feel sleepy. I also only have water in my bottle should I put one of those energy tablets in it?

BuggersMuddle Mon 23-Jun-14 22:16:43

ssmile Just found this thread.

I find electrolyte tablets useful for avoiding shakiness.

Gels are a personal preference. I use them occasionally but prefer to fill one of my bottles with something like a High 5 Energy Source. (Their banana protein recovery is lovely two).

If that sounds a bit plastic, other stuff I know people like are are doreen malt loaf, flapjack & Stoats / Eat Natural bars.

Velorider Tue 24-Jun-14 14:27:55

Hi ssmile, I agree with buggersMuddle. The recovery shakes are quite good. But any milkshake is good right after a ride! Gels can be handy for a quick fix and I often have one in my bag for a quick hit if needed.

I make and take seeded flapjacks. Made with a mix of sunflower, flax, pumpkin and any seeds I have, pinhead and rolled oatmeal. They are really good to eat on the go.

Check out this site totalwomenscycling.com/fitness/nutrition/. You can avoid the protien powder erections, or omit the powder if it isn't for you, but a lot of good ideas on there.

It's recommended you have a good breakfast, like porridge two hours before your ride. I'm only just working up to long distances with a 50 miles planned on Thursday. I will be taking a jam sandwhich with peanut butter, an emergency gel, two water bottles with a high five tablet in each, flapjack and a packet of soft mints. I always take money in case I ever get stuck!

ssmile Tue 24-Jun-14 19:56:28

Thanks for the tips on food. I've ordered done gel and high5 things and I will check out that link. I love a good flap jack smile so I will be making some of those.

Hope your ride on Thursday goes ok velo

BuggersMuddle Tue 24-Jun-14 20:00:04

Just re-read this and wasn't on wine, so not sure where 'doreen's malt loaf' came from grin. Should be Soreen. Would also say, take on the food / gel / whatever you decide before you think you need it. I am very guilty (as I have weight to lose) of waiting until I'm flagging, which is fine on a shorter run as not so far left to finish, but no good on a 100k as I'm then constantly in an energy deficit.

I've even been known to take bagels on leisure rides, but probably wouldn't on a timed event / sportive because they do take a bit of digesting.

That looks like a great site Velorider I am bookmarking!

Velorider Fri 27-Jun-14 08:59:04

Is anyone going to the Grande Depart in Yorkshire this weekend?

Chopstheduck Fri 27-Jun-14 09:36:57

I realyl wnat to take my dts to the london leg - they are both cycle fanatics. Would mean throwing a sickie at school though! blush

pootlebug Fri 27-Jun-14 12:26:33

A friend is signed up for the London Rapha and was wishing she knew someone going....was contemplating signing up but can't find any route information and since I'm not a confident rider in traffic would love to know where it goes first....am I being really thick not being able to find route info? It's further than I usually cycle - I do triathlon and tend not to cycle more than 50km or so at a time normally, but figuring with the overall fitness from doing the other disciplines, as well as a drop in pace, I'd probably cope.

<waves to Chopstheduck> - I may see you on the bike leg if it's the Eton Dorney Shock Absorber one grin

Chopstheduck Fri 27-Jun-14 12:33:41

pootlebug - it is!!

Which distance are you doing? We're on the supersprint.

pootlebug Fri 27-Jun-14 12:47:01

I'm doing the Supersprint too smile

um Velo what is a protein powder erection??? love it

I wanna see the tour! damn I don't think we'll get to it anywhere, annoyingly

ssmile on my longer rides I start with a breakfast of porridge with banana and chopped nuts, or scrambled eggs with spinach in a tortilla and toasted, and a giant mug of coffee.

I take with me a bottle of water and a bottle of electrolytes - I hate the taste of Gateorade so try to take coconut water instead but def take electrolytes in some form. Then I take with me a trail mix of seeds, nuts and dried fruit, an emergency shot-block pack (I can't stomach the gels either but find shotblocks pretty good for when I'm hitting a wall or need a boost to climb a hill towards the end of a long ride) and normally some sort of trail bar/flapjack (protein bars seem to just sit really heavily in my stomach)...also almond butter and honey sandwiches are great. It's trial and error really but the key is to drink before you're thirsty and eat before you're hungry - even if it means getting off the bike.

God I miss my bike! 3 more weeks in the UK til I can hit the Californian roads again. I've been introduced to a women's only cycling group which terrifies me - they're called She Wolf Attack Team and do tuesday evening rides (cunningly names CUNT - see you next tuesday) and weekend rides, there seems to be a range of riders but on the whole they train for serious climbs and then uber fast crits in Downtown LA. I've gone from a basic commuter cyclist to a distance cyclist and a half decent climber in a year or so, so maybe joining them and facing another mega challenge to become a sprinter would be a good thing??? They do make cupcakes as well though, gotta be a good thing...

ssmile Sun 29-Jun-14 19:54:40

Thanks ATB for tips but I was already riding when you posted grin I did it!! grin very hilly 59miles but knack erred now. My lovely mum had our DDs overnight and today so we could both do it. My DH was half hour faster than me over 5hrs of cycling but I was SO chuffed I finished as up to today the furthest id ridden was 40miles. I found last 10m really tough. DH wants to do 100m next year and had a spring in his step at the end whilst I was dizzy sick arrhhh on the grass wink thanks for the tips and support on here.

Pipkinhartley Sun 29-Jun-14 20:00:52

Hi Pootlebug, there's no planned route for the Rapha 100, it will still count if you (maybe get together with some like minded ladies) simply complete 100k on the day and upload to Strava - must be over one ride only though.
There are a few organised rides running, if you google Rapha womens 100 and strava I think that may find you the right page.
I went on the Rapha training run in the Peak District today (Rapha staff were there as ride leaders) and it was a lovely sociable event, nice and steady but lots of climbing! 1225 meters over just over 60 k with a nice long 10% climb (with a cheeky 15% segment in that!) enroute. There were a few more climbs but after that one at Sir William Hill, they weren't too bad! Oh, and got a very nice Rapha musette!
ATB, hope you're having a good holiday but know what you mean about missing the bike, I'm away for a couple of weeks soon and can't see any likelihood of getting out on a bike so I'll just have to wait till I get back and crack on with the Rapha 100 a couple of days after that.

Velorider Sun 29-Jun-14 22:30:59

ATB, that has to be my best autocorrect ever!!!
You are all doing so well!!! Well done ssmile!

I'm in Yorkshire this week, which is lovely as my mum hasn't been too well lately and I wasn't sure I was going to get away. But she was well enough so I get a little bit of the tour at the weekend before heading back to Scotland.

I can't beleive how soon the 100 actually is! I have a borrowed bike and a stationary trainer this week. It's proving uninspiring to cycle in my PILs garden.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 30-Jun-14 18:16:09

I'm currently on holiday in the Peak District. First time I've brought my trike out of the flat lands and I have to say it ain't built for hills. Actually I'm probably not built for hills either.

Yesterday nearly killed me, the rain didnt help. Today I switched to the trails and cycled the Tissington and high peak trails. Better but still a bugger of a slight uphill gradient one way on the tissington. Going south I was doing 19mph no problem. On the way back I reckon it was 7mph average.

I've got my road bike with me. Might get on that later on in the week.

ssmile Tue 01-Jul-14 20:28:56

Hope your enjoying your holiday cycling viva and Velo. My DH has signed up for another ride on the day of the Rapha 100, I'm not sure whether I have enough enthusiasm for cycling to do another one so soon after this weekend and I'd have to sort child care again. I've rather lost my cycling bug after Sundays efforts. Maybe the Tour will inspire me again grin I actually gained weight after that ride???how?! My fitness pal reckons I'd burnt 2500 calories and I ate about that much so was zero by days end!!

Pipkinhartley Wed 02-Jul-14 08:40:23

Ssmile, think of it as building some good cycling muscle mass! I haven't lost weight but am smaller due to trimming off fat. I have gained fairly muscular legs which I'm happy with. (Suppose now of an age when I no longer strive for Kate Moss thighs - not that they were ever like that anyway!)
Hope the Tour does inspire you again, you've come to far to not carry on!
Viva, lucky you in the Peaks - Never mind the climbs, it was some of the descents I found a bit bum clenching!

ssmile Fri 18-Jul-14 16:35:38

So is everyone ready for their 100 this weekend.

Pipkinhartley Fri 18-Jul-14 18:34:47

Hello Ssmile, looking forward to it! Just had a couple of weeks of as holidayed abroad so can't wait to get out again!
How about you? And how's training coming on?

ssmile Fri 18-Jul-14 20:10:53

I'm not doing the 100 this weekend my DH is instead. I did 20miles today work commute only just getting my cycling mojo back after my 100km 4weeks ago. I'm looking at another long ride in Sept instead nowsmile. I've just ordered my first pair of SPD shoes n pedals hopefully coming tom!

ssmile Sun 20-Jul-14 21:20:37

Did anybody ride today? My DH did a very hot hilly 100k...

It inspired me to sign up for my second sportive in September grin I need an incentive to keep riding in the school holidays. I've also bought a 2nd hand trailer for my youngest DD to ride in. She is outgrowing the Hamax seat but not big enough for the tag along so I'm hoping this will help. I did 5miles with my oldest DD today which is great for her but hard work me doing 6mph with the other DD in the Hamax swinging around grin on the back singing and chatting to her big sis!

Pipkinhartley Mon 21-Jul-14 12:28:07

Hi Ssmile, was very hot yesterday! Did the Rapha thing- 102k in 4 hrs 11 mins and 550 m of climbs so happy enough with that seeing as it's the second ride I've done after 3 weeks off whilst on holiday.
So which sportive have you signed up for?
Sounds like you have your work cut out for you with the trailer and Hamax seat!

Velorider Mon 21-Jul-14 21:11:39

Hi all. Sorry I have been AWOL. Yep I did it yesterday! Included coastal trails, riding over a long bridge, roads and forest routes!! Had a great time, but took longer Than it should have. The person I rode with was a fair bit slower than me and needed to stop quite a lot on the way back. But it was fun nonetheless.

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