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Stonehaven Thu 06-Feb-14 07:20:29

So. I was wondering why people can't seem to be able to put pole in two seperate boxes. Strippers who can't even invert properly and just rub their crotch against the pole, and people who do it properly. Athletes. Is it really so difficult? No-one bats an eyelid at aerial hoop or silks when it's really just the same thing.

I've never met a 'proper' pole dancer who doesn't look down their nose at strippers. Strippers are turned away from classes in disgust. Classes are taken in bare feet and gym clothes, not thigh high leather boots and little else.

If anyone has any questions, I'd be very happy to answer them.

Mitchy1nge Thu 06-Feb-14 09:30:44

hmm do you have to be someone who can look down your nose at strippers or respond with disgust when encountering them or is pole open to all?

I agree, it really annoys me too. I have to say though, none of the polers I have come across (the pro's I mean) have never looked down their nose at strippers, in fact one of them used to be a stripper.

I have had this convo time and time again on MN, have given up now, people will never change their views and I got fed up bashing my head against a wall.

I love poling, couldn't care less what anyone else thinks about it. Looking forwars to my 2 hour session later smile

Mitchy1nge Thu 06-Feb-14 11:26:29

if pole fitness can only establish itself as a gymnastic sport by sneering at other women who use it for dance and to earn money then that's a shame

I think I'd probably love it, especially after reading (I think she is called Trucks something) description of it, but even the stupid tribal fusion belly dance thing I do feels a bit ridiculous at times

Mitchy1nge Thu 06-Feb-14 11:31:43

so anyway is not true that people don't change their minds, mine has changed a lot from dismissing as a 'sport' you do in high heels to learning about Indian pole gymnastics and stuff, nothing to do with 'celebrating sexuality' (which I usually do by having sex)

But I think the people who sneer and look down their nose, sneer and look down their nose at both, pole fitness and pole dancing. At the end of the day it is gymnastics on a pole......end of!

I have been poling for four years and love it more and more, it's a great form of exercise, brilliant for strength and toning, I have made some fantastic friends from it and it gives you so much more confidence.

I love aerial hoop as well but ultimately pole is best smile

Mitchy1nge Thu 06-Feb-14 12:00:16

almost all exercise gives confidence and friends (if you want them) though

but anyway I would try it (as long as it wasn't all cringe making and as long as I don't have to be horrible about pole dance or stripping!) so that's a volte face from me

I don't think the subject of stripping will arise to be honest.

Give it a go but just beware that you may need to try a few studios before you find one which suits your needs.......I have a fabby instructor now but have been to a few rubbish ones too.

Enjoy smile

Suzannewithaplan Thu 06-Feb-14 12:11:01

Indian pole gymnastics?
Really I had no idea, I must look that up grin

Mitchy1nge Thu 06-Feb-14 12:17:53

have never seen any pole gymnast classes anywhere near me

but live in middle of nowhere

yeah Suzanne, they sort of dress up as Mowgli and play on a giant wooden phallus or rope

they look amazing

Think it's like Chinese pole isn't it? Yep amazing!

Stonehaven Thu 06-Feb-14 23:29:01

Obviously I'm not saying everyone is the same. I'm saying people I've met. And it's more the comparison to strippers rather than the strippers themselves. I could have worded that better!

The was one girl we had who just wanted to learn minge-flashing moves and was generally a bit of a twat. It put everyone off!

Anyway, all that aside, who's going to PPC in Nov?

Stonehaven Thu 06-Feb-14 23:34:51

Betty I've been poling almost four years too. As much as I try, I just cannot get my shoulder mount! I've tried both shoulders, standing lower/higher. Bloody nightmare. However I have mastered the twisted ballerina which is nice! What's your favourite move?

goodasitgets Fri 07-Feb-14 00:20:09

I love pole grin
Been to a fab class tonight and cracked some new moves envy

Stone - I love shoulder mount. Is your head back enough?? Are you getting enough oomph when you kick into it. Have you tried the other hand above?? Is easier from normal cup than twisty - now the elbow gtip sm is a bitch, lol. Really pull on your arms and use your abs. I can deadlift it now and aerial it now as well and amazingly enough find it quite easy.

My favourite move is handspring, love it. I like the strength and control work so like the controlled flag.

Had a back breaking session last night, I swear she broke me smile

Stonehaven Fri 07-Feb-14 18:44:14

I think my head might be too far back! I've got a ridiculously bendy spine and can't keep it straight at all.

My other favourite move is the remi. I love handsprings too but I can only do twisted grip. Working on deadlifting it at the moment.

Did you see Bendy Kate's winning routine from the worlds? Amazing!

Sm is strange but all of a sudden you will do it and wonder what took you so long, lol.

I love Bendy Kate, she is amazing!

Don't know what the Reminis but presuming something Remi from JLN does??

I am going to a Sarah Scott master class in May, super excited about that! just nailed her one handed sm from the floor, blooming hard, needs lots of oomph blush

LowCarbHeaven Sun 09-Feb-14 21:07:55

I have been pondering about going to a class. There is a couple different one in Aberdeen! I have 3 stone to lose though so I might wait till I get some of that off so I feel more comfortable!

I always wonder how good you can get going once a week without practising at home?

Stonehaven Mon 10-Feb-14 09:04:31

LowCarb I went for 18 months before getting my own pole at home and managed to catch up with the advanced students pretty quickly. Plus I had zero upperbody strength! It's surprising how fast you pick it up even going only once a week.

Lowcarb - yep I poled for a good few months before i got my own pole so you will make progress just going once a week for a while. Pole is amazing for upper body strength - I was a right weed when I started and now have muscles on my muscles, lol smile

Yo pole fans.
I have 1 hour rehearsal for a show today, routine to Big Spender - old school Hollywood type dance with nods to Bob Fosse choreography then intermediate/advanced workshop Tues night, and 2 hour dress rehearsal Thurs and Fri for Saturday show.

Doing 5 dances and 30 sec solo routine on spinning pole.
Loved the last month of dance based classes, then it's back to the strength training to nail shoulder mount and start working up to flag.

Some of the best strongest dancers I know have stripped/come from burlesque or circus performance background. They just love pole and can't do stuff they enjoy in clubs as too tiring/bruising/wasted on punters.

Trucks my pole school took part in a show last year (pole factor) and we did a routine to Burlesque Express, it was great fun.

I am doing a routine for a pole comp so working on my video submission at the moment although I have convinced myself there is no way I am going to get through, will be competing with girls half my age shock although I am hoping they will be thinking she aint bad for an old girl, lol.

I hate the spinning pole, makes me feel a bit drunk, really had to adapt my routine to moves I can do whilst spinning and not look to pissed when I come off!

I love flag, it's one of my favs..........trying to brass monkey into flag but can't get the hand position right! I am sure shoulder mount is down to technique...takes a while to get your positioning but once you do you nail it every time.

I love bouncing the sm down the pole smile

goodasitgets Mon 10-Feb-14 16:58:44

You all sound so good! I've been going once or twice a week for about 5 months. Working on butterfly and flatline Scorpio, can invert, crucifix, thigh hold, cross knee release etc

Stonehaven Mon 10-Feb-14 21:17:48
Stonehaven Mon 10-Feb-14 21:23:35

goodasitgets you've only been going five months and can do all that? Impressive!

Stone, very nice....reminds me a bit of Buddha, looks ouchy. Cool move though, I'm working on the Sail at the moment smile

goodasitgets Mon 10-Feb-14 23:09:40

This was last week
Yes, I inverted probably my 5th lesson, but I still worry about being crap grin

No idea how to do this but if this works this is my controlled flag.

Good, those photos look cool.

Not sure if this link will work but here's my controlled flag....a work in progress...

Is this any better, I shall give up if not, lol.....

Dope moves ladies grin
I am loving the dizzy swan/twisted ballerina/twisted star on spinning pole at the mo. also slow fan kick into plank.

What's the move you hate? I can't do Superman/Superwoman at all. It's hideously painful and my back and arse will not stay in a straight line.

Ps. Super impressed by the fearless inverts after only weeks asgoodas and look at you now, wow - and you look rocking betty - totally strong and powerful. V inspiring.

Did my link actually work the, lol.

A move I hate...mmm....dunno, I hate learning the cartwheel, scares the crap out of me and I will try and get out of it as I hate any move which involves letting go and jumping. A move which has taken me ages is the elbow grip Ayesha, not mad about elbow grips but I seem to have it now but it taken ages.

I like Superman, loads of ways to get into it and I like Brass Monkey too.

I personally don't really like the spins, much prefer the tricks smile

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 09:04:51

Betty clicky link for you -

Thanks Stone - never used instagram before, only went on to upload that photo....had a couple of pro pole shoots, will see if I can work out how to add some more to there at some stage.

Routine practice last night.....only got a week or so till video submission and I think it's still crap....needs lots of neatening up, if I get through to this comp it will be a miracle hmm

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 11:23:55

Which comp you doing? We've got a show coming up but it's just a little one for our school. Haven't even picked a song yet!

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 11:24:30

Did you have a Millie Robson shoot? She's fab.

I am submitting a video for the Midlands Pole Comp but I have to enter as advanced and there are only 8 spaces so I doubt I'll get through but you never know!

No, my friend has a sister who is a photographer and she has done a couple of shoots - they are great fun and will be something to look back on when I am old and saggy, lol.

Yes, seen her photos, she is awesome smile

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 12:24:30

Oh well, at least you can do awesome moves in the advanced category. My teacher told me I'd have to enter as advanced if I wanted to do a comp. Even though I can't do some of the moves in the intermediate category! The one I wanted to enter only allowed handsprings in advanced.

Who are your favourite dancers? Mine are Bendy Kate, Shimmy and Anastasia Skukhtorova. Oh and Kirsty Griffiths!

I've got loads of awesome tricks in my routine, if they were judging by tricks alone I would stand a chance of getting in but the floor work bothers me, hate it and need to work on not looking petrified or bored, lol. 4 mins is so knackering, I sweated buckets yesterday practicing . Need to work on my jade on the spinny to make sure I keep my height.

I like Bendy Kate, Sally Ann Giles is brilliant, as is Sarah Scott - god there's loads and some great guys too.

....oh and not to forget Jess Leanne Norris, she is fab.

My instructor is pretty awesome though - she has to be my fav smile

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 12:43:32

Jade on spinny?! Wow! Spinny pole doesn't agree with me. I wish I could do it as it looks fab but I just get dizzy!

It is hard coming up with floor work isn't it? I'll see if I can find a link to the last routine I did. It's rubbish and there's no floorwork lol.

I always forget my routine halfway through and end up making it up!

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 12:44:26

Is Jess your instructor? Kirsty G is mine :-)

I don't like spinny either - had to totally adapt my routine as started off learning i on a static and then when I went to do it on a spinny it was impossible. Yes, on the spinny side climbing, dropping into gemini, then into jade, into one legged cricifix, into box splits....cue the sick bucket haha!

My floor work routine is actually a nice routine, it's just me that makes it look crap!

No, she is my friends instructor though, my instructor is Zara Berry, she is brilliant!

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 13:17:32
Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 13:29:14

Just watched Zara's Pole Factor video on YouTube - amazing!

Like your vid Stone very good....your first spin you do (we call in the pretzel) is my last move on my routine but doing it on the spinny pole......hope I have enough oomph left!

This is a linky to the routine our pole school did at the pole factor last and my friend are the doubles who did the double handspring near the end (on the solo bit am the second person to go on....pole bud was on the other side doing same thing but the film didnt get that pole.

Yes Zara is amazing, so lucky to have her as an instructor.

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 14:24:31

Put [[ ]] around your link to make it clicky like this [[ link ]] but without spaces :-)

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 14:28:15

Thanks, it's a rubbish angle but it's the only video I've got of it. I hadn't been poling long and now all I can see is the flaws in it lol.

Stonehaven Wed 12-Feb-14 14:34:22

Love that vid! Burlesque s always a great song to pole to.

Haha, I am frantically looking for that symbol on my stupid apple keyboard, either I'm blind or it's not there....oh no found it ta!

Great song and fab fun doing it and of course, safety in numbers and all that! This was last summer so have come on a lot since then...and started gyming.......but yes it was a good experience.

Love the routines!
Betty you can click 'convert links automatically' when you post if you can't find the fave pole dancer is Jenyne Butterfly.[[ Check this



positively9something Thu 13-Feb-14 09:05:47

Marking my place on the thread so I can read later wink I love pole smile

Stonehaven Thu 13-Feb-14 09:10:28

Trucks I ^love* that routine! She is queen of the air walk. That's my holy grail move. One day I'll get it!

Stonehaven Thu 13-Feb-14 09:12:31

Oops, love

Stonehaven Thu 20-Feb-14 20:21:12

Betty I took your advice about the shoulder mount. I put my head further back and really gave it some welly and... I got it last night!

My shoulder is killing me today and I can barely lift my arms above my head but I'm so chuffed!

Brilliant, well done, there will be no stopping you now. So man of these moves are down to technique as well as strength, you just need to find a way that works for you. Once you do it every time just start working on getting that kick smaller and smaller and then finally dead lift it.

I love getting a new move, such a fab feeling grin

Yay well done that is immense! flowers

Stonehaven Fri 21-Feb-14 10:36:59

Thanks! Apprentice to Ayesha is next on my list!

Hmmm, not massively keen on apprentice for some reason....started learning to go into straight edge from it but then seemed to move onto something else.

Gave myself a challenge the weekend and tested how many shoulder mounts I could do in a row (down and up with feet not going back on the floor) - did 5 so now aiming for 10....hard on the abs smile

Love Apprentice and love wrist sits.
Really loving new spins and poses on spinning pole now but weirdly off all inversions since over training and bruising inner thighs and ribs. At the mo I am into spinning climb into twisted star, ballerina and figure skater stuff - also getting into ballet moves when ariel.

10 shoulder mounts: hardcore!

You love those spins don't you! I don't mind the spinny pole for a bit but only a bit, too much and it makes me feel sick!! I have a master class in May (Sarah Scott) and part of that is on spinny so hopefully she will have some handy hints for me.

Been set another challenge see how many iguana dismounts I can do as well.......I do love a challenge smile

We did Buddha bend backwards yesterday: cross legs on pole and hang upside down like this: on a spinning pole that would be risky!

I love iguanas! smile

Stonehaven Wed 26-Feb-14 20:32:19

I like iguana mount too! I can dead lift it up now but can't quite lean it out yet. Aiming to get my feet on my head!

Just popped in to share this: not seen this dancer before but love her style (and the song)

OMG Trucks she is amazing - and she came second!!! Wonder what the winner was like!

When I see performers like that it makes me realise how shit I am, lol.

Amazing though, and love her long red hair smile

PivotPIVOT Thu 06-Mar-14 20:28:49


NinetyNinePercentTroll Thu 06-Mar-14 21:02:37

Trucks, very impressive, she clearly has some epic core strength going on.

I've not seen that much open leg crotch flashing in the more 'usual' gymnastic disciplines this is being compared too, though. It's still very overtly sexual.

That's not to take away from physical effort and skill it takes to perform the moves or to do it down, but I'm not sure it's to be compared equally with rhythmic gymnastics, to me it's a bit like comparing Jamaican dancehall moves to ballet - both skilled but completely different ends of the spectrum.

She's not doing gymnastics - she's performing a sexually charged dance full of love and longing in a pole art/interpretative freestyle dance competition.

That's why it's sexual and suggestive, in the same way the ballet Rite of Spring is sexual and suggestive.

Pole completions can be gymnastic/fitness pole completions or dance based and within the dance based ones some performers are at the sexualised end of the spectrum, others are contemporary.

Meanwhile people learning the tricks are free to put them together to music as a gymnastic or dance routine. Your choice whether you throw in pull-ups or hair flicks, do one armed push-ups against the pole or splits up against it, wear a yoga bra and shorts or a pink bikini (you need bare skin to grip so can't wear a leotard and tights).


The Rite of Spring for comparison purposes, featuring balletic orgy in nude body

In my younger days I have performed ballet moves in less than I wear to pole practice. I'm sure the audiences could have had a good old look at my crotch as I was spun round in arabesque or lifted up. These days I prefer to lift and spin myself, no sweaty bloke required. grin

Heh heh smile

Amazing....some great strength training going on there, got some good ideas from it smile

I wish to share Dominic Lacasse with you all.

I can now do full Western flag both legs straight and parallel pole in armpit etc but this guy...

Well, just enjoy it smile

And here he is jumping about a bit

PivotPIVOT Mon 17-Mar-14 21:04:09

I love Shimmy! She did a master class at my studio but I couldn't afford to go sad

How's everyone who poles these days?
Any new moves/combos that you're liking?
Any news or victories to share?
I am getting an x-pert 45mm to train on at home woo! and am currently obsessed with sm and ariel machine gun.

Hey trucks - yep poling going well. My instructor is so busy she has opened a new studio of which I instruct once a week (am a qualified fitness instructor anyway) and provide cover if she needs it.

I have the 45 sport at home - doesn't spin but can't say I mind that.

I am working on the ariel twisty hand spring (very frustrating), love anything to do with shoulder mount whether it be bouncing it or doing it one handed.......don't think I am bendy enough for machine gun.

If you are training at home don't forget to invest in a good crash mat smile

One handed sm? Wow - got pics?
Crash mats not a prob - got heaps of big thick rubber floor squares which lock together from DS playroom. Ok they have toy town pics on but they fit round pole nicely and are just the same as the smart grey ones the studio have!
You don't need splits for machine gun: just good flag hold and very warm ham strings smile

goodasitgets Sun 25-May-14 23:12:01

I have just (sort of!) got my butterfly gringringringrin

goodasitgets Sun 25-May-14 23:20:17


First butterfly attempt

Not great but it's only been 10 months so I'm getting there!

Woo hoo! Awesome!

Good your photos are fab. Once you get the butterfly start extending it, such a lovely move, one of my favs.

Trucks not got any pics of my one handed shoulder's done from the floor and you put the other hand down on the floor once you are up - it's much easier from twisty grip as you can really pull yourself up.

Just a couple of recent piccies - proud of my jade split, when I first started it was rubbish but it's getting there now smile

Awesome photos! Am trying to get Instagram to work...can't upload at mo sad

Here is a Bud

Here is me starting to extend into butterfly; the photo was taken before I'd finished extending!

And here is a CKR. I like holding my heel but have to be careful as if I pull on it the ankle straps break! So it's more for effect than stability.

I can't see any photos Trucks?

Oh bum. Not sure why not? Bud now on public profile, apple only lets me upload one pic

Hakluyt Thu 29-May-14 17:25:46

Any particular reason for the high heels?

Yep it was a shoot. So we dressed up.

Hakluyt Thu 29-May-14 19:01:12

Right. Do you not see a bit of an issue there?

Would you like to explain to me how I should feel?
I do so love it when people explain to me how I should feel.
I am so incapable of thinking about my body, my feminism, my dance style, my performance choices, my exercise choices, my athleticism all by myself and its not as if I've heard it before or thought about it.

I wore a shit load of glitter and makeup and jewellery for a belly dance show once. If you can talk me through that, perhaps with some references to harems, that would be super as well.

Hakluyt Thu 29-May-14 19:16:59

I have absolutely no wish to tell you how you feel. That's up to you, obviously. However, there is a serious disconnect between assertions that pole is all about fitness and flexibility and bare feel and trackies, and pictures of women wearing 8 inch heels to do it. However fabulous she looks and how amazing the things she can do are.

I am one of the polers that says you can make it what you want. I am currently black and blue from heavy body weight training in shorts and a yoga bra and bare feet. The same shorts and top I'm wearing with the heels.

However I also like to dress up and perform in heels.
Pole is a broad church.
But some people get twitchy about the footwear.
Some people aren't comfortable with the sexy, others love it.
I like sweat, bruises, brute strength and I like glitter and drama.
Each to their own; you find the style and studio that suits you.

Hakluyt Thu 29-May-14 20:32:36

Well, maybe the OP will be a little less cross that people can't "put pole in two separate boxes" then. I don't think it will ever sort out it's image problem if women continue to nod to its sex trade origins.

Trucks, I will have a look tomorrow via my computer for your photos, maybe I can't see them because I'm on an I pad or something.

I've done pole shoots.......some with sparkly knickers and body paint on, some just in shorts and a vest too....I love them all, it doesn't detract from the skill or strength unless of course you are too narrow minded to see.

People managed to get past the origins of tango, and belly dance after a bit. I dare say they will eventually manage with pole. The fact that I can hold my own body weight upside down whilst spinning round AND wearing heels and listening to Metallica AND getting some dancing in is what makes pole interesting and fun. It's an entirely different skill set to stripping off clothes seductively and hustling for private dances which I doubt I'd be much good at.

But if people can't spot the difference between pole dancing/performance (which can and does use strip club moves as well as Chinese and Indian pole gymnastics moves), pole fitness strengthening classes (strength and flexibility training) and actual stripping then hey ho.

Is v interesting to see how things change if I put heels on.
Same gym shorts. Same yoga bra.
Add heels.
And...boy, do some people get uncomfortable.

smile Betty. I did body paint once and it was a nightmare! It sweated off and I couldn't grip!
I am v excited and have to share with someone who will understand; just got extended butterfly on spin!

I don't think actually people will ever see pole as a serious sport but I am past caring now. I love it, I know what a wonderful sport it is, how lovely the pole community is and the people that have a problem with it are totally ignorant to all that is good about it and you know what, they don't want to see it so they will never be open to persuasion.

I couldn't care less what other people think about it, I love it and that's good enough for me .

Try felt tip pen, much easier to remove.

Well done, butterfly on spinny..........fab, well done! Do jade splits on spinny.......depending on how fast you are going, it can be quite scary, lol.

The hardest bit is keeping the spin once extended out; I have to go from fast chopper to knee hang and butterfly then extend into full butterfly. Then exit into a sort of Apprentice thing and tuck spin.

How do you exit jade split on spin? I never could work it out.
Felt tips: good idea!

To exit jade splits on spin bring into a one legged crucifix and then go into box splits and control yeah the extended leg on the jade bring it back in and onto the pole and whip round into crucifix...........

Ps. Completely agree re ignoring what other people think; sometimes I try to explain but mostly I just don't say what I do or say: weight training flexi training plus dance.

Sometimes I feel sad about not being able to share how much I love poling but try to remember anyone who bangs on about their exercise is usually a bore to non-participants - whether it's circus trapeze, boxing, ballet, bowling or poling! It's nice to have this thread though smile

Oh that sounds amazing exit!
Will try as soon as I've recovered from current hip hold bruises....
Have set myself challenge of leaving pole permanently on spin so I get muscle memory of how to control everything whilst in motion really second nature. The jade sequences are calling!

Hmm, I have to say, I am not a fan of spinny as it makes me feel a bit sick after a while. I don't do it enough though and am gradually finding it easier on the odd ocassion she puts the pole on spin mode, lol.

Allegra looks beautiful on spinny smile

Trucks - I can see your photos now, look lovely. Your bud we call an upright pike (Love than one) and the CKR we call a fallen angel. I like the straight legged variety of that and it's nice to go into that then straight into a brass monkey smile

We call it pike when you are pole sitting then bring legs up but for the Bud only backs of thighs are touching pole and you lock on with arms. If you lower one leg it's Bottle Rocket.

Is v confusing all the different names. I call outside knee Gemini now, inside knee hang Scorpio - but was originally taught to call it Scorpio and inside knee was Gemini. Fallen Angel was a spin.
A fireman was a fairy, a supermarket was a number Seven, ankle hook was Egyptian, stag spin was sun wheel, it is all different now!

Yep, outside knee is gemini, inside scorpio. One of my fav combos is going from extended butterfly to flatline scorpio into superman...and then you can go into loads from there smile

So many names, we call the stag spin (if its the same one) an attitude which I think is the common name for it although I have heard i called a sunwheel too. I like that one handed with no feet on pole, looks pretty.

Did the Allegra from a side pole hold V thing the other day.
Dear God, the bruising is insane.
But I am secretly proud of my battered leg.

Allegra is a beautiful move.....a total rib buster though and sadly I cannot make contact with my foot. I go into Allegra from flat line scorpio.

I got myself an awesome book - the PDC 2013 syllabus - it's brilliant for giving me ideas for me and my students smile

Ooh I want.
Subscribed recently to studio Veena lessons which are great.
Currently working on contemporary dance flow spinny choreo to music from The Piano; will pm link when done if you like.

It's a really good book with so many moves in it.

Yes would love to see you stuff. I can pm you a routine I did a while back if you want was real fun doing but really knackering..........

milewalker Fri 13-Jun-14 20:04:04

hi everyone, there are no pole classes close to me but I have a pole at home (friend has moved onto a spinny pole so let me have hers as i'm really keen to learn after going to a class once while visiting her) but I have no idea where to start. I have next to no upper body strength so can't do all the things she can at the moment. can any of you point me in the right direction of a dvd or free website that will get me started.
also i'm a runner (well trying to be) will the two work okay together or will I hurt myself doing one that will make the other hard to do if that makes sense.

goodasitgets Fri 13-Jun-14 21:52:02

Studio veena or youtube
Be very careful, make sure you don't use moisturiser and invest in some grip and pole crash mats

Start with the basic spins. Make sure you warm up properly and try and introduce some pull ups/just hanging from the pole to build strength too.

I have to say it will be very difficult to teach yourself at home if you have never done it before - maybe you could try and find some online lessons, I am sure they exist.

Things like you tube are fine when you are totally confident in inverts and climbing and basic spins etc but starting from scratch will be very difficult.

Once you start to invert make sure you have a good quality mat down and like the above poster says, lay off the moisturiser. Be prepared to bruise a lot at first and once you start doing grips it will burn - doesn't last long.

Maybe get your friend to help you get started....and good luck smile

goodasitgets Mon 16-Jun-14 10:42:44

I worked on my butterfly a bit more this week and got some video of my spins grin

Butterfly is lovely and you can do loads from it. Are you extending it yet?

goodasitgets Mon 16-Jun-14 11:17:29

Nope sad still not straight. Been poling for 10 months and inverting for 9 but I struggle because I weigh a shit ton, and get embarrassed and worry I will break the pole blush

Butterfly ish

Spin vid

Ok, tips on butterfly to help you - your bottom arm slightly bent as it gives you more room to come away from the pole - yours is almost locked and keeps you really close. Also maybe take the pole away from your thigh and just have that hook behind your ankle as again it is restricting you and keeping you really close. Looking good though, I found the butterfly quite a hard one to start with as I didn't trust the grip in my top hand. For grip, Stickum is your friend smile

Spins looking good too smile

actually looking at your photo again it's def the grip on the leg more than your bottom yeah take the thigh off the pole and you will be able to bring body back and arch more.

goodasitgets Mon 16-Jun-14 12:31:07

Thanks smile
I've been doing crucifix making sure I'm straight and then caterpillar up the pole to help
Use dry hands for sticking but I just don't trust my weight on the pole still

Just invert nice and high - maybe going into the caterpillar is knocking you out of position and knackering you out.

I'm not keen on dry hands, I like to feel my hands are gripped and stickum certainly does that, lol smile

goodasitgets Mon 16-Jun-14 12:47:51

Yeah I only do caterpillar if I'm not doing butterfly - sort of training that it's ok to face the pole and I won't land on my head grin
Anything floor facing makes me a little worried!

Floor facing can be ok.......depending on what is holding me to the pole, haha smile

milewalker Mon 16-Jun-14 18:00:38

I've now got a beginners dvd and am following that and am quite impressed with the spins i can already do as well as doing pull ups and push ups. I say pull ups but I can only do it with the help of a bike inner tube to take some of my weight. I will be tubeless by the end of the summer I hope.
will look into online classes next.

Studio Veena does a great '30 days to flight' training series for beginners or returners and you get access to a year's worth of really good lessons from beginner to intermediate to advanced plus conditioning stretching foam rolling and routines so I really recommend it. Is usually 99us dollars but they often have special offers and you can also access their forums where loads of polers hang out, post videos and happily critique or help your moves!

For home polers it's great.
The other thing about home poling is it helps to have structure and to make sure you warm up the pole as well as yourself with walking and climbing and pull up practice with good posture and body alignment before you start dancing or practising spins/tricks. Make sure you work on both sides and train different muscle groups different days. Having a plan and concentrating on good form is so important to prevent injury - pole is a hard gymnastic discipline.

Betty I would love to see your pm!
Good as you look fab well done!
I can share my 1st freestyle on new pole vid later; still breaking pole in so it is not trick-heavy and the choreo is a bit scrappy as it was very slippy and hot!

Dunno if you can view if non-member: me breaking in my new pole at home.

Trucks, that was lovely - I will pm you my routine over so hopefully you will get it smile

Betty that was awesome! You are shoulder mount combo queen!

Thanks Trucks - I do love a shoulder mount.

Went to a Sarah Scott masterclass at the weekend, she was amazing - think I have a bit of a crush on her smile

foreverlexicon Fri 20-Jun-14 07:54:42

I did my first invert yesterday! Still on a major high from it, feel like I've passed a right of passage :D

Yay! What invert did you do?

Sarah Scott is awesome <jealous>

Sarah Scott is awesome <jealous>

Here is (one of) my amazing teachers...Latin dance star turned pole acrobat

foreverlexicon Sat 21-Jun-14 04:42:29

Just the basic one I think? It basically like an upside down climb position with the pole in my armpit so I could take my hands off?

It was much easier than I expected anyway! Still very excited from it haha!

Yay! It is the start of much excitement!
Although [whispers in case Betty is listening] I will always be a spin woman at heart. Spinning on spin pole: makes me so happy.

Haha! Trucks we need to combine talents - with your spins and my tricks we will be an awesome double act - you can spin spin spin to your hearts content smile

Forever - the fun starts now! One you start inverting the pole world is your oyster.

Got jade on spin woo hoo!
How's everyone's poling going?

Well done Trucks - how fast was the pole spinning - I don't like Jade on spinny if it's too fast as I don't like taking the leg back if I feel I am gonna fly off, lol.

Not learning much at the moment, been doing loads of teaching cover so been too tired. I did go to a Daniel Rosen masterclass last weekend which was brilliant - inspired to start working on Pheonix (no chance), double reverse grab (doable with a lot of practice) and the front cup handspring which I marginally prefer to the elbow grip handspring.

What are you working on at the moment?

Flat jade (nearly there), and general freestyle/flow stuff mostly. Trying to go back to basics and get really smooth and solid both sides before more new tricks as new pole is still not fully broken in so doing stuff without a spotter is dangerous. Everything now done spinning, aerial and both sides where possible.

Next tricks will be Ayesha and handspring stuff I guess. But more about dance and if I can't make it pretty it goes on back burner

Pole going slow spin for safety reasons!

Flat jade......grab your foot rather than your calf area for a flatter look (sorry you may already be doing that).

Both sides?? You are very good.........I tend to just practice my tricks on my strongest side although its good to do them both sides.

Slow spinny sounds good.....embrace on spinny is lovely and I love the pencil hold on spinny too smile

Ha ha every single freestyle I do contains
Pencil into passé legs/dolphin
Embrace/one arm embrace
Swan/drama queen probably into hands free cross ankle release
Tuck/bomb into cross knee release
Aeriel invert into gemini into butterfly.
Some sort of hip hold move.
Some sort of plank variation.

It makes no difference what the music is, whether it's fast or slow, they will appear every.single.time.
Because I can do them easily and control the spin to the music and style them to look pretty.

Trouble with new moves/advanced stuff for me is I can't get in and out of it smoothly during a dance: have to fidget and huff. Jade for example: I can't get into it fast or as a combo yet and so it has yet to make it into a dance because it will never fit the music.

^^ that's wrt spinning freestyle. I don't dance on static any more now, everything is on spin. I only lock my home pole to check it over!
One studio has poles generally set on spin too, the other is static unless it's a spin class, and Sunday pole jam is whatever you like (so spin for me smile )

Betty - what's your preferred way to jade? do you enter jade from gemini - tuck/pike hip hold?
Or another way? And do you extend front leg first pull toes to nose across chest, then develope the back leg, or do you extend back first then front (so jade from duchess)?

If I am just banging out a jade then I would just do it from the knee hook and then tuck other leg to my and then straighten out.......i go into it on spinny from gemini as I feel a bit more controlled as I dont really like taking the leg off the pole if I feel I am going too fast.

I extend my front leg first and pull on the foot as I then extend my other leg back all the time tucking my head as near to my knee on the front leg as possible. I have a lovely photo of my jade, think I have put it in this thread somewhere, lol.

MistressMouse Sat 16-Aug-14 17:18:47

Oh joy, a pole forum!!
I'm pole-ing just 8 weeks. My teacher is a world champion (am in Ireland) and she is an inspiration. She did a doubles routine on BGT few months back.
So, I've just cracked the Sailor Moon (think also known as Hood Ornament) and my next 2 tricks are Cupid (hard) and Half Flag (yikes).
Any tips on Half Flag, my boobs are getting in the way?

Look forward to talking to you all.

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