Edinburgh 2014 - chasing the hairy haggis

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Mitchy1nge Mon 30-Sep-13 12:45:40

thread for anyone training for the full marathon or the half or any of the other events

it's my first marathon so am very excited, I know that in theory if I can do 21 miles then 26 (plus 385 yards) is achievable but only started running again a few months ago, it's so much more addictive than it used to be

louwn Mon 30-Sep-13 18:35:05

Hey mitchy
Am impressed you are already up to 21 miles. I"ve donr a few halves and that is my longest distance. Not run for months but just started again (literally, first 4 mile run yesterday! - slow but felt pretty good!). Am building up the miles slowly over 8-10 weeks before I start any of the actual marathon training plans. Do you have a target time?

Mitchy1nge Mon 30-Sep-13 21:23:06

I won't be doing anything longer than a half between now and Christmas according to my guru friend (who is going to run with me and pace me, that seems almost like cheating doesn't it?) this should keep me injury free while I build my endurance base(?) he has run a lot of marathons and ultras so his support is invaluable. His advice at the moment is 'eat much more and run a lot less' so am not arguing with that smile My long runs at the moment are 8-10 miles, I have been running every day with only a very occasional day off but need to be a bit more structured about resting and cross training sensibly.

I said five hours when I registered but obviously am secretly hoping to do better, but then I am a grandmother who has spent the last couple of decades chain smoking so I don't know! I'm really slow, it is rare for me to do 5k in under 30 minutes even on roads (usually run cross country), I just want to see if I can survive the distance in a reasonable for my age sort of time. What about you?

Mitchy1nge Mon 30-Sep-13 21:34:14

I can't imagine not running for months and then just running for four miles though shock well done! I worry that if I take too long a break it won't come back and I will lose all my secret running powers blush

louwn Mon 30-Sep-13 21:37:03

I have done a half marathon in just over 2 hours so am thinking maybe 4:30? Am running 4 times a week, gradually building up the distance so after 8 weeks I wi be at an 8 mile run. Like you keen to build distance up slowly (am aiming to be around 11 or 12 miles by xmas too so similar) and remain injury-free!

Mitchy1nge Mon 30-Sep-13 22:42:10

are you going to enter any shorter races between now and then? although it sounds like you are already quite used to the whole competitive environment of them, whereas I have yet to get the hang of it (don't cope well in crowds, am used to running in the middle of nowhere, alone)

louwn Mon 30-Sep-13 23:05:19

Have you done any in the past at all? Would like to do another half around jan/feb time, if I can find a suitable local one. Ditto a 10k before xmas if possible!

Mitchy1nge Tue 01-Oct-13 12:31:27

only 5 and 10ks, I have a sort of cross country 10k (at least I think it is off road, bonfire burn near Cambridge?) am looking forward to in November - I'm looking for halfs for March but nothing yet, I quite like registering early and knowing I HAVE to do it. Running might be cheap but racing definitely isn't is it!

louwn Sat 05-Oct-13 12:07:22

I missed a training run yesterday as my ankle was painful, not sure what I've done to it. Going to do it today instead (fingers crossed!). Have you managed to find any races yet?

englishteacher78 Sat 05-Oct-13 12:09:20

I did London this year, doing Edinburgh looking forward to it!

Mitchy1nge Sat 05-Oct-13 16:29:24

hello englishteacher smile how was London? Are you hoping for a faster one in Edinburgh?

hope nothing bad has happened to your ankle louwn, good luck. After a deliberately low mileage week I was expecting a fresh longer run this morning but from mile 3 to 5 had horrible stomach pains, last couple were ok but pains came back as soon as I stopped and have been coming/going ever since confused

Mitchy1nge Sat 05-Oct-13 16:32:56

yes sorry, there is a half in my town around Christmas time and a twenty miler in Colchester next March which will be perfect - plenty of time to get back on track if I mess it up?

Have been advised to get used to whatever the drinks sponsor gunk is given out on the day, the gels and the drinks, to save buying anything for the day, I think it's high5 but have never used sports drinks or gels - you? Englishteacher?

louwn Sat 05-Oct-13 18:28:27

Welcome englishteacher! Ankle pain seems to have moved to my foot - had to stop and stretch it out, sort of a cramp-like pain. Hope the stomach pains have improved mitchy. Yes I've used gels before, I get them from decathlon. Some of the textures are a bit odd - do you know which brand they will be in edinburgh?

louwn Sat 05-Oct-13 18:29:20

Sorry just read your last post re brand!! Not used those before I don't think.

Mitchy1nge Thu 10-Oct-13 10:52:11

how's your foot?

tummy is adjusting to my eat more/run less routine I think, am a bit anxious about gaining weight because of being so hungry all the time and then seem to not quite eat enough (of the most useful foods) to run properly and feel ok. Am experimenting with cardboard pasta and brown rice and other things I never thought I would eat shock will probably survive. Or not.

ordered the high5 pack, you get a discount and free shipping if you use the edinburgh code from the website you register on, probably won't try them until after Christmas though when the long runs start getting really long again

louwn Sun 13-Oct-13 15:33:35

Foot was really hurting the other day so gave it 3 full days off. About to head out for slow 5 miles soon. I think you will figure out the stomach thing in time - when I start any training my body is mega hungry for a bit! Seems to even out eventually. How are you getting on with the long runs? I know you are pretty far ahead of me - the 5 miles today will be the longest I've run for months! Have also been out with the guys at work and done some faster, shorter runs to improve speed - about 8mins 10 secs a mile for 3 miles. Am looking forward to hopefully getting some under 8 min miles in!

Mitchy1nge Mon 14-Oct-13 10:47:39

Oh wow, well done, hope foot is ok. I'm SO slow in comparison! It's extremely variable too, ten miles on Friday (each one in just over 11 minutes which I think is going to be the marathon pace) really comfortable and nice (apart from the howling gale and lashing rain which I didn't mind after the first few minutes) but yesterday I ran five miles and they were all quite hard work. Think it was because it was my fasted run of the week and I stupidly spent most of Friday and Saturday nights out dancing instead of recovering from the ten miler or any age appropriate activity like flicking through a stairlift brochure grin

This week I'll do fifteen miles (like you, hopefully some shorter and faster ones) during the week and then 8-10 long one at weekend. I feel quite good on this mileage so far, and glad we have such a long time to get properly ready for the Really Long ones. Do you know which plan you'll actually follow?

louwn Sun 20-Oct-13 09:19:53

I am sort of just building up at the moment but really like the bupa ones so may end up kind of following one of those. Had an entire week off to rest the foot so absolutely raring to go later today. Might just ease in and try 4 miles maybe but would really like to do 5.5! What is your longest run so far? I am really keen to get distance up ASAP so can get used to it.

Mitchy1nge Sun 20-Oct-13 10:13:26

hope the rest has helped your foot, good luck for today - let me know how it goes!

since I started this 'run less, eat more' much more controlled approach (I was running for hours almost every day in a sort of unrestrained jogging spree) things have improved so much - 11 miles is my longest run since then, which was yesterday and it was quite horrible from mile 1 to the end confused. Felt wiped out all evening too but amazingly woke very fresh and ready to run again (in theory, have not tested it yet)

we've got loads of time though, there is no rush to build up mileage yet (although yesterday wanted to do 13 miles so that will teach me). My personal project is to get to grips with what to eat and when, around the long run especially, and keep my weekly total at about 25ish which so far breaks down to some 5-6 mile runs by myself, a faster 3 mile one with running group and the long 10 miles ish. I've decided not to do any more 10ks as they seem a bit pointless, I'll never be very fast and I'm happy to focus on building my stamina or endurance or whatever.

englishteacher78 Sun 20-Oct-13 12:41:42

Did a 5 mile race today. And smashed my PB. Did one at the beginning of September - 54 minutes and then today I did it in just over 48 minutes. So pleased. It's only the second time I've got an official time with under ten minute miles (the only other time was a Park Run)! grin

englishteacher78 Sun 20-Oct-13 12:44:46

Also meant to say now feeling more positive about half marathon at the end of November. With a bit of luck I might get under 2 hours. Then I've got Bath and Colchester Halfs in March. I did London in 5:05:12, so hopefully should be able to do 4 something this time round.

louwn Sun 20-Oct-13 18:01:03

Well done englishteacher. I'd love to do a sub 2 hour half. A year ago I did 2 hours and 18 seconds! Much fitter than I am at the moment though. Heading out on a nice slow 6 mile run shortly, have been reading some advice on the internet about doing the long ones more slowly so will try to keep at a 10 minute mile pace.

englishteacher78 Sun 20-Oct-13 18:19:12

That's the thing 10 minute miles feels fast to me! My best half time (only done one so far) is 2:12. I'd been planning to walk/run so I was just thrilled to have finished without walking.
I did today's run in my Edinburgh Marathon Festival t-shirtgrin

Mitchy1nge Sun 20-Oct-13 18:46:17

10 minute miles ARE fast, I can only do three at a time

louwn Sun 20-Oct-13 19:20:32

Englishteacher that half time is around a 10 min mile isn't it? Unless my maths really is bad..

englishteacher78 Sun 20-Oct-13 19:24:18

My PB is slightly over 10 minute miles . Was faster than that today, don't think I could keep that pace up for another 8 miles! But next half is Norwich so I'm hoping for a flat one. When I do Bath, I'll just do it for fun as I suspect it'll be too busy for a PB there.

weblette Sun 20-Oct-13 19:34:34

Oh this is such a good thread. I promised myself I would run Edinburgh 2014. I grew up there and watched the very first one pass through Drylaw and Pilton with my granny.
I'll probably do it as walk run but have suuuuch a long way to go!

englishteacher78 Sun 20-Oct-13 19:49:28

That still counts!

louwn Sun 20-Oct-13 21:38:18

Welcome weblette have you entered already?

weblette Mon 21-Oct-13 07:45:22

Did it last night (after a glass or two of wine...!) so no excuses now! Yikes...

Mitchy1nge Mon 21-Oct-13 11:32:31

yay welcome weblette!

Mitchy1nge Mon 21-Oct-13 23:09:39

I abandoned my run this evening, I think that is the first time I have ever set out to do a particular distance and actually given up. Four really grim miles of tiredness and tummy ache then walked the last one. confused

louwn Tue 22-Oct-13 06:21:54

Mitchy don't worry, I've given up quite a few times in the past - sometimes your body is just not up for it! Just going for an easy 3 miles before work today. There's something satisfying abourlt early morning exercise once you've dragged yourself out of bed!

englishteacher78 Tue 22-Oct-13 06:44:57

I didn't do much yesterday - my quads are sore from Sunday.
Tonight I'm trying tabbing, so only doing two miles and then an exercise class.

Mitchy1nge Tue 22-Oct-13 15:40:59

thanks, was ok by lunchtime although only 3 slow miles (seriously worried had completely lost the ability to run shock) but 5 tomorrow and then the 'long' one will only be 8ish and that will be it for the week - my body should thank me for that, is probably asking a lot now the long runs are about 2 hours long?

sounds fun englishteacher, what class are you doing? hope it goes well

englishteacher78 Tue 22-Oct-13 15:52:13

It's TRX/Kettlebell. So theoretically strength and toning but with how my gym works it ends up being cardio too!

Mitchy1nge Tue 22-Oct-13 16:00:04

oh I loved TRX, no gym but wish I had something similar at home (I think ours was called rip60 but basically same thing?)

englishteacher78 Tue 22-Oct-13 16:27:18

I love it too. Doing wonders for my arms and abs! Hate it at the time though!

LadyRivers Tue 22-Oct-13 19:24:17

Hi all! Am doing the half marathon, but I'm a complete novice runner. I'm on week 7 of c25k so am hoping running 5k for a few weeks before I start the 16 week training plan will be enough!

Mitchy1nge Tue 22-Oct-13 20:38:13

yay another one! good luck smile

louwn Sat 26-Oct-13 11:33:58

Welcome LadyRivers. I did a half as a complete novice with about 7 or 8 months training, you'll be fine.
Just done parkrun this morning in 26:23 and will be doing 7 miles tomorrow, eek. Hope everyone is still enjoying their running....7 months to go!

Mitchy1nge Sat 26-Oct-13 15:54:02

I'm fighting a tide of feelings-of-inadequacy about being sooo slow, but well done Louwn!

Managed my (supposed to be about 10k but is only 5.4 miles hmm) in exactly an hour, which is probably nothing to crow about but was in a fasted state and was my best time in those circs so I'm still pleased. Is definitely easier when have had my porridge and coffee smile Then I had to pretty much get straight on a horse and ride for nearly two hours so was a sort of duathlon. Just going to wash and stuff my face before a prolonged night of dancing which must help my fitness too? grin

No long run yet this week shock have only clocked up 18 miles, I think that might not be the end of the world.

louwn Sun 27-Oct-13 10:22:53

Noooo don't feel inadequate, I can't run nearly as far as you!! Also age has a lot to do with it, pretty sure (as you mentioned you're a grandmother!) you are older than me at 29. Have you looked at age graded scores to compare times? My mother in law felt a lot better about her running times after doing that - one of her friends is 59 and ran a just sub 30 min 5k, which is way better than me running a 26 min one.

Mitchy1nge Mon 28-Oct-13 11:12:48

oh yay, thanks louwn, age grading lops about 3 minutes off - much more respectable grin I forget that is quite a massive achievement to have stopped smoking and to be able to run ten miles or so in one go once a week, and five or six miles regularly and easily

at the beginning the achievements were all new and dramatic and obvious but at the moment, just maintaining my weekly mileage with no obvious improvements is probably a bit less exciting. I suppose it wasn't that long ago that I was pleased to run 5k at all.

someone will obviously ALWAYS be faster than me, and there are a lot of slower people too! I must remind myself that running isn't like, say, gymnastics, there isn't a perfect way to aim for, there's just the distance and doing it.

Mitchy1nge Wed 30-Oct-13 22:51:35

I haven't been out for a run since last Saturday, and THIS Saturday have agreed to a 12/13 miler with a friend. Have somehow only just realised there is not much week left until then shock yikes.

louwn Sat 02-Nov-13 17:30:27

How did it go mitchy? Ive just done a speed session for 30 mins - only 5 1 min fast bursts within that as was my first one- and 8 miles tomorrow. Got a cold but running does seem to ease off the sinus pain a bit.

Mitchy1nge Sat 02-Nov-13 18:43:07

well done!

I did a half marathon today after all, am pleased that I kept a consistent pace (about 11:34) all the way round despite being sick at miles 6 and 12 (now is the time to work out my fuelling strategy and I think I'm crossing the gels off it!). Some bits of me hurt a bit more than usual but otherwise am ok, won't increase my long run more than this until next year so will keep going and see if I get any faster grin

Mitchy1nge Sat 02-Nov-13 18:43:29

good luck for tomorrow smile

louwn Sun 03-Nov-13 17:04:03

Wow well done mitchy! Was it the gels that made you sick? Some of them have a bizarre texture don't they. I did my 8 miles today, was wet and windy!! in just over 1hr 15.
Does anyone do any core strengthening exercises? I was going to do jillian michaels 6 week 6 pack tomorrow morning before work as I feel I lack core strength.

Mitchy1nge Sun 03-Nov-13 20:19:24

you are soooo speedy envy well done, especially in windy weather

I've got to try the gels again I think, maybe sip them a bit more slowly, they go down ok but come up again almost exactly a mile later and with a lot of painful cramping feelings confused thank goodness we still have lots and lots of time to experiment!

I have until recently (when running took over this summer!) done lots of yoga and pilates, also ride horses most days and am not sure which way round it goes (did I strengthen my core to make riding easier or does riding do it for you?) but there's definitely a positive relationship there. I think even just doing planks (and side planks and supine planks) for as long as you can hold them now and then throughout the week helps too? I'm looking for a new yoga class but in the meantime Rodney Yee's 'yoga conditioning for athletes' is waiting for me to try it, promises to boost endurance and improve performance - looks like iyengar I think.

I've just started running but am aiming to work up to a half. Only just ran 5k for the first time though so a long way to go...

Am in Glasgow so Edinburgh isn't far, will have to look into this run!

Mitchy1nge Sun 03-Nov-13 21:43:32

SchroSaw - there's a half, a 10k and a 5k (I think) and LOADS of time to prepare

Really want to be way past 5k by then, hopefully able to do a half but would happily settle for the 10k.

When exactly is it?

Mitchy1nge Sun 03-Nov-13 21:50:49

here you go! it's the May bank holiday smile

Ohh loads of time. Thank you! smile

Mitchy1nge Mon 04-Nov-13 13:00:26

lovely 5 miles today but SO COLD, at no point did some parts of me (hands, tips of ears and nose) stop feeling really fucking cold brrrrrrr and it's 11c, what am I supposed to do in Actual Winter? hmm

(on plus side my avg moving pace according to Garmin was 10:52 so am steadily picking up, yay me smile)

louwn Fri 08-Nov-13 19:49:12

Maybe wear gloves/hat/ one of those buff neck things to keep warm?! I'm generally warmer than other people so don't have this problem! I did 4 miles at lunch time yesterday with a guy fron work. We did it in 32:48 - he had to really motivate me at the end to keep going for the last mile or so at that pace! Long run of 9 miles tomorrow.

Mitchy1nge Mon 11-Nov-13 14:26:53

think am getting used to the cold a bit now - missed my long run this weekend but have 29 of my planned 100 miles for November in the bank so am on target I think smile

how was your 9 miler?

louwn Mon 11-Nov-13 20:23:42

Fun actually - did it in a smidge under a 9 min mile so was pleased. On the other hand just done 2 miles now (easy run on the training programme!) and it was tough and I am now gross and sweaty - ran in a really warm hoody - not cold enough for that yet I have learnt!

Mitchy1nge Mon 11-Nov-13 23:59:28

you're so fast you're so fast you're soooo fast

am glad Edinburgh isn't a race between just the two of us grin

Mitchy1nge Fri 15-Nov-13 11:59:11

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Today I broke the 11 minute barrier on a slightly longish run (9 miles 10:50), finally. I wasn't even out of breath which makes me wonder - am I old and slow or just fucking lazy?

So my mission is to do this marathon in about 4 and a half hours, or 10:30 pace. Project Speed! Am not sure how. Bit of research is needed.

brainwashed Fri 15-Nov-13 14:14:25

Am doing edin marathon next year. Was supposed to do it this year but had to pull out as needed a hysterectomy :-(
Well 5 months post op I am back running faster than before, a stone lighter and raring to go!
Have to better my time for loch ness marathon(5:10).

Mitchy1nge Sat 16-Nov-13 17:25:09

am imagining your uterus and stuff weighed a stone shock

welcome though smile quite a few of us now

brainwashed Sun 17-Nov-13 20:33:34

No it didn't! That would have have been truely scary! I was just really motivated to get back into my exercise regime once I was allowed to post op.
Am looking forward to getting stuck into training....I will get to know bits of the route very well over the coming months....

Mitchy1nge Sun 17-Nov-13 21:50:46

oh good, you are training on parts of the actual course? are there any hills or bridges or other difficult bits? everyone says it is quite flat and fast, I haven't so much as looked at a map of it yet

my weekly mileage is about 26 now, I'm going to make it 30 in December shock

brainwashed Mon 18-Nov-13 08:48:18

Some people in previous years have commented that the Edinburgh marathon is more in east lothian than Edinburgh. That is actually one of the attractions for me as I live in east lothian! I will do quite a lot of my long runs along the coast road that is a major part of the route. No major hills, just some very little up and downs.Scenery is lovely along the coast which is a good distraction if you're not overly familiar with it. Only difficulty might be wind,can be tough into a headwind along that coast! I'm hoping for a still, not too hot day personally, though folk do get their hosepipes and sprinklers out in some of the wee towns if it is hot

Mitchy1nge Mon 18-Nov-13 11:33:30

It sounds lovely! I can't imagine it being hot in Scotland! I've been to the west coast at that time of year, it was a very pleasant temperature but I wouldn't call it hot exactly.

brainwashed Mon 18-Nov-13 12:52:15

It isn't often hot here tbh but there have been a few years that the day of the Edinburgh marathon has been baking, then back to 10 degrees the following day!

Mitchy1nge Mon 18-Nov-13 13:04:47

ok that's good to know, mustn't assume it will be cool with a light breeze then

I did some crazily long four hour plus runs during this summer, when it was hovering up to and around 30 so maybe in my madness I was preparing myself! Now I am doing everything much more thoughtfully.

brainwashed Tue 19-Nov-13 08:33:50

4 hour runs in 30 degree heat? That sounds ever so slightly mad....
So what training plan is everyone planning to follow?

Mitchy1nge Wed 20-Nov-13 17:30:07

I have a coach of sorts, so just consult him and follow his advice more or less but we make a plan and then deviate from it depending how it is going

anyway have logged 56 miles so far this month, am on Project Consistency (leading to Project Speed hopefully) at present - don't know about actual plans but January will be about 35 miles a week, Feb 40, March 45 ish and hold - something like that, up to about 50 a week, assuming can do it and avoid injury and so on, running 4 times in the week and a long one at the weekend. I guess by then the long run will be around 20 miles at least now and then shock

brainwashed Fri 22-Nov-13 12:42:27

Your own coach...lucky you!

Mitchy1nge Fri 22-Nov-13 13:55:06

he takes it very seriously grin just a friend who has done a lot of marathons and ultras, but it has been such a help to have someone take it seriously and encourage and support my attempts at running

do you find people generally quite interested and sort of approving?

brainwashed Fri 22-Nov-13 20:32:00

That's the great thing about runners...they generally love it so much they are really encouraging to any one wanting to give it a go!
I joined a running club 2 years ago which was the best thing ever. My family are really supportive,my boys run as well anyway. My mum I think doesn't quite get it sometimes...if its raining or cold she thinks I won't be going running!

louwn Sat 23-Nov-13 14:07:44

wowzer excellent weekly mileage mitchy, mine is tops about 18 or 19 atm. Just done a 5k in about 24:30, was not exactly fun but wanted to prove to myself I could go under 25 mins! Glad to see some more runners joining us : )

Mitchy1nge Sat 23-Nov-13 14:57:10

that's so fast louwn, do you run your longer ones at a similar pace? envy
I think I will probably never be that speedy but on plus side it is all feeling quite comfortable (except my feet, they are blistered pretty much all over since I introduced them to some new winter running socks and new pair of exact same shoes this week hmm)

I ran about 10 miles of the 'undulating' half marathon course this morning anyway, from mile 7 my pace picked up without me noticing to 10:35 then 10:26 - I am sure I could make my marathon pace about 10:30. It's AGES away still isn't it?

Am curious to know what 40-50 miles a week looks like, and how it works. Did 28 this week and will need to do about 30 next to reach my monthly target - that feels like a lot of time spent hanging my kit on radiators the night before, rounding up gloves, trying to dry my stinky shoes, making sure I have something to eat when I get back and time for a shower and a change of clothes - all quite apart from the actual time spent running. I suppose weekday runs won't alter much, it will just be the loss of most of one day at the weekend eventually?

louwn Sat 23-Nov-13 17:08:46

No, my longest run so far is 9 miles and it was about a 9 min/mile. I anticipate that slowing down once I add in some miles. Think I will do 10 miles next weekend and see how that feels.
I know what you mean about the time. I have a v demanding job so find it difficult to fit the training in!
Your pace goal sounds really sensible to me, we have 25 weeks tomorrow! : )

tonightsthekindofnight Sun 24-Nov-13 01:06:02

Hi everyone.

Feeling very inspired reading this thread, you are so motivated and determined! I would really like to target 2014 as the year to do my first marathon. I have done a few halves but not sure how on earth i will sustain twice that, its such a long way!!

My best 5k time is 20 mins but that was pre babies. My youngest is 6 months and i am doing 40ish miles a week with the longest run10 miles in 90 mins. Not sure how long i need to prepare for the full 26 or which one to enter? Any advice welcome! X

Mitchy1nge Sun 24-Nov-13 19:36:21

yay another one smile

tell me about your 40 mile weeks tonights? am wondering how it actually works to do so many miles - how many days a week etc

surely that is already a very good base for marathon training?

tonightsthekindofnight Tue 26-Nov-13 00:24:56

Hey Mitchy,

I run everyday usually. I always have done, makes me feel good!! I try and do at least ten miles one day a week which means averaging about 5 miles a day for the others. I tend to run in the evenings once the kids are in bed, I am finding it harder to keep the mileage up with the miserable weather and dark nights though. I do feel in pretty good shape but have no idea how I could keep going for 26 miles. It seems soooooo far! What is your weekly schedule like at the moment? Do you use a treadmill or always outdoor?

Mitchy1nge Tue 26-Nov-13 10:38:35

I was just reading about running every day, running streaks, am quite tempted. Instead of a day every now and then of not running/resting you just do one mile, which would be a tease but sensible. What happens the day after a marathon though?

I did think about treadmills but no, although ran on one for a little while yesterday at the running shop for gait analysis. It's not very nice is it, no wonder some people call them dreadmills. I was running round the farm where our horses live but it's not very free draining soil, there are no lights and it's too dark after school now. So am being brave about running on roads, finding new cycle and footpaths, conquering various of the villages nearby. Think have run to and around most of the ones that have sensible roads, now am working on their neighbouring villages. I sometimes get out there, maybe a few miles from civilisation and feel insanely anxious - running and panic are hard on the heart and lungs when they occur simultaneously. Ideally I would have a nice silent companion to run with everywhere. My favourite thing is just running around and across the fields for ages, where there is no public right of way (I have permission) and no roads so my dog can come too, and the sound of my own breathing and feet hitting the ground. Small things, small minds etc

I don't have a very consistent pattern though, beyond the Long Run on a Saturday (or Friday or Sunday) and trying to run every day in the week. The weekly/monthly target is good, only 22 to go before Saturday.

louwn Fri 29-Nov-13 19:13:01


I bow down to your many mile weeks! This week will be 22 miles for me and thats a stretch - v demanding fulltime job and long commute! Must get out and do 5 miles now, and 10 miles on sunday. Have worked on my speed a little in recent weeks so trying to ease into a slightly longer run now. Definitely my longest in over a year, eek!

Mitchy1nge Sat 30-Nov-13 08:48:27

are you feeling ok with the mileage so far?

I've put on THREE kg shock THREE shock running is making me fat sad or tired and hungry at least

14 miles in a minute

Mitchy1nge Sat 30-Nov-13 14:45:33

the 14 miles were all quite challenging - I was tired and pissed off, it was raining, I forgot to eat first, my new water backpack thing weighed about 90000 kg

but did them and exceeded my 100m goal so am awarding self a nap

louwn Sat 30-Nov-13 20:38:02

Well done! What water backpack thing do you have? Have put one on my xmas list but would love some recommendations. 10 tomorrow for me....eek.

Mitchy1nge Sat 30-Nov-13 21:40:30

it's camelbak, not sure which model but has a separate squiggly bit you can put things in, yellow and grey and holds up to 2l (why did I fill it all the way up though? obviously not going to drink that much over the course of 14 miles? so just had to carry it, it was So Heavy) and my top tip would be to squish the air out of the water bit. Although am sure any normal person would do that anyway? It sloshed with every step and what with the wind blowing into my face, and the fucking rain and severe porridge deprivation and morbid obesity I was gritting my teeth the whole way. Plus I hadn't adjusted it properly so it bounced up down up down up down argh

but will get the hang of it? grin

Mitchy1nge Sat 30-Nov-13 21:42:06

good luck tomorrow, you don't need it of course

I've lost my Garmin (grandson has probably taken it, he is a bit obsessed with it) and seriously upset about running without it tomorrow

louwn Sun 01-Dec-13 15:12:55

Hope you found your garmin mitchy! Have done my 10 miles, quite tired now, but 10 feels like an achievement as its double figures!

Mitchy1nge Tue 03-Dec-13 08:56:41

well done! did you enjoy it? I think 10 miles is nice, twice in the past week I have woken up with Distance Anxiety about the marathon. I can't remember why I wanted to do it confused except I won't be happy if I don't do it. Maybe it's my age but am not pinging back from the long ones, tired and hungry

but I found my Garmin anyway, just need to do 15 miles in the week and 15 on Saturday. not sure what happened to the 'no further than 13 before christmas' but I know the long one is the most important

am missing having a gym and also yoga, might shop around for a new place

louwn Sat 07-Dec-13 16:07:53

I haven't run since last sunday, been too busy and stressed at work : (. I actually quite enjoyed the 10 miles! Hoping to do 5 tomorrow - was out last night and tonight but not planning on drinking too much later!

Mitchy1nge Sun 08-Dec-13 12:06:17

glad you enjoyed the 10 miles, maybe the week off will work out well. Do you get anxious about missing a run now and then or do you simply pick up where you left off? That's a general question for everyone here!

Didn't make my 30 mile target, in fact only ran 10 miles during the week shock and my legs were quite uncooperative during the long run yesterday, but managed 13.5 of my planned 15. Why is it sometimes so grueling and other times easy and nice?

I will never be able to stick to any detailed training plan, am just going to pare it down to a minimum of 3 enjoyable runs in the week and keep The Long One as my priority for now.

Mitchy1nge Sun 08-Dec-13 15:22:26

24 weeks from today smile

Mitchy1nge Tue 10-Dec-13 16:27:29

first run in freezing (not literally) and very dense fog today, it was creeepy as fuck but I enjoyed it

(only 25 miles this week so hopefully won't be as tired and hungry as before)

I also enjoyed this comic strip grin

louwn Sun 15-Dec-13 15:02:59

Eeeek 24 weeks! I ended up through work being insane having almost 2 weeks off. Started again yesterday and did 4 miles and then 6 today, so to answer your question I tend to back off a bit on distance if I've had time off. I am upping my running to 5 times per week now which feels a little scary. Am following actual marathon programme, these two runs were part of week 1! Baby steps.... : D

Mitchy1nge Mon 16-Dec-13 14:00:23

which are you following? although you probably already said. Good luck with the 5x a week, hope your body doesn't notice and start to complain about it

I am definitely struggling to push past 30 miles a week, which is probably still ok at this stage, sometimes I think I deserve a medal just for trying to maintain this mileage at this time of year hmm - dropped the long run back to 10 this weekend and feel much more human for it

louwn Mon 16-Dec-13 21:35:04

Cool runnings beginner marathon. Im only on about 20 miles a week, the programme builds up to 45, madness!

Mitchy1nge Mon 16-Dec-13 23:56:09

it looks good, it zigzags around a lot - which is what I seem to end up doing, I think I'm averaging their weeks 5 or 7, some of those long runs are a fucking big leap aren't they shock from 15 to 18 to 20

I only ever add a mile at a time. I suppose you could skip a shorter mid-week run and cross-train instead (spin?) if you had to.

louwn Sat 21-Dec-13 18:10:45

oh yes they do jump about! not looking forward to the 12-15 jump particularly...

Mitchy1nge Mon 23-Dec-13 10:51:23

apart from in a minute when I run to where ever I left my car on Saturday night am not sure how many miles I will manage this week or next - almost wish I'd asked Santa for a treadmill instead of upgrading to a forerunner 220 confused

louwn Mon 23-Dec-13 12:40:53

I've just been out to do a freezing, windy, rainy 5k. Now to have a hot shower and make soup : )

Mitchy1nge Mon 23-Dec-13 13:51:36

oh my god

fuck this shit, this must be why we invented treadmills

Mitchy1nge Mon 23-Dec-13 13:52:20

I can't stop thinking about treadmills actually

Mitchy1nge Mon 23-Dec-13 14:07:51

(seriously, why would I choose a spring marathon when I KNOW I can barely function indoors at this time of year?)

louwn Thu 26-Dec-13 17:10:59

Hmmm mitchy, it is a good q . . bloody hate treadmills though, it just feels all wrong. I have just done 5 slow miles dodging ice patches but it had to be done after 2 days off. I need to do another 3 miler tomorrow so hope its thawed a bit.

Mitchy1nge Thu 26-Dec-13 19:37:13

keep up the good work grin I've barely scraped 14 miles all week BUT my right calf feels horrible, there is a pain buried quite deep in the muscle. I think it has been niggling away for ages and ages actually, obviously some sort of strain but I'm imagining it is a life-threatening blood clot blush

louwn Thu 26-Dec-13 20:58:50

Eeeek mitchy, have you tried rest, anti inflammatories etc? I think if all goes to plan will do 21 miles this week. Still not loads - I think this programme hits 45 weekly miles at its peak!

Mitchy1nge Thu 26-Dec-13 21:17:58

that's plenty isn't it, 21, although those 40+ weeks look the same sort of miles mid-week, it's just the Long One that increases so dramatically

I have rested it (as in have not run more than 9 miles at a time and had three days off in a row) but no anti-inflammatories, am not really meant to take them, it hurts more at rest than when it's bearing weight so I don't know. Reading about even mild strains is a bit depressing, muscles can take ages to mend properly?

am more or less reassured it's not a blood clot anyway after asking someone who should know about these things

KristinaM Thu 26-Dec-13 23:22:23

I'm thinking about signing up to do the Edinburgh half. But the longest I've done is a couple of 10ks. I see you are all well into your training already -is it too late to start training for a half now ?

Mitchy1nge Thu 26-Dec-13 23:33:44

it's still at least 5 months away, that's plenty of time even if you just added a mile a month!

entry does close in the next week or so though so hurry up and join us

KristinaM Thu 26-Dec-13 23:44:20

Ah, but that's assumes I'm fit enough to run a decent 10k now!!! I Ve not been training since last summer. Now I'm just running a slow 5 k a couple of times a week blush

Work and family problems have got in the way a bit. I thought that signing up might give me a bit of a kick up the backside to get out and run again.

So I would be starting from base of 10-15 k per week. Pretty poor really sad. Could I still get up to a decent standard from here?

KristinaM Thu 26-Dec-13 23:45:56

I'm in my 50s BTW, so woudl need to train properly,I'm not like these 20 some things who just go out and wing it ....

Mitchy1nge Fri 27-Dec-13 11:14:17

I'm not exactly 20 something either grin this plan has the first Long Run at only 5k, increasing by 10 minutes (rather than distance) the next. I think you should give it a go and surprise yourself! Not necessarily that particular plan, any that suits.

Mitchy1nge Fri 27-Dec-13 11:15:09

as for me am worried my leg is going to fall off sad

louwn Fri 27-Dec-13 12:08:48

Hi Kristina, I'm 20-something (just!) and still couldn't go out and wing it! 23 weeks or just under, you could do a bit of base training to build up some miles then say a 12 week half marathon programme? I haven't done loads of training so far (up to around 10 miles max) but I'm conscious for a marathon I need to get out there and build up the miles!

KristinaM Fri 27-Dec-13 14:09:12

Thanks guys, that looks quite realistic . I could use 6 weeks, jan -mid February , to build up some mileage. Then start on a 12 week half training programme. That gives me 14 weeks to do the 12 weeks as I won't get out so much in the school hols at the start of April .

This will also make me go back to the gym to do some classes blush

I would never have thought I could do a half, but when I was training for the 10k, some of the long runs were about 16 and I though maybe I could do it.

But I'm not the kind of person who would be happy just to potter round, if I'm doing it I'd like to get a reasonable ( for age ) time < stuck up>

Minge -I'm sorry to hear about your leg

Mitchy1nge Fri 27-Dec-13 23:13:17

thanks, don't encourage my hypochondria though - it's completely pain-free after one hot bath blush (the slightest twinge is always a Severe Injury for me)

so you are doing it kristina? smile

I have decided to pay myself £10 a mile this week and see how far that gets me to a new Garmin (unless my leg does fall off tomorrow)

louwn Sun 29-Dec-13 12:48:33

Urgh I was feeling smug about not having had the lurgy that several people at work have, and now I have a sore throat and sniffles. Still wanted to run so did 3 miles instead of 8.

Mitchy1nge Sun 29-Dec-13 12:56:36

eek maybe double drop the berocca for a few days? hope you feel better soon thanks

despite my calf of molten lead I really enjoyed 15 miles yesterday and at least 3 today (stopped to stretch at 3, forgot to restart Garmin and took a short cut home) - really can cope with anything while the sun is shining

louwn Sun 29-Dec-13 13:06:44

wowzer, 15 miles, very impressed! Can't wait til I can run that far, furthest ever runs are the 3 half marathons I've done. Must get some berocca and dose up on it, good plan. I'm glad I went out though, running somehow makes you feel more alive doesn't it!

Mitchy1nge Sun 29-Dec-13 13:13:16

It was weirdly easy, I just thought of it as 3 separate 5 mile runs stuck together - but sometimes shorter and technically easy routes feel horrible. Still don't quite understand how it all works confused but I think if I have a very light week where I basically stuff my face and sleep a lot and don't run much then the long run is much more enjoyable.

running not only makes me feel more alive it means I HAVE to eat and sleep LOADS, a dream come true grin

Mitchy1nge Sun 29-Dec-13 13:14:29

I'm so much slower than you though, my pace was about 11:30 yesterday, I should think virtually anyone could run forever that slowly?

louwn Sun 29-Dec-13 14:17:28

That is the key I think, slowing down. Am eager to get a long run in now, damn cold!!!

Mitchy1nge Mon 30-Dec-13 21:16:01

Hope you are over that cold soon and feeling well enough to do a longer run.

I owe myself about £200 just from this weekend, will probably never get paid but it's quite motivating nonetheless. grin I expect to be in a bit of an unhealthy state for a day or two over NY celebrations so you have time to catch up!

louwn Tue 31-Dec-13 09:23:28

I suspect I will be sniffling my way through new year. No chance of running with this, even though it is apparently ok to run with a cold. My head and sinuses feel completely stuffed (although killer sore throat has eased off, yay!) and I'd need to run with a box of tissues, ha!
Impressed with your 20+ miles. You planning on getting a new garmin? Any recommendations? I was going to have one as an xmas present but decided on a kate spade handbag instead..you can see where my priorities lie...

KristinaM Tue 31-Dec-13 09:51:06

I have done it! I've signed up for the Edinburgh half. Decided to get my one of my new year resolutions in early smile

I'm already making more of an effort to get out running, although weather has not been great this week. Have also dug out my 30 days shred DVD, so I have in excuse for doing nothing on stormy days.

Am in awe of you marathon runners already doing serious mileage

Mitchy1nge Tue 31-Dec-13 11:42:22

yay kristina! it's official!

I don't think I get colds often enough to fully recall their misery but still can't imagine that running would help, hope it doesn't go on forever.

I want a 220, just want one, I know I don't need one

louwn Tue 31-Dec-13 18:37:56

I will be looking at getting some kind of gps watch before the marathon. Maybe as a reward after my first 20 mile run. I don't usually pick up colds when I'm exercising regularly but have been stressed out and busy at work lately. 2 weeks off, have relaxed and there it is. Just having a lovely hot bath to perk myself up before we go to house party for NYE. Hope my fellow marathon and half marathoners have a good evening.

KristinaM Wed 01-Jan-14 11:48:48

Hi all HNY

I've just been out running with my friend. She signed up for the Edinburgh marathon at midnight last night! But she's done a few before So I shall be getting tips from her too. So far she has told me to avoid the gels!

louwn Wed 01-Jan-14 15:58:15

Happy New Year! I quite like the gels but you need to try them out to see which suit you - the texture varies and certain ones make me gag. Not what you want during a race!!

Kaffiene Wed 01-Jan-14 16:07:26

Hi All,
Have just signed out for the Half smile Did Promathon in Portobello this morning and cursed last nights excesses every single step of the way. But I did it! I ran all the way.
I only started running in Sept so am pleased with myself. kristinaM There is an 8 week pre 12 week training plan. I am aiming to get up to 15 - 20 miles a week and then start the 12 week plan.

KristinaM Thu 02-Jan-14 12:30:04

Well done kaff, you are very brave to sign up for a HM after only 3 months of running. It has taken me nearly two years to pluck up the courage blush

Thanks for the heads up on the pre training plan. For the next 7 weeks I am just going to try and get my mileage up, because I'm only doing 25km a week right now and I suspect I should be up about 80km before I start the 12 week programme. But I would need to increase too much each week and I don't want to risk it.

louwn Thu 02-Jan-14 17:10:34

Welcome Kaffiene!
80 a week sounds an awful lot Kristina, I think my marathon programme tops out at 45 miles a week.

KristinaM Thu 02-Jan-14 18:33:12

I meant 80k, so only 50 miles. Is that too much? I hope you're right as I only have enough time to get to about 60km. I think the idea is that you build lots of slow miles first, then reduce the distances and do more speed work.

But I'm no expert so I'd be interested to hear what others think

louwn Thu 02-Jan-14 18:56:23

I am no expert either - but I think my max miles for a half marathon per week were maybe only 25? what is your goal time? I got a few seconds over 2 hours on a tough hilly route training 3 to 4 times a week. Max long run of 12 miles, one set of intervals then some shorter runs.

Mitchy1nge Thu 02-Jan-14 19:28:07

I don't know either, think am aiming ultimately for roughly 50 a week (have heard it should be double the distance, optimally, but not sure if this applies to first timers or people just doing it for fun?)

when I get much over 30 per week I struggle with hunger and tiredness all the time confused so really need to balance everything else around it and eat and rest more I think - it's not slotting into my life quite as effortlessly as I'd hoped and am already having to spend less and less time on other forms of exercise that I enjoy

no plans to do any speed work yet or maybe ever, lots of easy miles, I just want to get round in one piece. For any future marathons maybe I will make things a bit more complicated but am quite pleased with how it's going so far

KristinaM Thu 02-Jan-14 22:56:42

Louen - my target time is about 1:55 but I have to the end of February to revise it. I have no experience at this distance so I'm just going by the race predictor calculations and adding on a bit !

I suspect I will have to train a lot more that you as I am old enough to be your mother IIRC

I think that pattern you describe ( one Long run, two shorter and some speed work ) is what I would be following during the 12 week training. The longer slow runs are just for the base phase. If I've understood it correctly.

I hope I don't get too hungry mitchy. I'm not skinny now and I certainly don't need to gain any more weight :-(

Now I have been thinking and talking about it I'm desperate to get out running today but can't as I've already gone from 15 last week to 25 this week. So it's back to Jillian sodding Michael

How strict are you all about not adding more than 10% a week?

KristinaM Thu 02-Jan-14 22:57:52

I forgot to LOL at Mitch's running a marathon " just for fun"

Mitchy1nge Fri 03-Jan-14 00:56:32

smile well I am going to have fun anyway smile

I don't really get the 10% thing, what is it 10% of? The mileage over a week, any given run, the whole month? I add a mile or two to my long run every other week or so but then have a week where the long run drops back to 10 or 12 miles. Someone told me a mile for each day you run in a week is a good rule of thumb, so if you run four times a week that's how many miles you can safely add to the weekly total - either in one go or more easily shared among two or three runs.

Kaffiene Fri 03-Jan-14 01:08:26

OK I am officially terrified now!

I was aiming to do consistent 15 miles a week for Jan and then start the 12 week program. All the programs I have looked at seem to peak at about 35-40 miles a week for the half.

50 miles a week pre training shock ???

Mitchy1nge Fri 03-Jan-14 01:32:47

but not for a half marathon - that's for the full? I think it also makes a difference if you cross train, in terms of getting away with fewer miles or only running three times a week for example

KristinaM Fri 03-Jan-14 12:31:36

Mitch -thanks , that sounds a bit better. It would allow me to get my mileage up faster. I've stuffed it a bit because I was running 4 times a week them stopped for a couple of months because of family problems . So now I'm starting from a very low base

Kaff -just ignore me, I'm probably taking bollocks! Also I'm working in km whereas most of you use miles, so I'm probably not converting correctly .
AKAIK ( which isn't a lot ) it depends on so many factors like your age, your experience, your fitness level and what you want to achieve.

I am much older than most of you, so I think I need to train for a longer period but much slower. I need to get the mileage up slowly to minimise the wear and tear on my joints. And I want to get a better overall fitness level before I start on speed work. None of this might apply to someone who is younger and much fitter, who does lots of other exercise or cross training.

Anyway, this is all just theory so far. Will need to see who it plans out in the next few week. You know what they say about the best laid plans.....

Mitchy1nge Fri 03-Jan-14 12:41:46

I agree with you, it is highly individual and think it does depend on the type of miles too, I have to 'recover' from a fastish 5k in a way which doesn't apply to 10 or more steadier miles at my happy pace (about 11:30 blush)

nice to have so many virtual training buddies though smile

louwn Fri 03-Jan-14 15:48:48

It is lovely to be able to share progress with you all on here. After a week off, I'm planning to do 3 miles on sunday. Hopefully I will have kicked my cold's ass by then but am planning a few short runs to get back into it - hopefully then next weekend I can get back to 10 miles.

Mitchy1nge Fri 03-Jan-14 18:33:33

good luck smile

it was gruesome today, almost didn't go but got a text reminding me that my next half is in 7 weeks shock how is it suddenly so near?

KristinaM Fri 03-Jan-14 21:34:56

Well done for battling through the weather minge

louwn Sun 05-Jan-14 12:40:54

Which half is it mitchy? I just did my 3 miles , back to 5 times a week and chucking some strength exercises in there too so I don't come unstuck for the longer ones!

Mitchy1nge Sun 05-Jan-14 13:30:58

what strength exercises will you do?

It's this, sometimes there is cake at the end smile have run most of the course a couple of times.

feel quite ropey still, no running all weekend sad

louwn Sun 05-Jan-14 13:36:01

Ooh cake, now thats motivation to finish! Ah no, don't tell me you are ill now? Rubbish! There are some on runner's world website, can't work out how to copy and paste properly on here. Crunches, squats, that sort of thing.

Mitchy1nge Sun 05-Jan-14 13:41:31

am in a plague house, everyone is just lying around with sore throats and dizzy heads - I think I'd feel ok if I'd slept but will go for a walk and see what that's like

even my non running friends are all out running sad

Kaffiene Sun 05-Jan-14 15:11:29

Another one dying of the cold here. Haven't run since the 1st sad Still been walking the dog about 3 miles a day though. Feeling better today so walked 5 miles with him was shattered after though.

Booked in for Body Pump tomorrow for some strength work nd will hopefully do 3 miles after that.

louwn Sun 05-Jan-14 16:02:34

Much sympathy from here as I'm just getting over it and had to take a whole week off running! So frustrating when you feel you're getting into it. Get well soon everyone!
First early morning run (about 6.30) for me tomorrow for about a month - will be a shock to the system I think. Then back to running with work people on Tues which is always fun as I'm a solo runner normally.

Mitchy1nge Mon 06-Jan-14 16:05:28

how did it go louwn? I don't feel too bad but have NO energy, luckily tomorrow there is a slow plodders meet so I will go out with them, how bad can it be?

Mitchy1nge Mon 06-Jan-14 16:21:45

also have found another running club to join, think am someone who benefits a lot from running in a group

KristinaM Mon 06-Jan-14 16:52:03

Now the kids are back to shool I was able to get out running today, so have done a slow 10k. And have booked my accommodation for Edinburgh so I NEED to do it now otherwise it's a waste of money grin

Mitchy1nge Mon 06-Jan-14 18:17:43

well done smile

accommodation is a good point, I did have an apartment organised for me and a few friends but the whole who is coming with thing has exploded severely shock the main thing for me is that my personal pacer/coach is there

KristinaM Mon 06-Jan-14 19:16:00

Hark at you posh folk with your personal coach!!!

Mitchy1nge Mon 06-Jan-14 19:19:57

yes that's me! grin we must try to meet up for some pasta the night before, to do away with that particular misconception! actually is that possible? does anyone else fancy it?

I do have someone to pace me though, if he survives London which he will be doing at a proper sort of speed, he's such a big help to me

Kaffiene Mon 06-Jan-14 19:24:58

Managed 3 miles in the wind and rain this morning. AND Body Pump so am feeling tired but happy for getting back on it.
Plucking up the courage to join a running club for variety. Sometimes run with one of the mums from school and it makes a nice change.

KristinaM Mon 06-Jan-14 19:55:18

Well done kaff.

Yes I am up for meeting up if possible. I can't do pasta sadly as I'm gluten free but I'm up for a drink. Well just a small one of course....

Mitchy1nge Mon 06-Jan-14 21:02:28

how do you carb yourself up then? rice? or shock do you not do carbs?

KristinaM Mon 06-Jan-14 21:13:49

Sadly my tum is witness to the fact that I do eat carbs :-(

I eat rice, gluten free pasta and occasionally gluten free bread. I've never had to " carb up " before as I've never run for more than about 100 mins

I'm hoping that running a Bit more will lose some of my podge

Mitchy1nge Tue 07-Jan-14 11:07:45

honestly think one of the main reasons to run is simply so I can stuff my face with pasta and not worry about it so much

today is day 1 of applying some principles from 'the art of running faster' smile apparently training twice a day (not increasing the volume at all, just dividing it) is supposed to help so have been out with my Slow And Not Very Far group this morning and will do something similar tonight probably at new running group

thanks wind and rain for making me feel super smug about it

KristinaM Tue 07-Jan-14 11:45:53

I don't know if I could be bothered with having to get changed , run, shower etc twice a day < lazy>

Please let us know if you feel it makes a difference.

Sadly I have not lost much weight running. Dh insisted I've lost a bit of back fat but I think he's just trying to stay on my good side . I blame my hormones /age /thyroid < always good to have an excuse >

How are all the poorly peeps ?

Mitchy1nge Tue 07-Jan-14 12:01:08

I probably won't shower until tonight shock but was barely 2 miles this morning and I didn't even stop shivering far less sweat (with my slow joggers group), yoga in a minute then need to do the horses then Actual Running Club this evening. I don't know how far/fast they go, but told the coach my lowly pace and distances and he felt there would be a group for me. Also get £5 off physio this week for joining the club so that's a plus!

is hard to lose weight while running I think, although I lost 9kg last year which was probably a bit too many and 3 have come back since I got more marathon-focused confused, you do have to eat quite a lot - it's not the end of the world is it?

Mitchy1nge Wed 08-Jan-14 12:06:38

know am a bit obsessed with the weekly mileage but just remembered it was supposed to be about 35 a week this month hmm

KristinaM Wed 08-Jan-14 12:24:30

Slow joggers group doesn't sound much fun if you are actually shivering. And can't be adding much to your weekly target .

I am a very anti social runner so have no desire whatsoever to join a club. I go running for time alone, away from dh/kids/colleagues. I'm fortunate to love in a rural areas so perfectly safe to run alone . I feel quite angry that in the 21st century some women still don't have that freedom .

How did Actual Runming group go? I'm impressed by 35 miles, I'm only up to 35 km this week blush . I'm scared to go up any faster as I've been doing so little for months. The good thing is that I'm running so slowly it's not very tiring .

Where are the rest of you?

Mitchy1nge Wed 08-Jan-14 13:21:44

slow group is really helpful for adding some easy miles, and if I'm losing the plot it gets me out there again - Actual Group was fun, it was 2 mile intervals (I think, Garmin didn't pause and resume so I gave up after a while) and some interesting moves

but that's plenty isn't it, 35km? not good at conversions but it must be almost double the distance of your race?

have barely scraped 11 miles together so far this year and just 5 this week shock but will run tomorrow and aiming for 16 on Sat

KristinaM Thu 09-Jan-14 08:13:25

< faints> at thought of 2miles intervals

I'd be struggling at 200m intervals

35km is about 22 miles, but I'm meant to be working on distance during this phase. Then start to work on speed next month.

I notice that I'm meant to be doing my long runs off road, but I've no idea how to do this. I live in the country but all the roads are Tarmac and the verges are long grass with lots of potholes . I've tried running on the verges where the grass is shorter but that's not very reliable.

The fields are very wet and muddy, you would need Wellies not running shoes .

The plans seem to refer to trails , I assume through man made forests, but it's all farmland around here.

Any suggestions?

Mitchy1nge Thu 09-Jan-14 10:15:21

have you got trail shoes? I'm still running off road sometimes (but only because I'm scared of being hit by a car blush, or when I have to run with the dog) but now the mud is so thick and deep in places, if I wouldn't expect the horses to trot through it I shouldn't ask it of myself! Some footpaths are more free draining than others though and I can run quite easily round the muddy bits. Obviously anywhere the horses go is badly churned up, but it is still possible, it's just a different sort of running experience. Probably how I hurt my calf. hmm

Do you know your local bridleways and footpaths? I started running where I ride and then began linking the routes together when I realised as a human I was allowed on footpaths! Is there a ramblers association local to you? They might have published walks online that you could try.

Mitchy1nge Thu 09-Jan-14 10:31:15

I was struggling and my pace was only 10:30! They have a rolling sort of programme:

Hill session
1 Mile Intervals
400 Intervals
2 Mile Intervals
Fartlek/Short Intervals
Incline Session
Timed Pyramid Session
800/1200 Intervals

it should be a good extra thing to do each week, all the yucky looking difficult stuff that might be fun in a group but not alone? there is a social run tonight but have dance with a friend instead

Mitchy1nge Thu 09-Jan-14 18:10:57

yuck, the calf thing is a strain - obviously a mild one from the sort of cumulative strain of the increasing distances but physio is adamant that a complete rest (from running at least) is necessary both to heal it properly and to prevent a more serious injury

I think I was expecting a nice massage and some new stretches confused

on plus side she has taped up my foot and my leg with tiger print kt tape and it looks really cool, I hope it lasts until I see her again on Tuesday

KristinaM Thu 09-Jan-14 19:09:31

Sorry to hear about the calf strain , that's a bit of a nuisance. Are you allowed to do other exercise or is it total rest ? For how long?

Tiger print tape sounds...em...interesting. Not sure what you can wear at this time of year to show it off. Though they say that animal print is the new neutral and goes with anything

Actual Running Group sounds very scary. As you say, the kind of training you probably wouldn't do alone

Thanks for tip about bridalways, I shall ask local friends who have horses. Although one is distraught as her horse just had a big op for colic and is very poorly :-( .

Perhaps I need to invest in trail shoes, I have none.

Mitchy1nge Thu 09-Jan-14 22:57:05

oh dear, hope your friend's horse will be ok - colic surgery often doesn't end well

I think you will struggle on wet grass in road shoes, no traction, but you could try?

I didn't ask about other exercise, the 'no running' thing was a bombshell dropped at the very end so I was a bit 'what do you mean, no long running no fast running or no actual running?' and it was just no running at all shock then I got an email a bit later reminding me not to run! Next appointment is Tuesday so maybe it will be better by then. Have a hot gel thing to put on it and when it isn't hurting some gentle soleus stretches to do. Dance was ok tonight, it's belly dancing so not too much wear and tear on the lower limbs, yoga should be ok and I should think riding will be fine. The tiger print looked interesting with my shimmery purple skirt anyway!

KristinaM Fri 10-Jan-14 11:27:59

LOL at belly dancing skirt! You must have a washboard stomach! Especially with the yoga and riding.

Horse is apparently on bran mash, which is a good sign. I'm a non horse person so I just smile and nod. I don't understand at all, but I know that he is like a family member to her. And her other horse is pining :-(

You are right about the road shoes on the grass, it didn't work . Will investigate trail shoes. I fear the small niggle on bottom of foot is related to always running on Tarmac so will only get worse over the next month if I don't address it.

DH helpfully working away so no exercise for me over the weekend . Except Jillian biscuit

Mitchy1nge Fri 10-Jan-14 11:43:17

grin not quite a washboard, that would be good after 3 enormous babies, but am lucky my core is very strong so have good balance etc, prob helps with running too - actually I think the people with some fat there look much nicer doing those dances, a tiny bit of wobble seems to help

what is the niggle in your foot? now is the time to sort out anything questionable as still scope for recovery before training intensifies etc

KristinaM Fri 10-Jan-14 12:18:07

Small twinge on ball of left foot when I land . Dunno what it it

KristinaM Fri 10-Jan-14 12:24:45

Suspect it's just because I have changed to shoes with less support. And increasing my mileage too fast. I am trying to work on my form, which will cause a few niggles I guess until I get used to it

Mitchy1nge Sat 11-Jan-14 22:17:27

hope it all settles quickly

I missed the long run today, hope this stupid thing heals really quickly and doesn't recur as soon as I start running again hmm

louwn Sat 11-Jan-14 22:58:45

Just catching up with the thread. How much longer off running mitchy? Did a 10 miler today, not my best time, but about 6 miles of muddy off road slightly hilly stuff so perhaps thats to be expected. Ache a teensy bit now but day off tomorrow so not too bad.

Mitchy1nge Sat 11-Jan-14 23:21:23

muddy and off road sounds fun smile

dunno, it has to not hurt at all first and that hasn't begun to happen yet but it can be quite quick I think, I hope - I don't know, google can be very unhelpful and pessimistic sometimes!

was chatting to someone today though who had a bad accident and recovered with barely 2 months left to prepare for his marathon and it still all worked out ok, so my handful of days off is really not The End

it's just that will probably have to start at about half the training volume I got up to but that's just how it goes? confused then need to put much more effort into warming up and stretching before every run

Mitchy1nge Sat 11-Jan-14 23:29:03

and, argh, I think it will depend on what the physiotherapist thinks has caused or been a serious contributor to it - if it was just my stupid horrible new road shoes that's one thing, but she wants to do a full running analysis as soon it's better to check for areas of dodginess

but maybe in the long term this will make me SuperMitchy and I might get stronger and faster than ever (could hardly get slower at the moment)

KristinaM Sun 12-Jan-14 00:22:58

Sorry to hear that mitchy, that's carp

< faints > at thought of 6 miles of muddy off road slightly hilly stuff

No running today because I spent 10 hours at sports event with kids. Sigh < martyr>

louwn Sun 12-Jan-14 09:27:55

It was quite tiring Kristina - thats why I had to get back on the roads for the last 4 or I'd never have finished! Rest day for me today and sunday lunch with some friends. Keeping my fingers crossed for fast healing for you mitchy!

Mitchy1nge Mon 13-Jan-14 10:52:17



on plus side I lose 0.1kg every day I don't run, so almost half a kilo now, wonder why that is?

KristinaM Mon 13-Jan-14 11:35:37

It's lovely, I've just run 10k. I was confused by the sudden heat wave and wore too many clothes .....

Wish I lost weight when I don't run . Or even when I do

Mitchy1nge Mon 13-Jan-14 18:58:10

do you just want to lose a bit or do you actually need to? I think bodies are quite good at hanging on to fat unless there's loads to spare

for the first time in a while I can barely feel that calf pain so something is helping, the stretches maybe, fingers crossed physio approves a return to running tomorrow in time for Running Club

KristinaM Mon 13-Jan-14 21:34:49

I don't NEED to in the sense that my BMI is within normal range. But I would like to as I'm apple shaped with a thick middle and am slimmer everywhere else. And I'm sure I'd run better if I weighed less as well as looking better. I blame my age. Ive been blaming my hormones for years......

Glad to hear the calf pain is improving. Though I suspect physio will tell you to give it a few days. Do compression socks help?

I felt very smug at having gone out first thing today as it was chucking it down later .

Have you been doing your yoga etc?

BTW poorly horse is home and eating sloppy bran mash.

Mitchy1nge Mon 13-Jan-14 21:59:28

smile good news about the horse, I need to be up at yucky o'clock to check on one of mine (not exactly unwell, just going through a higher-than-usual maintenance phase)

it is really annoying to have bits of podge where you'd rather they weren't isn't it confused running must be good for overall health though (feel ridiculous typing that my leg propped up with a hot gel pack on it), have you ever tried pilates? I know you can't spot reduce but maybe changes in posture would help everything feel and look firmer and sleeker?

am doing Rodney Yee's 'yoga conditioning for athletes' every day, either the whole thing or just the bit for runners, and it's sooooooo dull and shit, it reminds me of the most boring yoga class I used to go to when it was the only one around, it won't be doing me any harm but I much much much prefer vinyasa/ashtanga/flow where you actually get to move about a bit. Although maybe if I didn't move about so much I wouldn't keep hurting myself grin

KristinaM Mon 13-Jan-14 22:29:11

I did yoga and pilates when I was pg and post natally. Bit it didn't make me thinner and it's very boring .

I must get back to body pump as I quite enjoy that. Bloody useless DH works away a lot and kids are interfering with my fitness plans wink . Though I confess I have been avoiding 39 days shred for most of this week too and I can't blame the kids for that ....

Mitchy1nge Mon 13-Jan-14 23:19:16

you will probably look like a whippet by the time of this marathon smile

I hadn't thought of compression socks, will ask the physio about it tomorrow, some people swear by them don't they? I think I have compression tights somewhere actually, never worn, tucked away for some sort of emergency grin

KristinaM Mon 13-Jan-14 23:54:41

< hopeful> at mention of whippet grin

I have compression socks that are just knee socks, I put them on after a long run, they are supposed to help your calves recover. I've seen people running in them too .i don't know if they help, might be worth a try for a couple of quid.

They are not very tight on my scrawny legs, I don't know if they work better if you are ...ahem....muscular . I'm sure physio would know about these things

Mitchy1nge Tue 14-Jan-14 14:21:17

yay, can start running again tomorrow smile smile smile

just a mile or two at a time, in neutral shoes, every other day once a day to see how it goes - and keep up my good work of doing fuck all resting it and stretching it, and keeping it warm

hooray for me smile unless it starts hurting beyond the range of 1-3/10 don't need to see her again for 2 weeks (which is a pity because it's so warm in there, and just get to lie down while she does all the stretching work) and am still a tiger, just with not quite so many strips of tiger tape on myself now

brainwashed Tue 14-Jan-14 16:26:27

Glad you've been given the go ahead to run again. I've had problems with calf strains in the past and have found compression stuff helpful. Probably just psychological but hey if it helps!

Mitchy1nge Tue 14-Jan-14 17:47:32

oh yeah I asked about the compression stuff and she just said it was known to be helpful in venous problems and even older people but beyond that she couldn't say

it's still taped up for the next 5 days anyway with the tiger stuff which does seem to have some magical properties

KristinaM Tue 14-Jan-14 22:37:50

Excellent news Mitch

Mitchy1nge Wed 15-Jan-14 11:02:54

this is where the slow jogging group comes in so handy (it was started by a MNer actually) it was good to have someone to go out with for just a couple of comfortable miles this morning

I've registered for Berlin through the Laureus Foundation but had a confirmation for London instead, which I didn't apply for confused

KristinaM Wed 15-Jan-14 11:23:18

So are you going to do London then ?

I am on my way into town to get new running shoes. I got new ones a few weeks ago and I think they are the problem. I'll see what they say in the shop

Mitchy1nge Wed 15-Jan-14 11:37:15

no am not doing London - my friend/coach/guru is (as well as Edinburgh with me) but he was given a place for being good at running marathons envy, I only applied for Berlin so it's someone's mistake somewhere

good luck with the shoes! will they let you take them back?

I am stuck at 2 miles every other day until it is painless (or at least less painful) but physio is full of ideas for treatment, it is basically an overuse thing dating back for ages she thinks

KristinaM Wed 15-Jan-14 20:54:57

Yy, I see you can get a marathon place for being " good for age" . LOL

Re the shoes - I wasn't really excepting them to take them back but I wanted to understand why they had changed the type of shoes I was using before. I've bought Sorbothane double strike insoles so will see f they help. I will do a short run tomorrow to try them out .

Agree you doing another two miler tomorrow ?

And where are all the rest . Have we scared them off with our tales of woe ?

Mitchy1nge Wed 15-Jan-14 21:10:41

they are probably all out running? you will be too with your new insoles!

no, she said not to run on consecutive days until it's properly healed - I had a chat with one of the running club coaches (who turns out to be the physio's dad, haha, small world!) and he said not to run at all until it is completely painless, otherwise will have constant (albeit low level) pain all the time which might lead to all sorts of undesirable outcomes further on

the heat and stretches are definitely helping though

KristinaM Wed 15-Jan-14 22:01:21

Oh dear:-(

Mitchy1nge Thu 16-Jan-14 10:15:42

it's ok, it's a good opportunity to learn how to swim again (I can sort of swim but am terrified of deep water) which might help retain a bit of my fitness (I bet it dwindles away really quickly? confused) so will do that tomorrow afternoon with a friend (not in her pool though, it has a diving pit that is so illegally deep I feel like I'm going to die just thinking about it)

hope new insoles are comfortable today smile

louwn Sat 18-Jan-14 10:29:46

I'm here!! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you mitchy! 3 miles today and 12 tomorrow for me. Slightly nervous about the 12 but sure it'll be fine...

Mitchy1nge Mon 20-Jan-14 12:39:25

how was it louwn? hope you enjoyed it despite feeling so envious and sorry for myself grin (and cross with myself, it was all getting so much better and I spent just a few hours dancing on Saturday night and now I can hardly walk, in fact the other calf is joining in now)

am not even sure how to explain that one to the physio

louwn Tue 21-Jan-14 06:58:48

I did about 12.5 and it was tiring but ok! Slowed down quite a lot at the end but guess that was to be expected. What are you doing at the moment, still complete rest or some short runs?

Mitchy1nge Tue 21-Jan-14 10:09:04

well done smile

wonder if I will ever catch up again? I am not running at all, can't even walk normally, but will swim again today. physio not until next week but maybe she can see me earlier - gloomy

KristinaM Sat 25-Jan-14 16:42:45

Hi everyone

Louwn -I'm impressed by the mileage you are doing already, you must be on track with your training programme.

Mitchy -I sorry to hear about your leg,that must be so frustrating. And the not walking properly bit must be difficult :-(

I'm still increasing my distance by the official 10% per week , but I'm still only up to 44km ( 27 miles for you older pre decimal peeps ) .

The new insole in the New shoes made no difference ( waste of bloody £20) so I have gone back to my old shoes , ( which apparently are the wrong type for me ) and the pain is nearly gone completely .

I have also changed my running bra from a shock absorber run bra to an ennell and this has reduced the pain I was getting in my upper back between my shoulders. I didn't realise that the pain was bra related at all < stupid> .

So in general I'm feeling reasonably positive and hoping to be able to stay injury free and build my distance a bit before starting training in mid February

I'd love to hear from the rest of you hairy haggis chasers ....

Kaffiene Sat 25-Jan-14 20:43:22

I am still here! Just lying low after hurting my back (not running related) - not run for 8 days sad
Am hoping to be back in my trainers next week. My new (to me) Garmin has just arrived so am dying to try it out.
kristinaM Intresting about your bra I have a shock absorber and get back pain which I thought was from other things but may have to investigate the ennell.

KristinaM Sat 25-Jan-14 21:49:32

Sorry to hear about the sore back kaff.

My back pain was high up, right between my shoulder blades. In the area you can reach if you put your had behind your neck, if that makes sense. I knew it got worse when I ran a lot but I thought it was just caused by the running itself, IYSWIM. I had to take a coupe of painkillers and go and see the fierce masseuse at the gym once a week.

I just decided to try the ennell bra to see if it gave better support to my 30G norks . I was a bit skeptical and put off because it looks like something your granny would wear. Goodness know why , I run in Aldis finest high vis gear, a wooly hat and mud covered trainers and see no one but farmers, dog walkers, cyclists and sheep. It's not like I'm prancing through the park in matching sweaty Betty designer gear and a full face of slap .

The disappearance of the back pain was a wonderful suprise .fingers crossed it stays away.

As I read my posts I feel I have turned into my granny, always moaning about my aches and pains blush

KristinaM Sat 25-Jan-14 21:51:17

Sorry, pressed post too soon. Which garmin did you get? You know you can set it up on your computers and it can generate all sorts of graphics and maps for you?

I don't use this much as I run the same routes most of the time but if you are geeky you will love it

louwn Sun 26-Jan-14 10:13:27

Hi Kristina

I am probably only doing the same weekly mileage as you, and I'm doing the full! I am following a beginners marathon training programme. Next week is 30 miles. You will be amazingly well prepared for the half! Next sunday I will be running 15 miles, will be the furthest I've ever run.

KristinaM Sun 26-Jan-14 16:15:55

Louwn -I am quite old and not that experienced so I have to build up my distance very slowly. The plan is to get it up by mid February, then drop it down and do more speed work when I start on the proper half marathon training programme. That's the theory anyway :-)

It's different with the half as I know I could get round ( well not today but after a bit more training ) but I'd like to get a decent time ( for an old dear ) . Whereas the marathon is a serious challenge I don't think I'd ever take on .

What made you decide to go for it?

Did you find a half to do next month?

Kaffiene Sun 26-Jan-14 21:59:26

I got an older model the 205, it was an ebay bargain. Didnt want to soent too much, hopefully will set up the geeky side this week. Am hoping it will push me on a bit as I am soooooo slow.

My phone has started to struggle with playing my music and running the GPS if it is not fully charger. I am trying to experiment and run in different places now I am a "proper" runner smile especially as my usual run is the end of the last couple of miles of the marathon course!

Hoping to get back out running this week and will pay myself £1 a mile towards a new sports bra !

KristinaM Mon 27-Jan-14 09:49:17

Ha, you live at the seaside! I bet you have been blown away these last few days .do you do the Cramond park run, you must be very close

It was sleeting here yesterday so I didn't go out at all. The long run that everyone else seems to do on Sundays, I do on Mondays as it works out better with the kids/work etc

My phone is on its last legs, I only use it for playing podcasts when I run and my garmin does the pace /distance /time thing.

I like your idea of paying yourself per mile :-) . Though I have already spent more that I have ever run

KristinaM Mon 27-Jan-14 13:21:33

Just back from my " long run" , though at 9 miles it's just a warm up for the rest of you. And I hardly got rained on at all, juts a little drizzle. Amazing!

brainwashed Mon 27-Jan-14 19:06:52

I am still here on and off. Sorry to hear your leg is still playing up mitchy. It sounded as if you were well ahead of schedule in terms of the mileage you were doing so hopefully a spell of not running won't do too much harm to your training. Frustrating though isn't it? Long run of 13 miles for me later this week....

KristinaM Mon 27-Jan-14 22:48:59

< waves > to brainwashed

Mitchy1nge Tue 28-Jan-14 11:09:09

hello, good to hear it's all going well

yes that will teach me to do too much too soon! (actually thought I was being very careful) but physio today, I suppose can either let it take as long as it takes and then start running again and hope I get round the course or I find a way of running with it (it's not as if the pain is excruciating, it's just always there and so it's annoying) and then take lots of time off - but this sounds a bit stupid even to me, as it can probably only get worse?

although people do run with these sorts of problems, it's not an uncommon injury. I dunno confused

hope your back is better kaffeine

KristinaM Tue 28-Jan-14 14:01:21

I guess it depends if you could cope in your everyday life if it got really bad. I'd never take that risk because I need to be able to drive and walk up stairs in the house, I have young kids and my Dp works away. So life would grind to a halt if I couldn't get about . It would be even worse if I'd done it through my own stupidity and not through something I couldn't help , like an accident.

But maybe if I lived in a flat above the shop and could work from home or use public transport or had no dependents etc I might make different choices and push it a bit.

Does that make sense?

Mitchy1nge Tue 28-Jan-14 19:08:36

I suppose you'd have to adapt your life if your mobility was seriously restricted for any length of time, if I could still ride a horse and drive a car that wouldn't be too bad but my children are mostly adults and even the 14 year old can drive quite well (off the road obviously grin)

am not sure it would come to that, it's probably a small risk

KristinaM Tue 28-Jan-14 21:02:40

LOL at your driving 14yo !

I like the thought of your turning up on horseback to do your weekly shop grin

Mitchy1nge Tue 28-Jan-14 23:20:20

my horses have made a few trips to the co-op in their time grin

Mitchy1nge Sat 01-Feb-14 16:59:45

I have achieved a few kms on a treadmill smile am incredibly pleased - quite fast for me at just over 6 minutes per km too (but hardly any incline so that must have helped)

think I might start running outside next week shock

KristinaM Sat 01-Feb-14 19:06:29

Well done mitchy, you must be pleased.

Just remember to < whispers > take it easy next week

brainwashed Sun 02-Feb-14 13:39:20

Great mitchy!
I ran 13.1 miles this morning including about 2 miles of the marathon course. Feel broken now though but that probably has as much to do with yesterday's cross fit session as anything else!

Mitchy1nge Mon 03-Feb-14 09:34:41

Well done! envy I can't wait to do the longer runs again, am feeling very optimistic. Did 7 treadmill miles over the weekend and calf feels fine.

It's Day One of all the Edinburgh plans today, had already been to gym and rowed 5km before I realised it starts with a rest day. Slow Joggers tomorrow so can start logging miles again I hope. Will have a look at the training plans and serif any of them start at a low enough volume for me. Then devote all of the rest of my time to Care of The Soleus and Gastroc-something Muscles smile

KristinaM Mon 03-Feb-14 10:36:18

Well done

Mitchy1nge Tue 04-Feb-14 10:53:58

I did two sort of twelve minute miles (forgot my garmin, all these things that were routine and automatic feel alien now).

Need some neutral road shoes NOW or quite soon though.

KristinaM Tue 04-Feb-14 11:42:19

That's great Mitch. Better get decent shoes ASAP.

I am just plodding on with my long slow runs, adding 10% each week. I've now started strength training as well, which I used to do regularly but have let slip blush

The training programme for the half marathon doesn't start until March , thank goodness , as I've not got my distance up yet

Mitchy1nge Tue 04-Feb-14 12:38:15

yes it's been a great side effect of Not Running, that have crawled back to the gym and got into a good weight lifting routine again (and developed some swimming powers!) really really want to keep that up, forgot how nice it is to have that vague achey feeling for a day or two after each session

when I say a good weight lifting routine I am only using a few upper body machines as had paralysing fear of injuring myself even further with free weights grin but weirdly can shoulder press sooo much more than I ever could before

bodies are weird

brainwashed Tue 04-Feb-14 14:08:54

Cross training is good. I force myself to go swimming twice a week...am slowly getting to enjoy it a bit!

louwn Wed 05-Feb-14 06:53:26

I definitely need to start some steength training for the longer runs! I did 15 miles on sun, then 6 yesterday and then just about to do 5 now when I can psyche myself up. I am feeling the aches in my legs hence the need forsome muscle building!!!

brainwashed Wed 05-Feb-14 10:07:07

I have just started cross fit classes to do just that louwn. Don't make that same mistake that I did though...going for your long run the day after a cross fit session is a bad idea..it was very painful and there may have been some swearing in the last few miles!

KristinaM Wed 05-Feb-14 14:49:29

Ha ha, I did pump yesterday and today I ran........3 miles blush and then came home

'Twas the lunges ...

louwn Wed 05-Feb-14 19:03:50

thats the trouble - i can barely fit the running in never mind a class so its got to be exercises at home really.

brainwashed Fri 07-Feb-14 13:10:59

This week's 13.1 miles easier than last week..definite progress :-)

Mitchy1nge Mon 10-Feb-14 18:25:26

13 miles sounds amazing to me, I am still running very short distances - there is no reason why I can't start picking up more miles other than lack of confidence in my calf muscles!

brainwashed Mon 10-Feb-14 18:56:41

Don't do too much too soon though...sneak up on those calf muscles!

Mitchy1nge Mon 17-Feb-14 14:42:26

smile notched just over 23 miles last week, should be about 26 this - is hard to log what happens at the proper running club because lots of stopping and starting

about half of those miles were on a treadmill, am so anxious about my calf, I hope it still all counts and helps though

have splashed out on a new Garmin shock

brainwashed Tue 18-Feb-14 17:49:06

Sounds good :-)
What type of garmin have you got? I have a 305 which is a monstrosity on my tiny wrist. It did die recently but unfortunately someone from my running club gave me advice on how to revive it!

Mitchy1nge Tue 18-Feb-14 17:52:12

a 220, I had a 10

it's so pretty, hope it copes with the intervals at running club tonight

Mitchy1nge Wed 19-Feb-14 16:52:01

how is everyone else getting on? it's quiet so you are all out running, then stretching, then icing bits of yourselves, then washing your kit ready for the next day, and cycling and weight training and so on

plan to do 10 miles on Saturday then start ramping it up a bit more quickly so am at least comfortable with half the distance again, I much preferred the feeling of being ahead of the schedule to the feeling of being horrifically under prepared confused

brainwashed Wed 19-Feb-14 19:48:41

Have a double run day tomorrow..first ever. Want to do running club intervals tomorrow evening which usually adds up to 4 miles but will also run 4 in the morning. Race on Sunday ...only 15k though! My calves are niggling a bit...coming out in sympathy with you mitchy. Seeing physio for sports massage on Friday and will see what he says.

Mitchy1nge Wed 19-Feb-14 20:16:29

good luck! would so so so like to be running twice a day again but already worried am pushing my luck running 5 days a week (short distances of course) - I feel weirdly 'overly fit' for what I'm doing (am sure I'm not, it's just a feeling of loads of potential miles in my legs)

physio said calf is healing well and running isn't hurting it so far but I do have plantar fasciitis (madly irritating arch pain) as some sort of consequence (or somehow related to it) it's good to be aggressive in responding to any slight twinge I think

anyway are we going to try to meet up over the marathon weekend?

KristinaM Wed 19-Feb-14 20:50:58

Hi everyone, glad to hear injuries are healing

I am still plodding away on my base phase of long slow runs. I'm up to 40 miles a week and I think I'll probably stay around this for the next 3.5 weeks until I start my proper training programme in mid march . I'm hoping 40 is enough to built my endurance as I'm only doing the half

I've found my garmin very useful for checking my pace as I'm running as well as obviously for distance .though I'm not very good at uploading the data to the PC to get pretty charts and graphs.

So far all this training has made no improvement on my dismal 5k time at Parkrun, I'm hoping they will drop a bit when I start on some speed work .

Mitchy1nge Wed 19-Feb-14 22:50:24

wow kristina, how are you feeling on those 40 miles? how do you arrange them throughout the week?

KristinaM Thu 20-Feb-14 00:34:34

So far I'm ok thanks Mitch, though very hungry as someone said down the thread, I'm eating two proper dinners each day! So despite burning 700-900 calories each run I'm not losing weight :-(

Last week I did 5 x approx 12k plus a wee meander around the Parkrun with the kids. This was because DH was away with work so I had to run M-F when the kids are at school.

This week I'm trying to do 4 x 15k instead, although have only done 2x14km so far. Plus gym on my rest day .

It sounds harder than it actually is because I'm running really slowly, 40secs slower than my target race pace . It's just jogging really with a sneaky bit of walking on the steepest hills blush . Then I have to run down the other side to make up the time before my garmin beeps at me ' behind pace'

brainwashed Thu 20-Feb-14 08:55:29

40 miles a week...wow! I think you are going to be so well prepared Kristina. I think my highest mileage week will be about 37 miles. I know what you mean about being hungry though. Last week I had my breakfast before I went to cross fit and then came home and ate croissants( after telling dh he didn't need to get any for me ...whoops!)

brainwashed Thu 20-Feb-14 08:58:34

I think we should try to meet up or at least know each others numbers so we can shout out to each other! Believe it or not I have managed to find people at mass races this way!
Who is bringing supporters with them? I am going to organise members of my family to be at various points hopefully with motivational banners! I will excuse my eldest ds though as he has a physics higher the following day.

Mitchy1nge Thu 20-Feb-14 11:40:16

we could hook up on garmin connect or FB or something first? on garmin and MFP my name is the same as on here, except with an i instead of a 1

not hook up hook up, you know, just make contact grin am worried a bit about potentially running it alone, my trusty coach/guru/pacer might not be able to do it with me after all. Sometimes I can't even go to Waitrose by myself very easily so Scotland will be a challenge, although other times I can happily travel and do all kinds of stuff by myself so it's a bit variable. confused obviously I won't actually be alone because there are thousands of other people, but I must be careful to plod round at my own ridiculously slow pace.

40 miles is surely 40 miles K whether you do them slowly or not! I felt really fatigued during my run today and have only logged 13 miles all week. Have accepted that I am in that group of people who gain weight when running, and who need a lot more sleep than average. Am pathetically grateful to be able to run at all after taking it for granted somewhat!

Anyway 10 on Saturday, am roughly in line with the Edinburgh schedule for first timers, option 1, except I run on Mondays too and rest on Sunday and do a lot more cross training if you count weights and swimming and yoga and stuff.

louwn Fri 21-Feb-14 07:35:30

wow Kristina! My highest mileage week so far has been around 35. Did 18 miles on sun but then not run since as I'm not very well. Swollen lymph nodes in groin making running diffficult but going to go out this weekend for a couple of gentle jogs I think (providing I get some sleep beforehand, not being doing much of that lately!)

KristinaM Fri 21-Feb-14 08:15:58

Sorry to hear tha louwn, it sounds as if you are a bit run down, if you are not sleeping and have swollen glands :-(. Do you need to see a doctor?

I need to do lots of miles to get my endurance up, as I'm old , slow and not very fit blush . And I don't do much else apart from run, and a wee bit of body pump at the gym twice a week.none of this cross fit malarkey wink

I watched this programme last night, it's about two Irish athletes , one is 71 and chasing a world record and the other is 91!


Mitchy1nge Fri 21-Feb-14 11:05:15

Kristina I bet you are some super elite age grouper!

hooe you feel better soon louwn, 18 miles! why is it so hard to get the sleep we need? People bang on about eating enough but I think sleep is under discussed.

am increasingly worrying that I have an inbuilt cut off point, a maximum weekly mileage of about 25-30 miles (as part of a slightly bigger overall training volume) and that I'm just not going to be able to do it without bits of me breaking down confused - but surely if you are careful and consistent and get loads of rest then almost anything is possible over time?

KristinaM Fri 21-Feb-14 17:05:38

Ha ha, Mitch

But I wouldn't mind being like the guy in the tv programme going out cycling and running aged 91. Just a few years to go ......

Hoping all the injuries are continuing to heal

Mitchy1nge Sat 22-Feb-14 12:33:51

I'd like to be that way too if I live that long (nobody ever has in my family, oldest probably not even 80, wonder why?)

LOVED today's run alrhought it felt quite hard at times

the business end of our training is coming now isn't it! yikes

KristinaM Sat 22-Feb-14 16:51:23

A family friend of ours has just died aged 99. Until 6 months ago he was still living at home. A year ago, aged 98, he was going to the gym several times a week and still paying 9 holes of golf ( albeit using a wee buggy thing, whatever they are called ) . At 97 he was still driving from Edinburgh to see us -we live 40 miles away . He was giving expert opinion in court in his 80s. Amazing :-)

louwn Sat 22-Feb-14 16:52:36

I have been to a dr, had a course of antibiotics and feeling a bit better but not going running until tomorrow (after a week off, eek!) as I'm still bloody knackered! Mitchy I know, I feel a little scared! Having done the 18 miles I feel a bit more confident and planning to do 20 next weekend. Will be hard getting back to my 5 runs though, fitting around work and social life is pretty difficult sometimes. How is everyone else finding fitting it all in?

KristinaM Sat 22-Feb-14 17:01:45

Lou, sorry to hear you have been ill. I'm sure you've done the right thing taking the time off, you don't want to get one of those nasty post viral things < medical term> . Remember you need to go back slowly for two weeks and resume normal training in week 3 only if you are feeling better.

I am quoting from Paula Radcliffe " how to run" [ wags finger bossily]

louwn Sat 22-Feb-14 17:14:11

ooh really - was just planning to launch back in, am I doing the wrong thing?! I don't have enough weeks left to add another two in : (

KristinaM Sat 22-Feb-14 19:19:35

Ooh I am only quoting you what Paula says in How to Run, p137 entitled don't train when you're unwell

If you are ill " systemically ie a feeling of general unwellness throughout the whole body, don't risk it-rest until you are better. Your body needs time to recuperate and heal itself. Everybody is different, so this could take up to a week or longer. Once the illness has run its course, you can slowly get back to training. Be strict with yourself and do very little in the first week back , and only a little more than that in the second week. If everything goes according to plan ,you're feeling great and sleeping well, then you can usually resume normal training in week three "

She goes on to say scary stuff about pushing your body and immune system to breaking point and having a relapse, beckoning more ill or getting post viral fatigue syndrome

Disclaimer -I am not a doctor and only a beginner runner so have no expertise or experience in this field. I would say ask your doctor, but I know my GP would just say " of take a few months off , what do you expect at your age " blah blah blah which isn't much help ....

Might be worth checking out some reputable running sites for advice .

brainwashed Sat 22-Feb-14 19:51:55

If you have already done 18 then you can afford to have a few weeks easing back into it...honestly! That's certainly what I would do ( medically trained but no longer practising)
If its good enough for Paula.....

louwn Sun 23-Feb-14 09:11:25

OK. I will need to do a long run next weekend as away the weekend after but will and take it relatively easy this week. I feel better but lots of lymph nodes are still swollen (and some of them have been for a while now) so think they are likely to send me for some tests.

Mitchy1nge Sun 23-Feb-14 11:35:26

hope you are all better soon louwn, don't know what to think about running when ill, either I don't become unwell very often or I conveniently forget about it pretty quickly

would quite like to run today but busy helping daughter #1 move, my children all seem to be obsessed with moving into flats that are a few floors up, is probably a good substitute for running!

louwn Sun 23-Feb-14 13:30:05

just tried to run, could only do 1.25 miles due to pain - but better than nothing?! went for a bike ride instead as that doesn't hurt and going to do some strength stuff in the form of squats and sit ups I think.

KristinaM Sun 23-Feb-14 20:21:15

Oh dear Lou :-(

Mitchy1nge Mon 24-Feb-14 09:00:50

hope you had a nice ride at least, am sure the bike and the weights and squats will do much more good than running in pain!

out with my slow Joggers in a minute, if I stick to the Edinburgh plan (first timers, option 1 grin) this is a very light week with the long run only 7 miles at the weekend, that is quite a nice thought to be honest

KristinaM Tue 25-Feb-14 15:10:26

How are you all doing?

I am still on my base phase so did a longer run yesterday , only 16km /10 miles so a warm up for most of you. I was SO SLOW and really tired afterwards. More of a jog/walk than a run. I'm such an old crock blush

I know I need to get my long runs up as I start my training proper in 10 days and I have six runs of race distance ( or slightly longer ) to do in the first 8 weeks shock

I keep telling myself that it was the same when I started to run,doing the C25K . I remember when it came to week 6 or something and you had to run for 20 mins and everyone on the thread saying " I don't think I can possible run for that long " . But of course we all did .

Mitchy1nge Tue 25-Feb-14 16:00:56

poor Kristina, 10 miles is a Long Run by anyone's reckoning, longest I've run in one go this year anyway. Your training schedule sounds utterly gruelling. Do you find you need much more sleep than usual? It won't be any comfort to you to know that I really am very slow, I did 10 miles on Saturday at my 11:30 pace and it felt quite tough at times

Actually I don't understand why any of us are doing this! I'm so tired today I want to cry, although probably not so much from running but from a couple of days of lifting and carrying such heavy things in and out of vans and up flights of stairs, lack of sleep etc as well as the usual crapness of life - also am mysteriously 3kg heavier than last week despite being the same size all over, my dodgy calf is complaining all the time and the pain in the arch of that foot is pretty constant. Physio is not until Tuesday but I only have running club tonight, a fastish 10k on Thursday and 7 miles on Saturday. Typing that out makes it sound highly manageable.

KristinaM Wed 26-Feb-14 06:18:43

Sorry tone are that the calf is still niggly minge. And why have you been moving so much stuff . Is this your idea of cross training or are you a removals person?

I have not weighed myself as none of my clothes are any looser and I'd just find it depressing sad. I don't understand how I can be using an extra 700-900 calories a day but not getting thinner. I keep seeing other threads about how people do a couple of classes at the gym a week and the weight just falls off them envy or , worse still! they just " run after a toddler".

When I read the last sentence of your post I was reminded of an article I read recently about the history of womens distance running and about the international Olympic committee debating if women were capable of running 10,000m. In 1988!!!! I re read it several times because I was sure they must mean 1888.

So 25 years ago the IOC weren't sure if the worlds top female athletes could run 10,000m and now middle aged housewives go out and run 10k before they do a days work . Several days a week. And no one thinks anything of it.

I can't get my head round this at all. Maybe we are superwomen and we don't know it .

Mitchy1nge Wed 26-Feb-14 08:47:24

and much more recently than that, the history of women and the marathon distance especially - have you read Kathrine Switzer's marathon woman?

but other sports too, as recently as 2004 (2006?) some IOC man dismissed the prospect of al women's ski jump event as being medically problematic because the training involved lots of jumps throughout the year

Mitchy1nge Wed 26-Feb-14 09:04:00

not cross training, helping my daughter move

I have never heard anyone recommend trying to lose weight while training for a marathon! It will feel like running through treacle or wet cement. That's how I felt when my net calorie intake was only about 400 calories some days (obviously was eating way more than that but if you subtract calories burned through running) I think you need to eat all those calories or most of them back! From what I've read a small percentage (11 I think) of people lose weight, the same amount gain a little but most break even. But that doesn't tell us anything about changes in body shape, they are probably favourable?

KristinaM Wed 26-Feb-14 18:40:18

< looks severely at flabby belly to scare it into turning to leg muscle >

brainwashed Thu 27-Feb-14 16:48:31

I've not run since my sabotaged trail race on Sunday as I've been away..not feeling motivated at all but need to get back to the plan.

KristinaM Fri 28-Feb-14 08:15:28

Me too, I've not run for two days because of a funeral and work/kids stuff. So won't make my distance target for this week.

Am thinking of doing a different Parkrun tomorrow where they have pacers in a attempt to get my rubbish time down a bit. I tell myself that it will improve when I start the traing programme proper and start some speed work < deluded>

Mitchy1nge Fri 28-Feb-14 12:20:36

I am probably almost definitely going to withdraw from Edinburgh, my lower limbs (and feet, if they are not included as 'limbs') are both in a parlous state. Not sure what has happened to the left leg but it's extremely painful to run with, not great at walking, ok at rest. Sharp pains radiating out from a bruised bit on the inside edge of that foot. Had to bail out yesterday and have been wallowing in self pity ever since.The other leg hurts less while running and the foot especially is maddening when it's not in use. Am so rubbish at physical discomfort, it's making me depressed.

There is also the matter of the debilitating fatigue which I thought was training related but something has gone quite drastically wrong with my lithium levels so that should at least be easy to fix.

I will stick roughly with the training schedule, probably not running further than 5 or so miles at weekends though, and I might do the Edinburgh half marathon instead, but I feel better for taking the distance pressure off.

brainwashed Fri 28-Feb-14 13:41:19

Oh that's a shame mitchy :-( I was gutted when I had to pull out last year but sometimes it is the right thing to do.
I sorted out my motivation this morning and did my planned 15 miles today. Might have a sleep this afternoon....

KristinaM Fri 28-Feb-14 15:47:02

I'm sorry to hear that Mitch but you've done the right thing. Your health is way more important than any race.

Please tell me you are going to get a professional assessment of your injuries and do what they tell you?

Y'know, only a runner would think it was a good idea to go out running when you can hardly walk. Just sayin... wink

I see you got an answer to your question to Hemmo BTW

Mitchy1nge Fri 28-Feb-14 17:09:28

I've been seeing a physiotherapist for ages, she's sort of professional, what I could try is their running analysis thing which is free through my running club and a bit more detailed than the static pressure plate plus treadmill in sweatshop. Am not due to see her again until Tuesday.

Have a horrible hypochondriacal feeling that New Problem is a stress fracture but only because am running out of injuries I haven't had yet.

brainwashed Sat 01-Mar-14 11:55:09

Running analysis sounds good...for the future if not for now.

brainwashed Tue 04-Mar-14 17:41:52

How are you doing mitchy?

Mitchy1nge Tue 04-Mar-14 18:16:12

thanks for asking smile (not that I need much encouragement!) luckily my running mechanics all appear totally sound, she did have a different sort of fiddle around with my feet and toes and stuff, there's nothing to suggest I'd benefit from shoes for over pronators or orthotics or anything like that

she was pleased with the improvement to calf #1 but thinks the new problem in the other leg is caused by it compensating for the original strain

the upshot is a rest from running, probably starting from tomorrow (running club tonight and it's just in little spurts, not a long continuous run) but then a complete rest should fix everything fully then resume training for an autumn marathon I suppose?

or just do halfs, is quite far enough to run in one go?

Mitchy1nge Tue 04-Mar-14 20:48:29

running club was a Stupid Idea in some ways (pain) but good in others (advice and moral support)

KristinaM Wed 05-Mar-14 12:13:41

Mitchy, I fear your body is telling you something and you just won't listen....... sad

I presume you don't have to stop all exercise, just running? So you will just need to find a new sport or two, until your leg heals properly. Sorry

brainwashed Wed 05-Mar-14 12:57:54

If you want an autumn marathon loch ness is fab...and most sensible folk walk up the hill at mile 18 ;-)

Mitchy1nge Wed 05-Mar-14 13:34:09

I am trying to listen to it! it's hard though

but am lucky to have lots of other things I enjoy and it's not going to be ages, and I will probably just run much shorter distances

KristinaM Thu 06-Mar-14 12:33:03

I am not a person who gives up easily, so I do sympathise.even if I don't sound sympathetic wink

brainwashed Fri 07-Mar-14 09:40:09

It is hard when you can't run when you want to but good that you have other stuff that you enjoy.

louwn Sun 09-Mar-14 17:47:14

I'm dropping out too : (. Have a charity place and hoping to defer. All blood tests came back clear but now missed 3 weeks running and not seeing physio til a week on fri (dr thinks must be an injury but they thought was something else as I was poorly at the same time - now think probably an unrelated infection). Still quite niggly and sore and can run no more than a couple of miles or so. Hoping physio will be able to recommend some exercise to do that won't aggravate it as I dont like the lack of cardio! Done some walking but not loads as that doesn't feel great either after a while!

brainwashed Sun 09-Mar-14 19:56:21

Oh no..we are dropping like flies. Had a terrible 17 miles run today that made me wonder why I am doing this.

KristinaM Mon 10-Mar-14 11:49:09

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear your news louwn. Might you do the half or are you dropping out altogether?

Sorry to hear the long run is a struggle, brainwashed.

I am still planning to run the half, although I only start my training proper this week. I'll be keeping my long run at about 20km but dropping down my mileage for the rest of the week so I can do more speed work . Which I'm really rubbish at . That allows me a couple of recovery weeks as well as a taper in the week before Running a 10k in early May . That's the plan anyway

louwn Mon 10-Mar-14 21:20:39

Going to see what the physio says Kristina. Will have a little run again this weekend and see how I go.

KristinaM Mon 10-Mar-14 22:47:54

It's a scunner sad

Mitchy1nge Tue 11-Mar-14 10:43:31

oh no louwn sad

someone put this on my FB, I thought of us aspiring marathoners

am wondering whether to go to running club tonight, it's only an hour and rarely more than two miles in one go, or whether to take the advice I paid for and have a total break from running

KristinaM Tue 11-Mar-14 13:13:43

< says nuffin>

brainwashed Tue 11-Mar-14 14:04:49

Also saying nothing....

KristinaM Tue 11-Mar-14 20:14:49

She's avoiding us, isn't she ? wink

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Mar-14 10:28:15

I was busy lounging around and eating pizza, it's like Project Podge round here grin

I am just going to wait and wait and wait until nothing hurts. Then I will start again. I much prefer starting things to completing them anyway!

How are you lot getting on though?

brainwashed Wed 12-Mar-14 16:46:41

Sounds sensible mitchy.
My legs have just about recovered from my long run of 17 miles last Sunday. Next one is this Friday...18 miles gulp. Think I need to go slower and also not have any wine the night before...praying it is better than the last one!

KristinaM Wed 12-Mar-14 19:26:06

Well done mitchy

For taking the advice I mean. And treating yourself with a pizza.

Ive not found that the wine has any effect on my running , but maybe I'm deluding myself < ponders>

I am just plodding on with the first week of my training programme proper.so far it's been shorter runs than before but a bit faster. Well it's supposed to be faster , I'm trying harder but the garmin doesn't seem to think I'm much faster. Maybe it needs a new battery wink . Though I'm cheered up by the good weather, makes a change from the wind and the rain.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 8km fast. Which I assume means race pace or nearly . Not much chance of that I think.

And my long runs are only 20 or 25, and 15km in my recovery weeks, so I don't have much to complain about compared to the rest of you . I'm shock at the 18mile runs

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Mar-14 20:11:17

I hope your hard work pays off K, you are certainly putting in the effort. What is your race pace, or what would you like it to be?

have been wondering if I bailed out too easily but am in pain just sitting here with my feet up and I know it's much worse if I run so will continue being patient

KristinaM Wed 12-Mar-14 21:26:51

" bailed out too easily " ????? < slaps head >

KristinaM Wed 12-Mar-14 21:32:45

Target race pace is somewhere between 5:15 and 5:20. I'm hoping that's achievable as my 10km pace is just under 5:00. At the moment I think 5:30 is more likely, but I'm only a few days into training so I guess I have to see how it pans out

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Mar-14 21:45:06

that's 8 minute miles shock you are SO fast envy

am sort of relieved I probably won't get to meet you now I know you run like a whippet!

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Mar-14 21:46:27

or 9 minute miles

is very impressive anyway

unlike my pace conversion skills grin

KristinaM Wed 12-Mar-14 21:54:10

<snort> at whippet. I am slightly flabby middle aged mum with ideas above her station grin

brainwashed Thu 13-Mar-14 09:05:51

Having ideas above your station is a good thing...spurs us on to greater things. 9 min miles would be great for a half marathon...I would hope to be able to do that in my half 6weeks before Edinburgh Mara, but my legs may be too fatigued from all the distance! I can do 8 min miles in short races up to about 5 miles which is a minute/mile quicker than I was last year. No idea what pace I will be able to do in marathon.. I am worried about going out too fast and then crumbling by the road side!

brainwashed Fri 28-Mar-14 15:12:28

Where is everyone else? 8 weeks to go people!! Currently lying in bed after an 18 mile run...how are you all getting on?

Mitchy1nge Sat 29-Mar-14 10:15:20

well done brainwashed! can't be many long runs now before the marathon?

hope everyone else is ok

KristinaM Sun 30-Mar-14 18:28:35

Hi brainwashed and everyone else

I'm still following my training programme. I've adjusted it this week following advice from a friend who is a triathlete /ultra runner . He said to drop the runs from 6 days to 5 and do core work instead on the 6th day.

And to swap the medium run for another set of intervals < groan> .

My long run is only 20k as I'm just going the half marathon < wimp> and I do it on a Monday ( Sundays very busy here ) .

I'm getting through the runs ok but I don't seem to be getting any faster. But at least I'm not injured < so far >

I'm glad I did the base training for 8 weeks first because the 50 miles per week doesn't seem hard now

brainwashed Sun 30-Mar-14 19:45:56

KristinaM are you really doing 50 miles a week?! I'm doing 30-37 miles and I think if I did more I would get injured! And I'm doing the full marathon!I am cross training though...swimming, yoga and cross fit.
mitchy are you out completely or are you doing the half now?

Mitchy1nge Sun 30-Mar-14 20:22:43

I'm totally out, which I cried over for about half a day but the grief quickly gave way to relief - once I admitted how much everything was hurting it became intolerable, but at the time I don't know, you get used to aches and pains and expect a certain amount of discomfort?

I am doing some small runs here and there but my longest run all year was only 10 miles so it obviously wasn't going to happen

the stupid original self-inflicted calf strain STILL hurts now, just sitting here, I think it will take ages but I am selflessly cheering the rest of you on grin

brainwashed Sun 30-Mar-14 20:30:56

Oh mitchy that is sad. But sometimes it is the right thing to do. Would have been lovely to all meet up :-( Thank you for cheering the rest of us on though.,.think we need it!

KristinaM Sun 30-Mar-14 20:55:04

Sorry to hear that mitchy

Brainwashed - I hope I've converted from km to miles correctly. I'm now doing

One long run of 20-25km
Two medium runs of 15km
Two intervals/fart lek sessions of 8-10km

until last week I was doing an extra 10km as well , but I've dropped that supposedly to have a core session . Although in fact I had another day off as it was my wedding anniversary ( any old excuse)

But I'm not doing any cross training like you . And my friend has told me to cut the speed work session to 8km too. But next weeks is a recovery week so I'll only be doing 50km. And aftre that I have more tempo runs,which will be a big challenge for me .

brainwashed Mon 31-Mar-14 08:49:46

I like recovery weeks!! I have a monster week ahead with a long run of 21 miles...but the week after is a "recovery" week with my long run being a half marathon race...so a chance to get an idea of what pace I should be going at!
I think reducing the length of your speed sessions is a good idea...we usually do about 4- 4.5 miles at an interval session at my club.

KristinaM Mon 31-Mar-14 09:14:04

So your long run in your recovery week is the Same as my normal " long run" !!

I see I need to drop my speed work session down to 8km then. One of my usual routes is 8.4 km so that would work well for me, although it's quite hilly.I am really REALLY bad on hills. I can run a whole minute faster on our local flat Parkrun course than on my usual hilly one. You would think that running it every week would improve things but apparently not blush

Re mileage - I got a another running book from the kids for Mother's Day and I read last night that you can substitute 25-30 % of your running mileage with cross training such as cycling and swimming. It's got a good section on core work which should inspire me tomorrow .

Off to do my long run! ( y'know, what you call a wee stroll )

brainwashed Fri 04-Apr-14 15:07:53

Well that's my monster run done..aka 21 miles. Might have a lie down now....

KristinaM Fri 04-Apr-14 17:21:29

Well done brainwashed!!!

Remember to ice any sore bits.do you have compression socks for recovery? And keep drinking ( sadly not alcohol)

If I were you I would book myself a wee massage as a reward

brainwashed Fri 04-Apr-14 17:37:43

Am hydrating well but will have wine tonight...my Friday night treat! Will probably put my compression stuff on later. The kind of massages I need these days aren't really a treat...sports massages are so sore!

KristinaM Fri 04-Apr-14 18:48:26

I know, the treat is how much better you feel 2 days later.

The last few times I've been for a sport massage I lay there thinking I should have taken a painkiller first < wimp>. I was practising my breathing from labour , you know that blowing out stuff shock

I shall also have a small glass or two of red wine ( not just a Friday night treat here ) but not really earned as this is a recovery week . only 50km in the whole week and three yes THREE rest days . What a skive !

Because the runs have been so short AND no speed work this week, I've upped my pace to race pace. But I've no idea how I will sustain this for 21k.

brainwashed Fri 04-Apr-14 18:53:25

I didn't say the wine was just a Friday night treat...usually a Sunday night and Tuesday night treat too! I don't drink night before a long run though...learnt that the hard way!
Races always make you run a bit faster...I shall test that theory in the St Andrews half next weekend....

KristinaM Fri 04-Apr-14 19:51:21

Ooh how exciting, I shall look forward to hearing about your race and getting any tips.

I am doing a 10k in early May but that's the only other race I have scheduled. Through my park run pals are mad keen and trying to persuade me to sign up for more.

Mitchy1nge Mon 07-Apr-14 10:19:36

only seven weeks! envy

am really looking forward to your race reports

is louwn still out there?

KristinaM Mon 07-Apr-14 16:15:08

< waves >

Have just done a long run of 23km. I realise although this is a LSR for me, it is just a warm up for you proper marathoners.

brainwashed Mon 07-Apr-14 17:20:28

Hardly Kristina...I find the shorter lsr difficult too...they're just over a bit quicker!

Mitchy1nge Tue 08-Apr-14 09:56:27

I didn't run further than that during my preparation for Edinburgh Kristina, or at least not by much, about 15 miles I think

that is quite far enough!

Mitchy1nge Tue 08-Apr-14 09:58:22

obviously I would have but am a still a mixture of relief and disappointment and envy confused

Mitchy1nge Tue 08-Apr-14 10:14:10

(I have a target of 8 miles, in instalments of 2 miles, all week so nobody can accuse me of overdoing things grin)

KristinaM Tue 08-Apr-14 15:42:33

I have check the training plan and you guys are right of course. I only have two more longs runs to go, and then just 3 x medium 15 km runs. This is because I'm doing a 10km race on 11 may so I have to taper down before it, then up afterwards before tapering for the HM. Fortunately the tapers are much quicker for the shorter races, I'm hoping it will be ok.

Mitchy -at least you are out there. 8 miles isn't nothing, especially when you are recovering from injury

KristinaM Wed 09-Apr-14 17:00:58

Hi fellow runners

I had an educational experience in my run today which I thought I would share . Now I'm in the last phase of my training plan I've started tempo runs ( new experience for me )

Today I was to do 15km medium speed of which 6km fast. I did my first 5km at a nice slow run pace . Problem was the fast 6km. I was aiming to run at my HM pace, which I reckon is realistically about 5:20 or even 5:25 ( I'm just guessing as I've never done one before )

Instead I ran at 5:09 ( 8.17 mile pace ) . It went fine. It doesn't sound too fast to me. I can do a 10km at 5:00 pace. But ( a big BUT) I'd gone too fast for my current level of fitness and ended having to jog bits on my final " medium " 5 k .

If I'd done that in a race I'd have been stuffed. It didn't matter that the 5:09 felt fine while I was doing it. And if I can do that while running alone on my usually route, it would be super easy to do it in a race. Especially the HM with no pacers.

Lesson learned.

Note to self - Make race plan and stick to it

brainwashed Sun 13-Apr-14 17:36:20

Pacing is so difficult to judge isn't it? I always start too fast!

Did my half marathon race at St Andrews today...lots of probs with the organisation of the race....BUT I knocked 15 minutes off my previous time for a new pb of 1:57:02 (my garmin..waiting for official time). The race was about a third of a mile too long as well so I am delighted but bloody knackered!
Now need to try and work out what pace to aim for in the full marathon.... 6 weeks to go!!!!

KristinaM Sun 13-Apr-14 17:55:02

Brainwashed -that's excellent!!! 15 mins off your PB is fantastic , no wonder you are delighted. Did you run along the beach, or is that the marathon at St. Andrews?

At least you have plenty time to recover this week or so and get some more good training weeks in before the end of May . Plenty time to wok out your race strategy . Interesting to see that even the great mo Farrah became unstuck when the race didn't go to plan

Sorry to hear the race organisation was a shambles, it's very annoying when you've paid good money and trained so hard.

brainwashed Sun 13-Apr-14 18:33:08

It was 4 laps of just over 5k each, so mentally tough running the same bits but good that you could see other folk and cheer them on! Each lap had approx 750m on the sand so just under 2 miles on sand in total...some of it very soft and very tough going,wouldn't have wanted any more on the sand!
It wasn't an expensive race but I think there will be a lot of folk that wouldn't run it again given the organisational problems. I looked upon the rubbish organisation/communication as a way to improve my mental toughness wink

KristinaM Tue 15-Apr-14 21:59:31

That's a very positive attitude . Y'see, I know that I would have got really REALLY pissed off about it and let it spoil my race blush

I should let this be another lesson learned I think

brainwashed Wed 16-Apr-14 09:31:00

In the past so would I Kristina....my first marathon was a disaster mentally..have learnt so much from that!

KristinaM Wed 16-Apr-14 12:58:43

How many marathons have you done????

brainwashed Wed 16-Apr-14 17:58:56


brainwashed Wed 16-Apr-14 17:58:57


brainwashed Wed 16-Apr-14 18:00:21

Sorry tablet gone mad. Only one marathon in 2012..felt I had to do another to get a better time, more representative of what I'm capable of.

KristinaM Wed 16-Apr-14 18:09:23

I'm still impressed as that's one more than me grin

I note that even Mo Farrah was disappointed in his time wink

KristinaM Wed 16-Apr-14 18:09:59

Does that mean you have some marathon tips to share?

brainwashed Thu 17-Apr-14 10:12:51

OK my marathon tips.....
1.Don't have multiple panic attacks the night before because you think you are going to die at the side of the road...that's very unlikely! I used up all my mental energy before I even started and as a result plodded around the course.
2.Don't rely on running it with a friend...if they pull out at the last minute it throws out all your plans and can lead to point 1.
3. Have an emergency keep running playlist to listen to in the last few miles even if you never usually listen to music when running.
4. It will hurt a lot...but remember it will stop hurting quite quickly once you're done so keep going!
5. Make sure you will have access to warm layers and food as quickly as possible once you're finished

KristinaM Thu 17-Apr-14 17:32:40

< takes careful note >

KristinaM Thu 17-Apr-14 17:40:53

Re music -I notice that the official edinburgh marathon festival rules state that you can't use earphones because it's against SAA rules /health and safety / blah blah blah. Would I be correct in assuming that no will will bother if you do actually have headphones?

I ALWAYS listen to bbc radio 4 podcasts when running. If my brain was allowed free range I would start to worry about how much it hurts /how far I have to go / the bills I haven't paid /reports for work I haven't done /messy house / neglected children etc etc.

brainwashed Thu 17-Apr-14 18:52:25

Don't know how strict they are about headphones at Edinburgh tbh...in theory you could end up disqualified if found out. I imagine loads of folk do though. I plan to maybe use them in the far reaches of the course...less likely to be spotted...and take them out at the end. That's what I did as loch ness as I wanted to savour the cheering!

brainwashed Thu 01-May-14 09:00:54

Where is everyone? Getting worryingly close now. I just have one more long run then a 3 week taper...which I am really looking forward to.

KristinaM Thu 01-May-14 13:44:09

Hi brainwashed, I am still here

Have bought new headphones that I can put inside my shirt . I only listen to podcasts not music so I can still hear anyone speaking to me.

I've now done my last long run, although I don't start to taper until next week and I'm doing a 10k race in 10 days. I don't feel remotely ready for the HM. I know I can run the distance as I've done it 6 times in training , But only really slowly. I'm not at all convinced I can do it at my race pace.

I know I won't be last but I'd really like to make one of my target times .

It seems such a waste of time to cut down the training now. But my plan says so and I have to trust it shock

How are you feeling?

Is there anyone else left from the original group?? Are we < whispers > the survivors?

brainwashed Thu 01-May-14 14:35:53

I am feeling nervous...went shopping to 2 running shops this morning in an attempt to allay the feelings of impending doom!

KristinaM Thu 01-May-14 19:09:07

Ha ha,does shopping make you calm? Or just looking for that elusive item that will make you faster? grin

My running shoes are about to die as I've now done about 800 miles in them but I can't find another pair the same in my size < crisis> .

I tried a different one a few months ago and they have me pain in my foot, even with super duper insoles. So I'm looking for exactly the same as the old ones that I know suit me

brainwashed Thu 01-May-14 22:00:49

Will arm warmers make me faster?! Bought socks and gels too plus a copy of runners world with Mo on the front for inspiration :-)

KristinaM Thu 01-May-14 23:54:30

Ooh what kind of gels? Have you tried the Hi 5 ones that they are using at Edinburgh ? And how many do you plan to take and when ?

My Arms don't get cold but I'm happy for you wink

But I'm sure the mo mag will defo make you faster. I got my photo taken with the mo gold post box on Sunday < boast >

brainwashed Fri 02-May-14 09:35:02

Hi 5 gels are lovely :-) I will probably use a mix of gels and jelly babies starting from about 6 miles in.So prob 3 gels and as many jelly babies as necessary!!

KristinaM Fri 02-May-14 10:44:18

I liked the hi 5 citrus one, not too sweet.

One of running friends recommends torq but they are hard to get unless you want to buy 25. Which I don't in case I don't like them or they don't like me

brainwashed Fri 02-May-14 12:46:40

BTW it does look like it's just us now Kristina shock

KristinaM Fri 02-May-14 21:30:18

< tumbleweed>

Mitchy1nge Sat 03-May-14 20:26:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brainwashed Sat 03-May-14 20:28:20

Aww mitchy. There will be other marathons. My no hasn't come yet...

Mitchy1nge Sat 03-May-14 20:37:20

I know, am actually really happy that I got through week 1 of a marathon plan intact (so far!) and doing 4 miles has helped my confidence even if it is 4 minutes run 1 minute walk, am happy with that. My legs and lungs feel strong smile

how is the tapering going?

KristinaM Sat 03-May-14 22:05:57

Sorry Mitch, must be a bit of a slap in the face to get your number sad. Glad to hear the new injury prevention training programme is going well so far.

My number hasn't arrived yet either, brainwashed.

I'm just finishing my last proper week of training and start to taper tomorrow as I have a 10k next weekend. I'm already starting to get anxious about what looks like very little running next week. Goodness know how I'll be in 3 weeks . I think I will need to try to forget about running and distract myself with choosing plants for a new bed in the garden smile

Mitchy1nge Sat 03-May-14 22:38:59

(just realised it had my actual name printed above the number! thanks mnhq)

bet it will feel strange to rest after training so hard for so long

KristinaM Sun 04-May-14 08:55:18

Well spotted eagle eyes, I didn't notice

< must check prescription on glasses >

I see that the numbers for EMF will arrive before 19th may so I won't panic yet

My number is here for my 10k and i'm weirdly pleased to see that I am 400 ish out of more than 8,000. Sadly I won't be in 400th place but would like to be in the first 800.

brainwashed Sun 04-May-14 14:16:45

I didn't notice the name either! My last long run today did not go well..was supposed to be 20 but bailed at 17.4 and got DH to pick me up....mentally I just couldn't do it. Think my mind needs a taper as well as my legs! It is warm here today though...better not be on the 25th!....and I wondered if all the rape that is out was affecting my breathing.

KristinaM Mon 05-May-14 01:14:13

Oh dear! But at least you got DH to come for you and didn't press on and become exhausted or even injured. Very sensible .

Just as well you have done so many long runs, you can be confident that today was just a blip and you are in great shape for the marathon . One rubbish day doesn't wipe out all these months of training. < ignoring fact that running 17 miles in still a huge achievement >

My taper has now started as I've got a race next Sunday so I only did 18km today . Even then My legs are tired tonight. Its cool and slightly drizzly here and no rape seed and I'm already on hayfever tablets. maybe you need to see the doctor?

brainwashed Mon 05-May-14 13:45:45

One rubbish day doesn't wipe out all these months of training......might use that one as a mantra * Kristina* thanks!

KristinaM Tue 06-May-14 04:59:52

You're welcome grin

Although I'm sure that mantras aren't supposed to have the word rubbish in them wink

I'm on a course this week so I'm up now ( 5am) waiting for it to get light so I can go out a run . Are you impressed by my dedication? Sadly I have to confess it's mostly because these hotel rooms are so bloody hot !!

brainwashed Tue 06-May-14 08:55:42

Very impressed... I just can't run that early...legs don't work and it plays havoc with my guts!!

brainwashed Tue 06-May-14 21:13:59

My number came today grin

KristinaM Thu 08-May-14 23:09:07

Sorry have been out of internet access for a couple of days.

My number has arrived too and I was a bit shock to see that I am in the last group. However it turns out that there are two starting lanes and I'm in the last group of the first lane ie the middle of the pack, which sounds about right .

How are you finding the tapering? I feel like I've hardly run at all this week, even though it's actually still 40km. I had to add it up several times because I feel like I've done nothing. Today I ran 30 mins easy and my legs felt very old and stiff.

I'm now very anxious about the 10k this weekend.

brainwashed Fri 09-May-14 10:01:33

So far the taper has not been much different tbh. Usually I would have done 2 runs by now...which I have done...won't run today which I normally would and my weekend run will be considerably shorter..prob 11-12 this week,much shorter next weekend though! Just knowing I am tapering though has made me feel like a weight has been lifted and I feel mentally much better! Odd isn't it?
Good luck with the 10k Kristina ...do you have a time in mind?

KristinaM Fri 09-May-14 10:42:49

My taper isn't very gradual as it need to be quite sharp for this 10k, then up a bit them down a bit for the HM. Not ideal .

I thought I would love tapering ( rest , relax, as you say, no psychological pressure to get out there ) but so far I hate it shock sad

My PB for 10k is 49:25 so I'd like to go sub 50. But felt carp on yesterday's slow run and guts playing up a lot this week ( I have IBS so this happens sometimes )