New Thread and New Home for the JILLIAN MICHAELS DEVOTEES....

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Hi guys, hope everyone finds their way here and also hope that I manage to successfully link this to the old thread!

This thread is for anyone and everyone who loves is a fan of Jillian grin

Welcome all the old-timers and please come and join us new people, it will be great to see you!

Happy JM'ing all smile

notyummy Sun 15-Sep-13 12:24:15

Hello!! Thanks for the new thread threesteps! I had a sore back yesterday after upping my weights in Shred on Friday so no JM for me yesterday. But still sweating- v hard programme for 45 mins on cross trainer. Today did 20 min warm up on cross trainer and then Killer L3. Is it just me, or is L3 easier than L2? (Remind me of that if I can't move tomorrow!!)

Notyummy L2 Killer definitely harder than L3 I think. For a start, L3 has single leg mountain climbers, which I think are far easier than the single leg burpies in L2! The only nightmare for me in L3 are the rockstar/cannon balls, hate them! But I think cardio in L2 is harder...

L2 Killer for me too in a bit. It's the one I missed on Tuesday so going to do it today and then I haven't flunked at all this week grin

Hope you're not aching too much tomorrow!!

Jacksterbear Sun 15-Sep-13 17:14:36

Checking in! <waves hello>

L3 shred done today. Good killer action * 3steps* and * notyummy*. I still haven't plucked up the courage to do L3 of that!


notyummy Sun 15-Sep-13 17:38:16

I'm glad it's not just me then! To be fair, I am approaching each 'new' (ie a workout I haven't done since my back op) carefully, so didn't take up the weights option in either the jumping lunges or the lunges using the chair, so I could have made it harder. But I overall I didn't feel as sweaty as I did at the end of L2. None of the Killers make me that sweaty, but 2 produced more than 3!

Nothing tomorrow but will potentially try and fit something in on Tuesday morning. Am thinking quick walk and first 5 circuits of NMTZ.

Happypiglet Sun 15-Sep-13 20:01:29

Hi everyone and thanks for the new thread threesteps ....
Nothing for me today, day out with family at Hampton Court which was amazing!
Back on the treadmill tomorrow hopefully with Ripped L2.... It's so long since I have done it I cannot remember anything about it which may well be a good thing!
I must revisit Killer I have only ever attempted L1 and 2 but it sounds like L3 may be worth a try....
Hope everyone had a good weekend.

startwig1982 Sun 15-Sep-13 22:06:50

I'm on day 4 of shred and found it surprisingly pleasant today! I love the Ab bits as I get to lie down and don't find it as strenuous. grin

Can I join you? Halfway through 6 week 6 pack after com

... Bastard phone. After completing Shred.
Jillian is the boss.

Morning all!

Hi Trucks and Startwig, congrats on your Shred and 6W6P endeavours! Trucks my 6W6P DVD is gathering dust - I really should give it another go but it scares me! Have you both noticed improvements yet?

Happypiglet I will join you in L2 Ripped today - I seem to remember it's a real arm killer shock - I haven't done Ripped for ages either...

So this week will be:

Monday - L2 Ripped
Tuesday - day off
Wednesday - BFBM
Thursday - L3 Killer
Friday - L1 and L2 S&S

Hope everyone else is doing well, have a nice day everyone smile

gingercat12 Mon 16-Sep-13 13:59:35

Jackster Wow! Your abs are great!

threesteps Thanks for starting the new thread. flowers

Am still working through BR. Now on L7. Do I not like this?! It is working though. DS has done L6 on his own on Saturday evening, and he was very impressive. He stuck with it, and he was very sweet! He thinks Jillian is really naughty for putting her foot on people's abs while they are exercising grin

knottyhair Mon 16-Sep-13 14:23:00

Hi to Trucks & Startwig smile! Ginger, grin at your DS!
Had a day off yesterday as we went out for the day and I ate a bacon roll, jacket potato, bakewell slice, another bacon roll but did walk all day blush.
Did Killer L2 this morning, notyummy, you must be so much fitter than me, I was sweating like I don't know what afterwards! Plan for the rest of the week is:
Tues - 4 circuits of BFBM with weights
Wed - Ripped L1 (weights in cardio where poss)
Thurs - Killer L3
Fri - Shred L1 (weights in cardio)
day off Saturday
Sun - either L2 Yoga Meltdown or Bob's Ripped Core

Have a good one!

Happypiglet Mon 16-Sep-13 16:17:15

Hi all.. welcome new people...
Ripped L2- threesteps I had forgotten the 2 minutes CV in plank ('I mean who does that, me that's who') I hate that...I wimped out and did modified plank jacks...and then later on modified squat thrusts...wuss...must try harder tomorrow...
My plan is , well L2 Ripped all week really, 5 days on the trot and then a weekend collapsing off...

Jacksterbear Mon 16-Sep-13 16:34:00

Welcome Trucks and startwig! Are you new to exercise/new to Jillian? Trucks are you on L1 or 2 of 6w6p? L2 is one of my fave Jillians.

Happyp ha yes that plank circuit in Ripped L2 usually has me whimpering and begging for it to stop! But overall that level is probably my favourite of all Jillian workouts as it feels like a really good balance of cardio/strength, and works legs, abs and arms equally. Not to mention it has some of of the best Jillian lines in it grin.

Have actually just got my Ripped DVD back from a friend and reintroduced myself to L1 today (+ weights in cardio). Is it me or is that second strength circuit in L1 a bit... meh? I do try to get the form right but I suspect I can't feel it because I'm not really getting the moves quite right. Also... I find I get, ahem, underwear chaffage going on in the "fast feet" move blush.

gingercat, thanks smile, and good work on BR, sounds tough.

3steps and knotty you both have some impressive plans for the week! Hope you stick to them. My plan = ideally, to do all the levels of Ripped - hopefully L2 tomorrow, L3 on Thursday and L4 over the weekend.

notyummy Mon 16-Sep-13 16:47:39

knotty I def have raised pulse for th e last cardio bit of Killer 2- those kind of exploding jump things etc- cant remember what they are called?!

I'm about a fortnight into l1 6w6p so going to do another week or so before moving to l2.
I love abs and weights and hate cardio so bit scared of l2 which looks cardio- tastic...

notyummy Mon 16-Sep-13 20:27:46

L2 is indeed cardio tastic. One of the hardest cardio in any JM DVD IMHO.


Evening all!

Knotty your day off yesterday sounds brill grin Plans for this week looking good too!

Gingercat, good to see you!! Well done for sticking with BR, you must be super fit now? Your DS sounds so sweet - grin at him telling Jillian off!

Happypiglet well done on L2 Ripped. I did it this evening and it was pretty tough at times. My arms were done in by the end (serving biceps, yow) and also core too. That plank cardio thing, I really felt my tummy muscles working, which I don't feel that often in plank position.

Jackster grin at chaffage during the fast feet! Just seen your doing L2 tomorrow, start getting those arm muscles warmed up! I agree about that strength circuit in Level 1, doesn't seem too hard at all. I think I remember squeezing my butt at every opportunity to make something of it lol

Trucks stick with us and we'll spur you on through the cardiotastic L2!

Hope your back is holding up notyummy smile

Day off for me tomorrow and then back to it on Wednesday with BFBM. I'm slowly persuading myself to try both levels of 6W6P next week shock

See you all on Wednesday, happy JM'ing!

gingercat12 Tue 17-Sep-13 12:21:30

threesteps I wish I was super fit! I was so sleepy today, I dropped, the weights, cable, etc. several times. It is a miracle nothing got broken...
Do you mean you will try both levels of 6W6P the same day? [fainting]

knotty I always sweat. I'd like to think it is because I work so hard blush

Jackster Will have to listen to Ripped L2 next time I do it. I can't hear anything as I pant so loud...

Can I just say that I hate L8 BR, too. Jump training with weights, say no more.

Jacksterbear Tue 17-Sep-13 16:54:19

Oops, gingercat, glad you didn't injure yourself or break anything!

L2Ripped done. "You're not going to die from being uncomfortable". No, but it felt like I was during those squat thrusts! grin

notyummy Tue 17-Sep-13 17:40:16

L2 ripped is hard- particularly compared to L1 that is pretty easy. Did 3 mile walk followed by first circuits of NMTZ. Managed 5kg in circuit 2 and for dead lifts and static biceps curls. 3kg for everything else. Gradually upping the weights again.

Happypiglet Tue 17-Sep-13 19:29:35

See I like the second strength circuit in L1 Ripped 'and the isometric "squeeze" at the top' feels easy whilst doing it but my hamstrings and buttocks always ache the next day.
Well along with many of you today I did L2 Ripped again. Still wuzzed out on plank jacks and squat thrusts but used 2 kg in all strength rather than dropping to 1 for serving biceps and stork I mad to lurve the stork stance?
Any way I feel I needed to 'dig, dig , dig, go ,go ,go' tomorrow and at least attempt one set of proper CV plank moves!!! I find the last CV circuit easy...wish she would pair them up arms cannot do 2 mins in plank!
Well done everyone on a good days work...Great British Bake Off tonight pudding porn for those watching their weight!!!!

Ponks Tue 17-Sep-13 21:27:21

Hi all! Had a good weekend away but I'm sure holidays used to make me invigorated rather than more tired - I was shattered when I came home.

Back to Jillian (and the new thread - thanks threesteps) tonight with L1 S&S. Really like the first couple of circuits but feel like the last one needs jazzing up with a cardio move or two. Quite wish the DVD was like NMTZ and you could pick and choose circuits from the 2 workouts.

Having read the thread there is a lot of NMTZ going on - think that is going to be my Wednesday workout.

Hello trucks yes 6w6p L2 is tough and cardio-tastic indeed! But it is great and really gets results. I haven't done it for a few weeks as I've done more L1 but I really must get the nerve to have another go round to L2 again.

riverboat Tue 17-Sep-13 22:11:59

Thanks for the advice people gave me about my knee pains caused by RI30 Week 3. I've since cut out the duck-walks (switched to plié-jump things from Shred) and paid extra attention to form generally, especially in terms of not putting knees over toes. It seems to be working!

Happypiglet - the entire cardio circuit in plank position in L2 Ripped killed me at first as well! I can just about manage it now, but I worry that I let my lower back cave in a bit. I need a mirrored wall so I can properly work on form...

Anyone got any advice on what Jillian DVD I should get next? Currently have Yoga Meltdown (a bit of a curveball that one), Shred and Ripped in 30...what's the next logical step?

Riverboat sounds like a good plan - some exercises just don't work for us personally. I have to be careful about some of the abs stuff because of my lower back and do switch some of her abs stuff with others I know I'm okay with.

Well - what other JM DVDs? - how long have you got lol
I think it depends on what you fancy...

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (BFBM on here) is a fantastic 40 min cardio workout - you will feel nicely roasted and basted by the end grin

No More Trouble Zones (NMTZ) is all strength, no cardio - I hate it as it kills me - I tend to welcome cardio as a respite from strength!

If you want to target thighs and bum, her Killer Buns & Thighs DVD is fab - don't be deceived, you will build up a fair sweat on Levels 2 and 3 especially...

Oh and Extreme Shed and Shred (S&S) is also great - not such a hard one, but enjoyable and good for toning. The aim is to work up to doing the 2 levels back to back - so 60 mins.

I'm intentionally not saying much about 6 Week 6 Pack as that is my hardest and I haven't done it for ages!

How do you find Yoga Meltdown - I haven't got it yet, but I'm tempted...

Ponks welcome back! I think holidays can be weirdly exhausting. I'm off to Cornwall in a few weeks (a journey of 2 whole counties lol) and I know it will knacker me but I'll love it...

Well done all the L2 Rippers. And well done on Gingercat with the BR - how much longer do you have to go?

Rest day for me - 3 hours in the dentist chair having reconstruction work done. Stupid twit that I was - had a coffee and more than a pint of water before I went (tend to glug it down in the day) and my bladder nearly had me in tears by the end...had no idea I'd be there for so long ! When I came out the loo afterwards, the receptionist grinned and said "aw, you couldn't manage to tear yourself away from the mirror could you..." Erm, no, I actually couldn't get off the loo - like the eternal font... blush

Planning BFBM tomorrow - hope I'm feeling up to it...

Sorry for yet another long post...must learn the art of paraphrasing!

Will check in tomorrow smile

Big fat fail today as when I was gearing up to exercise, I was called to say a delivery I was waiting for would be coming at some time today.

Nothing, nada so exercise day wasted, grrr!

Never mind - I think I'll just chalk this week up to an erratic one, and I'm off next Friday on hols for a few days, so I think I'll just fit in what I can, when I can!

Hope everyone is doing okay smile

Happypiglet Wed 18-Sep-13 22:13:04

Ah threesteps never mind...I had delivery malfunction oday too....rearranged parcel delivery from dhl turned up in the only 20 mins I was out of the house today....
Ripped L2 again and did proper plank jacks hooray
Where are you off to on hols?

I'm sure they wait on the corner and come when they see you go out happypiglet!
This delivery was from somewhere local, and I wanted to see if they would buy something of mine (chest of drawers) so I really didn't want to exercise and drip sweat everywhere whilst trying to sell my wares lol

Hopefully I'll get something in today. Off to Cornwall at end of next week for a few days, can't wait, love it there! Cottage has no heating though shock, altho does have a fire in the sitting room!

Brilliant stuff on taming the plank jacks! Are you working up a level a week?

rubbishfamily333 Thu 19-Sep-13 10:27:16

Hey everyone Ive just restarted shred, I'm just wondering what is eveyone favourite jillian DVD? As I'm thinking about trying others. Are there any other DVDs that are only 20mins?

I particularly want to burn fat off my belly and hips. But I don't want to be ripped or have abs (not that I ever have had)

From doing the shred I'm starting to get a little two pack under my boobs shock

Happypiglet Thu 19-Sep-13 14:37:55

threesteps I am indeed doing a level a week. Dreading next week of L3s..... grin
Hi rubbish that's not a name I like typing!
Ripped is short workouts like Shred, a bit longer maybe but still doable in 30 mins including warm up cool down.
I like Killer buns and thighs which targets thighs and hips. They are about 40 minutes long.
6 weeks to a six pack is for abs but I have never done it as that's not my problem area others love it though and will probably along to tell you all about it soon!
No More Trouble Zones (NMTZ) is strength based and made up of 7 circuits to do it all takes about N hour but you can pick and choose circuits.
Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism (BFBM) is the same but for CV. I personally hate it as I find it really really hard which probably means I should do it more!
Hope that helps

riverboat Thu 19-Sep-13 20:05:39

threesteps - thanks for the advice! It looks like whichever DVD I go for next, it's going to be a bit longer than Shred and Ripped in 30 (RI30 being 30 minutes from start of warm up to end of cool down). Ah well...

You asked about Yoga Meltdown - this is actually how I 'found' Jillian Michaels, as I was randomly inspired to find a yoga video on Youtube to follow one morning, and YML1 was the first one that came up.

I really like it: it definitely doesn't burn as many calories as her other workouts, or push your heartrate up as much, but it's still challenging and feels much calmer and less stressful. It's all about body weight training, lots of core strength plus thighs, arms and (in L2) abs. The general idea is that she takes a yoga pose and cardio-s it up a bit to have you moving in and out of the pose, then you end up holding the pose for 15 seconds at the end (which can be really tough). Lots of balance work as well, especially in Level 2.

rubbish - I don't think RI30 is really going to turn you into a ripped bodybuilder type. I started with Shred and then progressed to RI30, and it's very similar in terms of the structure and type of exercises. It's just harder (at least from Level 2 onwards).

Hello all! I didn't do any exercise yesterday other than walking in park for 2.5 hours with Ds and climbing stairs (his hobby)- wanted to work out in morning but car electrics died in supermarket car park so had to get rescued.

Squeezed in l3 shred today as pushed for time and about to do yoga meltdown now DS in bed as I am a bit bored of 6w6p after nearly 3 weeks.

Then early night (am 6 hrs behind UK)

Happypiglet Fri 20-Sep-13 09:42:38

Oo where are you Trucks? Some days things just conspire against exercise don't they!
I have given myself an impromptu day off as I have hurt my foot... it started to go during plank jacks yesterday and isn't right... hard to really modify a whole work out not using one foot!!
So 4 times this week for me.
Stepping up to L3 next week... not looking forward to it...I have vague recollections of jumping lunges and jump squats... I am hoping I am wrong but fear I am not... grin

Morning all and welcome rubbish smile

Trucks and Happypiglet sorry you've been thwarted, just happens sometimes eh, but frustrating if you're on a roll! Happy hope your foot is better soon and Trucks well done for squeezing in a Shred!

Riverboat thanks so much for the Yoga feedback - it sounds like something I'd find a real challenge (in a good way!) - the core / strength / balance combo so I reckon I will be getting click-happy on Amazon in the near future! Thanks smile

My week has gone awry too... Delivery finally happened yesterday late afternoon and they bought my chest of drawers, yay! I still had time for a workout so I did L1 Killer after they left.

I'm scrapping my original plans for the week and will be doing BFBM today and L1&L2 S&S over the weekend.

Have a lovely day everyone!

notyummy Fri 20-Sep-13 10:50:58

Hi all. Sorry to hear about the foot injury.

I did 45 mins on the cross trainer on Wednesday and managed to fit in a L2 shred yesterday. Does anyone else find those squat and rows really hard?! I am trying to do them with 3kg and it does kill my arms!

Did a 5 mile power walk today and did L1 Shed and Shred for the first time since the op. I used weights when Jillian gave you the option, but I did find it pretty easy. But I suppose I only did one level- and it is L1! There are 2/3 moves that were quite challenging- the one armed down dogs, dragon stance and side plank things. I used 3kg for the cardio initially but couldn't move fast enough so dropped down to 2. Will try L2 with a 30 minute session on the cross trainer next week I think. Will also need to see if any if the moves in L1 tweaked my back- I haven't been doing any of those yoga moves so will have to see.

Nothing tomorrow as staying at friends (fully intend to have plenty of wine tonight and use Saturday to recover smile.

Ponks Fri 20-Sep-13 21:48:26

Another one whose week has gone awry (again) as I have joined the "injured back" brigade sad - no idea what I have done, didn't feel anything hurt while exercising, but for the last couple of days my lower back has been sore. We are off camping this weekend shock so I am trying a few days off and if no better then will book a physio apt I think. Mind you last time I saw a physio for my back I was in agony the next day - definitely was a case of getting worse before I got better.

Am envy of all those who are working out this week.

rubbish 6w6p is good all over workout not just for abs! But I have found Killer buns to be great for the thighs & hips. It is a bit longer though. If you are looking for a shorter workout why not get NMTZ and just do say 4 circuits? I do that sometimes and it is still a good workout.

rubbishfamily333 Sat 21-Sep-13 08:35:46

Thank you all for the advice on other jillian DVDs grin

With the shred are you meant to do it every day? I've dine four days this week and my body is killing. I love the achey feeling of knowing I've done exercise, but my back feels stiff and not in a good way. I'm thinking about having the weekend off abd starting again on Monday. But I'm not sure I will get quick results doing four days per week hmm

I am also thinking about trying slimming world soon!

Ponks Sat 21-Sep-13 09:28:44

I find it useful to have a day or so off each week - or at least do a different type of exercise - so that the muscles get a chance to recover, rather than doing the same exercise every day. I found that Shred gave me quick results even without doing it every day. I've also got a sore back and am plastered in heat pads ready for going camping tonight! smile

Morning all...

Ponks and rubbish SO sorry to hear about your backs sad Ponks I really hope it doesn't scupper your camping trip. When you get back, if it's still bad, I will pay back the good turn you did me by persuading me to see a chiro and will make sure you book that appointment...
Hope you have a good trip smile

Rubbish, hello! You will defo see results doing 4 times a week. I agree with Ponks, and some of JM's later DVDs, she says you should take at least one day off a week - I don't think she said that in Shred did she? I remember 'see you tomorrow'. If anything feels stiff in a non-good way, definitely have a little break and see how you feel.

Notyummy hope you enjoyed your days off!

My week went totally not as planned, and instead of BFBM yesterday I did L3 Ripped - phew! My quads ache today! And arms after the last circuit!

Will try and fit something in today and tomorrow but now sure what yet, will see how I go and how I feel later...

Have a great weekend everyone smile

knottyhair Sun 22-Sep-13 06:31:06

Busy thread! Sorry to hear about all the injuries/back pain - it's so frustrating!
Rubbish, it's definitely a good idea to take a day off a week as a rough guide, or to do some other form of exercise on that day.
My week sort of went to plan, although I had to take an extra day off just due to the amount of crap that needed doing! DP is out of action following the snip on Thursday so I'm having to do everything which I'm not used to! Managed Killer L2 on Mon, 4 circuits of BFBM with weights on Tues, Ripped L1 on Weds, day off Thurs, Shred L1 (weights in cardio) on Friday. Day off yesterday but walked round London all day with DS and had Borough Market bacon roll and Shake Shack burger & fries.
However, I've now woken up with what feels like the beginning of DP/DD's cold. Feel sort of OK to exercise though - that's a good idea right? If so, I'll be doing Killer L3 today. Plan for rest of week (cold permitting) is:
Mon - Ripped L2
Tues - Shred L2
Wed - Ripped L3
Thurs - Shred L3
Fri - Ripped L4

There, it's in black & white - make it so smile.

Good luck for next week Knotty... you sound like you've had a busy time of lately...
I think the wisdom about a cold is if it's above the neck, okay to exercise, if below, you should rest?
I love Borough Market too! I spent many a happy afternoon eating too much there grin

I did BFBM yesterday, so pleased! Really feeling it today, I think on the back of L3 Ripped. My plan was, if I have time, to do L1&2 S&S today as I want to fit in as much as poss before I head off on my mini-hols on Friday!

Enjoy the day, looks like it's warming up here smile


Blue blue skies here, lovely smile

Very pleased with my weekend - one BFBM and one L1&2 S&S under my belt!

I have 4 days until I go away for a few days, so my plan for them will be:

today - L2 Killer
tuesday - BFBM
wednesday - L3 Killer
thursday - a double something - would L2 and L3 Killer be completely insane?!?

A really useful tip for doing a double of anything, if you're not feeling so motivated, is to say well I'll just do 1 circuit of the second thing, then 2 circuits and by that time you'll be far enough through to go to the end!

Have a great day all - am sending my job back and playing truant on my deckchair in the garden in a mo smile

notyummy Mon 23-Sep-13 18:00:30

Double Killer- ooh er!

Managed 40mins on cross trainer yesterday and NmtZ today, with a bit more 5kg weights action than last week.

Happypiglet Mon 23-Sep-13 22:42:47

Wow mega week planned threesteps I have never done a double of anything...and probably never will its the time element for me!
Well L3 Ripped today... Tough but I did well only modifying the jumping lunges cos they are the devil's work
Feeling it already. Another four of them planned this week then as always the weekend off.
The sun was a no show here today been cloudy and miserable all day...
Happy exercising everyone.

gingercat12 Tue 24-Sep-13 12:29:28

Go threesteps! [hiding behind the sofa]

grin gingercat - my plans for the week went off course again so you can come out from behind the sofa!!

Happypiglet I really felt that L3 Ripped the next day, I've forgotten what L4 is like - is it worse than L3?!

Notyummy - 5 kg (thunk) - and this is you in rehabilitation mode grin

As mentioned plans went skew again this week, but managed L2 Killer yesterday and after having a read through the 6W6P thread and taking inspiration <waves at amazing 6W6P laydeez> I did L1 6W6P today. I really enjoyed it, which was a total shock as all my memories of it were awful - perhaps I'm thinking of L2 most of all though...

I plan to take 6W6P back up after my hols and hopefully manage to get through L2 at some point. I'm loving the mixing it up at the mo smile

So 1 more day before I go away and it will either be BFBM or a double something. Not going to decide until tomorrow!

Hope everyone is doing great smile

riverboat Wed 25-Sep-13 21:13:56

Wow three steps, you are a Jillian machine!

I moved on to L4 Ripped this evening and OH MY GOD. It is definitely as hard as L3, maybe harder. Not so tough on the arms, but core work and cardio and BURPIES!

Now I had heard burpies mentioned on this thread before as a thing of horror. So I was sadistically looking forward to seeing what they were like.

First one or two, I was all 'what's all the fuss about?! They're fine!'

Last few: OK, getting a bit hard on the old legs now

Time for set two: legs no longer want to co operate at all. Try to drag myself through them at half speed.

End of set two: DEATH BY BURPIES, aaaaargh!

Happypiglet Wed 25-Sep-13 22:06:50

Arf arf riverboat I hate Burpees I always modify.. blush
Well I could not face another day of L3 ripped (jumping lunges in particular) so I had a break and did Killer L1 which I love....
It starts off so easy and then picks up....what is it with those one legged static chair squats....impossible.
I guess I need to go back and finish L3 Ripped tomorrow... And Friday... Then I can have the weekend off...
Let us know what you do tomorrow threesteps although neither of your options appeal to me...I hate BFBM because I find cardio so difficult... I have always struggled with being short winded as my mum says...and no amount of exercise seems to help. plus it's soooo long.... I think I have a 30minute limit to my exercise concentration that's why I love JM generally.

startwig1982 Wed 25-Sep-13 22:28:49

Have done day 2 of level 2 shred today and although it was better than yesterday, I still had sweat pouring down my face!

Ponks Wed 25-Sep-13 23:09:38

Hello all!

I have been avoiding this thread as I haven't done any proper exercise for the last week. Mainly due to my sore back / camping trip (reminder to self: remember to pack the air bed particularly when you know you have a sore back and will otherwise be sleeping on a 1" thick mattress) / working late / etc. I have done quite a bit of walking though as moving around does help my back.

The back pain is particularly annoying as it eases off gradually during the day then I wake up again in the night with my back in spasm. No idea what is happening here. I have been plastering my back with heat pads to ease the muscles (now have various red weals on my back too as a result). If still bad at the weekend then definitely physio time.

In the meantime I am working out vicariously via you lot.

threesteps oh please do the double of Killer L2 and Killer L3 - that is so insane! If you get through it you will feel fab! Glad you have dipped back into 6w6p - it really is a good allover workout.

riverboat I am with you on the burpees. They are often one of the first exercises on the DVD too! but I prefer them to jumping lunges.

Hello oh dear ponks sorry about bad back.
I'm on day 2 level 2 6w6p and am quite enjoying it: no exercises I hate and hooray no burpees with jumps!
Core aches after 2 days of it and I don't normally ache so now think it is doing something - when I first did it felt shirt changed as so little mat work. But Jillian knows her shit smile

Short changed damn you phone

knottyhair Thu 26-Sep-13 05:31:46

Hi all - another burpee hater here!
This week's plans all went awry when my bad throat turned into a sinusy "head in a vice" type feeling then a cough. But feeling much better so back on the Jillian horse today. Plan is now:

Today - Ripped L2
Friday - Shred L2
Sat/Sun - 2 of either Bob's Ripped Core, Killer L3 or Yoga Meltdown L2
Mon - Ripped L3
Tues - Shred L3
Wed - Ripped L4

That's as far as I've got! Am managing to do the warm-ups with 9 month old Rosa sitting watching (she is spellbound by Jillian, well, she's only human) although she does like to undo my laces if I stay still long enough. Ponks, hope you feel better soon.

notyummy Thu 26-Sep-13 09:22:05

Loving the thought of threesteps daughter acting as an incentive to move though the threat of shoe lace fiddling.

Sorry to hear about your back Ponks. Unfortunately I can v much empathise.

Power walk followed by L3 Shred here. Impressed by all these double plans! I find L2 6W6P hard. Think it's the double time thing the second time round and those jump things on the ground get me every time.

<falls onto thread in a big sweaty heap, looks around in panic for a daughter I hadn't noticed before grin>

I did it!!! I did L3 followed by L2, I didn't bother with the L2 warm-up. L3 defo easier than L2. I used my 3 kg weights where they did but didn't pimp it up any more lol

I did wonder whether I could do it, but used my 'just one circuit' tactic and was well into L2 before I knew it smile

I am now officially part of the I Hate Burpees gang! And the I Hate Jumping Lunges gang...

Well done on Ripped Happypiglet and Riverboat - ah, L4 is coming back to me - jumping lunges and scissor hops? I'll look forward to that when I get back home again grin

<waves to everyone else> Sorry not to name check everyone as it's so busy on here, but great it's so busy on here, and with such a variety of JM'ing - she would be very proud!

Ponks you poor bugger re your back sad Could it be a trapped nerve? Hope it eases for you soon or the physio manages to sort you out. I had mine adjusted yesterday and go every month now. My pelvis was twisted for so long I need to go monthly to stop it twisting back again.

I'm off now for my few days off, back next week and most likely back to JM on Friday, looking to burn off the obscene amounts of cream teas I'll no doubt be eating!

Have a great week everyone and happy exercising smile

notyummy Thu 26-Sep-13 14:52:58

Is that Killer you doubled up threesteps? If so I agree that l2 harder than L3. Well done!! Removing the second warm up is a good way of making the time issue more manageable. I always do that, and when doing BFBM I don't bother with warm up as circuit one v easy so acts as warm up.

Happypiglet Thu 26-Sep-13 18:57:55

Majorly impressed by any double!
Ripped L3 again today... sort of hating it now... one more day to go.... I find circuit 1 really hard and circuit 2 well all of it actually I think the strength in it is much more CV based so by the time I get to the CV I am already out of breath...(in what planet are rock and rolls strength!)
Anyway one more day and then the weekend off!
Wondering whether to try 6W6P- my abs are my best feature so it never appealed before but maybe I should try it... after a week of Ripped and Killer my legs are on their knees (IYSWIM!)

notyummy Fri 27-Sep-13 14:48:59

5 mile power walk followed by L2 S and S. Def harder than L1! I have done it before but was ages ago. Used 5kg weights for circuits 3 and 4 but didn't use weights when it was only offered for the 'hardest' option. I wanted to see how it felt on my back first. I suspect it may be a bit sore as there is a lot of core and jumping. I couldn't do the high knees/up down thing (burpees by another name) as my back won't let me get down and up again quick enough!

Plan is to do longer cross trainer session and Callanetics tomorrow, followed by maybe NMTZ or BFBM on Sunday.

Day off and then back down to l1 6w6p thurs/Fri because of back muscle soreness but back on l2 today. Really love this workout and it works!

Jacksterbear Sun 29-Sep-13 11:44:17

<scrapes jaw off floor at threesteps's Killer double> Wow, just wow!

Trucks, 6w6p is great isn't it? Happyp, you should definitely try it (although if you're looking for something easier on the legs, L2 6w6p definitely isn't!).

notyummy I found there was a huge leap up from L1 ES&S to L2, and it really threw me. I found the high knees/up-down/burpee things impossible to keep up with. I hope your back is holding up ok; and Ponks hope your back is ok too.

startwig how are you getting on with L2 Shred?

Have not exercised as much as I wanted due to some major stresses involving DS and school (which I won't go into on this thread, but have many other threads about elsewhere on the boards!). But have been trying to do as much as I can. I did L4 Ripped on Thursday, expecting it (from memory, after not doing it for a few months) to be much easier than L3 - but OMG it was HARD! riverboat I agree it's much easier on the arms than L3 (= tricep- and quad-burn-tastic!) but hard cardio-wise.

notyummy Sun 29-Sep-13 15:15:52

Have stuck to exercise plan so far! Cross trainer and Callanetics yesterday. BFBM today, which I really enjoyed- I think it's because I don't do it very often at all so it's not boring. Also I don't find it that hard so pain threshold not as bad as some other things! Circuit 6 quite tough, and I feel the burn in my abs on the core circuit a bit, but that's all really.

Have dug out my Bob Harper Pure Strength DVD, which I haven't been near since waaaay before the back op. Mainly because it is an hour of pain! I thought I would try his 25 min introductory workout tomorrow, which I have never done before- always went straight for the hard one. If its just too easy then I will carry on and do 10/15 mins of the next one too. Has to fit into the time that DD is at Brownies though!

Ponks Mon 30-Sep-13 20:23:26

Am back in the game albeit with a simple Shred L1 tonight. (DH joined in and did suggest doing L2 straight after! - but I wimped out as it was my first foray back into JM for a week or so) My back seems ok now - just a little stiff this morning. Anyone know if stress can cause back pain - just a thought as there were a couple of things stressing me when the back pain started.

threesteps have a great holiday and am shock and in awe at the Killer double! I have yet to do L3 but must go for it one of these days.

trucks agree with you about 6w6p L2 working - I feel fab when I've done that for a few days.

Happypiglet Mon 30-Sep-13 22:33:37

Ripped L4 today.....ouch. Survived it. Find strength easier than L3 but CV harder...
I think after this weeks L4s I will attempt all of Killer. I do L1 a fair bit but aven't done L2 for ages and have never tried L3.
And then I think I must purchase 6w6p as you all rave about it so!
Hope the back holds up Ponks.

knottyhair Wed 02-Oct-13 05:40:17

Right! After plans going to pot AGAIN last week, I've been back in the game for a few days. Did Killer L3 on Sunday, Ripped L2 on Monday and Shred L2 yesterday. Today will be Ripped L3, tomorrow Shred L3 and Friday Ripped L4. Saturday either YM L2 or Bob's Ripped Core - poss day off Sunday. Keep up the good work everyone!

Happypiglet Wed 02-Oct-13 18:52:28

Wow mega week knottyhair
L4 again interrupted by a friend's phone call half way through Circuit 2 so found the second half a tad easier than usual!
Only 2 more days of this thank goodness the first strength circuit with static squats with presses is just awful as are burpees followed by scissor kicks...
Killer 1 next week will be a rest in comparison. I don't find L4 Ripped does much for my legs although my shoulders and arms are certainly feeling it.
Hope everyone else's week is going to plan..

wasabipeanut Thu 03-Oct-13 13:36:13

I'm just popping in to say hello and ask you JM devotees a question!

I have just started 30 day shred - did L1D3 this morning and am feeling good (well, now I can feel my legs again).

Assuming I stick with it (and I will) what do you do afterwards? I have a small window for exercise and like to do it first thing so i csn do it in peace then shower and get on with the day. I have 3 DC's so time is limited!

I'd be really grateful for ideas for the next step!


notyummy Thu 03-Oct-13 14:20:43

wasabi- I would say Ripped in 30 and/or 6W6P. Both 25 mins a time.

Did a 5 mile power walk and then Shed and Shred L2, this time with a 5kg weight. Quite hard! Did a bit of Bob Harper's Pure Strength on Tuesday but not all. Did L1, which is only 20 mins and fairly easy so I then did the first 15 mins of the hard workout (and it IS hard!) The whole thing is 66 minutes, so I intend to so the rest (ie about 50 mins) tomorrow and see how I do with my back.

Happypiglet Thu 03-Oct-13 14:42:32

wasabi I second Ripped- same format as Shred...slightly longer work outs. Don't let level 1 fool you- it is hard from there on in...
Impromptu day off today as DD off school with sickness bug.. oh well not too down hearted!
Will do L4 again tomorrow and that will be 4 times this week which is not too shabby.
I have just ordered 6W6P and ES&S from Amazon and hope they come before Monday.... if not I shall do a week of Killer progressing through the levels.

wasabipeanut Thu 03-Oct-13 15:56:52

Excellent - plenty to look forward to then. <nervous laugh>

Thanks for advice smile

knottyhair Fri 04-Oct-13 05:25:19

Wasabi, I second the advice already given, but also Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones - these are both longer (about 40 mins in total) but are split into 7 x 6 min circuits, so I often do just a few circuits (I think 4 takes about half an hour). BFBM is more cardio, no weights but I add weights if I'm only doing a few, and NMTZ is all strength.
Well, my plan changed slightly in that Wed morning my back was a bit sore so I thought I'd try L2 Yoga Meltdown instead - I really liked it, but it's only about 25 mins. I think in future I'd like to do both levels together (but just one warm up and one cool down). Found some of the poses "challenging" (couldn't even get off the floor for the wheel, had to do the beginners bridge!). Basically she "reps" out a pose, moving in and out a few times quite fast, then you hold it for 15 seconds. Yesterday I did Ripped L3, and today it'll be Shred L3. Happy hope your DVDs arrive, and that your DD is feeling better. Notyummy, think I may need to order another Bob!

notyummy Fri 04-Oct-13 11:33:31

Ooof. Been a few months since I have done that Bob Harper Pure Strength DVD and I had forgotten the pain! I was already a bit achy from doing L2 S and S yesterday with 5kg, so my arms and shoulders were feeling Bobs moves from the very beginning! Suspect I may be a bit sore tomorrow. Hope back is ok. The thing that seems to aggravate my back the most is fast core work where you may lose form- like burpees etc. The Bob stuff is mostly more measured muscle burning pain rather than burpees. We'll see....

Hello everyone <waves frantically>

Everyone's been really busy on here, yay!

I had a lovely hols but it was far far too short. Dragged myself back to normality beginning with a L1 6W6P yesterday. Notyummy speaking of backs, have you done 6W6P since your op? I found my lower back quite stiff the next day both times I've done it recently and was wondering if it was one of her DVDs that you are avoiding for the moment?

Will do S&S this evening I think and then will work out a plan for the weekend and following week.

Everyone looks like they're doing so well at the moment, keep going JMers grin

Ponks Fri 04-Oct-13 19:08:14

Wooh! Just done Killer L3 for the first time ever <proud>. Had put it off for so long thinking that I had to be at some fitness nirvana peak to even try it grin but in fact I coped ok (though I admit to following Anita at times). Squat jacks were a bit of a shock!
My plan now is to do Ripped L3 and L4, never done these either as again thought you had to be soo fit to attempt them.

wasabi you're getting hooked then! I admire you for working out in the morning. I never have that sort of energy in the morning!

notyummy Fri 04-Oct-13 20:32:14

Ponks- did you find it easy than L2 because a few of us have! Strange but true.

Ponks Sat 05-Oct-13 10:42:23

Yes definitely easier overall than L2, which I know others have said but I didn't believe them! There were a couple of moves I found difficult (e.g. the little bunny hop things on all fours) and I didn't do the jumping lunges but it seemed shorter & more do-able than L2.

notyummy Sat 05-Oct-13 11:02:19

threesteps- I haven't done 6W6P since the op for exactly the reasons you say! From memory I suspect I could do most of L1 ok, but L2 is fast and a lot of fast twisting and stuff on the floor (those mogul things etc) and I suspect it really would do me no favours. I am leaving it for now as I have plenty of others to do instead- pretty much all the others bar Ripped, which is off limits. (Although I don't own yoga meltdown or Body Revolution- but have everything some Bob!)

Talking of Bob, as suspected I am quite achy this morning! But back no worse than thighs or arms, so not too bad. Cross trainer for me today.

knottyhair Sat 05-Oct-13 14:30:57

Threesteps, glad you had a good holiday. Ponks well done on Killer L3, I'm sure you'll "enjoy" Ripped 3 & 4! Right, notyummy, I blame you, I've just ordered Bob's Pure Strength. I did his Ripped Core (that sounded better in my head) this morning, all the way through for the first time and it was tough! I really struggled with the plank twist things where he gets you to then drop your hip and extend your leg! I did enjoy it though. My plan so far is for a day off tomorrow as we're out, Ripped L4 on Monday, 3 circuits of NMTZ with cardio bits inbetween on Tuesday, day off Weds as I'm out again, 4 circuits of BFBM with weights on Thursday, and ES&S L1 on Friday. Keep it up everyone!

Have fun on the cross trainer today notyummy smile
Thanks for your thoughts on 6W6P. In fact I have a feeling that apart from the speed, it was one of the reasons I left it to gather dust. I think I'll stick with L1 for the time being, if at all, and not attempt L2 until the chiro tells me he doesn't want to see me again grin
Brilliant news that your back is okay after some bob-ing and that all the aches are good ones...

Ponks, way hay, go you!! It's such a buzz when you get through something you've been dreading. I agree L2 is the real Killer but perhaps L3 is more toning, possibly? It's still a tough workout though... I can't do the bunny hops all limbs off the ground, I just hop the back legs - I mean, is she crazy?!? I do like the fact that the last circuit of L3 is on the mat!

I did L1 S&S yesterday and have some time late afternoon today to do something. Think I may go for BFBM today and then Killer tomorrow. And on Monday I'll make a plan for the week...

Hope everyone is doing well and having a good weekend smile
Threesteps x

Am being stubborn with myself and not doing the things I thought I'd do this weekend! So I did L2 Ripped yesterday and will do another level of Ripped today, possibly L3 <wibble>

Tomorrow I'll come here and put down my plan for the week and I won't renege on it!

Hope everyone's having a good Sunday - I was back in my faithful flip flops today grin

See you all tomorrow smile

Oops meant to say hi to you Knotty!

Your plans for next week sound good - the key is not letting exercise slip when life gets busy isn't it? I'm often guilty of that sadly...

Ponks Sun 06-Oct-13 23:03:03

knotty those Bob plank twists sound interesting (and tough). Liking your plan for the week. Agree with you threesteps - sometimes life gets in the way of plans - but I'm finding this thread is good at giving me the nudge to get back on track.

Did Ripped L3 for the first time today - first circuit was painful! - duck walks and squat jacks etc. One that will take a bit of getting used to I think. Rock and Roll squats are amusing. I tried to flip up at the end like Buffy the vampire slayer but was generally just pleased when I managed to end up on my feet rather than my bum. grin

notyummy Mon 07-Oct-13 11:16:22

Those of you who have done L1 and 2 Shed and Shred, approximately how long does it take? Am thinking of trying but need to manage time!

Well done Ponks! I have to try really hard to stay upright doing the duck walks, have fallen backwards quite a few times!

Notyummy I'm pretty sure both S&S levels together is an hour - I'm not sure if that includes the warm-up and cool-down though, that might tip it over an hour - but you could skip the ridiculously long american motivational speech in the cool down grin

I ended up doing L4 Ripped yesterday - blimey the second cardio (burpees and scissor hops) is hard!

This week my plan is:
Mon: L2 S&S
Tues: L2 Killer
Weds: might have to take the day off, not sure yet
Thurs: Killer L3
Friday: 2 levels of Ripped - possibly 2 and 4

Have a good day everyone smile

knottyhair Mon 07-Oct-13 12:29:04

Notyummy, double S&S is 70 mins including warm up but I don't think it includes the cool down.
Did Ripped L4 today as well threesteps - DP came in to ask me a question in the midst of the burpee/scissor hop bit and I had to sign back to him grin.

Happypiglet Mon 07-Oct-13 13:27:54

Hi all
DVDs not arrived so did L1 Killer- its fine except for those beeping awful single leg static chair squats OMG soooo hard
Ah yes threesteps I have just come off a week of L4 Ripped and that second CV bit is really hard
My plan is
Mon Killer L1 (done!!)
Tues- Killer L1
Weds Killer L2
Thurs Killer L2 and
Friday if I am brave enough Killer L3
Next week will have a go at S&S if DVDs arrived don't think I will be doubling up anytime soon tho!
Ponks even after a week of L3 Ripped I still modified those rock and roll squat things... they are tough... esp as I am panting like a race horse after them and they are strength and then you have to launch into 2 mins of CV!!

notyummy Mon 07-Oct-13 13:46:09

happy- L3 Killer is ok- def no harder than L2.

Just came on to say the same thing notyummy!
Happypiglet if you can do L2 Killer, you can do L3! People even find it easier smile <shakes pompoms>

Ponks Mon 07-Oct-13 19:37:09

knotty am laughing at your signing back to your DP during the cardio - mine tends to shout out encouraging things to me "Go Ponks" "Don't phone it in" etc and if I had the energy he would find a few cushions being thrown at him sometimes!
(Though have to say he is genuinely being encouraging and has helped me lots of times. When not filming me attempting rockstar jumps and threatening to post it on facebook.)

Day off for me today. Haven't decided whether to go Killer or Ripped tomorrow.
piglet honestly Killer L3 is easier than L2!

I don't even think I'd manage to sign during that particular cardio so hats off to you Knotty lol

I bloomin' love this thread! Your post about S&S sowed the seed in my head notyummy and I ended up doing the double today, yay! Knotty is right - it's just over an hour, longer if you add in the cool down.

Ponks, riding on the success of Killer 3, go for some Ripped you haven't done, go awn go awn go awn grin

Will check in tomorrow, hope everyone's doing well smile

or should that be go wan go wan go wan hmm

Rainbowstars Mon 07-Oct-13 21:37:21

Hi so glad to have found where the JM devotees hang out!
I've been doing her workouts for a couple of years interchanging them with my Tae bo DVDs.
In my stash -
Ripped in 30, No More Trouble Zones, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, killer buns and thighs, Yogameltdown and 6 week six pack. Notably missing is 30 Day shred which was my first purchase but my sister in law asked to use it for sometime.

I'm really trying to up my workouts and be consistent to get results as I've slacked for a couple of months and not done much exercise resulting in weight gain sad
So last week I started working out again. It's really encouraging to see a thriving thread and i would love to join in - hoping this would keep me motivated!

notyummy Tue 08-Oct-13 11:11:23

Welcome Rainbows!

I managed BFBM last night. I quite enjoy it. I really only feel the burn cardio wise in circuit 6, but the core circuit def engages the abs! Cross trainer session tonight and then I think NMTZ on Wed plus a power walk.

gingercat12 Tue 08-Oct-13 13:51:32

Sorry for lurking, but finding BR quite tough at the minute. On workout 9 and 10. This time I take as many weeks as necessary to get better at each level. Somehow I have no recollection of ever doing these workouts. Probably for the better.
Wave to everyone.

Happypiglet Tue 08-Oct-13 15:08:20

Welcome rainbows
<waves to gingercat >
Well Killer L1 again today.. I ache which is a good thing
And much excitement my new DVDs have arrived. Not sure whether to give one of them a go tomorrow or stick with my original Killer plan... will see how I feel tomorrow
I previewed L2 Killer this morning and I had forgotten the frankly insane warm up...
notyummy I have not done BFBM for ages... I loath CV which probably means I should do it more!

Rainbowstars Tue 08-Oct-13 16:43:16

Thanks for the welcome guys!
i did BFBM first thing this morning and I haven't sat so much like that in a while! Yeah Notyummy - I agree about the cardio in circuit 6 really kicking up.
I followed this with the Killer Buns and thighs- level 1. Needless to say I felt like collapsing in a heap after...felt very pleased to have done them both though!
Happy piglet- i love the excitement JM DVDs bring!

Rainbowstars Tue 08-Oct-13 16:44:05

*sweat not sat!

knottyhair Tue 08-Oct-13 18:23:05

Hi Rainbow! Wow, BFBM followed by Killer!! Gordon bloody Bennett! Well done you smile.
So Notyummy, my new Bob Pure Strength arrived today. Should I do the 25 min "beginner" workout first??

notyummy Tue 08-Oct-13 20:02:12

The beginner workout is pretty easy- kind of Ripped L1. If you have done something like No More Trouble Zones then you are unlikely to need to do it, as you won't get much out of it unless you are using 5kgs! The main workout is pretty tough - to begin with it doesn't feel too bad but it builds- and he works the same bits of you over and over again. Beware- there is a kind of lull between at about halfway though, but it ramps up again and gets v brutal for the last 20 mins. That said, I do like it. He is v likable.

Evening all!

Welcome to the thread Rainbow smile You will feel very much at home here among the JM fans!

Another wow at BFBM followed by Killer, that is immense, well done!!

Knotty good luck with Bob, hope Jillian doesn't catch you being unfaithful grin Will you let us know how you find it?

Notyummy that's a busy schedule so obviously means your back is behaving, yay!

<waves to happypiglet and gingercat>

Happypiglet which DVDs did you get? Was it S&S, and yoga meltdown?

Gingercat you are amazing to dig in and keep going with BR. Are 9 and 10 the last levels? You can do it!!!! I must admit I had a small chortle about you remembering nothing about workouts you had done! I've done that too, I think it's a body's survival technique!

I did L2 Killer today and struggled, especially on her 'break' when you step up on the stool and lunge backwards. My lower back is also still a bit stiff which is not a good thing, but the chiro is only 2 mins down the road so I know where to go if it doesn't improve!

Day off tomorrow and I'm frankly massively relieved grin

Happy JM'ing all and keep at it - this thread is so full of good stuff at the moment smile

Rainbowstars Wed 09-Oct-13 09:14:23

Thanks for the welcome threestepsforward! This morning I did a Tae bo dvd (This is Tae Bo) for 48mins and then followed with Ripped in 30 level 1. Needed something not too heavy after yest lol. Tmrw is power walking then back to Jillian on Friday. I'm still trying to get the balance with food right as I'm not on a particular diet just trying to make healthy choices and watching portion sizes. Need more willpower though as I fear I'm eating most of the cals burnt at the moment! Pp

Rainbow that's a big reason why I love her stuff - she allows me to get away most of the time with feeding my other obsession that is cake and chocolate lol

My principle is as long as I eat well most of the time, the weekend splurges are okay - it doesn't always work out like that though grin And I've recently discovered the joys of cake baking, which is highly dangerous!!

Well done for getting your exercise done and dusted for the day.

* Shameless boast *
I was asked in sainsbos last week if I was old enough to buy wine shock I had to stop myself kissing her and said I think so as I am 41! I wanted to mention it as I think the facial yoga + a derma flannel is scrubbing away my wrinkles!! Highly recommend both and the yoga is only 3 mins 4 days a week once you get the hang of it...
However, it might have been because I still dress like a time-warped student grin

Have a good day everyone and happy exercising to all smile

notyummy Wed 09-Oct-13 11:04:01

Wow threesteps that is impressive! I have got the facial yoga book but not started- that has given me an incentive! TBH I never had to get asked for ID even when I was 14 buying booze (misspent youth) so I doubt whether I will ever get mistaken for under 18 :-) I like to think it's the height (was 5 ft 10 at 14.)

I think the diet thing is much more important than exercise sadly. Exercise, particularly the strength element, is excellent for longer term weight control as more muscle= higher metabolism. For actually getting down to target weight than obviously it's not a bad thing, but so many people I know over estimate how many calories they have burned, or eat extra because it makes them hungry. In fact doing loads does make you hungry, so vital to be aware and have right foods in the house to kill hunger without loads of calories. (Sorry if I am banging in a bit- I looked into it hire a lot when I toyed with the idea of being a personal trainer.)

5 mile power walk and NMTZ this morning. Phew. Managed most with 5kg weights , although certainly not for the surrenders or the backwards lunge and raise- they kill my shoulders even at 3 kg !

Notyummy give it a go! Thinking about it, I've been ID'd all the way through as I have a moon baby face - and not massively tall at 5.5, but it's not happened for a few years! Nightmare when you're young trying to be grown up, but lovely when you're older smile

I 100% agree with what you say about exercise. You only have to look at the measly amount you burn off after a session - is it as little as 200 cals for Shred? Is the ratio 80:20 (80% diet: 20% exercise)?

I do have massive sugar blowouts sometimes (old food ishoos), but on the whole my diet is good, don't eat many white carbs (wind ishoos!) and cook from scratch and am a veggie. I definitely never tell myself I'm on a diet either as that way disaster and pig-outs lie! I'm not looking to lose really now, just maintain.

I can so imagine you being a personal trainer - you would be fab!! Are you still considering it? Is it you Jackster who's also considering it?

Wow, well done on NMTZ with 5 kg - just thinking about serving biceps with those weights is making me wince!

Right off to work - I've been awful today and got little done blush

See you tomorrow smile

Happypiglet Wed 09-Oct-13 13:25:55

Killer L2 ....ouch... its hard. I actually like the lunges on a chair thingy as it feel like a break..
I went for it madly on the last circuit jumping through the lateral jumps like a good un totally forgetting that she follows them up with those exploding star jump things... I modified...and dripped sweat...
threesteps I bought 6W6P and ES&S.
I watched the first level of 6W6P yesterday with a cuppa d two biscuits and decided against starting it today. Will finish my week of Killer and have a go when I am fresh next week!!

Well done Happypiglet! L2 Killer completely floored me the last time I did it. I have L3 to look forward to today hmm Look forward to hearing how you find your new DVDs smile

I lurk sometimes on the 6W6P thread, and the lovely Trucksanddinasaurs on there had some interesting info and good advice given to her from her chiropractor.

She said I could copy the post below so here it is (apologies to those who knew this already, I definitely didn't know specifically what to avoid, and hadn't thought to ask my chiro!)

post from Trucks
(re 6W6P specifically...)

Chiropractor aghast at side lunges with a bang and said no way: that exercise would hurt anyone's back if done with weight so am going to put weight down for that. Also he said go very easy on any exercises where weights are waved about above neck level - also not good for backs.

But he was very positive about planks, lunges and push ups so off I go!
He was adamant that any dynamic exercises using weights should never be done like that and slow was better with ribs pulled in, belly button pulled to spine, shoulders straight and back released like angel wings, spine neutral. Impossible with weights above neck level especially at high speed when moving or jumping.

Hope that might be helpful to anyone with back niggles!

Have a good day everyone smile

Rainbowstars Thu 10-Oct-13 18:15:52

2 hrs power walk today, approx 6.5 miles. Also did the 6wk6pk dvd level 1. I think I'll be on that level for another week before venturing onto level 2!
About those side lunges, I always feel a bit worried doing those as I'm never quite sure my form is right whilst doing them. There's another move on the 6wk6pk I'm not too comfortable with and can't seem to get right- the side twist move on the mat where you line the legs up and lift the back leg...sorry I can't remember what it's called. I've even tried the modified version but still doesn't feel right. Keep worrying I'd twist something out of place!
I agree about the food being a more significant factor in weight loss. I'm really trying this week to watch the portion sizes and calories. Last week I worked so hard, exercised 6 days out of 7. However I was always ravenous and over ate most of the week. By the end of that week I didn't feel any difference in my clothes or any lighter. This week I've tried to keep an eye on portion sizes and cut out the sugary teas and snacks and so far i really feel a difference!

Well done Rainbow, you sound like you're doing great! Those side lunges with weights over head in 6W6P are apparently the ones the chiro was most horrified at! Next time I do it I'm downing the weights. Hmm, those leg raise things in side plank are hard. I've got them finally - I think I just make sure I'm really well aligned, and the shift that leg in front so that I feel stabilised. The twist aspect is part of the plan I think - to work the obliques? I may be completely wrong though so perhaps wait to here from the more pro 6W6Pers! (there's a whole thread on here dedicated to 6W6P by the way!)

I did my L3 Killer yesterday and today is the day I foolishly wrote Double Ripped on my weekly plan!

I'm going to attempt L4 and L2 - not sure which one to start with. I'll use my 1 circuit at a time thinking for the 2nd level, I think it will be necessary!

Hope everyone is doing well. I think the site is returning to normal after Penis Beaker-Gate grin

It was discussed on Women's Hour this morning lol

THEN shift that leg in front...

Happypiglet Fri 11-Oct-13 11:18:48

Hi all...braved Killer L3 this morning... hmmm I think I like it more than L2 although I did modify a fair bit (cannot do one legged mountain climbers nor those kicking crab things) and it took me a while to 'get' some of the moves like the hip heists.
Unlike L3 tho the last circuit is I think easier than the others and I like it was she does that/ L2 has those beeping awful exploding stars things last what?!?!?
I might try 6W6P altho when I reviewed it it did look quite 'technical'!
Wow threesteps double Ripped. Ouch- good luck with that...
I am at the weight I want to be so use exercise to allow me to eat all sorts of crap what I want within reason. And to tone up a bit. I must say Killer has really helped my thighs this week.
Anyway a weekend off beckons hooray... Next week is manic so I am not sure what I will fit in but hopefully at least a couple of sessions of 6W6P.. then kids are off for 2 weeks so I just know it will all go to pot...

notyummy Fri 11-Oct-13 13:34:47

I did L1 and 2 Shed and Shred. Wasn't too bad as L1, even with weights, doesn't seem too bad to me- almost like a very extended warm up. I was def more tired that usual by the time i got to the end of L2 though!

Double Ripped. Ouch! I used to do a Ripped and then a Shred (or vice versa) and that was fairly challenging...

Congrats Happypiglet! I hate the crab walk things too, I can never do them double time.

I think you'll like 6W6P L1 - once you get used to the moves it's a lot of fun - I won't say the same for L2 as far as I remember wink It's a shame it doesn't agree with my back...

Notyummy I love S&S! I agree it's not that taxing while you're doing it but it's one of the few of hers I can honestly say I enjoy while doing, rather than being relieved it's over afterwards! The 2 levels together is a long slog though...

Just collapsed on the sofa after L4 and L2 Ripped! Started with L4 to get it over with, did both warm-ups, and used 2.5 kg weights throughout.
Wowee, as she says... I actually think L2 is harder than 4 - there's such an onslaught on your arms and in plank - double plank cardio, those jump squat things in plank, pendulum lunges with serving biceps (my absolute worst), ab holds etc. etc.

It's done though and I am very happy!

Planning enjoyable S&S'ing over the weekend some time. Hope everyone has had a good week and have a great weekend smile

knottyhair Sat 12-Oct-13 06:43:49

Great stuff going on here this week! I had Weds & Thurs off (but did push a buggy containing a hefty 10 month old round London for 3 hours on Weds). Yesterday I did 4 circuits of BFBM with weights where poss, and today I'm planning a double S&S, then both levels of YM tomorrow. Next week, I'm hoping for:
Monday - Bob's Pure Strength (the shorter one as I'm limited by DD's nap)
Tuesday - 6W6P L1
Weds - Killer L1
Thurs - 6W6P L2
Fri - Killer L2

although I'll probably take a day off towards the end of the week, not sure when. Keep it up everyone!

knottyhair Sat 12-Oct-13 09:14:52

Pooh. Only managed L1 S&S in the end - DP called out to leaky roof emergency. Feeling slightly inadequate that notyummy regards burpees with lateral jumps "an extended warm-up" grin. Although, yes generally L1 is pretty OK.

Rainbowstars Sat 12-Oct-13 09:26:38

Well done all of you on the fab workouts this week!
Thanks three step for clarifying the side plank move. I'll make sure i focus on aligning myself correctly first then build up to adding the leg movement. Hopefully I'll be able to do it all as a smooth movement with time.
Yesterday I did the BFBM followed by the 6wk6pk L1.

My workout plan for next week:

Mon- BFBM + 6wk6pk L1
Tues- Tae Bo Advanced + Ripped L2
Wed- BFBM + Killer L1
Thurs- Ripped L2 + 6-7 mile power walk (approx 120 mins)
Fri- BFBM +6wk6pk L1

Well that's the plan (obviously subject to a little tweaking here and there should the need arise lol!)
Sounds scary seeing it written down but it's actually similar to what I did this week. I really mean business with Jillian and I want to see results sooner rather than later lol!
Food wise this week has been a lot better in my choices and portions. This is probably because I always remember how hard I worked out that morning when im about to make some unwise choice. what with the effort of waking up early to fit in the workout( 5.15 am!) and all the effort and sweat that goes into completing a JM workout properly. Only for me to go and throw away careless empty calories just like that? Hell no! Lol.
I hope I keep remembering this though.
I've taken my current measurements too so will retake my measurements at the end of the month to compare. Also most of my clothes in my wardrobe don't fit properly at present and I don't want to go out and buy any in the size I am now as it would be a waste. So the sooner I get to my destination, the better!

To keep me accountable to the above plan I'll check in here each day next week to record my completed workout for the day.
Now off to enjoy a restful weekend! #calm before the storm
Have a nice weekend everyone!

knottyhair Sat 12-Oct-13 09:38:21

Rainbow, seriously, wow! I'm limited to about half an hour for Jillian/Bob at the moment, except for weekends normally, but even so, I don't think if my time wasn't limited that I'd be attempting doubles every day. Go you! And I totally agree with what you say about not wanting to ruin all the good work by eating too much/the wrong stuff. Mind you, I did have fish & chips last night blush.

notyummy Sat 12-Oct-13 11:27:07

Phew Rainbows I am knackered just reading that! My problem is the time too- I already have to leave the house at 615 for work so would end up getting up in the middle of the night to do stuff in the morning! DH is away in Afghanistan for 6 months so every single thing around the house falls to me when I get in at 6pm so realistically most days more than 30 mins just isn't achievable. I don't work Fridays or weekends so can do a bit more then, but childcare means more than 45 mins in peace to exercise is not going to happen- but Fridays during school time are set aside for housework, paperwork and a longer workout! Generally my BMI sits in re low 21 area so I am not looking for longer workouts to burn loads of calories- I need shorter sharper to tone ideally. I like to up the weight so shorter is still c challenging but have to be careful with my back. Thanks for posting the chiropractor advice btw- very helpful.

Jacksterbear Sat 12-Oct-13 20:27:08

Hey guys. Been following the thread but havn't checked in for a while <waves to all>. Life's taken over a bit but am Jillianing whenever poss, only 2-3 times pw though at the mo.

L1 S&S today. Agree knotty that the burpees w/ lateral jumps are the only really hard bit - although butt kicks holding 2Kgs weights at 90 degrees hurts a bit!

3steps yes it was me thinking about personal training; it's still my dream plan but on hold for the moment.

Rainbow, wow, that's all I can say!

Ponks and Happyp, now you've both ventured into killer L3 territory I'm going to have to, too. I was so put off by the awfulness of L2 that have never tried L3, but am heartened by the opinions that it's not as bad. What is it with Jillian and her penultimate levels being harder than the final ones? Certainly true of Shred and Ripped, and, IMO, 6w6p. (Not S&S though!)

notyummy glad the back's holding up.

wrigglebum Sun 13-Oct-13 08:23:00

Hi all, can I join in? I've had a good read to catch up on the thread and I'm in shock at the amount some of you do and the weights you use- makes my efforts seem a bit pathetic smile.

Quick introduction- I started Shred in August after losing 10lbs with 5:2 and wanting to tone up. Have since lost another 7lbs with both. Took two months to complete shred as I only do a DVD 3-4 times a week (I do also use a weighted hula hoop and walk a lot- including lots with a 17mo strapped to my back grin). By the end I could do almost all moves like Natalie- apart from any push ups! I've now started 6w6p with BFBM- did 3x6w6p and 1xBFBM this week.

I'm finding both quite hard but not as bad as I expected- shred is really good at preparing you for them. I'm trying to work up to more of the advanced moves. I'm also planning to add in some shred workouts (with heavier weights than before) and NMTZ.

This thread has certainly inspired me to do a few more workouts- I'm thinking that I could take my workout gear downstairs at night, then it would be there when I'm up early with DS. That way I should be able to fit in one or two more workouts a week than I currently do.

Ponks Sun 13-Oct-13 12:06:05

Hello all, just a quick check in from me, great to see new faces and hear new plans smile. I've had a bad week with a sickness bug, completely unable to exercise. sad. Managed to get up and dressed today so hopefully back to JM in next few days.

rainbow I salute you - two workouts a day is great, wish I had the energy! - that's something I remember doing in my 20s <nostalgic sigh>

jackster go for Killer L3! If I can get through it (with help from Anita) then you can!

Afternoon everyone smile

Welcome to the thread wrigglebum! Wow, that's fantastic weight loss, you must be really proud!
Also congrats on getting through the Shred smile I think 3-4 times a week is plenty to keep improving and progressing, so don't stress if you can't do more in a week. Good luck on the new DVDs and stick with us here and we'll cheer you on!

More jaw-thunking here at Rainbow's exercise schedule shock Wow!!! Well done you!

I do think time is the main factor for most people? I'm DC-less so I can imagine it is far far easier for me to make time for a longer workout. Plus I work at home so no time lost on commuting (unless you count travel from bed to bathroom etc. as commuting lol)

Jackster, you can do L3 Killer! Easier than L2 - I think that's the opinion of everyone who's done it! Think of those "titanium buns" grin

Ponks so sorry you've been hit by the dreaded sickness bug sad Good to hear you're getting better, take it easy, they are horrible to recover from...

<waves to notyummy and knotty>

After my Ripped double on Friday I did BFBM yesterday as I wanted to stay far far away from any weights lol The sweating, knackeredness creeps up on you through the DVD and hits you in the .... PENULTIMATE circuit!! You might be on to something there Jackster!

Not sure whether to do anything today but if I do it will be L1 S&S. Will return tomorrow to write down my schedule for the week.

Hope everyone's indoors and cosy today - outside is not somewhere I want to be!

Threesteps x

Rainbowstars Sun 13-Oct-13 17:22:37

Hey Ponks, hope you feel better soon.
Yes I'm indoors all cosy here, was thinking of going for a short walk but seems so dreary out there.
I agree threesteps about the time factor. i have 2 DC's myself and they are both at school but I'm such a morning person for exercising so I've always found getting up before everyone else is up the best time for me to work out. However it's also a frame of mind thing I find in my case.My head just has to be in the right place and I must be working towards a goal. So when that alarm rings at 5.10 in the morning, I remember why I'm doing this and get up and go downstairs. It took me nearly 5 months to get my mojo back this time. During that period no matter how many times I set the alarm, tell DH to motivate me etc I would turn alarm off and roll back to sleep or give excuses. I knew something just had to click again. Doing double workouts is a new thing for me though. i'm so not hardcore but I'm interested in seeing how far I can push myself.
Now I've put my schedule out here I'm felling a tad under pressure not to flunk out lol! It's a good motivator though!

notyummy Sun 13-Oct-13 18:48:41

Agree penultimate circuit in BFBM is the worse!

DH home from Afghan for a weeks R and R, arrived last month. Hadn't seen him in over 4 months, so of course how did we celebrate? With a L3 Shred followed by L2 S and S that's how grin

Hi Wrigglebum- welcome to the thread.

wrigglebum Sun 13-Oct-13 20:04:34

Thanks for the welcome all.

5.10 Rainbow shock. I'm often up then but certainly not through choice. I did used to get up before 6 to head to the gym though pre children. I'm going to take my workout gear downstairs now so it's there in the morning when I get up with DS. Time of wake up will decide what I do!

Sounds like a great way to celebrate notyummy, you guys clearly know how to party grin. DH keeps talking about joining in with one of the DVDs.

Also agree re the penultimate circuit in BFBM, was a killer.

Happypiglet Mon 14-Oct-13 09:43:09

Hi all.. love the 'welcome home' for your DH notyummy !
rainbow I am a morning person too...but for me that means straight after the school run...I can never get motivated once the day has started and I am in 'civilian' dress..if I start the day in exercise gear its fine otherwise it doesn't happen!
Just tried L1 ES&S (one of my new DVDs)...I like it but there is a LOT of new stuff to get my head round.. nearly all new moves...those jab, cross things are impossible to get in the right order that fast!! I keep hooking with the wrong arm!! And the yoga stuff in last circuit...
I think I will do better next now I have tried once - rest day tomorrow (as off to London for the day with a friend) but might get chance on Wednesday to have another go.
Happy exercising all

Rainbowstars Mon 14-Oct-13 11:38:50

Hey everyone!
BFBM and 6wk6pk completed this morning. I had a breakthrough at last with the sideplank move on 6wk6pk (thanks three steps!)- i was finally able to align myself properly and complete! my wrists hurt though. I really hate burpees and had enough of them by the second fast round so 'phoned in' half of it lol!
Hope everyone else is having a good day x

knottyhair Mon 14-Oct-13 13:43:19

Ponks, hope you're feeling better.
Notyummy, what a great way to celebrate your DH's return smile.
Happypiglet, same as you, I have to dress appropriately and get stuck in as soon I get back from school with a short break to put DD down for her nap. I've done L1 S&S a few times and I still get in a muddle with the jab/uppercut/hook/cross things, it's too fast! Enjoy London.
Rainbow, another mega morning for you then!
I did both levels of YM yesterday and really enjoyed it. A lot of the moves I do find tough. Can't do a wheel AT ALL and can only get one foot off the ground for the crow thing. And the backs of my thighs are killing me this morning! But a nice thing to do on a Sunday morning smile.
Did the shorter routine on Bob's Pure Strength this morning, and notyummy is right, it's not really long enough (20 mins all in I think) but I enjoyed it. Think I'll keep for when I'm really short of time and am sick of Shredding.
So far the week now looks like this:
Tues - L2 S&S
Wed - 6W6P L1
Thurs - day off
Friday - Killer L1
Saturday - Bob's Pure Strength (the long one)

Afternoon all!

Happypiglet it takes a few goes to start getting familiar with the moves. Re the yoga stuff, maybe watch them doing it first (if you haven't already!) and then you'll have a better idea. Have a great day out tomorrow smile

Knotty you've convinced me to press buy on Amazon for yoga meltdown. I'm enjoying yoga stuff more and more and still think it might make my legs longer so I'm going to get it today smile

Notyummy enjoy your time with DH smile

Rainbow yay re the side planks! I think it's the same move as the plank twists, but on your side as it were?

Wrigglebum I won't forget the condition my then DP was in after he agreed, after lots of persuasion from me, to give Shred a go! He now refers to JM with a tone of reverence and awe grin

So, I did nothing yesterday in the end. After ordering YM today, my plan for this week is...

Today - L1 and poss some of L2 S&S
Tues - L2 Killer
Weds - L3 Ripped
Thurs - L1 YM (if it has arrived)
Fri - BFBM

I'm away for the weekend so will get my 2 days off then...

Happy JM'ing and pom pom shakes for everyone reading smile

Oooo, just seen the following is on the kindle daily deal today for any kindle readers who are interested, 99p:

The first 20 minutes:
"With the latest findings about the mental and physical benefits of exercise, personal stories from scientists and laypeople alike, as well as researched-based prescriptions for readers, Gretchen Reynolds shows what kind of exercise – and how much – is necessary to stay healthy, get fit, and attain a smaller jeans size. Inspired by Reynolds' wildly popular fitness and exercise column for The New York Times, her book explains how exercise affects the body in distinct ways and provides the tools readers need to achieve their fitness goals, whether that's a faster 5K or staying trim. It also includes the revelation that male genitals shrink with age, if a man is mostly sedentary – but not if he regularly exercises…"

The last sentence might be useful to anyone trying to persuade their DPs to get exercising lol!

wrigglebum Tue 15-Oct-13 12:59:28

Thanks for the tip three- it's now on my kindle ready to read.

Well I did No More Trouble Zones just now and I love it! It is an absolute killer- I was panting away and sweating tons but I feel on such a high now. Really worth investing the time, as it's a bit longer than some of her others. Was planning on doing BFBM but after a mile walk uphill with a pushchair I didn't really fancy more cardio. Feel very proud I got through it (mostly- had a take a couple of breathers!). Now I can work at getting better on it and increasing the weights too.

Yesterday was 6w6p. Not sure whether to have a rest day tomorrow or do something short like a shred.

Jillian- you're a slave driver but we love you!

notyummy Tue 15-Oct-13 14:04:03

DH is at home today and did Bob Harpers Pure Strength (the full workout) for the first time in 5 months. I did try telling him that he might want to just do half but he wouldn't listen. He texting me to say he is now having a lie down....

Rainbowstars Tue 15-Oct-13 14:41:52

Hey wrigglebum well done on completing NMTZ! I haven't attempted that one in a while but you've motivated me to try it again. Might add it to my routine next week.
Oh dear yummymummy, hope your DHs ok lol. those workouts look deceptively easy and then they creep up on you later!

Completed my Tae Bo Advanced 50 min workout minus the cooldown section then did Ripped in 30 (week2).

Evening all smile

Rainbow your workouts are truly awesome shock Seriously impressive, well done you!

Notyummy grin at your DH. I bet he'll be feeling it tomorrow!

Wrigglebum yay for doing NMTZ! I think I find that her hardest DVD as there's just no let up from the strength, and I generally find strength with weights harder than cardio. I do remember feeling a massive sense of achievement after doing it.

I did L1 S&S yesterday and L2 Killer today as planned. I don't understand it - some days I feel I can barely get through it (last time, at the point of the stool step-ups), and other times I breeze through it like today, even the last circuit - I was practically bouncing through the doorways on the lateral hops hmm I used 3 kg throughout apart from jumping lunges when I used 2.5 kg.

Does anyone else find they fluctuate massively in their endurance/performance doing the same workout? I find it bizarre!

Hope everyone is doing well - I'm under blankets like an old lady as I refuse to be beaten by the weather and put the heating on!!

Keep Jillianing all smile

Hello, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring.
I competed 30DS for the second time last week and have now done 2 days of Ripped L1. After reading all your complaints about L2 I'm now slightly scared of the future levels!

As great as 30DS for toning, I didn't lose any weight doing it. What does everyone think is the best DVD for weightloss? I cycle daily so get some extra cardio in - unfortunately it seems to be bulking up my legs rather than slimming them down.

wrigglebum Wed 16-Oct-13 10:28:33

Hey Lula, good to have you on board smile. Well done on 2x shred, how are you finding Ripped in comparison? It's on my list for one to try later.

I'm not sure what DVD would be good for weightloss- I lost weight doing shred but it was combined with 5:2 diet. The shred just gave an extra boost to get rid of the last bits smile. Anything with lots of strength work should help build muscle, and that can help to burn away fat, especially if you cut back on the carbs a bit. I'm not sure what your eating is like, but I remember hearing weightloss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

Well I am a little sore after yesterday's NMTZ! I was planning to have a day off today, but I was up very early with DS so I bunged on my exercise gear and did a L1 shred. I wanted something without lots of planks, so L1 was great. I increased my weights on some of the exercises and used weights on some of the cardio. Managed to keep up with Natalie too (apart from the push ups), I still found it hard but I can see how much fitter and stronger I am than back in August when I first did shred.

Trucks- saw your stats on a different thread- 19% body fat! I'm in awe! Just off to measure mine again using the US Navy calculator- I was about 31% on that when I started and was about 27% when I last checked. My aim is to get under 25%, and preferably into low 20s.

wrigglebum Wed 16-Oct-13 10:41:11

Wow, just remeasured. Have gone from 31-32% to 23-24% according to the US Navy body fat calculator (my measurements are on the half inch both times so inbetween percentages). I really can't believe it! I know the calculators aren't always so accurate but it's certainly a good guideline.

Since 3/7/13 I've lost 3in off my waist and 3.5in off my hips! Thank Jillian Michaels and Dr Michael Mosely!

Morning all!

Lula, hello smile
Big congrats on doing the Shred and starting Ripped. I weirdly find L2 up there among the hardest levels so don't be too afraid of going up the levels, you might be the same! (She does SHOUT though, a lot grin)

A great DVD for a cardio blast is Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. It's pure cardio, no strength and you will feel suitably worked out totally knackered by the end! There are 6 circuits but you can pick and choose circuits if you don't have time to do them all. I think it's around 50 mins in total...
A poster on here notyummy actually skips the warm-up to save time, as circuit 1 is quite gentle and works as a warm-up.

But, as wrigglebum says, anything strength wise will also help to burn calories as well as building muscle...

Hope that's helpful, give us a shout if you need any more advice smile

Wrigglebum wow, those stats are fantastic!! yOu must be so chuffed...
And hats off to you for going for it this morning despite planning a day off!

<waves to everyone else reading>

I have Ripped L3 scheduled for today but if my Yoga Meltdown arrives I'll do that instead and move Ripped to tomorrow as I have less time then...

Will let you know how I get on with YM Knotty smile

See you later all

Rainbowstars Wed 16-Oct-13 15:02:24

Hey guys!
Well done on all the Jillianing going on here! Nice work. How do you measure this body fat?

Did BFBM early this morning then went for a power walk after sch run ( in the rain!) with a friend. We did 6.5 miles in 1 hr 45 mins.
Lulabella, BAnish fat boost metabolism is good cardio for weight loss as threesteps mentioned. Also Tae bo DVDs are quite good with non stop cardio and lots of calorie burn going on.

I feared you might all say cardio grin
My diet is pretty good actually. I'm at approx 1500 good quality cals during the week, bit more at weekends.
Day 3 of L1 Ripped and I'm really quite enjoying it - it's very similar stuff o 30DS but Jillian is meaner. Cannot do that 'hollow man' ab hold for more than 10 seconds though, and I thought my abs were in pretty good shape!

wrigglebum Wed 16-Oct-13 19:49:10

Lula- the most effective ways to burn more fat (and therefore lose weight) are a) build more muscle (you may gain weight or stall initially, then the pounds should drop) or b) do your cardio in a fasted state.

If you eat too soon before exercise your body will just use the readily available glucose in your blood to fuel your workout. If you exercise before breakfast, or a decent time after your last meal, your body will need to dig into those fat reserves for fuel. If you really do feel you need to eat or snack before a workout then make it protein based. It is really hard to workout at first when you are hungry (I used to think it was nuts), but your body gets practised at getting to that fat.

I certainly couldn't go low carb, but I do try to reduce my carbs and it has made a difference. My blood sugar levels certainly feel more stable now and I don't get the crashes.

Happypiglet Thu 17-Oct-13 09:48:43

Rainbow I have a weighing machine that supposedly measures body fat...quite cool and not that expensive not sure how the calculators work..
Well after 2 days of nothing (too busy shopping having hair cut etc before kids break up!) I have squeezed in a L2 Shred as time is tight again today. I never thought I would say this but I enjoyed it... except for those chair squats but at least I did them.
Tomorrow is better so will attempt ES&S again to see if I can master some of those moves.
lula hollow man is HARD!!!

Well that's good news wrigglebum I almost exclusively do my workout as soon as I wake up. I like to get it out of the way.

Missed this morning as DH is working from home and I therefore couldn't start 'ripping it' while he snoozed away (I work out in our bedroom). But the plan is to do D4, L1 of Ripped in 30 when I get home from work.

Rainbowstars Thu 17-Oct-13 12:41:43

Hello Jillianites!
Did my Tae bo dvd for 45 mins (Get Ripped) and followed this with Ripped in 30 Wk2. Just patiently waiting for my 'ripped ' body to materialise now!

Fillybuster Thu 17-Oct-13 12:46:59

So glad I've found this thread smile

I'm a Ripped ds recommended it to me ages ago but even though I've been focussing on weight loss for the past few months (5:2) I've not had the time or energy for excercise.

OK, that's not true. I was scared grin And now I know I was right...!

I'm on Day 11 (of 14...had a few days off) of Ripped in 30, and about to do D3 of L2. Utterly brilliant smile Right, working from home today and been procrastinating about getting on with it since 9am....had better go now or it just won't happen today.

Fillybuster Thu 17-Oct-13 12:47:51

Ah. No, that's a lie. I've got 30 DS not Ripped in 30. Guess I know what I'll be getting next...

wrigglebum Thu 17-Oct-13 13:15:30

Hi Filly- I'm a 5:2er too and did 30DS to tone up after losing 10lbs. I lost another 7lbs and I'm at target now so just focusing on maintaining and toning. I'm now doing 6 week 6 pack with a few others thrown in for a bit of variety. Ripped will be after that I think.

Yes, it is scary at first, and really hard. But an encouraging story for you- I struggled at first with L1 30DS, but yesterday I did it and I was able to do nearly all advanced moves, with heavier weights and using weights in the cardio. So stick with it and you won't regret it!

Way hay, go Fillybuster! ...and welcome to the thread!

The big consensus is that L2 Shred is the hardest of the 3 levels, so it will be all downhill [in a good way!] from here...

Ripped is a great DVD to follow with, especially if you have time constraints...

Sorry not to name check everyone but have to go out in a mo...I didn't manage anything yesterday as dog has taken a turn for the worse again sad His anaemia is back and was at the vets with him yesterday. Had to wait 1 hour+ in the waiting room shock They pumped him full of iron (injections in muscle, yuk) so I'm praying for a turnaround... Yoga Meltdown hasn't arrived yet, grr!!!

Never mind, when I get home later I will do Ripped, and then either S&S 1 and 2, BFBM or YM if it arrives...fingers crossed...

Have a good day everyone smile

So I did L1 of Ripped last night, and again this morning. My arms felt like dead weights, but I did add in weights for the boxing cardio this morning - it doesn't feel like enough otherwise. I'm doing one more day at L1 on sunday, then onto L2 on monday <scared>

DS2 has a soft play party tomorrow at the leisure centre, so I'm planning on sneaking off for a long swim as it's my 'rest' day.

Happypiglet Fri 18-Oct-13 18:14:39

Hi all ES&S L1 again today- I was more effective I think...something in it makes my glutes ache the next day but not sure what!
I sneaked a look at L2...hmm those plank jack/ press ups look 'interesting'
lula L1 Ripped is not that bad... be prepared tho it ramps up in L2! Don't be scared tho!
Threesteps what did you do? Did YM arrive?
Happy JMing everyone!

Hi all smile

Lulu you'll be fine on L2, fear not! Hope you enjoyed your swim smile

Happypiglet, hello! Glad you're enjoying S&S more. I think the glute ache is from the last circuit - the brazilian capoeira and jenga moves, if you really squeeze you can get a fantastic ache the next day grin
L2 is really not too bad, it just takes a bit of getting used to...

My YM arrived!!!!!

I did both levels this afternoon and really really enjoyed it! I am a lot stronger than I thought I would be, and I have Jillian to thank for that smile Lots of room for improvement too, but I'm imagining that will be part of my weekly plan...

Knotty I'm okay with the wheel, but those crow moves shock As soon as I lift my feet off the ground I tip forward!

I'm away tomorrow so nothing then, I may do another YM on Sunday - might be quite nice as I'll surely be hungover!

Have a great weekend everyone smile

Rainbowstars Sat 19-Oct-13 12:33:50

Nice work here ladies and hello Filly! I had to take Friday as a rest day as I had a niggling lower back pain, not sure what caused it. Went for a 60 minute power walk this morning. Back to Jillian tmrw x

Hope your back is okay Rainbow?

Back from an extremely drunken night last night, felt awful this morning!

Did L1 YM this evening and will do the double YM tomorrow as I suspect I'll still be feeling a bit ropey...

After that, my plans for the week will be....

Monday: double YM
Tuesday: BFBM
Wednesday: ES&S 1 and 2
Thursday: Ripped L4
Friday: Killer L3 (and poss Level 1)

Will see how I get on, I might have to re-jig things if time is a problem next week...

Hope everyone is well and has had a good weekend smile x

Well I feared the worst for today after having a complete energy fail midway through L1 of Ripped yesterday. My legs kept giving out on me. I think it was due to the long swim I'd done the night before.
Anyway I've just done L2 and it wasn't as awful as I feared. Some of the strength moves are a bit tricky to work out but I'll get there. Far preferred the abs stuff to L1 and most of the cardio (can always live without squat thrust though!)

Hope everyone is recovered from their ailments, even the self inflicted ones smile

Rainbowstars Mon 21-Oct-13 18:14:49

Hi! Well the niggling pain in my lower back is slightly better except now my right knee feels sore! Did Rippedin30 yesterdy and during the serving lunges move i noticed my knees felt clicky. Had to do modified version of any jumpy moves today whilst doing BFBM.
Nice workout plan threesteps. I felt last week I overdid t a bit and maybe that's why I have this pain. So this week no doubling up, BFBM is hard enough on its own!
Yeah Lulabell, those squat thrusts are on my least fav move list and burpees, oh also mountain climbers! Lol

knottyhair Tue 22-Oct-13 05:35:16

Hi all! Threesteps, very jealous of impressed at your wheel! Glad you liked YM. Rainbow, I get niggly knees, I usually have to substitute jumping lunges and jump squats with something else. Lulabellarama, well done on L2.

I did Bob's Pure Burn on Saturday - loved it but man, it was hard! T stand kicks with weights and a push up inbetween hmm. I started with 3kg weights but ended up switching to 2kg blush. Had day off Sunday, did Killer L1 yesterday (I do love the warm up). Plan for this week is:

Today - Ripped L1
Weds - Killer L2
Thurs - Ripped L2
Fri - Killer L3
Sat - Bob's Ripped Core
Sun - day off

Keep up the good work!

Happypiglet Tue 22-Oct-13 16:21:28

Hi all
Lots going on.. can't stay long so sorry not to name check.
Squeezed in L1 ES&S today although not sure I will get much else done this week due to half term.
Its fast becoming my favourite JM DVD.. need to attempt L2 at some point but those plank jack push ups are putting me off! Is it much harder than L1?

Morning all!

Lula glad your first day with L2 went well smile

Rainbow really good to hear that your back is okay. Knees are a nightmare, you just have to be really careful with your form don't you. I reckon a week not doubling-up like you said will give them a good break!

Knotty your weekly plan sounds fab. And Bob sounds...erm...scary! I think I'm going to fly under his radar for the time being grin

Happypiglet S&S is great isn't it - it creeps up on you as you get familiar with the moves...
L2 really isn't that bad. There are a few moves that are a bit tough, but they never seem to last for long! With the plank jack push ups, just go down on your arms as far as you can - even if you go only a small way, your arms will still be getting a good workout smile
Be prepared for the first time to feel a bit hmm, like L1 did, as you get to know all the moves...

Monday was a write-off exercise wise so I did double YM yesterday and planning ES&S today (conveniently sidelining BFBM grin)...

Question Re Warrior 2 in YM - does anyone else find it aggravates their tailbone when the legs are really stretched out hmm?

Had my monthly chiro appointment yesterday, he's really pleased with my progress smile There was absolutely no curve to my back at all when I first went to see him so I've been lying on various rolled towels once a day to get it back again...and it seems to be working, yay!

Have a good day everyone smile

Fillybuster Wed 23-Oct-13 17:48:49

Thanks for the lovely welcome all smile but I do feel a bit of a fraud as after initially managing 11 workouts in 14 days (pretty good for me), I haven't done anything at all since Sunday....right now I'm on a train back to London from Wales - won't be home until after 10pm and already on my 2nd glass of wine, so not working out tonight! - and out straight from work tomorrow night with friends blush

I'll have to start again (on L2) on Friday, and just write-off this week, I think. Is that going to totally mess things up?

Rainbowstars Wed 23-Oct-13 21:28:00

Rippedin30 L1&2 today. My back and knees are much much better. modified some of level 2 strength moves specifically the crouching move.
That's good news about your chiro progress threesteps. My YM is collecting dust on the shelf for now so I can't remember that specific move, i do remeber i found some of the poses a bit akward that took some modifying lol. Seems you are really getting into it doing double yms, great stuff!
Filly don't worry about not being able to fit in your workouts this week, life can and does get in the way of our well laid plans at times. It shouldnt mess things up just missing 4/5 days. as long as you get back into it.

I'm looking into doing some more specific strength training and browsed amazon for some dvds - reccomended one is Bob Harpers Pure burn super strength. Sounds scary and reviews say its harder than Jillians. Will do more research on this before deciding whether to purchase.

Rainbowstars Wed 23-Oct-13 21:38:52

So this morning I dug out my river island size 12 jeans I'd been wanting to fit back into and sadly they were still a bit too tight round the thigh area. I took them off and wore something else instead. It left me feeling rather discouraged as I assumed i should have lost enough to fit back into the jeans. I nearly went on a binge which I haven't done in a long time. Had to remind myself that its only been 3 weeks that I've started working out again and eating healthily so it might be too soon to see such drastic changes. I do feel lighter and more toned, just can't wait to be rewarded by fitting into my clothes again! Looking forward to weighing in next week and retaking my measurements as it would be a month then.

Aw, Fillybuster of course you won't mess things up!
Like Rainbow said sometimes life just gets in the way. I've taken far longer off, and sometimes out of sheer can't-be-botheredness rather than injury or too much on!

Get back to it when you feel ready, and perhaps start on an easy level to get you back into the groove? Let us know how you get on smile

Rainbow, don't be disheartened. Did you take measurements at the start? I bet between then and now you've lost something on the tape measure. Maybe not on the scales as you'll have been building muscle. The body loses fat from different places on each of us, in a different order. The jeans might still feel snug on the thighs now, but it won't be long til they start losing...

I sympathise with the sudden desire to binge too. I've had a whole bunch of EDs in the past, and even though I'm mostly in control now, boy it can come back and hit you sometimes when you're not expecting it...

Remember it would only be instant gratification, and you would feel so much more crappy if you succumbed. Hugs to you x

AND if you're doing Ripped at the mo, please say you'll avoid L3 for the time being as that's a knee crucifier (duck walks!!).

I managed a double S&S today and Ripped is in the DVD player ready for tomorrow smile

See you all then x

notyummy Wed 23-Oct-13 22:44:05

Knotty- glad you enjoyed Bob! It is proper hard. I started off thinking 'this isn't too bad, so I'll use my 5kgs.' Was using 3kgs after about 25 mins!! And that kills me. Rainbow- the reviews are right. It is tough. But I find him likeable and am prepared to stick it out.

Lots of time away so face struggled a bit this week. Have been in London for half term so did 30 min Pilates routine that I have on my phone this morning and lots and lots if walking yesterday and today. L1 Shred on Mon with 5kg with every exercise except of the side lunges. 45 min cross trainer session on Sun and NMTZ on Sat. Tomorrow I intend to do a cross trainer session and then L2 Shed and Shred before a night away on Friday. Gym at the hotel so will fit in session on Sat.

Keep going all!

Hello! <waves>

Just quickly as pushed for time...warrior 2 in YM, threesteps, if tailbone hurts you are likely a) overextending and b)not fully locking core and c) not aligning instep, knee, hip properly - your straight leg should be turned in, your back and core locked and shoulders back - think of your shoulder blades like angel wings whilst drawing in ribs, pulling navel to spine, pulling up pelvic floor, releasing shoulders down. Watch out for lower back arching and hollowing which happens if legs too wide. Tuck your tailbone in, if you flare your ribs it will start to stick out, and you will lose your core stability and sink down.

It's not a hip stretching exercise; it's a core strength one. And think of your body as making a triangle: viewed side on you should be all lined up straight - bum tight, abs tight, shoulders square and strong, like a kick boxer ready to step into a defensive pivot and attacking kick.

Trucks, thanks so much for that! I think you're spot on and identified the problem with hip/core - I think I am stretching too far...making it all about hips and not about the core...
I'll read this again before I do it next and may also watch them first to look at the shape and stretch.
Thank you smile

Notyummy go you fitting in the exercise while rushing round the place. Hope London was good...

Back tomorrow most probably. Ripped today and then a Killer bonanza tomorrow grin

Have a good day everyone x

wrigglebum Thu 24-Oct-13 16:37:07

NMTZ today, god it's hard! Really struggled with even pathetically small weights. Oh well, I can only get better grin.

Well done Wrigglebum!

L4 Ripped done today. Burpies followed by scissor hops - never has there been a more horrible cardio circuit!

Happypiglet Fri 25-Oct-13 15:01:52

Hi all
Some great work going on! Unfortunately not Chez Piglet! After ES&S 1 on Tues have done nothing else except spend time with older 2 DC.
However today we did an 1 hour plus 'crazy' climbing session at our indoor climbing area. My god my arms- trying to keep up with my monkey DSs I may have strained something. I haven't really climbed before and by golly it is hard and actually a little bit aerobic. We had such a good time.
Any way off for a week in Kent in the middle of the worst storm for years with whole family tomorrow. I don't take DVDs on holiday so that will be may for a week at least- except for the trudging round castles in the rain!
Have a lovely weekend everyone- I will be back into it with avengence once the kids are back- Monday 4 this space!!

Happypiglet I used to go out with a climber and can remember only too well how much I used to ache after having a go on the climbing walls!

Have a fab holiday - hope the storm doesn't write things off for you x

I did L1 Killer yesterday and L1 Ripped today. I sweated buckets throughout each of them! I think I put more into them than perhaps I had done previously?

Plan for tomorrow is a double Yoga Meltdown as I fear I will be hungover again sad

Currently at home for the foreseeable as my 14.5 year old dog has taken a nosedive and has bad anaemia and bleeding again and needs pills round the clock and lots of cuddles For as long as he has an appetite and seems upbeat plays with his squeaky toys, which he has and he is, I know it's all worth fighting for...

But much worse news is that my mum had a bladder scan at the end of last week that has detected a 'mass' which they believe to be C. I'm in denial currently as they haven't confirmed it (next week) and am 199% sure it's a cyst. She had a massive ovarian cyst when she was pregnant with me...

So everything is a bit shyte over here. It's either exercise, which I struggle to motivate myself to do at the mo, or hitting the bottle or the chocolate shelves in the local shop sad

Batten down the hatches tomorrow everyone... I'm right on the coast where it will apparently hit hardest so have moved things out the garden and filled my wheeley bins with rocks I conveniently had outside lol


knottyhair Sun 27-Oct-13 05:33:30

Threesteps so sorry about your mum - fingers crossed for positive news. And for your dog. Keeping up the exercise will help, but as you say, it's hard to keep motivated, so you're doing really well.
Well, I didn't manage anything yesterday - just had too much to do before we went out at half 12. Felt a bit ropey last night though so barely ate any dinner, so hoping that compensates for the lack of exercise hmm. Feel OK so far this morning, so I will do either Bob's Ripped Core or double YM today, then the plan for this week is:

Mon - Killer L3
Tues - Shred L1 with weights in cardio
Wed - off, have to go into town
Thurs - off, holiday packing and Halloween party
Fri - holiday

I'm taking Shred, Ripped & ES&S with me and hope to do 3 or 4 workouts - we shall see!

Happypiglet Sun 27-Oct-13 07:31:31

threesteps so sorry to hear about your mum I do hope it ends up being better news than they think. Waiting in these situations is so difficult and with a poorly dog too. sad
Try to keep exercising as it does help with moods I always find.
Where are you off to knottyhair ?

knottyhair Sun 27-Oct-13 10:45:52

Nowhere hot Happypiglet, Padstow, via friends in Bristol & Barry Island I know that's not on the way. Should be nice weather grin, if you like getting blown around thinking of all the resistance training trying to walk into the wind with a pushchair.

Knotty take some weights to put in your pockets so you don't blow away grin Hope you're feeling better today...

Thanks so much for both your kind words knotty and happypiglet flowers

I regret offloading here actually as it's completely off-topic but I don't post anywhere else regularly and I was feeling really blue last night. But sorry to all, it's not the right place...

I'll only mention it again when it comes to the time to tell you all that mum has the all clear and dog is better smile

Definitely a YM day for me later today, double bubble. Will remember Truck's advice when doing the Warrior 2!

Have a good day all - does anyone else secretly enjoy dramatic weather? I may live to regret that statement when various parts of my house/flat disappear off down the street tonight !!


MrsFlorrick Sun 27-Oct-13 12:31:32

Hello. grin Can I join you?

I'm a Jillian fan and veteran of shred x2 and 6w6p x2 and currently doing round 3 of 6w6p. I'm on day 9.

Want to get another Jillian workout to start after this round of 6w6p. Which one is best? I want something that's tougher than 6w6p

knottyhair Sun 27-Oct-13 14:44:22

threesteps, please post as often as you need on here about your mum & your dog - not a problem at all.
Welcome MrsFlorrick (I love The Good Wife!). I'd say NMTZ and BFBM are both tough if you do them all the way through -both around 40-45 mins - NMTZ is strength based, BFBM is cardio. Extreme Shed & Shred is quite tough if you do both levels. And Killer Buns is a favourite of mine as well, a mix of strength and cardio, Level 2 is tough! I've also recently got into Bob Harper (he does Biggest Loser with Jillian?), and I've got 2 of his DVDs - Pure Burn and Ripped Core - both harder than Jillian I'd say, but really good! Here endeth the lesson blush.
I feel much better thanks threesteps, so I did Bob's Ripped Core this morning, nearly collapsed in the killer plank twists though.

Evening all! There may be a few late posts from me at the mo as I have to stay up to dose the dawg [yawn] - although I am listening out expectantly for the storm!

Knotty thanks x And, inspired by you, I have ordered Bob's Pure Burn. I figured I don't avoid many of Jillian's any more except NMTZ so I should push myself a bit further. 6W6P would be the obvious challenge but I think it's a bit of a risk for my back. Re Pure Burn - was slightly scared to read a review who said JM was the 'take it easy' option shock

Looking forward to a new challenge though, will report back!

Hi MrsFlorrick, welcome to the thread smile

NMTZ and BFBM both a great challenge in different ways, as knotty said.

Also Ripped in 30 is a step up from Shred (apart from L1) but with the same format and more or less the same time.

Killer Buns and Thighs is great! Targets what it says on the tin, but is a general good workout with cardio thrown in.

And there are more! Is there a specific area / type (cardio/strength) you want to focus on? Tell us more...

I did double YM this afternoon. Really enjoying it. TRUCKS! Thanks so much for the advice, warrior 2 was much better today, and no aching tailbone, yay!

I'm still working on the full chatarangas(SP?) and the crow, but have now realised how much easier crow is when you really use your core...

Yet another mammoth post from me, sorry!

Have put Killer in the player tomorrow so that's the plan, and will write myself a week's schedule on here tomorrow.

Good night all smile

wrigglebum Mon 28-Oct-13 06:42:57

((((((((Threesteps)))))))) off topic is never a problem and we're all thinking of you. I agree with happypiglet about exercise being good for your moods so hopefully it can help you get through this difficult time.

Hello MrsF, nice to see you here. I recommend NMTZ (you shouldn't struggle with it), it feels great once you get through it. Makes me ache a lot even with tiny weights but I can only get better. I'm planning to get Ripped in 30 too when I get through 6w6p.

We're away in London tonight, can hear the winds now. Wondering if our house is still ok!

notyummy Mon 28-Oct-13 07:37:46

threesteps- thinking of you. That weight must be awful. Hope exercise can lift your mood slightly.

Some free stuff happening here. Well done on ordering Bob- you won't regret it (well you might when you are in the middle but will feel better once you have finished!) DH and I did it yesterday and it hurt. Strength wise
JM is the easy option compared to that...Cross trainer tonight and day off tomorrow. Thinking about doing my Tae Boe boot camp on Wed as haven't done it in ages.

threesteps Don't worry about offloading here, we don't mind!

Welcome MrsFlorrick

I'm feeling horrid today. I ate far too much over the weekend then tried to do L3 of Ripped in 30 this morning. I hate, hate, hate it. One of the main problems was that I'd been relegated to the living room and the hard wood floor - I usually work out in the bedroom with carpet but my husband was stuck at home as his train was cancelled.
So my feet were slipping, the floor was too hard on my hands, back, knees etc. I just couldn't do half of it and turned off halfway through circuit 3.
So I'm feeling horribly demotivated and shitty about myself. Oh and I was doing it all in front of a mirror and realised what a prat I look and how far I still need to go to look how I want.

Sorry for the major moaning

notyummy Mon 28-Oct-13 12:13:02

My post should read that 'wait' must be awful for threesteps.

Must have weights on the mind after my hour plus with Bob yesterday. Arms are v sore today and that was only with 3kgs. Managed to use 5kg for a short section at the end, but about 5 mins at the most. Those ISO arm things when you are just holding things out make me want to cry!

notyummy Mon 28-Oct-13 12:15:24

lula- do you have a mat? Makes a big difference when working out on hard floor (which I do all the time.) as ling as you are in trainers I would have thought most stuff ok on hard floor, but not when you are lying down or on your knees. I am sure we a look like prats when working out but don't worry- it is for a purpose!!

Nope, no mat as I never usually need one. The other issue is my trainers squeak like MAD on the floor. Eurgh, I'm never working out in the living room again. And I'm tempted to bin that dvd - evil thing grin

MrsFlorrick Mon 28-Oct-13 19:59:56

Hi everyone.

Hi Trucks and Wrigglebum (waves)

Thanks for the reviews on the various other Jillian offerings and info re Bob Harper.

I think I'm too weak and whimpy for Bob just yet so am probably going to have a go at Ripped in 30.

Did 6w6p L1 again today. As its my third time around it doesn't feel too hard. I'm not actually dying when I've done it.

This is the problem. Jillians workouts fit in with my life. I have a 2 and 4 yo. I'm a sahm. So I can just squeeze a Jillian session of 30 to 40 mins in and a quick shower before DC play up. Ok the oldest is in reception now but I still have DS with me.

I can't really increase the workout time or DC will trash the house and start fighting. But I also want to build on my fitness. I say fitness but what I mean is firm up my saggy old self.

Will it continue to work just doing Jillian sessions 5 or 6 days a week but doing different DVDs of hers or will I just plateau?

notyummy Mon 28-Oct-13 20:29:19

You don't need loads of time- 40 mins is fine but push yourself in that time. Keep trying different workouts and wherever possible challenge yourself with the weights- have 2 or 3 sets and swap then around so you are pushing yourself. Using the same weights just doesn't do that- realistically a weight that is challenging for something like a squat and V raise (L2 Shred) is really not going to be hard for a clean and press (L3.) The other thing you can perhaps try if pressed for time is the occasional tabata session- if you google you will find plenty of sites. It is 4 minutes. Yes, that's right. 4 minutes. Of hell.... grin

MrsFlorrick Mon 28-Oct-13 20:44:52

Thanks not. I'm using 3kg weights with 6w6p just now. Guess I could try and up it to a 5kg weight.

MrsFlorrick Mon 28-Oct-13 20:48:50

Ooohhh. Not. That tabata looks hard core. Bit scared but I am giving it a go tomorrow. Wish me luck

Evening all smile

No exercise today but just wanted to pop by and say thanks again everyone for your kind words flowers You're all lovely!!

Notyummy that was a very apt typo! My weight will most definitely be awful if I take the direct comfort route of chocolate lol Going to really try and keep on top of things though and not resort to my usual mainlining of chocolate/cake/all things sweet in times of stress!

Lula I physically winced at the thought of doing L3 Ripped on a hard floor. Is the rocking backwards on the floor and jumping up again thing in that level? <MN should have an ouch emoticon>

Am hoping Bob will drop through my door tomorrow, and I will report back if I survive grin

Sorry not to name check but you are all doing great!

Take care everyone xx

notyummy Tue 29-Oct-13 08:05:59

MrsFlorrick- I wouldn't try 5kg in 6W6P L2- you might do yourself a mischief when it all gets double time later! Good luck with the tabata. I have done in with running and on the cross trainer but I know it can be done with things like squats and lunges but I have been too scared to try....

Ok, I took Jillian on this morning and managed to mostly do L3 of Ripped. A lot easier on a soft floor (yes the rock and roll squats are on L3 threesteps) but still absolutely killer. I had to pause the cardio once or twice and could NOT do the cross hop one at the end so swapped in some skaters. I'm also unsure I'll ever be able to do the proper duck walks.
But, I did it and feel a million times better than yesterday morning as a result.

MrsFlorrick I have exactly the same time restriction issue as you. I can fit in Shred or Ripped before the kids are up but then I am working full time and keeping the house running/ picking up children when I get back. I'm hoping to start an evening Pilates class in January that I can go to once they're in bed and my husband is back. I really need to work on my posture.

MrsFlorrick Tue 29-Oct-13 08:49:01

Ok. Not. I will avoid 5kg weights with 6w6p. Tbh I did L2 of 6w6p the last time around with 3kg weight and it didn't feel heavy. Hmmm.

I suppose I could give Ripped in 30 a whirl before upping the weight.

The Jillian DVD I really really want is her latest Abs one from last year but its only available in the US. Annoying. Is there a way to email iTunes and tell them to stick it on?!

I will try the tabata but not until weekend so DH can help me into a chair (or bed!!) if I collapse. It sounds hard core.

notyummy Tue 29-Oct-13 08:59:14

I think it's the speed if the second circuit in 6W6P rather than 5kg being really heavy IFYSWIM? There are a number of movements in there that are quite tough on the back, so good form is crucial. Doing them at the speed she wants whilst upping the weight could lead to a lack of form. Other workouts like Shred/Ripped or NMTZ where the strength bits aren't quite a fast are probably the better places to be playing around with more challenging weights- depending on the exercise in those I use at the moment a mixture if 3, 5 and 7kgs.

Hi all!

Notyummy I can't imagine winging 7 kg around!! My tops is 3 kg lol Judging by what I read on the amazon review page for Bob's DVD, I might start lower than that and work up! (marked as dispatched - I should have it tomorrow smile)

Lula well done on getting back on the horse with L3 Ripped!

Re time and length of DVDs - NMTZ and 6W6P are broken down into 6 circuits so you can pick and choose which you want to do. So if you're short of time you could pick just 3 of the 6 etc.

I did L3 Killer today. A real toughie today. I find it so odd that I can swing from finding the same routine so hard and then so easy hmm I wonder if it's a time of day thing? Although it doesn't really work for me to do anything before about 5 pm. Will ponder on this... grin

So plan tomorrow is Bob if he arrives in time...

Keep going everyone, we are all doing great!!

Ponks Tue 29-Oct-13 22:26:13

Hi all
Not been on for ages so just a quick Hi while I catch up with the thread smile. Been doing a lot of riding lately rather than JM, however am now back in the groove - as I ride a lot better when I feel stronger and fitter. Can't decide my strategy for the next few weeks - keep on chopping and changing workouts or knuckle down and really get on top of e.g. Killer? Hmmm.

notyummy Wed 30-Oct-13 10:58:05

Working from home today so managed 5 mile power walk followed by L2 Killer, which confirmed to me that it is harder than L3!! Will have to work tonight to make up but weather so lovely here I didn't want to miss the chance to get out in fresh air. Will try for quick session on cross trainer tomorrow if time, and am doing tae Bo boot camp on Friday.

Hello! Just did l1 first half and l2 same 6w6p with extra weights then extra crunches prep for pole class, did pole last night, got barre tomorrow, a JM session Friday at home (prob l2 6w6p) and pole sat. Sunday off then pole mon and Tues, then JM again wed and barre Fri etc rinse and repeat.

That is plan: really loving pole fit and JM so good for building strength I need. What I was missing was the dance and social side so the combo of classes and home workouts feels just right.

Hope everyone else doing well.
Reading your posts v motivating!
[waves to mrs f and wriggle]

wrigglebum Wed 30-Oct-13 22:32:56

Hey all. Not much exercise going on here at the moment as I was away Sunday to yesterday, then too busy today and too tired this evening. Lots of walking with a toddler on my back whilst away and some fast walking today. Bizarrely I am missing Jillian though so looking forward to getting back to it.

Morning all!

Wrigglebum she has lured you in and has you under her spell grin

Ponks great to see you back. Have you decided on a plan for the next week or so?

<waves to notyummy and trucks and everyone else reading>

Bob still not arrived, grr! So I did L1 S&S last night and will do L2 Killer today. Can't do Bob today even if he arrives as I won't have time.

I added 2.5 kg weights to the skier cardio and 3 kg to the butt kicks.

My thought now is to save Bob for Saturday smile

I feel like this week has been a bit hit and miss on the exercise front and I think it's because I didn't have a plan for the week for various reasons.

Will get one together for next week over the weekend and will hopefully feel like I'm back in the zone!

Hope everyone has a good day smile

wrigglebum Fri 01-Nov-13 06:39:55

Did 6w6p last night and feel much better now smile. Feel nicely, slightly achey now and I'll try and do it again today then either Saturday or Sunday. Or I might try and squeeze in a NMTZ.

notyummy Fri 01-Nov-13 14:51:06

Only had then for a tabata session yesterday and did my tae Bo boot camp today, but despite being my non-working day I kept getting work calls so didn't have time to do it all. Probably managed 40 mins though. Plan is cross trainer tomorrow, Bob's Pure Strength on Sunday and maybe BFBM on Monday.

Annoyingly I seem to have put on some weight. Have been a bit careless with my diet and I guess in your 40s too many indulgences take their toll. I find low carbing works fore to drop 4/5 pounds (which is all I would need to do ) but need to summon up the mental strength ;-) Have a weekend away with friends that I would like to look my best for later this month so perhaps I will do some hard core low carb just before that. I try to not get too hung up on weight, as I have had eating issues in the past. I find I feel and look my best if my BMI is 21 so if I go over that I am more careful with my food. Try not to use the scales more than a couple of times a month though.

well done on the 6W6P wrigglebum!

notyummy you'll lose the extra weight in no time. I remember you low-carbing for a short while before and it all dropped off so am sure you'll get it sorted before the big weekend smile

well after trumpeting how great my back was feeling I knocked it completely out yesterday sad Felt it twinging yesterday and then 10 mins or so before the end of L3 Killer it went. I could still move but it felt very sore and sort of numb. Stupidly - I went to the end as it would have bugged me not to... what was I thinking?!

Still sore today so I'm hoping my chiro has a slot tomorrow to fit me in - otherwise I'll have to rest up and wait until Tuesday.

And Bob has finally arrived - so once I'm back in one piece I'll be trying him out grin

Have a great weekend everyone x

notyummy Sun 03-Nov-13 17:45:37

Phew- just done Bobs Pure Strength and am pooped! 45 programme on the cross trainer yesterday and plan to do BFBM tomorrow whilst dd is at brownies and then have a rest day on Tuesday.

Finished L3 of Ripped and today did my first round of L4. Already prefer it!
It's my TOM and I'm feeling bloated and knackered. I'm hoping by the end of the week I'll be feeling strong again. I need some advice on what to do next though!
Feel like I need something to build my endurance, but my time is definitely limited? Any ideas?

notyummy Mon 04-Nov-13 08:22:39

How about a slightly longer workout (30 mins ish) like 6W6P or Killer Buns and Thighs? Alternatively No more trouble zones (strength) and Burn fat boost metabolism (cardio) are both good- around 45-50 inc warm up and cool down but split into 7 circuits of 6 mins so you can opt to do 5 circuits.

wrigglebum Mon 04-Nov-13 09:58:55

Well did 6w6p Friday and yesterday.

Noticed today that my backside seems to be slipping down my legs a bit. Also, I've been losing fat all over but it's still stubbornly clinging to my thighs so they could certainly do with some toning. I've put the triple collection with Ripped in 30, ES&S and Killer B&T on my Christmas list, so hopefully I'll get that and I can tackle my thighs next year.

Quite intrigued by Bob too, so might look into that if I start fancying a change from Jillian.

Happypiglet Mon 04-Nov-13 10:04:06

Hi all I am back...hoorah!
Hope your back feels better threesteps how frustrating.
Well did ES&S L1 this morning - was thinking of 'easing' myself back in after 2 weeks lazing around eating far too much crap off with Ripped L1 but then thought that was a cop out.. pleased with myself grin
I did find it tougher than I was doing before half term but managed the weights when she adds them in.
Still hate burpees with lateral jumps tho!
wrigglebum that sounds like a good plan re the triple DVD Killer is excellent and has really helped my thigh area, and I also love ES&S So far L1 quite leg heavy so ideal for that area... lets hope Santa is kind.

MrsFlorrick Mon 04-Nov-13 15:17:13

Hello everyone. Just popping into say that I'm still on my round 3 of 6w6p and I have started L2 again at the weekend.

I've decided to get ripped in 30 next. And I better bloody well be ripped in 30!!!grin

Evening all!

Happypiglet welcome back smile

MrsFlorricks the lovely Jillian promises to get you ripped, ruined, broken and to end you grin It's a good DVD!

<waves to wrigglebum, lulabella and notyummy>

Still out of action but chiro appointment tomorrow afternoon so hopefully it won't be long. My 2 sacral bones feel different sizes so something has definitely gone wrong sad

Notyummy I spent part of the afternoon watching my new Bob DVD from the comfort of my sofa ...

Despite the fact that even the hardcore one is screaming and sweating buckets by the end, I still sat there eating biscuits thinking "that doesn't look too hard" LOL! I can't wait to have the chance to eat my words, my hat, anyone else's hat ... grin

Everyone sounds like they're doing great, keep at it smile

MrsFlorrick Tue 05-Nov-13 23:20:13

Threesteps. grin

I did it today. I started with Week 1 but I barely broke a sweat doing it despite using 3 kg weights.. So I did Week 2 immediately after. Week 2 is harder so tomorrow i will do that one and start it there.

I have been doing shred and 6w6p continuously since April (small break in July). So I've worked for it.

Doing a double Jillian duty is digging deep! I wish I had time for hat more often. Sadly it just takes too long.

notyummy Wed 06-Nov-13 08:03:14

Yes MrsFlorrick- I think L1 Ripped is literally the easiest workout of every single one her DVSs that I own. It's almost like people cok

notyummy Wed 06-Nov-13 08:03:40

Argh! Posted too soon.

It's like people cil

notyummy Wed 06-Nov-13 08:09:48

Now I am getting irritated.....

Complained about L1 Shred being too hard with pressups etc straight away, so she built in a beginner/tutorial level for Ripped. L2 is def more of a challenge.

Did BFBM on Monday and had a rest day yesterday. 5 mile power walk just now followed by Callanetics DVD. Think I may do NMTZ tomorrow. Am low carbing at the moment. Thought I would try 2 days a week of hard core low carb and eat healthily but less restricted for the rest of the time. If I do this for 3 weeks in the run up to my big weekend away, hopefully I will have said goodbye to the additional 4lbs that appeared over the last couple of months. Fingers crossed.

Happypiglet Wed 06-Nov-13 09:08:38

Time short today so did Shred L2...its still hard! And I have a nasty chesty cough and so breathing was a little tricky... I feel a bit wheezy now actually so need to keep an eye on that.
Ripped L1 is quite easy going- but great to learn proper form if you are new to her DVDs- which maybe why she did it.. But I love the other levels L3 is my particular bette noir..
Hope you diet plan is effective notyummy you sound very disciplined!

Isn't it funny how you can love yet loathe her stuff (loathe it when you're doing it, love it when it's over!).

Take care of yourself Happypiglet - I think the advice is if it's below the neck, rest up...

Notyummy you sound like you're on fire <said in american accent> at the moment grin I'm sure operation big-weekend will be a success!

Ah yes MrsFlorrick, I should have mentioned that L1 is very easy. Level 2 and onwards is a definite step up... hope you're enjoying it smile

Had my chiro session yesterday and it's still not quite right, so I'm a bit scared of exercising and throwing it again, what to do... I have another appointment in 2 weeks but don't want to take that long off.

I may stick to yoga / pilates for the rest of the week and then hopefully work up to something more sweaty at the weekend, oo er.

Hope everyone is doing well smile

p.s. meant to say that my mum had her hospital appointment on Monday and it is cancer, but it is very early stage and they're confident they can successfully treat it, I am thrilled smile

Happypiglet Wed 06-Nov-13 20:53:42

So glad to hear that threesteps what a relief.

notyummy Wed 06-Nov-13 21:33:35

What good news threesteps.

MrsFlorrick Wed 06-Nov-13 22:07:20

Threesteps. I'm sorry to hear that but also glad to hear its early and will treat well.

Big massive hugs for you.

Wishing you the best. Dig deep!

Aw, thank you flowers for you all and a big bunch of virtual tulips for my fantastic and much-loved mum smile

Just read my post back and 'thrilled' sounds a bit weird, but hopefully you know what I meant!

Now I just need to get my canine boy back on track and it's all gravy!

Did L1 YM this afternoon and I'm glad I didn't push any more as my back felt a little bit delicate. Will do the same until the weekend I think and hopefully build things up after that.

Happy exercising all smile

MrsFlorrick Wed 06-Nov-13 22:53:04

Threesteps. You can do a Jillian workout, you can do a
ANYTHING! Inc supporting your mum. grin

Happypiglet Thu 07-Nov-13 13:41:31

Had an impromptu day off today- my chest feels 'weird' and I am finding breathing difficult almost like I am breathing thru cotton wool (if that makes sense) so it seemed a bit mad to push myself today.
However I have then spent the day on my feet doing jobs and have only just sat down with a cuppa and a funsize Flake
Well done on YM threesteps sounds like you are right to take it cautiously.

wrigglebum Thu 07-Nov-13 13:56:35

Glad the news is fairly positive three, hope your back gets better soon.

Just did NMTZ and I think I might just have to learn to love my trouble zones, it was really bloody hard today. I am so pathetically weak in the shoulders and triceps- I struggled with the 2kg weights for those and had to cut back to 1kg and the strain was messing with my form. Oh well, I can only get better. I was nearly crying at some points it was so bloody hard. I will keep trying it as a challenge but I'll stick mostly to the shorter workouts with some cardio thrown in.

Doesn't help that I slept funny so major crick in my neck. I'm also bloody grumpy today- didn't work out for two days (apart from a hula hoop session on Tues) and ds1 is being a bugger (tired from school=mega strops) plus ds2 appears to be a biter- joy! It will pass (repeats to self whilst rocking in the corner).

wrigglebum Thu 07-Nov-13 13:57:28

Got a bug piglet? Hope it passes.

Happypiglet Thu 07-Nov-13 18:07:32

wriggle my arms are still pathetic... I use 1 kg for quite a lot of arm stuff and can still only do about 10 proper press ups on a good day
I like NMTZ as its less CV and I am crap at CV

notyummy Thu 07-Nov-13 18:41:16

Stick at it Wrigglebum- it's hard, yes- but the benefits of full on strength training are huge in terms of reduced body fat/raised metabolism and body tone. But I know what you mean.

I hear you too Wrigglebum. NMTZ is one of my dust-gatherers!!
The serving biceps with pendulum lunges are just AWFUL and make me want to cry too!

Nothing today, which was annoying - I help out at a shop on thursdays and had a vet appointment after that (that would be the dog, not me) - but might well be a good thing in the long run to have a day of rest in between. Another YM tomorrow and then something else at the weekend.

Happypiglet poor you, hope you feel better soon. Feeling it in the chest is a definite sign to rest for a bit I think <wafts recovery vibes over HP's way>

<waves to notyummy and mrsflorrick smile>

Jacksterbear, where are you! We haven't seen you for ages. Hope all is well with you x

Take care everyone, Friday tomorrow, yay!

wrigglebum Thu 07-Nov-13 21:54:19

Thank you for your kind words all flowers. I'm impressed at 10 push ups piglet- I can only manage eight and that's after a fair bit of practice. I suppose I only resumed working out about 3 months ago and I've come a long way since then.

Well, I might be completely mad but I've just done BFBM. I did take it a bit easy and I just had to do squats instead of the 180s and scissor kick things but I got through. I needed to cheer up a bit and it was either crap tv and wine or some good old cardio. Plus I had a rather carb heavy dinner and thought it might make me feel less bloated. So I'm very sweaty but feeling much better. Still got that cricked neck though.

notyummy Sat 09-Nov-13 15:09:32

Well, not going too badly here. Did most of NMTZ on Thursday, a really hard 45 min minutes session on the cross trainer followed by stretching and Callanetics yesterday, and most of Bobs Strength workout today. Ran out of time so had to stop after hideous press up and t stand section, so missed final 15 minutes (of which 5 is cool down.) Still a 50 minute workout even missing out that though. Suspect my arms are going to feel it tomorrow!!

Ponks Sun 10-Nov-13 14:07:43

Hey all. Have only been exercising intermittently of late as busy with work and playing with my new horse, who is turning out to be a real sweetheart. But am conscious that I need to be fit to ride and do him justice so am fitting in NMTZ (which I find great for my core) and 6w6p whenever I can. Oh for more hours in the

DH is also enjoying the Jillian workouts - he asks me which ones are hardest then does them. In a polo neck and fleece (nutter). shock

notyummy Sun 10-Nov-13 18:40:34

Am giggling at the thought of doing Jillian's workouts in a polo neck and fleece!

Did BFBM this afternoon- muted it completely and put my new Pete Tong on LOUD and it was awesome!

MrsFlorrick Sun 10-Nov-13 19:07:07

Hello grin

I'm almost a week into Ripped in 30. I have been doing Week 2 as Week 1 wasn't up to much. I shall be starting Week 3 on Tuesday. Supposed to be a tough one so wish me luck.

I'm eyeing up those Bob DVDs you have been recommending on here. Bit scared. Perhaps it's time to dig deep. wink

Jacksterbear Sun 10-Nov-13 20:59:28

Hey all, need to catch up the thread properly as it's been so long since I've been in here that it dropped off my TIO. blush

Have been struggling of late. As I've mentioned before on here, one of the main reasons I got into exercise was to combat anxiety/depression/stress/fatigue, which has been bad again recently. So now more than ever I need to keep going on the exercise, but now more than ever it's bloody hard to find the motivation! So please,I need lots of kicks up the bottom!

Hope you are all doing well, off to catch up fully on thread now. smile

I'm so glad you came back. We'll give you lots of butt kicks when required and supportive words to get you back on track, I'm really sorry you've not been feeling so good. Apart from exercise, is there anything concrete you can do to alleviate the stress? Anxiety/stress is truly awful sad
I'll always remember how you and other lovely thread members helped me through my saga last year when I descended into binge-dom - we're all here for you if you need us xx

Great to see you too Ponks! I'm v v jealous of your lovely horse envy You must be having a blast! I can imagine that riding is great for exercising the core, and exercising the core is great for riding?

Notyummy I may try BFBM with different music next time, that's a good idea!

Wrigglebum how's the neck?

MrsFlorrick L3 is, erm, fun! A particular cardio session is challenging, but being a 6W6P pro I'm sure you'll breeze through smile
I've bought the Bob DVD but yet to do it because of my back.

I did L1 YM on Friday, followed by 2 double levels on both Sat and Sunday. I bloomin' love it! Can hold the crow position for a bit now. And now I know the moves I'm really giving it some welly and feel suitably achy (in a good way) the next day.

I think I'm going to do mainly YM next week to hopefully continue to improve my back, but I'll definitely throw in another workout at some point, probably L1 S&S. I'm hoping by the week after next I'll be fully up to speed again...

Hope everyone is well x

wrigglebum Sun 10-Nov-13 23:07:36

Jackster- tomorrow is a new week so start as you mean to go on and pop on a DVD. If you're short of time then just do a shred, imagine how much better you'll feel after. Aim for at least every other day for mood boosting. Put on your fanciest workout gear, hair up and off you go. Sorry you're struggling, it's really hard to pick yourself up but easier if you can manage it before you get too low. I struggled with depression on and off for quite a few years but I seem to be ok recently.

I have had the weekend off from exercise and it's making me grumpy again. Had a nice brisk walk today and did 20mins of hula hooping but nothing beats the feeling of finishing one of those Jillian workouts.

Wrigglebum I've had depression on and off since my early 20s sad It's the pits isn't it? But yes exercise, a good diet and controlled drinking (in that order!) are the key things for me that help me get myself straight - although motivating yourself, as you said, is a whole other challenge...

I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll be on ADs most of the time, and I've stopped telling myself that I'm falling short because of it.

I was referred once for counseling, mainly due to eating disorders, which I went to for a year when I was living in London. My jaw hit the floor when I discovered recently that where I was going was the infamous "Bedlam" shock - conveniently it was minutes down the road from where I lived!

Glad to hear you're doing ok x Me too thankfully, despite life's knocks coming thick and fast!

Jackster you'll be fine, I promise. Wrigglebum's advice is excellent! Stick with us and feel free to rant if ever you need to... xxx

wrigglebum Mon 11-Nov-13 06:58:11

Glad you've found your way to cope too threesteps. Re the ADs- I always tried to think of it like any other illness- asthma and type 2 diabetes can sometimes in mild cases be controlled without drugs, but using them doesn't mean people are failing, most sufferers need the drugs and could become very ill without them. Hope that makes sense. I haven't taken ADs for a few years but hopefully I've now developed enough self awareness of my mood that I would be straight at the doctors if I thought I needed them. I definitely agree that exercise, diet and controlled drinking help a lot- I've felt much happier and less stressed since I started exercising again. I also find I need to minimise caffeine consumption as too much raises anxiety and makes me feel genuinely crap.

My neck is still a bit sore but getting much better, now got a bit of a twinge in my wrist and back. I'm determined to do a 6w6p later but I'll just try to listen to my body and make sure I don't do myself an injury. I'm really close to starting level 2. I can see a bit of definition now on my stomach, I can't believe the difference to my body.

Happypiglet Mon 11-Nov-13 14:51:18

Hi all
Sorry you are feeling down jackster No words of wisdom from me but happy to provide kicks up the bum as required whilst other more wise posters provide the wisdom grin
Glad to hear you are managing to do YM threesteps despite the bad back- sure you will be jumping around again soon
Talking of which I just tried ES&S L2... well you know after 4 days off with that dodgy chest it seemed like a good idea confused
I love it altho it is hard and I already ache! And I was so bust trying to understand some of the moves I didn't do them all.
I feel quite gratified tho that I felt the last circuit was the easiest and it had jumping lunges and squats in! And I managed most of them.
Will give it another go tomorrow- if I can move.

Wrigglebum that is so true. I don't know why mental health carries this sense of failure with it that other illnesses don't - in my head anyway. I'm making a conscious effort to think more positively about it, but there are times I think god woman, pull yourself together grin

My big problem is I expect so much from myself, and end up rubbishing myself as most of the time my expectations are too high. I'd never be as prescriptive with anyone else - I feel sorry for me sometimes!!

Fantastic stuff on seeing the changes now - that for me was the biggest motivator when doing Shred - it was like a magic moment when I suddenly noticed everything was tighter and more toned smile Good luck with 6W6P today.

Happypiglet well done on doing L2! My hardest move in L2 I think is the hip heists to press ups, I get tangled up most of the time lol The arm/leg renegade rows are quite tricky at the beginning too...

S&S and YM are most definitely my JM feel-good DVDs! Speaking of which, off to do 1 level of YM now. Hope to try L1 S&S tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well, have a good evening smile

wrigglebum Mon 11-Nov-13 17:52:38

Well I did 6w6p and I'll be moving onto L2 this week hopefully as I've only got one more of L1 to go (I'm doing each one 15 times to complete it).

Is it really daft that I get jealous of you lot doing all the different DVDs? I've only got 4 of them (the collection) but there are others on my Christmas list and I'm really looking forward to mixing it up a bit more.

Jacksterbear Mon 11-Nov-13 19:41:36

Thanks all for the empathy, wise advice and virtual kicking! grin. I did L1 S&S today, pretty easy but a start at least. Having blood tests to rule out medical causes for increased anxiety and depression symptoms, then will discuss ADs and/or CBT with doctor. Trying to eat healthily too!

wrigglebum good work on 6w6p and good luck for moving on to L2 - I prefer it!

Happyp I find L2 S&S confused too. Such a huge jump between L1 and 2.

3steps is your back bad again? (Sorry have caught up on recent bit of thread but missed too much to go back too far !)

Wrigglebum - if you fancied a taster, it might be worth checking on YouTube - I think they often have random JM workouts on there? (I haven't looked myself but have heard people say...)

Jackster great stuff on getting back into it smile I did L1 S&S today too!

I hope the blood tests help sort out what's going on. I've had CBT in the past and have been on and off ADs and they've both been really valuable in getting me better. And think of all those exercise endorphins smile

Ah yes, my back - I threw it out again recently but chiro is currently putting me back together again and it's all feeling good so far...

My first S&S / cardio workout in what feels like yonks and so far so good... Boy I felt done in by the end though.

I've decided Yoga is my new passion grin

Have a good evening everyone x

wrigglebum Tue 12-Nov-13 18:44:23

I don't think Ripped is on there threesteps but I haven't looked for the others. I did Shred L1&2 from YouTube then got the four DVD collection when I got to L3.

Did my last L1 6w6p today and it was a real struggle, I tried to dig deep but had to rest a couple of times. I think it was because I was up at 5.30, plus yesterday was a fast day. Will do a different DVD tomorrow then try L2!

Happypiglet Wed 13-Nov-13 10:25:09

What are you trying today wigglebum ?
Well done jacksterbear ES&S L1 is still a great workout!
Well L2 ES&S again today... and I do ache after Monday's effort (too bust yest so a rest day)
Enjoyed it but its long... 50 mins including warm up and cool down. Some days I won't fit that in but guess I can do a Shred or Ripped on those days.
Its the sneaky fifth circuit- one more than L1 that I forget everytime.. I am mentally thinking I am half way thru after 2 and then realise I am not!

Happypiglet Wed 13-Nov-13 10:25:41

PS glad you were Ok doing a S&S yest threesteps hope the back is holding up today

Ponks Wed 13-Nov-13 15:55:19

piglet agree with you - L2S&S is sneakily longer than L1! I love L1 but would like another circuit at the end made up of some of my favourite moves from L2. I Like the hip heist press-ups!

Just done 6w6p L2 for the first time in ages, have been staying on L1 as I find L1 better for my abs but L2 better as an all round workout. Phew! Had to pause the dvd for a break half way through. But feel great after smile.

Out to a work do this evening - am so chuffed as I hadn't a clue what to wear then found an old dress that I haven't been able to fit into for a few years - after nearly a year of Jillianing it now fits and I feel great! grin Moments like that are so motivational.

((hugs)) to jackster and hope you get through it.

wriggle - which dvds are you getting for Christmas? I'm planning to get BFBM for DH!

wrigglebum Wed 13-Nov-13 16:54:21

Well I did BFBM today- needed it after eating four large bits of fudge at playgroup blush. I struggled with the 180 jumps and scissor jump things on the second go! I've got a long way to go still to be properly fit!

Ponks- I've asked for this. Should keep me busy and I'll have a real mix of strength & cardio, long & short and different body parts (I already have The Collection).

Ponks Wed 13-Nov-13 17:25:03

Great combination of workouts in that collection! You'll enjoy them.

I would like Kickbox Fastfix and Hard Body to be available in region 2 format - have seen clips on youtube and they look good. No idea if my dvd player could cope with region 1.

Oooo more DVDs coming Ponks? My player won't do the US import version so I'll have to sit on my hands and be patient.

You'll be like a kid in a sweet shop on Christmas day with that collection Wrigglebum grin They are all great workouts! Well done on BFBM there may not be weights but it's pretty intense.

Congrats Happypiglet on blasting through the aches...

Seemed to survive L1 S&S yesterday which I'm really happy about. Still keeping it low key until my next chiro on Tuesday so another double YM today... I felt it today!

(DISCLAIMER: If you're not interested in Yoga Meltdown don't read on as it will bore you silly!)

Some observations: the chataranga whats-its - boy those are hard! I'm having to do them on my knees for the time being.

Loving the wheel and getting very slightly better at the crow pose. Warrior III is still a big challenge - I just can't get my balance, but I can in the toe hook extended leg one on one leg, weird...

Is it the locust or the scorpion at the end of L1 - how do you do it without it really hurting, erm, down there! Or am I just weird lol? I use a mat on floorboards, maybe I need a bit more padding. How the hell do blokes do that one without doing themselves an injury - do they just tuck everything safely away hmm
I've adapted it slightly and put my hands at mid thigh level underneath me and that seemed to make it doable.

Have a good evening all smile

Jacksterbear Wed 13-Nov-13 18:25:27

Ponks that's awesome re the dress, bet you'll feel so fab in it! Enjoy your evening.

wrigglebum the 7 DVDs in those 2 collections are the 7 Jillians that I have - great range of workouts!

Shred L1 yesterday, nothing today but will be able to fit something in tmrw.

Good work extreme shredding, 3steps and Happypiglet.

Thanks again to all for the words of encouragement. smile

Jacksterbear Wed 13-Nov-13 18:28:04

Xposted with u 3steps - intrigued by the yoga stuff, just trying to imagine the moves from your descriptions! grin

knottyhair Thu 14-Nov-13 05:38:09

Hi everyone! Just popping on to say I'm still here and v.impressed at all the amazing work going on smile. Holiday was lovely, took Jillian but ashamed to say, she wasn't used blush. Did do lots of walking and a ten mile bike ride though not the same at all. Back to it yesterday though with a level 1 shred and will do Ripped level 1 today.

wrigglebum Fri 15-Nov-13 07:01:38

Did L2 of 6w6p yesterday for the first time. Feeling a bit achey this morning!

notyummy Fri 15-Nov-13 10:51:45

L2 6W6P is hard! I did L2 S and S on Wednesday and L2 Shred yesterday. Such a lovely day today so I hope to get out for a walk once I escape from the conference I am at! Possibly 30 mins on the cross trainer too. Was thinking about doing the whole of Bobs Pure Strength tomorrow morning, but my back is giving me some gip, so I will see how I feel....

Happypiglet Fri 15-Nov-13 13:11:04

Did ES&S L2 again yest (that's 3 times this week!)...
But then I have failed miserably today as so busy getting my DSs ready for cub camp, icing cakes, cooking meals etc etc
So yet another rest day here...oh well next week looks less manic so I should get something done all the week days.
Not sure what plan to make def some more ES&S but its too long for every day so may add a Ripped or two in.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Ponks Fri 15-Nov-13 21:23:39

My legs can still feel the 6W6P L2 from Wednesday! so I'm not surprised you're aching wrigglebum.

DH did RI30 L4 today while I was out. Am envy as I haven't done that one yet & it sounded good from his description. One for the weekend maybe.

wrigglebum Sat 16-Nov-13 11:09:52

Yes, still sore in the legs too Ponks but mostly ok elsewhere.

Got my parents here and a rather poorly DS (nothing too bad, just a cold with a temp and a cough but he's rather sorry for himself and extremely clingy) so not much chance of exercise for a few days now.

notyummy Sat 16-Nov-13 21:15:26

I did L2 6W6P today- will see what legs feel like tomorrow!

MrsFlorrick Sat 16-Nov-13 21:25:51

After a few days off workouts (DC with chicken pox and DH away). I did Week 3 of Ripped in 30 today.

Yikes!!!! So hard. I can't feel my legs and it was 6 hours ago. Duck walks and jumping squats!!! What's that!!
Ouch ouch!!

knottyhair Sun 17-Nov-13 06:07:12

Wrigglebum, hope your DS feels better soon.
Well, I'm back on planet Jillian now. Did Shred L1 Weds & Ripped L1 Thurs, and my chest was killing me the next day from the press-ups (first lot in 2 weeks!). Still hard workouts if you go for it, particularly after a break. Then Shred L2 on Friday and ES&S L2 yesterday. Will do YM today, hoping for both levels but depends on what time I get to start. Busy week this week so it's a bit hit & miss but plan is:

Mon - Ripped L2
Tues - day off
Weds - Shred L3
Thurs - day off
Fri - Ripped L3
Sat - hopefully a Bob Harper
Sun - day off

Hope everyone has a good week!

notyummy Sun 17-Nov-13 07:49:35

It's official. My legs hurt. Planning on going for a walk with dd later (nothing dramatic- 4 miles.) Will also have a go on the cross trainer and do my Callanetics.

Hi everyone smile

Cor everyone's been nice and busy on here! Hope all those with aches are feeling better now!

I've not much to report - been doing mainly YM with a bit of L1 S&S thrown in. Although yesterday, I did L1 Killer followed by L2 YM, which was great - a very satisfying combo!

Back still not quite right. It went out earlier and I bent backwards as far as I could and it clicked back into place. Housemate heard the click from a way away and was shocked lol

Chiro tomorrow though so it should all be good - and it's not preventing me from doing some sort of exercise, which is also good smile

Hope you are all doing well, Mondays are the pits, and it's cold sad

Have a good day all

wrigglebum Tue 19-Nov-13 13:55:57

Well I was less achey but I just did L2 6w6p so I'll be feeling it tomorrow. I find it really hard, as I'm getting thinner I'm finding it harder to exercise on an empty stomach, I guess my body is just trying a bit harder to hang on to the fat now I have less of it! I'm going to measure again soon to see where my body fat percentage is. It's so motivating to see it fall!

I really missed exercise and I only had four days off! For some reason now I'm really craving a BFBM session grin. Not today though if I want to move at all tomorrow! Might do a bit of hula hooping later on though to get that waist toned.

Having a very low carb day today, feel like it after eating plenty all weekend. Very much looking forward to steak and roasted veg for dinner!

I'm not happy with my loose skin, I exercised in just shorts and sports bra and it was hanging down unattractively in the planks and wobbling like crazy during mountain climbers. There's not loads, and it's only noticeable when I lean over. I don't know if time will help, I guess it should shrink back in over time. I'm only 34 so I should still have some elasticity right?! Any tips for helping it firm up (apart from the diet and exercise I'm already doing)?

knottyhair Tue 19-Nov-13 18:24:52

Wriggle, just to echo re: loose skin, so any tips gratefully received here too! I also really notice it in plank, and downward dog. My current strategy is just to not look.

notyummy Tue 19-Nov-13 18:25:59

Do you have a goal body fat Wriggle? I was looking online yesterday and reflecting that one of the few bonuses about getting older is that it is easier to hit the 'lean' body fat % as it gradually rises with age!

Not sure about the loose skin. There may be done creams that help but that position you are describing is def the worse for that sort of thing anyway!

I did 6 out of 7 circuits of NMTZ yesterday- ran out of time because I had to get dd from Brownies! The squats and lunges were hard as thighs still aching from 6W6P L2 on Sat. Having a rest day today and then a walk plus BFBM tomorrow.

wrigglebum Tue 19-Nov-13 19:55:34

I think around 20% body fat would be my target, and I'm not far off now I think if you go by the US Navy calculator. My scales say about 26% body fat but compared to other methods of measuring I think they overstate it.

I think I need to use some creams and really massage them in to get the blood flowing. I guess time will help too, I'm just impatient!

Coveredinweetabix Tue 19-Nov-13 20:41:47

I'm looking for some advice. I've been doing the shred on and off for the past six months (although have never managed to full 30 days) and have just started a new cycle of it. Whilst I enjoy it, I've decided I want something new for the New Year. Any suggestions for which JM to do next? Main areas I want to lose weight off/tone up are thighs, bum and tum but everywhere could do with some improvement!

wrigglebum Tue 19-Nov-13 21:15:20

Hi covered. You could try Ripped in 30 if you want something with a similar format but new exercises. I haven't done it but it's highly recommended.

I've been doing Six Week Six Pack which is great for the core. I sometimes do Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (mostly cardio but some strength) and No More Trouble Zones (all strength and bloody hard!) if I have time as they are quite a bit longer. I got them in a box set with Shred.

Killer Buns and Thighs is on my Christmas list to tone up the bum wobble and gets good reviews on here.

notyummy Tue 19-Nov-13 22:16:49

Wow 20 is pretty low (for a non athlete I guess.) I am nearly 42 and hover around the 22/23% mark. On the whole I can stay at that and eat what I like so it works for me (although my diet is healthy on the whole...just some cake every day for fun!)

Happypiglet Wed 20-Nov-13 19:50:18

Hi all Lots going on! I did L3 Shred on Monday as short on time and L1 ES&S yesterday. Rest day today and planning ES&S L2 tomorrow and possibly again on Friday but I have a Killer urge so may do L2 of that instead on Friday.
ES&S is awesome I just love it... it seems to make all of me ache in a good way!
coveredinweetabix I would echo Ripped in 30 as a good next step similar to Shred but I also love Killer Buns and Thighs for bum/legs and now Extreme Shed and Shred but that is a bit longer time wise.
There are sooo many great JM videos.

Happypiglet Wed 20-Nov-13 19:52:22

PS my body fat is now down to around 20% some times it drops below but this is probably a wildly inaccurate reading as its from my bathroom scales. I am 43 weight 8 stone 9ish 5'4" tall. Happy with this and don't want to go any lower as I live in fear of neck, décolletage scragginess IYKWIM

wrigglebum Wed 20-Nov-13 22:04:34

Happypiglet- have you tried this body fat calculator? It's supposed to be pretty accurate. It has me at 23% body fat so 20% might be achievable if I work hard! That does tally with what I'd think- my scales say just under 26% and from previous measuring they seemed to be about 10% over. In July they were saying just under 36% (and 32% on the US Navy calculator), so I'm really pleased with how much it's dropped already.

Did another L2 6w6p. Felt a bit less difficult today- I don't want to say easier and I don't think it could ever call that easy! It does feel like much more of an all round workout than L1. I wanted to do BFBM but DS took ages to go to sleep so needed something a bit shorter.

notyummy Wed 20-Nov-13 22:27:12

Do you think they mean actual hip or 'seat'? Because one gives me 21% and the other 24%- quite a difference! Expensive scales with special handholder things put me at 22.8%. Not sure if I can fagged with getting much lower.

wrigglebum Wed 20-Nov-13 22:50:55

I'm guessing it's the widest part, that's what I've been measuring. Sounds like your fancy scales are better than mine. Whichever of those is the correct measurement it still puts you in the 'fit' category so it's really good. I think I only want to go lower as I've spent all my adult life with a bit more padding than now and I want to see where I can go. If it's too difficult I'm not going to send myself crazy trying smile.

wrigglebum Thu 21-Nov-13 13:42:32

Finally got round to doing BFBM. It's really growing on me, I wasn't that keen the first time I did it but I'm really starting to like it. I still struggle with those scissor kicks but I'll get there!

Happypiglet Thu 21-Nov-13 21:35:42

Hmmm interesting... Depending on whether I measure round hip bones or bum I get 21% (fit) or 26% (acceptable) but then I always have had a big bum! I like to think it's part of an hour glass look but it's probably just big!!
ES&S level 2 today. I enjoyed it altho had to stop between a few circuits! Think I will do Killer L3 tomorrow...

notyummy Fri 22-Nov-13 11:21:46

Did L3 Shred yesterday and a power walk and L1 Shred today. Used 5kg weights throughout except for side lunges and raises (3 kg) and used a mixture of 3 and 2kg weights for the cardio. It was tough!

Happypiglet Sat 23-Nov-13 00:06:49

Did my killer L3 .... Ouch... It's tough and has sneaky jumping lunges ... So a good week all in all. In Sheffield now seeing friends for weekend so won't be doing anything until MonDay. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Jacksterbear Tue 26-Nov-13 10:34:20

I need to buy a longer tape measure so I can do that body fat calculation! The one I have is only 25 inches long!

What's everyone up to this week? My plan is to do all 4 Ripped levels - a modest but hopefully achievable goal! Did L3 yesterday to get it out of the way! Will do L1 today, L2 on Thurs and L4 over the weekend. Quite pleased that I can now give Ripped L3 a really good go - when I first did it (about 18 mths ago) I just didn't have the leg or arm strength for those nasty first and last strength circuits and found the whole level really discouraging.

Last week I tried going for a run but my knee and ankle started hurting after only about 1.5 miles grrr angry.

I've put Shaun T's Focus T25 on my Christmas wish list - but it's £££££ so I don't think I'll actually get it, we'll see though!

Hope everyone is ok. x

wrigglebum Tue 26-Nov-13 15:29:13

I did 6w6p yesterday and planning something this evening but not sure what. That T25 looks great Jackster- fingers crossed Santa is generous.

wrigglebum Tue 26-Nov-13 15:47:04

Oh, an update on the firming cream. I bought the Jergens firming cream that was on offer in Boots. I can see it has made a bit of a difference and there is less flabby skin hanging down when I do planks grin. It's nice and cheap too and absorbs easily. I'd definitely recommend it.

Ooo wrigglebum the firming cream sounds brill. I know exactly what you mean about the plank hang - I never look! Equally depressing is the sight of my belly hanging lower than my non existent boobs!

Forgive me JMers but I've lost the ball recently. Was away for a 4 day weekend and before and since that I've been preoccupied with my mum's upcoming operation date (next Wednesday) and my ailing canine.

Instead of putting aside 1/2 hour for some exercise and feelgood niceness, I've been slipping and falling in cheesecake, chocolate, biscuits, and nuts (I've gone totally bonkers on nuts - macadamias, almonds and cashews in particular - does obsessional need for nuts indicate a deficiency for something?)

It could be worse, but if I don't reign it in now it will spin out of control.

Soooo, this week I'll be YM'ing and doing S&S, with something more challenging at the weekend (not Bob, definitely not Bob, I'm not ready...)

Hope everyone is doing well - sounds like there have been good endeavours... Sorry not to go properly through the posts but feel a bit left behind so will have a read through later and will keep up now !

Bye for now smile

(I don't mean 'left behind' in a poor me kind of way lol)

Standingonlego Tue 26-Nov-13 22:54:01

Hello, new to thread but have done some shred before- got to L2 D7 last time. Thinking of starting RI30 as a change smile The pre-christmas body attack starts tomorrow morning...

knottyhair Wed 27-Nov-13 05:49:18

Great to see lots of activity! Welcome Standing, good luck for this morning! Threesteps, really hope all goes well on Wednesday thanks. Waves to everyone else.
Last week was a bit hit & miss but did manage all levels of Shred, plus Ripped 1 & 2. Had the weekend off (staying with friends). Monday did Ripped 3, and yesterday Ripped 4. Rest of week is planned thus:

Today - 3 circuits of NMTZ with 2 x 2 mins cardio inbetween
Thurs - 4 circuits of BFBM
Fri - L1 S&S
Sat - off
Sun - either Bob or YM depending on time

Am determined to do as much as possible in the run up to Christmas, and hopefully only take a couple of days off over Christmas itself. Oh well, onwards & upwards will not fixate on plank hang.

Jacksterbear Wed 27-Nov-13 10:00:15

3steps: well done for taking the first step to getting back in control and making exercise plans for the week. Can you throw away all the chocolate/cake etc so there's none left in the house? We are here to listen if it helps you to talk on the thread. (((Hugs)))

knotty your plan for the week looks great! standing, how did you get on this morning? And wrigglebum thanks for the cream recommendation. smile

EarSlaps Wed 27-Nov-13 10:24:50

Wrigglebum here, decided on a name change.

Well, no Jillian last night. Did about 25 minutes hula hooping, some calls ethics stomach exercises and some chest/bicep/tricep work with free weights in front of masterchef.

Hopefully I'll get another 6w6p done today if I get time.

EarSlaps Wed 27-Nov-13 10:25:31

Callanetics not calls ethic!

notyummy Wed 27-Nov-13 17:42:22

Well I was away at the weekend but managed a shred before I went and a gym session at the hotel on Saturday. Was too hungover on Sunday though. On Monday did cross trainer, day off yesterday and 5 mile power walk followed by L2 S and S today. Plan is cross trainer tomorrow and Bob ( if I feel up to it) on Friday.

Standingonlego Wed 27-Nov-13 21:30:09

Hi folks, thank you for checking in on me. I missed this morning, but have just done Ri30 D1 L1 as promised - just a bit later than planned! It was ok actually, but i could only find 1 1kg handweight so had to use a bottle of water for the other so I think i got away quite lightly.

I did 3-Shred with 2kg (goodness only knows where DS2 has hidden them,. I reserve judgement until tomorrow when i may be too stiff to move grin. I was not happy to see my most hated exercise of shred - front raises and side lunges - make an apperance!

Hi all
First time using freeby tablet so this will be emoticon free ha ha
Jacskster, knotty and everyone else - can't read back! Thx so much for your kind words xx
I'm back on track today with a level 1killer, yay!
Welcome standing!
Congrats on l1 ripped. Keep posting and let us know how you're getting on...
Earslaps loved the new name lol
Core blimey this tablet typing is hard work!

Will check in tomorrow from PC. Ym tomorrow, both levels if I have time but defo ones level..

See u all tomorrow, good work everyone!

Ah ha!
:-) :-) :-) :-)


notyummy Thu 28-Nov-13 09:05:12

Good to see you back on it threesteps!

Standingonlego- this may not be what you want to hear, but there is (IMO) and huge gap between L1 Ripped, which I think is the easiest of all her workouts, and the other three levels. Just so you are mentally prepared- and also to know that others find them hard too.

Standingonlego Thu 28-Nov-13 09:41:15

notyummy that is good to know, as i was finding it a bit easy going at times and was a bit surprised by that! I might do another couple of days and then step it up to L2 then - need the benefits before the Christmas party season smile

EarSlaps Thu 28-Nov-13 13:40:49

BFBM done. Missed the second half of the last circuit as DS woke up in a grump but it's still a hell of a workout! I also missed off the warm up- thanks to whoever on here suggested it. The first circuit is pretty easy and I'd just walked a mile home from playgroup at pace so was already quite warm!

Did 6w6p yesterday, think I'll take a day off tomorrow and then another 6w6p on the weekend.

Good work on Ripped Lego. I'm really looking forward to getting that one. As per the advice here I might go straight to L2 since I've done a lot of other Jillian stuff.

Jacksterbear Thu 28-Nov-13 14:37:02

EarSlaps - good one. BFBM rocks!

standing - I agree with notyummy re Ripped. Just done L2 actually - love it - but there are some seriously nasty plank cardio circuits in there so brace yourself grin.

3steps good to see you getting to grips with the new technology wink


Jackster I am being dragged kicking and screaming into the new technological century!

Standing good point from notyummy - sounds like a plan to do a few days on L1 and then move on up.

Earslaps - 6w6p followed by BFBM the next day is brilliant! I love BFBM because although it's cardio it also has that great abs/core circuit in the middle. I am never redder than finishing BFBM lol

Had a great day today smile Got lots of work done, then did my once-weekly shift at the charity shop (I'm like a pig in sh*t clover in there - I love charity and junk shops!).

Came home and did double YM. This is now without doubt my favourite JM DVD. It's such a shame she only did the 2 levels - a third level would have been fab.

I know I'm missing the cardio element though so am going to have to wean myself off it a bit. I managed the crow pose for about 11 seconds today - felt like a Strong Amazonian Warrior grin

Hope everyone is doing well. Nearly the weekend, yipee!

Happypiglet Fri 29-Nov-13 10:56:37

Hi all....not been on here this week as basically it has gone a bit tits up pear shaped (excuse the pun...)
Planned a L2 week (one each of L2 Shred, Ripped, ES&S, Killer and then something else)... in the event I have only managed to fit in Ripped L2 on Monday and Killer L2 today...
Both of those are probably my least favourite levels on both DVDs. I still feel a little sick after finishing Killer 10 mins ago! Its those lateral jumps followed by star jumps right at the end..
There is so much going on here- miss a week and you are so far behind so won't name check everyone ...but hi to Standing ! Brace yourself for L2 Ripped ('who does 2 minutes of cardio in plank? Me that's who') yuck!
Will try to be better next week now Xmas shopping finished, turkey ordered, Christmas cards made by kids, house clean (nothing like an in law visitation to get ones mind focused on dirty baths!), hair cut, teeth sorted etc etc
Maybe a L3 week next week (except for ES&S L2 I think!)
Happy weekend everyone.

Jacksterbear Fri 29-Nov-13 11:43:39

Ooh happyp that "level 2 week" idea is totally insane awesome! A seriously tough one. There's still the weekend - any chance of you salvaging the week with a workout on one or both weekend days?

3steps glad to see you seeming more positive and enjoying YM. smile

Happypiglet Fri 29-Nov-13 13:25:47

Yep it would have been tough if I had actually done it!! No time this weekend as In laws visiting. No way I can exercise with them around would not want to subject them to my sweaty exercising self too embarrassing...
Next week is another week....

notyummy Fri 29-Nov-13 16:06:12

Well I did L1 S and S on Wed and it really didn't agree with my back. Think it may be the yoga stuff, as it's not that hard in itself IFYSWIM. So I just 45 minute on the cross trainer yesterday rather than any Jillian or Bob stuff. Did L2 S and S and a 5 mile power walk today and although L2 is harder than 1, it is ok on my back. Psyching myself up for Bob tomorrow.....

Late night call to you all, hello!

Just got back from a friend's birthday party and feeling a bit wibbly [gin]

Notyummy, that's interesting re the back. I've been seriously overdosing on the YM and it's done my back the world of good. You might remember the chiro said I had a flat back (no arch)? x weeks of doing YM (4?) and my back has an arch that Marble Arch would be proud of lol

I can't wait til my next chiro appointment to show him!

I don't think I've ever got the sense of achievement, or more generally the feeling of ease with my body, than I have with YM. I will be contacting her to berate her about the lack of a L3 - hopefully she will pop out a new DVD to redress the situation grin

Happypiglet, whether or not you matched your schedule, any number of JM level 2s is to be proud of!

I think we should always remember that this is something we build into our lives - so if we don't fit in as much as we hoped one week, all is not lost. We just carry on the next week...

I've exercised (yoga) all this week but have eaten like a pigleto, I kind of felt like is was a nice balance...

I've had a seriously scary swerve off the path but all it took was a few days and I was back into the swing of it again smile

So yesterday, double YM, and today, double YM - so this weekend I have to do some cardio!

This is the most sustained period of time I've ever felt so fit and sorted. when did I first post - 3 years ago?

If I'm feeling really brave I may post a photo over the weekend cos I'm feeling happy in my skin smile

Hope you all have a fab weekend <waves to Jackster - how are you doing mate?>

Will check in on Sunday smile

Jacksterbear Sat 30-Nov-13 13:09:26

<waves back to 3steps> sounds like you had a good night grin. Well done you for getting back on track.

notyummy I agree with you re L1 S&S being a bit dodgy on the back - and I don't even have a bad back! I try really hard to keep my core tight and steady on the yoga/kung fu-type moves which seems to help - but I'm sure you're doing that already.

Well I did all 4 Ripped levels this week which was what I wanted to achieve - yay me! I always think of L3 of being the nasty one and somehow forget that L4 is pretty evil too - in fact I think it might be worse as it combines the cardio-hardness of L2 with the ouch-factor of L3!

Are you all exercising or relaxing, or both, this weekend?

Jacksterbear Sat 30-Nov-13 13:12:21

Ooh and 3steps yy to the photo <nosy> <interested and ready to compliment and motivate>

Afternoon all!

Gah! I don't drunk post much but when I do... I <cringe> sorry about that!

Jackster well done for doing all the Ripped levels! Apart from L1 it's a proper toughie! What are your plans for next week or will you wait and see?

Hmm, photo. Not feeling quite so up for it in the cold light of day, but I may have a go with my camera phone tomorrow...

No exercising for me today but I must must must do some cardio tomorrow! I might do one level of Killer with one level of YM.

Hope everyone else is well. Have a good rest of weekend smile

EarSlaps Sat 30-Nov-13 16:57:59

Well all your talk about YM and I thought I'd give it a go- couldn't do it at all. I think it was more to do with only getting about 3 hours sleep, I just couldn't get it at all. I gave up and did L2 6w6p instead as I know what I'm doing with that. I do want to get into YM- I have quite a flat back I think too and would like better lower back flexibility. If it helps I'd be really pleased.

Earslaps my back was almost totally straight a few months ago, no arch to it at all.
Admittedly I have been doing the exercise the chiro showed me (lying flat with a rolled towel under sacral bone area), but there's no doubt yoga has helped massively and most of all.
Probably not a good initiation day if you're knackered, poor you. Hope you get a better night tonight. Don't give up on YM, give it another go when you're feeling more up to it smile

EarSlaps Sat 30-Nov-13 18:32:21

We've got a back stretcher thing I might get round to using again, then I'll try YM when I'm less knackered.

notyummy Sun 01-Dec-13 07:40:42

I am quite tempted by YM although slightly scared that it might be the wrong kind of thing for my back!

Did all of Bob's Pure Strength yesterday. Sheesh. Was really pleased I had done it though- had upper body fatigue for hours afterwards though. I must force myself to do it more often (min of once a week I think) so j can see an improvement. It is so long and so hard that I make excuses but feel great afterwards! He talks about doing it daily....err, no. The first time we did it together DH and I were lying on the floor utterly knackered at the end, and Bob was banging on about 'waiting for you here tomorrow' and DH said 'wait away Bob, wait away....'

bragmatic Sun 01-Dec-13 08:46:05

Hello all. Can I ask some advice? As a result of good genes and a good diet and plenty of yoga and pilates, I am good shape (toned etc), but have just an 'average' level of fitness, maybe slightly below. I'd also like to build my strength. I loathe and detest running, and so does my pelvic floor.

I certainly don't need to lose weight, but need to get fitter, and perhaps a little stronger. What would be the best dvd to start with? She has so many…

knottyhair Sun 01-Dec-13 08:47:12

Notyummy, I was planning on Bob's Pure Strength for today, but my shoulder and one side of my back is quite sore (probably from lugging my chubster DD around!). So I did YM L2 - more than hard enough for me (can't do crow at all, and a bit crap at chataranga - sp?) but it is short, only 25 mins and I think it was the right choice. I'd say go for it, and maybe stick to the beginner versions until you're sure it's OK for your back.
Plan for this week is:
Mon - 6W6P L1
Tues - 6W6P L2
Wed - Killer L1
Thurs - Killer L2
Fri - Killer L3
Sat - off
Sun - Bob's Pure Strength (hopefully!)

Have a good one everyone!

EarSlaps Sun 01-Dec-13 09:01:14

Bragmatic- start with shred would be my recommendation. L1 is very manageable (though you may need to brace the pelvic floor during the jumping jacks). L2 is quite a step up so don't move on until you're really ready and can do at least a couple of moves like Natalie. The high intensity circuits will really boost your fitness levels.

bragmatic Sun 01-Dec-13 09:23:16

Thanks. Will do.

Happypiglet Sun 01-Dec-13 18:20:29

Hi all you all put my lazy weekends to shame! I want to post my plan so I get on with it next week so here goes
Mon- Shred L3
Tues- ES&S L2
Weds - Ripped L3
Thurs Killer L3
Fri- hmm something that takes my fancy - maybe ES&S L1
Interestingly earslaps and 3steps I have exactly the opposite back issue to you- namely too much curve...I am unable to get my back flat on the floor even with my pelvis tilted right up which makes the pike type abs moves almost impossible for me... plus I have awfully rounded shoulders and cannot get my arms flat on the floor behind my head either... which makes Supermans um interesting...
Bragmatic I would echo Shred as a good start but be warned if you are unfit generally it is not a cake walk even at L1- I was almost sick the first time I did it after no exercising for about 5 years! And the strength was hard for my frankly puny arms. But its short and I echo the pelvic floor clenching required in jumping jacks....

Evening all smile

Earslaps the back stretcher thing sounds interesting - how does it work? (apart from stretching your back grin)

Notyummy my Bob Pure Strength seems to have got lost in my collection <whistles innocently> I'm not quite ready for it yet as I've not been doing enough cardio I don't think.

Re YM, I think it really helps if you are always, consciously, keeping your core tight. Knotty the crow pose is a revelation! Managed 20 secs today smile And by squeezing my core as tight as possible, like she says, and it bloomin' works!

Knotty and Happypiglet, your plans for next week sound great! Happypiglet we have been at opposite ends of the back spectrum! Does having a pronounced arch hurt at all?

Bragmatic welcome to the thread! Agree with other peeps that Shred is the best starting point. If you do find it hard, don't worry, keep plugging away and you'll be amazed by how quickly you improve. Also, you will ache, a lot, after day 1 lol Try and push through to day 2 if you can. The aches, however, horrid, are all good smile

I did nothing yesterday and today I did L1 S&S followed by L2 YM. Another good combo smile Either level of YM is quite short, so it's easy to tag onto the back of another workout.

Not sure about plans for next week as mum goes into hospital on Wednesday. THink I will take it day by day and see what's possible.

hope everyone has had a nice weekend smile

notyummy Mon 02-Dec-13 08:38:16

Good luck for your mum threesteps. Absolutely no 'pure' cardio in the Bob strength one, although plenty of deep breathing/sweating after a lovely combo of bicep curl, straight into shoulder press...straight into squat...jump back into jump back up to start again.Nice.

Was a bit achy yesterday so did 30 mins on the cross trainer followed by 20 mins Callanetics and stretching. Plan to do L2 Killer today after work.

EarSlaps Mon 02-Dec-13 09:41:28

This is the back stretcher. Expensive, but cheaper than a chiro appointment. Got it mostly for DH as he gets sore sat at a desk all day but I like using it too. Hadn't used it for ages, but got it out again and I'm lying on it now.

Well three days after a 5 minute attempt at YM and my triceps are still feeling it! Must try it again soon.

Good luck to your mum threesteps.

Happypiglet Mon 02-Dec-13 14:42:19

Well Shred L3 done today- that is one ticked off.. Is it insane that I am looking forward to ES&S L2 tomorrow? I lurve that DVD!
3steps good luck to your mum. My arch doesn't cause me pain thank fully...

EarSlaps Mon 02-Dec-13 14:57:42

I did YM! Found it pretty hard but was nice to have something with no jumping around. No doubt I'll be aching tomorrow. I quite liked it, I think I'll try it every now and then but I'm really trying to finish 6w6p now. Don't think I'll manage it by Christmas now though.

Jacksterbear Mon 02-Dec-13 16:23:50

Well done Earslaps! Happyp, yep you are mad to look forward to L2 es@s - it's so very unpleasant! In fact it's up there with L2Killer as the most horrible workout imo. Did you do that today notyummy?

Annoyed as have come down with a heavy cold and bad sinuses - was thinking I might be able to manage a Davina DVD, but was a clammy, sweaty, dizzy wreck just doing the school run so decided against it!

notyummy Mon 02-Dec-13 21:08:46

I did do L2 Killer today. It hurt!! Those bloomin single legged burpees nearly finished me off. I don't find particularly hard cardio wise (last bit of last circuit gets me going though) but my legs were burning throughout..

Happypiglet Tue 03-Dec-13 11:04:10

Done ES&S L2 and loved it again!!! Although I can feel it now!
I did Killer L2 last Friday and found it tough...
Not got YM but everyone seems to love it... do you think it would help my flexibility (which is 'not my strong suit')??
Still have 6W6P unopened in my lounge... oo maybe on Friday I should give L1 of that a go as I hadn't decided on a DVD for that day.
Anyway L3 Ripped to look forward to (?) tomorrow

Evening all, been lovely and busy on here!

Jackster get well soon and don't exercise until you feel better. I remember trying once with a dizzy head and it was a horrible experience.

Happypiglet, YM will defo help you with flexibility smile It's a totally different kind of DVD as there are no weights and no cardio - but you will feel it the next day! I will stand proud with you as a lover of ES&S grin

Earslaps well done with YM! And thanks so much for the back stretcher link. I found similar ones on ebay that cost a bit less and it's gone on my xmas list smile

Notyummy totally agree about single legged burpies - she puts those in L2 and single legged mountain climbers in L3, which I think are far easier! Not sure how I feel about knowing there is no cardio in the Bob DVD bang goes my excuse lol Am now considering trying it this weekend...

Double YM today, nothing yesterday. I'm going to make myself interspere YM with something else, so perhaps a Killer tomorrow.

Currently have mum's dog here with mine and they follow me everywhere grin I'm dragging a long cloak of dogs wherever I go!

Thanks for the well wishes for my lovely Mum smile Her op is tomorrow morning. She should be out on Thursday all being well. She's upbeat and ready to get stuck in and get the whole thing over with. She is a trooper, there's no doubt about that!

Have a lovely evening everyone x

Jacksterbear Tue 03-Dec-13 19:27:35

Good work all! Still feeling rubbish sad. So annoying, as Mon and Tues are the days I have most opportunity to exercise. May be able to salvage the week if I'm ok by Thurs and can do both weekend days.

Best wishes for tomorrow 3steps. Hope all goes ok.


Thanks Jackster smile
Get well soon flowers

MrsFlorrick Tue 03-Dec-13 22:11:42

Hello everyone

Just catching up.

I'm back into it this week. I had two weeks "off" where due to SI joint pain I only worked out 5 times. Pain unrelated to workouts. It's child bearing/birth related.

So on week 3 of Ripped in 30. Duck walk is a nightmare. It's ouch.

Squat jacks are hard. My face was virtually purple afterwards. wink

Hi Earslaps. How are you?? Have you seen Trucks anywhere? I miss her. X

EarSlaps Wed 04-Dec-13 07:08:04

I'm ok thanks. Still managing to maintain my weight despite some bad eating creeping in due to lack of sleep (teething DS). Trucks did pop onto the 6w6p thread, she's doing lots of dance classes so not much time for Jillian.

Hope your joints are feeling ok now, do you still have any exercises from the physio you could do?

Happypiglet Wed 04-Dec-13 09:46:05

Hi all
Jackster hope you feel better soon..
threesteps thinking of you and your mum today- hope all goes well
Just finished L3 Ripped ... 3 days of my 'L3' week done so feeling pleased with myself. Although I have noticed a fundamental flaw in my plans. I have done jumping lunges and squats every day so far... can't remember if they are in L3 Killer that I am doing tomorrow...I sincerely hope not!!

Happypiglet, I hate to be the bearer of bad news.................


Welcome back Mrs Florrick smile Glad to hear you're feeling better. Duck walks are the pits!

Happypiglet Wed 04-Dec-13 14:59:21

Oh no...

How did you get on Happypiglet?

Hello to everyone smile

Mum's op went very well yesterday. She was in overnight and discharged this afternoon and she'll hopefully sleep for a few days and take it easy. I'm dogsitting her dog and am close at hand if she needs anything. (She didn't want me to stay - perhaps she'd had enough after bunion-gate lol!)

Did L1 YM yesterday and today L2 Killer followed by L2 YM. Loved Killer, I hadn't done L2 for a while...

Hope everyone is doing well. Thank crunchie it's Friday tomorrow fsmile

Threesteps x

Happypiglet Thu 05-Dec-13 19:49:09

So glad to hear it went well threesteps...what a relief.
Well I did Killer L3 as scheduled...jumping lunges AGAIN but thankfully no jumping squats...I must admit I modified the lunges slightly...
This weeks programme (L3 of Ripped, Shred, Killer and L2 ES&S) has been extremely leg heavy... so I am planning to give L1 6W6P its first outing tomorrow- I previewed it today and it looks doable. To give my legs a bit of a break.
Not sure what my plan should be next week- its my last child free week until after Xmas so I feel I should go out with a bang but not sure I can cope with that line up again!
And breaking news hit my target weight of 8 stone 7 lbs today... back to my pre 3 DC weight hooray!
Hope none of you are caught up in this storm.

Woo hoo Happypiglet, that's fantastic fgrin Bloomin' well done! You must be seriously chuffed!

Next week could you do more of the S&S and 6W6P - not that either of those are leg-light, but might provide a little more relief than the others lol

Enjoy the weekend, you've earned it smile

knottyhair Fri 06-Dec-13 05:40:15

Threesteps, glad your mum's op went well and hope she recovers soon. Congratulations Happypiglet, that's amazing!
Didn't do any Jillian yesterday as my back was a bit painful yesterday morning, so decided to rest it. Feel better today so will do Killer L2 which was planned for yesterday.

Happypiglet Fri 06-Dec-13 11:44:21

Hope you enjoyed Killer knotty
Did L1 6W6p this morning- actually quite tough in places and I enjoyed it. I find flat on my back ab work hard tho (due to back arch thingy) so it prob won't be a favourite of mine...
Still not decided on a plan for next week. Will think it over this weekend.
Have a good one everyone..

EarSlaps Fri 06-Dec-13 12:59:53

Great news threesteps and well done happy!

Just done 6w6p after a couple of days off exercise. I always find it gives me a nice boost having a short break, found it easier today than normal despite moving up from a 2kg to 3kg weight.

Knotty, hope Killer went okay today.

and well done getting back into it Earslaps - I always find it's hard after a break!

Happypiglet, I think 6W6P is the DVD most likely to aggravate if you have any kind of back ishoos!

Bless me Jillian for I have sinned. Not only do I have Bob Pure Strength which I haven't done yet, but early this week in a Yoga frenzy I ordered Bob's yoga workout too!

Not sure how it compares to YM really. It's twice as long, so an hour all in. And I managed to pretty much keep up with everything apart from the Bird of Paradise, where you basically tie yourself in a knot and then stand up fgrin Seriously!

I'm not aching as much as I have been after YM, but perhaps YM trained me so well and that's why?! I'll hold off until I get out of bed tomorrow to say for sure...

I shall report back then! Hope everyone is doing well - have a great weekend smile

rubbishfamily333 Fri 06-Dec-13 22:19:24

Hi everyone, I thought I would pop my head in as I'm am thinking I need to start shred again, I get bored of shred and give up so I'm thinking I may get some more of her dvds.

Which ones are the quickest?
Which ones give the best results?
Also I have a bad ankle, which one will aggrivate it less?
What is her yoga dvd like?

lots of questions fsmile

Hi Rubbish!

Ripped in 30 is a very similar format to Shred (timewise, but 1 more level than Shred). Level 1 is very easy but after that it's a step-up from Shred.

Killer Buns and Thighs is an excellent DVD - does what it says on the tin. It's a bit longer at 30 mins.

No More Trouble Zones - around 40 mins, all strength, no real cardio. I hate it because I find it really hard!

6W6P - around 40 mins again I think. 2 levels - it's a great DVD but take care if you have any back issues.

Extreme Shed & Shred - is really fun. 2 levels, 30 mins each. Takes a few goes to get into the swing of it but it's a goodie. Probably not as hard as some of the others, Level 1 anyway...

Burn Fat Boost Metabolism - 40 mins cardio all the way. You will feel nicely cooked by the end. Has circuits so you don't have to do all of them if you don't want to (same with No More Trouble Zones actually)

Yoga Meltdown - I am becoming a total bore about this one as I adore it. I think it's a fab DVD to mix in with some of her other workouts!

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think ....

My current favourites are Killer Buns, E Shed & Shred and Yoga Meltdown. I guess Yoga Meltdown might be a good option compared to the others with a bad ankle as there's no jarring impact as it were, I'm not sure though.

I'm not a Jillian Michaels nerd at all, oh no...

Shout if you have any more questions and stick with us smile

Went out for an amazing lunch and had a fish burger and proper chips, big fat chunky yummy chips!!!

Am still feeling full and bloated as I never usually have a big lunch...but thinking I'd feel a load better if I did something exercise-wise, and make some room for more goodies tonight grin

Am going to ponder if, and what, I can manage...

will check in tomorrow

(p.s. surprisingly un-achey after Bob's yoga yesterday hmm)

notyummy Sat 07-Dec-13 18:01:18

rubbish- if you have a dodgy ankle then you may won't to avoid too much jumping? If so, them No More Trouble Zones would be good. It is longer but you can just do certain circuits if you are short of time. Also L1 of Killer, L1 of 6W6P and L2 of Shed and Shred have no jumping in I think.

Did BFBM with DH (back from Afghanistan - hurray!) yesterday. 5 mile walk and L 1 Shred today. Not sure about tomorrow.

Notyummy, yay for your DH being back home smile

I've had a very productive weekend on the exercise front - no other plans so could get stuck in!

I did another Bob yoga yesterday, felt it more second time around!

Today I've just done L2 S&S followed by L2 YM - was great! My balance has improved so much over the past month or so...

Bob looks like a better version of Gary Barlow. I'm concerned I'm going to develop a crush on Bob to add to the crush on Jillian grin (God, doesn't 'crush' make me sound old lol)

Hope everyone's had a lovely weekend smile

EarSlaps Mon 09-Dec-13 18:03:50

Did 6w6p yesterday. Today I didn't really have time for it, so I did the seven minute workout instead (you can google it). I did three circuits, so 21 minutes. It's not too difficult if you're used to Jillian but it's good for a change or if you're away from home. I got a free app for it.

I also downloaded a yoga app, which does a whole range of classes. The 15 minute stretch class is good to do after a workout as an alternative to the usual stretch.

knottyhair Tue 10-Dec-13 05:44:34

Threesteps I love Bob too!
Notyummy, glad your DH is back home smile.
Earslaps, will google that, sounds interesting.
The end of last week was a bit crap. Didn't feel quite right on Thurs & Fri, couldn't put my finger on it but just a bit weak & not much appetite, so didn't do anything in the end. Didn't develop into any illness though, very strange! Saturday we went to London for the day so lots of walking (St Pancras to St Paul's to Covent Garden & Trafalgar Square, back to St Pancras) but no Jillian obviously. Planned to do Bob on Sunday but managed to stub my toe when I got up and it was very sore & bruised and couldn't put any shoes on - what a twat. But fine yesterday, so back to it! Did Killer L2, and couldn't finish the one-legged burpees, had to do normal ones for most of the 2nd lot. Plan for the rest of the week is:
Today - Killer L3
Tomorrow - off, need to walk into town & back for Xmas shopping
Thurs - Ripped L1
Fri - Shred L1
Sat - either Bob or YM
Sun - off, DD's 1st family birthday party

notyummy Tue 10-Dec-13 08:02:13

I will join in with the Bob love. I really like his style even when I hatecwhat he is making me so in Pure Strength!

Managed 45 mins on cross trainer on Sunday and NMTZ yesterday with DH. Nothing today and maybe Bob tomorrow

Happypiglet Wed 11-Dec-13 10:09:32

I feel a certain amount of infidelity has crept onto the Thread! Bob indeed!!!
How did Killer L3 go knotty?
Well totally failed on Monday...PMT and too much to do!
But got back into it yesterday with ES&S L1 which I love.
Today I had more time so have just done NMTZ for the first time in over a year... I enjoyed it...good all round workout and I even get out of breath in some circuits.
Not been brave enough to do BFBM... that really is the one I find almost impossible...which probably means I ought to do it more!
Hope everyone's plans are going well.

EarSlaps Wed 11-Dec-13 10:30:15

I am very committed to Jillian, I just like to flirt grin. I have to say other things seem to pale in comparison. I might have a fling with bob once I've worked through my new Jillian DVDs I'm getting for Christmas.

Well done on NMTZ. I must give it a go another time, but I find it so hard. However I don't find BFBM too bad, the scissor kicks do kill me but otherwise I cope ok. I think I'm pretty fit from a cardiovascular perspective but I'm a bit of a natural weekling and I struggle to improve on the weights. I have now got up to 10 full push-ups though, not bad since I couldn't do one a few months ago.

Jacksterbear Wed 11-Dec-13 10:58:54

Think I'm like you EarSlaps, I'm quite fit but not strong, esp in my shoulders, and really struggle with anything that has plank work and/or arm raises. I can't imagine progressing beyond 2kg weights at the moment! I find BFBM ok too, although not exactly easy! Well done on NMTZ, Happy. I find I have to be in quite a strong mental state to face that one as it's a long hard slog!

knotty - did you do Killer L3? I can't believe I still haven't ever done it - the only level on all my Jillian DVDs I haven't been able to bring myself to do! blush

Well last week I didn't manage any Jillian but did manage 3x Davina workouts towards the end of the week. They were what first got me off my unfit backside and into exercise about 6 years ago, and now I keep them in reserve for when I've been ill or injured or otherwise not up to Jillian.

This week am feeling much better, so kicked off the week with a L2 6W6P yesterday. Not sure what plans for rest of week will be but hopefully I'll be able to for something in tomorrow and at least one day, hopefully both, at the weekend.

notyummy Wed 11-Dec-13 12:04:10

I think L3 Killer is easier than L2 so really not something to be scared of.

I do both NMTZ and BFBM regularly. Before my back op I was a runner and reasonably fast (45 min pb for 10k and 1 hr 42 for half marathon, so not much of JMs cardio stuff scares me, although I do huff and puff a bit in circuit 6 of BFBM. And the second circuit of L2 6W6P. Also having done Insanity I think it reset my idea of what hard cardio fed like to a whole new level!! I served in the military for 7 years so was expected to be pretty strong (and shouted at by scary trainers if not working hard enough!!) Because of that I think my upper body strength is reasonably good for a woman. I've taken a step back after the op, but can still do around 45 press ups in one go (last tried that last week.) used to be nearer 60 before the op.

Just did Bobs Pure Strength with DH. Arms are shaking....

Day off tomorrow and cross trainer Friday. Will potentially be hung over Saturday but hope for a long family walk and perhaps one level of Shred.

Happypiglet Wed 11-Dec-13 21:24:19

I am seriously fenvy of all you who find BFBM OK.... It kills me.... My CV fitness has always been my limiting factor and I can't run for that reason and the fact I find it dull ...
When I was at my fittest and young I still struggled with CV... I have wondered at some point if I have mild asthma as its a 'shortness of breath' thing...
I have improved with concentrated JMing to the point where I find mountain climbers a rest in some of her DVDs! But It's the pliometric (spelling? ) stuff I find the most difficult. But again have improved. I am not sure on the wrong side of 40 I can do much more about it....
NMTZ conversely I find really doable ...may be I should up the weights in some bits...

knottyhair Thu 12-Dec-13 05:23:15

Killer L3 is good! Like Notyummy says, I think L2 is harder (couldn't finish the one legged burpees on Mon, had to do normal ones for the last few blush). Am I weird for loving rockstars/cannonballs??
Earslaps, great achievement with the push-ups!
Jackster, glad you're feeling better.
Notyummy, you continue to amaze me! I love that you think 45 mins for 10K is "reasonable" grin.
Happypiglet, I also find BFBM a bit dull. I must admit, I only ever do 4 circuits, claiming lack of time. I could do the whole thing on a weekend when I sometimes have more time, but would rather do Bob, or double YM. I do add weights to the 4 circuits though.
Day off yesterday, had to walk into town and back which is no mean feat uphill with chubster DD in the pushchair and a load of Christmas shopping. Ripped L1 today, Shred L1 tomorrow but I don't think I'll fit anything in over the weekend now. DS is nagging me to make some mince pies, need to clean the house properly, not just a go round with a packet of wipes for DD's do on Sunday, and bake a birthday cake, oh, and a Waitrose shop and watch Strictly with a tin of Roses. Have a good one, peeps!

Happypiglet Thu 12-Dec-13 10:23:06

Squeezed in Shred L1 this morning...I ache after NMTZ yesterday... enjoyed it in a masochistic kinda way! One minute strength moves are still hard... I wonder why she never does them in any of her other DVDs...
Got one more day before school hols which means exercise will go out of the window.... And only got until 12 noon so will need to do a short one. Prob Shred L2..
Full on weekend planned knotty hope it all goes well <runs off to make a note to make mince pies!>

knottyhair Thu 12-Dec-13 14:45:40

Totally agree about 1 min of strength Happypiglet. In a way, Ripped is easier as she does 3 x 30 sec strength moves, so if you hate something, it's not for long! On a non Jillian subject, I'm giving these a go on Saturday, as there's no chilling, no rolling out. Made the mincemeat a couple of weeks ago, so should be quick.... maybe not with DD clamouring round my ankles smile.

Jacksterbear Thu 12-Dec-13 15:56:51

Mmmmm mince piiiiies fgrin

Agree re 1m strength too, it seems to go on forever!

L1 6w6p done today, which I really don't like much, but legs were aching after L2 on Tues and needed something not too hard on the legs. Also, it's quite satisfying to have ticked off both levels of 6w6p in a week. fsmile

EarSlaps Thu 12-Dec-13 20:03:23

6w6p done today. After saying that I was ok with cardiovascular exercise I really struggled with getting through this. I was puffing and panting and I was wobbling all over the place!

I also find the plyometrics in BFBM really tough, my legs just feel a bit too weak for them. I really want to work on my strength, I'm determined to improve the number of push ups I can do!

I posted a picture on my profile of me most of way through 6w6p. I did want to wait until I'd finished it, but I think the Christmas bloat will set in soon so I thought I might as well do it now.

Those mince pies look great, might have to make them with the boys.

Jacksterbear Thu 12-Dec-13 20:31:37

Lovely ab definition, EarSlaps. fsmile

Hi all <waves to all>

Earslaps you look fantastic! Wow, 6W6P has paid dividends smile

I still haven't posted a pic, gah, might over the weekend. Unless I chicken out again lol

Everyone sounds like they've been doing fantastic stuff. I think we can forgive ourselves if we fall off the wagon a bit around Christmas - for time reasons more than anything else!

I've been plodding away. Yesterday I did another hour of Yoga Bob. And today I did L3 Killer followed by L1 YM. Still loving that stretchy stuff grin

The charity shop I help in had a pair of 4.5 kg dumbells so I snapped them up for a bargainous £3! I certainly won't be upgrading totally to them, but they'll be useful for some of the less impossible JM strength stuff when 3 kg doesn't feel enough!

Have a good rest of week all smile

EarSlaps Thu 12-Dec-13 22:29:58

I can't imagine a day when 3kg doesn't feel enough! I guess maybe chest flies, but any of the shoulder stuff I struggle going over 1kg.

Thanks for the kind words guys. I certainly feel a lot better these days, it's nice to feel stronger and leaner. Clothes fit so much better when they don't have to go over a layer of flab too.

knottyhair Fri 13-Dec-13 09:49:43

Threesteps, is Bob's yoga one good? How does it compare to YM?
Great photo Earslaps, you look amazeballs. My midriff on the other hand still resembles uncooked dough.
I did Shred L1 this morning. Still only manage a mix of 2 & 3 kg, but added weights to all the cardio moves as well. Still rather sweaty by the end. I want to get some 5kg, just for moves like dead lifts and some of the bicep stuff. Anything like a lateral raise, or squat presses, I can only do 2kg, 3kg for most other stuff. Well, that's me done until Monday now. Have a good weekend everyone! I shall be mostly baking then eating cake grin.

Happypiglet Fri 13-Dec-13 10:15:39

Lovely pic earslaps
Well had more time than I thought today so did ES&S L2...wanted to go out with a bang..
I use 2kgs for almost everything except dead lifts, good mornings and bicep curls.. I can't co-ordinate heavier weights and keep my form if moving my legs as well IYSWIM!
Won't get anything done now until the New Year but will pop on to see how everyone else manages!
Off to PO to do last Xmas posting and then collecting my sons at 12 noon...hooray Christmas has started!

Happy well done on finishing on a bang! Have a fab Christmas if we don't year from you before xx

Earslaps like Knotty said there won't be many I will up the weights for! In Shred 1, those 'clean and press', deadlifts, bicep stuff, and possibly surrenders, which strangely I don't find too bad - only with 3 kg so far though!

<waves to Knotty!>


Yoga Bob is fantastic, I'm really enjoying it. Definitely a step up from YM, mainly as he holds you longer in every pose - aggggees in a chair pose, ow, back and forth between warrior 1 and 2, ow again!

Even holding you in down dog for a good while, you feel yourself working hard.

But the hour really flies by and you feel great afterwards. I can't tell you how much my balance has improved since doing yoga. I can now do the warrior 3 pose without much trouble, and find things on one leg very doable now.

I can also do quite a bit of - I suppose it would be the advanced stuff on his DVD shock <- not meaning to be smug, just mentioning it as it's amazing how fast you improve if you do it regularly...

It does help that Bob is nice to look at too grin

Notyummy I'm really considering Strength Bob on Sunday <wibble>
Is it around an hour?

knottyhair Fri 13-Dec-13 12:37:58

Very inspiring Threesteps, I think I will be making a purchase! Bob's Pure Strength is around an hour, yes. Although Notyummy will be more accurate I'm sure. It's really good, go on...

notyummy Fri 13-Dec-13 13:09:34

Pure strength is 66 minutes!

Hideously hung over. Forcing myself to do 30 hard mind in the cross trainer as am out again tonight- and tomorrow. Suspect Sunday maybe a duvet day...

EarSlaps Fri 13-Dec-13 13:46:58

3 1/2 hours sleep last night thanks to teething toddler. I feel hungover despite no booze, but I know best cure is some exercise, so I'll get dressed for another 6w6p.

notyummy Sun 15-Dec-13 11:48:42

Managed a 4 mile walk with the family and a L2 shred yesterday. Hungover again as have had three nights out in a row, but am determined to do something today. Maybe another Shred or L1 S and S.

Notyummy did you manage to exercise today? Hats off if you did, on a triple rollover hangover grin

I still haven't tried Bob Strength yet, I'm such a chicken. Strength is by far the hardest for me. I need to grow a pair and get on with it lol

Earslaps hope you are feeling better - gawd, the sleep scenario sounds like a nightmare, poor you... hope you get some more kip soon x

work has been really busy (thankfully) but I've been managing to fit in exercise here and there.

Over weekend I did some S&S'ing, YM'ing and Bob'ing.

Today I got a bunch of jobs back at around 4pm and I did L1 Killer followed by double YM shock

Was ace smile

Hope everyone is doing well - can't believe how close christmas is now!

notyummy Tue 17-Dec-13 08:47:46

I did 40 minutes on the cross trainer on Sunday and squeeZed in a L3 Shred before a Brownie Carol Service. Working from home today so intend to try and do Bobs Pure Strength- will spend most of the morning psyching myself up!!

Jacksterbear Tue 17-Dec-13 17:34:25

Urghhh over-indulged on food and booze plus late nights over the weekend, and now feeling unhealthy and crap. To attempt to redeem myself, have just done a L2 ES&S. Ouch!

Awesome work, notyummy and 3steps, very impressed.

Earslaps how are u doing?


notyummy Tue 17-Dec-13 19:30:17

Managed Bob! Very gradually trying to challenge myself by using slightly more 5kg weights, but still mostly 3kg tbh. Just so hard!!

Rest day tomorrow and cross trainer session on Thursday, going away for Xmas late Friday afternoon so plan to fit in at least part of NMTZ beforehand because I will have limited access to weights for well over a week. I have a few workouts downloaded on to iPhone though that don't need weights, so will continue over the festive period!

EarSlaps Tue 17-Dec-13 20:17:09

Hey there, not doing too bad here. Did 6w6p yesterday and I'm going to do it again this evening. This will be L2D13- I said I'd do 15 of each level (three weeks at five times a week recommended- I never do it that often), so I am really nearly done.

All this talk of Bob, NMTZ and ES&S is making me achey smile.

Notyummy- I downloaded 7 minute workout- 3-4 circuits of that would be good when you are away as no weights needed. I've also got a yoga app that has strength workouts.

EarSlaps Wed 18-Dec-13 13:00:51

6w6p yesterday and today. Just one more and I'm done!

I'm really looking forward to a new challenge from my new DVDs. I think probably ripped next, would be good to have full body after focussing more on abs. Then killer after that.

Starting shred has to be one of the best things I ever did.

Earslaps, I just sneaked a peak at your profile and wow! You look frickin' amazing smile The dress is fab - I bought a similar one on ebay for a 'flapper party' that never happened, still I have it to hand for another occasion! If I look even a tiny bit as good as you I'll be happy !

So yesterday, L2 S&S followed by double YM.

Help my lovely JMers. I've been ramping up the exercise cos I've been starting to binge again sad

Heard from mum today that she needs another op in Jan as they didn't remove enough, and don't even know how far it's spread. From the layman's perspective, I'm wondering why they didn't lop it all out when they had the chance, but what do I know?

Family came and visited this evening too. When they left, I poured a glass of wine, and like a locust in my kitchen proceeded to devour 6 mince pies, 1/4 of a choc biscuit cake, huge bag of pistaccios and some caramel - can't even remember what flavour - ice cream. Believe me when I say I was actually wheezing afterwards sad

My favourite doc has left the practice, and I've had counselling for disordered eating before (year+ at the Maudsley in London), so it's not as if I don't know what's going on and how to change things, but here I am. What on earth do I do?

Sorry for the depressing me, me, me post. Does anyone else have such an emotional tie with food? How do you deal with it? I know in a few weeks I'll be back on track, but the days in which I lose control, I can't tell you how awful and hopeless I feel.

Sorry peeps, will be back tomorrow with a big beard and spreading festive cheer... grin

EarSlaps Thu 19-Dec-13 09:47:21

Threesteps, I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. I really hope the next operation is a success and they manage to get it all out. I'm sure the doctors are trying their best, I'm not sure why they couldn't get it all before but I think they often try more gentle treatment first (they might have been worried about surrounding tissue) then hit it with the big guns after.

I'm afraid I don't really know about the bingeing either, but please don't see one binge (at an extremely stressful time) as a failure or relapse. Just look on it as one binge, I'm sure most people have had days like that (I've certainly eaten that much at one sitting before). And better one glass of wine and lots of food than the other way round I would think. Accept what you did and move on, forgive yourself if you need to, don't let it turn into self loathing that could start a downward spiral. Be kind to yourself. Also- don't go too nuts on the exercise- a decent amount will certainly be good for your mood but not too much.

I'm sure someone with better advice will be along soon. And it might be worth looking for threads on here for support- both for your eating and your mum's illness.

Jacksterbear Thu 19-Dec-13 10:01:02

Oh 3steps sad. I'm not sure I have anything useful to say but am sending vibes of strength and healing for you and your mum. Look after yourself. xx

notyummy Thu 19-Dec-13 10:03:10

threesteps- I think I can only echo ear flaps wise words. Don't let one incident derail you. You are under a huge amount of stress and this is obviously coming out via this route.

Aw, thank you guys, so much x

Earslaps thanks for your kind words. And you are all right - it's a slip-up and doesn't mean that I'm going to spiral back to bad habits. Unfortunately food has long been a way I've dealt with unhappy stuff. It's always a shock when it happens again as I generally think I've beaten it.

I won't go mad on the exercise - it's been more to keep out of the kitchen than a frantic calorie-burning thing! And I've been mainly over-indulging in yoga, which should help me feel serene smile

I'm going to consign yesterday to the dustbin and look ahead now, to supporting mum and making sure we all have a cracking Christmas! I'll be putting on my big girl's pants as she'll need me to be positive, not navel gazing and mithering about my bad habits.

No exercise yesterday (hmm, is there a connection?), so today after I get back from the shop I'll be doing Bob (oo-er).

Thanks again (lots of flowers)
Hope everyone has a good day and sorry for skidding the thread off-topic!

EarSlaps Thu 19-Dec-13 12:20:12

I don't think you could call JM yoga 'serene' grin. Glad you're being positive about it though. And remember that you need supporting too, you will do a much better job of supporting your mum if you have the right support too.

And definitely looking forward now rather than worrying about what is done. And look forward to doing Bob, after all the talk about him I think I might need to start doing him next year too (we can all share him right?). He's got a couple of kettlebell DVDs that look interesting.

And off topic is never a problem- this thread would be far too dull if we only ever talked about exercise! And if there's anything you want to chat about but keep off the boards then please feel free to pm me at any time. I'm not great at advice but can always listen, and getting it all down can be so therapeutic.

I'm going to get my stuff on and finish 6w6p now-let's polish this sucker off!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happypiglet Thu 19-Dec-13 13:35:34

Aww threesteps so sorry to hear about your mum and that you are having a tough time... Don't worry about venting here I feel we have all bonded over JM and are now virtual friends... so vent away... I have nothing more to add to the wise words of Earslaps except you are right to move on, don't look back and enjoy Christmas.
I am still lurking, not doing any JMing and enjoying having my DSs at home... taught them to make spag bol today and cooking mince pies later! DD finishes Friday and it can't come soon enough.
I miss JM.... but I am full of cold so probably wouldn't feel much like it anyway ... last time I had a bad cold over Xmas I fought through it, did far too much and ended up in hospital on Boxing Day with pneumonia... not making that mistake again- even if I out on a few pounds in the process!!

Happypiglet Thu 19-Dec-13 13:36:09

PS Earslaps have you finished 6W6P now?! Congrats if you have

EarSlaps Thu 19-Dec-13 13:40:13

Victory dance, punches air

I am done! Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I really gave it some and even nailed the t stand kicks for the first time.

Looking forward to something new but I'll take it easy over Christmas.

Jacksterbear Thu 19-Dec-13 13:43:44

Woohoo!! Well done Earslaps thanks wine thanks

EarSlaps Thu 19-Dec-13 13:54:14

Right, for a limited time only there is a picture of me in a bikini on my profile smile.

notyummy Thu 19-Dec-13 21:17:50

Looking good earslaps!

Aw bless you earslaps with your offer of PM'ing x

You've all been so lovely, thank you tons smile

Earslaps another fantastic pic! And a momentous day, finishing 6W6P on a bang! Is it ripped next? Enjoy the Christmas break, you've earned it!

Happypiglet, thank you too x You sound like you're having a lovely time at home with DCs. Don't worry about absence of JM, she'll be there waiting for you in the New Year grin And yy take it easy and don't end up in hospital again <stern face> - wow that must have been awful, poor you...

<waves to notyummy and jackster>

Did 1 level of YM today after I got back from the shop. Feel a heap better than yesterday and more in control of things.

Hope everyone is doing well. 6 more sleeps until Christmas grin

knottyhair Fri 20-Dec-13 05:52:29

Threesteps, so sorry about your mum. Your attitude towards your eating sounds good now though, put it behind you and move on my love, you're dealing with a hell of a lot.
Earslaps, amazing photo, you look fantastic fsmile.
After a weekend off, I didn't manage anything on Monday or Tuesday either (went out for the day early on Monday and then chose to spend all morning playing with DD on her birthday on Tuesday). But did do Shred L2 on Weds and Ripped L2 yesterday. Nothing today but walking to town & back, planning Shred L3 for tomorrow. Friends coming to stay early Sunday until Mon eve, but might try and squeeze Ripped L3 in whilst they're here at some point. Then Ripped L4 on Tuesday, Christmas Day off, hopefully something on Boxing Day morning before we go to my DSis's to stuff my face. <waves to notyummy, jackster, happypiglet.

gingercat12 Fri 20-Dec-13 17:20:54

Wave to all! Sorry for not posting for weeks. It is just RL taking over. Still Jillianing religiously.

I just wanted to wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! And thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. fgrin

notyummy Fri 20-Dec-13 17:31:48

Merry Christmas all! Am on the way for 10 days away with family and friends. Managed to squeeze in L3 Shred on Monday, Bob on Tuesday, cross trainer yesterday and 6 circuits of NMTZ today. I have a few workouts downloaded on phone and intend to do lots of family walks- plus 3 nights staying at a hotel with a gym. Hopefully not too much damage to repair in January :-)

EarSlaps Mon 23-Dec-13 11:58:18

Merry Christmas guys.

Not much exercise going on here. I'm away for Christmas and did pack my workout wear but not sure if I'll use it. I did do some jogging and high knees yesterday with my 4yo smile.

But anyway, I'll be back on to it in January. Might need to wait until school's back to really get into it though.

knottyhair Tue 24-Dec-13 06:04:25

Merry Christmas everyone! Did Shred L3 on Saturday but nothing for a couple of days (friends staying). Going to do Ripped L3 today and L4 on Boxing Day, then hope to fit in a Bob if possible - Yoga for the Warrior has arrived and I'm intrigued at how crap I'll be . Have a good one everyone! xx

Happy Christmas all smile

I'm signing out now but work and business resume for me on the 27th so I hope I'll get back into the exercise around the same time!

Hope you all have a fab time and see you all on the other side grin

lots of love
threesteps xx

(ooo knotty - will be reading on and off so do post what you think of Bob's yoga!)

notyummy Tue 24-Dec-13 11:38:39

Well I have eaten far too much in the past few days but have at least managed to keep up some exercise. Did a 30 min Pilates session on Saturday, visited the hotel gym on Sunday plus a 5 mile family walk. Then did BFBM in the hotel room with DH yesterday plus a shorter family walk befor the hurricane struck. Currently out on a 5 mile solo walk followed by Pilates. Nothing tomorrow and a Boxing Day walk and Callanetics to follow!

Will check in a few days.

EarSlaps Wed 25-Dec-13 18:08:16

Yippeeeee- killer, ripped and ES&S set for Christmas. Lucky, since I ate enough to sink the titanic today grin. Feeling so bloated!

Happy Christmas all.

Jacksterbear Wed 25-Dec-13 20:35:10

Hurray Earslaps! You're in for a treat. Ditto on the eating & bloatedness. Got the T25 DVD set though yay!

Merry Xmas all. x

notyummy Wed 25-Dec-13 21:55:30

I got the Bob Pure Cardio! DH and I plan to do it tomorrow but after what I have eaten today I am worried I may not be able to waddle my way through the whole thing.

EarSlaps Wed 25-Dec-13 22:49:16

Wow, good presents all round then grin.

I know Bob is next on my list on, and I'm really interested to hear what T25 is like. It sounds great- 25 minutes suits me, but I'm a bit scared after seeing the insanity infomercial.

Managed to some exercise yesterday- went for a run with a few circuits built in. Might try again tomorrow if we're up in time.

Ooo good presents all round smile Looking forward to hearing the feedback on all the new ones!

Everyone sounds like they had a good Christmas. Mine was really really lovely, it was a special one this year - lots of emotional moments but just as many belly laughs ...

Have eaten myself silly. Was like a pig snuffling for truffles through the day lol Have probably eaten the equivalent of a cocoa plantation, but, meh, today/tomorrow is another day.

Hope to be able to fit in some exercise between now and NYE but if not, normal business resumes on the 1st and I'll definitely get back into it then...

Have a good day everyone smile

EarSlaps Fri 27-Dec-13 12:51:54

Well no exercise yesterday but went for a run with a few stops at benches on the way for tricep dips and incline push ups, about 35-40 minutes running. Feeling better now!

Yo merry Christmas JM dudes!'
Finally managed to get DH and DS out the house and boshed L2 6w6p and L2 YM - feel so much better!
Been doing loads of dance classes rather than J but holiday break means back on DVDs. Started thread about how to bulk up as bit too lean - you ladies got any ideas? Pics up too.

So sorry for anxious times re your DM threesteps
Well done again earslaps.
Happy new year lets polish this sucker off with a strong finish!

knottyhair Sat 28-Dec-13 09:20:29

Threesteps, how's your mum doing? Glad you had such a lovely Christmas.
Sounds like most of us have managed to fit something in. Trucks, you look amazing! I wish I had your "problem" of being too lean! I'm not that well informed about this sort of thing, but I'm guessing more strength based stuff? I've just done Bob's Super Strength again today - I think that could be good for what you want.
I did Ripped L3 on Xmas Eve, didn't manage to fit anything in on Boxing Day as we had to go out earlier than I thought, but did Ripped L4 yesterday and Bob's strength one today. Very hard but I do like him smile. Looking forward to giving his yoga one a go asap. Notyummy, did you do his cardio one? Will I hate it given that I don't really like BFBM??

EarSlaps Sat 28-Dec-13 09:37:55

I've sent someone your way Trucks who might be able to help.

Jacksterbear Sat 28-Dec-13 13:07:37

ShredL3 on Tues, a Tae Bo yesterday, and cracked open the T25 set today and did the first workout - "cardio". It was very fast paced! Much faster than any JM, and kept up the pace for more or less the whole 25 mins with no breathers in between circuits. Managed to keep up (just about) without having to do the modifiers though smile.

Trucks I have no advice other than the obvious (eat more / more protein) so hopefully someone else will have something more helpful. To me you look great, very slim but strong and toned with it. If you're losing more weight though without trying/wanting to, that's not good obviously.

knotty that's great work, well done smile

Threesteps really glad you had a good Xmas fsmile

Wearing a pair of lovely new jeans I received for Xmas but they are a leetle bit on the snug side! blush I need to ditch the half stone I seem to have gained ever so slowly since the beginning of the year.

EarSlaps have u tried out any of your new DVDs yet?

Thank you earslaps and everyone else.
I think I need to book a trainer to come to my house and show me how to do compound lifts/body strength training with minimal equipment! Maybe a pull up bar and some bar bells would be a good investment? Will check eBay....

notyummy Sat 28-Dec-13 17:55:06

knotty- the Bob one I got was a cardio conditioning and I tried it at my mum and dads but it actually needs weights so not just pure cardio. Had to stop because lack of weights made it a bit pointless. Did the other short 20 min workout which was described as cardio but I didn't get out of breath at all- hamstrings aches afterwards though. Suspect the 1hr workout will be hard when I get a chance so will report back properly after I have done it with weights.

I'm loving hearing all the new DVD reports, keep 'em coming!

I'm still eating like a pig, a really really chocolate-addicted pig. But fortunately I've managed to keep up some form of exercise and am still fitting into my normal clothes without too many problems! Just a few more days and business and a chocolate-light household will be resumed!

Jackster, how many levels to the Tbao? And what is it?! lol

Knotty my mum is doing okay, thank you x She's an 18 year old at heart, so her current health sends her into either/or rebellion, hysterical giggles, tear floods and/or anger. She keeps feeling guilty when she loses it and I said forget it, it's understandable and we all understand, or if she still feels guilty, to get an 'I'm sorry' template ready and waiting on her PC!

The last few years for me (and her no doubt) have been a real emotional adjustment as I've had to get my head around looking after her, rather than her looking after me. It's new and unknown territory sad And she's on her own, and my sister is estranged to the family, so it really is just me and her sister looking out for her (and her friends of course) - and I really honestly can't imagine her not being here.

I can't think beyond the next op yet - I'm an ostrich and come up for air occasionally...

Not exercised every day, but managed to keep it going. Today I did L2 Killer followed by Bob's yoga, get in! At the end he smiles at the screen me and says "the spirit of me salutes the spirit of you" and my crush factor increases a little grin

Lots of good new year wishes to you all, hope you are all enjoying the party season smile
Three x

knottyhair Sun 29-Dec-13 06:31:23

Jackster, what is T25??
Notyummy, I'm very tempted, especially now I know it has weights! I've read a couple of reviews now on Amazon as well, and I think I'd like it. But I might wait until you report back smile...
Threesteps, I can't imagine what it's like for you going through this with your mum. But I totally get what it is like when the roles shift like that as our parents get older. In the last couple of years my mum has suddenly got much more frail. She can't manage stairs anymore as her knee hurts her, and she is very trembly at times (not sure that's a real word!). It makes me sad when I remember how she was when DS was DD's age, and she used to look after him a lot and get down on the floor playing with him etc. Whereas she can't lift DD, let alone carry her around or get down on the floor. But she still gets a lot of joy from having her for a few hours, with my dad's help. I really hope all goes well for your mum x
Well, I am aching a lot today after Bob "wupped my ass" yesterday. Decided to do a yoga routine today, but haven't got time unfortunately for Bob's as we're going out. So I think I'll do YM L1. Not sure how the week will go yet but the plan is:
Mon - 3 circuits NMTZ plus 2 x 2 min cardio intervals
Tues - 4 circuits BFBM with weights
Wed - S&S L2
Thurs - YM L2
Fri - S&S L1
Sat - Bob's Yoga or Ripped Core

Subject to change depending on whether DP is still off or if we go out. Have a good Sunday!

knottyhair Sun 29-Dec-13 06:32:48

Threesteps also meant to say, Killer followed by Bob's Yoga shock! In the words of Jillian, "that's inspirational".

Jacksterbear Sun 29-Dec-13 08:37:12

3steps, tae bo is a martial arts-style series of workouts from the 90s, complete with slightly cheesy instruction and hilarious 90s outfits/hairstyles! No levels as such although there are basic and advanced workouts. Good for energising / feel-good / releasing frustration, as lots of kicks and punches.

knotty, FocusT25 is by Shaun T (he of Insanity fame) - a series of 25 min workouts.

notyummy Sun 29-Dec-13 08:55:43

I have some tae Bo DVDs. My favourite is the Billy Blanks Boot Camp one which is properly hard.

I love Bob too, in a girl crush way, seeing as he is gay and any other way would be a wasted effort :-) apparently Shaun T is too. I may need to try this T25- I have done most of Insanity and it made a noticeable difference to my cardio fitness- and then speed I could do press ups! Still have all the DVDs but think it may be too hard core for the months following a back op....

This post comes to you from the static bike in the hotel gym where we are staying. Done 40 minutes in the gym Friday, Saturday and today. Walked about 8 miles yesterday as well. Not sure what I will do tomorrow- travelling quite a long distance and 2 seven year olds for a play date and tea so time may be an issue.

knottyhair Sun 29-Dec-13 09:53:45

Thanks for that Jackster - looks great but I'll have to save up!
Notyummy, great stuff considering you're away, a day off tomorrow would be deserved I think!
Had more time free in the end so I gave Bob's Yoga a go - loved it! Some moves however are virtually impossible for me - I used to do yoga regularly about 20 years ago but have only done Jillian's YM recently so I'm not very flexible and very very rusty. That Bird of Paradise! I could just about clasp my hands through the leg but that was as far as I could go. Really enjoyed it though.

Jacksterbear Sun 29-Dec-13 14:37:19

knotty yeah it's expensive! Had it on my Xmas wish list and didn't think I'd get it, but I must have been good this year grin.

notyummy I definitely have a bit of a Shaun crush! grin I'm not sure Bob does it for me, from seeing him on The Biggest Loser, but it could be different on his workout DVDs.

Did the 2nd T25 workout ("speed 1.0") today... As the name suggests, super fast (in places I was struggling to actually move my body that fast shock) but much easier cardio-wise than yesterday's as there were frequent stretching/static hold intervals.

Notyummy shock at news of Bob - ah well, I can but admire! I'm in awe of you being so disciplined and exercising when away. It's something I've never managed to do. Mind you, I've forgotten the last time I was away for more than a few days. <hmm, plans for a long holiday next year>

Jackster thanks for the tae bo info, I'm going to look and see if there are any clips on Youtube, it sounds fun smile Well done on the T25...

Aw, Knotty, your mum sounds fab, but it is a difficult shift isn't it? Both for them and us. I know how frustrated my mum gets when she can't do things she used to (like climbing a million feet up a ladder to fix guttering with a fag in her mouth - that one is indelibly etched in my memory grin)

Am so pleased you liked yoga Bob - isn't it great? I made a horrible drunken yoga mistake and tried to show off to my housemate by attempting the bird of paradise standing up... say no more ....ahem

I think the point where he goes back to Warrior 1 and 2 again is when I want to cry a little bit!

I'm going to do something this evening but not sure what yet. After NY Eve, I'm going to get back in the habit of writing a weekly schedule on here as that was really helpful before.

Have a good evening all x

Oooo, I meant to say Trucks I sneaked a peak at your pics and wow you do look flippin' amazing. For bulking out I wouldn't recommend my method of chocolate! I'd imagine upping your weights progressively?

knottyhair Mon 30-Dec-13 08:56:46

Love that image of your mum fixing the guttering threesteps. <tries to block out image of own horrible drunken yoga mistake many moons ago, involving an attempt at a wheel and a fully laden coffee table>.
The last 2 days of Bob left me very sore around the glutes and shoulders this morning but I managed 3 circuits of NMTZ with cardio breaks as planned. I can normally manage the windshield wipers with no probs but they KILLED me this morning so I must have worked the old abs hard over the last couple of days. Quick question - has anyone used kettlebells? I keep looking at Bob's kettle bell DVDs on Amazon but I don't know if they're worth it, or which weight I should buy if I do? I normally use a mix of 2 & 3 kg free weights, with 5kg for the bicep stuff. Any thoughts, you clever lot??
Am also considering buying a multi-region DVD player so I can get all the Jillian/Bob ones that aren't available in Region 2. I mentioned it to DP yesterday and he just looked at me in a pitying manner and shook his head. <I do NOT have an obsession>.

EarSlaps Mon 30-Dec-13 22:06:56

Well, I got started on Ripped smile. Since you all said L1 was easy I decided to skip it and go straight to level 2. I'm going to do each level three times a week for two weeks, if I get time to do any other exercise in the week I'll do something different- that should stop me from getting bored of Ripped.

I found the pace quite slow compared to some of the other DVDs and it seemed to be over so quickly- I guess I've just got used to the length of 6w6p! I took it slightly easy on the weights- used 2kg for some bits and 3kg for others, I think I could do most of it with 3kg (I don't have any bigger ones at the moment, I think DH and I might invest in some dumbells soon).

I've decided I'm going to try and work on NMTZ again- I really want to increase my strength. Instead of choosing a weight that will let me do all of each exercise, I'm going to try doing it all with 3kg (for now!) until I can't do any more, then rest until the next exercise iyswim. I need to work out what exercises are in each circuit so I can decide which ones I want to do if I want a shorter workout.

I'm really tempted by kettlebells too. There's a kettlebell club near me that does two hour introduction lessons so you can learn correct technique. I think I'd like to do that before I invested anything in them so I know what sort of weight I should use and make sure I'm not going to injure myself. If there's nothing like that near you, then [[ this]] gets good reviews for teaching you the form.

I really like the look of T25- I think that will be on my birthday or next Christmas list depending on how I get on with my new Jillian DVDs. It is quite expensive, but then I think of what I'm saving on gym membership!

EarSlaps Mon 30-Dec-13 22:08:06

Bollocks- this

notyummy Tue 31-Dec-13 11:07:32

Managed 40 mins on the cross trainer yesterday whilst DH fed the 7 year olds! DH and I did the new Bobs Cardio Rev Conditioning this morning. Oof. It was hard! Not quite as hard as the first time I did his Pure Strength, but pretty tough. Almost exactly an hour, and involves weights and a LOT of squats. Final 15 minutes not too bad thankfully (once you have got past the 1 minute of press ups.

Jacksterbear Tue 31-Dec-13 19:09:10

Good going Earslaps and notyummy.

Have found the last 2 days of T25a challenge but have kept going.

HNY all. You are all awesome and amazing. xx smile

Happypiglet Wed 01-Jan-14 10:21:04

Hi all just Star Jumping in to say Happy New Year...
You are all being so industrious while I have done nowt since Friday 13 December and the last day I was child free.... <hangs head in shame>
Next Tuesday I will be back on it and I am thinking of a week of L1 s to ease me in slowly! I am actually itching to get back.
Not been overindulging massively but the extra few cals a day all make a difference. So it's a month of exercise and austerity planned as soon as we wade thru the enormous chocolate mountain!
See you on the 7th!

Happypiglet Wed 01-Jan-14 10:23:51

Just looked at trucks photos wow... envy

notyummy Wed 01-Jan-14 16:30:56

Started the year as we mean to go on, with a L2 Shed and Shred- we were aching from Bob yesterday though! NMTZ tomorrow and then a day off as visiting the MIL and will need wine to get through the experience.....

Happy 2014! You inspiring bunch! smile
Started with a nostalgic Shred L1 as pushed for time and its only 20m. Forgotten what a fab little workout it is. Treated cardio as sprints and did butt kicks with weights, double jump rope with big leaps, used 11lb weights for chest flies and 7lb for the rest, full body push ups etc and really felt I'd worked out fast and effectively. Think I might use it as my busy day stand by as 20m much easier to find than 40...

knottyhair Wed 01-Jan-14 20:31:41

Trucks, I am in awe of those weights but totally agree about Shred L1. I also add weights for the cardio although very wimpy 2 or 3kg. Notyummy "enjoy" your MILs! I've ordered Bob's Cardio smile.
But no exercise since Monday here. DP got invited out Mon night for "a couple of beers" and he didn't get to go out for any Xmas drinks so off he toddled, returning home at 3am! So Tues morning I didn't have the heart to wake him and hand over DD whilst I worked out. Then DS was desperate to stay up for midnight last night and I couldn't face it, so DP did, so I gave him another lay in this morning. But I'll be back to it with a few circuits of BFBM with weights tomorrow, which I need as I wolfed down firecracker prawns in Wagamama earlier - was lovely but I am rather shock at the calorie content of Wagamama food. I think it must be due to the portion size, and maybe more oil than is strictly needed? Nevertheless, I polished the lot off; I blame the addictive nature of chillies grin. Hi also to threesteps, jackster, earslaps, happypiglet. Hope I haven't forgotten anyone! Right, off to prepare myself for Benedict Cumberbatch...

EarSlaps Wed 01-Jan-14 22:45:55

Happy New Year all! We had Chinese duck pancakes and lemon tart last night for a special dinner, then venison casserole and pommes dauphinois for lunch today.

I also love shred l1, especially if you add in weights for the cardio. I think I'd struggle with much over 1kg for those arm raises though!

Did my second go at Ripped L2, I enjoyed it much more this time. I used 3kg weights throughout and that made it feel harder and more enjoyable. I couldn't do all the tricep exercises with 3kg though. I think the slightly shorter sets in Ripped makes it easier to up the weights a bit.

Happy 2014 everyone smile

Wishing all of us and our nearest and dearest a happy, healthy and fit new year x

Just checking in as back from our traditional New Year gathering at a good friend's. Unfortunately we were out in her back garden which has a low wall, and I went to sit down on it and missed it completely blush, so I have a very sore bottom sad

I'll be on enforced rest for a few days I think but will be raring to go again as soon as I can.

Sorry not to name check everyone but don't want to inadvertently miss anyone out smile

See you soon x

EarSlaps Thu 02-Jan-14 16:37:47

Yuck, full of cold so vigorous exercise is off for a couple of days. Might try a light hula hoop later though.

Hope your bottom is feeling a bit better now threesteps! And I hope the rest of you are feeling good and managing to get some exercise in.

knottyhair Fri 03-Jan-14 08:55:12

threesteps, hope your bottom recovers soon!
earslaps, hope your cold improves. It shows the way my mind works when I thought you meant you'd try the potato based snack later grin.
Did 4 circuits of BFBM yesterday - added 2 & 3kg weights where I could, and did the jumping twists as fast as I could and turned the standing pikes into jumping jack knives. Did L1 S&S today.
Planning 6W6P L1 tomorrow, not sure what we are doing at the weekend yet, but I hope to fit in a Bob, either Ripped Core or Cardio Conditioning if it arrives!

EarSlaps Fri 03-Jan-14 21:42:33

Was feeling brighter today so did my third ripped of the week. Used 3kg weights for most, 5kg for the chest press and plank rows. I can't do many of the tricep exercises with 3kg but hopefully I'll be able to do a couple more each time.

DH & I got some new adjustable weight dumbells today so I did some shoulder raises, bicep curls and lateral raises after too. I WILL get stronger!

Not sure how you manage to add weights into BFBM Knotty! It's hard enough already!

Jacksterbear Sat 04-Jan-14 14:50:23

Hula hoops, mmmmh. grin

Well done knotty and EarSlaps. I am thinking about getting some 3kg weights [gulp].

Was reading this article re cardio/strength/HIIT, very interesting.

Have been Shaun T-ing every day (except NYD) - it's hard but good!

Well, my period arrived 12 days early and I started YM twice over and gave up feeling feeble and sorry for self. Will have one more bash later when paracetamol kicks in.

Happy weekend everyone. Well done lively exercising dedicated folk. smile

EarSlaps Sat 04-Jan-14 21:13:46

Why did I listen to you all and think Killer would be a good idea?! It is HARD. And that was just level 1. I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

Had a rather large bowl of homemade rice pudding after- protein and carbs for recovery right? grin.

Very interesting article Jackster. Trucks, good for you. Sitting on the sofa might be easier and more tempting but yoga should help relieve the pains a bit. Thank god for mirena- I haven't had a period for 2 1/2 years now.

Earslaps grin I love Killer! I did L1 the other day and I also ached the day after. It's a fantastic DVD.

Trucks hope you are feeling better. I got mine a few days ago and my belly ballooned (but weirdly completely lopsidedly?!). I felt bloated and miserable but thankfully improving now!

Knotty and Jackster sounds like good stuff is going on with you smile I must have a look at Saun T on Amazon. Knotty, like Earslaps I'm very impressed by those weights with BFBM - I think I've only managed 1.5 kg and defo not for the whole thing!

Felt a little less sore today so did L2 YM. It felt a teeny bit unsatisfying after Bob, but I did appreciate the shorter length as I'm feeling generally out of practice!

Feel a bit ashamed that I always seem to come on here and say I've done yoga! I must must must try and mix it up some more when I finish a big work project next week. Need to keep up the cardio and weights!

Hope everyone is doing well and not currently underwater, unbelievable isn't it? There have been evacuations around us (Dorset), but thankfully I think we're not at risk of flooding. I really feel for the poor people who are right in the thick of it sad

EarSlaps Sun 05-Jan-14 07:49:25

Amazingly I don't ache! I can feel that I've done a workout but I can move around without wincing smile. I hope I can learn to love Killer threesteps- if I can build up the muscles in my legs and bum that'll really boost my metabolism as they are such big muscles so should burn lots of calories iyswim.

I was going to make today a rest day, as I was anticipating being very sore, but as I feel fine I'm considering doing either a Killer or ES&S later on.

I certainly don't think yoga is an easy option threesteps, I can't do it at all- I'm far too weak and inflexible. I really should give it a go.

Not underwater here luckily, but there is some localised flooding around. Lots of roads have been shut and there's a lot of overflowing drains. We had to fix a few fence panels that had come out in the high winds. It must be horrible to have to be to be evacuated and just think of your house flooding and nothing you can do about it.

EarSlaps Sun 05-Jan-14 22:06:43

And killer done for the second time, found it much better this time, almost enjoyable. Still bloody hard though.

Going to do 3 lots of Ripped L1 next week then whatever else I can fit in.

Jacksterbear Sun 05-Jan-14 22:30:01

Nice one Earslaps. I love killer L1 (although L2 is a whole other story!)

Could not face more heart-gargling today so did 30 mins Pilates - strange how much it burns despite looking so serene! (I mean the lady on the DVD looks serene - I suspect I did not grin.)

EarSlaps Sun 05-Jan-14 22:41:07

Can't imagine ever getting to L2 Killer- I struggle with the beginner modifications on L1. And I have done quite a lot of Jillian- can't imagine what it would be like if you were starting from nothing!

Applause for Earslaps and everyone doing Jillian in the January gloom.
Did my comfort DVD of L1 6w6p.
I love it so much and feel safe doing it.
Pole conditioning class tomorrow and start of mad week with v busy schedule but determined to fit in 4 training sessions before the weekend.

notyummy Mon 06-Jan-14 08:07:23

Yes - L2 Killer is a big step up from L2 if memory serves. Strangely, L3 feels easier!

L3 Shred and a walk yesterday and a cross trainer session on Saturday. Nothing today but <gulp> a Bob Pure Strength tomorrow....

knottyhair Tue 07-Jan-14 05:57:45

Earslaps, if you can do chest presses with 5kg, I don't think you'd struggle adding weights to BFBM! Just to clarify, I only do 4 circuits so adding weights makes me feel a bit better about not doing the whole thing.
Jackster, interesting article and makes me feel a bit better about my hatred of running!
Trucks, hope you're feeling better. How was pole conditioning??
3steps, I agree, yoga is in no way an easy option, especially Bob's!
Notyummy, good luck with Bob's PS today. I did it on Sunday. It's very very hard isn't it, but I do love it in a weird way. The only thing is that I can't do the roll-back series properly - I just can't get up without using my hands! Jillian does a similar move in one of hers and I always used to be able to do it, before I had DD. Not sure if it's the fact that I had a section, and my stomach muscles are weaker she says hopefully??
Had a rest day on Saturday - walked into town with the DCs. Sunday I did Bob's Pure Strength, and yesterday I did 6W6P L1. The plan for the rest of the week is:

Today - 6W6P L2
Weds - Killer L1
Thurs - rest day (got to take DS to dentists and will walk into town again)
Fri - Killer L2
Sat - Bob's Cardio Conditioning if it arrives!
Sun - not sure, maybe Killer L3, maybe a yoga one.

notyummy Tue 07-Jan-14 07:44:21

Now I am intrigued Knotty as I am fairly certain that the Pure Strength Bob DVD I have doesn't have roll backs in! It is part of his 'Inside Out' series? 68 minutes inc warm up and cool down. With 3 people in it, including scary be muscled dark haired lady who apparently has had 4 kids, but has rippled stomach of steel (!) Does that sound like the same one? (Lots of vicious press ups into T stands at minute 19, and ending in a very long plank section at minute 7 are the other distinguishing features....)

knottyhair Tue 07-Jan-14 08:19:02

Yes notyummy, I just realised halfway through 6W6P that I did Bob's Ripped Core on Sunday - Pure Strength was the week before! It is clearly haunting me grin!
Am a ball of sweat after L2 6W6P, the double time second time round is a killer! Managed it with 3kg, but was a bit slow on the lighthouse things.

notyummy Tue 07-Jan-14 08:40:45

Ah I see- glad it isn't just me being absent minded ;-) That 2nd bit of 6W6P L2 is indeed hard. I am not keen on the moguls! I have found that it really aggravated my back, so am steering clear for the moment.

notyummy Tue 07-Jan-14 14:43:43

Sheesh. That Bob's Pure Strength just does not get any easier! Have just ventured on to our scarily accurate scales that tell you body fat/visceral fat etc via hand holder things. Given that u spent 3 weeks eating and drinking heavily the damage appears not too bad. 2lbs and .75% body fat increase. It may settle down on its own when DH returns to work (starting new job working away 5 nights a week) as I will be eating less and running around like a blue arsed fly even more. Will give it a few weeks and see if I need to stop eating cake to lose the 2lbs!

Jacksterbear Tue 07-Jan-14 16:29:46

2lbs, that's not too bad, notyummy.

Urgh. Shaun T's "total body circuit" today, it's not pleasant. No weights, all own-bodyweight stuff, but still really tough. Lots of jumping/pivoting lunges and squats, burpees, walking planks (sideways), crow push-ups and pike-ups.

knottyhair Tue 07-Jan-14 18:21:02

Jackster, is a pike up like a jumping jack knife?
notyummy, I'd say 2lbs is probably a big poo grin!

Jacksterbear Tue 07-Jan-14 18:29:40

<snort> @ "big poo"

Pike-up (May not be right term) is plank then jump both feet forwards with legs straight/bum up into air, then jump back down to plank. Yuk.

Happypiglet Tue 07-Jan-14 21:58:07

Hi all ... I promised myself and all of you to be back to JMing after my three week holiday today. So I forced myself into Ripped L1... Need to ease back in! I went for it tho and can feel it already. Preparing to ache tomorrow.
My scarily inaccurate and widely fluctuating scales show a 3-4lb weight gain over Xmas.. Not sure a poo would help massively!
So need to get back to Jillian, stop eating crap and basically get it all back under control.
Plan for week
Tomorrow Shred L1
Thurs ES&S L1
Friday killer L1
So glad to be back. Won't name check you all but glad you are all working so hard and keeping me inspired. Ta muchly!

Welcome back Happypiglet! The poo may help massively if it is a massive poo [double snort] Your plans for this week sound good. By Friday, it will feel like you've never been away lol

Jackster those sound horrible shock In fact Sean T and Bob Pure Strength sound waaaaay too scary for me. I think I'll stick with the Bob of the calm and soothing voice and spirit that salutes me at the end of each workout <drifts off into blissful trance>

<waves to knotty, notyummy, trucks and earslaps>

Am flailing at the mo. Had chiro today and decided not to exercise. Went shopping for some food bits and pieces while I was out and ended up buying (and eating) a whole bunch of crap, so angry with myself.

I can almost map my head as it happened. I'd just come from a conversation that made me feel crappy, stupid and bad about myself, and was mentally kicking myself as I was walking to chiro. After that thoughts of choc, shit food etc. popped into my head. So at least I know what the trigger was - what I don't know is why this is rearing its head after so many years of managing without it, give or take a few lapses.

I'm worried as it's the first time in years I've actually brought crap food in to demolish. I just need to get my head around things and realise that it's up to me to go down that road, just as it's as much up to me to not go down it. It should be stupidly simple hmm

I did try the 6:1 thing - fasting 1 day a week - for a few weeks too a while back. Tempted by the health benefits and the idea it would be a relatively easy way to stave off weight gain. But soon realised with my food past this was far from ideal for me. I wonder if that's stirred everything up again?

Please forgive me lovely peeps for this rambling post. And please don't worry about responding specifically to anything. It's just helpful for me to put this all down somewhere and read it again tomorrow with a clearer less carb bombed head smile

Threesteps x

EarSlaps Wed 08-Jan-14 07:23:39

Threesteps- 5:2 and similar aren't recommended for anyone who has/has had disordered eating, so it might be best for you to avoid doing a 500 cal fast day. One suggestion, if you fancy trying for the health benefits, could be to do a couple of days of 16:8- i.e. stop eating at 8pm, then skip breakfast and eat again any time after 12pm. You could always then make those days low carb and/or low cal (say 900 cals), just not as low as a proper fast. Dr Varady, who has studied ADF recommends 3 days of 1000 calories for maintenance. Not sure if that could suit you or if it is still too structured?

I hope you are feeling better about yourself, from what you write here you are kind, caring and intelligent. We all need a bit of crap food every now and then (I had insatiable hunger yesterday and NEEDED a snickers), so don't feel bad about it.

Bless you Earslaps, thanks for that info x

Actually I've never had breakfast for as long as I remember - not a control thing at all, just never fancied eating until late morning/lunch. So perhaps I've inadvertently been getting some health benefits all this time?

I think I'm going to throw everything out the window and start again. What has worked before for years was eating healthily, exercising regularly and having the odd blowout.

I think lots of personal stuff, combined with a stupid decision to try this 6:1 thing (think it was 3 weeks in November) have cut me from my moorings so I just need to get back to land again! (nice nautical metaphor from stormy Dorset grin)

Thanks again, that's helped organise my mind smile

Sorry for non-exercise interlude! Feeling a bit rubbish today but will definitely be doing something exercise-wise later, and I know I'll feel a lot better...

Have a good day everyone smile

p.s. Also downloaded a helpful book on Kindle last night which has really good reviews and I'm determined this will help me to nip this in the bud smile

EarSlaps Wed 08-Jan-14 10:27:00

Sounds like you're getting your head in the right place. Good healthy food and plenty of exercise should do the job. Clean eating most of the time with an occasional blowout is good for your body and your sanity. I read the other day that having a scoff every now and then can increase your metabolism by 3-10% smile. Plus all that exercise and muscle building helps too.

Just keep writing it all down here, we might not know how to help but just writing it all down should help.

Thanks so much Earslaps <gives Earslaps a grateful hug>