Jillian Michaels' 6 week 6 pack - anyone want to (re)start with me?

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I've just done Shred and had great results.
Am now starting 6 week 6 pack - does anyone want to start or restart with me?
smile hopeful smile

Ok I'm going to use this thread as a record - I always forget what day I'm on.
Level one day 2. Side planks impossible.
Love the fact it seems to fly by at manic cheesy speed and Jillian seems to get genuinely puffed!
Anyone done it before and got results? This is my first time...

<kicks aside tumbleweed> Day 3. Side planks still impossible so am trying just to hold side plank and build up to waving leg about.

nettie Mon 02-Sep-13 15:36:08

Hi Trucks

I'll keep you company, just started 6w6p again, I've never managed to get to level 2 yet, I always get a bit bored with it. So this time I'm going to do it 3 times a week (with bfbm split on the other 2 days) and do each level for 2 weeks. I did r30 in July, but have done nothing in august except lots of walking on holiday.

So far I have done 6w6p level 1 yesterday and bfbm sections 1,2,3,4 this morning.

Oh hooray! A person to 6 pack with! Thanks! smile
Just about to do day 4 level 1 and did yoga meltdown as well yesterday which I might squeeze in tonight if I can.

Done day 4. Succeeded in doing side plank on one side!
Started in normal plank then carefully lifted onto side.
Arm wobbling like mad. Killer.

What's ripped30 like?

buss Mon 02-Sep-13 17:07:37

I like 6W6P. I'll do it as well.


nettie Tue 03-Sep-13 15:29:24

Just day 2 of 6w6p, found it really hard today especially the second half were you are supposed to do it double speed, can't do burpees or plank jacks at normal speed let alone double! Going to have rest day tomorrow, then do last 3 sections of bfbm on thursday and last 6w6p of the week on friday.

I really liked ripped in 30 and got results from it, which I then undid on holiday!

Sounds good nettie
I am trying to track down r30.
Meanwhile I started this thread so I made myself do day 5 l1 tonight at 8pm. Don't usually like working out end if day but had workman round in morning when DS at playgroup and no way was I cavorting sweatily in my sports bra while he climbed round me!

Then watched level 2: omg heavy heavy cardio and I'm going to have to watch for knees and shoulders popping out as I'm hypermobile. Definitely doing full 3 weeks level 2 and might mash it up a bit with a bit of extra Yoga Meltdown (another USA JM one) which is slower and focused on core and back strength with heaps of planks and press ups in slow motion.

In happier news I got into second hand Ralph Lauren shorts size 8 (USA) today which is a small UK 12.
They look great, very flattering cut so am v pleased.

Nettie - How many minutes is bfbm?
I hear great things about it: would you say it's like Shred on style with intervals, weights, abs or is it more cardio?

Day 6 done, it's getting less hard. Can now do side planks both sides but still no leg waving. Using 7lb weight throughout. Off for quick swim to cool down!

How's everyone else doing?

Day 7 after rest day.
Checking in so I remember where I am.

nettie Sat 07-Sep-13 08:56:49

Fell behind a bit, was headachy/sore throat, so missed thurs and fri session, but just done l1, day 3 and I HATE BURPEES!

Bfbm is about 50 mins if you do it all, but it is split into 7 sections which each have a small routine that you repeat. the routines are quite varied a couple are kickboxing moves, another is more traditional cardio like highs knees, jumping jacks, one is more core based. Cardio is my least favourite aspect of working out, but I really like this dvd.

Well done on the side planks, I find on that last section that my shoulders give up before my stomach!

Oh hope you're better now! Missed you sad
Burpees are awful I look really lumpish doing them with v half hearted jump. But am following Baksheera (spelling?) for most of it now except wretched side planks where I continue to balance. Using 7lb weight throughout so that's day 8 done, woo!

I can see definition appearing on tum!
<sucks in belly hard and clenches>

Thanks for burn fat boot m summary. Might see if I can download it next week

Day 9.
Wine last night and didn't feel like pushing at first but Jillian got me going. Definitely getting stronger.

nettie Mon 09-Sep-13 10:43:39

First day of this weeks level one done and dusted! I really like this workout, except for the burpees, but am getting better at them! Planning what I'm going to do next month, think might do killer buns and thighs mixed with some thing else, maybe shred?

Shred is good because only 20min.
Did first session and stretch down but skipped second session because TOTM - still pleased though that I did any exercise at all with period pain and heaviest day. Been playing outside with DS all afternoon and might fit in a yoga video before bed.

So that's 9.5 sessions and back on it tomorrow.
Or might Shred L3 instead as got a dr appt in morning and will be pushed for time.

The burpees remain a pita I agree.

nettie Tue 10-Sep-13 16:08:32

Four sections of bfbm done today, no burpees - hooray!

That's one reason why I like shred some much you can look at the clock and know it will be over in half an hour!

MrsFlorrick Tue 10-Sep-13 20:45:30

Hi everyone. (Waves at Trucks).

I love 6w6p! I did it after shred this spring and I restarted again a couple of weeks ago. I actually restarted shred last month but it just wasn't tough enough. I needed the next level up.

Jillian is a cheesy American geezer bird. Her work outs are great. Hard core though and the most effective ones I have ever done.

Did my workout tonight after putting DC in bed. I would like to do it in the morning but I just cannot get up 40 mins earlier than I do. If it was 20mins shred I could do it but not 40 mins before DC wake up (that means starting workout at 6am yikes).

Anyone else manage to do it early??

<waves at Mrs F> helloooo!
I didn't do it today and can't tomorrow either as I has a minor surgical procedure done at the doctors and he said no jumping about and no hard exercise for 48 hours, walking is ok.

Unfortunately DS (2.5) walks at a snails pace, frequently stopping to coo at snails who are moving faster than him.

So I am drumming my fingers a bit and can't wait to get back on the mat!
I might do some crunches and squats tomorrow without breaking a sweat.
God, get me. I was always the girl who tried to get out of netball practice and swerved the gym for decades....

Lavenderhoney Wed 11-Sep-13 02:32:06

Hello! I'll join in with you. I have started my fitness campaign at the gym, but I want to split it up with 6p6w. Plus I have had 2 cs, and my tummy looks very comfy now.

I am on level 1 - I do the first part ok ( have now worked out how to do the side plank things) but the second half is so fast- do you follow her and not do the moves properly? I gave up last time.

Being able to do the side lift things is great for me as when I first played it, I couldn't lift any of myself off the ground and lay there helplesslysmile

I'm doing it today so had I found this thread for inspiration - thanks op!

MrsFlorrick Wed 11-Sep-13 08:24:21

Welcome Lavender. grin

The knee raises side plank one is a nightmare. It's by far the hardest move. I can only just do.

As Jillian says: "Fight for it!"

Planning to do it later today. Sadly it will probably be after DC bedtime.


Back on it, going to count that as day 10.
Halfway through level one and can do side plank leg waving thing on one side!
How's everyone else doing?

Lavenderhoney Thu 12-Sep-13 16:30:35

I did the whole of level one instead of just the first half! Very pleased with myselfsmile

The leg waving thing isn't so bad now, its the spider plank thing in the middle. My wrists don't like itsad

How long before I notice a difference? I am alternating it with running at the gym - up to 4 km in 20 mins now, going for 5 next week. The speed is because I don't have much time, not because I am mad gym personsmile


I'd say you'll see a difference in a week, if you're following an eating plan that is low sugar and low carb and drinking water like mad.

Sugar and carbs bloat the mid section so no matter how many planks you do you won't look lean unless you eat clean. Unfortunately.

Lavenderhoney Fri 13-Sep-13 04:06:16


I've been lc since January, but the carbs have crept in with a couple of glasses of wine at night. I think I have a wine bag round my tummy, plus the cs overhang ( sorry tmi) is a factor. I'm on the lc bootcamp this timesmile

I'm going to move up to 5 k when I go to the gym next next week, which is my limit in the time and speed I can physically do.

Today is a swim day.

I might start calenetics as well.

MrsFlorrick Fri 13-Sep-13 09:51:52

Hi Trucks and Lavender.

Well done Lavender on doing the whole 40mins!

Trucks. I take it you're over your minor OP and back to 6w6p.

I have notched up another 5 days now. Technically I could move up to Level2 but I am way too chicken just now.

I'm going to carry on for another 5 days at level 1.

I find side plank with knee raises so hard. It's by far the toughest. Spider plank is tough on the wrists. And I hate hate hate mountain climbers at the moment. I feel like I am doing it so slowly compared to Jillian and her two friends. It annoys me.

I do my long lever crunch with an added weight now grin. Get me eh.

I am hoping to do it today but both DC have colds and oldest is off school. They have both squabbled and whined since the minute they woke and not even cbeebies can stop it. So all my plans of fasting and working out are probably in the bin.

Ooh get Mrs F and her hardcore ways!
Day 11 done. I want to do at least 20 sessions of l1, I find rushing Jillian levels leads to injury. Anyway level 1 is working nicely. Abs now there, shame about loose skin but I guess that will pull back in time...

Ps. Hope the DC play nicely so you get a chance...if not l3 shred is quick 20 mins?

RubySlippers77 Fri 13-Sep-13 17:30:06

Hi everyone - I'm a Jillian Michaels newbie but heard good things!! I've been running outside over the summer but won't get the opportunity once it's dark when I get home from work, so am planning to run at the gym instead; not as good but still better than my preferred option of lounging on the sofa eating Jaffa cakes grin

Unfortunately my gym is gym only, no classes, so I was thinking of doing a JM workout as well at home! Any recommendations? I have very limited space so was thinking of trying yoga meltdown - I am usually very crap at yoga but can give it a go - or the other ones I can find on youtube are the 30 Day Shred, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, and 6 week to a 6 pack. I have a stone to lose by Christmas so any help (from Jillian or you ladies!) is much appreciated!!

Yoga meltdown isn't very good compared to others; you need to be pretty familiar with yoga to get on with it. The Shred is superb for getting you fit and toned in 20min a day then lots of people carry on with 6wk6pk or banish fat boot metabolism or no more trouble zones. There are various really supportive shred threads so I'd start there as many people do - once you've done shred for 4/6 weeks the others are much easier. Good luck!

All workouts just need a mat if on hard floor, hand weights and enough space to do a pressup!

Lavenderhoney Sat 14-Sep-13 03:42:37

Thanks Mrs Florricksmile I hope your dc are feeling better and you get a chance to excerise.

Rubuslippers- I just run at the gym. I used to be a gym bunny before dc and I lived in London. Running outside cross country was my thingsmile had to stop when I lived in london, no time. I used to run at the gym, do some weights and calenetics. Is there anyone at the gym who can sort you a running program for the time you have and your level?

I swam yesterday whilst the dc messed about and today I will be doing all of 6p6w againsmile plus calenetics for the tummy.

I am hardcore.
6 week 6pk.
Then level 3 shred.
With 7lb weights.
And hangover.
This is because I went out last night, ate a bit of sushi after low carb since July and wore a second hand Karen Millen wiggle dress.

in size 8!!!!!!
UK size 8!

Am beyond chuffed. smile

RubySlippers77 Sun 15-Sep-13 18:55:48

Hey Lavender - I will ask if there's a programme they can work out for me at the gym. I do like (er, relatively) running outside, but the gym is much easier, especially when the majority of my running is done on my own.

Trucks, I am in awe of your powers of shredding with a hangover and fitting into a size 8 dress!! If I could fit into a size 10 I'd be a happy bunny! And thank you for the JM advice, I will give the Shred a try smile

MrsFlorrick Mon 16-Sep-13 00:31:49

Hi everyone.

Trucks!!!! That's super hardcore!! I'm scared! Wow. Not sure I am ready to do 6w6p immediately followed by shred. Yikes.

And size 8 dress. Wow. Congrats.

When I get to my goal weight I will be a large size 10 or small 12 like I used to be. I'm 5'10" so a size 8 might not look so good on me.

I was so happy wearing most of my size 12 clothes again (the larger ones anyway). And I really felt I looked good. Then this evening I had two people come and pick up a stroller I sold on eBay.
The first thing the woman says to me is: " ah why are you selling it when you're having another baby?"
To clarify I didn't have muffin top in the trousers I wore, it's just that my stomach muscles have split in the middle (diastisis recti). And my stomach isn't flat it sort of bulges around the naval area. And extra weight make it worse.

I just wanted to cry. It's awful. Stupid stomach. Honestly I cannot do this anymore. Wherever I go I am reminded constantly. Anything from insensitive comments like the above to pharmasist refusing to sell me OTC products and having to explain that actually I'm not pregnant just fat.

It's gotten so bad my 4yo DD is confused and thinks we are having another baby because people can't just shut the fuck up in front if her.

I've gone from feeling top of the world to wear some of my old wardrobe again to feeling utterly utterly shite sad and blush and wanting to never leave the house or open my door again. Don't know how I am going to manage school run tomorrow. sad

(((Mrs F))))

I kept getting people congratulating me on being pg when I wasn't; I was a 12 with a distended middle and slimish arms and legs wearing floaty tops. I would want to cry inside and hate having to explain to people. For some reason I think when you start to lose weight but your middle is still soft and has been impacted by child bearing its very easy to look pregnant - maybe women are designed to stay rounded in the belly and thighs longer and lose weight off other areas first/faster for evolutionary reasons?

Anyway, that was the darkest hour before the dawn and a few weeks later (and cutting wheat/sugar) I suddenly stopped looking pregnant and it evened out.

I don't mean to try to be anything other than encouraging; I hope you can dig deep and carry on because it will pass and your lovely clothes that I am jealous of are waiting for you past this shitty bump in the road.


Lavenderhoney Mon 16-Sep-13 06:18:05

Trucksanddinosaurs that's great! Its so nice to be the weight and shape you wantsmile

Does anyone have any advice - Do you find the 6p6w and shred better than running to get the weight down and off? Mine is all round my hips and tummy, I look in proportion, as I have a tiny waist and large bust, but I need to slim it down- I used to be a 8-10 which was great for my height 5-4.

Mrs F- will your tummy mend itself? I don't anything about your condition. What do you wear? I can't wear anything like a maxi dress or leggings as I too look 5 months gone. I wear high waisted shirts with an a line and a fitted t shirt or jumper. That hides the bulge and muffin top for now.
When will you be able to do Pilates or yoga? The lc woe might help you, come on the bootcamp and try, its very good.

MrsFlorrick Mon 16-Sep-13 18:31:35

Hi Truck and Lavender. Thanksthanks

I managed to upset myself so much I woke in the middle of the night with a massive migraine and vomited profusely.

DH had to stay at home and look after DS and take DD to school. Argh. Not good.

It was so bad I had to go for the ultra hardcore migraine meds so I have slept most of today and only just woken. Clearly no Jillian workout today! No food either yet. Perhaps soup for dinner.

Ugh. I will feel yucky for days now. After effects of meds hangs around.

Hopefully I will manage Jillian tomorrow or the days after. We will see.

As you say Trucks "Dig Deep"! wink

I know I am close. I just need more Jillian to firm up a bit.

My gap in the stomach muscles has gotten so much better. After DS it was 8 fingers (same as after DD). It is now less than 1 finger. Whilst its considered normal range it obviously means if you have any fat on your middle, it shows more. And I carry all of it on the middle as I had Gestational diabetes so the insulin excess laid down lots of fat around the stomach area. Yuk.

I know I am close. I can wear lots of my old clothes. And I can actually now get into trousers I have not worn since I fell pregnant with DD (that will be 5 years ago next month smile).

And obviously I had both DC as an "older" mother and I hit the big 40 earlier this year. And that doesn't help either.

Sigh. I know I know. I am almost there. And DH pointed out that the stroller woman last night clearly had an eating disorder. She was almost my height and her leg were same thickness as my arms (my BMI is 23 so "normal"). And you could see all her ribs back and front through her top. So yes she probably thought I was very fat as opposed to "normal"

Thanks thanks for cheering me upgrin. It's been a shitty day migraine and all.

Oh dear, that sounds grim and exhausting.
It's so sad she upset you so badly.
Tomorrow is another day. I hope you get lots of rest and feel better soon, you can do it.

Losing weight and having your body change can be quite emotional - not just happy emotions but quite shocking and unsettling. I don't think people acknowledge this much about weight loss but I wish they would.

Only had time for 1 circuit today as had to go back to dr.
Still, it was 20 mins better than nothing.

deeplybaffled Mon 16-Sep-13 20:04:51

Maybe channel Winston Churchill? I'm thinking of that quote where someone told him he was drunk, and he responded to say it was true, but that tomorrow, he would be sober, and they'd still be ugly or some such...
well, tomorrow, or soon, your tummy will be fine and yet she may well still be kicking herself for being tactless!

I like Winston.
'Keep buggering on'
Wise words.

Lavenderhoney Tue 17-Sep-13 14:32:55

Inspired by this thread - thanks ladiessmile

I now do level 2 of the shred- level 3 doesn't do it for me- then 6p6w level 1.

Now, has anyone tried level 2 of the 6p6w? I haven't even looked at it yetsmile

Mrs F has done l2 I think. Hope she is feeling better today after migraine brew to Mrs F.

I did l1 and it was fine even though I feel really tired now.
My low carb diet suddenly feels a bit meh and restricted so I binned usual morning fast and had Greek yogurt and berries for breakfast - lovely but knocked me out of ketosis into hunger and I then wolfed egg mayo, chorizo and a cold sausage for lunch which is now sitting heavily and making me feel more tired.

Wish DS would nap; he's tired too and we would both benefit from a lie down!

lavender that is well hardcore! You have inspired me.
I will try to shred and 6w6p tomorrow too as won't be able to work out Thursday.

Early night tonight.

MrsFlorrick Tue 17-Sep-13 22:47:42

Hi Trucks and Lavender.

Better but still suffering the after effects of meds and migraine. No longer in pain but feel like a wet dish rag with the mental capacity of a cucumber.

No Jillian for me today. Need to be fully mended or migraine will bounce back on me. And off to doctors as this is my second one in the space of 6 weeks. The last one was so bad my usual super strong meds did nothing and doctor on call had to come out and administer pain relief and anti emetic by injection.

It's been under control so well for over 20 years but suddenly after Easter this year it's been frequent and almost uncontrollable.

Perhaps I am allergic to weight loss and exercise grin wink

I've done L2 of 6w6p. It's tough.the first week you do it, you will be in pain. I start L2 next week.

Off to sleep.

Lavenderhoney Wed 18-Sep-13 06:17:09

I'm going to start l2 of 6w6p next week, as well as the shredsmile

Migraines- Botox is supposed to be brilliant for severe migraines, google it and ask your gp- you might get it on the NHS as it is proven.

I sound like a bad porn movie when I do my shred etcsmile just realised it yesterday!

Lol at porn grunts.
Mrs F hope you are on mend.
I got stranded in supermarket car park as car electrics died, so just lost an hour. Can I fit in exercise before picking up DS from playgroup....?

Lavenderhoney Thu 19-Sep-13 03:57:12

Did level 3 of the shred as well as level 1 6p6w.

What day are you starting l2, mrs Florrick? And how's your migraine?

MrsFlorrick Thu 19-Sep-13 09:55:23

Hi Trucks and Lavender.

Migraine finally buggered off and after effects of meds have gone now. Feel back to normal.

I am doing Jillian today but still L1. I was planning to start L2 next week (Monday perhaps even Sunday). I have done an extra week at L1 as I felt I needed to really crack it because L2 is seriously tough.

DD is at school. DS has been accepted at DD school for their pre-prep even though he won't be a "rising 3" until summer term after Easter, the school have agreed to take him in lower pre school two days per week.

It's brilliant because he is at school today toogrin. It's quite an expensive jolly because DS doesn't get his funding yet and DD has stopped getting hers (the government 15 hours free) so DD on full time fees and DS part time just now.

For the first time in over 4 years I have a few hours to myself.

I can't actually believe it!!

I know the above has nothing to do with Jillian michaels but its a serious change for me. Particularly because we have no relatives within a 1000 miles so no help and DH is often abroad on business so I rarely get 5 mins alone without DC. And as much as I love them I have been in need of a break for some time now. smile

Lavenderhoney Thu 19-Sep-13 17:57:19

Hello mrs f - same here - both dc in school for the first time ever, which is why I have time to do this stuff!

Trucksanddinosaurs, how are you doing?

I managed a swim with the dc after school, but got chatting in the pool so didnt do muchsmile

Perhaps a rest day tomorrow.

Hello glad you're better MrsF
Did l3 shred today as rushed. Will do 6w6p after DS goes to bed. Didn't have time yesterday for anything after car disaster.

It's fab when DC go to school/preschool - DS goes 9-12 Mon - Fri and this is why I've now got time to exercise!

Lost another inch off waist and 2lb down after not much happening all month! smile

Rushed through it today and skipped last 5 min to fit in warm down but did extra random elbow

...plank lifts and press ups. This rush was because I am a twat who locked keys in car and had to get locksmith out!

Wtf is it with me and the damn car this week?

Lavenderhoney Fri 20-Sep-13 18:23:49

I had to wait til this afternoon to do my regime, and it was awful! Couldnt finish- must do it on empty stomach, so back to first thing for me!

Trucks- I managed to lock the car ages ago, whilst it was still running and the keys were in it. Something to do with the remote lockingsmile
I just stood there, with the buggy and dd... My handbag was inside too, with the keys..

I never do the cool downs, don't have time. I hate the warmups, feel knackered after the 6p6w one. Found myself shouting " well, good for you" at the very fit " follow if you are super fit " one on the DVD todaysmile

MrsFlorrick Sat 21-Sep-13 14:56:57

Hi Trucks and lavender.

Well done on your achievements this week. And trucks on inch and weightloss

I have just got my groove back now and completed Level 2 of 6w6p! And rather than 1kg (2.2lbs weight), I upped to a 3kg weight (6.6lbs I think).

Ouch. I am dripping in sweat. Given that I did 15 days of shred and 23 days of L1 of 6w6p and its my second time around (did both in April may June), I could keep up and do all the moves but I almost feel like passing out or being sick. (Oh yeah classy).
And the sweat!! House is ice cold (well 17c) and I wore a vest and large knickers to do the workout in and I am soaked and workout mat is getting a wash as I write.

Sorry TMI. Waaaaaayyyy TMi but all true. grin

So dig deep! You know whose workout this is!!!

Have a great saturday!

Lavenderhoney Sun 22-Sep-13 09:06:26

Well done mrs f! I made the mistake of doing l2 shred before l2 6p6w. I don't need to do that!

MrsFlorrick Sun 22-Sep-13 13:36:29

Lavender!! Why oh why did you do that??!!! And how did you not pass out at the end of both those workouts??

Just had my daily dose of 6w6p L2. I dug deep and hung in there and polished that sucker off grin (cheesy Jillian-isms are brilliant- keeps me entertained).

I hope you are both doing well today.

And are we the only ones on the whole of MN who are doing 6w6p?? Seriously?!!

Off to sew labels in DDs new school blazer, boater hat and duffel coat. Only two weeks in from start of term and we have already lost three of the expensive items despite name labels. Can't really say too much to DD as she is only 4 and she would be really upset if I told her off. The school have helped doing a massive hunt for the items. The may or may not turn up. We will see.

Wow at you both!
I am still sticking with level 1 but doing extra ten min when I can of random plank/caterpillar/push ups. Is v hard to get anything done at weekend because DS not at nursery and DH doing admin.

There is a thread for JM fans in exercise and some people are doing 6w6p but also doing other JM workouts and mixing it up.

The cardio on L2 is reported as the hardest of any JM workout and I hate cardio. Love dumbbell work and mat ab stuff so v worried about next stage sad

In other news I am now looking after 6 cats.

Did you get achy after l2?
Like early days of shred?
Hope DD kit reappears...

Lavenderhoney Sun 22-Sep-13 15:47:10

I only did the first part of level 2smile I'm not a crazy person...
I shall have a go at it tomorrow properly.

I did callentics after, as it worked so well after I had the dc. Apparently I will also look 10 years younger in 10 dayssmile.

Gosh I've not done Callanetics since 1991. Imagine how young I'd be if I kept it up!

Phoned it in today with mild hangover and just did first circuit. Then had 4 sausages. Need to get back on it tomorrow.

MrsFlorrick Sun 22-Sep-13 18:57:11

Hi Trucks. Don't worry about the cardio element. I am a big cardio hater and I can manage this. Why don't you watch the level 2 and see what you think?

Lavender. I am relieved to hear you "only" did the first circuit! Still shock

And what is this callenistics? I really really need to look younger and quickly please so do tell. Is it harder than Jillian.

I didn't realise there was a whole Jillian thread. Will investigate.

And trucks you do feel a bit sort after Level 2. I also upped weight from a 1kg to a 3kg so perhaps that's adding to the soreness.

I have done a Fast Day today as I completely over indulged Friday and yesterday. But I really want cheese and biscuits... Argh. I also don't want to be fat anymore. hmm

Off to investigate this "make you younger quickly" workout thing.

lavenderhoney Mon 23-Sep-13 09:18:35

Someone on mn put me onto it when I had ds years ago. I couldn't exercise due to cs, massive blood loss and I refused a blood transfusion ( long story) anyway, I just pushed ds in his pram for a walk each day and did callentics ( no trainers involvedsmile

No excercise at all first month, as also had op for lump removal. 3 months later, back to normal size 8-10. At the end of my prgnt I couldn't get mothercare biggest maternity jeans over my thighs, so yes it was mostly water and I bf, but still walking for and hour with the pram and callentics did the trick.

Its fat now though. Am lc on the lc bootcamp with BIWI and all the loserssmile plus this 6p6w which I did level 2 all the way through today at my own pace... And then callentics for tummy.

Thanks for reassurances mrs f.
Did dd stuff reappear?
Lavender that sounds v impressive.
Is Callanetics on YouTube?
Might see if I can fit in a few bursts...

No idea what day I'm on, think I've done level one about 15 times. Going to do it all week then switch up next week.

lavenderhoney Mon 23-Sep-13 17:41:43

Yes it's on YouTube. Look at the " old school callentics" for one of the stomach exercises. I bought the book on eBay, 10 years younger, look for books by callan Pinckney I think- sorry can't paste on iPad - maybe amazon?

You will think you are doing anything, then whoosh! Plus you will ache next daysmile you can do them whenever, I do the waist ones when cookingsmile

I found myself spontaneously holding my tummy in today, very weird.

Plus have lost just under 2 kg with the lc bootcamp and doing Gillian 6p6w since 7 sept., so I feel like I am getting somewhere.

Yay! That is great! Well done on loss!
Right I will go look up Callanetics on YouTube - I dimly remember pulsing and that one where you sit with bent legs lifting knee up and it kills you deep in your arse cheeks.

ZingWantsCake Tue 24-Sep-13 03:20:34

Level 2 done! Decided to just give it a whirl.
I don't think it's that much harder than l1.
Wish it had more mat though.
I miss side crunches.

It's bloody fast the second time isn't it?
I can't keep up, worried I will injure self.
Was very sweaty after but abs feel less worked than after l1, am I doing it wrong?

lavenderhoney Tue 24-Sep-13 18:48:21

Trucks, that's funny, I was thinking today level 1 is hardersmile

Its very fast, I don't keep up with them, I just try to do the moves properly and assume speed will come. My tummy is going down though, splashed out on 2 new dresses todaysmile

Thought dh might freak at my frivolous spending ( i spent a lot in coast) as normally I just buy for house and dc, but he just smiled and invited me out for a drink when we can get a babysittersmile

MrsFlorrick Tue 24-Sep-13 18:57:54

Another sweaty L2 Jillian workout today. On day 4 now of L2.

Sadly no sign of six pack but I look less pregnant and fat around the tummy.

I wonder how many weeks of Jillian and how many fast days it will take for me to see an actual 6 pack or any sort of pack! grin Any bets? Personally I reckon I need to finish this level and do the whole 6 weeks again and have 3 fast days per week and I may see a 2 pack haha wink

Level 2 still makes my core go. Try holding your abs tight while you do repeater knees and knee crunches. And when you do double crunches, don't just hold your legs in table too but stretch them out like Bashira.

It makes me far far sweatier and more tired than L1.

I take it back; my core feels achy today! Am gearing up to do it again... After a coffee!

Great non scales victories about new frocks for lavender and non pg tum for mrs F.

smile smile

lavenderhoney Wed 25-Sep-13 18:25:23

Did level2 and gave it a bt more wellie- followed Bashira when able, so found it better, if more knackering.

Thanks for the tip mrsf, I was slacking smile

Trucks, are you doing level2 twice? In one day?!!!

Argh no I only did it once! I meant after going it first time and getting achy should I do it again? I have done it anyway. Bit easier now I know what I am doing and MrsF tips helped.
There is no exercise I hate in l2 which is an improvement on most JM workouts.

My weight is up 2-3lb, maybe it's muscle building with water retention or maybe a few days of eating 1600/1800 calories has had an effect, which is a bit depressing because that's not an unreasonable amount, and all low carb.

Must drink more water.

MrsFlorrick Wed 25-Sep-13 20:49:05

Trucks. I think it may be a muscle water thingy. This happens to me when I have gone hard to 6w6p for several days on the trot.

Lavender. L2 is tough. Even if you try to just phone it in. I'm still a sweaty mess.

No Jillian today. DS is cutting his final two molars and wanted to sit on top of me all day. Poor little man. And it's far too late now and I am knackered. Besides I think dS will be up during the night demanding calpol (polpol as he calls it).

Back on Jillian tomorrow though. I will be digging deep. grin

lavenderhoney Thu 26-Sep-13 13:53:46

And level 2 again todaysmile and swimming with dc and being " attacked by squid"

I am a bit tired now- I have noticed in the morning my tummy is quite a bit flatter, but seems to bulge by lunchtime! Must be all the water, I hope!

And on a good note, the dreaded cs overhang I have from 2 cs doesn't look so blurgh... Although perhaps the light isn't very goodsmile

Great stuff lavender did your emerging six pack help with escaping marauding squid?!

Day off - unplanned but pulled muscle in back lifting stroppy DS so had massage. Need to go gently tomorrow and might do l1 slowly as I'm familiar with moves - think the chop will damage back more. sad

lavenderhoney Fri 27-Sep-13 03:14:12

Trucks, hope you recover quickly. I think the sledgehammer pull thing doesn't look great for backs and I don't rush it.

I had a few glasses of wine last night for the first time in ages and I feel dreadful. Might have a rest day today!

How are you doing mrsf?

MrsFlorrick Fri 27-Sep-13 14:33:29

Hi Lavender and Trucks. I'm doing ok. Did my workout yesterday. I am
Planning to do it later today.

No significant changes to report. Other than my increasing desperation. To lose the last weight. Argh. So close but so far away.

Hopefully I can get through the weekend without eating my own body weight in biscuits. I am having a major craving after helping the school pTA at their cake sale today and I fell face first into a load if short bread (ate 6). Biscuits are my weakness. I can eat tons of them. Literally packets of them. Whereas chocolate I can only manage a limited amout before its enough.

Did l1 very carefully.
Back not 100% but felt better for it.
Well done everyone for battling on.
Know what you both mean about eating off piste; if I drink too much or have sugar I feel utterly grim.

<drinks wine but tentatively>

Lavenderhoney Sat 28-Sep-13 13:44:01

I had a day off yesterday and today we went to a water park so lots of climbing up steps and across ropes with the dc and scooting down slides. My swimming costume is too big and I need another onesmile

Back to it tomorrow mind yousmile

And off the booze tomorrow as well. I think dh wants a drink with me tonight and he has already given me cake, so I can't disappoint himsmile

Lavender Day off sounds v energetic!
That's exciting about being too small for swimming costume!
Back on 2 today; I really like both workouts now. Back muscles more or less sorted, did yoga after and felt neck and shoulder pop back (am hypermobile) so that was a relief. Yoga is much better for me now my core is stronger. Previously I could easily stretch into every position but would then flop and not be able to get out or hold it!

Hello mrsf! Hope weekend goes well.
I think chromium is meant to be a good supplement to help with sweet carb craving management. I used it when I low carbed a few years ago... Will see if I can look it up. I remember it being v helpful when I was semi addicted to malt loaf.

Lavenderhoney Mon 30-Sep-13 19:26:13

Trucks, yoga after sounds very keensmile

I had a day off yesterday and ended up so busy today I had to do l1 when dc asleep. Feel ok, but missed l2!

I'm going to run at the gym tomorrow instead, for a change.

Back still dodgy so did 1 again.
It's v annoying having injury- ok when exercising but then hurts when I bend or twist rest of day. And there's a lot of bending and twisting being a SAHM to two year old!

ZingWantsCake Tue 01-Oct-13 04:47:37

hi all! a JM virgin here!

I've just read through entire thread (what with DD being up dince 3amangry ) and I am in awe!

Trucks thanks to you I bought the 30 day Shred - although it took weeks to come and the weights still haven't arrived! ( ordered both on 6th Sept!)

So I'm starting L1D1 today. I'm not even saying hopefully. I'm doing it. I'll dig deep.
I'll have 1 hour in the morning between dropping boys off at school &playgroup and having to pick up DD's godmother who's coming for lunch.
which means I'll have time for a shower as well.

I haven't done any excersice for ages and hate gyms so I'm actually quite scared of starting this.
the only things that are thin on me are my very week and sensitive wrists - I'm worried about the push ups.

please wish me luck and any tips let me know.

I'm on the Shredders thread but will check in every now on then if you don't mind- you are all amazingly inspirational!

Lavenderhoney Tue 01-Oct-13 05:28:47

Good luck zingsmile how annoying about the delivery. I downloaded 6p6w and the shred onto my iPad, and bought weights at the supermarketsmile

If you don't want to wait, you could download and sell the DVD?

Added bonus of iPad is you can go into the bedroom or wherever if someone is watching telly. Or the gardensmile

MrsFlorrick Tue 01-Oct-13 10:05:07

Hi everyone. Welcome Zing (yes I want cake too grin)

Been doing my Jillian workout but eaten like a pig over weekend. Hasn't affected scales other than stalling probably.

Planning to go and dig deep shortly. I am on day 11 of L2 of 6w6p. Woohoo.

Sadly no sign of 6 pack or indeed any pack. Far too fat still.

Am wondering whether to do 6w6p again "from the top" or try Ripped in 30? I could seriously do with being ripped but I am keen to find my 6 pack at the same time. Decisions decisions eh

Any of you tried Ripped in 30?

ZingWantsCake Tue 01-Oct-13 10:37:12

MrsF grin

and thanks for welcome both of you!

I can't remember which one of you got upset about Ebay customer's comment (and so sorry about thatthanks ) but I would have hit her on the head with the pushchair repeatedly!

I'm shit at exercise but ace for real life confrontation - just call me if that ever happens. I'll protect you!smile

done L1D1 - I am wobbly! grin

MrsFlorrick Tue 01-Oct-13 10:56:30

grin Zing.

I've just had a look at Jillians other offerings on iTunes. Yikes. I am scared.

Scared and horrified at ripped in 30 and Body Revolutions. I may have to work my way through both. Probably will try Ripped in 30 first. Still a couple of weeks to go before I am done with 6w6p.

Wonder if any of them will help tighten the loose skin on my stomach Ugh.

MrsFlorrick Tue 01-Oct-13 10:57:31

Oh and sorry Zing. I am the eBay pushchair lady person. Grrr. Laying off eBay for the moment. I always get really odd buyers.

Lavenderhoney Tue 01-Oct-13 16:39:08

Did l2 first thing this morning as I had to go and get my hair cut. I managed the mountain climbers quite easily this time. I have found though I have 2 weeks to go and my tummy is still rather wobbly...

I have questioned closely a mum at the school gates on her figure after pregnancy - she is all fit and flat tummied- and she said " yoga and Pilates" she does a class every day.

I can't do a class, I just don't have time, but I'd like to do a yoga/ Pilates DVD.

Trouble is, I hate all that feathery stroky stuff- so have any one you done any of Gillian's? Any good? And does she start any witless stuff about taking time for you etc when you could be doing sit ups? Apologies if anyone loves all the slow voiced zen tones, but it makes me twang with irritationsmile

MrsFlorrick Tue 01-Oct-13 17:20:33

How does she find time to do a class everyday with a baby??shock

The only exercise DVD I have ever tried has been Jillians. Shred and 6w6p.

I have heard Jillian does one called yoga meltdown.

But if you don't like her chat. Personally I find her hilarious.

Lavenderhoney Tue 01-Oct-13 17:25:38

I don't mind Gillian's chat, she is ok, just wondered if she went all soothing when doing yogasmile

The mum has help from her inlaws, maybe she goes for the calming stuff as wellsmile

MrsFlorrick Tue 01-Oct-13 17:42:06

Lavender. Ah I see.

Not sure about the yoga one. Can't see it on iTunes. Perhaps look on utube.

Hi all and welcome zing!
I'm cheesed off because it turns out back is two sprained ribs and all the muscles in lockdown. Saw chiropractor today who did stuff and has put me on massive doses of ibruprofen - going again tomorrow and physio as well. Really hoping it clears up because I've exercised 5 days per week minimum since July and had great results and am signed up for barre fitness next week, plus have found pole
fitness class and was really looking forward to exercising with other women and making friends.

sad now I might have to stop it all while it heals. Hope physio can show me how to exercise safely. Just looking after 32lb DS is hard lifting and hard on back so can't really rest much as it is.

Anyway enough moaning.

Jillian yoga meltdown is mellow compared to usual JM but not at all mellow if you're used to yoga. She gets excited and forgets halfway through and shouts WHO IS YOUR DADDY NOW WHO WHO HUH HUH??? at Bashira which is hilarious. And at the end she starts to go on about open your heart and then gets fed up and says 'I'm just gonna speak English!...stretch your chest'. If you're a yoga practitioner it's anathema really smile - trouble is you do need previous yoga experience to follow it.

It's yoga poses including v hard non beginner ones like Crow and balance poses pumped up into cardio and strength circuits. She has you mobbing in and out of the pose then holding it. You do build up a sweat and plank push ups abound.

I do it if I've missed morning exercise.
I always forget that it's actually bloody hard work.
Lavender I think you might find it quite a laugh.

Lavenderhoney Wed 02-Oct-13 02:45:09

Trucks, that's terrible- how did you do it? I hope your pain isn't too bad. Its a shame about meeting people though, could you go along and watch a class though? In the pretext of talking to the teacher and getting tips on his to excerise and hopefully someone might be chatty?

Can you look I'm BIWI lc thread on here as you will lose that way? I have been on it since jan, and have lost 7 kg without exercising without any hunger- plus the thread is very busy and plenty of people might be in the samne situation. Apologies if you are already on it!

Yoga- I'm not experienced at all, or Pilates ( mainly because of the feathery stroky stuff and avoiding classes because of it). Gillian might be ok though, from what you say. ill have a look on iTunes. Its very hot here, I'm not in the UK- so perhaps ill just get to the school gate earlier and sweat a bitsmile

I probably would like Gillian's yoga, she sounds like she can't stand the soothing zen stuff eithersmile

I did it grabbing my DS when he lay on the car park Tarmac having a tantrum. A car was reversing so I bent from waist and picked him up like a surfboard with one arm while he thrashed: I'm strong but he's 32 lb now and I took all the weight without pulling in my core and protecting my back because it was an emergency.


I was dead surprised when the Chiropractor said it was sprained ribs, I thought I'd just pulled my lat muscles.

Anyway hoping it will clear in a few days and yes, good idea - I will go to the class next week and just do what I can...

Where you based? I'm Caribbean so it's 9.20pm here...
Definitely give yoga meltdown a whirl if its free but watch it first and google demo of how to get in to and hold the poses because she doesn't explain it much if at all.

Oh yeah - low carb. I've been on under 60g a day since July. Usually about 30g. Hence dramatic shape change.

Bought two new designer bikinis for terrifying prices today but hey, this is an island of thin rich bitches ;) and all the socials/kid's parties are poolside. Bobbly Peacock ones weren't cutting it no more grin

Lavenderhoney Wed 02-Oct-13 06:08:40

That's a great weight loss! And when my dm found I was moving to the me, she got quite worried and said I must keep up with other expat wives, as being scruffy (!) wouldn't help make friends, I had to fit in. To some extent she is right, I make an effort to lose the " just mucked out" look.

I am also in the market for new swimmers, not sure about a bikini thoughsmile

Have had my hair done and I don't want to exercise as my hair will be wrecked and I am hopeless at doing it. Its nice to have great hair once in while ( shallow)

ZingWantsCake Wed 02-Oct-13 10:54:09


bloody hell, that's horrible. poor you.
Although we all would have done the same!thanks

did you tell him no Christmas presents for causing mummy to hurt herself? wink grin

I hope you heel quickly.

Lavenderhoney Thu 03-Oct-13 07:35:54

I finding the l2 much easier - I have to say I am following mrs f advice to pull in my tummy all the time, easier now I know the routine.

I wore a wrap dress today and my tummy isn't so, well, protrudingsmile

MrsFlorrick Thu 03-Oct-13 23:27:12

Evening all. You sound like you live in lovely climates. Although wearing a bikini in public is non longer an option for me. My tummy will never look that normal again. Even a tummy tuck couldn't help that mess sad

Been at Jillian again and digging in and digging deep over the last few

Results are good. Cannot fault the Jillian Michaels workouts at all. It will certainly help make the best out of the mess that pregnancy, gestational diabetes and birth (cs's) have left me with.

In fairness it's pretty good compared to how it looked the only crappy area is my tummy for just over the belly button to just over pubic hair/bone/cs overhang. The rest of me looks good.

I do need a fricking miracle for the tummy though. Any of you know of any??

Oh well. It is what it is. And I'll just have to learn to live with it and disguise it best I can. sad

Problem isn't just saggy skin and overhang, it's that around my belly button my tummy sticks out in a pregnant sort of looking way. I know it's the muscle separation. I thought exercise and weightloss would make it better but it doesn't. I just look more pregnant as the rest of me shrinks. It's the only area not to lose any inches. angryangry

Can you tell it's pissing me off??!!!

I've been bad and had wine so am laying it all out there.

I know you can get some sort of mesh inserted through belly button to pull it all together to look normal but I need to get BMI to 21 first otherwise I am worried doctor/surgeon will tell me I'm just a fatty and to go lose weight.

12lbs to go.... Ho hum. Pls help me find the motivation to pull myself up by bootstraps and fend off the "when Are your due" comments without either eating every biscuit Waitrose w
Sells or committing murder!

Anyway back to wine. Not a fast day here clearly. Tomorrow is thought. My thrird this week. Polishes halo. wink

Must dig deep, bring it and stay with it. Listen to my inner Jillian Michaels....

ZingWantsCake Fri 04-Oct-13 03:56:17


a friend of my is a fitness instructor and health fanatic.
after her DC4 was born she couldn't wait for the muscle separation to return to normal and started exercising way too early - this damaged and set the muscles 4 inches apart!
no-one needs an extra 4 inches around the waist and she is tiny so looked quite out of proportion (as the rest of her body is incredibly fit and toned) - but it was a huge problem from the core strength POV!
(both personally and professionally)

she had an op done to bring the muscles back to pre-kids position.
her abs look great now!

so do investigate what's available!

I have an overhang above C-Section scar . It's lopsided. my belly looks like a crooked smile.
I don't know if it will ever look reasonable.
and I have so many stretch marks from 6 pgs that I worry that if I ever loose weight my skin will look very wrinkly, like deflated balloon.
in fact that is part of the reason part of me prefers to stay fatsad

it's shit, isn't it?

ZingWantsCake Fri 04-Oct-13 04:02:44

and someone a vaguely know came up to me in Tesco on Monday and patted my belly "oh, how lovely that you are having another one"

I happened to met her a few weeks ago too. she did the same thing. I told her both times that I'm not pg just fat.
she was very apologetic and embarrassed.
I just laughed.

I actually don't care anymore. I don't even get upset.
at least I have a good excuse and 6 beautiful children to show for it.

Lavenderhoney Fri 04-Oct-13 04:07:44

Mrs F, will the muscle separation change, or do you have weight to lose to have an op, if that's what you want? I have had 2 cs, and have an overhang which is slowly - very slowly- getting better but I have quite a lot of loose skin at the side- sounds lovely, eh?! I am on the LC bootcamp with BIWI on here and that has worked wonders and I strongly recommend it.

I think Pilates and/ or callentics have been the best thing, done every day, inconjuction with other activity or not, for the tummy, plus drinking enough water, low carbing. I also self massage my body and use lots of body oil and lotion, manicures, pedicures, clothes that suit me, and hair done. I look nice- obviously I might be a surprise when naked! But seeing as I am married my dh has seen it all. So I keep up the illusion, sometimes with the aid of spanx.

I think I need to do something else as well as Gillian 6p6w, and keep forgetting to do Pilates in the evening. I am very boring at the moment as I am off alcohol for a bit to loose weight, so go to bed early.

MrsFlorrick Fri 04-Oct-13 10:09:26

Zing and Lavender. Thanks thanks

Sorry. Last night was a bit ranty and drunk.

Zing wow 6 DC!!! How do you find time for a Jillian workout??!! Amazing.

And your fitness instructor friend. My tummy is like that. Out of proportion to the rest of me. I want to have the OP but I think I need my BMI to be 21 or they won't find the muscles for fat. I'd have to pay for it obviously but am prepared to do so.

Lavender. I low carbed for the first 7 months of this year. I did it hardcore at under 20g of carb per day. I lost a measely 7lbs. Fatty foods do not make me feel particularly full so I was eating v low carb and burning fat as fuel. Unfortunately it wasn't body fat I was burning but the fat I ate. I tracked on mFP and I could easily notch up 3000 cals a day on low carb in order not to feel hungry. I gave it a good go but it wasn't overly effective for me. I feel less deprived on 5:2 than low carb.

MrsFlorrick Fri 04-Oct-13 10:21:26

Lavender. I've had two CS as well. Overhang isn't too bad considering and is hidden even in fairly small knickers.

It's the middle of tummy around the central area (belly button height). That sticks out.

I've had extensive physio after first DC and again after 2nd. My seperation was 8 fingers both times.

Now when I test it laying down my muscles come together completely when I raise my head.

Problem is that the muscles don't function properly and sort of bow forward when I am upright. A mesh holding them together would help enormously I have been told. But I need to get back to pre pregnacy weight before they will recommend doing it. And I am 12lbs away from that.

I may need to wait even longer because my 2 yo still wants carried and I won't be able to lift for a couple of months afterwards. So may be next year confused

I'm just sort of desperate to look normal again.

Spanx don't hold my tummy in as it isn't just fat but muscle which is sticking out. I have tried a sort of corset thing which the physio gave me but that makes it look fm worse because it bulky and shows.


From pregnancy I did expect weight gain (not 6 stone of it fromGD though!) and stretch marks and saggy boob and a wrinkly looser tummy. I did however not expect to look pregnant so much after the event without being able to hide it under clothes like you can with the rest of it.

I wonder what Jillian would say?? Dig deep? Fight for it?smile

It sounds very disheartening. flowers

I have the crepey saggy skin but didn't have CS. Am apple shaped so carried all the weight on middle and always looked pg even before DC, afterwards it just got worse.
Also the wrecked boobs; they were lovely before pregnancy, perky and a great shape. Now they are awful : I have to stuff loose wrinkly flapping skin into an underwire bra. They just feel empty.

This thread has fab Pilates/waist exercises described on it

I'm going to do them while my back heals.
Still so fed up about that.

This was the key post on that thread; will paste whole thing

^WallaceWindsock Sat 24-Aug-13 09:09:47
I have found after huge amounts of trial and error, a set of exercises which are slowly but surely pulling everything flat. This is exciting as I had diastasis recti (separated tummy muscles) after birth and I have now closed the gap to one small finger space, so they really work.

To pull my ribs back in I just did loads of hula hooping and danced about like I was giving a lap dance!! The waist circling movements pull the muscles together.

For tummy I eased in with ten of each of the below exercises twice a day. I'm now up to 80 of each twice a day.

Lie on your back with knees bent. Pull your pelvic floor in and your pubic bone up as if trying to curl it towards you. This is a pelvic tilt. Hold each one for as close to ten secs as you can. Once you have the hang of it you can make it more advanced by extending a leg and stretching it along the floor at the same time.

Next lie on your back with knees bent, feet on floor. Using JUST stomach muscles pull one leg up so that its at 90degrees, hold for ten secs and lower. Do the same with the other one. Once you've got this down, do both together and you can do short quick stretches where you don't allow your feet to return to the floor.

Lastly, and this is the real one for closing the separation gap, lie in the same position. Put your hands onto your tummy and push the two halves of your tummy together, as if manually closing any separation you may have. Then keeping hands pushed together raise your head off the floor. You want to raise it just enough that you aren't yet doing a sit up, but can feel it working your muscles. Do this as many times as you can and slowly. Once the muscles have knitted you can put hands behind your head and lift your head further and do the exercises quicker and for longer.

If you don't know if you have a separation type "checking for diastasis recti" into YouTube and there are videos showing how to do it. A lot of exercises can make the separation worse and as I said up thread these seem to be something which isn't a quick fix but which has actually really helped recondition my muscles. I've gone from a 3 finger gap to a very small one finger in 5 months and the muscles feel much stronger. I also make an effort to pull the muscles together, like doing a zip up from the bottom to just above rib cage whenever I'm walking around, literally all the time. This has helped me feel better about my figure and again helped strengthen them.

Sorry for length, I get very cross when I see people advising crunches etc as for a lot of women this can make the muscles bulge once you've had kids and doesn't actually help knit everything together tightly. Hope this helps!^

Lavenderhoney Fri 04-Oct-13 13:49:44

Thanks truckssmile mrs F I hope it helps you.

I have a tummy really, my waist is very defined. Its when I am side on its a bulgy thing. I think I need to up callenetics and go running. As well as the 6p6w.

Just swam today, for about 40 mins bs, punctuated with telling the dc to calm downsmile

wrigglebum Mon 07-Oct-13 19:17:52

Hi there, hope it's ok to jump in here- Trucks sent me over.

Finished 30DS yesterday, took a couple of months as I didn't do it every day. Started 6w6p today, again I'm only planning to do it 2-3 times a week, plus another Jillian DVD 1-2 times a week to mix it up a bit. I also walk a lot with school run and various playgroups. Plus I have a weighted hula hoop I like using in the evening if I'm not doing a workout.

I've been doing 5:2 since early July and lost just over a stone on it, plus half a stone before that from cutting out fizzy drinks. I'm now 9 1/2 st (bmi just over 21) and happy with the weight but want to tone up.

Hello wriggle!
Hello everyone!
I am restarting it again after over a week of no exercise. Did a alley class yesterday which was killer for the core and legs/arse and back held up so back to l1 again.
Chiropractor aghast at side lunges with a bang and said no way: that exercise would hurt anyone's back if done with weight so am going to put weight down for that. Also he said go very easy on any exercises where weights are waved about above neck level - also not good for backs.

But he was very positive about planks, lunges and push ups so off I go!
Might mash it up with some days of Shred as well to get cardio back in there.

wrigglebum Wed 09-Oct-13 18:21:46

Yippee, glad you can get back on it Trucks. Yes, that side lunge doesn't feel good with weights.

Well, I did L1D2 today, manage the middle difficulty on most moves so feeling quite proud of myself. Afterwards had a fast walk up to collect DS from school so s bit of extra cardio there!

Had a protein shake after- only 120 cals a portion. Used them before and had really good weightloss results and it did seem to help muscle recovery. Does anyone else use protein powder at all?

Hiya Trucks!

I lurk here sometimes as I'm an avid reader of anything JM related!
What your Chiropractor said is really interesting. Would you mind very much if I posted that info on the other JM thread? (with due credit to you of course wink) I think it would be useful for some of us on the other thread who sometimes have back trouble...

You guys are fantastic doing 6W6P - I reckon it's one of her hardest!

Three steps*No do go ahead and post it; I think he was spot on because even if you have locked abs of steel it's very hard to maintain core position without arching back or forward or dropping shoulders or hunching ribs and the potential for damage is pretty horrendous...

He was adamant that any dynamic exercises using weights should never be done like that and slow was better with ribs pulled in, belly button pulled to spine, shoulders straight and back released like angel wings, spine neutral. Impossible with weights above neck level especially at high speed when moving or jumping.

So that was me told smile

Wriggle well done. I do low carb but don't use powders as not keen on taste so usually eat nuts or ham after a heavy session as protein snack if faint!

Ps: should read ballet class not alley class!

Brilliant, thanks Trucks!
I have lower back problems and see a chiro once a month, who is amazing and has pretty much sorted me out, but I never thought to ask him specifically what to avoid! I'll post on the other thread now... thanks again and good luck with the return to 6W6P smile

wrigglebum Thu 10-Oct-13 23:18:53

Did Blast Fat Boost Metabolism this evening, gosh I was sweaty after! Started off ok but was struggling at the end, don't think I would have had a chance if I hadn't done shred first!
Think I'll wait until the weekend for another 6w6p session now- fancy a rest day tomorrow.

MrsFlorrick Fri 11-Oct-13 18:31:03

Hi everyone. Welcome wriggle grin

I have had the last 6 days off due to bad cold and chesty cough. Not just me but DC as well. It's been miserable.

Hoping to get back to it by Sunday or Monday.

I think I want to do Ripped in 30 next. But I could just save my money and 6w6p again!

Argh decisions.

Trucks. Hope your back mends soon.

I can see what your chiropractor means about side lunge with a bend.

But then you can hurt yourself doing almost any exercise if you are not careful.

Trucks the exercises you copied for me for diastisis recti are the ones I have been doing with the physio. I've had extensive physio after both DC. Not just for the DR but also a problem with my SI joints (hip joints at the back). If I hadn't had that intensive physio, I would be in a wheelchair by now. Many with SI injuries end up in wheel chairs.

We had to pay for all my physio both times. The NHS offered me a wheel chair and opiate painkillers. And help with an application for a Blue parking badge!! Quite literally!

It's all fixable with physio (very expensive. We spent about £5k on physio). But hey it beats a wheel chair.

My stomach gap isn't there when the muscles are working. They come together completely. However because the gap was so large (8 fingers), then the membrane which holds both sides of the muscles together (towards each other) when the muscles are not working, has been torn completely around my belly button and one inch above and below.

This is what makes me look pregnant and makes my belly much bigger in the centre.

And it's getting to me!!

I know it shouldn't. But it does.

Am going to a 40th tomorrow and if a single person asks me if I am pregnant or congratulates me. I will not be happy. In fact I wish DH would go alone and I would stay at home with DC as I'd rather have a night in then the constant "oh congratulations or when are you due".

I must repeat: "I am a size 12 and not fat"!! And try not to cry hmm

wrigglebum Sun 13-Oct-13 07:04:49

Thanks for the welcome MrsF. Shocking that the nhs were no help at all with physio. Pregnancy is an absolute horror for the body for some people. Hope the coughs and colds are getting better now too.

L1D3 yesterday evening. I can do most of the exercises at intermediate level now but any crunches I struggle with. Planks I find ok, but I can't imagine ever being able to do the spider plank with a push up! I really need to work on push ups- I'd love to be able to do more than a couple of proper push ups.

I fancy Ripped in 30 too after this too. Hopefully a bit of variety can help keep it interesting. I like the look of this collection. I can see me ending up with a Jillian library at home! I just love how she motivates you- I always thought home DVDs were easy but certainly not these! Might try someone else's too- anyone got any recommendations (but not Davina- she annoys me too much).

Perhaps one day I'll work up the nerve to try Insanity!

MrsFlorrick Sun 13-Oct-13 21:10:40

Wriggle. I attempted a spider plank with a push up and fell flat on my face. 2 yo DS laughing saying "oh no mummy fall down".

May need to work on that!!

Had a look at ripped in 30. Hmmm. Interested.

Mrs F it's so awful to hear how hard you've been having to fight to get your middle sorted post DC. I hope the party is lovely and people tell you how fit you look. And that cough clears up.
Wriggle the spider thing is impossible with push up! That whole last sequence is v hard on shoulders but really works!

I skipped today as no time - went out last night to a gala and had fun with sore abs after starting l1 again. Will do it tomorrow and have pole class booked for tues: hoping back holds out.

wrigglebum Mon 14-Oct-13 10:12:57

L1D4 done this morning. Was up with DS at 5.40, so had a quick drink of water then put on my exercise gear (that I had put downstairs yesterday evening) and got on with it. Had to pause a few times to put slippers back on DS, fix toys etc, and some exercises were done with a toddler on my stomach! It's nice that it's done now though.

I think I'll do 15 lots of L1 before I move onto L2- she says 5x per week so 15 would be three weeks worth. 3-4 times a week is plenty for me!

MrsFlorrick Mon 14-Oct-13 10:34:43

Well done wriggle! That's hardcore so early in the morning.

Cough and cold gone so no excuses left and I need to get back into it today.

Trucks. Pole dancing sounds good. Bet it's really hard. I've tried it once and I was really bad at it.

No one seemed to notice my tum at the party. I think they were too busy looking at my wardrobe malfunction!

Wore a pair of trousers I've not worn for 5 years. Turns out they were too big and kept slipping down. I spent much of the night showing my knickers. blush It was a NSV but not really the sort you dream of is it!hmm

Still though a pair of size 12s falling off your back side isn't bad. I will temper it by saying the were by Day, Birger eat Mikkelsen and their sizes are Danish and generous. And a sort of a legging type jodhpurs trousers and elasticated waist. Still they were 12s and fell off.

wrigglebum Mon 14-Oct-13 10:37:23

That is certainly a NSV MrsF!

I'd love to try pole dancing too, but I suspect I'd be awful.

MrsFlorrick Mon 14-Oct-13 18:22:44

A further NSV. I tried on my very small 7 For All Mankind skinny Roxanne in size 29. And they fit!! I had actually put them in the pile for chucking as there was no way I would ever wear them again. But no they fit.

Last time I wore those was August 2008 (pre DC and pregnancy). So over 5 years.

I did weigh about 5.5kg less than I do now. But I was less fit and most def had less muscle. All that lugging DC around and pushing heavily laden stroller over and up a gravel road every day (several times a day more like) and of course a few rounds of shred and 6w6p.

I actually cannot quite believe it. Even last autumn when I was just a little (circa 2kg) heavier than now, I couldn't even pull those jean over my thighes. shock

I know I am hogging the thread and going on and on but feck me. This is seriously amazing.

Am going to try lots of other clothes on from the "will never wear because I will never be that slim again" pile! Ooohhh. Wonder what else fits ?

Yay! Yay! Hooray!
It has happened!
The moment MrsF gets her fab wardrobe back!
I have been excited about this moment coming since the summer when you posted about all the lovely clothes!
Really genuinely pleased for you!
smilesmile ;)

Well done on dawn Jillian session wriggle!
I'm doing yoga meltdown later when DS in bed because something still not right with ribs and need to be careful for pole tomorrow. I love pole and did it for years before DS was born.

wrigglebum Mon 14-Oct-13 19:57:44

Go on as much as you like MrsF- what an achievement! Certainly proof you should judge results on inches lost rather than weight smile. And very jealous of your posh clothes- I've been buying my new jeans from Primark and New Look! Maybe when the boys are bigger and my clothes don't get so trashed I will splash out on something amazing!

Sorry to hear you're still sore Trucks, take it easy until you feel better. Jillian will be ready when you are grin.

<awaits update on which clothes fit and which are now a bit big>

wrigglebum Tue 15-Oct-13 14:16:12

Agreed, come on MrsF- we want to hear how you managed to fit into every single item in the 'too slim' pile!

Did No More Trouble Zones earlier- what a workout!

MrsFlorrick Tue 15-Oct-13 18:54:28

Trucks and wriggle. Didn't get that far! Last night I got roped into one of DHs "chores". He wants a new tv. Apparently ours is technologically out of date. Hmmm. It shows actual tv has free view and DVD player so what's the issue?

Anyway needless to say the tedious musings over which ridiculous monstrosity he wants took my evening and I am yet to try on the "clothes I will never be thin enough for again" pile.

But it's winking at me and the DC go to their beds in a few moments. I sadly have to remove DS poo from bath first and sterilise hmmyuk.
But you didn't want to know that.

I did my L1 6w6p today. I am following Bashira. I can almost do a spider plank and push up. Admittedly push up is a pathetic slight arm bend but its there and I am using 3kg weight (6.6lbs?). And using the weight for lever crunch and get up too. Proud or whatgrin

Very excellent well done mrs f and wriggle!
Pole turned out to be fairly advanced technical class: we spent an hour doing mounts and dismounts and inversions which was a bit of a shock after 4 years off. I vaguely thought we'd just do a few beginner twirls.

Covered in bruises.
Signed up 2x week for 5 weeks grin

Get trying those threads mrs F!

(Once you're no longer covered in poo, obviously).

Lavenderhoney Tue 15-Oct-13 19:21:08

I've had ( having) a week from hell and didnt realise this thread was still going..

I have been running 5 k nearly everyday instead of gw 6w6p for a change, and its my tummy which is stubbornly refusing to go! Not helped by the copious amounts of wine I am drinking at the moment either..

I'm going to download yoga meltdown as GM does seem to know what she is doingsmile

Mrs f, that sounds wonderful, I am so pleased for yousmile

Trucks, have you aired the bikinis yetsmile

Hello and welcome back lavender! Well done on running, sorry to hear of hard week. Good luck with yoga meltdown
Yes, bikinis have been aired [sucks in tum] grin

wrigglebum Thu 17-Oct-13 13:08:16

L1D5 today, gosh I'm sweaty! It was hard as I'm still slightly sore from NMTZ on Tuesday but I got there (apart from completely collapsing during the second lot of mountain climbers)!

MrsFlorrick Thu 17-Oct-13 13:36:23

Hi everyone.

So I have now reclaimed the majority of the "I will never be slim enough again to wear that" pile. Including but not limited to:

Several pairs of 7for all mankind size 29 jeans. Size 10 hobbs top, size 10 DKNY silk top and trousers, 3 Max Mara dresses (12s), size 10 LK Bennett silk and linen coat, various size 12 skirts from Jigsaw hobbs LK Benett, trouser from Nicole Fahri, several Jigsaw, LK Bennett and hobbs suits (all 12s but 10 years old so small 12s). Plus dresses from Whistles, Jigsaw, Milly.

I am beyond happy (shallow and vain). But I seriously didn't think I'd get anywhere near my smaller stuff in a million years. I have just over half a stone to go so I have lost almost 5.5 stone since DS was born 2 years ago.


Not only did I weigh the same after each pregnancy, I had physical problems (SI hip joints and diastisis recti) preventing lots of exercise, I was recovering from GD, and the DC were less than 2 years apart. AND I have just turned 40!!!

So in a moment of middle aged madness, I went out and bought a pair of All Saints Biker Leather trousers in Oxblood colour (size 12
Obviously grin).

DH won't be happy I spent ££££ on those trousers when I have just reclaimed an entire wardrobe. But he didn't have to wreck his body to have the DC AND then put it all back together again. So there. grin

You guys (MN in general) are such fab support wink and clearly Jillian Michaels and her workouts rock.

Off to admire self in leather trousers.....grin

Lavenderhoney Thu 17-Oct-13 14:48:57

Mrsf that's fantastic! I am so pleased for you after your post ages ago ( not that long really) about how you felt.

Have you just been doing the 6p6w everyday? My tummy is bulging(!) and I can't get it down, even with loads of running. I am about the download the yoga meltdown having watched it on YouTube. Gillian looks quite tense at all the feathery strokey stuff, then replapses quite quickly back to her normal selfsmile

Come on, motivate me, please. I am a size ten, with a tummy. Not a good look for me.

MrsFlorrick Thu 17-Oct-13 14:58:16

Lavender. I have just been there. Got down to a size 12 but with a tummy. I tried doing 4:3 but I ended up failing as I was too hungry.

So I tried carb cycling. Body builders do a version of it to maximise fat loss. The body builder version involves complex calculations of how much carb to eat and when against your body weight and when you work out.

I did a simple version which was low carb (under 30gnof carb a day) for two days a week. Still 5:2 and 16:8 except weekends when I eat dinner later with DH.

The fat loss in the tummy has been amazing!!! And quick too. Not so much weight loss but that may be down to doing 6w6p with much heavier weights.

Also been doing lever crunches and diagonal getups with weights has added muscle to the belly. You can actually feel and see that. And quickly too.

Lavenderhoney Thu 17-Oct-13 15:02:04

Mrsf thankssmile I am lc and have been since jan- I have had a bad week and have drink more wine this week than possibly all year so far, which I think doesn't help.

Its half term so I haven't been finding the time for any exercise. Back to it in a few days. My body is a temple ... Of doomsmile

MrsFlorrick Thu 17-Oct-13 16:32:39

grin At temple of doom! That's what I've been like for the last few years.

Sorry about all the boasting on your thread Trucks. Hope you don't mind.

Back to making dinner for DC.

wrigglebum Thu 17-Oct-13 19:44:54

Well done MrsF, really pleased for you. You must feel amazing! Bet you're glad you didn't get rid of all those clothes!

Hurrah for clothes victory! This is a thread of joy and cracking results now which is great as it started out full of tumbleweed. That is so cool MrsF and the leather trousers sound fab smile smile

Carb cycling is what I've been vaguely doing too: usually don't eat til lunch but some days I have protein breakfast like omelette or nuts or ham and cheese...few ultra low carb days ie 20-30g, other days 50-60g, some days eat 1800 cals, others about 1300...keeping my body guessing. Once a month I eat sushi and about 140g carbs.. This seems to jolt me into losing again and I've got down to 17% body fat which is equivalent to when I was dancing 5 days a week in my 20s. I'm working out 4-5 days a week now but for longer - 3x hour dance classes and 2x JM.

Still got loose skin but obliques very defined now and arms/shoulders ripped.

Wriggle and Lavender, v impressed at running and ripped. I can't run here: it's too hot and humid in the morning when DS at playgroup which is only free time.

Sorry that was epic post woffling on blush

MrsFlorrick Fri 18-Oct-13 11:52:45

Hi everyone.

Trucks! 17% body fat! Wow rock on. That's amazing. No wonder you're strutting around in your tropical paradise in designer bikinis!!

My body fat scales are broken clearly. At my heaviest they declared 45% body fat. Today they are still stubbornly declaring 45% body fat. Whilst this is technically possible. I don't think it's true given I have lost lots of inches and am much less wobbly. Besides that body fat calculator from the other thread had me at about 26% which sounds about right. Even if its 28% its still good given where I was.

Must concentrate now on lowering the body fat so my tummy will finally be wobble free ditto for thighs.

Still delirious after my massive NSV and leather trousers. Bit worried I am too old at 40 for them. I intend to wear them with ankle biker boots and not middle aged Essex stylee stilettos. If that helps.

I am out with friends tonight (without DH and DC for the first time in over 4 years!!!) and the leather trews are getting an outing too.

Bit wibbly now that its a bit mutton (ironic as trousers a lamb skin ha) and I will look like Dorian from birds of a feather (shudder).

At least I won't look fat. wink

DH didn't say anything about the very expensive trews. I think he recognises the hard work that went into this (and a mid life crises when he sees one wink)

Am planning to get Jillian out later and dig deep!

wrigglebum Fri 18-Oct-13 13:49:14

Yes, those body fat scales aren't too accurate. Mine had me at 35.8% before starting and now 28%, so quite a bit higher than other methods. I suspect the truth is somewhere inbetween, so maybe around 25%.

I think you're going to look amazing in those trousers, 40 is not old, and your friends will be amazed (and possibly a bit jealous too).

MrsFlorrick Fri 18-Oct-13 17:34:37

On my way to central London in the leather trousers. My first night out without DH or DC in 4 years. Yay. grin

Have a great evening.

Didn't get to the workout as DC where whining all day. I could bare shower and dress they were so bad. Not helped by PILs arriving today. PILs are lovely but both in their 80s. So it's like have two extra toddlers in the house.

Lavenderhoney Fri 18-Oct-13 18:05:08

Mrs f, have a fabulous timesmile I used to live in central London.. Quite envy of you going out there.

I must sort out my tummy ( wails) I tried to download yoga meltdown and I have to be a us customer. How unfairsad

Trucks, I don't run outside, too hot and humid here. I run in the gymsmile back to it - half term nearly done!

wrigglebum Sat 19-Oct-13 11:32:41

L1D6. Had to pause a few times to change a nappy and referee arguments but it's done.

Yesterday was a rest day but I did some hula hooping.

MrsF Hope the London night out in fab trousers went well!
Good work wriggle!
I'm mulling over whether to do 6w6p before pole class today; the pole warm up is a bit skimpy but the class is hard work and I don't want to overdo it - might do half L1 with light weights and a big stretch so I arrive pumped but not knackered! DS preschool been shut thurs and Fri but managed to fit Thursday barre class in as cleaner amused DS, nothing yesterday as no child care.

However looking after a 2 year old and home does involve quite a bit of bending and lifting and rushing about!

MrsFlorrick Sun 20-Oct-13 14:37:51

Hello everyone.

Well my so called friends didn't mention the leather trews. DH has said he doesn't like them. But he did add that he doesn't like any type of leather garment other than jackets.

Grrr. So I am going to attempt to post photo of me in said trousers on profile next week. And you can tell me what you think.

Other than that still enjoying my old wardrobe. And very happy that I have come this far.

Did a Jillian workout yesterday. No time to day as busy with PILs and DC had birthday party to attend earlier.

I shall be enjoying wine later! DH is at home tomorrow so he is taking PILs and DC to museum while I get a break.

Lavenderhoney Sun 20-Oct-13 16:40:31

Mrs F, I bet you looked lovely- and do post a pic if you cansmile

I did 6w6p l2 today but kept being interrupted by dd, who was home from school as she is poorly.

I am going to do yoga meltdown l1 later, I found it on you tube. I'd still like to buy it next time I go shopping though.

Lavenderhoney Sun 20-Oct-13 17:49:56

Trucks! You didn't say extreme yoga was that hard! I thought I was doing ok dong level 2 6w6p, running 5 k etc... Just did a bit and had to stop-
Ill have another go tomorrow, I think. Maybe. Perhapssmile

MrsFlorrick Sun 20-Oct-13 18:51:11

Lavender. That's interesting. So is yoga meltdown harder than 6w6p?? Find that difficult to believe. I want to know more....

Btw I am buying a bigger hoola hoop on amazon. I had bought the Davina one but apparently I am so tall I need one 20cm bigger. Bit scared of the 1.7 kg weight and those nobbly sticky out bits to pummel your waist as you hoop. Yikes.

I was planning to carry on another full round of 6w6p with the 3kg weight (following Bashira!) and a 10min hooping session a day with it too.

I want to start swimming again too. Just a couple of times a week as I enjoy it.

I guess I could hoop for 10mins in the morning when I get up pre shower, then 5 days a week 6w6p and on the last two days I could swim.

Would that be a plan? Or too much? I am keen to shape up the last wobbly bits and hit that goal weight. Can you tell wink

Lavender Ha lol I DID so say it [yoga meltdown] was hard! You were just distracted by my talk of JM appearing mellow!

mrsF trouser snap needed. I think they sound divine. And your hoop/swim/DVD plans sound great.

I went to beach today and pranced about with my core locked in my fancy bikini. It kept raining and the beach was very quiet but I felt great.

I did see someone I knew vaguely..
She didn't recognise me.

Ok I will tell you a secret.

Tomorrow I am going to see an aesthetic surgeon ssssssh.
Tiny touch of filler in my nose mouth lines and cheek bones.
I will regret posting this in the morning...

Lavenderhoney Mon 21-Oct-13 08:32:11

Trucks, how did your aesthetic stuff go? Is it like Botox?

And that's a nice way to spend a morning, on the beach. I can't here as its still too hot and I don't want a deep tan either.

I did the 6p6w l2, then the yoga meltdown. This time I approached it properlysmile I ached a bit from the tiny amount I did yesterday so I fully expect to be really sore later.

Ill do callentics for my tummy tonight when the lo are in bed.

I have a secret, but someone else knows, and I think they wish they didn't- served them right for askingsmile - I think they have too much emotional intelligence! . Its not very exciting either. Sometimes I wouldn't be me for a million poundssad

Do you want to tell your secret nosy?
Filler was painful but has made a big difference: I had deep lines running nose-mouth worsened by weight loss, was looking gaunt round cheekbones as apples of cheeks sank with age/weight loss and a droop in top right of lip from a blunt force trauma a decade ago, which was getting obvious as lips thinned with age.

So he injected juvederm deep under the skin into the lines and into the cheeks and balanced the lips (not plumping trout pout, just to balance all the scarring one side, so done inside the lips). And I've got my pre DC face back as well as my body!

Had tiny bit of Botox 6 weeks ago to iron out 11's - the deep forehead furrows caused by two years tiredness and squinting that made me look permanently cross, and a touch on crow's feet (but still have laughter lines)

Forehead still mobile.

That's me done - I'm now going to carry on working out and eating low carb and high fat because I feel and look better than I did for the whole of my 30s (which were a gruelling decade beset by traumas to be fair).

Yay! I am renovated!
It will be a pleasure keeping it up and embracing my new life smile
Sorry long self indulgent post.

MrsFlorrick Tue 22-Oct-13 01:40:02

Ooh. Trucks. That's exciting!! You're officially back to your former self. Congrats my friend!! You deserve to strut proudly in your designer swim wear.

I am aiming for this too. Don't need filler but Botox may be an idea. But am waaaaaayyy too chicken for it sadly. Wish I could pluck up courage really. My most ageing feature is two lines running across my forehead like a tram track. Don't have 11s or anything else on face. I would have a fringe but have always had rubbish thin hair which wouldn't cover it or look odd.

I do have some lines on neck but Botox wouldn't work and don't think filler would either. It would have to be one of those half body lifts you see on tv I think, where they would sort of hoik up my lower neck skin and pull down the upper part yuck..

Are you in the Caribbean Trucks? If so lucky you!! If you're out east (Singapore way) even luckier you grin tis a bit drizzly in London this evening and heading for the grey winter so tales of sunshine makes me feel wistful.

Lavender. Well done on another successful Jillian session!
I did another today too. I am toying with getting ripped in 30. Don't think I'll get yoga meltdown though. Not sure it's for me.

wrigglebum Tue 22-Oct-13 06:48:18

Good for you Trucks! Glad you're so happy with your new self.

wrigglebum Tue 22-Oct-13 06:51:39

Yes, I'm after Ripped too MrsF. Might wait it out and ask for it for Xmas. I'm also toying with doing insanity!

MrsFlorrick Tue 22-Oct-13 13:44:27

Wrigglebum. Which one is insanity?? I've not seen that anywhere. Can you get it on iTunes?

It sounds like something I need grin!!

I am finding it hard to not over eat while PILs are here. They are both in their 80s and you can barely finish one meal before the enquire about the next or about snack, cake, biscuits etc etc. it's works out to 6 meals a day! As the DC have dinner at 5pm and the rest of us eat at 7.

They leave tomorrow and I have several full on fast days and low carb days coming my way!!!

That said I am back in the kitchen baking a chocolate orange cake with Ganash as its FILs birthday grin

It's a lot of work but the DC love them so much and at their age PILs main enjoyment is food, news paper, our DC and strictly come dancing. So the least I can do is serve up their favourites. At least I am roasting a chicken later. They can all have potato and I will have salad.

Hoping to squeeze a workout in but not sure i will manage!

wrigglebum Tue 22-Oct-13 15:06:13

Not a Jillian one but gets good reviews. Can get it on amazon or at Argos too.

MrsFlorrick Tue 22-Oct-13 19:13:07

Thanks Wrigglebum. It certainly looks insane and effective!!!

Bit scared though. May need to do another Jillian one before I try insanity. grin

wrigglebum Tue 22-Oct-13 19:31:42

I know- really scary. I think I'm going to put it in the 'do it by the time I'm 40' pile. That gives me nearly six years grin.

MrsFlorrick Tue 22-Oct-13 21:45:45

Wriggle. I was 40 earlier this year. Does this mean I don't have to do Insanity then (hopeful)?

I wonder what would firm me up more, yoga meltdown, ripped in 30 or another season of 6w6p? I also saw this Jillian one which is a 90 day one body Revolutions. Wonder if that's worth the money?

wrigglebum Tue 22-Oct-13 22:45:42

Put it on the list to do by 50 then MrsF- gives you plenty of time grin.

wrigglebum Wed 23-Oct-13 06:35:15

Not done any exercise since Saturday as mil has been here so I decided to have a bit of a rest. Planning to do 6w6p at lunchtime when DS has his nap and I'm really looking forward to it.

Splashed out on some new workout gear and a new sports bra yesterday- when I'm working out 3-5 times a week one set of clothes isn't enough. Sports bras are expensive, so thank goodness for the cheap workout clothes from Sports Direct.

Hello everyone, just did yoga meltdown as can't face hi energy workouts in the evening (it's 7.45pm ).
Not had chance to do proper JM workout since tail of last week though did half l1 6w6p before Sat pole class.

Pole does not get any easier: we were doing inversions and I was the worst and most scared in class, but they've all been doing it for months.

Looking forward to proper JM workout tomorrow.

Hope PIL visit is fun Mrs F and enjoy your smart workout gear wriggle.

It's so nice wearing properly fitting kit; I have chucked my bobbly primark leggings and stretched bras and got a nice pair of yoga leggings and a new bra.

They are so flattering I did the supermarket run in them! (With a top on).

MrsFlorrick Fri 25-Oct-13 00:24:18

HinTrucks and Wriggle.

Trucks are you lapping up the compliments on your rejuvenated pre DC face and bikini bod? I hope so grin

Wriggle. I need new gear too. I need to get mmyself to Sweaty Betty soonest.

PILs are gone. Yesterday and today were low carb under 1000 cals. Or at least today was until 10pm where a glass of mulled wine lead to a
Packet of crisps argh!!
What was I thinking!!??'

Anyway PIL visit
And constant cooking and eating saw a 2 lbs gain of which one lbs went yesterday however given the wine and crisps the second one is still

Fast day tomorrow. Been g
Doing my Jillain and my hoola hooping with new larger hoop. Am

Slight confession of the beauty type too (this explains mulled wine as it was for anaesthetic purposes....)I too want to upwamp myself and look a bit fresher.

Too chicken for most things but I bought a derma needle roller thingy and 100% pure collagen. So I derma rollered this evening shock

My face chest and stomach (Lower wobbly crinkly stetch marked bit yuck). I did a 0.5 needle on face and 1.5 on stomach. I did it without numbing cream (stupid) and it was a bit sore so I thought mulled wine and a solpandiene would sort it which is has. Now a bit erm wobbly.

So we shall see if over the next 45 days my wrinkles go and I glow youthfully again wink

Seriously. Laser treatment is risky and costly. Scared of Botox so it was this or wrinkles.

I bought Uk proper manufactured rollers and sterilising solution. Plus collagen. Which I used after mixed with pomegranate seed oil. Redness almost gone now.

I will report back on results but it takes a while....

Hence mulled wine + solpandiene plus = ranty pissed sounding post with confessions grin

MrsFlorrick Fri 25-Oct-13 11:05:30

Yikes. Sorry about the waffly over sharing late last nigh. blush

Oh dear. Never mind.

Redness from rollering is gone. Now I just need to wait 6 weeks for results....

Ooohhh. I hear great things about derma rolling. It sounds great. Is it good for scarring too? I have some bad acne scarring on my body and would love something to target it.. Do let us know how it works! <excited>

MrsFlorrick Fri 25-Oct-13 12:39:49

Trucks. It's main use is acne scarring. That's how it works on stretch marks as well.

My research said it is collagen induction therapy. Ie the micro needles pierce the skin and the skin rushes new collagen to that area for repair. It's more complex than that but that's the short version.

I would recommend numbing cream if using the 1.5mm needle roller rather than mulled wine and solpandiene thoughblush less fun but more sensible...

As you're in a sunny place you need to be careful with sun exposure after rollering. Obviously not an issue in the UK just now smile

wrigglebum Fri 25-Oct-13 22:23:12

Sounds really painful! I think I'll stick with the fringe to hide wrinkles for a bit. I'm 34 and have always had slightly greasy skin on my face so wrinkles aren't too bad yet.

And if you can't over share here then where can you? grin.

Did NMTZ yesterday so having a day off from Jillian today. Instead I'm doing some hula hooping and some weights in front of the tv. Managed a personal best of 7 proper push ups, so pretty pathetic really. Still, I can only get better smile.

Having a bit of a carb blowout this evening- garlic bread and spiced apple cake. Oh well, I'll balance it out later when all the cake is finished

wrigglebum Sat 26-Oct-13 09:16:36

L1D8 done (did D7 on weds). Very sweaty now but feeling good.

Just bought a second hand Callanetics book! Thought it might be good to have some slightly different exercises to do- instead of doing a big workout with them I think I'll do the moves throughout the day when waiting for dinner to cook etc. am looking forward to the 80s pictures, it'll remind me of my friends' mums doing it when I was younger.

Well done level 2 awaits wriggle!
Finally managed l1 again yesterday as both fitness classes cancelled so annoying.
Took DS to his first football class for mixed ASD and typical kids. DH went and will take from next week. We all loved it but I decided to make it exercise time and DH can do proud dad stuff!
Mrs F thanks will investigate rolling - though avoiding sun is major issue here ...

Hello! I see we are all mashing it up and moving to general JM thread smile - just using this to keep vague track. Did first half l2 then same l1 with weights on floor crunches then stretches and pole class crunch/invert prep moves. Fab pole dance class last night - we actually got to dance routine instead of dragging ourselves up and down pole and getting bruises body conditioned

Barre class tomorrow am, then JM on Fri and pole on Sat.
Hope everyone enjoying their ripping midriffs!.

wrigglebum Thu 31-Oct-13 07:27:55

Yes Trucks, I'm using this thread to keep track of where I am in 6w6p. Going to try and do it at some point today.

No 6 pack here, but definitely a flatter stomach and a small amount of definition appearing. There's still a little bit more padding than I'd like, but I can see that if I stick with this it will go.

I'm now nearly 2 stone down from my heaviest, I feel so much better.

wrigglebum Thu 31-Oct-13 23:17:11

L1D9- could tell I'd had a break as it was hard! Followed it with yummy curried pumpkin soup.

wrigglebum Fri 01-Nov-13 13:33:42

L1D10 woohoo! Very tough today, added in some jumps on the burpees and think it did for me. Second round of mountain climbers I couldn't keep up!

Well done wriggle!
Did yoga meltdown today as hungover.
Nothing on Friday as ran out of time doing errands but pole on Saturday.
Hoping to go to yoga class later if DH makes it back in time to look after DS.

louwn Sun 03-Nov-13 21:44:13

I'm about to start doing this a couple of times a week on top of my running to build some core strength (and hopefully tone my tummy!). I am utterly rubbish at planks so looking forward to my torture session before work tomorrow!

wrigglebum Sun 03-Nov-13 22:22:36

L1D11, I'm doing 15 of each level so nearly there on L1 smile.

Welcome louwn, you'll be a pro at planks soon. I'm glad I was quite good at them before, but now I can feel how much stronger I am. Doesn't stop the spider planks followed by mountain climbers being a killer though on the second round of it!

I quite fancy trying some yoga Trucks, I just want one that's for exercise rather than one with lots of the mystical side of it though iykwim. Each time I've tried it the teacher has been a bit full on so it's put me off a bit. Maybe Jillian yoga is just what I need grin.

Jillian yoga is a cardio/ body resistance circuit in disguise: the main discernible difference to a usual JM DVD is she is barefoot. Yoga meltdown is like an extra long l3 Shred.

Hello and welcome louwn.
Planks get easier: check your back is straight in a mirror and then it becomes sec

...second nature after a bit smile

louwn Mon 04-Nov-13 07:52:09

Well I did it. Didn't quite manage the full sets of mountain climbers but did almost do all the side planks which I've struggled with before.

wrigglebum Mon 04-Nov-13 10:02:01

Well done louwn, you'll get so much stronger soon. Yesterday I managed quite a few of the advanced moves which I never thought I'd manage!

wrigglebum Mon 04-Nov-13 13:47:43

L1D12, fasting today plus wine last night so quite a struggle! Starting to look forward to moving on to L2.

MrsFlorrick Mon 04-Nov-13 15:18:20

Hi Trucks and Wrigglebum.

Will be working out later. On L2 again and I have decided to do Ripped in 30 next. Want to be ripped for Xmas grin

wrigglebum Fri 08-Nov-13 12:13:08

L1D13, was a struggle after double Jillian yesterday (NMTZ and BFBM) but I got there. DS woke up just at the end of the cool down so I got to do it all in peace. Nearly at L2!

Cheesy chips for lunch- got a real craving for them grin. I think DS will love them.

louwn Sat 09-Nov-13 15:13:43

I did a second workout on level one yest (aiming for 2 a week as am also running 4 times per week). Was very slightly better but still can't quite do all the moves as fast as jillian in the second round! On the upside less stiffness than last time today!

wrigglebum Mon 11-Nov-13 13:41:22

L1D14, going to do it once more then level 2 awaits! Please tell me it's not too awful!

wrigglebum Mon 11-Nov-13 14:01:47

Was a bit interrupted as DS woke up half way through in tears. So lots of cuddles then I put a video on the iPad for him so I could carry on. Meant I managed the mountain climbers without collapsing. Also managed about half of the spider planks with a rather puny push up.

wrigglebum Tue 12-Nov-13 18:46:24

L1D15, so will move onto L2 smile.

MrsFlorrick Tue 12-Nov-13 23:34:48

Wrigglebum. grin Yay!! You'll do level 2 easily!

How's your six pack coming along?

wrigglebum Wed 13-Nov-13 06:22:47

Well no six pack (and I'm not expecting one- don't you need about 15% body fat to have visible abs?) but certainly a bit of definition and much flatter. I also feel a lot stronger in my core which is a making carrying the boys etc much easier.

Right, back on it after a break doing lots of classes....
Sorry I've been MIA.
Will update when I've done.
Wriggle you on l2 yet?
Mrs F how's the derma rolling going?

wrigglebum Wed 13-Nov-13 16:56:26

Nice to hear you're ok Trucks.

Not done l2 yet, did BFBM today but hoping to start l2 tomorrow.

MrsFlorrick Wed 13-Nov-13 22:56:06

Wrigglebum. Hey trucks. grin

I rolled again for the third time tonight.

So far my stretch marks have shrunk massively and some have vanished! I'm quite impressed.

It's early days still as it takes months for final improvements. So I will report back again.

Whether its doing anything for the CS pouch. Too early to tell.

Doing my face as well. And so far pores are smaller. Lines softer. It's quite promising.

Only issues is you look red and shit the day after so not one before a big event. Improvements start after about a week and by 4 weeks you can really see it.

wrigglebum Thu 14-Nov-13 12:51:11

Well I'm half way through my first time at L2 and it is more fun, plus seems quicker. I'm feeling a bit uncoordinated and wobbly doing it though, but I guess that will improve over time. It seems to work the obliques a lot more and be sweatier.

Unfortunately a rather cold ridden DS woke up crying and has gone back to sleep on me! I'm dripping sweat onto him and he's pretty sweaty too so there'll be a little puddle under us soon! I'll try and resume when he wakes up. Then I've got to get on with the housework.

wrigglebum Thu 14-Nov-13 12:52:18

Ooh, it helps on stretch marks MrsF? Where do you get this magic gadget and what do you do?

MrsFlorrick Thu 14-Nov-13 13:19:24

Wrigglebum. On amazon for £19.99

The one I got is the DNS derma roller.
I've got 1.5mm one for stretch marks

Also you need to buy some sterilising solution. Circa a tenner.

I also bought some pure collagen to apply afterwards. I mix that with pure pomegranate oil and raspberry oil which I buy from Akamuti for £3 each (v small bottles but they are very rich oils so you only need tiniest amount).

It's not entirely painless. But it's not agony either. Just a bit sore. You roll 10 times over the skin in a cross cross pattern. You can google the method.

I saw a few people on MFP had good results and photos up. One lady had saggy pouchy stretch marked tummy similar to mine (although my sagging is worse but my stretch marks are no where near as bad as hers). And it really firmed her tummy.

I also bought some retin a cream to use at night in between rolling. I am rolling once every 3/4 weeks. Some people do it every other day!shock Yikes. Not sure it works that often.

Good work on L2 wriggle!
I did it yesterday but not as fast as JM: think it has potential to be a bit of an injury-fest at her speed on my floor. Did barre class today and thanks to JM am noticeably stronger than everyone else. Also managed to get into full splits after a few years off post pregnancy, when SPD destroyed my turn- out and hip mobility.

Doing a new chair dance class tonight which am v excited about.

Mrs F that rolling strategy sounds amazing.
I guess you can't go in sun after though? I can't avoid sun where I am, even though I wear SPF 50 and hats/shades all year round. Shame as would love to try rolling!

wrigglebum Tue 19-Nov-13 13:45:06

L2D2. Gosh, it's hard! A lot more cardio than L1 I think, leaves me a lot sweatier. I cannot do the t plank move, I wobble all over the place. Was good to get back into it after a few days off.

wrigglebum Wed 20-Nov-13 22:05:52


wrigglebum Mon 25-Nov-13 17:14:29

L2D4. Felt a bit easier today after a few days off (did BFBM Thursday then weekend off).

Well done wriggle!
I did l2 at weekend and L1 but JM is getting a bit sidelined in favour of 5 (!) dance classes, so I try to fit her in at least twice a week as she is responsible for me being back dancing in the first place smile

wrigglebum Tue 26-Nov-13 15:26:50

I'm sure Jillian won't be offended Trucks! 5 dance classes sounds amazing.

EarSlaps Wed 27-Nov-13 21:25:27

Wrigglebum here with a new name.

L2D5 done. So that puts me a third of the way through L2 and two thirds through the whole thing. I always find it a lot harder in the evenings but a mega tantrum from ds2 meant nothing in the day time.

Followed it with a delicious homemade tuna, sweet corn and pineapple pizza- yum!

EarSlaps Sat 30-Nov-13 16:58:56


Go wriggle/earslap!
I did two dance classes today and did this move for first time in 4 years


Going to fit in l1 and 2 tomorrow if I possibly can...

EarSlaps Tue 03-Dec-13 14:02:29

L2D7. Eight more goes until I say I'm done, not sure I'll manage it by Christmas but I'll still go I to the Christmas period much healthier and more toned than ever.

EarSlaps Tue 03-Dec-13 14:04:10

Good work on the pole moves trucks!

EarSlaps Fri 06-Dec-13 12:56:18


EarSlaps Mon 09-Dec-13 07:26:16

L2D9 done yesterday.

I downloaded a yoga app yesterday so I did the beginner 15 min flexibility class after instead of the normal stretches. Even the beginner was hard, I really need to work on my flexibility!

EarSlaps Fri 13-Dec-13 16:36:59

L2D10 and 11 done yesterday and today. Just four more times to go, might finish it by Christmas after all. Pic on profile of abs so far!

EarSlaps Mon 16-Dec-13 20:39:41


Seeing party dress and post shred pics but not an ab one?
Looking rocking anyway! Bloody well done on seeing this through almost to the end![high five]

Pic uploaded toosmile

EarSlaps Tue 17-Dec-13 06:21:07

For some reason it won't let me upload another picture, when I put one on it overwrites the others. I'll pop the ab one up again soon.

You look amazing Trucks, I'm very jealous of those abs. I have some definition now but nothing like that.

I'm hoping to do another 6w6p today if I can fit it in- I'm determined to polish this sucker off (as Jillian would say). I have some new JM DVDs for Christmas so I can start something new (thinking I might do Ripped first, then just mix it up with the others). I also fancy trying kettlebells soon.

I still have loose skin when I do planks it hangs down like a marsupial pouch grin.

It's v annoying about photo thing - same happened to me, uploaded 1 and knocked out other 2 pics.

No dance class til tonight so going to squeeze in JM.
I love L1, L2 not so much so do half of each.
Want to try Ripped in new year.
Yay well done us.

EarSlaps Tue 17-Dec-13 23:13:35

L2D13, so close!

Go earslaps!
Go! Go!
Polish this sucker off!
<waves Pom poms>

EarSlaps Wed 18-Dec-13 12:58:23

Another one done, one to go.

We are totally awesome!

Can't believe how much better and stronger I feel now, and so much more confidence. I feel great in my clothes now as they hang so much better on a slimmer frame- no more waist bands digging into flab. And I know I can get so much stronger still.

EarSlaps Thu 19-Dec-13 13:41:04

Give that girl a medal, I've only gone and bloody finished it!

EarSlaps Thu 19-Dec-13 13:54:53

Right, for a limited time only there is a picture of me in a bikini on my profile smile.

Wow looking AMAZING! (Looked earlier couldn't post)
So fantastic, what an achievement! Huge round of applause and flowers for you!

Hooray you did it!
smile smile

EarSlaps Thu 19-Dec-13 21:17:25

Thank you Trucks, I'm really pleased I got there. Although it did take more than six weeks. I feel so much stronger in my core now, and that's helping me feel stronger overall.

Well I'm hoping DH listened and I'll have Ripped, Killer and ES&S for Christmas.

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