Anyone fancy starting couch to 5K on 9th Sept?

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phantomhairpuller Fri 30-Aug-13 11:03:47

Am thinking I'll need that long to mentally prepare! wink

Have downloaded the podcast and ordered proper 'runners' earphones for my iphone (cos the normal ones don't stay in when I run!)

As soon as they arrive I'll be ready to go!

Am thinking i'll have to run in the evenings when DH is home with the DCs

I absolutely am not a runner- I was once but then had 2 children and put on 4 stone shock

Things have got to change!

If you fancy starting a little earlier I'm going to start tomorrow. I've not really done any exercise since school, so I'm sure I'm going to to struggle.

Like you, I've needed time to prepare mentally. I bought a sports bra and trainers 2 weeks ago-they've been sitting in my bedroom making me feel guilty ever since.

What I really want to do is run a marathon by the time I'm 40. I don't know if I can, but I know I'll regret it if I don't at least try.

I'm going to run in the evening too. I thought that there's less chance of being laughed at if I go out after dark!

phantomhairpuller Fri 30-Aug-13 14:58:56

Do you know what? If the earphones would arrive in time I'd be up for starting tomorrow!

I'm really motivated at the moment which is very unlike me!! smile

phantomhairpuller Fri 30-Aug-13 19:26:18

They've arrived! I can start wink

There's no backing out now, I'll have to start now I have a virtual running partner.

It can't be any worse than labour, right? And if I've managed that 3 times then a quick jog around the block should be easy.

How far did you used to run before you had your DCs?

phantomhairpuller Sat 31-Aug-13 06:50:30

I was never really into road running but could do 30 mins on the treadmill without really breaking a sweat.

This will be a challenge!

I did it! It wasn't half as bad as I thought. Well, apart from the music on the podcast. I'm going to have to find an app that lets me listen to my own music but still tells me when to run.

gintastic Sun 01-Sep-13 16:48:06

If you have iPhone, Get Running is fab :-) and you can listen to your own music.

dinosaur Sun 01-Sep-13 18:02:21

I'll join you, if I may. I am downloading the Guardian beginner to 5 k podcasts. I did quite a bit of running last year culminating in a 10 k in June, but have stagnated quite a bit over the summer. Not only is my speed rubbish now, but my stamina has really dipped as well - I've gone from being able to run 5 k without stopping, to only being able to run for about 15 mins before having to drop back to walking.

It is a fab way to lose weight - I lost over a stone between October last year and June this year, without dieting at all (although I did try to "eat clean") - just running three times a week, doing a long (7-8 km) walk three times a week, and doing lots of Pilates.

I'm really excited about getting started again. I like to have a goal

dinosaur Sun 01-Sep-13 18:03:32

Oh whoops, I missed the fact you've started! Ok, I'll start later this week. I did run this morning, so I shouldn't be too badly behind!

phantomhairpuller Sun 01-Sep-13 18:35:55

I haven't started hmm

An old knee injury had stopped me in my tracks. I've ordered a knee support so am hoping I can get going once that's arrived.

gintastic I don't have an iPhone, but I'll have a look to see if there's something similar for Android.

dinosaur I'd love to be able to run for 15 minutes without stopping- I don't think I've ever done that in my life!

Phantom I hope you don't mind me staying on your thread even though I've started. I hope your knee recovers soon.

I did week 1 run 2 last night. It hurt a bit, but it still isn't too bad.

PommesFright Tue 03-Sep-13 14:18:35

Hi, can I join you? I've just done W1R1 and I'm feeling ok. Think the mental block about starting was as big as anything, now I've started I'm going to carry on!! Am planning W1R2 for Thurs and W1R3 for Sat.

LaundryLegoLunch Tue 03-Sep-13 14:22:15

I really want to. I downloaded the app in January hmm but haven't done it yet. I keep finding excuses.

Anyhow, I'm going to start on the first free evening I've got which at the moment looks like Friday.

I'm scared!

nicename Tue 03-Sep-13 14:29:21

I'm assuming you start on the 9th rather than run 5k on the 9th (and die on the 10th).

I'm planning on starting on the 9th. I've been wanting to start for ages but the best time for me to go is after dropping the kids at school so I was waiting for them to go back. Just bought new trainers so all ready to go! I haven't ran for about 20 years and have low confidence so dreading it and raring to go all at the same time.
Just need to download the podcasts.

PommesFright Tue 03-Sep-13 16:42:20

Honestly, it feels so much better once you've got out there and started. I'm really looking forward to doing it again on Thurs.

phantomhairpuller Wed 04-Sep-13 19:58:32

I've started grin

Slightly earlier than planned but my knee support arrived today and I HAD to go and give it a whirl!

I managed to run all the running bits and even an extra burst on the walk home smile

My knee is aching a bit but nothing serious- I hope!!

Fraxinus Wed 04-Sep-13 21:24:43

Hi there, nice to meet you all, and hope you don't mind another one joining.

I have been waiting, like alotta reading, til after school is back, and I did have a shot it it a few months back and was stopped in my tracks with an old knee injury ( patellar tendonopathy). I have now got myself sorted at a gym and am going to doit on the cross trainer to reduce impact. So phantom, I really sympathise with you, and would like to share experience of how it goes. What kind of injury did you have?

I definately need the podcasts though, so I am going to have to work out how to get the galaxy going! I need to see how I can schedule 3x runs per week, fit in round work and kids as a single parent I will need all my planning skills for this!

phantomhairpuller Wed 04-Sep-13 21:46:27

Hi frax grin

I fell up some steps a couple of years ago, landed all my weight on my left knee- I really thought I'd broken it at first as I couldn't move it for several minutes. It took a long time to recover, and now whenever I exercise, it goes through a period of protest! grin

But the knee support seems to really help so I'm determined not to let it beat me.

And actually, the extra 4 stone I'm carrying around wont be helping in the slightest- hence the reason for the exercise wink

Fraxinus Thu 05-Sep-13 00:16:18

Yeowch... Sounds painful. Well done for finding a fix though. I am very lucky that I have a sport development type person going to make sure I am using the equipment properly. She must have said the word alignment about 30 times in our 15 minute conversation!

RubySlippers77 Thu 05-Sep-13 20:34:43

Hi, please can I join too? I can run about 30 mins at the moment but according to my GPS thingy I only go 3.75K - Paula Radcliffe I am not sad I'd really like to improve my speed a little bit, be able to go further (preferably without so many breaks) and not feel like I'm about to die when I get home...

Hopefully a bit of motivation from seeing how dedicated everyone else is will prompt me to work out a proper training plan and actually stick to it!!

Fraxinus Thu 05-Sep-13 22:04:13

Hi ruby slippers! Nice to meet you. Have you looked at 5 k to 10 k? As a programme it might suit you better, as I don't think run for 60 seconds and walk for 90 is going to help you go further!

Morning everyone!

I completed week 1 last night, and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. I am honestly the least sporty person you could ever hope to meet, so to even start is an achievement for me.

I've made the mistake of looking ahead to see what I've got to come, and I'm already dreading week 5...

phantom how is your knee doing?

yetanotherworry Fri 06-Sep-13 08:15:00

Me too please. I did it earlier this year, managed a 5k raceforlife and then haven't done anything since (too hot/school hols/too many excuses). I was going to start at about wk 4 but think that's being very unrealistic so I've decided to start right at the beginning and try and build my speed up.

RippingYarns Fri 06-Sep-13 10:51:08

i was just about to start a thread for new-starts for 9th sept, most of us are from the shred threads, can we join please?

i'll link this one over there grin

<limbers up>

phantomhairpuller Fri 06-Sep-13 13:11:49

Anathema, my knee isn't too bad now thanks. Could feel it whilst I did run 1 but did level 2 shred yesterday and it was mostly fine.

Hoping to get out for run 2 tonight as long as the weather holds out. Failing that I'll be out bright and early in the morning to do it smile

wallpaperaddict Sat 07-Sep-13 12:13:09

Hello everyone! I'm going to start on Monday. I got upto week 5 but that was 7 weeks ago. I found it too hard to find the time over the summer holidays. I'm probably going to start again from week 2 or 3 if I can manage!

<waves to ripping> are you ready?!

RippingYarns Sat 07-Sep-13 12:27:25

<waves back>

Oh yes, I CAN do this <wobbles slightly>

I can do it, can't I? People will laugh as they see my wobbly gait and confusion at listening to Laura whilst still moving, but I can do this.

wallpaperaddict Sat 07-Sep-13 13:06:01

ripping you can do it! No one will laugh, even if they did, you're the better person. You're the one getting out and getting exercise, whilst they are plain rude!

RippingYarns Sat 07-Sep-13 13:28:52

thanks wallpaper

just having a few nerves about going public - i always shred with the curtains closed blush

You can do it Ripping. I've not had anyone laugh or shout at me (yet) even though where I live it a bit rough. The most I've had is the neighbourhood cats giving me funny looks as I plod by.

I'm starting week 2 tonight. Still not got around to finding an app that lets you play your own music, so I'm hoping the music for week 2 is slightly less rubbish.

NotInTheMood Sat 07-Sep-13 15:29:24

I can I join please I've downloaded my app and map my run. I've been running this week but need to build up gradually as might have over done before :-/ so have decided to try couch to 5 k

RippingYarns Sat 07-Sep-13 16:12:00

Thanks everyone

I tell myself I don't care if people don't like how is look, but the fear of making a fool of myself crept in a few days ago.

It's all in my head, no-one has said anything at all. Apart from DH who is full of praise and compliments

Ripping I feel the same, completely worried about looking like a fool but determined to get it done for my own benefit.

Going to stick my headphones in and stick a cap on and pretend I'm invisible!

RippingYarns Mon 09-Sep-13 08:26:31

Morning runners!

Are we ready?

phantomhairpuller Mon 09-Sep-13 08:37:28

Right then!! I can't run till tonight but I am SO ready for this!! grin

RippingYarns Mon 09-Sep-13 09:32:13

That was so good!

I ran on a mixture of path and grass with small inclines on both, and in light rain.

Want to do it again already :-O

I did it! Surprisingly managed all the runs and felt great afterwards.
Was really nervous beforehand but not half as bad as I thought.
Looking forward to the next one.

wallpaperaddict Mon 09-Sep-13 12:20:11

Hi runners, well done to those who have already run! I'm hoping to go this evening once DC are in bed, weather permitting!

Chopsypie Mon 09-Sep-13 13:27:05

Can I join in please? Lost 2 stone this year through diet alone, would like another 2 off so looking to step up my exercise. Used to swim twice a week but stopped after a stomach infection. So very much starting from scratch. I have iPhone, c25k app and a sports bra. Will be running at about half 7, so ill report back then!

NotInTheMood Mon 09-Sep-13 18:02:44

I'm starting tonight at 7.30 my knee doesn't feel great though feeling nervous eerkk

Well done everyone who started this morning, and good luck to everyone starting tonight.

I'm doing week 2 run 2 this evening. Week 2 doesn't seem to be any worse than week 1, so I'm feeling confident. I'm going to have to get some cold weather running gear though. Autumn seems to have hit all of a sudden and I'm not prepared! At least it seems to have stopped raining. I'm not sure I'm committed enough to go out in a downpour.

wallpaperaddict Mon 09-Sep-13 18:38:03

I was hoping to start today but can't get out to run this evening now. So I will be hopefully starting tomorrow.

phantomhairpuller Mon 09-Sep-13 18:56:35

I'm in the same boat wallpaper, I'm bloody pissed off with DH to be honest! He knew I wanted to run tonight but bloody work comes first as usual! By the time he gets home it will be dark and there are no streetlights round by us hmm

Rant over grin

I hope to start tomorrow instead. Well done all who started today.

NoelHeadbands Mon 09-Sep-13 21:29:46

Yey can I join?

I got to week 4 a little while ago, but holidays and stuff got in the way so I'm going to start over. First day for me tomorrow

NotInTheMood Mon 09-Sep-13 21:31:49

Definitely a lot colder out brrrrr

phantomhairpuller Tue 10-Sep-13 11:13:51

Done grin

Day 2 week 1.

Feels great to have done it!

wallpaperaddict Tue 10-Sep-13 20:01:24

Did my first run earlier, started on day 1 of week 2 as I had got upto week 5 not so long ago. It was great to get out and do it but not much of a challenge so I might try week 3 next run! I don't want to get bored! Seriously amazed at how cold it was out this evening though!

Going to do W1D2 in the morning, woke up this morning with slightly aching thighs so will spend more time stretching them after run tomorrow.
It has been freezing here today so might wear warmer clothes tomorrow, just hope it doesn't rain too!

RubySlippers77 Tue 10-Sep-13 22:16:27

I can't believe how cold it's become all of a sudden!! I don't mind running in the rain but do mind the freezing cold!

With that in mind I'm going to start looking at some gyms, have avoided it since April by going out running but really once the clocks go back I won't be able to in the evening, as my normal route takes me round a park and a country lane that won't be lit.

Apart from that, the running is going ok, second run done and I am getting (slightly) quicker grin

RippingYarns Wed 11-Sep-13 07:39:31

Oh, day 2 for me!

I'm buzzing about this fitness malarkey, so much so I barely recognise myself. Is it possible to be abducted by aliens and have an exercise chip planted because this sure isn't normal for me :-O

I found it harder today as still slightly aching from Monday, but I managed smileJust hope not any worse come Friday.
I struggled with pacing myself as well, kept having to force myself to slow down.

RippingYarns Thu 12-Sep-13 08:40:40

I found it hard going too, maybe because I'd walked 4 miles before I ran, but comforted somewhat by DH saying he found day 2 the toughest as well.

Today is a rest day and I'm definitely going to rest this time, I felt guilty on Tuesday, so shredded. Don't I know it :-O

phantomhairpuller Thu 12-Sep-13 15:21:38

Day 3 week 1 done grin

I took the dog with me today, I'm not sure she likes me any more wink I had to practically drag her home! Evidently she's as unfit as her owner!

I've shredded today too. There must be something wrong with me wink

I had planned to do some strength exercise today but I've rested as I'm shattered, had to force my way out of bed.
I'm not aching as much anymore though so hopefully after a good nights sleep I'll be raring to go in the morning for the last of week one's runs.

Week 2 finished! Tonight was the first night that I really haven't wanted to go out, but I think that's because I've had a crap week rather than the thought of exercise.

I can't believe some of you are shredding as well-I think that would finish me off completely. I last did the Shred just before I found out I was pregnant with DS2. He's 7 months now, I probably should dig it out again.

Week 1 finished! I didn't feel like running at all this morning, but forced myself into it and glad I did as feel better now, I'll probably crash out in an hourgrin
My shins were hurting slightly, not sure if its the way I'm running or that I'm tensing when making myself slow down.
I also have shred. Have done it on and off the past 2 years but never made it past level 2, don't think I could do it as well as running! Maybe when I'm feeling fitter!

originalpiratematerial Fri 13-Sep-13 10:28:41

Can I join please? I did post on one of these threads a couple of weeks ago but then life got in the way, as it does...

Anyway, I did the first session this morning - have downloaded the Guardian beginner runner podcasts and got some earphones that actually stay in my ears, so it was all good. I did 3 km in total which surprised me! Looking forward to doing a second session on Sunday.

RippingYarns Fri 13-Sep-13 12:32:59

Yay, week 1 finished for me too

I've got slight shin pain too and have been advised to have my shoes and gait checked. Also maybe a bit more in the way of stretching. Still feel great though.

I should be out running tonight, but I only had 4 hours sleep last night I'm curled up under a blanket watching a programme about Doctor Who. I'll make it up tomorrow, honest!

phantomhairpuller Sat 14-Sep-13 19:17:58

Week one done grin

On to week 2 on Monday

caffeinated Sun 15-Sep-13 11:15:45

I am on week 2 run 1. Doing week 2 run 2 in the morning. Prob in the rain. That will question my resolve at 6:45 when my bed is holding me hostage. Found the first week a total slog, so unfit. But can sense that I am improving which spurs me on. Be great to check in with others too.

originalpiratematerial Sun 15-Sep-13 12:27:02

Did Day 2 of Week 1 this morning - did 4 km in total which I was really pleased about. Might rush on and do Day 3 tomorrow in order to catch up with the thread as I see most of you are on Week 2 blush.

caffeinated Mon 16-Sep-13 09:15:34

Did week 2 run 2 at 6:45 this morning in a very boggy park in parts. Knocked a few seconds off my average mile so happy with that. I am able to run just over half a lap of the park now before starting to walk a little bit. This time a week ago I couldn't even run a quarter.

RippingYarns Mon 16-Sep-13 09:34:18

I'm having to rest up for a couple of weeks, think have got the beginnings of shin splints.

My shoes are fine to wear for shredding but think I need something better for running in. Am gutted, but will be back.

I was worried I was starting with shin splints ripping but they were better today. Still going to take care though as have had problems with my shins before.
First run of week 2 done and I enjoyed it more today.

phantomhairpuller Tue 17-Sep-13 10:37:09

Week 2, run 1 done grin

originalpiratematerial Tue 17-Sep-13 11:54:06

Have completed Week 1 now. Going to do Day 1 of Week 2 tomorrow and if that's easy I might skip straight on to Week 3. Will see how it goes though! I'm really enjoying it, am definitely getting my running mojo back.

Sorry to hear about sore shins. Are you stretching enough and in all the right places? My right shin is intermittently sore but it never seems to get any worse so I just sorta keep going.

originalpiratematerial Tue 17-Sep-13 11:57:16

caffeinated, well done on knocking a few seconds off your average mile time! I did a sub-ten minute mile this morning for the first time in ages (I am a VERY slow runner) which made me happy smile.

I'm full of cold, due to go out tomorrow morning, not sure if its a good idea. Thinking it might make me feel better but then again could end up feeling worse.
Hopefully I'll wake up in the morning feeling 10 times better as don't want to miss a run! Never thought I'd be saying that 2 weeks ago!

originalpiratematerial Tue 17-Sep-13 22:02:51

Fingers crossed for you, AlottaReading!

caffeinated Wed 18-Sep-13 09:33:10

Hope you managed to get out allota.

5 hours after my run on Monday my knee started to feel weird. Not painful but weird. It seemed to ease off after my rest day so went out for w3 r3 today and had to stop half way cos my knee wasn't right. It wasn't right 30 secs in but I didn't want to have to give up. But I have. Gutted. Will be a couple of days off for me at least I guess.

I think I'm ok to gently use the cross trainer too cos the knee was def aggravated on impact with the ground.

Sorry to hear that caffeinated, hope it feels right again soon for you. I'm still unsure about my shins, they're not painful when running just a slight ache. I fell down some stairs about 5 years ago and injured my shins quite badly and wondering if its just from that.

I got out today, felt slightly better than yesterday so got ready for a run and took kids to school to see how I felt. I spoke to a friend there whose husband does lots of running, his rule is that if cold is just in the head, go running. If it's in your chest don't run. So I went for a run and do feel better for it.

originalpiratematerial Wed 18-Sep-13 11:08:44

If you have the cash to spare, sports massage is very good for keeping running legs in good nick.

I did Day 1 of Week 2 this morning and only needed to take half of one of the walking breaks - I ran all the rest (albeit very slowly). So am probably going to move on to Week 3 on Friday.

caffeinated Wed 18-Sep-13 13:46:07

No cash to spare sadly. Sounds like you are ready for week 3.

originalpiratematerial Wed 18-Sep-13 16:00:36

thanks caffeinated, and I hope your knee settles down soon. It's really frustrating when you can't run sad. Arnica gel is very good for minor aches and pains, I put it on my dodgy shin a lot and it really helps.

originalpiratematerial Fri 20-Sep-13 08:38:05

Going to try Day 1 of Week 3 after I've dropped DS3 off at school. My Achilles tendon is even creakier than usual this morning. Sadly, a dodgy Achilles is about all I have in common with Jessica Ennis grin

Day 3 of Week 2 done. Not sure I'm ready for week 3, if it wasn't for my shins think I'd manage 3 min runs at a time but they ached quite a bit at the end of todays run. I'll try day 1 on Monday and if its too much, go back to week 2 and see my GP.
How did you find your run today original?

caffeinated Fri 20-Sep-13 17:20:38

Dodgy knee not really improving. Hopefully it will over the weekend. Can't believe how much I miss getting out. Well done to you soldiering on.

originalpiratematerial Fri 20-Sep-13 17:46:10

I did it - it's definitely a step up from Week 2! But I forgot to turn round and suddenly realised the podcast was about to finish and I was 2.5 km from home, so I rewound it and did most of it again on the way back. So ended up doing a total of 5 km, albeit slowly. Right shin and right achilles are quite achey now so will be digging out the arnica gel for those.

originalpiratematerial Fri 20-Sep-13 17:48:44

caffeinated sad about your knee. Knee injuries are a real bugger aren't they - they seem to take ages to clear up. Alotta, is your GP helpful about this sort of thing? I never think of going to mine, not sure why as I'm sure a referral to an NHS sports physio would save me a lot of money compared to paying for sports massage therapy.

originalpiratematerial Sun 22-Sep-13 12:44:58

Week 3, Run 2 this morning smile

I'm not great at going to my GP either original. She has been good at dealing with things for my kids so I should probably give her more of a chance.
My shins have felt fine over weekend so going to give week 3 a go tomorrow. I'm obviously keen as my boss asked me to work some overtime tomorrow and I said no as didn't want to miss my chance of a run (plus she's asking me to work all my days off lately, hell no).

originalpiratematerial Sun 22-Sep-13 21:04:16

Good luck for tomorrow, hope your run goes well (and nooooo to overtime that eats into running time)!

RippingYarns Mon 23-Sep-13 11:10:08

hi everyone

Alotta, if you are worried about your shins, have you had a gait analysis done?

i've joined a fb group, and as soon as i mentioned shin pain i was leapt on and advised to go to a specialist shop to have this done, and to look at different shoes

i did this over the weekend, the analysis is free at most places.

they photograph and video your feet and ankles, standing and running, showing you how movement in your foot affects your whole leg when it's under pressure - of course the shop want you to buy shoes from them, but you are under no obligation to do so - but i have found the perfect running shoes for me! (once you know which shoes fit you best, you can go online and buy cheaper there wink )

the chap also showed me some stretches specific for my running style, and helped me to run with the whole of my foot, not just the heel.
even showed me how hold my body while running!

just back from todays run and i ran through some of the walks too, when i tried this a few weeks ago i was missing the last few seconds of the runs due to pain and exhaustion - maybe i'm generally fitter now, but i think the attention to fine detail has helped immensely

W3R1 done! And more amazingly I felt I could have done more. Wasn't going to push my luck though.

I've not had a proper gait analysis done, ripping. I've been told that a shop near me might do it so I'm going to see if I have time to pop in there tomorrow.

My shins were okay today, I had no pain from them at all until the beginning of my last 3 min run and it disappeared when I picked up my speed. But they are aching again now.

jezzasjockstrap Mon 23-Sep-13 14:51:33

Room for a late joiner here?
I`m also on W3 run 1. Managed the three minute bit by just telling myself I'll get to that car...then to the bush...and so on. No shinsplints yet , worst injury has been a sore knee and ankle (Note to self: when running on grass banks check for rabbit holes. Falling flat on face is not dignified):-)

originalpiratematerial Mon 23-Sep-13 15:21:45

ooh ouch jezza, that sounds painful!

Oops Jezza.
I'm known to be accident prone so I'm just waiting to fall flat on my face.
So far all I've done is run into a couple of overgrown bushes blush

timetosmile Mon 23-Sep-13 22:13:52

Hello all, can I sneak on to your lovely thread as a very late joiner?
I am in my 40's, 1 1/2stone overweight and have got to the 'enough is enough' stage it sounds like many of you have arrived at too! (so nice to find a thread not dominated by skinny, confident ultra-fit pleople...)
So I have my shoes and my app and ready to go tomorrow morning which is my day off.
Just wondering what sorts of distances you covered in wk1 so as to try to plan a vaguely circular route.
Thanks x

originalpiratematerial Tue 24-Sep-13 11:00:17

Hi, I think I did about 3 km all told (ie if you include all the walking at the beginning and the end) - hope that helps. Welcome to the thread!

I did Week 3 Day 3 this morning, so on to Week 4 next!

RippingYarns Tue 24-Sep-13 14:45:20

hi time

i have absolutely no idea how far i run/walk as have the luxury of woodlands with semi-firm paths through it, and a small lake that is very close by

i just run round in circles until it's time to go home.

Time, I think it's normally around 3 k I do but this week seems to be shorter as finished way earlier on my route than normal and my running app says around 2.5K though it's missed a chunk of my warm up walk from beginning.

Week 3 Run 2 done, in the rain and I enjoyed it. But I really struggled with the running, managed it but have felt shattered past couple of days. Worried I wont be able to cope with Friday never mind week 4!

originalpiratematerial Thu 26-Sep-13 15:59:51

did Week 4, Day 1 this morning - it was fine, but challenging!

phantomhairpuller Thu 26-Sep-13 18:19:40

Ooh I lost my own thread there for a while blush

Not done any c25k for a week or so- thanks to falling down the stairs and injuring my toe hmm
Just about ok again now so hoping to get back to it over the weekend.

timetosmile Thu 26-Sep-13 22:18:54

I have done the first run and a long bike ride yesterday. Doing another run tomorrow.
Its actually on the enjoyable side of bearable, which surprised me so far

AlottaRunning Fri 27-Sep-13 09:57:56

Week 3 completed, can't believe I managed this week! Next week looks scary confused
My shins are fine, I was landing too heavily on my feet so I have been careful in my stride today, so shins fine but I really felt it in my calf muscles today, have given them a good stretch.
I'm going swimming tomorrow for first time in about 15 years, taking kids though so don't know how much actual swimming will get done but putting a costume on will be achievement enoughgrin
I don't think I have lost weight running as my diet has been terrible since I started and DH won a work competition this week and came home with several cakes which I haven't resisted.
I'm so impressed with myself getting out there running that I'm not even bothered at the minute!

originalpiratematerial Fri 27-Sep-13 10:55:24

Well done Alotta and timetosmile! Yes, bugger trying to lose weight - that's my attitude too - as long as I'm running, that's the main thing.

Fingers crossed, phantom!

I did Day 2 of Week 4 this morning - felt better than when I did Day 1 so that was good.

RippingYarns Fri 27-Sep-13 14:40:30

yay!! week 1 done and dusted

raring to go for week 2 now

jezzasjockstrap Fri 27-Sep-13 20:07:43

Keeping up here- also completed W3R3 without needing oxygen.
Roll on W4.

jezzasjockstrap Fri 27-Sep-13 20:12:30

Anyone else looking at the 20 minute jog in W5 and thinking "oh shiiiiiiiit"?

wallpaperaddict Sat 28-Sep-13 10:31:32

Hi everyone, I've been away from the thread for ages but still running! Have completed week 3 run 2 and really enjoying it,but can only run in the evening so finding running in the dark a bit of a challenge!
<waves to ripping>

RippingYarns Sat 28-Sep-13 13:05:20

<waves back>

Wallpaper, can't believe you're running as well as doing ripped, awesome!

originalpiratematerial Sun 29-Sep-13 12:05:35

Went running this morning, got in a stupid mix-up with the podcasts and ended up abandoning them completely and just running. So did 5 k with a couple of walking breaks.

Tomorrow I am going to complete Wk4 properly and then move on to Wk 5 on Wednesday. On the Guardian podcasts it's 8 mins running, 5 mins walking and 8 mins running - so I'm guessing this will be the final week with walking breaks?

AlottaRunning Mon 30-Sep-13 12:10:32

Went for 1st run of week 4 this morning but pulled up after 2 minutes with calf injury.

I go running after dropping my kids at school so had to limp all the way back home.

Definitely not going to be able to run this week, not sure when I will be able to get back into it. Gutted.

originalpiratematerial Tue 01-Oct-13 17:17:33

Alotta sad - that sounds grim - do you think you've torn a muscle? I wish you a speedy recovery!

I finished Wk 4 this morning properly after podcast muddle on Sunday. On to Wk 5 now which, on the Guardian podcasts, is 8 mins running, 5 mins walking, 8 mins running.

AlottaRunning Wed 02-Oct-13 10:28:51

At first I thought I had original, but it was much better yesterday. It still hurts when I go up on my toes and getting down stairs is a bit of a chore but I don't think it's as bad as I first thought. I'm taking at least 2 weeks off running and then I don't know which week I will start at, don't want to start at beginning again and hoping redoing week 3 will be enough. Can't believe how much I'm missing going for a run this morning.
My pants have been noticeably looser the past few days as well.

originalpiratematerial Wed 02-Oct-13 21:38:26

I'm really pleased to hear it might not be as bad as you first feared! Fingers crossed. Funnily enough I have come out in sympathy with you - I think I maybe overdid it on the stretching last night but my right calf has been twingeing all day!

originalpiratematerial Thu 03-Oct-13 23:29:03

Did Run 1, Week 5 this morning. No pain in right calf whatsoever, hurrah! I think a liberal application of arnica gel before bedtime helped.

AlottaRunning Sat 05-Oct-13 15:32:30

My calf is much better, not going to attempt running again yet but may dig my shred DVD out or something to keep me going.
I'm going to feel really behind when I start again. Well done on week 5 run, glad you've had no more bother from your calf.
Think I'm aiming for redoing week 3 in about a weeks time.

originalpiratematerial Sun 06-Oct-13 22:36:08

Will keep fingers crossed for you!

Have done Week 5 twice more, but I do feel as if I'm incubating some sort of lurgy (am pouring with sweat, ugh) so may have to have an enforced break myself hmm.

RippingYarns Mon 07-Oct-13 10:25:16

Are there only 3 of us left :-O

Do either of you wear compression socks? They are meant to reduce lower leg injuries - I've been wearing them since I started again and not sure if they are doing that but they are so comfy on the bottoms of my feet I don't want to take them off!

Anyway, week 3,run 1 done and now baking the christmas cake. Not so sure it's good to get all this delicious stuff out as it's also a fast day :/

AlottaRunning Mon 07-Oct-13 10:40:27

I don't wear compression socks Ripping, but they sound good. Ive been planning on getting some cushioning for my shoes so might see if I can find compression socks too. I definitely need something to cushion my feet when landing to protect my lower leg and see if that helps.

originalpiratematerial Mon 07-Oct-13 11:00:43

I've not tried compression socks either (tbh I didn't know you could get them) - I think my new running shoes are providing enough support/cushioning at the moment.

Have finished Wk5 now, so on to Wk6 and the scary prospect of 20 minutes of non-stop running shock.

Ripping, how did the Christmas cake baking go? I didn't make my own last year but I think I will do one again this year. I'm ok at cake, rubbish at Christmas pudding hmm so I just have it when I go to my mum's blush.

jezzasjockstrap Mon 07-Oct-13 17:54:00

<sneaks in guiltily>

Hi all, still going here. I'm repeating W4 as I missed day 3 last week (cat PTS) and no way am I ready for W5 yet.
Still feels OK apart from slightly sore knee and back towards the end of the run.

RippingYarns Mon 07-Oct-13 18:38:59

Cake is still cooling in the kitchen, smells divine!

I never make the christmas pudding, I bought one last year and it's still in the cupboard.

Sorry to read about your cat jezza. Give yourself a bit of space and time, it's only a few days out of the whole programme

jezzasjockstrap Mon 07-Oct-13 19:16:58

Thanks Ripping. She was 18 and had been with me since she was 1. She had dementia towards the end so we were losing the moggy we knew.
Rest (swimming) day tomorrow and then onwards - I will make W5 yet!
Also planning to do my C Cake this weekend.

originalpiratematerial Thu 10-Oct-13 11:27:47

I did Run 1 of Week 6 yesterday and rather to my surprise (understatement) I found the 20 minute run ok - not easy, but ok. Phew!

RippingYarns Thu 10-Oct-13 11:50:59

i've got 1 day left of week 3, then i gather it steps up a whole gear shock

still loving it though

originalpiratematerial Fri 11-Oct-13 12:50:26

Another 20 min run this morning, slower than on Wednesday though shock but who cares. At least I did it.

originalpiratematerial Sun 13-Oct-13 20:47:23

I went a bit mad yesterday afternoon and actually ran 5 km without stopping, or walking any of it. I'm going to finish the Guardian beginner podcasts though, because I think it has really helped me to build up my stamina gradually, and I need to do another 20 minute run, and then a few 25 min runs, before I attempt 5 k again.

AlottaRunning Mon 14-Oct-13 09:41:39

Well done Original, I can't even imagine getting that far yet.

Just redone a week 1 run to see how my calf went, all was fine so will do a week 2 run on weds and hopefully week 3 run on fri.
If all is well and I feel up to it I'll try week 4 again next week but think I'll probably need to do week 3 right through first.

originalpiratematerial Mon 14-Oct-13 11:38:31

You'll get there, Alotta! Glad that your calf is feeling better and good luck for your Week 2 run on Wednesday.

I did another 20 minute run this morning - it was a bit of a slog but I did it without stopping/walking at all (even blew my nose whilst running, which is hard grin) so I think I'm clear to go on to Week 7 of the Guardian podcasts now. I'm getting quite tired of the guy's voice hmm grin.

originalpiratematerial Tue 15-Oct-13 12:06:42

Week 7 Run 1 done this morning.

UsedToBeNDP Tue 15-Oct-13 14:01:31

Hello all.

I used to MN (originally joined in 2003, deregged in about 2009/2010). I used to road run (used the c25K plan). I stopped doing both.

I'm back on MN (wooooo) and so for the Yang to my Ying, I need to pick up the running again (bum). In truth, I do feel better when I'm exercising, I'm not overweight so it's not a weight loss mission for me, I just want to improve my health again.

I've got one of the many 0-10k apps on my mobile (very similar to the c25k just goes a longer plan and trains you to run further at the end). I did plan to start last week but was struck down with (wo)man flu, so this week it is.

Glad to have found this thread for mutual support smile. Good luck to all of the new starters and congratulations to all of you who are already well into your plans already !

originalpiratematerial Tue 15-Oct-13 16:54:29

Hi NDP! I used to be a mumsnetter too, back in the day, but left for a long while. However, I certainly wasn't a runner back then!

originalpiratematerial Tue 15-Oct-13 16:55:33

By the way, there is another thread for Couch to 5 km that has a lot more posters on it, on which I'm also posting, so do come on over, anyone who hasn't already found it!

UsedToBeNDP Tue 15-Oct-13 16:59:02

Hello OPM smile

I started running and rowing (as in on a Concept2, not arguing) in my last few months here, I think. Sadly it petered out after my running buddy gave up. Running on your own is less motivational, I find.

UsedToBeNDP Tue 15-Oct-13 17:03:15

Oh I'll have a look, thanks

jezzasjockstrap Tue 15-Oct-13 20:15:13

Checking in- completed W5R1 today, only impeded by an OAP and a man on a bike.
Rest (swim) day tomorrow.

originalpiratematerial Tue 15-Oct-13 23:01:18

Jezzas - smile

AlottaRunning Wed 16-Oct-13 11:22:14

I didn't do my run this morning. After feeling fine while running on Monday my calf was badly aching by the afternoon, still a slight ache today so though I would leave it till tomorrow or Friday.

GrippingArms Fri 18-Oct-13 13:32:54

Did you make it out, Alotta?

AlottaRunning Sat 19-Oct-13 15:25:21

Unfortunately not. My DS had an asthma attack on the Wednesday afternoon and I had to run (more like a power walk!) down to his school.

He recovered but my calf ended up worse. I'm not in any pain or anything it just feels really stiff so not sure what is going on with it now.

I'm desperate to get back running!

GrippingArms Sat 19-Oct-13 15:36:02

Oh no, hope he's ok now?

Have you thought about going for a sports massage?

Not had one myself, but people swear by them. Then if you've not done so before, have you had a gait analysis at one of the running shops?

jezzasjockstrap Mon 11-Nov-13 17:58:15

W7 D1 completed today. I managed 22 minutes without much walking apart from crossing the main road.
Still feels quite slow pace but hopefully this will improve. Also my right hip starts aching a bit if I do set off too fast.
Swim tomorrow.

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